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COREY FELDMAN’S TAPES about Michael Jackson, Jon Grissom, Sergeant Deborah Linden and other characters

January 13, 2018

Corey Feldman and family in March 1990 (age 19)

Last month Corey Feldman discovered in his garage the copies of tapes made during his interview at the Santa Barbara Sheriff department in December 1993.

Corey was 22 years old then and was interviewed by Sergeant Deborah Linden and Detective Russell Birchim during their investigation of Michael Jackson.

As soon as Corey revealed that he had the recordings containing the names of his abusers, the Santa Barbara Sheriff department immediately acknowledged that they had also found them and were ready to pass them over to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Previously they denied they ever had them and made the following comment:

“We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects.”

So they did have some written records, but there was no word there about Corey naming his abusers. Interesting, but in the light of the events that followed this wording may sound even formally correct because it wasn’t actually Corey who did it.

Apparently, Corey Feldman had not listened to those tapes for a long time himself. When he recently heard them again, besides the proof that he had told the police about his molester Jon Grissom and they completely ignored his complaint, he also found something there that made him sure that Michael Jackson had been framed up.

We haven’t heard the full tape and Corey Feldman is yet to unravel the whole mystery, but even at this stage we can try and look for the tips that brought Corey to the conclusion about a set-up – the conclusion we also share irrespective of what he found.

The only pieces of Corey’s tape available to us are the short clips played on Dr. Oz’s show on December 11, 2017 and these are only small fragments of the original recording. Dr. Oz’s website has a video of his show broken into ten episodes. Two of them are a teaser and some advertisements, but the remaining ones will be transcribed here with only some bits illegible to me left out (in case you can fill in the blanks, please do).

So let’s listen to those clips together to see if we can fish out anything new there.

The first clip is a trailer that starts directly with Dr. Oz and Corey Feldman discussing Jon Grissom who was the one who molested Corey when he was a teenager.

Clip 1 of 10

COREY FELDMAN: ….And that’s what you are trained to do in Hollywood. When there is a problem you keep it to yourself, keep your mouth shut – that is the conditioning of the system. It’s systemic, it happened then, it happens now, looks at what’s going on in the press. This is what we are talking about.

DR.OZ: Did you feel at any point when you were dealing with the police that your long nightmare is going to be over?

FELDMAN: I literally thought, okay, they must be investigating him, because they mentioned it – “Look, you have to file a formal report if you want this to be investigated”. And I said, “Okay, let’s do it”. But they never did…

DR.OZ: But they never clarified that they were actually interested in Jon Grissom?

FELDMAN: No. (pause) They weren’t interested in Jon Grissom.

DR.OZ: I want to point out to everybody right now. I’ve been hammering on this theme, but to me evil happens when good people don’t see bad people don’t stop that’s evil and stop it. So how I understand had Santa Barbara detectives followed up maybe Corey Feldman’s alleged abuser Jon Grissom could have been investigated, maybe they could have been protected from other types of child abuse and the point is, in 2001, that is almost 20 years after – God knows what happened during those 20 years – in 2001 Jon Grissom was arrested for lewd acts with a minor and for oral copulation with a minor. Twenty years more of abuse and we can’t have him found out.

Clip 2 of 10

FELDMAN: So the fact that he has got to come at me like that and say: “… We’ve never been down this road before”, and when this came out – that he was himself a predator – oh God, it made perfect sense to me. He is the problem. Not him, but he epitomizes the problem, which is that these powerful men, the way he behaved is a perfect example of the hierarchy and the mental abuse, the shaming and the power play of “I’m bigger than you. I am in a position that I can put you down and I can squash you and I can make you feel like what you have to say is worthless.”  That’s what it’s about! And that’s exactly how these predators get over on these victims. That’s exactly how. To a tee.

DR.OZ: So we’ve just uncovered the lost tapes from 1993 of Corey reporting the name of one of his abusers to the Santa Barbara detectives.  When these tapes became publicly known that they are actually still in existence, there were many news reports that you’d been vindicated. That was the word – vindicated. What do you think? Do you think you have been exonerated?

FELDMAN: Not yet. Not yet. Vindication will come when my best friend’s perpetrators are behind bars, when the people that molested me are behind bars and when my good friend Michael Jackson is fully exonerated in the public opinion because he was never a predator. (applause)

DR.OZ: And your best friend was Corey Haim. So Corey Haim has his perpetrator to be taken down, same for the people who’ve abused you, and Michael Jackson.

FELDMAN: Michael Jackson needs to be cleared. Once and for all. And I believe this could eventually lead to.

DR.OZ: So for the first time ever you are about to hear Corey telling police about his abuse. Take a listen.

Corey Feldman: Oh I’ve been, I mean, I’ve been a victim of molestation.

Detective Birchim: Then you know what I’m talking about.

Corey Feldman:  I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Detective Birchim: You feel guilty, you feel horrible and, uh…

Sgt. Deborah Linden: You feel like it was your fault and …

DR.OZ: The fact that these words were even spoken is shocking because they were called into doubt until this week. We are going to dig deeper, way deeper in Corey’s lost tapes. Up next for the first time ever we are revealing what the tapes really say.

Clip 3 of 10

FELDMAN (about Michael Jackson): He is not a sexual person! It doesn’t even come across a conversation with him!

DR.OZ: So, I want everyone to listen carefully to what Corey told them during their investigation of Michael Jackson. These are your words – 25 years ago.

Corey Feldman: Believe me, the person who molested me, if this was him, you know, that did that to me, then this would be a different story because I would be out there up front, you know, doing something immediately to have this man, uh, given the… what was due to him.

DR.OZ: I’ll be fair to everyone. Santa Barbara’s Sheriff Department has confirmed they’ve found the 1993 tapes. They have not confirmed that Corey’s copies of them are the same ones, but we are confident that they are.

FELDMAN: That’s only one interview.

DR.OZ: So Corey in 1993 is telling the Santa Barbara detectives that it’s not Michael Jackson. It’s actually someone else. And you know it’s not Michael Jackson because you know what molestation is about, you lived it.

FELDMAN: There were several people. I was molested by a couple of guys.

DR.OZ: There was one person in particular that they bring up on these tapes.  It is Jon Grissom who was one of your abusers. Take a listen.

(Even now Corey gets visibly tense and breathless when he hears himself reporting Jon Grissom to the detectives).

Sgt. Deborah Linden: Um, the information that we got was that Jon Grissom was your assistant. And that when Michael started paying a lot of attention to you, that he would get angry and jealous, basically, because you were hanging out with Michael, and not with him.

Corey Feldman: Hmm, um…..

Sgt. Deborah Linden: Did I hit a sore spot? Hahaha

Corey Feldman: Um, I, first of all, I knew Michael long before I knew Jon Grissom. And, Jon Grissom was the guy who molested me.

Sgt. Deborah Linden: Mmm.

Corey Feldman: So, I don’t know where you got the facts from. But, I mean, they’re kind of messed up. But Jon Grissom, you know, was the guy who molested me. And he, um, I’m, I’m sure he probably was jealous of how much I respected Michael and how much I hung around Michael.

And, if, in fact, he may have thought anything was going on with Michael, I could imagine how a sick person like that would think, and would think that, you know….

Sgt. Deborah Linden: How old were you when that happened?

Corey Feldman: Fifteen. Um, and, uh….

Sgt. Deborah Linden: You know, you don’t have to, we’re not asking you to tell us about it.

FELDMAN (raising his arms): What more needs to be said? But there is one more thing I must quickly say that I was incorrect – I was fifteen the first time he molested me, but this went on for a year and a half. I just want to state that really quickly.


So this is what it is.

Corey Feldman didn’t remember it then, but realizes it now that it was the police who raised the name of Jon Grissom and that it was this pedophile who shared with them his valuable views on Corey’s friendship with Michael Jackson.

And surely his story wasn’t anything favorable to Michael. Sergeant Deborah Linden misinterpreted Corey’s silence imagining that she “hit a sore point” and laughed, as if thinking that she caught him off his guard and now Corey would not be able to deny anything.

And she was so engrossed in her own preconceptions about Jackson that she didn’t even realize that it was totally abnormal for a teenager’s assistant to be “jealous” of him, and that all the questions she was asking about MJ should have been asked about Grissom instead.

What was the reaction of Sgt. Deborah Linden when she heard that Corey was only fifteen at the time Grissom molested him?

She said: “We are not asking you to tell us about it”.

And why wasn’t she asking?

The obvious answer to that is not what you thought (that she wanted to spare Corey’s feelings) – nothing of the kind. There was no sympathy for Corey and his sore wounds. They continued to relentlessly grill him over Jackson and even after making the unpleasant discovery about Grissom Sgt. Deborah Linden simply laughed the matter off.  So the reason they didn’t ask is because they didn’t want to hear it as they were on the hunt for Michael Jackson only.

However if the police had asked Corey they would have learned some very interesting details – for example, about the circumstances under which the boy turned to Michael Jackson for help.

By that moment he had already known Michael for a long time, but he grew much closer to him when his life became totally unbearable. This moment was again incorrectly interpreted by Sgt. Deborah Linden as the time when “Michael Jackson started paying a lot of attention to Corey” meaning something sinister, while in fact it was the time when Corey was saved from further abuse.

Corey Feldman describes the moment in his book “Coreyography”:

It got so bad that after fleeing Ron’s clutches one night only to have another adult male friend attempt to molest him right after, he escaped to the only safe and friendly place he knew.

“I was shattered, disgusted, devastated. I needed some normalcy in my life. So, I called Michael Jackson,” he writes. “Michael Jackson’s world, crazy as it sounds, had become my happy place. Being with Michael brought me back to my innocence. When I was with Michael, it was like being 10 years old again.”

Ron Crimson is a pseudonym used in the book for Jon Grissom. Now it becomes clear why Grissom was “angry” and “jealous” of Michael Jackson. Corey had just broken free from the people who were abusing him for months and escaped to the only safe place he knew. However Grissom’s twisted mind allowed for only one interpretation of Corey’s flee to Michael Jackson – that the boy preferred a new man to his previous (boy)lover, and hence the feeling of “jealousy” towards him.

And this once again explains the mindset of pedophiles who circled around Michael spreading stick stories about him. It is just an umpteenth reminder of the fact that these stories reflected their own assumptions about MJ and their own ideas of a friendship with a teenager.

I’ve always thought that what they did to children was assumed by them about Michael Jackson and this is what it really was – they attributed their own motives and sexual interests to a man who didn’t have them. They couldn’t even imagine that Corey’s association with Michael Jackson was a simple friendship with no sexual element to it. They themselves knew no such thing.

And it was in this sick manner that these people shared their views about MJ with the police. In one more clip of Corey Feldman’s tape, earlier aired by Celebrity Justice, there is a very specific episode where Detective Russell Birchim tries to impose on Corey Feldman what is essentially a pedophile’s way of thinking. He keeps telling them “Nothing happened” and they keep replying “You simply don’t understand”.

By the way if this was how the police talked to all other alleged victims, it is no wonder that Jason Francia, for example, finally gave in. He was pressed by the police so hard that at some point wanted “to strike them with something heavy on the head”. However after several interviews like that he did manage to recall three cases of “tickling”. It was nothing much, but still a tiny allegation to support their Jordan Chandler flimsy case against Michael Jackson.

Here is the way the police shook Corey Feldman for the information they wanted:

Corey: “Nothing ever happened with Michael.”

Sgt. Deborah Linden: “What concerns me about it is that if there is something happening, if something did happen that you’re not telling us, is that you wouldn’t because of that.”

Corey: “No. I can’t put myself in the position of thinking “Would I or wouldn’t I?” because nothing happened!”

Detective Birchim: “We hear a lot of stuff about how Michael would never hurt any children. Of course he wouldn’t. He loves kids, he’s not gonna hurt them…not physically. I don’t think if Michael’s molesting kids, he’s doing it because he wants to hurt them. He’s doing it because he loves them.”

Police officers pressed on Corey Feldman their own ideas about Michael Jackson

And though some were confused as a result of such interviews Corey Feldman wasn’t – he had gone through molestation himself and knew the difference:

 “I’ve told the police. I sat there and gave them the names,” he said. “They’re on record. They have all of this information, but they were scanning Michael Jackson. Michael was innocent, and that was what the interview was about with the police. I told him, ‘He is not that guy.’ They said, ‘Well, maybe you just don’t understand your friend.’

I said, ‘No, I know the difference between pedophiles and somebody who’s not a pedophile because I’ve been molested. Here’s the names. Go investigate.'”

On Dr. Oz’s show Corey Feldman repeated it once again – Michael Jackson didn’t come across as a sexual person at all as that kind of stuff was never even raised between them.


Clip 4 of 10

DR.OZ: So you on tape are telling authorities that it’s not Michael Jackson, because you know what abuse is like (“Abuse is this, I lived it as Jon Grissom”) and they don’t seem to react to it at that time.

FELDMAN: Here is the thing. I actually thought they were investigating Jon! I thought, because they brought that up, “Oh, wow, this is bigger than just Michael. They know what Jon did too, and that’s why this line of questioning is happening.”

I swear to God, that’s where my head was right at that moment. That’s why I stammered the way I did, because I was like, “Oh-oh-oh, so it is getting into my situation… Okay, well then, I’d better give them all the information they need”.

DR.OZ: Why would they even think about Jon Grissom? Why did Jon Grissom get into the picture?

FELDMAN: That’s a really good question.

DR.OZ: Was he accusing Michael Jackson? Perhaps he was? He was saying they’ve got to check…

FELDMAN: This guy is a predator.  Let’s just say it – he was probably in love with me, in his sick and twisted mind… because I was also told around that time that he was going around telling people that I was his boy friend, which means that not only was it real, but that he was acknowledging it to other people without me knowing.

So why isn’t any justice being done? And why are you trying to put my friend in jail who’s never harmed a fly and yet you have this information and you are not doing anything about it? What the heck is really going on here? And I am still asking that question.

DR.OZ: Watch out what happens next. More of these forgotten audio tapes. You’re going to be hearing them right now for the first time. 


And this is a point when a lot more questions need to be asked.

Indeed, how was it possible for Jon Grissom to go about telling everyone he had a fifteen year old boyfriend, openly acknowledge it and no one cared, paid attention or informed the police?

And how did the reverse happen – that it was a child molester Grissom who was informing the police of his ideas about Jackson?

And why did the police brush aside Corey’s story when he was ready to give them all the information they needed?

We don’t know much about Jon Grissom. The little we know is that he is a convicted sex offender arrested in 2001 and now wanted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for skipping an offenders programme. A few more details are provided by this website:

  • Grissom had been a family friend before being elevated to a role as Corey Feldman’s assistant. Feldman also wrote of Crimson, via the New York Post, “It was almost eerie how similar we were. It was as if he had studied me and was copying my every move.”
  • Grissom was the one who introduced the boy to cocaine and crack, and sexually assaulted him after treating him to a concoction of pills.
  • Grissom has a MySpace page that shows photos of him with Corey Feldman during the 1980s. On Dr. Oz, Feldman said, “This guy, on his MySpace page and his Facebook page, has pictures of me and Corey Haim. He still taunts it and flaunts it.”
  • Grissom’s Facebook page, says that he now lives in Mexico. In November 2016, Grissom also shared a photo of Feldman on his page.
  • Online records show that Grissom has record for performing lewd or lascivious acts with a child aged 14 or 15 years old. Those records for Grissom give his full name as Cloyd Jon Grissom. The arrest took place in 2001 and saw Grissom serve time in 2003.
  • Grissom was also arrested in Utah for an unknown crime in 1995. In 2000 Grissom spent three months in prison in Arizona for credit card theft, unlawful means of transportation and resisting arrest.

Jon Grissom’s selfie

So Jon Grissom has quite a record and has not amended his ways as is clear from the half-naked selfies posted by him on the social media together with the old photos of him and the two Coreys.

What also caught my eye is that before becoming Corey’s assistant Grissom was a family friend who tried to copy each of Corey’s moves so that their similarity became almost eerie.

This reminded me of things Michael Jackson’s haters constantly claimed about him – only as usual, the situation with MJ was exactly the opposite.

When a child is a fan of someone it is natural for him to try and copy his idol’s style, clothes and moves (some grown-up people even turn this imitation into their profession).

But in case of pedophiles it is them who copy their victims’ behavior and pretend that they share the same interests and like the same things in order to convince the child that they are their soul brothers and best friends.

The Santa Barbara police and DA tried to squeeze Michael Jackson into that pattern, however he absolutely didn’t fit. It was ridiculous to hear them accuse Michael of children trying to imitate him in their clothes and behaviour. Don’t all fans do the same – old and young alike?

Same with the stories about drugs and “plying children with alcohol”. Michael made it a point never to drink when kids were around him and if he did, he used soft drink cans to hide the fact that it was wine.

As to drugs, they were absolutely out of the question. Corey Feldman said about it to Huffington Post:

“He was a guy who was so innocent, so kind of sheltered, you couldn’t even swear around him. You couldn’t talk about drugs, you couldn’t talk about nude women, you couldn’t talk about sex. You couldn’t talk about anything, because he was a very religious man for much of the early stages of his life and career.”

In short, the name of “the proverbial Victorian old maid” given to him by McCauley Culkin’s father was just the right word for Michael Jackson, at least in the 1990s.

Compare it with Jon Grissom and see the difference. However it was this pedophile that the police were listening to while investigating Michael Jackson and not the other way about.

We don’t know when and how the police came into contact with Grissom, but the timeline of his relations with Corey Feldman provides some food for thought.

Corey Feldman was born in 1971 and his molestation started when he was 15. It lasted for a year and a half, after which Corey hasn’t seen Grissom again. We learn of the approximate time Corey saw Grissom last from this article:

Insisting (as he would be asked to do repeatedly down the road) that it was not Michael Jackson who had molested him, Feldman said it was his former assistant, someone he hadn’t seen since 1986, and he found the whole experience “just kind of bewildering. Despite what people think, I was actually very innocent and very naive at the time. I was your typical American kid.”

The year 1987 would probably be more accurate, but whether 86 or 87 it doesn’t make much difference.  What is really important is that by December 1993 when Corey Feldman’s tape was made by the Santa Barbara sheriff department Corey hadn’t seen Grissom for six or seven years.

And this makes us wonder when the police talked to Grissom.


Clip 5 of 10

DR.OZ: Today we hear lost investigation tapes from Corey Feldman revealing that he told authorities about his sexual abuse back in 1993 like he has been saying all along. We’ve been able to uncover them for the first time.

And I want everyone to hear another portion of the interview where Santa Barbara detectives who had called Corey into questioning about the Michael Jackson case. What you are about to hear caught my attention. During the interview the detectives came back to Corey’s claim that he was molested and they asked him point blank about his alleged abuser Jon Grissom.

Sgt. Deborah Linden: Did anything happen with him?

Corey Feldman: What do you mean? No. I never pressed charges.

Sgt. Deborah Linden: Never. Did you ever report it?

Corey Feldman: No. but, uh, I mean, I should have, but I was so… I was so… like those feelings you say, I was so scared and I didn’t know, he was like my best friend, you know. And I didn’t know how to, I mean, I couldn’t even look at him in the eye the next day you know.  I would always have to pretend it didn’t happen. I mean, that was my big thing, I would pretend it didn’t happen.”

Later in the interview

Sgt. Deborah Linden: Where is the guy now?

Corey Feldman: I have no idea.  Um, actually I heard he is back in California, because he was in Utah for a while.

Sgt. Deborah Linden: If we run across him, we’ll let you know. Hahahahaha.

FELDMAN: Hahaha. Funny stuff!

DR.OZ: It’s the laugh that really threw me off. It’s… it’s eerie.

FELDMAN: It’s evil.

DR.OZ: We completely missed what I think should have been heard. So we all listened to the tape. Corey Feldman gave it to us. Investigators didn’t ask him if he wanted to formally report to the LAPD where the abuse occurred.

After they stopped the recording did anyone follow up with you later on? Did they ever say you want to talk to the LAPD? “This is how you do it, we’ll pass it along”?

FELDMAN: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Here is my point. Okay, all they would have had to do is call up any local dispatch and say, “We got a live one here, this kid’s been molested by multiple people, we need to investigate this case, please come down and get the report.” And then we wouldn’t be sitting and talking about this today.

DR.OZ: There are so many questions to ask you. When you were sitting there as a 21 year- old boy, a child still from my perspective, although you are legally a man, you are still …

FELDMAN: Oh, I was very much a kid. I’m still not in a total way… but that’s another story.

DR.OZ: ….And they laugh it off! How does that make you feel? What did you think was happening?

FELDMAN: You understand that I was confused. Again, go back to my mindset. Michael Jackson representing everything positive in my life at the moment – he was the big brother I never had, and you know, the biggest thing he is interested in is “So what happened at school? Tell me about the bullies. Tell me about this”. Because he knew that I needed that. I needed somebody to talk to because he went through the same stuff and he knew what it was like to have your life under a microscope and the press and all the stuff, and you can’t talk to anybody, because your parents say, “Don’t talk to anybody”. And that’s what you are trained to do in Hollywood. When there is a problem you keep it to yourself. You keep your mouth shut.


“If we run across him, we’ll let you know, hahaha”……. What a cynical way to behave to a sex abuse survivor who has just brought himself to share his devastating secret. And what a disappointment it must have been for Corey to slowly realize that they did not even intend to do anything about it, judging by their laugh and careless manner.

But let’s pay attention to one more detail.

  • Sgt. Deborah Linden brought up the name of Jon Grissom herself and said they had information from him about Michael Jackson.
  • And now we find that in December 1993 they had no idea where their source was and even asked Corey Feldman about it.
  • But Corey hadn’t seen Grissom for six or seven years either, and said he heard Grissom had been in Utah for some time, but “now he is back in California”.
  • However the police didn’t know that he was in California (otherwise they wouldn’t be asking) and this makes us wonder – when did they talk to Grissom? And was it in 1993 at all?

You probably understand why the exact date of Grissom’s revelations is important – if that notable conversation with the police took place before September 1993, it means that Grissom was spreading his stories about MJ before the Chandler allegations.

And if this is the case, it won’t be anything new to us. The same was done by two more people who smeared Michael Jackson’s name for years without him ever suspecting it.

Victor Gutierrez, a self-confessed NAMBLA attendee

The first is Victor Gutierrez, a self-confessed NAMBLA attendee and Diane Dimond’s “best source”, who was spreading lies about Jackson at least from 1989, and wrote a book in collaboration with Jordan Chandler’s father presenting Michael Jackson’s friendship with Jordan as “love”. You can clearly hear this interpretation echoed by Detective Birchim who tried to convince Corey Feldman of the same.

Rodney Allen received a life sentence

The second pedophile working against Michael Jackson for years too was Rodney Allen, now a convicted sex offender serving his life sentence in a Canadian prison. Surprisingly, Rodney Allen was also in close contact with Diane Dimond, bombarding her with letters and allegations against Michael Jackson. In 1995 her correspondence with Allen brought her to Canada where Rodney Allen coached a boy to present himself as Michael’s “victim”, however the fraud was uncovered by the Canadian police, and in the absence of a victim Diane Dimond had to report Rodney Allen’s failure instead.

What’s interesting is that Rodney Allen had also something to do with the 1993 case and was in contact with the Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon. We know it from the court documents for the 2005 trial which contain a paper where Sneddon left a mysterious note on a proposed list of prosecution witnesses that “this time” Rodney Allen would not be involved – which clearly indicates that the previous time Allen was involved.

And now we hear straight from the horse’s mouth (I mean the Santa Barbara sergeant) that they were in contact with a third pedophile making allegations against Michael Jackson and that was Jon Grissom!

Jon Grissom is now in Mexico

Now look here, folks.

Two pedophiles and one member of a boylover organization who worked against Jackson for years is really too much. Imagining that this could be just a coincidence is simply impossible, so the only other option left to us is that the whole thing was a scam.

What was the purpose of it?

The purpose was to portray Michael Jackson as a child molester.

And how often do you hear of pedophiles working against their own kind?

NEVER heard about it?!

So what other proof of Michael’s innocence do you need?


Clip 6 of 10

(partially repeated in the 1st clip)

FELDMAN: That is the conditioning of the system, it is systemic – it happened then, it happens now, look what is going on in the press – this is what we are talking about.

DR.OZ: Did you feel at any point when you were dealing with the police that your long nightmare was going to be over?

FELDMAN:  I literally thought, okay, they must be investigating him, because they mentioned it – “Look, you have to file a formal report if you want this to be investigated”. And I said, “Okay, let’s do it”. But they never did…

DR.OZ:  But they never clarified that they were actually interested in Jon Grissom?

FELDMAN: No (pause). They weren’t interested in Jon Grissom.

DR.OZ: I want just to point out to everybody right now. I’ve been hammering on this theme, but to me evil happens when good people don’t see bad people don’t stop that’s evil and stop it. So how I understand had Santa Barbara detectives followed up maybe Corey Feldman’s alleged abuser Jon Grissom could have been investigated, maybe they could have been protected from other types of child abuse and the point is, in 2001 that is almost 20 years after –and God knows what happened during those 20 years – in 2001 Jon Grissom was arrested for lewd acts with a minor and for oral copulation with a minor. Twenty years more of abuse and we can’t have him found out.

FELDMAN: How about this one? They could have prevented multiple things. I’m sure there are many kids that he took advantage of at that time period and it could have all been prevented.

DR.OZ: How would it have changed your life if they had acted on your accusations?

FELDMAN: Well, I can tell you this much. I wouldn’t be trying to raise money through a campaign to make a movie to tell the truth because I would be making my own movies because my career would not have been shut down when I just finished eighteen number one movies in a row. I had just done eighteen No.1 movies in a row at that point of that interview. There is no reason why I should not have continued my career for ages and ages… I mean I still have a career but it was not what it was then, because I am not in the big A-list blockbusters coming out, you don’t see me in them, I haven’t been in them for a while since pretty much the time of that interview.

DR.OZ: Why do you think the Santa Barbara sheriff department or others who became aware after these discussions, didn’t work to help you? Why do you think the whole thing got shut down?

FELDMAN: You want to know what I really think?

DR.OZ: Your best thought.

FELDMAN: (sighs) I believe that there is a connection, I believe there is a connection to the fact that they were trying to frame him …

DR.OZ: Michael Jackson?

FELDMAN: Frame Michael Jackson and bury the Corey Feldman story. I think there is a connection, all of it. And that connection may have something to do with my other molesters as well.

DR.OZ: I’m speechless. I am sure everyone at home and those in the studio here are too.

Now that we’ve found Corey Feldman’s tapes what’s next? Will this open Corey’s investigation again? And there is another big question – is the reporting system for child sex abuse broken? 


Corey Feldman is absolutely right. Of course there is a connection between framing Michael Jackson and burying Corey’s story, both in 1993 and today. This is being done by exactly the same people – those who wanted to frame an innocent man and deflect attention from the real crimes committed towards children like Corey Feldman.

So the very least we can draw from all of the above is that:

1) There is overwhelming evidence that at least three pedophiles were busy smearing Michael Jackson’s reputation in 1993 or even earlier. All of them had a suspiciously free hand in their activities against Jackson and were lent an attentive ear by the police.

2) The Santa Barbara law enforcement officers were preoccupied with Michael Jackson only.

3) And while they were busy with Jackson they overlooked real crimes under their very nose and ignored the complaints of real victims like Corey Feldman and many others.

Just think of how many innocent lives could have been protected from abuse if Sergeant Deborah Linden, Detective Russell Birchim and all others had really done their job – instead of hunting for Michael Jackson after being sent after him by real pedophiles.


Clip 7 of 10

DR.OZ: We are back with our exclusive investigation into lost audio tapes revealing Corey Feldman’s first report of sexual abuse to the Santa Barbara sheriff department as he has been claiming all along.

We’ve just listened to parts of those tapes. Now I will ask the big question – what do these tapes mean for investigation into Corey’s abusers? Corey is back along with a team of legal experts – legal expert Beth Karas is here, who is also a former persecutor, and lawyer and advocate for sexual abuse victims Marci Hamilton also joins us.

DR.OZ: And that’s two of the biggest experts sitting down with us.  I want some answers for everyone of us listening in America. So you hear the tapes that are pretty damning. Why wouldn’t they investigate further?

Beth Karas (screenshot)

BETH KARAS: Because these detectives, as appears to me, were completely focused on Michael Jackson. Corey wasn’t giving them what they were hoping. They were hoping to build a case with more, more accusers and they weren’t getting it, and Grissom wasn’t in their jurisdiction. I didn’t know until hearing the recording just now, that the police had his name. I had originally thought Corey gave the police the name. So that’s very curious to me why Grissom was on their radar and they weren’t doing anything with it. But they were focused on Michael Jackson. He was the big fish.

DR.OZ: How was Jon Grissom actually tantalizing them with the belief that Corey had the goods because Corey must be getting abuse from Michael Jackson?

FELDMAN: What about this? What if Grissom was in my life as a set-up all along to try to destroy my career? The same way they were trying to destroy Michael’s career?

BETH KARAS: I can’t really speak to that.

DR.OZ: But you can speak as to the legal and ethical obligations of police, or sheriffs’ in this case, of one jurisdiction sharing information they know, that could not only help the person they are talking to, but generations on of kids that were harmed as a result of them not speaking.

BETH KARAS: I am not aware of the legal obligation to pass on information that’s out of their jurisdiction, but it is the right thing to do and to say, “You need to look at this guy and maybe there are other complaints coming in.” That’s what good detectives do.

FELDMAN: Can I say something? Even in the most recent interview that I did with them – the LAPD – they literally said to me that they should get this report as a separate report regardless of what I said before because that’s got to be with them and they were very clear that if you are in New York and this happened in New York, we are going to set you up with the New York police

BETH KARAS: But that’s now. The climate is different now.


BETH KARAS: It is our conscience now that everybody is acting on.

DR.OZ: It’s becoming better. The Santa Barbara’s sheriff department who had the original copies of the 1993 tapes and just found them, told us they gave copies to the LAPD just days ago which the LAPD has confirmed to us. Has the LAPD reached out to you subsequent?

FELDMAN: No, but they are a little busy with the fire going on.

DR.OZ: They are busy – I get all that. But the issue of the statute of limitations comes upon a time and the abuse that we’ve been hearing about from you and others continues to be pardoned, so to speak. And this is a big part of Corey Feldman’s truth campaign.


By now we know that the LAPD declined to open an investigation as the statute of limitations had expired and this is why Corey Feldman is now campaigning for abolishing the statute of limitations for cases of child sexual abuse.

And as to what “good detectives do”, but Deborah Linden and Russell Birchim didn’t, I can’t help mentioning the glorious tribute to Linden for her 27 years of work in law enforcement published in connection with her retirement at age 49 in December 2011 from the position of chief of the San Luis Obispo Police.

Deborah Linden

Linden took that job in January 2003 after 18 years with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department and worked at a new place for 9 years. Her biggest achievement there was:

“….additional laws targeting excessive noise, partying and drinking that have been implemented, leading to a decline in violations such as open containers, noise and urinating in public.”

Sheriff Ian Parkinson, who worked for five years as Linden’s second-in-command, said that her attention to detail and dedication to her employees and the community are some of her strongest assets. “She is very much focused on doing things right and not cutting corners,” he said.

Linden is the second highest-paid employee in the city. She earns $160,394 in salary and an additional $73,821 in benefits, such as retirement and health care. The city manager is the highest-paid employee.

And here is more about our hero:

Deborah Linden retires

Linden, who says she’s a “classic workaholic,” plans to retire in late December to spend more time with her family and possibly to teach.

Linden grew up in Northern California before attending UC Santa Barbara as an aquatic biology major, a far cry from law enforcement. Linden graduated from college in early 1984 and started working that same year as a deputy with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. She stayed with the department in various capacities until she was selected nine years ago for the position of San Luis Obispo police chief.

Linden said she had a “great time and a wonderful career” in Santa Barbara County.

“I’m been blessed with some amazing, amazing opportunities,” she added.

Jim Peterson, undersheriff at the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, has known Linden since they were college students together some 30 years ago.

“I already knew back then she was one of the most organized people I ever knew,” he said. While working with the Sheriff’s Department, Linden would complete projects in a way that exceeded all expectations, Peterson said.

She is also looking forward to having more time with her husband, who is retired from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.

“Projects that exceeded all expectations”, “one of the most organized people”, “a classic workaholic”, “very much focused on doing things right”, “her attention to detail”, etc. etc.

How ridiculous all of it sounds in comparison with her total indifference towards a child sex abuse survivor, her cynical laughter in response to his complaints and promises to “let him know” in case they “came across” his abuser – quite by chance of course, since they didn’t even intend to follow up his case.

In fact she didn’t even bother to go back to their records of Grissom talking about Corey Feldman and MJ and note there that Grissom could be a child molester himself.

As to “the amazing opportunities she was blessed with” she did have them, but they were all lost while she overlooked the real crimes and didn’t prevent child tragedies, focusing on big things like urinating in public instead.


Clip 8 of 10

(In this final clip Dr. Oz speaks to Marci Hamilton, the CEO of Child USA).

DR.OZ: Let’s go to Marci. You’ve spent a good part of your life crusading around. You are of a view that today’s sex abuse laws are designed to silence the victims. Why is that?

Marci Hamilton (screenshot)

MARCI HAMILTON: Right. We’ve created a legal culture that keeps the victims quiet and keeps the powerful in business. And so our statutes of limitations are orchestrated so a child doesn’t get to the court fast enough. And you were so young, Corey. Even when you were 20 you were still young to come forward. On average it is about age 42 when people are coming forward.

DR.OZ: Really 42?

MARCI HAMILTON: Really. That’s the average age. We’ve set up the system – the assumption was that a child understood what was happening to them was bad and they were going to tell someone, just like a broken leg. If a kid has a broken leg they don’t like to go and hide it, they tell their mom it hurts and they go to the hospital.

But kids don’t understand sex abuse. They can’t process it. And so since they can’t do that it is remains secret, it is in the predator’s interests to keep it secret and frankly, law enforcement has dropped the ball in a lot of cases. Often because they thought the statute of limitations would have expired.

DR.OZ: So let me show you something.

He shows a chart of the states considered worst for predators/best for victims and the states that don’t defend the victims as much as they could. The New York state is among the latter and Dr. Oz asks his viewers to call the New York state majority leader John Flanagan and ask him for help in passing a Child Victims Act. He calls on people to make the change.

DR.OZ: What would it mean to you, Corey, to get all those states lagging behind towards where they need to be in terms of protecting victims?

FELDMAN: Well, it doesn’t even come within measure. I mean, at the end of the day this is a must happen. And it is not about me, it is about all of the kids, it is about our future on this planet. If we are going to sustain as a race we must learn to take care of our children. (applause)

DR.OZ: Corey has been raising money in awareness about sex abuse through his campaign called the truth campaign. What’s the biggest need right now? How can we help?

FELDMAN: The biggest need – we need donations. Quite honestly we need donations. There is a #gofundme which I put up specifically for my security needs, so that I have security guards to protect me and hopefully get some lawyers to protect me. The other one is to make the film which is the film of my life story and it is about truth. Now both of these campaigns have been reported for fraud.

DR.OZ: They have?

FELDMAN: Both of them. By the haters. And let me tell you a little bit about those haters. Many of them, if you follow the thread, if you watch on Twitter, those people are constantly coming at me, giving misinformation, spouting lies, trying to disorient people, trying to even frighten my supporters. We have very vocal, very avid supporters which I call the Feldfam – they are an amazing group of people who are very lovely, incredible people who want to fight for justice, and all of those people, all of those people in the last month for vocally supporting me or for donating to me have been harassed, ridiculed and in some cases threatened. Because they are supporting me. That is not okay.

DR.OZ: You heard it. In many ways that should appeal to you. Take action today. Cause to make the change happen.

FELDMAN: And please donate.


First of all, let us congratulate Corey on becoming the national ambassador for CHILD USA. Now he and Marci Hamilton’s organisation will work together to hold sexual predators accountable for their crimes.

Secondly, the average age of 42 when victims of child sexual abuse come forward may be perfectly correct. Victims need to realize what their childhood experience was all about, they need time to cope with their trauma and muster all the courage they have to break the silence, not to mention overcoming the fear for their abusers that almost never goes away.

And thirdly, do not allow yourself a temptation to apply this rule to those who claim to be Michael Jackson’s “victims”. All the children who ever associated with Michael Jackson were pushed by the media and public into the victims category by default, despite all their remonstrations. And when you are considered a victim anyway, you require a different kind of courage – to go against the trend and defend the innocent man whose name is being slandered.

And Corey Feldman had and still has this special kind of courage which is a sign of real fortitude and integrity.

In his recent video address called THE TRUTH BEHIND THE TALE, & THE HYPOCRISY OF THE GOLDEN GLOBES…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Corey spoke about the hypocrisy of Hollywood that supports women in their fight against abusive men, but totally ignores the problem of child sexual abuse as if it is nothing important.

His words will not leave you indifferent.

Corey Feldman (at 9:03):

“I find it a bit hypocritical when Rose McGowan is out there taking the credit for being the person to blow the whistle on this whole thing. And yet, funny enough, I remember an episode in 1998 where she was shaming me, shaming me by making fun of the fact that I would hang out with Michael Jackson and when she tried to imply that I slept with him. And she was making fun of it like “Oh, don’t tell me nothing is going on there”. She was SHAMING me. How is that a ‘hero’? I am pretty sure that I never shamed anybody about such a serious topic. EVER.

I take things lightly sometimes, but when it comes to this topic there is no joking. This is very serious stuff.

Let me just say this much.  All these people got together tonight and put on this façade, this parade that they really care, that they really want to make a difference, that they are listening. I’ve got news for you – I was not invited.  How can you, Hollywood? The same industry I’ve made 18 number one box office films for and started talking about pedophilia and sexual assault within the Hollywood industry all the way back in 1998, talking about my experiences, about how I was molested in Hollywood.

I brought it up with Corey Haim on our TV series, we were bold enough in 2007 to make it a topic of our TV show, so obviously we both had the intention of exposing the truth at that time. 

And you know what happened on the Golden Globes the year when Corey passed away? He was ignored. He was not even mentioned in a memorandum of the Golden Globes or on the Oscars. They both completely pretended he never existed. That’s disgusting.

So they are celebrating that we are all in it together, that we stand for one another and we’ve had enough. But the guy that started it all, the guy who was banging on the doors telling everyone since my interview on ABC where I said that the Number one problem in Hollywood is pedophilia….   I was hoping that people would recognize that I was basically laying my life on the line and ready to take a bullet for the sake of children.

They don’t want to acknowledge me? That’s fine. But you can at least invite me to stand amongst my peers. You don’t have to mention me, I don’t need any credit at all, but for God’s sake have the decency to act like I EXIST.

Enough is enough. I’ve sat quietly for so long and I’ve allowed this abuse to take over on me on so many levels. Many people know it – I’ve been viciously attacked through this campaign by countless people which I now realize are connected to one source.

These people… they are literally trying to damage the work of God.  There is nothing more evil than that.

I get that people don’t know what to believe sometimes. I get that people are sometimes easily misled because they hear one thing, then hear another thing and don’t know what to believe.

There are a lot of people who are working for the dark side. They want you to be confused. The dark is afraid of the truth. They will protect that truth at any cost.  And that means destroying good people.

And that is what happened to MJ. Let us call a spade a spade – MICHAEL JACKSON WAS FRAMED, AS I WAS COVERED UP. The same police did the investigation, those very police covered up… All they needed was to take down Jon Grissom, Alphie Hoffman and the rest of them. They buried that information, that evidence. They never sent it off to the LAPD which was the proper jurisdiction. They never did anything they were supposed to do responsibly. And on top of it they decided to ignore that testimony so that they could go on trying to convince themselves and everybody else that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. I’ve got news for you folks – HE NEVER WAS It was all business. It was the business of them wanting to destroy him. 

There are dark people and dark power on both the left and the right. They are inside both parties. And they are also inside all types of social extremities – from cults to religions, to schools. There are predators in everything.  The dark wants to infiltrate the good things. And they will do whatever it takes to make the victim look like the bad guy.

They will set it up that the victim is a liar, a terrible person, they will discredit him, so if the victim ever comes forward and says “This is what happened”, everyone will be in question already and will go, “He tells lies. He makes up stories”.

It is insane, it is so sick. But it is very methodical and this is the system, this is how it works.”



January 3, 2018

On December 19th the judge finally threw out Robson’s case. It took him four and half years to rule on the matter clear to most of us from day one – Michael Jackson’s companies could not be held liable for Robson’s “exposure” to him as the media puts it. If there was anyone really responsible for it, it was Robson’s own mother who pursued Michael Jackson for years with dogged perseverance and determination even amid the scandals and media frenzy around Jackson.

But this is not the point. The point is that though the judge’s ruling is good news, it is still absolutely no Michael Jackson’s vindication. When a lawsuit is dismissed due to a technicality it always leaves doubt about the accused, especially when the media hammers it home in each of their papers that judge Beckloff “didn’t rule on the credibility of the allegations themselves”.

The latter is true of course, but only half true. The untold half is that the judge was not even supposed to look into the allegations. Moreover, at that stage the judge was even required by the law to take the complaint as given because it was necessary to determine if the case could go forward at all – without any look at the allegations proper.

But the general public doesn’t know about this law requirement, and by withholding this crucial detail the media gravely misleads the public, leaving the story open to all sorts of speculations. See how this web of speculations is woven right in front of our eyes. Read more…

DIANE DIMOND, a Shark That Swims in Safe Waters Only

December 6, 2017

Recently we were astonished to see that Diane Dimond, known for her relentless dogging of Michael Jackson for the things he never did, suddenly struck a warm note and asked for a ‘pause in the sex talk’ championing for the rights of the accused.

Our Susannerb noticed Diane Dimond’s sudden transformation and wrote the following comment reposted here:

It’s stunning how all those who created “Michael Jackson the Monster” and fought against him to the death now prove themselves what we always said: That they were/are on a crusade against Michael Jackson, and only him, and not against pedophilia and sexual abuse in itself.
They are more than ready to downplay the Hollywood situation and even defend those accused powerful men, while they fed Michael to the lions.

Another example of it is Diane Dimond:

In a new post of November 20, 2017, on her blog, Diane Dimond shows a completely different attitude towards sexual predators and demands “a pause in the sex talk”. She puts the following questions:

“Question: by bringing up an episode from ten, twenty or even thirty years ago don’t we inevitably erase the possibility that the guilty party has grown as a person over the years and learned the error of their ways? I know I did things decades ago that I’m not proud of, things I would never do again.

Question: how do we handle the man who delivers a seemingly heartfelt apology for their past bad acts? If we continue to vilify him aren’t we guilty of the very act of shaming we condemn? If the woman’s goal is a big money settlement couldn’t that be seen as a predatory act too?

And, final question: by automatically accepting an accuser’s version of events and immediately heaping scorn on the suspect haven’t we forgotten to give the accused an opportunity to defend himself?

That said, if multiple victims step forward to point the finger of blame at one person, well, that’s pretty telling. But let’s make sure we don’t robotically accept each and every complaint as true. False reports are more common than you think and once exposed they can dilute the power of legitimate complaints.”

Can you believe it? Just think about her words for a moment and compare them with her behavior towards Michael!
DD suddenly shows understanding for the situation of abusers, giving them the benefit of the doubt.
Suddenly she claims to be a voice of reason who “reflects for a moment”, stating that people shouldn’t “go overboard” and requiring “A Pause, please, in the sex talk”.

This is another proof that all of them had an explicit agenda against Michael Jackson and only Michael Jackson, whom Dimond prejudged without evidence and before a trial took place and never gave “an opportunity to defend himself”, and whose accusers’ enforced settlement she never saw “as a predatory act too”.

The proverb says that “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, and by asking for sympathy and understanding for the big shots in Hollywood accused of sexual crimes Diane Dimond is definitely throwing stones in her own glass. Indeed, how can she restrain the public from expressing indignation for these people while all the time heaping scorn on poor Michael Jackson’s head?

Read more…


November 27, 2017

Amid the avalanche of sex abuse accusations shattering Hollywood many people are wondering what is going on and why now. The scandal is indeed huge and the latest attempt of RadarOnline and National Enquirer to channel this process in the direction desirable for them, by implicating Michael Jackson in other people’s actions, makes me express my views which I refrained from voicing for quite a long time. If one day we manage to get to the bottom of it you will probably understand why I hesitated for so long.

However first we need to look into the new fake story smearing Michael Jackson that was published by RadarOnline and National Enquirer under the guidance of a certain Dylan Howard, their editing director and editor-in-chief respectively.

The story alleges that in 2008 a certain producer was told by Corey Haim that he had been assaulted by Michael Jackson. No exact moment of the ‘assault’ is specified, so the general public assumed what was meant to be assumed – that not only Michael Jackson was Haim’s abuser, but that the whole thing took place when Corey was a child.

Read more…

Corey Feldman Needs SUPPORT of Michael Jackson’s Fans

November 18, 2017


Above is a link to Corey Feldman’s truth campaign.

Does Corey need our support?

Absolutely. He needs the support of all honest people and of Michael Jackson’s fans in particular.

Besides a planned movie about sex abusers in Hollywood Corey Feldman’s other dream is to open a shelter for children to protect them from abuse.

And Michael Jackson, even when drugged by Murray and being in a half-conscious state, spoke of his dream to build a children’s hospital with the money due to him for his last tour. So no matter what MJ’s haters say, Michael and Corey were completely at one when it came to the protection of the most innocent and young – and Michael Jackson’s supporters are the first people to know it.

Fans also owe Corey Feldman a separate thank-you for telling the truth about Jackson and standing up for him even despite their difference of opinion over other matters. He always spoke of Michael Jackson’s innocence – in 1993 when he was grilled by the Santa Barbara police who did nothing to follow on Corey’s own molesters as they were after Jackson only, in 2013 when he spoke of pedophilia as Hollywood’s biggest problem, and in his current interviews again.

Each time Corey was adamant that Michael Jackson was innocent and that Michael was his safe haven after the ordeal he had experienced at the hands of real abusers. Read more…

Michael Jackson’s Difference

August 29, 2017

Today Michael Jackson would have turned 59. It is more than eight years since his untimely death and yet the saga of his character assassination is far from being over.

Michael Jackson’s Estate has a very clear case against Robson and Safechuck and their slow but sure battle against these liars will one day put a stop to the profitable business of various rogues trying to make millions just by making false allegations against Michael.

This will be a welcome change as it will at least prevent the future fortune seekers from trying to make their living by accusing Michael Jackson of anything they want.


However even if the Estate’s legal battle is a success, the main problem will still remain there – Michael’s name will still be tarnished and the public will still be undecided as to who is right here.

Haters will claim that Robson’s and Safechuck’s case is legitimate and that they lost it due to a mere technicality – MJ’s companies had no control over their boss and cannot be found liable for the acts he might or might not have committed.

And as regards this latter point haters will be correct– the fact of non-responsibility has been perfectly clear from the start of it and one can only wonder why it is taking so long to prove so obvious a point.

Read more…

Summer 2017 events in the Michael Jackson history – a brief insight

August 9, 2017

The time between June and August this year was not without excitement in the MJ world, and the fact that we didn’t address here everything that happened doesn’t mean we are not interested or don’t regard it as significant. However, since we are not in the position to write extensively about all developments in our current lives, we decided to make a summary post on a few interesting developments and otherwise refer you to our fellow MJ bloggers who addressed the latest events in more detail. Read more…

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