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Michael Jackson REGRETTED the civil settlement

November 21, 2009

Michael Jackson regretted very much that he had allowed his lawyers to talk him into settling the Chandler 1993 case out of court.

In a PRESS RELEASE dated June 17, 2004 regarding the 1993 settlement Michael  expressed his amazement at the stream of  leaks pouring to the media (from Larry Feldman (?) who was also bound by the confidentiality agreement) and at the fact that no attempt to investigate who was so grossly violating the law was made.  Michael also expressed regret that he had agreed to a civil settlement with the Chandlers:

“I respect the obligation of confidentiality imposed on all of the parties to the 1993 proceedings.  Yet, someone has chosen to violate the confidentiality of those proceedings.  Whoever is now leaking this material is showing as much disrespect for the Santa Maria Court’s “gag order” as they are a determination to attack me.

No action or investigation has been taken to determine who is leaking this information or why they are permitted to violate the law in such a manner. I respectfully request that people see these efforts for what they are.

These kinds of attacks and leaks seek to try the case in the press, rather than to a jury who will hear all of the evidence that will show that I did not, and would not, ever, harm a child.

I have always maintained my innocence, and vehemently denied that these events ever took place.  I reluctantly chose to settle the false claims only to end the terrible publicity and to continue with my life and career.

I ask all of my neighbors in Santa Maria, the people whom I give my loyal trust and admiration, to keep an open mind, and give me a chance to show that I am completely innocent of these charges. I will not let you down”.

In a PRESS STATEMENT released to the media on September 3, 2004, Michael Jackson again commented on why he had made certain settlements in the past (with Jordan Chandler in 1993 and Jason Francia in 1994):

“It is unfortunate that yet, again, I must respond to untruths and sensationalism. Years ago, I settled with certain individuals because I was concerned about my family and the media scrutiny that would have ensued if I fought the matter in court. These people wanted to exploit my concern for children by threatening to destroy what I believe in and what I do. I have been a vulnerable target for those who want money…”

At a PRESS CONFERENCE held on September 17, 2004 Michael Jackson’s defense attorney THOMAS MESEREAU spoke of the past settlements, why they had taken place and how much Michael Jackson regretted making such settlements. The advice Michael received from his earlier lawyers was wrong as it only opened the doors for countless frivolous civil lawsuits by opportunistic individuals. Thomas Mesereau even noted that this advice came from “those who stood to make fortunes in his business affairs”.

His statement, in part, is transcribed below:

“Mr. Jackson has been a target of frivolous lawsuits throughout his career. To date, well over a thousand ridiculous lawsuits have been filed or threatened against Mr. Jackson for all kinds of reasons by those who sought to obtain money by exploiting his achievements and love for people.

None of these claims involved allegations that he ever harmed a child. However, they involved, for the most part, creative and outrageous attempts to take money from Mr. Jackson.  Throughout his career, Mr. Jackson’s desire to create and help our world has been subjected to efforts to exploit, undermine and take advantage of this wonderful human being.

Mr. Jackson has been repeatedly advised by those who stood to make fortunes in his business affairs to pay money, rather than face certain false allegations. As a result, many years ago, he did pay money, rather than litigate, two false allegations that he had harmed children.

People who intended to earn millions of dollars from his record and music promotions did not want negative publicity from these lawsuits interfering with their profits.

These two false allegations must be placed in a proper perspective.  Mr. Jackson has interacted with millions of children. Many millions of children around the world love Michael Jackson and never alleged that he harmed them in any way.

Those who wanted to profit from his good deeds and vulnerabilities were also threatening to destroy his ability to raise his own children and to champion the welfare, integrity, humanity and interests of children around the world.  Michael Jackson occupies a world where his privacy is continually violated.

Michael Jackson NOW REGRETS MAKING THESE PAYMENTS. Nevertheless, these efforts to settle are now being used against him regardless of the merits or the truth behind them. These settlements were entered into with one primary CONDITION. That condition was that Mr.Jackson NEVER ADMITTED ANY WRONGDOING.

Mr. Jackson always denied doing anything wrong.  Mr. Jackson had hoped to buy peace in the process. He was advised that while these sums of money appeared large, they were actually very small compared to money he could make in music. Mr. Jackson has earned well over one billion dollars in his career. Placed in this perspective, they were very small sums, indeed.

Greed begets greed. Mr. Jackson now realizes that the advice he received was wrong. He should have fought these actions to the bitter end and vindicated himself.  The recent publicity about these settlements is unfair and damaging to him, his family and his dedication to the world’s children. The false charges he is facing will be battled in a court of law within our justice system. HE IS INNOCENT AND WILL BE VINDICATED”.

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  1. March 9, 2011 12:56 am

    Hi !

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while now. I love it.
    But I’m also very curious about MJ’s matter and so I’m seeking for every bit of info I can get.

    That’s why I have a request 🙂
    I’d like to know if you happen to have a link to the official document concerning the 1993 settlement.
    I “think” I “remember” reading it online (I’m not sure though, it could be another doc) but I can’t find it anymore.
    It’s driving me crazy…

    I want to check something by myself lol

    Thanks in advance


  2. March 9, 2011 1:46 am

    Thank you ! You are fast !

    I was actually about to post another comment here to say that I found a link to the doc on another post (the one talking about the missing pararaph 3).

    I wanted to check because I saw on D’s hater-blog that she states that MJ agreed to pay for “sexual negligence” … pfff
    Obviously NOT when you pay attention to the settlement agreement ! Anyway…


  3. Dialdancer permalink
    March 9, 2011 9:03 am

    Hi S.

    Actually none are the official document because there are pages missing from the document posted, but I am glad Shelly was here and able to direct you so quickly to Smoking Gun.


  4. TatumMarie permalink
    March 10, 2011 1:24 am

    Ignore the sensationalism, it wasnt a pay off.


  5. Tahlia permalink
    December 23, 2011 7:46 am

    The link to the site at the bottom of the post doesn’t work anymore.


  6. December 23, 2011 12:04 pm

    “The link to the site at the bottom of the post doesn’t work anymore.”

    Tahlia, thank you. Unfortunately it does not. I’ve replaced it with a CNN article citing part of Thomas Mesereau’s statement and will try to find the full version of it later. For the time being this is all I have

    The link to the CNN article has been taken from Wikipedia and I was appalled to see that they are providing terribly biased information there. I hear that Wiki is actually written by people, so can anyone for whom the English language is native correct it?

    I will try to focus on some of its issues and in the near future too – after all the research done we simply cannot put up with lies like that any more.


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