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Civil suit: a way to TRAP Michael Jackson

November 21, 2009

I’ve come across a great Floacist blog containing lots of information about Michael Jackson neatly kept in one place (just the way I like it).

The article below from this source reveals that Jordan’s lawyer Larry Feldman knew what he was doing when he filed a civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson – this was a sure way to TRAP Michael.  Here is the short of the story:


Let’s pretend for a moment that Michael Jackson had gone through with the civil trial. What would have happened?

1) In a criminal trial it is up to the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Defendant is guilty of a crime. In civil trials, if the jury thinks the Defendant might be responsible for what he or she is accused of, they can still hold the Defendant liable.

2) In criminal law, if the Defendant chooses not to testify, their refusal cannot be used against them. In a civil trial, however, the Defendant must be cooperative for all depositions and testimony. If Michael Jackson had not settled the civil lawsuit, his entire personal life would have been put on display.

3) In civil trials the jury’s verdict does not have to be unanimous. If at least 50% of the jurors find the Defendant liable, the Plaintiff will still get money.

4) The Defendant in a civil trial has fewer rights. In criminal law, police must obtain search warrants before searching or seizing items from a person’s property. In civil law, a lawyer may demand information from the defense about any matter relevant to the case. If Jackson had allowed the civil trial to proceed, Larry Feldman would have had access to Jackson’s medical and financial records without obtaining a warrant.

5) The civil trial would have taken months to resolve. Michael Jackson would have been paying millions of dollars in legal fees while at the same time limiting his source of income by putting his career on hold. There was probably also a lot of pressure from his record company to settle the lawsuit because the case was affecting his career.

6) Such a long, drawn out process would have caused Michael Jackson and his family immeasurable amounts of stress. Even after the civil trial was resolved, he would still have the criminal proceedings to contend with. Why go through all of that twice?

7) According to Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman, the negligence allegation included in the lawsuit might have prompted Jackson’s insurance company to force him to settle the case. The Defendant can scream, ‘I will not settle that case,’ but they have no choice because the insurance company settles it.”

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