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Tom Mesereau: A True Friend to Michael Jackson

September 18, 2010

I recently found an interesting article about Mesereau from November 2005. I wrote it as a comment, but now I’ve decided to make it a new post, since I have found some additional information that is relevant to this topic. It’s just a retrospective on his career, and the admiration that he receives from the black community for the work he does helping poor and underprivileged clients, especially in the Deep South. There was a passage that stuck out to me, and I wanted to point it out to you guys:

Mesereau quit his longtime membership in the First AME Church, where he helped run a free legal clinic, after the new pastor, John Hunter, refused to let the church send children to Neverland while Jackson was facing charges, and then spoke to Court TV about it.

“I’m very disappointed in the church’s position,” said Mesereau, who also stopped doing his legal clinic work on Sundays at First AME and now offers his services at West Angeles Church of God in Christ. “I just thought it was inappropriate for kids to be going out there at any time,” Hunter said. “This is somebody that has been charged with child molestation, but more importantly has admitted to sleeping in the same room, if not the same bed, with children. And that is inappropriate by most standards.”

Mesereau says Jackson has never acted inappropriately with children or allowed them to stay in his duplex-sized bedroom without parental approval. Nonetheless, Jackson “has to recognize what a target he is,” Mesereau said. “I have counseled him not to let families stay in his bedroom.”

When Mesereau, who has no children, is asked how he would feel about his girlfriend’s young son staying in Jackson’s bedroom, he threatened to walk out of an interview.

“I’m not here to be interrogated with sleazy questions like that,” he said.

Later, he offered a more measured response: “I’ve been at Neverland with my girlfriend and her son. He has spent time playing with Michael and his children and his family. I am absolutely convinced that Michael has never molested any child in his lifetime.”

That passage shows the great lengths that Mesereau has gone to protect MJ, and for him to take the unprecedented step of not only leaving that church, but canceling his free law clinic, simply because the pastor wouldn’t continue to let the kids visit Neverland, that just really blew my mind! Obviously, defending MJ wasn’t just a “job”, but it was a PASSION! Here’s my take on the situation:

I understand where the pastor is coming from. He has a responsibility to protect those kids at all times, and he may have been reflecting the concerns of some of the parents of those kids who were heavily influenced by the biased media coverage. I don’ think that pastor had any malicious prejudice towards MJ, but he was just erring on the side of caution. But for the pastor to give an interview to Court TV (who no doubt spun this story to say to their viewers “Look, even the black community is turning its back on MJ because he’s a molester!”), was just an exercise in poor judgment. That was not something that needed to be broadcast to the entire world, and Court TV exploited it because it fit own agenda.

I would have assumed that Mesereau would have understood the pastor’s position and would have complied, but obviously (based on his actions) he was very offended! The article didn’t elaborate about the specific details of this spat. Maybe Mesereau requested permission to speak to the parents and assure them that it was safe, but was denied? (Especially when you consider that the kids were only taking a field trip to Neverland for a few hours to play on the rides, and NOT to spend the night with MJ!).  I’m sure the Mesereau was upset that Court TV was able to exploit the story as well.

I also like how he threatened to walk out of the interview after he was asked if he’d leave his kids around MJ. Wow! He was truly offended by that question, and I only wish that more of MJ’s supporters would have that same mentality!

(For example, ABC News had their anchors ask MJ’s bodyguards, and Karen Faye & the his other costume designers, if they thought MJ was a pedophile. A CBS News anchor asked Ryan White’s mother if she had any problems with Ryan spending time with MJ, and Bill O’Reilly asked Aphrodite Jones if she would let her kids be around MJ.)

Here is video footage from a series called “Parking Lot TV”, where they go to concerts, sporting events, etc. and interview fans.  This particular episode was shot in 2003-04, and was dedicated to MJ.  It’s 3 parts, and it includes footage from MJ’s visit to First AME Church (with Mesereau & comedienne Steve Harvey), outside Neverland Ranch during a fan vigil, and his arraignment. (The latter two parts are shown at the end of this piece.) This is the church that Mesereau quit because they wouldn’t bus kids to Neverland!

This is the scene from the First AME Church when MJ visited in 2004.  Overall, the crowd was extremely supportive and enthusiastic to see him, although a few people expressed concern for MJ.  For example  one lady (who was obviously tricked by the media) said that because MJ “bleached his skin and has numerous plastic surgeries”, there were parallels between him and real child molesters.  Another guy said that MJ just should have stopped being around kids altogether after 1993 (to which I would answer that MJ felt he didn’t need to change his behavior because he didn’t do anything wrong).

Here is a story about MJ’s holiday party for kids from local churches and schools in 2004.  They interviewed a few parents as they dropped their kids off, and they were not bothered by it.  One said that it’s only an allegation, and nothing more.  Unfortunately, one parent said it was  the chance of a lifetime, and didn’t seem to fazed by the charges, thus reinforcing the stereotype that only “crazed, irresponsible” parents would let their kids go to Neverland.  You know how the media likes to take snippets and soundbites that fit their agenda!

There was another excerpt from that article that stood out to me:

He took up pro bono work, both in Los Angeles and in the Deep South. A fervent opponent of the death penalty, Mesereau has teamed since 1999, mostly with attorneys in Birmingham, Ala., to represent Southern death penalty defendants, both white and black. “If you can, bury them in your opening statement. That’s his philosophy,” said attorney Charles Salvagio, who has worked several times with him.

That quote about “burying them in your opening statement” definitely describes what Meseareau did to Sneddon!  I went back and read through his opening statement in the MJ case, and it was brilliant!  In fact, CBS News Andrew Cohen called it the best opening statement he ever heard in his entire career!

Also, notice how Mesereau confirms that Uri Gellar really was paid by Bashir!  After the interview was a done deal, Gellar was paid fee for his services, and I’m sure that was part of the deal he made with Bashir. “I’ll help you con MJ into giving you an interview, and if he agrees you owe me a % of the profits!”

Excerpts from Mesereau’s Opening Statement:

Let me tell you how the Bashir documentary happened. It didn’t happen exactly as the prosecutor told you. A journalist, British journalist, named Bashir, Martin Bashir, wanted to do a documentary on Michael Jackson. He wanted it to be scandalous, and he wanted to get rich. And that’s what he did. But he knew that getting close to Michael Jackson may not be easy. After all, so many people around the world want to get near him. They want opportunities they believe he carries with him. This has been an ongoing issue with Michael Jackson his whole life. Because he’s a musical genius, because he’s so well known, because he’s perceived as being so successful, people are always buzzing around him trying to get a hook into his business, trying to just grab something that will give them fame and fortune. It’s an ongoing reality. It’s an ongoing problem. And as Michael Jackson has said many times, “I am very lonely because of it.” He has written that in his autobiography and he has said it; “Everybody wants a piece of me.” Martin Bashir was no exception, just like the Arvizos were no exception. So Martin Bashir decided the best way to get to Michael Jackson is a form of flattery. “I will misrepresent to him my true intentions, and I will find that little point of vulnerability that will get him to me so I can work with him and get this project that’s going to make me wealthy.” Bashir had interviewed Princess Diana of England sometime previously. He knew Michael Jackson was a great fan and friend of Princess Diana. To any of you who know anything about Princess Diana, you can understand why.

She had the opportunity to simply live in wealth, pomposity, a rigidity in the social structure in England, and she didn’t want it, she wasn’t happy with it, and she branched out on her own and offended people. And she went to Africa and she worked with children with AIDS, and she made a crusade out of trying to stop land mines around the world which explode and hurt children, mines for civil war. And she decided she was going to live her life the way she chose. She and Mr. Jackson had a friendship and camaraderie, because he saw that he had pursued a similar life. Bashir concluded that, “I’ll get to him through his love and affection for Princess Diana.” Bashir knew that a psychic in England named Uri Geller, who’s been on T.V. doing things, he thought Uri Geller could get to Michael Jackson. And it turns out he could. He called up Uri Geller and he was gushing with flattery. He said he admired what Michael had done for children around the world. He specifically referred to Michael’s visits to sick children in hospitals around the world. He said, “I so admire this. We need to promote it better. We need to do a documentary that will show the world what kind of a person Michael is, and we will focus on children.”

And he had some specific ideas. He told Uri Geller that Michael Jackson has always wanted an International Children’s Day, much like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. And he told Uri Geller that he wanted to bring Michael Jackson to meet Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations, and he was hoping by doing so, that Michael would visit Africa and help children with AIDS. He told Uri Geller, “I can accomplish that,” and Geller was very interested. Geller arranged a meeting between Michael Jackson and Martin Bashir in London. And Bashir gave the same routine that I just described: “You are misunderstood. What you’ve done is so phenomenal. The world needs to know. I’m the one best positioned to do this project so the world really will understand who you are and what you’ve accomplished.” And he showed him a letter, somewhat crumbled up letter, from Princess Diana commending him for the way he had conducted her interview. Everything was sugar and spice and everything nice. Unfortunately, it was false. It was deception par excellence. The meeting was arranged. Michael met with Mr. Bashir. He agreed to do the documentary because he believed what I just told you. Michael had some conditions. He didn’t want his children’s faces to appear on the documentary. Michael loves his children. They’re beautiful little kids. They live with him at Neverland, and they were living there throughout these alleged events, these so-called crimes that didn’t happen. But nevertheless, Bashir wanted to follow him around, and he did follow him to various cities, Berlin, et cetera. Michael was terrified that his children’s faces would be on that documentary. He is perpetually terrified that something will happen to his children. They’ll be kidnapped; there will be extortion; there will be a ransom request; they’ll be injured, or worse. Bashir agreed. “Their faces will never appear. They will not be recognizable on that documentary.” And that was false. Michael asked him if he could see the footage before it was broadcast, because Michael has been in this business his whole life. He has seen what the media can do to anybody. They can take footage and remove it. They can take footage and connect it. They can take words and replace them. They can do whatever they want and make you look terrible if they want, and it had been done to him often throughout his career. He didn’t want that to happen in this documentary. Martin Bashir assured him he would have full editorial control, and that was a falsehood.

Michael wanted any money he received to go to charity. Bashir assured him it would. Uri Geller also wanted money to go to charity, but he also wanted a personal service fee. He wanted a percentage of the net proceeds, and he worked that out with Bashir, not with Michael. Let me give you a flavor for what Bashir said to Michael Jackson to induce him to do this project: On July 23rd, 2002, he sent a letter to Michael’s assistant. He had a plan of action for filming at Neverland. He said on July 29th, they wanted to feature Michael with a large group of children, around 50, welcoming them and sharing with them his extraordinary home so that, for one day, their lives can be enriched seeing Michael with the children on the rides and then taking them into his movie theater to watch a film. The next day, Tuesday, July 30th, “I was hoping that Mac Culkin will be available to visit.” He is an extremely close friend of Michael’s and has provided support throughout the years. That’s Macauley Culkin, the actor. Wednesday, July 31st, this would be a day spent working with Michael, the musical genius, listening to the song he has written for the international children’s holiday, and also viewing some tapes from his extraordinary career, reflecting upon 30 years of success. Thursday, August 1st, a walk around Neverland, the zoo and all the other attractions that have been built both for Michael and the benefit of others. The beautiful landscape encouraging all of us to become “as little children again,” quote, unquote. Friday, August 2nd, late-night drive through L.A, how Michael still connects with the inner city, and how he has drawn inspiration for his dance scenes from the ghetto kids. “I shall give you a call tomorrow to check through this, but hope that it will be possible. Obviously, the trip to Africa, plus the U.N. visit are in the early stages of planning, but I shall certainly give you full details as soon as matters are confirmed.”

You will learn, ladies and gentlemen, what Bashir said to Michael face to face, as he did this project, a project designed to humiliate, degrade and deceive, he said to him at one point with respect to Michael and children, “I saw yesterday, just to explain, a very special interaction between you, and it was a privilege to see it. I’ve got three children, and to be honest, it was a bit of an education to watch,” referring to Michael and children. He said to Michael, “You know, nobody ever  asks you these questions about how you approach children, how you love children, what you do for children, and how you raise your own.” He said, “Nobody ever asks Michael any of these questions. They all ask these ignorant things,” and he called those people “scum.” He told Michael, “Neverland is an extraordinary, a breath-taking, a stupendous, an exhilarating, an amazing place. I can’t put together words to describe Neverland,” flattering Michael, trying to lead him to his destruction. He said, “One of the things that puzzles me, that I find difficult to understand, is why an artist like yourself, who has brought such beautiful music to the world, who has written the melody of most of our lives, my life – my romantic development was partially shaped by your records – why I find it so difficult to understand is why is it that, having brought this to the world, people are quick to criticize.” He said being with Michael and children was like a beautiful journey. He said to Michael Jackson, “One of the things I noticed about you over the last year is your relationship with your children. Your relationship with your — and I have to say to you that I didn’t know you before, but your relationship with your children is spectacular. It almost makes me weep when I see you with them, because your interaction is so natural, loving, so caring, and everyone who comes in contact with you knows that.” As the prosecutor has told you, he will show you that documentary. Keep in mind, if you will, what I just told you when you see it. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bashir traveled with Michael through Europe and the United States, spent time at Neverland. Took about eight months to put it together. And on that documentary, Michael Jackson makes very clear, “I don’t do anything sexual with children. I don’t commit crimes.”

Bashir arrived at Neverland and he did film Michael Jackson and he filmed Gavin, and he took statements from both. Nobody expected any of this to be secret or quiet. Everyone knew it was for worldwide distribution. What Michael said on that documentary he expected to be publicized throughout the world. It wasn’t meant to be a private thing. It was meant to be a public thing, and that needs to be understood as you watch it and hear his words. And I repeat, he repeatedly says, “Nothing sexual happens with me and children, ever.” He does display some idealism on the film. He talks about children coming to school with guns and why they need love, why they need caring, that there’s got to be a way to change this. He talks about children who need attention and affection, and something must be wrong with all the violence in the world. Yes, that’s Michael Jackson’s idealism, some might say, to some extent, naiveté. Certainly naiveté when it comes to making yourself vulnerable to false claims. At this point, I would like to go through some of what was said in Bashir. Much of what was said did not appear on Bashir. Fortunately, Mr. Jackson had his own videographer filming while Bashir filmed, and as you can imagine, and this is not unusual with eight months of work, it had to be condensed down into a show. Much of what Michael said about his view of the world, his view of the need for peace and love, his desire to see more creativity in the world and his great belief in children as a cause was left out, and in its place what you will see is commentary by Bashir designed to create a scandal, and he did. In September of 2002, ladies and gentlemen, the Arvizo family made numerous visits to Neverland, one of them with Actor Chris Tucker. As Gavin says on the Bashir documentary, on one occasion he slept on Michael’s bed and Michael slept on the floor. Nowhere in that documentary does he say, “I had sex with Michael Jackson.” In fact, months afterward, he was saying in various recorded statements, “He saved my family. He saved me from cancer. He’s never done anything wrong.” Now Janet’s spin was, “That was because we were falsely imprisoned.” I’m going to go through those statements also. Incidentally, the prosecutor talked about a videotaped interview with the family, and he used the word “scripted.” He used the word “scripted” to suggest that everything you’re going to see – because if they don’t play it, we will – was somehow memorized, forced, false and fabricated. Not only is that not true, I invite you to watch it. Watch their facial expressions. Watch their demeanor. Watch the spontaneous answers. Watch how long those answers go on for, and watch the point where Janet doesn’t think she’s on tape. And when you see that stuff, you ask yourself, “Is this all memorized, or is something wrong here.”

I want to emphasize that Mr. Jackson was paid nothing from Bashir. The original negotiations were that money would go to charities in England. They were talking about 250,000 pounds, British pounds they are. That, from Mr. Jackson’s point of view, the incentive for doing that documentary was that he trusted Mr. Bashir was going to present him in an appropriate and honorable and honest light. And that’s not what happened.

Lastly, here is some more footage of loyal MJ fans supporting him in his darkest hour:

Here is the scene outside of MJ’s arraignment.  With the exception of the one idiot who actually believed Sneddon was a good DA, everyone was pro-MJ. The one lady who said she was “saving herself for MJ” took it a little too far though, and by doing so she reinforced the negative stereotype that anyone who supports MJ is “a crazed, rabid fan”.

Here is the vigil held outside of Neverland.  Nothing too crazy to report about, mostly just MJ fans spewing against the media’s coverage.

It’s easy to see that MJ had the best and most loyal fans in the world from the beginning of his career! If only Mesereau had been involved in MJ’s life from the beginning of his career, things would have been so much different! Do you think Mesereau would have “negotiated” with Evan Chandler? HELL NO!!! Do you think Mesereau would have allowed MJ to be strip searched? HELL NO!!! Do you think Mesereau would have allowed MJ to let Bashir film that documentary after discovering Bashir’s checkered past? HELL NO!!!

For more info on Mesereau’s background, legal accomplishments, and articles, open this link:

Here is Mesereau discussing the verdict on the MSNBC.

And here is is on the Today Show.

UPDATE! January 29th, 2012

Here are two videos of Mesereau defending MJ against any similarities to the Penn. State sex abuse case!

Here is Mesereau receiving an award for excellence from the Fidler Institute:

And here he is speaking well of Michael at a fan event!

Here is Mesereau being interviewed by attorney Allison Hope Weiner on December 15th, 2011. At 1:08:30, Mesereau begins to talk about the sycophants and opportunists who surrounded MJ, and how he told MJ to get rid of the Nation of Islam bodyguards because he didn’t want to make the issue of race a central focus of the trial. Notice how he says that the “prior counsel” offered the Nation of Islam an office at his firm because he thought that the Nation of Islam would keep him on the case!
The “prior counsel” that Mesereau’s referring to is none other than Mark Geragos, and to me his comments confirm that Geragos was nothing but another ambulance chasing lawyer who only wanted to represent MJ beause it would boost his fame and notoriety! He couldn’t have cared less about what was truly best for MJ, and who knows how that trial would have went had Geragos represented MJ! Thank goodness Mesereau had the wisdom and foresight to realize that the Nation of Islam was hurting MJ in the court of public opinion!

To show how little Geragos cares about MJ, look at how he threw MJ under the bus on the Jane Velez Mitchell show, of all places! Watch this video, and ask yourself if you could ever picture Mesereau saying this about MJ?

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  1. September 18, 2010 3:50 pm

    Thanks for the info on Mersereau. I, too, am just now starting to learn about a lot of his charitable work and services to the underprivileged. I think this is important in debunking the myth of him as just a high powered, high paid “celebrity attorney” with a talent for getting rich clients off. Something about this man has always struck me as very sincere, and I don’t say that just because he was Michael’s attorney and defends him. Every once in a great while, people of great and true integrity come along, and they are very rare…Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc. I think Thomas Mesereau belongs in that category. Attorneys overall get a bad rep. It’s not exactly considered the most honorable of professions by many. Yet Thomas Mesereau is a shining example of what a truly passionate, caring, and dedicated profesional in this field should be. I can think of only one other lawyer who even comes close, and sadly, he was a work of fiction-Atticus Finch.


  2. Dialdancer permalink
    September 19, 2010 2:14 am

    From the moment I read the first court document with Mr. Mesereau name on it I have thought how different the events leading up to and the 2005 trial would have been.

    For that matter the serving of the body search warrant. I bet he would not have allowed his client to gaze sightlessly at heaven knows what nor would he have accepted the no answer from the Sheriff when asked to see it.


  3. Suzy permalink
    September 19, 2010 8:19 am


    Here is an account from the “Frozen in time” seminar from fans who attended the event:

    Mesereau is a true hero of mine!


  4. Okunuga permalink
    September 19, 2010 2:06 pm

    This is off the topic being discuss but i’m wandering if there is any plans in the works for making a film about the 2005 case in the mold of People Vs Larry Flint,i think the film will shed more light on the goings on in the court room.


  5. Suzy permalink
    September 20, 2010 5:55 am

    This is a new documentary about Michael. At least I have never seen it before (only small snippets from it). It was put together by Marc Schaffel and although I know he wasn’t always good to Michael, but this docu is actually pretty good. No sensationalist garbage, no opinionated trash, just letting Michael and his fans speak for themselves.

    I especially liked the part about Neverland and how ALL kinds of people were having a great time there. The media tried to portray NL as some kind of dark place which was designed to lure children, but the reality is very far from it. It was designed to make people happy: all kinds of people, children as well as adults, as you will see.

    And BTW, how many celebrities let simple, everyday people in their homes? Michael was truly one of a kind!

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Part 5:


  6. shelly permalink
    September 20, 2010 12:29 pm

    It’s the 2nd video from Wagener about the seminar

    Too bad he made some stupid mystakes about Feldman and Hugues.


  7. Jan permalink
    September 20, 2010 1:52 pm

    take a look at this sick site:


  8. Jan permalink
    September 20, 2010 2:03 pm

    Tom mesereau is brilliant and we have to give praise to randy jackson for that, I always send people to this site for the rebuttal footage:


  9. Jan permalink
    September 20, 2010 2:10 pm

    Zonen said it was “ulitmately a shakedown of michael jackson”:


  10. lcpledwards permalink
    September 20, 2010 3:06 pm

    @ Jan

    If Uri Geller wanted to sue somebody for falsely claiming that he was paid for setting up Bashir with MJ, then he should sue Tom Mesereau! He said in his OPENING STATEMENT that Geller negotiated a fee directly from Bashir! The question is this: did Geller negotiate the fee with Bashir BEFORE or AFTER MJ agreed to be interviewed?

    If Geller negotiated the fee BEFORE introducing Bashir to MJ, then that means that Geller wasn’t objective in his assessment of Bashir’s character, and he had a financial incentive to convince MJ to let Bashir interview him.

    But if Geller negotiated the fee AFTER introducing Bashir to MJ, then it means that Geller was honest when he said that he trusted Bashir, and truly felt that he would be fair with MJ. He didn’t let a financial windfall cloud his judgement of Bashir’s character.

    Either way, if and when Geller decides to sue Mesereau, ONLY THEN will I believe that he wasn’t paid at all! Dr. Arnie Klein was only repeating what he knew, so I think Geller is making him a scapegoat!


  11. Suzy permalink
    September 20, 2010 3:15 pm

    I don’t think Uri Geller’s role is important. That he took money for the documentary doesn’t mean he knew what Bashir’s intentions were. He might have or have not betrayed Michael, unfortunately he wasn’t the only one in his life. Dr. Arnold Klein himself is among those who betrayed Michael (although he only after Michael died and stopped being his cash cow), so he better shuts up….


  12. Dialdancer permalink
    September 21, 2010 6:04 am

    Making side deals for access to Michael seemed to be a way of life. From what I’ve read there were few, very…very few who did not do side deals first, advise according to the side deal. In most cases if you wanted to meet or speak to Michael money or personal favors had to be placed on the table first. Which meant those person making deals and then advising Michael on who to do business with or not were not looking out after Michael’s interest, not doing the job for which they were paid. It is all tied up in all that great love these people keep proclaiming they had for Michael. A pack of hyenas have more consideration for their victim than these people did for Michael.


  13. September 22, 2010 11:07 pm

    A friend just sent this to me. its a Q&A with Mesereau.


  14. September 23, 2010 8:12 pm

    Part 3 of “Frozen In Time” Criminologist Martha’s interview


  15. Olga permalink
    December 11, 2010 12:01 pm

    Tom Mesereau on Wagner December 10 2010 interview


  16. Olga permalink
    December 13, 2010 6:34 pm

    part 1


  17. Olga permalink
    December 13, 2010 6:35 pm

    part 2


  18. shelly permalink
    December 13, 2010 7:27 pm

    Thank you Olga.


  19. Olga permalink
    December 14, 2010 12:02 am

    part 3


  20. December 15, 2010 12:21 pm

    Olga, I’m catching up with a lot of things and am now listening to the interview Thomas Mesereau gave to William Waneger (both are great there!).

    Their observations on the media are priceless – I would like to use them when making my last post about Larry Feldman and how he handled the media in 1993.

    But part 1 is not opening – could you check it up please? It says something about the video being private. And will there be more parts as the interview is not finished with part 3?



  21. Olga permalink
    December 15, 2010 2:05 pm

    Helena, I think you need to subscribe to see the video but I have downloaded so I will send it along with the other one I told you in my e-mail. I hope he will upload the rest of it


  22. Dialdancer permalink
    December 17, 2010 3:19 am

    The comes by way of Suzy from Amazon’s MJ Forum

    T. Mesereau just uploaded this onto youtube yesterday (12/15/10)

    May this man live long and well.


  23. Olga permalink
    December 17, 2010 11:14 am

    part 4


  24. Olga permalink
    December 17, 2010 11:16 am

    Dialdancer these are old uploads and probably something happened with the channel and they are all re-uploaded again.


  25. Olga permalink
    December 17, 2010 11:23 am

    Part 4 I just posted has interesting information on Francia at 6.30


  26. shelly permalink
    December 17, 2010 11:59 am

    If Wagener is telling the truth, it’s horrible.


  27. ares permalink
    December 17, 2010 1:23 pm

    i am 100% sure William is telling the truth. My God. The more you search this story the more disturb you become. Lies, money and hatred is the bottom line. MJ must be vindicated and all those who tried to harm him must pay. This is the only way his soul can finally rest in peace.


  28. December 17, 2010 2:50 pm

    “Part 4 I just posted has interesting information on Francia at 6.30”

    Olga, I marvel not only at Thomas Mesereau but at William Wagener too and his persistent support for Michael Jackson. I fully believe what he is saying about Francia and the fact that he stopped short when asked a specific question about no molestation is very, very strange. It cannot be explained by any ‘confidentiality agreements’ with the Neverland staff because just before that he was bragging about his life there – so why would he suddenly have his lips sealed? Probably because he realized that he had gone too far in his bragging and incidentally disclosed the truth?

    And he practically SAID to Wagener that nothing happened!!!


  29. Olga permalink
    December 17, 2010 3:06 pm

    Guys Wagner has never been discredited and don’t forget that Francia told in 1993 that nothing happened and police didn’t like his answer


  30. shelly permalink
    December 17, 2010 3:37 pm

    I know Francia said nothing happened in 1993 but why Wagener said nothing to Mesereau in 2005? Maybe because he didn’t know who Francia was before he took the stand. I find that horrible.


  31. Olga permalink
    December 17, 2010 3:43 pm

    Shelly he explains in the video why he didn’t. And he found out about Francia being a witness during the trial so he should stop the coverage. That was risky enough but it turned out that MJ didn’t need him anyway. Not only Francia had changed his story and the police used questionable methods when they didn’t hear what theywanted, but he is also the witness that made the jurors laugh at their break with his testimony


  32. shelly permalink
    December 17, 2010 3:46 pm

    I know for Francia and I understand for Wagener, but I really don’t understand how someone can falsely accused someone else and lied under oath. It’s really something that makes me sick to my stomach.


  33. ares permalink
    December 17, 2010 4:23 pm

    But that is MJ’s life story, isn’t it.Arvizos lied under oath, his employee’s lied under oath, Francia lied under oath .Meserau ones said that MJ was the celebrity with the most lawsuits. 1000 lawsuits per year if i am not mistaken. But here what impresses me with Francia. In the begining he said that nothing happened to him but then, ten years later he suddenly remembered something. I wonder why?


  34. Chris permalink
    December 17, 2010 4:26 pm

    @ Olga
    I agree that Wagener hasn’t been discredited YET. The 9/11 comments were a big mistake and as soon as this doc gets aired what do you think the media will do. “Oh this is the same guy who thinks he was murdered over land mines” etc etc.
    I support his efforts but it could turn out to be a real big error that costs the truth of this trial being taken seriously.


  35. Olga permalink
    December 17, 2010 4:52 pm

    Chris I am talking about MJ story not his general beliefs on other issues. These are already known things so it’s not like we expect Wagner to say aomething about it. Demonizing the enemy is a well known propaganda technique used by media and it’s boring too. They can’t refute the specific issue and there is nothing they can do about it.


  36. December 17, 2010 11:02 pm

    Okay I just watch that clip and I am speechless. I am just shaking my head and speechless.


  37. December 18, 2010 9:53 am

    “Okay I just watch that clip and I am speechless. I am just shaking my head and speechless.”

    Teva, you are talking about the details disclosed by William Wagener about Jason Francia? Yes, it does make you speechless but the problem with today’s situation with the fanbase (and the general public) is that we won’t be able to draw even minimal attention to it – no one really looks as we are involved in a fight over the album instead of enjoying it.

    If the album won enthusiasm and support from the fans it would favour further search for the truth but now the situation is completely the opposite.


  38. shelly permalink
    January 7, 2011 9:42 pm

    Part 5 and 6


  39. May 18, 2011 9:27 am

    Simply amazing. Many attorneys represent their clients based on the financial gain they expect. TM represented Michael based on the fact that he believed in his client. He represented Michael very well. I almost felt like he was representing me. In fact, he represented every person who believed in Michael’s innocence.

    TM is a wonderful man. Nothing just happens. Randy Jackson may have made the initial contact but God picked Mr. M and he did an excellent job. Glad you inserted that article from the LA Times.

    What a great match, two men with excellent spirits and favored by God and man. Can’t get a better combination than that. Thank you for sharing this article. These are articles the world need to get the proper education on Michael. God bless you.


  40. May 19, 2011 9:38 pm

    “Thank you for doing such a great job of “Vindicating Michael”. God bless you. You have my full support and I hope you will support “Cadeflaw”. Much LOVE to you for this.”

    MJ Brookins, I’ve heard that you are doing a great job in respect of an anti-defamation law. You can always rely on our support too. Each of us is trying to do our best and I am often incredulous and awe-struck at the amount of what other Michael’s supporters do. I wish you every success in what you are doing. (You could probably tell us about the project you’ve initiated?). God bless you too.


  41. June 29, 2011 4:14 am

    Thomas Mesereau pays tribute to Michael Jackson on 2nd Anniversary of MJ’s death


  42. shelly permalink
    July 16, 2011 2:43 am

    I think we should speak a little bit more about Susan yu. She was a key player in the MJ trial.


  43. shelly permalink
    July 16, 2011 2:45 am

    “Tom Mesereau shares, “She then represented Ms. Bongo in a trial where opposing counsel was Barry K. Rothman. Yes, this is the same Barry K. Rothman that represented Evan Chandler, the father of Jordie Chandler, in 1993. Susan won her trial against Barry K. Rothman and prevented Madame Bongo from being defrauded out of her home. The trial judge made a finding that fraud existed and awarded the verdict and judgment to Susan Yu and her client.”



  44. Teva permalink
    July 16, 2011 4:02 am


    Interesting. . . .do you think it is the same Madame Bongo who was associated with Jermaine Jackson? Do you know if she was from Africa?


  45. Teva permalink
    July 16, 2011 4:14 am

    “During the meal I was introduced to Madam’s half-sister, Lea. Same father, different mother. Lea wasa bright, chunky, seventeen-year-old African girl who had gone to a Swiss boarding school and was now studying petroleum engineering and international business at UCLA. Lea was the only one who paid much attention to me. Madam and Jermaine were busy discussing business, including Jermaine’s availability to sing on Madam’s album. Madam Bongo did not have a record deal but she had more than enough money to finance and produce and album on her own. She had so much money, in fact,that she bought an entire recording studio in Hollywood. As Madam saw it, having Jermaine on the album would put her right over the top.” – Jackson Family Values by Margaret Maldonado Jackson pg 170


  46. Teva permalink
    July 16, 2011 4:28 am

    Found my answer to the question. Yes it is the same Madam Bongo. Small world.


  47. July 16, 2011 4:52 am

    The Bongo family has a long history with the Jacksons, when Lea dated Jermaine she even managed Jermaine’s money for a bit.

    One of her relatives, a little girl who greeted MJ in 1992 in Africa shared a story about Michael visiting them over there and visiting him on tour and in the states. The Bongo family were still in contact with him all the way up to his death, they played with his kids just a little while before June.


  48. shelly permalink
    July 16, 2011 5:15 am

    The story is in the book from Jermaine’s ex wife.


  49. shelly permalink
    July 22, 2011 12:26 am

    The letter from Barbara Walters


  50. July 22, 2011 12:16 pm

    The letter from Barbara Walters

    Shelly, could you post the text of the letter here, please? I would like to read it but cannot download it due to my current mobile internet device.

    When trying to get it I’ve seen the following on Thomas Mesereau’s site:

    “I met Michael Jackson during a very dark period. The forces of evil were trying to take him away from us. The man I came to know was a kind, gentle soul who wanted to heal the world through music, art, love and decency. He succeeded. It was an honor and a privilege to defend him. Rest in peace, Michael.”
    Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr., July 7, 2009

    It was an honor and a privilege to defend him! What a difference between Thomas Mesereau’s attitude and the petty talk of Carl Douglas whose only focus is on the new car he could buy due to “defending” Michael Jackson (I wish he had never done it).

    Being honored and privileged to have a chance to vindicate Michael is an absolutely correct attitude all of us should adhere to. Up till now Michael’s supporters were humiliated, laughed at and reduced to “crazed fans” so that it was sometimes difficult to admit that you were defending him and his innocence. However Michael Jackson is a man of such genius, magnitude and such purity that all of us should feel HONORED that we are standing up for him.

    You feel that you are standing in some of his light and learning from him this way. So no more shyness in saying that you are a Michael Jackson supporter! Our attitude is: “You are not a Michael Jackson supporter yet? What a disgrace...”


  51. shelly permalink
    July 23, 2011 12:27 am

    I did a screenshot of that letter


  52. Suzy permalink
    September 12, 2011 2:45 pm

    September 16th, 2011. Tickets are available for this event.

    A dinner with Thomas Mesereau in LA. Maybe some of you are interested and can go.


  53. Truth Prevail permalink
    September 12, 2011 9:53 pm

    OMG That Dumb Bitch apparently if you have plastic surgery that means you have peadofile tendancies how does that work? and the fact she said if she was a pshyciatrist she can see alot of pedos in common with mj soo she saying pedos have brain like 10 year old have theam parks etc…. ohnnestly sum people are jus shockingly stupid and ignorant sum1 should have told her what mjs result was after a session with a pshyciatrist then id like 2 see her ugly face!


  54. shelly permalink
    September 23, 2011 2:06 am


  55. shelly permalink
    October 2, 2011 8:47 pm

    Tom Mesereau receives the Fidler institute award.


  56. sanemjfan permalink
    January 30, 2012 1:01 am

    I added some new videos of Mesereau at the end! He defended MJ twice against any similarities to the Penn. State scandal, and I also added to the post the videos that Shelly found.


  57. January 30, 2012 1:34 am

    I reallt Mesereau. I am not defending Sandusky at all but I think what Mesereau is very true.


  58. January 30, 2012 1:35 am

    I emant I really like Tom Mesereau.


  59. nan permalink
    January 30, 2012 5:05 am

    Thank you for adding the videos of Mesereau and Anderson Cooper.I am just so impressed with Tom..He takes every opportunity to still defend Michael against all this garbage.
    Ms Yu recently did a seminar discussing law ….. I had asked if they would put the rest of it up on youtube so I could watch the whole thing..I am hoping she talks about the 2005 trial in it..

    Their secretary gave me a time sensitive link to watch it but I had trouble viewing it ..I just emailed to ask for a another password.Hopefully I wont be penalized for being computer challenged..LOL
    If I get a chance to view it and she mentions MJ I will be sure to pass it along..
    I really want to show interest in Ms Yu speaking out also becasue I understand she used to be somewhat hesitant ,leery of the media people… and I want her to see there are people interested in her views also….Maybe she would be willing to speak out on tv more often …


  60. ares permalink
    January 30, 2012 5:05 am

    Even though i like what Mesereau said, i don’t like it that MJ’s name is being mentioned in the Penn scandal.MJ was innocent and his name shouldn’t be dragged in that mess. I know that it is something that can’t be avoid, especially when it comes to the media where MJ’s name brings ratings ie money, just expressing a wishful thinking.


  61. January 30, 2012 10:40 am

    I wasn’t happy about that either. The media always links Michaels name to a ped****le scandal and it’s really frustrating. I notice that these hosts always say he was acquitted or found “not guilty” but they never say he was found innocent. None of them want to admit that those molestation accusations were actually disproven in a court room.


  62. nan permalink
    January 30, 2012 6:09 pm

    I was watching the Fiedler award presentation where they mention Mesereau broke all the rules in cross examination and asked the key witness a why question..You probably all knew off the bat the answer but I didnt so I went looking for the one that she was referring the book defending the king by Dr Karen Moriarty she says it is when he asked Gavin “at some point you became very angry with Michael Jackson, why” and he answered how he abandoned his family,and he was told one time that MJ was not on the grounds of Neverland but he saw him and was upset that he was avoiding him..He felt ignored..but he never mentioned anything about molestation..
    Just thought I would put this here in case anyone was wondering which question she meant,,


  63. shelly permalink
    January 30, 2012 6:43 pm

    I wonder when that story told by Gavin happened.


  64. shellywebstere permalink
    March 28, 2012 3:03 am

    Another long interview with Mesereau


  65. lynande51 permalink
    March 28, 2012 7:16 am

    I think Allsion Hope Weiner does not like Gloria Alred. By the way she started asking for his kids to be taken away the day after the balconey incident in Germany. The next day Michael was asked what he thought of her request and that is when he said “aw tell her to go to hell”. The thing is she was on TV saying he dangled Blanket of the side by one arm. Did anybody else see that?


  66. shellywebstere permalink
    March 28, 2012 11:31 am

    “I think Allsion Hope Weiner does not like Gloria Alred.” She wanted Mesereau to say that Allred is unethical lawyer but he never said it even though he obviously doesn’t like her.


  67. nannorris permalink
    March 28, 2012 11:27 pm

    Thank you for the new interview with Tom Mesereau.Indeed he was a true friend..
    I thought it was interesting that this woman who seemed pretty smart had thought MJ had somehow stepped away from being black and at the end she just had to reiterate that Mesereau thought MJ was innocent..

    What does 14 not guilty verdicts and a note from the jury saying they were confident in their verdicts mean ?
    Even now it is still up for debate..?
    That is what job the media did to MJ ..
    I do think that Latoya giving that press conference in 93 for whatever her it financial, jealousy or fear of her husband..did a lot to cast doubt on MJ innocence..
    He must have been a saint to forgive her that..


  68. sanemjfan permalink
    March 30, 2012 6:08 am

    I added that new video of Mesereau to the end of the post, as well as my thoughts on Mesereau’s comment about Geragos wanting to offer the Nation of Islam an office at his law firm if they could convince MJ to keep him on the case!


  69. lynande51 permalink
    March 30, 2012 9:12 am

    @ sanemjfan. He actually says that he was told that by someone. I know that we have had prior private conversations about Mark Geragos. Mark Geragos was not fired from the case. He had to recuse himself because of something that Sneddon did to get him off the case. That is why they had Benjamin Brafman ready, poised to take over Pro Hac Vice for the Grandy Jury Indictment and that arraingment. I think if you think about it there were several lawyers that had to be recused from the case. Among them was also Steve Cochran that represented Michael in the 1993 and case and the Neverland Five cases. There was also Brian Oxman that was/is prior counsel. Don’t assume that he was talking about Mark Geragos because too many people assume that he is talking about one thing and he might mean something else.
    The fact of the matter is that Sneddon when he searched Brad Miller’s office took Brad’s entire computer hard drive looking for evidence of a script or whatever that janet was supposed to have followed as well as the tape in which she was “forced to say nice things about Michael”. Brad was always working under the direction of Mark Geragos, that is who employed him, not Michael and Janet knew it.
    In order to make the case work for the prosecution they had to do a couple of things. One they had to get rid of exculpatory evidence and witnesses to the Arvizo scams. Just after the arrest and the press conference and interviews that Sneddon did he met with Mark Geragos in LA in Decmeber. They had a conversation about the Arvizo family’s past record of suing various entities and people. There was more than the J.C. Penney case. What Mark Geragos said to Sneddon will never be known but Sneddon went back and made a police report to either Paul Zellis or Steve Robel about the conversation. They in turn called Janet and the rest of the family who denied what Mark Geragos had said ( that he did not say in reality). Sneddon was in trouble and he knew it at that time. Up until then he believed what he had been told by that family. However he was presented with what Mark Geragos described as an ironclad alibi and the evidence that the family had a reputation as grifters.
    They charged Michael and he went to his first arraignment, they then petition for a time to begin the preliminary hearing. The police had 2 additional interviews and got new statements from the Arvizo’s. Then Sneddon’s office asked to have a continuance on the preliminary hearing. They got it . That is when they called a secret Grand Jury and changed the timeline and added the conspiracy charge. We got the second indictment that included the conspiracy charge and named 5 unindicted co conspirators, Dieter Weizner, Ronald Konitzer, Frank Casio/Tyson,Vinnie Amen/Black, and F. Marc Schaffel. They aslo had unnamed unindicted co conspirators. They were Brad Miller, Johnnie Majetec, Asaf Vilitec, Paul Hugo and Mark Geragos.
    Sneddon made Mark Geragos a witness to the events. They only way he could help Michael was to become a witness and because of Janet Arvizo he had become a part of her crazy conspiracy charge. Sneddon knew then, knew prior to the formal felony charge and he knew throughout that trial that the Arvizo’s were lying. He deprived Michael of hsi 6th ammendment right to cousel of his choice when he did that. So anyone that thinks the biggest thing that Sneddon did was have Gavin handle those magazines they are so wrong. As a matter of fact the way he got Mark Geragos recused was the same way he got rid of Steve Cochran and tried to get rid of Bob Sanger and Tom Messereau.


  70. shellywebstere permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:11 am

    “As a matter of fact the way he got Mark Geragos recused was the same way he got rid of Steve Cochran and tried to get rid of Bob Sanger and Tom Mesereau.”

    What did Sneddon do to get rid off them?


  71. Nan permalink
    February 20, 2014 4:33 pm

    I love Tom Mesereau and even after all this time , he is still fighting for MJ reputation..Never see him on Nancy Grace or any of that stuff..He is the real deal.
    Not great at Twitter but saw this thing with Mark Geragos kissing up to Sunny Houiston ,who has had some really negative things to say about MJ , from what I have seen of Luna videos.

    This is why Geragos was and should have been replaced by Mesereau, because he is such a Hollywood player.
    This all seems like a game to these people , where they are paid to take a certain stance on things and argue different points and then at the end of the day , they all fall all over each other.
    I really can not ever imagine Mesereau playing games like that with people who ripped Mj apart.


  72. February 21, 2014 4:12 pm

    “I love Tom Mesereau and even after all this time , he is still fighting for MJ reputation..Never see him on Nancy Grace or any of that stuff..He is the real deal. I really can not ever imagine Mesereau playing games like that with people who ripped Mj apart.” – Nan

    Oh, Thomas Mesereau is a man of supreme integrity. I have infinite respect for him. A person like that will never let you down. I think that Susan Yu is the same type of person only we know of her less.

    But as regards others I have reservations. For example up till now I cannot get over the fact that Johnnie Cochran chose Larry Feldman to be his lawyer after the 1993 case. My mind tells me that it was a reasonable thing to do as Feldman is indeed a shark of a lawyer, but my heart cannot put up with it.

    I think that if Thomas Mesereau had been in Cochran’s place he would not have done it.



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