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Conrad Murray’s Interview about his Book on Michael Jackson

August 28, 2016

This is what Conrad Murray and actor Risitas have to say about Michael Jackson (a parody). If you can’t see the subtitles please enable them by pressing “CC” – the tab at the bottom left.

This video was inspired by Risitas (actor) and Conrad Murray (so-called doctor) who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson and sentenced to 4 years in prison. He served half the sentence and was released from jail because of overcrowding. Now he has self-published a “tell-all” book about his deceased patient.

The video is based on Murray’s narrative, kindly presented to the world by Radar Online, The Sun, The Mirror and other esteemed sources.

For more details on Murray’s story please go to Roger Friedman, the Daily Telegraph or even the Australian website that published an unforgettable piece from Murray’s tale.

Here are some of those details.

Roger Friedman:

Michael Jackson’s Killer, Dr. Conrad Murray, “Publishes” E Book And No One Buys It

August 10, 2016

Someone asked me today if the “book” written by Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who killed Michael Jackson, had been published.

I had to look on Amazon.

It does seem like Murray released his e book “This Is It! The Secret Lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson” on July 26th.

The public has responded with a gigantic Yawn. “Secret Lives” is currently number 25,408 on, on their paid Kindle chart.

I didn’t download it, and won’t pay for it. I guess hardly anyone else will, either.

If you know anyone who actually did do that, ask them to email me at

It really doesn’t matter what Murray writes. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He should be in jail still, but was released because of overcrowding. His medical license has been suspended or revoked in the states where he practiced. The book will never see hardcover.

The Daily Telegraph (excerpts):

Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson – what we learnt from the doctor’s terrible book

29 JULY 2016

To the majority of people who have heard of him, Dr Conrad Murray is the physician who was found responsible for the death of Michael Jackson. Murray was imprisoned for involuntary manslaughter in 2011 after it was found that the King of Pop died from a significant overdose of the anaesthetic propofol.

As of last week, however, Murray is also an author. The 63-year-old former doctor and businessman self-published This Is It! The Secret Lives of Dr Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson, his memoir and version of events as Jackson’s personal doctor ahead of the star’s ill-fated This Is It tour in 2009.

All of these are mired in several thousand words of self-aggrandising, poorly punctuated and repetitive text. We know, because we’ve read it. These are the highlights:

Jackson and Murray’s friendship was exceptional

Despite only treating Michael for the first time a few years before his death, Murray’s book follows the story of their friendship, and how the doctor was one of the few people allowed into Michael’s inner circle. According to Murray, he swiftly became Michael’s confidante, gaining his trust to be told dark truths about the singer’s troubled life that no others had heard.

Although Murray claims that he never took payment for his services from Michael, he writes animatedly about the debt Jackson and AEG owe him over his hours of service ahead of the This Is It tour. Here are some of the statements he made about his relationship with the singer: “I am 6’ 5” and in me Michael Jackson found a protective father figure (though I was not old enough to be his dad) with whom he felt utterly safe”

“I know doctor Conrad, I really love and trust you, you’re my family, you Prince Paris, Blanket and I that is my family, that’s how I see it, that’s what I want for the rest of my life, that is how it will be.”

“He speaks to me, not guarded; he’s relaxed as when on stage performing to thousands of fans.”

Murray was pretty special, right from the start

In his epilogue, Murray will maintain that the adversity he faced in later life had begun “in-utero [when] I survived the stresses of my mother’s discouragement, her broken heart and dismay”. Like founding father Alexander Hamilton, Murray was born “to an unwed mother in a small Carribbean island [and] worked his way up the ladder to become one of America’s most respected physicians”.

Here is how he explained his arrival, in third person: “The baby boy, Conrad, would grow up to one day be able to serve all of humanity… After my birth all of [his mother’s] immediate scourge and suffering would change, no one could resist baby Conrad.”

“We all have characteristics that define who we are as men and women, for me the traits that bind me in general are my selflessness and altruism. I want to serve all others, regardless of race, color, creed, adversity or socio-economic challenges.”

Murray treated Mother Theresa, but didn’t know who she was

Throughout his book, Murray tells a number of stories of altruism. One of the earliest ones is about how he saved Mother Theresa’s life by fitting her with a pacemaker. However, he simply thought she was an “underprivileged person in a foreign country”, and refused to take payment for his services:

“I loved the way I dedicated my services to her, it was totally selfless because when I agreed to serve her, I literally had no idea then that she was widely known. That was despite having been given her name and demographics by her spokesperson. Giving of myself to an unknown stranger for no compensation is why I love this memory so much, and how it came to be. I still feel the love and fulfillment in my heart. The feeling will last forever. The story highlights my willingness to help others with no preconditions, only my love, altruism, and humility, to always give unconditionally.   [Her staff asked] “Will there be a cost for your service doctor?” I answered NO!”

Murray wasn’t gay, although his classmates thought he was

“I studied a lot, was always able and prepared to fully participate in discussions during classes, always hygienically fresh and nicely clad. But above all, many young women on campus viewed me as being too soft, extremely polite, respectable, unusually gentle and probably somewhat atypical for a college young man. They concluded that I was gay…WRONG!”

Murray is a snappy dresser

Murray wants his readers to know he cuts a fine dash and knows good clothes when he sees them. Even at moments of great tension – such as, for instance, the last time he sees his son, Che, before he is sent to prison (“He was dressed in a little navy blue Nike tracksuit with white strip on the side of the trousers and sleeves of the jacket, and his gym shoes”) he won’t miss an opportunity to describe the fashion around him:

This was the outfit he put on to treat Jackson the night before he died:

“Next I jumped into an off-white linen cargo trousers and a white Ed Hardy t-shirt, after brushing my teeth and quickly combing through my short-cropped hair, I was ready to go.”

This is what walking into prison was like:

“I had to strip down from my fashionable suit and Bruno Magli shoes to a black canvas slippers, a white t-shirt and a thin synthetic lemon colored boxer shorts after spreading open my backside and every other orifice on my body for the sheriffs intake team to examine”

This was what Murray wore in medical school:

“By the end of the first full week of classes the ties, the Blazers and tweed pants, even the burgundy loafers were gone. My new garb became cut off jeans at the knees, T-shirts and gym shoes… keeping things simple, and real. I was humbled.”

Murray nearly died trying to save Jackson

While evidence presented at the California v Murray case and post-mortem findings contradict this, Murray writes that he nearly died trying to resuscitate Jackson after finding his body:

“In the process of heroically attempting to resuscitate Michael I developed for the first time in my entire existence chest pains and shortness of breath that felt like cardiac at the time I was performing CPR. I remember thinking then that I was going to die myself.

“For an instance, I sadly pondered at a point that day that we both could have been discovered dead.”

Murray has a really fancy bedroom

This is what he missed in prison:

“Thinking back I had left a beautiful spacious home, my masters bedroom alone was a good 2,000 square feet and which included his and hers vanity with high-end granite counter tops, His and hers walking and dressing closets, Jacuzzi type jetted spar tub, a master’s bedroom vestibule for private reading and relaxation, separate fire place, and climate control zone, the bedroom itself had its own large exterior Patio, over looking the 18th green on the golf course of Red-rock country club, in Las Vegas.”—what-we-learned-from-the-doc/

And finally here are some pieces from Murray’s tale:

My mind was made up that night.

“I’m not going to see Michael, he’ll be fine and able to sleep on his own by the time he is through with rehearsals and takes the long drive home. It will be very late and he will also be exhausted.”

The flickering of lights on the ceiling faded away until I realised I had fallen asleep when suddenly I was awakened by the ringtone of my cellphone. It showed the number of brother Michael Amir, the personal assistant of Michael Jackson. It was 12:25AM on June 25th. I cringed, then answered, “yes, what do you want?”

He said, “Mr. Jackson will finish rehearsals in the next 10 minutes and he wanted to know if you’ll be at the house when he arrives.”

I said to him, “I was not planning to be there tonight, it’s already past midnight, this is ridiculous, I’m not a machine, l too need my rest, just like he does. I didn’t come to Los Angeles for this.”

Then after thinking of Michael and his tenuous state of affairs, his future hanging by a thread, I fretfully got up from bed to go to work.

I should have followed my intuition for once. I found tonight’s request very unreasonable because of the time, after midnight, I did not sign up for this. Not to help Michael Jackson go to sleep artificially every night.

I did not need this job, I was doing well on my own until both he and AEG duped me into closing the doors to my practices for this piece of shit. I’d rather have awakened to a call from Michael that night saying, “I’m tired, I got home late, I’m going to sleep, see you in the morning”, but that would be hoping for a miracle.

He was not yet at home, when I arrived, the time was around 1:00 am.

I took a one litre bag of normal saline solution, spiked the bag of fluid with a single IV line then hung the bag of fluid on the IV pole. The bag of normal saline was prepared for IV hydration of Michael tonight following his rehearsals at the Staples Center.

When Michael danced in rehearsals or a show he could drop more than five pounds in a single session from sweating, hence the reason for mild rehydration.

After preparing the normal saline, I sat on a chair towards the left lower foot of his bed, awaiting his arrival. On the inside of the house, it was very still, the three children were asleep soundly in their rooms. Shortly after that, the tall lanky figure dressed in an orange trousers, black jacket and a black hat suddenly walked through the door. It was Michael!

The broad smile, lighting up his face, as on every other occasion he had seen me.
“Good to see you and thanks for coming.”
“You’re welcome Mike.”
“Hey Conrad, I’ll get a quick shower and come back to you, ok.”
“That will be fine.”
“Hey Conrad, have you had dinner, don’t forget I have the cook prepare a meal for you every day, and keep it in the warmer for you.”
“Yes Mike I’m aware of it, but you know I don’t like to eat so late at night.”
“I’ll have them prepare it anyway.”
“No problem Mike. So tell me Michael, how was rehearsal today?”
“I’d say it was ok, only got to about 50 per cent of my capacity. Fifty to sixty per cent seems to be all I can do.”
“What limits your performance? Are you having chest pains, shortness of breath, pains in your hip knees or feet during rehearsals?”
“No nothing like that. Conrad you think I’ll have a heart attack.”
“I can’t make that prediction Michael, but your risk for a heart attack is quite low. However, we all know nothing is impossible.”
“Yeah, I guess so! Ok, let me go and shower I’ll be right back.”

Sorry for the interruption, but the police transcript of Murray’s interview has a different version of the same conversation:

  • DETECTIVE SMITH:  And once Michael arrives, what takes place?
  • MURRAY: He,   I usually ask – he said, “Good night. Hi. How are you?”    And I said the same to him. And then he says – I said,   “How was your day? Are you fine?  What are you feeling?”   And he says, “Oh,  tired and fatigued, and I’m treated like I’m machine because of”  – he said that. “But let me just have a quick shower and change, and I’ll come back to you”.

Back to Murray’s book:

Michael was never abandoned by me and nothing that I gave him would have killed him or caused him harm.

After leaving Michael’s bedside following 35 minutes of direct monitoring I conducted multiple pieces of business in adjacent chambers within the master suite. I used my cell phone to call my offices in Las Vegas and Houston as well as to Stacey Howe, my office administrator of roughly 17 years.

I couldn’t wait to get out of the house, I said to myself. However, I intended to wait until around noon then I would wake up Michael, remove the IV normal saline from his leg, and encourage him to attend rehearsals that day.

Still having a little time to burn, I thought I’d call this girl, Sade Anding whom I befriended in Houston. She was a waitress at a pretty decent steak house. She had left me numerous messages over two weeks and I never called her back, this could be the opportunity for me to touch base with her. The call will be a short one, we never did have many extended conversations as I recalled.

I dialled Sade’s number, she came on the line within a couple of rings, we began to speak, I next wedged the phone between my right shoulder and neck, opened the strings to my beige linen trousers, pulled it down partially and started to pee. I didn’t think she would hear me taking a p*ss while she was on the phone.

After finishing I pulled up my pants tied up the strings and started my casual slow trek back towards Michael; I was still on the phone with Sade. As I walked back through the chambers and cleared the doorway between the dressing chamber and the master’s retreat, which was adjacent to the bedroom. I was getting closer to Michael now.

That is when I suddenly encountered the unexpected. Michael was laying differently on the bed, he also looked different, I picked up the pace towards him.

He was not in the same position as when I last saw him. His head was off the pillow, his body was shifted slightly down towards the foot of the bed and nearer the edge towards the right side of the bed.

He was still attached to a condom catheter, and on his right leg and slightly below the left knee he was attached to a clear bag of IV normal saline solution, that was hung from an IV pole.

The nasal prongs from his oxygen tank was off his face, and resting on the right side of his pillow on the bed, the pillow was no longer under his head as when last seen.

“Michael! Michael! Are you ok?”

Not a sound he was making, not a breath he was taking, not a single pulse, sustained or intermittent was truly discernible.

He was lifeless.

Shocked, in dismay, and disbelief, but with no timidity I began an assessment of him.

What the f**k happened here?

What did he do in my absence?

I therefore, immediately sprang into action and started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), immediately after confirming that he was pulseless. I started with chest compressions and an Ambu-Bag for minute ventilation.

I had to save him.

I had to save Michael.

I shortly thereafter changed from using the Ambu-Bag and attempted mouth to mouth ventilation because being a single operator it was easier to attempt resuscitation that way. Sade Anding might have heard the inaudible sounds she described as someone coughing during her sworn testimony, it could have been me, but once I found Michael in that lifeless state, my focus was all or none to help him, so I sprung into immediate action to do whatever it took to help him survive this crisis.

This battle he must win. Sade was the least of my concerns at that moment.

As I worked feverishly on Michael, I may have even placed myself in danger of having a heart attack, because I developed symptoms in the attempt to resuscitate him, but I did not quit, nor give in to my concern.

I however, kept hoping and looking towards the bedroom door that someone would show up especially after I spoke to Michael Amir and told him I had an emergency, please send security. I could have been screaming for help at the top of my voice, but from that deeply cavernous master bedroom, no one would hear me.

In the process of heroically attempting to resuscitate Michael I developed for the first time in my entire existence chest pains and shortness of breath that felt like cardiac at the time I was performing CPR. I remember thinking then that I was going to die myself.

I hopelessly stared in the vicinity of the doorway more times than I could count. Every time hoping for a miracle that someone would knock, someone would show up, but there were no knocks and no one showed up.

I also remembered staring at the black house phone on the night stand while I continued CPR, beading in perspiration, and recalling that not a single telephone land line was functional in that house. It was extremely difficult working relentlessly on Michael as a lone operator not knowing where to find help, nevertheless, I couldn’t give up on him, not unless I physiologically collapsed or my body quitted involuntarily against my volition.

I finally had no choice but to run downstairs using the back stairwell searching for help from any adult I could find, because no one came to my rescue, that’s when I had to leave Michael alone and run downstairs screaming for help. After attempting CPR unsuccessfully I’d say for at least five to seven minutes, I’m not able to give an accurate account of the loss of time to get help during the crisis.

By the time security arrived, the first one on the scene was Alberto Alvarez. Trailing immediately behind and keeping up the pace with Alberto were both Paris and Prince who ran into the room almost simultaneously with him. Paris shouted “daddy, daddy”, and broke down in tears as she pushed her way deeper into the room barely passing Alberto.

Prince was running right behind Paris, he broke his stride as he entered the room, he appeared to be in total shock. He had tears in his eyes but I don’t recall him making a sound.

Before any of them could get close to me or Michael I shouted to Alberto Alvarez, please usher the children out of the room, and not have them see their father like this. He quickly grabbed them by their arms and escorted them out of the room.

I shouted to him, “Did you call 911?”

“Not yet. I’m going to call them now.”

He took out his cell phone from the inner pocket of his jacket, and placed the call to 911. When the operator answered the phone, Alvarez was like a cripple, and stammering, he did not know a thing about his boss. He could not answer simple questions based on what he was seeing on the scene.

I had to perform CPR alone during this time, then shout the answers to the 911 operator questions to Alberto across the room so that he could transfer the information to the 911 operator.

Before I give the details of what happened in the bedroom after paramedics arrived, let me preface it with the following statement. When someone calls 911 during an emergency, except for the blasting horns of sirens and flashing lights on emergency vehicles, you just don’t know what else you’re guaranteed to get. You hope for the best.

That was the same as in Michael’s case, but had he wished or prayed for a good, not an excellent group, just a good group to appear on the scene, his prayers were definitely not answered this summer day.

And let me also say that I’ve had the honour to work with excellent paramedics and other medical personnel as a physician, but in this particular case, this was a poor example of greatness, pardon my directness.

They had no difficulty intubating Michael. But beyond that task, absolutely nothing else was done successfully for that man by paramedics, especially during the next 25 to 30 minutes following intubation. And after doing nothing except milling around aimlessly and fumbling, they wanted to pronounce him dead at the scene, based on a Los Angeles “timed protocol.”

I was furious and foaming in rage.

“What do you mean call it? You guys have not done a single thing to impress upon me that you treated him effectively since you arrived. Your attempt sucked! You lost his IV access when moving him to the floor, and you took another 20 to 25 minutes before you could replace it, then you gave him an insufficient half ass amount of medicines after 25 minutes on the scene and decided to call it a day only because you have to follow protocol.

And finally you placed an IV line in his neck and want to use this to feign off your weak clinical skills, as if you did something for him. I save lives in critical states every day, and what you’ve done today is what I consider a pathetic effort. Get UCLA ER physicians on the line for me now! I’m assuming care and responsibility to take him to the nearest tertiary medical care centre with your help to transport him!”

The ER physician at UCLA agreed to relinquish and transferred care to me, I said to her prepare for us we are on our way to you.

The battle to keep him alive was far from over, to give him a fair chance of survival, and to save him just got more intense. I was not going to allow Michael to receive less than the maximum heroic measures, if it meant there was a chance for his survival, I was going to make sure, he got that chance. I was not ready to give up nonchalantly, nor to lose him, not this way. I wanted him to be around for his children.

After giving him more bicarbonate, epinephrine and atropine, chest compressions continued, he was still pulseless as when I first found him. He was transferred from his bedroom to the ambulance that was parked in the front yard. As we descended the stairs with him on the gurney, I followed last in line but immediately behind, keeping it all in sight.

I remembered on the last descent of stairs I looked towards my left side, towards the black grand piano and saw the children standing holding their nanny, their arms was bracing some part of her garment, and her arms holding them all.

The mood in the house was totally sombre. Anguish filled the air, a sight not to be forgotten.

I still couldn’t believe it might be the last time he would be leaving that residence and might not be coming back, the fate of which was also the same for me, I’ve never been back to that home, and have no desire to do so.

Isn’t this Egomaniac so delusional that he needs a doctor himself?

ANOTHER FAKE in Radar Online papers and Michael Jackson FRAMED UP AGAIN

July 3, 2016

‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on’ – Winston Churchill

This great quote from Winston Churchill is  a perfect illustration of what is going on with the recent Radar Online fabrication about Michael Jackson.

Their fake has indeed got halfway around the world already, while the truth is still dragging behind and is only getting its pants on. Now it will take much time and effort to cope with the lies and their consequences, though some progress has already been made here.

Two videos appearing on YouTube in the wake of the Radar Online scandal are dealing with a whole package of lies about Jackson and are highly recommended for watching.

One video is so passionate that initially it takes you slightly aback, but once you get over the start of it you realize that it is a very thorough, true and dynamic rebuttal of some of the worst lies about Michael Jackson.

The author’s introduction to the video says that “truth bombs about Jackson were loaded up the F-18 (combat jet) and dropped” and the video indeed leaves the impression that they were. The author of the video is a young man who calls himself RazörFist:

The second video by Liam McEwan analyzes the two gross fakes that have already been found in the recent Radar Online papers:

New Michael Jackson allegations: THE TRUTH

In fact, the whole of this new Radar Online project is a fake because it is false from beginning to end and the only difference is in the shades of its falsehood – whether it is a flat lie or half-truth taken out of context and wrapped in gross misrepresentation.

For example, despite the media lies all normal people knew that no child porn was found in Neverland and was never there, and even the sheriff’s report which serves as a sort of foundation for the Radar Online fake is saying it directly  – not a single scrap of information seized in Neverland fits that category.

This is the conclusion of the investigator that follows each item on the police evidence list and runs through the whole of his report.

And those of us who read this original police document also know that there were no pictures or outside comment there – so all the photos, notes and comment of ‘experts’ you see there now were inserted there by someone else.

And when they say that the police report is something ‘never seen before’ it is another of their lies. The fact is that all pictures, books and magazines seized from Neverland in 2003 were admitted by the judge and were examined at the trial by both sides – for weeks, if not months.

Since this fact is a point of controversy even among Michael’s supporters here is the proof – an excerpt from the court hearing that took place on January 28, 2005 where the judge admitted all evidence of erotic materials seized in Neverland during the 2003/04 investigation.

January 28, 2005 hearing. Judge admits erotic materials

The judge rules that all erotic materials seized during the 2003-2004 investigation shall be admitted into evidence

As you see, initially the judge admitted only the evidence seized during the latest police raids and excluded the two books from the 1993 investigation, however eventually the latter decision was reversed as we know that the book “Boys will be boys” (with Michael’s inscription on it) and “The boy. A photographic essay” (a gift from a fan), both found in Neverland in 1993, were also admitted into evidence and examined during the trial.

So when the media claims that 1) the Radar Online papers have never been seen before 2) that they have evidence of ‘child porn’  MJ allegedly possessed 3) and that their present package of papers is actually the original police report, they are telling us a triple lie.

And as if this wasn’t bad enough the Radar Online and other tabloids fell so low as to accompany their story by complete forgeries – the photos altered to look more sexual and not belonging to Jackson at all!

For example, the photo of three naked young men with their crotches blocked out in the Radar Online papers in the original showed the men in their shorts. But by the time Michael’s fans discovered the fraud this photo had already circulated round the world and then happily disappeared from the Radar Online pages, leaving a trail of confusion behind it.

Or take the photo called ‘American idol’ portraying a girl with a noose around her neck. This photo showed a lookalike of a child beauty queen who was murdered at the age of six. The photo was used by the media to demonstrate Michael Jackson’s ‘perverse’ interests and a bend on ‘torturing children’, however later it was found that the photo debuted only in 2010, so there was no chance for it to be seized in Neverland in 2003.

All these fakes would really be anecdotal if they weren’t the customary horror Michael had to face on a daily basis during his life and now after his death.

In fact, the manipulation with the American Idol photo could have remained unknown until today if it hadn’t been for its author, the Canadian photographer Jonathan Hobin, who saw it in the tabloids and wrote on his Instagram:


Jonathan Hobin seems to be most angry not even with the lie itself, but with the fact that his work was called ‘child pornography’. He is creative director for the School of Photographic Arts in Ottawa, so we can imagine the damage this media statement did to his reputation.

Hobin accused the media of manipulating the context of art for their own sinister purposes and was absolutely correct – it is actually the essence of what they’ve been doing to Michael Jackson since times immemorial.

Here is the article about that Radar Online fraud which puts everything in its right place:

Ottawa artist angry over unauthorized use of photo in online gossip rag

Jonathan Hobin debunks website’s link of his photo to a 2003 raid of Michael Jackson’s home

By Mario Carlucci, CBC News Posted: Jun 24, 2016 5:05 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 26, 2016 9:16 AM ET

'American Idol' is one of the images placed in a click-bait article by gossip publication Radar Online.

‘American Idol’ is one of the images placed in a click-bait article by gossip publication Radar Online. (American Idol, Jonathan Hobin)

An Ottawa artist is coming face-to-face with the lawlessness of the web and an international story reviving allegations of sexual misconduct by deceased pop star Michael Jackson.

Jonathan Hobin has gained artistic notoriety for his photo works depicting children acting out disturbing news events and traumatic situations.

ART Kids Tragedy 20130428

Ottawa-based artist Jonathan Hobin is photographed with pieces from his exhibit “In The Playroom” at the Ottawa Art Gallery in Ottawa on Friday, April 19, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

One image depicts a child resembling Jonbenet Ramsey, the six-year-old girl found murdered in her parents’ Boulder, Colorado, home on December 26, 1996.

According to an online article by a celebrity gossip publication called Radar Online, Hobin’s image was confiscated by the Santa Barbara sheriff’s department in a 2003 search of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

“I started to get texts and emails at three in the morning the other day … at first (I was) excited that Michael Jackson was a fan, despite it being part of his (alleged) sex den,” Hobin told All In A Day host Alan Neal on Friday.

“In truth I knew right away that actually it debunked the story of the day I guess about Michael Jackson because I knew for a fact that that child potentially was not even born … before the police raid,” said Hobin, and that the photo itself was taken in 2008, five years after the raid.

Work ‘taken out of context’

Santa Barbara police haven’t yet confirmed the claims in the Radar Online article — which was picked up by publications such as Vanity Fair and Britain’s Daily Mail Online — and did not immediately return requests for comment by CBC Ottawa.

But a spokesperson for Santa Barbara police is quoted in a Los Angeles Times article saying the Radar Online piece merges aspects of its police report with content from the internet and other sources.

The whole debacle upsets him, but he isn’t surprised, says Hobin, who is creative director for the School of Photographic Arts in Ottawa.

“At first I was just disappointed that the media didn’t do their research but then I was also disappointed that my work was taken out of context.

“The whole purpose of the series is to talk about the horrible disturbing things that kids see on a daily basis and then to take it out of context it became one of those images.”

Then, there’s the association with pornography and child exploitation he finds most egregious.

“I’ve had my critics call it that in the past but you have to understand context is everything … If you read it in the context for which it was intended a lot of people consider the work to be powerful and thought provoking.”

Wants clarification from police

A lot of the work that they’re referencing in the Radar Online report isn’t in fact pornography, but images obtained online from art books, according to Hobin.

“People are manipulating the context of art for their own sinister purposes. I think again, it harkens back to poor journalism and the excitement around creating drama that doesn’t exist,” he said.

Hobin believes the best way to put an end to the misinformation is for the police department in question to deny the claims.

“(The sheriff’s department) could have put out word immediately saying that this is someone’s attempt to … corrupt a previously existing police investigation,” he said.

“I’d like them to speak to it sooner rather  than later … everyone from Vanity Fair to Daily Mail to wherever, they’re talking about this thing that supposedly exists and to some extent I question if there is some sort of intention of them to allow that discussion to continue when they can put a stop to it right now.”


The question everyone wonders about is who may be behind this attempt to misrepresent and corrupt the previous police investigation and overturn Michael Jackson’s acquittal, at least in the court of public opinion.

You’ll find an answer to this question in the handwritten note which is still in the Radar Online paper even though they reduced it to 61 pages and took away some of its most obvious lies. Same as the other alterations this handwritten note was made only recently and was not in the original sheriff’s report.

The remark on page 25 of the shortened Radar Online version says:

Radar online fake - Zone is retired and will talk NOTE

“Zonen is retired and will talk; wants to talk according to Auchincloss. Gordon Auchincloss 805-568-2300”

This note makes you realize that the authors of this project are not even trying to hide the fact that their paper is a recent product. And what strikes you most is that they left their note there deliberately for everyone to see.

You want proof that the note is recent? But even if you haven’t seen the genuine police report you still know that Ron Zonen is retired only now, while at the time of the report (June 8, 2004) he was the Santa Barbara Deputy District Attorney and one of the prosecutors at the 2005 trial.  

So the idea to have him ‘talk’ now can refer only to the current case of Robson and Safechuck – and this points to their lawyers and assistants from the ranks of Michael’s haters to be the authors of the fake.

For better effect they have even added the telephone number of Gordon Auchinchloss who was also part of the prosecution team in 2005, and if you check it up, you will surely find that it is his current and working number.

But why are they so open in declaring that this paper is not the original police document, but a recent product that can be even traced to Robson’s and Safechuck’s lawyers?

Doesn’t it contradict their own story promoted in the media that it is the ‘real’ police report, only ‘never seen before’ and hushed up to hide some of its ‘horrible secrets’?

Of course it contradicts the media version, however that story is intended for the masses, while the real message of the paper is totally different and intended for other people.

The real message is a cynically open demonstration of a horrible character assassination awaiting Michael Jackson if the demands of the project designers are not met.

Shocking photos, scandalous headlines with no regard for the truth, screaming tabloids ready to reprint every lie and tons of mud thrown at Michael Jackson and ripping his name into shreds – all of it has just been tested in front of our eyes and was the first ‘feel’ of what it will be like if these people don’t get what they want.

Who is this message addressed to?

To Michael Jackson’s Estate of course. Right now the Estate is being sued by two rogues who suddenly recalled that they were horribly, horribly abused by Jackson, only they didn’t remember it eleven years ago when Michael was alive and in debt, and recalled it only now, when he is dead and his Estate started making millions by a hundred.

And considering that the Estate is represented by the very same lawyers who already gave Michael Jackson wrong advice to settle back in the 1990s (the decision he regretted very much), the Robson/Safechuck team has every reason to believe that luck will be on their side now too.

To reach their goal the only thing they need to do is go on a public massacre of Jackson and make the Estate think that it is easier to settle and ‘move on’ than resist all these attacks and fight the rogues in court. The bigger the scandal, the better it is for them, so the ultimate goal is to make the Estate lose their nerve and surrender to this nasty blackmail.

In fact the same course of action was taken by Evan Chandler in 1993 – remember his famous telephone remark: “It will be a massacre if I don’t get what I want. He will not sell a single record”. And the method proved successful, unfortunately.

So the old story has made a full circle and is repeating itself again. The mistake of the first settlement created a sort of an industry of its own – now anyone wishing to feed off Jackson can read the details of previous allegations and come up with a story that will ‘corroborate’ the old lies, and this will be enough for the media to start a new round of smearing Jackson (“See? They are saying it again!”).

Is there a way to break this vicious circle? It seems to me that there is only one power on earth able to stop this corrupt course of events – and this power is the people.

There must come a time when the people will feel disgusted with what is going on around Michael and will exclaim: ‘You’ve been lying to us for too long. The whole thing is ridiculous. Enough is enough!’

This moment will come by all means, sooner or later, and to make it sooner rather than later let me make my own contribution to this truth-making process and tell you of one more fake found in the Radar Online papers.


The fake is among the pictures following the opening page of the Radar Online report – in its 88-page variant of course, from which all the photos have been now deleted.  However ‘fortunately’ they were reprinted by other media, so now it will be difficult for Radar Online to claim that they were never there.

As you already know the Radar Online paper skipped page 3 of the original police report (see the previous post for details please) – the authors claimed that it was missing and stuffed it into the middle of their package, starting with page 4 instead.

By doing this they pursued several goals – however the main one must have been the fact that page 4 referred to a book called “The Fourth Sex. Adolescent Extremes” which in the Radar Online variant was followed by six photos allegedly illustrating it and intended to create the impression that Michael possessed ‘child porn’.

No other material in Neverland allowed such an opportunity. There were erotic magazines in Michael’s house, but all of them were about adult people, so the book about adolescents was the only chance for the scammers to misrepresent it and pass it for illegal porn – in case it was illustrated with erotic pictures of underage youngsters, of course.

This is why those six photos are so very important.

Out of these six pictures three were neutral and the other three showed naked young people with their crotches blocked out. Two photos out of the three were the most graphic photos in the whole of the Radar Online package.

To make the story short it is exactly these two most graphic pictures that turned out to be fakes.

By that I mean that those photos were not part of the book “The Fourth Sex. Adolescent Extremes” and were not part of any other book found in Neverland.

Radar Online fake about 'Fourth sex' -2

Radar Online fake about 'Fourth sex' -1

These images were simply taken from an outside Internet source, and now that I’ve also found this source it became clear that these fakes were not a chance mistake of the Radar Online schemers, but were deliberately inserted into the police report by Michael Jackson’s zealous haters.

The graphic originals of these photos are provided by one site only and this site makes a clear distinction between the illustrations to ‘The Fourth Sex. Adolescent Extremes’ book and the other books those photos actually come from.

But before you see these pictures let me explain what the book “The Fourth Sex. Adolescent Extremes” is all about and where it was found.


Page 4 of the police report described the book as follows:

“The next item of evidence I reviewed was Item 508, which described a book depicting nude children. This item was located in the upstairs library room of the video/arcade area. I found this to be a soft-covered book titled The Fourth Sex, Adolescent Extremes, no listed author.

I reviewed each page of this book and did not locate any foreign pictures and/or writings inserted within the book. The vast majority of the pictures were of teenagers and/or young adults. Some of the pictures depicted individuals wearing no clothing, or in a state of partial dress. The theme of the book seemed to be adolescence and counter culture.”

This was followed by the usual note, standard for each item seized in Neverland, that it was not child porn, but in the opinion of the police could be ‘grooming’ material:

“None of the material within this book would meet the legal requirements to be considered child pornography. Based on my training, this type of material can be used as part of a “grooming” process by which people (those seeking to molest children) are able to lower the inhibitions of their intended victims and facilitate the molestation of said victims”.

Interesting, but this book was also found in the video arcade, same as the three books discussed in the previous post – only this book was not in the cellar, but in the arcade library on the second floor.

A note for those who forgot it:  the video arcade was a separate building on the territory of the ranch and was accessible to all, so any visitor could plant there anything he liked. On the other hand, the books on those shelves were there in the open for everyone to see them, so it was highly unlikely that Michael would place there anything graphic – the risk of it being reported was too high.

Therefore we face a dilemma here – either the book was not graphic, or it was graphic and was planted there by someone else in order to frame Michael up.

The publisher’s details on the book also provide some food for thought.

The first time the book was published was February 7, 2003. Then it was reprinted by another publisher on March 2, 2003 – so same as in the case of ‘Room to Play’, also released at around the same time, the dates of these books are utterly amazing.

To understand how misfitting these dates are for Michael’s then situation, you need to recall the trouble he had to go through since the time Bashir’s film aired in early February 2003.

If the books were really purchased by Michael, the dates of their release mean that in the midst of the raging scandal and being under the police and DFCS investigation, he had nothing else to do but stock his library with books and especially those of them that would later attract the attention of the police.

And this is very strange indeed.

However from a formal point of view and judging by the book description Michael could be interested in the problems raised there – both as a parent and an artist.

The Amazon introduction to the book was made by its editors, Francesco Bonami, Raf Simons and Maria Luisa Frisa, and describes the book as follows:

The Fourth Sex: Adolescent Extremes Paperback

If we consider the male, female and homosexual as the first, second and third sex, the fourth sex might be that of adolescents. But adolescence is above all a sexually undefined state. Teenagers are not little boys or little girls, and they are not yet men or women. They are part of a parallel, fluid universe in a state of becoming. They belong decisively to the present, but in symbolic terms they are the seeds of the future.

Adolescence is also a state of mind, an existential condition with a powerful impact on lifestyles and trends. Teenagers are omnivorous, tireless consumers, careless but at times attentive, easily influenced but autonomous. Off balance between the present and the future, they seem overexcited and at the same time strangely passive. They often give form to their world and their culture in an aggressive manner, but at the same time they are forced to come to grips with the labels, judgments and formulae of adults. Their behaviour patterns are constantly monitored because they represent a decisive segment of the strategy of consumption.

Fashion pays particularly close attention to the teenage universe both as a source of inspiration and as a crucial consumer segment, while contemporary art probes, exploits and analyses the myth of the eternal adolescent. This book is constructed with images of fashion, art, music, cinema and the news, accompanied by an anthology of writings that mixes poetry, literature, journalism and research, highlighting the increasing importance of the teenage tribe in a society such as ours, where the inadequacy of sexual and demographic identities is reflected in a violent, contradictory way in the social changes in progress.

It turns out that the book was published during the exhibition in Florence in winter 2003 and was actually the companion book to it. Here are some photos from that exhibition and information about it from the ‘Europeana’ fashion site:

The exhibition The fourth sex. Adolescent extremes observed and portrayed the restless territory of the teenager. The materials and visuals in this show were utilised to reflect the complex universe of contemporary culture involving not only fashion, but also communications, art, music and cinema.

Creation date:   2002-01-10/2003-02-09

Robbie Snelders, the young man on the cover of the book says that for him the whole thing was more about fashion than anything else:

“At that time, I spent most of my days wondering how to dress and how to act and what gigs to go to, going to discos and not having any sleep. So I think that was inspiring for them. They would look at what I wore, extract a small part of it and make it fashion. Raf has this gift for picking up on things from everywhere and turning them into something else.”

Fifteen years later, the outsiders are now at the forefront of the fashion industry with Simons acclaimed as the most influential menswear designer in the industry and now creative director of Dior, Phillips in charge of Dior make-up, and Vanderperre and Rizzo still collaborating but now on campaigns for Prada, Dior and Miu Miu.

“When we did that shoot, there was no studio involved. Peter had this idea that he wanted to try out. I didn’t know what he was doing because I wasn’t looking at myself, I was making jokes all the time and I ended up with a Mickey Mouse on my face. Olivier just threw one of Raf’s jackets over it and we took the picture. It wasn’t meant to be published, but then suddenly it was everywhere.”

Originally used as the cover for the nascent style magazine V’s inaugural issue, it later became the main image of the 2003 exhibition on youth’s extremes, ‘The Fourth Sex’ curated by Simons and Francesco Bonami which mashed together David Lynch, Bret Easton Ellis, Gavin Turk and JG Ballard. “When it was used for the exhibition, I was a bit more embarrassed than proud,” he admits.”

The search for the photos from that book brought me the following results (the photos are taken from here, here and here):

In short, the book is nothing remotely close to what the media is claiming about it, except for one photo that was used by Radar Online and was one of the three graphic images the whole fuss is about.

It is a picture of two young people climbing a tree.

Radar Online -photo from The Fourth Sex, Adolescent Extremes

But what about the remaining two graphic photos?

The remaining two graphic photos were neither from ‘The Fourth Sex, Adolescent Extremes’ book, nor from any other book found in Neverland.


The two strikingly graphic photos are coming from the books that were never in Michael Jackson’s possession. I’ve learned about it by sheer accident from an article I stumbled upon when looking for the photos for “The Fourth Sex. Adolescent Extremes”. The article was about a certain Isabella Burley and the list of her top five favorite books.

Who on earth is Isabella Burley and what does she have to do with the Radar Online papers?

Isabella Burley has nothing to do with these papers and her only connection with their fake is that its authors forged the police report by means of the two graphic photos taken from the list of her favorite books.

Ms. Burley is the editor-in-chief of a thriving fashion magazine ‘Dazed’ (formerly Dazed & Confused), which has been published in London for 25 years and now began to run its digital version. In case you are interested here is a link to their photography:

When you hear of Isabella Burley’s favorite books, see the pictures illustrating them and read media reports about the Dazed magazine being ‘cool’ and  ‘a go-reference between style and culture’, you can’t really understand who is mad here.

‘Creative’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘legendary’, ‘iconic’, ‘a new wave’ – this is the way the exhibition arranged by the Dazed & Confused magazine was described by the media:

Dazed & Confused has been a go-to reference for style and culture since its explosive launch in London in 1991 by Jefferson Hack and renowned photographer Rankin. Quickly developing into a notoriously creative platform for new artists, musicians, designers, and filmmakers, and being widely known for its irreverent attitude, Dazed & Confused represented a new wave in the British press, bringing together figures from an assortment of fields and eras to produce extraordinary interviews and original artwork exclusively for the magazine.

Curated by Jefferson Hack and Emma Reeves in collaboration with Somerset House, this multi-layered exhibition immortalised the magazine’s most infamous visual stories, featuring legendary photoshoots, iconic covers, controversial editorial content and artwork from influential photographers, designers, and artists.

And this excerpt from the Guardian article devoted to 20 years of the magazine flourishing business tells us more about it as a ‘go-reference between style and culture’:

“There were bad times, too. In 1995 they printed “If you can’t afford it, steal it” above the barcode. They were banned from John Menzies for three issues, and were threatened with expulsion from WH Smith – by then, the next issue had already gone to print, featuring a hoax piece about an artist who exhibited his own dismembered fingers. Concerned this would bury them for good, Hack ordered the article be cut out of the magazine, copy by laborious copy.

“It taught us to take the industry seriously,” he says. In 1999, they allowed documentary-maker Nathan Hartshorn to film them at work. When a model refused to go nude on a shoot, Hartshorn caught a miked-up Rankin’s conversation with a stylist. “What we heard was absolutely central to what Dazed & Confused is about,” Hartshorn said. “It was Rankin at his most passionate: ‘Listen, this is Dazed & Confused, this isn’t f****** Vogue. If she [the model] doesn’t want to do a f****** image, that’s all right with me, but at the end of the day that’s the f****** image that’s going on the cover of this issue of Dazed & Confused and the fact that I’m doing it is just all power to me really, because I’m not being messed around like that.’

Isn’t it interesting that the British media now screaming about every photo that was (or wasn’t) found in Neverland has been tolerating among their ranks a magazine that features stories like a hoax about an artist exhibiting his own dismembered fingers, and for 25 years too?

Now that you are more or less familiar with the iconic style of Dazed magazine it is time to return to its editor Ms. Burley and see the list of her favorite books complete with the photos illustrating them. Here is the beginning of the article about her:

The top five books of Dazed and Confused Editor, Isabella Burley

Words by Liv Siddall, Tuesday 16 September 2014

Want to know a surprising secret about self-proclaimed “book obsessive” and Dazed & Confused editor Isabella Burley? She can’t stand big coffee-table-sized fashion books. “I’ve always taken my references from art, pop culture, photography and sex zines rather than fashion,” she told us. “That’s really come to shape the way I approach our fashion content within Dazed.”

At the tail-end of London Fashion Week, we wanted to hear about the publications that have moulded Isabella’s rise to editor-status at arguably one of the most lauded, sensational and historic fashion magazines in the UK. Like most Bookshelf contributors, Isabella struggled to whittle down her collection to five treasured nuggets. The ones she has selected are perfect, and give you a crystal clear idea of how passionate, different and creatively alert she is. Now where can we get our hands on that Larry Clark book…

Isabella Burley's selection - Lynn's Valley by Richard Prince

“Lynn Valley” by Richard Prince on the list of Isabella Burley’s favorite books

The list of Ms. Burley’s top five favorites includes:

1) an unnamed book by Larry Clark

2) collection of photos by Christiane Meyer-Stoll featuring three photographers – Nobuyoshi Araki, Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin

3) “The Fourth Sex. Adolescent Extremes” book

4) “Lynn Valley” by Richard Prince

5) “John Baldessari and Goya: Ich habe es gesehen”.

Imagine my amazement when among Ms. Burley’s favorites I saw the media-trashed graphic images from the Radar Online report, only in their original non-censored variant, and realized that not only did they never belong  to ‘The Fourth Sex. Adolescent Extremes’ book,  but were shamelessly taken from other sources on Ms. Burley’s list and attached to the book found in the Neverland video arcade.

One of the pictures was taken from a photo collection by Christiane Meyer-Stoll and the other was borrowed from the unnamed book by Larry Clark. Neither of them was in Neverland of course, however it didn’t stop Radar Online from inserting them into the police report about Jackson.

Let me point it out once again that it is no chance occurrence that Radar Online added those graphic photos to a book about adolescents – the book about underage young people containing words like “sex” and “extremes” in its title, and taken in combination with the graphic photos from the outside sources, was meant to create the impression that Michael Jackson possessed ‘child porn’.

The two photos in question are so graphic that I have a problem with displaying them in this blog, however it is important for you to  see them and compare with the Radar Online fakes, so I’ve downsized the pictures to make them less prominent and placed them side by side with the fakes from Radar Online.

Please note the incredible double standards displayed by the media and reflected in the opposite way they comment on one and the same photo depending on who they think it belongs to.


Here is the first comparison of the original photo from Isabella Burley’s list and the fake made by Radar Online:

Fake from Radar Online 1A

The media said about the above book by Larry Clark listed by Ms. Burley as a favorite:

“This has to be the best cover in the world, right? I also love that it comes packaged like a vinyl with a wipe-clean plastic slip and accompanied by two large posters. I was lucky enough to interview Larry Clark for Dazed a few months ago. It was just after I’d spent three hours and all my money at his snapshot sale at the Simon Lee Gallery. He was everything I’ve hoped for, which usually doesn’t happen when you interview your hero.”

And this is what the media said about the photos thought to be in Michael Jackson’s possession (a quote from the Daily Mail):

“The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend children to his will”, said one investigator.

After the descriptions for many of the materials, the investigator notes: ‘Based on my training, this type of material can be used as part of the “grooming” process, by which people (those seeking to molest children) lower the inhibitions of their intended victims and facilitate the molestation of said victims.’ These materials include ‘a book depicting nude children’ found in the singer’s ‘arcade room’.

As a side note let me add that the investigator working on the police report in 2004 never said that the books ‘exposed Jackson as a manipulative predator”. The only observation he made was about possible ‘grooming’, however this lie is a minor one in comparison with the elephant lies about Jackson in the Radar Online papers and other media coverage.

And here is the second set of pictures for you to compare – the one at the top is the original from Ms. Burley’s favorite book by Christiane Meyer-Stoll and the one at the bottom is a fake from Radar Online:

Fake from Radar Online 2AThe Daily Mail left the following comment for the above picture in the Radar Online fake:

“Some of the images were so graphic in Jackson’s collection that they had to be entirely blacked out (above)”

This comment from the Daily Mail looks best when compared with the glowing praise for the same picture from the editor of the fashionable and thriving UK magazine:

Christiane Meyer-Stoll: Nobuyoshi Araki, Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin

I bought this book when I was 18 and it’s still one of my favourites. It’s so great to see the work of all three photographers together. It contains two of my favourite Araki images taken from his 1994 Untitled (Obscenities) series of a girl lying on blue bedsheets. He scratched into the film to create these amazing white lines that obscure the images. Araki at his best!

So when the editor-in-chief of a fashionable magazine speaks of her favorite photos, the cover of the book displaying them is called by the media ‘the best cover in the world’. But when a fraction of it is only thought to have been in Michael’s possession, it suddenly turns into ‘disgusting and downright shocking images’ and ‘proof of his depravity’.

What a hilarious media show!


Though in theory those two graphic images could be taken by the anti-Jackson team from other Internet sites, we can be sure that they drew them from Ms. Burley’s selection of her favorite books. This fact is important as it serves as the key to uncover some other elements in this well thought-out scheme against the poor Jackson.

You will understand what I mean when you go to this Spanish-language site called Confidential Colombia which also reprinted the Radar Online false story about Michael Jackson.

Judging by the machine translation from Spanish its text is fully identical with that in the Daily Mail, the Mirror, the Sun and other media.  This is their usual copy-and-paste practice  – it is enough to read one to know what all others are saying.

However the Confidential Colombia article has a difference to it as its text is illustrated … you’ll never guess it … by all books from Ms. Burley’s assortment. So now it is all photos from her favorite books and not just one or two!

The photos from Ms. Burley’s list are presented in the form of a collage and given a possibility to enlarge and see them in their original size. The article headline declares that “These files prove Michael Jackson’s pedophilia” and adds that all these photos were in one book containing “artistic photos of Michael Jackson’s preteens”.

Here is the collage with a minimum of machine translated text accompanying it. If you compare the collage with the pictures of Ms. Burley’s favourite books on the site above you will find that they coincide almost to a point.

Also please note that by the time I’m finishing this post they have already deleted this collage, so it is available online only in its catched version on a webcache site:

These files prove pedophile Michael Jackson

By: Confidential Colombia | June 21, 2016

This is one book of artistic photos of Jackson’s preteens

Fakes collected on Colombia site

But what does this new gross fake add to what we already know about the media lies regarding Jackson and Radar Online meddling with the police papers?

It is adding to the general picture of media falsehood around Michael Jackson the method they are using to frame him up and create out of it a new nasty myth.

First of all, this publication establishes a direct connection between the Radar Online fakes and the article on Ms. Burley’s favorite books. There is no other site making exactly the same selection of books, so we can be sure that the schemers used this article as their source.

Secondly, all this mess with the photos is giving us a rare chance to see the scam in its development.

It wasn’t enough for them to plant the real photos from the book “The Fourth Sex. Adolescent Extremes” into the police report (which had no pictures), so they added to it two most graphic images from Ms. Burley’s favorite books.

And when even that was not enough for them they added all sexual images from Ms. Burley’s list and proclaimed it to be proof of their allegations against Michael Jackson. The idea was to show that if he had just one book about adolescents so much packed with graphic images, we can imagine how ‘horrible’ the rest of them were.

Thirdly, since the full Ms. Burley’s list was known only to the authors of the scam, it means that the Confidential Colombia site received this information direct from those who are now framing Michael Jackson.

And these people should not necessarily be Robson’s and Safechuck’s lawyers – the fake with the photos from Ms. Burley’s list could be easily made by those who are now assisting the Robson/Safechuck team and are probably the ones who worked on those fakes. These assistants are long-time Michael Jackson’s haters who run various anti-Michael sites and have been slandering him for several decades, and we even know one Spanish-speaking journalist who could be also involved in this latest smear project🙂

In short, it is even interesting to see the inner workings of this new campaign against Jackson. One paper tells a lie and accompanies it with fake photos, a thousand others reprint it and take the story further by mixing lies with half-truths, and at some point you find that all the photos in someone else’s collection suddenly become ‘Jackson’s favorites’ – and all this garbage is supposed to prove the allegations about him invented by the people who actually devised the whole plan.

And isn’t it also a thrill to see how the media praises the graphic photos selected by the editor of a fashionable magazine (‘one of the most lauded, sensational and historic fashion magazines in the UK’, her book selection is ‘perfect’, it gives ‘a crystal clear idea of how passionate, different and creatively alert she is’) and calls the same selection ‘disgusting and downright shocking’ when they suppose that it was in Michael Jackson’s possession?

And isn’t it amazing that all of it was learned just from the first two pages of the Radar Online fake report?

Imagine how many more wonderful discoveries are awaiting us when we see the rest of it…


And now comes the icing on the cake.

The group photo of men and women with their genitalia exposed and claimed by Radar Online to have been found in Neverland in 2003 was finally traced (many thanks to jacksonaktak) – this photo comes from a book titled “Larry Clark: Berlin 2012” by Larry Clark (Author, Photographer).

So even by the wildest stretch of imagination it could not be found in Michael Jackson’s possession as he had been dead for three years by the time it was released.

The Amazon note on the book says that it was published in 2012 to commemorate the exhibition by Clark in Berlin in 2012:

“Exclusively for the first monographic exhibition in Germany of the work of US American photographer Larry Clark, C/O Berlin has developed a very special publication. The catalog is designed as a triptych gatefold album cover and thus reflects the themes of the retrospective in both form and content: youth culture, sexuality, and music. In the two outside pockets are lavishly produced color poster collages; in the middle pocket is a 24-page booklet with a text by Felix Hoffmann, Curator of C/O Berlin, as well as other pictures and collages.”

The note about the posters turns out to be extremely helpful too – if you have a closer look at the picture from the so-called ‘police report’ by Radar Online you will notice that this is indeed a big unfolded poster:

Radar Online -FAKE. Larry Clark's Berlin 2012 book presented as MJ's

Those who want to see the original photo in color and in its uredacted variant are invited to visit the site listing this book as one of Isabella Burley’s favorites from which this photo was actually taken by the Radar Online falsifiers.

Let us put aside for a time being the question why Larry Clark is glorified as a renowned photographer and filmmaker and awarded top international awards for this and other similar ‘artwork’, and simply wonder why Michael Jackson is being dragged through the mud for the same thing, considering that it was never in his possession and was actually released three years after his death?

Shouldn’t Radar Online who were the first to present this fake, same as the Daily Mail and all those who jumped to reprint this garbage, publicly apologize to Michael Jackson’s children and family, his Estate and the whole world for their lies about Jackson?


Radar Online’s FAKE to mark the seventh anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death

June 25, 2016

Seven years after Michael Jackson’s death the people who kept hacking him throughout his life are doing it again.

This time Radar Online and other Michael Jackson’s best friends like the Mirror, the Sun and the rest of the like-minded media decided to mark the anniversary of his death by spreading lies about poor Jackson under the headlines: “Never-Before-Seen Cop Reports Expose Michael Jackson’s Sick Secrets”,  “Michael Jackson ‘stockpiled child sex abuse pics in bid to seduce young boys at his Neverland ranch”,  “A vast collection of sick and twisted material was discovered at the King of Pop’s Neverland ranch in 2003, a new report alleges. Why is it only being reported now?”, and so on and so forth.

Well, a short answer to the above question is – it is being reported only now because it is only now that they thought of a new big lie and a new huge provocation against Michael Jackson.


First of all let us make it clear that there is nothing ‘new’ about the police report they are referring to. Everything seized by the police was included in the sheriff department’s report of June 8, 2004 submitted to the court, after which most of the items listed there found their way into the courtroom and were scrutinized there by both the prosecution and defense in the presence of the jury – whose unanimous verdict was full Michael Jackson’s acquittal, as you know.

So all the items the media is hysterical about now were seen, discussed and discarded as completely legitimate stuff that can be bought by everyone in the nearby bookstore or newsstand, and there is absolutely no ‘secret’ about it.

The police report was released to the public on the official site of the Santa Barbara Supreme court and everyone including the media could easily see and analyze it (we here did it six years ago in this series of posts).

So the first big lie is this ‘never-before-seen’ trick used by the media.

However an even bigger lie is that the paper presented by Radar Online is not authentic. The tabloid or their so-called sources altered the original report by erasing some of its pages and adding to it the photos and pictures that were originally not there.

What’s even more horrible is that now it is beginning to transpire that the pictures added to the sheriff’s report are not authentic either. They were also tampered with and were made to look much more sexual than they originally were. This way the document Radar online is presenting as a ‘never-before-seen’ paper really acquired a new look and became a complete fake really never seen before.

The fact that no one knows where those pictures come from was confirmed by the official statement of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department who said the following to Vanity Fair when they approached them for comment:

“Some of the documents appear to be copies of reports that were authored by Sheriff’s Office personnel as well as evidentiary photographs taken by Sheriff’s Office personnel interspersed with content that appears to be obtained off the Internet or through unknown sources. The Sheriff’s Office did not release any of the documents and/or photographs to the media. The Sheriff’s Office released all of its reports and the photographs as part of the required discovery process to the prosecution and the defense.”

By now Michael Jackson’s supporters have already provided the first proof that the pictures presented by Radar Online are indeed the nastiest kind of a fake.

The picture on the left is the original photo from some book, while the picture on the right is from Radar Online’s so-called police report.

Please note that the photo on the left was not in the sheriff’s report either and we don’t even know whether it has anything to do with it at all. Radar Online could simply take some picture from the internet, tamper with it to make it look more salacious and present it like it was in MJ’s possession.

The first obvious thing to do in case of so huge a provocation is to compare the real police report with the ‘new’ one and see what alterations were made there.

However here we have a problem.


The problem is that the sheriff’s report released during the discovery process in 2004 and until only recently available to all, suddenly disappeared from the internet together with all other documents from the 2005 trial. To be more exact the official site shows an error mark when you try to enter it, so either the Santa Barbara court internet address suddenly changed or some hackers meddled with their site making it unavailable to users.

Whatever it is, the disappearance phenomenon is interesting in and of itself as it is too much of a coincidence to take place right at the time when a huge fake about Jackson is raging all over the media.

In the absence of the authentic paper anything can be presented in its place, and the impossibility to see the whole register of documents at the court site does not allow to check up whether the current paper is indeed something ‘new’ or whether it is an old document already scrutinized at the 2005 trial – only in its falsified and much more scandalous variant.

Fortunately the real sheriff’s report was downloaded by us six years ago when we were busy making our posts and here it is once again:

Judging by the full register of the Santa Barbara court documents (downloaded by us too) the sheriff’s report was filed with the court on June 8, 2004. On June 16, 2005 it was unsealed by the court order and released to the public – so anyone interested in it had plenty of time to have a look.

Therefore questions ‘why is it being reported only now?’ are full of pretense and false indignation intended only for the uninitiated. The media perfectly knew about it as the report was submitted by the prosecution and was a completely anti-Jackson document where each scrap of paper and even magazines with people on the beach were presented as “grooming” materials.

It was in this capacity that they were scrutinized at the trial, so now it is no use pretending they never saw it – the media had a field day with it eleven years ago.


The comparison of the opening pages of both reports is holding another surprise for us. The first thing you see in the altered Radar Online variant is a handwritten note on its top which says that ‘Pages 1-3 are missing’.


The altered Radar Online version start with page 4

This note was not made by the police and could belong only to those who meddled with the original paper – because the original police report does have page 3 and this means that in the fake variant this page was deliberately erased.

Here is page 3 from the real police report:

Page 3 of the real sheriff's report -page 3

The omission naturally aroused my curiosity as to its possible reason. Page 3 must be containing something which the authors of the ‘new’ text preferred to hide and its careful study makes me suspect what it can be.

The missing page starts as follows:

“The next item of evidence I reviewed was Item Number 505. This item was described as being three books with photographs of nude and partially clothed children. This item was found in the downstairs cellar area of the video/arcade area.

Upon opening the evidence packaging, I found the items to be packaged within a second sealed paper bag. I broke the seals on the second paper bag. Within this package, I found three hard cover books. The first book was titled, Underworld, author Kelly Klein. The second book was titled, Room To Play, author Simen Johan. The third book was titled, Drew and Jimmy, author John Patrick Salisbury.”

Please note that page 3 gives the number of the item covering these three books, which in its turn allows to trace them during the trial – in the courtroom the prosecution and defense referred to the number of the exhibit more often than to the book titles, so without page 3 it would be more difficult to determine the correspondence between them.

The detective gives his description of each book and the last paragraph on the page says what he would later repeat for each and every item found in Michael’s possession – that not a single of them can be considered ‘child porn’ (though each time he adds that they could be used for ‘grooming’):

“None of the above noted books contained materials, which depicted illegal activities (including sexual acts with children). None of the books would meet legal requirement to be considered child pornography.  Based on my training, this type of material can be used as part of a “grooming” process.’

If you compare the above sheriff’s conclusion with what the current media is telling you, you will realize that the things they say now is a flat lie – none of those items had anything to do with the so-called ‘child sex abuse pics’ the tabloids are screaming about, and all their hysteria is actually about nothing.

The erotic materials like Hustler, Playboy, etc. were indeed found in Michael’s house, and shown to the jury page by page for whole days, making Michael’s mother blush with embarrassment, but they had nothing to do with child porn as the media presently suggests it. There wasn’t a single fraction of it in Michael’s house – either in magazines, books or videos – and the sheriff’s report makes this point crystal clear to everyone.

The only fault the police found with these books is that they ‘could’ be used for the grooming process. Well, ‘could’ is no proof, especially since everyone at the trial said they had never seen anything inappropriate in Michael’s possession (only the Arvizos claimed to have seen a couple of magazines) and besides, it is still a big question whether Michael ever held those books in his hands at all.

And this takes us to one more point which the media liars didn’t want the public to know from page 3 –  the three books mentioned there were in a sealed paper bag and were found in the cellar of the arcade room and not in Michael’s master house.

This ‘sealing’ point sounds somewhat intriguing. The police packed all Neverland items worthy of attention into a special packaging which the detective later opened when making his inventory. But over here the three books were already pre-packed and looked like a sealed parcel.

Actually a sealed parcel could be a way the books arrived at Neverland at all (with an accompanying letter naming the books, for example). After that it could be kept in a cellar and never seen by Jackson until the time the police raided Neverland and seized everything they saw fit to seize.

This is the only explanation I can find for the double packaging which even the detective thought important to make a note of – evidently it was something unusual for their standard police practice.

Of course, this is another of those ‘could-be’ situations, but if the detective made his suppositions about grooming, why can’t we do the same about the sealed paper bag?

The location of that package is noteworthy too. The main house allowed access only to the family and a close circle of Michael Jackson’s friends, while the arcade building was open to all and anyone could drop there anything they had brought in their bags. Considering that Neverland was visited by thousands of people, planting there whatever they wanted was no problem at all.

Here is a video showing the video arcade (located in a separate building on the ranch) and a crowd  of people – adult and children alike – enjoying themselves there:

The timeline of mass visits to Neverland shows that on October 12, 2003 it was attended by 200 members of the US Air Force and their families who spent the whole day there. And a year later, on September 13, 2004 Michael opened the gates of his ranch for a special charity event attended by many celebrities and most probably the general public too.

Please remember these dates as they may be important.

Besides the physical presence of hundreds of guests on Michael’s territory there was also a steady stream of gifts from his fans (and non-fans) and this huge pile had to be stored somewhere until he finally made himself familiar with them, and this place could very well be the arcade cellar or some attic where the various gifts could be kept for years without ever being seen or opened by Jackson.

The point I am trying to make is that the arcade cellar location specified on page 3 may speak to a fact that Michael Jackson didn’t see those books at all and that they could be planted there by someone else.

The book titled “Room to Play” was among the three books in the arcade cellar and is one of the items the media is screaming about most. This of their headlines surely refers to that book: “Sickening pictures of naked teen boys, child torture and animal sacrifice found at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch are revealed in never-before-seen police report”.

Well, let’s see what these three books were all about.


The first book mentioned on page 3 is titled “Underworld”. The detective described it as follows:

“I reviewed each page of the book titled Underworld and did not find any inserted pictures and/or writings, which did not appear to be an original part of the book. The book contained numerous photographs of partially and/or fully unclothed men, women and children. The majority of the pictures within this book are of people who were wearing only their underwear.”

The author of the book is Kelly Klein, who turns out to be a fashionable photographer and wife of Calvin Klein. Her website says that she has been involved in the fashion industry for over 25 years and her ‘Underworld’ is a sort of a history of underwear beginning with the 1880s up to the 1990s. The introduction by Anne Rice says:

“Here are photos–154 in black-and-white and color–of men and women clothed or unclothed, taken from the 1880s through the 1990s by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Imogene Cunningham, Steven Meisel, Bettina Rheims, Helmut Newton, Kurt Markus, Ellen von Unwerth, Andre Kertesz, Louis Dahl-Wolfe, Brassai, and 75 others.”  (Published November 21st 1995 by Knopf)

Kelly Klein, author of Underworld in the Vogue magazineThe photo of Kelly Klein in the Vogue magazine shows us a woman, who in the opinion of tabloid media is guilty of creating a book with ‘sickening’ photos that ‘paint a dark and frightening picture of Jackson’.

The overwhelming majority of the photos in ‘Underworld’ are those of men and women, old and young. Very few are of children and it is this type of a thing:

A page from 'Underworld' by Kelly Klein

The introduction to the book by Anne Rice says:

“Klein has superb taste in shutterbugs: Brassai, Man Ray, David Salle, Sally Mann, David Hockney, Cindy Sherman, and anonymous snappers of eye-grabbing scenes. The juxtapositions are good: Christy Turlington perfectly complements a 1930 Lartigue model; a Bruce Weber tableau matches a 1945 Playtex ad. You see a side of the doomed model Gia here in curlers that even the tell-all bio Thing of Beauty can’t tell you about.”

The comment from a reader says that the photos in the book reminded him of the then Calvin Klein’s billboard ads (apparently placed in the streets and intended to be seen by everyone, including children):

“Perhaps inspired by her then husband Calvin’s underwear billboard ads Underworld brings together a sumptuous collection of largely black and white photographs of people in various stages of undress. Some are by famous photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe others are ‘unknown’.”

Tim Appelo who writes about the arts for Seattle Weekly, the New York Times, and People also left a comment saying that “This is a good book done for a good cause”, evidently referring to the fact that Kelly Klein is donating all proceeds to the CFDA Foundation Fund for AIDS.

Well, and Radar Online and the other tabloids say that this is ‘sick and twisted material’, so to solve the controversy I suggest these papers never publish Calvin Klein’s ads, and all photos of men in underwear and women in bikini should be radically cleaned away from their pages as these papers seem to adhere to the highest standards of morality and should not allow their readers to look at this outrage.


As you already know ‘Room To Play’ is one of the books which today’s media hype is all about and this is why it requires a much closer look.

The police detective described it as follows:

“I reviewed each page of the book titled Room to Play and did not find any inserted pictures and/or writings, which did not appear to be an original part of the book. This book contained numerous photographs of children, some of which appeared to be altered such as “morphing” was used to “sexualize” the photos by enhancing the child’s anatomical features. Many of the pictures expressed the private areas of the children.”

Now the internet has much more information about this book than at the time we made its first analysis six years ago. The Amazon book description is also more informative now and the publisher’s note to it sounds frightening indeed. It says:

“Simen Johan creates surreal and narrative tableaux of corrupted youth. His images of children and adolescents are constructed by digitally manipulating and combining parts of faces and bodies belonging to people of various ethnicities, ages, and genders. His fictional identities are depicted in equally fabricated scenarios that are replete with references to both the art historical tradition and Freudian sexuality. The poster-perfect finish of his prints belies the disturbing nature of their content; a pubescent girl hula hoops against an idyllic seaside backdrop, as the hoop leaves bruises on her waist; an androgynous teenager cradles the head of a dead sheep on which flies are beginning to land.”

From Simen Johan: “My photographs are composites of multiple-image fragments that I digitally manipulate and combine, including both images that I have photographed myself and found images. By combining different elements, my objective is to create artificial scenarios that appear vaguely familiar and produce numerous associations. I want to evoke a sense of familiarity that will seduce the viewer into allowing his or her own experience, imagination, and understanding of existing popular imagery to become tools for interpreting my work.”

If you ask me, the photos and collages in ‘Room To Play’ are actually unpleasant to look at as they show obviously unhappy and neglected children – the type of scenes Michael was always sad and woeful about.

Room to play - unhappy children

The children in this book look unkept and dirty, left to their own devices and involving themselves in whatever strange activities they find for themselves in their drab surroundings.

Room to play - collages

In one of the collages the photographer combines the body of a toddler in sodden panties with a face of an older boy (in a tzar’s crown for some reason). The picture has a drab feel to it and illustrates the detective’s idea of “morphing” as well as his note on “children’s private areas”.

And when you see these poor children smile you have a disturbing feeling that these smiles border more on the tragedy than happiness and joy.

In short the book leaves you with an uneasy feeling of something very evil and wrong going on the world of neglected children. However it certainly doesn’t have any scenes of child’s torture, and the various dead animals in the photos cannot be called ‘scenes of animal sacrifice’.

It is not also clear how these photos can be used for any ‘grooming’ process, but what is absolutely clear is that firstly, scenes like that would make Michael indignant and sad as this is exactly what he was calling adults to spare the children from.

And secondly, these pictures are definitely not the type he wanted to surround himself with – he liked happy children’s faces and the sentimental sweetness and angelic looks on the paintings of his choice even annoyed some people. They laughed at Michael and called it ‘kitsch’.

Well, the photos in ‘Room To Play’ are certainly not ‘kitsch’ and are therefore absolutely not Michael’s style. And in combination with the fact that this book was kept in some cellar, and possibly in a sealed package too, it makes me suspect that Michael didn’t see, use or open it.

But what attracted my attention most is the year when the book ‘Room To Play’ was published.

The book had only two editions – on August 1st, 2002 and February 1st, 2003. Both dates are very close to each other and the time of Bashir’s documentary about MJ, the media frenzy following it, the police investigation of Arvizos’ allegations and the eventual Neverland police raid.

For this book to be in Neverland by the time of the police raid, we have to suppose that soon after its release MJ rushed to the bookstore to buy it. But considering how busy he was in 2002 (Blanket’s birthday, rift with Sony, a 8-month long interview session with Bashir) and all the more so in 2003, and considering how little time Michael spent at Neverland at all this variant sounds a little unlikely.

Unfortunately we don’t know which edition was found in Neverland as otherwise it could have provided to us with a wealth of information.

For example, if it was the February 2003 edition, we could be more than sure that the book was planted in Neverland by some MJ ‘well-wisher’. Early February of 2003 was the time when Bashir’s documentary aired on TV. On February 18th the Los Angeles Police started an investigation of the Arvizo case (later it was closed for lack of evidence). The Department of Family and Children Services also joined in and interviewed the Arvizos (on February 20th), and ever since that documentary until the trial the attention of the whole world was focused on Neverland.

The threat of any minute police raid was hanging over the ranch and it was certainly not the best time to buy any books that could arouse the police suspicions.

Besides that both in 2002 and 2003 there were no child visitors in Neverland except for the Cascio family and Michael’s relatives, so there was actually no one to show those books to for their alleged ‘grooming’. In fact the only outsiders attending Neverland at the time were the Arvizo scoundrels (September 2002 and February-March 2003), but they never said a word about any books at all.

Michael’s haters will naturally say that if there were no children to show the book to, he must have bought it for himself – however this version is no good either. When people buy something for themselves they don’t keep it in some far-away place, but have it close at hand. Imagine having to go to the cellar of the video arcade to leaf through the book that shows a girl playing in the dust, and you will realize how absurd the whole thing is.

However the possibility of planting the book (or all three of them) was very much there. Remember the October 12, 2002 when two hundred families visited Neveland and the September 13, 2003 charity event? And please don’t forget the Arvizos’ stay there on two occasions and Martin Bashir as the only outsider visiting the ranch on a regular basis during his 8-month long interview session with Michael.

And why did we forget that soon after his first documentary Bashir and Victor Gutierrez (a long-time Michael Jackson’s hater and notorious liar) started working together on another of their fictional films about MJ?

Isn’t all of it worth thinking about when you have a moment of quiet and are able to bring yourself back to reality from the nightmare of the current media frenzy?


Photo from 'Drew and Jimmy'

Photo from ‘Drew and Jimmy’

The third book seized by the police in the video arcade cellar is titled ‘Drew and Jimmy’ and has absolutely nothing to say about it except that the author is writing about his two cousins and is illustrating it with their photos (in their clothes at that).

The Amazon describes the book as follows:

“John Patrick Salisbury’s first book (Drew & Jimmy) is the result of five years of reflection on his family’s past. Hailing originally from an isolated farming village in Northern California, Salisbury was preceded by seven generations. Family relations still live there, and Salisbury relives his past vicariously in this book through the lives of his cousins, Drew and Jimmy. What results is a poignant and moving portrait of boyhood in rural America.” – Jack Woody.

The sheriff’s report said about this great finding:

“I reviewed each page of the book titled Drew and Jimmy and did not find any inserted pictures and/or writings, which did not appear to be an original part of the book. The book contained numerous photographs of two Caucasian male juveniles that appeared to be in their early to mid-teens. The boys in these photographs are primarily clothed with occasional photographs of them wearing swim-trunk type clothing”.

Well, so what? Is this what the media calls “sick and twisted material’?

Of course we have not moved beyond page 3 yet, but even these three examples show how exaggerated and false the media statements are. Six years ago we saw the rest of the books and magazines too and none of them are ‘child porn’ or ‘child abuse sex pics’ as the sheriff’s document clearly stated it – so what we see today is actually a serious libel case, complete with fake photos and a doctored police report.

The estate of Michael Jackson has already discarded it as a falsification, and my only wish is that Radar Online and the others were made to pay for the nasty slander campaign they have restarted against Michael Jackson.

The Estate’s statement of June 21 said as follows (the bold type is mine):

Seven years ago this coming Saturday, the world lost an amazing artist and humanitarian devoted to helping children in need in all corners of the world. Michael Jackson’s fans, including the Executors of his estate, prefer to remember the wonderful gifts Michael left behind instead of having to once again see his good name dragged through the mud by tabloid trash.

Everything in these reports, including what the County of Santa Barbara calls “content that appears to be obtained off the Internet or through unknown sources” is false, no doubt timed to the anniversary of Michael’s passing. Those who continue to shamelessly exploit Michael via sleazy internet “click bait” ignore that he was acquitted by a jury in 2005 on every one of the 14 salacious charges brought against him in a failed witch hunt.

Michael remains just as innocent of these smears in death as he was in life even though he isn’t here to defend himself. Enough is enough.

The Estate of Michael Jackson

Indeed, enough is enough. All sensible people should ask themselves a question why the media keeps trashing Michael even after his death and why they have to resort to fakes to support their ‘case’ against Jackson.

The question why they are still doing is difficult to answer – the habitual trashing Michael Jackson could be a proven method of earning their money and raising profits, but it could also be an orchestrated campaign organized by someone who always wanted to strip Michael of his fame, money and good reputation. Now they are doing the same to Michael’s Estate and hope to bleed it of its money by discouraging people from listening to and buying Michael’s music and by encouraging new fictional ‘victims’ to come forward and file their suits against the deceased Michael Jackson.

As to why they have to resort to fakes in their vicious campaign against Jackson, the answer to it is very easy – they simply have nothing genuine to throw against Jackson.

Another question people should ask themselves is why the media ignores the true facts about Michael and never show him the person he was really like.

For example, speaking about the books Michael really read, you will be surprised to learn that he was an admirer of Sufi poetry which he used to read after his concerts, astonishing his friends and acquaintances by this habit (a post about the books Michael liked is here).

And speaking about the pictures Michael kept close to himself, the media never told you about the painting Michael had in his bedroom right over his bed, and in 1993 too – just at the time when according to them he was allegedly involved in some fictional ‘molestation’ of Jordan Chandler.

I bet none of you know what that picture is. The media never reported it though the picture is sensational as it shows Michael’s real mindset and the matters of most importance for him.

You think it was a photo of some child? A photo of a young woman or man? Or probably the picture of his mother? Or the picture of Michael himself, portrayed in some grandiose style the media likes to so much talk about? Or some perverse thing like an “animal tortured” as the current media is telling you?

No, none of these guesses are correct.

The painting hanging over Michael’s bed was a picture of Jesus Christ.


Since neither the media, nor the prosecution or even defense ever talked about that painting I learned about it quite by chance – from the video of a follow-up to Oprah’s interview with Michael Jackson in 1993.

This funny video showed Oprah, Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson and other people watching the freshly made footage of the interview. The recording was being shown on a huge TV set placed at the foot of Michael’s bed, which made me make a mental note that the bed was actually the only place from which anyone could watch TV there.

The bed was indeed a big one and this time it was occupied by several people watching the footage including Debby Rowe, Arnold Klein and some others.

At some point the camera started wandering about the room and fixed on a painting over Michael’s bed, and to my sheer astonishment it turned out to be the image of Jesus Christ! So Michael had the image of Christ over his bed and no one ever told us about it?

But how come it was never mentioned? The media, the prosecution and all those numerous ‘witnesses’ spoke of every little detail in his bedroom, every book and piece of cloth in every cellar, closet and attic in the house and on the ranch, but no one ever mentioned the elephant in the room – the picture of Christ in his bedroom and right over his head?

Is it because the claims that he was allegedly committing ‘crimes against children’ right under that painting would render a touch of unreality to them and mentioning this fact to the jury was out of the question as it would open their eyes to the God-abiding person Michael really was?

The fact that Michael chose that painting for the central place in his house indeed means that Jesus Christ was his daily and nightly companion, the subject of his regular prayers and an overseer of everything that was going on in Michael’s room when he was having his guests there.

Don’t know about you, but this discovery left me completely shattered. Not only was it something novel about Michael, but the fact that this was never mentioned by the press was simply the last straw.

Here is the painting I am talking about – it is a screenshot from the video and is evidently reflecting the room lights which look like candles placed below the image:

christ-over-mjs-bed-from-oprahs-documentary-1993 (2)

And at approximately the 2:05 mark of the video you can see it with your own eyes. Please remember to download the video on your computer to be able to upload it again when Michael Jackson’s well-wishers erase it from Youtube the way they did it with the genuine police report.

Speaking of that report I forgot to tell you that the original was much shorter than the Radar Online 88-page version of it. I hear that by now it has been reduced to 60+ pages, with the most obvious fakes taken away from it, however it is still a far cry from the genuine paper which had only 48 pages.

And while they are still ‘working’ on it, here is the video for you to enjoy and see what Michael was really like!


Thanks to our reader Annemarie we now have a photo of Michael’s bed in Neverland with the picture of Christ over it and learn that this very special image of Christ is called The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It  comes from the Catholic tradition and has a special meaning of its own, and this is evidently why Michael chose it. The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents His divine love for humanity.

This image of Christ started in 1673 when a French nun had a vision of Him with his heart aflame with love – the idea that was in great contrast to the rigorous tendency of the century.

Its message is to give our love and ourselves to the needs of everyone whom God puts into our lives.

This site says about it:

That is what devotion to the Sacred Heart is all about. It is the practice of selfless love toward selfish people. It is giving ourselves to persons that do not give themselves to us.

Isn’t it the exact description of how Michael Jackson was living his life and his faith?


June 16, 2016

The previous post required a follow-up as one of its points was left unanswered. Someone kept trolling me about the monkey at the top of the Dangerous album cover (which I regard as a symbol of the circus created around Michael Jackson) and wondered with feigned naivety:

Dangerous album cover 1“But how is it determined that they treated him like a monkey? Why not a dog or some other animal?  I don’t get it. Seeing yourself as a monkey is in regard to racism, which is not good at all.”

Well, the picture on Dangerous is not about Michael’s own perception of himself – it is about the way he was perceived and treated by others.

For me a monkey is mostly associated with a circus and some monkey business, often of a questionable type. Monkeys resemble human beings and even behave like them, but are still animals and no equal to humans. Due to their resemblance to human beings they may be a great source of entertainment for the public – in a circus, zoo or as home pets, but they are also often kept in a cage, used for medical experiments, for testing dangerous drugs, observing their reaction to different stimuli and even as a food to eat.

All of the above was done to Michael Jackson – in the figurative meaning of the word, of course. And if Michael felt that he was treated like a monkey in a vile show arranged for him by others, it wasn’t a play of imagination on his part – it was simply a statement of fact. Read more…

PARIS JACKSON’S Tattoo and the MESSAGE of MICHAEL JACKSON’S Dangerous Album Cover

June 3, 2016

A lot of questions arrived while I took a hiatus from the blog. Of course, this break was not only due to the need to do planting in my garden – the main reason is the shock and the near-coma all sane people in Russia are currently in while the torrents of lies, hypocrisy and so-called ‘patriotism’ are ravaging my homeland. The closest analogy to it would be observing the events of George Orwell’s novel live and to tell you the truth, this is not easy, guys.

In the meantime another type of craziness – injustice and spite towards Michael Jackson do not seem to abate either. People still have ridiculous opinions about him and stick to vile dogmas about MJ though they have long been proven to be myths.

Funny, but when you compare both of these phenomena you can’t see much difference between the two. Both are based on cynicism, endless lies and media brainwashing. Both discourage people from fact-checking and keep them in the habitual comfort of prejudices and stereotypes acquired decades ago.  Both make people behave at their worst and allow them to be free from conscience constraints.

In fact, if you know how some people distorted the reality around Michael Jackson and incited mass hatred for him on cooked-up allegations, you will also know how others can blind the perception of millions on other issues and make them believe the most rotten lies.

What I am trying to say is that the face of evil and its operation pattern is the same, and it is only its scope which is different. To let this evil take power over you all it takes is the deep cynicism and shocking lies on their side and disinterest, indifference and ignorance on yours.


The question that arrived recently concerned Paris Jackson’s tattoo and had a surprising conclusion: Read more…

“Speaking of vitiligo…” …and the double standard in Michael Jackson’s case

March 24, 2016

The recent discovery of a blog post of a vitiligo expert on the vitiligo blog of UMASS Medical School gives us the opportunity to once again clarify a few things regarding the skin disease Michael Jackson had and to explain why this is still necessary.


On January 18, 2016, Dr. John E. Harris apparently still felt the need to ask: „Did Michael Jackson have vitiligo?“ I don’t know what prompted him to write this post, but it seems he still saw the doubt around him and felt he needed to set the record straight. And he did!
Dr. Harris is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in vitiligo and in diagnosing and offering treatment for patients in the Vitiligo Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Hospital, Division of Dermatology.
In this post he clearly and in easy words explained once again that Jackson indeed did have vitiligo, he explained the apparent development process of the disease as well as the treatment with Benoquin = Monobenzone in Jackson’s case.  Read more…

Hillwood, Neverland and the Importance of being Honest

February 6, 2016

To explain my long silence all I can say is that surviving in the broil of lies and patriotic craziness here with little hope for a better future does not invite to a quiet analysis of Michael Jackson’s situation. It invites you to shutting yourself out and escaping from reality.

In my case the escape has taken the form of growing lilies on the window-sill and weeks spent on redesigning my garden, which also involved ordering a crazy number of new plants and will need a crazy amount of time for planting them in spring. This still has to be coped with, but at the very least it will be a distraction.

Why am I telling you this? Because when studying the various gardens in search for new ideas and harmonious color schemes Michael Jackson somewhat reminded me of himself – the garden that incidentally came my way demanded a comparison with Neverland and once again testified to a huge distortion in public perception of everything Michael did or didn’t do. Simultaneously the life story of the garden’s owner opened my eyes to some incredible details in our joint (Russian/American) history as well as the reality we now live in. Read more…

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