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My deep sympathies to Charles Thomson

August 16, 2010

I was wondering about the outcome of a storm around Charles Thomson and after several days of sinister silence over that issue decided to look up the Muzikfactory2 blog. The collage picture of the journalist with some worm-like plants growing on his head as well as the name-calling taking place there did not leave me a chance to stay aside from the battle.

The third part of the serial devoted to Thomson was just enough for me to recognize the familiar feeling of disgust which up till then I had experienced only when reading the media ridiculing and harassing Michael Jackson. The style rang a familiar bell and the fact that now it is being applied to Charles Thomson immediately put me on my guard.

It is the name calling and the choice of words which attracted the attention first. The Goose that thinks he is swan, Confessions of a teenage drama queen, or a Phony and Duplicitous Pseudo “Journalist” (in quotes) talking “drivel” – is the person who is spitting all this language dirt supposed to be a Michael Jackson’s fan? Someone who endured with him the many years of malice, hatred, ridicule and spite? And who, same as Jackson really knows what it’s like to be on the scaffold?

Michael Jackson was a very soft-spoken person and this is one of the hundred reasons why we admire him so much. The most he said to his detractors was calling Tommy Mottola a devil and “go to hell’ to one of the journalists –  so I doubt it very much that a true follower of Michael Jackson will apply the kind of hateful language used above to anyone at all – let alone the journalist who has started on a really serious attempt to rehabilitate Michael Jackson in the eyes of the general public.  People who have had grievous experience themselves usually tend to be more tolerant, compassionate and understanding towards others…

However the person ridiculing Charles Thomson in that blog is irritably picking at the journalist for everything he does. All his words are ‘drivel’ and the two great articles in the Huffington post are shrugged off as a mere nothing.  This resented me very much as my own experience on a MJ forum reminds me how we regarded each of those articles as a medicine for our common survival and as a breath of fresh air at a time when we were suffocating most:


In fact the support from Charles Thomson to Michael’s fans came much earlier – when he started a blog back in June 2009 and posted dozens of articles which helped the fans to pull through the first most difficult and tearful year after Michael’s death. I clearly remember how we hang on each word from Charles Thomson and how I prayed with each successive article that he didn’t lose courage and kept doing the job … The fact that none of his truly great blog posts made their way into newspapers speaks only of the enormous difficulties with which the truth about Michael Jackson is fighting its way into the open.

It is since then that Charles Tomson’s blog has taken a proud a place in the list of my favorites – I regarded it as a safe harbor where I could always find new reliable information from a wise and understanding guy and an ardent Michael’s supporter.

That is why the sudden assault on Thomson from Muzikfactory2, Bonny Cox and other esteemed authors came as a complete thunderbolt to me.

These highly moral people now aspire to be opening our eyes to the ‘whole truth’ about the journalist by quoting several expressions from the earlier version of Charles Thomson which were probably said by him some three years ago to the effect that “MJStar is pleased to be the only major MJ forum on the web that allows discussion of MJ’s failings as well as his successes”.

Let me state it clearly here – I am not prepared to forget all the friendly, truthful and well-researched arguments Charles Thomson provided me with in the defense of Michael Jackson over a minor thing like that. I am more than satisfied with what he is writing NOW and have other important issues to attend to rather than analyze several three-year old sentences said in a context I can only wonder about.

But what I find completely unsatisfactory in the whole thing is the strange timing when these sentences have suddenly materialized from thin air and the righteous anger campaign over them suddenly started.

If Charles Thomson was such a ‘villain’ some three years ago then why should the anti-Thomson campaign start only now?

Where were these highly moral people before and how did it happen that they overlooked such villainy earlier and started on it only now that he has ‘reformed’?

Why all this agitation now though the journalist has not allowed himself a single word of  doubtful nature about Michael for more than a year that we heard him speaking? To this I can testify on the Bible as all this time I’ve been studying his posts with much care (for a different purpose though). If you come to think of it we don’t even know whether he did say anything bad about Jackson at all…

And why Thomson of all the people? Have his prosecutors weighed up his ‘crimes’ in comparison with Diane Dimond’s or Bashir’s contributions or at least Tanya Gold’s, with whom Charles Thomson had an almost hand-to-hand fight over the matter of her shameless slandering Michael in the Guardian? What torture have our moral guardians prepared for these gangsters if they are treating an innocent man like Charles in such a ruthless manner over a couple of careless words?

WHAT? They are not addressing these people at all? Why, I wonder? Then could it be because Charles Thomson is so much different from these people that the prosecutors selected him from the others in his trade?  But if this is the case, WHO are Charles Thomson’s prosecutors then???

This made me study part 3 of the the Muzikfactory serial about Charles Thomson in more detail. Here are a few interesting examples I’ve found:

1) This is the kind way Muzikfactory speaks of Charles’ attitude towards Michael Jackson’s music:

  • Motown founder said Michel is the  “greatest entertainer that ever lived”. Michael’s undisputed contribution to music has been expressed by prominent worldwide artists. His music is embedded in world culture. I hardly think its your place to assess his artistic integrity! If you don’t like his music, simply don’t buy it. Why bemoan about it for 3 years and berate him? Who the hell are you, kid? When you were sperm, this man sold out the biggest album of all time.
  • After all the bashing, you expect to make a name for yourself off of his back? If you were the keeper of such “saving grace” info, where were you when Michael was alive? Why doesn’t your non-MJ-related articles have as many views? You have been swinging at MJ and his fans under the guise of objectivity, I would be mindful before you go back to writing about restaurant hygiene!

Since this piece contains so much indignation the reader’s natural assumption would be that Charles Thomson doesn’t like Michael’s music at all and assesses his artistic integrity in a negative way. This surprised me, so I looked up Charles Thomson’s blog and see what I found in its October 2009 post there – the post is devoted to disproving the allegations of a gossip columnist Roger Friedman who said that Anka was a victim of ‘theft’ by Jackson with his This is it song. Charles Thomson says in this connection:

[Friedman] has now launched a bizarre assault on the King of Pop, stating that he was ‘not a great songwriter’ and baselessly claiming that he ‘often took credit for material that wasn’t his’.

The remarks would be offensive if they weren’t so hilarious.

Jackson was a phenomenal songwriter. During his adult career  he wrote the majority of his own hits, including ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Beat It’, ‘Wanna Be Startin Somethin’, ‘Bad’, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, ‘Dirty Diana’, ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’, ‘Black or White’, ‘Heal The World’ and many, many more. Not to mention the vast majority of the material on ‘Jacksons’ albums such as ‘Destiny’ and ‘Triumph’.

As for Friedman’s allegation that Jackson took credit for other people’s material – it is entirely without merit. It is true that Jackson was repeatedly sued by chancers who implausibly claimed that he had pinched their songs, but I cannot recall a single instance in which he did not win. Jackson meticulously documented his creative process, archiving demos and even dictaphone tapes into which he would sing and scat songs as they came to him”.

A PHENOMENAL SONGWRITER! Precisely! Besides the fact that I absolutely agree with Charles Thomson in his assessment of Michael Jackson’s phenomenal talent this paragraph convinced me that the ‘righteous anger’ we heard just several paragraphs earlier turned out to be nothing but a big-big LIE wrapped into a very clever packing.

It is like wrapping a package into a bright packing and persuading a customer to buy it just by telling him that it contains something valuable inside and not giving him a chance to look what it is.

In the same way when discussing Michael’s music the author doesn’t even stoop to tell us what the journalist actually said – the thunder of indignation fully replaces the whole story and makes us assume that he said something horrific about Michael’s music. Overwhelmed by the “righteousness of this anger” very few of us would take the trouble to look up Charles Thomson’s true words, because when the fury is so fierce and the indignation so ‘sincere’ this fact alone conveys to the reader a feeling that this kind of thunder may be the result of only some really awful and horrific words really told by the journalist about Jackson…

Why does the method sound so familiar to me? Where did I see it last? Well, only recently… with someone who was trashed without reason …. and no one really checked … because the indignation over some allegations was so righteous… and the goal looked so noble… yes, the victim was Michael Jackson! … so the same is being done to Charles Thomson now?

The only journalist who is supporting Michael against the media bias and is fearlessly fighting for Michael’s good name is being trashed now in the same way it was done to Michael himself?


Wait, but can it be some kind of a coincidence or misunderstanding between the parties? Let us look at what else these people say, for example, about other Michael’s supporters – just to double check our conclusions and make sure we didn’t make a mistake?

Miraculously the answer to this question is also found here, in the same 3d part of the Thomson serial by Muzifactory and you will never believe who else is not to the author’s liking same as Charles Thomson …. These people are not yet being victimized in the same ruthless way as Charles Thomson is, but what is absolutely clear is that they have already been nominated for the role and their turn will inevitably come.  Let our Muzikfactory2 speak for herself:

  • Geraldine Hughes was the legal secretary of Barry Rothman – Evan Chandler’s attorney. She witnessed a set-up against Michael but instead of reporting her boss to the Bar or going to authorities to help Michael – an innocent man – she writes a book about it 10 years later”.
  • William Wagener is another opportunist who claims to have footage that would single handedly clear Michael’s good name if only fans would fundraise  $5 million. If he had a valid business proposal, he would have had a sponsor”.

Now that it is clear what future is awaiting these two people let’s see what the author thinks about the need (or no need) to vindicate Michael Jackson and clear his name of all the dirt that stuck to it:

  • “A father of 3 who was wronged his whole life is murdered and Conrad Money  et al are getting away scotch-free and I don’t get the urgency of “clearing” MJ’s name rather than seeking justice for him. He is already cleared from ALL charges by a unanimous jury. Friends don’t need explanations, enemies won’t believe anyway. There are enough free sources out there that all an astute person with brain cells has to do is google. The desperation from MJ fans are leaving the door wide open to opportunists with less than genuine motives”.

Well, the only thing I can say to the above is that with friends like that Michael Jackson does not needs enemies…

Finally let us look again at the main topic of the blog to which the major part of the 3 part serial is devoted and the kind and exceptionally cordial way Charles Thomson is being treated by his opponent there:

  • Charles, such a drama queen you are. I intended to post only 3 posts about you, hence Arthur Schopenhauer quote about 3 stages but your last drivel pleads a response.
  • It was foolishly arrogant of you to think I opened this blog especially for you. I intended to blog for awhile but my youtube channel was keeping me busy. Since I deleted my youtube videos, I opened this blog to address phonies and  it just happens that my first posts are about a duplicitous pseudo “journalist”.
  • … You are a pseudo “journalist” who jumped on the gravy train. You wrote 2 articles about him AFTER his death yet you dub yourself an “expert in the life and times of Michael Jackson”. Michael and his music are so intricate that I doubt a 22 year old captured the essence. Not to mention, his articles mirror Aphrodite Jones’ hard work but he is happy to take the credit.
  • … It’s my prerogative to express my opinion about your comments and conduct. It ruffles your feathers, too bad. Make your peace with it and try harder to handle it befitting of an “award winning journalist”.
  • … How much did you sell your Omer Bhatti story to a tabloid? What was your motive “facilitating” Dieter Wiesner’s addict interview?  What “sources” directed you to “squash rumours” that MJ was missing rehearsals when Karen Faye, MJ bodyguard, MJ followers….later Kenny Ortega, even Randy Phillips stated that he indeed missed rehearsals? What credentials did you have to be interviwed by TV stations on the night MJ died? Did you know Michael? What relationship warranted you to speak authoritively about him?
  • ….There are couple of people whom I had to “set straight” awhile back. Apparently it still stings LOL What can I say, calling spade a spade makes enemies. These people are spreading lies about me that Charles and his lapdog Deborah French are propogandizing against me. I will not dignify every hater with a response…especially those I left behind for a reason.

And from the beginning of the post:

  • …. All of my direct correspondences with you has been cordial. Fans have judged you without even asking you anything but I reached out to have a dialog with you. I didn’t hold a gun against your head for you to respond me.
  • I asked if there was extenuating circumstances that prevented you to admit publically that you blogged LowlyNewsHound. I have never “threatened” you and If you claim so, publicize it! It was ME who requested that you express yourself without profanity. After I published my first blog post, it was ME who stated that we have no reason to communicate further but you kept writing me. So stop with the “bohoo she is harrassing me” babble.

*   *   *

Charles, dear, I don’t even know what to say to you.

You have my deepest sympathies on the misfortune that befell you.

I hope this malady won’t stop you from getting on with the great job you’ve been doing for Michael. Together we will surely overcome it. I truly hope that all other Michael’s fans will side with you and give you their full-hearted support without thinking twice. There is so much to do and no time to lose.

Could we pretend that this unpleasantness has just never happened, PLEASE?

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  1. August 17, 2010 3:06 am

    ****is the person who is spitting all this language dirt supposed to be a Michael Jackson’s fan?

    NO NO NO NO…..without a doubt, NO!

    I’m not sure about anyone else who comments on this, but I for one can tell a “con-fan” when I read one. Oh Dear, I totally support Charles Thomas – I agree, “Could we pretend that this unpleasantness has just never happened, please?”

    It’s like the trolls on the Amazon forum, after awhile, they just go away. We can only pray that’s the case with this cluster of what? Are they haters? Critics of the supports, that’s meaningless – Critics of Michael Jackson supporters are haters, right. How can you be both – ride the fence?

    It’s a higher force in the spiritual realm; I know that for a fact. Not to get all religious but I’m gonna get all religious. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

    I feel comfortable about quoting that passage, I’m sure Michael Jackson, having the background that he did, wouldn’t mind either. And more then likely would agree.

    ****first most difficult and tearful year after Michael’s death
    The first article from Charles that I ever read about Michael Jackson was the very light of hope that I NEEDED to continue fighting for Michael’s name. I had to stop fantasizing Michael was still alive and I realized that I have the rest of my life to enjoy and savor his music and short films, NOW is the time HIS name and his 3 children need me/us the most, while he’s still being so viciously attacked – even in his death!!

    ****(or no need) of vindicating Michael Jackson and clearing his name of all the dirt that stuck to it:

    HELLO! knock, knock to who ever this person is that says no need of vindication. I’ll sum it up in one book title:

    Dangerous Liaisons All The Kings Boys – Carl Toms (ring a bell)

    I’ll sum it up one online scum video:

    Jason Pfeiffer claims to have been Michael Jackson’s boyfriend when he died (ehmm!)

    I’ll sum it up in one on-line tabloid piece:

    Freak of the Week – Andrea what’s her name (did you read that?)

    That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what’s out there and what’s to come!!!

    With all THAT crap going on, we surely don’t need someone trying to stymie our vindicating progress – let’s put on our hats of advocacy and politely push this whole group of detractors out of our way!

    About Dr. Murray – unless these “blogger(s) / accuser(s)” claim to be God, the judge and the jury, LAW IS LAW – it is what it is. Anything we, as fans, say is not going to change what the law is.

    I, like many others, am so livid at Dr. Murray, and whoever else is responsible for taking Michael from us. Let’s not forget, the media had a hand in it as well – that “evil force” took Michael and slammed him!! Well, we have an opportunity to give back as admires to a person who gave US so much throughout all theses years. This is where OUR voice FOR HIM comes into play – now it’s time WE give to HIM.

    Charles, Thank you. Thank you for who you are and all the hard work and time you’ve so unselfishly put into helping defend Michael Jackson’s name, his legacy. You have inspired me with what you’ve written and I look forward to reading more from you. You are fuel – a voice for Michael Jackson. I honor you and have a high regard for you. Now let’s get those hats on shall we!



  2. August 17, 2010 6:31 pm

    111 FAS: “It’s a higher force in the spiritual realm; I know that for a fact. Not to get all religious but I’m gonna get all religious. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places”.

    @111FAS, I also feel that some spiritual forces are involved. There isn’t anything supernatural about is – a human being is a piece of energy in the first place, and when there are so many people thinking the same ideas, feeling the same emotions and doing the same thing it is a tremendous pool of their energies brought together. Love is an energy, same as hate.

    This is why when there was so much hatred towards Michael he was physically ill and it was probably only the tremendous accumulated energy of his fans which helped him to somehow balance all the negativity. It is fans, his own power of love and his children of course who helped him survive for so long in this awfully negative and poisonous atmosphere.

    Hate wasn’t Michael’s weapon and shouldn’t be ours – fighting with the arms of the opponent cannot bring about a victory. I truly believe that each party should be fighting with their own arms ONLY.


  3. August 17, 2010 7:05 pm

    111FAS: “Charles, Thank you. Thank you for who you are and all the hard work and time you’ve so unselfishly put into helping defend Michael Jackson’s name, his legacy. You have inspired me with what you’ve written and I look forward to reading more from you. You are fuel – a voice for Michael Jackson. I honor you and have a high regard for you. Now let’s get those hats on shall we!”

    As to Charles Thomson I respect him greatly for what he is doing – it takes a lot of courage to go against the stream which in the case of Michael Jackson is sitting comfortably on all those hateful allegations as if on a sofa and chewing them up again and again. This way you are guaranteed no danger, no criticism and full understanding and applause on the part of the general public. Defying public opinion and calling on his fellow journalists to do their research seriously and reporting honestly is not exactly what these people are waiting for. IT IS DANGEROUS and the latest developments around Charles show it.

    He will be able to cope with it – I am sure of it – but he needs all the energy of Michael’s supporters to keep him going as no human being is capable to fight single-handedly the accumulation of that much hatred. The only thing he needs from Michael’s fans is just to be sure that they are supporting him – and that is probably all he needs from us now.


  4. August 17, 2010 7:13 pm

    Susanne, I agree with EVERY word you are saying and since your comment was accidentally misplaced let me put it where it belongs for everyone to see:

    SUSANNE 2010/08/17 at 9:22 am

    Yes, Helena, Charles really must feel now like Michael himself. Honest and truthful people always seem to be attacked and suffer from injustice – as if our world didn’t want them, whereas liars and slanderers always seem to have a free ticket.

    But after all I guess we are a majority of MJ fans and advocates who support Charles Thomson, who know how important his work is. We have read his articles carefully and TO THE END. Charles was the only journalist who asked the question: WHY? – when it comes to Michaels drug addiction.

    To me it’s not so important whether Michael took any drugs or not and how many and when and how long his addiction might have been. Much more important is the question: WHY did he come to the point where he needed them? Who brought him to this point? And Charles was the only one asking this question – not even Michael’s family did when they said he was in denial.

    Michael was human, he wasn’t a God. We cannot deny he took any drugs at all. To me it’s normal and understandable and human that he did because no one of us could have gone through this hell without needing some kind of help for relaxing and sleeping. No one of us could have handled this situation without medication. At least I couldn’t. Why deny that? And that’s what Charles wanted to make clear.

    And also it’s not so important what Charles perhaps said some years ago or if he is critisizing Michael for a few decisions he made. That’s his job. It’s necessary to see the whole picture. And he did an incredible job to bring justice to Michael.

    I hope very much that Charles can see that the majority of MJ advocates stand behind him and that it’s only a minority of so-called “fans” who slander him and whom in the end we shouldn’t give too much attention – because they are not credible and proof themselves that they don’t act as Michael would have wished.

    (Though I thank you, Helena, for dealing with this matter; it was important to do)


  5. August 17, 2010 7:45 pm

    Susanne: “Charles was the only journalist who asked the question: WHY? – when it comes to Michaels drug addiction. To me it’s not so important whether Michael took any drugs or not and how many and when and how long his addiction might have been. Much more important is the question: WHY did he come to the point where he needed them? Who brought him to this point? And Charles was the only one asking this question – not even Michael’s family did when they said he was in denial”.

    If Charles Thomson is raising WHY questions in connection with Michael’s addiction first to Demerol and then to a medicine which helped him get some sleep, than I side with Charles Thomson fully and would very much to discuss this issue too – because the guilt of the MEDIA in driving him to turn to something which dulls his pain is colossal and even monstrous.

    It is sheer sadism to torture a person, laugh at his anguish and then pour scorn on him if he implores for some remedy to relieve his sufferings.



  6. Susanne permalink
    August 17, 2010 8:21 pm

    Thanks Helena. I also agree with every word you say!


  7. Despina permalink
    August 21, 2010 9:59 pm

    I’ve read a lot of the stuff Charles wrote about MJ and never ever was under the impression that he was attacking him. On the contrary. He is a well-read journalist, a researcher and an expert and once again I appreciate your effort of clearing things up.God!Will they ever stop already?And I so much enjoyed your interpretation of “leaving hateful comments with characterizations and swearing being indicative of a non-real supporter of Michael’s legacy”.Given this opportunity, I’d like to express my disapproval of such commentating since Michael Jackson is not a case of football team (not that I support it even then) but rather a very serious case of an exceptional humanitarian, unparalleled artist and spiritual leader who has set a paradigm of global unity through numerous acts. Therefore, I pledge for dignity and respectful behavior even when dealing with undoubted haters.Being informed and open-minded is the way to deal with them in my opinion


  8. Bo Green permalink
    August 26, 2010 1:13 pm

    Thank you for this.

    I’ll be honest, though. I think we’re dealing with mental illness.
    All we can do is keep up the debunking on our websites and hope people’s intelligence wins out over this craving for tabloid-style sensationalism.

    So ironic, as you point out, since this arguably is what killed MJ.

    A website screaming
    “There’s a CONSPIRACY!!! Someone you’ve trusted is really EVIL!!!”
    gets far more hits than one that says calmly,
    “No, there’s no conspiracy. Someone you’ve trusted has in fact earned that trust.”

    Hopefully sanity will reign in the end.


  9. August 27, 2010 10:39 am

    “Hopefully sanity will reign in the end”.

    Bo Green, I hope it will.
    However the way it is now NO journalist and NO sensible person will ever join Michael’s fan community because they will be afraid of harassment for their previous ‘misdeeds’ (which may be purely ficticious too). Even if they change their views about Michael they will distance themselves from Michael’s fans as much as they can and will probably keep their veiws to themselves – not spreading them further – as none of them will risk speaking openly. They’ll know what foul language they will hear in their direction if they only dare open their mouth in Michael’s support.

    “Where have you been before? And what did you say about him earlier? If you didn’t say, what did you think then? Why didn’t you raise your voice in his defense when he was alive? You have no right to be called Michael’s supporters! Okay, it is good that now you think he was innocent but how dare have your own views about some other issues? Michael doesn’t need friends like you! We don’t care if you will spread information in the defense of Michael’s innocence further – he doesn’t need vindication anyway because he was already pronounced not guilty by the jury!” (this last argument is special in its TOTAL insanity, considering what the media still says and general public thinks about Michael)

    Listening to people like that one would think that firstly, they are a type of an inquisition which is ready to torture others for a mere suspicion in some phantom heresy and secondly, that they wouldn’t like ‘pagans’ to be converted into their faith (I mean those who doubted Michael’s innocence earlier and have turned into his supporters).

    To me this is sheer insanity because WE here are actually WORKING FOR these people to wake up and join Michael’s supporters – independent of what their views were like before.

    I am sure that those Michael’s fans who have gone through the years of all that anguish together with him will only welcome the newcomers, same as we appreciate and deeply respect them for the never-ending love they gave to Michael when he needed it most.


  10. September 8, 2010 2:41 am

    Thanks for the support here. Much appreciated.

    Yazmeen is a liar, a racist, a homophobe and a fool – and most of what she writes has little or no basis in reality.

    For the record, I do still write about restaurant hygiene reports from time to time and I do so gladly – often pro bono. It’s an important local issue and I work, occasionally, as a local journalist.

    Yazmeen humiliates herself by trying to demean local journalism. There’s a whole lot more ethics, morality and dignity in local journalism than national or international journalism, for the most part. All she illustrates with comments like the one about the restaurant story is that she has no idea what she’s talking about.


  11. September 8, 2010 3:08 am

    Are you really Charles Thomson? If so you have my sympathies cyber bullying is a real, new and dangerous crime that the laws have not quite caught up to yet. In the US many children have committed suicide from cyber bullies.

    Media bullying is a real, not-so-new and dangerous crime the laws have not quite caught up to yet. A trip down memory lane.
    1. Jon Benet Ramsey’s family. Later found to be innocent.
    2. Senetor Gary Condit persecuted for the murder of Chandra Levy. Later found to be innocent.
    3. The Duke Lacrosse players. Later found to be innocent.

    Do your thing as long as you are fair and honest.


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