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Talking to haters about Michael Jackson

November 21, 2009

I knew that Michael Jackson was innocent when I saw him picking up a kid at a concert with such a reverence and worship with which my people come up to icons only. There is no word to describe the happiness his eyes were beaming with – it was as if he were carrying someone sacred in his arms or he was the one who received a holy touch …

A man like that is simply incapable of doing anything bad and we all know it.  However our knowledge of Michael’s innocence comes from a heart-to-heart relationship with Michael which isn’t asking for any proof whatsoever.

This is not the same with those who were brainwashed by the media and do not have a spark of Michael’s fire in their soul yet. These people need facts only and it is our job to provide and overwhelm them with these facts.

Some will say that our opponents are beyond hope? I wouldn’t be so sure of that – look at Aphrodite Jones who says she had been among Michael’s haters until after she looked into the evidence (or rather its absence) which made her realize how terribly wrong she had been before.

Contrary to what some Michael’s fans say I think we should openly face our opponents – hard-core haters won’t be shattered of course, but those who are still in doubt will be.

As to haters they shouldn’t be remonstrated with – instead they should be laughed at and shown that they are desperately behind times in their blind and inexplicable hatred for Michael. In fact they KNOW that they’ve been inventing lies about him for decades and it enrages them to see the world awakening to the truth now. They feel they might finally lose the battle and this is what makes them grit their teeth in the fear of an imminent crash. Turn them into a laughing stock and that would be the end of them.

Let us be calm and composed in vindicating Michael. We have nothing to fear. We KNOW that Michael was innocent. The only thing we may be missing at the moment is some information – but that’s all.

It gives me immense joy and relief to see that the media hostile articles about Michael Jackson are now being followed by a long trail of replies which are 90% positive for Michael. Unlike haters the people standing up for him have consciensciously done their research and know what they are talking about.

Here is just another piece of valuable information for us to store in the database of facts proving Michael’s innocence and media lies:

AttorneysRule wrote on 27 Oct 2009 in his reply to a filthy article by the Guardian’s (!) Tanya Gold:

I realize that you tried to write an article that would get attention by being read and criticized by Michaels legions of fans. However, the next time you write an article, please try to get the facts correct. That way, it will be uniformly ignored.

As an attorney, and one who has read all of the trial transcripts and evidence meticulously collected by Tom Sneddon, I am of the opinion that Michael Jackson was a victim of prosecutorial misconduct. I don’t expect you to do the same level of research, but at least get the basic facts correct.

Jordie Chandler DID NOT accurately describe Michael Jackson’s genitalia. He gave a description through a sworn affidavit in which he attested that Michael Jackson was circumcised.  Dr. Strick, retained on behalf of the sheriff’s department, confirmed that Michael Jackson was NOT circumcised.

Also, while the prosecutor’s office released a statement that doctors indicated that there was a strong similarity between the description and the body search,  Dr. Strick recently told Geraldo Rivera that he was TOLD that it was a match.

If Dr. Strick did not make the determination of a match, who did? You? Diane Dimond? Tom Sneddon?

Research that issue, hopefully, given the head start I’ve given you, you’ll get it right.

Thank you

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