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A See-Through-Lies Manual on Orietta Murdock, Victor Gutierrez and Joy Robson

December 22, 2019


In the comments for one of this blog posts there are two short texts about little Wade Robson in Michael Jackson’s recording studio – one is Orietta Murdock’s statement from the Prosecution ‘Prior Bad Acts’ Motion for the 2005 trial and the other comes from Victor Gutierrez’s literary opus about Michael published in 1996.

For those who don’t know the above characters here is a reminder:  Orietta Murdock was Michael Jackson’s administrative assistant in September 1989–January 1991 and Victor Gutierrez is a pedophilia advocate who dogged Jackson since the late 80s, spread innumerable lies about him and who by Diane Dimond’s own admission, was the latter’s best source.

The stories by Murdock and Gutierrez are the usual kind – they are blatant lies about Michael Jackson and the only peculiar thing about them is that they are identical, though told by different people and at different times. My conclusion was that in the job of smearing Michael Jackson these two personas worked in close cooperation with each other, and Gutierrez was most probably the one with whom the false text originated.

The story proper was not analyzed as I thought that the proof of Murdock’s cooperation with a scumbag like Gutierrez was reason enough to immediately flash it down the toilet, but a reader left a comment to the effect that who told whom is a secondary matter as the basis of the story is true.

Indeed, who told whom doesn’t matter that much, but I am highly resentful of the idea that the basis of the story is true.  It is absolutely not true, though I understand why people fall into the fallacy of thinking that it is – if some elements sound familiar people get the impression that they know the general idea, and if a couple of details are real, they imagine that the whole of it is basically correct.

But clean and dirty waters are also basically the same as they share the same molecular structure, only one is safe to drink while the other will cause you sickness and even death. And the same goes for stories and information at large – though looking similar some of it is downright poisonous.

So it’s high time we realized that it is absolutely not enough to know the story ‘in general’ – this is only the illusion of knowledge and if you don’t know the story in full you may as well consider yourself ignorant of the matter.


Before we deal with the Gutierrez and Murdock lies the first thing to start with is establishing the hard facts of the story. And there can’t be a better source for the episodes described than Joy Robson, mother of Wade Robson. She testified to all that at the 2005 trial and her account can be trusted as even after her son’s U-turn against Jackson she hasn’t changed it and it is only her perception of some details that may be different now.

At the 2005 trial Joy Robson described two episodes involving Michael Jackson at the recording studio in Sherman Oaks.

Firstly, this was where she and her husband Dennis and their children Wade and Chantal met Michael Jackson in February 1990, the first time after the two years lapse when they had no contact with MJ whatsoever.

And the second episode was several months later, during Wade’s second visit to the US, in May-June 1990 when Michael and Wade stayed at the recording studio for two days and forgot that in a few hours time Wade and his mother were to catch a plane to Australia. Joy was in a sort of a panic as she didn’t know her son’s whereabouts and had to call around. The only new element she has added to that story since 2005 is that now she admits that she was extremely worried, while at the trial she said she was not.

The Robsons came to the US as a team of two parents, two children and two grandparents. The adults were accompanying the Johnny Young Talent dance school where Wade and Chantal Robson were dancing. The dance school was invited to Disneyland to celebrate Australia Day there, marked every year on January 26.

By the time of the journey Wade Robson had been with the dance school for two years as he joined it literally the next day after he won a dance contest in his home country in 1987 where the prize was to meet Michael Jackson.

As promised, the five-year old winner and his mother had a meet-and-greet with Michael Jackson and Michael invited Wade to take part in his show the next day. After that Joy took her son to Michael’s hotel to thank him for the chance and they had some further interaction with him discussing the boy’s dance and costumes while Michael showed them some pieces of ‘Smooth Criminal’ he was editing when they came.

After Michael Jackson left Australia and his ‘Bad’ tour was over the Robsons were eager to keep in touch with MJ and sent him three or four letters and a video of Wade’s dance to the Havenhurst address that Michael had left them, but there was no answer, most probably because in May 1988 Michael had already moved to Neverland.

This is how the Robson family lost all contact with Michael Jackson, but when they arrived in the US two years later in January 1990, Joy Robson vigorously renewed her effort to find him. Eight days after celebrating the Australia Day at Disneyland they finally managed to reach Norma Staikos who put them through to Michael Jackson at last.

The Robson family at the recording studio with MJ in February 1990

And this is when they met him in the recording studio for the first time.

The Robsons spent an hour and a half there, showed Michael the videos of Wade’s dance they had brought from Australia, had a picture of them together and when Michael asked them if they would like to go to his ranch for the weekend, they were only too happy to say ‘Yes!’

Michael doesn’t look too enthusiastic [screenshots from ‘Leaving Neverland’ horror film]

The family arrived at Neverland on Saturday, February 3, left for the Grand Canyon on Monday and came back for the second weekend on February 10-11, 1990.

Mind you that when Robson claims now that he was left alone with Michael Jackson in-between those weekends, he blatantly lies you straight in the face as there is a pile of evidence that he wasn’t there, including his own mother’s three testimonies given under oath and there isn’t a single witness at Neverland – not even Michael’s foes – to confirm Robson’s false story. These good people could have probably obliged and willingly lied in Robson’s favor, but at that time they didn’t know they should claim that the 7-year old stayed alone with Michael at Neverland, so none of them left any trace of it in their numerous memories and statements for the Prosecution side.

So the hard fact of the story is that the whole family left for the Grand Canyon and you can forget Robson’s false lamentations in ‘Leaving Neverland’ about the abuse that allegedly started when his family ‘was away’.

This is how Joy Robson described their first visit to the recording studio:

A.  So we called around, and we eventually were put onto his personal assistant, which at that time was Norma Stakos, and they called Michael. He remembered us, and said he would like to see us again. So we met him at a recording studio where he was working at the time.

Q. And did you stay at Neverland on that first visit?

A. Yes, he invited us to stay that weekend, so we did. We went — we were touring the United States, we were here on vacation as well.  We went away for the week, and came back for the second weekend.

And this is how Joy Robson described their second episode at the recording studio that took place several months later, in June 1990, when only she and her son were in the US.

To the Prosecution she said:

Q.  Now, do you recall an incident that occurred where you were supposed to catch a plane and you couldn’t find your son?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And the fact is that you hadn’t seen or heard from your son for two or three days?

A.  I think two.

Q.  And he had been with Mr. Jackson during that entire time, correct?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And I believe what you said was you were upset and you were hurt by this, correct?

A.  I don’t remember that.

Q.  You called a number of people trying to locate your son, correct?

A.  I was trying to call Michael, and he was in the recording studio, not answering, not receiving phone calls.  And I think I called Neverland to see if they had gone to Neverland.

Q.  Well, you called Neverland and you got the Quindoy — Mr. Quindoy, correct?

A.  I don’t remember.

Q.  Did you call Norma Stakos trying to locate your son?

A.  Yes.

Joy Robson explained a little more to the Defense:

A.  That was — that was the time that we were staying in Westwood, and Wade and I had our ticket booked to return to Australia.  And he had been at the recording studio with Michael for a couple of days, and I just hadn’t heard from them. I know that they were working long hours, and then they’d take off again the next day.  And I was getting – [ ]

–I had called Norma looking for him, and she found them.  She said they were in the recording studio and, “Michael is bringing him back to you.  They’re on their way.”

Q.  To your knowledge, did your son spend a lot of time with Michael Jackson at recording studios?

A.  Often, yes.

Q.  And why was that?

A.  Because Wade was interested in being a recording artist, he was interested in being a producer.  He was learning.  He loved to be around that and absorb that.  He was like a sponge.  And he — that was the relationship that he and Michael had.  It was — a lot of it was a working relationship and Michael was teaching him.

Indeed, their second visit was mostly about work. The reason for the trip was that Michael signed a contract with LA Gear for advertising their sneakers and invited Robson to take part in the commercials.  According to Zack O’Malley the scale of the LA Gear venture was supposed to be grand:

“Jackson promised he’d shoot television commercials for LA Gear and wear the sneakers in the promotional materials for his upcoming album, Dangerous, which was supposedly almost finished.

To help promote Jackson’s shoe, Sandy Saemann [LA Gear cofounder] directed a commercial that features the King of Pop spinning through a dark, steamy street in his new kicks. His face appears for only about three seconds toward the end when, after destroying a street lamp with the sheer force of his mojo, Jackson looks up to find a young girl smiling and clapping from an upstairs window.”

The LA Gear company didn’t restrict Michael Jackson in selecting his counterparts for the commercials, promising to pay their expenses, and Michael suggested Wade Robson from Australia.

In her 2016 deposition Joy Robson said they must have had a fit when they heard it, especially since they had to pay her fare too as Wade was a minor and had to be accompanied by his mother.

She testified in 2005:

Q.  In May, when you came back, it was for the purpose of your son participating in an L.A. Gear commercial?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And who arranged for him to be in that commercial?

A.  Michael.

Q.  And Mr. Jackson paid his way over here, correct?

A.  L.A. Gear paid.

Q.  And how did you — how was yours paid?

A.  L.A. Gear.  He was a minor.

Q.  L.A. Gear paid for that?

A.  Yes, they have to if a minor’s working.

The May/June 1990 working visit was long and lasted for 6 weeks – it started with photo shoots for LA Gear and continued with Michael’s intense work at the recording studio on the songs supposed to be for ‘Decade’ later turned into ‘Dangerous’ album. The LA Gear advertising campaign was tightly connected with that album as the launch of the new shoe line was scheduled for its release.

But at the time Michael was also going through a huge reshuffle of his business team – in 1990 Geffen’s people fully replaced his former managers, lawyers and business advisors, and it was also as a result of those complications that the new album was taking longer than expected.

Zack O’Malley describes the race Michael Jackson found himself in:

“Saemann and Jackson developed a close working relationship. They’d go to record stores and sales meetings together; on one occasion, Jackson elevated the moods of seven hundred sales reps by dancing on a table. He and Saemann would even edit videos together late into the night.

Jackson, however, still hadn’t completed his new album. Yetnikoff was gone[ ]. Perhaps Branca or Dileo would have hurried him along, but they were out of the picture.  Whenever Saemann broached the subject with Jackson, the response was the same. “I’m a creative guy,” he’d say. “You can’t force it.”

In the end, LA Gear had to move forward with the launch of the sneaker line though neither the album nor the promised product tie-in had emerged. Retailers were expecting the shoes to be delivered on schedule—but they were also expecting the footwear to make an appearance in promotional material that accompanied Jackson’s new record. When that didn’t materialize, the results were disastrous.

LA Gear Vintage shoes

LA Gear would go on to sue Jackson in 1992; after the singer countersued, the two sides settled for an undisclosed sum.  

[‘Michael Jackson, Inc.’ by Zack O’Malley Greenburg]

It was for this ill-fated LA Gear venture that Joy and Wade Robson came to the US in May 1990. Most of their time was spent in Los Angeles where the Robsons stayed at a hotel across Michael’s condo in Westwood. Michael arrived at his condo late after work.

Joy Robson said about it:

Q.  Now, at the time that you came over here for the L.A. Gear commercial, you were staying in The Holiday Inn?

A.  Yes.  In Westwood.

Q.  And you were here for approximately six weeks?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And Mr. Jackson had a condo right across the street?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And you testified before, I believe, that during that six-week period on at least half of the occasions that your son was with Mr. Jackson in Mr. Jackson’s bedroom in that condo, correct?

A.  I think so.

Q.  Now, these visits to The Holiday – these visits to Mr. Jackson when you were staying at The Holiday Inn, many of those calls from Mr. Jackson were very late at night; isn’t that correct?

A.  Yes, he was working.

Q.  When you came over to make the L.A. Gear commercial, did your husband come with you?

A.  No.

Q.  At this point in time, were you and your husband separated?

A.  No.

In contrast to his mother Wade Robson testified that the occasions he went over to Michael’s condo were rare and most of the nights were spent at the hotel:

A. … we stayed – I think it was the Westwood apartment, his Westwood apartment. There was a Holiday Inn that was across and we stayed there most of the time. And then certain nights I would go over to Michael and stay with him.

On several occasions the two Robsons went to Neverland, and this is where another notable incident took place. Actually their stay in the US started with that incident as it happened on Mother’s Day celebrated that year on Sunday, May 13th.

Michael, Joy and Wade arrived at Neverland on Saturday night as Michael had a family day with his own mother and the next day Wade slept well into the afternoon, so Joy Robson had lunch all alone and since she didn’t see her son almost all day she cried.

In 2005 she said about it:

Q.  Now, do you recall an incident that occurred on Mother’s Day during 1990 on a trip to the ranch?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And you were upset, correct?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And you were crying at one point?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And the reason for that was that you had not seen your son all day, correct?

A.  Yes.

Q.  And you found out that the reason that you hadn’t seen your son that day was because he had been sleeping all day, correct?

A.  I think so.  Yeah.

Q.  And did you tell Charlie Michaels that you felt that the defendant, Michael Jackson, was separating you from your son?

A.  I don’t recall saying it.

In her recent deposition on September 30, 2016 she blamed Michael for that oversight:

Q.  …you were concerned about your son on Mother’s Day?

A.  I wasn’t concerned for his welfare. I was concerned that Michael knew it was Mother’s Day. He had had the day before with his mother. That’s why we came that night, because he had a family day on the Saturday. So I was angry and I was hurt that he kept my son away from me on Mother’s Day.

Q. So you were — you felt left out?

A. Very — well, I felt left out of my – with my — from my son, yes.

Q. Right. You wanted to be with your son on Mother’s Day?

A. Of course.

So their second visit to the US began with an unhappy episode on Mother’s Day and ended with them nearly missing the flight back, and on both occasions Joy Robson felt vulnerable and unnerved.

My personal opinion is that after two incidents like that every responsible mother would think twice before taking a radical decision to move to another country and would realize that Michael Jackson was living in a bubble and was sort of shut off from the real world with its everyday routine. And that relying on a big kid like him to arrange their life in the US and take care of them on a permanent basis would be asking too much of him (or any other pop star, for that matter).

However even those two unhappy incidents didn’t stop Joy Robson in her determination to move to the US. They arrived for good a year later, in September 1991. Joy Robson explained that the immediate reason for their arrival was Wade’s participation in Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ video after which they stayed:

A. He came here originally in 1991 to work on the “Black or White” video, and we stayed after that. That was the reason for coming in the first place.

It certainly wasn’t a spontaneous decision, but Michael Jackson had little to do with it – when Joy considered that move he told her that she should decide for herself and follow her heart.

“Michael told us when we were first considering a move to LA, to `follow our heart’, and it felt right to go,” said Joy.

Whether her heart, reason or sheer calculation, but Joy Robson’s activity in the year before their departure betrays that it was solely her plan and she was fully dedicated to making it happen – she divorced her husband, went to court to obtain sole custody of their children, as a result of which she got the sole right to decide their future, and only then did she bring Wade and Chantal to the US, hoping to start a new life for them all.

Her elder son Shane was already of age and chose to stay with the father, but eventually Shane also moved to the US and his personal drama is that the day after his departure the abandoned father committed suicide.

Part of these facts are in Joy Robson’s 2005 testimony, the tearful part about the children’s remorse for the way they treated their father is in the ‘Leaving Neverland’ drama, but the divorce itself and the matter of Joy’s sole custody of the children have never been mentioned before. The Robsons prefer to keep mum about it – even in that film.

You’ll learn more about it at the end of this post, while at the moment we have another issue at hand – the need to compare Joy Robson’s testimony with the tales about those recording studio episodes told by Victor Gutierrez and Orietta Murdock.


Gutierrez’s horrid pro-pedophilia book says that by the summer of 1992 he had been looking for Wade Robson for five months and when in June 1992 he finally saw Wade and his mother on the Venice Beach in California where Wade was imitating Michael Jackson’s dance, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I couldn’t believe it, I had been looking for this boy and his mother for more than five months without any luck and here, by chance, I found both of them. It was a great opportunity to interview them.

Joy sat down on the grass and began to confide in me. Wade was reading a magazine, but was close enough to hear his mother’s story. “My son was born September 17th, 1982 …

Does it sound to you almost the same as the real story? If yes, then let us examine it line by line.

“My son was born September 17th, 1982 and we lived in Chatswood Hills, Australia. When my son was five, he won a dance contest in Australia. The prize was to meet Michael Jackson and go to Disneyland.”

The address where the family lived in Australia is probably correct and the fact that Gutierrez knew it suggests that he did talk to Joy Robson. But the story about Disneyland is false – the prize was only to meet Michael Jackson. The trip to Disneyland was arranged by somebody else and is a totally different matter.

“And so we met him in Australia. Right away, Michael gave Wade presents and gave us a fax machine so that they could communicate better. The trip to Disneyland would come four years later.”

The trip to Disneyland was two years later, and Michael certainly didn’t give Wade any fax machine ‘right away’. For two years after the contest there was no communication between them and their attempts to reach Michael were futile. The fax machine was given to the family sometime after their first visits to the US. It was a novel device then, and MJ and the Robsons sent messages and drawings back and forth to test it and just for the fun of it.

Gutierrez continues in Joy Robson’s name:

“We arrived in the United States in September of 1991. On the first day, my husband took Wade to the recording studio to meet Michael.”

The lie is growing thicker with every new word. ‘We’ in reference to Joy’s husband is completely out of place here, because when they arrived in September 1991 the parents were already divorced.  And the visit to the recording studio when the father was still there was in February 1990 and since it wasn’t only him but the whole family, it is a lie again. And certainly none of it happened on the first day they arrived – even on their first visit they met Michael only 8 days later.

“When they met, Michael asked if he could leave Wade with him and he would drop him off later in the afternoon. My husband said it was okay. Michael, though, didn’t bring him back as promised, and I began to call his office like crazy so that I could locate Wade. Finally, one of the secretaries was able to locate Michael and called me at the hotel to say that Wade was okay. I didn’t see my son until the next day. That was my welcoming to the United States.”

This is where the lie becomes real thick. Michael didn’t ask for anything; they did not leave Wade at the recording studio; her husband didn’t say okay as he wasn’t even present; none of it happened at the time described here; and all of it was certainly not the way she was welcomed to the United States.

And even familiar words like ‘recording studio’, ‘Disneyland’, ‘fax machine’, etc. cannot turn this crazy mish-mash into a true story. Gutierrez misplaced all the people, times and locations, but more importantly, he changed the very essence of the story, thus creating complete fiction where a mass of lies is just sprinkled with a few recognizable words that only create the impression of something familiar. However this is an illusion and essentially the story is a big lie.


If you look at Orietta Murdock’s statement in the so-called ‘Prior Bad Acts’ (1108) Motion made by Tom Sneddon on December 10, 2004, you will see that the part concerning the recording studio is an almost word-for-word repetition of Gutierrez’s story.

Here is the respective piece from the 1108 motion:

Though similar to Gutierrez’s variant there are some telling differences too.

“In the course of her employment, Ms. Murdock became aware that Jackson met the Robson family as a result of Wade Robson winning a dance contest, which may have been sponsored by the Disney Company. Part of the prize was the opportunity to meet Michael Jackson.”

‘Became aware’ is a roundabout way of saying that Ms. Murdock didn’t have first-hand information but heard it from somebody else.  The Disney factor is also present as she mixes up the dance contest in Brisbane with the 1990 trip to Disneyland. The 1987 contest was sponsored by Pepsi as far as I know, and as an administrative assistant she should have known it, however she started working only in 1989, so it is obvious that the twisted story reached her ears much later and could be relayed to her by Gutierrez.

Another fantasy she shares with Gutierrez is that ‘meeting MJ was only part of the prize’.

 “Robson met Jackson in Westlake, California. Jackson asked Mr. and Mrs. Robson if he could spend the afternoon with the young Wade, and the parents consented. Jackson, however, did not return the boy to his parents that afternoon. In fact, Jackson did not return the child until the next night, and then only after being contacted by Disney security guards who told Jackson that the parents had to catch a plane back to Australia, and were now running late.”

The above is almost a replica of Gutierrez’s very specific tale. But in her version some fictional ‘Disney security guards’ pop up and she implies that only the parents were to catch a plane to Australia (leaving Wade alone???).

All of it suggests that she knew even less than Gutierrez and therefore created an even less coherent version than his story, crazy as it was.

But little as she knew when she fed on rumors only Orietta Murdock was much better informed about the matters within the immediate range of her responsibilities. For example:

“Jackson assisted Wade in getting a job on a “L.A. Gear” commercial. However Wade did not have the permits required to work in the United States at the time, so his check was made payable to MJJ, who then made out a check to his mother, who Ms. Murdock characterized as a “gift.” Wade was also paid considerably more for his appearance – over $3,000 – than the other children, who received only $500.”

The fact that Wade Robson received over $3,000 for the LA Gear commercial instead of the regular $500 paid to other children is probably true but was never mentioned by Joy Robson. If true, the only thing it points to is that Michael really tried to help and wanted to cover their expenses during their stay in the US.

And Michael did assist Wade in getting a job for the LA Gear commercial as we already know. The permit allowing them to be employed in the US was required only half a year after their arrival when their temporary 6-months visa expired and Joy Robson finally realized that she would have to pay her own bills. She found the job of a manager with ‘Pigments’ cosmetic company but was officially registered with MJJ Productions so that her salary was paid via Michael’s company.

The permit to work was a complex issue as it required the status of a resident and to obtain it the family needed somebody who would sign up as their ‘sponsor’. This is a formal procedure every immigrant goes through if he/she wants to obtain a residence permit in a foreign country. It doesn’t require any money to exchange hands and this is what Michael’s consent to ‘sponsor’ them actually meant.

In 2005 Joy Robson explained it:

Q.      …in 1991, in September, you came here on a — originally you came here on a visa, temporary visa?

A.  A six-month visitor’s visa.

Q.  And the idea was that because you weren’t a resident, you were not supposed to be employed; is that the idea?

A.  I was on a working visa, but it was through MJJ Productions.  I was — I was employed to be employed by MJJ Productions only.  So I managed to find this job for myself.  And in order to make it legal, it had to be diverted through MJJ Productions.

Q.  Now, what was this issue — you needed him as a sponsor for what purpose?

A.  To remain in the United States.  We — permanent residence.  To be able to have a green card, we had to have someone sponsor us into the country.

The rest of Orietta Murdock’s statement regarding Wade Robson in the 1108 Motion falls exactly into the category of truth imitation, where true elements are intertwined with lies and form the illusion that you know the story.

During the time Ms. Murdock was working at MJJ, she remembers Robson’s mother calling every day to inquire about the status of the green cards that Jackson had promised to obtain for her and Wade. Eventually Jackson was able to assist Wade and his mother, Joy Robson, in gaining entry into the country. Shortly thereafter, Jackson had Ms. Murdock, arrange for the Robsons to say at the Holiday Inn on Wilshire Boulevard, which is across from the building at Wilshire and Selby where Jackson had a condominium. Wade used to spend every night with Jackson, not his mother. Ms. Murdock could see that this relationship had begun to trouble Wade’s mother. Jackson handled this by getting the mother a new car to appease her. Jackson assisted Wade and his mother in obtaining permanent residence in the United States and got the mother on the payroll as an employee, even though the mother apparently didn’t have a real job with Jackson.

It looks more or less coherent only when you don’t know the details, but if you know at least the dates, the story immediately falls apart.

Staying at a hotel across Michael Jackson’s condo was in May-June 1990 and was in no way connected with the green cards they got with the help of MJ’s office approximately two years later (in early 1992, after 6 months of staying on a temporary visa).  In fact, by that moment Orietta Murdock had not even worked for MJ and for a very long time too – she was fired in January 1991.

And Wade didn’t spend ‘every night’ with Jackson in that condo – Joy Robson said it was probably half the time that he stayed with MJ, and Robson said that it was on certain occasions only.

Several incidents did indeed trouble Joy Robson during the May-June 1990 visit as described above, but it didn’t stop her from moving to the US a year later.

And according to her 2005 testimony the car was given to Joy Robson in early 1993 and certainly not to ‘appease’ her – she needed it to get to her place of work at the cosmetic company. She said she wanted to take a credit, but couldn’t get it on her own, so somebody had to co-sign for her. She approached Michael Jackson and instead of co-signing he said “Why don’t I just pay for it.”

Q.  Okay.  Now, the issue of Mr. Jackson helping you with an automobile, when did that happen?

A.  I think maybe ’93.  Early ’93.

Q.  And did you go to him and ask for some assistance in getting an automobile?

A.  Yes.

Q.  Okay.  And what was his response?

A.  Well, I had asked him to co-sign.  I wasn’t asking for money.  I was just asking for a signature.  And his response was, “Well, why don’t I just pay for it.”

The matter was discussed over the telephone because Michael was away, most probably on the Dangerous tour, and his response shows how trustful he was of Joy Robson – he told her where the money was (in the ‘secret closet’ everyone talks so much about) and where to take the key to his private quarters (behind a photo in the hallway). As a result Joy Robson opened the closet used by Michael as a safe herself and took out of it the $10,000 required for purchasing the car.

This wasn’t the first time Michael helped her with the money – the first was a $10,000 loan that helped her ‘to establish themselves’ in the US which she didn’t repay. And the second was the car that also turned into a gift.

Q.  Would you please explain why you borrowed $10,000?

A.  The first $10,000, we had been here for, I think, a year, 18 months. And it was a lot more difficult to establish ourselves here than I had anticipated, so Michael offered to help us out for a while.  So we borrowed $10,000 at that point.

The second one was a car.  I had been here for a while.  My credit from Australia cannot be transferred, so I had no established credit in the United States.  I was listed as an employee because of the cosmetics company paying through Michael Jackson’s company.  Because I was being sponsored by MJJ Productions, I was listed as an employee of the company.  So I had asked if the company would co-sign for my car because I was unable to get the credit to buy a car, and Michael just offered to pay for it rather than co-sign.

I thought that nothing could surprise me any longer, but was still amazed to find that in her recent September 2016 deposition this grateful woman presented her taking money from Michael Jackson’s closet as a favor she did to Michael.

She said that ‘once’ he asked her to go into this room to get something for him:

A.  Once Michael asked me — when he was out of town, he asked me to go into his room to get something for him. And he told me about where —where the room was.

Q.   This time when were asked to retrieve money from the hidden room, do you remember when that was?

A.    No. It was around the same time as the grand jury or maybe just before that. It was around that same period.

You see that not only does it look like a favor to Michael Jackson, but the implication is that if the money did exchange hands after all, it was after the Chandler allegations and before her testimony to the grand jury, and in this context it sounds almost like a bribe.

And the good lawyer Katherine Kleindienst representing MJJ Productions did not use this opportunity to ask even a single question to clarify the matter.  It is exasperating to see that even lawyers may be clueless and have so little care for the details.

Things like that actually drive me mad.


Now what ideas do you have after comparing the real facts with all those half-truths, lies and fabrications from Gutierrez, Murdock and even Joy Robson? Here are some of mine – not in the order of their relevance but in the order they crossed my mind.

In the rare cases when Orietta Murdock knew at least something she gave a more or less adequate account of the events. Her perception of them was biased, but even her twisted interpretations are nothing serious to talk about. None of them prove the allegations against Michael and her ‘evidence’ in the 1108 motion is actually worthless.

But for the most part Orietta Murdock knew nothing and this is when she compiled the innuendoes she heard somewhere into an unsavory mix – showing that she, like many others, didn’t make heads or tails of what she was talking about.

Despite the vagueness and glaring absurdity of her statements, her so-called testimony was nevertheless included into the Prosecution ‘Prior Bad Acts’ Motion which gives us the idea of the general quality of that document and the value of other people’s statements there.

The tale about ‘the father in the recording studio who left his son there overnight’ shared by Murdock and Gutierrez, is very specific and is not repeated by any other ‘witness’ and this reveals the indisputably close link between the two personas.

Victor Gutierrez and his collaborators – Orietta Murdock (above) and Blanca Francia [from Gutierrez’s book ‘Michael Jackson Was My Lover”, 1996)

She worked at Neverland from September 1989 to January 1991, and he talked to Joy Robson in June 1992, so at some point they exchanged information with each other and were involved in a long, long cooperation which continued well after her employment at Neverland was over.

Her employment finished with a dismissal and much of her spite for Jackson stems there. She sued him and Norma Staikos, and Gutierrez was so close a confidante of hers that she gave him the number of her complaint filed with the Equal Employment Department of California.

Murdock was originally from Costa Rica (so was another of those Spanish-speaking Gutierrez’s friends) and claimed that MJ thought her to be a Latino, but when he allegedly learned that she was black, he fired her.

“On January 29,1991, Orietta filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Department of California against Jackson and Norma Staikos claiming that she had been unjustly fired because of her race. In the report, case No. 340910600, Jackson’s ex-assistant says “I was fired and intimidated for being black. Michael doesn’t like black people. He would say that he wasn’t black, that he was a chameleon. He used creams and white makeup, like they use in the theater, since he didn’t like to look black. Much less did he want to be associated with black organizations, like the NAACP.”

So the stories about Michael not having Vitiligo, bleaching his skin and ‘not liking black people’ were fanned and fueled by Orietta Murdock as those innuendoes were the cornerstone of her complaint against Jackson.

Her name is even stated on Evan Chandler’s drawing presenting his vision of Michael Jackson’s private parts in combination with a bleaching cream (MJ was prescribed Beloquin cream used by Vitiligo patients for evening out their skin). So when Evan Chandler was working on his ‘theory’ Orietta Murdock was also involved – to help and determine the color of Michael’s penis which in reality neither Jordan, nor any of them had ever seen.

The drawing of the way Evan Chandler imagined MJ’s penis to look like is provided in Gutierrez’s book. It comes under the telling title “MY THEORY” and is made in Evan’s handwriting. It also mentions Orietta and ‘Bleaching cream’.

Jordan Chandler’s handwriting is different. It is heavily slanted – here is his signature under the declaration made on December 28, 1993:


Gutierrez claims that Orietta Murdock volunteered to help Evan Chandler with ‘information that would help his case against Jackson’ and says that she contacted Evan Chandler after his story broke in the media, but it won’t surprise me if it was Gutierrez who brought them together and at a much earlier date too.

Gutierrez describes Orietta Murdock’s cooperation with Evan Chandler peddling the lie that MJ didn’t have Vitiligo:

Thursday, September 2.

That afternoon, Evan received a call from Orietta Murdock. Orietta, who had ceased working for Jackson in 1991, wanted to give Evan information “that would help the case against Michael.” They made an appointment with Evan and his brother Raymond. Orietta arrived with her friend Marie Sabino Jones. Among other things, she said that she had seen Michael Jackson and Wade Robson hugging and that they were only wearing underwear. Two days later, Orietta was interviewed by the L.A.P.D. As Jackson’s personal assistant, Orietta worked closely with Jackson. “One of my duties was to buy him cosmetics and bleaching cream that we bought with doctor’s prescriptions prescribed under false names.” She asked Jackson about the color of his skin, and he claimed that he had a skin condition called Vitiligo. “For me it’s clear. I was the one who was buying the cream and I saw Jackson in his underwear. Michael is black. He doesn’t suffer from Vitiligo. He uses creams to whiten his skin.” Orietta’s statement was confirmed by several other persons, including Jordie, two other personal employees who had bought creams, and his own dermatologist who had testified to the authorities.

The  point about Michael’s dermatologist is utterly redundant even for this mass of lies. Dr. Arnold Klein always spoke about Michael’s vitiligo and testified to it to the authorities.

According to Gutierrez Orietta Murdock also attended a meeting with Gloria Allred, Evan and Jordan Chandler. Jordan seemed to her worried and guilty about all that was happening around him.

Monday, September 6.

June, Dave, Nathalie and Evan met with Gloria Allred and Nathan Goldberg at the Loews Hotel to discuss strategy for the soon to be filed civil complaint, and how to best handle the press. Later, Allred, Evan and Jordie met with Orietta. Orietta noticed that Jordie looked worried. “When I met Jordie, I noticed that he appeared to feel guilty about all that was happening around him.” He asked me about my experiences working with Jackson, and we talked for a while. At the time, I didn’t know that Evan was more interested in the money than his son’s justice.”

You have probably noticed that in the first piece from Gutierrez Orietta Murdock allegedly saw MJ and Wade wearing only underwear and hugging each other. To scare some of you out of your wits and give others a good laugh let me quote Quiterrez alleging the following about Orietta Murdock:

One day, Orietta saw something she shouldn’t have. “One night, the apartment door was open. I knocked, but nobody answered. The music was loud, so I said ‘Michael? …Michael?’ and again nobody answered. At the end of the passage was Michael’s room. The door to the bedroom was open and I found him sitting on a chair with Wade. They were nude from the waist up, the rest of their bodies covered by sheets. I was startled at what I saw. Michael didn’t see me. So I said loudly, ‘Michael!’ He came to the door closing it very firmly. He asked me what I was doing there and wanted to know how I had entered. I told him that the door was open. He explained that it was probably his private cook that left the door open as they had asked for some food earlier. Then I left. I didn’t mention this to anyone in the office.”

Whether the above was wholly Gutierrez’s invention or Orietta Murdock really said something of the kind we don’t know, but even if she did the prosecution avoided using this piece in their ‘Prior Bad Acts’ Motion as the above was too much baloney even for them.

Indeed, the apartment door was open… (What apartment?) The door to the bedroom was open too… (all doors were open in that apartment). The administrative assistant was going down the passage at night… (What did she do there at night? Wasn’t her workplace at the office?) They were sitting on a chair nude from the waist up with ‘the rest covered by sheets’….. Michael didn’t see her (but she wanted him to notice her), so she said loudly, ‘Michael’ (!)

The nude (half-nude) Michael Jackson stood up and closed the door ‘firmly’, but before that he had a conversation with his assistant (standing naked in front of her)… They talked about the open door, about his private cook and the food he asked for earlier….  After the small talk she left…. (Why did she come at all?) She didn’t mention this to anyone in the office…. (I wonder why the prosecution didn’t bring criminal charges against all these people who saw ‘everything’ but kept it to themselves?)

Gutierrez’s book abides in similar descriptions some of which are attributed to Orietta Murdock. Apparently, the prosecutors knew their worth and this is probably why they never mentioned them. However one story made it into Orietta Murdock’s statement for their ‘Prior Bad Acts’ motion and see how accurate it is.

The 1108 Motion says:

Ms. Murdock became aware that another of Jackson’s special friends was Jonathan Spence. During Spence’s relationship with Jackson, Jackson took him on the “Bad” Tour. Spence would often sleep in Jackson’s room. Spence was allowed to shop for whatever he wished, and send the bills to Jackson’s office for payment. Trips to the toy stores started to turn into trips to jewelry stores as Spence grew older. Ms. Murdock noticed that as Spence neared the age of 15, Jackson took up with another, younger boy.

During the time Ms. Murdock was employed at MJJ, Jimmy Safechuck became another recipient of Jackson’s obsessive attentions, which included, as usual, numerous extended telephone calls between the two.

Even those who saw only the ‘Leaving Neverland’ thriller and are totally unaware of the real picture, will tell you that what Orietta Murdock alleged about Jonathan Spence should be alleged about Jimmy Safechuck, and vice versa – the little she knew about Safechuck should be said about Spence.

Orietta Murdock mixed apples and oranges, and it isn’t an exception to the rule, but a routine occurrence in their case against Jackson. The other prosecution witnesses’ statements are almost universally the same kind – they are also a mix-up of names, dates and locations betraying their total lack of knowledge about what they were talking about, and most of those sexual fantasies carry the stamp of Gutierrez’s authorship written all over the stories.

So if Gutierrez made a mistake in his story, those ‘witnesses’ repeated the same mistakes in their statements too.

And if Gutierrez knew nothing about James Safechuck (which he didn’t, a deplorable omission!), the prosecution witnesses knew nothing about him either and practically never mentioned him in their statements.

And if Gutierrez mistakenly claimed that Mr. Robson had taken his son to the recording studio and they hadn’t seen the boy until the next day, the prosecution witness Orietta Murdock would repeat the same mistake.

And if Gutierrez confused Jonathan Spence with Safechuck, the prosecution witness would confuse them too.

In fact, Orietta’s muddled story about Jonathan Spence mirrors Gutierrez’s book again – he tells there a similar apples and oranges story attributed to Orietta, which again focuses on Jonathan Spence with every possible innuendo piled upon his poor head.

Gutierrez speaks about Jonathan Spence in the name of Orietta Murdock:

“Another witness that told me about the relationship between Jackson and Jonathan Spence was Orietta Murdock. She told me how Jonathan, at that time 16 years old, would call her office. “He would call often and ask for concert tickets. Michael had given us instructions to give him whatever he wanted. I remember when Michael gave him a convertible Mustang. They both went to Japan, too. The limousine was always at his disposal. I knew that his family lived in Encino. Michael gave them a house and a Mercedez Benz each,” said Orietta.

When Orietta heard that Jonathan had denied her statement, she added: “a young boy of sixteen isn’t able to buy a brand new Mustang convertible, and if he had, it would have been with Michael’s money. I was the one who received the call to start processing the purchase of the car. And as for his father, perhaps he was musical, but I found out that his father worked as a refuse collector for the city, and his mother was a social worker.”

Outsiders may believe it, but any person who knows real facts will see the above as the exceptional BS it really is.

Jonathan Spence was indeed one of Michael’s friends who often called his office for tickets, and this is the most we know about him.

But the Mustang car was given to Ryan White, an AIDS victim who was 17 at the time and who died a year later after Michael made him this gift. The car was sent to Ryan’s home in the summer of 1990 which was exactly the time when Orietta Murdock was Michael’s assistant and received a call to process this purchase.

And the ‘father who worked as a refuse collector’ is a clear reference to James Safechuck, whose father owned a refuse collection company, and it was for their house that the well-meaning Michael helped to pay credit as Safechuck’s mother explained it in the Leaving Neverland horror film.

So a story which was supposed to be about one person is actually a collection of twisted facts cherry-picked from the biographies of three people. And though separate elements of the story may be true, the result is a huge bundle of lies which is the truth imitation most probably created by Gutierrez’s idle and vicious mind.

Whether Orietta parroted Gutierrez or it was the other way around, it’s clear that Murdock, Quindoy, Blanca Francia, Adrian McManus, Ralph Chacon and all those other ‘witnesses’ were in close cooperation with Gutierrez who collected every single rumor about Jackson, spinned them beyond recognition and promoted them further to the hungry public with the help of Diane Dimond, for example.

It is also a stunning fact that many of those ‘witnesses’ included into the Prosecution 1108 motion worked at Neverland and left (or were dismissed) at approximately the same time. The motion gives us the periods of their work for MJ:

Blanca Francia: 1986 – June 1991
Mark and Faye Quindoy: May 1989 – August 1990.
Philippe and Stella LeMarques replaced the Quindoys and worked for 6 months only, between January and July 1991 and left or were dismissed at the same time as Blanca Francia.
Orietta Murdock: September 1989 – January 1991
Charlie Michaels left or was dismissed a year later, but her time of employment overlapped with all those mentioned above and was March 21, 1990 – March 6, 1992.

To me the fact that all those ‘witnesses’ were active against Jackson at approximately the same time looks very odd indeed. It suggests that in 1990-1992 all of them were pumped for information and possibly coached by Gutierrez, who was preparing the ground for a future hatchet job against Michael Jackson.

The culmination came in 1993 when the Chandler scandal broke out, but it was the two year period prior to that which actually decided Michael Jackson’s fate.


It’s time we got back to the Robsons and learned a couple of details about their family life.

In her ‘Nightmare in Neverland’ article published in 1994 Maureen Orth mentioned an anonymous man who called her about his son and was extremely worried about his well-being, but had little opportunity to see him as the boy was too far away. The article said:

“One anguished father who had spent considerable time at Neverland called me in despair over the fact that he had ever allowed Jackson to share a bed with his son. He has no proof that anything untoward occurred, but he claims that he himself was molested by an uncle and kept the secret from his parents for 30 years. That knowledge tortures him, because he and his wife are divorced, and he lives so far away that he is rarely able to see his son. He says that his wife, who has custody, told him that if he spoke to the press he would never see his son again. A week later, after talking to his wife, who was in contact with Jackson’s side, he called again, eager to give me a quote in favor of Michael Jackson.”

Since we’ve amassed a huge amount of information it is easy for us to recognize the anonymous man – it was Wade’s father Dennis Robson. It turns out that he was extremely worried about his son after the Chandler allegations and was in despair that he had allowed him to stay with Michael Jackson.

Dennis and Joy Robson

We also learn that Dennis Robson himself was molested by an uncle and he disclosed his secret to his parents when he was well over 30.

He was a tortured soul and this is why the suspicion that his own son may have been molested too gave him real anguish – at least until a week later his former wife Joy reassured him of the opposite.

Wade Robson of course knows that his father was sexually abused as a child, but as far as I remember never speaks about it, however this skeleton in the cupboard provides him with a good example he models himself after in order to play the same molestation cards and tell exactly the same story of ‘a son and his anguished father’.

The family had a vivid example of such tortured soul in front of their eyes and all of them eventually learned the reason why, however it didn’t prevent them from leaving him all alone, and it is the memory of this betrayal that’s adding to the guilt the children now feel for abandoning their father.

So when you watch the second part of the ‘Leaving Neverland’ saga you should realize that the reason why Dennis’s three children are tearful when they speak about the break-up of their family is not because of Jackson who had nothing to do with it, but because of the remorse they feel for leaving their father alone at a time when he needed them most.

Wade Robson’s grandmother Lorraine in ‘Leaving Neverland’ horror film

The two parts of ‘Leaving Neverland’ make a striking difference in this respect – when they talk about the alleged molestation of Wade Robson the family is calm, composed and even laughing (remember the jolly old grandmother Lorraine).

But when it comes to their real tragedy Chantal and her brothers can’t help crying. Even the elder brother Shane Robson breaks down when he speaks about his father though he is a hardened policeman who must have seen a lot of human tragedy due to his profession.

Of course the Robsons put the blame on Michael Jackson – their family was broken up, Michael took their father’s place, etc. etc.

But the reality is much harsher than this publicity trick, because what happened to their family and particularly their father was wholly their mother’s doing.

Joy Robson in ‘Leaving Neverland’ horror film about the ‘abuse’ of her child

In that article Dennis refers to his wife having ‘custody’, and this point makes it clear that Joy Robson not only divorced her husband before leaving for the US, but also obtained sole custody of their children.

And according to Australian family law this required her to go to court to demand that the father should be stripped of his parental rights.

When parents are divorced Australian family law presumes that ‘each parent of children under 18 has equal parental responsibility for their children, ‘unless otherwise ordered by a court.’

The court can grant sole custody to one of the parents only if there is a solid reason for it and equal parental responsibility is considered ‘inappropriate and not in the children’s best interests.’

‘The effect of this is that the responsible parent will not be required to consult with their former spouse with respect to any decisions made about the children.’

Attention please to this part of their family law:

“In order to have the Court provide ‘sole parenting’ or ‘sole custody’ responsibility to one parent, that person will be required to provide the Court with a full report on all matters relevant to their claim against the other parent. This might include evidence of police reports or other witness statements; evidence of a total breakdown in communication between the parents, or any indicator demonstrating that joint parenting would probably create more problems for the children than a sole custody parenting order. The mental and physical health of each parent might also be a relevant factor.”

I don’t think that Dennis Robson had a police record to his credit, however since Joy Robson did obtain sole custody of their children it means that she must have given to court at least some reason why her husband should be denied his parental rights.

And the mental factor mentioned above suddenly reminded me that Robson’s father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This made me suspect that this diagnosis could be made right at the time when Joy Robson wanted to decide her children’s future single-handedly, without seeking her former husband’s consent. And if she resolved to take the children out of the country and her husband was against it, the diagnosis of his bipolar disorder could perfectly settle the problem.

It would be pure speculation to assert that in order to deny her husband his parental rights and take the children to the US, Joy Robson made arrangements to have him certified as a mental case, but if someone has an opportunity to check up the dates, it won’t hurt to find out at which period of time Dennis Robson was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

And if it was just before they left for the US (and not years afterwards or at a much earlier time, for example), this date will speak volumes and will add a small but telling detail to this family saga.

The timeline tells us that in June 1990 Joy Robson was still married, but in September 1991 she was not and was already free to decide the future of her children without any hindrance on Dennis’s part, so there is some ground for speculation here after all.

Whether Dennis Robson did or didn’t have bipolar disorder in addition to suffering from his childhood sexual trauma I have no idea, but in any case this mental condition is not serious enough for denying a man his parental rights. With adequate medication a bipolar disorder can even go unnoticed during the whole span of a person’s life, because all it means is that a person has mood swings and will go from euphoria to depression and back. In fact Evan Chandler also had a bipolar disorder, and most of his life lived quite happily until one day he decided to extort Michael Jackson for $20 million, and this damaged not only Michael but also himself.

Whatever the case with Dennis Robson, the situation with their divorce and the mother’s sole custody sheds a little light on the character of Joy Robson and the extent she may go to in order to reach her goals.

This woman possesses infinite ambition, rare determination and a steel hand, and if there was anyone who broke up that family in order to open up new horizons for her and the children it was surely Joy Robson.

Of course she was doing it for the sake of the children to give them a better chance – apparently, this was the way she understood her parental duty. She said that she thought she ‘wasn’t losing anything’ anyway, and therefore wanted to give it a try.

But I still don’t understand why Michael Jackson and MJJ Productions should be held responsible for the ‘undue care’ for her children, if it was Joy Robson who was resolute to take all the risks and made her decisions with her eyes open.

After all she went through the unhappy experience of those two incidents with MJ (tears on Mother’s Day and the flight they nearly missed) even before they moved to the US, but disregarded even her own concerns.

She certainly never believed the allegations against Jackson and most probably doesn’t believe them now because she is no fool not to notice that Wade contradicts even her own memories (like that staying-alone-at-Neverland story that never happened), but she keeps mum about it to avoid further complications with her beloved son.

It’s obvious that she doesn’t want any more suicides in her family and may erroneously think that appeasing Wade in whatever he does is the best way.

Joy Robson herself is also mentioned in Maureen Orth’s article, and knowing the story we can decipher it even further:

They [the Quindoys] knew the boy whose father had called me in despair. They remembered that his mother would leave the boy with Jackson for “three or four weeks” at a time, and claimed she would cry, “My son has been kidnapped.”

The crying mother can be easily recognized as Joy Robson and the Quindoys’ statement that she ‘left the boy with Jackson for three or four weeks at a time’ definitely refers to their long May-June 1990 visit which falls within the time of the Quindoys’ employment (May 1989-August 1990).

The story is a lie of course or at least a heavy exaggeration – Joy rarely left her son unattended and that incident at the recording studio was one of those exceptions. In any case the Robsons spent most of their time in LA on that visit, and the Quindoys were at Neverland, so even for that reason they could know nothing about it.

Those allegations were the usual spin. Joy Robson simply made the mistake of calling Quindoy when she was looking for her son and this was enough for them to start weaving their tales (the reason why the guests at Neverland were asked not to run around with their problems but take them directly to Norma Staikos).

In her anger Joy Robson could even mention kidnapping and at the 2005 trial she was reminded that Tom Sneddon wanted her to confirm the ‘kidnapping’ story to the grand jury, but Joy said she didn’t remember and in any case never thought that her son was kept by force.

But Quindoy did remember and jumped to a conclusion that if this woman didn’t know where her son was she must have left him totally unattended for weeks at a time!


In fact it is incredibly easy to read through these texts now and see what really happened and what is pure fiction.

With the amount of information in our baggage even the most intricate text suddenly opens up and becomes clear. The events form into a logical succession, people who wanted to stay anonymous reveal their names and most ingenious lies fall apart almost at first touch.

You are able to spot liars and measure the degree of their degradation. You see which lie springs from which story, you watch puzzle pieces fit into their proper place and see how even the most baffling stories make themselves unravel.

It is a totally miraculous process when unbelievable things begin to happen. Maureen Orth’s articles suddenly turn into a treasure trove of hidden facts waiting to be discovered because now you are able to read between the lines there and connect the dots never connected before.

Each text suddenly becomes transparent and it feels like you are able to read an ancient text in a long forgotten language. The feeling is fantastic.

This must be the effect of the truth.  Try it yourself and you will open the door to a different reality.

Truth is real magic, guys.




One of the readers (Maria) found a new article by Maureen Orth (March 1, 2019) and left the following comment:

In her “Nightmare in Neverland” she said: “One anguished father who had spent considerable time at Neverland called me in despair” but in the 2019 article she admits it was HER who first called Dennis Robson, and Dennis “surprised her by returning her call”.

Also interesting: “Dennis, who had been diagnosed as bipolar SHORTLY before his wife left”.

Shortly before his wife left! I guess, it’s safe to say that your hypothesis that his diagnosis was connected with Joy’s intent to have full custody IS CORRECT!

Yes, my supposition turned out to be absolutely correct.

After more than 18 years of marriage to Dennis Robson his wife Joy was so intent on starting a new life, probably for herself too, that not only did she divorce her husband, but she also had him certified as a mental case and took this diagnosis to court to strip him of his parental rights.

The court gave her sole custody of the children and the right to decide their future without her former husband standing in the way – his consent was no longer needed for anything she did. And with great expectations for a new bright future ahead of them she set out on a journey to the US, taking their younger children with her.

Does the discovery that I was right make me happy?

No, it doesn’t. It makes me extremely sad.

Maureen Orth says that Dennis Robson never got over losing his family.

After his wife took the children away from him, leaving him with a mental diagnosis at that, Dennis Robson more or less survived with the help of his elder son Shane who fortunately stayed by his side for over 10 years. But in 2002 Shane left too and this is when Dennis Robson committed suicide.

Muareen Orth tries to convince us that Dennis Robson “never got over losing his family, all because his son, then five, had won a local dance contest, and the first prize was a meeting with his idol, Michael Jackson.”

In the opinion of these people Michael is to blame for every life problem, so they are falling over themselves to prove their point. But thousands of people all over the world met Michael Jackson, and it was only those who were guided by avarice and ambition who destroyed their lives, and with their own hands too.

Maureen Orth claims that “in the new HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, Wade Robson says he never fully understood what caused his father’s pain”.

Well, if he never understood it, let us explain it to him.

His father was in so much pain because he was sacrificed to his wife’s ambitions and was ruthlessly betrayed – by all of them and Joy Robson in particular.

Betrayal seems to be running in this family.

Like mother, like son.


Blanca Francia’s Deposition Blasts the Wade Robson Story

December 4, 2019

The name of Blanca Francia is now firmly associated with Wade Robson. She used to be a personal maid to Michael Jackson, who later made controversial statements about him, and Robson insisted on Michael’s innocence for the first 30 years of his life, but since making his U-turn in 2013 has told most horrible things about his former friend.

So previously Francia and Robson were on the opposite sides of the barrier, and now they are allies whose case against Jackson is based on each other stories – Blanca Francia thinks she saw the shadow of Robson in Michael Jackson’s shower at Neverland, and Robson, though recalling none of it himself, goes much further and claims she saw Michael Jackson “rubbing the Plaintiff” and “the Plaintiff’s head was pressed against Michael Jackson’s stomach area.”

The above Robson’s statements come from his Motion to amend his third amended complaint filed on September 9, 2016 (for its screenshot see the collage below).

The collage, combining an excerpt from the 2016 Motion and Robson’s milder version of the same from an earlier court document, was made by Hammer whose Twitter account also introduced me to the recent 2016 deposition of Blanca Francia.

Why is the description of the shower episode different in Robson’s two court documents and why is the amended 2016 version so gross in its content?

Whenever Robson’s story is found inconsistent his standard reply is that his memory “evolved”. But given that the new amendment was made three days after Blanca Francia’s deposition on September 6, 2016, it would be logical to assume that Robson took all those salacious details from her new testimony – however the problem here is that Blanca Francia said nothing of the kind there, so Robson must have drawn inspiration from another source.

Of course Blanca Francia’s deposition is available to us only in the bits and pieces put online by the one who bought those pages from the court reporter, but when you start reading the little we have, you will realize that even the above graphic content is not that important as it fades in comparison with the discovery we make there. Read more…

10 years of vindicating Michael Jackson

November 21, 2019

Sometimes there are dates or anniversaries of which you don’t know whether to celebrate them or to mourn them. After Michael Jackson’s 10th death anniversary this year, we now have the 10th anniversary of the foundation of our Vindicate MJ blog. Exactly today 10 years ago, on November 21 in 2009, Helena sent this blog online into the world with these first words:

“Father, Forgive Them; They Don’t Know What They Are Doing…”, with Johann Sebastian Bach’s famous Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major called “Air” and with her explanation why she started this work.

Well, in view of the fact that nothing has changed since November 2009 and that we still have to fight for the truth, it’s hard to celebrate this 10 year anniversary. And meanwhile I believe it is fair to say that some things cannot be forgiven anymore – at least it is up to God to forgive the liars, our human souls are not able to do this.10 years

When faced with the “Leaving Neverland” spectacle this year, it felt like we were thrown back to the beginning of our journey and have to start with educating people all over again.

However, what happened within these 10 years made us stronger and helped us to counter these new allegations with much more knowledge. There was so much research done by Jackson’s fans and supporters in this decade that we now can reply to every new claim and allegation with an enormous amount of facts like nobody else. This was harder in the beginning after Michael’s death than it is now.

Of course, the media didn’t learn much during this time, they ignore most of the facts now as they did it in earlier years. This is a systematic approach! We cannot rely on their objective treatment of Michael Jackson and all the stories spread about him. When it comes to MJ, they are still not interested in doing the task assigned to them: detailed fact-checking and objective assessment and reporting of stories and allegations.

But with all the research that was done by Michael Jackson “truthers” in an almost scientific manner since Michael’s death, we today can be very sure and convinced that we are right! That we are not mistaken! Because with every new fact we found out, our convictions were corroborated. And this is the joint work of international groups of bloggers, advocates and researchers, of which Helena is one of the most important.

On this day I want to highlight particularly the work done by Helena in the course of these 10 years, with so much passion that sometimes her health suffered severely from it. I remember the several public trials she covered arduously, writing posts every day and night, hardly sleeping during these weeks. I remember the attacks from MJ haters by impersonating the blog with lies and fake news. I remember her falling in a hurry and breaking her wrists which required her to stay in hospital for a while and leaving the blog to others, when she couldn’t write herself. The several times of absence from the blog always made the readers miss her very much – because she could not and never can be replaced. Her quick perception and excellent judgment and assessment of things are unparalleled and so much needed in difficult situations when false stories on Michael become overwhelming and people don’t know what to believe. In these times we need somebody with a clear view, with a wealth of knowledge and a good memory, leading us through the waves of rumors, untruths and biased reporting.

Certainly, nobody can do this amount of work on a daily basis for years. We need to stay healthy, we have families and have to care for other things and family members. So the temporal intervals between writing posts became longer over time, and it also didn’t seem necessary to repeat all facts any time new claims and lies on Michael came up. Principally, all was said on the allegations, and the facts speak for themselves.

But this year was different. Leaving Neverland and the two liars and their director made us nearly vomit considering the filthiness and the impertinence of their lies. And also nauseating was the fact that the media and the entertainment industry embraced the film despite the transparency of the lies, as well as the fact that pedophilia doesn’t seem any longer a subject of disgust, but of entertainment and a new ideology (“children can enjoy sex with adults”). Moreover, the agenda to bring down Jackson’s legacy became so obvious.

Seeing Robson and Safechuck going so far as to present themselves with their lies as movie stars (with even photo sessions showing them as the popstars they always wanted to be) was a shock – not a shock about the lies they told, because we already knew them – but a shock about how low some people can sink to make headlines and to take revenge.

The good thing that happened after the initial shock was the unity and the collective reaction of the fanbase and MJ advocates. And especially that many younger “MJ truthers” took over and stroke back on Twitter, YouTube and other social media, even in form of a great documentary, with joint forces and vast knowledge. This gives us a lot of hope. Helena and I are over 60 now, and we need the younger ones to take over and continue the work. It is necessary that younger fans carry forward the vindication work with the same passion and with new instruments and skills, and we are glad that we can rely on them.

Now I would particularly like to say a big Thank you to Helena for her tireless work and commitment. She is one of the pioneers in the MJ blogger community that emerged after Michael’s death, and did a lot of the essential research we needed for today. And we hope that she will be here as long as possible and give us the light we need.

I think we can be thankful that we could keep the blog alive for 10 years now and that nobody could break us. Considering the new law controlling the internet in Helena’s home country, this cannot be taken for granted for the future. And now that a new Californian legislation enables Robson and Safechuck to return their cases to the trial court, there is possibly a lot more work to do and we are far from reaching our goal. But we hope for the best that we will be able to go on TOGETHER!

The VMJ blog is an academic Chair for studying Michael Jackson, and it hopefully will exist another 10 years and longer, beyond our own lives, to educate next generations. This is our wish and we will take care that it remains safe. Thanks to all our readers who keep us going!

May God bless you, Helena!

WHAT WE KNOW about Mark Quindoy’s Diary and Wade Robson. Part 3

November 16, 2019

If somebody tells you that he kept a diary when travelling to an exotic place, and when you start reading it you find that the the names and locations are all wrong, the dates are messed up and the museum described was closed in that particular season, you will suspect that the writer is pulling your leg and just fabricated the whole thing, probably never going on that trip at all.

The same with Mariano “Mark” Quindoy.

Mark Quindoy reads out from his diary, 1993

Quindoy claimed that he kept a diary since his first day of employment at Neverland, but it has so many inaccuracies in the dates, names and descriptions that at some point you start realizing that it is a fabrication.

Michael Jackson’s detractors will excuse Quindoy’s blunders by saying that “it was long ago and he simply misremembered it”, however this excuse cannot be applied to a diary which is kept then and there and if something worthy of attention happens in the morning you make a note of it in the evening. Or the next day. Or the same week at the very latest.

A diary cannot have any discrepancies and if not true to life in its every detail, it is actually an imitation based on outside sources and the author’s fantasy. It is either this or that,  with no shades of gray in between.

Therefore it is no use sorting through the mess of Mariano Quindoy’s diary trying to filter the “correct” facts from its lies and inaccuracies – if some pieces of his diary are messed up it means that the whole of it was fabricated.


Mariano Quindoy’s diary has reached us in its several versions. First it was reported by the media as Quindoy presented it at his 1993 press conference in Manila. Then Quindoy’s ideas were stated in the prosecution “Prior Bad Acts” Motion of December 10, 2004. And then it was retold in several books (Diane Dimond’s is the example).

Let us go over Quindoy’s most striking statements that went into the Prosecution “Prior Bad Acts” Motion. Read more…

What Do We Know About Mariano “Mark” Quindoy? Part 2

November 5, 2019

By September 1993, when Mariano “Mark” and Ofelia “Faye” Quindoy arranged a press conference in Manila, their legal battle with Michael Jackson had been going for three years – since they left Neverland in August 1990. The disputed sum was $283,000 they thought Michael Jackson owed them in unpaid overtime wages.

For a while all seemed quiet, but in late 1991– early 1992 they started seeking contact with the media. We’ve seen their two big TV interviews with Hard Copy (Feb.1992) and Geraldo (July 1992), and an earlier contract with the “Sun” for $25,000 to tell a frank and full story about their work for Michael Jackson – however then they didn’t say a single bad word about their former employer.

The Quindoys and Michael Jackson

But knowing that when doing those interviews the Quindoys were also litigating Michael Jackson, it was easy to assume that their public appearances were actually a warning sent to Michael via TV – if their payment demands were not met, the very same story about him would acquire a different coloring.

Indeed, their earlier interviews had all the makings of future allegations – the comment that Michael used to throw around his clothes and underwear was a signal that it could turn into “boy’s underwear” lying by his bedside, the bed on the second floor of his bedroom where his guests “usually stayed” could turn into a “never slept in” bed, and the innocent fact that for their 6 months there they didn’t see any MJ’s girlfriends would later turn into the idea that he was gay.

The supposition that the interviews were a veiled threat was confirmed by an unexpected source – Victor Gutierrez, who claims that the Quindoys “made demands of” Jackson and threatened him. Gutierrez says that he was also planning to interview them. Read more…

What Do We Know About Mariano “Mark” Quindoy? Part 1

October 31, 2019

Recently I came across an interview of Mariano “Mark” Quindoy, a former housekeeper at Neverland and his wife Ofelia “Faye” Quindoy who worked at Neverland as chef. The video claims that the Quindoys were employed at the ranch for two years and shows Mariano “Mark” Quindoy saying that during his time at the ranch he eye-witnessed a scene in the pool area where Michael Jackson allegedly kissed a boy and put his hand into the boy’s pants. The name of the boy was not specified.

Mariano “Mark” Quindoy on Current Affair, Jan.17, 1994

This previously unknown video is a clip from the Current Affair program dated January 17, 1994, but it surfaced only recently sparking off numerous exclamations from its viewers like “Shocking”, “Never seen this before. I can’t believe some people think he’s innocent”, “Why the hell did they stay silent?” etc.

It just happened that right at that time I was also rereading the Prosecution Motion of December 10, 2004 introducing the so-called “Prior Bad Acts” into the forthcoming Michael Jackson trial (also known as #1108 Motion), and the details and wording of the statement of the same Mariano “Mark” Quindoy in that paper made it clear that Robson’s and Safechuck’s stories in the “Leaving Neverland” film are for the most part based on Quindoy’s claims – up to the description of some scenes repeated by these two characters almost verbatim.

This suddenly made Mariano “Mark” Quindoy big news again, so we need to closely look into this character and his story, especially into that striking episode near the pool area which Quindoy allegedly observed at Neverland and which, according to #1108 Motion, supposedly involved Jimmy Safechuck. It is the same episode as the one in the video, only described in the prosecution paper in much more detail. Read more…

Danny Wu’s documentary SQUARE ONE about Michael Jackson is a MUST-SEE

October 9, 2019

Danny Wu did a remarkable job.

His SQUARE ONE documentary does away with the allegations against Michael Jackson in a very concise and clear way, and what amazes me most is that despite the documentary being only 1 hour and 20 minutes long he manages to cover it all and not miss a thing. Out of the vast exculpatory materials accumulated since Michael Jackson’s passing, Danny Wu managed to select only the most essential facts and documents that tell the truth about those allegations in their most condensed form.

From what I hear about the author he more or less believed Michael Jackson’s accusers after watching the “Leaving Neverland” fake but since it didn’t feel right for him to just blindly accept it, it triggered off his own research and after an obviously very deep dive into the MJ story he made his rebuttal documentary just in two months – a miraculous phenomenon in and of itself, especially considering how impressive the result is.

Even from this point of view it is totally unlike Dan Reed’s tedious shooting and reshooting of his “Leaving Neverland” scenes intended to present its characters in their most favorable light and give them some semblance of credibility through their endless repetitive lies, which are meant to pass off as “research” that actually never took place there.

It is also funny how Danny Wu manages to be slightly ironic about Dan Reed’s crooked job by imitating his signature aerial views and piano music which adds to this documentary at lot as you can’t help occasionally laughing even despite the seriousness of the subject.

In short the quality, accuracy and standard of research of SQUARE ONE are phenomenal, which make it a must-see for those who never heard MJ’s real story and are ready to leave the nasty media matrix to discover the sensational truth that Michael Jackson was an innocent man.

And even long-time researchers like us can also find in the documentary some new facts to carry on with. Read more…

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