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Reverend Barbara Kaufmann and Voices Education Project launch “Words”: The Video

November 19, 2010

Today, Friday, November 19, 2010:  sees the worldwide launch of a visionary new video from widely respected writer, minister and metaphysician — Reverend Barbara Kaufmann.

A joint creation with Voices Education Project,  a pedalogical, humanitarian organization concerned with the resolution of  conflict and the advancement of what can be loosely called the human condition — through the telling of human stories.  “Words”  the video —  is a visual accompaniment to the written ‘ Words and Violence ‘ curriculum — also produced by Kaufmann and VEP.

Both the ‘ Words and Violence ‘ curriculum and the ‘ Words ‘ video have been  created for the purpose of educating children — and adults,  about the reality of words as things that can both ” hurt ” and ” heal.”   Whether on reality TV, the nightly news, advertisements, computer games, playgrounds, or our personal relationships, wherever — words are one of our first tools of engagement.  They can be used to bully, subdue, harm, mislead and humiliate; but they can also be used to uplift, inspire, nurture, enlighten and inform ourselves and each other.

” Words ” —  invites us to take a closer look  at,  become aware of,  and take responsibility for the ways in which we all use words.  Both the  ‘ Words and Violence ‘ curriculum and the ‘ Words ‘ video are  dedicated to the giant humanitarian achievements and contributions of Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer.  In honor of the sacrifice these two human beings made in service of this planet’s acute need for greater compassion-in-practice,  ” Words ” visually explores the issues Michael Jackson and Lady Spencer walked, lived,  cared, talked about — and eventually died for.

On her website  ‘Inner Michael,’  Reverend Kaufmann writes that  she hopes  the Words and violence curriculum and the  ” Words ” video will  ” Change the World, ”   by changing it  ” one word at a time. ”  Her expressed hope is that people everywhere will read and spread the the curriculum,  and the video — everywhere.

Reverend B writes:   ” Now here’s how you change the World: ”

Spread the ” Words. ”

Watch it often.

Share it.

Facebook it.

Tweet it.

Retweet it.

So, here are the links to both the curriculum and the video.  In the same spirit of  courage, peace,  non-judgement, unity, and love,  that inspired Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer to extend the gifts of themselves to the world, we  at VMJ  also hope these works  will,  as Rev Kaufmann intended,  make the world —  ” a better place. ”


In the summer of 2009 an event with a global impact caused people to begin weeping in the streets all over the world. By autumn of that same year, it was clear that something was terribly wrong– a discovery revealed that words had been wielded deliberately and inhumanely within a very visible and global platform and had caused intractable violence. Humanitarians who championed humane initiatives and humanitarian efforts as advocates for social change and improving the human condition were bullied on a global stage and were harmed with the whole world watching. This curriculum is dedicated to them. People of conscience around the world began to examine this violence with words and expressed a desire to do something about it. The Words and Violence Curriculum… is that something.




Words and Violence Curriculum Voices Education Project:





Here is the ” WORDS ” video:








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  1. November 20, 2010 8:53 am

    This is a project which can truly change the planet. Let us wish it long life and a great future.

    Reverend Barbara Kaufmann is speaking about something which was known to people already several thousands years ago – make your thoughts, words and deeds CLEAN and you will create a totally different environment for both yourself and those around you.

    Even the stage of thought is important, let alone words which already form a material reality by their expression. And deeds come only as a result of the first two.

    In short a human being is what he THINKS. And it is how clean or dirty his thoughts are which makes all the difference in the world.

    Michael had a very clean way of thinking and that is why he was at variance with the world around him.

    Ancient texts say that what hampers clean and clear thinking is LIES and FEAR. Lies distort perception and prevent people from seeing things clearly, and fear paralyzes them and channels their vision only into those directions which are suggested by fear alone.

    Human beings should free themselves from lies and fear, but should be wholly responsible for what we think, say and do.

    If you read Michael’s lyrics you will see that being highly responsible as a human being was what Michael Jackson was all about, and though the world couldn’t make him change his way of thinking it is absolutely no accident that it constantly tried to push him into the constraints of lies and fear.


  2. November 24, 2010 7:09 am

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  3. lcpledwards permalink
    January 4, 2011 10:04 pm

    Here is a SUPERB article written by Rev. Kaufmann about MJ called “Black and White and Proud”!! It explores the impact that the song “Black or White” had on race, and how whites and blacks viewed the song and video differently. It was so good that I had to send her a private message on facebook to let her know how good it was!


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