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“Leaving Neverland” transcript. The 2nd half hour of LIES AND DISTORTION

March 31, 2019

The next half hour of the film contains even worse distortions of the timeline than the first one, and this makes it even clearer that Dan Reed is part and parcel of the Robson/ Safechuck scam project.

The problem is that in addition to the two guys’ lies Dan Reed deliberately paints the picture of “grooming” which was absolutely not the case if you know the real timeline. So in order to fill the void Dan Reed builds the suspense artificially – by editing the footage and manipulating the dates. The goal is to present Michael Jackson’s normal interaction with the families as something utterly calculating and sinister.

In reality Safechuck had very little communication with Michael Jackson – after their brief meeting during the December 1986 Pepsi commercial he saw him again only 8 months later, and that was only because he kept bombarding MJ with letters and the polite Michael finally invited them to dinner at Nevenhurst in early November 1987 (during a break between the two legs of his Bad tour).

And Robson didn’t see MJ for two years which passed between their first meet and greet in Australia and the family’s arrival in the US when they spent a whole week seeking out Michael Jackson and struggling to find his telephone number. Their further interaction was not that intense either – in 2005 Joy Robson testified that in 14 years she recalled only 4 occasions when Wade and Michael Jackson were together at Neverland. At all other times the Robsons were there without him.

So not only Dan Reed didn’t check the facts, but he also aggravated the two guys’ lies by artificially “intensifying” their friendship with MJ and creating a continuous story out of the few bits and pieces the two guys had.

And in doing so Reed uses the usual Hollywood suspense and other professional tricks. For example, he drops Safechuck’s story at a strategic point where Safehuck pensively remarks that he thought they were “the luckiest boys in the world”, and then proceeds to Robson’s happy childhood in Australia – and by this contrast alone conveys to us how their bright expectations “were ruined by the horrible Jackson.”

Actually Robson’s happy childhood in Australia is where we also start now as this fragment of the film was omitted in the previous post in order not to interrupt Safechuck’s smooth narration.

13:35 November 1987 (intense music) Michael is shown arriving at the airport (footage of the city and concert)

Robson: He was performing two nights in Brisbane. We went to the first concert just to watch and this was the first time I’d seen him perform live (concert footage). I remember my mind just being blown. His energy magnified through all those thousands of people and through all those speakers, and the energy kind of shaking my whole body.

14:29 Joy Robson (looking enthusiastic): We went to the concert the Friday night and we had a meet-and-greet with Michael (photo of Michael, music) 

14:40 Robson: Here he was now, you know (music) as a seemingly real human being. He kept commenting on my Bad outfit (photo of MJ and Wade), how great he thought it was.

15:00 Joy Robson: And Michael said, “Did you go to concert tonight?” And he said, “I wish I’d known. I would have put him on stage with me”. I said, “We’ll be there tomorrow night”, because he had given us tickets as well, as the winner. So he said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

15:15 Robson: The next day I was on a TV show (clip from a TV show)

 (aerial view of a big city)

16:05 Robson: Music goes blaring, the lights are going this intensely, it is a wild sensation.

Joy Robson (looking fascinated): All of a sudden a huge Black man came with a big top hat and took Wade into his arms and told us to wait there and took him backstage.

Robson (fascinated too): The curtain is pulled back. Michael came up to me and grabbed my hand and gave me a signal, “come on, let’s do it”. I looked at this sea of people and then something clicked, like I was almost him, almost, for a moment (looking happy), with his audience. He got all these other kids and Steve Wonder was on stage.

Joy Robson: And then it was time for Michael to leave, it was the end of the concert and he called the kids to follow him off stage, and Wade didn’t see it and he is still dancing. Michael realized it and laughed. Michael just clapped and walked off, and Wade realized that everyone was leaving. It was very cute.

18:10 Robson (suddenly sounding technical): Each moment of that eye connection was like a bit of a shock to the system. The performance, that meet and greet were such dreamlike experiences and kind of sensory overload, emotional overload.

18:45 Shane Robson: I remember them coming home after the concert. He came into my bedroom, he was all excited. He was kind of teary telling a story about dancing with Michael Jackson.

19:00 (a drone shot of a big city, music) Joy Robson’s voiceover:

The next morning I wanted to bring a thank you letter because that was his last concert, he was leaving Australia. There were fans all around, they all recognized Wade, so he was a little celebrity, they were taking photos of him or talking to him. Michael (photo of MJ) had heard that we were in the lobby and invited us to come up to his room. And I remember Wade’s face lighting up “I’m going to meet a superstar and he was so excited (photo of him and MJ). Who gets to meet a superhero and this little boy do it twice now?

19:45 Robson: And I am spending about two hours in his hotel suite (clip from MJ’s video). He was in some sort of editing process for his Moonwalker film. There he was on the TV screen, as I was used to seeing him, and then he was sitting right next to me on the bed.

20:05 Joy Robson (smiling): Michael’s hand was rubbing up and down on the sheets beside my elbow as he was talking to us and I was thinking, “Oh, my God, I am on a bed with Michael Jackson.” No one was going to believe this. We all had an overwhelming weekend, that’s for sure (footage of MJ taking the kid’s hand on stage, music).

20:30 Robson: This little Australian boy who had this other worldly experience of meeting my idol and my mentor, my god – like I’ve been anointed, some kind of way.

The “anointment” is another of those points where Dan Reed makes a strategic pause. Sure, what else could it be but Robson’s “anointment”? Certainly not the usual meet and greet MJ had with thousands of people all over the world, or the customary dance he had with random children who joined him on stage in every city he visited.

There is one more point that draws our attention here. When Wade and Joy Robson came into Michael Jackson’s hotel room to thank him, he was sitting on the bed and editing the Moonwalker film with the video equipment in front of him. He didn’t mind both visitors sit on his bed too, which made Joy Robson feel exhilarated (she was on the bed with Michael Jackson!). For her it was an incredible thrill, while for Michael it was nothing special and he didn’t even notice the impression this familiarity produced on the others.

This is just an example of how little Michael Jackson knew of socially accepted rules, how much he behaved like a kid and what amount of attention others paid to things he didn’t even notice.

At this point Dan Reed switches over to Safechuck’s mother who says that her son often spoke with MJ on the phone.  Speaking on the phone during the tour was indeed Michael’s favorite pastime, only please remember that those phone chats could take place only after Thanksgiving Day on November 26th 1988 when the Safechucks called Michael in Australia themselves and invited him to make a return visit to their home. The dinner at Havenhurst prior to that was the first time they met after the Pepsi commercial, so during that period they were still very much on official terms.

33:25 Stephanie Safechuck: A lot of our conversations were on the telephone. My son would be on the phone hours with Michael, hours. And he would talk to me, he would call me during the day. Long conversations is how we got to know people, I think (MJ’s short telephone message is reproduced).

33:53 Safechuck: We were talking on the phone pretty regularly (photo of MJ with a telephone in his hand on a plane). And I was dancing and taking dance seriously. And it was like, “Come, join me on tour”

34:05 Stephanie Safechuck: And he said, “You can choose whenever you want to come and stay as long as you want.” (photo of Jimmy, mom and dad).

34:13 Safechuck: So as soon as school ended, I joined the tour for the summer (plane at the airport, flying, footage of MJ arriving at some place, crowds of people greeting him).

My mother went (photo of MJ, Jimmy, mom and dad), my father would join, but he wouldn’t be all time .

34:40 Stephanie Safechuck: He flies you first class, he’ll have a Limo waiting for you at the airport. Amazing. It’s the life of the rich and famous (footage of MJ in concert).

34:50 Safechuck: I came at the end of the song “Bad”. He would pick kids out from the crowd, like ten or twelve kids, I had a Bad outfit that was just like his, and we like sidewalked and did a few steps together (a shot from a concert)

35:30 Safechuck: It’s hard to explain to people what tour is like. It’s pretty crazy (MJ at another airport, hysterical crowds greet him, Jimmy sneaks from a car to avoid mobbing. Another crowd – of Japanese fans ).

The excitement of just walking from his car is insane (another crowd in Europe now), people are snapping pictures, holding on to the tour handles and being dragged by the car, they are crying. It is unique experience.

36:40 Safechuck: That level of star power (MJ in concert). I am ten on the tour, we are having shows every night, it’s a bit overwhelming. There are all sort of amazing  moments on tour that you don’t get in normal life (MJ and Jimmy in another concert).

37:08 (arriving at Tokyo airport) 

37:15 Stephanie Safechuck: None of us were living a normal life when we travelled with Michael. I got to meet Sean Connery, that was big for me (excited), I was like, “Oh my God, Sean Connery!”

37:25 Safechuck (looking displeased): And at the shows the stars come in to meet him. Harrison Ford and George Lucas (photos with Harrison Ford and others), Steven Spielberg and we even went to the Indiana Jones movie and Harrison Ford took me outside and showed me how he uses his bow whip and then he gave me his bow whip (photo with Harrison Ford)

37:55 Stephanie Safechuck: I was on a bus with Tina Turner, the bus with VIPs that took us back and forth to the hotel (footage in Japan with Sumo wrestlers) and I heard her tell her boyfriend as I was sitting close, “That little white boy sure can dance” (broad, happy smile). I knew she was talking about Jimmy. Oh, I know he can dance (photo of mom and Jimmy). It was always a proud moment to see him on stage (more concert footage).

38:25 (more planes landing, photo of Jimmy and MJ leaving the plane) 

38:38 Safechuck: By that time you are already best buddies, so it is like two friends going on an adventure, or thing like that (bus Caetano arrives at a hotel). People are going off and are doing normal things when they travel. You are just a lot of time spending in a hotel room with him (French flag is hanging on the hotel) and the hotel rooms are the President’s suites, so they are quite large, so there is lots of room to play, so you just grow closer (photo of MJ and Jimmy smiling and shaking hands). I remember we would fall asleep together and then I would wake up and he would be in another room, and I would be hurt that he is in another room. So I’d ask him to stay (music).

39:30 Stephanie Safechuck: It seems like it was a natural thing that happened. My husband and I had to have said, “Yes, you should go sleep with Michael”.

39:40 (a beautiful drone footage of Paris by night, violin playing)

Safechuck: In Paris he introduced me to masturbation and that’s how it started (another footage of Paris by night, violin playing).

40:03 Safechuck (very slowly): Michael and I were in his room. He set it up like “I’m going to show you something everybody else does, and you’ll really enjoy it”. He is teaching you something new. Then I remember my penis swelling up because I did it so much the first time. I must have done it a few times. I remember dripping my penis in warm water, Michael filled the cup with water. It was hard to pee. 

40:40 Safechuck: I don’t have any unpleasant memories other than not being able to pee. (photo of MJ looking at Jimmy) It felt like your bonding in a way. It started like a couple relationship.

41:04 Stephanie Safechuck: He was with Michael for 24/7. I would go visit Jimmy, make sure he was okay, but Jimmy was always, “You can go, mom”.  He didn’t want me there. I missed him, I really missed my son, not being with him.

41:20 Safechuck: Michael would like it if you would bend over and like spread open your cheeks. That’s what he liked. And then he would masturbate (a darkened photo of MJ in bed). He liked if I rubbed his nipples. So we would do stuff and in the end when he wanted to ejaculate he would finish himself (photo of MJ with a toy on his shoulder).

42:00 Stephanie Safechuck: Our room started to get further and further away from Michael’s room. And when I asked about it we were not even on the same floor now – in Paris. And I asked them and they said, “We couldn’t get a suite close to Michael, there were no suites available. This is where we could get you the nicest room”. That made sense to me, so okay. But in Germany we were really far away from them. And same thing, “We couldn’t get you a suite near them”.

The above is pure fiction where every word and every shot is a big lie.

Why so?

Look at Safechuck’s mother, for example. According to her when they arrived in Paris after that long tour of theirs the parents’ room “started to get further and further away from Michael’s room.” This is meant to imply that before Paris the parents could have access to their son, but in Paris things changed for the worse.

FORGET about it. NONE of it is true.

According to Safechuck’s own lawsuit Paris was the first city where they joined Michael Jackson on tour (in late June 1988). So the parents’ room could not “get further and further away” from Michael’s room for the simple reason that the family had only just arrived.

By then Jimmy and MJ had not yet developed a close friendship yet, because they had met on rare occasions only.

The last time they met before the Safechucks arrived in Paris was in May that year when Michael moved to Neverland during a short break between the legs of the tour and invited the Safechuck family to show them the newly acquired property. The visit was nothing intimate as Safechuck didn’t even stay in Michael’s room (according to his own mother who said that sleepovers began only on the tour) and certainly no alleged molestation took place (according to Safechuck himself who said that it began only in Paris).

So judging by their own story as soon as the Safechucks joined Michael Jackson in Paris all those activities started immediately, and this makes a very big contrast with the picture Dan Reed portrays to his viewers.

Now, even if you believe Safechuck’s tale, just ask yourself a question – why do all of them lie about the succession of those events?

Safechuck’s mother lies that by the time they arrived in Paris “their room began to get further and further from Michael’s room” and this is where she finally agreed to allow Jimmy to stay with Michael because by that time “it looked so natural”.

Safechuck lies that prior to Paris they danced every night and sometimes fell asleep together and the next morning Michael was in another room and it “hurt” him so much that he asked Michael to stay. He lies that when they arrived in Paris they were already the best buddies, and this is why it didn’t take him by surprise when MJ allegedly taught him a “new thing”, “dripped his penis” in warm water, “spread his cheeks”, and so on. Imagine all of it happening to you on your first day of the tour and you will realize why Dan Reed had to “correct” Safechuck’s timeline by his thorough editing.

And Dan Reed also lies to his viewers by making all those “corrections” to the timeline. First he shows them in concert after concert in Europe, Japan and many other places after which “one day” they arrive in Paris and this is where the whole thing allegedly starts.

Haven’t you had enough of their lies? And how can you believe these people’s further claims if they tell elaborate lies even about the succession of those fictional events?

Moreover the obvious truth these people do not tell you is that after Safechuck joined MJ in Paris the first thing they did was rehearsing in order to synchronize their dance moves before ever going on stage together. When you look at their concert footage what really strikes you is that their dance moves are very well synchronized and well-rehearsed, and without much training (certainly in Michael’s hotel room) this would have been impossible.

Then came the following:

  • After Paris came approximately 20 more concerts in Europe where Safechuck indeed took part.
  • In August 1988 he returned home before school began while Michael continued with the tour.
  • At the end of August Michael was joined by his mother Katherine (in London they went to the Madame Tussauds museum together).
  • On September 12 both of them went back to Los Angeles where Michael took her directly to his new home at Neverland, apparently to show her his new property.
  • Two weeks later, on September 26 Michael Jackson went on a tour again – this time in North America.
  • The last concert in the US was on November 13, 1988.
  • After a short break Michael was already in Japan (December 9-26) where Safechuck joined him again for several concerts during his Christmas holiday.
  • After that, on January 16-26, 1989 Michael gave five more concerts in Los Angeles, US, and this is where the Bad tour finally ended.

So no matter what impression you get from Safehuck’s seemingly continuous story the correct timeline says that Safechuck joined Michael on occasions only, and his tour with Michael certainly not continued but started in Paris, where the alleged activities just struck out of the blue.

After brainwashing the viewers about the timeline Dan Reeds continues his drama by contrasting Safechuck’s horrid tales with his mother’s “naïve” story that they were “just playing games, doing kid stuff and reading poetry”.

The poetry point is actually absolutely correct because Michael was indeed an avid reader of Sufi’s ancient poems and usually read them after his concerts to bring his adrenalin down (Deepak Chopra was a witness to it, see this post for details). Reading was also surely done before the concert as on the day of the show Michael never talked and spared his voice (as Debbie Rowe said at the AEG trial).

Now that you will proceed to Safehuck’s graphic descriptions just keep in mind that all throughout his narration Safechuck speaks in exactly the same voice as before and the same vague smile on his face. There isn’t a single sign of embarrassment, worry or humiliation in his demeanor – just a somewhat weird and even playful look on his face, especially when he claims that there was nothing not to like about the alleged sex.

42:49 (photos of MJ and Jimmy sitting on a bed in Michael Jackson’s trailer which Safechuck visited in March 1988 during the filming of the Speed Demon video – even according to Safechuck’s own complaint the alleged abuse had not yet started then, so Dan Reeds cheats on us here again (see the discussion in the comments for details).

Safechuck: He would run drills with me where he would be in the hotel room and he would pretend that somebody would be coming in and you need to get dressed as fast as possible without making noise. So not being caught was just fundamental (another home photo, hardly a President’s suite). It was very much a secret and he would tell me that if anybody would find out, his life would be over, and my life would be over. And that’s something he tells you over and over again.

43:15 (footage of Jimmy and MJ leaving the hotel and getting into a car, piano music) And French kissing. He said I introduced that to him (footage of Jimmy happily jumping by MJ’s side) and it evolved from like French kissing to kissing different parts of the body. And then finally like kissing the genitals. He started with like “Can I kiss it?”  I remember one time I was sleeping and I woke up and Michael said that he had performed oral sex on me while I was sleeping. I said like, “Okay”. 

44:23 Stephanie Safechuck: I wondered what was going on in the room, (laughing) I would go to the door, try to listen, hear the conversation was going on and sneak away. I wasn’t worried that anything was going on. I guess I was more curious what they were doing there.

Dan Reed: What were they doing?

Stephanie Safechuck: Playing, reading. Michael is reading really good books. He’d read poems to him. Just kid things. They were just doing kid things.

44:58 Safechuck (smiling): He’d actually like ejaculate, there would be this like lubricant that would sort of leak out.

Dan Reed: From you?

Safechuck: From me, yeah. Michael would ejaculate (photo of MJ and Jimmy, MJ’s eyes have a piercing photoshopped look). He says that I was his first sexual experience (quiet music). And he would say to me all the time – he is the biggest entertainer, and he is the creative genius. And that you are special. What’s not to like? (queer smile on his face)

45:45 Stephanie Safechuck: Michael would always hold Jimmy’s hand (footage of MJ with a boy not holding hands) And he said. “Would you talk to Jimmy about holding my hand?” And people are going to have a wrong impression. You know how people think. They are going to think something nasty about it. Nothing is going on, but this is going to look like something is going on.

46:15 Safechuck: Myself and Michael would scratch each other here on the palms when holding the hands, and that meant like you are thinking of them – sexually. There are no thoughts of this is wrong, nothing like that. Just very accepted way of expressing your love. That’s what he would say.

46:40 (drone footage of Simi Valley) Stephanie Safechuck: He was very close to us, seeing us every day, staying at our home, we were the first guests he had to go to Neverland. I actually have the brochure that they use to market it, sell it (leafing through the album).

47:07 Safechuck (music): He said I’m purchasing house, it is going to be yours, like this place is for you. (photos of Neverland). Me and Michael would be a lot together, like for a week at a time (music, aerial view of Neverland).

47:20 Stephanie Safechuck: His property was massive, so nobody was near. The next ranch was quite away. They have the most beautiful guest rooms. This was the room I chose (points to the album). I loved this room. You could stay at any guest room you wanted and Jimmy stayed with Michael in the big house.  (Photo of the kitchen).  We had people cooking for us. He had a beautiful wine cellar, really good wine, champagne, there was something I enjoyed. It was a fairy tale – every night.

47:57 Safechuck: The routine was – we would get a blanket and lie down on the floor inside of a closet, next to his main bed, so that we could close the doors and have several sort of doors people had to go through (photo of door with locks on it). That’s the hall that leads to his room (footage of the hall). There were bells so that you can have a moment and hear them trip and at least alarm him that the people are coming.

Sorry to interrupt again, but this closet thing is ridiculous – it is enough to look at the picture of Michael’s quarters to see it. First comes Michael’s bedroom, then a corridor to the so-called “gents” bathroom, then the stairs to the second floor bedroom and then a closet with pillows, blankets, towels, etc.  A similar corridor is on the other side of the bedroom, which had another closet for MJ’s clothes and a walk-in safe at the far corner of it (built by the previous owner of course).

But Safechuck is talking about the closet with pillows in it. Yes, there are two more doors before you enter that closet but if the bell rings when somebody approaches the bedroom you don’t have to close the doors, do you? In fact, closing the doors is even less effective as they can mute the sound of the bell. And if the bedroom door is locked, closing two doors inside the bedroom quarters is totally unnecessary. So the bedroom was not locked? But why does Dan Reed focus viewers’ attention on the locks then?

Before you read the next fragment there are a few more things that need to be clarified. Safechuck speaks there about his numerous visits to Neverland and the various places the alleged “sex” took place.

To be able to spot his lies there you first need to know 1) how little time during the alleged 1988-1992 period of “molestation” Michael spent at Neverland and the fact that 2) most of the buildings where the alleged “sex” took place were simply not there at the time when Safechuck visited Neverland.

Joseph Marcus, the ranch manager who worked at the ranch since the previous owner, testified in 2005 that originally the ranch had only the main residence, the guesthouse with its four units, the arcade building (near the pool) and the office building with a garage (adjacent to the main residence):

5   … Now, did the main building —

6   the main buildings, which would be the residence

7   itself, the portion attached to it that now has the

8   garage and Mr. Jackson’s office in it, the

9   guesthouse with the four guest units and the arcade

10   building, were those buildings all there when it was

11   Sycamore Valley Ranch?

12       A.  Yes.

After purchasing the ranch Michael Jackson added a lot of facilities there, which included (among other things) the theater, train station, train depot and the trains, the amusement park with a teepee area to it and a castle.

18       Q.  Since Mr. Jackson purchased the property,

19   have there been improvements to the property?

20       A.  Yes.

21       Q.  Can you tell us what improvements?

22       A.  The number one main improvement would be the

23   trains.  There are two trains.  There’s a steam

24   train as well as a 24-gauge train.  There’s also an

25   amusement park, a zoo, a theater, the train depot.

26   There’s a teepee area that is also a water fort

27   area.

All of the above had to be mentioned because Safechuck called these areas the places where they allegedly “had sex”. Imagine “sex” in the places that were not even there at the time described by Safechuck and that will be the end of the vaudeville they are playing to us here.

More about those buildings later – now let’s look at the amount of time Michael spent at Neverland during that period.

From Mike Smallcombe, MJ’s biographer we learn that after his Bad tour finished Michael stayed at the ranch for four months (February -May 1989) – he was having a rest and writing new songs. But in June 1989 he was already in Los Angeles, beginning to record there and staying in his Hideout there to spare himself a 100-mile trip to Neverland.

Here are the details from Mike Smallcombe’s article about making the Dangerous album.

“Inspired by seeing the world, Michael had been writing songs while spending time at his ranch after the Bad Tour. Forger said Michael returned from his tour with certain impressions. “His social commentary kicked up a notch or two,” he said. The most prominent of these were later titled ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ and ‘Earth Song’. Michael and Forger began working on these tracks in Westlake’s Studio C on Santa Monica Boulevard in June 1989.”

…In the summer of 1989, after a few months of rest at Neverland, Michael returned to the studio to begin recording new material for Decade. With the ranch over 100 miles away, Michael would mostly stay at his secret three-storey condominium in Century City – which he called the ‘Hideout’ – whenever he was working in Los Angeles.

In the fall of 1989, Michael and his team began working on another environmental awareness anthem, ‘Heal the World’.  In early November Michael received a visit at the studio from a long-time friend, Buz Kohan, who was trying to persuade him to perform at an allstar tribute to Sammy Davis Jr’s 60 years in show business [ ] which was being taped for broadcast on November 13 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

At the time, Michael was in extreme pain from the Pepsi commercial accident when his hair caught on fire. Kohan and Schlatter hadn’t realised just how much distress Michael was in. “He took us into a back bathroom at the studio and asked us to feel his head,” Kohan recalls. “He told me he was in constant pain and on painkillers. Because of this, he truly didn’t know whether he would be able to perform at all.” [ ] I said to Michael, ‘This man, whether you are aware of it or not, has done so much for you, and if you pass up this last chance to say thank you, you will never forgive yourself ’.”

Everything then went into gear to prepare for the dress rehearsal, which by then was less than 12 hours away. [ ] here he was, going on stage before an audience of millions to perform a song he had never sung before, which had an orchestration he would hear for the first time on the afternoon of the show. It was so out of character for him, but to his everlasting credit, he set the wheels in motion and went home with a piano track I made on a small cassette recorder to learn the song.”

Between November 1989 and January 1990, Michael and the crew switched from Westlake to the Record One studio complex, located in Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley. They had exclusive 24-hour access to the studio, costing an estimated $4,000 a day. Matt Forger said at the time they required two studio rooms full time for a year, as Michael was entertaining the idea of recording a full album of new material rather than releasing Decade.

But by March 1990 Michael was still unsure about whether to go through with the Decade project – now due in the fall – or record a whole new album.  Michael was also going through personal difficulties. In April a close friend of his, Ryan White, died from AIDS complications at the age of 18. His grandmother Martha Bridges also died a month later, as did one of his idols, Sammy Davis Jr.

On June 3, Michael was admitted to St. John’s Hospital in Los Angeles with chest pains. Tests later traced the pains to inflammation of rib cage cartilage. Although Michael was released from hospital five days later, the illness kept him out of the studio for several weeks.

In the summer of 1990, Michael finally decided to shelve the Decade project in favour of an album of new material, due to an avalanche of song ideas. “Michael simply wasn’t interested in old material, he wanted to keep creating,” Matt Forger said. David Geffen was also said to have influenced the decision. The album was pencilled in for a January 1991 release. Once he recovered from his illness, Michael resumed work in the studio.

Michael and young producer Bryan Loren spent much time together outside of the studio; the producer was a regular visitor to both Neverland and Michael’s Hideout in Century City. “I remember once being on the 101 freeway coming from the Hideout on the way to the studio in my car, with Michael in my passenger seat,” Loren recalls. “At some point, a man driving on the passenger side of my car looks in the window at Mike, curly hair and fedora in tow. Does a double-take and shrugs his shoulders as if to say ‘Nah, couldn’t be’. Now that was funny.”

Bill Bottrell: “Michael was really sweet, nice, and looked me in the eye whenever we spoke. I liked that. He was definitely a fourteen-year-old wrapped in a thirty year-old body.”

By late 1990, Michael had been working on new music for 18 months, but he still wasn’t satisfied with the sound of some of the material.

An important note to add here is that sometime within that period Michael must have had an operation on his head with a balloon stitched into his scalp, because by November 1989 he was in very much pain as Buz Kohan described it.

On December 28, 1989 Michael invited his friend Ryan White, a young victim of AIDS to spend a week at Neverland together with Michael.

More visitors came at the end of January 1990 and these were the Robsons from Australia. They came with the Johnny Young Talent dance group to celebrate Australia day at Disneyland (January 26th). A week later they finally managed to contact Michael Jackson and were invited to spend a weekend at Neverland (and stayed there for two weekends).

Add to it that besides the new album in February-May 1990 Michael also worked on the so-called secret Project M for Disney (the script of a fake Peter Pan movie, never meant to be made from its very inception) and scriptwriter Darlene Craviotto visited him at various places whenever Michael had a single spare moment.

Summing up all of the above you will realize that Michael had absolutely no time for the ‘intense” relationship with Safechuck. If they met it was for a weekend or two – same as for all other people who also came to Neverland to spend an occasional weekend there.

In June 1990, while still in hospital Michael began thinking of full renovation of the Neverland ranch, adding new buildings and a theme park to it.

In late summer/fall of 1990 the train rails began to be installed with all the required facilities added later (the main train station, local train stations over the whole ranch and a depot where the trains were maintained). Another team began working on the amusement park, with a castle near the carousel and an Indian village with teepees (also mentioned by Safechuck as a scene of crime).

All throughout that time Neverland ranch was a beehive of workers, according to the main contractor of the project Rob Swinson (imagine “having sex” with a beehive of workers all around you).

Rob Swinson recalls in his book “Maker of Dreams: Creating Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Park”:

“Soon after Neverland Valley Ranch  became a beehive of workers. The contractor’s team was busy pouring and stamping concrete walking areas, installing fences for rides and erecting the first buildings.

One of my teams was busily installing a 2 ½ mile track layout that reached the far points of the valley and incorporated a look for turning around at each end. I personally designed the train’s route so it would allow Michael in the future to transport his guests as old-time train passengers riding to various places of interest he would create around the ranch. These later attractions were not yet built nor even conceived of for the most part.

The amusement park was definitely “a project in progress” that eventually expanded to include other features such as a nearby Indian campground with carpeted teepees and music speakers, [] a luxurious 50+ seat theater complete with two “viewing beds” at the rear where special guests like Liz Taylor would come to watch movies, [] a train barn for storage and maintenance.

While the construction work was in progress Michael Jackson was still working in Los Angeles on the Dangerous album and spent much of his time outside the ranch. It is also interesting that in the year 1991 he was seen mostly with Macaulay Culkin and other people (and not Safehuck).

In June 1991 Michael went with Macaulay and his friends to Bermuda and then to Disneyland. In July he was seen with Emmanuel Lewis at the Community Youth Sports &Arts Foundation Center in LA. Also in July he gathered the whole Jackson family at Neverland to celebrate Joy Jackson Day and presented him with a boat. In August the Culkins celebrated at Neverland Macaulay’s birthday. In October Liz Taylor married there Larry Florensky. In November 1991 the Dangerous album was released and Michael was at last free to go back to his ranch.

In  February 1992 Michael was seen travelling with Brett Barnes – they went to Africa and then to London where they visited Benny Hill in hospital. In March he filmed the “In The Closet” video and in April 1992 he began filming “Jam” in Chicago with the participation of Michael Jordan and young dancers Brett Barnes and Wade Robson, and it is only at this point that we finally hear about Safechuck. Safechuck’s lawsuit says that during the filming of Jam he as a 14 year-old boy had to be put back on a plane as he was extremely jealous of Brett Barnes and sobbed that Michael spent more time with Barnes than him.

You will ask about the reason why Michael preferred Brett Barnes? Well, Michael invited those young dancers to Chicago to work with him on the Jam video. And looking at how tall Safechuck already was, you will realize that he was unfit for the company of younger children dancing in Michael’s “Jam”.

MJ and Wade Robson (left), Brett Barnes (middle), James Safehuck (right) on the Jam video set

Michael certainly had no time to argue with Safechuck and explain to him why he couldn’t let him work on that video – hence all the sobbing, jealousy and going mad with Michael on Safechuck’s part.

Now he is telling us that this was when he was replaced by Brett Barnes (in the most sinister meaning of this word of course), but the reason for that was primarily connected with their joint work – from the very start of it his friendship with Safechuck was more like a working relationship (same as with Robson) and at a certain point this cooperation ended which turned into a complete shock for Safechuck. Michael continued to be his friend, he still called him and even paid for his endeavors in filming, but there were no more tours, no concerts and no videos, and this became an extremely sore point for Safechuck.

After so long an introduction to the final fragment here it is at last:

48:30 Safechuck: There was like kissing, I think, just kind of rubbing on each other, and then (very slowly, as if recollecting) oral sex and then he would want me to suck his nipples and then he would finish himself (quiet music).

48:50 He also had like an Indian fort (photo), teepees and so we would lie down on sleeping bags, have snacks and then have sexual relations there (quiet music)

49:09 There is also a game room (photo) and then upstairs in the arcade there was another room and it had a bed in there, we would go into that room and have sex there.  (View of the main house) There is an attic, a third floor attic, which was kind of secluded, like you can really get there through steep stairs, you could tell if somebody was coming (music), so we would go in there and have sex. There’s toys everywhere, things to do, so they kind of mix together.

49:55 He had another house far away from the main house, and there he had a lot of memorabilia, his jackets, like the Grammies, like the rhinestone glove, and it was far away from people and you could see somebody was driving up that narrow road (music).  And then we would have sex there too .

50:20 The movie theater had these two like private rooms, and through big glass windows you can see theater and so we would have sex in those rooms (quiet music) It was a bit dangerous, but there was a bit of excitement there.

50:38  Stephanie Safechuck: So I didn’t tell him I was coming, and the door was locked. You have to knock loud because the movie is on. He came down and unlocked it and made some excuses. He didn’t mean to lock the door, he didn’t know the door is locked – that’s what he told me.  And they were in the bed, they were clothed. I still didn’t think anything.

51:14 Safechuck: There was a castle on the theme park and upstairs was a bedroom. You could see that somebody was coming. It had just a small bed and up there we would have sex.

51:25 (photo of Jimmy in the pool) The pool and the Jacuzzi – oral sex. Like holding your breath and going down, kind like a game (quiet music)

51:40 (photo of train station) At the train station there is a room upstairs and we would have there sex too (music). It happened every day. It sounds sick but it is kind of like you are first dating somebody and then you do a lot of it (smiles). So it is very much like that (music).

52:14 At the same time the sexual relationship is growing (photo of MJ and the whole family) he is working on you pushing you away from your parents, pushing you away from everybody else and it feels more like (scratches his neck), like you and him.

52:34 (photo of mom and dad, music)

Stephanie Safechuck: My husband and I are still together, however we have separate bedrooms. But our marriage was so bad, the whole situation, and I don’t even think my son knew because my son was so busy having fun – he didn’t know that Jim and I were in separate bedrooms, barely getting along.

53:05 Safechuck: We would listen to people’s phone calls. He would eavesdrop on my parents, sometimes they were fighting and he would tell me, “Look how mean your mom is, and how evil women are”. But at the time you just hear your mom yelling at your dad and Michael feeds into that.

53:25 (footage of MJ going into concert)

Safechuck: Your love for him is growing and relationships with other people are getting less.

53:35 Ronald Reagan: “Your success is an American dream come true.” (footage of MJ with Prince Charles and Princess Diana)

Safechuck: It’s constantly reinforced by everybody else in the world, so it is really an intense feeling that everybody else is loving him, so everybody is on board.  So it is very powerful.

53:55 Safechuck (his legs crossed and moving his toes back and forth) You start to think that your parents are bad and that Michael is good. (weird look on his face).

54:00 (a view of a big city, piano playing) Newscaster: “We might not have Michael Jackson on the program tonight, but we have the next best thing – Wade Robson.”

54:15 (Wade dances to MJ’s music, Wade’s mom and dad sit on a couch)

Newscaster: Joy and Dennis Robson are suitably proud of their son.

Father Dennis:” Everything he does, we haven’t taught him anything. The whole act that he does, it is all himself. Nobody taught him anything”

54:45 Little Wade: I started to like Michael, I started copying his moves, and then I started dancing.

Joy Robson: If he wanted to stop, there’d be no pressure. If that’s what he wants to do, that’s fine. 

Little Wade: I want to be a star.

55:20 Robson: The audition for the dance company in Brisbane, called the Johnny Young Talent School. This was jazz dance company, but I showed up as Michael Jackson, in the full outfit again. And they wanted me in the company, and I got in the company and I became their Michael Jackson. We started performing at malls and that kind of things, pretty constantly, every weekend at least.

55:50 Shane Robson: He had the full circles (laughs) (Wade dances)

56:15 Joy Robson: Every shot I did was around Wade. It was amazing how it would work into every scenario, even Christmas.

56:35 And then they announced that they are all going to dance in Disneyland for Australia day (aerial view of a big city)

56:45 Chantal Robson: Because it was a big America trip obviously my mom and my dad were going to go, and then my grandparents came as well.

56:55 Grandmother: My name is Lorraine Jean Cullen, and I am Wade Robson’s grandmother (smiles). He copied just all those steps, Michael Jackson did (photo of Wade) and he would be forever dancing, no matter where he was. It was my sort of dancing (laughs). We just all went on a plane together (aerial view of a big city) and we went to Disneyland.

January 1990 (music)

57:30 Chantal Robson: It was like hundreds of kids, like going to America for the first time. (photo of dad, mom, Wade and Chantal)

 Joy Robson: Michael had said, “If you ever come to America, look me up.” Oh, sure (sarcastically), you look him up in White pages and find him. I started calling around some of the television shows Wade had been on trying to find a number to contact Michael and we got passed around, passed around, passed around. Finally, someone gave me a number of Michael’s personal assistant. So we called her and she said, “Let me talk to Michael and I will call you back”. She called back and Michael remembered Wade and wanted to meet us. And asked us if we would meet him at Sherman Oaks at Record One where he was recording his new album (enthusiastic music, drone footage).

58:36 Robson: The impossible. You just don’t come to America and just call some numbers and get in contact with Michael Jackson somehow. And then you’re going to see him again. It was not just a normal scenario (drone footage, music).

58:55 Chantal Robson: My mom, my dad, myself and Wade, all went to Record One and that’s the first time I had actually met Michael (photo of them in the studio)

59:08 Robson: He was doing some sort of a photo shoot in the lobby area. My mother, father and sister got for a group photo with Michael and then we took some shots alone. I was in a full custom Smooth Criminal outfit (photo of MJ and Wade). We showed him some tapes of dances, performances, things I’ve been doing over the last two years that he wanted to see. I think it was a Friday and he said, “Do you and the family, do you want to come to Neverland for the weekend?” (music)

Music, the road, overview of the landscape.

1:00:05 Robson: Michael asked if me and my sister wanted to drive with him and of course I did. Then my parents and grandparents would follow behind (music). I remember him playing us some music, unreleased music. Just getting it, like secret access to him and to his world. 

1:00:30 Joy Robson: It was sort of surreal for us. The Hollywood and all this entertainment business was on another planet from where we were (more drone footage, music)

1:00:45 Robson: As we were getting closer and closer to Neverland, Michael was telling us, “Just fifteen more minutes, just ten more minutes”. The excitement was really building.

1:00:55 Grandma (aerial view of the gate): The guards came out and wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any cameras or anything out there, and it was a bit intimidating. I hadn’t met any celebrities ever and was quite lost. But my husband said, “yes” (smiles) 

1:01:20 Joy Robson: It’s like a fairy land, beautiful lakes, all lit up and the house is all lit up. It was just amazing.

As soon as you pull there, there is music going, there are flowers everywhere. You felt like you are driving into this little heaven. The car pulls up and there is everybody that works kind of line up ready to greet you. I’ve never been in that type of world before (music), such a big house – it was magical.

1:01:55 Robson: We were all tripping out on this place, just out of a story book, a fairy tale  (violin playing, the inside of the theater is shown with MJ dancing on its screen).

1:02:10 Joy Robson: Michael showed us around the house, at that time he only had the theater, he didn’t have all the other things. It’s like a child’s dream come true (violin playing), candy, you just help yourself to ice-cream and all the chocolates in the world, and pop corn and then the beautiful theater.

What a marvellous testimony from Joy Robson that at the time they were at Neverland in January 1990 the only new addition to the original ranch was the theater!  And this means that almost two years after Safechuck first went to Neverland (in 1988) there was next to nothing of what Safechuck is describing to us now.

The train station where they “had sex” and where “it happened every day” according to Safechuck, simply did not exist at the time he visited Neverland.

MJ fans have recently discovered proof that the train station was finished only in 1994 when according to Safechuck’s own claims he was long gone from Michael Jackson’s life.

Here is an AP image of the train station dated December 1993 and it shows that at that time the station was still under construction:

And here is the Indian village with its teepees which, as Joy Robson tells us was not yet there when they went to Neverland in 1990:

And here is the castle that was built around the time when the amusement park was constructed. And it had an office upstairs, and not a bedroom:

And here is the arcade building which was there when Michael purchased the ranch, but it has so open a structure that it is ridiculous to imagine that any “sex” could take place there without the beehive of workers or anyone else noticing it:

And as to the “sex” Safechuck allegedly had in the pool area in a recent conversation with Razorfist Brandi Jackson said that the pool (same as most of the ranch) was surrounded by surveillance cameras run for security reasons.

Brandi Jackson: They list the pool area as one…where the was a lot of abuse…[It’s] completely surrounded by cameras. The entire ranch has cameras…there’s cameras everywhere and it’s run by a massive amount of security guards.

And here is Brad Sundberg who explains to us why there were so many beds scattered all over the ranch and why they were found in most unexpected places there.

His story makes it clear that those beds were added much later, when the number of guests at Neverland required more room for sleep and bedrooms had to be arranged even at the train station. None of those bedrooms were initially planned and that is why the train station, for example, lacked even such basic facility as a bathroom and if the guests wanted to use a bathroom in the middle of the night they had to walk to the main residence.

 Brad:  There was something I was going to mention about the big train station a few minutes ago. Michael would have huge groups of guests, especially if his whole family came up. The ranch house itself was pretty funny because I think it only had four bedrooms, maybe five. There weren’t that many rooms. And there were only like five guest houses. Well, his family is huge, and then he’s going to have friends and different people. So [Brad] Buxer told me that they would actually have people sleep in the train station.

Willa: Really?

Brad: Oh, they’d sleep everywhere! They’d sleep in the theater – they’d be all over the place. But the train station was really just supposed to be a train station. There was never any forethought of needing beds in there. So I don’t know if they’d sleep on air mattresses or something. But there was no bathroom! And so Buxer talks about … I don’t know if it was the brothers, Tito or whoever – you know, if you wake up in the middle of the night you’d have to walk all the way down to the house to use the bathroom. Nobody ever thought about, gee, you might want to put a bathroom in here because people might sleep here. It was just supposed to be, come in, get some candy, and get on the train.


At the last minute news arrived that Mike Smallcombe found that the permit for constructing the train station was obtained only in September 1993.

Twitter immediately reacted to it:

Mike Smallcombe: In the last couple of hours I’ve been given access to the Santa Barbara County construction permits for the Neverland train station by my source – approved Sept 2, 1993

A somewhat sarcastic tweet came from a MJ supporter: “Look who decided to report our train station story”.

James Safechuck’s Michael Jackson abuse claims ‘exposed as pure fiction’

James BrinsfordOvernight Showbiz/TV Reporter

  • 05:07, 30 MAR 2019

James Safechuck’s claims of sexual abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson have been ‘exposed as lies’, according to a biographer.

Mike Smallcombe claims the accuser’s story of being abused in Neverland’s train station cannot be true as it was built two years after he said the assaults stopped.

Mr Smallcombe claims by looking into accusations made on the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland he has uncovered a significant flaw.

When describing the details of the abuse, Mr Safechuck alleges he was assaulted in an upstairs room in Neverland’s train station, which many will recognise because of its floral clock.

But Mr Smallcombe says this is seemingly impossible, as Mr Safechuck claimed in his lawsuit against Jackson’s Estate that he was abused from 1988 until 1992, when he was 14.

Mr Smallcombe told Mirror Online: “The deficiency in Safechuck’s story is this – construction on Neverland’s train station didn’t start until the latter part of 1993, and it didn’t open until the first part of 1994, when Safechuck was 16.

“So abuse in the train station wasn’t possible if the abuse stopped in 1992, as he claims in his testimony, as it didn’t even exist then. There’s a two year difference.”

Jacko was apparently away on the Dangerous Tour and then in rehab in London the entire time the train station was being constructed in 1993.

Mr Smallcombe added: “And then between February 1994 and December 1994, Jackson was living in Trump Tower in New York recording his HIStory album, and only making the odd trip abroad.

“Once to get married to Lisa Marie Presley. The train station opened in 1994, while Jackson was living on the other side of the country.

“The latter point is, by the time Jackson was at Neverland and the train station was actually open, it was early 1995, three years after Safechuck said the abuse stopped.

“And by then Safechuck was 17, and on the cusp of adulthood.”

Speaking to Mirror Online last week, Mr Smallcombe also claimed that Mr Safechuck lied about refusing to testify for Jackson in his 2005 trial.

It was reported that a judge banned all evidence about Mr Safechuck from the courtroom early on in the trial, as it was unreliable.

A private investigator who worked on the trial, allegedly added that Mr Safechuck was a ‘nonentity’ in the case from the beginning.

Only imagine how many more magical discoveries are awaiting the media about Michael Jackson with every new coming day. We are living in a miraculous age when it is ordinary people who provide the media with facts and not the other way about.


Crista has sent us more of her marvellous drawings 🙂 Here is one more – the text is:

Robson: “Really, dude? In a trainstation that was built 2 years later??”

Safechuck: “Oh, shut up!”

Crista's picture of Robson and Reed 1

“Leaving Neverland” transcript. The 1st half hour of LIES AND DISTORTION

March 22, 2019

If you are attentive enough when watching this film and if you compare it with the two guys’ lawsuits, you will realize that it is not only Robson, Safechuck and their relatives who lie there, but also director Dan Reed who is complicit, because he makes their lies sound even more sinister than they actually are.

You can’t help making this conclusion when you see the free and willful way he edits the footage and changes the timeline of the events to the point of no recognition.

Of course these lies could be initially presented to Dan Reed in their wrong succession, but a real documentary film maker should still do proper research, at least as regards the timeline of the events he wants to present in his story.

So what you will see in this series of posts is not only the analysis of the two guys’ lies, but also the role of the film director in making their story even worse than his two main characters actually tell it.

Below is the partial transcript of the first half hour of the film with some of its segments compared with the court documents and thus setting the timeline straight. In my opinion even if the events are falsely described they should still come in the right order, and not turn into a separate weird fantasy of the film director.

HBO documentary film

00:43 Safechuck: When I was with him he was happy. (MJ and Jimmy are shown on stage smiling) He was at the peak of his creativity, his success. Everybody wanted to be with Michael. He was larger than life – and then he likes you (close up photo of Safechuck as a kid, music)

1:15 Robson’s voiceover (photos of him as a kid, music) He was one of the kindest, one of the most gentle, loving, caring people I knew. He tremendously helped me with my career, creativity, all those sort of things.

And he also sexually abused me (pause). For seven years.

(Footage of Michael Jackson smiling and looking straight into the camera, music)


2:00 (home video of the Robsons’ one-storey house in Australia. Children are sitting around a table with a birthday cake on it).

2:15 Robson: I’m Wade Robson (smiling, in a gentle voice). I was born in Brisbane, Australia (footage of him and other children at a Christmas party, music). I’m the third of three kids. My dad – he worked in construction for a while and then he got into what was like the fruit business (photos of dad).

2:30 Robson: So when I was young he had a couple of fruit shops (photo of Joy and Dennis together). And my mother used to work with him with those businesses.

2:44 Joy Robson: I’m Joy Robson, mother of Wade Robson (footage of the family in the garden). We were middle class Australian family, we lived on 3 acres. We had horses and goats and a dog named Sally (footage of children and animals, music). Shane was nine and a half years older than Wade (family photo) and his was well into elementary school when Wade was born.

3:15 Shane Robson: It was a three-bedroom single-storey house. We had a pool where we had like pool parties (footage of them playing in the pool, music). Pretty good memories from that place.

3:30 Joy Robson: Chantal was very close with him. Being three years apart they played together a lot (photos, music)

3:45 Chantal Robson: Wade was always a very sensitive boy. He played basketball as a little kid, but if he had a choice of doing anything, he would read a book, listen to music or dance (photo) versus going outside playing football with his friends (photo, music).

4:05 Joy Robson: He was the youngest in the area, so he had nobody to play with. He and I were very close (photo), we spent a lot of time together.

4:12 (footage of making Thriller) Joy Robson: I remember one day coming home with the video of making of Thriller. Someone has told me it would be a collector’s item (footage of Michael in the monster make-up, MJ’s music). I really wasn’t a fan of his, but I did like some of his music.

4:38 Robson (to Thriller music): Once I saw that tape everything changed for me. The music – I couldn’t help but move to it, it set me on fire. It made everything tingle and it was so exciting (Thriller footage). I remember just watching the tape over and over again, pausing, rewinding, trying over and over again to really perfect (photo of Robson in “Bad” outfit) the complexities of Michael’s movements (MJ singing).

5:22 Robson: I slowly but surely started plastering my walls with images of Michael 2 They literally became like the wallpaper. So going to sleep, waking up in Michael Jackson land.

(drone footage of Safechuck’s home, intense music)

5:50 Newscaster: “Jackson’s world tour coincided with the release of his latest album entitled “Bad.” Sales are good. Half a million copies were sold the day it went on the market. Not since “Thriller” five years ago has the record industry been so focused on a single album.”

6:05 Joy Robson: He had just turned five (photo of Robson in “Bad” outfit), and people kept telling me, “He is really good, you should do something with him”. A friend of mine came to me and said, “You know, Michael Jackson is here on a Bad tour.” I had thought about buying tickets, but I thought he was so young. She said, “You should go, there is a dance competition, you should enter him, the first prize is to meet Michael Jackson.”

6:35 (drone scene of a big city, invigorating music) Joy Robson: The competition was like a week before the concert and it was held in that Target store. He had a little hat and an outfit my hairdresser had made for him (photo). 36

7:00 Robson: I was too young – it was like 7 or 8 and up. And I was 5 at the time. So they said, “He can’t compete because of his age, but we will let him perform as a special guest” (footage of Robson as a kid).

7:15 Joy Robson: When he got on stage, just everything changed. He wasn’t that shy little boy on stage. Everyone was screaming for him and at the end of it, the store manager who was the judge said, “I want to get out of here alive, so I’m going to declare Wade Robson the winner.”(footage of everyone clapping, quiet music) 37

7:42 Joy Robson: Michael Jackson’s people were there to interview and asked 6 him, if he could speak to Michael what would he say?

7: 50 Robson as a little kid: “I’m going to ask him to come over for dinner”. “Why would you want him to come over for dinner? You are going to see him dance?”  “Yeah”.

8:15 Robson’s voiceover (music): You know, this complete impossibility, this being from another world –Michael – we are going to meet now. I was excited beyond measure.

8:35 Joy Robson (looking inspired, music): I remember getting this clot that it was in my heart, it went into all my extremities. It was an amazing feeling. Something magical is going to happen when you get that feeling.

(music intensifies, a wide panorama of a big city)9:10 Safechuck (smiling): I am James Safechuck (drone footage of his house). I grew up in a little town called Simi Valley. I was a pretty happy and pretty outgoing performer, I guess. My father worked at a rubbish company (photo of father and son), a family rubbish company that my grandfather started. My mom had a hair-styling business (photo of mother and son) and I remember being in a beauty salon as a kid. I hang out there while she was working.

9:50 Stephanie Safechuck: My name is Stephanie Safechuck, I am Jimmy’s mother. When I married Jimmy’s father (wedding picture) he had two children that came with the marriage. At the time my husband had vasectomy and I didn’t think I could have any children (the photo of two of them) but three or four years into the marriage I really wanted a baby (another photo), so my husband had it reversed for me which back then guaranteed nothing (photo with a baby). I was so fortunate to have a baby, I remember having him and being overwhelmed and just crying over his crib, that he’s always alright. He is my love (her photo with the kid, music).

10:40 Safechuck: I have an older brother and an older sister. They are much older. They also left home early, so I was alone (music)

10:50 Stephanie Safechuck: (drone over Simi Valley) It was actually a friend of ours – her daughter was in commercials – and she ran into me and my husband in a grocery store and she said, “You’ve got to get him in commercials (photo of young Safechuck). He is so adorable” and gave my husband the agent’s card, so I called the agent and when she met him she said, “He’s money in the bank, I’ll take him”. So he did very well right away.

11:25 December 1986 (a fragment from the Pepsi commercial)

Safechuck: I met Michael on the set of the Pepsi commercial. I don’t remember being a huge fan of his at the time. I was probably more into transformers (smiles). This kid wonders around backstage (the commercial fragment) and then he discovers the dressing room and me going there and I see the jackets, and the glasses and the hat and I am trying it on and then Michael walks in and says, “Looking for me?” (MJ’s music) They were trying to get my reaction on camera. So the first time I see him is actually the shot that they use in the commercial (a fragment from the commercial).

12:30 Safechuck (looking worried): He invited me into his trailer ((the photo of mother and son).

12:35 Stephanie Safechuck: This was exciting for Jimmy and I didn’t want to be in his way.  I wanted Jimmy to have fun and have a good day. So I let him go to Michael’s trailer with Michael’s hair-styling, makeup artist Karen Faye. And I stayed outside. What she said to me was,” He’s like a nine-year old boy.” So that made me feel comfortable (music)

13:05 Safechuck’s voiceover (photo of MJ and Jimmy, music): How would you explain Michael Jackson? He is larger than life. There’s no stars like that now (another photo). Everybody wanted to meet Michael and be with Michael. He was quiet and he laughed a lot at me. And he’s giggly. To the stand-ins (we became kind of buddies) I said, “We are the luckiest boys in the world.” (smiles and looks aside)

It’s time we interrupted their smooth narration.

The above luck was actually a very brief moment with Michael Jackson that Jimmy Safechuck had during that December 1986 commercial. There were no rehearsals with MJ as he just opened the door and they captured Jimmy’s first reaction. Then he went to Michael’s trailer and that was it.

Then the long months of January and February 1987 passed by and there was still no contact with Michael Jackson. To remind Michael of himself Safechuck started writing him letters. The first letter was not answered, but on March 10, 1987 Michael did send him a polite reply. He explained that had been working on a new video and had been busy, and said it was nice to hear from Jimmy again (so Jimmy wrote to Michael at least twice).

Michael invited Jimmy to come and see him on the set “sometime” and if Michael had free time Jimmy could come and visit him at his house.

There was no special invitation, no nothing – it was just a polite reply.

We know all of it from Safechuck’s complaint which is also totally false, but if you really look into it you can still get some grains of truth there. And what we get is that it was Jimmy who sought contact with Michael and not Michael.

The lawsuit says:

Several months after the Pepsi commercial was shot, Decedent wrote a letter to Plaintiff on Doe 2’s stationery dated March 10, 1987. It stated:

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you for your letter. It was nice hearing from you again! I’ve been working on a new video for my album and have been really busy.

It was fun working with you on the Pepsi commercial! Maybe we can work together again. I’d like to have you come and visit me on the set sometime or when I have some free time you can come to my house.

Keep sending me letters! I love to hear from you!

Speak with you soon, [Decedent’s signature]”

The Decedent also enclosed photographs from the Pepsi commercial that they shot together.

As you can easily guess Dan Reed says nothing about it in his film. Instead he drops Safechuck at this point and goes over to Robson, producing the impression that while we follow Robson’s childhood, Michael’s friendship with Jimmy is flourishing.  However our aim is to stay with Jimmy to see what’s going on there, so we will drop Robson for a time being and fast forward to the follow-up Safechuck segment.

(drone footage of Safechuck’s home in Simi Valley, intense music)

21:05 Stephanie Safechuck: One day the phone rang and I picked it up. “Hi, this is Michael. I’m calling from Australia.  I was in Jimmy’s commercial.” I thought, how touching! He doesn’t think it is his commercial, he thinks it is Jimmy’s! (photo of Safechuck). So I put him on the phone and I could hear Jimmy say, “People tell me at school that you are weird.” Michael said, “Don’t listen to what anybody says. You know me, you know I’m not weird” And that started the relationship.

A great conversation. However as regards the timeline it is a very big lie. First of all, it produces the impression that Jimmy “knows Michael” and by this moment they are buddies enough for Jimmy to talk to Michael about his “weirdness”.

And secondly, the “one-day-the-phone-rang” wording is exceptionally misleading. Put immediately after the March letter from Michael Jackson, it looks like the call came soon after that. However it absolutely did not.

The schedule of Michael Jackson’s Bad tour says that Michael’s first concert in Australia was … on November 13th, 1987.

And that call was the first contact with MJ the Safechucks themselves mention after the March letter. Now do your maths and you will come to a conclusion that between the March letter and the telephone conversation with Australia at least 8 months passed.

So now you know why Mrs. Safechuck worded it so vaguely. This vagueness is not just a slip of her memory and not a chance occurrence as you might have initially thought – it is a deliberate cover-up of the fact that there was no contact between MJ and Jimmy for at least 8 months.

Right, Michael Jackson did not even attempt to contact Jimmy for full 8 months.

Okay, but who contacted whom after the long separation of the two big friends?

You won’t believe it but Safechuck’s own complaint suggests that it was the Safechuck family who called Michael Jackson in Australia, and not vice versa. The call was made on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th, which was the day Michael celebrated with his crew in Australia.

But before you read the respective piece from Safechuck’s lawsuit there is one more note to make.

Same as the film, Safechuck’s complaint also messes up with the dates, so when you read it you won’t be able to make head or tail of what happened when. And this is done for a reason – the idea is to create the impression of a continuous “relationship” and Michael displaying an “interest” in the boy.

However there was no interest and no continuous relationship, and to be able to understand it you constantly have to solve the time riddles in Safechuck’s complaint. Here is just one sentence from its point 10 as an example of such riddles – it is worded so slyly that you won’t be able to decipher it without first conducting a proper investigation.

10. Shortly after their first visit to the Hayvenhurst house, on Thankgiving Day, Plaintiff was on the telephone with Decedent.

First of all the phrase ”Plaintiff was on the phone with Decedent” surely stands for Jimmy calling Michael and not the other way about, otherwise they would have told you a long and colorful tale about how “Michael called Jimmy.”

Another riddle is their remark that the call on Thanksgiving day came “shortly after their first visit to the Havenhurst house”. So there was a visit to Michael’s home after all, and it took place shortly before Michael went to Australia and Jimmy called him there.

So the riddle points to a period between Thanksgiving day in Australia and the time when Michael was still in the US and could invite Jimmy to Havenhurst before his departure.

Let’s look up Michael’s schedule of the Bad tour and search for a moment that could fit the above description.

And yes, we do find such a period – it is a month-long break between the two legs of Michael’s tour. He came home to Havenhurst after his last concert in Japan on October 12th and stayed there until he left for Australia where he gave his first concert on November 13th.

Shortly after that was Thanksgiving day (November 26th), so the Safechucks’ visit to Havenhurst must have been sometime before Michael left.

The most suitable period that would fit the timeline is early November 1987. This was most probably the moment when Michael invited the family to his home in Havenhurst, just as he promised Jimmy in that March letter of his:

  • “I’d like to have you come and visit me on the set sometime or when I have some free time you can come to my house.”

Surely, Jimmy answered Michael’s letter and then waited 8 long months for Michael to have free time and invite him to his home.

This was the real timeline of the events, but if you watch the film or read the lawsuit you will see a completely distorted picture. The complaint says:

9. After receiving Decedent’s letter, Plaintiff and his family were invited to dinner by Decedent to Decedent’s home on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, California (“Hayvenhurst house”).

The above makes me speechless. They dare claim that the invitation to dinner came after Michael’s letter in March! Some people have the nerve…

The invitation was made by Decedent through Jolie Levine, Decedent’s then secretary/personal assistant. Ms. Levine later became Decedent’s production assistant on the “BAD” Tour, and his production coordinator on the “BAD” album.

Plaintiffs’s parents accompanied him to Decedent’s Hayvenhurst house for the dinner. After eating, all four of them watched the film Batteries Not Included in a small home theater in Decedent’s Hayvenhurst house. During the visit, when Decedent was alone with Plaintiff, Decedent gave Plaintiff presents – a globe and $700. Plaintiff’s parents were not aware that Decedent had given their son money at the time, and when they discovered it later, they asked Decedent not to give Plaintiff money. In response to their request, Decedent giggled and said that he could not help himself.

Bad as the above timeline is, Dan Reed’s film makes it even worse. As usual with the Safechucks, their story about the first visit to Havenhurst starts with “then his secretary called”. But then was when?

“Then” was in November 1987, eight months after Michael’s letter in March, and almost a year after Safechuck first met Michael when doing the Pepsi commercial in December 1986.

Safechuck speaks about that event as something routine and nothing extraordinary – just like another of those allegedly numerous events in his “intense” friendship with Michael Jackson, though in reality he as a boy was most probably counting every day of that long 8-month period while he waited.

23:16 Safechuck: And then his secretary or somebody called (quiet music) and asked if we would like to go to dinner at the Havenhurst house.

(magical music, a long drone overview of Havenhurst) 

23:44 Safechuck: Going to Havenhurst felt magical, the house is beautiful (drone over the house), they have a recording studio there and I think we saw his brothers and said Hi. We had dinner and watched “Batteries Not Included” (picture of the film poster). He gets movies before they come out, so he has a little movie theater there (drone footage of Havenhurst at night, music). I remember seeing his dance floor for the first time, kind of a magical thing to see Michael in it, at his private dance floor (Safechuck looks pensive)

24:24 Stephanie Safechuck: We were so excited – this was big for us. Nobody can befriend him – he has to befriend people. He is unapproachable. So for him to want to be our friend was “Oh my God, how lucky are we!” (photo of her and her husband together)

24:45 Safechuck (music): Mom and dad, I think they were in awe and just star struck. It is like this. (photo of MJ and Jimmy). And then at the same time he’s becoming a real person. He is not like this two-dimensional icon. He gives you focused attention. And I think at that age (speaks very slowly) you want to be important and you want to be noticed and loved, so it is a powerful attraction.

25:27 Safechuck (violin staccato, photo of MJ): We went into the closet and looked at the stuff and he told me I could get a jacket. I picked the Thriller jacket of course, and I took it home and wore it to the grocery store (photo of Jimmy in a gray suit, not in a Thriller jacket) and as I was leaving he gave me like an envelope full of cash, several hundred dollars – which at the time was a lot. It is still a lot (smiles).

(drone footage over Simi Valley)

Okay. The first thing to do after reading the above is correct Mrs. Safechuck – Michael was approachable and the Safechuck family is the best example of it. They approached him again and again until Michael found free time for them and invited them to his home.

Secondly, it was the first time they saw Michael Jackson in almost a year and it is absolutely clear that Michael had no intention whatsoever to have any “special relationship” with Jimmy. Vice versa, it was Jimmy and his family who besieged him.

Thirdly, there was nothing special about that visit – they had dinner and watched a Steven Spielberg movie, and Michael gave him a jacket (he gave away his things to everyone) and also some money – most probably to compensate for the family’s transport expenses or just as a gift. And then he must have said to them, “Good-bye, nice to have seen you, have a nice day.”

However all was not that easy with the Safechucks, and when Michael left for Australia it was this family who called him on Thanksgiving day. The Safechucks are polite people, so now they wanted to invite Michael to make a return visit, this time to their home.

The court documents say about this nice invitation:

10. Shortly after their first visit to the Hayvenhurst house, on Thankgiving Day, Plaintiff was on the telephone with Decedent. Plaintiff’s parents suggested that he invited Decedent to come over to their home. Decedent said yes, and Plaintiff and his parents drove over to the Hayvenhurst house to pick up Decedent and bring him back to their home. On multiple occasions after the first visit to the Hayvenhurst house, either Plaintiff and his family, or Plaintiff on his own, would go over to see Decedent at the Hayvenhurst house.

Wait a minute, how could they pick him up at Havenhurst if they imply in the same paragraph that Michael was in Australia at the time? Of course that was impossible, and this is just another of Safechuck’s manipulation with the timeline which they hoped no one would ever notice.

Of course the earliest the return visit could be made was after the Australia tour ended.

Well, the schedule of Michael’s tour gives us the possible date for such a visit. Thanksgiving was on November 26th, Michael’s last concert in Brisbane was on November 28th so he came back to the US soon after that, and the earliest he could make a return visit to Safechucks’ home was early December (or later).

And now look at the fantastic somersaults done by these people in Dan Reed’s film. Do you know what they say in the film?

They simply say that he called them “the next day”.

See how “continuous” and “intense” their relationship was according to their false narration? All events seem to come one after another, deliberately pressed together in time and this is done with the goal to create the impression that the lovely boy was an irresistible attraction to MJ.

But in reality all we have is a brief meeting at a commercial, then Michael’s one reply to Jimmy’s several letters, then the promise he kept by inviting them to dinner at Havenhurst, and then a call from the family to Michael on Thanksgiving day. And that is all.

(drone footage over Simi Valley)

26:05 Stephanie Safechuck (intense music): He had a phone number and he called the next day and he was going by himself. And I couldn’t believe him – how could this man be by himself?

26:18 Safechuck: And so my parents offered to go and pick him up (drone footage of their house by night). We got in the car and we drove to the Havenhurst house, and there is always like reporters and fans, so we had to sneak him out. Michael was darkened with me in the back. Some people gave chase and we had to like “lose them.” I think my father was excited to like lose them. He had to drive fast or something.

 (photo of Michael in red pajamas sitting on the floor) 

26:50 Stephanie Safechuck (music): And he came to our house and went through Jimmy’s closets, through everything, he acted like a little boy.

27:00 Safechuck: We would watch movies and eat pop corn. He loved pop corn (photo of MJ with a football ball)

Michael would come to the house a lot Michael and I would take walks around the neighborhood just talking (photo of MJ, music) just talking and walking. It would be at night time of course, so that he could sort of hide (drone over Simi Valley). Soon somebody noticed and newspapers would be there.


All of it is very nice of course.  Only remember that it wasn’t “grooming” as they will tell you, but a polite return visit to Safechuck’s home, made at the invitation of the family.

And it was only the second time Jimmy met Michael in a year (after their brief interaction during the commercial). And if there were indeed several visits to Safechuck’s home during that time, this was indeed the period when they more or less became friends.

And the initiative was with the Safechucks, not Michael. It was Michael’s naivety and willingness to see what a normal family life of ordinary people was like. Mrs. Safechuck greeted him with homemade cookies and in the evenings MJ and Jimmy would walk together along the streets of Simi Valley. And everything was very nice and proper.

And then came Christmas time. As a Jehovah Witness Michael did not celebrate Christmas, but Safechuck and his family did. However Jimmy was probably ill at Christmas as his home video shows him sitting in bed at the time.

Whatever Jimmy’s condition was there can’t be any doubt that Michael sent Christmas gifts to Jimmy and his mom and dad, especially because the mom was so hospitable to him when he had earlier visited their house. Another present to the family was that Michael sent to their house a film crew who made a short video of Jimmy Safechuck dancing.

And all of it would be okay, if Dan Reed had shown these events in their proper order. But no, his incredible film places Christmas first and everything else later. And if it weren’t for a Christmas tree in one of the shots we would have never noticed this other manipulation with the timeline.

To grasp the goal of this deliberate time shift we need to go back to mark 21:40 of the movie.

21:40 Stephanie Safechuck: So Michael is still in Australia and asked him if he could send a crew to film Jimmy (video of Jimmy sitting in bed). So a crew came and Jimmy didn’t have any posters of Michael, so they put Michael’s posters all through Jimmy’s bedroom when they filmed it. It was exciting for all family.

22:07 Jimmy in the video (sitting in bed): “And I was thrilled like WOW, because it’s hard to believe that I can so much […] Michael Jackson when people just dream about him. Nice stuff, it’s really neat.”

22:25 Safechuck: I sat on the bed and put all my memorabilia there and they just interviewed me. And then I did a little dance performance (video of him dancing with another boy). Now that I look at it, it’s almost like an audition for him (gravely). He sends this film crew out (video of him dancing beside a Christmas tree). 

23:00 Stephanie Safechuck: They didn’t explain. I just figured – he is far away, this is part how he can be with people, and he made it clear that he was very lonely, he didn’t have any friends.

23:16 Safechuck: And then his secretary or somebody called (quiet music) and asked if we would like to go to dinner at the Havenhurst house.

(music, drone footage of Havenhurst) 

Oh, this is when we come to that “secretary called them” point again. So the Havenhurst dinner was in November, but the video was made around Christmas time, however for some reason Dan Reed distorted the timeline and did it in the reverse order, placing Christmas first and everything else after it.

The question is Why?

His big idea is to show that Michael was so “infatuated” with Jimmy that when he went to Australia and felt “lonely” there he sent a special crew to film his “special friend” and then enjoy the video of him while on tour.

Personally, I think that the idea to make this trick came to them when they saw that Jimmy was in bed (possibly ill). Dan Reed’s film is nothing but a chain of manipulations to force the viewer to believe the false narration, so the video of Jimmy in bed came in very handy just for the beginning of the film, because everything that comes after that will be perceived by the viewer in a much more sinister light (a visit to Havenhurst, a jacket as a gift, money to Jimmy, etc.)

Please shake off the illusion and remember the correct timeline and correct events:

  • First came their brief interaction during the commercial (December 1986)
  • Then Jimmy wrote letters to Michael
  • Michael answered them in March 1987 and said that maybe they would work together again and if he had free time Jimmy could come to this home
  • Jimmy waited for the invitation for 8 long months
  • Michael kept his promise when he was free between the two legs of the tour (early November 1987)
  • The family called him in Australia on Thanksgiving day and suggested a return visit
  • Michael made a return visit (in early December) and then possibly several others visits to their home
  • He sent a film crew to their home at Christmas time to make a video of Jimmy dancing.

This is how “intense” it was.

Why did Michael send a crew to make a video of Jimmy dancing? Most probably to keep his other promise to Jimmy to “maybe work together sometime” and certainly because the Safechucks wanted a career for Jimmy with the help of Michael Jackson.

And now this wonderful lady tells us that “they didn’t explain” why the crew came and she had no idea? Just think how meaningful all these seemingly unimportant details are and how masterfully Dan Reed is constructing the story of “abuse” just out of thin air. And we haven’t even come close to its main part yet.

27:30 Safechuck: (drone over Havenhurst) I think I went to Havenhurst a few times, the more I would visit the more I would get longer time with him. I bought him some toys, he gave me some gifts (photo of MJ and Jimmy jumping). It’s more like hanging over with a friend, that’s more your age, so it seems natural.

28:00 Stephanie Safechuck: (photo of MJ, Jimmy and his mom, MJ has a piercing look to his eyes)

I came to feel like he was one of my sons, by how he behaved. I loved him (her photo in the kitchen) He would spend the night, I’d wash his clothes. At the time I was thinking – should we get him into commercials? I prayed to the Lord that if this is good for Jimmy, open the doors for him and let this happen. And if it’s not, don’t let it happen. of course the door was open so quickly. And then when Michael came to our side I told him about how I prayed before it happened, and Michael tells me, ”I prayed too. I prayed that I could have a friend and then I met Jimmy”. Well, to me the two prayers came together and that was a friendship that was meant to be.

Above is exactly the explanation why that film crew was sent – she was thinking of getting Jimmy into commercials, and please don’t tell me that she never mentioned it to Michael Jackson. So that video allowed Michael to see Jimmy’s potential and the way he could use the boy’s dance skills in his own videos, concerts and commercials.

As regards Jimmy’s other visits to Havenhurst, there were two more and both are described in Safechuck’s lawsuit. The second visit was at Christmas time too, when Michael took Jimmy for a ride over the city and passed out $100 bills to homeless people, surely as Christmas presents:

11. On the second occasion that Plaintiff went to the Hayvenhurst house, Plaintiff was dropped off by his parents. Plaintiff’s parents went to dinner while Plaintiff stayed with Decedent. Plaintiff and Decedent drove off in Decedent’s Mercedes and passed out $100 bills to homeless people. Decedent said to one homeless man, “You do know how much this is,” and then landed him a $100 bill.

And the third one was in January 1988, right after Jermaine and his wife Margaret Macdonaldo moved to Havenhurst where, as she recalled, Jermaine began working in the studio.

12. The third time Plaintiff visited the Hayvenhurst house he was accompanied by his parents and they took a tour of Decedent’s recording studio which was located there. Three of Decedent’s brothers were in the studio working, including Jermaine Jackson, and they all exchanged a quick hello.

Another notable event described in Safechuck’s complaint is a detail which most probably echoed in Dan Reed’s film in the form of the so-called “wedding ceremony” and a certain ring allegedly belonging to Safechuck.

The lawsuit says that when Michael visited Safehucks’ home he and Jimmy went to a jewelry shop. And considering that all those visits revolved around Christmas, it is easy to assume that Michael bought some jewelry there as a gift to Jimmy’s mother.

The thing is that at the time there wasn’t even any talk about any molestation, even in Safechuck’s complaint, so there is no way the jewelry could be bought for Jimmy – which leaves us with only one alternative to it, that the jewelry was meant for his mother. And see what stories this grateful woman is now telling us about Michael!

Here is the part of the lawsuit about their visit to a jewelry shop, preceded by all that talk about “regular phone calls”:

14. Decedent began telephoning Plaintiff at home on a frequent and regular basis. Their relationship had grown to a point where Decedent had become part of Plaintiff’s family. Decedent would call Plaintiff at home when he was alone or lonely, and Plaintiff’s family would drive over to the Hayvenhurst house and pick up the Decedent and bring him back to Plaintiff’s home in Simi Valley. One time Plaintiff and Decedent went to the park in Simi Valley. They shot some video footage there that ended up in the closing credits of one of Decedent’s documentaries. On another occasion, Plaintiff and Decedent went to the Zales jewelry store in Simi Valley.

Then came the  year 1988.

In January that year Pepsi invited Michael and Jimmy to their annual convention. Mind you that this was an official event and all the arrangements for that visit (as per their respective contracts with Pepsi) were naturally made by Pepsi and not Michael Jackson.

Dan Reed has the following to tell us about it:

29:03 (the plane is landing, photo of Michael on the plane, photo of Jimmy on the plane)

Safechuck: I went to Hawaii with Michael for the Pepsi convention (jolly music, drone over Hawaii beach). The trip felt like an adventure. We went out there to an amusement park for the night and everybody was there, and everybody played.

29:34 Stephanie Safechuck: We were treated very nicely there. We had a helicopter ride which was nice (drone footage of Hawaii).

Safechuck: And I remember there were dolphins there (photo of MJ, mom and Jimmy walking about the Hilton hotel). We were from a small town, so this is bigger than I think anybody’s expectations (more Hilton photos) 

29:58 Stephanie Safechuck: I wanted them to have fun and I wanted my son to be happy and have a good time (photo of MJ at the Hilton), so I stayed my distance there in Hawaii during the day.

This is how she stayed her distance from Michael Jackson during that visit – picture by Alan Light

Safechuck: The hotel was beautiful of course (photo of all three standing on the balcony) and I remember really wanting to stay in the room with him and my mom wouldn’t allow it at the time.

30:20 Stephanie Safechuck: I didn’t think it was appropriate for my son to go sleep with him (photo of MJ sitting on the bed). I know he was a kind man and he was doing everything to make our trip there as good as it could be, but it didn’t feel right. You don’t allow anyone to sleep with somebody else you don’t really know. Jimmy was ”Please, mom, please,  you know” because he loved Michael (photo of MJ). But no, I wouldn’t let him and made sure I had my meals with them and Jimmy slept with me. That’s how it was the first trip (quiet music)

30:57 (footage of the ocean, piano playing)

By this point the film has already groomed you into thinking that the “relationship” progressed to such a degree that even a possibility of “sleepovers” was discussed.

No, my dear ones, it wasn’t anything like that. First of all, as you remember, it wasn’t Michael’s initiative to go there and take Jimmy at all – both were invited to Hawaii as both took part in that commercial.

As to the idea of staying in Michael’s room it arose under somewhat dramatic circumstances. They rented a helicopter for an air trip, but in 5-10 minutes Jimmy got airsick and the helicopter landed. Michael offered his suite for the Safechucks to stay there, but his mother refused. And that was all.

Safechuck’s lawsuit says about it:

17. While they were in Hawaii, Decedent rented a helicopter to take Plaintiff and his mother on a tour. Plaintiff got airsick 5-10 minutes after take-off, so they had to land. Decedent asked Plaintiff to stay in his room when they got back to the hotel, but Plaintiff’s mother said no. Decedent had also rented out an amusement park for everyone to visit. Plaintiff met Michael J. Fox at the convention, and for the entire time he was treated on a V.I.P. basis.

Then came the trip back from Hawaii.

Safechuck talks of the mock interview of Michael and at some point presents it as “infatuation” and as alleged evidence that he was turning into a “special friend” of Michael Jackson.

Well, see for yourself. Below is the transcript of what I could make of that mock interview. Michael mostly speaks about work and out of politeness calls his commercial with Jimmy his “best” because as Michael explains, “it has heart”.

Incidentally, we learn from Michael what aircraft they were flying – it was DC- 10 with a standard seating of 270 passengers. So it was nothing special and just a regular flight.

31:04 Safechuck (music): I remember the plane being quite empty, and I did this mock interview with him, he said I can ask him anything I wanted (photo of MJ and Jimmy on the plane).

31:15 Michael Jackson’s voice:  “We are in the air on our way from Hawaii. Thousands of feet [.. ], DC-10. I had a wonderful time with Jimmy.”

31:25 Safechuck: I was just playing reporter. And he never gave interviews, so it was kind of like, “sure, you can interview me”

Jimmy: “How did you like Hawaii?”

MJ: “The best thing about Hawaii? Being with you.”

Jimmy: ”What about performing and the stuff you like?”

MJ: “I love performing. It is the greatest thing in the world, because I feel at home on stage, I could live on stage, I am the most happiest when I am on stage, and when I am with Jimmy Safechuck. The Pepsi commercial you and I am in, is the best commercial. Because it has heart. Every time I see it, it makes me smile. And I want us to be friends for a long, forever. Good bye, signing off.

32:30 Safechuck (music): And it’s (pause) hard to listen to (pause). You can hear like the infatuation and how much I was attracted to him and also his (pause), his attraction to you, like making you feel special (music).


No, it is absolutely not hard to listen. It is a nice mock interview where Michael is partially serious and partially playing up to Jimmy, telling him how memorable the trip was due to his presence and calling their joint commercial the best because it has heart. In fact, it is the most innocent interview anyone can imagine.

And if you have a different impression of it, my diagnosis is that you are already groomed by Dan Reed’s weird film and now you know what grooming really is.



Readers prompt me that in that mock interview Michael spoke not only about Jimmy, but his whole family, and that Dan Reed edited it to make it sound like Michael was specifically singling out Jimmy. The full interview is not available to us, but a closer look at Safechuck’s complaint revealed that Safechuck mentioned the family himself though his variant is also obviously edited to single out only the “best” parts to fit his narrative.

Jimmy: “Any new plans?”

MJ: “Smooth Criminal, short film, new Pepsi commercial, best Pepsi commercial was the one with Jimmy because he had ‘heart,’ best thing about Hawaii was spending time with Jimmy, love his family and want to spend time with them.” 

Safechuck's complaint about mock interview 2


John Ziegler’s Podcast and True Journalism about ‘Leaving Neverland’

March 19, 2019

Here is another review of the social media on the ever-shrinking ‘Leaving Neverland’ movie by Dan Reed.

Why it is shrinking is because as soon as Michael Jackson fans spot another inconsistency and easily disproven lie Dan Reed cuts out the respective episode and the movie gets shorter and shorter, so what was originally 4 hours in the US is already 3 hours 15 min or less in other countries.

Jonathan Moffett (and Razorfist) say the following about it:

Here is an example how manipulative “Leaving Neverland” was in how it was presented & edited, leaving real FACTS out with only distorted truths presented out of context. This is UNETHICAL Dan Reed!  Full video here:

To know the latest news about the Leaving Neverland movie you need to follow Twitter where it is reported at a cosmic speed, so my intention to make a review about Twitter reactions to it had to be given up as the torrent of news there is too quick to grasp it all.

Fortunately, on March 17th John Ziegler made an amazing podcast called Fraud and Fakes with a review of the most significant events for the past week and a diagnosis of the deplorable condition of the mainstream news media that failed to notice blatant Robson/Safechuck’s lies and director Dan Reed’s open propaganda.

Below you will find the rough transcript of the ‘Leaving Neverland’ part of his podcast which will explain a couple of things to those people who still think that they can get their facts off a movie.

It will also contain an occasional tweet from MJ fans here and there.

So here is John Ziegler, the host of Free Speech podcast, speaking on March 17, 2019: Read more…

Insight-Oriented Therapy and Wade Robson’s Doctor Larry Shaw

March 15, 2019

Initially this post was titled “What you should know about insight-oriented therapy before you watch Leaving Neverland” and was to preempt that documentary movie airing on TV. However the first reviews after the Sundance film festival became a distraction and the post had to be put aside.

Now I wish it hadn’t been postponed as it deals with what seems to be the main problem in handling Robson and Safechuck’s stories – the fact that they look credible to some people and questions “how can they be so credible if they are not telling the truth?”

Well, the paradox is that they may look credible even if they are telling complete lies, and it isn’t only due to good acting, but for other reasons too.

As to their acting, it is actually not that good when seen by a professional and expert eye. In a recent video by a body analysis expert from Toronto Jiovanni Maccarrone who commented on Robson’s and Safechuck’s TV answers to the first uncomfortable question (about changing their testimony) after their debut on TV, the expert made a negative conclusion about both.

However irrespective of what you or anyone think of the two guys’ performance the focus of this post will be on a different matter – the fact that even when people tell outright lies like Robson and Safechuck do, there are psychological techniques commonly known as ‘insight therapy’ that help them believe their own lies and thus make them look much more credible in what they say.

Moreover, in the process of this ‘therapy’ the false accounts of some events may grow so detailed, elaborate and colorful, that the end result will impress the viewers even more.  Salvador Dali once famously said about it: Read more…

First Reviews of Dan Reed’s Leaving Neverland: IT STARTS WITH A BIG LIE

March 8, 2019

The first week of March this year was packed with so many crucial events around the so-called documentary  “Leaving Neverland” that each of them demanded a post. However covering them all was impossible in principle, so I settled on a review of the main episodes in the battle between truth and lies suddenly imposed on the public by Michael Jackson haters.

Some important pieces of the battle may have been omitted and I apologize for it in advance – if something substantial was overlooked it may be added later, in the comments or as an update to the post.

What you will see here are mostly tweets and messages from various people who have seen the film. I myself saw about an hour of Dan Reed’s four-hour product and to my surprise was so unimpressed that even despite its graphic content managed to have a meal in the process. My comment will be minimal as the impression is not full, however my short review of the first part will also be here.

For a start this is what genuine survivors of child sexual abuse say about the film.  Read more…

Michael Jackson Fans Are Tenacious. ‘Leaving Neverland’ Has Them Poised for Battle, BY THE NEW YORK TIMES – VMJ interviews

March 4, 2019

Recently Joe Coscarelli, the music reporter at the NY Times contacted the admins of this blog to say that he was interested in getting the perspective of MJ’s “most loyal fans, supporters and historians” on the documentary which none of us had yet seen by that moment.

Today, the day after the documentary has gone on air on HBO, Joe Coscarelli’s article has been published, quoting us together with other Michael Jackson’s advocates with whom the correspondent has evidently been in touch.

Since most of these bloggers are Americans I presume that their interviews must have been done over the phone, while we (Susanne and I) are foreigners who are absolutely not sure of our English speaking skills and this is why we submitted our replies in writing.

We certainly never expected the NY Times to give a full coverage of our ideas on the present situation around Michael Jackson, so for the readers of this blog to really know what “truthers” like us think about it,  here is both Joe Coscarelli’s piece and our written answers to him sent several days ago.  Read more…

WHAT THE MAID SAW. Adrian McManus tells her full story about Michael Jackson in its four variations

March 2, 2019

On February 24th the Australian 60 min TV program aired an interview with Adrian McManus who reemerged again on the wave of a new craze over the revised stories of Robson and Safechuck.

Following the latest fashion each time a certain detractor from Michael’s past reappears, it is usually with a much graver story than before and Ms. McManus is no exception here.

You can watch the Australian video and read its transcript at the end of this post, but before you hear the latest from McManus, it is an absolute must to know her previous saga and see her memory in its evolvement during the past two and a half decades.

The saga is huge, so prepare yourself for a long read. However I feel that it isn’t only Dan Reed who is entitled to a four-hour narration, especially since his story is solely about fake emotions, while mine is solely about facts and it isn’t my fault that McManus changed her story four times.   Read more…

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