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Carl Toms’ book – a NEW STAGE OF HATRED towards Michael Jackson!

March 9, 2010

Okay guys,  so after 15 years of bullying Michael Jackson and trashing his name in every possible way the devious onslaught against him has now entered a new stage – that of gentle lies masquerading as the truth and soothing reassurances to the public of the author’s ‘unbiased attitude’ and ‘best intentions’.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about the 624-page book by Carl Toms (which turns out to be a pen name of a convicted pedophile Thomas O’Carroll) which is being advertised as an all-inclusive research into Michael’s  ‘real’ relationship with boys.

This new ‘scientific’ approach may turn out to be very effective for Michael’s haters and their audience.

The general public is really sick and tired of  all those blatant lies about Jackson and thinks that some justice should be done to the man at last – so it is time to change one’s style and feed the same old negativity into people’s minds in a new, soft and ‘unbiased’ way, so that they never notice that they are swallowing the same old LIE.

How do they do that?

Nothing can be easier – just look at the editorial review of announcing the book to be released on June 7, 2010 (evidently to mark the 1st anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death this way). See how well in advance the preparation work starts and how gracefully the same old lies are being worded now.

Below is the text of the review, where each sentence is heavily loaded with lies, innuendos and fake science. For your convenience all these maneuvers are translated into plain language in the brackets:

“Not just another book about ‘Wacko Jacko’” (now we pretend to show respect for Michael Jackson)

“This vivid and insightful commentary is a joy to read” (isn’t it enjoyable to slander the deceased man in a witty and hilarious way? This way you will swallow our lies much easier)

“A must-read for those who believe he truly loved children but are not so sure about his innocence…” (even if you believed he was innocent, see what happens to your beliefs after you read it…)

“Michael Jackson spent the wedding night of his second marriage not with his bride but with his best man an eight-year-old boy”. (big lies are always the best as they are meant to fully deprive you of your thinking abilities)

In fact the wedding took place on November 15, 1996 just several hours before Michael’s departure for his tour in Australia. He left the US after the plain civil wedding ceremony at a presidential suite of the Sheraton hotel. Debbie Rowe was 6 months pregnant at the time. Just compare this news with “the wedding night with a boy” and you might see a little difference between the two ways of presenting facts.

“His first marriage ended in divorce after he had been on holiday with two young boys without his wife.” (Tom O”Carroll suggests that the first marriage ended as soon as Lisa-Maria Presley learned of a ‘relationship with boys’).

In reality the events were as follows:

  • December 6, 1995:  Michael collapsed while rehearsing the concert and was rushed to the Beth Israel Medical Center . He was found suffering from gastro-enteritis, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.
  • JRandy Toraborelli said about it:  As soon as he was checked into the hospital, Michael’s press people telephoned Lisa in Los Angeles and, with frantic explanations, begged her to fly to her husband’s side. “Hell, no” was her response. “Screw him. I’m not going. Why should I?”
  • December 10, 1995: Lisa Marie finally visited him and asked for a divorce. Officially the divorce was filed on January 18, 1996.
  • Here is Lisa-Maria’s own version of the story: “He was in the hospital, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. I started asking questions, and it was always a different story. He said I was “causing trouble” and “stirring up problems.” He told me, “you’re making my heart rate go up,” and asked me to go home, and I said, “Good. I want out.”

So it wasn’t due to ‘boys’ – it was just an outbreak of emotions on LMP’s part and, as she would admit later, her suspicions that Michael was taking drugs.  As regards the ‘boys’ issue Lisa-Maria told PLAYBOY in June 2003 that she had never seen any inappropriate behavior on Michael’s part:

–        “Did you and he ever have children join you in your bed?

–        Never. Never, never, never, never. I never saw him sleep in bed with a child, ever.

–        Did you ever see him with photos of nude children?

–        Never. Never.

–        Do you have any reason to think he’s a child molester?

–        If I’d had any reason to suspect that, I would have had nothing to do with the guy. I’ve never seen him behave inappropriately. He was great with my kids. He does have a connection with kids, babies. He’s a kid, and other kids sense that in him”.

But we have to go on:

“To kneejerk loyalists, the King of Pop’s love of children was innocent: end of story. For the more reflective among us, whether we are intrigued, baffled, appalled, empathic, or even all these things, Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons provides the definitive review of his numerous special friendships’” (By kneejerk loyalists the author means MJ fans who are ‘zombies’ not worth talking about, while he and his appreciative readers are really intelligent people. The pedophile author promises to take his readers into the depth of his own thinking and presents his views as ‘definitive’ . No need to think for yourselves, guys – just listen to what Thomas O’Carroll tells you…).

Defaming Michael Jackson’s supporters as kneejerk loyalists? Boosting the confidence and self-esteem of Michael’s haters by saying that they are the only ones who are capable of thinking? A truly divide-and-rule principle targeted at each segment of the public in a very sophisticated way!

“Armed with insights from a range of disciplines psychology, sociology, moral philosophy Carl Toms spent many years researching the megastar’s boy-love’” (Thomas O’Carroll is offering a thorough all-inclusive scientific and even moral study to his readers).

You can imagine what morals a convicted pedophile Thomas O’Carroll can teach us. Listening to him is like listening to a serial murderer lecturing us on the value of human life.

“He delves deeply into the sources of Michael’s enigmatic identity, soul and genius while keeping a sceptical eye on the assumptions and values of the King’s detractors.” (see how objective the study is – he goes as far as calling Michael a genius and is even sceptical about his detractors!)

A half-truth here and a half-lie there do not amount to the real truth. And all this game with calling Michael a genius is just a way to entrap Michael’s fans.

“Toms’ is the only book to examine thoroughly Michael’s trial on child abuse charges without losing sight of the increasingly well documented but surprisingly little known or understood facts about earlier allegations.” (he thinks he has lulled our attention well enough to allege that the 2005 trial overlooked the 1993 case).

The real truth about the matter is that the man who was Michael Jackson’s prosecutor in 2005 turned out to be his life-long and dedicated hater too.  In some way it is even an advantage – under such circumstances we cannot suspect Tom Sneddon of leaving any stone unturned or any speck of dust under Michael’s shoes non-examined with a magnifying glass.

It is the character of Tom Sneddon alone which makes the above statement a complete lie – thanks to the prosecutor’s efforts  ALL the evidence they scraped from earlier cases was brought into the 2005 trial and scrutinized there under a microscope. And this means that the non-guilty verdict in 2005 automatically acquits Michael Jackson of all earlier accusations as well.

“It exposes the falsity of persistent efforts to whitewash the record by inventing for Michael a phoney normal’, or plain vanilla gay’, sexuality.”

No, it is your phoney editorial review which exposes the never-ending desire of some people to smear the man who by all human laws of decency and ethics should be left alone at last.

“The author probes Michael’s intense identification with Peter Pan, the eternal boy, acknowledging the profound significance of this attachment but discarding the welter of dated Freudian psychobabble it has spawned.” (Look at this scientific approach!)

It is good they are discarding the Freudian theory which was based solely on a human’s sexual instincts – it would be complete nonsense to apply it to Michael Jackson’s beautiful inner world and deep spirituality. However since they started examining the ‘eternal boy’ phenomenon, I suggest they do it in a much wider context including similar examples from other authors and musicians who also want to stay forever young  ( “Forever young” song, for example).

“Refusing to settle for the easy cliches about Michael’s lost childhood’, Toms examines groundbreaking research into intimate man-boy contacts in order to illuminate the real nature of Michael’s dangerous liaisons’ and the surprising challenge they present to our moral certainties”.

This is the essence of it all.  Tom O’Carroll is doing it to challenge the society’s moral certainties. He is trying to erode them and is using Michael Jackson for the purpose. Only those who will be reading his masterpiece should not forget who they are listening to.

*  *  *

P.S. I am ashamed to say that after reading that several university “professors” recommended the book I made amendments to this post and expressed hope that the book might turn out to be  positive towards Michael after all.  Now I am told that Carl Toms is actually a pen name of a convicted pedophile Thomas O’Carroll  and realize that I was totally misguided by the professors’ recommendation of the book as the one “for family reading”.

In fact the mistake of believing the author’s best intentions – against which I warned you about in this post –  was the mistake I made myself when I got familiar with the opinions of these university professors whose lies I fell an easy victim to.

This post was restored to its original variant after the news of Tom O’Carroll’s true identity was made known to me.

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  1. Emma permalink
    April 15, 2010 9:51 pm

    I must admit when i first read the blurb for this book i got angry myself. Then i took a closer look. When he says that he is identifying with Peter Pan but not with the Freudian interpretation he is saying that Michael was a child at heart but dismissing the sexual interpretation of this. When he discusses the whitewashing of the allegations he states that he exposes the falsity of these – ie the whitewashing never happened. When he says about examining the 2005 trial whilst taking the earlier, and little known, allegations into account he doesn’t mean that the 2005 trial ignored these earlier allegations but rather that the media, and therefore the general public, made assumptions about the earlier allegations without knowing the facts. Admittedly there are some parts of this that seem to hint that Carl Toms is a hater but i think that this is a deliberate ploy to get haters to read this book, hoping to change their minds.


  2. Deb permalink
    May 14, 2010 8:40 pm

    was never a boy lover read the book the secret
    this book explains why Michael acts childish it’s a good read and she is a Michael Jackson fan please don’t but that trash Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons…. it’s filled with nothing but lies just another loser trying to make a buck off of a dead man that can’t fight this crap but we can PLEASE DON”T BUY OR READ THIS bird cage lines or you can cut it in strips and put in your cats litter box that’s all it’s good for add this crap to the demon Diane Dimond’s lies Be Careful who you love that they are selling it for one penny and it’s not even worth that. and that’s what this book is going to be pretty soon and another book you have to stay away from is Michael Jackson Behind the mask by Bob Jones and Stacy Brown ex disgruntled employees of Michael that were fired for robbing Michael there are a lot of positive books about Michael Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones and Redemption by Geraldine Hughes she is the secretary of the first accusers Evan and Jordan Chandler and we all know that the Arvizo’s are all con-artists that were busted lying on stand. enough said.


  3. Deb permalink
    May 14, 2010 8:48 pm

    I’m sorry she{Geraldine Hughes} is the secretary of the first accusers lawyer
    and Aphrodite Jones is a reporter that used to think like these losers until she {like us lovers} did our own research on both cases and Michael’s Insurance company paid then Evan and Jordan Chandler off and not Michael, Michael was pissed about this insurance company paying them and I do admit that was a stupid mistake that Michael finally did sign the insurance company papers allowing that was the biggest mistake that he made but still don’t make him guilty. he is naive and not guilty.


  4. 111FAS permalink
    May 15, 2010 4:10 am

    vindicatemj – OK so I know, you “vindicatemj” are one of them NAMBLA! A ugly wolf in a innocent sheep’s clothing.

    vindicatemj + all that CRAP you just typed = oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines normally contradictory terms

    vindicatemj – what nerve you have “posing” as a mjlover – what freakin nerve. No Michael Jackson admire would ever ever type all that BS you just pulled out of your A@*!!!!

    vindicatemj – just leave him alone, Michael – the poor man is dead and can’t fight for his name that’s why we’re here. DOES HE WANT US TO BE DIFFERENT????????
    What the heck……… ? Different doesn’t mean mollesting littel boys like you do……..


    why didn’t this Tom O’Carroll (aka Carl Toms) come out with this filth when Michael was alive???

    here ya go, read the whole gross book for yourself!!


    MJJ ~ forever


  5. May 15, 2010 1:09 pm

    111FAS, I don’t know what your true intentions are, but I can assure you that I’ll pass judgment on a carl toms’ book about Michael Jackson only after reading at least some excerpts from it. If he turns out to be Michael’s hater you may be sure that I’ll find a couple of words for him, if he is not – I’ll see what he has to say.

    The link you’ve provided points to some book about pedophelia. I am terribly disinclined to read anything like that, so if I may I’ll better read something else. However if the book refers to Michael Jackson in any way I would be grateful to you if you could give me the exact pages. I’ll surely look them up to form an opinion about the author before his other book (about Michael Jackson) is published.

    My opinion about Michael’s complete innocence will not change whatever new lies are told about him. MICHAEL WAS INNOCENT AS A BABY.

    And it is actually his haters and their methods of manipulating people that I’ve begun studying here – besides vindicating Michael.


  6. Susan permalink
    May 16, 2010 9:26 pm

    Please be aware folks – Carl Thom is a pseudonym for Thomas Victor O’Carroll of British/Irish dual citizenship (b. 1945) – a convicted pedophile, charged with distribution of child pornography. His book is an attempt to further the cause of pedophilia by trying to link Michael’s name as the “poster boy” for said crime. Please go to the “Allforlove” blogsite for more info. He – Thom/O’Carroll is sick and is defaming Michael.


  7. May 17, 2010 7:24 am

    Susan, thank you very much for the correction. I wish I had know this information before – now it seems I’ll have to read about the guy and undo the damage the earlier version of this post could have done. I apologize for the mistake. Having to do with Michael’s haters is similar to crossing a mine field.


  8. May 17, 2010 1:43 pm

    Guys, I am completely appalled. After Susan brought me to my senses I started reading a preface to the book written by Thomas O’Carroll, still thinking that there might have been some misunderstanding – but I’ve found that THIS GUY ADMITS HE IS A PEDOPHILE in the third paragraph of the preface!!!

    Please tell me – what’s going on here? Are pedophiles allowed to publish books? Why isn’t this guy in prison if he admits he is a pedophile? Are real criminals going about free while an innocent guy was trashed for nothing? If Tom O’Carroll is a criminal why is his book recommended by Amazon as a good read? And receives positive comments from Professors of some Universities? Are these professors real or ficticious?

    The way I see our problem is that this Tom O’Carroll is using a pseudonym and we cannot definitely say that both names belong to one and the same person. Is there a way to prove that he is THE Carl Tom who has written a book about Michael? Does anyone know?

    If we manage to prove that we should take joint action to find an antidote to this poison before it is TOO LATE.

    P.S. I am sorry I disregarded the link to his book sent to me earlier – it was just the tone of the message which put me off it. Now I am learning my lesson – why I was looking for haters back in the 90s I didn’t notice one under my very nose…


  9. Emma permalink
    May 22, 2010 9:07 am

    Boy was i wrong! This book is nothing more than a sick attempt to push paedophilia into the public eye in a better light. Using MJ because of the fact he is dead and can’t defend himself is sick. The blurbs recommending it are blatant false advertising, leading us to believe that he was defending Michael – not defending paedophilia. This needs to be taken out of book stores NOW. It should never have been in them in the first place


  10. Paulie permalink
    July 20, 2010 1:20 am

    I”m coming on to this a little late but I believe the Amazon forum folks got this book squashed and also finally got several pedophiles who were promoting pedophilia and the book kicked out of the forum as well. Believe me it was a mighty fight. They tried to come across as erudite, educated, cultured folk. Yeah we were being groomed. At least one of them was traceable on the internet and was a disgraced priest hiding from prosecution. They were basically trying to use Michael Jackson as a role-model to suggest pedophilia is just another “lifestyle” like being homosexual. It was all, we’re all just the same under the skin, I’m a real nice guy, except I like to diddle little children….

    Liked by 1 person

  11. ares permalink
    June 3, 2011 3:30 pm

    I found this two comments on Amazon. Tom O’Carroll offering his review on two books regarding MJ in 2006.


  12. June 3, 2011 4:50 pm

    “Tom O’Carroll offering his review on two books regarding MJ in 2006”.

    Great. So Amazon is promoting views of a convicted pedophile on the internet and is even singling him out of the rest of the readers.

    He is a top authority on pedophilia? Of course he is! A recent article said that Thomas O’Carroll’s “conviction in 2006 came after cops infiltrated two paedophile rights groups and found 50,000 images of young boys being abused

    What is 50,000 images of young boys being abused like? It isn’t a mere fifty thousand pieces of photo paper – it is 50,000 young boys being abused in REAL LIFE! Seduced, depraved or being raped and bitterly crying! It is the same as possessing 50,000 pictures of people in the process of being murdered – this is what it is!


    Now he says he was wrong and there are some things he “regrets”:

    “The author, now in his mid-sixties, said he wrote the book under the pseudonym Carl Toms because he wanted it to be judged on its own merits.
    He said: “I am not trying to defend everything I have done in life; but what I will defend is my book.
    “Many good writers have done bad things. Their work may be all the more profound for having explored dark places.
    “It was always my intention that my real identity would be known eventually. I broke the law and did my time and make no complaint about that. I was wrong and there are things I regret.”

    He is proud that he is a good writer and thinks that his views on the subject make his writings “more profound”. However people won’t listen to a murderer (even if he is a good writer) to hear his expert views on killing people though it may make his literary work “more profound”!

    Isn’t it absurd to wish to know the views of a murderer on the value of human life? So why would people be willing to hear what a convicted pedophile has to say about this and that? They think that he “knows the subject” better? No, he doesn’t – because all he knows is his side of the story and there is nothing else by criminal views which he can express here. Views of the people with life-long perversion don’t change – they just learn how to mask and conceal them better – so let us not talk of him just “regretting things”.

    All this is PERVERSE LITERATURE FOR PERVERSE MINDS. And promoting Thomas O’Carroll’s views on Amazon is equivalent to spreading his perverse ideas among the general public.


  13. December 17, 2011 3:56 am

    Overtly or covertly these 2 autors on p-lia are trying to connect to
    Michael Jackson. How come salacious books on a forbidden topic are allowed whereas posession of pictorial material is considered criminal?
    They would just Love to have Michael as one of them, but he isn´t
    One is a convocted p-file and the other still owes Michael 2.7 million..


  14. October 2, 2014 9:11 pm

    Spam A. Lot?


  15. susannerb permalink
    October 3, 2014 3:28 am

    @newrodrigo: Yes, that’s all spam. These people just write comments here to get clicks on their websites. I try to keep the comment sector spam free and delete them when I see them.


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