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July 23, 2021

After having a look at Fortress Capital Group it would be interesting to learn how this loan shark came into Michael Jackson’s life and what kind of people ‘helped’ Michael to find it.

Let us see who these remarkable people were.


Fortress Capital group was brought in by a certain Prescient Acquisitions company. Prescient is based in New York and is headed by Darien Dash who is the first cousin of hip-hop entrepreneur Damon Dash and so must have connections in the entertainment business.

As is usual with Michael Jackson’s do-gooders Darien Dash filed a lawsuit against him (on July 11, 2005). 

The Prescient case was heard before the federal judge in the Southern District Court of New York and here is the judge’s ruling which states the essential details of the case.

I’ll comment on some excerpts from it:

US District Court, New York (Jul 21, 2006)


This is an action by Prescient Acquisitions Group against the recording artist Michael Jackson and certain entities affiliated with him. Plaintiff alleges that it is owed $48 million in fees by defendants MJ Publishing Trust and MJ-ATV Publishing Trust for financial advisory services. Specifically, plaintiff asserts it successfully secured refinancing of an existing $272,500,000 debt owed to Bank of America, as well as $537,500,000 in additional financing to allow the exercise of a “Put Option” to purchase the remaining interest of Sony/ATV Publishing Trust LLC in the library of songs written by the Beatles.

The above sums are the first surprise. So Darien Dash claimed that he found a company that was not only to provide $272,5mln to buy Michael’s BOA loan, but also $537,5mln in addition to the above? The documents don’t confirm it, so even to the judge Darien Dash couldn’t resist exaggerating things!

The biggest offer from the financing company approached by Dash was $537,5 mln which the initiators of the project hoped would be enough to buy Michael’s BOA loans and purchase Sony’s half in the Sony/ATV. Who told them that Sony was ready to sell we have no idea.

It is true that in the winter of 2005/06 a certain “Put” condition in Michael’s agreement with Sony was coming into effect which allowed both parties to “put” their proposal to buy each other’s share for $200mln, however it seems that it was more wishful thinking than reality even from the point of view of increasing Michael’s debt by another $200mln which had to be repaid too, not to mention Sony’s possible refusal and other factors. Most probably the desired purchase of Sony’s share was Randy Jackson’s fixed idea which he somehow managed to impress on Michael. 

The above plan was never realized however Darien Dash still wanted a 9% fee of the prospective $537,5mln which amounted to $48 mln.

The judge continues:

Defendants argue that the parties entered into the alleged agreement on November 17, 2004, and the plaintiff corporation did not exist until early 2005.

Plaintiff alleges that on November 17, 2004, Mr. Dash executed an agreement on behalf of “Prescient Capital Corporation”, an entity that “he intended to incorporate formally in the near future”.

The complaint alleges that Dash was the pre-incorporation promoter of Prescient, that he entered into a written agreement with MJ Publishing Trust on behalf of Prescient, and that the corporation ratified the acts of the pre-incorporation promoter through its performance of the contract and its efforts to enforce the contract.

So Prescient is remarkable in its very special way – it was simply non-existent at the time when it allegedly executed an agreement with MJ Publishing Trust as it was formed only four months later, in March 2005.

Well, well…

Under the alleged agreement, Prescient Group agreed to act as a financial advisor to MJ Publishing Trust and secure financing of debt owed to Bank of America. In exchange for such services Prescient group was to be paid 9% of the principal amount funded or committed and advisory fees [ ] .

The complaint alleges performance of the contract through Prescient’s arrangement of the required financing through Transitional Investors LLC and Fortress Investment Group LLC. Plaintiff also alleges that despite its demands for payment under the agreement, defendants have “failed and refused to pay Prescient” its fees.

Neither MJ-ATV Publishing nor Mr. Jackson are alleged to have been signators to this agreement.”

The above contains two big surprises. The first is that besides Fortress the major investor in the deal was Transitional Investors LLC.  But a much bigger surprise is that Darien Dash’s lawsuit did not even claim that the agreement with Prescient was signed either by Michael Jackson or his MJ/ATV Publishing Trust.

But if even Darien Dash says that Michael Jackson did not sign their agreement then who did? And what document was actually signed?

This is when two new players enter the scene – Perfect Circle Entertainment and Don Stabler.  At least one of them was also part of the Prescient lawsuit, so the judge continues:

 “On March 24, 2006, I granted Perfect Circle Entertainment, Inc. (Perfect Circle) leave to intervene in this action as a plaintiff. Perfect Circle alleges that it is the party who brought together plaintiff and the Jackson interests. It asserts claims against all defendants for breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

[..].Perfect Circle moved to intervene in the action. The intervenor complaint alleges that Don Stabler, the authorized agent of MJ Publishing trust, MJ-ATV Publishing Trust, and Mr. Jacksoncontacted Perfect Circle in order to secure refinancing on a debt owed to Bank of America. Perfect Circle alleges that, in response to this request and with the defendants’ knowledge and consent, it secured Prescient Group to assist in the search of refinancing.

Perfect Circle asserts in the Intervenor claim that Prescient group was its agent and partner. It brings no claims against Prescient Group and does not allege that Perfect Circle is a party to the contract with the defendants. Perfect Circle relies upon the agreement between PCC/Prescient Group and Perfect Circle, which states that Perfect Circle is to be  compensated through and under PCC/Prescient Group. From the forgoing, Perfect Circle claims that defendants MJ Publishing trust, MJ-ATV Publishing trust, and Mr. Jackson were unjustly enriched. It also claims to be a third-party beneficiary of the alleged contract between Prescient Group and the defendants. [ ] It alleges that, “but for Perfect Circle’s actions, the refinancing and restructuring of defendants’ debt which took place would not have been possible.”

This particular lawsuit went nowhere, but according to Randall Sullivan the Dash family sued Michael Jackson ten times the following year (2007) as a result of which Michael did have to settle 😦 but the legal proceedings resulted in a treasure trove of documents and depositions that will eventually clear this mess for us. 🙂  

It is among these documents that we find a certain “commitment letter” from Transitional Investors which was signed by Don Stabler on February 28, 2006 on behalf of Michael Jackson.

But who on earth is Don Stabler?


Don Stabler was an associate of Michael’s younger brother Randy Jackson, hired by him in the summer of 2004 to fix Michael’s tax problems. According to Roger Friedman, Randy Jackson turned to Stabler “to bypass Michael’s longtime accountant Allan Whitman.”

Was Don Stabler an authorized agent of MJ Publishing Trust as he claimed he was?

Certainly not. He didn’t have any official position with Michael Jackson’s Publishing Trust, no power of attorney, no nothing, and certainly no right to sign any documents on Michael’s behalf.  

Stabler was just an accountant hired by Randy Jackson who took it upon himself to manage his brother’s business while Michael was fighting in court the Arvizo fraudulent case.

According to Stabler’s deposition (the snippets of which are found on Marco Balletta’s site), he was introduced to Michael Jackson in July 2004. Initially, Michael liked him but later named him as a key villain who coerced him into a dubious deal and led him to a multitude of lawsuits that eventually forced him into a settlement with Prescient.

Roger Friedman reported that Michael settled with Prescient for $5 million which was an enormous sum for him at that moment  – after the 2005 trial he was so cash-stripped that he couldn’t pay some outstanding $300,000 even to Thomas Mesereau. This wasn’t bankruptcy as he still had three enormous assets – two catalogs and the Neverland ranch, but some were pledged as collateral for the BOA loans and he didn’t want to sell them though the sale would have brought him the necessary cash.

Here is the archived NY Daily News article which tells the story of Michael’s relationship with Stabler (slightly shortened):

Singer says his brother and pal tried to cheat him out of fortune


Sunday, June 17th 2007, 4:00 AM

Michael Jackson claims he was nearly swindled out of his fortune during his kiddie-sex trial and only the wise counsel of the Rev. Jesse Jackson and billionaire Ron Burkle saved him.

The behind-the-scenes battle over the pop star’s finances is detailed in a sworn deposition he gave for a federal lawsuit scheduled to go to trial this week.

There is a possibility that Jackson himself might even be called to testify.

The seven hours of transcripts obtained by the Daily News reveal that the agitated entertainer was convinced his money woes were fueled by a cadre of disloyal advisers who stole from him while he was busy fighting criminal charges.

The Gloved One even fingered a man close to his older brother Randy as a key villain.

It was an ordeal that left Jackson bitter about the industry in which he’s spent his entire life.

“It’s full of sharks, charlatans and imposters,” he said in testimony taken last summer in Paris.

“Because there’s a lot of money involved, there’s a bunch of schmucks in there,” Jackson said. “It’s the entertainment world, full of thieves and crooks. That’s not new. Everybody knows that.” [..]

But during breaks in the trial, Jackson says he was being pressured to sign off on a multimillion-dollar financing deal by Don Stabler, an associate brought in by brother Randy, his go-to guy on financial matters during much of his career.

Jackson initially took a liking to Stabler after Randy introduced them.

“He reminded me of people that live in mid-America like Indiana,” Jackson testified.

Stabler was persistent, at one point during the trial sending a message through one of Jackson’s Nation of Islam security guards that questioned the singer’s faithfulness to his African-American heritage.

By then, Jackson had turned to Burkle, the billionaire pal of former President Bill Clinton, for financial help. Burkle brought in Jesse Jackson, who’s known Michael Jackson since his Jackson 5 days, to help with the consultation.

Burkle was calling him on the cell phone during bathroom breaks, warning him not to sign anything, Michael Jackson said.

Stabler wasn’t happy, Jackson said.

“[Stabler] said, ‘What’s the problem? You’re not down, you’re with the Jews now. You’re not down with blacks anymore,'” Jackson testified.

“It was unkind,” Jackson added. “It was mean. It was meanspirited. It was nasty. Simply because he couldn’t get me to sign something that he wanted me to sign.”

The next time Jackson saw Stabler “he wanted to take my head off.” And his brother Randy wasn’t too happy, either.

Randy later claimed that Jackson and his staff had run up a $700,000 bill on his American Express card during the trial, which Jackson said he would repay.

It wasn’t the first time that Stabler teamed with Randy in trying to get him to sign off on a deal, Jackson claimed.

At a meeting in a bungalow at the Neverland ranch, Jackson said he had his mother at his side when he fought off another proposal.

“And I vehemently told them, ‘No, I am not signing this,'” Jackson recalled. “And I just remember how angry, the intensity of the anger in the room. And so they marched out.”

Jackson made his comments when he was grilled by lawyers for the Hackensack, N.J., finance company that is suing the singer in Manhattan Federal Court. The firm, Prescient Acquisition, is owned by businessman Darien Dash, who claims Jackson stiffed his company out of $48 million.

According to Dash’s lawyer Steven Altman, Dash was due the money for helping Jackson refinance a $272 million bank loan and secure $573 million in financing to buy out Sony’s half of the Beatles’ song catalogue that Jackson co-owned.

But Jackson claimed he’s never heard of Dash, a cousin of hip-hop impresario Damon Dash, and doesn’t remember signing any agreement.

No wonder Michael said that he had never heard of Dash and never signed any agreement with him – Dash himself didn’t allege it even in his lawsuit.

However Prescient still sued Michael Jackson because Don Stabler claimed he was authorized to represent him and in this capacity agreed to pay Prescient 9 percent of the overall sum if they raised enough money to buy out the BOA loans and Sony’s half of the catalog.

“Stabler agreed to pay Prescient/Dash a nine percent fee for finding financing to replace Jackson’s $270 million at Bank of America. Dash found Fortress, which offered over $500 million to help Jackson buy out Sony in his agreement. That much wasn’t needed, but Dash is asking for his fee on that amount.


To bring some clarity into this phantasmagoria let us make a short summary of the events already known to us.

  • The maturity date of Michael’s loans from Bank of America was December 20th, 2005. Two years before that Michael asked Charles Koppelman to find a way to restructure his loans. Koppelman was an official advisor imposed on him as a must-have by Jane Heller of BOA (this was her standard practice with others too as this paper shows).
  • Koppelman arranged a deal with Goldman Sachs which envisaged the sale of Michael’s catalogues to repay the loans (probably not in full), as well as the creation of a bigger venture with Goldman Sachs and Sony where Michael would have a 10% share and 2 seats in the 7-10 membership committee. According to Goldman Sachs’s estimation in five years the company would be a multi-billion dollar venture and MJ could sell his share at a very good price if he so wished. Branca worked on bettering the terms of the deal for Michael, but also advised him that he wouldn’t have much control in the venture. Ultimately Michael refused.
  • While the talks over the Goldman Sachs offer were still going on, Randy Jackson decided to bypass Koppelman, Branca and MJ’s accountant Allan Whitman, who was involved in the negotiations with Goldman Sachs, and find an alternative source of financing which would enable Michael not only to buy his loans from BOA, but also acquire Sony’s half of the Sony/ATV catalog. Randy entrusted Don Stabler with the task.
  • Stabler found a certain “Perfect Circle”.
  • “Perfect Circle” went to Darien Dash of “Prescient” and the two of them happily signed an agreement (see the judge’s ruling for that) to find an investment company to finance the project.
  • As an “authorized representative of Michael Jackson” Don Stabler promised Prescient a 9% commission on the money raised. In return Stabler and Perfect Circle expected to get their share of the commission. The deal between Stabler and Dash was based on more than a shaky ground as Don Stabler said he was authorized to sign for MJ (though he wasn’t), and Darien Dash said that he acted as the head of Prescient (though the company didn’t even exist at that moment). 
  • Darien Dash of Prescient made some calls, apparently using his cousin’s connections in entertainment business, and found Transitional Investors LLC who in their turn brought in Fortress Capital Corporation.

At this point let us turn to the documents from another Prescient lawsuit and see what happened next (the documents are provided by Marco Balletta).


An attentive look at Transitional Investors LLC. documents makes it clear that they were central to the negotiated deal.

This company offered their finances to Michael Jackson in a Letter of Intent which was sent to him on December 30, 2004. Even the name of the document suggests that it was non-binding on the parties as it stated only their intentions.

The intentions of Transitional were to buy $272,5 mln MJ’s loans from Bank of America and provide Michael Jackson with the additional $200 mln to buy out Sony’s share in Sony/ATV (“Sellers”), as well as give him $20 mln in direct payment. The fees and expenses amounted to $45 mln which was about 10% of the deal, and the overall sum came to $537,5mln to be lent to Michael Jackson.

The financing was to be done by Transitional Investors and River Capital Funding (the entity related to Transitional).

The Letter of Intent (LOI) is 6 pages long so is reproduced here only in its key points:


December 30, 2004

Dear Mr. Jackson:

Transitional Investors, LLC (“TI”) and River Capital Funding, Inc. (“RCF”) are pleased to submit this non-binding Letter of Intent (“LOI”) to provide senior and subordinated debt and equity financing in support of the Michael Jackson Trust’s (“MJT”) refinancing of its existing debt and exercise of its option to acquire the fifty percent (50%) of Sony/ATV which it does not currently own (the “Financing”) from Sony Music Enterprises (“SME”) and Sony Music Enterprises, Japan (“SMEJ”) (collectively the “Sellers”) RCF is a related investment entity of TI.

1. TI currently contemplates that a new, bankruptcy remote, special purpose entity (the “SPE”) shall be formed to hold the entire Sony/ATV music library upon consummation of the Financing. TI contemplated the following loans and investments to the SPE. MJT shall be the sole 100% owner of all interest in SPE subject to any conversion of preferred stock contemplated herein.

a) The Senior Secured Credit Facility: TI contemplated arranging a $420,000,000 Senior Secured Credit Facility to be secured by the entire Sony/ATV music library and all other assets of Sony/ATV (the “Assets”).

b) The 15% Subordinated Notes: TI contemplates providing $80,000,000 of Subordinated Notes to the SPE. The Subordinated Notes shall pay 10% currently (paid quarterly in arrears).

c) Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock: TI further contemplates providing $37,000,000 in Preferred Stock to the SPE. […]

The SPE shall use the proceeds to disburse about $272,000,000 to the MJT and $200,000,000 to the Sellers and to pay fees and expenses associated with the Financing as well as to make a direct distribution of $20,000,000 to Mr. Michael Jackson.

Transaction Sources and Uses ($millions)

Use of Proceeds:

Refinance existing debt of MJT                                               272.5

Exercise option to purchase 50% of Sony/ATV                    200.0

Distribution to Mr. Michael Jackson                                       20.0

Fees, Expenses and Working Capital                                      45.0


Sources of Financing:

Subordinated Notes                                                                   80.0

Senior Secured Credit Facility                                                 420.0

Preferred Stock                                                                           37.5


TI is prepared to commence detailed negotiations immediately and we are confident we can complete the Financing within thirty (30) to ninety (90) days from the date of execution of this LOI. [ ]


In the event that TI and its financing partners provide MJT with a Commitment Letter of financing that will provide MJT $537,500,000 subject to specified deliverables required under this agreement within 30 to 90 days of this LOI [ ] and MJT chooses to cancel or withdraw from this financing, MJT shall pay to TI a break-up fee as liquidated damages in the amount of Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000).

After TI has provided its Commitment Letter to MJT to provide the financing contemplated by this agreement and are working to complete all necessary closing conditions, and MJT chooses alternative financing or sale arrangements, including selling its MJT interest in Sony/ATV to Sony or any other affiliated or unaffiliated Third Party, MJT shall pay to TI a total break-up fee as liquidated damages of nine percent (9%) of the entire transaction value contemplated. This break-up fee will be payable at the closing of any alternative financing or sale. This provision will remain in effect 360 days after the expiration or the termination by MJT of this agreement.

MJT may terminate this agreement in writing and without clause, by giving fifteen (15) days notice to TI.


TI hereby understands and agrees that MJT and its business relations, records, documents, financial conditions and all related information obtained under this agreement are private and TI shall maintain at all time the complete, full and unfettered confidentiality of MJT’s business and information and shall not disclose any such information to any third party who is not part of this transaction. [ ]


Please direct all communications with regard to our Proposal to:

Darien Dash, Managing Director

Prescient AG

Dec.29, 2004

A separate page of the Letter of Intent contains another “clause 9” (a numeration mistake?) and Michael Jackson’s signature.


Other than Sections 1,4,6,7 and 8, this LOI is not intended to constitute a binding and enforceable contract of the parties and may be withdrawn or terminated for any or no reason upon written notice of any party to this LOI. The terms of this LOI are proprietary and may not be shared with any third parties other than financial, accounting and legal advisors, representatives, banking institution, trust and others assisting MJT or the Sellers with respect to the proposed Financing.

We are enthusiastic about the prospect of providing the Financing to MJT. We look forward to receiving your response and to working with you throughout the remainder of the due diligence process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Very Truly Yours,

Transitional Investors, LLC

Stuart Shelly, Managing Director

Understood and agreed to on this 20th day of January 2005

By Michael Jackson

(Michael Jackson’s signature)

You see that the last page of the Letter of Intent is really signed by Michael Jackson. What catches the eye though is that the letter was sent on December 30, 2004 but was signed only three weeks later – on January 20, 2005.

The delay suggests that Michael was not that supportive of the idea to buy Sony’s share and borrow twice as much money for it. Eventually, he did sign, probably to explore this non-binding option or the decision could be even forced on him – after all, we know that the pressure from Stabler and Randy was overwhelming and even nasty, as MJ said.    

However, the Letter of Intent stated the intentions only and the deal could be finalized if Michael signed the “Commitment Letter” – which he never did.


The Commitment Letter from Transitional Investors was sent to Michael a week later – with a copy going to Don Stabler.

This second letter contained two important changes – firstly, instead of River Capital Funding named in the Letter of Intent, it now referred to Fortress Capital as Transitional Investors’ partner with whom Transitional managed to create a joint venture during the three weeks pause in their correspondence with MJ.

The other big change was that though the option to buy Sony’s share was still mentioned, no financial commitments were made in this respect. And the sum also changed – now it was $330 mln including 20 mln in direct payment to MJ. The Term Sheet (the paper stating the terms and conditions of the deal) contained an even lower figure — $207,5 mln, but this is probably because the remaining pages of the Term sheet are missing here.  

But what is perfectly clear is that the option to buy out Sony’s share was no longer there.

The Commitment letter is provided below, but first here is another comment from Roger Friedman who offered an explanation why the option to buy Sony’s share in Sony/ATV was no longer an issue:

According to the sketchy information I’ve been able to cobble together:

Last November, Randy hired Prescient to  find someone who would help Michael buy out his $270 million worth of loans from Bank of America. Prescient used another firm, called Transitional, and it located New York debt buyers Fortress Investments.
Here’s the important part: Fortress said it would pony up over $500 million so Jackson could pay off the Bank of America loans and buy the half of Sony/ATV Music Publishing he doesn’t already own.

Two problems came out of this.
One was that Prescient had gotten Michael, Randy or Randy’s lawyer – a guy named Don Stabler who is identified in the lawsuit as the “authorized agent” of Michael Jackson Publishing Trust – to sign an agreement with Prescient [VMJ correction: MJ didn’t sign it].The agreement said that if Prescient found someone to bail Michael out, the firm would get a whopping 9 percent commission on the total amount pledged.
Nine percent of $537 million is $48 million. That’s what Prescient says it is now owed.

But wait: Fortress bailed out Michael from Bank of America for only $270 million. What happened to the other $267 million? Well, it seems someone forgot to tell Prescient that Michael actually can’t buy “the other half” of Sony/ATV Music Publishing just because he suddenly has the money. The 1995 combining of Sony’s publishing division and ATV was just that: a merger. Among other things, Sony has the right to say no to a buyout.
Someone gave Prescient bad information, which it may have passed on to Fortress. So Fortress wound up buying only Jackson’s Bank of America loans.

What happens next? Does Michael even know what’s going on? No one knows.

Well, now we know that Michael knew nothing about it – he didn’t know Darien Dash, he didn’t sign any agreements with his Prescient company and he certainly didn’t know that he would have to pay 9% on half a billion promised by Stabler on Michael’s behalf.

Michael Jackson was too busy with the trial which was at the stage of pre-trial hearings then, and he even attended some of them, for example, the one where Thomas Mesereau questioned Tom Sneddon.

In the meantime, Transitional was waiting for Michael Jackson’s reply to their Commitment Letter.

Here it is:

Transitional Investors LLC

January 27, 2005

Michael J. Jackson

C/O Don Stabler



Dear Mr. Jackson:

Pursuant to the LOI executed between the parties with respect to the refinancing of certain of the MJ Publishing Trust existing debt and the exercise of the option to acquire the 50% interest of Sony ATV, Transitional Investors LLC (“TI” a joint venture partner of Fortress Investment Group, LLC “Fortress”) is pleased to provide you this Commitment Letter to confirm our intention to provide you the bridge loan for refinancing the entire Bank of America debt.

The bridge financing outlined in the attached term sheets and transaction sources and uses, represents approximately $330,000,000, including $20,000,000 to you. TI and Fortress is prepared to provide you clear evidence of the availability of the funds for this transaction. [ ]

Thank you once again for allowing us to serve you in this very important financing.

Very truly yours,

Transitional Investors LLC                                                                       Fortress            

Stuart Shelly                                                                                

Managing director                                                                                    (no signature)

As I already said the attached Term sheet stated a lower sum of $207,5mln which was to be secured by two Michael’s catalogs and royalties paid to him, with the exception of Neverland.

The duration of the agreement was one year only, so a year later Michael Jackson was expected to repay to Transitional the principal sum of $207,5mln with the addition of 2% funding fee, the interest rate called Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate ), and extra 2,5%  on LIBOR (“250 basis points”).

Here is the attached Term Sheet:

Term sheet

Senior Bridge Loan

AMOUNT                                          $207,500,00

BORROWER                                     MJ Publishing Trust

FUNDING FEE                                  2% (Same as Sources and Uses of Funds)

INTEREST                                         Libor plus 250 basis points

MATURITY                                       One year from funding

COLLATERAL                                    All of the assets of MJ Publishing Trust, including the 50% interest in Sony/ATV owned by the MJ Publishing Trust, the MIJAC catalog, and the BMI royalty rights payable to Michael Jackson

GUARANTOR                                   Michael Jackson


BREAK-UP FEE                                 As per the LOI

By execution hereof the undersigned represents that he is authorized to act on behalf of MJ Publishing Trust and Michael J.Jackson.

Accepted this 28th of February, 2005

Signed by

Don Stabler

Authorized Representative of MJ Publishing Trust and Michael J. Jackson

So it was Don Stabler who signed the Commitment letter fraudulently calling himself “the Authorized Representative of MJ Publishing Trust and Michael Jackson”.

The cost of the fraud was 3 million dollars as the moment this letter was signed Michael Jackson was already obliged to pay the above amount to Transitional in case he refused the deal.  

What catches the eye again is that the Commitment letter was sent on January 27th, but was signed by Stabler only one month later, on February 28, 2005.

This is more than a clear sign that Michael consistently refused to sign a deal with Transitional, though Stabler surely pressured Michael, up to using the race card against him and calling him during the trial bathroom breaks.

And what a wonderful date was chosen by Stabler for putting his signature under that agreement!

February 28th, 2005 was the date when the trial commenced. On that first day, the prosecution started with reading the Indictment which was followed by Thomas Sneddon’s opening statement. And it was on this day that Stabler was calling Michael Jackson during the breaks.  


Now was the deal Stabler insisted on worth all the effort and was it of any use to Michael?

No, it was not. The proposed agreement wasn’t extending the loan to five or ten years, for example, within which Michael could have repaid it little by little but was for one year only, so it didn’t alleviate Michael’s situation in any significant way. In fact, considering the fees it was actually the same as the BOA loan which was to mature also a year later.  

Moreover, this deal was burdened with an additional 9% to Prescient that was to be paid on half a billion dollars which MJ didn’t get and probably didn’t even ask for.  So instead of the original $272,5 mln owed to Bank of America, Michael would owe approximately the same sum plus all the fees and interest rates to Transitional, and also $48 million owed to Prescient.

Even laypeople like us understand the absurdity of the deal, however Don Stabler did sign it, obviously hoping to get a share out of the 9% promised by him to Prescient.

When asked at a deposition about how he came to the idea of a 9% commission Stabler shifted all the blame on… Branca, first bragging that he disclosed the Transitional deal to the competing team of advisors of Koppelman et al. (despite a clear warning from Transitional on strict confidentiality), and then he said that he called Branca to ask him about an average broker’s fee and Branca told him that Bank of America charged Michael Jackson 10% for their loans. Stabler allegedly said “damn” and decided to charge a little less (“only” 9%).

But every sensible person knows that the BANK INTEREST RATE is not the same as a BROKERAGE FEE.

A broker gets a fee for just bringing two parties together, and the usual rate is like 1,2% (though some do it for free just as friends would), while the bank lends money to its clients at an interest rate, and one thing has NOTHING to do with the other.

However, Stabler is obviously taking everyone for complete fools.

Here are some excerpts from his deposition:

Q. What was going on with respect to other proposed sources of refinancing, Goldman Sachs, Mr. Koppelman Bernhard

A. We had a meeting with Charles Koppelman and a gentleman from Goldman Sachs, Allan Whitman, John Branca and myself at John Branca’s office in Century City. And during that meeting, the initial portion of the meeting involved the pitch from Charles Koppelman and Goldman Sachs on the benefits of taking the Goldman Sachs loan. And we discussed Michael’s views on it, and Charles wanted me to see if I could broker a meeting while he was in town with Michael because he had not spoken with Michael in quite some time. And I indicated that that probably would not happen because Michael simply did not wish to speak with him or see him. And following the meeting with Charles and Goldman Sachs, John Branca, Allan Whitman and myself, we sat and discussed the Blackstone or Blackstreet deal that John was proposing and the people that he had spoken with in reference to that deal. And I shared with them this particular deal, and it was the first time that I had actually shared this with Allan or John because Michael did not want them to know that we were even close to getting a deal done.

Q. Why did — did Michael tell you why it was that he wanted to keep that information away from Mr. Branca and Mr. Whitman?

A. As I said, Michael believed that somehow they were part of the conspiracy.

“Michael did not want them to know that we were even close to getting a deal done”???

But Michael didn’t know any details himself as he resisted Stabler’s attempts to involve him in it! And the deal was far from being done as Michael refused to sign anything. And Stabler was not allowed to speak about the deal because this was a condition imposed on him by Transitional. 

Q. What did you say to Mr. Branca, and what did he say to you in the conversation you’re describing about the proposed compensation?

A. Oh, I asked them what kind of fees do people normally charge for this. That’s because nine percent seems kind of high.

Q.   What did Mr. Branca say?

A.   John said – he said, Don, you know, if I’m not mistaken, as I recall, the last time Bank of America redid the loan, they charged ten percent. I remember saying “damn”. So, based upon that, after –   [  ]

Q.   Did Michael authorize the nine percent fee reflected in Paragraph 4?

A.   He authorized my signing of this document.

No, he didn’t.  Stabler’s lies are simply disgusting.

Stabler knew that the deal he proposed was extremely damaging to Michael as he would have to pay $48 million extra for the sole reason that there was a crowd of intermediaries between him and the investment company, each of whom wanted a share for their “services”. So Stabler’s insistence can be explained only by his interest to get his.

In 2009 Stabler sued MJ’s Estate for the invaluable assistance he rendered to Michael Jackson. He claimed that he spent 632 hours “dealing with others on MJ’s behalf” — a service for which he charged $325 per hour.

TMZ reported that Randy Jackson was also in the middle of a creditor’s claim filed by Stabler & Associates against the estate and according to legal docs Randy was on the side of the creditor. Stabler & Associates claimed that the estate owed the company $275,446.08, including a late penalty of $81,946.08.

Well, with friends and brotherly help like that who needs enemies?

No wonder Michael was furious with Stabler and called people like him “sharks, charlatans and imposters” saying that “the entertainment world is full of thieves and crooks”.

“It’s full of sharks, charlatans and imposters,” he said in testimony taken last summer in Paris.

“Because there’s a lot of money involved, there’s a bunch of schmucks in there,” Jackson said. “It’s the entertainment world, full of thieves and crooks. That’s not new. Everybody knows that.”

And it’s no surprise either that Branca said that Michael was surrounded by people who didn’t have his best interests at heart.

“He was surrounded and I had to resign,” he said. “He did not ask me to stay. I resigned amicably.”

However, the question remains how come Michael ended up in a deal with Fortress though he was actually against it?

Oh, it is another thrilling story, but it will have to be saved for another time.

[end of part 3]


July 16, 2021

This is a continuation of the subject raised in this post.

First a short reminder – when Fortress Capital Group bought Michael’s loans in May 2005, the bulk of the sum was secured by Michael’s half in Sony/ATV. This catalog was in potential danger of being lost to him as it was pledged as collateral for the $200mln loan that was to mature just six months later, on December 20, 2005.

The remaining part of the debt ($72,5mln) was a Bank of America credit line with an outrageous interest rate of 16.5% which was probably secured by MJJAC catalog (according to some sources) or probably not (according to others). But its maturity date was later, so that catalog was not in so much jeopardy though the credit itself was draining Michael of millions.

And it was only the Neverland ranch that was relatively secure as it was only partially pledged or indirectly tied in with the above loans.

That was the status of Michael Jackson’s debts when Fortress bought them and left them as they were, without any refinancing and just waiting for the loans to come due.

But if Neverland was relatively free, how did it turn into collateral under Fortress too?

This matter is a really sore point because Branca’s critics directly connect Michael’s purchase of Branca’s 5% stake in Sony/ATV with his need to mortgage Neverland to be able to pay him.

And to a certain extent they are right.

The thing is that on the one hand Fortress demanded that Michael should buy back Branca’s share, but on the other hand they refused to increase the loan by a mere $13,5mln in order to pay Branca.

Instead, these good Samaritans were ‘’willing to consider’’ a separate loan, which required Neverland as collateral. The money offered by Fortress was $20mln though the estimated cost of the ranch around that time was $33mln (the estimation was done in 2008 by accounting firm Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio and Associates).

The terms on which these $20 million were offered by Fortress were outrageous in my opinion.

Read more…


July 14, 2021

After this post I received a number of links to some blogs by other authors who are highly critical of John Branca (“the greedy backstabber”) with a request to comment on them.

Well, comment I will not, but verify I will.

Fortunately now we have every means of verification as lots of true and correct information is provided by 1) the Tax Court Memo of May 3, 2021 regarding the Estate’s prevalence over the IRS and 2) the depositions in Wade Robson’s case (recently thrown out by another judge) where people gave their testimony under oath, including John Branca who was deposed by Robson’s lawyer Finaldi on October 18, 2017.

Both sources in combination with what we knew before will give us a unique chance to finally get to the bottom of things which are a matter of fierce controversy within the MJ fan community even today. 


The first thing doubted by Branca’s critics is that he really had the right to 5% of the Sony/ATV catalog. 

John Branca claims that he did, or rather his firm did as the money didn’t go directly into his pocket – after all, he wasn’t the only one in his law firm to work for Michael Jackson.

Branca’s 5% stake in the Sony/ATV catalog was mentioned in so many documents that doubting it is ridiculous, but since some people do, let’s start from the beginning again.

Finaldi asked Branca about his ownership of 5% in the Sony/ATV catalog and this is what Branca replied under oath (pp.37-38 of the transcript ):

Read more…

Michael Jackson and his foes: TWO MAJOR WINS BY THE ESTATE

June 20, 2021

Resuming writing for this blog after a long hiatus is not easy, but I will nevertheless try.  And the first question I ask myself 12 years after Michael Jackson’s death is where we are now as to his legacy and his name?

Judging by the comments here and there, only the inquisitive managed to go beyond the superficial propaganda of that fantasy piece called “Leaving Neverland” and the tall tales told by the media. This does not surprise me because most of the mainstream media has turned into fake news delivering sheer propaganda, and unfortunately the public tends to swallow it uncritically.

And this is no surprise either as millions have proven themselves unable to interpret facts correctly even when flatly facing them and even in much easier cases than the intricate scam around Michael Jackson.

At first the media tested their massive fakes on the poor Jackson and then continued with everything else playing people for fools, alas.

An example of the media duping the public is the way they reported on Anthony Pellicano’s release from prison in March 2019.


I mention his name because the recent MJ Estate memorandum asking Wade Robson to pay around $113,000 in legal costs now that he lost his civil case against the Estate, listed two Pellicano’s depositions taken in August 2020, which sounds to me as a sheer sensation.

Read more…

THE KEY PLAYERS behind ‘Leaving Neverland’ Operation

December 29, 2020

Three days before the official trailer for “Leaving Neverland” was first released to the public on February 19, 2019, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times wrote her review of the film setting a sort of a standard for other mainstream media to follow.

Maureen Dowd should not be confused with Maureen Orth of the Vanity Fair who dedicated her life to smearing Michael Jackson. Maureen Dowd is the Pulitzer Prize-winning op-ed columnist who is “arguably the most powerful journalist in America thanks to her must-read column in The New York Times”.

To show how powerful she really is it’s suffice to mention that just one column of hers written in February 2007 ruined the chances of Hillary Clinton for presidency and projected the career of Barack Obama as a Democratic nominee who would later win the elections.

Let me repeat – it was Dowd’s just one column that changed the US political climate forever.

And on February 16, 2019 she reviewed the Leaving Neverland film, just several days before some of its footage was to be shown to the public for the first time.

A month prior to that the film premiered at the Sundance festival and those present had already sent shock waves throughout the world, however its TV premiere was to take place only on March 3 and 4, so Maureen Dowd’s opinion of the film was kind of setting the scene.

One would imagine that a journalist whose word people hang on as if it were the gospel, would be wary of making rash conclusions and warn others that unless proven by facts the assertions of two individuals are worthless.

However this was not the case. In the very headline of her column Maureen Dowd denounced Michael Jackson as the King of “perversion”, presented the film as fact and instead of asking appropriate questions about its legitimacy redirected everyone’s attention to “how could we be so blind?”

Her review abounded in words like “lair”, “monster”, “rapist”, “apparent criminality”, “shredded lives of victims”, “tragedy” and the like. Read more…

Which side in CULTURE WARS is Michael Jackson on?

December 5, 2020

When the news of Elton John’s story about  Michael Jackson arrived here I was reading the works of Professor James Davison Hunter, the American sociologist who coined the expression “Culture wars” and first used it in his book “Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America” published in 1991.

This groundbreaking book is not online, but I read two others by the same author entitled “Death of Character – Moral Education in an Age without Good or Evil” (published in 2000) and “Is there a Culture War? A Dialogue on Values and American Public Life” (2006).

What was remarkable about my reading is that Elton John’s story was a perfect example of the culture war described by the author – the culture division and even polarization between Michael Jackson and his immediate circle in the entertainment industry, in Hollywood and the media serving the interests of one side only, all of which formed an immensely hostile cultural opposition to Michael Jackson.


The Culture war will help you understand why some people in Michael’s homeland are virtually unable to see his innocence – and not so much because of the total absence of evidence to support those baseless allegations, but primarily due their lack of certain personal traits necessary to understand his character and core moral values.

The problem of these people is that due to the realignment of values that took place in the US several decades ago, their own morals became relative and are now deprived of their commanding character. Instead of convictions these people have preferences and “truth has become a matter of taste for them – all provisional, all exchangeable,” often subject to fashion and certainly having nothing to do with the moral imperatives that existed earlier.

These wonderful people are called progressives.

According to sociologist James Hunter the culture war, raging in the US already in the 1990s, began between the ‘progressives’ and ‘traditionalists’ sometime in the 50s when traditionalism came as an answer to the progressive trends that rose at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then progressivism has scored one victory after another.

To see what progressivism is, you actually need not go further than the beginning of Hunter’s book “Death of Character. Moral education in an Age without Good or Evil” with has an introduction with a telling subtitle “Postmortem”: Read more…

The Reason for Michael Jackson’s Escapism

November 29, 2020

Some time ago a reader’s comment arrived here about Elton John’s biography of 2019 and his spiteful description of a lunch with Michael Jackson, which was certainly hailed in the press as another instance of Michael Jackson’s so-called ‘bizarre’ behavior.

First, let me repeat the comment and my answer to it here.

Elton John recalls Michael Jackson

luv4hutch: By the way, here is the specific comments of Elton John about Michael in his memoir entitled “Me”, which doesn’t say Michael was guilty, it just refers to him as “disturbing to be around.” It focuses on a lunch that Elton had when he was first dating his husband, David Furnish, and of course how Elton makes a judgment without knowing all the facts, though Michael would always think of Elton as a friend, especially in his dedications in the HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor albums, and Elton earlier in the book acknowledges Michael’s role and friendship with Ryan White, who Elton of course also says was a big reason for him to get sober and to start his AIDS Foundation:

“The problem at the lunch party wasn’t really my mum. It was one of my other guests, a psychiatrist, who at the last minute, informed me that his client, Michael Jackson, was in England, and asked if he could bring him along. This didn’t sound like the greatest idea I’d ever heard, but I could hardly refuse. I’d known Michael since he was thirteen or fourteen: after a gig I played in Philadelphia, Elizabeth Taylor had turned up on the Starship with him in tow. He was just the most adorable kid you could imagine. But in the intervening years, he started sequestering himself away from the world and away from reality, the way Elvis Presley did. God knows what was going on in his head, and God knows what prescription drugs he was being pumped full of, but every time I saw him in his later years, I came away thinking the poor guy had totally lost his marbles. I don’t mean that in a lighthearted way. He was genuinely mentally ill, a disturbing person to be around. It was incredibly sad, but he was someone you couldn’t help: he was just gone, off into a world of his own, surrounded by only by people who told him what he wanted to hear.

And now he was coming to the lunch at which my boyfriend was scheduled to meet my mother for the first time. Fantastic. I decided the best plan was to ring David and drop this information into the conversation as nonchalantly as possible. Perhaps if I behaved as if there was no problem there, he might take it in stride. Or perhaps not-I hadn’t even finished nonchalantly mentioning the change in lunch plans before I was interrupted by an anguished yell of ‘are you fucking KIDDING ME?’ I tried to reassure him by lying through my teeth, promising that the reports that he’d heard of Michael’s eccentricities were greatly exaggerated. This probably wasn’t very convincing, since some of the reports of them had come directly from me. But no, I insisted it wouldn’t be as strange as he might expect.

In that respect at least, I was absolutely right. The meal wasn’t as strange as I might have expected. It was stranger than I could have imagined. It was a sunny day and we had to sit indoors with the curtains drawn because of Michael’s vitiligo. The poor guy looked awful, really frail and ill. He was wearing makeup that looked like it had been applied by a maniac, it was all over the place. His nose was covered with a sticking plaster which kept what was left of it attached to his face. He just sat there, not really saying anything, just giving off waves of discomfort the way some people give off an air of confidence. I somehow got the impression he hadn’t eaten a meal around other people in a very long time. Certainly, he wouldn’t eat anything we served up. He had his own chef with him, but didn’t eat anything he made, either. After a while, he got up from the table without a word and disappeared. We finally found him, two hours later, in a cottage on the grounds of Woodside where my housekeeper lived: she was sitting there, watching Michael Jackson quietly play video games with her eleven-year-old son. For whatever reason, he couldn’t seem to cope with adult company at all…”

As if the above piece were not enough for me I read a couple of more pages of Elton John’s bio and came to the conclusion that in this Orwellian world of ours it was Michael Jackson who was the most normal man who, alas, had to live among totally abnormal people around him.

In a classic case of a pot calling the kettle black Elton John pronounced Michael Jackson “disturbing to be around”, “mentally ill” and sometimes “pumped full of prescription drugs” though his own personality is much better suited for these descriptions.

Prescription drugs Michael did take as he had to cope with the never-ending pain after the scalp-stretching operations to cover the burned skin on his head, so he was in a constant medical condition requiring painkillers that later turned into an addiction (which he eventually overcame).

But Elton John didn’t have any medical reasons to justify the use of drugs, however he himself says that he was a horrible cocaine addict for almost two decades. By his own admission after so many years of drug abuse his soul became so black that it was “like a charred piece of steak”. Read more…

The Schleiters remember Michael Jackson in AKTE documentary

June 26, 2020

The AKTE documentary about the Schleiter family and their friendship with Michael Jackson aired on German TV sometime in January this year, but its English version was made available to us only recently, thanks to AlfonsMeir who uploaded it here.

The Schleiter family

Many of us have probably not heard of the Schleiters except their emphatic “Enough is enough” letter in support of Michael Jackson as previously they never spoke to the press.

I encourage everyone to read the letter and watch the documentary as the latter is quite accurate in describing Michael Jackson’s tribulations beginning with 1993 (except the wrong age of the accuser and some minor details) and covers almost everything up to Martin Bashir’s film and La Toya’s various performances in this or that attire for and against her brother.

Anyone can watch the documentary themselves to form an opinion, but your impression will not be full if you don’t know what is insinuated about Anton Schleiter by Michael’s detractors.  In fact it is the comparison between these freaks’ innuendoes and the truth which is a real eye-opener here. Read more…

What JEFFREY EPSTEIN’s case tells us about the MEDIA and MICHAEL JACKSON

June 9, 2020

Hopefully some of you have already seen the ‘Filthy Rich’ Netflix series about pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and had a chance to think it over.

The documentary requires a comparison with Dan Reed’s ‘Leaving Neverland’ of course, but there is so big a difference in the standards of research for the two films that it is not even worth it.

One is a sloppy propaganda piece, while the other is a serious study of a horrible case and a horrible phenomenon. And how can you compare the two rogues spilling their fantasies about Michael Jackson without any proof, with the testimonies of Epstein’s victims supported by the documents, police and even the FBI 53-page indictment? The two cases are totally incomparable and are actually poles apart.

But if you do compare there are at least two factors that are drawing attention.

One is that the genuine victims in ‘Filthy Rich’ look unwilling to discuss the sexual crimes committed against them and are visibly reluctant to describe them in graphic detail. There are no juicy details in their accounts and when it is necessary to give some, the victims stop short, clearly hesitate and are still unable to utter it. Only one woman out of many in ‘Filthy Rich’ mentioned a sex toy used by Epstein but said it in so low a voice that it was barely heard, though this was one of his main tools of abusing minors.

Remember Robson & Safechuck who gleefully described in ‘Leaving Neverland’ the various ways they were allegedly abused by MJ as well as their occasional smiles and twinkling of the eye during descriptions?

What a dead give-away that they are lying! Their desire to tell it in so much graphic detail in order to look convincing shows that for their own selves their stories are cold and devoid of any emotion, and all their descriptions are just words not resonating with any feelings.

Real feeling is what you see in Epstein’s victims though they do try to look unemotional and calm.

Another thing that strikes you as a very big difference is that Epstein’s victims never changed their stories. What they initially said they repeated later, and what they repeated later they had been saying from the very beginning. And though initially most of them were unwilling to talk, when interviewed by the police all of them admitted that they were molested by Epstein. According to the police two of the girls claimed that they ‘loved’ Epstein and hoped to marry him, but the fact of molestation was not disputed even by them.

The only ones who still deny everything are Epstein’s accomplices – Ghislaine Maxwell and several other monstrous females who turned the sexual abuse of girls into their daily routine. By now they have changed their names and are unavailable for comment, but hopefully one day they will see their day of reckoning.

If we didn’t know Robson to be a liar he could easily qualify for the role of an accomplice and it would be an interesting turn to the matter, because if we are to believe his current story it means that when defending Michael Jackson at the 2005 trial he perjured himself and obstructed justice that way. But if he told the truth then, it means that now he is lying to extort the MJ Estate for money (initially a billion reduced to hundreds of millions by today). So whichever way you look at him the only place where Robson really belongs is prison, and not a TV show. Read more…

The Debate With a Hollywood Producer: MICHAEL JACKSON, PROJECT M and STEVEN SPIELBERG

March 15, 2020

The previous post was about a debate between a Hollywood producer scornful of Michael Jackson and our reader ‘luv4hutch’ who sent us the text of their discussion and asked for a comment; and also some facts regarding the role of David Geffen in the life of Laura Nyro and Donna Summer, same as Michael Jackson’s.

The ruin of their careers revealed exactly the same modus operandi and is pointing to the same person in their immediate surrounding who put a hand to their destruction.

Here is the continuation of the debate and we begin where we left off – with David Geffen, of course and Project M on making a Peter Pan movie supposedly with Michael Jackson in the main role. The whole thing was a fake as it was never meant to be realized, but the scheme was elaborate and multi-task and resulted in putting the blame for its failure on Steven Spielberg which put an end to his friendship with Michael Jackson.

My interest in the debate is the frame of mind of people in Hollywood, and getting new facts, if any, to further clarify the picture around Michael Jackson then and now. Read more…

What Michael Jackson, Laura Nyro & Donna Summer had in common: DAVID GEFFEN

March 2, 2020

Reader luv4hutch has sent us the summary of his debate with a friend about Michael Jackson and asked for a comment or post about it. And though our waiting list is already long, let it be another unexpected post that precedes everything else.

The person who goes as a “Producer” in the debate is a producer working in the entertainment industry. His views about Jackson are standard for the people of his trade – they were formed by very many years of listening to rumor and innuendo from the so-called reliable people in Hollywood, generating inflated stories and feeding on them too, and also some scraps of insider’s information which may be occasionally true. All of it has long cemented into their rock solid confidence that no one can possibly know more about Jackson and that everything to know about him is already there.And since these people see no need in learning anything new or fact-checking the earlier stories we can safely say that they got stuck in the past, in a sort of Stone Age with regard to Michael Jackson.

“Reader” is the initiator of the debate who is apparently sitting on the fence and is torn between his friend who seems to be so knowledgeable about Jackson and his own doubts in the veracity of claims about him.  His views are more or less typical of the present of Michael Jackson – which is still controversial and unclear for the majority of people.

And we here represent Michael Jackson’s future. After more than 10 years of research of every pro and con argument we are one hundred per cent certain that Michael Jackson was innocent and consider it only a matter of time when it becomes obvious to everyone else. This confidence arose from examining every story about Jackson and after finding nothing incriminating there we have moved on to explore the unchartered waters and the subjects of our interest now are somewhat bewildering to the uninitiated – like the role of a certain Victor Gutierrez or David Geffen in Michael Jackson’s fate, for example.

So the main difference between us is that we know everything they know, while they don’t have even a fraction of our knowledge. They think they possess some precious insiders’ information and do not understand that we have already dissected their knowledge into a million pieces and have discarded it all after examining it several times over, and are far ahead of these people now. So far ahead that it is actually a bore to go over it again and again.

However I will still make a comment on an issue that needs clarification and further research and is actually what our Friend started with.

Producer: Geffen came on to Michael and got turned down? Well, that’s funny, considering before Michael had a taste for more dubious activities, he had a taste for men. I know of several men who can be reliably stated to have dated Michael, Jehovah Witness-ism to the contrary.

VMJ: Several men reliably stated it? If Scott Thorson is one of those highly reliable people here is a post about this character. As regards the opinion of Hollywood at large, our Friend should know better than others that there are no reliable sources in Hollywood – everyone lies there and everyone repeats someone else’s false story.

And this isn’t just my opinion – it is a statement of the Los Angeles Magazine that presented it as an indisputable fact in its March 2004 issue: Read more…

Blanca Francia’s Testimony Revisited: STRANGE CONNECTIONS

January 30, 2020

The previous post about Blanca Francia introduced you to psychologist Mike Craft, who started working with Blanca and her son Jason within a state-run program for molested children even before Jason was first interviewed by the police and recalled the three alleged tickling episodes. You also learned about attorney Terry Cannon, who reached a settlement with Michael Jackson’s lawyers on behalf of the Francia family.

Both Mike Craft and Terry Cannon surprised me by the time they appeared in Blanca Francia’s orbit.

Diane Dimond writes that the state-sponsored therapy program run by Mike Craft was arranged for Jason after his mother’s interview with the police (September 1993) and this means that the program had begun even before Jason complained about anything at all (in March ’94) and even before he first met with the police (on November 3, 1993).

Mike Craft is a marriage and family counselor. He set up his office in 1992. The number of staff is 1 (one).

If Jason Francia’s so-called therapy by Mike Craft indeed started before he recalled any tickling by MJ, it changes our perception of the situation around Michael Jackson in the most dramatic way.

As to attorney Terry Cannon he stunned me by entering the picture already at Jason Francia’s second police interview on March 24, 1994. This date didn’t jibe with the official version either as we were told that the negotiations over a settlement began only in late ’94/early ’95 after all dust in the Chandler case had settled.

These inexplicable shifts in the timeline were a curious twist to the story and demanded attention. What I found was a sensation that was lying almost on the surface. Read more…

Blanca Francia’s Testimony Revisited: THE TIMELINE

January 25, 2020

The promise to cover the remaining parts of ‘Leaving Neverland’ horror movie will be certainly kept, but before that we need to finish with the Blanca and Jason Francia’s story which is also a very big subject that has secrets of its own.

And I am not only talking about Blanca’s so-called evidence regarding Wade Robson that was handled in one of the previous posts – there are a lot of other interesting details that will open up to you if you really look.

Blanca Francia

This post will be about some of those secrets, but first here is a short reminder of what we found earlier about Blanca’s tale regarding Wade Robson.

Some excerpts from her 1993/94 deposition, posted on the internet only recently, made it clear that the story of ‘the former maid seeing Michael in a shower with little Wade Robson’ is a myth dispelled by her own depositions which took place just three years after the alleged event.

It turned out that she had seen only one figure in Michael Jackson’s shower – that of Michael himself. She only assumed that someone else could be there because his figure was blurred and half seen through the fogged glass, and she heard him give a little he-he-he giggle which made her think that he was talking to someone, though there were no other voices heard.

She also assumed that Wade Robson was in the shower as the boy was not in MJ’s room and she saw him and Michael Jackson together later in the day. But nothing was seen or heard in that bathroom – all of it was just a play of her vivid imagination.

Great as this discovery was, more awaited us when we learned that the alleged event  took place in December 1989 which dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s – by that time the Robsons had not even arrived in the US yet as their first visit to Neverland was only in February 1990.

So regardless of Robson’s claims, the described scene has nothing to do with him and we can forget about Robson for now.

A little more research brought us the name of the boy who really stayed at Neverland at the time specified by Blanca Francia – that of Ryan White, an AIDS victim whose condition was already so bad that he died just four months later, in April 1990.

Ryan White, aged 18 meets Ronald and Nancy Reagan. This is his last public appearance [March 1990]

Though being already 18 years old Ryan White looked very young, small and no older than 12, and could be easily taken by Blanca Francia for a ‘little’ friend of Michael Jackson.

And if she made her assumptions about that boy, any ideas about a joint shower with him will be completely crazy considering his disease, because at that time people were afraid of even sitting beside an AIDS victim, not to mention going to a shower or a bathtub with an infected person.

However another astonishing fact we know about Michael Jackson is that he wanted to go to a Jacuzzi with Ryan White.

When speaking to Larry King, Michael’s dermatologist Arnold Klein said that Michael asked him if going in a Jacuzzi with Ryan would be safe and didn’t pose a threat to him. He asked Dr. Hoefflin too, and Hoefflin strongly advised him against it, while Klein said it was okay.

But why did Michael want to do it for Ryan White?

He wanted to show the boy that he wasn’t a pariah and that at least Michael wasn’t afraid of him. Michael’s heart always went out to the weak and he wanted Ryan to feel normal and no different from others. He wanted to set him at his ease and acted like there was nothing extraordinary in taking a Jacuzzi with an infected person though everyone around shunned him like the plague.

In case Michael Jackson managed to realize his big plan and did take Ryan to a Jacuzzi during that visit, Blanca Francia could indeed see their wet swimming trunks on the floor (as she said she did) and Michael could indeed take a shower after that, right in the middle of the day.

As to Ryan White, after the Jacuzzi he would certainly go back to his guest unit to have a nap there – he was so frail that he regularly took a nap in the daytime to regain his strength.

For details of what Blanca Francia said during those 1993/94 depositions please go to this post. And if you want to learn more about Ryan White’s five-day stay at Neverland (in a guest unit by the way) in December ‘89 and see how he got acquainted with MJ at all, you can go to a separate page of this blog that will tell you about the two visits to Neverland described by Ryan White himself. He doesn’t mention the Jacuzzi, but if it did happen it could be only during his second visit to Neverland at Christmas 1989.

And we proceed to Blanca Francia’s numerous depositions that span the incredible period of nearly 25 years – this is how long every speck of dust around Michael was dissected by law enforcement, the media and his detractors.

Our goal is to see 1) what Blanca and Jason Francia testified to and what is true and false in their story 2) how their narrative progressed as time went by and 3) why and how Blanca reached a $2 mln. settlement agreement with MJ in connection with her son’s claims that he was tickled on three occasions within the five years they knew him. Read more…

A See-Through-Lies Manual on Orietta Murdock, Victor Gutierrez and Joy Robson

December 22, 2019


In the comments for one of this blog posts there are two short texts about little Wade Robson in Michael Jackson’s recording studio – one is Orietta Murdock’s statement from the Prosecution ‘Prior Bad Acts’ Motion for the 2005 trial and the other comes from Victor Gutierrez’s literary opus about Michael published in 1996.

For those who don’t know the above characters here is a reminder:  Orietta Murdock was Michael Jackson’s administrative assistant in September 1989–January 1991 and Victor Gutierrez is a pedophilia advocate who dogged Jackson since the late 80s, spread innumerable lies about him and who by Diane Dimond’s own admission, was the latter’s best source.

The stories by Murdock and Gutierrez are the usual kind – they are blatant lies about Michael Jackson and the only peculiar thing about them is that they are identical, though told by different people and at different times. My conclusion was that in the job of smearing Michael Jackson these two personas worked in close cooperation with each other, and Gutierrez was most probably the one with whom the false text originated.

The story proper was not analyzed as I thought that the proof of Murdock’s cooperation with a scumbag like Gutierrez was reason enough to immediately flash it down the toilet, but a reader left a comment to the effect that who told whom is a secondary matter as the basis of the story is true.

Indeed, who told whom doesn’t matter that much, but I am highly resentful of the idea that the basis of the story is true.  It is absolutely not true, though I understand why people fall into the fallacy of thinking that it is – if some elements sound familiar people get the impression that they know the general idea, and if a couple of details are real, they imagine that the whole of it is basically correct.

But clean and dirty waters are also basically the same as they share the same molecular structure, only one is safe to drink while the other will cause you sickness and even death. And the same goes for stories and information at large – though looking similar some of it is downright poisonous.

So it’s high time we realized that it is absolutely not enough to know the story ‘in general’ – this is only the illusion of knowledge and if you don’t know the story in full you may as well consider yourself ignorant of the matter.


Before we deal with the Gutierrez and Murdock lies the first thing to start with is establishing the hard facts of the story. And there can’t be a better source for the episodes described than Joy Robson, mother of Wade Robson. She testified to all that at the 2005 trial and her account can be trusted as even after her son’s U-turn against Jackson she hasn’t changed it and it is only her perception of some details that may be different now. Read more…

Blanca Francia’s Deposition BLASTS the Wade Robson Story

December 4, 2019

The name of Blanca Francia is now firmly associated with Wade Robson. She used to be a personal maid to Michael Jackson, who later made controversial statements about him, and Robson insisted on Michael’s innocence for the first 30 years of his life, but since making his U-turn in 2013 has told most horrible things about his former friend.

So previously Francia and Robson were on the opposite sides of the barrier, and now they are allies whose case against Jackson is based on each other stories – Blanca Francia thinks she saw the shadow of Robson in Michael Jackson’s shower at Neverland, and Robson, though recalling none of it himself, goes much further and claims she saw Michael Jackson “rubbing the Plaintiff” and “the Plaintiff’s head was pressed against Michael Jackson’s stomach area.”

The above Robson’s statements come from his Motion to amend his third amended complaint filed on September 9, 2016 (for its screenshot see the collage below).

The collage, combining an excerpt from the 2016 Motion and Robson’s milder version of the same from an earlier court document, was made by Hammer whose Twitter account also introduced me to the recent 2016 deposition of Blanca Francia.

Why is the description of the shower episode different in Robson’s two court documents and why is the amended 2016 version so gross in its content?

Whenever Robson’s story is found inconsistent his standard reply is that his memory “evolved”. But given that the new amendment was made three days after Blanca Francia’s deposition on September 6, 2016, it would be logical to assume that Robson took all those salacious details from her new testimony – however the problem here is that Blanca Francia said nothing of the kind there, so Robson must have drawn inspiration from another source.

Of course Blanca Francia’s deposition is available to us only in the bits and pieces put online by the one who bought those pages from the court reporter, but when you start reading the little we have, you will realize that even the above graphic content is not that important as it fades in comparison with the discovery we make there. Read more…

10 years of vindicating Michael Jackson

November 21, 2019

Sometimes there are dates or anniversaries of which you don’t know whether to celebrate them or to mourn them. After Michael Jackson’s 10th death anniversary this year, we now have the 10th anniversary of the foundation of our Vindicate MJ blog. Exactly today 10 years ago, on November 21 in 2009, Helena sent this blog online into the world with these first words:

“Father, Forgive Them; They Don’t Know What They Are Doing…”, with Johann Sebastian Bach’s famous Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major called “Air” and with her explanation why she started this work.

Well, in view of the fact that nothing has changed since November 2009 and that we still have to fight for the truth, it’s hard to celebrate this 10 year anniversary. And meanwhile I believe it is fair to say that some things cannot be forgiven anymore – at least it is up to God to forgive the liars, our human souls are not able to do this.10 years

When faced with the “Leaving Neverland” spectacle this year, it felt like we were thrown back to the beginning of our journey and have to start with educating people all over again.

However, what happened within these 10 years made us stronger and helped us to counter these new allegations with much more knowledge. There was so much research done by Jackson’s fans and supporters in this decade that we now can reply to every new claim and allegation with an enormous amount of facts like nobody else. This was harder in the beginning after Michael’s death than it is now.

Of course, the media didn’t learn much during this time, they ignore most of the facts now as they did it in earlier years. This is a systematic approach! We cannot rely on their objective treatment of Michael Jackson and all the stories spread about him. When it comes to MJ, they are still not interested in doing the task assigned to them: detailed fact-checking and objective assessment and reporting of stories and allegations.

But with all the research that was done by Michael Jackson “truthers” in an almost scientific manner since Michael’s death, we today can be very sure and convinced that we are right! That we are not mistaken! Because with every new fact we found out, our convictions were corroborated. And this is the joint work of international groups of bloggers, advocates and researchers, of which Helena is one of the most important.

On this day I want to highlight particularly the work done by Helena in the course of these 10 years, with so much passion that sometimes her health suffered severely from it. I remember the several public trials she covered arduously, writing posts every day and night, hardly sleeping during these weeks. I remember the attacks from MJ haters by impersonating the blog with lies and fake news. I remember her falling in a hurry and breaking her wrists which required her to stay in hospital for a while and leaving the blog to others, when she couldn’t write herself. The several times of absence from the blog always made the readers miss her very much – because she could not and never can be replaced. Her quick perception and excellent judgment and assessment of things are unparalleled and so much needed in difficult situations when false stories on Michael become overwhelming and people don’t know what to believe. In these times we need somebody with a clear view, with a wealth of knowledge and a good memory, leading us through the waves of rumors, untruths and biased reporting.

Certainly, nobody can do this amount of work on a daily basis for years. We need to stay healthy, we have families and have to care for other things and family members. So the temporal intervals between writing posts became longer over time, and it also didn’t seem necessary to repeat all facts any time new claims and lies on Michael came up. Principally, all was said on the allegations, and the facts speak for themselves.

But this year was different. Leaving Neverland and the two liars and their director made us nearly vomit considering the filthiness and the impertinence of their lies. And also nauseating was the fact that the media and the entertainment industry embraced the film despite the transparency of the lies, as well as the fact that pedophilia doesn’t seem any longer a subject of disgust, but of entertainment and a new ideology (“children can enjoy sex with adults”). Moreover, the agenda to bring down Jackson’s legacy became so obvious.

Seeing Robson and Safechuck going so far as to present themselves with their lies as movie stars (with even photo sessions showing them as the popstars they always wanted to be) was a shock – not a shock about the lies they told, because we already knew them – but a shock about how low some people can sink to make headlines and to take revenge.

The good thing that happened after the initial shock was the unity and the collective reaction of the fanbase and MJ advocates. And especially that many younger “MJ truthers” took over and stroke back on Twitter, YouTube and other social media, even in form of a great documentary, with joint forces and vast knowledge. This gives us a lot of hope. Helena and I are over 60 now, and we need the younger ones to take over and continue the work. It is necessary that younger fans carry forward the vindication work with the same passion and with new instruments and skills, and we are glad that we can rely on them.

Now I would particularly like to say a big Thank you to Helena for her tireless work and commitment. She is one of the pioneers in the MJ blogger community that emerged after Michael’s death, and did a lot of the essential research we needed for today. And we hope that she will be here as long as possible and give us the light we need.

I think we can be thankful that we could keep the blog alive for 10 years now and that nobody could break us. Considering the new law controlling the internet in Helena’s home country, this cannot be taken for granted for the future. And now that a new Californian legislation enables Robson and Safechuck to return their cases to the trial court, there is possibly a lot more work to do and we are far from reaching our goal. But we hope for the best that we will be able to go on TOGETHER!

The VMJ blog is an academic Chair for studying Michael Jackson, and it hopefully will exist another 10 years and longer, beyond our own lives, to educate next generations. This is our wish and we will take care that it remains safe. Thanks to all our readers who keep us going!

May God bless you, Helena!

WHAT WE KNOW about Mark Quindoy’s Diary and Wade Robson. Part 3

November 16, 2019

If somebody tells you that he kept a diary when travelling to an exotic place, and when you start reading it you find that the the names and locations are all wrong, the dates are messed up and the museum described was closed in that particular season, you will suspect that the writer is pulling your leg and just fabricated the whole thing, probably never going on that trip at all.

The same with Mariano “Mark” Quindoy.

Mark Quindoy reads out from his diary, 1993

Quindoy claimed that he kept a diary since his first day of employment at Neverland, but it has so many inaccuracies in the dates, names and descriptions that at some point you start realizing that it is a fabrication.

Michael Jackson’s detractors will excuse Quindoy’s blunders by saying that “it was long ago and he simply misremembered it”, however this excuse cannot be applied to a diary which is kept then and there and if something worthy of attention happens in the morning you make a note of it in the evening. Or the next day. Or the same week at the very latest.

A diary cannot have any discrepancies and if not true to life in its every detail, it is actually an imitation based on outside sources and the author’s fantasy. It is either this or that,  with no shades of gray in between.

Therefore it is no use sorting through the mess of Mariano Quindoy’s diary trying to filter the “correct” facts from its lies and inaccuracies – if some pieces of his diary are messed up it means that the whole of it was fabricated.


Mariano Quindoy’s diary has reached us in its several versions. First it was reported by the media as Quindoy presented it at his 1993 press conference in Manila. Then Quindoy’s ideas were stated in the prosecution “Prior Bad Acts” Motion of December 10, 2004. And then it was retold in several books (Diane Dimond’s is the example).

Let us go over Quindoy’s most striking statements that went into the Prosecution “Prior Bad Acts” Motion. Read more…

What Do We Know About Mariano “Mark” Quindoy? Part 2

November 5, 2019

By September 1993, when Mariano “Mark” and Ofelia “Faye” Quindoy arranged a press conference in Manila, their legal battle with Michael Jackson had been going for three years – since they left Neverland in August 1990. The disputed sum was $283,000 they thought Michael Jackson owed them in unpaid overtime wages.

For a while all seemed quiet, but in late 1991– early 1992 they started seeking contact with the media. We’ve seen their two big TV interviews with Hard Copy (Feb.1992) and Geraldo (July 1992), and an earlier contract with the “Sun” for $25,000 to tell a frank and full story about their work for Michael Jackson – however then they didn’t say a single bad word about their former employer.

The Quindoys and Michael Jackson

But knowing that when doing those interviews the Quindoys were also litigating Michael Jackson, it was easy to assume that their public appearances were actually a warning sent to Michael via TV – if their payment demands were not met, the very same story about him would acquire a different coloring.

Indeed, their earlier interviews had all the makings of future allegations – the comment that Michael used to throw around his clothes and underwear was a signal that it could turn into “boy’s underwear” lying by his bedside, the bed on the second floor of his bedroom where his guests “usually stayed” could turn into a “never slept in” bed, and the innocent fact that for their 6 months there they didn’t see any MJ’s girlfriends would later turn into the idea that he was gay.

The supposition that the interviews were a veiled threat was confirmed by an unexpected source – Victor Gutierrez, who claims that the Quindoys “made demands of” Jackson and threatened him. Gutierrez says that he was also planning to interview them. Read more…

What Do We Know About Mariano “Mark” Quindoy? Part 1

October 31, 2019

Recently I came across an interview of Mariano “Mark” Quindoy, a former housekeeper at Neverland and his wife Ofelia “Faye” Quindoy who worked at Neverland as chef. The video claims that the Quindoys were employed at the ranch for two years and shows Mariano “Mark” Quindoy saying that during his time at the ranch he eye-witnessed a scene in the pool area where Michael Jackson allegedly kissed a boy and put his hand into the boy’s pants. The name of the boy was not specified.

Mariano “Mark” Quindoy on Current Affair, Jan.17, 1994

This previously unknown video is a clip from the Current Affair program dated January 17, 1994, but it surfaced only recently sparking off numerous exclamations from its viewers like “Shocking”, “Never seen this before. I can’t believe some people think he’s innocent”, “Why the hell did they stay silent?” etc.

It just happened that right at that time I was also rereading the Prosecution Motion of December 10, 2004 introducing the so-called “Prior Bad Acts” into the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial (also known as #1108 Motion), and the details and wording of the statement of the same Mariano “Mark” Quindoy in that paper made it clear that Robson’s and Safechuck’s stories in the “Leaving Neverland” film are for the most part based on Quindoy’s claims – up to the description of some scenes repeated by these two characters almost verbatim.

This suddenly made Mariano “Mark” Quindoy big news again, so we need to closely look into this character and his story, especially into that striking episode near the pool area which Quindoy allegedly observed at Neverland and which, according to #1108 Motion, supposedly involved Jimmy Safechuck. It is the same episode as the one in the video, only described in the prosecution paper in much more detail. Read more…

Danny Wu’s documentary SQUARE ONE about Michael Jackson is a MUST-SEE

October 9, 2019

Danny Wu did a remarkable job.

His SQUARE ONE documentary does away with the allegations against Michael Jackson in a very concise and clear way, and what amazes me most is that despite the documentary being only 1 hour and 20 minutes long he manages to cover it all and not miss a thing. Out of the vast exculpatory materials accumulated since Michael Jackson’s passing, Danny Wu managed to select only the most essential facts and documents that tell the truth about those allegations in their most condensed form.

From what I hear about the author he more or less believed Michael Jackson’s accusers after watching the “Leaving Neverland” fake but since it didn’t feel right for him to just blindly accept it, it triggered off his own research and after an obviously very deep dive into the MJ story he made his rebuttal documentary just in two months – a miraculous phenomenon in and of itself, especially considering how impressive the result is.

Even from this point of view it is totally unlike Dan Reed’s tedious shooting and reshooting of his “Leaving Neverland” scenes intended to present its characters in their most favorable light and give them some semblance of credibility through their endless repetitive lies, which are meant to pass off as “research” that actually never took place there.

It is also funny how Danny Wu manages to be slightly ironic about Dan Reed’s crooked job by imitating his signature aerial views and piano music which adds to this documentary at lot as you can’t help occasionally laughing even despite the seriousness of the subject.

In short the quality, accuracy and standard of research of SQUARE ONE are phenomenal, which make it a must-see for those who never heard MJ’s real story and are ready to leave the nasty media matrix to discover the sensational truth that Michael Jackson was an innocent man.

And even long-time researchers like us can also find in the documentary some new facts to carry on with. Read more…


August 29, 2019

Honest people to whom the truth matters are doing so splendid a job of debunking  the lies of Dan Reed’s ‘Leaving Neverland’ film that I can only watch in awe the speed at which they are doing it. Great new videos have been released lately and more are still to come – the ‘Leaving Neverland‘ fakes are indeed an endless source for research and analysis for those who value the truth and reveal it to others.

The thorough shredding of ‘Leaving Neverland’ into pieces seems to have come as a surprise to its authors as well as the mainstream media – none of them expected Michael Jackson’s fans to watch the film in the first place, not to mention the fans’ determination to dissect it.  Of course all those involved in making this fabrication continue to play the old tune, but now they are definitely on the defense and sound more and more like a broken record. Their fake documentary is in rags now because of the numerous holes poked in it, but the liars in and around the film continue to pretend they don’t see anything wrong with it and don’t mind the stench. And this is what backfires most – the more they pretend and censor the voices of reason, the clearer Michael’s innocence is.

Out of the many latest videos debunking Robson’s and Safechuck’s lies the only one available to me is the one called ‘Lies of Leaving Neverland’, released in mid-August, almost on the eve of Michael Jackson’s birthday.

The video is a marvel. It takes only 32 minutes to show the enormity of falsifications in Dan Reed’s film – its numerous contradictions, provable lies, fakes scenes, restaged shoots, reconstructed memories, omission of critical information, manipulation of news clips, use of discredited source materials, key motives ignored and whatnot.

But to me the most stunning discovery of all were the fragments of Robson’s and his mother’s depositions videotaped in 2016 and released only now. Let me tell you – it is one thing to read the tapescripts and it is a totally different thing to see them saying it. Read more…

How the TRUTH of “Chernobyl” Dumped the “Leaving Neverland” FAKE

June 25, 2019

“This is not a film about Michael Jackson. It’s about the Robsons and Safechucks and their encounters with Jackson,” said Dan Reed about his “Leaving Neverland” creation.

Following Reed’s example I will also say that this post is not about Michael Jackson – it is about the two filmmakers whose films are the complete opposites and the only common feature and drawback they share is that both were produced by HBO.

This common production platform is indeed a drawback because the superb accuracy of Craig Mazin’s  “Chernobyl” may lead people to believe that “Leaving Neverland” made by Dan Reed is up to the same standard of factual accuracy. And the glorious effect of one film may reflect on the other though these two films are actually like poles apart – Reed’s so-called documentary is a blatant fake while Craig Mazin’s dramatization movie, which even has some fictional characters, is still breathtakingly authentic and true to life.

Craig Mazin

And this is not to mention the fact that Craig Mazin’s work is up to the highest standards of journalistic and human ethics, while Dan Reed is even unaware of these words.

If you put these films side by side you will also suddenly realize that the tragic but simple truth is much more harrowing than even the most sophisticated and horrible lies. Read more…

„Leaving Neverland“ – after the dust has settled: Fiction and propaganda

June 13, 2019

Meanwhile Dan Reed’s „Leaving Neverland“ has aired in many countries and the dust has settled, presenting a clearer picture of the so-called documentary. The discrepancies and obvious lies in the fiction film have become visible, though not spread everywhere in the media, especially in the US. Apparently it is still not admissible for the mainstream media to talk about the contradictions and implausibilities in the film and explain why not all accusers of sexual abuse have to be believed.

Recently Helena and I have written on a post at the same time, and interestingly we found out that we have included the same topics in it without talking to each other. It showed us that we clearly have the same things on our mind and blindly can complement each other. Helena’s latest post is so important that I decided to add a few things which will corroborate her post and support her statements, especially regarding the propaganda and consensual love issues.
And I do it today on Michael’s acquittal day because in this trial in 2005 his innocence was proven, and Wade Robson had testified for this acquittal. Read more…

The ‘Leaving Neverland’ Fabrication Is Breeding A New Ideology

May 24, 2019

“Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear;

and nothing controls you except your beliefs.”

Marianne Williamson

This post took much, much longer than expected (very sorry for that). When every new day uncovered more and more of Robson’s and Safechuck’s lies, but it still didn’t change anything, I will admit that it was somewhat disheartening to look for the truth.

In circumstances like these it felt like true facts are irrelevant, the feeling all too well known to me from other spheres of life, and it once again raised the question that constantly bothers me – what’s the point of telling people the truth if they prefer lies anyway? Is there a need for facts if all that matters is “who says what” and the impression it produces?


Safechuck, for example, said that when he was a boy he allegedly “had sex” with MJ at many places at Neverland, including the second floor of the train station where it “happened every day”. The impression produced by his monotonous description of the alleged offense, his detached manner and a weird smile was indescribable:

SAFECHUCK: “At the train station, there’s a room upstairs, and we would have sex up there, too. It would happen every day. It sounds sick, but it’s kind of like when you’re first dating somebody, right, and you do a lot of it. (Chuckles.) So it was very much like that.

Now we know that every word in this story is fiction as the train station was built two years after the alleged relationship stopped, but when you say it to Oprah Winfrey she will answer you that the two years discrepancy is no problem – it doesn’t matter if “it was Wednesday or Thursday” as victims can simply forget. Read more…

“Leaving Neverland” transcript. The 2nd half hour of LIES AND DISTORTION

March 31, 2019

The next half hour of the film contains even worse distortions of the timeline than the first one, and this makes it even clearer that Dan Reed is part and parcel of the Robson/ Safechuck scam project.

The problem is that in addition to the two guys’ lies Dan Reed deliberately paints the picture of “grooming” which was absolutely not the case if you know the real timeline. So in order to fill the void Dan Reed builds the suspense artificially – by editing the footage and manipulating the dates. The goal is to present Michael Jackson’s normal interaction with the families as something utterly calculating and sinister.

In reality Safechuck had very little communication with Michael Jackson – after their brief meeting during the December 1986 Pepsi commercial he saw him again only 8 months later, and that was only because he kept bombarding MJ with letters and the polite Michael finally invited them to dinner at Nevenhurst in early November 1987 (during a break between the two legs of his Bad tour).

And Robson didn’t see MJ for two years which passed between their first meet and greet in Australia and the family’s arrival in the US when they spent a whole week seeking out Michael Jackson and struggling to find his telephone number. Their further interaction was not that intense either – in 2005 Joy Robson testified that in 14 years she recalled only 4 occasions when Wade and Michael Jackson were together at Neverland. At all other times the Robsons were there without him.

So not only Dan Reed didn’t check the facts, but he also aggravated the two guys’ lies by artificially “intensifying” their friendship with MJ and creating a continuous story out of the few bits and pieces the two guys had. Read more…

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