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An afterthought. EVAN and JORDAN CHANDLER

May 11, 2010

This is just an afterthought about Evan Chandler’s psychiatric disorder and Jordan’s situation because of that.

During this long weekend (we had a holiday here) I received all possible consultations on mental issues from my mother who is a Ph.D. in Psychology. Living side by side with a psychologist is quite an experience, I would say…. It is she who is teaching me to feel sorry for mentally ill people.  They may be nasty, ruthless and vindictive but in spite of all that you can’t be really angry with them – their mind is sick and they are oblivious of their illness. You will never be able to come to terms with them – the only way to deal with these people is to keep as far away from them as it is possible.  It was Michael’s extremely bad luck that his and Evan’s life paths crossed one day…

Michael was very sensitive and probably realized that Evan wasn’t quite normal. Remember all those Evan’s ideas to have a wing attached to his house or even a new home built for Evan, Jordan and Michael? What an incredible idea! (which must have been the result of Evan’s manic stage of his bipolar disorder).

I absolutely understand Michael when he started avoiding Evan – this guy was simply impossible to deal with. But the mentally ill are not so easy to get rid of – if they have a fixed idea there is no stopping them and no getting away from them. Michael’s natural desire not to communicate with Evan was interpreted by the latter in his own sickly way – as a sign of Michael’s guilt or as his intention to split the family, as him being ‘cunning’, ‘egotistical’, etc. – which is typical again of a sick mind which attributes to others the twists and curves of its own ill mentality (for the examples see the transcript of the recorded tape here:

I’ve been told that at least 60% of all people have some sort of abnormalities ranging between idiocy (one extreme) to schizophrenia (the other extreme) with the norm being somewhere in the center. Those from the normal center-point to the schizophrenic far end of this range are a very interesting type.  People with mild schizoid symptoms are very clever and talented – their non-standard, original way of thinking makes them geniuses in science, art, etc.  And their strangeness is often regarded as eccentricities which is indeed harmless if not taken too far.

But as the symptoms grow in gravity people may develop all sorts of fixed ideas and paranoia – and still look completely normal (!) except that they have certain ‘points’.  Evan Chandler was clearly a schizoid type – clever, artistic and also having a ‘point’.  His fixed idea was that his son had been molested – the idea he ardently believed in and all the ‘evidence’ that came his way was adjusted to his theory, even if it was pointing to exactly the opposite. This ability to turn things topsy-turvy is another typical feature of a schizoid mind – they stubbornly refuse to see the fact the way it really is and will shamelessly call white black or vice versa if it suits the fixed idea of theirs.  And since Evan did not look a heavy psychiatric case (at least initially) and was so articulate and logical in making his false-true arguments, many people believed him – primarily because of the passion with which he defended his point of view.

Up till now the general public puts an equal mark between Evan’s passionate belief that there was some misconduct on Michael’s part and the actual misconduct which never took place.  Such an equation is completely WRONG.

Evan Chandler definitely reminds me of one of Shakespeare’s characters. If  Othello was passionate in his suspicions of his wife’s infidelity it does not mean that Desdemona was guilty. He killed her because he thought that she was guilty – though she was completely innocent and was a victim of slander. In the same way the fact that Evan said (in that tape with David Schwartz) that he was convinced of some irreparable harm done to his son it does not necessarily mean that there was any harm done!  Especially if it is said by someone whose sick mind first invents stories and then believes them in that paranoia of his…

Schizoids are very inventive, argumentative and persistent in everything they do or believe in. They are also cruel to other human beings – Evan was ruthless to his own son when he supplied his brother Ray Chandler with all his fantasies about the boy and Michael, so that they could be described in his book in most vivid detail – thus doing great damage to his son in the first place.

In short all those illogical twists in Evan’s behavior and numerous inconsistencies in his words and deeds become clear only if looked through the prism of his psychiatric condition – a normal mind cannot explain them…. His disorder must have been very grave as he made an attempt on his son’s life, alienated himself from all his relatives and committed suicide in the end.  A disrupted and unbalanced mind is the worst enemy of these people – besides turning Michael’s life into a complete hell it made Evan live in a nightmare too, until he took his own life and partially paid with his death for the things he had done.

BUT in his allegations against Michael he was surrounded and supported by absolutely normal people like Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond, etc. who made use of Evan’s mania to bring Michael down and who have never paid for what they did!  If they had told the world that Evan wasn’t completely normal or had an unbalanced mind the attitude to him (and consequently Michael) would have been different – the ramblings of someone who is mentally ill are not worthy of much attention….

We can’t be sure that they knew of his psychiatric condition at the time – but if they did, it means they took advantage of Evan’s illness, fanning his suspicions, fantasies and delusions or channeling them against Michael for reasons of their own. If they learned about it later they should have nevertheless informed the public of the fact to set things straight about Michael and name Evan’s mental health as a possible reason for all his allegations.

Jordan probably knew that his father was not okay and that nothing would stop him in his paranoid desire to ruin Michael’s life (together with Jordan’s). It is quite possible that Jordan weighed up all the circumstances and sided with his parents to make the best of that horrible situation – by taking the money to compensate for the moral damage done to him by his father and choosing to live a life of his own.

Carrying the stigma of a ‘molestation’ victim for the rest of his life and being broke too wasn’t exactly his  idea of a future especially after Michael had shown him and his mother the glamorous side of things… And his father would also probably need medical help and money to pay his future medical bills… And he also knew that they wouldn’t be able to win the case in court as their accusations were built on sand…

I am not saying that he was the mastermind of the whole plot – I am just pointing to some of the motives Jordan could have had for supporting his father in those allegations. That boy was very bright, reasonable and exceptionally level-headed for a 13-year old.   It is no wonder that at the age of 15 (correct me if am wrong) he was already estranged from both of his parents, obtained part of the money due to him and started investing it in shares of various corporations.

Do you remember Geraldine Hughes’ surprise at seeing how Evan and Jordan Chandler behaved in Rothman’s office? They looked as if their roles were reversed – the boy was very calm and composed and consoling his father, while Evan was extremely nervous and shattered  (he must have been in the depressive stage of his illness at that moment…).

Are we sure that we understand the true roles played by all the participants in the Chandler scheme? Or are we in for some surprises here?

Below is an article from the UK “People” newspaper about the way Jordan Chandler lived his life after the 1994 financial settlement with Michael Jackson.

I don’t know whether the article is credible at all. There are numerous indications that it isn’t – the name of Evan Chandler’s second wife is wrong, the idea to cite a pathalogical liar like Victor Gutierrez as a source of information is absolutely revolting and all this Jacko language and innuendoes are a complete shame.

But if this article does contain at least some grain of truth it clearly shows that the boy had all the makings of a good businessman at an early age of 17 and was not above money matters at all… Actually since this article is so anti-Jackson they don’t have a reason to lie about Jordan’s extraordinary talent for making money, do they?



The People (London, England)

February 16, 1997

By Smith, Kevin

Superstar Michael Jackson is celebrating becoming a father – but the boy who was once the apple of his eye has been abandoned by his parents.

Jordy Chandler became a rich young man thanks to his allegations of child abuse against Jackson. But while the star starts a new life as a family man, Jordy’s family life lies in tatters.

Jordy, who just turned 17, has more money than he can spend and doesn’t have to work a day in his life if he chooses.

But he has confided to friends he would trade it all if he could go back to being a normal lad growing up in suburban Los Angeles. The Jacko scandal took its toll on him. He no longer lives with his maternal parents.

His mother June Schwartz, who introduced Jordy to Jackson and escorted him to Jacko’s mansion Neverland for dates, has no contact with her son.

The skateboard she delivered as a present on his last birthday lies discarded, still in its unwrapped box in the garage.

He has lost touch with his stepfather Dave Schwartz who tried to prevent the scandal to save Jordy from all the attention.

His real father Evan, who snatched Jordy from his mother and began threatening Jackson with a law suit unless he made a financial deal, has also gone.

He split with his second wife Natalie in 1995.  He reportedly got one million dollars in the eventual settlement by Jackson and quit his successful dental practice.

Though he lives only a few hundred yards away in a bachelor pad, he rarely sees his son now.

Jordy lives with his step-mother Natalie, his eight- year-old half-brother Nikki and half-sister Emmanuel, five.

Since the crazed British Jackson fan Denise Pfeiffer got into the house and threatened the family, the boundary is lined with an 8ft spiked iron fence.

Jordy has few friends.

His one girlfriend, Sonnet Simmonds, left him when media attention became too much.

And Jordy has tried not to socialise with anyone from his past who knew him as “the kid who sued Jackson”.

Around the world his name is famous but in Los Angeles where newspapers and television respect his anonymity he is just another rich LA kid. But few have any idea how rich.

When Jackson settled his civil law suit out of court in 1994, he agreed to pay Jordy pounds 15 million in annual instalments.

The final instalment will be in June 1999 – which coincides with the date when Jacko can no longer be prosecuted over the sex abuse allegations.

Under the US statute of limitations, police will not be able to reopen the case even if Jordy wanted them to.

But already Jordy has amassed huge wealth. His most recent bank statements show he has pounds 3 million-worth of bonds and shares alone. And he enjoys dabbling on the stock market with the help of his financial guru Jeffrey Hahn, vice president of the Santa Monica Bank.

He goes to a private school which he partly owns.

Jordy instructed his financial aides to buy into the Crossroads School when he noticed how much his annual fees were.

And after he bought himself a trendy Nissan Pathfinder vehicle and noticed how much money he was spending on petrol, he bought shares in Mobil, Chevron and Texaco. When he discovered the Internet on his computer he bought shares in Hewlett Packard Computers and telephone companies.

He even bought part of his bank, the Bank of New York.

Jordy has developed a taste for expensive clothes.

When he plays roller hockey outside his home he dons Armani trousers.

He surfs in Florida, scuba-dives in the Bahamas and skis in Taos and Vail, Colorado.

But all the holidays merely serve as a distraction.

Jordy is now an isolated and aloof character. Since the age of 13 his main company has been lawyers and social workers.

His father is still embroiled in a series of law cases.

Evan is being sued by Jordy’s step-father for breaking up the family. Jordy’s first attorney in turn is suing for his share of the settlement.

And his dad is suing Jackson again for allegedly breaking a gag order they had agreed on.

“All Jordy wants is to be a normal kid,” said author Victor Gutierrez, who wrote the investigative book Michael Jackson Was My Lover: The Secret Diary of Jordy Chandler. “But he can’t have that. The memories are too painful, and no amount of money can compensate for that.”

This week, as every news channel and magazine broadcast the news that Jacko’s wife Debbie has given birth to a son, Jordy couldn’t bare to watch.

He escaped for a game of roller hockey with his half-brother in the street.

“Jordy dreams of being a great ice skater, hockey player or script writer,” said Gutierrez.

“But in reality, he lacks the ambition and knows it. Who can be bothered when you already have millions in the bank?”

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  1. Susan permalink
    May 11, 2010 8:22 pm

    Hi, I’ve just found your site and really appreciate all of your articles. I try to arm myself with as much accurate information as possible regarding Michael and the trauma he went through at the hands of Mad Dog Sneddon et al.

    I did not know about Evan Chandler’s mental problems, but it stands to reason. What rational person could or would do such a thing to another human being?

    Any thoughts on why his death was so under reported by mass media? It seems anything connected with Michael got a thorough dissection in the news, but this, apparently was not noteworthy. Makes you wonder what they were afraid of finding.

    Interesting to note about a female teacher in Georgia, Tonya Craft, currently on trial for allegedly molesting 3 little girls. When the Today Show and Good Morning America report on it, on the bottom of the screen, they imply it could be a “witch hunt”. Oh! …..I guess some of us ARE considered innocent until proven otherwise.

    Keep up the great work. Love it.


  2. Truth permalink
    May 11, 2010 10:15 pm

    Your post on Evan Chandler, revealing he was a psychiatric case, just made me realise why he wasn’t called to the 2005 trial. It is reported that he saw Jordan and Michael in bed together (which made him think something sinister was going on) – and until now, it never occurred to me, that he wasn’t called as a witness. You would think he would have been a more valuable witness than June Chandler. The FBI files reveal Jordan was approached – but correct me if i’m wrong – it doesn’t say Evan was approached.

    Also (via the Floacist blog) at the time of the 2005 trial – Jordan and Evan reacquainted and even lived together. What are your thoughts on that?

    how the hell he comes out looking like that and hes not any type of black?! LMFAO.


    well i’m black and arab and i look like how i look! rofl los alamitos….his friends knew the whole time. it was them who sent pictures to a fan who made a blog. them in their football uniforms they now go by their middle names and have taken jay’s last name….JACKSON so gavin arvizo is now anton jackson and star arvizo is now daniel jackson lol them is a mess.


    lol @ Jackson. Ain’t that a b!tch. Their guilt will stay with them forever. And their moms is Janet Jackson rofl.


    yep. it hasn’t been written on for ages tho….when i go to school, i’ll post some of the pics here. my photobucket goes hella slow! go to google and type in anton jacksons blog andit’ll come up. not sure if the pics are still gonna show up cuz a lot of people just delete old pics adn then all u see is a red x. whatever u wanna know, just ask…and kinky shall provide


    I found more pics of JC at in the MJ board archives. Some of the links were no longer working since them was years ago, but most of them were still up.


    sex on legs….im so glad he’s pro-mj now…wondering what’s gonna happen w/ the case against his father and if mike will come up cuz that’s the only place he CAN mention mj…in court. hmmmmmmm if i wasn’t preg…well hell, i ain’t showing yet…jordie, come smape me!

    *** cut: my reply is cut here in the archives ***

    um…bobby knows damn well who he is. remember the speech/question forum mez and abrams had at some university? mez pretty much said that if sneddon & co. tried bringing in jordy’s affidavit, he’d have his friends testify to what jordan has told them….some kind of way he had it to where it wasn’t hearsay.

    so his friends all know who he is, the mj fans he hangs out w/ also know. they also know that he can’t just go on tv and tell the truth, it has to be in court and apparently he was threatened by the da’s….that’s why mez was hella sarcastic in court when auchinscloss (sp?) told Melville that jordan wasn’t in the country…he knew they’d say that so he called the ‘razzi his damn self and told them he was in tahoe…last i checked, California was a part of the us.

    mez knew it, that’s y he was hella sarcastic and that’s part of the reason y brian was fired. he tried to bring jordan in behind mez’s back and he ended up getting his ass chewed in front of everyone.

    *** cut: my reply is missing in the archives ***

    yes brian was fired for two reasons….one, he leaked the jc penny’s info and pretty much all the stuff they were gonna use against janet so sneddon and co. were able to coach her to respond to it…not very well, tho. and then he was fired for contacting jordy and trying to get him to testify. remember, jordan had moved back in w/ his ‘ill’ father so i’m quite sure evan knew what was going on and that’s what mez wanted to prevent.

    you’ll also be amazed to find out that a mo. or so after the verdict, evan hit jordy on the back of his head w/ a 12 lb weight and pretty much tried to kill him. he put a restraining order against his father and now they’re going to court.

    jordan was NOT out of the country. mez knew it and zonen knew it. jordy’s been able to be pretty much m.i.a. for the majority of the 10 yrs people knew of him….so it’s so funny that he’s skiing in tahoe when he’s supposed to be backpacking in Europe. not only is he being filmed but he’s aware of it, his party is aware of it, and instead of yelling at the ‘razzi, they were laughing and smiling for the pictures….

    all the while mez was smiling in court b/c he knew it was going down. rofl


    interesting…never knew that before. I feel like I know nothing now, I pretty much stopped following the case with a microscope during the middle, so when I came back I was like…wtf is ya’ll talking about?!



  3. Truth permalink
    May 11, 2010 10:21 pm

    Sorry – I didn’t mean to post all of that conversation on here – that coversation is between the blogger of the floacist and somebody who was at the trial. I just wanted to post the bit where he had told others that Michael never touched him.


  4. Carm permalink
    May 11, 2010 10:33 pm

    Susan, please read the Charles Thomson article “Chandler Suicide highlights media bias against Jackson.” You will have your answer.


  5. May 12, 2010 7:19 pm

    Truth said: “Your post on Evan Chandler, revealing he was a psychiatric case, just made me realize why he wasn’t called to the 2005 trial… it never occurred to me, that he wasn’t called as a witness. You would think he would have been a more valuable witness than June Chandler. The FBI files reveal Jordan was approached – but it doesn’t say Evan was approached.”

    Exactly. The files don’t say that Evan was approached to testify in court, but again some will say that not all files were opened. I haven’t heard of Evan being subpoenaed and this should be verified of course as we cannot afford to make conclusions on hearsay only.

    But what we may be sure of is that Evan Chandler never testified in court and this speaks – or rather shouts about something being terribly wrong with the 1993 case. Initially I thought that Evan’s case to be so weak that he was afraid it would fall apart during the first cross examination (and this may still be the main reason). But now that we know of Evan’s manic-depressive illness it turns out that he was probably so mentally unstable that he couldn’t face or be shown to the jury and the public… Actually it could be both – a mentally unstable person telling of his imaginary delusions not supported by any evidence. And the police probably KNEW about it and never summoned him into court as he would have only compromised their case.

    By the way it was soon after the 2005 non-guilty verdict that Evan struck Jordan with something heavy on the head. His condition must have been really bad if he did a thing like that to his SON.

    I know for a fact that RAY Chandler was subpoenaed to testify in 2005 – guess by who? By Michael’s defense team! Since Evan’s brother claimed that his book “All that glitters” was based on genuine documents he was subpoenaed by the defense as a ‘custodian’ of that priceless evidence, but as far as I understand nothing came of it as the most Ray Chandler did was grunt to Diane Dimond over his ‘harassment’ on the part of the defense…

    According to the “People” anti-Jackson article cited here Jordan was alienated from his father for some time. Why did they reunite? Imagine yourself in his shoes and you will name a dozen reasons why he could do that – from some common interests (financial, script-writing, etc.) to the desire to help him and feeling sorry for an ill man with no wife and children, all alone in the world, probably helpless and paranoically fearful of Michael’s fans. Don’t they say that blood is thicker than water?


  6. May 13, 2010 10:54 pm

    Just a short comment Helena, besides congratulate you once more for all your wonderful investigation.

    Between myself and my family I was approached to several illnesses, some of them psychiatric disorders, so I know enough to tell you that Internet is not the best source to find out about sicknesses.
    Every case is different so you could damage somebody talking about the “bi-polar” issue in this way.

    Some of the most famous persons in the history had this “bi-polar” disease. I don’t remember now, it must be in Internet, but just like Napoleon, Albert Einstein, and many others.

    We are surrounded by bi-polar people, many don’t know they have the illness. Michael could be a great example of one of them because his “genious” features, although we know he wasn’t. Simple because he didn’t have maniac attacks, only depressions poor thing.

    I’m not deffending Chandler of course, I hate the family as most of us do. I’m just thinking that any bi-polar person could read this article and get hurt.

    With the right medication they are perfectly normal. And time ago the medications didn’t exist and they were great people for the humanity anyway.

    Love you


  7. visitor permalink
    July 8, 2010 12:07 pm

    Does anyone know what happened when Ray Chandler was subpoenaed? When you don’t show up you face punishment. There are no records of this at least in the documents we already have. Does anyone have it?


  8. David permalink
    July 8, 2010 7:55 pm

    @ Visitor:

    Ray Chandler was subpoened by Mesereau, but was never called to testify. To this day, I still wonder why, but it may have been because there are some restrictions in regards to who can be called to testify as 1108 witnesses.

    You would think that he would have been called by Sneddon, but it speaks volumes that he wasn’t. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know why Sneddon called June Chandler to testify, as her testimony was worthless and full of lies. For example, in “All That Glitters” Ray says that Dave Schwartz asked June to ask MJ to loan him $4 million dollars, but on the witness stand June said that not only did she not ask MJ, she didn’t even know Dave needed the money!

    She also said that she didn’t sue MJ, but her signature was all over that document.

    I don’t know how anyone can read “All That Glitters” and still believe MJ was guilty!!! But I guess that’s the problem; most haters haven’t read the damn book or have done any type of substantive research!!!


  9. July 8, 2010 7:56 pm

    I haven’t been able to find any information about it and will be grateful too if someone provides it.


  10. Kathy-wife-bnepi-but-speaking-on-my-own permalink
    July 8, 2010 8:25 pm

    It is so amazing that Evan Chandler was a writer/producer on a big Hollywood movie [“Robin Hood Men in Tights” 1993] working with Mel Brooks…..then here he is with Barry K. Rothman, ex-chief attorney for Warner Music/Warner Chappell, the people that handle the MIJAC catalog for Michael Jackson…doing a rotten con game on Michael Jackson….maybe the guy was a real “sicko”….and then he kills himself!……I would find it a far-out movie plot….and then to top it off, Michael’ attorney shots himself in the head, within a few months of Evan Chandler…..why don’t we get to see Jordan on an interview?…I would love to see that.


  11. Truth permalink
    July 8, 2010 10:32 pm

    Bnepi… we get it, there’s a link! But I just don’t understand what you’re getting at? You and your husband say that Michael was stitched up but then claim he’s a paedophile anyway – that makes no sense!

    I doubt very much that Jordan will ever speak up now. Word is that he has denied, that Michael molested him, to people close to him for a very long time now:
    “As for Jordie Chandler, maybe with his father gone he will find the courage to do the honourable thing. Perhaps he will surface somewhere and tell the world what he’s been telling his friends for over a decade now – that Michael Jackson never laid a finger on him.”

    Kind of puts a dampner on your tale, doesn’t it?


  12. visitor permalink
    July 8, 2010 11:29 pm

    @David since I couldn’t find his name anywhere in the court documents back then, I thought it was just a rumor. Logically, if the defense actually did this I don’t understand why they didn’t call him. Maybe they did it so he couldn’t speak anymore on tv slandering Michael. I can’t think of anything else.


  13. Kathy-wife-bnepi-but-speaking-on-my-own permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:06 am

    Hi Truth…I’m home alone, right now, women have a life other than their husband…I’m not telling-I’m asking….BNE won’t talk about this stuff, at all….Bandier/SonyATV, is part of the deal, some say he was in on the death of MJ…I find the music executives part in these crimes against Michael Jackson interesting….I think MJ was BI/gay, what is so wrong with that….child molester?….I don’t know who to believe, I would have to have more proof…if I or you say XXX said MJ was a child molester, that does’t mean we said it…


  14. visitor permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:19 am

    Michael Jackson has been more than clear about his sexual preference throughout his life trashing every other rumor. To this day it seems that many people haven’t followed him and his life thoroughly since he was a kid.


  15. lynande51 permalink
    July 9, 2010 3:59 am

    @ visitor Ray Chandler himself, in many inteviews, affirms that the defense subpoened him as a custodian of ducuments. His claim is that it was an intimidation tactic to keep him from going on television talking about the case and to shut down the website that was connected to the book that had the “original documents”. If he were on the list of witnesses he was then bound by the same gag order as everyone else in the case. It is not unusual to submit a witness list at the beginning of a trial and have that list revised as the trial commences.In most cases the witness list is not as public as it was in Michaels trial. It was the same thing that Sneddon did when he named Frank Cascio/Tyson and Vinnie Amen as co-conspiritors so theycould not testify for Michael because he would not grant them immunity.


  16. Suzy permalink
    July 9, 2010 4:19 am

    @ Truth

    Brian, Kathy, bnepi, Rose etc. are the same person. It’s not husband and wife – it’s the same person. He’s lying to us, so I suggest just to ignore him.


  17. lynande51 permalink
    July 9, 2010 4:35 am

    I have a video of a Frontline piece about the medai storn in 1993. It is very good and pro Michael. I would like to post it here but I can’t figure out how, can anybody help me. Frontline is a television show that is on PBS or Public television so it is very reliable.


  18. Kathy-wife-bnepi-but-speaking-on-my-own permalink
    July 9, 2010 5:40 am

    Suzy…go to IMDB the movie data base site….go to “Poker Alice”…look at craft sevice, that is me. a real person, I was E. Taylor’s house keeper on that show….Your a woman?…can’t a woman be seperate from her husband?….and I have no idea who Rosa is!…does rosa have the same email as me?…or is it that she said she was in Mexico?…yes I’m in Mexico, but Mexico is a big place…I just found this site to be the best source of 1993 information, and I find it interesting…BNE could care less, he is not into this subject…he just worked on the 1993 case for…ONE DAY…and says now it is not worth talking about…..”I”..”ME”…”Kathy”…a woman 58 years old!!! interested in the murder of MJ…


  19. Suzy permalink
    July 9, 2010 5:50 am

    Brian/Kathy, please spare us of your BS, we are not as gullible as people at MJ Files. It seems you don’t even realize how transparent you are. Sad, really.


  20. July 9, 2010 10:33 am

    UPDATED on July 12, 2010:
    I’m deleting all emails from this comment for the sake of these guys’ safety. Brian says he receives threats. I hope none of Michael’s fans are doing anything like that and it is just another of those cases “when the truth is a little stretched”. However we should give him the benefit of the doubt too. Brian, I am sorry if I did some damage to you this way – I am only learning to be an admin. The email address is not deleted (sorry but I can’t delete the whole thing – it is just the repetition of what YOU’ve written, nothing else):

    * * *
    July 9, 2010:
    Suzy, I agree – the case is really sad. Could our Visitor help here? Should we alert the MJJ files? What if they don’t know what crazy stories they are propagating?

    Normally I would never allow myself a thing like – but this is an exceptional case, please forgive me…. Just for everyone to understand the problem we are facing here this is the way the admin sees it:

    2010/03/18 at 8:34 am
    The hole in this is so big!…1. Why did MJ pay them?…2.MJ was gay, so a 13 yearold boy=a 13 year old girl![don’t be silly]….3.The bodyguard story is a “spin” on the Melvin Belli investigator story [scared them]….So ladies and gentents of the court….I want you ladies to let your old man sleep with a pretty 13 year old girl!!!..He is a good guy!!! can trust Him….HaHaHa

    THREE points to agree about with Michael Jackson’s haters
    7 #

    Brian N. Everett
    2010/06/29 at 9:46 am
    Thank you for the invitation..Vindicatemj…but if I was to say I did not hear June say that, I would be a lier…but not to worry!…I just now took down the true MJ information, from my blog…so if you are intersted in PSE tech. or the uses of CHT in ciminal cases, take a look….thank you for your time…now you can talk about Michael Jackson, in a safe place…[and the music executives are safe]

    PHANTOM ‘VICTIMS’ of Michael Jackson
    51 #

    2010/07/03 at 4:28 am
    Thank you for all the good stuff, in Mexico we think Michael was a nice man, and many of us women loved him. but did he sleep with a little girl?…..and is Warner Chappell part of Nichael’s history?

    THE CHANDLERS: the history of lies and distortion
    28 #

    2010/07/03 at 9:26 pm
    Suzy I’m not “Rosa”….But I do live 50% of the time in Mexico….the RV parks are like small towns, and we share one WIFI system…and we all use the WIFI, at McDonald’s…but I’m not rosa!….and I think you know that…”why is it so important who is asking?…the question was: “why is it so important, for you to say MJ was not gay” ???

    THE CHANDLERS: the history of lies and distortion
    28 #

    2010/07/03 at 8:18 pm
    I want to get information about the MJ movement, but one thing made it hard to do…my work on the 1993 case, so I don’t speak about that….when I stopped speaking about the 1993 case, I started using bnepi, but I didn’t think it would fool anyone….I want to know, and this group is the best place to learn it..”why is it so important, for the MJ fan’s, to say that MJ was not gay?”….

    THE CHANDLERS: the history of lies and distortion
    28 #

    2010/07/03 at 11:06 pm
    This is BNEpi’s wife….if he is Rosa, then I must be gay….yes we use the same computer..[in our motor home]…it is time for you or some else, on this good site, to answer us……………….is it important, to the “Veritas Project”, if MJ was gay?…and if it is important, why?…please we would like to hear what you have to tell us….thank you for your answer.

    THE CHANDLERS: the history of lies and distortion
    28 #

    2010/07/04 at 4:52 am
    Thank You for Your answer… says it all…

    THE CHANDLERS: the history of lies and distortion
    28 #

    2010/07/06 at 4:49 am
    I do not see much from the researcher’s about Barry K. Rothman, he was the prime attorney for Warner Music, for 5 years in the 1970ty’s…he left the 1993 Jordan case as soon as Evan Chandler started looking for more than just money…well that is what I have found, so far…is His connection to the people that managed the MIJAC catalog important?…..this group is well informed on the history of 1993….what do you think about Barry K. Rothman?

    THE CHANDLERS: the history of lies and distortion 2
    29 #

    2010/07/07 at 8:59 pm
    Michael was a victim….I think you have proven that….Who was the the most evil person behind these crimes against MJ?…..The DA…the shrink’s…June….Evan…attorney/sharks…Music business….I think Barry K. Rothman, was one of the first bad guys, that attacked MJ…I really want to know what this group thinks about that?…..I’m not telling anything…just asking…thank you for some information.

    Welcome to the Main Hater’s site. WHO IS IT?
    30 #

    2010/07/06 at 9:43 pm
    Thank you Vindicacatemj….Don’t go to Brian n. everett pi….we will look into the virus….you will not find any MJ information on this site anyway…as Lynande51 has said… husband’s Mom was into psychology, he grew up with it….typical “Jews”…can some one tell me what they think about Barry K. Rothman, working for Warner Music….in the 1970ty’s and then being in on the con game played on Michael Jackson…I really want to know more about this…

    * * *
    So it is either the same email or IP address, or the same email address and the IP different, so on and so forth.
    OF COURSE since I’ve published it now the system they’ll adhere to will be different – another email, another IP each time, probably some other new tricks for them to use (and me to learn).

    Are all Michael’s haters like that?


  21. visitor permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:12 pm

    Some people have a lot of free time and need attention. Just ignore them


  22. BNEpi permalink
    July 9, 2010 9:14 pm

    I just told my wife to give up looking for information from this well informed site…this is a good source of MJ’s 1993 case information…I can’t comment on some aspects of the MJ story, at all…and what I can say, I did say and that is it…so I have nothing more to say….but I have looked into the virus thing…thank you….we use a IP/wifi system that sreatches out over 300 miles, and three towns/colonia’s……and we know a lot of people, and they know that I was involved with the MJ 1993 case —FOR ONE HOUR—we are not a threat to your group…we will not bug you anymore…but we can’t control others…thak you from BNE and Kathy


  23. Kathy permalink
    July 9, 2010 9:46 pm

    our friend Tex, is trying to get his own computer…he lives in a camper and travels alot on his limited SS check…sorry I wantede to know more…I didn’t know it was a crime to ask.


  24. Truth permalink
    July 9, 2010 11:36 pm

    I was watching an interesting documentary today about Peter Reilly, a then 16 year old boy, who was allegedly coerced into giving a false confession, that he killed his mother, by police.

    The interrogation was recorded on tape. The police used tactics like “maybe you blocked it out”, “your subconsious mind made you do this” and “your animal instinct did this”.

    After hours of interrogation he started to say things like “maybe I did do this” and “I can’t remember doing this but now that you’ve said it, I can imagine it in me head”.

    Anyway it reminded me of Jordan Chandler and Jason Francia. Now these boys were 13 so they could be more susceptable to this kind of interrogation from Evan and the police.

    Also add the fact that Jordan may have been given Sodium Amytal he would have been even more susceptible to suggestions.

    Jason Francia had even said himself that he was ‘working on it’ and was so frustrated with the police’s interrogation that he wanted to ‘hit them on the head’.

    Even if you watch Gavin’s interview (available on youtube) the police say things like ‘Michael’s the bad guy’.


  25. Suzy permalink
    July 10, 2010 8:47 am

    @ Truth

    Yes, I agree. When I read Francia’s interrogation I was horrified because of the leading questioning, the lies the sheriffs told him and how they bullied him into saying he was molested! Is that even allowed?

    There was a video that David gave us a link to not long ago and it had a second part on YT, which I found interesting too. There was a part in it where a woman tells about how her therapist systematically talked her into thinking she was molested by her uncle and mother when she was a child. He made her read books about incest, think about it all the time, until she started thinking and even be convinced of that she was molested:

    So it is definitely possible! Even for an adult, let alone a child….

    Even was obsessed with Michael and obsessed with the idea that Michael molested Jordie, so I can see him talking about that to Jordie and pressuring him about it all the time, until Jordie started to believe it happened…..


  26. Truth permalink
    July 10, 2010 11:45 pm

    Suzy, there tactics were deplorable.

    Remember when they said that they had pictures of them naked (when they didn’t) and lied, naming other children who had said they were molested (when infact no such children did).


  27. August 18, 2010 1:24 am

    I have some problems with the manner in which Jordan confesses to being molested. Evan says while Jordan is coming out of sedation after having his tooth pulled he [Evan] told him that he knows about the jerk-offs, blowjobs and kissing because he bugged the room, tricking him into thinking he has nothing to hid. Here is my problem with the confession these are the exact same acts Jordan later declares. It is a problem for me because Jordan took 1 hour to answer having those thoughts ferment in his head while under the influence of a BARBITUATE only to later give a deposition that consisted of very same specific acts. We know that some type of general anesthesia was used even if we disagree on its name. The possibility that false memories could have been planted by implication is not that far fetch when you peer in on the details.

    If you don’t believe in a mind altering drug then either Evan made a very lucky guess, or the whole story is BS. How would Evan have known the exact nature of the acts? Prior to the dentist chair Jordan denied any acts of M. How would Evan have known to pick these three? When the average person thinks about child molestation they envision child rape with penetration. I would have asked did you have sex with Michael? Is it a mere coincidence that these are the exact same things that Jordan would later allege with no penetration? Lucky Guess? Or did Evan simply tailor his story to fit what Jordan said? Either way it is a coincidence at best and suspicious at worst.


  28. Dialdancer permalink
    August 18, 2010 4:13 am

    @ Teva,

    There were no lucky guesses. To have Jordan parrot basically the same conversation is not a guess nor coincidence. Here is my problem. “Evan told him that he knows about the jerk-offs, blowjobs and kissing because he bugged the room, tricking him into thinking he has nothing to hid. <<>> This statement when initial told by whomever is misleading

    If you believe Jordan was not under the influence then he would have known it was trickery. How could dad have a video of something which did not happen? If Jordan was under the influence and had false memories implanted why use the video story, it would have been unnecessary. Saying Jordan was drugged and the threat of the so called video was by way a cover to explain how Jordan came to tell this story which sounded much like Evan’s.

    Given all which was discovered in documents and Ray’s ATG the story is BS. It is a practiced story crafted by males who know about sex, but who do not know what is it to be the partner of a male having sex.


  29. August 18, 2010 5:04 pm

    Teva: “It is a problem for me because Jordan took 1 hour to answer having those thoughts ferment in his head while under the influence of a BARBITUATE”
    The possibility that false memories could have been planted by implication is not that far fetch when you peer in on the details.

    If we are to believe Ray Chandler’s story, the fact that Jordan was pondering over all those questions for an hour can be explained by his mind being very much confused. Imagine yourself waking up from a drugged sleep and the first thing your father asks you is not whether your mouth hurts (after having the tooth pulled out) but about your ‘jerk-offs’, kissing, etc. This fact alone – that he immediately raised this subject after pulling his tooth – shows that Evan did talk to Jordan about sexual activities while he was asleep – otherwise such a question would be inexplicable. He could be checking up on the result of the questions asked and the words said…

    Any teenager in the place of Jordan would be frightened like hell – “If Father is talking about jerk-offs did I blab out my deepest secrets under sedation? About masturbation and sexual fantasies about a girl at school? And what does this kissing and blowjob mean? Could I really say that about Michael? How could I if we didn’t do it? Probably we did? Now I am beginning to remember something vague…”

    Please note it that some milder ‘things’ could have been inserted into his memory but the grosser sexual acts could be resisted very effectively even by the sedated mind.

    I don’t know about the effect of sodium amytal but I know it for sure about hypnosis (their mechanism should be more or less the same). I’ve attended an open seminar where psychiatrists were showing their ways to help stammerers speak freely – they put them under hypnosis and they began talking without any stammering. When they woke up they didn’t remember anything but listened to themselves talking without trouble and realized that they could talk without hindrance (and this was the beginning of their treatment).

    And I clearly remember one girl who followed each of the psychiatrist’s instructions under hypnosis EXCEPT kissing him in public. When she woke up he even explained it to those present that the ethical beliefs of a person and his morals could NOT be broken even under hypnosis. In other words if a person doesn’t want to do something due to his ethics he will not do it EVEN under sedation. That is why Evan could insert milder ‘things’ into Jordan’s mind but couldn’t insert there any real sexual acts – Jordan’s mind could be fighting the very idea of it.

    But again – these reflections could be true only if we believe Ray Chandler’s story at all.

    P.S. My psychologist mother also remembers this episode clearly, but corrects me by saying it was probably undressing which he asked her to do (it was some 30 years ago, please forgive us!). Interesting how the concrete fact itself has become vague in the memory but the emotion it evoked is clear as if it was only yesterday? (In my case it was surprise, I thought that people would do anything under hypnosis).

    Emotions are not that easily forgotten! So when Jordon said to the psychiatrist in OCTOBER 1993 (some three months after the alleged ‘events’) that he didn’t remember this and didn’t remember that and was as unemotional as a cold fish please don’t tell me that he had experienced all that….


  30. August 18, 2010 5:34 pm

    Teva: “…only to later give a deposition that consisted of very same specific acts.”

    A deposition? From what I’ve learned about depositions Jordan never gave any – it is a complete myth. The most he made was a declaration, and it seems I’ll have to make a post about it in the near future. It will include the interim results only but since the matter is raised again and again, this cannot be postponed any further.


  31. Dialdancer permalink
    April 12, 2011 6:35 am

    This week I am going through MJFC’s archive, reading a collecting all articles and looking for articles which originate from another source.

    I’ve been looking for an article or another source beside ATG which spoke of Michael’s letter to Jordan, I found it on MJFC. The letter is heartbreaking in the fact Michael believed he had found what he was searching for, a family of his own, some “normalcy”. When you read the letter you realize that Michael is speaking as a proud Dad or Brother to Jordan, as a man of creativity and talent who recognizes it in this young boy. You also realized if Jordan and his mother had not been so foolish and greedy for immediate wealth they would have had far greater. Jordan Chandler might have become Michael’s first son, he would have been the crowned prince worth billions and June Mrs. Michael Jackson, instead they helped to destroy that billion dollar earning potential and are forever link to one of the greatest scandals in history and living a life of hiding their identities.

    MJFC: September 13, 2004
    FYI: Friedman Continues His Search For…?

    In Sunday’s edition, Fox news writer Roger Friedman printed a letter allegedly written by Michael Jackson to his first accuser, Jordy Chandler. This comes from Friedman’s latest correspondences with uncle, Ray Chandler. Chandler’s book ‘All That Glitters’ is being heavily hawked all through the media. Friedman says that he “verified” the letter, yet the method of his validation is not told. Here is the contents:

    “Boy’s name], you’re not only my cousin but also my best friend. I can’t stop loving your mother and sister. I have found true love in all of you. If more people were like us the world would change instantly. I have such golden dreams for you. I want you to be a giant in the industry. You are my new inspiration. I love you. Doo doo head. Applehead. Disneyland soon. Love, doo doo. Call soon, bye, doo doo head. Tell Mom I love her.”

    Friedman tells us to “draw our own conclusions.” Injecting an editorial comment, it could be Michael. Does it seem like a pedophile? No.
    Source: Fox News (Fox story not found at this time)


    “I have such golden dreams for you.” …..(not dreams OF you, but FOR you)
    ” I want you to be a giant in the industry” (realizing potential willing to help realize it)

    This was the difference btw Jordan and the Arivzo boys. Michael could see Jordan’s talent and budding entrepreneurship, in Star and Gavin there was destructiveness and no creativity. I suspect this knowledge of who would use their talent later in life and who would only grow up to be a lazy or a user may explain why Michael remained friends with some and with others not.


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