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Why didn’t Michael Jackson pay in AUGUST 1993 to avoid the nightmare?

March 22, 2010

Wanted justice for himself...

One of Michael Jackson’s haters wondered with a laugh: “Why did he pay? Hahaha”

I am not a hater, but I am surprised too.

Why indeed did he pay, especially in January 1994?

I mean why he waited for half a year and didn’t pay in AUGUST 1993  before all the circus started?

If he had paid in August 1993, when Evan Chandler only started extorting  him for $ 20mln, he could have kept it hush-hush and the media wouldn’t have known anything at all.  Just imagine that it could have been kept just between him and the Chandlers – no media nightmare, no nothing…

Michael wouldn’t have cracked under the nervous strain, he wouldn’t have started taking drugs and wouldn’t have had to go to a rehabilitation centre to pull the shattered pieces of himself together.

There would have been no need to cancel the remaining part of the Dangerous tour and it would have been completed with a tremendous success.

He would have avoided the horror of the strip search forced on him on the Christmas eve, and his man’s parts wouldn’t have been photographed for some 25 minutes and in front of so many people too.

He wouldn’t have had to worry whether his lawyers would manage to get the photos back afterwards and despair that they failed to retrieve them, and wake up in horror that any minute the photos could surface in the press.

Yes, the photos were so safely locked up that nobody else laughed at them but the police and sheriff departments of two counties plus some journalists including Geraldo Rivera – but Michael would have preferred even that “little” to never happen at all.

There would have been no criminal investigation, no two Grand juries and no “mad dog” District Attorney Tom Sneddon or media vulture Diane Dimond in his life because the case would have never been taken to the police at all.

Michael wouldn’t have developed a severe insomnia due to all that nightmare and could have gone on with his life and career with flying colors.

He could have happily married Lisa-Maria and it would have been the wedding of the century with absolutely no need for the two of them to defend their marriage at every corner and assure every doubter that it was real and they did have sex.

AND he wouldn’t have even lost a single dollar as the insurance company would have paid it anyway…

So does all the above mean that Michael agreed to give up his happy life only because he wanted justice for himself in a criminal trial?

And had to abandon his dream as they put forward the civil trial before a proper criminal investigation? The criminal investigation which ended in nothing anyway as no criminal charges were brought against him even after two Grand juries looked into the prosecution findings?

Also because  the accuser simply didn’t cooperate with the criminal investigators neither before or after the civil settlement? Even though he perfectly could as the settlement didn’t preclude him from doing so and the police waited for almost a year for the accuser’s final decision?

Now I do understand why the media crucified Michael agreed to pay half a year after his crucifixion started – few people would have withstood that nightmare.

But the question still remains:

Why didn’t he pay in August 1993  or before the whole nightmare started?

He could have avoided it so easily but he nevertheless chose not to!

Because he wanted justice for himself and was absolutely sure of his innocence?

And see what he got instead?

They are still laughing…

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  1. David permalink
    July 22, 2010 7:30 am

    Wanna know something funny, Helena? In “All That Glitters”, Ray Chandler posed the same question!

    On page 128, here’s what he says verbatim:

    “Had Michael paid the twenty million dollars demanded of him in August, rather than the following January, he might have spent the next ten years as the world’s most famous entertainer, instead of the world’s most infamous child molester.”

    That quote pretty much sums up the book. Ray and Evan spent the entire book trying to say that MJ was guilty of molesting Jordie, while at the same time trying to explain and rationalize their decision to not seek justice.

    Notice how he says that they “demanded” that MJ pay them, and not the other way around! If MJ was guilty, not only would he have paid it, but he would have OFFERED it to them!


  2. visitor permalink
    July 22, 2010 2:46 pm

    The jerk verified the extortion. How dump can someone be? I guess stupidity runs in the Chandler family


  3. lynande51 permalink
    July 22, 2010 3:53 pm

    I know, I read that in the book too and thought, how would you dare say that? What irks me the most is that they somehow get away with making Michael look like he was guilty with that statement. So here goes: If Michael was guilty none of us would be debating it. MichaelJackson would have paid all he could have to maintain his image. It was an image he had spent literally a LIFETIME building. Do people think he would have thrown all that away for one boy? It seems that they would like us to believe he was not only a criminal but an incredibly STUPID criminal and no one has ever, ever said he was stupid. Michael’s image of honesty and innocence was very important to him. That is exactly why he fought it so hard.


  4. July 22, 2010 5:05 pm

    None of the interviewers in 2004-2005 ever mentioned him admitting in his book that his brother extorted MJ in 1993. You would think that would be a big deal. It just proves once again how bias the media is and was against MJ.


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