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Michael Jackson’s INNOCENCE and Evan Chandler’s GUILT & SUICIDE

April 15, 2010


I received a comment from a reader:

  • “Evan Chandler seemed genuine in his belief that the relationship was negatively affecting Jordan. We weren’t there, can’t say definitively what happened and it could be possible that Michael did do it”.

Yes, some people need only hard facts to be sure of what happened (or not happened) between Jordan Chandler and Michael Jackson. Okay, here is a hard fact which asserts Michael’s complete innocence – JORDAN DESCRIBED MICHAEL AS CIRCUMCISED WHILE IN REALITY HE WAS NOT.

For the accuser whose father is Jewish and who is probably circumcised himself this crucial and glaring mistake settles the matter once and for all – Jordan NEVER saw Michael’s genitalia, the man was INNOCENT and the things told about him were complete LIES.

I wish I didn’t have to elaborate on details of that, but it seems that I’ll have to. The presence of a foreskin can more or less go unnoticed in case of an intercourse (sorry for the description) which was never alleged by anyone at all, but in case of masturbation which was the essence of that allegation (sorry again) the foreskin is the very first thing to notice. It simply cannot go unnoticed as it is not only the visual picture which is different, but the feel of it is different too as the foreskin moves in the process even when erect (OMG, sorry again).  So if Jordan made a crucial mistake in a matter like that there can be no doubt that he was telling a LIE.

When making general descriptions of the ‘abuse’ the Chandlers could tell whatever their fantasies or internet testimonies of real victims prompted them to, but when it came to the basic fact which could be either this or that they had to make a guess – and their guess was ALL WRONG, even though the statistics is that 90% of all men in the US are circumcised. In the 1970s the circumcision rate was 94%, 91% and 57% in Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, respectively – see information and pictures on the matter here:

And since Michael was non-circumcised it is no use talking it any longer – we can close the subject forever, go home now and admit that all of us  OWE A REALLY BIG APOLOGY TO MICHAEL.


After stating this hard fact of Michael’s innocence there is actually no need to look into what doubters further say about this and that – whether Pellicano was a bad guy or not, or whether Evan genuinely believed any abuse had taken place or just pretended that it had. Yes, the tape of his talk with David Schwartz shows that he seemed to believe in what he was saying as he was entangled in most terrible emotions, but what does it change?


It only shows that his motives could have been slightly different from what we initially thought them to be – and that it was not just an impassive and calculated extortion in its most blatant form, but the extortion colored by severe emotions which led him to the nastiest form of revenge anyone could think of.

First he arranged a media massacre ruining Michael’s health (and ultimately his life), then he took $15 mln. and made an agreement with him, dropping all claims,  but immediately after the agreement he resumed them by letting his brother publish a book where both of them gave full vein to their wildest imagination –  despite the agreement Evan had just signed.

Yes, the book “All that glitters” by Ray Chandler is an especially disgusting example of the Chandlers’ crooked behavior and breaking of all possible decency rules – Evan Chandler chose to take the money and then stab Michael in the back by telling hideous stories about him (and his own son!) instead of going to court and telling his story there.

If he really thought Michael was to blame wasn’t it his moral obligation to his son and the society in general to stop the “molester” and testify in court – especially since both he and Jordan had every chance to do it twice, both in 1993 and in 2005?

Why didn’t Evan go to court, let’s say in 2005?

Because he was absolutely not sure of his suspicions, that’s why.

But why did he provide then all information to his brother to publish a slanderous book about Michael? An angry answer would be because he was the scum of the earth of course, while a kind answer supposes that Evan Chandler wanted to explain himself to the general public.

Playing the devil’s advocate I’ll risk a statement that his desire not to look a villain or an extortionist for the rest of his life was more or less understandable – but the only decent way of dealing with that problem was speaking up in court, and not in a book.

Instead he preferred to kill two birds with one stone – take the money and whitewash himself in his book of betrayal by saying to everyone around “see what grounds I had for behaving the way I did”.

Please note that I’m not even dwelling on the financial gain from that project though this is the first thing which should have been mentioned here.

On the subject of Evan Chandler’s betrayal here is a great piece from YouTube providing proof that the Chandlers planned a book of their fantasies IMMEDIATELY UPON AGREEING NOT TO RUIN MICHAEL’S REPUTATION ANY FURTHER – and this while the ink was not yet dry under their agreement. Here is what Judith Regan says about it:

Wasn’t it the same Evan Chandler who later demanded $60 mln. from Michael for his feeble attempt to say at least something in his defense? And who thundered in indignation over Michael’s alleged breach of the agreement by merely saying he was innocent – in his and Lisa-Marie’s interview with Diane Sawyer? Or by asserting his innocence in his heart-wrenching songs of the History album?

So what decency rules and Evan’s beliefs are we talking about if he was ready to sue Michael for a couple  of words in his defense while he himself was grossly breaking the agreement when the ink was not yet dry under it?


Since both the accuser and accused are deceased now I really don’t want to pass judgment on Evan Chandler. HIS SUICIDE AS WELL AS ITS TIMING TELLS IT ALL.

No one will ever convince me that he committed suicide due to his pains only – his or his son’s money could have bought him all the painkillers in the world.  Why rule out a possibility of him having some remorse? Why not give Evan the benefit of this decent doubt? After all Judah couldn’t live either with all that burden on his conscience even despite the 30 silvers and a field he had bought for the money?

I hear that Ray Chandler didn’t attend his brother’s funeral. So he wasn’t at one with his deceased brother any longer before his death? Another small point in favor of my supposition, though of course Evan Chandler’s suicide could have a different explanation – it could be the result of just his ugly nature and violent emotions…

Here is  one more short note on the power of Evan Chandler’s emotions.

In 2006, Jordan Chandler sued his father for life threatening physical abuse. According to court documents filed in New Jersey Evan Chandler tried to kill his son:

“The judge found that plaintiff had proved that he and his father, the defendant, were members of the same household when defendant struck him on the head from behind with a twelve and one-half pound weight [approx.6 kgs] and then sprayed his eyes with mace or pepper spray and tried to choke him. The judge also found that the weight could cause serious bodily injury or death”.

It is high time we remembered at this point that if Evan Chandler genuinely believed that Michael was “negatively” affecting his son by merely being friends with him, what did he think about himself striking Jordan from behind with a 6kgs weight and trying to choke him?  I wonder if he thought it to be “positive”?

And who cares what he thought about anything or anyone at all?

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  1. Sharon Burns permalink
    April 16, 2010 12:03 am

    What was Evan doing with his time since ’93? Was Jordie at his funeral, or June, Jordie’s mom. I read that as of ’05 June had not seen or spoken to her son in eleven years because he declared himself an emancipated miner. Evan allegedly attacked Jordie with a weight and also punched him. Police were involved. Is that right?
    I do wonder how Jordie is doing now, if he has regrets for what he did. I have no sympathy for them, only curiosity.
    They ruined Michael’s career and his life. I hope he and Ray are feeling the pangs of pure guilt!!


  2. April 16, 2010 1:23 pm

    Sharon, I am going to look into that next week though I know we are in for a lot of surprises there – and some of them require much thought.
    As to Evan attacking Jordan, yes, this is absolutely true. In 2006, Jordan Chandler sued his father for life threatening physical abuse. According to court documents filed in New Jersey: “The judge found that plaintiff had proved that he and his father, the defendant, were members of the same household when defendant struck him on the head from behind with a twelve and one-half pound weight and then sprayed his eyes with mace or pepper spray and tried to choke him. The judge also found that the weight could cause serious bodily injury or death”.
    Link to information on case:

    I’ve now added this information to the post.


  3. unbreakable1 permalink
    April 19, 2010 7:46 pm

    Hi Helena and Sharon: I’ve just read this post and your questions about Evan Chandler. I’ve been doing a little bit of sleuthing myself and this is what I have:

    He was born Evan Robert Charmatz on Feb. 10, 1944. His social security number (from the SS Death Index) was: 133-34-4371.

    His last address was Liberty Towers (a rental apartment complex), 33 Hudson Street, Jersey City, NJ.

    I searched the Superior Court records online to see if his will was filed there – it hasn’t been yet. But, it could be filed in any state.

    His aspirations to be a famous screenwriter appear to have ended after 1993. The IMDB shows on a credit for “Robin Hood: Men In Tights.”

    Here is the link and information from the Dental Board of California:$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=26607&P_LTE_ID=706

    His dental license (#26607) was issued on July 19,1977 and cancelled (probably by him) on February 29, 1996. His practice was located at: 9100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 330, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

    But this is what is really interesting: He had a permit for conscious sedation issued on January 1, 1992.

    The web site describes the following:

    Sedation dentistry’s roots can be traced all the way back to the days of using whiskey to help take the edge off of dental pain. Thankfully, modern medicine has made leaps and bounds since then. Advances in science, dentistry, and pharmacology have generated a wide range of options for adding comfort to the dental experience.

    Nitrous Oxide, anxiety-free sedation, sleep dentistry, IV sedation, and oral sedation dentistry, are all terms used to describe sedation delivery methods and the effects of these modalities. The method that is right for each patient depends on a host of factors such as fear level, extent of treatment, and medical history.

    Nitrous Oxide, or inhalation sedation, is perhaps the most common form of sedation in dentistry. It is continuously delivered during the treatment through a nasal hood or nasal mask system at a low concentration, creating relaxation while the patient is still completely aware of what is happening. It has the added benefit of providing slight numbing to the gum tissues and is often used during anesthetic injections.

    IV sedation uses intravenous access to deliver medication directly into the bloodstream. This creates a profound and immediate result and can induce a state of conscious-like sleep. It requires a high level of training, skill, and monitoring and is often used when a patient’s fear level is extremely high.

    Oral conscious sedation, (sedation through the use of pills taken orally) was first regularly used in dentistry in the late 1990s. The founders of DOCS Education, (formerly the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation) expanded on existing scientific and medical techniques to provide patients with a safe and effective alternative to IV sedation. It allows patients to get their much needed care and pain free dentistry, without the use of an additional needle.

    Oral sedation dentistry drugs, such as diazepam, triazolam, and zaleplon are taken by mouth beginning the morning of or the night before treatment to induce minimal to moderate sedation. Medications may also be administered immediately before the appointment and throughout longer treatments to ensure that a patient’s comfort level is maintained. Oral sedation, often leaves a patient with little-to-no memory of their dental procedure by the next day, including the sights, sounds, and smells. Patients often describe oral sedation as the experience of being asleep but are able to move, speak, and respond to verbal requests.

    For most forms of sedation, a companion is required to drive a patient to and from their dental treatment. The medications typically wear off within 24 hours with little to no chance of side effects. Terminology for the science of sedation is disputed. The term “sleep dentistry” is often considered to be inaccurate. For clarity, many state boards require that the term only be applied to the use of IV sedation. The type and level of sedation appropriate for each patient varies and should be determined by a qualified sedation dentist,. All medical conditions as well as medications, vitamins, and supplements should be discussed to ensure the safest and most comfortable dental experience possible.

    It’s such a terrible irony that anesthesia plays such an integral part in this suit against Michael.


  4. April 19, 2010 9:25 pm

    Yes, Unbreakable, I agree that anesthesia does play in integral part in Michael’s life in general. The tragic irony of it is that the whole thing started with the improper use of anesthesia and ended with it too.

    Evan Chandler did not have to put Jordan to sleep at all as he was pulling Jordan’s baby tooth (I hear he admitted it himself). So pulling a tooth was definitely a pretext for using the drug. After reading the transcript of his conversation with David Schwartz I am 100% sure he did use it for ‘refreshing’ Jordan’s memory – I practically SEE him dying of suspicion and wanting to know the ‘truth’. The effect of sodium amytal lasts for an hour and within this period he could have asked all the questions he wanted to – did he do this to you? and this? and that?

    Okay, but what result did he get? Was it the ‘truth’ he sought so much or the imprint of his own words on the boy’s mind?


  5. unbreakable1 permalink
    April 21, 2010 5:05 pm

    Yes. The use of sodium amytal for conscious sedation of a child is really extreme. With sodium pentathol, nitrous oxide, and even novocaine available, there’s only one reason Evan would use it. I don’t even see sodium amytal on the conscious sedation drugs listed below.


  6. hana permalink
    April 9, 2011 2:52 pm

    I thought Jordie reconciled with his mother and they are together today?


  7. shelly permalink
    April 9, 2011 3:17 pm

    How do we know that for sure?


  8. lcpledwards permalink
    April 9, 2011 4:21 pm

    @ Shelly
    I remember reading it in an article that Jordan had reconciled (or had tried to reconcile) with his mother. This was either after MJ died, or after Evan killed himself. I can’t find that particular article, and there’s no way for us to be sure if it’s true or not. It’s very plausible that they may have reconnected, but we’ll never be100% sure, unless they both decide to publicly admit that they lied, which is highly unlikely.

    If you want, you can do internet searches for articles on Jordan and June, and maybe you’ll stumble unto that article.


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