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To accept facts of Michael Jackson’s INNOCENCE all they need to do is let go of their HATRED…

March 14, 2011

Vindicatemj:  My colleagues made so remarkable and insightful comments on the statements of one alleged Michael Jackson’s “fan” that I decided to bring them together and offer you a summary of their replies as a separate post (rockforeveron, thetis7 and lcpledwards – thank you so much for your wonderful contribution!):

“I used to be a huge MJ fan/supporter but I can’t help but shake my head and question his motives/behavior, etc, especially around children. His obsession with children; him mentioning he would kill himself if there were no children on this earth. The child molestation allegations Having children/adults/whatever sleep in HIS bedroom/bed as they please. (I mean, weren’t there guest rooms/housing?) The balcony/Blanket incident”.

Rockforeveron: I’ve resigned myself to the fact that a certain proportion of people will always believe he’s guilty, even if Jordie were to come out tomorrow denying it. Considering the evidence and Jordie’s behaviour I honestly don’t even believe it’s necessary. Anyone who looks at the facts can see what Jordie’s feelings are.

They’d still say Mike shouldn’t have slept in the same room with kids, that he shouldn’t have been friends with kids, yada yada yada. They seem to believe this alone is a criminal act worthy of destroying his entire life for and they refuse to feel any remorse about any treatment of MJ – he might not have been a ped-le, but he deserved this treatment.

I’ve seen some people on other forums change their opinions about things regarding Michael. But so many people here seem to need to believe the things they do about him, it seem like they just don’t want to let go. They’re mad at MJ and they have to be pissed at him about something.

I’ve seen people accept that he isn’t a ped-le – but then they are very adamant that it was creepy and wrong and weird for him to let kids share his bedroom and even be friends with kids, even though none of the kids involved say it was creepy, so it’s basically just their own views that they’re projecting on MJ to say it was creepy.

Don’t they think it was even worse that he was hounded for his entire life on a lie? But no, they don’t want to feel guilt or remorse about that; he should have been hunted to death just for having sleepovers and for having child friends (sorry “obsessions”). They seem to think this is a rational and fair minded view to have.

Maybe this isn’t enough for some people – in order to continue to believe their original beliefs were grounded and they should feel no remorse I’ve even heard people say (this is very true), “Okay MJ didn’t molest those kids, but it’s likely he was a ped-le just because of how he behaved, so it was right to put him to trial.”

Try and think that one through: “It’s likely he was a murderer, just because of how he behaved. It’s likely he was a rapist, just because of how he behaved.” Who cares if there aren’t any victims, if nothing happened? So long as their prejudice against their fundamental idea of a person can persist.

Just like people saying “there’s no smoke without fire” – so we shouldn’t bother with any criminal trials. Everyone involved in any legal trial must be guilty of something or they wouldn’t be up there.

I’ve noticed that when challenged with serious conflicts in what they’ve chosen to believe is fact, most people downplay anything that outright contradicts their beliefs, shrug indifferently at the value of facts and evidence themselves, and try and move on to another topic, so that the goal post is continuously moved and they don’t have to resolve the discussion and reconcile their original opinion versus all the evidence against it.

It’s like a cartoon where at the end of every episode, everything goes back to how it was at the start. They seem to learn and gain nothing.

When it turns out that you may be wrong, people can either feel stupid and hate themselves (this is rare), or they can resist this and continue to justify their original belief – no matter how ungrounded – because they refuse to have to feel any compassion or remorse for their original judgement on someone.

Like the same people who have been proven wrong about his vitiligo and his children – they still insist he hated being black even though their entire foundation for their argument was… his skin and his children.

Michael has taught me a lot about arguments, critical thinking and why people believe what they believe. I used to think belief rested on facts and that once people became aware of facts they would enjoy being illuminated and progress with their thoughts. It’s how I’ve always behaved, though obviously when you get proven wrong about something it’s embarrassing, but the need to cling to it would be even more embarrassing to me.

It reminds me of this, from a recent paper about the psychology of belief:

  • One of the strongest, most-repeated findings in the psychology of belief is that once people have been told X, especially if X is shocking, if they are later told, “No, we were wrong about X,” most people still believe X.

Thetis7: “Michael has taught me a lot about arguments, critical thinking and why people believe what they believe” – that’s how I feel too. We had the greatest mentor. I began question everything because of him.

About the psychological research finding, the reason is the high correlation between belief and desires. That research was very old and it has been repeated many times (test-retest reliability) with the same result. It is linked to emotional factors (aka somebody’s personal reason) and the correlation between belief and objective measures is always low. It is considered to be very reliable and it is one the concepts in social psychology.

Lcpledwards : If Jordan, Jason Francia, and Gavin Arvizo all held a joint press conference to deny the charges, haters would say that they were paid by the Estate. Or, they would say that MJ molested other boys who have not spoken out against him. They’ll cling to those tired arguments to justify their prejudices against MJ. They did not want justice when MJ was accused, they wanted a conviction, and there’s a big difference! They were disappointed when he was acquitted, so they had to make up excuses to undermine his acquittal such as “Just because he’s not guilty, it doesn’t mean he’s innocent!”, “OJ Simpson was acquitted too!”, “Those 2 jurors said he was guilty!”, etc.

The way I see it is this: nobody will EVER say “I think MJ is guilty because I’ve done the research, read books, the court transcripts, and watched documentaries on him!” Their belief in his guilt is rooted in prejudice, and not in a credible allegation or hard evidence. So if Orth, Dimond, and the rest of the haters have to rely on imaginary, “phantom” victims who are too afraid to press charges, then as far as I’m concerned, WE’VE WON! We have refuted and debunked every allegation, no matter how bogus or specious it is, and if the worst thing you can say about MJ is that he let kids sleep in his room, then WE’VE WON!

Rockforeveron: There are many creepy men in this world. Here are some quotes from another very very very famous man (at least for South Americans and Europeans):

  • “I have always felt like I was different from others.”
  • “Already that young (when I started to work)… it’s not easy.”
  • “Most of the time I had to deal with things by myself. Already doing things at that age that a regular kid didn’t do. Or things a kid shouldn’t even have to worry about. Normally kids have someone to do that kind of stuff for them.”
  • “I grew a lot, I was basically forced to mature quickly and become a man.”
  • “What do I miss the most from back then? Maybe not enjoying my childhood as much as I should have.”
  • “If you could do anything anonymous for a day what would it be?”
    “Go shopping to a mall with my (young, preteen) nephews. Sit at a cafe and have an ice cream together.”
  • (Holding his young nephew) “It’s amazing. Whenever I have time I like to come here and visit them.”
  • “I have 4 nephews and it’s amazing. Homes are always better when there are kids. They like spending time with me. I feel great joy when I’m with them.”

Then footage of this person visiting a hospital and kissing kids, talking to them, cuddling them…

This is from Cristiano Ronaldo, a superstar international footballer worth millions and millions.

Now has a baby in circumstances similar to Michael…

People also made fun of Mike for his nose job (like he’s alone in that), the balcony incident (read up about Britney Spears’ incidents with DCFS), having a monkey named Bubbles (Elvis had a monkey named Scatter) and Usher has recently been seen befriending a 12 year old boy and performing onstage with him…

I feel like people have just had it ingrained in them that Michael Jackson was just sinister. This person tied up the balcony incident with the sexual molestation – all these things are the same to them. In arguments with these people you’ll always end up having to discuss plastic surgery, vitiligo, his sexuality, his marriages, his children… they start throwing everything in there, like all of it is part of the criminality of Michael, a big grand master plan of pedophilia he was undertaking, first his nose job, then dangling kids off balconies, then molesting kids, then birthing kids too white for him… he was a “creep” with a game plan!

The video about Ronaldo is great, isn’t it? I got all welled up seeing him with those kids in the hospital. Someone posted that on a forum when news of his baby came about and I was surprised. I’d always thought of him as a jock womanizing footballer… it’s interesting to realize how your perceptions about things can be so clouded based on gossip.

But of course if allegations came about about Cristiano that same clip would be played in slow motion with dramatic pauses, with the colour warped and faded all sepia, accompanied with sinister forebording music in the background, just like Peretti and “Michael’s Boys” were so fond of…..

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  1. Maral permalink
    March 14, 2011 8:23 pm

    excellent post. when i was a child i was a huge fan, but then Jordan decided to make up lies so my mom convinced me to let go away love. and i did. i thought of MJ from time to time. but thought he was becoming too weird. and being an Presley fan (NOT a Priscilla fan) i heard stuff that made me dislike him. when the news of his death came i felt hallow, but waved the feeling away. however, it was like he was hunting me. so i thought what the heck, he’s dead and although he may have been a pedo he was still good singer. and that opened the door of truth for me. all the evidence points INNOCENT!

    i call myself a fan today. at times i find somethings that puzzels me, such as “phantom victims” unknown to me, or such. but when i research, ask and study in the end the picture of innocents becomes clearer.

    my point is it’s ok to have doubts as it is ok to say but what about this and that. but when all the roads takes you to innocents then you can’t say you still don’t see how!


  2. March 14, 2011 11:18 pm

    Unlike the phantom “victims” whose parents needed money all the other kids that met Michael have only good things to say about him. Here is one of the numerous one can find

    When Michael Jackson met Michael Jackson

    Jun 27 2009 by Bruce DeMara

    Michael Jackson was a 10-year-old newspaper boy for the Star 25 years ago when he met the other Michael Jackson, the superstar.

    And the Michael Jackson he met that memorable night many years ago isn’t the same Michael Jackson the media has pilloried with such relish over the ensuing years.

    “I still remember it. It was a pretty cool event. Meeting him, you got to see a different side of him, not the Wacko Jacko stuff. He was just a really nice guy. That’s what I remember about him, just being so kind and patient,” said Jackson, 35, who teaches history and civics at his alma mater, Orillia District Collegiate Vocational Institute.

    As a boy, Jackson was constantly teased about his name and “not being the real Michael Jackson.” He was also a huge fan of the pop star, who in 1984 was in the midst of his Victory Tour and at the height of his fame.

    Jackson’s mother, Ann, wrote tour promoters Concert Productions International and asked if they could help fulfill a young fan’s wish. They agreed.

    On a chilly October night, accompanied by former Star reporter Joyce McKerrow, the Grade 5 student and his mom slipped through a side door at Exhibition Stadium and were taken to a private room.

    “All of a sudden … there was Michael Jackson. It was a special moment,” Jackson recalled.

    The singer, just minutes before he was poised to go on stage, offered Jackson and his mother some juice, signed an autograph and did his best to put them at their ease.

    Jackson recalled that when the media came into the room to shoot pictures of the two Jacksons together, the singer “clammed up.”

    “But when they left, he was back to normal,” Jackson said, recalling the singer as soft-spoken and a bit shy.

    The singer’s manager soon came in, reminded Jackson to put on his trademark sequined glove and the magic moment was over.

    Jackson said he rarely speaks about the experience – even to his own wife, Rachel – because of the negative media coverage over the years that has focused on the superstar’s eccentricities and allegations that he sexually assaulted young boys.

    “I was driving with my wife when we found out about Michael Jackson passing away and then I told (her) the story. She never knew,” Jackson said.

    “That’s the sad thing, that he (Jackson) does have that public image. But in my memory… for those 10 minutes, he just treated me really, really well, he made me feel comfortable, he made my mom feel comfortable. That to me is him,” Jackson said.

    “I’ve met prime ministers … and they’ve never made me feel that comfortable,” he said.

    Michael Jackson was a 10-year-old Star carrier when, thanks to his mother’s efforts, he got to meet his namesake at a 1984 Exhibition Stadium concert at the height of the singer’s Thriller fame. Right, Jackson, now a teacher in Orillia, holding a signed program, says he has fond memories of the meeting.

    It’s interesting to see how the media, who created a Michael Jackson that never existed, made people feel uncomfortable to say they met him. Before the trash coverage it was cool for someone to say he met him.


  3. lynande51 permalink
    March 15, 2011 4:46 am

    The number one most common comment made by the opposition is this: Michael Jackson slept with kids. That was the mantra of the prosecution, the media hags like Orth and Dimond and all of the ridiculous people out there that prefer to believe the worst. Why is it that they don’t realize that Michael Jackson did not sleep with kids, kids slept with Michael Jackson and there is a big difference. They went to his room and asked to stay he did not say no he said go ask your parents and so theywould and there they slept, falling asleep while watching a movie or playing a video game. He did not entice them intentionally they were enticed by his fun loving personality. He was a friend to them, played child games with them and when it came time to sleep they did not want the fun to stop, so there they stayed until they could no longer stay awake and their eyes closed.Why would that be weird? My nieces used to beg to come stay at my house, with me, not my daughter who was much older than them, but with auntie because I was the fun or funny one. They would stay in my bed and we would giggle until none of us could stay awake. I guess that makes me as suspicious as Michael Jackson.


  4. lynande51 permalink
    March 15, 2011 5:07 am

    Here is the person that started the weirdness. It was Bob Jones that leaked the ridiculous stories to begin with and so the media always liked to say that Michael leaked it. I have one question di Michael even know about this? I doubt it.
    OBITUARIES : Bob Jones, 1936 – 2008
    Publicist for Michael Jackson
    October 14, 2008|Valerie J. Nelson | Times Staff Writer
    Bob Jones, the longtime publicist for Michael Jackson who said he dubbed the singer “the king of pop” and who co-wrote “The Man Behind the Mask,” an unauthorized biography critical of the star, has died. He was 72.
    Jones, who had quadruple-bypass surgery about 17 years ago, died Sept. 20 at his Los Angeles home, apparently of a heart attack, said his sister, Donna Jones.
    From 1987 to 2004, Jones helped guide Jackson through “the hailstorms and minefields of unprecedented celebrity,” Jones and journalist Stacy Brown wrote in their 2005 book.
    When Jackson hired him, Jones had spent 17 years as a Motown Records publicist, helping to craft the images of such singers as Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie.
    “Publicity was king in those days, and Bob was able to deliver that,” said Miller London, a former Motown executive. “He was basically a staff of one, and it was a huge task.”
    He was Jackson’s spokesman at a time when the singer’s behavior was causing the public to start viewing the pop star as a cultural oddity.
    The eccentricities reported about Jackson were often the result of leaks that Jones orchestrated to make the singer seem more mysterious, Jones told the Irish Times in 2005. Initial reports about Jackson sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and the importance of his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, admittedly came from the publicist.
    “I saw a mad genius in Michael Jackson,” Jones wrote. “Someone who toyed with people . . . a master of self-promotion and a self-destructive multimillionaire . . . trying to buy friendships and favors.”
    He named Jackson the “king of pop, rock and soul,” but the singer changed it to “just the king of pop,” Jones said in the Irish Times article.
    After being fired by letter in 2004, Jones was broke and angry — and decided to write a biography of Jackson, whom he had known since about 1970.
    The book portrayed Jackson as lip-syncing his way through a world tour and faking illness to avoid performing. Some critics, including the Jackson family, dismissed Jones as a disgruntled former employee.
    In writing the book, Jones showed loyalty to Jackson by leaving out “a treasure trove” of potentially shocking details, Brown said.
    Jones’ loyalty to Jackson also was on public display, Brown said, when the publicist testified at Jackson’s 2005 trial on child-molestation charges. On the stand, Jones backed away from testimony that might have helped the prosecution. Jackson was acquitted of all charges.
    “He saw Michael, and he felt sorry for him,” Brown said. “He couldn’t go through with telling the truth, telling all he knew.”
    Robert Gooden Jones was born July 4, 1936, in Fort Worth to Ocie and Ruby Fay Jones. His father was a music promoter.
    In 1951, Jones moved with his family to Los Angeles, where he studied communications at USC.
    For a decade, he was entertainment editor for the Herald Dispatch, a Los Angeles newspaper that covered the black community, and wrote a syndicated column on Hollywood.
    A friendship with singer Bobby Darin led to Jones’ being hired in 1968 as a publicist for Rogers & Cowan. By 1970, he was working for Motown.
    “He loved trains and good champagne,” his sister said, and had built a model-train room onto his home in the historic West Adams district.
    Besides his sister, Jones’ survivors include a brother, Jamel Sharrieff.


  5. Suzy permalink
    March 15, 2011 6:21 am

    “He saw Michael, and he felt sorry for him,” Brown said. “He couldn’t go through with telling the truth, telling all he knew.”

    Oh yeah, he feels sorry for him on the stand, but doesn’t feel sorry for him when writing a book about him and trashing him in it. Makes sense…


  6. shelly permalink
    March 15, 2011 8:50 am

    It’s funny that Brown said that. When you are on the stand you have to tell the truth and not lying because you are sorry for the accused.


  7. lcpledwards permalink
    March 15, 2011 9:39 am

    And let’s not forget the amazing forward that Bob Jones wrote for Lisa Campbell’s “King of Pop’s Darkest Hour” in 1994!!

    Michael Jackson first became aware of Lisa Campbell’s work with the publication of Michael Jackson: The King of Pop, in 1993, when he received a copy of the book at my office. He is impressed with her work and greatly appreciates the painstaking measures taken for accuracy. We are equally pleased to now have the opportunity to contribute this Foreword for this new volume.

    Lisa has presented here a fair overview of the events that took place when Michael became the victim of false and cruel allegations, and the irresponsible persecution he suffered at the hands of the media. We have long been the victims of rumors and lies through the media but nothing could have prepared us for that to which he was recently subjected.

    Michael experienced pain and humiliation to a depth he never realized existed. The tremendous distress he suffered during this period had profound effects on him both emotionally and physically. He has now overcome those difficulties with knowledge of his complete innocence and his deep faith in God.

    Michael has come through the experience a stronger person due largely to his faith and the incredible amount of support received from his friends and fans throughout the world. The underlying love and support he received from the fans and their refusal to believe the worst truly touched his heart.

    His goal is to spread pure and simple love around the world. Children are his greatest source of joy. That is a part of him which will not ever change.

    Michael knows that his fans suffered with him and shared in his pain. He is deeply grateful for all of the love he has received.

    He loves you all.

    Vice President , Michael J. Jackson Productions

    Stacey Brown is a lying, opportunistic bottom-feeder who exploited his relationship with the Jackson family to get an analyst job at MSNBC during the trial. He knows damn well that his book was full of lies and half-truths, and Jones didn’t “lie” to protect MJ on the witness stand; he told the truth! He didn’t see anything inappropriate because there was nothing inappropriate to be seen!


  8. Maral permalink
    March 15, 2011 9:58 am

    “He saw Michael, and he felt sorry for him,” Brown said. “He couldn’t go through with telling the truth, telling all he knew.”

    is he serious? Jones’ testimony wasn’t in favor to MJ. T Mez was the one who showed the jury how stupid and baseless his clames were


  9. March 15, 2011 11:07 am

    “The eccentricities reported about Jackson were often the result of leaks that Jones orchestrated to make the singer seem more mysterious, Jones told the Irish Times in 2005. Initial reports about Jackson sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and the importance of his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, admittedly came from the publicist.

    Lynette, thank you for the information.
    Guys, we should learn these words BY HEART to throw them in the face of Michael’s haters each time they say it was Michael who was leaking those stories into the press. It would be a big mistake to put an equal mark between Michael and his PR man Bob Jones who was probably acting very much on his own. Judging by his own words he had seen Michael seldom and didn’t really know him personally:

    (from his testimony in 2005):
    7 Q. During your years of working with Michael
    8 Jackson, did you have occasion to spend time with
    9 him personally?
    10 A. Seldom.

    Bob Jones said his office was first in Sunset Boulevard and then at his home and he seldom saw his boss because this was the modus operandi he himself preferred. He said he had been in entertainment business before Jackson and knew that “familiarity bred contempt” and “the further you stay away from artists, the better off you are”. So staying away from Jackson was a matter of his own choice:

    20 Q. Okay. And where was your office at the
    21 time?
    22 A. In my home.
    23 Q. You indicated in response to the
    24 prosecutor’s question that you didn’t see Michael
    25 very often, right?
    26 A. No.
    27 Q. And why was that?
    28 A. This was — this was Michael Jackson’s modus 5549
    1 operandi from the very beginning. I saw Michael
    2 mostly if we were on a tour that my presence — if I
    3 may explain. I have worked in the entertainment
    4 industry prior to working with Michael Jackson for
    5 17 and a half years, and I know familiarity breeds
    6 contempt. And the further you stay away from
    7 artists, the better off you are.

    I wonder how much Bob Jones could know of Michael Jackson’s personal life in these circumstances? And make bold statements about not telling the “whole truth” about Michael because he was sorry for him? (which didn’t prevent him from writing a slanderous book and taking part in Peretti’s film).
    The answer is in Bob Jones’ testimony which proves he practically knew nothing of his boss’s personal life, had seen him seldom and hadn’t been to Neverland FOR YEARS:

    8 Q. And for that reason, did you not go to
    9 Neverland very much?
    10 A. I went to Neverland when I brought groups
    11 up, such as the Challengers Boys & Girls Club. Such
    12 as the First AME Church, et cetera. I was not a
    13 regular visitor at Neverland at all.

    20 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: In a typical year, while
    21 you were employed, how often would you visit
    22 Neverland?
    23 A. I haven’t been to Neverland in years.

    So what is the worth of Bob Jones’ words when he wrote (evidently in his book), that he “saw a mad genius in Michael Jackson,” “Someone who toyed with people . . . a master of self-promotion and a self-destructive multimillionaire . . . trying to buy friendships and favors”.

    All I see in these words is Bob Jones’ own perception of Michael Jackson – which in his turn he unfortunately passed over to the world. As a professional PR man he knew all the tricks of his profession but never really cared for his boss, didn’t take the trouble to get to know him and even intentionally kept away from him (same as with all other artists he worked for).

    No wonder he was finally dismissed (they should have done much it earlier!). By the way I’ve recently learned that it wasn’t Michael who fired him, but RANDY Jackson.

    For what Bob Jones said about Michael in Peretti’s film please go to this post:


  10. visitor permalink
    March 15, 2011 12:46 pm

    I have read lots of articles where Bob Jones claimed that he was behind Michael’s kind of pop, mysterious persona. That basically he made him what he was. I believe that most of the stories were planted by him and indirectly he has admit it in my opinion.

    I think we mentioned it here some time ago that Michael’s then manager, Frank Dileo, wants to write a book where he will set the record straight about Michael. Could it be that in that book he will talk about those crazy stories about Michael and who was responsible for them?

    Here is a post concerning the rumors in Michael’s life made by mjj-777


  11. March 15, 2011 1:20 pm

    @Visitor for many years we thought that Frank Dileo was behind the rumors. I am looking forward to reading the book. Dileo always loved Michael and I am sure he will set the record straight. Unlike Jones, FD really spent time with Michael


  12. Suzy permalink
    March 15, 2011 1:32 pm

    Frank Dileo and Michael had their disagreements but I respect him for the fact that unlike those opportunists like Bob Jones, he always stood by him. I remember he was interviewed during the trial and he said he is 100% sure Michael is innocent and he would never do something like this. And at the time he wasn’t employed by Michael, in fact Michael fired him, so he could try to revenge by saying anything about him just like Jones did.


  13. March 15, 2011 2:28 pm

    @Suzy he did the same in 1993, he vehemently supported him. Given the fact that he was fired in 1991 through a letter and he was mad at Michael, he could have easily lied for revenge.


  14. Maral permalink
    March 15, 2011 3:34 pm

    it’s time people stay up for him. many say that Dileo isn’t a good guy but i have trouble believing that. he and the Casios i think are being slamed for no reason. i’m looking forward to read there books. and the bodyguards book.


  15. March 15, 2011 3:41 pm

    @ Maral many people don’t know who Dileo is. Fans who remember him from the old days still are cool with him.


  16. March 15, 2011 9:12 pm

    “Frank Dileo did the same in 1993, he vehemently supported him. Given the fact that he was fired in 1991 through a letter and he was mad at Michael, he could have easily lied for revenge.”

    Thetis, absolutely true. By the way in the report made to court by the Estate administrators (on their management of the MJJ business), they say that at the moment of Michael’s death he was in the process of transition from Dr. Tohme to Frank Dileo once again:

    “Shortly before Michael Jackson’s death, Michael Jackson had retained John Branca, of Ziffren Brittenham LLP (the “Ziffren Frim”), and Joel Katz, of Greenberg and Traurig LLP (“GT”) as entertainment counsel. He was in between personal managers, transitioning between Dr. Tohme Tohme and Frank DiLeo. He had engaged the accounting firm of Crowe Horwath as his business manager a few months prior to his death”.

    If I understood it right Michael was replacing Dr. Tohme by Frank DiLeo and hired his old legal counsel back (shortly before his death) and a new business manager (several months before it). This is very interesting.

    Does anyone know who were Michael’s advisors before that? I mean in addition to Dr. Tohme? Lawyers, business consultants?


  17. Maral permalink
    March 15, 2011 9:26 pm

    @thetis7 i’m a new fan so i don’t know much but from what i know Dileo seems cool. for example i didn’t knew he spoke up for MJ in 93. i’m glad he did. no one can say he was payed to do that.


  18. Dialdancer permalink
    March 16, 2011 5:36 am

    “In arguments with these people you’ll always end up having to discuss plastic surgery, vitiligo, his sexuality, his marriages, his children… they start throwing everything in there”

    After an hour or so in their labyrinth you wonder whether they just need someone to feed upon or are they as confused as you by their arguments?


  19. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    March 17, 2011 8:48 pm

    A brilliant post. Thank you both.


  20. Timothy permalink
    April 2, 2011 8:27 am

    I get sick of all the terrible things that people CONTINUE to say about Michael.Even after his death
    Michael Jackson was not only a singing,dancing,musical genius who revolutionized the music industry with his breakthrough performances and dance moves. He was a great human being in every sense of the word. He gave billions of dollars to sick and hungry children all across the world throughout his lifetime and he showed us that each every person has the power to make this world a better place. All we gotta do is take a look at ourselves and “make a change”.But, despite all of that,he was a topic of many stories and scandals in the media throughout his life.And, sadly, these cruel allegations followed him. Even after his death.True, alot of the attention was drawn to him by his own doing. He drew attention himself through his eccentricities and led the media to believe and report things that were,in my opinion, ridiculously false.These eccentricities also led people to believe he was capable of certain allegations.Such as, the child molestation charges. Yes, he was, what SOCIETY has TURNED INTO being “unusually close to children”.50 yrs ago, sharing your bed with a child would not be considered unusual as it is today. Society has turned something as innocent as a bed into something sexual and sick, as opposed to what it really is-A place to sleep.He admitted sharing his bed with children. Child predators don’t admit to something like that.They would deny anything that would give the impression that they did anything wrong. Michael,however, openly admitted it.I never believed Michael was guilty, for one moment. And here is why-From the age of 5 yrs old, he was in the spotlight. He never had a childhood that we, who are not famous, take for granted. It has been said that his father abused him.As much as Michael cared for children, I don’t believe he would inflict that type of abuse on a child. And if you watch the documentary “This Is It”, he is very shy and withdrawn when he is not on stage performing.Much like a victim, not a predator. All of his charisma and outgoing personality was poured into his music. Never learned how to associate and express himself any other way. This made him look strange in the publics eyes. But,in reality, he was never able to have a normal childhood. So,as an adult, he tried to live out his child hood through other children. The truth is that genuine kindness and generousity is an alien concept in today’s society. So, when it is actually shown by someone, society is so cynical that they assume that there must be some alterior motive behind it.In a taped phone conversation of the father of one of those boys, you can hear the father boasting and bragging about how much money he was going to get out of the settlement. This does not sound like a father who’s son was molested.It sounds like a father who is using their child in order to go after someones money.Michael was ultimately acquitted. But, even so, the media still had a field day with the story and drew more and more attention to it that scarred Michael’s reputation for the rest of his life.And even after his death.Another thing we should take into consideration is that almost every artistic genius through out history has has some degree of mental instability. But do we remember them for that? No.We remember them for what they were-Artistic geniuses.It does not make them bad people.The bottom line is that we don’t have the right to judge someone about something we don’t have all the facts about.When I think of Michael Jackson, I consider what I DO know about him. And that is that he was a kind and generous person who showed nothing but love to the world, it’s children and his fans.He was a remarkable singer and dancer. The most talented performer the world has ever seen(even those who believe all the cruel things said about him can admit that)That,we do know. And that is a fact.God bless Michael Jackson. You will be in our hearts and minds forever.


  21. May 24, 2011 7:36 pm

    Some other stories about male celebrities befriending kids:

    After the game, Aiden fired off a congratulatory text to Sanchez. Don’t expect a return text, his mother warned, explaining that Sanchez would be too busy to answer an 11-year-old boy. So they watched his postgame news conference on TV, never imagining they’d hear from him.

    “All I hear from someone is, ‘There’s a youngster who’s terminally ill with cancer and all he wants to do is meet you,'” Sanchez said. “It changes your whole world. It stops everything. You get a chance to step back. It’s really close to my heart. … He’s the best. I love him.”

    Generally, you wouldn’t want to hear that an NFL player went out on date with an eighth-grader. But that’s not the case with this story out of Morgantown, W.Va. That’s where Bears rookie and former Mountaineer J.T. Thomas stepped in and took Joslyn Levell, who suffers from spina bifida, to her prom.

    “I was nervous that by the time I reached out she might have had a date and would have to turn me down,” he said.

    Obviously she didn’t, and they went to the dance together this past Friday, where Levell may or may not have emphasized her date’s stature as an NFL player.

    “The first thing one of the boys who was mean to me came up to me and said, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t believe you,’ ” Levell said. “It was soooo exciting. I’m just so excited to go to school and see what everyone has to say.”


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