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May 15, 2010

Thanks to my correspondent Shelly we now have the full text of a complaint filed by Evan Chandler against Michael Jackson and other parties on May 7, 1996 for the alleged breach of their Confidentiality agreement.

It wasn’t only the interview with Diane Sawyer which was the subject of Evan’s complaint. According to Metropolitan News Company Evan Chandler “sited the Prime Time Live segment, Jackson’s HIStory album, an article in GQ magazine (the one by Mary Fischer), and Jackson’s alleged solicitation of radio personality Howard Stern “to resurrect Jackson’s public image by exploiting the events relation to Plaintiff and the Underlying Action” (

The main ‘culprit’ was of course Michael Jackson whom Evan Chandler accused of violating their 1994 settlement by denying the molestation allegations. Does this mean that Michael had no right to deny them? How absurd – when Evan Chandler was putting his signature under the document he acknowledged the fact that no wrong had been done to his son and agreed that Michael was innocent, stating that the settlement was for formal negligence only (this was specifically worded in several clauses of the agreement).

No one forced Evan to sign it – he could have gone to court instead both before and after the agreement – so why complain now? The man must have been completely crazy….

In his rage over Michael’s words, which were fully consistent with what both of them said in the agreement, Evan Chandler started suing everyone in sight: Michael Jackson, Lisa-Maria Presley, Diane Sawyer as a host of the show and the ABC TV company in general, Walt Disney company (because they purchased ABC), the Sony and Warner corporations (because of HIStory songs), and some mysterious “DOES 1 through 300” of whose “true names and capacities Plaintiff is ignorant of and therefore sues these Defendants by such fictitious names”. These “DOES 1 through 300” evidently formed a list of 300 names with whom Evan Chandler was finding fault in connection with Michael’s denial of any molestation (Mary Fischer must have been among them).

Now, if you read the text of Evan’s complaint any person with a little bit of brains with say that the complaint is absolutely, utterly, completely, wholly RIDICULOUS in its every respect and from beginning to end.

The hardest Michael’s hater will have to admit that the general and even abstract remarks Michael made about his innocence during the interview with Diane Sawyer could never be considered reason enough for claiming a breach of their Agreement and for the amount of $60 million too. Michael didn’t accuse anyone – the most he said in his defense was that the stories told about him were lies, lies, lies, and there were no markings or other evidence found to substantiate those lies and that he couldn’t do any harm to a child (or anyone at all if you ask me).

The songs were much heavier in emotion but were as non-committal as the interview as to identifying his torturers – the closest Michael came to it was when he named the Jewish origin of some of them by “Jew me, kike me” (he admitted it to be too much and rerecorded it a year before Evan Chandler’s claim) and naming his plague of a prosecutor Tom Sneddon as “D.S.”  If Tom Sneddon was unhappy with such an allegory it wasn’t Evan Chandler’s business to speak for him in that complaint, was it? Or was Evan acting on Tom Sneddon’s behalf?

Actually the fact that Michael Jackson was so emotional in his songs testifies to him being absolutely sincere in his anger at the terrible injustice he had gone through.

Emotions are a very tricky thing and can tell a lot.  When I was reading the secretly recorded conversation between Evan Chandler and David Schwartz it was solely Evan’s emotions which convinced me that he was genuine in his suspicions against Michael (with a reservation that his suspicions were no proof that any wrong had ever taken place). Yes, Evan did believe in what he was saying, I said to myself…

But Michael also believes and even KNOWS about his complete innocence as the fury of his songs shows it. What is remarkable about emotions is that THEY CANNOT BE FAKED – and Michael’s genuine anger at having been thrashed for nothing is the best proof of him being innocent of any crime.

How come Evan Chandler’s tape looks so convincing to some doubters as to Evan’s sincerity and is paraded as proof of I don’t know what (suspicions only), while Michael Jackson’s tapes are completely disregarded as a remarkable proof of his genuine feelings and his sincerity? The feelings which were based not on some vague suspicions but on real harassment which he knew for a fact after being maliciously persecuted for so long and no reason at all?

Evan Chandler’s complaint, filed two years after Michael’s ordeal was supposed to stop, was only adding to all this injustice. As we know now there was not a single piece of evidence to prove the outrageous lies told by the Chandlers. This fact was clear even at the moment of filing the complaint – the 12-months long criminal investigation had been over (though remained open in case Jordan changed his mind or someone else stepped in),  the prosecution had laid all their cards on the table and the two grand juries scrutinized them under a microscope which resulted in NO indictment (one of the jurors even confided in journalists and said there was no damaging evidence found at all).

Both then and during the interview Michael had the full right not only say, but shout at every corner that he was completely innocent and was a victim of a scam… Instead, due to that damned Agreement, he had to check each and every word of his and confine himself to indefinite statements like “these are lies, lies, lies”.

But if Evan’s complaint was such nonsense why did it take so long to consider? It was filed on May 7, 1996 but was resolved only four years later, in the summer of 2000. Evidently the lawyers of Michael Jackson had a hard time fighting this absurdity – and all of this  because of some omissions made when making the Agreement.

The Agreement stated Michael’s denial of any wrongdoing towards the Chandlers in general terms but didn’t include a short and plain sentence that Michael Jackson had the right to speak of his innocence at public forums and this important omission gave a formal pretext to our nasty guy to find fault with every Michael’s word said in his defense. No wonder that things went downhill for the married life of Michael and Lisa-Maria after the interview – what relationship will survive all this incessant suing and dealing with a near-professional extortioner?

You didn’t like me calling Evan Chandler an extortioner? Well, the initial 1993 case could have given some grounds for doubting Evan’s real motives, but THIS breach-of-agreement complaint dispels any remaining illusions some of us could still have.

EVAN CHANDLER IS THE NASTIEST TYPE OF AN EXTORTIONER – the man who is either pathologically crazy for money or is pathological and crazy in the direct and clinical meaning of these words.

His ability to blow things out of proportion is unrivalled. Evan Chandler is a genius, a complete genius in distorting things and using them to his advantage. If he managed to make a $60mln. case out of a couple of innocent Michael’s words in that interview, it does not leave a single doubt that he could make a formidable mountain out of a molehill in the “molestation” 1993 case too. It is a PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR which is important and even crucial here.

By making this complaint Evan Chandler has shown us the METHOD he is using and the TECHNIQUE he is employing. In this respect it is simply a gift from God that such a masterpiece of a document has come our way. This complaint is the best monument to Evan Chandler as the man who was able to turn a mere suspicion into ‘evidence’, ‘evidence’ into a sensation, sensation into a massacre, and massacre into a bunch of millions.

To see how masterful  Evan Chandler is in creating a marvel of a case out of thin air only let’s check up some points of his 122-clause complaint quoted below. Please note that a team of lawyers managed to beat this document only four years later (and could have lost it, in my opinion, if it hadn’t been for giants like Sony, Warner and Walt Disney who were fighting our genius of an extortioner alongside Michael Jackson):

  • From the date of the agreement “and continuing thereafter, Defendant Jackson and DOES 1 through 100, developed, orchestrated, participated and carried out a scheme to falsely accuse the minor of lying about his claims that Defendant Jackson had sexually molested and assaulted the minor” (So everyone conspired to accuse the minor of lies though Evan himself signed the agreement that there had been no molestation and no wrong done to the boy).
  • By making that interview “Defendant Jackson obtained a financial benefit of a value equal to the cost of 40 minutes of advertising on that program. (Evan prepared well and didn’t miss a single detail)
  • As a consequence of Defendant Jackson’s breach of the Agreement in appearing on “Prime Time Live” the sales of Defendant Jackson’s records soared and the total economic benefit from the “Prime Time  Live” Interview, earned Defendant Jackson, and others in excess of  $60,000,000.00. (Records have probably soared, but what does that have to do with Evan Chandler? )
  • Plaintiff demands all economic benefits gained by Defendant Jackson and other Defendants from the commercial exploitation of the facts of the “Underlying Action” in an amount in excess of $60,000,000.00. (So here we go with it….)
  • During the Interview Defendant Jackson uttered and published false and defamatory statements concerning Plaintiff, which were reasonably understood by those who viewed the Interview as referring to Plaintiff. (Defamatory statements concerning Plaintiff Evan Chandler? OMG, where did he see that? Did I miss something in the interview? Can anyone give me a lead as any moments where Michael is supposed to be talking about Evan?)
  • Defendants deliberately and maliciously disseminated these false denials about Plaintiff and his minor son with the intent of damaging and destroying the reputation of Plaintiff and his minor son (Is Evanattributing his own intentions to another person here thus giving away his own plans and methods?)
  • The words uttered by Defendant Jackson were slanderous per se because they made false statements regarding Plaintiff’s reputation, business reputation, and by innuendo by impliedly accusing Plaintiff of committing the crime of extortion. (Where did Michael say that??? I definitely missed something and must reread the interview…)
  • As a direct proximate result of the above-described words, Plaintiff has  suffered the following special damages: Plaintiff has suffered loss of his reputation, shame, mortification, emotional distress, and injury to his feelings, while suffering and continuing to suffer general and special damages as set forth herein. (So the damages are divided into general and special now… Are both of them to be paid on top of the initial $60 mln. I wonder?)
  • Plaintiff has performed all conditions, covenants, and promises under the  Agreement on his part to be performed as herein alleged. (Look at this innocent little sheep! It was Evan who immediately upon signing the agreement approached various publishers though his brother Ray Chandler to make a book of lies about Jackson as if not knowing he was breaching the agreement this way! Ray Chandler said it himself that Evan was participating in that project!)
  • Defendant Jackson, in conjunction with Defendant Sony, wrote and caused to be distributed to the public for sale a certain musical composition entitled “HIStory Past, Present, and Future – Book 1” (“HIStory”). The recordings of the musical compositions  contained therein, by innuendo, is Defendant Jackson’s expression of his feelings of ill will regarding Plaintiff and his minor son. (He really thinks that everything Michael does is about him only! Evan here, Evan there, Evan, Evan everywhere…)
  • Defendant Jackson made derogatory, harmful, malicious and fraudulent public statements in the lyrics of the “HIStory” album, including, but not limited to the song entitled “They Don’t Care About Us”. Defendant Jackson’s lyrics, inter alia,  state: “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me;
    “Tell me about what has become of my life?
    “Children who love me, I’m a victim of police brutality/ I’m tired of being a
    victim of hate. . .”
    “Tell me, what has become of my rights/ Am I in reason because you know me, defamation from speak free liberty (no, please)””I’m tired of being a victim machine, they’re throwin’ me in a class with a bad name . . .”

(the angry lyrics about Michael’s ruined life are regarded as a weapon of Evan’s mass destruction)

  • In the song entitled “This Time Around”, Defendant Jackson’s lyrics, inter alia, state:”. . . This time around, I’ll bet though you really wanna fix me . . . you’re makin’ me sick, though you really wanna get me . . Somebody’s out, somebody’s out to get me, they really wanna fix me, hit me . . . I’m takin’ no shit though you really wanna get me . . .””. . . He really thought, he really had a hold on me, he really thought, he really could control me . . .””I’m takin shit though you really wanna fix . . . Somebody’s out, somebody’s out to use me, they really wanna use me, they falsely accused me . . .””Somebody’s out to use me/ They really want to use me, they falsely accuse me;” 

(So what? Michael is right – they really wanted to use him and falsely accuse him. And if Evan applies it to himself he has only himself to blame for it)

  • In the song entitled “Money”, Defendant Jackson’s lyrics inter alia, state: “If you show me the cash then I will take it/ If you tell me to cry, then I will
    fake it/ Lie for it, Spy for it, kill for it, die for it””So you gonna trust what I say is just in the Devil’s game… They don’t care, they do me for the money, they don’t care, they use me for the money . . .””. . . I’ll never betray or deceive you my friend, but if you . . . you sue it for the money, want your pot of gold, need the micas touch, but you sell your soul, because your God is such . . . are you infected with the same disease of lust, glutony, and greed. They watch the ones with the widest smiles . . .”

(How terribly true it is of some people and Evan knows it every well as he again readily applies it to himself)

  • In the song entitled “They Used Me For The Money/They Don’t Care” and in the song entitled “2 Bad” Defendant Jackson’s lyrics, inter alia, state: “I’m tired of you hustling me”. 

(So what? What is so important about this sentence? Does Evan see himself even here?)

  • In the song entitled “D.S.”, Defendant Jackson’s lyrics, inter alia, state: “They wanna get my ass/ Dead or alive/ You know he really tried to take me/ Down by surprise/I bet he missioned with the CIA/ He don’t do half what he say””Dom Sheldon is a cold man . . .””He out shock in every single way/ He’ll stop at nothing just to get his political say/ He think he bad cause he’s BSTA/ I bet he never had a social life anyway””You think he brother with the KKK?/ I know his mother never taught him right anyway/ He want your vote just to remain TA/ He don’t do half what he say” “Does he send letters to the FBI?/ Did he say to either do it or die”

(I didn’t know that Don Sheldon was also about Evan… By the way a great song. How did Michael manage to make it both angry and so melodic? Pure genius. Time we listened to some music instead of reading this gibberish)

  • And, in the song entitled “Tabloid Junky”, Defendant Jackson’s lyrics, inter alia, state:“It’s slander, you say it like a sword, but your pen you torture me . . . Just because you read it in a magazine, or see it on a T.V. screen, don’t make factual/ They say he’s homosexual . . . it’s slander,. . .”  

(So Tabloid Junky is about Evan too. Well, if he says so…)

  • Because of the need to repair the reputation of the Plaintiff, Plaintiff seeks the equitable remedy of an order to allow him to publish and cause to be distributed to the public for sale a certain musical composition entitled “EVANstory.” This album will  include such songs as: “D.A. Reprised”: “You Have No Defense (For My Love)”; “Duck Butter Blues”; “Truth”; and other songs. (Oh, I always knew Evan was a tender father caring for the well-being of his son)
  • Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that Defendant Jackson and Defendant Sony, uttered and published false and defamatory statements concerning Plaintiff, which were reasonably understood by those who listened to the “HIStory” music as referring to Plaintiff. (There is no doubt now that everything Michael ever says was, is and will be about Evan only)
  • The conduct of Defendant Jackson was done with the intent to cause Plaintiff severe and extreme emotional distress. Such extreme and outrageous conduct exceeds all bounds of decency. Plaintiff is therefore entitled to recover damages according to proof. (It is this Evan’s claim which exceeds all bounds of decency. Nothing can be more decent than calling a liar a liar, though Michael never called Evan that. Evan probably thinks that the desire to ruin another person and turn his life into a massacre is gracious and well-mannered these days)
  • The above-described words were spoken by Defendant Jackson because of his feelings of  hatred and ill will toward the Plaintiff and with a desire to oppress Plaintiff, and thus entitling Plaintiff to an award of exemplary and punitive damages in an amount according to law (I am bored….. Who knows at which rate punitive damages are charged now? In these hard days of crisis every extra million counts!)
  • “The continual denial by Defendant Jackson, and others, of the truth of the facts of the “Underlying Action”, and in the continual playing of his album HIStory, (the allegorical denial of the true facts), causes continuing emotional suffering by Plaintiff who is also commercially exploited by Defendant Jackson. Plaintiff continues to suffer damages and will suffer damages in the future in an amount presently unascertainable. (What continual suffering… and all it comes to is money again…Always money… Why doesn’t anyone talk of the truth instead? Has anyone seen this rare species? Or is it extinct already?)
  • The purpose of Defendants’ conspiring to breach Plaintiff and Defendant  Jackson’s agreement was to enhance the commercial value and image of  Defendant Jackson. The conspirators intended to influence the public’s perception of Defendant Jackson as a victim to induce sympathy in the public to cause the public to purchase Defendant Jackson’s music album  “HIStory” and video, thus exploiting Defendant Jackson’s unlawful acts for commercial gain. The attempt to induce sympathy was disguised in the Interview by asking the manufactured lingering questions as to Defendant Jackson’s guilt, or in the words of Defendant Saywer: “unequaled injustice and hell”, as the victim of the Plaintiff. (The “Defendants’ conspiring”, “the conspirators intended to influence the public’s perception”…. I always knew that Michael was the leader of world Illuminati conspiring to kill the reputation of one poor Jewish dentist by inducing unlawful sympathy for himself and his organization)
  • As a direct and proximate result of Defendant “ABC’s” wrongful conduct as alleged herein, Plaintiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that Defendant Jackson was unjustly! enriched in a sum in excess of $60,000.000.00. (Evan is jealous of Michael’s success? Michael was unjustly enriched and should share with Evan now? How come Michael makes money and Evan doesn’t get anything from him? That exclamation mark should be something meaningful)
  • As a further direct and proximate result of Defendant “ABC’s” wrongful conduct as alleged herein, Plaintiff has suffered, and continues to suffer, general and special damages and special damages in an amount to be determined at the time of trial. (Did we define the rates for special damages last time? No, those were punitive ones… Where is my calculator?)
  • As a further direct and proximate result of Defendants’ conduct as herein alleged, Plaintiff has suffered panic, trauma, humiliation, disgrace, worry, anxiety, mental anguish, physical and emotional distress, all to his damage in a sum in excess of $750,000.00. (All that vocabulary is being converted into a clear cut figure at last. Let me see, so much suffering must cost at least $60,000,000 + $750,000 + the unidentified punitive damages + special damages too … Is it all and will there be anything else?)
  • As a further direct and proximate result of Defendant Presley and Defendant “ABC”, Does 101 through 200, Plaintiff was required to expend his time and energy to gather facts, seeking and conferring with legal counsel, and filing a legal action to redress said  Defendants’ tortious conduct, all to Plaintiff’s detriment in a sum to be proved at  the time of trial. (No, it isn’t all yet. Also his time and energy will have to be added. How much does Evan charge per hour?)
  • As a proximate result of the negligence of Defendants, Does 101 through 200, and the matters discussed on “Prime Time Live”, Plaintiff suffered loss of his reputation, shame, mortification, emotional distress, and injury to his feelings, in a sum according to proof at the time of trial. (I am afraid to think of the cost of Evan’s loss of reputation, shame, mortification, emotional distress and injury to his feelings… Michael doesn’t have that much money!)
  • The above-described words were spoken by Defendant Jackson because of his feelings of hatred and ill will toward the Plaintiff and with a desire to oppress Plaintiff, and thus entitling Plaintiff to an award of exemplary and punitive damages in an amount according to law. (And we are not even  through half of the text yet…)
  • Defendants “ABC” and Sawyer …stated during the Interview that they had called everyone they could call and checked everything they could check… Defendant “ABC” knew that Defendant Jackson had not been cleared of all criminal charges. (Something new for a change. Well, Defendant Jackson wasn’t cleared because he was NEVER CHARGED. Our ‘D.S’ spoke about it at his press-conference on Nov 19, 2003:  “As you all know, or most of you know, either from being involved or knowing about that investigation, there were never any charges brought in that investigation, no warrant issued.” So it was natural for a hater like D.S. to leave the case open in anticipation of new con-artists coming in)
  • Within the last two years, or since July 14, 1995, Defendant Jackson, “ABC”, Sony, became indebted to Plaintiff in a sum in excess of $60,000,000.00 for money had and received by Defendants for the use and benefit of Plaintiff. (Don’t understand why they are TWO years between 1995 and 1996. Unless Evan wants to increase the amount of the “damages” of course…)
  • Neither the whole nor part of this sum has been paid, although demand therefore has been made by this Complaint, and there is now due and owing, and unpaid a sum in excess of $60,000,000.00, with interest thereon at the rate of ten percent per annum from June 14, 1995. (Yes, paying an interest is the answer. If there are TWO years between 1995 and 1996, the cumulative interest rate will be 20% of $60mln. which amounts to the additional $12mln. on top of the basic sum)
  • Defendants’ sale of any album, audio cassette, containing the “HIStory” music, or the playing of such music by unknown third parties constitutes a continuous breach of the Agreement as set forth herein. (“Continuous” is a key word here. Am I wrong in my guess or is it really coming?)
  • Defendants’ past and present wrongful conduct, will cause great and irreparable injury to Plaintiff in that Plaintiff will continue to suffer slander to his name and emotional and physical distress caused by Defendants’ breach of the Agreement. (No, I wasn’t wrong – we are almost there. The poor guy will continue to suffer from every type of distress, even a physical one, FOREVER)
  • It will be impossible for Plaintiff to determine the precise amount of damage which he will suffer if Defendants’ conduct is not restrained and Plaintiff may be forced to institute a multiplicity of suits to obtain adequate compensation for his injuries. (Yes, here we are! Michael will have to pay Evan Chandler FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE because “is impossible to determine the precise amount of damage” now and Evan will have sue Michael on a continuous basis!)


So what will be your diagnosis of the case? 

Is it a pathological greed or a pathological mind in the clinical meaning of the word?

Or both?

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Lynette permalink
    May 16, 2010 5:13 am

    Evan here Evan there Evan Evan everywhere.My sides hurt from laughing so hard. Yes he must have recognized himself and what he did in all those songs but what I don’t get is did he think he was the DA DS. LOL Great job!


  2. July 3, 2010 10:21 pm

    Wow, this just shows how perfectly, utterly crazy Evan was!

    Helena: “When I read that secretly recorded conversation between Evan Chandler and David Schwartz it was solely Evan’s emotions which convinced me of him being genuine in his suspicions against Michael (though they are no proof at all that any wrong did take place). Yes, Evan did believe in what he was saying, I told myself…”

    He did have a lot of emotions, but in that conversation I think his emotions were directed at Michael for “breaking up the family” rather than suspected molestation of his son, since he admits he doesn’t know if there was something wrong going on between Michael and Jordan – and doesn’t even seem to care much IMO. The reason why he is angry is jealousy. And yes, that anger and emotion is genuine.


  3. Suzy permalink
    July 3, 2010 10:26 pm

    Oops, sorry. The last post was me. Unlike Brian I’m not about to have multiple personalities here, I was just logged in with my account. But it’s me, Suzy.


  4. Suzy permalink
    July 5, 2010 6:28 am

    Another thing that struck me in this document how utterly hostile the media were towards Michael. (Not that it’s news but it’s always shocking to see the great extent of bias against him.) I mean the quotes from the newspapers at the time. Attacking him for “playing the victim” on his HIStory album (with a whole lot of lies, quoting Sneddon’s lie about the photos matching and so on).

    I would like to see any of these journalists how easily they would get over being falsly accused of a horrible crime!


  5. July 5, 2010 1:25 pm

    Suzy says: “He did have a lot of emotions, but in that conversation I think his emotions were directed at Michael for “breaking up the family” rather than suspected molestation of his son, since he admits he doesn’t know if there was something wrong going on between Michael and Jordan – and doesn’t even seem to care much IMO. The reason why he is angry is jealousy. And yes, that anger and emotion is genuine”.

    I think this observation is absolutely correct. Even Michael’s haters noticed the same thing – see Josh Mankiewicz’s interview with Ray Chandler (

    Mankiewicz: “One of the things that comes out in your book is that your brother was sort of more worried about the estrangement from his family at the hands of Michael Jackson than he was that his son might be having sex with Michael Jackson.”
    Chandler: “Initially. Initially yes, because that’s what he saw as happening.”

    Mind it that Josh Mankiewitcz got the same impression not from Evan Chandler’s and David Shwartz’s taped conversation as we did, but from a different source – Ray Chandler’s book. So different people (representing opposite sides of the story) come to one and the same conclusion on the basis of different Chandlers’ sources? This makes the observation about Evan’s true reason for anger all the more valuable to us.

    Let me take this idea a little further. It seems that Evan was angered MOST by him being no longer part of the game. Up to a certain point the family was more or less at one with Evan being actively involved in it. He made plans for Jordan and the family – a new house or at least an addition to the old one – and had great hopes for Jordan’s future. Remember what Evan said to June Chandler about Jordan’s future well-being? See her testimony for the exact words:

    14 Q. Do you remember telling the District

    15 Attorney in Los Angeles that when you talked to your

    16 ex-husband Evan about Michael Jackson’s relationship

    17 with your family, that Evan saw this as a wonderful

    18 means for Jordie not having to worry for the rest of

    19 his life?

    20 A. Would you repeat your question?

    21 Q. Yes. Didn’t you tell the Los Angeles

    22 District Attorney that your ex-husband Evan, the

    23 father of Jordie, told you that the relationship

    24 with Michael was a wonderful means of Jordie not

    25 having to worry for the rest of his life?

    26 A. Yes.

    If Jordan became a bosom friend to Michael Jackson Evan could surely benefit from such a relationship too – Ray Chandler even mentioned it in his book that they could have had millions from generous Michael if that friendship had flourished.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Evan encouraged June to try her female charms on Michael – which she probably did with much enthusiasm (any woman would). After all she was separated from David Shwartz and was a free woman now, so why not try this method in addition to actively imposing the boy on him? The big idea was to tie Michael as much as possible to the family (could be an explanation for her invitation to spend 30 days in her home) – with Evan as the patriarch of the family being the ruling spirit there.

    But can you imagine his fury when he realized that June thrust him aside, didn’t talk to him any longer and started playing her game single-handedly? He no longer knew their plans, he felt betrayed and offended. See what this horrible woman did to him… There was not a single woman who hadn’t deceived him he complained to David on that tape… If only they had talked to him… They shouldn’t have stopped calling him… He was part of the game… What an offence…

    Could this be a true Evanstory?

    P.S. It shouldn’t have necessarily be a plan at all – could be just tacit understanding between all the participants on the Chandlers’ side.


  6. Truth permalink
    July 5, 2010 5:19 pm

    This made me laugh:

    Mankiewicz: “Did your brother ghostwrite this book?”

    Chandler: “Absolutely not.”


  7. Suzy permalink
    July 5, 2010 6:39 pm

    LOL, yeah. So how does Ray know all these stories if his brother didn’t ghostwrite it? Was he a fly on the wall?


  8. July 24, 2010 1:08 pm

    Bashir & Mankiewicz all working for the same program (Nightline) & network. One can only imagine.


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