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Making up for the wrongs done

November 20, 2009

Updated February 20, 2012

After reading and watching whatever there is to read and watch about Michael Jackson I realize that he was a completely innocent man.

But let me not beat about the bush and say what is on everyone’s minds.

Even those who don’t believe crazy lies about him still feel uneasy when someone asks them about those “slumber parties”. People are also often misguided by statements like he “invited” children to his bedroom.

Well, firstly, it wasn’t his bedroom but his living quarters within the house and it was natural for his guests to hang out there, and not in another place in the house.

Secondly, the children and their parents who came there were his friends and not just some “kids from the street”.

Thirdly, he invited them to the house and it was them who invaded his personal quarters there, as Michael was mobbed not only in the outside world, but in the privacy of his home too.

Why does everyone forget that those children besieged him whenever there was a chance to? And it was often a package of six or seven of them all lying on his bed and watching TV?   Remember how Michael was mobbed wherever he went? So why do we think it was different when he was surrounded by people in his own house?

Many of the children who came to Michael’s ranch were gravely or terminally ill – and to these children he was physically unable to say NO and always did whatever they asked for, knowing that those were probably their last days. It is easy to imagine all the nagging, wailing and pleading he must have constantly faced from these children: ‘Oh, Michael, please! Let us stay another hour, pleeeease! It is so much fun! Why can’t we?’

The kind and gentle guy, who often admitted he couldn’t say “no” to anyone, surely didn’t have the heart to refuse them. Moreover he always thought that everyone else would do the same in his situation – otherwise he wouldn’t have spoken about it in public so openly. He thought that from the mobbing scenes everyone saw on TV people understood what kind of a besiege he was constantly under and realized – same as he did – that he had no other way out.

Only innocent souls will speak about things like that openly.  You should be either a complete fool or complely innocent to be able to say that. And a fool Michael was not.

He really didn’t see any harm in those camp-like parties and sharing his quarters with others in a youth hostel manner. He spent his own childhood crammed into a small room with his brothers and was surrounded by a crowd every single moment of his life. This was the only lifestyle he knew and could imagine – in the same way we can imagine only our lifestyle and cannot imagine his.

And when someone is really innocent it does not even occur to him that there is a need to try and conceal something. Foul ideas simply didn’t enter his mind –  which is so unlike us with our crooked and dirty minds…

Children know someone’s heart much better than grown-ups and no wonder they followed Michael in crowds everywhere he went.

Lisa Marie Presley complained that children crawled into every corner of their house and would not leave him alone even if he went to the bathroom. I don’t doubt her word at all – firstly she is always direct in saying things and secondly I remember Michael’s concerts and what was going on there with the audience.

ADULT audience by the way.

I’ve read that Michael changed his mind about cancelling a concert in Moscow and agreed to give a show despite impossible weather because of a blind girl who had taken great pains to draw his portrait, begged him to sign it and wanted to hear him perform. The portrait was brought in by the girl’s mother just before the concert and this was when Michael took a snap decision to perform.

It was freezing cold and pouring rain. The stage was wet and slippery, but Michael simply couldn’t say no to a child – especially if the child was handicapped. And he obliged and did a concert, same as he obliged when he saw all  ill and handicapped children (as was with the “terminally ill” Gavin Arvizo).

Can you imagine him shutting the door in the face of a sick child pleading for his help? I can’t… And what if it is the child’s dying wish?


Okay, but could Michael take advantage of all this adulation and use it for some mean purposes?

Despite all the pressure from the prosecution and the media, absolutely no facts were found to prove any child molestation suspicions. Thousands of children went to Neverland and met Michael wherever he went. Thousands of children were pressed by the media and prosecutors to come up with the allegations – but only an extreme few did it, only to be later disgraced by their own lies.

If a single fact had been found Michael would have never been acquitted – and let us remember that the trial summoned everyone who was willing to accuse Michael of wrongdoing for a period covering 10 or more years prior to that. Thus the 2005 trial acquitted Michael not only of Arvizo’s allegations – no, it acquitted Michael of Jordan Chandler’s too as his former accuser flatly refused to join the freaky crowd and face Michael at the trial.

But some people seem to have no respect for the factual side of things and hold no belief in the American judicial system.

For these people we will have to look at the problem on the basis of what was said only – and this takes us to MICHAEL’S WORD against the WORD of his accusers.


Now that we no longer have a chance to hear Michael’s side of the story, one of the things we can do is listen to the lyrics of his songs, his speeches and numerous poems as well as some of his reflections put down on paper on various issues and occasions. This is Michael’s word and testimony to us.

The legacy is big and any scholar studying these materials will tell you that anyone with such a wealth of ‘testimonials’ left behind him must surely have dropped here and there a taletelling mark of his innermost self which was intentionally hidden from the public eye (or unintentionally closed even from himself).

You can always find these signs either between the lines of someone’s writings or in a much straighter way like we see it in Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ (describing an old man’s desire for a 12 year-old girl) or Shakespeare’s sonnets which are somewhat embarrassing to read as I have never heard so much desire revealed by one man for another one.

However after reading as much as I’ve read of Michael’s lyrics and his other written ‘evidence’ since the moment he died (I wasn’t a supporter of Michael Jackson before that), I can testify on the Bible now that there is not a single line in his works that can give rise to a slightest suspicion of him having anything “bad” to do with children.

No, it is just the other way round. The more I was reading, the surer the terrible guess was – he was completely INNOCENT… to an extent we can’t even imagine….what a shame on all our heads… it’s almost like some 2000 years ago with the old story repeating itself…..nothing learned, nothing changed…. how could we… is there a way we can ever make up for that?

The initial guess of an awful MISTAKE made turned into a clear understanding when I read Michael’s speech at Oxford University which made me burst into a torrent of bitter and guilty tears:

And a graceful essay on his faith in God and the miraculous role of children in parents’ lives only added to this torrent :

It was time to cover my head with ashes. What an infinite shame it was to learn the truth so late.

What an incredible surprise it was to find a pure, noble soul and a deep thinker – armored with phenomenal wisdom, infinite kindness and a divine spirit – in a man I thought to be a showman only!  And whom I once suspected of unspeakable crimes…

What an astonishment it was to see such a powerful and mighty nucleus in this soft-spoken man whose words of love and forgiveness were capable of creating an almost instant miracle over a 55-year-old like me!

What a shock  it was to realize that this beautiful person had to die before I could finally realize how shamelessly we had been fooled by the unscrupulous somebody who didn’t give a damn for what they were doing to a completely innocent man!

Crucifying him for 15 years and ridiculing him non-stop so that we could have a good laugh while drinking our morning coffee and never taking the trouble to really find out what they were talking about. What a SHAME, what an unspeakable shame. For them and for us.

There are so many lies around Michael Jackson that we risk never be able to learn the real truth unless we reach out for it ourselves and peel off bias after bias using our own brains (and not someone else’s). And unless we  listen to what our heart tells us,  if the brain completely fails us. Actually this is what Michael was always saying – listen to what your heart tells you before ever trying to pass judgment.

One day each of us will stand before God and answer for what we have or haven’t done in our lives.  Before that moment comes we should try and make up for the wrongs done .

And this is the only reason for this blog.

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  1. November 21, 2012 3:05 am

    Happy anniversary VMJ !


  2. November 21, 2012 3:13 am

    Happy anniversary VMJ !

    Kaarin, my thanks to you and everyone here too! This is our joint anniversary as it is three years of our common work and support for Michael!


  3. November 21, 2013 9:08 pm

    A Happy 4th Anniversary VMJ.


  4. Nan permalink
    November 21, 2013 11:49 pm

    Happy Anniversay and thank you for all you do 🙂


  5. Sina permalink
    November 22, 2013 4:32 pm

    Happy Anniversary Helena . Thank you for your work and for making a difference, for Michael.


  6. November 22, 2013 4:39 pm

    “Happy Anniversary Helena” – Sina

    Thank you, Sina, Nan, Dial and everybody. I’m not sure that it is a very happy anniversary but at least we’ve got there.


  7. Susan M-S permalink
    November 22, 2013 9:45 pm

    Many thanks to you, Helena, for the invaluable work you do. Your hard work and dedication to the truth are truly appreciated. Thank You. God bless you. Love and Respect from Canada. Susan


  8. Dialdancer permalink
    December 3, 2015 1:54 am

    Upon reading of the latest attempt to shutdown this site I remembered it just celebrated its 6th Birthday November 2015. Come what may I will always be thankful this site is here.

    Happy 6th Birthday VMJ.


  9. December 3, 2015 7:55 am

    “Upon reading of the latest attempt to shutdown this site I remembered it just celebrated its 6th Birthday November 2015. Come what may I will always be thankful this site is here. Happy 6th Birthday VMJ.” – Dialdancer

    Dial, thanks a lot. I always forget it. Having the blog shut down and reopened right at this time is a funny way to mark the occasion.
    Well, the event is a bracing one and reminds us that those keen on spreading lies about Michael mean business.


  10. Dialdancer permalink
    November 26, 2017 11:53 am

    Happy Anniversary Vindicating Michael and to you Helena.

    As all know we here in the USA like other Nations are fighting evil on many fronts.

    One that is coming for us is the threat of the repeal of President Obama’s Net Neutrality.
    The threat is not only a promise of increase access cost, but of the ability to block users from locations which the ISP’s or the current Administration and its’ select picked FCC feels is either unnecessary or unwanted by them. Locations which are unable or unwilling to pay more to insure they maintain their audience and traffic might be considered unprofitable and thereby have an access and page loading speed comparable to Dial Up. Locations that support anything that might be deem counter to the current Administrations’ agenda might find themselves blocked. .

    I have and do believe in the preservation of living history and that is what this site is. Thank you for all you do. I hope that you will continue to grow, keep safe and be available for all who have need of you for many many days to come.


  11. November 28, 2017 11:00 am

    “Happy Anniversary Vindicating Michael and to you Helena.” – Dialdancer

    Thank you very much dear, I completely forgot that around this time eight years ago our common fight against evil began. In fact, it is a kind of a miracle that Michael Jackson brought so many honest people together.

    “As all know we here in the USA like other Nations are fighting evil on many fronts. One that is coming for us is the threat of the repeal of President Obama’s Net Neutrality. Locations that support anything that might be deem counter to the current Administrations’ agenda might find themselves blocked.”

    Oh, they are evidently following the steps of our regime that is blocking one thing after another on the Internet – always under some plausible excuses (criminal investigation, financial problems, breaking law, etc.). Closing something which is named unprofitable is very much in the same trend.

    Please don’t give in. If you allow them to curtail people’s access to information the ball may start rolling and one day you will be shocked to find that you no longer have most indispensable things that you took for granted for so long. Then it may be too late, especially if all those around you are brainwashed enough to think that all of it “is only for the common good”.

    I hope it never happens to you. Be on the guard of your rights and keep fighting. Your rights were slow to acquire but may be quick to lose if they are not appreciated or safeguarded well enough.


  12. Elizabeth Pamela walker permalink
    May 4, 2020 7:41 pm

    Amen guys x


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