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Michael missing all the horseplay with his brothers

November 21, 2009

Now that I’ve read Michael Jackson’s autobiography “Moonwalk” I think there is at least one more reason for Michael’s preferring youngsters and characters like Macaulay Culkin (who is simply unrivalled in mischief and “going crazy” activities)  to any adult company of his own age.

It is his former closeness to his brothers when they were teenagers and him MISSING the times they spent together.

They were a big and very close-knit family and when his mega fame made them drift apart – the process which couldn’t be helped by any of them – it must have been very painful experience for Michael though he never actually said that.

Fame made him awfully lonely ( “success definitely brings on loneliness”, “I believe I’m one of the loneliest people in the world”) and when reading about the way the brothers spent their time during the 1970 tours I had a very acute feeling of him wanting those times back:

“We have always been a very loyal and affectionate group. We clowned around, goofed off a lot together, and played outrageous pranks on each other and the people who worked with us. We never got too rowdy – no TVs sailed out of our hotel windows, but a lot of water was spilled on various heads…

We’d wait until our security manager, Bill Bray, was asleep. Then we’d stage insane fast-walk races in the hallways, pillow fights, tag-teams wrestling matches, shaving cream wars, you name it. We were nuts. We’d drop balloons and paper bags full of water off hotel balconies and watch them explode. Then we’d die laughing.

We threw stuff at each other and spent hours on the phone making fake calls and ordering immense room service meals that were delivered to the rooms of strangers. Anyone who walked into one of our bedrooms had a ninety percent chance of being drenched by a bucket of water propped over the doors.

… I wouldn’t trade my memories of those days with my brothers for anything.  I often wish we could relive those days. We were like the seven dwarfs: each of us was different, each had his own personality.

… The diversity of my brothers’ personalities and the closeness we felt were what kept me going during those gruelling days of constant touring. Everybody helped everybody.  Jackie and Tito would keep us from going too far with our pranks. They’d seem to have us under control, and then Jermaine and Marlon would shout, “Let’s go crazy!!”

I really miss all that.  In the early days we were together all the time. We’d go to amusement parks or ride horses or watch movies. We did everything together.  As soon as someone said, “I’m going swimming”, we’d all yell, “Me too!”

The separation from my brother started much later, when they began to get married.  A part of me wanted us to stay as we were – brothers who were also best friends – but change is inevitable and always good in one sense or another.  We still love each other’s company.  We still have a great time when we’re together.  But the various paths our lives have taken won’t allow us the freedom to enjoy one another’s company as much as we did.

… One day I know I’ll find the right woman and get married myself.  I often look forward to having children; in fact I would be nice to have a big family, since I come from such a large one myself.  In my fantasy about having a large family,  I imagine myself with thirteen children.”

Michael Jackson, “Moonwalk”, 1988.

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