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The Michael Jackson Case for Innocence Podcast. THE CHANDLER ALLEGATIONS

November 30, 2022

Let me introduce to you a new podcast series made by relative newcomers to researching the Michael Jackson story – a teenager named June, a fan of Michael Jackson, and her mother Sheryl, who is no fan but is an exemplary mother who didn’t want to leave her daughter alone to deal with the “Leaving Neverland” mess and its aftermath, and who undertook a thorough investigation of the allegations against Michael Jackson to see whether they are true or not.    

Here is the lovely June who first talks about why she became a Michael Jackson fan and how confused and upset she was by the “Leaving Neverland” film – especially when everyone believed the allegations so quickly and turned their back on Michael Jackson, and even her favorite counselor in a summer camp said to her about Michael: “Great music, horrible man”.

That was like a punch to a gut for June and this is when her mother Sheryl came to her rescue.

With a background of a Master’s and Doctoral degrees behind her she always taught her daughter to do research before believing anything she heard from others, but considering the graphic nature of the allegations and numerous legal matters involved, the mother took it upon herself to do the investigation.

June says,

“…when my mom sat down with me to talk about these recent allegations, I trusted her warnings. My mom explained to me that I hadn’t researched enough about these recent allegations to be confident in Michael’s innocence. She said that confidence needed to be earned through fact checking each of the claims of the accusers.”

“If the evidence my mom found had pointed towards his guilt, I would have stopped supporting him. I could never be a fan of someone who committed such crimes.”

But to the girl’s great relief the deeper her mother looked, the more evidence accumulated to point to Michael Jackson’s innocence.

June and her great Mom

In fact the hard-working Sheryl found the evidence of Michael Jackson’s innocence overwhelming. And mind you, she did not only look into the stories of the two “Leaving Neverland” characters but also into the 1993 and 2005 cases, thus covering four accusers all in all.

I personally was especially struck by the fact that Sheryl went exactly the same road I stepped on 13 years ago when I  first started researching the allegations against Michael Jackson and that she underwent the same metamorphosis as I did – from being cautious about Michael Jackson and (half) believing the allegations against him to a big shock and astonishment at discovering that the evidence of his innocence was indeed overwhelming, and that it was all there, in everyone’s view, and all you needed to do was just look, but most people didn’t notice it or didn’t want to know.

To make the long story short here is a 20-minute introduction to Sheryl’s and June’s podcast series called “Mom and the Michael Jackson Fan” without which their story about Michael Jackson would be incomplete:

And next comes the first part of the Chandler series. The authors describe it as follows:

“In this episode, you’ll hear how the Chandlers begin and develop their friendship with Michael Jackson. The accounts presented in this case primarily come from the Chandlers themselves. The Chandler family first visits Neverland Ranch in February 1993, and Jordan will later say the abuse began a few months later. The controversy over the reliability of Jordan’s confession is detailed and his father’s questionable motives and behavior are explored. The episode concludes in August 1993 with the surprise raids on Neverland Ranch and Jackson’s L.A. apartment.”

Twitter: @Case4Innocence
Content Advisory: Sex abuse allegations involving minors are discussed in this episode.

Let me say that the Chandler story comes in 5 parts and in my view it is a pretty good and comprehensive summary of the case.

Those who are deeply involved in the MJ studies could certainly find something to add here and there, but to all those who are new to the subject it is the most up-to-date summary of the case which is also presented in a very compact and concise way.


The first part was recorded on 10/18/2022 and it is only due to my tardiness and current lack of focus that I am bringing it to your attention only now (sorry for that). New episodes are presented weekly and by now the two authors are already well into the Arvizo case. They are so fast that I myself have a hard time keeping up with them.


On second thought I decided to post here the links to the remaining parts of the Chandler story here too, just to keep them in one place. So here is PART 2 of the Chandler case:

In part 2 of the Chandler allegations, you’ll hear about the media frenzy after Jordan’s allegation becomes public.  District Attorney Tom Sneddon and police are convinced of Michael Jackson’s guilt before any real investigation begins, which biases their later interviews with children who knew Jackson. The Chandlers and their lawyers take thoughtfully planned steps to pressure Jackson into settling the civil lawsuit that’s filed in September 1993. The episode concludes by covering the steps that lead to Jackson’s settlement with the Chandlers.


This episode focuses on the psychiatrist interview of Jordan Chandler from October 1993.  As arranged by their lawyer,  Jordan and his parents flew to New York from Los Angeles to be interviewed by Dr. Richard Gardner, who was known at the time as an expert in false allegations of abuse. This step was likely taken to help the Chandlers prepare for questioning if their civil case went to trial. Highlights from the interview are detailed, including direct quotes from the exchanges between Jordan and Dr. Gardner.


In this final chapter on the Chandler Allegations timeline, you’ll hear about how District Attorney Tom Sneddon takes his criminal case against Michael Jackson to 2 grand juries. Despite  failing to get an indictment, Sneddon doesn’t close the case against Jackson, and continues to make media appearances where he lets it be known that all he needs is a willing victim to come forward. Hard copy reporter Diane Dimond and Victor Gutierrez are involved in promoting the scandal that there is a secret tape of Jackson abusing a boy. Evan Chandler continues to try and litigate against his own family and Michael Jackson.


In this final episode of the Chandler Allegations series, the cumulative evidence from the past 4 episodes is combined and sorted to make the case that the evidence supports Michael Jackson’s innocence in this first sex abuse claim against him.

All  source material can be found on our podcast website:

Michael Jackson’s Highly Likely Friendship With Donald Trump

August 29, 2022

It is Michael Jackson’s birthday today, and perhaps the best present to him and his memory would be another portion of truth about him and his friends.

By Michael Jackson’s friends I mean Donald Trump and the whole of the Trump family.

The Vulture article published in 2019 called Michael’s friendship with Donald Trump “unlikely”, however the many years of their companionship and the recent developments around Trump occurring after Michael’s death suggest to me exactly the opposite.

I mean that their friendship was highly likely.

Both of them were somewhat unpredictable and followed their own individual path, both didn’t go with the trend and were on their own, both were not easily bent and manipulated by the world establishment and its agenda – and this last point was probably the gravest of their sins in the eyes of the establishment, never to be forgiven.

Whatever the case, despite extreme pressure from the outside, Trump never wavered in his support of Michael Jackson during the most critical moments in Michael’s life – in the 1993 Jordan Chandler crisis, during the 2005 trial over that fake Arvizo case, and then forever after following Michael’s death.

Below are some excerpts from the Vulture article about that “unlikely” friendship. The sly hints dropped by its author that Trump has withdrawn his support of Michael after the “Leaving Neverland” film fantasy are certainly present there as a routine element of media poison about both guys, however those drops were mostly redacted by me due to my current zero tolerance towards such characteristically “ironic” but completely unsubstantiated suggestions.

Trump is probably too busy with his own harassment campaign to speak up for Michael Jackson at the moment, however something tells me that if he were given a chance to investigate the smear campaign against Michael, he would get down to the bottom of it because besides sharing an independent way of thinking both he and MJ seem to be sharing common enemies too.  

So here we go with the article published in “Vuture” in 2019, some of which should be taken with a grain of salt.

MAR. 6, 2019

Michael Jackson’s Unlikely Friendship With Donald Trump: A Timeline

By Kenny Herzog

“Throughout the 1980s and ’90s, there were few more famously wealthy Americans than Donald Trump and Michael Jackson, so it’s unsurprising they’d find themselves moving in similar circles, stepping out publicly at the same fashionable fundraisers and photo ops, and relating to one another’s lavish tendencies, be it gold toilets or private amusement parks. Their friendship continued into the 2000s, and despite the two men’s rapidly diverging paths, Trump continued to publicly support Jackson up through his 2009 death and beyond, painting the late King of Pop as “misunderstood” as recently as the lead-up to the 2016 election.

Again, President Trump has not commented publicly on Leaving Neverland; but the renewed controversy surrounding Jackson’s history inevitably reopens the book on one of his most curious grown-up companionships. Here, then, is a select, annotated timeline of the friendship of Michael Jackson and Donald Trump.

March 3, 1988: In the midst of Jackson’s marathon tour for Bad, the successor to his record-shattering Thriller, he swung through New York for a benefit concert and wowed thousands at Madison Square Garden. It was a performance the New York Times called a “mammoth pop-soul Halloween party.” A then-41-year-old Donald Trump was among those in attendance, and as he recalled to Larry King in 2009, “I spoke to him for a little while. He was low-key, and I’d think, ‘There’s no way this guy is going out to that stage to perform.’” It’s fair to assume Jackson likewise wouldn’t have assumed his new acquaintance would one day be president.

Unknown dates, 1989: In Ivana Trump’s 2017 memoir, Raising Trump, she detailed how Jackson, then 30, was a regular (supervised) playdate hang with Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric. (Ivana alludes to Jackson having lived in Trump Tower at that time). According to Mr. Trump’s first ex-wife, Jackson and her three children would watch MTV or play video games or, naturally, “build Trump Tower in Legos.” And don’t even get her started on that time M.J. popped in for Ivanka’s school performance of The Nutcracker.

April 6, 1990: Today, Trump’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City is essentially a glorified way station for seniors shuttling from bus depots to all-you-can-eat buffets. But when it opened on April 2, 1990, the fervor was intense, as if Trump had successfully airlifted the glamorous heyday of mid-century Las Vegas to a sleepy seaside town on New Jersey’s shoreline. Then, on April 6, Trump welcomed to the premises his ace in the hole, Michael Jackson himself, for a guided tour that just happened to be captured by media throngs and screaming fans. Jackson’s VIP glimpse was capped off with a meal at a made-to-order Taj restaurant, with Jackson “flanked by tiny fans.”

April 8, 1990: While Jackson was occupied at the Taj, he received news that Ryan White — an Indiana teenager whose struggle to survive the AIDS virus, which he contracted from a blood transfusion, made him a subject of national attention — had passed away. In a surreal scene, cameras captured Jackson, with Trump in tow, arriving at the White family home to pay condolences, with Jackson even climbing inside Ryan’s Ford Mustang — which had been a gift from M.J. — as a copy of Bad played on the stereo. When asked by a reporter why the two men had appeared together, a Trump spokesperson answered, “Mr. Jackson spent the weekend at the Taj Mahal as Mr. Trump’s guest, and Michael Jackson asked him to come along.”

Winter 1994: When Jackson began dating Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie, they apparently got more familiar with each other in the cozy confines of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. In Trump’s own telling, Mar-a-Lago helped surface the pair’s simmering chemistry, having written in his book The Art of the Comeback, “I was there, and the magic of Mar-a-Lago brought it out, because after they left, it didn’t work so well. I can tell you, for at least a period of time, these two folks were really getting it on.”

May 26, 1994: That fine spring day, Jackson and Presley wed in what was widely viewed as a hasty matrimony between two pillars of music royalty, if not an outright effort to draw attention away from mounting accusations of child molestation against Jackson. The marriage did indeed dissolve less than two years on, which must have been crushing to their biggest supporter: Donald Trump. As Trump shared with media after they’d tied the knot, “Those two really get along great, and they’re very happy.” He also sneaked in the factoid that they were “at the top of the Trump Tower now.” Turns out the super-couple had been hunkering down in the glistening monolith for an undisclosed length of time leading up to their secret exchange of vows.

June 16, 1995: This was the day Jackson released HIStory, a provocatively titled collection coming on the heels of aforementioned molestation accusations and related settlements. One track, “Money,” is a fairly rote calling out of soul-selling haters and frauds, though for years fans have debated whether Trump is among a roll call of names Jackson mutters in the background just over three minutes in. (You be the judge.) Though his intention in doing so could also be argued, as the name-checking is preceded by a message to earn “with dignity.” All evidence points to Jackson believing Trump was an exemplar of such an ethos.

December 18, 2003: On this day more than 15 years ago, Jackson was formally charged with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent. From that point until Jackson was acquitted in June 2005, the performer was presumed guilty across large swaths of public opinion. Trump, however, never wavered in his support, telling Larry King and others throughout that period some version of, “I’m gonna stick up for him because nobody else is, and I don’t believe it.” His remarks would frequently be punctuated with reminiscence about how much Jackson enjoyed his time in both Trump Tower and at Mar-a-Lago.

Unknown date, mid-2000s: Shortly after marrying Trump in 2005, third wife Melania at last crossed paths with the gloved one. In a 2016 interview with DuJour, Melania recollected how Jackson invited her and her new husband over for dinner at New York’s historic Pierre Hotel. In a snippet that got DuJour plenty of online referral traffic, the soon-to-be First Lady revealed that while Donald excused himself to commiserate with an art dealer, “Michael said to me, ‘Hey, when Trump comes back, let’s start kissing so he will be jealous!’” Alas, there was no smooch, Melania assures (lest you were concerned) but, “We were laughing so hard.”

June 25, 2009: The day Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50. Almost immediately obituaries and reflections walked the tightrope of touting his artistry, rehashing a challenging childhood and insulated life of superstardom, and being candid about the allegations that swirled around him and his relationships with young children. Trump, at the peak of his Apprentice popularity, was widely available for comment, and was quick to maintain that Jackson was “not a molester” and merely “loved children.”

February 19, 2016: During a CNN town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper, then-presidential candidate Trump spoke of Jackson, opining, “He lost tremendous confidence because of honestly bad, bad, bad surgery,” and that under such circumstances, “you can even lose your talent.” Michael’s brother, Jermaine, was not pleased, tweeting that “friends don’t pay tribute by peddling b.s. theories.” A couple of years later, while a guest on London-based Heart Radio, Jermaine addressed the question of whether Michael would support President Trump today by saying pointedly, “What he was saying in his music are all the problems we are facing now, and his music, especially Donald Trump, he really needs to listen to ‘Man in the Mirror.’”

August 27, 2017: Maybe it’s fitting that Jackson’s daughter Paris got the final word in regarding this unlikely friendship. At that summer’s MTV Video Music Awards, Paris proclaimed from the stage, “If we were to stand up all united as one, our impact, it would be huge. And that’s not fake news.” She underscored her meaning later that night with a (now-deleted) tweet reading, “Step up donny boy @realDonaldTrump.”

Now here is the picture of Michael Jackson in Donald Trump’s own words, without the little drops of venom dropped here and there in the previous piece.

“He was a very good friend of mine. He was an amazing guy, but beyond all else, he was the greatest entertainer I’ve ever known. He had magic. He was a genius. He was also a really good person, and when you got to know him, you realized how smart he was. He was brilliant.

 We were at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. There were thousands of people literally crushing us. We had 20 bodyguards, but it was really dangerous. He dropped to his knees and started crawling to the exit. He did it so routinely, I thought he fell. And I said, “Michael, is it always like this?” He goes, “Yeah, this is nothing. Japan is much worse.”

Now, Michael wasn’t the same Michael for the last 10 years. He was not well. He had a lot of problems, a lot of difficulties. But Michael in his prime — there’s never been anybody like him. His life was different than anybody I’ve ever known. But he had a very rough 10 years. He was embarrassed by it. He was embarrassed by what was happening to him. But he’s not going to be remembered for the last 10 years; he’s going to be remembered for the first 35 years.”,28804,1907409_1907413_1907487,00.html

And here is another testimony from the Trumps – this time it is the reminiscences of Michael Jackson by Donald Trump Jr. and his mother Ivana (recently deceased).

Donald Trump Jr. Looks Back at His Time Playing with Michael Jackson as a Kid and the ‘Shock’ of Abuse Allegations

By Adam Carlson 

Published on November 6, 2019 03:44 PM

Early in Triggered, President Donald Trump‘s oldest son, now 41, opens up about his family’s connection with Michael Jackson, when the three oldest Trump children — Don Jr. Eric and Ivanka — were all young and Jackson was then one of the most famous performers on Earth.

“Jackson lived in Trump Tower,” Don Jr. writes. They played video games together.

In Triggered, Don Jr. recalls that “one day in Eric’s room, my father saw how much Michael enjoyed playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with us on Nintendo and told him he could take the game home. My game! To this day, Eric says it was his game because it was in his room, but I know whose game it was. I’d worked a summer job to pay for it! And here was Michael Jackson, probably a billionaire at this point, and he took it!”

This playful anecdote quickly darkens in Don Jr.’s book as he writes, “The recent revelations about Jackson came as a shock to me. My experience with Michael does not include any of what he’s been accused of.”

Still, much as his father responds to his many critics, Don Jr. immediately circles back on the defensive.

“Oh, and by the way, given all the things my father has been called, particularly a ‘racist,’ it sure sounds odd that he’d let his son vacation with a black man or hang out with Michael Jackson doesn’t it?” he writes of the president. “If he’s a racist, he’s sure not very good at it.”

Triggered isn’t the first time the Trumps have talked about their relationship with Jackson.

Ivana Trump, the president’s first wife and mother of his three oldest children, wrote in her 2017 memoir Raising Trump about how the singer was the “only person who had an open invitation to come to the Trump Tower triplex for playdates whenever he wanted.”

“He’d stop by and chat with Donald and me for twenty minutes, and then he’d go up to the kids’ floor to hang out with them for hours and hours. They’d watch MTV, play Mario Brothers or Tetris, and build Trump Tower in Legos,” she wrote, adding, “Michael was a 30-year-old kid. He could relate to Ivanka and the boys better than to us.”

Ivana, 70, wrote that she “never believed the accusations that he molested those kids” and that there were nannies with her kids and Jackson during their playtime.

Ivana Trump had a good chance to get to know Michael well – in contrast to all those fake accusers of Michael Jackson like Terry George or Micahel Jacobshagen who met Michael just once (see here) but nevertheless turned the event into a life-long career for themselves, Ivana saw Michael on almost a daily basis for 10 months while he lived in the Trump Tower in 1994.

And after observing him that long she allowed Michael to be the only person who could be around her children whenever he wanted.

Ivana Trump on Michael Jackson

July 21, 2022

The Model, Socialite and ex-wife of infamous US President Donal Trump, Ivana has passed away on July 14 from a fall down the stairs at her New York home.

But did you know Ivana Trump fully supported Michael and here what she wrote in her 2017 memoir ‘Raising Trump’, she revealed: “The only person who had an open invitation to come to the triplex for playdates whenever he wanted was Michael Jackson.”

She went on to explain Jackson had a home in Trump Tower in Manhattan – where he lived for around 10 months in 1994 – and used to visit the family’s apartment to “hang out” with the kids.

Ivana added: “The King of Pop lived in Trump Tower and was a good friend of our whole family,” she explained, adding, “He’d stop by and chat with Donald and me for twenty minutes, and then he’d go up to the kids’ floor to hang out with them for hours and hours.”

She explained the ‘Thriller’ star used to love playing video games with the youngsters, adding: “They’d watch MTV, play Mario Brothers or Tetris, and build Trump Tower in Legos. Michael was a thirty-year-old kid. He could relate to Ivanka and the boys better than to us.”

Ivana said she or the children’s nannies were always in the room during the playdates — but that she “never believed the accusations that he molested those kids” anyway.

“He was a child himself in a man’s body, tender, sweet and gentle … there’s no way he could have hurt anyone.”

Ivana also recalls how Jackson, at the peak of his fame, went to see young Ivanka perform in The Nutcracker.

“Michael told me that she looked like an angel that night,” Ivana recalls.

Donald, Jr also spoke about Jackson’s visits to the Trump home in a 2019 appearance on Fox News, saying: “Michael Jackson used to come up and he was our neighbour at Trump Tower. So I was playing ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ with Michael Jackson! You know, this is in the early 90s – maybe even in the late 80s. Peak Michael.”

He also revealed his dad Donald once gave away one of his video games to the singer, adding: “We’re playing Nintendo and Michael really likes the game. So my dad walks in and says, ‘Well, why don’t you take the game, Michael?’ I’m pretty sure Michael could’ve called Nintendo and said, ‘I want one of those’. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but he just took it.”

But the most detailed of all is Mike Smallcombe’s story about the friendship of Trump and MJ. Here it is, slightly abridged:

It may come as a shock to Jackson’s daughter Paris that her father spent a significant amount of time in Trump’s company in the 1990s, with Trump going so far as to call Jackson “a very good friend of mine”.

As many Americans struggled to come to grips with a Donald Trump presidency in the wake of his election, Paris took to social media to share a picture of a man staring at a noose, revealing that she had a “feeling of impending doom” surging through her entire body. She also made the point that those who voted for Trump were defying her entire family.

The story of Donald Trump and Michael Jackson begins in March 1988, when the pair met backstage at a concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Trump recalls: “I spoke to him for a little while, he was low-key, and I’d think, ‘There’s no way this guy is going out to that stage to perform’. And then you see him moonwalk across the stage and the place would go crazy.”

The two became properly acquainted in 1990, when Trump opened what was then the world’s glitziest casino, the Taj Majal in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Trump and MJ goof around at Taj Mahal in Atlantic city

On Friday, April 6, 1990 Jackson travelled to Atlantic City to assist Trump with the grand opening, and stayed in the hotel’s $10,000-a-night ‘Alexander the Great Suite’. “If I ever needed him for something, he’d always be there,” Trump later said. “He was very loyal to his friends.”

Jackson’s arrival at the Taj that afternoon caused pandemonium; thousands of screaming fans and dozens of photographers chased the pair as Trump gave his star guest a guided tour of the facilities.“There were thousands of people literally crushing us,” Trump said, recalling the bedlam. “We had 20 bodyguards, but it was really dangerous.

“He dropped to his knees and started crawling to the exit. He did it so routinely, I thought he fell. And I said, ‘Michael, is it always like this?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, this is nothing. Japan is much worse’.”

The next day [April 7, 1990] Trump gave Jackson a tour of the Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall arena, adjacent to his Trump Plaza casino hotel. On the Sunday [April 8, 1990], Jackson was due to leave for Indiana to be at the bedside of his close friend, 18-year-old Ryan White, who was losing his brave five-year battle with AIDS.

As he arrived at the airport, Jackson was told that Ryan had passed away.

The pair flew to Indianapolis together aboard a private jet provided by Jackson’s record label, before travelling the 20 miles to Ryan’s hometown of Cicero in a motorcade of three limousines and several police vehicles.

After arriving at the home, a grieving Jackson sat briefly in the back of a red Ford Mustang GT, which he had given to Ryan as a gift a year earlier. He told the waiting media: “He was a personal friend. It’s sad.”

Trump and MJ before flying to Indianapolis

After extending his condolences to the family, Trump returned to New Jersey. Jackson remained at the house until the evening, reminiscing and looking through scrapbooks with Ryan’s mother, Jeanne.

Jackson spent the next 18 months working on his Dangerous album, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. He and Trump crossed paths again in June 1992, at a charity gala held at the iconic Tavern on the Green restaurant in New York. Trump and his future wife, Marla Maples, accompanied Jackson as he collected an award for his efforts in helping economically disadvantaged children.

The Trump-Jackson friendship was at its strongest in 1994. In March that year, with a gruelling world tour and damaging child molestation accusations behind him, Jackson relocated to New York City to work on his next album, which became HIStory.

Jackson reportedly paid $110,000 a month to rent a four-bedroom apartment near the top of Trump Tower, high above Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan. The apartment, which offers spectacular views over Central Park, was put on the market earlier this year for a cool $23 million.

Jackson’s friend, Frank Cascio, recalls the stay: “Michael’s apartment at Trump was over the top, with dramatic views and gold fixtures in the bathrooms. On the second floor there were three bedrooms. He transformed one of them into a mini dance studio by having all the furniture removed and putting in a dance floor.”

Jackson was living just a few floors below Trump’s own $100m penthouse, where the pair would often spend time together. “He’d come into my apartment and we’d talk a lot about business,” Trump said. “He was actually a very, very smart businessman.”

One night, they went for dinner at Manhattan’s Le Cirque restaurant. “It was as if he had never seen a menu before, and we carefully went over each item,” Trump recalls.“But what was most amazing were the looks on the distinguished faces in the room as they came over to our table practically begging for an autograph. These are people who had probably never asked for anyone’s autograph before, and I can guarantee you, it was not easy for them to do. They would always start by saying, ‘I have a son who is a big fan of yours, Mr Jackson. Could you give him an autograph’?“

But I believe it was for them, not their sons. One woman, one of the most socially prominent in New York, known for her attitude approached our table trying to look cool, then slightly tripped. She grabbed the table for support and asked in the same breath, ‘Mr Jackson, can I have your autograph’? It was amazing to see this woman, whom I have known for years, so flustered and nervous.”

Trump says he was surprised when Jackson told him he had a new girlfriend. “I congratulated him and asked, ‘Who is it’? He was very shy and looked down into his napkin, then put the napkin over his face and said, ‘Trump, Trump, I don’t want to talk about it, I’m so embarrassed’. I chided him. When he finally looked up, he said that it was a girl named Lisa Marie [Presley, Elvis’s only child].”

Michael Jackson holds Trump’s daughter Tiffany 1994

A couple of weeks later, Jackson asked his host if he could bring his new love interest to Trump’s sprawling Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

“We flew down in my plane together,” Trump said. “On the flight down, he asked if it would be possible for his girlfriend to come over and stay. I said absolutely, I looked forward to meeting her. He said she would be arriving sometime around eight o’clock, about an hour after we got to the house.”

Trump said that when Lisa Marie arrived, Jackson ran to the living room and greeted her with a hug, before they took off to look at the ocean. “When they came back, holding hands and hugging, they seemed very much in love,” Trump said. During their week-long stay, Jackson and Lisa Marie spent nearly every evening in a part of the mansion called the Grand Tower, and left the house together just once.

“He was up there one week with her, and he never came down, so I don’t know what was going on, but they got along,” Trump said.“People often ask me whether or not the relationship was a sham and I give them an emphatic no. I can tell you, for at least a period of time, these two folks were really getting it on.”

Mar-a-Lago estate was recently raided by more than 30 FBI agents in Trump’s absence. Thus the record of 70 officers raiding Michael Jackson’s Neverland in November 2003 has not yet been beaten


Jackson married Lisa Marie in a secret ceremony in the Dominican Republic in late May 1994, but they divorced 20 months later. Meanwhile, in December 1994 Jackson finally checked out of Trump Tower after a nine-month stay and returned to California to complete the HIStory album.

At this stage, it would have seemed like the two were good friends. But then Jackson decided to subtly include Trump in the lyrics of one of the HIStory album’s tracks, ‘Money’, which is an attack on greed and ruthless and unethical individuals.

At one point the background vocals feature the words, ‘If you want money, then earn it with dignity’, before Jackson speaks the names of several American industrialists and business magnates, including Trump, Cornelius Vanderbilt, J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J. Paul Getty.

Somewhat surprisingly, the lyrics were subtle enough to avoid any major headlines in the media. It would appear that although the pair shared a business relationship, Michael’s true feelings about Trump came to light through those lyrics.

But Brad Buxer, who worked on the song as a producer and musician, says there was never a falling out between the pair and that the lyrics were not meant as a personal attack on Trump.”I was around Michael Jackson constantly, and we talked about everything,” Buxer said.

“There was no falling out between him and Donald Trump; Michael thought the world of him. Michael loved and greatly admired successful people, and was truly inspired by Trump. He thought he was an amazing businessman, respected him greatly and liked him very much.

“He would have called out Donald Trump’s name out of respect and admiration. Sometimes in Michael’s music his lyrics and their meaning would be misunderstood. ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ is an example where some people thought his lyrics were racist.”

One of the individuals Michael admired included Thomas Edison, an American inventor and businessman with links to Morgan, Vanderbilt and the controversial motor company founder Henry Ford, who Michael also once praised. When discussing the notion of not giving up in the face of adversity in a recorded conversation with a friend in 2004, Michael said of Edison and Ford: “Some of the greatest men who have made their mark on this world were treated like that – you know, ‘You’re not gonna do it, you’re not gonna get anywhere’.”They laughed at the Wright brothers. They laughed at Thomas Edison. They made jokes about Henry Ford. They said he was ignorant. These men shaped and changed our culture, our customs, the way we live, the way we do things.”

Either way, Jackson and Trump met again half a decade later, which would indicate that there was no fallout. Jackson called Trump when he was staying in New York to record his Invincible album, and invited the businessman and his partner Melania for dinner at the luxury Pierre Hotel.

Melania, who married Trump in 2005 and will become the next First Lady of United States, recalls how she hit it off with Jackson. Melania said: “Just after dinner, we were chatting on the sofa and my husband went into another room to see some art somebody wanted to show him. And Michael said to me, ‘Hey, when Trump comes back, let’s start kissing so he will be jealous’!” The two didn’t kiss. “But we were laughing so hard,” she says.

In 2004, Trump publically defended Jackson ahead of his child molestation trial. “I’m going to stick up for him, because nobody else is,” Trump told Larry King. “But I don’t believe it.“

“He lived in Trump Tower. I knew what was happening with Michael Jackson. You know what was happening? Absolutely nothing. I had many people that worked for me in the building, and believe me, they would tell me if anything was wrong.“

And if you look at the mother of this young man [Gavin Arvizo], she has had plenty of experience at going after people. And she goes after them viciously and violently, and I saw a story and I read another story about some of the things she’s done.“It’s tough to win [a trial]. But I have a feeling he is going to win.”

Trump later reiterated his point, and said his young children were often in Jackson’s company when he was living in Trump Tower in 1994. “Michael would spend a lot of time with my kids,” Trump said.

“Michael would come, play with the kids. He just loved children. He was not a child molester and I am certain of that. He’d play with my son Eric and my son Donald and he’d just play with them forever.”

In February 2016, Trump was criticised by Jermaine Jackson after claiming Michael lost self-esteem due to “bad surgery”.

Trump said: “He lost tremendous confidence because of, honestly, bad-bad-bad surgery. He had the worst. He had people that did numbers on him that were just unbelievable. Believe it or not, when you lose your confidence in something, you can even lose your talent.”

But Trump also paid tribute to his friend.  “He was an amazing guy, but beyond all else, he was the greatest entertainer I’ve ever known,” he said. “He had magic. He was a genius. He was also a really good person, and when you got to know him, you realized how smart he was. He was brilliant.“

And this is what most commenters say about the friendship of Michael Jackson and Donald Trump which some media call “unsettling”.

  • There’s nothing “unsettling” about Trump and MJ’s friendship. I respect Trump for always defending Michael, even when it was unpopular. That took courage. Trump is loyal to his friends. Not many people were defending Michael during his trial, but Trump did, vigorously. MJ did have an apartment in Trump Tower, and he also spent time at Mar-a-Lago. Also, during the 1993 allegations against MJ, Trump put Michael up at his Plaza Hotel and told reporters, “If anyone wants to mess with Michael, they’ll have to go through me.” When MJ was arrested and handcuffed in 2003, Trump called in to CNN and said that he was confident that Michael would be acquitted. And after MJ died, Trump said many nice things about him, and also stated, “He was NOT a child molester. I’m certain of that.”
  • Trump’s constant DEFENSE of Michael is one thing that I deeply appreciate about him.
  • I have never really liked Donald Trump but the one thing I appreciate is he has always defended Michael Jackson even till this day. I remember when Trump called CNN LIVE on the air and said MJ was 100% innocent and the Arvizo mom is a con-artist and that MJ should sue her and she should be in jail. I watched/listen to the whole thing LIVE. This says a lot about Donald Trump and that he knows the media will lie and go after the true difference-makers as the media lies about Trump all the time and also lies about MJ all the time. Their goal is to brainwash people against the truth. MJ was never ashamed of God and definitely inspired countless people around the world to get closer to the divine, including myself. Michael Jackson changed my life by inspiring me so many times to never give up and to be a champion like he is.
  • He’s actually a good dude, do some research you’ll see. Mainstream media did him just like they did Michael, dirty.
  • Trumps a real one. Always has been and always will. Like MJ he’s the opposite of the media portrayal of him.
  • Media destroyed MJ, Mike Tyson, and Tiger Wood. Trump defended all three of them 100%.
  • Trump is a true man, I don’t care what people say about him! he is not two-faced or a snake-like so many people in Michael’s life who took advantage of him. I respect Trump so much for standing up to the truth and being a real friend to Michael. Shame on Paris for being so rude… to one of a very few that supported her father. I am sure if Michael was alive he would have been supportive like Trump was to him.
  • I never heard DJT being a racist until 2017. They had a building on Flatbush ave. People there talk positive about him. 70’s, 80’s. I was gone in the 90’s. He hired blacks, and rented apts to blacks at a time when apt discrimination was high. Super rich blacks couldn’t buy an apt in Manhattan.
  • Trump did more for black people in 2017, than Obama did in 8 years. If the US had an honest media, you would already know that.
  • The same people in the media that lied about Michael now lie about Trump. What does that tell you?

This last statement I whole-heartedly agree with.

It is the same people.


March 17, 2022

UPDATED on December 6, 2022

(for the update please scroll down to the bottom of the page)

To all those who are surprised to see this post about the need to help Ukraine in a blog about Michael Jackson, here is an explanation why.

Michael was certainly against the bloodshed of war, but in a metaphysical battle of Good vs. Evil he was certainly on the side of Good.

And if it were in his power to help the Good to win he would have certainly done it. And though he himself never shed blood, he would have tried to save from imminent death as many innocent lives as it is only possible.

The stance of both Ukrainian Orthodox Churches may help to understand the disposition of forces in this battle.

The first church is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church proper and the other is the representation of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, called “the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP)”, which is also very big and has more than 12,000 parishes in Ukraine.

Until February 24th, 2022 these churches had been at variance with each other.

But on February 24th when the Russian “special operation” started the head of the UOC-MP Church called on the citizens of Ukraine “to forget mutual strife and misunderstandings and unite by love for God and our Motherland”.

In a never-heard-of-before appeal to the President of Russia he asked to immediately stop the fratricide and said:

Metropolitan ONUFRIY of the Ukrainian branch of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine (UOC-MP) did not mince words in taking a side.

“Defending the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine, we appeal to the President of Russia and ask you to immediately stop the fratricidal war.

The Ukrainian and Russian peoples came out of the Dnieper baptismal font, and the war between these peoples is a repetition of the sin of Cain, who killed his own brother out of envy. Such a war has no justification for either God or men.”

“In this tragic time, we express our special love and support to our soldiers who stand guard and protect and defend our land and our people. May God bless and preserve them!”

On February 28, the Synod of the same church made an official statement addressed to the Russian patriarch. It said:

“If the bloodshed is not stopped, the chasm between our peoples could remain forever.”

On March 16, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church offered a special prayer for Ukraine, which was written by the Archbishop of Naples, Domenico Battaglia.

Pope Francis also referred to the mortal sin of Cain killing his brother Abel and implored to stop his hand:

Forgive us, Lord, if we continue to kill our brother, forgive us if we continue like Cain to remove the stones from our field to kill Abel. Forgive us, if we continue to justify cruelty with our effort, if with our pain we legitimize the brutality of our gestures.

Forgive us the war, Lord. Forgive us the war, Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, we implore you! Stop Cain’s hand!

Enlighten our conscience,

let not our will be done,

do not abandon ourselves to our actions!

The prayer asked the Lord to take care of Cain too when his hand is finally stopped – because he is still our brother even despite his deeds:

And when you have stopped Cain’s hand, take care of him too. He is our brother.

O Lord, put a stop to violence!

Stop us, Lord!


Pope Francis, head of the Catholic church

On March 18 Pope Francis called the “special operation” in Ukraine “a perverse abuse of power waged for partisan interests which has condemned defenceless people to violence.”

“The tragedy of the war taking place in the heart of Europe has left us stunned,” he said, adding that few people would have imagined scenes similar to the two world wars in the 20th century.

“The blood and tears of children, the suffering of women and men who are defending their land or fleeing from bombardments shakes our conscience,” he said.”

The Vatican said that the pope told Kirill, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church:

“The ones who pay the price of war are the people, the Russian soldiers and the people who are bombarded and die.”

Now that the major patriarchs of the Christian world have had their say it should become clear even to outsiders who is who in this metaphysical fight between Good and Evil and that there is a need to take a side.

Some will pray for peace as Michael Jackson would have surely done.

Others will take action to try and stop Cain’s hand.

But it is impossible to stay indifferent and pretend that nothing is going on.


No one asks you to go and join the fight, but if you listen to the appeal of this Russian-speaking American to other US citizens, you will find one of the ways to stop the stronger brother’s hand and help the other brother defend himself.

Beginning with 00:34 he asks his Russian-speaking compatriots to contact their elected officials with a request for their support for an immediate transfer of Soviet-made fighter planes to Ukraine. These 29 planes are not even stationed in the US and can be collected from several countries in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian pilots are very well familiar with them and are waiting for the transfer. Essentially it is the same as giving Abel a shield to defend himself. Or rather giving him help to protect his defenseless civilians from bombing.

For English subtitles press “Settings”, choose “Russian” and then “Translate”. Below is the text of the appeal.

The Future of Ukraine

Depends on You

Take Action

We are very encouraged and grateful for the overwhelming support following Volodymyr Zelenskyy address to U.S. Congress on March 16th.

But Ukraine has a dire and immediate need that has not yet been addressed – protecting Ukrainian civilians from the air attacks. Ukraine needs fighter planes to protect civilians from the air raids.

At the time when Zelenskyy was speaking to Congress, Russian plane dropped a powerful bomb on a theater in the besieged city of Mariupol sheltering over a thousand civilians. It happened because there was not a single Ukrainian fighter jet in the sky over Mariupol which could prevent this horrible tragedy. This is happening all over Ukraine on a daily basis. Fighter planes is the essential thing that can save Ukrainian civilians lives!

A satellite of the Mariupol theater from Monday, before it was bombed. The word "Children" is written in white on the pavement. Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies
A satellite of the Mariupol theater from Monday, before it was bombed. The word “Children” is written in white on the pavement.Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies

We are asking for you to please contact your elected official with the request for their support for an immediate transfer of Soviet made fighter planes to Ukraine.

The Mariupol Drama theatre before the air strike. The sign ДЕТИ (children) is written in front of the theatre
A satellite image of the bombed remains of Mariupol Drama Theatre. Shelter for victims of his war, “CHILDREN” is written outside so clearly that it’s visible from space. And still it was bombed.

There are 2 ways to get in touch with your representatives:

  1. Copy the text of the letter below and email your representative.
    To find your representative in U.S. Senate follow this link
  2. Use an easy to follow bot to get the message to your elected official
    TEXT SIGN PDRQYD TO 50409or visit
  3. After you are done please share this site with your friends, family and on social networks.Together we can save Ukrainian lives.

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Send the following letter to your representative in U.S. Congress

Dear [name of the representative],

Today I am urgently asking you to actively support immediate delivery of Eastern European fighter planes to Ukraine. The brave Ukrainian army and the country’s heroic citizens are winning the war on the ground. The problem is that Ukrainian cities are being destroyed and citizens are being murdered from the air. I am requesting your urgent help in convincing the White House that immediate delivery of MIG planes to Ukraine should be the highest priority in support of a free Ukraine. What we are witnessing is a genocide against the Ukrainian people. We have an ability in this country and allied bases in Europe to stop these murderous attacks from the air. We have a moral obligation to do so. Our words are meant to reinforce President Zelenskyy urgent demands for fighter planes. Ukrainian cities are laying in ruins and thousands of civilians are dead and will keep dying because Ukraine is denied fighter jets. These planes are defensive, NOT offensive weapons: they will protect Ukrainian sky from Russian air raids.

There are MiG 29 warplanes sitting at allied bases in Europe, ready for an immediate transfer. Ukrainian pilots are well-trained on these warplanes and can use them to stop these murderous attacks from the air tonight!

We can no longer stand back and watch schools, hospitals, homes, apartment buildings, bomb shelters, every day people of all ages being mass murdered on a daily basis. The news that mother in labor and her unborn baby died after a maternity ward was bombed in Mariupol broke my heart. It is a tragedy that could have been prevented if Ukraine had the planes to defend its sky. I give you my word, I am about to become a single issue voter. My support in any upcoming election will be based on your immediate action to address this gap in Ukraine’s defense. I know, you deal with many requests, but this is an existential need – Ukraine will not survive without your support. Nothing matters more to me at this moment.


[your name]

WSJ Opinion - Why Not Victory in Ukraine? Zelenskyy challenges Biden to do more to defeat Russia's invasion.
WSJ Opinion – Why Not Victory in Ukraine?
Zelenskyy challenges Biden to do more to defeat Russia’s invasion.”The hang-up in providing these seems to have been U.S. reluctance to provoke Mr. Putin with certain high-profile weapons, as with President Biden’s refusal to assist with the transfer of 28 Polish MiG fighters to Ukraine.


Mariupol has been under seige for more than two weeks and is blocked from all sides. Besides its full blockage it is also heavily bombed to break the will of its people.

90% of them are Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

This is a city where no building has been left undamaged. Its maternity home and children’s hospital were also bombed.

The pregnant woman looks calm because she is in deep shock. Her pelvis had been crushed and her right hip detached.

By now almost everyone has seen the photo of this pregnant woman who was heavily injured during the bombing of the maternity home. The next day she died. Her baby was stillborn.

The woman’s pelvis had been crushed and her right hip detached.

Please sign the appeal and help Ukrainians to protect themselves. Don’t watch in silence.


Update March 24, 2022

Quite by accident today I’ve come across a highly unusual text written by professor Andrey Zubov , a well-known Russian historian, religion scholar and prominent public person, Vice-president of People’s Freedom Party and a practicing Orthodox Christian.

He wrote a post on his Facebook account about a unique event that is to take place tomorrow, March 25, 2022.
The post is so amazing that I don’t even know what to say. Only the future can tell us whether it is true.

By Andrey Zubov

On March 25, a great event is to take place in Christian life.

There are quite a few people in Russia, in the West, and in Ukraine who are deprived, as they like to say, of their “religious nerve.” This post is not for them.

But for those who believe in Jesus Christ it is very important.

The event will overcome all confessional differences of Christian denominations and will symbolize the Co-existence of man and God. It will put the current nightmarishly tragic events in Europe in a certain historical and, if you like, mystical context, and give it a metaphysical depth.

I am far from imposing my vision of what is happening now on anyone. I’m just reporting it. But as a historian and already an elderly person who learned about Fatima in his youth, 45 years ago, and since then has always kept these events in his heart and mind, I have no right to remain silent when these events suddenly get a continuation in our days.

On March 15, i.e. less than a week ago, Pope Francis announced that at the Annunciation, he, “with a council of bishops of all the earth,” would perform at 17:00 European time the rite of consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary. At the same time his representative, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, on his behalf, will perform the same dedication at Fatima in Portugal.

The Pope said that the Christian people, horrified by the scale of the atrocities and homicides taking place due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, demanded that they again make this consecration, which was first made by St. Pope John Paul II on the Annunciation day 38 years ago, in 1984.

In this new initiation, Pope Francis is following the will of the Christians, who for many decades kept the memory of the event that took place in Portugal 105 years ago, and, conjugating the fate of Russia with it, prayed for the deliverance from the power of the “evil enemy”, that is Satan.

The Pope informed Patriarch Kirill of his decision in a direct telephone conversation, and the revered image of the Mother of God of Fatima from Fatima was sent to Ukraine and is now in Lviv. The Pope called on all Christians of the world to pray so that the consecration of Russia and Ukraine does take place this Friday.

To understand the scale of the ongoing event, I will tell you of its background.

The events of 1917 in Russia reverberated throughout Europe. In distant Portugal, the response to it took on a mystical and a rationally inexplicable character.

Three young illiterate children from the impoverished village of Fatima in Portugal, unexpectedly for everyone and themselves, became prophets who spoke on behalf of the Virgin. It was in the autumn of 1916 when the shepherds, the eldest of whom, Lucia, was 10 years old, looked after the sheep on the slopes of Cova de Iria. Something bright flashed in the east of the cloudless sky, then again, and Lucia began to hurry the rest of the children – Francisco (Francis) and Jacinta to quickly descend the mountain and run home. Lightning could be a harbinger of a thunderstorm.

However, the bright radiance approached faster than the children could leave, and it turned out to be a celestial appearance of an inexpressibly beautiful youth with a communion cup in his hands. Calling himself the angel of Portugal, he made three prostrations before the bowl, which meanwhile hovered in the air, inviting the children to follow his example. However, some force forced them to do this against their own will and to utter the words of a penitential prayer for the sins of the world to the Holy Trinity.

On May 13 of the following year, 1917, on the slopes of the same mountain, the Mother of God appeared in a similar way before the children, and her appearances occurred monthly on the 13th until October. She showed the children the depths of hell and the beauty of paradise and told that the fate of the world is being decided now in the far way Russia, the name of which was unknown to children (They thought that this was some kind of a bad woman).

“From time immemorial there has been a battle for human hearts between My Son and the crafty enemy, and now the center of this battle is in Russia.”

She asked both children and adults, all Christians of the world to pray for the people of Russia and even gave the rules for praying with the rosary.

“If people obey My words, then Russia will return to God and a long peace will come on earth; but otherwise, it will spread its false teachings throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church” – these were the words of the Mother of God Lucia conveyed to the adults.

The adults were shocked, because they perfectly understood what kind of Russia the children were talking about and explained to them that this is a huge distant country, in which even Christianity is professed differently and the Pope is not revered, but that Russia, together with Portugal, has been fighting against the Central Powers for the third year, and that now a revolution has been going on in Russia, similar to the one that took place in Portugal seven years before, and, just as in Portugal, the hearts of the Russian people are really wavering between the Son of Man and the devil.

Both children and adults prayed for Russia, but, due to human weakness, they asked much more fervently for their everyday needs, for health, so that their relatives at the front would not die; they tried to find out the future and even the oak tree on which the Virgin Mary appeared, was torn away all the way to the bare trunk for amulets and talismans.

The Mother of God, appearing every month, said that the war would soon end, but if people did not change their attitude towards each other, then a new, even more terrible war would come after it, in which tens of millions of people would die and entire nations would disappear.

She explained that this different attitude is help to another, sacrifice for another, solidarity with another. This destroys the power of Satan, while selfish acquisition at the expense of another only strengthens the evil enemy.

The Mother of God said that the Church should give an example to the world of such a sacrificial ministry, and that is why the words about Orthodox Russia were uttered by Her at the other end of Europe in the Catholic Portugal.

The Mother of God warned that the night glow over all of Europe would be a sign before the start of a new terrible war that would break out if people did not change their attitude towards each other.

Information about the events in Fatima instantly spread throughout Portugal. The socialist authorities of the country did everything possible, up to the detention of children, in order to prevent them from coming to the site where the Virgin appeared.

However, things did not go as planned by the authorities. The mocking reports in the newspapers only added fuel to the fire. Tens of thousands of pilgrims flocked to Fatima. On October 13, the Mother of God promised to give a sign to everyone who would gather in Fatima.

Here is how the editor-in-chief of the socialist newspaper O Seculo, the atheist Aveline de Almeida, describes the events of that day:

“The sun stood at its zenith like a silver disc and could be watched without any difficulty. It lasted only for a few moments. Suddenly it began to rotate like a giant fiery circle. Then it stopped. And it whirled again, turning into a blood-red color, and began to rush from one end of the sky to the other, leaving a fiery trail, descending low, so low that it seemed that the earth would catch fire from its heat. The crowd, maddened with fear, repented aloud of their sins, expecting an imminent end. Having performed this dance three times, the sun returned to its place. The shivering crowd of a hundred thousand people who were completely wet only ten minutes before that after an endless rain, suddenly felt that they were completely dry.”

On October 13, the Mother of God announced to the children and through them to all those who gathered there that people did not heed her requests, did not change their hearts and minds, and therefore evil would win in Russia and many sorrows would come to the whole world, “but the time will come, and the Russian people will again turn to My Son, and then peace will return to the earth.”

25 days later, a Bolshevik coup took place in Russia, in the city of Petrograd.

The strange phenomenon was visible at a distance of 20 miles, but not a single astronomical observatory recorded it. Whether it was a mass psychosis, a collective hallucination, or something else, there is still no scientific answer, despite careful research by major scientific authorities.

However, the consequences were not long in coming. Portugal forgot about an atheistic government for decades, returned to the traditional faith and was saved from the horrors of the Second World War.

Learning from the newspapers about this phenomenon (and the entire European press wrote about Fatima first in horror, then with laughter and mockery), the captive sovereign Nicholas II told Sidney Gibbs who was a teacher of his son:

“Not a single Portuguese newspaperman would have thought of putting into the mouth of this girl prophecies about Russia. Why do they need Russia? In Portugal, not only this illiterate girl, but most newspaper owners know as much about Russia as we do about them, even less. Who could put into the mouth of a girl, probably a future saint, words about Russia? Well, imagine, Mr. Gibbs, that in our country, say, Seraphim of Sarov would prophesy about Portugal, France or your country. Who would listen to him?”

Catholic Church of the 20th century was very cautious about all sorts of phenomena, miracles, prophecies. Most of them were simply ignored as a product of sick imagination. The same was their initial reaction to Fatima. But healings began to multiply at the place of Virgin Mary’s appearance, and Lucia, who was the only one of the three children who survived after the Spanish flu of 1919-1920 and later became a nun, continued to talk about her new visions.

On July 13, 1929, she asked Pope Pius XI to “consecrate Russia to the heart of the Mother of God in unity with all bishops, for the Queen of Heaven so commanded to convey Her will to the Holy Father.” The pope, naturally enough, ignored the call of the exalted young Portuguese nun. But those were the last days before the start of full collectivization in the USSR. The collectivization was followed by a famine (Holodomor) and the Great Terror that broke the back of the peoples of Russia and cost more than 12 million victims.

In 1938, Lucia warned Pope Pius XI that a new terrible war was coming, and in order to prevent it, the consecration of Russia to the heart of the Virgin must be done immediately. By that time the authority of Lucia was already quite high. Many in the Catholic world knew her and many believed in the authenticity of the Fatima apparition. And everyone was horrified by the specter of a new war that seemed more and more inevitable.

On the night of January 2, 1938, the whole of Europe was illuminated by the unusually bright Northern lights. Shortly thereafter, Germany carried out the Anschluss of Austria and the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. Plans for a new world war were being made in Berlin and Moscow…

But neither Pius XI nor Pius XII, who succeeded him on March 2, 1939, carried out the consiliar consecration of Russia to the heart of the Mother of God. This mystical act was too discordant with the rational spirit of the 1930s.

To the ear of an Orthodox “the heart of the Virgin” sounds somewhat strange. However mystics generally consider the heart to be the center of human will, the point at which a person makes a free choice between good and evil, truth and falsehood.

Let’s remember the Gospel – “from the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies – this defiles a person” [Matthew 15:19-20]. Immersion of the mind in the heart is the favorite method of prayer for Orthodox ascetics.

For the Catholic mind the consecration of Russia to the heart of the Mother of God meant the union of the will of the Russian people with the pure and good will of the Mother of God, and not with the devilish will of the theomachists. But at that time this union took place neither formally nor in fact.

The vision at Fatima was officially recognized by the Vatican in 1967 when, on the fiftieth anniversary of the apparition, the Pope, then Paul VI, officially visited Fatima.

And the consecration to the “heart of the Virgin” was made by Pope John Paul II and the Council of Bishops in Rome on March 25, 1984, three years after the Soviet agent Ali Agadzha, a Turk trained in Bulgaria, shot at the Pope and wounded him badly four times exactly on the anniversary of the apparition, on May 13, 1981, during a service in St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.

Having recovered a little from his wounds, the Pope made the initiation. Exactly one year later, in March-April 1985, Perestroika began in Russia.

However, at the consecration, John Paul II did not pronounce the name of Russia. He spoke of “all peoples who especially need the intercession of the Mother of God.” The advisers told the pope not to spoil relations with the all-too-powerful USSR.

And the Pope waivered. The German Bishop Paul Josef Kordes recalled that at a dinner with bishops close to him, Pope John Paul II once spoke about the consecration of Russia, which took place on March 25, 1984. He said that during the prayer he was going to make a special mention of Russia, but was forced to back down at the insistence of his entourage in order not to challenge the Soviet leadership. He told the bishops who dined with him that ever since he regretted the missed opportunity.

However, many believe that this change in consecration was providential. Indeed, by the 1980s, not only Russia, but many Christian countries from East Germany to Bulgaria that were languishing under the yoke of satanic communism, freed themselves from it in 1988-91.

All – but not the former “republics” of the USSR (except the Baltic ones). Here again, Satan took possession of the souls of people, and with particular force in Russia again, which, like the neighboring Belarus, remained essentially a Bolshevik country. The former KGB here celebrates its anniversaries on a grand scale, statues of Lenin and other disgusting atheists, robbers and murderers are still everywhere, Lukashenko even returned the Soviet flag and coat of arms, Putin returned the Soviet anthem, and would gladly return the red flag. The tricksters did not return the property to the people robbed by the Bolsheviks, but stuffed it into their bottomless pockets, building palaces and yachts for themselves.

In Russia, they banned even the “Memorial” that was set up to preserve the memory of the mournful past. And everywhere you keep hearing the timpani drums of false history, the exaltation over murder weapons, the glorification of strength over the truth. All this could not but end in a tragedy and a sea of blood.

Putin’s aggression against Ukraine, the incredible inhumanity of this ‘special operation’ same as in the war in Syria, the complete violation of all norms of law and humanity – this is what made the Christian people ask the Pope for a new consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the heart of the Mother of God.

And the Pope heard the request of the Christians of the world. This time the names of Russia and Ukraine will be pronounced loud and clear for the City and the Universe.

On March 25, at the Annunciation 2022, a great event in the Christian life is to take place. And it is important to realize its enormous significance for our countries and for all mankind. As in 1917 and the years of Perestroika, our future depends on our choice. Jesus and His Mother are just offering us an opportunity. It is in our power to take or reject this opportunity.

Isn’t all of it utterly amazing?


UPDATE March 25, 2022

In the apparition of 13 July 1917 in Fatima, the Blessed Virgin Mary asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. She stated that if this request was not granted, Russia would “spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.” Nations will be annihilated she warned, and there would be much suffering.

Pope Francis invited all bishops of the world and their priests to join him in the act of consecrating Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Annunciation day, March 25, 2022.

A consecration does not mean praying for one side only. It means to entrust “one’s body, soul, possessions, works, and entire life to the protection and guidance of Our Lady” and is actually a plea to the Mother of God for her intercession in this time of great need.

Here are some screenshots from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and several excerpts from the prayer to Virgin Mary said by Pope Francis.

O Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, in this time of trial we turn to you. 

As our Mother, you love us and know us: no concern of our hearts is hidden from you.  Mother of mercy, how often we have experienced your watchful care and your peaceful presence!  You never cease to guide us to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Yet we have strayed from that path of peace.  We have forgotten the lesson learned from the tragedies of the last century, the sacrifice of the millions who fell in two world wars.  We have disregarded the commitments we made as a community of nations.  We have betrayed peoples’ dreams of peace and the hopes of the young.  

We grew sick with greed, we thought only of our own nations and their interests, we grew indifferent and caught up in our selfish needs and concerns.  

We chose to ignore God, to be satisfied with our illusions, to grow arrogant and aggressive, to suppress innocent lives and to stockpile weapons.  

We stopped being our neighbour’s keepers and stewards of our common home.  We have ravaged the garden of the earth with war and by our sins we have broken the heart of our heavenly Father, who desires us to be brothers and sisters.  

We grew indifferent to everyone and everything except ourselves.  

Now with shame we cry out: Forgive us, Lord!
We now turn to you and knock at the door of your heart.  

We are your beloved children.  In every age you make yourself known to us, calling us to conversion.  At this dark hour, help us and grant us your comfort.  Say to us once more: “Am I not here, I who am your Mother?”  
You are able to untie the knots of our hearts and of our times.  In you we place our trust.  We are confident that, especially in moments of trial, you will not be deaf to our supplication and will come to our aid.

Therefore, O Mother, hear our prayer.
Star of the Sea, do not let us be shipwrecked in the tempest of war.
Ark of the New Covenant, inspire projects and paths of reconciliation.

Queen of Heaven, restore God’s peace to the world.
Eliminate hatred and the thirst for revenge, and teach us forgiveness.
Free us from war, protect our world from the menace of nuclear weapons.

Queen of the Rosary, make us realize our need to pray and to love.
Queen of the Human Family, show people the path of fraternity.

Queen of Peace, obtain peace for our world.
O Mother, may your sorrowful plea stir our hardened hearts.  
May the tears you shed for us make this valley parched by our hatred blossom anew.  
Amid the thunder of weapons, may your prayer turn our thoughts to peace.  
May your maternal touch soothe those who suffer and flee from the rain of bombs.  
May your motherly embrace comfort those forced to leave their homes and their native land.  
May your Sorrowful Heart move us to compassion and inspire us to open our doors and to care for our brothers and sisters who are injured and cast aside.
Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine.  

Accept this act that we carry out with confidence and love.  Grant that war may end and peace spread throughout the world.  

The “Fiat” that arose from your heart opened the doors of history to the Prince of Peace.  We trust that, through your heart, peace will dawn once more.  

To you we consecrate the future of the whole human family, the needs and expectations of every people, the anxieties and hopes of the world.

Through your intercession, may God’s mercy be poured out on the earth and the gentle rhythm of peace return to mark our days.

You once trod the streets of our world; lead us now on the paths of peace.  

Full Pope Francis’ Consecration Prayer of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

March 25, 2022



O Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, in this time of trial we turn to you.  As our Mother, you love us and know us: no concern of our hearts is hidden from you.  Mother of mercy, how often we have experienced your watchful care and your peaceful presence!  You never cease to guide us to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Yet we have strayed from that path of peace.  We have forgotten the lesson learned from the tragedies of the last century, the sacrifice of the millions who fell in two world wars.  We have disregarded the commitments we made as a community of nations.  We have betrayed peoples’ dreams of peace and the hopes of the young.  

We grew sick with greed, we thought only of our own nations and their interests, we grew indifferent and caught up in our selfish needs and concerns.  We chose to ignore God, to be satisfied with our illusions, to grow arrogant and aggressive, to suppress innocent lives and to stockpile weapons.  We stopped being our neighbour’s keepers and stewards of our common home.  

We have ravaged the garden of the earth with war and by our sins we have broken the heart of our heavenly Father, who desires us to be brothers and sisters.  We grew indifferent to everyone and everything except ourselves.  Now with shame we cry out: Forgive us, Lord!

Holy Mother, amid the misery of our sinfulness, amid our struggles and weaknesses, amid the mystery of iniquity that is evil and war, you remind us that God never abandons us, but continues to look upon us with love, ever ready to forgive us and raise us up to new life.  He has given you to us and made your Immaculate Heart a refuge for the Church and for all humanity.  By God’s gracious will, you are ever with us; even in the most troubled moments of our history, you are there to guide us with tender love.

We now turn to you and knock at the door of your heart.  We are your beloved children.  In every age you make yourself known to us, calling us to conversion.  At this dark hour, help us and grant us your comfort.  Say to us once more: “Am I not here, I who am your Mother?”  You are able to untie the knots of our hearts and of our times.  In you we place our trust.  We are confident that, especially in moments of trial, you will not be deaf to our supplication and will come to our aid.

That is what you did at Cana in Galilee, when you interceded with Jesus and he worked the first of his signs.  To preserve the joy of the wedding feast, you said to him: “They have no wine” (Jn 2:3).  Now, O Mother, repeat those words and that prayer, for in our own day we have run out of the wine of hope, joy has fled, fraternity has faded.  

We have forgotten our humanity and squandered the gift of peace.  We opened our hearts to violence and destructiveness.  How greatly we need your maternal help!

Therefore, O Mother, hear our prayer.

Star of the Sea, do not let us be shipwrecked in the tempest of war.
Ark of the New Covenant, inspire projects and paths of reconciliation
Queen of Heaven, restore God’s peace to the world.
Eliminate hatred and the thirst for revenge, and teach us forgiveness.
Free us from war, protect our world from the menace of nuclear weapons.
Queen of the Rosary, make us realize our need to pray and to love.
Queen of the Human Family, show people the path of fraternity.
Queen of Peace, obtain peace for our world.

O Mother, may your sorrowful plea stir our hardened hearts.  May the tears you shed for us make this valley parched by our hatred blossom anew.  Amid the thunder of weapons, may your prayer turn our thoughts to peace.  May your maternal touch soothe those who suffer and flee from the rain of bombs. May your motherly embrace comfort those forced to leave their homes and their native land.  May your Sorrowful Heart move us to compassion and inspire us to open our doors and to care for our brothers and sisters who are injured and cast aside.

Holy Mother of God, as you stood beneath the cross, Jesus, seeing the disciple at your side, said: “Behold your son” (Jn 19:26).  In this way he entrusted each of us to you.  To the disciple, and to each of us, he said: “Behold, your Mother” (v. 27).  

Mother Mary, we now desire to welcome you into our lives and our history.  At this hour, a weary and distraught humanity stands with you beneath the cross, needing to entrust itself to you and, through you, to consecrate itself to Christ.  

The people of Ukraine and Russia, who venerate you with great love, now turn to you, even as your heart beats with compassion for them and for all those peoples decimated by war, hunger, injustice and poverty.

Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine.  

Accept this act that we carry out with confidence and love.  Grant that war may end and peace spread throughout the world.  The “Fiat” that arose from your heart opened the doors of history to the Prince of Peace.  We trust that, through your heart, peace will dawn once more.  To you we consecrate the future of the whole human family, the needs and expectations of every people, the anxieties and hopes of the world.

Through your intercession, may God’s mercy be poured out on the earth and the gentle rhythm of peace return to mark our days.  Our Lady of the “Fiat”, on whom the Holy Spirit descended, restore among us the harmony that comes from God.  May you, our “living fountain of hope”, water the dryness of our hearts.  In your womb Jesus took flesh; help us to foster the growth of communion.  You once trod the streets of our world; lead us now on the paths of peace.  Amen.

UPDATE April 1, 2022

Please take this interview seriously.

Ex Putin adviser: Sanctions on Russia, oligarchs won’t work | NewsNation

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NewsNation) — In the second month of the Russia-Ukraine war, a former economic adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin says the United States needs to do more to help Ukraine and the sanctions in place against ultra-rich Russian oligarchs are toothless.

Andrei Illarionov acted as Putin’s Chief Economic Adviser for five years before leaving the post in 2005 when he felt the Kremlin was becoming too authoritarian. He had a working relationship with Putin — one that allowed him access to Putin’s manner and psychology in a way few officials have anywhere in the world outside Russia.

With a unique understanding of the workings of the Russian economy, Illarionov told NewsNation’s Joe Khalil that he believed sanctions imposed on Russia and on oligarchs made no difference in Putin’s decision-making during the war.
Read the extended Q&A with llarionov below (Editor’s note: The following interview has been edited for length and clarity):

Question: How did you end up becoming the Chief Economic Adviser to Vladimir Putin?
Illarionov: I’m an economist by training. I graduated from the St. Petersburg University Department of Economics. I happened to establish an economic think tank and I was producing… not bad reports for a number of years. I was the only person in Russia who predicted correctly the 1998 economic crisis with default and devaluation of the Russian ruble.
It attracted a lot of attention in the country and in society. So that is why there were some people who recommended to the then-incoming President Vladimir Putin, when he was looking for an economic adviser, to talk to me.

Question: How close was your relationship with Putin? Would you call him a friend at one point?
Illarionov: Never. It’s impossible to have a friend among presidents. They are very particular types of animals so that is why I seriously doubt they could have any friends at all. But certainly, it was not my plan (to befriend Putin) and I never thought of such ideas. My idea was just to view this position to help this country have high and sustainable growth rates, and to some extent, I succeeded.

Question: There may not be anyone in America who understands the workings of the Russian economy, like you do. When you see sanctions now that are put on Russia, do you think that they’re significant enough to have an impact that might sway oligarchs that might move powerful people against Vladimir Putin? Or do you think that maybe these are toothless?
Illarionov: One of the greatest misconceptions in the West and the United States, is the role of the so-called oligarchs in the Russian economy and Russian political system. These roles are next to zero.
I’ve heard so much through all these years about the oligarchs, about how it is important to put sanctions or how to put them in a very difficult position. If you’d like to make life miserable for those people, it’s OK. But if you think that those sanctions would make changes in the decision-making process of Mr. Putin or of Kremlin, it’s wrong. It’s a mistake.
You have no chance because they have no impact on the decision-making process with Mr. Putin.

Question: So, we’re really talking about the will of one man here?
Illarionov: Exactly. Because the political system and political regime in Russia is not like the United States or in any Western countries. It is not a democracy. It’s not even semi-democracy. It is even not even an authoritarian regime anymore. Right now, it’s a totalitarian regime with just a one-man show.
The main decisions, like this attack on Ukraine, have been taken by one person. No oligarchs whatsoever could have any impact on this decision. So that is why you can punish anyone. You can punish 145 million Russian citizens and it will not change the decision-making process of Putin.

Question: Is it because he doesn’t care that millions of Russians have wiped out their savings, that the ruble is now fractions of a penny. He just doesn’t care?
Illarionov: He doesn’t care. He has his goal. It is his dream. It is his dream for at least a couple of decades and he’s ready to sacrifice everything — especially that which does not belong to him — to reach this goal.

Question: As you watch what’s happening in Ukraine, what do you think is driving Vladimir Putin? What is motivating him right now?
Illarionov: His goal is to destroy the statehood of Ukraine. He had this idea, this goal for the last two decades. Even when I was his adviser, I saw for myself his intentions against Ukraine. I saw then that he had many opportunities to express his desire, his wish to destroy Ukraine, to take Ukraine under his control, to capture Kyiv. So that is why this is a realization of his long-term goal.

Question: You’ve been talking about this for a number of years. What gave you that indication that that was ultimately his goal?
Illarionov: Those who are following the events in Russian-Ukraine would probably recall the year 2003 —19 years ago — the attempt to capture the Tuzla strip in the Strait of Kerch. Probably not very many people remember right now but that was the first, not only expression of desire to get something, but it was real action — the capture of that strait.
In the year 2008, during the Bucharest NATO Summit, Putin talked to U.S. President George Bush, Jr., (and said) that Ukraine is not a real state. (He said) it is a failed state and half of the territory of Ukraine should belong to Russia. This is the official action of his desire to capture power of the country.
In the year 2014, as we know, he occupied Crimea and launched a war in Donbas. Since then, he kept telling everyone publicly, not only privately but publicly, that he would like to destroy the statehood of Ukraine.
So that is why it was not a surprise at all.

Question: Is there anything about the conflict that you think is important for people to know?
Illarionov: The United States needs to fulfill its general, basic obligation to the rest of the world as it is the best guarantor of world peace, security and freedom around the world. There is no other country that can do what the United States can do.
This is a particular challenge to the United States — not only to the administration but to society. The United States needs to support Ukraine, needs to help Ukraine. The most important thing that can be done by the United States is to provide weapons to Ukraine, a lot of weapons.
Ukraine can defend itself if they would have weapons — different types of weapons, heavy weapons, offensive weapons, anti-air, weapons, anti-missile weapons, anti-Navy weapons. Ukraine needs weapons and the only country that can provide all these weapons in necessary amounts, and give permission to other NATO countries to provide these weapons, is the United States.
The United States administration does not do it. And this is a dotted collaboration with Putin in the attack against Ukraine. So these positions (by the U.S. government) should be changed must be changed.

Question: With $16 billion from Congress and $2 billion authorized by the White House, you’re saying the US should do significantly more?
Illarionov: Out of this amount, military support is only $800 million. All the rest is humanitarian support.
Let me compare these $800 million for one year with the $83 billion that the United States gave to the Afghan army over 20 years. It’s in addition to more than $2 trillion that the United States spent in Afghanistan.

This is a real war. This is a big war. This is the biggest war since the Second World War in Europe.

Do you know how much military support has been given by great superpower Luxembourg to Ukraine? $250 million. It’s comparable — what has been given by Luxembourg and what has been given by the US administration of Mr. Biden.
Czech Republic — also not the greatest superpower in the world — has provided military support for $1 billion.
So just it gives anyone the understanding of how the United States administration is just de facto not supporting Ukraine with something that is really the biggest need for Ukrainians right now — weapons, weapons, and once again, weapons.

Question: What do you make of Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy and his leadership so far?
Illarionov: I was rather critical about him before this attack. From my point of view, he made many mistakes and he did not prepare the country for an attack, which was absolutely obvious. He preferred to spend five times more money for the construction of roads, not on the military. Now all those roads have been used by Russian track tanks. So that’s a blunder.
But since the beginning of the attack, he demonstrated a remarkable stance against the aggression. And he did not leave Kyiv, as President Biden suggested to him. Regardless of the pressure on him from the Western countries that removed their embassies from the Ukrainian capital, he stayed there. So he definitely has personal courage.

Question: So what made you leave the Kremlin in the 2000-2005 timeframe?
Illarionov: Changes in the political system and the changing in political regime. When I became the economic adviser to Mr. Putin, Russia had a semi-free political regime. And after that… due to Mr. Putin’s efforts, the political regime became non-free. It became an authoritarian regime, with a very high level of repressions against the opposition, with attacks on different people.
For example, during the Beslan (school) siege, more than 300 kids, parents and teachers were killed by Russian troops and special services. And it was absolutely impossible for me to stay in such circumstances. And that’s why I announced ‘Yes, I cannot work with an authoritarian political regime,’ and I resigned.

Question: You’ve been openly critical of Vladimir Putin. Do you fear that he sees you, that he understands what you’re saying and that maybe you’re a target of Vladimir Putin?
Illarionov: Could you explain to me why I should be silent? Who would say so to the world, to the people of Russia, to the people of the United States, the people of the world? Somebody must say what is going on.
Because that situation should not stay like this, it should be changed. And for that, it’s necessary to change the minds of people around the world. If the mindset of people around the world — especially in the United States and Western countries — will not be changed, it would continue. And this would be a catastrophe for Russia, Ukraine and for the rest of the world.
If Putin is not stopped, he would continue on. It will mean thousands or tens of thousands more deaths. He’s already responsible for some people’s deaths — calculated may be up to 500,000 or 600,000 deaths in Russia and outside of Russia. So how long should we tolerate this endless spiral of deaths produced by one person?

Question: Has the thought ever crossed your mind that your name may be on one of Putin’s kill lists?
Illarionov: Once again, we can compare one person and 600,000 people — we don’t know how many others could be victims of that person. So that is why the world needs to understand that this should be stopped. The sooner, the better. Because if he cannot be stopped in Ukraine, he would go further. And it cannot be saved.

Question: A lot has been said about his mindset, his psychology, Some say that he has been isolated. Do you see anything different in his behavior now than what you saw when you were working under him?
Illarionov: Yes. And no, in some sense, yes. Because it’s clear that the circle of people who he consults with is definitely narrow, and are more military people or security people, or people like that. But on the other hand, he is still the same person who would like to realize his imperial dreams.

Question: The news of what’s happening in Ukraine is not filtering in to the Russian people through state media. Do you think there is a significant portion of the population that breaks through the disinformation wall?
Illarionov: Not much, I would say because up to 70% of the Russian population have been brainwashed completely…. that would be conservative estimate, maybe more. They’re complete victims of state-run propaganda. The situation is very similar to what we could see in Nazi Germany in 1945, when the Allies reached Germany, and they found that the majority — almost 100% of the German population — just were completely fed up with Nazi propaganda. It is something similar that we can see right now in Russia, it’s very, very similar.
In some sense, it is even worse, in Nazi Germany. Because, for example, in Berlin in 1943, there were public demonstrations with more than 3,000 ladies who were demonstrating against the arrests of their husbands who were Jews arrested by the SS. We don’t see anything like that in Moscow right now. So that is why it’s shocking but to some extent, maybe the situation in Russia today, is not only comparable to Nazi Germany, but in some cases, maybe even worse.

Question: You talked about how for a long time, Vladimir Putin has been wanting to invade and recapture Ukraine to sort of rebuild the Soviet Union. Do you think that there is some sort of grand plan some strategy to bring this conflict to an end?
Illarionov: Let’s read what Mr. Putin has written and what he’s saying or what his people are saying. His goal was very clear. He announced it publicly last December. And after that, he repeated this in January, February and March.
His goal is not only to stop in Ukraine; his goal is to move into Europe. His goal is to return NATO to the 1997 division line, which means the so-called ‘de-NATO-ization’ of all countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Baltic countries, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria.
What is necessary to stress is that Putin and the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs repeated this goal even after the beginning of this attack on Ukraine. So they did not change this goal. So that is why we should not be surprised if he were to continue his attack, not only on Ukraine but on the whole of Europe.

Question: Certainly he has to be seeing what’s going on, and realizing that the Russian military is not performing to maybe what he expected. Do you think that when he sees the reality of what’s happening, he changes his calculus, maybe realizing that it’s not sustainable to try to occupy Ukraine permanently?
Illarionov: It’s probably too early to judge. We have seen over the last two decades that he repeats these attacks and he’s trying to grip more, piece by piece. This is not only against Ukraine but against Georgia, against Moldova and he continues to have his appetite for Baltic countries. So that is why I would not easily buy the stuff that they think right now or that he would be ready to accept this relatively poor performance of the Russian army in Ukraine.
Actually, it depends on what we should consider poor performance. Unfortunately, Russia is still making steps forward. They are still getting some pieces of land in Ukraine… maybe not with the speed that they expected before, but there is still initiative on their side.

Question: Let’s imagine neutrality with respect to NATO is on the table for peace negotiations. And let’s assume even control over parts of the Donbas region, also on the table. Given what you know, about Vladimir Putin, do you think that these peace talks are real?
Illarionov: So far, I have not seen anything that Putin would say, by himself, and just to make any promises, but even when he makes some promises, it does not mean that he is going to execute them.

Question: So you could see a scenario where there is a peace deal, and then he violates it?
Illarionov: Yes, there was a Budapest Memorandum signed in 1994. There was a bilateral treaty between Russia and Ukraine, signed by Putin. And he violated Budapest Memorandum, he violated the bilateral treaty, he violated the UN Charter, he violated the Helsinki Act. He violated all international documents related to the security and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Why should we trust him once again? No basis.

Question: The expectation was that in a matter of one or two days, Russian forces could enter the capital of Ukraine and the Russian military hasn’t done that. Do you think there are advisors around him that are maybe afraid, for their lives or for other reasons, to tell him what really is happening and maybe even the state of their military before this invasion?
Illarionov: No, the reason (for Russia’s slow advance in Ukraine) is the quality of the Ukrainian military. And the quality of the Ukrainian military was not known, not only to Mr. Putin but to Mr. Biden.
American officials didn’t understand the quality of the Ukrainian military. We’ve read all these reports that Ukraine will be smashed within two-three days. Mr. Putin was not saying that. It was all American press saying that. And it was the so-called American intelligence saying, ‘OK, it will be 72 hours for Putin to capture Kyiv.’ So that is why it was a mistake, not only with Mr. Putin, but I would say the majority of the world’s experts, including the US administration.

Question: President Biden was asked at a press conference about whether Putin will use his rhetoric to escalate the military situation. Biden said he doesn’t care what Putin thinks and Putin will do what he’s going to do. What do you make of that comment?
Illarionov: President Biden is very well known for producing empty statements. And Mr. Putin does not take it seriously.

Question: So it sounds like you agree with President Biden?
Illarionov: No, I agree with the approach of Mr. Putin — it’s a rare case in which I would agree with Mr. Putin because Mr. Putin understands the reality. And that is why he’s interested in the situation on land… what’s really going on in Ukraine and what is the real balance of forces. What is been said by the current US president, (Putin) doesn’t care much.

Question: We’ve seen incredible resistance in Ukraine, to Russia. Do you think Vladimir Putin realizes how hated he is by most people in Ukraine? We’ve heard him say things like, Russians will be welcomed as liberators? Does he really believe that? Or is that just another propaganda tool?
Illarionov: He doesn’t care. This is propaganda, definitely. And he was using different propaganda tools to so-called justify his attack on Ukraine. But he doesn’t care whether it’s true or not. He probably knows that all this stuff is that he was writing and what he was saying is absolutely irrelevant. But he doesn’t care because he wants to accomplish his goal, no matter what.


UPDATE April 3, 2022

Here are 19 photos of the villages and towns near Kyiv that have been liberated by the Ukrainian forces.

Warning: the photos are not for the faint-hearted.

But for my compatriots they are a must – in fact, all those who support this “special operation” should be forced to see them.

“The bodies of those killed by a shot in the back of the head, mines in playgrounds, streets littered with corpses.”

Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian troops April 3, 2022 11:01 am

Anatoly Fedoruk, the mayor of Ukraine’s Bucha in the Kiev region, told AFP that the city was littered with corpses. After the departure of the Russian military, 280 dead civilians were found there and buried in common graves. According to the mayor, dozens of corpses lie along the streets of the city, some of the dead have their hands tied.

This is confirmed by adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak. According to him, the Russian military shot unarmed civilians.

“These people were not military. They didn’t have weapons. They didn’t pose a threat. How many more cases like this are happening right now in the occupied territories?” Podolyak wrote.

According to journalists, some civilians were shot in the back of the head. Next to one of the bodies lay an open passport of a citizen of Ukraine, the man’s hands were tied behind his back with a piece of white cloth.

Two more dead had white bandages on their hands. According to local residents, during the occupation, the Russian military forced them to wear such bandages.

Many bodies of dead civilians, including burnt ones, were also found in the area of the Zhytomyr highway.

In the village of Motyzhin, Makarovsky district, Kiev region, the village head Olga Sukhenko, her husband and son were shot in the back of the head. They were abducted by the Russian military on March 23, Ukrainian journalist Katerina Malafeeva wrote. Motyzhin head, her husband and son. UkraineMptyzhin head, her husband and son were abducted and killed. Ukraine

Some of the dead had their hands tied behind their backs.

In Irpen, from which the Russian military left, the corpses of killed civilians also lie on the streets.

In the liberated territories of the Kiev region, the military administration imposed a curfew until 06:00 on April 5. Ukrainian and world media write about the humanitarian catastrophe in Bucha, but this topic is bypassed in the Russian segment of the Internet. On the main page of “Yandex” there is not a single message about Bucha. They pop up only when a specific request is sent.”

The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said:

“All photos and video materials published by the Kiev regime allegedly testifying to some ‘crimes’ committed by Russian soldiers in the town of Bucha, Kiev region, is another provocation. Not a single local resident has suffered from any violent actions while the Russian armed forces controlled the settlement.”

Ruslan Leviev and his Conflict Intelligence Team consisting of 6 young volunteer investigators are set to determine what particular regiments are responsible for these war crimes. They usually do it by means of geolocation, photos, witness testimonies, and other open sources. Up till now they have been extremely successful.,

This video shows the Russian military putting their vehicles in every civilian yard in Bucha, Kyiv region as if ensuring that the Ukrainian artillery would hit the Ukrainian homes.


UPDATE April 4, 2022

The text below was published on April 3, 2022 by the main Russia’s news agency which means that it could be written only with the approval of the Russian authorities.

It sounds like a kind of an official manifesto detailing the future of Ukraine (and probably the world) if the Russian regime wins its “special operation” against this sovereign state.

The text may help you to understand what is going on in Russia now, who is who in this existential conflict of civilizations and decide which side you are on.

(the bold type is mine)

“What Russia Should Do With Ukraine”, the text published by RIA Novosti, the main Russia’s state news agency

08:00 04/03/2022 (updated: 08:09 04/03/2022)

What Russia should do with Ukraine

By Timofey Sergeytsev

[slightly abridged]

Back in April last year, we wrote about the inevitability of the denazification of Ukraine. We do not need the Nazi, Bandera Ukraine, the enemy of Russia and the Western tool of Russia’s destruction. Today, the issue of denazification has moved into a practical plane.

Denazification becomes necessary when a significant part of the people – most likely, its majority is drawn by the Nazi regime into its policies. That is, when the hypothesis “the people are good – the government is bad” no longer works. Recognition of this fact is the basis of the policy of denazification and all its measures.

Ukraine has found itself in such a situation. The fact that the Ukrainian voters voted for the “peace of Poroshenko” and “peace of Zelensky” should not be misleading – Ukrainians were quite satisfied with the shortest path to peace through a blitzkrieg, which the last two Ukrainian presidents transparently hinted at when they were elected.

This method of “pacifying” the internal anti-fascists – through total terror – was used in Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Mariupol, and other Russian* cities . And this quite suited the average Ukrainians.

[*Note: All these cities are on the Ukrainian territory and are fully Ukrainian].

Denazification is a set of measures in relation to the nazified mass of the population, who technically cannot be directly punished as war criminals.

The Nazis who took up arms should be destroyed to the maximum on the battlefield. There should be no significant differences between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the so-called national battalions, as well as the territorial defense that joined these two types of military formations.

All of them are equally involved in extreme cruelty against the civilian population, are equally guilty of the genocide of the Russian** people, do not comply with the laws and customs of war. War criminals and active Nazis should be exemplarily and exponentially punished. There must be a total lustration. Any organization, associated with the practice of Nazism should be liquidated and banned.

[Note**: The author does not specify what Russian people and where are subjected to “genocide”.]

However, in addition to their leaders, a significant part of the masses, which are passive Nazis and the accomplices of Nazism, are also guilty. They supported and indulged the Nazi power.

The just punishment of this part of the population is possible only through making them bear the inevitable hardships of a just war against the Nazi system, carried out with the utmost care and discretion towards civilians.

Further denazification of this mass of the population consists in re-education, to be achieved by ideological repression (suppression) of Nazi attitudes and strict censorship: not only in the political sphere, but also necessarily in the sphere of culture and education.

Denazification can only be carried out by the winner, which implies (1) his absolute control over the denazification process and (2) the power to ensure such control.

In this respect, a denazified country cannot be sovereign.

Russia, as a denazifying state cannot proceed from a liberal approach regarding denazification.

The ideology of the denazifier cannot be disputed by the guilty party subjected to denazification.

The terms of denazification can in no way cover less than one generation that will be born, grow up and reach maturity under the denazification conditions. The nazification of Ukraine continued for more than 30 years – starting at least from 1989, when Ukrainian nationalism received legal and legitimate forms of political expression and led the movement for “independence”, rushing it towards Nazism.

The peculiarity of modern nazified Ukraine is in amorphousness and ambivalence, which makes it possible to disguise Nazism as a desire for “independence” and a “European” (Western, pro-American) path of “development” (in reality, degradation), to assert that in Ukraine “there is no Nazism, only some isolated excesses.”

There is no main Nazi party, no Fuhrer, nor full-fledged racial laws (only their truncated version in the form of repressions against the Russian language). As a result, there is no opposition and resistance to the regime.

However, all of the above does not make Ukrainian Nazism a “light version” of German Nazism during the first half of the 20th century.

On the contrary, since Ukrainian Nazism is free from such “genre” frameworks and restrictions, it freely unfolds as the fundamental basis of any Nazism – as European and, in its most developed form, American racism. Therefore, denazification cannot be carried out by way of a compromise, based on a formula of “no to NATO, yes to EU “. The collective West itself is the designer, source and sponsor of Ukrainian Nazism, while the Western Bandera cadres and their “historical memory” are only one of the tools for Ukraine’s Nazification. UkroNazism carries not less, but a greater threat to the world and Russia, than German Nazism of the Hitlerite version.

The name of “Ukraine” apparently cannot be retained as the title of any fully denazified state entity in a territory liberated from the Nazi regime.

The people’s republics newly created in the space free from Nazism should grow from economic self-government and social security, restoration and modernization of the life support systems of the population.

In fact, their political aspirations cannot be neutral – the expiation of guilt before Russia for treating it as an enemy can be realized only by relying on Russia in the processes of restoration, revival and development.

No “Marshall Plans” should be allowed for these territories.

There can be no “neutrality” in the ideological and practical sense, compatible with denazification. The cadres and organizations that are the instrument of denazification in the newly denazified republics can rely only on Russia’s direct military and organizational support.

Denazification will be inevitably also a de-Ukrainization.

Unlike, say, Georgia and the Baltic countries, the existence of Ukraine, as history has shown, is impossible as a nation state, and any attempt to “build” it naturally leads to Nazism.

Ukrainism is an artificial anti-Russian construct that does not have its own civilizational content, and is a subordinate element of a different and alien civilization. “DeBanderization” by itself will not be enough for denazification – the Bandera element is only a smokescreen, a disguise for the European project of a Nazi Ukraine, therefore the denazification of Ukraine also means its inevitable de-Europeanization.

The Bandera elite must be eliminated, its re-education is impossible. The social “bog”, which actively and passively supported it by action and inaction, must go through the hardships of war and absorb the experience as a historical lesson and atonement for its guilt.

Those who did not support the Nazi regime, suffered from it and the war unleashed in Donbass, must be consolidated and organized, must become the backbone of the new government, both vertically and horizontally. Historical experience shows that the tragedies and dramas of wartime only benefit the peoples who have been tempted and carried away by the role of an enemy of Russia.

Denazification as the goal of a special military operation is understood as a military victory over the Kiev regime, the liberation of territories from the armed supporters of the Nazis, the elimination of the implacable Nazis, the capture of war criminals, and the creation of systemic conditions for the subsequent denazification in peacetime.

The latter, in turn, should begin with the organization of local self-government, police and defense bodies, cleansed of Nazi elements, the launch of a new republican statehood, Russian control over the legislation for denazification, defining the boundaries and framework for the direct application of Russian law in the liberated territory in the field of denazification, the creation of a tribunal for crimes against humanity in the former Ukraine. In this regard, Russia should act as the guardian of the Nuremberg Trials.

Of course, some time must pass before people recover from the shock of the military hostilities and make sure of the long-term intentions of Russia “not to abandon” them. It is impossible to foresee in advance exactly in which territories this mass of the population will constitute a critically needed majority.

The “Catholic province” of Western Ukraine (consisting of five regions) is unlikely to become part of the pro-Russian territories. The line of alienation, however, will be found empirically. It will remain hostile to Russia, but it will be forcibly made neutral and demilitarized, with an official ban of Nazism. The haters of Russia will go there.

The guarantee of the preservation of this residual Ukraine in a neutral condition should be a threat of an immediate continuation of the military operation in case of non-compliance with the listed requirements.

This may require a permanent Russian military presence on its territory.

The operation to denazify Ukraine, which began with a military phase, in peacetime will follow the same logic as the military operation. At each of its stages it will be necessary to achieve irreversible changes.

Russia will have no allies in the denazification of Ukraine. This is purely Russian business.

And not only because the Bandera version of Nazi Ukraine will be eradicated, but also, above all, the Western totalitarianism will – with its imposed programs of civilizational degradation and disintegration, the mechanisms of subjugation to the superpower of the West and the United States.

In order to put the plan of denazification of Ukraine into practice, Russia itself will have to finally part with pro-European and pro-Western illusions, realize itself as the last domain for protecting and preserving the values ​​of historical Europe (the Old World) which the West ultimately abandoned. This struggle continued throughout the 20th century and was expressed in the world war and the Russian revolution, which are inextricably linked with each other.

Russia did everything possible to save the West in the 20th century. It implemented the main Western project, an alternative to capitalism – the socialist Red project. It crushed German Nazism, a monstrous product of the crisis of Western civilization. The last act of Russian altruism was its outstretched hand of friendship to which Russia received a monstrous blow in the 1990s.

Everything that Russia did for the West, was done at her own expense and at the greatest sacrifice. The West ultimately rejected all these sacrifices, devalued Russia’s contribution to resolving the Western crisis, and decided to take revenge on Russia for the help that it so selflessly provided. From now on Russia will go its own way, not worrying about the fate of the West, leaning on its leadership in the global process of decolonization.

As part of this process, Russia has a high potential for partnerships with countries that were oppressed by the West for centuries and which are not going to put on its yoke again. Without Russian sacrifice and struggle, these countries would not have been liberated.

The denazification of Ukraine is also its decolonization, which the population of Ukraine will have to understand as it begins to free itself from the intoxication and temptation of the so-called European choice.


The head of the DNR (one of the two separatist Donbass republics) is awarding a medal to Lieutenant Colonel Timur Kurilkin for “destroying 250 Nazis” – which is ironic, considering Kurilkin has two neo-Nazi patches clearly visible on his uniform. Top patch is a modified ‘Totenkopf’, used by the SS. Bottom patch is a ‘Valknot’, a Norse symbol commonly used by white supremacists.

UPDATE April 24, 2022

Here are some excerpts from an article published by Novaya gazeta, Europe on April 23, 2022.
The article is about the tragedy of Mariupol.

AZOV Steel

It seems that the world is already ripe to mourn the last defenders of Mariupol.

It is impossible to achieve a higher degree of empathy. [But] if the Ukrainian soldiers continue to remain under the super-heavy bombs that destroyed the over-the-ground part of one of the largest metallurgical plants in Europe, the emotional exhaustion of onlookers will eventually give way to anger. Why do these steely people, who are slowly and painfully dying with arms in their hands, make us, ordinary people suffer? Why do they make others feel guilty?

These feelings are not unfounded. A familiar journalist from the Czech Republic is warning with professional cynicism: “Horror, yes. But readers are getting used to it, their interest is declining… European governments, when they help, are guided by the reaction of their fellow citizens. A new twist is needed”.

The tragedy in Mariupol which is many times greater in scope than Bucha, Borodyanka, Irpen – if it ever ends – will sharply increase the general sympathy for the struggle of Ukrainians. But at the moment it is more like a sore tooth: you can neither remove nor cure it.

The authorities explain that the military deblockade of the city and, most importantly, of ‘Azovstal’ [meaning Azovsteel] is still possible. “But we need a lot of heavy weapons and aircraft from international partners,” President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeated for the last week. “Immediately.”

…. there is no clarity whether the weapons requested to break the blockade will arrive.

The second solution is diplomatic, through intermediaries, in the format of the exchange of prisoners. In the capital shelters under the steel works that date back to Soviet times, there are marines, paratroopers, and border guards alongside the fighters of the Azov battalion. The exact number of the defenders is unknown. Mariupol has been encircled by Russian troops since the first days of March and is periodically reported as fallen. Except for Azovstal … There are four hundred wounded among the Ukrainian defenders, including the heavily wounded (as of April 22). There are also dead who are not yet buried.

And nearby, in separate bunkers on the territory of the plant, there are about a thousand civilians, mostly women with children, from a three-month-old baby to 14-16-year-old teenagers. The military, when they have a chance to bring them medicines and food under fire, share with them their last crumbs.

From time to time, the smartphone of Captain Svyatoslav Palamar, deputy commander of the Azov regiment, catches a signal, and he is put on the air of the national telethon:

“The fighting continues. They attack, storm us with artillery, tanks, armored personnel carriers, fire rockets …. From the first days of the encirclement, I have asked the whole world to give the civilians guarantees for a safe exit from the city. So far, there are no guarantees. And people have reasons to be afraid. They know what the Russians are doing. In Mariupol, Russian vehicles with a V sign were spotted. We think they are the same bastards that were near Kyiv, in Bucha.”

There is a high degree of certainty that the civilians who ended up at the plant shelters on the first day of the invasion are not “the human shield of inhabitants, taken hostage by the Nazis”, as Russian propaganda says.

They are, most likely, the relatives of the defenders of Azovstal and this greatly increases their risks.

According to Palamar’s emotional assessments, the balance of power between those under siege and the Russians is monstrous – one to a thousand.

“The decision is up to diplomats. But we are not going to surrender as Russia proposes us to. We must hand over the bodies of our dead to their relatives to be buried with military honors. We are on the defensive. But our forces are exhausted…”

“What are you ready to say to the Ukrainians now?”, asks Vadim Karpyak, the journalist hosting the TV news marathon. You can see the effort it takes him to stay unemotional during the dialog. “What do you want them to hear?”

“We did not betray our homeland,” Svyatoslav replies. “And we expect that our brothers and our civilians, whose rescue we have been asking for since day one of the war, will be given help.”

A little later, Vadim, who always keeps his emotions under control, wrote on Facebook: “The feeling of one’s powerlessness is depressing… deep inside me I cannot help feeling that this may be my last communication with him. Sorry, but I had to share it with someone.”

It is already known that President Erdogan’s attempts to reach a diplomatic solution with Putin have so far been unsuccessful.

After meeting with Prime Ministers of Spain Pedro Sánchez and Denmark Matte Frederiksen, Zelensky dropped a phrase, which surely upset his advisers, and his political opponents will remember him one day: “It’s hard to say what can be done with people who don’t care…”

The core of the Azovstal defenders are “nationalists” hated by Putin and the Kremlin regime, for whose extermination the “special operation” was allegedly conceived.

“Azov” do not see themselves with their hands up and a white flag, which is quite understandable.

Zelensky also behaves, by European standards, in a radical manner. He warns or puts forward an ultimatum: the destruction of the defenders of Azovstal is a red line. Ukraine in this case will withdraw from any negotiations with Russia, and things will become even tougher.

The EU, through Josep Borrell, thanks Ukraine for its efforts to find a diplomatic solution for the evacuation of civilians and regrets that Russia does not reciprocate.

Putin announces cancellation of the assault with a demonstrative phrase about a fly that should not escape from “this industrial zone”.

The bombardments turn into a continuous, finishing off process. There are still living people in the catacombs: Ukrainian soldiers, women, children.

It takes the nerves of steel to read this kind of news, right?

The Russian side refused the Ukrainian offer of an Easter truce.”

Here are some videos recorded by the Azovstal defenders about the civilians who are still in the plant’s catacombs.

The children of “Azovstal”: we want to go home very much, we want to see the Sun

On the eve of the Orthodox Easter, celebrated by both Ukrainians and Russians, the Ukrainian city of Odessa was shelled with cruise missiles killing 8 people and injuring 18. This woman with her 3-month-old daughter and mother were among those killed.

UPDATE May 6, 2022

Here is an interview that will provide “the invisible thread that was missing” (as one of the commenters said) and help those seeking the truth to see what’s what and find some foothold in the world of today’s chaos.

Those who have watched it are correct in saying that this is an interview “with a man of impressive integrity: his wide experience and knowledge was frankly shared and so well expressed. At this time it is hard for us ordinary mortals to find out “what is really going on” and as someone passionate about truth [ ] I appreciate insights gained through this show”.

The interview was originally published here:

Now the full episode is also on Youtube:


Half a year after the “special war operation” started here is the take of Sergei Lyubarsky, an American-Ukrainian data analyst on the real reasons which made the whole thing happen.

The text is recommended for those who feel that the official narratives do not explain anything and who want to know the truth.

English subtitles are available via translation from Russian, but since they are far from perfect below is also the English transcript of the full text.


“Good afternoon everyone! You are on the YouTube channel of Sergei Lyubarsky, and today is August 24, six months since Russia treacherously attacked Ukraine, killing tens of thousands of innocent people in its path. Recently, the Washington Post has published a huge document, called “The Path to War”, where the Washington Post told of its vision of what led to this war. But I will not comment on the Washington Post. I will speak of my view on it and my understanding of the path, which led to this terrible, inhuman war…

In American English there is a phrase “gas lighting”. This is when you are persuaded not to believe in what you see, but to believe in what you are told. Today we will try to debunk and remove the veil from the eyes of millions of people who got into this gas lighting situation.

It didn’t happen by accident. In today’s rather long broadcast, I will give you the facts. I will refrain as far as possible for me from commenting.


Let’s go through the chronology of events that led to this war, go through the path of the war. I will start with August 2008. These are the last six months of the Bush presidency. And in August 2008, Russia attacks Georgia. There is practically no answer from the White House. Russia annexes parts of Georgia with virtual impunity.

The Obama administration is elected. Hillary Clinton is the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Head of the State department). And in September 2009 – a year after the annexation of part of Georgia – the Obama-Biden administration, represented by Hillary Clinton, announces a reset.

Hillary Clinton and Sergey Lavrov laugh like two children, two happy children. They have a beautiful toy in their hands, called “reset”, and they squeeze and squeeze the toy, posing for a thousand photographers, thus symbolizing that Russia was not punished for the aggression, and got away with it. The world has forgotten about the Georgian war. The world swept this horror under the rug of history. Relations were reset, and Putin took this as a call to action.


October 2011. Muammar Gaddafi is killed. Putin is deeply shocked. Muammar Gaddafi was a bloody dictator, a terrorist responsible for the death of thousands of his own citizens and hundreds of lives as a result of terrorist attacks that he sponsored and ordered. But when in 2003 he saw how Saddam Hussein fell, he, Muammar Gaddafi, jumped out like a jack-in-the-box, handed over all his weapons to Europe, admitted that he would never harm or do mischief again and would be a peaceful, good, fluffy dictator. However this did not help him. As Hillary Clinton later said, “he came, he was seen, and he died.”

And in October 2011, he died a terrible death. He died from a shovel handle that caused a hemorrhage in his colon. This is truly a shameful and terrible death. And then they abused him even after his death, post mortem. All this was filmed, and Putin saw it. And Putin, if he had any respect for and trust in the West, completely lost it. And when Victoria Nuland showed up in Kyiv in 2014, Putin saw signs of a spade on the wall.


March 2012. Obama and Medvedev meet. They don’t know that the microphone is still on, and after the conference, Obama leans forward to Medvedev and says something like this: “This is my last election. Once elected, I will have more flexibility. Tell this to Vladimir” And Medvedev, like an obedient lackey, nods his head and says: “I’ll pass it on to Vladimir. I understand.”


September 2012. There is a debate between Obama and Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate. And Obama is practically mocking Romney, who called Russia the main geopolitical threat of our time. To quote Obama: “A few months ago, when you were asked what the biggest geopolitical threat America faces, you said Russia, not al-Qaeda. You said Russia. You seem to be trying to bring back the 1980s foreign policy and the Cold War. You don’t know what’s going on in the world. You’re incompetent.”


Look at all this through Putin’s eyes. In 2012, he is given an almost air kiss by Obama, who says it directly that after being elected, he will change (his policy) for the better, with more flexibility, that is, he will allow Putin more aggression in Europe. And in the same 2012 debate, which Putin undoubtedly followed, Putin’s Russia, Putin’s regime is called not a threat to Europe, from Obama’s point of view, while Al-Qaeda is considered to be one. But who remembers al-Qaeda now? Where was it? And when?


Probably the most important moment in Putin’s decision to go to war was September 2013. It was the so-called failure of Obama’s position over the red line. It is worth saying a little more about this.

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful ophthalmologist. He lived in the city of London. He was a wonderful family man. He treated people’s eyes. And it so happened that his older brother had an accident, and in Monte Carlo he flew off a cliff in his red Ferrari. There was a beautiful girl there. Evil tongues claim that the girl’s head was found under the steering wheel of the car when they were sorting through the rubble.

So be that as it may, the older brother of the ophthalmologist died. He was the elder brother of the ophthalmologist and was supposed to become a dictator in Syria. But he didn’t, he died. So a spare wheel had to be taken from a storage compartment, called Bashar al-Assad.

And thus the ophthalmologist, without expecting it, becomes a dictator. During the first years of his presidency, he tries to introduce his understanding of democracy into the Syrian socio-political field, organizes referendums, tries to expand rights, gives women the right to vote. Local assistants explain to him that he shouldn’t: “This is not London. This, you understand, is the East, and the East is a delicate matter.”

But he continues his tune and brings the country to a civil war. Realizing that now he, his family, his government and the Alawite minority will be physically destroyed, he changes his policy 180 ° and uses chemical weapons to prevent civil clashes. Barack Obama warns of the consequences of such actions.

What does our ophthalmologist do? Bashar al-Assad flies to Moscow, spends two days in Moscow, returns and defiantly uses chemical weapons again to destroy his own population. And here the words of Barack Obama to the effect that the transition of the red line means a no-return to the past reality and will involve harsh actions towards some, have completely evaporated. Instead of doing some act of retaliation, Barack Obama goes to Congress and the Senate. And all of it is washed away in an endless debate.


Vladimir Putin understands that the path is open. The path is open for what? For the annexation of Crimea. Six months pass, and “polite green men” annex Crimea. There is no retaliation, no military retaliation, no military counteraction from the White House. Very weak sanctions follow, which Skabeeva (a Russian TV host) described well. She said, “They’ve laid sanctions on us. We’ve laid on them.”  “On them” is unclear – is it about sanctions or about those who introduced them?


Further aggression comes in April 2014 when the war in Donbass begins. Russia continues its annexation of Ukraine in Donbass by supplying weapons, military personnel, and all necessary military assistance to Donbass. Ukraine is asking for military assistance from America to level the playing field, and the White House, which houses Barack Obama, completely refuses to provide this kind of lethal weapons. Looking ahead, until the end of the Obama administration, Ukraine received neither a cartridge, nor a bullet, nor a mine, nor a projectile. Basically, Barack Obama did not want to provide Ukraine with any lethal weapons.


July 2014. Boeing MH17 is downed. Putin fools the whole world. “It was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet”, “it was shot down by aliens”, “it’s not us”, “the corpses are not fresh”… All of it is said to a complete irresponsible foolishness of the whole world. And at the very same time, satellite images lie in the White House, which clearly and without any doubt show the launch site, launch time, the rocket flight. Why do we know this? Because since the beginning of the military conflict, a satellite has been hanging over the conflict zone, which is filming it in real time. And Vladimir Putin knows this.

But because the White House does not provide the world with any information and is silent about the aggression that has taken place, Putin understands how much the White House is afraid of him.


June 2015. The Senate and the House of Representatives pass a law on the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Obama blocks this law. That is, the law on the provision of weapons already signed by the Senate and Congress in June 2015, is purposefully blocked by Obama. Putin knows this.


July 2016. Aleppo is the oldest city in the world. It is the pearl of the world history. A city where civilization is 6 thousand years old. The city of Aleppo was completely destroyed to the ground: there was no stone left unturned. There was no forceful influence, no punishment, no censure, or at least sanctions from the White House. The whole world has forgotten about Aleppo. Please remember Aleppo, remember the Georgian war, remember that the whole world, led by the White House, has been following this road for a very long time. This did not happen 6 months before the start of the war. This happened over many years. The whole world has raised this crocodile, this alligator, this monster. Nurtured and raised it.


Spring 2017. Trump is in power, and through his agent Danchenko, a certain Steele receives a dossier containing disinformation fabricated by the FSB of the Russian Federation. Disinformation through the Danchenko-Steele-Hillary Clinton channels (such was the chain of document transmission) is a sufficient basis for first spying and eavesdropping on Trump and his election committee, (during the election campaign), and then, (after Trump was elected) this fake piece of paper, in which there is not a word of truth, was the basis for starting the Trump investigation, which went on for three years, the so-called Mueller investigation.

The Democratic Party of America is fooling the whole world that Trump is corrupt and connected to Russia. There is not a single second of truth in this. But who knows about this better than Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who falsified this operation. He understands: there is a political discord in America, because he threw this muck on them, and they fell for this muck. He understands how weak the political façade or political climate in America is.


Any actions by Trump to change the security system in Europe are perceived as his friendly manifestations towards Putin. Trump requires European states to pay 2% for their defense, which is in line with their NATO commitments – however it’s called “Trump wants to destroy NATO to please Putin.”

Trump demands that they (they are European countries, mainly Germany) stop buying energy from Russia and stop their dependence on Putin. He demands it personally (this is in the notes, in numerous notes) from Merkel. But the American press says about it: “Trump is destroying our relations with our European allies. It works for the benefit of Russia.”

The only thing that could not be pinned on Trump that he was acting in Russia’s favor was the fact that he lowered the price of oil from an average of $100 per barrel under Obama to an average of $50 per barrel under Trump. That is, since oil fell from 100 to 50, this completely clipped the wings of our Kremlin eagle, so that it had to sit quietly and not tweet all these four years, because you can’t fight much for $50 per barrel.

Yes Yes Yes. The only canvas on which the canvas of this war is painted is the price of oil. When the price of oil falls, his war machine, the war cock, shrinks. When the price of oil rises Putin attacks Ukraine. Just like he attacked Georgia. Just like he annexed Crimea. All these actions and acts were made during the peak of oil prices. The price of oil goes up – Putin attacks. The price goes down – Putin sits and waits.


But this is not all that Trump managed to do during his presidency in relation to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. In April 2017, the Russian troops defended the Syrian sky. A dozen S-300 and S-400 batteries were installed there. This was a typical gangster Putin’s litmus test. In April 2017, Trump was in office for three months, and Bashar al-Assad was doing what Bashar al-Assad, the family ophthalmologist, does well: spraying nerve gas from airplanes over his own people. And Putin sits and watches what will be the reaction from Trump. They, the Americans, call Shoigu and say that they will inflict a missile attack on the Shayrat base, the airfield will be destroyed, and they ask the Russians to take away their people from there so that they don’t accidentally hit them, otherwise it will be unpleasant. And here Putin has an interesting dilemma: to shoot down or not to shoot down? He knows the time, he knows the destination, he knows the place. S-300, S-400 can perfectly shoot down the Tomahawk missile, which was launched from an aircraft carrier. Question: shoot down (and run into escalation) or not shoot down? And in this game of blinkers, Putin blinked first.

He removed his staff. He also informed the Syrians about this. They removed their staff. But did not even have time to remove the planes. A missile strike was launched: 60 missiles were dropped on the Shayrat base. 20 aircraft were destroyed. This was one of the most successful raids by the American government. Putin was scared. And from that moment on, the sabotage and provocative activities of the so-called Donbass People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic on the border with Ukraine have been reduced.


December 2017. The first batch of lethal weapons sent by Trump comes to Ukraine. There is no act of retaliation on Putin’s part.

February 2018. Here comes the so-called episode under Deir ez-Zor. This was the first armed confrontation between US and Russian military forces since the 1953 Korean War. This episode went down into history as “We’re Not There”. What happened?

In February 2018, an agreement was reached under which America controlled the northeastern part of Syria, and Russia controlled the southwestern. The demarcation line went along the river so that they did not even have the possibility of a direct military confrontation. Despite this agreement, Russia violates it, builds a pontoon bridge across this very river, crosses over to the other side and tries to appropriate the oil refinery. So a very nice Russian move. The Pentagon calls Shoigu (Russian minister of defense) personally, says that this is a violation of the agreements. Shoigu says that he knows nothing and “we are not there.” And here Trump demonstrated the power and anger and fury of modern American weapons. A lead rain of guided precision missiles rained down on the column of armored personnel carriers and tanks. Within two minutes, every military vehicle was hit. Burnt people crawled out of the hot iron, from this terrible plasma, and above them hung two Apache helicopters controlled by a joystick. Somewhere in Oklahoma, two girls were sitting and with a heavy machine gun of 12.5 millimeters they were shooting at everyone trying to escape. The official data is hidden by both sides. According to unverified but fairly reliable data, out of 460 people who were in this military convoy (now called BTG, combat tactical group) 60 survived while badly wounded and badly morally traumatized. These 60 went through hell.


February 2021 is the first month of Biden’s rule. It signals the end of Trump’s oil policy. It introduces new restrictions on oil production. His very position, his cabinet, his administration says that the classic old black energy has come to an end, and now green energy will flourish. Oil prices are rising. This is before any war. That is, oil prices went from $50 to $100 even before the war. They are rising because the White House is signaling the end of the oil and gas era. Investments in oil and gas production are falling from $2.5 trillion a year to $1.5, that is, by 40%. Accordingly, prices are rising as the market expects a shortage of oil, which indeed takes place.

June 2021. The White House freezes aid to Ukraine. That is, the military aid that was committed under Trump, which was signed under Trump and was ready to be sent in June, the White House freezes as a gesture of goodwill to Putin. Ukraine remains unarmed again.

May 2021. Biden calls Putin a killer (this is in relation to the assassination attempt on Navalny), but at the same time agrees to meet with him in June. And just in time for this June, he freezes the supply of oil, after which he praises Putin for a long time for making a huge contribution to the fight against global warming.

The third event after the redline crisis, the decisive event that leads to war, is the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, which shows complete incompetence, shows the whole world, including Putin, how weak our new president is.

November 2021. Bill Burns flies to Moscow and meets with Putin’s administration, negotiates with Putin by phone. They give him a direct message that there will be a war with Ukraine in January-February, but as an answer to that there is no retaliation, no sanctions, no arms supplies, that is, no answer followed since November 2021, when Putin told CIA director Bill Burns personally that there would be a war. If this is not unleashing the hands of a criminal, then what is it?

On December 24, 2021 (note the date: the day before Christmas, American Christmas) the Biden administration comes out publicly and calls on Ukraine to join and implement the Minsk agreements. Since December 24, before going on vacation, this has been so important to Biden that he calls on Zelensky to comply with the Minsk agreements and, in fact, fulfills Putin’s will in this sense. This is how the White House responded to the unambiguous, as we know from the Washington Post, threat of war.

January 13, 2022. War is inevitable. The White House is well aware of this, and yet Biden demands that the ban on Nord Stream 2 be lifted. Nord Stream 2 is reopened and is expected to start operating in February.

January 19, 2022. There are 36 days left before the war. Biden makes a strange remark at a press conference. Then I thought that he, as always, said something wrong, but now I understand that it was a message addressed to Putin. He said the following: “A minor invasion of Ukraine by Russia will not provoke a reaction from the West.”

That is, realizing that there will be a huge war, he tried to convince Putin to reduce the volume of aggression in exchange for the fact that he would be immediately forgiven. This happened on January 19, 2022. Realizing how weak the West is, how weak Biden is, exactly six months ago, Putin rushes to Ukraine, and a bloody massacre begins.

Trump was by no means a political genius, but compared to Barack Obama and Biden, he looks like some kind of political titan. Against the background of these two pygmies, even such a far from perfect politician as Trump looks like a political giant.

Obama and Biden are completely politically ignorant, ignorant of many political nuances. Their simple cowardice before the aggressor led to this war. Their desire for peacekeeping, for appeasing the aggressor, together with an inconsistent foreign policy and an increase in the price of oil, led to this war.”


Commenters also added a few more touches to what has been said:

  • February 2014. The Obama-Biden administration demanded from the Ukrainian administration (Turchynov – IOP) that they did not provide any military resistance to the seizure of Crimea by the Russian Federation.
  • August 2016. The US Vice President Joseph Biden interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine by threatening to withdraw a $1 billion loan to Ukraine unless the country’s Attorney General Viktor Shokin was fired.
  • 2020-2022 The absence of the American ambassador (or any plenipotentiary) to Ukraine.
  • January 2022. the US withdrew its Navy ships from the Black Sea amid the situation in Ukraine.
  • February 14, 2022, evacuation of the American embassy from Kyiv to Lvov.
  • On February 24, 2022, during his White House address, Biden stated that the US would not be involved in the conflict with Russia in Ukraine.

UPDATE September 15, 2022

Here is one more touch to the general picture.

There are not enough people in the Russian army and they are looking for soldiers even among prisoners. Human rights activist Olga Romanova explains in detail how recruitment takes place, what they are offered and why they go to the front at all. According to Olga, thousands of prisoners have already been transported to Ukraine – murderers, rapists and even a cannibal.

Olga Romanova is a Russian journalist and director of the civil rights organization Russia Behind Bars. Currently she lives in Germany.

The interview is in Russian but below you will find the shortened transcript of it.

10 thousand Russian prisoners are now fighting Ukraine

September 14, 2022

Hello Olga. You surely follow the story of the recruitment of prisoners for a fight in Ukraine. How do you think it happens? Does someone from the Ministry of Defense come and say, “Guys, here we sign a contract”. How does it happen, do they release prisoners under amnesty or on parole based on some fake documents? What does the process look like? How do they send a man sentenced to 10 years for murder to another country to kill people there?

0:57 Too many good questions. Usually it is done the following way: the military are not present. A helicopter lands on the territory with a “Private Military Company” sign on it. The head of “Wagner” private company (real name is Utkin) is always present. Very often Prigozhin is also there – he is among his kind and enjoys it immensely.

Utkin now and before. He is said to be an admirer of Wagner. That is why his “military private company” (which is officially illegal) is tenderly called Musicians.
Billboards saying “Orchestra W is waiting for you” are placed in several Russian cities

1:20 Prigozhin usually shows off the star of the Hero of Russia [this is the highest title awarded for services to the state associated with the accomplishment of a heroic deed]. Today we’ve been told that a person with TWO stars of the Hero of Russia spoke in one of the prison colonies, but we cannot verify this information yet.

Utkin “Wagner” in the Kremlin

1:51 So the prison guards salute these people in civilian clothes, fawn over them, but they are simply kicked out. The visitors examine the convicts’ personal papers and line them up on the parade ground. First they reject those who are over 50-55 years old, then they single out the lowest caste of convicts [used for sexual purposes] into separate units.  

Prigozhin denies any connections with “Wagner” as (officially) mercanaries are illegal in Russia

2:36 Then “Wagner” tells them a mantra that in prison they will rot, while now they will be given a chance to become the soldiers of fortune. They are offered 200 thousand rubles [gigantic sum as compared with the average salaries], their relatives are promised five million in case of the convict’s death (though we have not heard of it ever paid), some compensation in case of a severe injury is also promised. These are the carrots.

3:15 As to the sticks – they have somewhat changed since the recruitment started. Back in June they were told that they would be shot on the spot in case they fled, tried to surrender, took drugs or alcohol, and in case they marauded – however this last point seems to be no longer on the list. Instead they added a new point – an attempt of a sexual contact, not clear between whom, will also be punished by shooting on the spot.

Though Prigozhin denies any connections with “Wagner” it does not stop him from addressing the prison inmates openly on its behalf: “In my private military company I have several types of aircraft, I have Multiple Launch Rockets Systems, I have tanks – everything you need for the offensive” (at 3:22):

4:11 Then they sign up those who agree. Prisoners actually agree willingly but for different reasons than their families. The relatives want money, while very few prisoners sign up for money – they just want to get away from the matrix they are in. For them any other place is better than a Russian prison. Very few understand where they are going, most often they are not trained, did not serve in the army, their health is bad, some of them have AIDS.

4:47 Whom do they sign up? The preferred category is murderers. Robbery is also good, bodily injuries are excellent and now they have also begun to accept rapists. In the Saratov region there is a case of signing up a cannibal maniac, so a cannibal was recruited too. Altogether about 10 thousand convicts have veen recruited. When I started to cover it, the number was just a few hundred. Now it is already 10 thousand because they are on their fourth round of surfing. The territory covered is mostly central Russia, they don’t go further to the Urals and Siberia. For some reason they don’t go to the east, although the Sverdlovsk region alone has 46 colonies.

7:19 Last question – are there cases when a prisoner was forced to go to, but refused and there were no repercussions?

7:47 Yes, and the way to avoid it is rather simple and effective, since there are no legal grounds for this activity. So in principle, it is easy. The jailers themselves feel very humiliated by this practice, as this is done directly in front of their eyes. But they understand perfectly well that if the wind changes they will be the first to answer. Where was the court decision to release these convicts from prison and give them weapons? There was none. So discontent is spreading even among the prison guards.

9:21 Wives and mothers of prisoners also have serious pacifist sentiments. To be able to pull the convicts out they should equip themselves with the order of the Ministry of Justice (found on the Internet) on registration of crimes that are plotted but not yet committed. Make a call to the duty officer and report to him this crime. Ask the officer to register the call according to the order of the Ministry of Justice. They will ask what kind of crime is being prepared. The answer is – the crime of Ivan Ivanov to be released from the colony with weapons in his hands and then sent to another country. Ask them to register it in their papers and give you the registration number. If the call is accepted usually it helps. The matter is then forwarded to the head of the colony who usually takes out such a prisoner from the batch, because, in principle, what can he answer to that?

10:27 All of it is really sad. You remember that when the whole thing began Russian propaganda bashed people around the clock with stories of Ukraine mobilizing its prisoners. And now thousands of people in Russia who committed most serious crimes are taken from the colonies and sent off to do what our propaganda claimed about Ukraine.

11:11 Well, Ukrainians defend their country and ours is another story – prisoners are released on no legal grounds and are sent to another country. This is not their motherland that is in danger. Ukraine is fighting for life tooth and nail, any way it can. And in Russia the strategy is to utilize these people, to dispose of them. These are marginalized groups of the population who are a headache and who may reoffend, so why not utilize them in Ukraine?

UPDATE December 6, 2022



The bill on Lend-Lease to Ukraine was proposed by Senator John Corbyn (Republican) on January, 19th 2022.

Its terms are different from the Lend-Lease of 1941.

The new law has two exceptions from the current legislation which allow the President to lend and lease the armaments currently in stock in the USA 1) with no requirement of further compensation for them 2) no limitations in respect of their volume or budget.

The only limitation is the period of validity of the new lend-lease law – its expiration date is September 30, 2023.

In other words the aid is to be free, does not require production of new armaments as the military aid is to be taken from the old armaments stored in the US (sometimes since the times of the Vietnam war), but the law is to be in effect for a relatively short period of time.   

The new Lend-Lease Bill was signed by President Biden on May 9, 2022.

It allows the President to provide any armaments to Ukraine of his own free will, without reporting it to Congress and no restrictions from it, but within the limited period of May 9, 2022 – September 30, 2023.

As of today not a single piece of armament or ammunition has been sent to Ukraine under the Lend-Lease law.

GAYLE GOFORTH: What the Maid REALLY Saw in Michael Jackson’s Bedroom. Part 2

January 31, 2022

Making a follow-up about Gayle Goforth’s deposition in October 2016 was supposed to be an easy task as everything she says about Michael Jackson is a sensation.

But this is exactly where the difficulty is – Gayle Goforth’s account of her many years at Neverland is so novel a story that it should be read in its full 236 pages to be able to see Michael the man he really was.  

Her story definitely opens a new chapter in Michael Jackson’s saga. All this time we were busy refuting false allegations about MJ and involuntarily circled around the lies and hackneyed media scenarios about him – instead of opening the door wide open, breathing the fresh air, and seeing the real Michael Jackson who certainly had nothing to do with the image of him fabricated by the press.

And Gayle Goforth managed to open that door. When deposed by Vince Finaldi in the recent Robson/Safechuck case she somehow broke through the permanent re-enactment of stereotypes about Jackson and all-too-familiar routine of that ‘boys’ issue and showed us the normality of the man who had to live his life through the circumstances that were largely abnormal.

She tells you so many refreshing new details that you cannot believe that her story becomes known only 30+ years later. Her words were never reported by the media, so it is no less astonishing to hear that no one really asked her, and what she says now is literally heard for the first time.

And it is both irony and heavenly justice that it had to be Finaldi to extract all that information from Gayle Goforth.  Besides being the two rogues’ lawyer Vince Finaldi is also a dedicated Michael’s foe who is totally unscrupulous in his ways and means, so it was actually his insistent and often nasty questions that induced the usually reserved Gayle Goforth to really talk.

And Gayle Goforth does have a lot to say. But let me remind you of the basics first.

Read more…

GAYLE GOFORTH: What the Maid Really Saw in Michael Jackson’s Bedroom

December 31, 2021

The woman named Gayle Goforth is a Godsend to those who want to know what Michael Jackson was really like.

She worked as a housekeeper at Neverland for 12 and a half years, from August 1989 to February 2002, and was the head housekeeper there after replacing Mark Quindoy in that capacity.

But it is much more significant for us that for the last 6 years of her tenure at Neverland she was also the one who cleaned Michael’s room.  She was the third in the succession of those maids who took care of Michael’s personal quarters – the first was Blanca Francia, then Adrian McManus, and then Gayle Goforth, so she was in the same proximity to Michael Jackson as the other two.

However, we know nearly nothing about her as the media prefers to keep mum about her existence.

This is all the more surprising since Gayle Goforth was one of the Neverland old-timers – she was the first to join the housekeeping staff there (only Blanca Francia was prior to her) and also one of the last to leave it, so she was a direct witness to many more events than even Francia and McManus taken together.

Read more…


November 2, 2021

The Final Reckoning post about the mysterious Myung Ho Lee, Michael Jackson’s chief financial advisor who mishandled his millions in 1998-2001, didn’t turn out to be final after all.

Despite everything we’ve learned about this character and Michael Jackson’s not so lavish real spending, the question where the millions he borrowed from Bank of America were gone is still there.  

In a rare fit of justice towards Jackson the New York Times acknowledged in 2006 that the most probable reason for Michael’s debt mounting in the late 90s was not his ‘flagrant’ spending, which was Myung Ho Lee’s standard narrative and constant media propaganda, but bad advice from Michael’s financial advisors.  

Reporter Timothy O’Brien actually named Myung Ho Lee as the central figure responsible for Michael Jackson’s growing financial trouble. He assumed, and I fully agree with him, that the leading drain on MJ’s wealth may have been ‘the monumentally unwise investments that produced equally colossal losses’.

Myung Ho Lee

Myung Ho Lee certainly put his hand to it as he was head of “Jackson International” that handled all Michael’s funds and investments in 1998-2001.

Here are some excerpts from O’Brien’s article:

Read more…

THE FINAL RECKONING-5: Michael Jackson and Myung Ho Lee

August 16, 2021

What do we know about Myung Ho Lee?

We think we know more than enough as the media have rubbed it in that 1) Myung Ho Lee was a Korean advisor to Michael Jackson who in 1998 arranged for him a $140mln loan from Bank of America 2) the millions were gone within a year due to MJ’s “lavish lifestyle”, so the loan had to be increased to $200mln and this was soon gone too, and that 3) Michael allegedly participated in voodoo rituals and took a blood bath in order to curse the enemies on his list headed by David Geffen according to this advisor (the point about Geffen as the top enemy I readily believe).

Actually there was much more from Myung Ho Lee but the above was the main story.

The lead vocal in the media chorus propagating all of it belongs to Maureen Orth of Vanity Fair who savored every detail of this narrative in three of her articles, painting Michael Jackson in the ugliest light possible, unimaginable even for Diane Dimond.

If you brush aside the absurdity of a bath of animal blood allegedly taken by the nature-loving and God-fearing Jackson and dig a little deeper, you will realize that the financial side of the story is no less weird than the blood bath, because there is a huge discrepancy between what they tell us about Michael Jackson’s spending and his actual expenses.

Read more…


July 28, 2021

We left Don Stabler on February 28, 2005 when he signed the Commitment Letter from Transitional Investors LLC claiming to be Michael Jackson’s authorized representative though he wasn’t.

By this signature alone Stabler committed Michael Jackson to a deal with Transitional/Fortress joint venture to purchase MJ’s $200 million loan from Bank of America, give him a new one-year loan at a 15% interest rate and oblige him to pay extra $48 million to the intermediary – Darien Dash of “Prescient Acqusitions”, from which Stabler and “Perfect Circle” expected to get their share (see the previous post for that).

Three weeks later, on March 20, 2005, Stuart Shelly and John Cox, the directors of Transitional Investors, addressed their “Investment Committee Members” with a certain Memorandum where they outlined the benefits of the deal for their company.

This turns it into a document of exceptional interest to us as it opens up the inner workings of the deal and the company’s expectations of it, as well as their independent evaluation of Michael Jackson’s assets.

That particular memorandum was for a $90mln loan to be given to Michael to repay his $72,5 mln credit with Bank of America and provide him with some cash. The loan was to be secured by the MIJAC catalog and Neverland as additional collateral. The Memorandum also assessed Michael’s share in Sony/ATV as Transitional Investors intended to acquire part of it and possibly even the whole catalog (all of them wanted it!).

The memorandum is highly technical but I will nevertheless try to interpret it.

Read more…


July 23, 2021


After having a look at Fortress Capital Group it would be interesting to learn how this loan shark came into Michael Jackson’s life and what kind of people ‘helped’ Michael to find it.

Let us see who these remarkable people were.


Fortress Capital group was brought in by a certain Prescient Acquisitions company. Prescient is based in New York and is headed by Darien Dash who is the first cousin of hip-hop entrepreneur Damon Dash and so must have connections in the entertainment business.

As is usual with Michael Jackson’s do-gooders Darien Dash filed a lawsuit against him (on July 11, 2005). 

The Prescient case was heard before the federal judge in the Southern District Court of New York and here is the judge’s ruling which states the essential details of the case.

I’ll comment on some excerpts from it:

Read more…


July 16, 2021

This is a continuation of the subject raised in this post.

First a short reminder – when Fortress Capital Group bought Michael’s loans in May 2005, the bulk of the sum was secured by Michael’s half in Sony/ATV. This catalog was in potential danger of being lost to him as it was pledged as collateral for the $200mln loan that was to mature just six months later, on December 20, 2005.

The remaining part of the debt ($72,5mln) was a Bank of America credit line with an outrageous interest rate of 16.5% which was probably secured by MJJAC catalog (according to some sources) or probably not (according to others). But its maturity date was later, so that catalog was not in so much jeopardy though the credit itself was draining Michael of millions.

And it was only the Neverland ranch that was relatively secure as it was only partially pledged or indirectly tied in with the above loans.

That was the status of Michael Jackson’s debts when Fortress bought them and left them as they were, without any refinancing and just waiting for the loans to come due.

But if Neverland was relatively free, how did it turn into collateral under Fortress too?

This matter is a really sore point because Branca’s critics directly connect Michael’s purchase of Branca’s 5% stake in Sony/ATV with his need to mortgage Neverland to be able to pay him.

And to a certain extent they are right.

The thing is that on the one hand Fortress demanded that Michael should buy back Branca’s share, but on the other hand they refused to increase the loan by a mere $13,5mln in order to pay Branca.

Instead, these good Samaritans were ‘’willing to consider’’ a separate loan, which required Neverland as collateral. The money offered by Fortress was $20mln though the estimated cost of the ranch around that time was $33mln (the estimation was done in 2008 by accounting firm Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio and Associates).

The terms on which these $20 million were offered by Fortress were outrageous in my opinion.

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July 14, 2021

After this post I received a number of links to some blogs by other authors who are highly critical of John Branca (“the greedy backstabber”) with a request to comment on them.

Well, comment I will not, but verify I will.

Fortunately now we have every means of verification as lots of true and correct information is provided by 1) the Tax Court Memo of May 3, 2021 regarding the Estate’s prevalence over the IRS and 2) the depositions in Wade Robson’s case (recently thrown out by another judge) where people gave their testimony under oath, including John Branca who was deposed by Robson’s lawyer Finaldi on October 18, 2017.

Both sources in combination with what we knew before will give us a unique chance to finally get to the bottom of things which are a matter of fierce controversy within the MJ fan community even today. 


The first thing doubted by Branca’s critics is that he really had the right to 5% of the Sony/ATV catalog. 

John Branca claims that he did, or rather his firm did as the money didn’t go directly into his pocket – after all, he wasn’t the only one in his law firm to work for Michael Jackson.

Branca’s 5% stake in the Sony/ATV catalog was mentioned in so many documents that doubting it is ridiculous, but since some people do, let’s start from the beginning again.

Finaldi asked Branca about his ownership of 5% in the Sony/ATV catalog and this is what Branca replied under oath (pp.37-38 of the transcript ):

Read more…

Michael Jackson and his foes: TWO MAJOR WINS BY THE ESTATE

June 20, 2021

Resuming writing for this blog after a long hiatus is not easy, but I will nevertheless try.  And the first question I ask myself 12 years after Michael Jackson’s death is where we are now as to his legacy and his name?

Judging by the comments here and there, only the inquisitive managed to go beyond the superficial propaganda of that fantasy piece called “Leaving Neverland” and the tall tales told by the media. This does not surprise me because most of the mainstream media has turned into fake news delivering sheer propaganda, and unfortunately the public tends to swallow it uncritically.

And this is no surprise either as millions have proven themselves unable to interpret facts correctly even when flatly facing them and even in much easier cases than the intricate scam around Michael Jackson.

At first the media tested their massive fakes on the poor Jackson and then continued with everything else playing people for fools, alas.

An example of the media duping the public is the way they reported on Anthony Pellicano’s release from prison in March 2019.


I mention his name because the recent MJ Estate memorandum asking Wade Robson to pay around $113,000 in legal costs now that he lost his civil case against the Estate, listed two Pellicano’s depositions taken in August 2020, which sounds to me as a sheer sensation.

Read more…

THE KEY PLAYERS behind ‘Leaving Neverland’ Operation

December 29, 2020

Three days before the official trailer for “Leaving Neverland” was first released to the public on February 19, 2019, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times wrote her review of the film setting a sort of a standard for other mainstream media to follow.

Maureen Dowd should not be confused with Maureen Orth of the Vanity Fair who dedicated her life to smearing Michael Jackson. Maureen Dowd is the Pulitzer Prize-winning op-ed columnist who is “arguably the most powerful journalist in America thanks to her must-read column in The New York Times”.

To show how powerful she really is it’s suffice to mention that just one column of hers written in February 2007 ruined the chances of Hillary Clinton for presidency and projected the career of Barack Obama as a Democratic nominee who would later win the elections.

Let me repeat – it was Dowd’s just one column that changed the US political climate forever.

And on February 16, 2019 she reviewed the Leaving Neverland film, just several days before some of its footage was to be shown to the public for the first time.

A month prior to that the film premiered at the Sundance festival and those present had already sent shock waves throughout the world, however its TV premiere was to take place only on March 3 and 4, so Maureen Dowd’s opinion of the film was kind of setting the scene.

One would imagine that a journalist whose word people hang on as if it were the gospel, would be wary of making rash conclusions and warn others that unless proven by facts the assertions of two individuals are worthless.

However this was not the case. In the very headline of her column Maureen Dowd denounced Michael Jackson as the King of “perversion”, presented the film as fact and instead of asking appropriate questions about its legitimacy redirected everyone’s attention to “how could we be so blind?”

Her review abounded in words like “lair”, “monster”, “rapist”, “apparent criminality”, “shredded lives of victims”, “tragedy” and the like. Read more…

Which side in CULTURE WARS is Michael Jackson on?

December 5, 2020

When the news of Elton John’s story about  Michael Jackson arrived here I was reading the works of Professor James Davison Hunter, the American sociologist who coined the expression “Culture wars” and first used it in his book “Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America” published in 1991.

This groundbreaking book is not online, but I read two others by the same author entitled “Death of Character – Moral Education in an Age without Good or Evil” (published in 2000) and “Is there a Culture War? A Dialogue on Values and American Public Life” (2006).

What was remarkable about my reading is that Elton John’s story was a perfect example of the culture war described by the author – the culture division and even polarization between Michael Jackson and his immediate circle in the entertainment industry, in Hollywood and the media serving the interests of one side only, all of which formed an immensely hostile cultural opposition to Michael Jackson.


The Culture war will help you understand why some people in Michael’s homeland are virtually unable to see his innocence – and not so much because of the total absence of evidence to support those baseless allegations, but primarily due their lack of certain personal traits necessary to understand his character and core moral values.

The problem of these people is that due to the realignment of values that took place in the US several decades ago, their own morals became relative and are now deprived of their commanding character. Instead of convictions these people have preferences and “truth has become a matter of taste for them – all provisional, all exchangeable,” often subject to fashion and certainly having nothing to do with the moral imperatives that existed earlier.

These wonderful people are called progressives.

According to sociologist James Hunter the culture war, raging in the US already in the 1990s, began between the ‘progressives’ and ‘traditionalists’ sometime in the 50s when traditionalism came as an answer to the progressive trends that rose at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then progressivism has scored one victory after another.

To see what progressivism is, you actually need not go further than the beginning of Hunter’s book “Death of Character. Moral education in an Age without Good or Evil” with has an introduction with a telling subtitle “Postmortem”: Read more…

The Reason for Michael Jackson’s Escapism

November 29, 2020

Some time ago a reader’s comment arrived here about Elton John’s biography of 2019 and his spiteful description of a lunch with Michael Jackson, which was certainly hailed in the press as another instance of Michael Jackson’s so-called ‘bizarre’ behavior.

First, let me repeat the comment and my answer to it here.

Elton John recalls Michael Jackson

luv4hutch: By the way, here is the specific comments of Elton John about Michael in his memoir entitled “Me”, which doesn’t say Michael was guilty, it just refers to him as “disturbing to be around.” It focuses on a lunch that Elton had when he was first dating his husband, David Furnish, and of course how Elton makes a judgment without knowing all the facts, though Michael would always think of Elton as a friend, especially in his dedications in the HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor albums, and Elton earlier in the book acknowledges Michael’s role and friendship with Ryan White, who Elton of course also says was a big reason for him to get sober and to start his AIDS Foundation:

“The problem at the lunch party wasn’t really my mum. It was one of my other guests, a psychiatrist, who at the last minute, informed me that his client, Michael Jackson, was in England, and asked if he could bring him along. This didn’t sound like the greatest idea I’d ever heard, but I could hardly refuse. I’d known Michael since he was thirteen or fourteen: after a gig I played in Philadelphia, Elizabeth Taylor had turned up on the Starship with him in tow. He was just the most adorable kid you could imagine. But in the intervening years, he started sequestering himself away from the world and away from reality, the way Elvis Presley did. God knows what was going on in his head, and God knows what prescription drugs he was being pumped full of, but every time I saw him in his later years, I came away thinking the poor guy had totally lost his marbles. I don’t mean that in a lighthearted way. He was genuinely mentally ill, a disturbing person to be around. It was incredibly sad, but he was someone you couldn’t help: he was just gone, off into a world of his own, surrounded by only by people who told him what he wanted to hear.

And now he was coming to the lunch at which my boyfriend was scheduled to meet my mother for the first time. Fantastic. I decided the best plan was to ring David and drop this information into the conversation as nonchalantly as possible. Perhaps if I behaved as if there was no problem there, he might take it in stride. Or perhaps not-I hadn’t even finished nonchalantly mentioning the change in lunch plans before I was interrupted by an anguished yell of ‘are you fucking KIDDING ME?’ I tried to reassure him by lying through my teeth, promising that the reports that he’d heard of Michael’s eccentricities were greatly exaggerated. This probably wasn’t very convincing, since some of the reports of them had come directly from me. But no, I insisted it wouldn’t be as strange as he might expect.

In that respect at least, I was absolutely right. The meal wasn’t as strange as I might have expected. It was stranger than I could have imagined. It was a sunny day and we had to sit indoors with the curtains drawn because of Michael’s vitiligo. The poor guy looked awful, really frail and ill. He was wearing makeup that looked like it had been applied by a maniac, it was all over the place. His nose was covered with a sticking plaster which kept what was left of it attached to his face. He just sat there, not really saying anything, just giving off waves of discomfort the way some people give off an air of confidence. I somehow got the impression he hadn’t eaten a meal around other people in a very long time. Certainly, he wouldn’t eat anything we served up. He had his own chef with him, but didn’t eat anything he made, either. After a while, he got up from the table without a word and disappeared. We finally found him, two hours later, in a cottage on the grounds of Woodside where my housekeeper lived: she was sitting there, watching Michael Jackson quietly play video games with her eleven-year-old son. For whatever reason, he couldn’t seem to cope with adult company at all…”

As if the above piece were not enough for me I read a couple of more pages of Elton John’s bio and came to the conclusion that in this Orwellian world of ours it was Michael Jackson who was the most normal man who, alas, had to live among totally abnormal people around him.

In a classic case of a pot calling the kettle black Elton John pronounced Michael Jackson “disturbing to be around”, “mentally ill” and sometimes “pumped full of prescription drugs” though his own personality is much better suited for these descriptions.

Prescription drugs Michael did take as he had to cope with the never-ending pain after the scalp-stretching operations to cover the burned skin on his head, so he was in a constant medical condition requiring painkillers that later turned into an addiction (which he eventually overcame).

But Elton John didn’t have any medical reasons to justify the use of drugs, however he himself says that he was a horrible cocaine addict for almost two decades. By his own admission after so many years of drug abuse his soul became so black that it was “like a charred piece of steak”. Read more…

The Schleiters remember Michael Jackson in AKTE documentary

June 26, 2020

The AKTE documentary about the Schleiter family and their friendship with Michael Jackson aired on German TV sometime in January this year, but its English version was made available to us only recently, thanks to AlfonsMeir who uploaded it here.

The Schleiter family

Many of us have probably not heard of the Schleiters except their emphatic “Enough is enough” letter in support of Michael Jackson as previously they never spoke to the press.

I encourage everyone to read the letter and watch the documentary as the latter is quite accurate in describing Michael Jackson’s tribulations beginning with 1993 (except the wrong age of the accuser and some minor details) and covers almost everything up to Martin Bashir’s film and La Toya’s various performances in this or that attire for and against her brother.

Anyone can watch the documentary themselves to form an opinion, but your impression will not be full if you don’t know what is insinuated about Anton Schleiter by Michael’s detractors.  In fact it is the comparison between these freaks’ innuendoes and the truth which is a real eye-opener here. Read more…

What JEFFREY EPSTEIN’s case tells us about the MEDIA and MICHAEL JACKSON

June 9, 2020

Hopefully some of you have already seen the ‘Filthy Rich’ Netflix series about pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and had a chance to think it over.

The documentary requires a comparison with Dan Reed’s ‘Leaving Neverland’ of course, but there is so big a difference in the standards of research for the two films that it is not even worth it.

One is a sloppy propaganda piece, while the other is a serious study of a horrible case and a horrible phenomenon. And how can you compare the two rogues spilling their fantasies about Michael Jackson without any proof, with the testimonies of Epstein’s victims supported by the documents, police and even the FBI 53-page indictment? The two cases are totally incomparable and are actually poles apart.

But if you do compare there are at least two factors that are drawing attention.

One is that the genuine victims in ‘Filthy Rich’ look unwilling to discuss the sexual crimes committed against them and are visibly reluctant to describe them in graphic detail. There are no juicy details in their accounts and when it is necessary to give some, the victims stop short, clearly hesitate and are still unable to utter it. Only one woman out of many in ‘Filthy Rich’ mentioned a sex toy used by Epstein but said it in so low a voice that it was barely heard, though this was one of his main tools of abusing minors.

Remember Robson & Safechuck who gleefully described in ‘Leaving Neverland’ the various ways they were allegedly abused by MJ as well as their occasional smiles and twinkling of the eye during descriptions?

What a dead give-away that they are lying! Their desire to tell it in so much graphic detail in order to look convincing shows that for their own selves their stories are cold and devoid of any emotion, and all their descriptions are just words not resonating with any feelings.

Real feeling is what you see in Epstein’s victims though they do try to look unemotional and calm.

Another thing that strikes you as a very big difference is that Epstein’s victims never changed their stories. What they initially said they repeated later, and what they repeated later they had been saying from the very beginning. And though initially most of them were unwilling to talk, when interviewed by the police all of them admitted that they were molested by Epstein. According to the police two of the girls claimed that they ‘loved’ Epstein and hoped to marry him, but the fact of molestation was not disputed even by them.

The only ones who still deny everything are Epstein’s accomplices – Ghislaine Maxwell and several other monstrous females who turned the sexual abuse of girls into their daily routine. By now they have changed their names and are unavailable for comment, but hopefully one day they will see their day of reckoning.

If we didn’t know Robson to be a liar he could easily qualify for the role of an accomplice and it would be an interesting turn to the matter, because if we are to believe his current story it means that when defending Michael Jackson at the 2005 trial he perjured himself and obstructed justice that way. But if he told the truth then, it means that now he is lying to extort the MJ Estate for money (initially a billion reduced to hundreds of millions by today). So whichever way you look at him the only place where Robson really belongs is prison, and not a TV show. Read more…

The Debate With a Hollywood Producer: MICHAEL JACKSON, PROJECT M and STEVEN SPIELBERG

March 15, 2020

The previous post was about a debate between a Hollywood producer scornful of Michael Jackson and our reader ‘luv4hutch’ who sent us the text of their discussion and asked for a comment; and also some facts regarding the role of David Geffen in the life of Laura Nyro and Donna Summer, same as Michael Jackson’s.

The ruin of their careers revealed exactly the same modus operandi and is pointing to the same person in their immediate surrounding who put a hand to their destruction.

Here is the continuation of the debate and we begin where we left off – with David Geffen, of course and Project M on making a Peter Pan movie supposedly with Michael Jackson in the main role. The whole thing was a fake as it was never meant to be realized, but the scheme was elaborate and multi-task and resulted in putting the blame for its failure on Steven Spielberg which put an end to his friendship with Michael Jackson.

My interest in the debate is the frame of mind of people in Hollywood, and getting new facts, if any, to further clarify the picture around Michael Jackson then and now. Read more…

What Michael Jackson, Laura Nyro & Donna Summer had in common: DAVID GEFFEN

March 2, 2020

Reader luv4hutch has sent us the summary of his debate with a friend about Michael Jackson and asked for a comment or post about it. And though our waiting list is already long, let it be another unexpected post that precedes everything else.

The person who goes as a “Producer” in the debate is a producer working in the entertainment industry. His views about Jackson are standard for the people of his trade – they were formed by very many years of listening to rumor and innuendo from the so-called reliable people in Hollywood, generating inflated stories and feeding on them too, and also some scraps of insider’s information which may be occasionally true. All of it has long cemented into their rock solid confidence that no one can possibly know more about Jackson and that everything to know about him is already there.And since these people see no need in learning anything new or fact-checking the earlier stories we can safely say that they got stuck in the past, in a sort of Stone Age with regard to Michael Jackson.

“Reader” is the initiator of the debate who is apparently sitting on the fence and is torn between his friend who seems to be so knowledgeable about Jackson and his own doubts in the veracity of claims about him.  His views are more or less typical of the present of Michael Jackson – which is still controversial and unclear for the majority of people.

And we here represent Michael Jackson’s future. After more than 10 years of research of every pro and con argument we are one hundred per cent certain that Michael Jackson was innocent and consider it only a matter of time when it becomes obvious to everyone else. This confidence arose from examining every story about Jackson and after finding nothing incriminating there we have moved on to explore the unchartered waters and the subjects of our interest now are somewhat bewildering to the uninitiated – like the role of a certain Victor Gutierrez or David Geffen in Michael Jackson’s fate, for example.

So the main difference between us is that we know everything they know, while they don’t have even a fraction of our knowledge. They think they possess some precious insiders’ information and do not understand that we have already dissected their knowledge into a million pieces and have discarded it all after examining it several times over, and are far ahead of these people now. So far ahead that it is actually a bore to go over it again and again.

However I will still make a comment on an issue that needs clarification and further research and is actually what our Friend started with.

Producer: Geffen came on to Michael and got turned down? Well, that’s funny, considering before Michael had a taste for more dubious activities, he had a taste for men. I know of several men who can be reliably stated to have dated Michael, Jehovah Witness-ism to the contrary.

VMJ: Several men reliably stated it? If Scott Thorson is one of those highly reliable people here is a post about this character. As regards the opinion of Hollywood at large, our Friend should know better than others that there are no reliable sources in Hollywood – everyone lies there and everyone repeats someone else’s false story.

And this isn’t just my opinion – it is a statement of the Los Angeles Magazine that presented it as an indisputable fact in its March 2004 issue: Read more…

Blanca Francia’s Testimony Revisited: STRANGE CONNECTIONS

January 30, 2020

The previous post about Blanca Francia introduced you to psychologist Mike Craft, who started working with Blanca and her son Jason within a state-run program for molested children even before Jason was first interviewed by the police and recalled the three alleged tickling episodes. You also learned about attorney Terry Cannon, who reached a settlement with Michael Jackson’s lawyers on behalf of the Francia family.

Both Mike Craft and Terry Cannon surprised me by the time they appeared in Blanca Francia’s orbit.

Diane Dimond writes that the state-sponsored therapy program run by Mike Craft was arranged for Jason after his mother’s interview with the police (September 1993) and this means that the program had begun even before Jason complained about anything at all (in March ’94) and even before he first met with the police (on November 3, 1993).

Mike Craft is a marriage and family counselor. He set up his office in 1992. The number of staff is 1 (one).

If Jason Francia’s so-called therapy by Mike Craft indeed started before he recalled any tickling by MJ, it changes our perception of the situation around Michael Jackson in the most dramatic way.

As to attorney Terry Cannon he stunned me by entering the picture already at Jason Francia’s second police interview on March 24, 1994. This date didn’t jibe with the official version either as we were told that the negotiations over a settlement began only in late ’94/early ’95 after all dust in the Chandler case had settled.

These inexplicable shifts in the timeline were a curious twist to the story and demanded attention. What I found was a sensation that was lying almost on the surface. Read more…

Blanca Francia’s Testimony Revisited: THE TIMELINE

January 25, 2020

The promise to cover the remaining parts of ‘Leaving Neverland’ horror movie will be certainly kept, but before that we need to finish with the Blanca and Jason Francia’s story which is also a very big subject that has secrets of its own.

And I am not only talking about Blanca’s so-called evidence regarding Wade Robson that was handled in one of the previous posts – there are a lot of other interesting details that will open up to you if you really look.

Blanca Francia

This post will be about some of those secrets, but first here is a short reminder of what we found earlier about Blanca’s tale regarding Wade Robson.

Some excerpts from her 1993/94 deposition, posted on the internet only recently, made it clear that the story of ‘the former maid seeing Michael in a shower with little Wade Robson’ is a myth dispelled by her own depositions which took place just three years after the alleged event.

It turned out that she had seen only one figure in Michael Jackson’s shower – that of Michael himself. She only assumed that someone else could be there because his figure was blurred and half seen through the fogged glass, and she heard him give a little he-he-he giggle which made her think that he was talking to someone, though there were no other voices heard.

She also assumed that Wade Robson was in the shower as the boy was not in MJ’s room and she saw him and Michael Jackson together later in the day. But nothing was seen or heard in that bathroom – all of it was just a play of her vivid imagination.

Great as this discovery was, more awaited us when we learned that the alleged event  took place in December 1989 which dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s – by that time the Robsons had not even arrived in the US yet as their first visit to Neverland was only in February 1990.

So regardless of Robson’s claims, the described scene has nothing to do with him and we can forget about Robson for now.

A little more research brought us the name of the boy who really stayed at Neverland at the time specified by Blanca Francia – that of Ryan White, an AIDS victim whose condition was already so bad that he died just four months later, in April 1990.

Ryan White, aged 18 meets Ronald and Nancy Reagan. This is his last public appearance [March 1990]

Though being already 18 years old Ryan White looked very young, small and no older than 12, and could be easily taken by Blanca Francia for a ‘little’ friend of Michael Jackson.

And if she made her assumptions about that boy, any ideas about a joint shower with him will be completely crazy considering his disease, because at that time people were afraid of even sitting beside an AIDS victim, not to mention going to a shower or a bathtub with an infected person.

However another astonishing fact we know about Michael Jackson is that he wanted to go to a Jacuzzi with Ryan White.

When speaking to Larry King, Michael’s dermatologist Arnold Klein said that Michael asked him if going in a Jacuzzi with Ryan would be safe and didn’t pose a threat to him. He asked Dr. Hoefflin too, and Hoefflin strongly advised him against it, while Klein said it was okay.

But why did Michael want to do it for Ryan White?

He wanted to show the boy that he wasn’t a pariah and that at least Michael wasn’t afraid of him. Michael’s heart always went out to the weak and he wanted Ryan to feel normal and no different from others. He wanted to set him at his ease and acted like there was nothing extraordinary in taking a Jacuzzi with an infected person though everyone around shunned him like the plague.

In case Michael Jackson managed to realize his big plan and did take Ryan to a Jacuzzi during that visit, Blanca Francia could indeed see their wet swimming trunks on the floor (as she said she did) and Michael could indeed take a shower after that, right in the middle of the day.

As to Ryan White, after the Jacuzzi he would certainly go back to his guest unit to have a nap there – he was so frail that he regularly took a nap in the daytime to regain his strength.

For details of what Blanca Francia said during those 1993/94 depositions please go to this post. And if you want to learn more about Ryan White’s five-day stay at Neverland (in a guest unit by the way) in December ‘89 and see how he got acquainted with MJ at all, you can go to a separate page of this blog that will tell you about the two visits to Neverland described by Ryan White himself. He doesn’t mention the Jacuzzi, but if it did happen it could be only during his second visit to Neverland at Christmas 1989.

And we proceed to Blanca Francia’s numerous depositions that span the incredible period of nearly 25 years – this is how long every speck of dust around Michael was dissected by law enforcement, the media and his detractors.

Our goal is to see 1) what Blanca and Jason Francia testified to and what is true and false in their story 2) how their narrative progressed as time went by and 3) why and how Blanca reached a $2 mln. settlement agreement with MJ in connection with her son’s claims that he was tickled on three occasions within the five years they knew him. Read more…

A See-Through-Lies Manual on Orietta Murdock, Victor Gutierrez and Joy Robson

December 22, 2019


In the comments for one of this blog posts there are two short texts about little Wade Robson in Michael Jackson’s recording studio – one is Orietta Murdock’s statement from the Prosecution ‘Prior Bad Acts’ Motion for the 2005 trial and the other comes from Victor Gutierrez’s literary opus about Michael published in 1996.

For those who don’t know the above characters here is a reminder:  Orietta Murdock was Michael Jackson’s administrative assistant in September 1989–January 1991 and Victor Gutierrez is a pedophilia advocate who dogged Jackson since the late 80s, spread innumerable lies about him and who by Diane Dimond’s own admission, was the latter’s best source.

The stories by Murdock and Gutierrez are the usual kind – they are blatant lies about Michael Jackson and the only peculiar thing about them is that they are identical, though told by different people and at different times. My conclusion was that in the job of smearing Michael Jackson these two personas worked in close cooperation with each other, and Gutierrez was most probably the one with whom the false text originated.

The story proper was not analyzed as I thought that the proof of Murdock’s cooperation with a scumbag like Gutierrez was reason enough to immediately flash it down the toilet, but a reader left a comment to the effect that who told whom is a secondary matter as the basis of the story is true.

Indeed, who told whom doesn’t matter that much, but I am highly resentful of the idea that the basis of the story is true.  It is absolutely not true, though I understand why people fall into the fallacy of thinking that it is – if some elements sound familiar people get the impression that they know the general idea, and if a couple of details are real, they imagine that the whole of it is basically correct.

But clean and dirty waters are also basically the same as they share the same molecular structure, only one is safe to drink while the other will cause you sickness and even death. And the same goes for stories and information at large – though looking similar some of it is downright poisonous.

So it’s high time we realized that it is absolutely not enough to know the story ‘in general’ – this is only the illusion of knowledge and if you don’t know the story in full you may as well consider yourself ignorant of the matter.


Before we deal with the Gutierrez and Murdock lies the first thing to start with is establishing the hard facts of the story. And there can’t be a better source for the episodes described than Joy Robson, mother of Wade Robson. She testified to all that at the 2005 trial and her account can be trusted as even after her son’s U-turn against Jackson she hasn’t changed it and it is only her perception of some details that may be different now. Read more…

Blanca Francia’s Deposition BLASTS the Wade Robson Story

December 4, 2019

The name of Blanca Francia is now firmly associated with Wade Robson. She used to be a personal maid to Michael Jackson, who later made controversial statements about him, and Robson insisted on Michael’s innocence for the first 30 years of his life, but since making his U-turn in 2013 has told most horrible things about his former friend.

So previously Francia and Robson were on the opposite sides of the barrier, and now they are allies whose case against Jackson is based on each other stories – Blanca Francia thinks she saw the shadow of Robson in Michael Jackson’s shower at Neverland, and Robson, though recalling none of it himself, goes much further and claims she saw Michael Jackson “rubbing the Plaintiff” and “the Plaintiff’s head was pressed against Michael Jackson’s stomach area.”

The above Robson’s statements come from his Motion to amend his third amended complaint filed on September 9, 2016 (for its screenshot see the collage below).

The collage, combining an excerpt from the 2016 Motion and Robson’s milder version of the same from an earlier court document, was made by Hammer whose Twitter account also introduced me to the recent 2016 deposition of Blanca Francia.

Why is the description of the shower episode different in Robson’s two court documents and why is the amended 2016 version so gross in its content?

Whenever Robson’s story is found inconsistent his standard reply is that his memory “evolved”. But given that the new amendment was made three days after Blanca Francia’s deposition on September 6, 2016, it would be logical to assume that Robson took all those salacious details from her new testimony – however the problem here is that Blanca Francia said nothing of the kind there, so Robson must have drawn inspiration from another source.

Of course Blanca Francia’s deposition is available to us only in the bits and pieces put online by the one who bought those pages from the court reporter, but when you start reading the little we have, you will realize that even the above graphic content is not that important as it fades in comparison with the discovery we make there. Read more…

10 years of vindicating Michael Jackson

November 21, 2019

Sometimes there are dates or anniversaries of which you don’t know whether to celebrate them or to mourn them. After Michael Jackson’s 10th death anniversary this year, we now have the 10th anniversary of the foundation of our Vindicate MJ blog. Exactly today 10 years ago, on November 21 in 2009, Helena sent this blog online into the world with these first words:

“Father, Forgive Them; They Don’t Know What They Are Doing…”, with Johann Sebastian Bach’s famous Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major called “Air” and with her explanation why she started this work.

Well, in view of the fact that nothing has changed since November 2009 and that we still have to fight for the truth, it’s hard to celebrate this 10 year anniversary. And meanwhile I believe it is fair to say that some things cannot be forgiven anymore – at least it is up to God to forgive the liars, our human souls are not able to do this.10 years

When faced with the “Leaving Neverland” spectacle this year, it felt like we were thrown back to the beginning of our journey and have to start with educating people all over again.

However, what happened within these 10 years made us stronger and helped us to counter these new allegations with much more knowledge. There was so much research done by Jackson’s fans and supporters in this decade that we now can reply to every new claim and allegation with an enormous amount of facts like nobody else. This was harder in the beginning after Michael’s death than it is now.

Of course, the media didn’t learn much during this time, they ignore most of the facts now as they did it in earlier years. This is a systematic approach! We cannot rely on their objective treatment of Michael Jackson and all the stories spread about him. When it comes to MJ, they are still not interested in doing the task assigned to them: detailed fact-checking and objective assessment and reporting of stories and allegations.

But with all the research that was done by Michael Jackson “truthers” in an almost scientific manner since Michael’s death, we today can be very sure and convinced that we are right! That we are not mistaken! Because with every new fact we found out, our convictions were corroborated. And this is the joint work of international groups of bloggers, advocates and researchers, of which Helena is one of the most important.

On this day I want to highlight particularly the work done by Helena in the course of these 10 years, with so much passion that sometimes her health suffered severely from it. I remember the several public trials she covered arduously, writing posts every day and night, hardly sleeping during these weeks. I remember the attacks from MJ haters by impersonating the blog with lies and fake news. I remember her falling in a hurry and breaking her wrists which required her to stay in hospital for a while and leaving the blog to others, when she couldn’t write herself. The several times of absence from the blog always made the readers miss her very much – because she could not and never can be replaced. Her quick perception and excellent judgment and assessment of things are unparalleled and so much needed in difficult situations when false stories on Michael become overwhelming and people don’t know what to believe. In these times we need somebody with a clear view, with a wealth of knowledge and a good memory, leading us through the waves of rumors, untruths and biased reporting.

Certainly, nobody can do this amount of work on a daily basis for years. We need to stay healthy, we have families and have to care for other things and family members. So the temporal intervals between writing posts became longer over time, and it also didn’t seem necessary to repeat all facts any time new claims and lies on Michael came up. Principally, all was said on the allegations, and the facts speak for themselves.

But this year was different. Leaving Neverland and the two liars and their director made us nearly vomit considering the filthiness and the impertinence of their lies. And also nauseating was the fact that the media and the entertainment industry embraced the film despite the transparency of the lies, as well as the fact that pedophilia doesn’t seem any longer a subject of disgust, but of entertainment and a new ideology (“children can enjoy sex with adults”). Moreover, the agenda to bring down Jackson’s legacy became so obvious.

Seeing Robson and Safechuck going so far as to present themselves with their lies as movie stars (with even photo sessions showing them as the popstars they always wanted to be) was a shock – not a shock about the lies they told, because we already knew them – but a shock about how low some people can sink to make headlines and to take revenge.

The good thing that happened after the initial shock was the unity and the collective reaction of the fanbase and MJ advocates. And especially that many younger “MJ truthers” took over and stroke back on Twitter, YouTube and other social media, even in form of a great documentary, with joint forces and vast knowledge. This gives us a lot of hope. Helena and I are over 60 now, and we need the younger ones to take over and continue the work. It is necessary that younger fans carry forward the vindication work with the same passion and with new instruments and skills, and we are glad that we can rely on them.

Now I would particularly like to say a big Thank you to Helena for her tireless work and commitment. She is one of the pioneers in the MJ blogger community that emerged after Michael’s death, and did a lot of the essential research we needed for today. And we hope that she will be here as long as possible and give us the light we need.

I think we can be thankful that we could keep the blog alive for 10 years now and that nobody could break us. Considering the new law controlling the internet in Helena’s home country, this cannot be taken for granted for the future. And now that a new Californian legislation enables Robson and Safechuck to return their cases to the trial court, there is possibly a lot more work to do and we are far from reaching our goal. But we hope for the best that we will be able to go on TOGETHER!

The VMJ blog is an academic Chair for studying Michael Jackson, and it hopefully will exist another 10 years and longer, beyond our own lives, to educate next generations. This is our wish and we will take care that it remains safe. Thanks to all our readers who keep us going!

May God bless you, Helena!

WHAT WE KNOW about Mark Quindoy’s Diary and Wade Robson. Part 3

November 16, 2019

If somebody tells you that he kept a diary when travelling to an exotic place, and when you start reading it you find that the the names and locations are all wrong, the dates are messed up and the museum described was closed in that particular season, you will suspect that the writer is pulling your leg and just fabricated the whole thing, probably never going on that trip at all.

The same with Mariano “Mark” Quindoy.

Mark Quindoy reads out from his diary, 1993

Quindoy claimed that he kept a diary since his first day of employment at Neverland, but it has so many inaccuracies in the dates, names and descriptions that at some point you start realizing that it is a fabrication.

Michael Jackson’s detractors will excuse Quindoy’s blunders by saying that “it was long ago and he simply misremembered it”, however this excuse cannot be applied to a diary which is kept then and there and if something worthy of attention happens in the morning you make a note of it in the evening. Or the next day. Or the same week at the very latest.

A diary cannot have any discrepancies and if not true to life in its every detail, it is actually an imitation based on outside sources and the author’s fantasy. It is either this or that,  with no shades of gray in between.

Therefore it is no use sorting through the mess of Mariano Quindoy’s diary trying to filter the “correct” facts from its lies and inaccuracies – if some pieces of his diary are messed up it means that the whole of it was fabricated.


Mariano Quindoy’s diary has reached us in its several versions. First it was reported by the media as Quindoy presented it at his 1993 press conference in Manila. Then Quindoy’s ideas were stated in the prosecution “Prior Bad Acts” Motion of December 10, 2004. And then it was retold in several books (Diane Dimond’s is the example).

Let us go over Quindoy’s most striking statements that went into the Prosecution “Prior Bad Acts” Motion. Read more…

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