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Larry Feldman vs. Victor Gutierrez. The law soap opera

October 1, 2010

Shelly wondered “why a judge would talk to someone like VG”.

Shelly is probably right when she insists that Gutierrez has never met anyone and all his conversations with various people are a fruit of his rampant imagination. The short quote from VG’s manuscript (below) also sounds to me terribly suspicious – Victor Gutierrez claims that no other than Larry Feldman (!) was looking for VG through a private investigator (!!)  for three months ( !!!) before January 1994 – which is an absolutely crazy statement in itself as the police interviewed VG at the very beginning of the case and VG was in good contact with Evan Chandler anyway.

See how far Victor Gutierrez’s imagination takes him:

Tuesday,  January 11 (1994)

“That same afternoon I met with Jordie’s attorney Larry Feldman, to find out more about the status of the case. (so Larry Feldman was freely informing VG about the case?) Feldman told me that he had been looking for me for three months through a private investigator,  Sandra Sutherland (your fantasies are incredible – bravo, Victor!) During our conversation, Feldman expressed to me his uneasiness about the difficulty of finding more children to testify against Jackson.

Feldman was clear in his response when I asked him whether he believed Jackson was really a p. “Of course he’s a child molester, ” he said. “We have to stop this guy before he keeps violating more minors”. He also informed me that the mother of Wade Robson, Joy Robson, noted having spoken to me about Jackson’s p-lia in 1992. (which is a separate lie)

Feldman, for his part, said he was ready to end Jackson’s career. “You have my word that we will put Jackson behind bars,” he promised, slamming his fist down on the table. (he couldn’t put him behind bars even if he wanted it. David explained to us in every detail that Larry Feldman filed a CIVIL case where people are sued for MONEY only and are NOT prosecuted – in a civil suit no one can put anyone into prison in principle).

When I asked him if Jackson’s lawyers had offered him money to end the civil and criminal cases, (Larry Feldman was NOT in charge of the criminal case and tried to avoid it as his conversations with Evan Chandler show it) he emphatically responded “no one has offered me a cent to negotiate”. He was lying to me, because he was then negotiating with Jackson’s legal advisors to cut a deal. (he didn’t have to lie as he was ‘cutting a deal’ from the very start in September 1993).

Only three days later, Feldamn ordered Sandra Sutherland to end her investigation of Jackson. Sandra confirmed my doubts about Feldman’s statements. ” A deal is in progress. I’m leaving the country tomorrow on vacation. Feldman ordered me to keep quiet. I’m sorry, Victor.”

Sandra’s pain was obvious. Her voice shaking as she spoke. “This guy [Jackson] is so guilty, but my boss ordered me to terminate the case. I feel ashamed and sad for the people that cooperated with us”.

I also feel sad and deeply sympathize with poor Sandra. And am wiping the tears of compassion from my eyes… The end of the soap opera movie. The lights are on and the movie theater is closing.

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  1. October 6, 2010 7:33 pm

    “charles thomson latest offerings:

    Jan, thank you very much for the links – very interesting questions, very interesting answers.
    Part 4 is now available there too, see here:

    And more parts are coming! I’ll immediately put Extreme Michael Jackson blog in the blogroll for it to be close at hand.


  2. lulu permalink
    October 7, 2010 5:53 pm

    Interesting videos relating to Michael’s 02 tour


  3. lulu permalink
    October 7, 2010 9:12 pm

    Another brilliant post. The research on this site is incredible.

    Now for some comedic relief


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