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Making Way For Miracles

October 17, 2010
In a sideways departure from the content that is typically found on this site — due to the recent history-making decision that saw the Uncovering of Michael Jackson’s name at the Gardner Street School on October 15, 2010. I would like to share with you this powerful message written by Reverend Barbara Kaufmann especially for this magnificent and inspiring event.

I am posting this because I believe that although this site is predominantly about gathering the information that supports the unequivocal innocence of Michael Jackson, the task of dislodging years of erroneous group-think around this issue can also be supported by a perceptual shift by those involved in that dislodging.

The following words and meditation are graciously given by Reverend Barbara Kaufmann.

A little miracle happened yesterday. Michael Jackson’s name reappeared on Gardner Elementary school in Hollywood. Having his name covered on the auditorium after being falsely accused of unspeakable acts against children must have hurt Michael deeply. That wrong has now made right by a Principal and Superintendent who were courageous in a move that was bold. Congratulations to everyone who lobbied for this symbolic humanitarian act. And major congratulations to those with open hearts—those whose hearts opened and those who opened them. There is nothing so powerful as a grounded “no” said with an open heart. “No” to an injustice from a heartspace that’s open makes miracles.

If Michael was here what would he say? I think he would be grateful. I think he would humbly thank those whose hearts had opened and those who were instrumental in opening them. And I think he would forgive. Because that forgiving would be so very Michael.

Those people who worked for that simple justice are to be commended not just for their accomplishment but for how they went about it—with diplomacy. It is diplomacy that is so sadly lacking in the world and it is diplomacy that is so badly needed. At the same time these miracle workers were firm and resolute, they were respectful, informative, kind and diplomatic. They made friends with those who could have been made the enemy.

Gardner Elementary school and the world aware of it just witnessed the deconstruction of an unkindness, a demilitarization of something that might have become militant, the decommissioning of a weapon that harmed. Gardner School, its leadership and faculty are to be commended. What a marvelous demonstration of willingness to do the right thing and reconsider a hardened cerebral attitude and replace it with a softened and willing heart. What a beautiful demonstration of generosity for the world. We see and appreciate your courage and your respect for humanness and humanity.

Yes, people are human. People often act in haste without considering the long term consequences of their actions and how they speak to the future. Sometimes those who act from the desire to prevent harm may actually and unintentionally create more.

The people who covered up Michael’s name did it because they thought they were protecting the children at Gardner Elementary School. We would all agree that a person who truly commits crimes against children should not have their name on a school building where children gather, are housed and are supposed to be nurtured and safe. The sentiment behind that act of obscuring Michael’s name is understandable. It’s very human.

Unfortunately though, it violated some important principles. It interfered with the assumption of innocence inherent in the law and insulted the U.S. Constitution that insures innocence until guilt is proven, due process and equal treatment under the law. An accusation is not guilt although our culture treats some crimes it deems unforgivable and those accused as guilty immediately upon accusation. That is understandable and that is human. But it is wrong. I wonder if there is a way we can repair that broken part of the system? Actually, it’s not the system, it’s a people thing.

Furthermore, an acquittal means “not guilty.” The eyes of the law are not always the eyes of everyone. And eyes can play tricks on people; so can perception. So why is it so hard to change perception? Especially when there is enough evidence to show that the accusations in Michael’s case were motivated by attempted extortion?

We know that keeping the name covered was a violation of many things: principles, the Constitution, sensibility, due process and the violation of decency especially after the man was found not guilty; however we all know that there are places Michael is still severely judged to this day. It is an injustice and yes, it is time for that to end.

Many were angry about it. Some still are. Most were sad. Many considered it a slap in the face to a man who embodied only love and generosity. Many have been unforgiving of those who covered Michael’s name and kept it covered. And some will insist that the uncovering is not enough—they will want a pound of flesh. Yet isn’t that the same thing they did to Michael? I know we have asked ourselves how many chunks of flesh can be excised in a living being before he or she starts to die from bleeding? How long can anyone survive the theft of so many pieces? How long can a being withstand that pummeling and not die from the inside-out? We all have asked those questions And I know most of us never want to ask it again.

There is an invisible cost to all this judging and angst and longing and demanding the punishment that exacts that pound of flesh. There is an energy that surrounds every incident, every circumstance and every event in reality. Each occurrence is like a little mini-universe. It has a center issue that is an attractor field and everything that orbits that central issue has charge. (I mean that in the sense of getting charged up about something.) And those charges create a field- negative or positive- just like electrical charges create a field and magnetic charges create a magnetic field and so on.

Peoples’ thoughts, ideas, opinions and actions are charged with energy. We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed so we are stuck with all that charged energy whether it is negative or positive. It’s all in the quantum field surrounding the event—it all is magnetized by the attractor field and stays in orbit while we all breathe it, live it, walk in it, and feel it. Yes, we feel it. It’s the soup of reality and sometimes we’re drowning in it. Sometimes it gets hot in that soup. And sometimes we cook in our own juice.

The quantum field is the field of all possibility. All possible outcomes are potentials in the quantum field that creates reality. What reality is experienced depends on the reality we select. Since we humans live in a world of duality, it can be simplified it to a binary system—we can express our bright shadow which is the human brilliance that accompanies the highest potential of humanity; or we can select shadow. Shadow is the lowest common denominator, the ego massaging itself, the darkness that comes from selfishness, fear and a scarcity of love.

In the case of Gardner School there was a field of sadness, fear, illegitimacy anger, disgust, longing, anguish and more. All of that “stuff” that people have projected onto every micro-reality was sitting in the quantum field that surrounded those events. And in the case of the school or other central issues, that field includes the events and all the people involved past and present. There is more work to be done, other realities that have created fields. Other stormy “weather” of consciousness that has left its imprint.

The quantum field is the field of all possibility and all potential outcomes. And it holds the record of every possibility surrounding every event in reality. That is why certain places feel the way they do. For example, churches feel holy and where the homeless sleep feels sad. Places have a feel and vibe because they hold an imprint of what happened there. The Native Americans say “the land remembers” and it is true. Visit the native peoples’ “Trail of Tears” lands where their people were forcibly and brutally removed from their homelands or visit the ovens at Auschwitz and see how it feels and how you feel. See if you can hold back the tears.

In the Gardner school reality and others, the quantum field is imprinted with all the human emotions surrounding the events and reactions to what occurred—in the past and present and the potential future. It is an attractor field usually of sadness, disgust, anguish and longing. Attractor fields are magnetic and usually attract more of the same vibration or “stuff” into their orbit. That is the last thing we want in these situations.

That vibe imprints itself on the quantum field of that reality and leaks into the actual matter there. The events and emotions imprint themselves and hang around the space. They permeate the place and affect the people. Whether well meaning or mean spirited, the vibe hangs out in that field held in place by the magnetism of the attractor. The attractor continues to attract like energy (more of the same) and radiates that out into the universe of that occurrence that is a micro-universe or “creation.” The quantum field does not recognize time so it all coagulates there—the past and the now. With events surrounding Michael, the awareness is worldwide.

The other thing that real diplomacy does is it allows for saving face. The Chinese and Japanese have a tradition whereby the dignity of all parties is left intact during negotiations. Shame is not a nice place to hang out. It is a very low frequency, a bad vibe. That is why people don’t like to admit they owe an apology for it is often implied or inferred that shame and punishment must accompany any apology and are necessary for making amends. That is just heaping-on more shadow. It is better to invite people into their light, guide them to their own bright shadow; lead them toward their brilliance. They will be more willing to change and they will even like you for it. Diplomacy is making friends of your enemies. Haven’t we met shadow with more shadow for long enough? Haven’t you seen enough people respond with shadow to an invitation to become bright shadow? It’s time to stop the advacing darkness. To contain the nonsense.

With the resurrection of Michael Jackson’s reputation and legacy, diplomacy and forgiveness changes the vibration of the field and clears out the shadow that is hanging around, It cleanses and makes room for new possibilities to emerge, be selected, and create new realities. New imaginings emerge to create new realities.That is what happened with Gardner School. That is making way for miracles. Cleansing the old energy or shadow and replacing it with new quantum possibilities by imagining them, feeding them energy and selecting them with diplomacy births a new creation. It is miracle-making.

Now go and make miracles.

I had been asked to write a meditation or exercise that would shift the shadow in the quantum field surrounding the Gardner School and to create an atmosphere for allowing for a miracle. This meditation was going to be distributed to all of you who wanted to support the possibility for change and miracles and to hold space for bright shadow to emerge in the meeting of the board next week. We may not need it this time, but people asked if they could publish it and keep it for future reference.  So I offered to tweak it to make it more generic. I hope you will use it for other things knowing that as you flow forgiveness and kindness outward, it flows into you. And the next time you have to say “no'” do it from a place of grounding and an open heart and leave room for the other to change and save face. And thank them because they just made the world a little brighter.

Because those who worked with the project prepared the field by their diplomacy and actions of forgiveness kindness and open hearts we won’t need the meditation next week although gratitude with thoughts or words reinforces the reality. There is nothing so powerful as a grounded “no!” Or ”stop!” Or “change!”… When it comes from an open heart. They and Katherine Jackson had been dialoguing with the school and when the principal was injured in a car accident, they suspended their negotiations and even sent flowers to say “get well.” Now that’s bright shadow; that’s an open heart. You may not be able to hear the sound from there, but the world thanks you for your wisdom.

The Exercise

Please close your eyes and focus on your heart, on your heart light. See and feel it glow warm and beautiful. Expand it in all directions. Let it grow brighter and brighter until it encompasses your whole being. Now allow yourself to grow huge—at lot bigger than this event. Envision yourself as this glowing giant being of light with unlimited power that comes from the divine Source of all things.

Amplify your size and your light and feel and expand the grandest love of your compassionate heart until it spans the entire space or whole universe and events surrounding the situation you would like to see change. Encompass all the people connected or concerned, the act that was unkind, and all the thoughts and feelings that accompanied that act then and that accompany it now.

Know that in the quantum field, there is no time. Feel and understand all of the feelings involved and without any judgement, allow those feelings to pass through your gigantic loving heart. Breathe them into your magnificent light body knowing they will not harm you or have any residual effect on you whatsoever. But as you breathe them in, imagine and feel them streaming through your heart and being filtered and transformed into forgiveness and love; know that this happens through the power of your magnanimous divine loving heart.

Sense, know, feel and experience this to be true—that all the negative energies and feelings as well as all the people no matter their intentions have been forgiven and transmuted by the divine breath and our collective giant loving and forgiving hearts. Take a few moments to accomplish this however you need to process it—see everyone, feel everyone, know, sense, experience, and let it all be healed by the compassionate healing heart.

Imagine the people coming to you if you need to be in their presence. Extend your love to all of them. Forgive and embrace their human fear, woundedness and misguided actions. Or allow the love of the Divine to flow through you and outward to all in the orbit. Do it however it happens for you. Take as long as you need.Now that the space has been cleansed, the way has been cleared for forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love, gratitude and generosity to fill that same space.

So in your giant magnificent heart, feel, sense, know and experience compassion for everyone—no matter their input or opinions, decisions or frustrations and extend that compassion to everything surrounding this circumstance both now and in the past—forgive all of it. Feel your gigantic loving heart and amplify that love a hundred times, a thousand times and focus its intensity until it is a huge laser-like beam of perfect unconditional love and acceptance. Now watch the heart lights converge and bathe the entire quantum field and fill all its space with this amplified perfect love. Now amplify compassion to the same intensity and fill the new field with perfect compassion. Fill the same space with kindness and generosity amplified also laser-like in its intensity.

Now fill it up with the same amplitude of gratitude. Feel the loving wave of gratitude fill, surround and spread through the entire field of this event. Embrace all the people involved no matter their opinion. Hold those feelings in your magnificent and magnified heart and see everything shifting from the status quo into divine perfection. Open your heart and make way and hold space for everyone in this situation to open their hearts. Feel and magnify that collective open heart. Now see it all unfolding according to the divine blueprint of perfection.

Now breathe your highest intention into the space. Take a moment to see the best possible outcome for all concerned that presents the most evolution for the humans involved, that expresses their loftiest and brightest selves, is worthy of their souls and that unfolds according to the will of Divine Source.

When you are ready, end your meditation with this feeling of perfection in your heart and mind. Hold the intention for everyone in this scenario to connect with their highest wisdom and expresses their soul in perfection and light as it flows from there and out into their words and actions.  Set your infinity timer so that this feeling continues to radiate those wishes and intentions throughout the entire playing out of this miracle that you have called into being. Know that this work has the potential to unfold as a profound lesson for the world.

Now take a moment to embrace yourself too—and the heart that creates these realities. Give great compassion, understanding and gratitude to that inner self with its brilliance, bright light and giant compassionate and loving heart.

Namaste  and blessings to you in this work and highest of missions.

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  1. October 17, 2010 9:03 pm

    Dear Deborah,
    I’ve been following Rev. Kaufmann’s Inner Michael blog for some months now. I consider myself very fortunate to have encountered her on my journey to the east..Old friends are bound to meet and as Richard Bach says, rarely do members of a family grow under the same roof. This is definitely an enlightening and liberating experience. To live it to the fullest one is asked to release the higher being that can operate in higher frequencies and generate impressive changes in the world.
    It’s what we are all made for and capable of: to replace shadow with light.
    And it’s just a reminder to our inner self of what is already known.
    It’s what happened with the fans operating on the same wave length, uniting the lights of their souls and picturing what they wanted to make happen.
    The uncovering of Michael’s name at Gardner Elementary School.
    Michael was right: There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one.
    This was a sample of what can be done.
    Obviously Michael is expecting much more from his beloved fans, and he has just made a spectacular demonstration of what he meant.


  2. Sam permalink
    October 18, 2010 12:42 pm

    This is a great post thank you Deborah.

    I am so pleased about the uncovering and have to say I never thought it would happen. This has opened my eyes to the possibilty of miracles.

    I truly believe the road to vindication is well on its way, thanks to this site and many others.


  3. asking 4 truth permalink
    October 18, 2010 3:54 pm


    The definition of Grace-
    elegance: elegance, beauty, and smoothness of form or movement
    politeness: dignified, polite, and decent behavior
    generosity of spirit: a capacity to tolerate, accommodate, or forgive people.

    If there was one word to define Michael, it would be the word Grace.

    We are all learning through Michael to achieve Grace. The removal of the boards that covered Michael’s name is symbolic of the light reaching into the dark spaces and shadow that Barbara speaks of. This simple yet beautiful act of Grace is just the beginning of all of us discovering the light we each have inside of us.

    Michael had grace, not just in his dance moves, but in the way he carried himself and lived his life.

    Ernest Hemingway was asked in an interview to define ‘guts’ and ‘courage’ and he said it was having “Grace under fire”. Michael had true courage and his capacity to forgive was boundless. We are learning from Michael how to live with Grace as he did. And when those people at the Gardner school removed those boards- they were finding the Grace within themselves and lifting the shadows from more than just Michael’s name. They found and were shining that light of Grace from within themselves.

    Thank you Michael for teaching us how to find the Grace within ourselves and within others as well. You are still changing the world.


  4. ForeverInOurHearts permalink
    October 18, 2010 6:16 pm

    Hello Deborah,
    Have spend all weekend reading Magnificent blogs on the Uncovering of michael’s name, i read your blogs has i do a few others that stand true to michael, i don’t usually pass comment. But has i know myself how much hard work via The uncover michael’s name team went into this over the 8 months, pure determination to see this to the end by every Mjj fan worldwide involved, i wanted to say how this momment really made me think, Michael’s words, they really are true! We can do anything if we ‘raise our voices as one’,! May we all carry on United as we all set out to be. To read all these blogs of one victory of many more to come in Michael’s Justice really makes me stand back and think…Michael Jackson would be so dam proud of us all.


  5. Chris permalink
    October 18, 2010 6:36 pm

    Have you guys seen Charles’s statement that was going to be read at the uncover Michael Jacksons name campaign meeting.
    It’s very good right on point theresa link via in the 15th of october article.


  6. October 18, 2010 8:00 pm

    Deborah, thank you for posting this amazing prayer from Reverend Barbara Kaufmann. I don’t know a thing about quantum physics but the way it looks science is now confirming what all ancient religions were successively telling us – especially the one which said that Love Is The Answer.

    “If Michael was here what would he say? I think he would be grateful. I think he would humbly thank those whose hearts had opened and those who were instrumental in opening them. And I think he would forgive. Because that forgiving would be so very Michael.”

    And Michael would also be smiling – both at his great fans and followers who made the justice prevail at last and at their opponents on whom love produced such a miraculous effect. Just imagine him smiling AGAIN!


  7. October 18, 2010 8:21 pm

    “Have you guys seen Charles’s statement that was going to be read at the uncover Michael Jacksons name campaign meeting.”

    GREAT text. Precise and so much to the point. I think it should be put in a frame and hung on the wall in each American’s home to be learned by heart and to remind people of the principles their country is based on. This is why I am quoting the whole of it from Charles Thomson’s Twitter account:

    On Saturday 16th October 2010, @CEThomson said:


    The US constitution dictates that every American citizen has the right to a fair trial and that until proven guilty, every citizen is presumed innocent. This is a fundamental principle of American life and forms the very basis of the US legal system.

    Michael Jackson was a US citizen, no different from any other. He had the same rights as any other citizen and when he was exonerated by a jury, he should have walked out of the courtroom with no stain on his character, just like any other US citizen.

    But Michael Jackson wasn’t treated like any other citizen – not before his trial, not during his trial and not after his trial.

    The prosecution of Michael Jackson was one of the most frivolous wastes of taxpayer money and one of the most horrendous abuses of power in the history of California. In pursuing Jackson, Californian police officers breached the terms of their own search warrants, stole defense documents, conducted illegal raids, leaked sealed documents to the media, verbally abused Jackson in television interviews and were caught trying to plant fingerprint evidence during grand jury hearings. This was the dictionary definition of a malicious prosecution.

    After Jackson was acquitted on the basis that the prosecution had no evidence and no compelling witnesses, that should have been the end of the matter. But a combination of manipulative propaganda released by the prosecution and shoddy reporting at the hands of the media meant that Jackson wasn’t able to walk out of the Santa Maria courthouse with no stain on his character. He was denied this fundamental right. The continued censorship of Michael Jackson’s name on the Gardner Street Auditorium is a continuation of this injustice.

    Throughout this campaign, staff at Gardner Street School will have heard much about Jackson’s charity work and his humanitarian efforts – but in a way, that is all irrelevant. It reads almost as a list of redeeming qualities, but this issue does not call for redeeming qualities. This issue is very simple. Michael Jackson was a US citizen, entitled to the same rights as any and every other US citizen. He was never proven guilty, ergo he was innocent. To continue covering Jackson’s name on the Gardner Street Auditorium even after his acquittal is to strongly imply that he was a guilty man. This is unfair, unconstitutional and un-American.

    Gardner Street School should decide to once again display Michael Jackson’s name on its auditorium not on the basis of a petition or a list of humanitarian achievements – but simply because it is the right thing to do. The continued censorship of Jackson’s name on the auditorium is a blow against everything that America is supposed to stand for, and a gesture of support for malicious prosecution, abuse of power and the erosion of civil liberties.

    In brief, to uncover Jackson’s name would be a gesture of support for everything the American justice system stands for. To continue censoring Jackson’s name would be a gesture of support for everything which is wrong with the American justice system.

    It is up to the staff of Gardner Street School to decide which of these values they wish to instil in their students.

    Charles Thomson


  8. Olga permalink
    October 18, 2010 9:20 pm

    There is another woman -a “spokesperson” this time that needs to learn the facts


  9. lcpledwards permalink
    October 18, 2010 10:10 pm

    Hey Olga, thanks for that article!

    Helena, maybe we can share with our readers the contact info of the following bigwigs at SNAP:

    Joelle Casteix – SNAP Southern California Regional Office (and the person quoted in the article)

    Barbara Dorris – Outreach Director

    Barbara Blaine – President of SNAP

    David Clohessy – National Director of SNAP

    We should all respectfully engage them in conversation about MJ’s settlements, since they perceive them as a sign of guilt. In fact, it would be great if we all sent them Part 1 of my article on settlements, which goes into detail about the Chandler and Francia settlements!

    When speaking with Joelle, be very sensitive and compassionate to her because she is a victim of child abuse herself, and just kindly and gently present her with the facts. It’s important that we get this group on our side FAST, because they have the potential to bring negative attention to this issue.

    Once Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace find out about this, all hell is going to break loose!


  10. Olga permalink
    October 18, 2010 11:26 pm

    @David you’re welcome. We should make a report answering all their questions and misconceptions. They all have the same stupidity running in them. So we will do the job one time and have it ready to be used for every ignorant. They just humiliate themselves and they have nothing to argue about. Ignorance has to stop.


  11. Olga permalink
    October 18, 2010 11:32 pm

    Nancy Grace should either search for a job in circus or visit a psychiatrist (other than her deluted friend)

    As for our friend Bill he shouldn’t be talking that much. I will just remind everyone about his little dventure

    “”Sexual harassment lawsuit

    On October 13, 2004, O’Reilly filed a lawsuit against O’Reilly Factor producer Andrea Mackris, her lawyer Benedict P. Morelli, and Morelli’s law firm for extortion, contending Mackris had privately threatened to charge O’Reilly with sexual harassment unless he paid her more than $60 million (USD).[67] Later that same day, Mackris filed a complaint of sexual harassment against O’Reilly. Mackris claimed that O’Reilly had made sexually explicit phone calls, including a “vile and degrading monologue about sex.”[68][69] O’Reilly denied engaging in any physical or sexual assault or “offensive touching.” He also alleged that Mackris’ motives were financial and political in nature. According to newspaper reports, O’Reilly likely paid Mackris millions of dollars as part of a settlement, whereby both parties dismissed their lawsuits, but the terms of the out-of-court agreement are confidential.[70] The lawsuit was dropped on October 28, 2004.[70]”””


  12. Olga permalink
    October 18, 2010 11:45 pm

    O’Reilli said:

    “I knew I was going to get vilified and vile stuff was going to be put out there,” O’Reilly said in a telephone interview. “It’s very embarrassing to have this stuff out there. Any human being would be depressed to see this. . . . This is the worst day of my life. . . . I have to protect the people closest to me. If I have to suffer, that’s the way it has to be.”

    Oh really Bill? But not the same for Michael Jackson right?

    “Bill O’Reilly settled a sexual harassment lawsuit by his former producer last night, ending what he called a “brutal ordeal” without an apology.”

    “O’Reilly told viewers, in language cleared by the lawyers, that there was “no wrongdoing in the case whatsoever by anyone” — and appeared to dispute, without specifically doing so, some of the lurid details of what Mackris alleged were phone-sex conversations between them. “Please do not believe everything you hear and read,” he said on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

    I am sure Michael’s similar case was very helpful for poor Bill. He didn’t have to think. He just quoted Michael Jackson.


  13. ares permalink
    October 19, 2010 12:32 am

    So all this thing with O’Relley happen in 2004 and then he had the nerve to speak about Michael? God, what an idiot hypocrite.


  14. lcpledwards permalink
    October 19, 2010 12:33 am

    @ Olga
    I eviscerated Bill O’Reilly in Part 2 of my recent article on MJ’s settlements.’s-hypocrisy-in-reporting-on-michael-jackson’s-settlements-vs-the-settlements-of-other-celebrities-part-2/

    Make sure you read part 1 too!

    And here’s where I blasted Nancy Grace for her lies!


  15. Olga permalink
    October 19, 2010 12:44 am

    Thanks David, I didn’t have the time to read the thoroughly. I will do it now


  16. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    October 19, 2010 12:50 pm

    I am glad so many have found value in this post. I agree with VindicateMJ regarding the potency of Charles Thomson’s statement to LAUSD. The issue of Jackson’s re-honoring is a predominantly a constitutional one, not a humanitarian one, although of course that is relevant. Michael Jackson was declared innocent under the rule of law in an American court, therefore, legally, he and his estate are entitled to be treated and regarded as that of an innocent man’s.

    This will be an important point to observe for those who will be writing emails to the contacts at SNAP. Those at the Uncover Team and Rev B herself are keen — as we all are — that the tremendous achivement of the restoration of Michael’s name, is now sustained by careful and wise behavior by those who support Jackson, especially with groups like SNAP, who oppose it.

    It is possible they may be persuaded of Mr Jackson’s innocence and inherent right to be honored. Here is where we come in. Latest update from the Uncover MJ Team on Facebook is:

    We want SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) to talk to us specifically, and make sure they acknowledge our request to communicate with them. We want them to realize how important their concern is for us and how much we understand their reactions and sentiments. However, while we sympathize with them, we also want to educate them about Michael and present facts regarding his innocence. We would also like to ask them to respect the decision of the LAUSD in honoring MJ for his lifelong artistic & philanthropic legacy.

    However, one voice mail and email will not draw their attention. So, here’s how you can help:

    Send an email to SNAP and respectfully ask them to consider talking and listening to the Uncover MJ Team. Let them know that we will communicate in a respectful and professional manner. Please attest to this, as part of the Uncover MJ supporters.

    Let them know that we have approached the campaign in a diplomatic way, and we will be able to speak with them civilly. Give the names of our spokespeople:

    Sahar Jannati, Jennifer Marino, and Catherine Gross,

    — and let them know that if ever they hear or see these names, they are from the team. Also, let them know that we have left them a voice mail and an email already. We will be contacting them again via phone and email within the next few days.

    Address the email to:

    Joelle Casteix – SNAP Southern California Regional Office (and the person quoted in the article)

    Barbara Dorris – Outreach Director

    Barbara Blaine – President of SNAP

    David Clohessy – National Director of SNAP

    Why are we doing this?

    Because we don’t want the issue to come to a point wherein this group would decide to rally or do demonstrations outside Gardner St. School or LAUSD. We want to settle this and fast. If they’ll have a change of heart in the process, then it’s good, but we want to let them know that Michael is not pedophile and should not be treated as one.

    We cannot do this alone, our voice is not loud enough. We need each and every one of you. If we are going to bombard them with letters, might as well bombard them with positivity and diplomacy. The case is very sensitive on both sides, so we need to deal with this the right way.

    Thank you very much.

    – Blessy (& the Uncover MJ Team)

    *** End of Uncover MJ Team statement ***

    OK. So we all know what we have to do. This issue as David correctly states, could now escalate even as we organize our emails to SNAP.

    Thus, it is all the more important that we use the meditation to visualize a peaceful and enlightening understanding now unfolding between the Uncover team’s efforts and the minds and hearts of those at SNAP.

    Lets use all the tools available at this critical time, and write cogent, well-spaced, non-capitalized, firm but courteous letters in our communciations to SNAP. Most of all, lets do it from a place of believing that we are powerful and wise enough to open minds.


  17. Chris permalink
    October 19, 2010 2:46 pm

    I would like to send an email but i believe that my writing skill isn’t the best. Would anyone be willing to give me a email address so that they could correct/overlook any over forceful sentences or poor writing method?


  18. ares permalink
    October 19, 2010 2:58 pm

    i would very much like to send emails but unfortunatelly the level of my english is not sufficient enough. Ι also know people who have the same problem but would like to participate in those kind of campains.Can somebody writte some kind of a sample email so based on that we can create our own? I am asking this because i know that people tend to ignore email that are not well written or that they can not undersand.Thank you


  19. Suzy permalink
    October 19, 2010 3:53 pm

    Thank you, Deborah!

    I find it encouraging that 99.9% of the comments under that LA Times article are in favour of Michael! That’s good to see. That will maybe make them think twice about using Michael’s name as a tool for marketing their organization.


  20. lcpledwards permalink
    October 19, 2010 4:06 pm

    @ Ares & Chris
    You don’t have to write any more letters for now. SNAP has already been deluged with letters, emails, phone calls, etc. The group that started the campaign to get MJ’s name uncovered has asked that the fans stop for now until we get a response from SNAP. Remember, at this point SNAP has not said that they will protest MJ’s name being uncovered. Their spokesman just said she was “disappointed”, and they may intend to take no further action. At this point, they are trying to communicate with them in a constructive manner so that they will “see the light” about MJ’s innocence, and so that they won’t be tempted to bring any negative publicity to the school.

    Here is statement from the group asking fans stop, for now:


  21. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    October 19, 2010 4:38 pm

    I just went back to the Uncover’s Facebook page.
    Latest message is still asking people to send emails.
    David, could you please look out for updates throughout the coming days and post them here please.

    Just to reiterate: At the moment, we are still being asked to email SNAP contacts politely encouraging them to meet with the Uncover MJ team to discuss this issue.

    Your email should cover these points: ( Copied from HUMJ Facebook)

    Respectfully ask SNAP to consider talking and listening to the Uncover MJ Team. Let them know that we will communicate in a respectful and professional manner. Please attest to this, as part of the Uncover MJ supporters.

    Let them know that we have approached the campaign in a diplomatic way, and we will be able to speak with them civilly. Give the names of our spokespeople

    – Sahar Jannati, Jennifer Marino, and Catherine Gross, and let them know that if ever they hear or see these names, they are from the team.

    Also, let them know that we have left them a voice mail and an email already. We will be contacting them again via phone and email within the next few days.


  22. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    October 19, 2010 4:39 pm


    If you give me your email address, I will assist you re writing.


  23. lcpledwards permalink
    October 19, 2010 4:48 pm

    Hey guys, ignore the note I linked to earlier, because the group has changed their mind, and are encouraging fans to write in. Here is their new note:

    @ Chris and Ares: here is a sample letter that you could send, but of course you should change it up a bit to differentiate it from the other letters that she will surely get!

    Dear Ms. Casteix,

    I share your sentiment that those who abuse children should be held
    accountable. Any reasonable person would.

    But you are just wrong about Mr. Jackson. And as a spokesperson for
    SNAP it is incumbent upon you to make sure you have the facts before
    speaking publicly to something you have not researched.

    Mr, Jackson never harmed children. There is enough evidence and
    documentation to support those facts. Anyone who takes the time to
    research will come to the same conclusion. Apparently Gardner School

    To inform you a bit:

    Mr. Jackson’s “Secret settlement” was in a civil case and the
    settlement came from his insurance company over Mr. Jackson’s
    objections. The party who accused him was the child’s father who
    wanted Mr. Jackson to bankroll his career change from dentist to
    screenplay writer. Mr. Chandler was recorded on tape threatening to
    ruin Mr. Jackson unless he paid him the ransom for not filing charges.
    The documents do not agree any guilt and Mr. Jackson agreed to clauses
    leaving the case open to criminal prosecution. As you know, criminal
    charges were never filed.

    Unfortunately the payoff only reinforced that Mr. Jackson was an easy
    extortion target and that is what precisely what happened in 2003. The
    family that charged Mr. Jackson molested their son had a history of
    extortion with J.C. Penney, welfare fraud and trying to gain the
    sympathy and funds from multiple celebrities. Indicted on 14 counts,
    Mr. Jackson was found not guilty of all of therm. That is very

    I see you are familiar with the Santa Barbara area where District
    Attorney Sneddon was involved in prosecuting (or attempting) Mr.
    Jackson not once, but twice. The same attorney that gained the first
    settlement was involved in the second extortion attempt. And the same
    psychiatrist was involved. That too, is telling.

    What it says to me is that there were people who wanted to reach into
    deep pockets or gain vicarious fame by ruining a man’s career and
    life. The FBI files on Mr. Jackson contain nothing and the court
    transcripts of the 2003 case reveal the story of an innocent man and a
    prosecutor who pursued him for 10 years, who falsified documents and
    planted fingerprints in full view of a grand jury.

    Perhaps you are also not aware that Mr. Jackson’s donations to
    children’s charities are estimated to be around $300 million. And I
    don’t think you are aware that he donated a huge piece of medical
    equipment to hospitals in every city he toured– and he visited most
    of those hospitals with armloads of gift for sick children. He donated
    all proceeds of some of his tours and all sales of some of his
    recordings to charities.

    Michael Jackson was a consummate global humanitarian and
    philanthropist victimized by a rabid prosecutor (as you well know) and
    a media in the clutches of tabloid mentality and frenzy. The media is
    responsible for the damage done to this man that was inflicted solely
    to sell copy in newspapers and magazines. He was vilified for profit,
    Ms.Casteix, and that is another form of rape and child abuse because
    of the many children who did not benefit from his generosity preempted
    by legal troubles. And the children who would have been gifted with
    his philanthropic generosity then and in the future also lost.

    Mr.Jackson is dead, Ms. Casteix– he was dispirited by a form of witch
    hunting, was dispirited and hounded to death. So please, do not add to
    the damage with public misinformation and statements. Gardner School
    is trying to stand up for what is right. Mr. Jackson’s name was
    covered when the accusation came– despite the presumption of
    innocence all are entitled to by our Constitution and it remained
    covered after his acquittal of ALL charges. Gardner School is doing
    the right thing and demonstrating it to their students and

    Please continue your campaign and work to bring the guilty to justice
    but please do not make public statements based on tabloid gossip and
    without verification. Because you represent such and important
    organization and work, please do your homework next time,

    I hold you accountable for your error, but I wish you well and more
    forethought, accuracy and compassion in your future endeavors.


  24. Sam permalink
    October 19, 2010 5:32 pm

    Will do. Thanks Deborah and David.


  25. Chris permalink
    October 19, 2010 5:39 pm

    @ Deborah


  26. October 19, 2010 5:54 pm

    I received this automate email from Barbara Dorris, Outreach Director of SNAP.

    “I will be out of the office from Monday, October 18 until Tuesday,
    November 1. My access to email will be extremely limited. If you need
    immediate help please contact David Clohessy at (gave phone number here)

    Need to leave some information here on this site they have picked up on what was reported in the LATimes article. And twisted it with an extreme headline and sarcastic opening paragraph as usual.


  27. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    October 19, 2010 7:15 pm

    Thanks Gigi.


  28. October 19, 2010 7:33 pm

    “I received this automate email from Barbara Dorris, Outreach Director of SNAP.“I will be out of the office from Monday, October 18 until Tuesday, November 1. My access to email will be extremely limited. If you need immediate help please contact David Clohessy at (gave phone number here)

    They are giving a clear sign that they are not going to look into the mail (they evidently think Michael’s supporters to be rabid, so this is a chance to prove them we are not). The last time we spoke to another group of child abuse victims some quotations from those who really knew Michael helped. See here, for example:

    Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say that I love him…so much.

    *Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s memorial service (7 July 2009)

    Michael and I shared an absolute love for children, and his heart cried about the pain children around the world faced. One day, while chatting with him about his upcoming Super Bowl performance, Michael was brainstorming how he could use the worldwide exposure for a greater cause, and the Heal The World Foundation was born. … I was so proud of the work we did in that short time, only to find that our good intentions came to a halt when Michael was accused the first time of child molestation. Over night, understandably so, non-profits backed away from our efforts and we quietly closed shop. My family always maintained our belief that Michael was innocent in both cases – for those that were close to Michael, all would admit he was quirky and had bad judgment at times. But to think Michael could abuse a child was unfathomable in my mind.
    Over the last decade, my relationship with Michael continued to be focused on kids, but now our own. … It was amazing for me to witness in those early years how enamored Michael was with his children. He changed their diapers through the night, sang and played with them, rocked them to sleep, bathed them and had to change his own outfits when they threw up on him – the same routine that all parents know and love. In the few times we spoke, he would always reflect on the miracle of being a parent. He also protected them in a way that reflected his own lost childhood, and his paranoia about being taken advantage of. Paris, Prince and Blanket are three beautiful children. With Michael gone, I truly pray that they will find some peace and be spared the heart wrenching pain that their father faced time and time again in his life.

    * Mallika Chopra, in “Reflections on Growing up with Michael Jackson” (29 June 2009)

    He was a very caring guy who would go out of his way to help the sick. One night in London he wanted to see some homeless people. He sent them loads of pizzas in secret. The guy had a good heart.

    * Matt Fiddes, former Bodyguard, on his Twitter Page

    I just found him a very giving and loving person.

    * Cherilyn Lee, registered nurse in “Michael Jackson’s Nurse ‘On the Record'” (7 July 2009)

    Michael was filled with humility, sensitivity, reverence and respect for anyone and everyone. And most of all, the love that he had for his kids equalled the love that he had for his fans. He just was a guy that was beyond amazing, and it’s just sad to hear all the spurious stories that have been created about him.

    * Al Malnik, godfather of Prince Michael II Jackson (Blanket), interviewed by Merideth Viera on The Today Show (1 July 2009)

    This guy had the biggest heart of anybody and really really did care about improving the human condition, especially for children, and that was part of his mission. While he was on tour, he always wanted to know what he could do in each place, so that when he left, he left a place better, having been there … and how many people can you say that about?”

    * Kenny Ortega, producer, director, choreographer

    I did not find Michael weird, messed up, or anything you’ve ever heard about him. I want to say that I feel all of the allegations ever charged against Michael were false, and that in my discernment, he did not have the capacity to ever do anything except love children and let them know he would do anything to stand up for them, and help them. Just look at the magnificent work he did on their behalf in writing and co-producing “We Are The World,” and the 39 charities for children he gave to generously. That was Michael. I believe that during his trials he related to the suffering of Christ, and prayed for intervention, because he was being accused over what he loved most—children. This caused him perhaps more pain than anything in his life.”

    * David Pack, in “Michael Jackson, Jesus, and Me : My story of Christian fellowship with the King of Pop” (27 June 2009)

    * When you were with him, you really felt like God was within him. He was an amazing, superhuman kind of person, but he always treated you as an equal. He would be your friend and he never asked for anything in return. … I know that people looked at Michael and thought he was strange, but to me, he was fascinating. … He was the most inspirational person in my life. His one dream was to cure all the sick children in the world. And when I’d say, “Isn’t that impossible?” Michael would just start to cry. He was very emotional about things that moved him. I guess you’d have to say he was a pure innocent in a world that wasn’t so innocent anymore.
    * Brett Ratner, in “Brett Ratner on Michael Jackson: ‘You felt like God was within him'” in The Los Angeles Times (26 June 2009)

    * He read them a book every day. When we were in Virginia during the Invincible [sessions], there was not one day missed reading the children something. So that showed me right there that he was an incredible father. … He was like, ‘I would never have them go through the same things ever (the similar childhood/upbringing) in their lives,’ Riley said. “He was like, ‘I think the best scolding for children was a time-out.’ The best scolding for children was, ‘Let’s read a book.'”
    * Teddy Riley, in “What Was Michael Jackson Like As A Father?” at VH1 (31 July 2009)

    No one talks about when he did the Victory tour, I remember as a kid Michael being on tour with the Victory tour right? And every night on the news they would announce that Michael Jackson donated his money from every city that he did, he donated it to a new charity. He donated his money from the Victory tour to charities. I thought that was amazing. I’m like, wow! This guy’s donating millions of dollars every night to a new charity. Then he would stop in every city and every city he would stop at a hospital and visit kids that were burned, ill or whatever. He took the time to do all that.

    * Cory Rooney, in “Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle on Michael Jackson & his effect on the music business” in (5 August 2009)

    * What I’m asking is whether this is still a country where a peculiar person such as Michael Jackson can get a fair shake and be considered innocent until proven guilty … or is this just a 21st-century American barnyard where we all feel free to turn on the moonwalking rooster … and peck it to death?
    * Stephen King, in “You Don’t Know Jackson” (13 February 2004)

    * This came down to a prosecutor either so sure Jackson was bad or so offended by Jackson’s combination of celebrity and wackiness that he rushed into a case that looked shaky from hello. It looked worse as Tom Sneddon went along, and had become nearly ludicrous by the time Jackson’s ex-wife left the stand. No matter how pure Sneddon’s motives may have been (and I’m not saying they were, believe me), he began to look like a man pursuing a vendetta, one whose chief hope of securing a conviction lay in the obvious fact that the trial was a sideshow and the accused was … well, a freak.
    * The media first turned the trial into a freak-show by emphasizing Jackson’s peculiarities rather than his humanity, and stoked the ratings with constant, trivializing coverage while other, far more important stories went under-reported or completely ignored in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, and Washington, D.C. The press might respond by saying, We gave the people what they wanted. My response would be, My job is to give them what they want. When he steps into a recording studio, it’s Michael Jackson’s job to give them what they want. Your job is to give the people what they need.

    * Stephen King, in “The Sideshow Has Left Town” (14 June 2005)

    He’s sort of a fawn in a burning forest. It’s a nice place where Michael comes from. I wish we could all spend some time in his world.

    * Steven Spielberg, “Why He’s a Thriller” (March 19, 1984)

    “Need to leave some information here on this site they have picked up on what was reported in the LATimes article. And twisted it with an extreme headline and sarcastic opening paragraph as usual.”

    Yes, this is the thing to do. Let us regard it as just another of those opportunities to tell the truth about Michael. Any time they start with their usual defamation job it is actually a chance for us.


  29. October 19, 2010 9:25 pm

    Yes, Helena the quotes are a great idea and I believe they did help as well last time.


  30. Olga permalink
    October 20, 2010 2:03 am

    I received the automate email from Barbara Dorris too but I sent it to all the rest. So far no automatic e-mail from them so maybe they are still receiving them


  31. Olga permalink
    October 20, 2010 2:22 am

    Here comes another ignorant


  32. October 20, 2010 3:33 am

    Yeah, the automatic email feature is a pretty common thing. Since, Ms. Dorris is out of the office we wouldn’t hear a response from her. I’m sure the others are there in the office checking their emails.


  33. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    October 21, 2010 12:17 am

    Just to reiterate:

    It is important that the emails to SNAP are:

    1: Courteous

    2: Clear.

    3 Politely encourage SNAP to respond to the invitation the Uncover team have sent them asking for an opportunity to meet and discuss the restoration issue.

    4: Please do not use fan names in your emails.

    5: Please visit the HUMJN Facebook page DAILY for updates as they may ask for emailing to stop once a meeting with SNAP is agreed to.

    Thank you.


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