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Charles Thomson is under ATTACK

July 29, 2010


CHARLES THOMSON, an honest, thorough and brilliant journalist who has proved himself a stauch supporter of Michael Jackson, has suddenly found himself in trouble from a totally unexpected side – he has been viciously attacked by someone who poses herself as a fan of Michael Jackson. The harassment campaign is so bad that Charles had to lock his twitter account and limit communication to those of  us whom he knows personally only.

I suspect very much that Bonnie Cox may be actually a hater of Michael who is masquerading as his fan and is trying to kill two birds with one stone  – compromise Charles Thomson in the eyes of unsuspecting Michael’s fans and make Charles wish he had never got himself involved with these crazy people who call themselves Michael’s supporters.

Haters are trying to DIVIDE US – this is the main idea.

The ancient principle of DIVIDE and RULE has been well known from times immemorial and has proved very effective with those of us who do not realize that they are being cynically manipulated. The seeds of division sown between people divert their attention from something really important and channel their activity into a totally non-productive direction, forcing them to turn on each other instead of doing joint work – which in our case is research into lies about Michael Jackson.

This convinces me more than ever that the campaign against Michael is still going strong and that it is being orchestrated by someone behind the scene. And each serious player who is vindicating Michael is being eliminated in a very special, intricate and unique way.

Judging by what Charles Thomson is writing in his blog he has almost believed it that it is a true Michael’s fan who is standing behind his harassment campaign. Nothing can be further from the truth and I hope Charles will understand it.

Please also note that some wellwishers have been posting obscene comments at TMZ under his name which he had to disprove in his blog:

DEBORAH FFRENCH has written a letter to all Michael’s fans about this strange situation with Charles Thomson  (I came to possess it thanks to our Franci Shepherd). Here it is:

British journalist, Charles Thomson, who you are all no doubt aware,
has been working tirelessly for some time now to bring the truth
about the gross injustice meted out to Michael Jackson while he lived, into
greater public awareness – has been under cyber attack now for the
last two days.

A misguided and exceptionally misinformed blogger – Bonnie Cox,
author of the ‘Michael’s Guardian’ blog – who is also a member of the ‘ Tea
Party’ political group, has maliciously sent out emails and tweets to
everyone she knows, claiming that Charles and J Randy Taraborrelli
are ‘paid hitmen,’ hired as part of a Sony conspiracy to destroy Michael
Jackson by writing nasty articles about Michael.

Yes, really.

This blogger has also been encouraging people to harass Mr Thomson on
twitter, Facebook and at his own website. This blogger – Michael’s
guardian – has also asked people to ‘spy’ on Mr Thomson’s twitter
account and send her so-called ‘evidence’ of his Sony affiliations.

This is utter nonsense. The basis for this non-existent evidence of
Mr. Thomson’s alter-ego as a ‘Sony assassin’ is apparently a picture that
appeared on Mr Thomson’s Facebook page of him and Randy Taraborrelli
meeting in LA in June!

This lie has already led to Mr Thomson taking the drastic measure of
removing hundreds of people from his Facebook account and locking his
tweets. More action may be necessary. This speculative and false
‘evidence’ is as unfounded as the ‘fact-building’ engaged in by
Sneddon and his ilk when MJ was alive – and is just as dangerous.

Instead of supporting one of the few credible journalists who
supports the reality of Michael’s innocence, this journalist is now
unfortunately being attacked by ‘musicfactorymj’ on tweet and by
‘Michael’s guardian’ on her blog and elsewhere.

This is outrageous behaviour and I am seriously concerned about the
apparent capacity of some MJ fans to be believe any ridiculous
conspiracy that someone who is old enough – but clearly not wise
enough – to know better, irresponsibly puts out on the web.

There are consequences for this hurtful and untrue libel, and one of
those consequences may unfortunately be that Mr Thomson, someone who
has dedicated enormous amounts of time trying to uncover the
misinformation and years-old slandering of Michael’s name – may
simply stop doing his invaluable work.

Can we all focus on the on-going campaign to petition Rev Sharpton’s
radio show bookers to invite Mr Thomson on for an interview about
Michael Jackson’s trial by leaving a message at:
and /or emailing:

And if you come across any of this unsubstantiated and completely
false information about Mr Thomson being a ‘hired sony assassin’ on
the web, please strongly refute it in no uncertain terms, and direct
people to this link where all the information about these attacks is
fully explained.

Be under no illusions, these attacks are not being done in ‘Michael’s’ name. They are a totally malicious and outrageous attack on an objective, honest journalist who must be wondering what the hell he’s done to deserve all this.

Lets us hope common sense prevails.

Thank you for your help in this.

Deborah Ffrench

(end of quote)

One of the reasons for the hatred campaign against Charles Thomson seems to be his friendship with Randy Taraborrelli. Well, I am not a fan of that guy at all but the fact that Charles is friendly with him is not sufficient reason for creating all this havoc around his name. He has proven by his articles that he can be relied on for fighting lies and telling the truth about Michael Jackson.

And if Bonny Cox is actually a fan and thinks that she is standing up for Michael this way she must know that she is doing him a terrible disservice and is missing out what Michael was really like – hate wasn’t his weapon though he was exactly the one who had every reason to possess it.

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  1. July 30, 2010 1:12 am


    Well if you boycott the efforts of the estate, and the bills cannot be paid, guess what – the AVT catalog will have to be sold. Then What?


  2. CuriousChild77 permalink
    July 30, 2010 1:48 am

    Im sorry this is happening 2 u Charles–Ive enjoyed reading ur blogs about Michael–This does not represent the entire MJJ COMMUNITY–just like with any community we have our bad “appleheads” There is so much speculation and unanswered questions its insane–The INUSTICE is immeasurable–So many pple with egos–So many pple saying with LOVE 4 MJ out of there mouths with the stench of rotten money on their breathe—Its gonna be a long road–Please dont give up because of a few CRAY Stans


  3. Abby permalink
    July 30, 2010 2:25 am

    I meant to post this in Charles Blog before he locked it down. I was sick of the above mentioned people saying MJ fans only liked Charles because of that one article. I also to be honest don’t really care if he was the lowly newshound. Sadly, I know know he won’t be reading it but it I think it will help explain why Charles has such strong support from MJ fans such as myself. I don’t know if I’ll agree on everthing he says about MJ but when it comes to the allegations and 93 and 2005 I appreciate his efforts to get the truth out. Here is what I was going to say (it’s a bit lengthy sorry)

    Ya know Charles, at this point I really don’t care if you were the lowly Newshound. And if you were and felt the need to deny it for whatever reason, I would understand. It’s irrelevant to me, and here’s why. I read the blog when it was first speculated that it was you. I can’t say I found anything particularly offensive, nothing that jumped out at me, there was a lot of insider information that some might deem negative, but honestly I wouldn’t go so far as to call this person a hater. Perhaps this person wasn’t an MJ fan, but music critics and journalists of popular culture are not always fans of the people they cover.

    But more importantly I respect that in 2008 you were one of the only journalists to interview Aphrodite Jones for her book “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” at a time when it was even more unpopular for journalists to even suggest that Michael was innocent. It was on your blog that I first found out about Aphrodite doing a documentary based on information from her book, it was on your blog that I confirmed what my own findings were about the Michaels FBI file. So many media outlets were twisting the facts and I could clearly see that from being able to read the file myself. It was refreshing to see that you would tackle analyzing the file as well. It was your interview with KFPA that gave me hope, that maybe other young journalists like yourself would follow suit and expose the media for their vicious and bias treatment of Michael during the trial. It was your blog that pointed out the blatant media bias after the Evan Chandler suicide and your blog that questioned the ethics of another journalist who called Michael a “common pedofile”. It was your blog, your interview for sawf, and I believe your first Huffington Post article where I saw Gene Simmons’ slanderous statements about Michael being refuted. It was your most recent piece to the Huffington Post about “The most Shameful Episode in Journalistic History” that warmed my heart on June 13th, to know that someone as brave as you existed in the world to call the media out on their blatant unprofessionalism and to actually name names. All of this information that still exists on your blog, can be easily corroborated. Fans such as myself have most likely combed through many of the same articles you have.

    My point is, when it comes to Michael and the media treatment of him over the years particularly during the trial it is more than obvious that you are credible, unbiased, objective and courageous. Those of us who aren’t journalists can only imagine the risk one takes with their own careers by calling out the specific folks in the media they way you have. Honestly nothing you have done in the past year remotely resembles an MJ hater, I don’t know if you’re an “MJ Fan”, per se, nor do I care, that’s not what I come to your blog for quite frankly.
    The idea that somehow you are looking to profit off of this venture of proving Michael’s innocense seems, well, misguided to put it mildly. If only it were profitable for someone to portray Michael as an innocent man amidst all the negativity towards him that still exists in the media.

    So again, keep up the good work!


  4. Dialdancer permalink
    July 30, 2010 3:23 am

    There have always been attacks in the form hate filled rants. The MJJForum had been attacked and it looks like there was a serious power struggle as well. The site has been shut down until tomorrow and will no longer be accepting new members. Inactivates will be removed. (think I’m inactive) Information denied to those seriously seeking it.

    It seems since the initial grieving has passed our natural personalities are asserting themselves. Temperament disparities and engorged egos are causing quite a bit of trouble.

    Many of us were new to social networking until Michael’s death and us finding our way to a Fan Site. These sites were in essence home, in that we were comfortable, talking of anything and everything. Once many turned to advocacy work we became aware there were those who lurked and spied upon us. The Media, Murray’s people, hate bloggers, law enforcement, perhaps the Estate, and for sure Sony.

    In some cases we became more discrete with our plans and in others not. The one thing we forgot were the note takers and undercover haters. Those who pretend to love, respect and believe in Michael, but were there to listen in and report or subtly cause strife, cast doubts and hurt the more vulnerable, and shut us down. Some were there from the beginning and others arrived later. Once we started showing signs of organized and successful vindication activity the attacks started getting worse.

    I do not have to like Charles’ friends. I do not expect Charles to be a Michael Jackson Fan, that’s my job. All I expect from him is objective and accurate reporting to the public, exposing who, how and why Michael Jackson’s name has become synonymous with child molestation. Hell for all we know he could be Diane Dimond’s second cousin. I will continue to support him, until I alone see reason not to.

    No one really needs to provide much information to anyone, we use public networks.


  5. Tim Kellet permalink
    August 1, 2010 10:52 am

    I have been reading Charles Thomson’s work for a while, and find that it is based on fact. I have also read some of Bonnie Cox’s blog, and found it to be mostly emotional rants and hearsay.

    Charles Thomson is totally within his rights to defend his name, and so is Deborah Ffrench. If, as has been suggested on more than one fan site, it’s so wrong for Mr Thomson to defend himself, then why should anyone bother fighting and working so hard for vindication and justice for Michael? Why don’t we just let the slanderers and persecutors have their way?

    Michael fought to defend himself, Mesereau fought defending him. “Doing nothing ” is what the German people did in 1939 against the Nazi’s, what millions of Americans did in 2005 when Michael was railroaded, and Breitbart was hoping America would do again in 2010.

    No-one said Charles Thomson was a hero, but he is no liar either.


  6. MUZIKfactory2 permalink
    August 1, 2010 9:29 pm



  7. Kelly permalink
    August 1, 2010 11:18 pm

    Dialdancer: ” Once we started showing signs of organized and successful vindication activity the attacks started getting worse. ”

    Interesting then, that just as Charles Thomson has started to reach more people, the level of
    projection and confusion has increased.


  8. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    August 5, 2010 9:21 am

    Hi Helena,

    Thank you for including me a ‘page’ on your site, it is very kind of you.

    I noticed on the above reproduction of my words about Charles Thomson and Bonnie Cox that there is a [ p.s ] part underneath that text.

    Would it be possible for you to make it clear that those are NOT my words, as my statement actually finishes after my name?

    Other than commenting on Ms Cox’s own actions and remarks regarding Mr Thomson or myself, I have no personal knowledge one way or the other about the nature of Ms Cox’s feelings or otherwise towards Michael Jackson, and do not see that as my place to comment on.


  9. August 5, 2010 12:25 pm

    Hi Deborah, I’ve amended your page and deleted the very last part of it. Since this is your page please always tell me what you’d like to be changed or corrected there. If you have some other texts please send them to me and it will be a pleasure to post them in your or the Home page.

    The research you have already done convinced me that I can rely on your texts to be thorough, serious and Michael friendly – so you are always welcome here, just like all the others who sincerely want Michael’s name to be cleared of all the dirt which stuck to it.

    It is actually amazing that so many different people from different parts of the world can be practically at one when it comes to Michael Jackson – it seems that he is doing his work even after his death. I wish I could give all these people a chance to speak out in this blog on a constant basis too (hence all these attempts back and forth at creating individual pages).

    You and other contributors may be sure that none of their texts will be touched by me in any way. This concerns doubters and even haters of Michael Jackson as well.

    However I reserve the right for myself to handle haters the way I see fit after I warn them about the possible consequences of their continuous insults to Michael and his fans – they way I did it with Desiree and another person here who had ped..le inclinations. Unfortunately, though being warned, Desiree has taken my many weeks of patience with her for the inability to take harsh decisions (which I really hate).

    In case there is some difference of opinion on any matter whatsoever you and other readers/contributors can always rely on an open discussion of it in the comments section. For various reasons I prefer it here rather than via ‘contact me’.


  10. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    August 5, 2010 1:41 pm

    Hi Helena,

    I understand your points and once again thank you for the amendment made.

    I, of course, also recognize, that on your own site you have the absolute right to address ‘others’ as you see fit.

    Sometimes, it would appear my comments fall foul of the spacing on your page. If it’s not too much trouble I would greatly appreciate you fixing my comments if they do, as it interferes with their readability.

    I look forward to reading more interesting posts on your site and, now that you’ve kindly allocated some space to my work – adding more of my own.


  11. MUZIKfactory2 permalink
    August 5, 2010 10:31 pm

    Hypocrisy Thy name is Charles Thomson, PART 2

    Some comments by Charles Thomson about MJ


  12. August 6, 2010 5:01 am

    Thank you for telling me about MJStar – I did look and you know what I found? My facebook gravatar is put side by side with the MJStar gravatar right on the front page! What it means I don’t know yet – is it a sign of gratitude from MJStar for my standing up for Michael and putting me there as a ‘soul sister’? Or is it meant to imply that I placed it there for some reason and am talking with readers there – which I am not?

    If the latter is the case everyone should know that I am not using my facebook account at all and don’t conduct any conversation there as I SIMPLY HAVE NO TIME FOR IT.

    Please tell me what my facebook gravatar placed there is supposed to mean to the reader? I’ll be really grateful if somebody tells me!

    Here is the link to MJStar front page:

    Now that I’ve entered the same MJStar site from my office computer I see that the Facebook page is showing those facebook users who are just logged in. Earlier I was evidently automatically logged in by the – this is why I saw myself. If you are logged in you’ll see yourself and your facebook account.

    Sorry for the stupid questions – it is just me being computer illiterate.


  13. August 6, 2010 9:32 pm

    First of all i want to thank you Helena for doing such a great work, i found this site via google, and it’s one of the best i’ve ever read. It’s informative and great. I have read Thomson’s news about Michael Jackson, and as a fan, i feel real greatful to him for his work to vindicate Michael Jackson. Everything seems to be repeating itself again over the internet, haters, slander, OLD slander, and stupidity.

    I’ve read Bonnie Cox blogs, and i do not think she is a real Michael Jackson fan, she is writing about herself: “I am someone that never ever expected to be writing about Michael Jackson. But this is bigger than him. It’s about doing what’s right.”

    She is using Michael Jackson in her own hatred against Sony, as we all know. Michael is for her a perfect example on a battle against a corporation she’s furious at. I am not english so i don’t type english perfect, but i want to say thank you again for all your work, and i hope Thomson will open up his accounts again, why should he be threatned and silenced by Bonnie Cox? She is not worth it, she’s not genuine after cleaning Michael Jackson’s name, she’s out to smear Sony only. And Michael Jackson fans should not interfere with her.


  14. August 7, 2010 10:28 pm

    I have looked at MJstar, and i can’t really find anything wrong. It’s a very common attitude among journalists, that they would “die” for the freedom of speech. This is a part of their education. So, MUZIKfactory2 – i dislike this witch hunt on Charles Thomson, a british journalist who have spent a lot of time to write serious stuff about Michael Jackson. And thanks to him i found the information about the FBI-files. To use a bit humour on a forum is not forbidden. I am more suspicious at someone who do not claim themself to be a Michael Jackson fan, and want to bring Thomson down. Is it really all about power, on internet? I relate to what Thomson has been written lately. Aphrodite Jones did not support Michael Jackson before she saw what was going on during the trial. Some socalled “fans” have told me not to buy her stuff; “she only want to make money”…. This is what i mean, one never know who’s talking. A fan would not dislike Jones for her work, and neither dislike the young journalist Charles Thomson.

    I will moderate my earlier opinion of Bonnie Cox, i am simply not sure if she’s a fanatic fan or not, Michael did dislike Sony very much, so do the fans, but it’s not right of her to start an attack on Charles Thomson. I am in general sceptic to members of the Tea Party in USA anyway.

    I am a true fan of Michael, and i love him with all my heart. This is also why i do not want the fan community to divide and fight with each other. After everything Michael Jackson went through when he was alive on this earth, he needs all the support he can get, his name must be cleaned. Thank you vindicatemj for your articles.


  15. CCC permalink
    August 9, 2010 8:56 pm

    I’m curious to know what is the response to the information that Muzikfactory provides on her blog – Vindicate, are you going to address it?

    I mean are we so desperate for Michael support that we will take it from ANYONE, even the most blatant hypocrite? I mean I’m judging the man by his own words, before he became “pro-Michael”.


  16. August 10, 2010 8:47 pm

    CCC: “I’m curious to know what is the response to the information that Muzikfactory provides on her blog – Vindicate, are you going to address it?”

    No, I am not going to address it. When I apologized to Muzikfactory for labeling her and Bonnie Cox haters it did not mean I agreed with them. I am really sorry I have to say it but if it isn’t devilish cleverness on their (or your) part, then it is the second variant which is stated in the headline of the adjoining post. And if this is the case then it’s hopeless and truly deplorable.

    CCC: “I mean are we so desperate for Michael support that we will take it from ANYONE, even the most blatant hypocrite? I mean I’m judging the man by his own words, before he became “pro-Michael”.

    I am afraid your anger sounds a little too much affected. Desperate or not desperate is not the point. Michael’s fan community is no inquisition and anyone’s prior heresy in believing that Michael could have human flaws is not under scrutiny here. As long as the person is an ardent advocate of Michael now nothing else matters. If we set each Michael’s supporter on fire for every minor slip he has (allegedly) made in the past we will have no supporters of his left and then there will come a time for haters to triumph and rejoice. Michael’s true followers have been absolutely GREAT in showing you in their comments here that they are not willing to give the haters this chance.

    And I am really happy to see that Michael’s followers are not haters – this is the most difficult part of it all but we are somehow, miraculously and unbelievably, probably with Michael’s or God’s help, are learning how to overcome hatred and learn something better instead.

    CCC: “I don’t understand the desperation to champion Mr. Thomson as an advocate of Michael Jackson”

    And whom do you suggest as a true advocate? Aphrodite Jones? But she admitted she had not been on Michael’s side until she really looked into the documents. If she is going on fire too who will be left?
    Geraldo Rivera is probably not too bad but I’ve read in Lisa Campbell’s book “The King of Pop’s Darkest Hour” that he put up a mock trial on TV while the real one was going on in the courtroom. And though some good points were made there during that mock trial – for example, the REAL defense witness Tim Whitehead, Michael’s cousin told the jury he had been offered $100,000 to say that Michael was gay (p.105) – nevertheless the idea of a mock trial doesn’t sound too appealing to me. So if we throw Geraldo Rivera to the lions, who else will be there? Or will the horizon be clear after that?

    CCC: “Charles Thomson underwent his metamorphosis from HATER to SUPPORTER.”

    Even if this is the case (which I doubt very much) Aphrodite Jones also underwent this metamorphosis and I also converted from a doubter into Michael’s advocate. There are many other people I know who also woke up from the drunken state of being blind, ruthless and blatant haters and this is actually the goal we are working for.

    CCC: “I cannot believe that anyone would try to justify and/or dismiss the hateful way this man spoke about Michael when it was UNNECESSARY, UNCALLED FOR and just down right mean-spirited.”

    As to unnecessary and uncalled for anger and mean spirit let me tell you that you’ve really done your part as regards Charles Thomson. We have noted it and can we ask you to turn your back and look around now? Do you see anyone there? Diane Dimond, Nancy Grace, Maureen Orth and a thousand other unscrupulous reporters who deserve your attention now. Now you know what to do next?

    Thank you.


  17. Truth permalink
    August 10, 2010 9:14 pm

    For goodness sake – Charles Thompson wrote a correct article on Michael Jackson which was in his favour. Can’t people leave it at that.

    Some people think that if you do not worship Michael Jackson then you can’t call yourself a fan! Its actually quite pathetic how many hate filled rants certain people go on – was it not Michael who believed in love over hate.


  18. Abby permalink
    August 10, 2010 9:36 pm

    Interesting quote from Muzikfactory2’s latest blog post, do I need to post the link, I think everyone know where to find Muzikfactory2’s blog?

    @VindicatingMJ I’ve rather not post the link but I don’t want to get in trouble, it’s posted below, sorry, feel too remove my commment if it’s innappropriate.

    So read the quote, I think it pretty much sumes things up, what we aready knew, vindicating Michael is not top her agenda. She also went on in the recent blog post to bash others fighting for vindication of Micheal such a Geradine Hughes and William Wagner.

    Interesting, enough she mentions free sources that peole can access to vindicate Michel, gee, like the pieces of Charles Thomson has in his blog and The Huffington Post, I guess he is excluded from that list now, or maybe not?

    “A father of 3 who was wronged his whole life is murdered and Conrad Money et al are getting away scotch-free and I don’t get the urgency of “clearing” MJ’s name rather than seeking justice for him. He is already cleared from ALL charges by a unanimous jury. Friends don’t need explanations, enemies won’t believe anyway. There are enough free sources out there that all an astute person with brain cells has to do is google. The desperation from MJ fans are leaving the door wide open to opportunists with less than genuine motives.”


  19. CCC permalink
    August 10, 2010 11:32 pm

    VindicateMJ : “No, I am not going to address it. When I apologized to Muzikfactory for labeling her and Bonnie Cox haters it did not mean I agreed with them. I am really sorry I have to say it but if it isn’t devilish cleverness on their (or your) part, then it is the second variant which is stated in the headline of the adjoining post. And if this is the case then it’s hopeless and truly deplorable.”

    I’m not going to comment here any more, because I find the name calling and the way that the people are having discussion distasteful.

    I will just leave you guys with this thought:

    You can actually disagree and be agreeable.There’s no need to name call, cast aspersions and question a person’s character, motivation or intentionns. Unless someone has something to substantiate that type of behavior it is just MEAN. Of all the people who responded to me, I found Anna the most respectful and unbiased, even though she clearly did not agree with me.

    Thank you Anna, I appreciate the way you expressed yourself, and I appreciate you giving room for others to agree or disagree.

    If someone is behaving negatively or dishonestly, the best thing to do is point it out, I don’t believe in biting ones tongue, but behaving like them makes you just as bad.

    So I choose not to respond in kind to the way I am being spoken to, people assuming my motives and my emotions — calling me angry for goodness sake.

    I’m not the least bit angry 😆

    To successfully communicate with someone one should ASK what they think and feel and not assume.

    Have a blessed day.

    Have a blessed evening.


  20. lcpledwards permalink
    October 11, 2010 8:45 am

    Charles Thomson recently conducted an extensive interview. It is available in 6 parts, and here is part 6 (which includes links to the other 5 parts).

    Perhaps we should try to repost the interview on this site? (With Charles and Lorette Luzajic’s permission, of course!!!)


  21. Holly permalink
    July 23, 2012 2:05 pm

    Does anyone here know what happened to Muzik’s blog?


  22. sanemjfan permalink
    July 24, 2012 8:23 am

    Here’s the link to Muzik’s blog:


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