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Nikki Allygator’s Letter to Kamala Harris and David Walgren

February 17, 2011

I recently received permission from my friend Nikki Allygator, a recent pharmacy school graduate who runs a blog (From Atop The Branches Of The Giving Tree)  and a website (Someone Put Your Hand Out) about Michael Jackson, to post a letter that she will send to California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Assistant District Attorney David Walgren (who will be prosecuting Conrad Murray).

Nikki makes a compelling argument as to why the charges should be upgraded from involuntary manslaughter to either first or second degree murder, and why Dr. Murray should at least be prosecuted under the strict liability laws that apply to medical personnel.   I offered to post this open letter here so that I could help her gain more exposure, and help educate the fan community about the importance of getting justice in this case.

In addition to the three links that she provided at the end of her letter, I would also encourage everyone to read the following posts from her blog, where she uses her pharmaceutical background to defend MJ against media attacks regarding his health:

from Nikki Allygator’s blog:

The following is a letter I have sent to both California Attorney General Kamala Harris as well as Asst. District Attorney David Walgren who will be prosecuting Conrad Murray.

I doubt I will get a response but hey, at least I am trying. I cannot donothing. If anything comes out of this, I want to know why strict liability is not being used to prosecute Murray because in my opinion it should be used and could be used unless there is some legal loop hole I am unaware of in this case. I think strict liability is something that is sometimes overboard (or way overboard in the case of pharmacist Eric Cropp whom I discussed last year) but in this case if we are not to see murder charges then at least strict liability should be utilized given Murray at least claims he was medically “treating” Michael at the time he died. “Medically treating” my ass–what an insult to the practice of medicine.

Ms. Harris:

Greetings. My name is Nikki *****. Over the past year I have been researching Michael Jackson’s homicide–I do not have access to “inside individuals” so my research is based only on what is known to the public. However, as a medical professional who also has family members in law enforcement I have a great interest in medical/legal dilemmas and have the ability to apply relevant knowledge and research to cases of this nature–including Michael Jackson’s case which has taken on special role in my life because I find his death especially tragic and unwarranted.

From my perspective as a medical professional there are compelling flaws in all forms of attempted logic with Jackson’s so-called “treatment” by Mr. Conrad Murray–this notion, I would have thought, would have eventually led to the questioning of Murray’s intent and possible motives in relation to Jackson’s death including the possibility of malice being present. Trying to reason this case as involuntary manslaughter is highly difficult if not impossible for me given the circumstances that are known, especially when looking at Jackson’s death from a medical perspective with expertise in medications while also recalling Murray is a physician with firm knowledge that cannot be disregarded or assumed absent from his intellect. I personally feel charges for murder in the first or second degree are warranted with first degree murder being plausible if propofol could be argued to have been used as a poison in this situation (per California Penal Code 190.2.19 which mentions the administration of poison as being a special circumstance for murder in the first degree).

I would also like to know why Murray is not facing some form of prosecution via strict liability as he is a physician and was actively rendering non-therapeutic services directly to his patient when his patient died under his supposed monitoring. Strict liability states that “no intent to engage in misconduct is required for a violation. Sometimes even knowledge of the forbidden act is not required–all that must be proven is that the violation happened and that the defendant is responsible for the instrumentality through which, or the place at which, it occurred. Because the potential consequences of any violation are so serious to the public health, the threat of strict liability is used to deter any violations” (Marcus and Cohen, “Pharmacy Law for California Pharmacists”, 156). If Murray is not to be charged with murder at some point then I would think the least that should be done is to see Murray facing strict liability as a health professional. Dr. Rapin Osathanondh was prosecuted under strict liability for a case similar to this Murray’s except it appears, from my standpoint at least, that Osathanondh did not have any intentions to kill anyone the day his patient died in his clinic. Enclosed is more information detailing the case against Osthanondh.

Late last year I mailed a couple documents to the LAPD that were written by me concerning Jackson’s death. One document includes an analysis (albeit a slightly outdated one) of Jackson’s death and Murray’s possible actions accompanied with many medical questions and references. The other document mailed was a detailed argument against self-injection of propofol by Jackson which appears to be Murray’s current defense even though self-injection is also against expert opinion as stated in the autopsy report. If you would like to read these documents they may be on file with LAPD or you contact me for copies as well and I would provide them promptly.

In conclusion, I hope you will at least consider reviewing what I have stated in this document, if nothing else, for the Jackson children. I will continue to hope to see additional charges/reprimands placed against Murray for his many wrongdoings taken directly towards Jackson and wish to see the charge of involuntary manslaughter changed to murder in the first or second degree. There are simply too many errors in this case to see only the one insufficient charge of involuntary manslaughter against Murray. Murray, as well as others, should be facing criminal charges and/or reprimands through agencies such as the Medical and Pharmacy State Boards. I also want to know why strict liability is apparently not being utilized against Murray, either, especially given the nature of his alleged crime.

Kind regards,

Nikki *****

Links to some of the information discussed above:

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  1. Nikki permalink
    February 17, 2011 7:06 am

    Thanks for sharing David!

    Next on the list is writing to the Texas and Nevada Medical Boards. This will not be as easy since there are so many issues to cover, some criminal, some not. How this man is keeping his licenses I really don’t know, especially after he lost his California license–it defies all logic and reasoning. Had this been anyone else killed in this manner I am sure the licenses would have been taken the day the news broke (and even faster if insurance was somehow involved!).


  2. hana permalink
    February 17, 2011 9:52 am

    I don’t think its a good idea to upgrade the tom mesaeru mentioned in an interview, it would be hard to prove second or first degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt, and as a result, murray will end up walking scott free..involuntary manslaughter is better because there’s a better chance of a conviction.


  3. lynande51 permalink
    February 17, 2011 6:29 pm

    I completely agree with you Nikki. I have always felt that the charges could be upgraded to at least voluntary manslaughter if not second degree murder. As a medical professional that has administered propofol more times than I can count in an ICU setting I can’t begin to imagine what the reasoning is behind the lack of initiative that the LAPD and the Los Angeles District Attorney have demonstrated in this case. We in the health care community know that we are held to a higher standard when our very jobs as nurses, doctors and pharmacists are dealing every minute of every day with people lives. From the very second I heard the news that propofol was connected with Michael Jacksons death I knew we were talking about a homicide charge. I can list the things that are wrong with the reasoning of Murray’s defense and the Los Angeles Police Department.
    1. Murray could read. Every vial of propofol comes in its own individual box with a package insert with the administration instructions and drug precautions. If I can read it then he can read it.
    2. Murray is a doctor. I shouldn’t have to add anything else. His job is to save lives not endanger them. He absolutely knew he was endangering Michael’s life, every step he took points to his knowledge of his actions.
    3. Murray knew he was breaking the law. He went out of his way to have the propofol delivered to a private address not associated with him or Michael Jackson or any medical setting. If he did not know what he was doing was wrong why cover anything up from the start?
    4. Murray omitted the facts when Michael was taken to the hospital. He informed the ER doctor of the administration of the benzos but not the deadly drug propofol. This is what is called covering you ass. This is not necessary unless you know your ass did something very wrong .In other words no accountability then and still no accountability.
    5. Murray is a supposed Cardiologist. These are the guys that write the procedure for CPR. Why was it not done properly? Even if he was not a cardiologist or a doctor I would assume he knew that each person has a beating heart in their chest. I’ve seen it done better by a Boy Scout.
    6. Murray asked for a ride back to the scene of the crime. If he hadn’t done anything wrong why did he have to go back under the guise of getting the Benoquin so Michael would not be embarrassed? Michael Jackson was dead he was way beyond embarrassment.
    Every step that Murray took from taking the job, to running away, from the moment he put the needle in Michaels vein he had all of the responsibility for his actions because he was the medical professional. Like I said above we are and should be held to a higher standard because we are the ones with the knowledge. Every time someone comes to us for help we are the responsible ones because we have the education and experience. Murray had to have had a reason beyond 150 thousand a month to help Michael sleep to exhibit the lack of conscience that he did.
    Here is a fine example. What if I, a nurse, agreed to do this for Murray. What if he begged me to do it and I caved. What if he had died when I left the room? What if I cleaned up the evidence and then started giving CPR? Where do I think I might be today? Not writing on a blog I can tell you that. The police in any other circumstances would have had my butt in jail you can count on it.


  4. February 17, 2011 11:17 pm

    “I personally feel charges for murder in the first or second degree are warranted with first degree murder being plausible if propofol could be argued to have been used as a poison in this situation (per California Penal Code 190.2.19 which mentions the administration of poison as being a special circumstance for murder in the first degree).” – Nikki Allygator

    With first degree murder don’t you have to prove pre-meditation. Murray was so scattered and disorganized the day MJ died it doesn’t seem very likely. Last ditch efforts of concealing propofol bottles; the Sade Anding conversation ending abruptly when he realized Michael was in trouble. If I were going to murder someone I would have done better at staging the scene.


  5. Nikki permalink
    February 18, 2011 10:00 pm

    Hana–it would be risky but the way I see is, if you want a chance (a chance, not anything in stone) of seeing Murray serve a couple years in prison, stick to IM charges. If you want to see any form of truth in the trial, go for murder charges (these would also likely pull in others, though). The DA could have charged Murray with more than just one charge, though, maybe not murder but there are other options on the table.

    Lynande51–couldn’t agree more. I think the biggest issue for me is not even the fact that Murray bold-faced lied to Michael and consented to propofol being a safe treatment for insomnia, but it is the lack of him bothering to be ready to prepare for the consequences which he knew would occur–he would stop breathing. He had chux pads and a condom catheter but no equipment to assist his breathing?! Seriously, what else does that tell us?

    Teva–pre-meditation, I am assuming, would be a indication of malice. In most jurisdictions pre-meditation can occur within seconds of a crime being committed, which I didn’t realize until recently. Murray could have hide those bottles if he wanted to but he didn’t, he didn’t hide anything. In a closet? Please, that is where parents hide Christmas gifts. Murray was apparently on the phone literally non-stop from 11:15 am until approximately noon. He called Anding immediately after calling Bob Russell–he sounded fine on BR’s voicemail, yet calls Anding (who also says Murray is a good man and did nothing wrong yet has no idea what he did) sounding troubled and then whoops, discovers Michael’s dead body–so he was sounding troubled before he saw his body? Once he finally hung up from Anding he didn’t call 911 or even Michael Amir Williams–he sent some texts to Houston and then ten or so minutes later called Michael Amir Williams and left a voicemail. Michael likely died sometimes around 11:00 am (my guess) which actually matches with Murray’s first story of giving Michael propofol at about 10:52 am. Murray had free time until about 11:05 am and then another batch after that, until about 11:15 am (five minute or so intervals). After 11:15 am, he was on the phone non-stop, with one call being to his LV office for half an hour. If he had really given only 25 mg then why didn’t he bother going back to give more? 25 mg won’t really sedate, 200 mg sedates for about 10 minutes–he should have gone back to a patient that was awake (since he claims he was awake prior to the administration of propofol)–he either went back and saw him dead or didn’t go back and assumed he was dead or something along those lines. Michael’s lorazepam level was so high I don’t see how he would have ever been awake before the propofol was administered, either. I mean, if this was just a pure accident, why so many lies? Murders lie, too, good example is Casey Anthony who put her own daughter’s body in her trunk (I must say she has not been found guilty of a crime yet but evidence is pretty clear that she killed her daughter though she still insists a make-believe babysitter had her). You would think if this was an accident Murray would have fessed up by now and been like “yeah, I am sorry” but no, he is an “innocent man!!”. Please. And I have seen pigs fly. I agree, if I were to kill someone I’d make it look a lot better than this but we have yet to understand why Michael was killed (lots of rumors but nothing is solid) nor do we know the duration of when this type of event would have been planned–was it weeks, days, hours? I just cannot dismiss all of these errors, errors done via conscious choice, as a big wad of an accident.


  6. lynande51 permalink
    February 18, 2011 10:21 pm

    Lynande51–couldn’t agree more. I think the biggest issue for me is not even the fact that Murray bold-faced lied to Michael and consented to propofol being a safe treatment for insomnia, but it is the lack of him bothering to be ready to prepare for the consequences which he knew would occur–he would stop breathing. He had chux pads and a condom catheter but no equipment to assist his breathing?! Seriously, what else does that tell us?
    Nikki- That he knew exactly what he was doing!


  7. lcpledwards permalink
    February 18, 2011 10:51 pm

    @ Lynette
    Can you give us a brief outline of your work experience as a nurse? I know you’re a psychiatric nurse now, but were you ever in any other field of nursing, such as emergency care? There are a lot of readers here who don’t fully understand your background. Someone asked me about your medical background and education, so I felt that it would be better for you to answer it here so everyone will know more about you. Thanks!

    @ Nikki
    Can you do the same? I know you’re a pharmacy school graduate, but what other medical qualifications do you have? What made you decide to use your pharmaceutical background to defend MJ in your blog? (I already know, of course, but many of our readers don’t know!)


  8. February 19, 2011 12:02 am

    “He had chux pads and a condom catheter but no equipment to assist his breathing?! Seriously, what else does that tell us?” Nikki

    That tells me reckless endangerment. Here is the problem I have with charging Murry with first degree murder. You can’t prove it. I have read the known evidence from most of the blogs and what is abscent is – motive. To use the euphemism: “Why kill the goose that laid the golden egg?” Some people may say to have 2 golden eggs, but Murray has neither. What he has is a hot mess on his hands, and possible jail time.

    Just my humble opinion, I don’t think he will be convicted. Not that he shouldn’t be, but I don’t think he will be. If he is I will happily eat my words.


  9. Nikki permalink
    February 19, 2011 5:05 am

    Hey David! Yes, I am a recent Pharm.D. graduate, I graduated in May. I also have a BA in history. Other than being a Pharm.D. I don’t have many other qualifications besides the fact I did used to work as a unit clerk on a cardiac unit (a unit where people would come before or after having stents placed, some patients were placed on balloon pumps, etc.) and I worked on that floor for about 3 years while going to school. My mom worked cardiac for years (I worked on her unit) and is now an ICU/ER nurse. She has been a nurse almost 25 years. I have learned so much from her over the years about random medical information and now get a lot of information from her regarding Michael since she has given propofol numerous times in the ICU setting (but not surgery). If I did not get the information from her I try to get it from journal articles that have been published in various medical journals.

    I defend Michael because I just get so sick of seeing so many lies and misrepresentations of facts out there. I love Michael dearly and I cannot just sit there and read all this and think “oh man, that is wrong, oh wait, that’s not true” and do nothing–I feel compelled to do anything I can for him as a supporter of his and the truth and am glad I can hopefully do that for him because if anyone deserves the truth it’s Michael and his children.


  10. Nikki permalink
    February 19, 2011 5:19 am

    Teva, come on, reckless endangerment and that’s it? Reckless endangerment, to me, would be giving those medications in a residence but with the necessary equipment to keep him alive, or perhaps half of it, at least a pulse-ox on his finger and a BP cuff on his arm. I mean, we have to remember we are talking about a doctor here, one that’s been a doctor for over 20 years. He wasn’t just some bum picked up off the streets who had no knowledge of how to keep someone alive.

    I do agree, however, that motive is lacking and yes, that is a big problem. I think somewhere out there the motive has been stated (right now too many point too many fingers at too many people), it is just being able to say exactly why he was killed is not possible right now, at least, I don’t think so. It is also difficult as a regular Joe to investigate as we all have limited resources by which to investigate. I think if the LAPD had had time, someone who lacked fear and possessed serious smarts, they could have discovered the motive and been able to prove it. Sometimes I think the reason they did not pursue a motive (besides the DA telling them they were ready to charge Murray) is because they would be dragging in some serious names along with Murray. Can you imagine Phillips being charged with conspiracy? No way. Who do you side with if you are LAPD or especially the DA? A dead man who the media made out to be a pedophile or big corporate giants who have tentacles all in the politics of your city and elsewhere?

    I don’t think Murray will be convicted, or, if he is, he will see little jail time. I probably lean on the latter choice. He will certainly be escaping the punishment I think he should receive. I am more concerned with trying to uncover why Michael is gone rather than seeing Murray in prison. I can only imagine the offers that will come pouring in once Murray is done with this trial and any possible jail time. It seems he may not even lose his licenses in Texas or Nevada which, I wonder, would that be a first for a doctor to keep his license after being convicted of killing a patient?? Hmm. I will have to look into that at some point.


  11. February 19, 2011 2:03 pm

    “I have read the known evidence from most of the blogs and what is abscent is – motive. To use the euphemism: “Why kill the goose that laid the golden egg?””

    Teva, I am afraid we are looking the wrong way for the motive.

    Dr. Murrey’s motive was to keep Michael going as long as he could. But since his professional skills were apparently very poor, and he was known to be slack in what he was doing (he didn’t have even all the medical licences) and Murray was not provided with the necessary monitoring equipment he was promised (and never given) here comes the motive of those who HIRED such a doctor for a mega-star like Michael Jackson.

    AEG hired a poor general practitioner not qualified to do the job of an anesthesiologist, did not provide him with the necessary life-monitoring equipment (though the expenses on it are incomparable with the general expenses on the show), pretended they didn’t know he was giving Michael propofol (though they were evidently the ones who paid the bills for those huge amounts of propofol) and simultaneously put Michael in a very stressful condition demanding that he should be present at all the rehearsals (though he shouldn’t have) – thus creating all the circumstances for Michael’s insomnia and him seeking more propofol…

    And if you recall that they – AEG – were not fully ready for the concerts (there were no constumes even for rank-and-file performers, let alone Michael, though they were on the eve of DRESS rehearsals), you will see the picture even more clearly.

    It was a gun fully loaded by AEG and they were only waiting for an accident to happen one day.

    And it did.


  12. February 19, 2011 11:46 pm

    “I am more concerned with trying to uncover why Michael is gone ……” – Nikki

    I am concerned with that too, so much that I have my own theory.


  13. ares permalink
    February 19, 2011 11:58 pm

    Do you want to tell us what do you think?


  14. February 20, 2011 12:13 am

    “AEG hired a poor general practitioner not qualified to do the job of an anesthesiologist, did not provide him with the necessary life-monitoring equipment (though the expenses on it are incomparable with the general expenses on the show), pretended they didn’t know he was giving Michael propofol (though they were evidently the ones who paid the bills for those huge amounts of propofol) and simultaneously put Michael in a very stressful condition demanding that he should be present at all the rehearsals (though he shouldn’t have) – thus creating all the circumstances for Michael’s insomnia and him seeking more propofol… ” VindicateMJ.

    I have not seen any evidence that AEG hired Murray. Michael met Murray in 2006 way before AEG came on the scene. If by hire you mean they paid his $150,000.00 a month bill – then yes. However, they paid the cook too and the rent. I do not know of any other personnel, but I wouldn’t be surprise.

    I vehemently disagree with fans and the Jackson family that AEG should have provided life saving equipment. Why – because propofol should not be used in a home setting period. For them to have provided hospital equipment is crazy, and in my opinion would make them complicit to a crime. Truthfully if this equipment was present Michael still could have died because propofol isn’t to be used to treat insomnia, and Murray is no trained anesthesiologist.

    Michael Jackson could very well have had insomnia issues if AEG was not in the picture. MJ’s battle with insomnia predates AEG’s involvement. Dr. Neil Ratner is an anesthesiologist that went on the History tour with Michael. Michael’s insomnia was probably due to high adrenaline. My point is – if the most noble and honourable of concert promoters were organizing “This Is It” Michael would still have had sleeping problems, because that was just how he was, he got worked up during tours and preparing for tours, and he knew this. How many times has he said he would never tour again.


  15. February 20, 2011 12:14 am

    “Do you want to tell us what do you think?” – Ares

    Sure. I’ll write something.


  16. February 20, 2011 2:14 pm

    “I have not seen any evidence that AEG hired Murray”.

    Teva, there will hopefully be a separate post about it. In the meantime can I refer you to a preliminary post about AEG:

    I hope that a short fragment out of it will show that Murray was indeed hired by AEG and not Michael, as even Dr. Murray himself addressed the problem of payment for his “services” not to MJ’s estate, but solely to AEG:

    “Miranda Sevcik, publicist for Dr. Murray’s lawyer, Ed Chernoff claims AEG has been “dragging its feet,” even though the Dr. has requested payment for 2 months of services.
    Sevcik says Dr. Murray has not been paid a penny for his services, in spite of the fact that the doctor claims to have signed a binding deal with AEG before giving up his medical practice.
    Sevcik says Dr. Murray will not file a creditor’s claim against Jackson’s estate. She says, “Dr. Murray needs the money and he’s entitled to the money based on the contract he signed with AEG.”

    “Michael met Murray in 2006 way before AEG came on the scene. If by hire you mean they paid his $150,000.00 a month bill – then yes”.

    Michael met Murray because Murray treated his children, but there is not enough evidence that they sustained any relationship later. Murray reemerged in Michael’s life only in 2009. And Murray didn’t get the money promised to him – not a single penny under the contract with AEG was paid. Later AEG said they needed Michael’s okay for it, but never received it – so if it was Michael who was hiring Murray why did he refuse to put his signature under Murray’s contract?

    I vehemently disagree with fans and the Jackson family that AEG should have provided life saving equipment. Why – because propofol should not be used in a home setting period.

    It shouldn’t have been provided in a home setting, that’s true. But if they agreed to do it, life saving equipment should have been the first thing to bring into Michael’s home. This equipment was promised to Dr. Murray by AEG but they never kept their promise. Later they explained it by saying they thought it would be needed only during the London concerts.

    What you are talking about is a logical trap AEG has set for all of us – if they knew of Murray’s requests for life-saving equipment it means they knew about propofol too, but if they claim they didn’t know about the equipment they mean to say they didn’t know about propofol either.

    So the immediate question we need to answer is whether they knew or didn’t know about propofol. And if they did – you are right – it would make them complicit to a crime. That’s the very point of it – whether Murray should be the only person to answer for this crime, or whether AEG should also be sitting on that bench.


  17. shelly permalink
    February 20, 2011 2:50 pm


    Murray prescribed medicine to MJ in December 2008. It’s in the autopsy report. According to transcript, he asked for benoquin to a Las Vegas pharmacy in June 2008 and he asked again in April 2009.


  18. February 20, 2011 3:33 pm

    “Murray prescribed medicine to MJ in December 2008. It’s in the autopsy report. According to transcript, he asked for benoquin to a Las Vegas pharmacy in June 2008 and he asked again in April 2009.”

    Shelly, could you give a link to the autopsy report? I had it somewhere but lost it. It would be a lot easier for everyone if each of our statements were supported by a link.

    As to Murray saying that he was looking for benoquin for an unnamed patient I remember reading something about it in the Trials and Tribulations site, but this does not convince me that Murray was working for Michael on a regular basis. He could have just called him once or twice to ask for a special kind of benoquin which wasn’t greasy on the skin, and that is all.

    It does not mean that Dr. Murray was his regular doctor at the time, it doesn’t mean that he was giving him propofol at the time – in short it doesn’t mean anything!


  19. Alison permalink
    February 20, 2011 4:46 pm

    I was reading the search warrant doc on smoking gun site today, got to it throught the link for the settlement, and it says that – all according to what the police believed from their investigation at that time, maybe from murray – that MJ called murray in march/april 2009 and asked him to arrange for another doctor, Dr David Adams to give him propofol, which he did at Adams’ (i think) office. murray was present as a third party. i know we can’t believe a word murray says so thats not reliable information but its on the search warrant.

    then it says murray says it was “around this time” that MJ asked him to be his doctor on the tour.
    the document identifies that as well as Adams, MJ was also in contact with another aneasthiologist, a Dr Rosen.
    so if Michael knew 2 anaesthiologists, both of whom had apparently given him propofol, then he knew it should be given by an aneasthiologist, so then why would he employ murray to do it? he would have been able to source someone qualified and competent to do it provided they agreed to act unethically. there must have been someone, who would have brought their own equipment.

    you are right that AEG would want to distance themselves from anything that admits they knew about the propofol, but i just can’t think why they would have chosen murray to do it and not one of the many i am sure, doctors in california who would have been willing to do it.

    the thing with murray is his actions after Michael died show he knew what he had been doing was wrong, as you say, he clearly knew there was a risk of what happened otherwise he wouldn’t have either asked for the lifesaving equipment or have said he had asked for it.

    So, in those circumstances – he still did not either LEARN CPR, make arrangements to be able to BORROW equipment from a medical friend, make arrangements for some additional medical – nurse or doctor – back up help to call on or assist in monitoring Michael, and he LEFT him alone to die.
    also anybody knows you have to be careful with medicines anyway – even not taking too many products with paracetamol and checking before mixing medicines. i even don’t take anything i’ve not had before at bedtime, if it is anything strong, only in the day, because i live alone.
    murray was a trained doctor yet he mixed all those things that affect respiration and shouldnot be mixed.
    perhaps someone ignorant or desperate might mix things like this – but how could a doctor do all these things?
    only deliberately, not be accident.

    lastly, the warrant says murray “felt” MJ was becoming addicted to propofol so was trying to wean him off it. so did he not even check on any information about the substance? Lynette and others have said its not physically addictive, so a doctor should have known that. he was not an expert in treating addiction so it was not his place to attempt it if he thought it – and a doctor would surely know that. – and a medic doesn’t act on something because he “felt ” it, it has to be based on evidence.

    even for lies, these are stupid lies for a doctor to tell just to try to get out of trouble. he would know he would be judged by how a doctor should act, not how someone off the street would act.

    so my view is it was either deliberate murder or murray is not even a trained doctor at all and has got his licence by fraud.


  20. Teva permalink
    February 20, 2011 7:06 pm

    Here is what I think brought Michael Jackson and 25 June 2009 on a fatal course, two words: “Financial Ruination”. For years Michael’s debts have been spiraling out of control due to bad management, failed business deals, enumerable lawsuits, and personal extravagances. Artists typically make monies from touring and endorsements neither of which Michael did. MJ was the biggest selling artist of all time, but somehow he became less reported for his achievements, and more so for his personal life. With all of the accolades he was a superstar whose image could not be used in endorsements, unlike Tiger who made more money off the golf course than on it. Michael knew his image had to be rebranded that is why with his management team of Weisner, Beckerman etc they started the MJ Universe project, and making him more accessible and realistic.

    Enter Martin Bashir. In an effort to show the true Michael he did the infamous mockumentary, and this was the catalyst to the 2005 trial. As a result of the trial all plans he had made about a film career, MJ Universe etc, had to be shelve for obvious reasons, and in the aftermath of the trial Michael Jackson was in no condition mentally to pick up where he left off. Actually he lost more money because the lawsuits increase in momentum after 2005. Win or lose legal battles are not cheap, and his body guards said on GMA Michael got frustrated and angry, and at times he would rather settle than go to court.

    Michael said countless times he would never tour again, so what would make him do it: financial desperation. IMO he simply had to go back to work and it was the quickest way to make money short of selling the Sony/ATV, or Mijac catalogues. The anxiety of having to appear on stage again, be picked apart again was a lot to handle. As a perfectionist he placed a lot of pressure on himself to be the best. To summarize had it not been for financial difficulties he would not have done the “This Is It” tour which would not have re-introduce propofol in his life. I realize this is this is a very simplistic overview, but my point was not to go into details just a foundation.


  21. Suzy permalink
    February 20, 2011 7:11 pm

    I agree with this Teva. In fact, Michael already wanted the “Dangerous” tour to be his last. And I think it should have been his last too. From then on he should only have made records, movies and maybe with the odd exclusive live performance here and there, but not tours.
    But he was alway pressured to do more.


  22. ares permalink
    February 20, 2011 8:05 pm

    You made some interesting points. I agree with most of them. About that financial thing i have still some doubts due to things that i have read. We just have to wait and see.
    Anyway, as for C.Murray ,i believe that he should get some time in prison for the fact that he was negligent when watching MJ. I also believe that he should never ever practice medicine again. A doctor that putts money over his client best interest, should do something else but medicine. I don’t believe that he killed MJ intentionally nor do i believe in conspiracy theories, atleast in this case. I believe that MJ asked for Propofol or something that would make him sleep and Murray gave it to him. I think MJ should have known the danger of using anaesthesia in his house and that he was basically playing Russian roulette with his life but i can understand his desperation for some sleep. Murray as a doctor and a person in a more healthy state of mind than MJ should have never agreed to give him those kind of things outside of a hospital. MJ paid with his life , Murray should pay by serving some time in prison and by having his license removed. So i basically believe that MJ had some responsibility for his death but i also feel that the the greatest burden falls to the doctor. Τhis is what i think. I maybe wrong but it’s my opinion.


  23. Teva permalink
    February 20, 2011 9:32 pm

    “You made some interesting points. I agree with most of them. About that financial thing i have still some doubts due to things that i have read. We just have to wait and see.” Ares

    Oh I believe they were other factors besides Financial burdens that led to Michael Jackson’s demise. Like the media, Sneddon, Bashir’s mockumentary, the trial etc, but I asked myself can they be directly linked to the cause of death which is acute propofol intoxification, and the answer is – no. The propofol was a result of the impending tour, and the tour was the result of a lack of funds. Kenny Ortega has said one of Michael’s main reasons for the tour was his children would be able to see him perform, I don’t doubt that. However, that could have been accomplished in one show, no need for 10-50.

    “MJ paid with his life , Murray should pay by serving some time in prison and by having his license removed. So i basically believe that MJ had some responsibility for his death but i also feel that the the greatest burden falls to the doctor.” – Ares

    I agree, but I still think Murray wouldn’t see inside of a prison cell. We all know propofol should not be used outside of surgery, it is reckless, but is it illegal especially if administered by a doctor? I don’t know.

    Actually Michael wanted Bad to be his last tour. He really wanted to concentrate on movies from the early nineties, but I guess he changed his mind.


  24. shelly permalink
    February 20, 2011 10:40 pm


    It’s the autposy report

    Click to access mj_autopsy.pdf

    I wasn’t at home when I typed my last post, it’s why I didn’t posted it. It’s on page 5

    I am not saying he was giving him Propofol at that time but he knew Murray very well. Even Joe jackson admitted it in his lawsuit

    Click to access 1130_jackson.pdf

    This search warrant is very interesting

    Click to access Michael%20Jackson%20Search%20Warrants.pdf


  25. Alison permalink
    February 20, 2011 11:33 pm

    ‘ Teva
    ” He really wanted to concentrate on movies from the early nineties, but I guess he changed his mind.”

    even earlier than that i think, he said from 70’s he wanted to do movies. but do you think he changed his mind? I’m just not sure about this one…. it just wouldn’t surprise me to find out he’s made some movies under a different name. i’m not saying he has been doing so, just that i wouldn’t be surprised. what do you think?


  26. February 21, 2011 12:15 am


    I don’t think he changed his mind about wanting to make movies, but for whatever reason changed his mind about touring again. He did 2 world tours after Bad even though he said Bad was going to be the last tour.

    I have never heard of Michael making movies under an assumed name, but maybe someone else has. When you really think about it we do have lots of movies by MJ because he never refered to his music videos as such, but as short films. I read on TMZ once (grain of salt) that he auditioned for Fresh Prince of Belair, but Will Smith got the role. I think it is sad that it was the one dream that eluded him, but I don’t think had he lived it would have become a reality maybe for son Prince, but not for Michael.


  27. lcpledwards permalink
    February 21, 2011 1:34 am

    @ Helena

    Here is a summary of the autopsy report, written by Debbie Kunesh:


  28. ares permalink
    February 21, 2011 2:03 am

    Sorry for going out of topic again but i just want to say about the movie thing that i had read somewhere that MJ was really obsessed with playing the role of Peter Pan. I have heard that he was very disappointed when S.Spielberg gave that part to R.William in his movie Hook. I also remember reading an article where a producer said that he was planning to make a theatrical based on Peter Pan and when he mention that at MJ he literally jumped from his seat and run towards him saying that he loved the Peter Pan character and asked him if it was too late for him to play the role. MJ really adored that Peter Pan character. Oh and according to wiki MJ also pushed Tim Burton for the role of Edward the Scissorhands but Burton wasn’t interested.


  29. Suzy permalink
    February 21, 2011 5:18 am

    @ Ares

    It’s strange that Wiki now claims it was Michael who lobbied for the role and it was Tim Burton who wasn’t interested because they wrote the opposite (Burton wanted him to play the role but Michael couldn’t because he had other arrangements) until recently….. (it seems someone changed it now).


  30. ares permalink
    February 21, 2011 12:12 pm

    Did you noticed that too? I thought that i was wrong and that i had read that somewhere else. Yes, when i first read that story on wiki it said that Burton wanted MJ but Mike couldn’t do the movie because of him touring or something like that.Now they say the opposite.Yes, it is strange.


  31. lynande51 permalink
    February 21, 2011 5:07 pm

    And I think the person that suggested Michael was upset with Speilberg about not getting the role of Peter Pan was none other than Maureen Orth in one of her articles. The same one about the sacrificial blood bath maybe.Either her or one of her Tabloid copiers if I’m not mistaken. Here is a link to one of the tabloid articles that is talking about her so either they added that bit about Speilberg or she actually wrote it. Most of this information was passed on to her from Myong Ho Lee who tried to sue Michael for a business transaction that never took place . He said that Michael signed the contract on 9/14/01 so the case wsa thrown out of court. Why? because Micahel Jackson was in New York on 9/11/01 when the planes hit the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. He left his hotel and went to stay at the Cascio’s in New Jersey because all air trafic was halted in the Us. That is probably why Lee’s lawsuit didn’t go so well for him.


  32. Dialdancer permalink
    February 26, 2011 4:29 am

    The conflicting stories about Michael and Tim Burton from Wiki is one major reason for not using it as a credible reference. There are at least 4 difference versions of the 93 allegation and investigation depending upon how you Google. Until recently Wiki information was place by just about anyone without verifying the information. There are even several on Michael which are positive, but still not accurate.


  33. Nikki permalink
    February 27, 2011 5:34 am

    vindicatemj–I personally don’t think Murray’s “real” motive was to keep Michael going. Had that been the case, he’d been concerned about Michael’s weight loss, his inability to sleep and sought outside help from other doctors for things like the insomnia (I attribute both mainly to stress and possibly Murray’s medication administration at night). He didn’t and he even told others who were concerned (as did AEG) to back off–that is not normal. Anyone with any sense should have been concerned about Michael–things were already looking as if they would not happen and the bunch had yet to even set foot in London. Murray’s professional skills must be at least “par” for he has not had any previous issues with his license, no malpractice cases, no reprimands or suspensions. Not saying that means a doctor is great but it is something to consider. Murray has had four medical licenses in the following states: TX, NV, CA, and HI. All that remains are TX and NV which is a travesty, he should have none. He was not board certified but that is not a requirement to be a doctor or to specialize in a certain field. It is not a license, it is just a “perk”. It is a good thing to go to a doctor who is board certified, though.

    Where did you see that AEG paid for the propofol? I thought Murray used his card–I did not think Murray had been paid, either. Apparently AEG wasn’t paying anybody (Kai Chase, Tohme, Murray, Cherilyn Lee, etc.). I find that odd to say the least.


  34. Nikki permalink
    February 27, 2011 6:00 am

    ” I vehemently disagree with fans and the Jackson family that AEG should have provided life saving equipment. Why – because propofol should not be used in a home setting period. For them to have provided hospital equipment is crazy, and in my opinion would make them complicit to a crime. Truthfully if this equipment was present Michael still could have died because propofol isn’t to be used to treat insomnia, and Murray is no trained anesthesiologist.”–Teva

    I agree. It isn’t like some of the equipment mentioned would have done any good (a CPR machine or defibrillator, once it has gotten to that point you are toast anyway). Nothing will ever take away the fact that propofol should never, ever be used for insomnia, and will never be approved for such. It is a medication that makes you comatose and unable to breathe, not sleepy. Murray also requested a nurse–please, any nurse would run the second they saw propofol given for insomnia (any nurse would be punished more severely than a doctor, too). Michael never needed such a set-up, but, if someone was willing to do it for the payment, then what was really needed was a ventilator and someone who knew how to intubate and if Murray was willing to do all this then it was Murray’s job to make sure he had all possibilities covered but instead he chose to cover NONE. Just thinking about this entire scenario is pathetic. None of this should have ever happened.

    Michael had had insomnia his entire life (or at least his entire adult life). There is an interview I watched back from around 1980 or so, LaToya is in it, and at that point Michael discusses his inability to sleep, the inability to “shut off”. I figure he also had poor sleeping habits (this is someone who claims to have slept with lights on and was constantly awaken as a child to go perform). But, it also appears to be something he learned to deal with and manage, as has been stated by others who were around him and got those nightly phone calls from him. He told Cherilyn Lee he had some problems sleeping but at that time (January or February 2009) he wasn’t asking for it to be treated. This can be seen in the interview Lee gave to Greta Van Sustren that is available online.

    As for AEG hiring Murray, yes, Tim Leiweke, CEO of AEG was the one handling this task and talking to Murray (it was his name in the emails that were transpired back and forth). Randy Phillips is the CEO of AEG Live, just for that tidbit. There is apparently nothing solidly tying Murray to Michael though yes, he supposedly saw Michael beginning in 2006 via reference from a bodyguard (I suppose this was the last week in 2006 as Michael had been out of the country until then). What still bothers me is a) Michael had not signed the contract for Murray to be his doctor, b) Michael supposedly called Klein’s office seeking an anesthesiologist 2 weeks before his death and told Klein he was not sure about Murray (not that Klein is all that trustworthy though), c) Murray mentioned he “may” be leaving the country but did not appear to be definite on that when he left the voicemail to Bob Russell, etc. Michael placed a call to Lee on Father’s Day when he was not feeling well, not Murray. I cannot help but wonder if Murray did not solicit AEG to be Michael’s doctor and Michael really had no choice but to agree. He didn’t seem to have much say in anything AEG (or Tohme) was doing anyway. I mean, not only was Murray ignoring Michael’s frame of mind and problems but so was AEG–who in their right mind thought things would miraculously get better? No one, if you ask me. Why didn’t Murray seek consultations from other doctors instead of telling people like Ortega to back off, and why did AEG also turn a blind eye and tell people like Faye to back off? They should have been concerned, too, so their show would go on as they supposedly planned. I do not believe for one second they thought Michael was fully committed to the 50 shows nor do I think they thought he would be able to actually perform them, either. After all, that AEG contract, one of the most corrupt I have ever seen, was addressed to Tohme, not Michael, the one who was expect to meet all the demands and lose everything if he did not perform and who also could have legally not made a dime on the shows, too.

    Here is a link to the autopsy report, BTW:

    Sorry for the late replies, been swamped with things, as usual!


  35. February 27, 2011 3:36 pm

    “I do not believe for one second they thought Michael was fully committed to the 50 shows nor do I think they thought he would be able to actually perform them, either. After all, that AEG contract, one of the most corrupt I have ever seen, was addressed to Tohme, not Michael, the one who was expect to meet all the demands and lose everything if he did not perform and who also could have legally not made a dime on the shows, too.” – Nikki

    I do not think Michael had as firm a grip on his organization in his last years that he had in the 80s & 90s. I think he was distracted by the trial (obviously) & the aftermath also he seemed listless. As for Tohme he seems shady and so does Leonard Rowe. Leonard Rowe gives me flashbacks of Don King, and makes me wonder about the types of people Michael was hiring, or more to the point not hiring. The Michael Jackson of the 80s & 90s would never ever sign a contract that was not to his mutual gain, or was exploitative. As a matter fact before the contract reached Michael’s eyes his lawyer would have had it re-worked until it was right. If Michael agreed to such an egregious thing he was either desperate, or had inferior representation negotiating on his behalf. (I am going by what you say because I have never read the contract).

    As for the 50 shows. IMO I don’t think Michael or AEG knew how well/not the tickets would have sold. Michael was off the scene for a while as an entertainer and was more a tabliod staple. I think it was risky to promote a concert for someone accused of CM (twice), so they announced 10 shows to see how the sales would go, but much to everyone’s delight it was blockbuster. Enter the 50 shows. Michael realized he still had mass apply and AEG realize more $$. Again this is just my opinion, but Michael was under great financial stress and 10 shows would not have been enough to eliviate it. I don’t think he wanted to do 2 shows for more 50, but you do what you have to do.

    “I last saw him a few weeks ago in LA at a party. He looked well but he wasn’t well — he was worn down. He was very, very wary about going back into the limelight, and I sympathised with that. It wasn’t the London dates so much that bothered him, it was the way the critics might evaluate him after those dates. I told him he should say, “So what!” instead of “What if?”” Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees


  36. lcpledwards permalink
    February 28, 2011 4:58 am

    Here is Nikki’s recent tweet about an article about Dr. Murray:

    I know this may be old news to some but I have been meaning to rant about this article for some time now:

    The defense team is basically refusing to prepare reports and statements–is this for real? Do they think this is some sort of game or tactic? No, it is just another unethical move by Murray’s team. I hope Murray has hired some really pathetic attorneys but more than anything I think these attorneys are directly feeding into that lawyer-stereotype of being deceitful–just like everything else regarding Michael’s murder. I hope Pastor sticks to his word and throws out some “consequences” to the defense–it would be a “first ” for Murray. If they are not preparing notes then they are trying to score getting one of Michael’s former attorney’s former associate to defend him! What else will Murray NOT do to try and get off with Michael’s murder? He should consider himself lucky he isn’t facing murder one charges and give it up already–he has no defense and blaming the tragically deceased victim will only get you so far.

    “Flanagan said one defense expert is likely to claim Jackson was addicted to Demerol and was suffering from withdrawal when he died.”

    For all of you who have defended others for speaking out about Michael’s assumed drug addiction/abuse and said they were doing him no harm and it would not affect the outcome in trial–think again. Plant some doubt or confusion in an non-medical jury’s mind and you have a free Murray.

    Let’s refresh everyone’s mind here–there was no Demerol or any opioids (similar drugs to Demerol) in the house. There was none in Michael’s body when he died. Since Michael’s toxicology screening was clean he likely had not had Demerol for at least a week. Murray claims he never wrote for such medications, either, and if he wanted to say Michael was addicted he should have bought some vials and planted them around the house. I guess he didn’t anticipate blaming Demerol withdrawals until now after hearing Demerol coming out of so many mouths over the past 20 months. I have a newsflash for everyone–everyone would have known if Michael was suffering from withdrawals from Demerol. I’d be willing to bet he’d been hospitalized for it–it is not being a little sick here or there–it is like witnessing (and living for the user) a real nightmare. Oh, and if Murray thinks he can justify treating opioid withdrawal with propofol he can think again–it would never be used for such, either. You treat opioid withdrawals with–guess what–opioids like methadone and Suboxone. You use a drug call Narcan to reverse such drugs if too much of an opioid is taken–did Murray have any of these drugs on hand? No. There are strict guidelines for doctors who treat drug addiction–Murray is not certified and never would be, either. This is just pure B-to-the-S.

    But, rather than continue to ramble, I think Deborah Brazil summed it up best–“Brazil said there was no evidence of that (addiction/withdrawal from Demerol), and Pastor questioned how an expert could come to that conclusion without making any notes.” (I am clapping for that statement made above.) It seems Murray and his team are just pulling more and more from out of their asses. The only problem is Michael and his loved ones are again getting hurt by these vicious lies.

    “In a separate matter, attorneys for Jackson’s mother, Katherine, told a judge handling a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live that they would not pursue civil conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress claims against AEG Live.”

    Not going to pursue civil conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress? Well, I personally am for a CRIMINAL conspiracy and certainly intentional infliction of emotional distress. I hope this is changed.

    “A civil court judge ruled earlier this month that Katherine Jackson could not pursue the claims without amending her lawsuit, but the case could continue with allegations that AEG failed to properly supervise Murray.”

    Mrs. Jackson please do not allow your attorneys to claim AEG failed to properly supervise Murray–Murray did not need the supervision of his professional practice of medicine by a company who has no medical expertise or knowledge. Murray, sadly, is deemed an “expert” in the field of medicine, that includes diagnosing and treating an array of ailments based on his internal medicine training. AEG and Murray both turned a blind eye and made people back off when others and they themselves knew they were stressing Michael out so badly they were pushing him to the brink of death. He was so strong he had to be killed before he would ever give up on life or his duties, though.


  37. Nikki permalink
    March 1, 2011 6:42 am

    Teva, I personally think Michael became a wounded animal in the business world after the 1993 allegations. I think some people purposely sought him out to do business with because they saw him as someone vulnerable. I am not saying everyone who worked with him was like this, that everyone was greedy or out to use him, but some of them yes, and in his case, it was easy to get away with being corrupt when working for him.

    Tohme is beyond shady. That man apparently had tentacles in every business transaction Michael had up until he died (yet he was supposedly fired in March)? I mean, you see him and Randy Philips walking together up to UCLA the day he died–why? What was Tohme still doing in the picture? Why was he running Michael’s music business affairs when he knew nothing about the music business? The man should be investigated but I figure he will never be investigated. Rowe is shady, too, but not in the same category as Tohme to me.

    Here is a blog I did on the contract:

    Keep in mind it would have had Michael paid in US dollars rather than British pounds which would have left him missing massive profit.

    It also had a clause that stated if Michael filed bankruptcy AEG would still be entitled to everything owned by MJJ Productions.

    I think I covered the area that Michael, by way of the contract, could have never seen a cent if advancements by AEG were not covered first, by their word; also, there is a clause that stated Michael could be made to continue to perform past the 3 years if he did not cover all of AEG’s advancements, too. Contract for slavery?

    I think Michael knew he had to tour again–for money. He was not in it for fun. He had Tom Barrack telling him he had to go back to work since he had taken up Neverland, it was basically part of the deal. But, one thing is you had Patrick Allocco offering Michael up to, I think 15M for one show, yet Michael was set to make about a million per AEG show, that is, after advancements were covered. He was about 40M in the hole to AEG before he died yet apparently people like Murray, Tohme, Chase and Lee were never paid. I am not sure why, but AEG told them to go to the Estate for their pay. AEG hired people like Zaldy who had no business being there, and were paying his 6 assistants–all through advancements. This entire mess was a joke. I just do not see why AEG did not test water with some shows first, not tickets–I see what you mean about seeing how 10 shows would go then going from there, but I would think a company like AEG would also be wondering if Michael could even perform. His last attempt at being on stage was considered a disaster by some (WMAs in 2006 I think). He was thin, he looked worn. Some even say HISTory was not up to par yet Michael was being allowed to go into that direction again of a show that was too much.

    That article you posted from Robin Gibb (who I adore), I thought that was talking about him shortly before he died until I saw it was apparently from 2006 (a year after the trial). Wow, it was like time was frozen for Michael.


  38. lcpledwards permalink
    March 1, 2011 9:26 pm

    Here is another tweet from Nikki!

    On Tuesday 1st March 2011, @gatorgirl277 said:

    Oh God, here we go again, this will be one of the world’s largest circuses of pure pain:

    “According to the defense, Jackson was so dependent on propofol that he swallowed a heavy dose when Murray was out of the room.”

    Are they SERIOUS?! This would almost be laughable if it was not true. It is a LIE–especially if Murray managed to make some sort of makeshift, lethal gravity drip, then Michael could not have awaken even if he tried. Michael knew not to swallow propofol–hence he asked for a doctor to give it to him and monitor him so he would be okay. He also did not have any “white liquid” in his stomach and unless the autopsy report is wrong, which to my knowledge it is not, only 0.13 mg of propofol was found in the stomach–that is equal to 0.013 mL (before I was a hundredth off). That is about a tenth of a milliliter. Michael had a “transmural hemorrhage” from CPR, aka a stomach bleed. There was 70 grams of “dark fluid”. Propofol is white. That “dark fluid” is likely blood (it is usually dark in the stomach) mixed with normal gastric juices that digest your food. By all means 0.13 milligrams does NOT equal 70 grams. A small bottle of propofol is 200 mg in comparison. If there is an error (which I doubt) with the amount and findings in the autopsy report then there can only be one conclusion–Murray shoved propofol down Michael’s throat.

    “The reprimand comes as Murray tends to patients in Houston, where he still has a license to practice. His defense hints he is in a money squeeze.”


    “Murrays says he is innocent of causing Jackson’s death. Yet Murray’s defense attorneys have not produced witness statements and reports from defense experts, which they need for trial.”

    Someone PLEASE put Murray in prison and throw away the key. NO TRIAL IS NEEDED. Do not waste the taxpayers money on this sorry-ass sociopath! His only defense is to try and paint Michael as a JUNKIE who pushed poor Murray (yeah right) around and Murray did it because he needed the money to pay his hoes (not his kids). How could ANYONE feel sorry for this SOB that still has the audacity to call Michael a “friend”?! They say “friends don’t let friends drive drunk”. True. So what does that mean about Murray? I don’t think friends poison then abandon their friends leaving them to die by suffocation, either, all in the name of not being able to get a full night’s rest!

    This crap just makes you want to SCREAM–Michael and his children do not deserve this! For anyone out there who has ever said Michael was a drug addict–please, for Michael and his children’s sake, SHUT UP FROM NOW ON.


  39. March 2, 2011 1:23 am


    Where did you read the qoute from Robin Gibb was from 2006 because I always thought it was from 2009. The article is from 27 June 2009.

    As for AEG paying Zaldy I can get that. Zaldy was employed directly, and not by way of Michael to work for the tour. Now Chase, Murray, rent etc skirt the issue, because technically they are MJ’s staff. Chase wasn’t the chef for the tour troupe.


  40. lynande51 permalink
    March 2, 2011 2:41 am

    0.13 Mg of propofol is because its availability is in 10mg /ml would be 0.013 ml. that is too small of a portion to measure out in any available syringe. It was also in his vitreous humor (the jelly part of the eye) in a larger quantity of 0.40mg /ml of vitreous humor so is Murray trying to say he splashed it in his eyes too? It was found in the largest quantities in his heart and femoral blood. That means it went in by IV. In order for it to be present in those tissues it just means that he was given much more by intravenous injection than what Murray claims. His claim is 25 mg or 2.5 ml of propofol injected by bolus or IV Push. Here is a list of the medical evidence found at the scene.
    Medical evidence #1.
    Propofol and Lidocaine were detected in approximately 0.19G. Of white fluid from a 10 cc syringe barrel with plunger
    Medical evidence #2
    4 components of an IV system tested
    Propofol, Lidocaine and Flumazenil were detected in approximately 0.17G of white tinted fluid from a 10cc syringe
    Propofol, Lidocaine and Flumazenil were detected in approximately 0.47 G of yellow tinted fluid from a short section of IV tubing attached to a Y connector
    No drugs were detected in approximately 17G of clear liquid from a long section of IV tubing attached to an IV bag plug
    No drugs were detected in approximately 0.38G of clear fluid from a 1000cc IV bag.
    Flumazenil is a benzodiazepine agonist or it reverses the effects of the benzodiazepine. Lidocaine is used in small amounts prior to the injection to prevent the sting of the medication going into the vein.
    What they found at the house was 3 100 ml vials and 8 20 ml vials of propofol. A box of vials of the 100 ml come with four per box and the 20 ml is 10 per box. Remember that the actual medication is the mg/ml or in this case of propofol 1% is 10 mg per milliliter. So what was left point to the use of 100ml plus 40 ml if you count how many are missing from a box. Multiply that by ten and you have 1400 mg of propofol and if you look at the IV tubing he was pushing it into the Y site with a syringe. He did not add it to the IV solution he just pushed it in. He would have had to push it in very fast for what he says happened to happen and if it was in the IV tubing from the Y site I guess Michael didn’t drink it did he. Also if you go by the size of the syringes used because he had 10 ml syringes he would have had to do this 14 times. Time after time after time he had to push in 10 mls of fluid into Michael vein. That is intentional.
    It is easy to disprove that one too and I know this will sound indelicate but all they have to do is go back to his tongue and see if it is there.


  41. lynande51 permalink
    March 2, 2011 3:45 am

    I would also like to add something about Michael being a drug addict. At times in his life pain required Michael to take opiates for relief of that pain. If you look at the scars on his body in the autopsy report he has a few by his right knee which indicate that he had knee surgery at some point probably for reconstruction due to an injury or overwork. There have been a few articles since his death and during the trial that Michael was seeing a Dr. Alex Farshian in Florida. He specializes in stem cell and recontruction of joints from arthritis especially knees In 1999 Michael fell 50 feet while doing a concert in Munich. The part of bridge he was on blew up and then disconnected and Michael fell with it. He did suffer from compression injuries of his spine and from the force of the fall very well could have suffered a knee injury. A knee surgery is one of the most painful surgeries you can have. Why would people not know that well why would Michael Jackson tell them of an injury that might have possibly ended his career? What a lot of people do not understand that for some people the use of a pain killer like an opiate lead to dependence which is just a side effect not a desire on their part to have the medication. If Michael Jackson had been any where near the addict that people claim him to be he would have died from that addiction long before he was given propofol to “sleep”. You know don’t you that we only have the word of Murray that he asked him to use it on him that night.


  42. March 2, 2011 5:47 am


    Could you speak a little about Michael’s lupus and vitiligo? From my understanding people who have lupus have a lot of pain has well.

    I actually came across a post last month where, an gentleman pointed out Michael’s lupus. He had provided a link to a video of a woman who spoke on what she has to go through. After I had listened to her story. I wondered if she had possibly mentioned Michael and she did. I don’t think she understands the facts regard 05. However, I got a sense that her view of Michael changed for her. Now, the videos where she discusses Michael where posted June 28, 09.

    1. her story:

    2. MJ part 1:

    3. MJ part 2:


  43. lcpledwards permalink
    March 2, 2011 8:59 am

    Hey guys, make sure you check out this post by Seven! Dr. Barry Friedberg, a board certified anesthesiologist, recently published a book called “Getting Over, Going under: 5 things You MUST Know Before Anesthesia”, and he has an entire chapter dedicated to what went wrong with Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray. Seven was kind enough to scan the entire chapter for everyone to read, so check it out! here’s a quote from Dr. Friedberg:

    “The only thing more reckless Murray could have done was taking Jackson up in an airplane and pushing him out without a parachute.”

    Let’s hope some good can be salvaged from this tragedy, and that every medical school in the world will use Dr. Murray’s actions as an example of how NOT to treat a patient!


  44. lcpledwards permalink
    March 2, 2011 9:46 am

    @ Gigi
    Here are some blog posts about MJ’s lupus and vitiligo, in case you haven’t seen them yet. There are a LOT of vitiligo photos that I had never seen before! Some of them are from the early and mid-70’s!

    From Lacienga Smiled (this is an AMAZING site!)

    From Reflections On The Dance:

    Here is an article from a 52 year old white woman with Vitiligo, who talks about her and MJ’s common struggles:


  45. March 2, 2011 6:25 pm


    Thanks, the only site I don’t believe I’ve read is Lacienga Smiled.


  46. shelly permalink
    March 2, 2011 6:38 pm


    At one point, around 2000, he was suffering from burn injuries according to Mesereau cross examination from Jesus Salas. The accident happened during a show.


  47. lcpledwards permalink
    March 4, 2011 5:04 pm

    Here is Nikki’s latest Twitlonger which she wrote to debunk the newest lie being perpetuated by the media!

    The doctor in this article says in an upcoming book that MJ was chemically castrated as a child with a drug called “Cyproterone”, but fortunately Nikki utterly refutes him!

    Okay, I am doing some light research here at the moment:

    LexiComp states the main, labeled use for cyproterone acetate is for treatment of prostate cancer (end stages). It states after 2 months of treatment, infertility may be noted and before that sperm count can be lowered–but this does not appear to be permanent because…

    The drug has been used in precocious puberty:

    Click to access archdisch00831-0054.pdf

    The goal is to suppress puberty until the child is at an appropriate age–not to prevent it from occurring so this would make me think any effects of the medication (like with most hormones) is temporary.

    I am also trying to figure out when this drug first appeared on the market–was it even available in the early 1970s?

    Micromedex lists the drug as being used for acne, in a low dose, for girls only. The dosing for acne is much lower than that of other uses. I am scanning Micromedex now for more information (it is very in-depth).

    I will try to find that article, BTW, I may or may not have access to it.

    I will continue to investigate but right now it is hard for me to tie permanent larynx growth suppression to this hormone–not to mention Michael’s larynx did in fact grow and grow normally.

    Michael was 100% male–facial hair, body hair, Adam’s apple, typical male build, genitalia normal (and an enlarged prostate, typical of 50 year old men), etc. You cannot only affect the larynx w/o effecting those systems, too. Plus, “chemical castration” is temporary, if I recall right. If you stop the medications/hormones, the patient is no longer “castrated”, as with a woman who stops birth control–it is temporary.

    As usual, Nikki was dead on in her analysis, but I think a lot of female fans will disagree with her on the “normal genitalia”! Most female fans would say he was an “extra large”, judging by the gold pants he wore during the History Tour! LOL!


  48. lcpledwards permalink
    March 9, 2011 3:56 am

    Here is another great post by Nikki that scrutinizes Dr. Murray’s timeline!

    And here is a post that she and Seven Bowie wrote to debunk the total NONSENSE that MJ was “chemically castrated” as a child in order for him to maintain his high pitched voice!

    For visual proof that debunks this trash, watch this concert footage from the HIStory tour, where the the 40 second mark he speaks in his regular, masculine voice!


  49. lcpledwards permalink
    March 19, 2011 6:35 am

    Here is a very important blog post that Nikki posted on her blog! She discusses an often overlooked factor in the case that will further weaken Dr. Murray’s defense!


  50. March 25, 2011 4:35 am

    Well, Murray has fired his PR woman. Look at this nonsense that defense + Murray are a bunch of clowns. I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of “i’m s-s-sorry judge” throughout this hot mess from the defense.


  51. Teva permalink
    April 3, 2011 6:33 pm

    Aphrodite Jones talks to Dr. Patrick Tracey on her Show True Crimes.


  52. April 22, 2011 7:47 am

    David, thank for the updates on Nikki’s recent posts. She is doing an excellent job of looking into all those medical details which those who are not in the profession would not notice.
    Here is a post where she practically proves that Michael was sedated when Murray gave him propofol:

    “at 550 mL in his bladder Michael should have felt the need to urinate and urinate ASAP. But, Murray claims Michael was awake, “demanding” propofol. Really? Michael was awake yet did not think to empty his at-capacity bladder? In fact, Michael should have felt the urge to go well before he passed away but yet died with a full bladder but Murray insists Michael was awake all this time. I seriously doubt an awake Michael consciously held this much urine and did nothing about it, hell, he did not even have to get up to pee since he had a condom catheter on–I think almost certainly Michael was sedated thus did not feel the need to urinate and that is why his bladder was full.”


  53. April 22, 2011 8:04 am

    Guys, I strongly suggest we get some medical education from Nikki’s posts. Over here she answers some most common questions:

    Where was the IV catheter placed that Conrad Murray used to administer propofol?

    The IV catheter was placed in the inner left calf–an area that would never be used by medical personnel (other than Murray apparently) because placement in the calf increases the risk of a blood clot formation (deep vein thrombosis or DVT) which can be fatal. This is just another questionable and could-have-been lethal action apparently committed by Murray against Michael on 06/25/09 which defies common-medical-sense.

    Was Michael capable of self-injecting propofol to himself?

    I covered this in a previous blog found here:

    Experts have deemed it almost entirely impossible that Michael could have administered propofol to himself which led to his death. Though most experts say it does not matter who delivered the final dose of propofol and conclude Murray is at-minimum guilty of Michael’s death via negligence from leaving him unattended in an environment he created (assuming he did in fact leave him), I feel it is crucial to exonerate Michael from his own death while continuing to question Murray’s intentions on 06/25/2009.

    The coroner and his team of experts concluded Michael’s death to be a “homicide–via injection by another”. This conclusion was based on expert analysis and careful research. The IV set-up would have made it nearly impossible for Michael to inject himself or to have kept himself sedated/”asleep” for any extended length of time–this is not considering the fact he had a very high level of lorazepam in his system which should have sedated him before the administration of the fatal dose of propofol. Though everything being done to Michael by Murray was wrong the least Murray should have done was continuously monitor his patient–it was not too much to ask for by any means. For Murray to leave his patient and refuse to use adequate monitoring equipment under such conditions is truly inconceivable especially when one considers his anticipated salary ($150,000/month) for taking care of (and should have included keeping alive) one relatively healthy patient.

    Some media reports have attempted to say Michael may have altered the propofol drip rate and thus caused his own death (assuming some sort of drip was used which will be covered later). If such a drip was actively giving him propofol he should have been sedated thus unable to adjust any administration of any medications. This scenario again disregards the high amount of lorazepam reported in the toxicology report which would also likely have render him unable to complete any sort of drip/medication administration adjustments.

    Did Michael drink propofol?

    No, Michael did not drink propofol. There has never been any indication that propofol was ingested per Murray, paramedics, the coroner or UCLA staff. The autopsy report findings state that 0.13 milligrams of propofol was found in 70 grams worth of stomach contents that were dark in color (the dark hue was likely from blood as hemorrhaging was noted in the autopsy resulting from CPR, the rest of the liquid was likely gastric juices or fluid from fluid redistribution post-mortem). Propofol is white. That amount of propofol (0.13 mg) is equal to approximately 0.013 milliliters or roughly a hundredth of a millimeter.

    Propofol must be given intravenously (in the vein) to render an effect. Being ingested orally, propofol would take so long to reach the brain it would become inactivated before reaching it (propofol only renders an effect once it crosses the blood/brain barrier). Michael knew not to drink the medication as indicated by his request for a doctor or nurse to administer it IV (though he was wrong to think it a safe remedy for insomnia, based Lee’s statements). If the reported number in the autopsy is wrong and any exorbitant amount ended up in his stomach then one should consider the possibility of someone forcing the medication down his throat against his own doing to make him appear desperate.

    More questions answered here:


  54. April 22, 2011 8:54 am

    Nikki explains medical issues so well that it would be a crime not to learn them. Here is a slightly shortened version:

    Did Murray have a non-rebreather bag present?

    The autopsy report states, “a tank of oxygen with some kind of non-rebreathing bag with a clear plastic mask (for positive pressure ventilation) was near where the patient was found by the paramedics. This tank was empty when examined on 07/13/2009. A non-rebreathing bag was not attached when the tank was examined.”
    So–it is not clear whether this bag was left by paramedics or was part of Murray’s equipment (notice investigators found it near where Michael was found by paramedics not that it was found by paramedics on their arrival as far as we know). Regardless of whether or not it was Murray’s bag it was not used based on information we know thus this vital piece of equipment was useless. This lack of use of this bag is evidenced by the failure of it being connected to the empty oxygen tank–there is no valid reason to have detached it from the tank that I am aware of at this time.

    Whether the tank was empty that morning on 06/25 is unknown but it seems Murray was administering oxygen throughout the night to Michael via a nasal cannula. For Murray not to have more than one oxygen tank present in the room is also a problem as oxygen tanks do not hold week’s worth of oxygen–they hold hours’ worth depending on how much is being administered to the patient and the size of the tank. The more oxygen given and/or the smaller the tank, the less oxygen available. There has been no mention of more than one oxygen tank found in the bedroom. Chef Douglas B. Smith claims the tanks he saw Murray with during his time of employment were about waist-high (so approximately 3 feet tall assuming Smith to be of average height). The tanks had to be small enough that Murray could move them himself.

    If Murray did possess a non-rebreathing bag, it should have been attached to an oxygen tank (one that had oxygen in it) and being used during CPR to give oxygen/breaths while another person did compressions.

    …..Michael was reportedly found with a nasal cannula present. Such an finding is like applying a band-aid to a gangrenous wound.

    Simply stated, if Murray had in fact had this non-rebreathing bag and had oxygen in the room and found Michael with a pulse then Michael would be alive today had Murray taken appropriate action. One must not forget Murray’s one-handed, in-the-bed, and failure-to-call-911 or in-house help technique of CPR which would not save anyone. There was no defibrillator on the scene though the goal would be not to allow Michael to get to a point where he needed a defibrillator–these are meant to be used to save someone’s life when they suddenly collapse, not from physically drugging an individual and then failing to give them even sub-adequate care and monitoring. With that in mind it makes sense Murray would not bother to have a defibrillator, either, as he lacked just about every piece of life-saving equipment and supplies known to medical professionals across the globe. Why remains a question many would like to have answered.

    Did Michael have a pulse-ox on monitoring his oxygen/carbon dioxide levels? What is the expert consensus on the items found at the residence?

    The autopsy report states, “full patient monitoring is required any time propofol is given. The most essential monitor is a person trained in anesthesia and in resuscitation who is continuously present and not involved in the on-going surgical diagnostic procedure. Other monitors expected would be a continuous pulse oximeter, EKG and blood pressure cuff preferably one that automatically inflates. An end-tidal CO2 monitor would be used for fully anesthetized patients and is also highly desirable in sedated patients. Although the measurement or CO2 would not be accurate in sedated patients, who have a loose mask or nasal cannula for supplemental oxygen, the presence of CO2 documents that the patient is breathing and that the airway is open. If CO2 stops being present for whatever reason, the monitor will alarm (audible and visual signals) which calls attention to the possible apnea and/or airway obstruction, so action can be taken promptly. Of course. airway devices and drugs for resuscitation must always be present. Supplemental oxygen should always he delivered to patients receiving propofol and they should always have a recovery period with monitoring and observation by trained recovery nurses.”

    Murray apparently had no assistance by means of nurses or other personnel. He did not have an EKG machine present (though being a cardiologist he should have had easy access to one) nor did he have an automatic blood pressure cuff (one was found in the closet in the other room with the pulse oximeter but this one was likely not an automatic cuff nor would it be “automatic” without a machine to operate it). He supposedly had a nasal cannula on Michael but no other means to deliver oxygen (and possibly no oxygen in the tank). He did not even provide a CPAP machine (used on patients with sleep apnea) and though a CPAP machine would not be proper equipment to have for anesthesia it would have been better than the nasal cannula or nothing at all. Murray should have been able to access a CPAP machine, certainly with more ease than the propofol he purchased.

    Murray did not have any resuscitation medications with him such as atropine, epinephrine or sodium bicarbonate. He did not have any medications with him to raise blood pressure if Michael began to suffer from low blood pressure which is common with propofol administration. The only rescue drug Murray had was flumazenil which is only useful for a benzodiazepine reversal. Murray was not prepared in any form to render any sort of treatment to Michael, certainly not anesthetic care.

    Dr. Friedberg states, “in none of the published photographs of Jackson’s bedroom do any safety monitors appear. Murray reportedly told police he had been using a pulse oximeter. When the police searched for it, the pulse oximeter was discovered in a closet in an adjoining room. If this account proves correct, it casts serious doubts on Conrad Murray’s credibility” He goes on to say, “in conclusion, giving multiple drugs with the well-known potential to stop breathing, failing to remain in observation, and failing to use a pulse oximeter are all clear predictors of a bad outcome. Although he may not have intended to kill Jackson, Murray clearly caused Jackson’s death involuntarily. The only thing more reckless Murray could have done was taking Jackson up in an airplane and pushing him out without a parachute. What would have prevented Jackson’s death? A knowledgeable, conscientious physician who both watched and monitored his oxygen–at very least–absolutely would have.”

    One has to ask, based on Friedberg’s commentary, how could a doctor, not a lay person but a doctor of 20 years not monitor his patient? Monitoring Michael was not out of Murray’s physical control, it was a conscious decision–he had the duty and the physical ability to monitor Michael as well as the ability to access monitoring equipment, too. Phone calls or not, he knew Michael’s life lay in his hands, in his control. He either chose to not monitor Michael, phone calls were more important than Michael’s life and his grossly-inflated quoted income or he did monitor him and ignored any obvious signs of distress and subsequent death.

    If pushing Michael out of an airplane is the only thing Murray could have done more reckless then how could there be such a big difference in the mentality of what Murray did that morning to Michael? Can all of his actions really be involuntary? Michael was only a few-minutes’ drive from one of the best medical facilities in the United States. Murray had within his possession a oxygen monitoring device and either failed to use it or he failed to acknowledge the alerts provided by it either by consciously ignoring the audible tones or consciously removing himself from the fatal scenario he created. Whether Murray failed to use the critical pulse oximeter, failed to heed the alarm or failed to be in earshot of the alarm one still must ask “why?” to all three of those scenarios as none of them make logical, basic medical-sense.

    Did Murray give propofol via a drip, via bolus injections (using a syringe) or both?

    My reply at this time is I simply do not know if he used a gravity-drip, bolus injections with a syringe or both methods to administer propopfol. It really does not matter–none of these scenarios would exonerate Murray from his actions.

    For this particular write-up a “bolus injection” is referring to the administration of a medication via a syringe into short tubing via an IV catheter and a “gravity-drip” refers to the a medication (propofol, in this case) given directly from the bottle to the bloodstream through the use of tubing and an IV catheter. “Gravity” implies the use of gravity to give the medication rather than using a IV pump which can precisely measure the amount drug given to the patient.

    For starters, administration of propofol given by a gravity-drip is never appropriate or seen in normal medical practice. The drug is almost always given via some regulated means like a IV pump or a syringe pump–some means to give precise, accurate dosing down to so many micrograms per minute. This sort of micro-precision control cannot be achieved through gravity administration of any drug or substance.

    Gravity administration is usually regulated by clamps placed on the IV tubing. There may be other means available I am unaware of but they still could not achieve the accuracy or safety of that of an IV pump. If Murray did attempt to use some sort of gravity-drip (as no pump was in the house for him to use) then his intentions about this drip should be questioned because, anesthesiologist or not, he should have known not to give this medication as gravity-drip. It would be an act of certain death.

    Murray has claimed to have given 25 mg of propofol with a subsequent “drip” afterward. Whether or not this drip was supposedly propofol or saline is unknown. Murray only ordered 9 saline bags April 6th and 12 more saline bags on June 15th so he was not apparently giving saline for either medication administration or hydration on a nightly basis prior to June 15th, or possibly after except on June 25th. Supposedly that 25 mg of propofol was given over 25 minutes. However, giving 2.5 mL of a medication undiluted is impossible without some means like a syringe pump. I do not think such a small amount of propofol given over such a long length of time would be capable of sedating anyone either, diluted or not. Regardless, we know there is no way only 25 mg was given based on the toxicology results so it is likely Murray’s entire statement is a lie.

    The autopsy report refers to four components of an “IV system being tested”–this included a medication-free IV bag (containing normal saline), medication-free long IV tubing (containing normal saline), a syringe found with propofol, lidocaine and flumazenil and short tubing (13.5 cm) with propofol, lidocaine and flumazenil. There is no mention of any IV components that would insinuate the explicit use of a gravity-drip of propofol from these items tested.

    It would seem there would need to be some form of long tubing with propofol and lidocaine in it to accept this possibility–otherwise it seems medications were introduced into the short tubing via syringes only. The likelihood of some components of propofol gravity-drip being unaccounted for seems slim (but not impossible) given so much incriminating evidence was left behind at the house.

    There were two syringes with propofol found at the residence. One was found with the medical and IV equipment in the closet and the other was found in the bedroom, syringe on the bedside table, needle on the floor. There is no evidence that Murray used the syringes to transfer the propofol to an IV bag. Murray did not need to bolus the propofol on top of a subsequent propofol gravity-drip to assist Michael in “sleeping”. These syringes laced with propofol and lidocaine indicate boluses were used to administer propofol at some point.

    …Propofol comes in glass bottles to prevent the breakdown of the medication. A glass bottle must be vented (allow air to exchange for liquid) to flow. Was any vented supplies found? Can a bottle be effectively vented by any other means besides vented tubing or needles? There is no indication Murray ever transferred propofol directly to a saline bag; no saline bag has been reportedly found containing propofol.

    The only IV tubing mentioned in the autopsy report containing medications was the 13.5 cm (6 inches) tubing. This tubing is not long enough to hang onto a IV tree/pole. No additional tubing has been reported as containing medications. The 13.5 cm tubing was apparently the last tubing used by Murray since it contained propofol, lidocaine and most importantly flumazenil– the last drug supposedly given by Murray to Michael through the IV catheter before paramedics arrived.

    Unless the public autopsy report does not list all the evidence or evidence was somehow removed it seems unlikely a propofol gravity-drip could have been successfully created with the supplies found.

    Dr. Calmes only discredited the notion of self-injection via boluses in the autopsy report. She did not discuss the set-up of a gravity-drip or the possibility of such, either, though she did say someone with medical knowledge or experience would need to set up the IV. There is NO evidence Michael knew how to set up an IV or would even desire to do such on himself or anyone else. Michael had an interest in medicine as he had an interest in many subjects like art and history but he did not have any medical training. People like Arnold Klein and Mark Lester say Michael was petrified of needles.

    Murray has not denied placing the IV in Michael’s leg. He admits to using the IV catheter to administer medications that was apparently started by him. It would seem if someone else was assisting Murray he would have named them by now and shifted blame onto them as he has done to others.

    Dr. Ruffalo, the prosecution’s expert witness, stated during the January hearing he suspected 100-200 mg, minimum, of propofol was given just prior to death. This would be more indicative of bolus dosing rather than drip administration. However, Dr. Calmes states in the autopsy report, “The levels of propofol found on toxicology exam are similar to those found during general anesthesia for major surgery (intra-abdominal) with propofol infusions, after a bolus induction.” This seems to somewhat contradict what Ruffalo stated.

    There were at least three empty bottles of propofol–one 100 mL bottle (1000 mg) and two 20 mL bottles (200 mg). It would seem he was given 1400 mg (140 mL) based on the empty bottles that should have been thrown away after use. It is confusing trying to understand how much propofol Michael was actually given that morning because of the rapid metabolism of propofol. Though it is difficult to precisely interpret propofol levels in the blood, organs and urine it seems Michael was not given propofol during the early AM hours but only shortly before death and was given at least 100-200 mg or possibly more, enough that he was considered “fully anesthetized” when he died based on his blood levels. However, the trace amounts of propofol in Michael’s urine would indicate his body did not have much time to metabolize the propofol and excrete it before his death, meaning not much was given before his death.

    Michael’s propofol urine levels were 0.15 ug/g and less than 0.10 ug/g. One young man who passed after administering approximately eleven 20mL vials (2200 mg) of propofol to himself over 6 hours had a propofol urine level of 5.4 ug/g. This young man’s level in his liver was 27 ug/g compared to Michael’s 6.2 ug/g.

    Interestingly, this young man had a fatty liver, possibly from propofol abuse or some other sort of drug abuse (he was 26 years old) though a friend said he did not think he had been using propofol for at least six months. Michael’s liver was normal. This young man also had kidney damage from previous drug abuse and scarring on his skin indicative of IV drug abuse, neither of which were noted in Michael’s autopsy report.

    If a propofol gravity-drip was administering propofol to Michael there is no way he should have been able to have suddenly awoke and then injected himself with a much smaller-yet-fatal dose as he would almost have certainly died from the gravity-drip almost immediately. A gravity-drip, especially one containing 1000 mg (100 mL), would likely be lethal within minutes without respiratory support because of the failure to recover from apnea. If a gravity-fed drip was created and used to administer propofol to Michael then Murray’s defense strategies, including self-injection and drinking propofol, are null and void on top of the already numerous facts that discredit these claims.

    Murray’s defense team has claimed that Michael injected about 175 mg of propofol to himself and caused his death, based on the solo empty 200 mg bottle of propofol found under the nightstand, minus 25 mg given by Murray before leaving the room for less than two minutes. This amount is rarely lethal even without respiratory support. However, only one 10 mL needleless syringe was found on the nightstand.

    If only one 10 mL syringe was available than Michael could not have injected more than approximately 100 mg at one time, nearly half of what Murray is trying to claim Michael self-injected. The sedative properties of the medication should have occurred before any immediate re-dosing could have occurred. This dose should not have been lethal unless Michael was actively sedated on the lorazepam which Murray denies for obvious reasons–he bases his reason for giving propofol on Michael’s “demands”.

    Dr. Ruffalo estimated that Murray gave Michael a minimum of 7-12 mg of lorazepam before his death. He also said he believe he would have been sedated on that dose. Murray only admits to giving 4 mg or lorazepam, 2 mg per dose with the last dose being at 5:30 am. The dosing and time are both lies. If only 100-200 mg of propofol killed Michael then it was almost certainly from an additive effect from the lorazepam (which is laid out as the cause of death in the autopsy report). That being said, the lorazepam should have been sedating him to have been suppressing his ability to breathe and thus destroys the claims that Michael was demanding propofol from Murray.

    Throughout this seemingly impossible scenario the questions that beg to be answered are–where was Conrad Murray when Michael needed him and how could he do what he did to him? How could a doctor consenting to the use of anesthetics for sleep aids neglect his patient when he knows respiratory and blood pressure will be effected by all the medications he was administering? Any medical doctor knows this would occur with propofol and benzodiazepines.

    If Murray created some gravity-drip then why did he not go back to check on him to replenish the drip (assuming he left the room)? Murray was on the phone for approximately 45 minutes. If he was not in the room during those phone calls then what is his excuse for not going back to give more propofol? Is it because he knew what the outcome would be? Propofol’s effects only lasts a few minutes, not hours. Conrad Murray has so much explaining to do. It is just a shame that it appears he may get away with never having to tell the truth about what really happened to Michael Jackson.


  55. April 22, 2011 9:24 am

    Here is another piece from Nikki where she refutes journalists’ allegations about “painkillers” being the reason of Michael’s death. Nikki also talks about Murray as an ignorant or criminally negligent doctor who is a menace to society.

    This suddenly made me wonder – why did AEG insist so much on replacing Dr. Klein with Dr. Murray? We remember their official explanation that Dr. Klein was allegedly giving Michael something which made him “drowsy” and “they were worried about it”. But can there be a different explanation – with all his shortcomings Dr. Klein is still a qualified doctor, and could a doctor’s non-professionalism be exactly the purpose of those who were hiring Murray? Just an idea…

    Nikki says about “Painkillers put doctors under scrutiny” published by

    Is it really that difficult to write an article that is actually accurate?

    First error–Michael Jackson did not die from “painkillers”. There were no “painkillers” in his house, prescription or otherwise, or in his body at the time of death. His cause of death had nothing to do with current or previous use of “painkillers”. To infer the use or abuse of “painkillers” in Jackson’s death is a serious fallacy that discredits everything written in this article, correct or not.

    Second error–Conrad Murray is not to be compared with doctors who have written prescriptions for their patients who then go pick them up at a pharmacy and subsequently overdosed by their own hand and doing, accidental or not. Murray was in the house with Michael when he died–how often do you hear of such? Never. Michael Jackson did not even die from an “overdose”–he died because of Conrad Murray and his failure to prepare for what was to inevitably to happen to Michael due to Murray’s own actions and non-actions. Murray personally administered the medications to Michael, none of which should have been used by Murray for insomnia or otherwise and these were medications Murray ordered from a pharmacy himself with his own debit card. Murray claims Michael was asking for this or that that morning of 06/25/2009 but as more evidence comes out it appears Michael was not even awake to know what was happening to him during the duration of the night. Michael had no medications in his stomach, no medication in his blood other than those provided directly by Murray. Murray chose not to prepare for any sort of problems that could occur from the regimen he chose to give to Michael. He did not even choose to do appropriate CPR, opting for one-handed CPR on a bed while making phone calls to security rather than 911.

    How dare anyone attempt to say Murray should not be facing criminal charges. He is a menace to society and a disgrace to medical professionals everywhere. If he can practice medicine then we might as well allow death row inmates interested in medicine to practice medicine, too .

    The ignorance surrounded Jackson’s death, which is no less then murder, is appalling. It should not be that difficult to understand the gist of the autopsy report which holds the key to Jackson’s death which is no less than murder.

    When are journalists going to get it through their thick heads that Michael’s death had NOTHING to do with “painkillers”?


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