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Michael Jackson’s agreement with AEG: EVERYTHING HE HAD for a $6,2 mln. PROMISSORY NOTE. part 4

April 8, 2011

Part 4

The more I read the so-called ‘contract’ with AEG the more I realize that its middle pages are so alien to the first and last pages of it (made as a letter to Tohme) that the inside of this ‘contract’ produces the impression of a bright new denture among the decaying teeth.

Is THIS a contract? (click on the image to enlarge)

What I mean is that there is too big a contrast between one and the other. The opening in the form of “Dear Dr. Tohme Tohme” is too personaland lacks the minimally required formal elements of a contract, as well as such indispensable basic points like number of shows, duration of the tour, who pays for what, etc.

The strange impression the first page produces is enhanced by the enumeration by the Promoter of his relatively unimportant rights to sell merchandise, solicit sponsors, use of the Artist’s name, etc. in the place which is usually allotted to the main clauses of the contract.

In contrast to this absolute inaccuracy of the first page of the ‘contract’ its middle pages produce the opposite impression – here you see the highly professional language and an extremely intricate and winding manner of wording various clauses which reminds you of a chess game (one point depends on another and this other depends on the third, and this third depends on whether something else in another clause is fulfilled or not).

In short the middle pages of this document are the epitome of legal demagogue the sole goal of which is to deliberately make easy things difficult for the reader, and the whole of it is a terrible contrast to the personal and highly informal beginning of the ‘contract’.

Fake signature (on the left) for Michael Jackson as head of the company

The last page of this document is also a stark contrast to its middle pages – besides also being highly inaccurate it contains a statement that the final agreement will be still negotiated  “expeditiously and in good faith” while all pages prior to it are screaming finality in each of their words.

The outrageous fact that Michael Jackson’s signature on the last page is surely a fake not only makes the whole ‘contract’ invalid but points to some criminal aspects behind the façade of it. But when you look at the attachments to this document (which have numerous cross-references to the middle pages ) you see highly professional papers which carry genuine Michael’s signatures both for himself and his company. This does not make the ‘contract’ valid (as attachments cannot override the contract as one of our readers rightfully said) but makes you wonder why the attachment is done so thoroughly while the ‘contract’ is done so inaccurately? What can this riddle mean?

A lot more other questions arise when you look at these papers. If both the ‘contract’ and promissory note speak of advances to the Artist why did Michael sign the most important document – under which he could theoretically lose his assets because of the advances – but didn’t sign the contract itself which was to provide him with these advances? If we were in his place we would probably do the opposite, wouldn’t we?

We also know that if some papers are related to each other we either sign all of them or don’t sign them at all. So if that contract had some crucial ‘defect’ to it, Michael wouldn’t have probably put his signature in either of those papers – instead of signing the most important part and refraining from signing the rest.

I see that you also understand that something is terribly wrong here.

I’ve been thinking about the reason why all this mess is happening in these papers and the only reasonable explanation I can find is that this co-called contract is actually a compilation of different papers dealt with and partially signed at different points in time.

The Letter of Intent was probably read and signed by Michael Jackson (as an individual only) on January 26, 2009 but the attachments to it were most probably made later.

Since the attachments are in full accordance with the middle pages of the ‘contract’ it means that those parts of the ‘contract’ were most probably inserted into the Letter of Intent later too – which is the reason why they produce the impression of being alien to that ‘contract’.

Exhibit A with the main Definitions of the contract has no date or signature

Exhibit A (with its main Definitions) does not have a single date or signature on it at all – so it could be attached to the rest of the papers at any time, and since this is a key to the interpretation of the ‘contract’ text, its later insertion into the ‘contract’ could easily alter the whole meaning of it. This way the Artist could read one text at first but as soon as new definitions were attached to it, it could immediately transform into something totally different – we have earlier seen how a change in the definition of one term only can change the meaning of the whole text and make it more demanding on the Artist, less favorable for him and much graver in its consequences.

There is one good point about Exhibit A though – the absence of the date and any signatures on it makes the paper completely void and therefore this attachment may be totally disregarded in my opinion. It is no more an official document than the toilet paper in your bathroom on which you can write whatever you like but it won’t change anything no matter what definitions you specify there.

So the main documents we should be looking into are the ‘contract’ (or a Letter of intent to be more exact) and two attachments to it – Promissory Note and Inducement Letter, as these are the only documents bearing at least one Michael’s signature on them.

The fact that one the two Michael signatures on the last page of the ‘contract’ is forged gives us enough reason to suspect that there should be more criminality in these papers than we see at first sight. As our aim is not so much to analyze the totally inhuman terms of this document (which is a fact obvious to everyone),  but see the true intentions of those who worked on this document, our main goal is to find where the criminality (if any) is, and disclose the secrets which are thoroughly hidden in these documents.

Leonard Rowe’s book fortunately provides all the three papers we are interested in.

The first one you are already familiar with is a letter to “Dear Dr. Tohme Tohme” with middle pages looking like a real contract and signed by Michael as an individual only and the other signature being a complete joke (for which those responsible for it can even go to prison if experts take the trouble to analyze it).

The second paper is a Promissory Note saying that $6,2 mln. will be loaned to Michael if he guarantees its repayment by the assets of his company, and the third is the Inducement Letter which states that Michael guarantees the performance by Artistco of all its obligations to AEG Live LLC.

All the three refer to the same date – January 26, 2009. But if the date is the same how was it possible to make them at different points in time then?

Promissory Note, page 1

A closer look shows that the date of the Promissory Note is put in handwriting which (theoretically) can point to someone meddling with this document. The second time the date of January 26, 2009 is mentioned in this paper is as a reference to the ‘agreement’:

“… the principal amount (of the advances) shall be reduced by … the portions of … advances which are Earned by the Artist under the terms of the Tour Agreement dated January 26, 2009”

Inducement Letter carries Michaels signature but has no date

The Inducement Letter (Exhibit B) also refers to the ‘agreement’ dated January 26, 2009 but does not carry a date of its own at all:

Exhibit B

Inducement Letter – Michael Jackson

As a further inducement to AEG Live LLC (“Promoter”) to enter into the foregoing Artist Agreement with the Michael Jackson Company, LLC (“Artistco”) dated January 26, 2009 (such agreement including the exhibits thereto being referred to collectively as the “Agreement”), it being …. 


Michael Jackson

(no date)

The goal of mentioning the date of the ‘contract’ within the attachment is not only to tie it to the text of the contract but to produce the impression that both documents were made on the same day – which may be critically important when the document does not have a date of its own. And this is absolutely not the same as putting the date under the signature in a document or somewhere in its headline.

As an example imagine that you are working on some paper, say in March, and then make a reference in it to a contract made in January – so will this reference mean that your paper was made in January too?

The above proves to us that :

  • the attachments are not free from the inaccuracies found everywhere else in these papers,
  • one date in handwriting and other being totally absent can speak to a possibility of AEG guys attaching these papers to the Letter of Intent later,
  • since those attachments are closely related to the middle pages of the ‘contract’ these pages could be written and inserted into a ‘contract’ later too.

So the end result we are looking at can very well be a cut-and-paste job where the initial document was a Letter of Intent addressed to Tohme. It outlined the main directions for future negotiations and Michael signed it (as an individual only) as this document wasn’t binding him in any way at all.

At some other point in time the Inducement Letter and Promissory Note were prepared as separate documents and were also submitted for signature to the Artist after which they were attached to the Letter of Intent together with some middle pages which they had a close relation to.

Since these documents is all we have now it is apparent that when it came to signing the final contract the Artist read the suggested version but did not accept its slavery terms and refused to sign it  – so all AEG was left with was the compilation of papers we see now.

This was evidently the point when the relations between the parties went terribly sour. Leslie’s blog says that Michael began to feel hatred for his right-hand man Tohme (how awful should a person’s misdeeds be for Michael to feel hatred for him?) and witnesses said that they noticed Michael and Randy Phillips being on bad terms too.

However the project was already in full swing and was widely reported in the press. Michael thought he was more or less safe as the final contract had not yet been signed, and besides the financial difficulties and inability to return the advances also faced a psychological dilemma – he couldn’t disappoint his fans and produce the impression he was backing away from his promises as this would have immediately backfired at him and would have been interpreted as his inability to perform.

AEG as the other party to this deal was most probably never distraught by the absence of the final contract. Though no final agreement was signed it was a matter of sheer technicality for them to combine a couple of papers here and there and send them by fax from Michael’s company via dear Dr. Tohme Tohme. The cut-and-paste “contract” allowed for such form of communication, as a photocopy of Michael’s signature was considered to be as valid as the original and this small technical operation gave AEG the precious paper which finally suited all their needs.

It is very well known that Michael publicly complained at the time that he was kept in the dark as to his own business affairs and didn’t even know what his financial situation was. Sorting things out for him was most probably impossible at the time as Dr. Tohme was in full control of the situation while Michael had other things to attend to – create the show, get ready for the performances and do many other innumerable things connected with the tour.

Knowing that AEG didn’t have the final contract from him I can easily imagine Michael thinking that there would still be time to sort out the problems later – when it came to mutual settlements. At the moment the only real thing he was worried about was the number of shows (which suddenly increased) and the progress of the show (which was extremely slow as auditions for dancers started only some time in May 2009 according to Leslie’s blog).

If this reconstruction of the events is more or less correct and all of us agree that Michael never accepted the terms of this ‘contract’ the next question arising will be why he was reckless enough to sign the Promissory Note under which he was giving all his assets as collateral for some advances paid?

Well, firstly, most probably he needed some cash. He also knew that he was fully entitled to an advance as any other performer is (please see information provided earlier about standard live performance contracts).

Those advances could cover some of his most urgent needs and signing the Promissory Note and Inducement letter were the only conditions on which he could obtain them. Setting those conditions on the part of AEG were understandable to a certain extent – the producer of the show cannot give away millions without first having a written confirmation that one day he will receive the money back, can he? And in the circumstances when the final contract is not signed this point can become even more important than ever (and since there was no contract Michael knew that AEG needed at least some confirmation from him).

AEG specified both documents as a condition for obtaining the advances and made special stress on the fact that the promissory was not to be secured by the property belonging to the Artist – but by the property of his company only. This should have put Michael on his guard but on the other hand he knew it too well that all his assets belonged to the company, so what else could he offer to AEG?

The middle pages inserted into that cut-and-paste contract later stated these two documents as a condition for the advance of $5mln:

 4.2.1 Initial Artist Advance. Conditioned upon the execution and delivery of the inducement letter attached hereto as Exhibit B, the promissory note attached hereto as Exhibit C (which promissory note shall not be secured by any property belonging to Artist, but shall be secured by property owned by Artistco), by Artistco and Artist, Promoter shall loan Artist and Artistco the sum of Five Million United States dollars (US $5,000,000)  (the “Initial Artist Advance”) as an advance against Artistco’s future entitlement to Contingent Compensation.

This advance given to the Artist was to be spent in a somewhat strange way – the distribution of it was just too much regulated on the part of AEG. For some reason AEG was terribly worried about Michael’s relations with a certain company to which he owed $3mln and the worry went to the extent that they specified payment to this company as another condition for providing the money.

The reason why I say that the cut-and-paste job was made on the contract later is because the Promissory Note (probably signed earlier) did not set such a condition yet:

“4.2.1 Such payment shall be made within four (4) business days of the satisfaction of the foregoing conditions by wire transferring (a) Three Million United States Dollars (US $3,000,000) pursuant to written wiring instructions provided by 2 Seas Records LLC as payment made on behalf of Artist and/or his affiliates(s) in connection with Artist’s settlement with 2 Seas Records LLC, and (b) Two Million United States Dollars (US $2,000,000) to Artistco pursuant to written wiring instructions provided by Artistco.”

In my opinion it was none of AEG’s business to what use the Artist would put his advance, however over here we clearly see that AEG is forcing Michael Jackson into paying this company. This impression is enhanced by one of the follow-up clauses of the ‘contract’ which says that no other advances will be given to the Artist unless he proves he has paid 2 Seas Records LLC.

This unusual condition comes among several others which include the need for the Artist to obtain:

  • a cancellation insurance naming AEG as a loss payee (or the party which will receive the money),
  • another cancellation insurance in favor of Promoter to cover the risk of AEG’s Pool expenses – which we’ve already discussed and which, by the way, is named in Exhibit A as AEG’s obligation (when people do cut-and-paste jobs such unpleasant inconsistencies may occur),
  • give approval for the details of the leg of the Tour
  • and provide written proof that the Artist settled his dispute with 2 Seas Records, LLC.

The cut-and-paste contract (not accepted by the Artist) says that no other advances (except the Initial Advance) will be paid to the Artist unless he settles the dispute with the 2 Seas Records company:

16.4 Conditions to Advances.

16.4.1 …”with the exception of the Initial Artist Advance, Promoter shall have no obligation to pay any Advances until such times as…. (c) Artistco delivers to Promoter evidence satisfactory to Promoter that the dispute with 2 Seas Records LLC has been settled and Artisto abides by all terms and conditions of such settlement”

But the very next paragraph demands that Michael’s company submits proof of its intention to pay (or that they have already paid) to that company or otherwise there will be no Initial Advance at all (while the Promissory Note does not say anything of this kind):

16.4.2  Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement…  Promoter shall have no obligation to pay the Initial Advance until such time as Artistco delivers to Promoter evidence satisfactory to Promoter that the dispute with 2 Seas Records LLC has been settled and that Artistco has either paid the amounts owing to 2 Seas Records LLC under such settlement agreement or will pay such amounts (including by permitting some or all of the Initial Advance to be paid to 2 Seas Records LLC).

This is incredible… Why is AEG so terribly worried about this payment? 

Leslie’s blog says that 2 Seas Records LLC is a company owned by the Bahrain sheikh:

  • 12/05/2010  MJ worked with a Bahrain company named 2 Seas Records in 2006. They planned to release new music and other joint ventures. Back then MJ’s involvement was a frequent question. I just found some documents, according to them MJ never owned the company, he simply had an agreement with its owner the Bahrain sheikh. The company has been dismissed on August 19, 2009.

Since usually the other party’s debts are absolutely no business of the other side it is my guess that the obligations Michael had towards this company were standing in the way of AEG’s plans. One of the suppositions is that they were probably unwilling to go into a lawsuit with the sheikh of Bahrain in case they successfully obtained Michael’s assets, so the demand to pay to the royal prince could be a preventive measure on their part to avoid possible complications in the future.

But another explanation is probably even more reasonable than the first one – it seems that AEG wanted Michael very much to spend the advances in such a way that the money could not be easily retrieved and returned to AEG in case they demanded the advances immediately back.

Whatever the case is with the $3mln. for the 2 Seas Records company the deduction of this sum from the Initial Advance of $5mln. was leaving Michael with $2mln. only.

The future of the remaining sum was also interesting. The way AEG worded it (“wire transferring US $2,000,000 to Artistco pursuant to written wiring instructions provided by Artistco.”) it seems that AEG was not going to transfer the remaining $2 mln. money directly to Michael Jackson’s company or his individual account but was to wait for the company’s instructions to transfer the money elsewhere.

I may have become too suspicious over this AEG/Tohme business but remembering that the company was fully run by Michael’s “big friend” Dr. Tohme at the time I cannot find the above statement as very encouraging either… If everything had been clean and straight here AEG could have stated they would remit the money directly to Michael’s account and he could transfer it later to anyone he was willing to – however AEG was going to wait for some reason for the written instructions from the Artist’s company? Meaning Dr. Tohme?

In addition to the above $5mln. the other advance covered by the Promissory Note for $6,2mln. is an advance for the Artist’s home rental: 

4.2.2 Advances to Cover Home Rental. Conditioned upon the execution and delivery of the inducement letter attached hereto as Exhibit B and the promissory note attached hereto as Exhibit C, Promoter shall pay the monthly rent on Artist’s home located in Bel Air, California for a period of twelve (12) months at the rate of $100,000 per month (totaling not more than US $1,200,000) as an additional advance (“Home Rental Advances”) against Artistco’s future entitlement to Contingent Compensation….

The above makes it absolutely clear that despite everything we’ve heard from the media about AEG’s generosity and provision of Michael with a luxurious mansion all of it was a complete lie as the rent for the house was to be paid solely by the Artist. However what surprised me most in the above clause is that the rent was calculated for 12 months ahead. Am I mistaken to think that Michael was supposed to go on a tour to Europe for a long time or was he supposed to live in a house at Bel Air California and for a year too?

As regards the period AEG expected Michael to stay in London Randy Phillips made a joke about it which most probably contains a grain of truth in it and speaks to their plans to keep Michael Jackson there for a very long time:

Randy Phillips told BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat: “Mike asked me how long he would be in the United Kingdom for and I told him ‘Probably long enough to get a British passport’.

Besides the 12 months period of the rent another surprising thing is the rate at which the rent was to be paid. For the sum of $1,2 mln Michael could have surely bought a house, couldn’t he? Why waste money on useless renting when he could buy some real property instead? But if I remember it right Leonard Rowe said that this costly house was found for Michael by AEG too and I can bet it almost on anything that it was Randy Phillips who convinced Michael that renting a luxurious house was a better option for him than buying a ‘modest’ house for $1,2 mln – image is everything when it comes to promoting the show!

Besides getting Michael into more debt this way AEG had another added advantage from such an arrangement – a rented house cannot be sold and the money spent on it cannot be retrieved either, so the chances that the Artist will be able to pay the advances back immediately upon AEG’s demand are quickly diminishing with every new step they are taking….

There is one more point about this Home rental business which I would like to explain here. The thing is that it would be wrong to assume that Michael was to get the $1,2 mln.  for the home rental in cash or as ready money on his bank account.

“At the Artist’s request” the whole sum of $1,2 was to be reserved in the landlord’s bank account out of which the landlord was to receive his payments (most probably on a monthly basis) so that the Artist was never able to lay his hands on that money. This was another of those methods to make the money irretrievable – especially if we talk about the Letter of Credit manner of payment chosen by AEG.

Payment by a Letter of Credit means that the sum of $1,2 mln. is “frozen” in the bank by AEG and the party to whom the money is due (the landlord in this case) can receive it bit by bit if he submits documents proving he has the right to each new portion of the money.

If the Letter of Credit is irrevocable (this type of L/C is also mentioned by the ‘contract’ in another connection) it also means that AEG cannot revoke the money or take it back. Usually this manner of payment is presented to the other party as a great advantage and as a guarantee of payment to it – however in Michael’s situation it clearly turned into a big disadvantage. If, for example, he said he didn’t need the house for a whole year or wanted to return the advance received from AEG for this purpose I doubt very much he could ever do it.

June 23, 2009

Please remember that we are talking of a cut-and-paste contract which Michael never signed.

So everything in the way those advances were to be paid to the Artist showed that AEG didn’t want him to have an opportunity to repay them back – especially if this had to be done quickly.

This opportunity was in direct relation to the Artist’s assets – if he could repay the advances the assets remained his property, but if he couldn’t he could easily lose them.

Please compare it with a more normal situation when all the money is put into the Artist’s bank account directly and he returns the whole sum (or part of it) to AEG at their first demand – and you will see that it was absolutely not in AEG’s interests to give Michael a slight chance to keep that money intact.

Randy Phillips realized that Michael was far from broke (otherwise they wouldn’t have launched that hunt for his valuable assets) but he was also fully aware that Michael had problems with cash. This is what he said about Michael’s situation in an article which – in addition to the money issue – provides other details which are worthy of note:

By Rowena Mason

14 Mar 2009

“He’s 50 but he’s going to dance his ass off,” says the confident, quick-talking Randy Phillips. [what a disrespectful way of talking of the greatest performer in the world]

This precise, organisational mastermind has kicked up a global ticketing storm just four months after a high-pitched “yes” was uttered from Jackson’s pinched lips. The pair go back 15 years – they lost touch, but after the promoter joined AEG he made a “hit list” of acts to entice. Jackson was at the top.

“We finally made Mohammed come to the mountain of the O2,” Phillips grins. Jackson refused twice, but several months ago, the idea arose as the superstar was putting together a restructuring plan for his finances.

“They make out Michael’s finances are much more dire than they are,” Phillips assures me. But he needed the cash, right? “I asked him straight off: why say yes to the tour now? Was it the money? He said: you know what, my kids are old enough now.”

Jackson agreed to do 10 dates for AEG, before relenting to 40 more.

So how much is AEG getting out of this? Phillips laughs. “We’re not in this for the money. We’re taking a huge risk on Michael”.

“If Mike gets too nervous to go on, I’ll throw him over my shoulder and carry him on stage. He’s light enough.”  Jackson’s nerves aside, the deal could have been off if Phil Anschutz, the billionaire behind AEG had not taken to him.

“Phil had to give me permission to spend all this money. I joke that I’m going to make him a millionaire – from a billionaire.” Anschutz has been described as prickly, but Phillips says he is “respectful, a good listener and brilliant”.

AEG is certainly putting its all into making the tour superlative. Hiring Kenny Ortega, the man behind High School Musical, booking superstar guest appearances, putting money into a new 3D film of Thriller and developing new technology to make it a historical spectacle.

Besides Randy Phillips being fully aware of Michael’s cash flow situation and AEG’s customary lies that “they are not in this for money” and that it is them who finance the show (and not Jackson), we learn with some surprise here that Randy Phillips and Michael Jackson met each other 15 years ago, since then lost touch but for the past several years Michael was on AEG Live’s hit list.

We also got a confirmation straight from Randy Phillips that it was AEG who wanted the deal and that Michael did initially agree to do 10 shows only.  

It is time however to see what the the Promissory Note said about conditions for Michael to obtain the advances mentioned above.

Surprisingly, but after reading all the harsh language AEG later used in the ‘contract’ the Promissory Note strikes you by an incredibly nice and all-attentive attitude towards the Artist.  If it weren’t for the detailed description of what was put up as collateral for those $6,2 mln. this Promissory Note would make an absolutely charming read.

Almost everything is fine with this paper. This shouldn’t surprise us if we remember that at that moment AEG was only laying a trap for the Artist – so they are going out of their way to show him that the document suggested for signing is a mere formality full of incredible benefits for the Artist.

Actually all the Promissory note is is a promise to pay – the dictionary defines is as:

  •  “a written, dated and signed two-party instrument containing an unconditional promise by the maker to pay a definite sum of money to a payee on demand or at a specified future date”.

However this Promissory Note looks more like an inducement to enter into a deal. It is so pleasant a document that it is almost impossible to reject the money offered by it – the sum of$6,2 mln. will be provided at no interest to the Artist,  the date when it is supposed to be paid back will be only six months after the last show in the first leg of the Tour (or March 2010) or alternatively six months after AEG makes awritten request to the Artist to pay the sum back.

Only after that the interest will accrue, but the Artist should not worry about it at all as it will be no more than 10% per annum. If God forbid, the Artist ever receives from the Holder [AEG] of this promissory note a demand for an interest exceeding the highest lawful rate the total sum of the loan will be immediately reduced by that unlawful sum. Moreover, the date of expiration of this note can be extended and the term may be renewed by a simple signing of a written modification of it.

Special emphasis is made on the fact that the sum of the advances will be reduced by the portions Earned by the Artist (“Earned” marked by a capital letter in the original).

They are even ready to cancel the Letter of Credit opened in favor of the landlord (for $1,2 mln.) if the Artist pays to the landlord directly (for example from those $2mln. which are left to him after a settlement with the 2 Seas Records company) – only the Artist doesn’t yet know that he will be later ordered by AEG to pay this company as this condition it is not yet stated in this beautiful document.

In short this Promissory Note seems to be an absolute marvel and looks like a complete godsend to the Artist from the exceptionally kind, considerate and generous guys from AEG Live…

Indeed, if you compare the terms of this $6,2 mln. advance with the terms of a usual bank loan the above terms will look decidedly better than anything any bank would ever offer – because if the Artist takes this advance from AEG, say in January 2009, the earliest he will be required to pay the full sum of it will be only in March next year, and all this time there will be no interest on it!

SO WHAT if AEG wants a collateral for it? It is nothing unusual as even the dictionary says that a collateral is an indispensable element of a promissory note:

  • “A promissory note is a formal commitment between two parties that is usually necessary when money is borrowed and lent between them. All business loans secured from a bank or other lending institution have some sort of promissory note, but they are also recommended for loans between two individuals (even if the loan is between family member or close friends) to avoid any misunderstandings or possible legal troubles. A promissory note should have several essential elements, including the amount of the loan, the date by which it is to be paid back, the interest rate, and a record of any collateral that is being used to secure the loan”.

Well, even a bank requires a collateral or otherwise they don’t give a loan, so why should AEG be any different? Looking at how nice the terms of this promissory note are no one would never expect these charming people – who provide you with $6,2 mln. asking absolutely nothing for it except some guarantees in the form of your assets – to be capable of any malicious intent, especially since they’ve been following you with their offers and courting you for two years now…

And what danger can leaving the assets as collateral present to the Artist? No danger at all. Randy Phillips calculated each concert to bring approximately $1,5 mln. each, so the first four shows some time in July will be enough to cover all the advances while the actual term of the note will expire only in March next year – so there will be plenty of opportunities to repay that.

Even if the tour does not bring much profit to the Artist he will surely get the minimal sum of $6,2 mln. by the end of its first leg on September 30, 2009 while the note will mature only six months after that and the maturity date can be extended further by signing a written modification of the note…

Do you see how easy-going it looks? Do you realize that it isn’t naïve to believe that such an arrangement is indeed workable and may be even beneficial for the Artist? And that it is very easy to trap the Artist into accepting these terms? Not to mention the fact that this sum could come in handy at the time when he needed cash most?

What I mean is that though all of us were extremely shocked by the fact that Michael agreed to give away his assets as collateral for the advance money from AEG, when you look into the seemingly favorable terms of the note and realize that it is common practice to secure collateral for obtaining a loan (which it actually was) you start thinking there was nothing usual about it and that the Artist could think that way too – especially since he had already used his assets as collateral several years before that (double use of it is possible as I’ve learned) when obtaining a multi-million loan from the bank and nothing terrible happened because of that. The assets were still his …. so why reject this beneficial offer from AEG?

Now that I am writing it, I can say in all honesty that if I had been in Michael’s place and had to balance between the need to pay some urgent sums and accept AEG’s offer of money I would have probably signed that paper too. Since he most probably didn’t see the final contract yet he surely didn’t know that later AEG would condition that loan by the requirement to immediately remit more than half of it to 2 Seas Records …

How on earth could he imagine that the intentions of the company, which gave him this extremely favorable no-interest loan, could go far beyond the range of a usual promoter/artist contract? How could he in any way envisage that it were his assets which were their main goal?

After all AEG is a well-established company with an excellent reputation and Prince also gave 21 concerts in London in 2007 and nothing bad happened to him, so why should Michael worry? Since the resumption of their business relations Randy Phillips was extremely charming to Michael and promised him a great restart of his career describing to him AEG’s truly gigantic opportunities… And how could the Artist expect any dirty tricks from this company the head of which he personally met and and who is by the way universally known as a devout Christian?

Michael’s signing the Promissory Note means that after a long period of doubt he finally decided to enter into cooperation with AEG and was ready to do at least those first 10 shows he was speaking about. From the moment of signing that Note he couldn’t back away from the project (unless he returned the advances of course) but not doing the concerts was clearly not on his mind as otherwise he wouldn’t have gone into this deal at all. Even if later he realized that he had got into a trap laid for him by AEG,  since that moment he was doing his best to honor his obligations – at least for fear of losing everything he had.

And what exactly was he losing in case something went wrong in his agreement with AEG?

The Promissory Note enumerates all of it on page 2 under a headline made in capital letters which stresses that the collateral will be pledged by Michael’s company only, but not the Artist as an individual:

The COLLATERAL wanted by AEG in exchange for $6,2mln. advances

I am really terrified to type everything AEG wanted from Michael Jackson for their miserable $6,2 mln. advance – the assets included everything Michael ever had, would have and could potentially have even in the future as head of his Michael Jackson Company LLC.

This part of the Promissory note opens with a covert attempt by AEG to try and bind the Artist – even before their final agreement is signed – by certain “secured obligations” which will make him fulfill everything they will state in the not-yet-signed future contract. It is disputable whether it is possible to bind the Artist that much about something which has not yet been signed but such an attempt is being made here:


To secure the faithful and timely performance of each Maker’s obligations hereunder and each Maker’s obligations under the Artist Agreement, and all extensions, modifications, substitutions, replacements, and renewals of all such obligations (collectively, the “Secured Obligations”), Artistco hereby assigns and grants to Holder [AEG], a security interest in Artistco’s right, title and interest in, to, and under the following properties, assets and rights, wherever located, whether now owned or hereafter acquired or arising, and all proceeds and products thereof (all of the same being hereinafter referred to collectively as, the “Collateral”), contract rights, the right to the payment of money in which Artistco has an interest, insurance claims and proceeds, commercial tort claims, securities and all other investment, property and all general intangibles (including all accounts receivable and payment intangibles).

Did Michael have the first inkling that something was wrong with this paper when he read this horrible enumeration of everything AEG was entitled to in case he didn’t repay the advances?

Or was he more or less used to the procedure as he had signed a similar document before with the Barclays (or whatever bank it was) and knew that it was a standard form demanded by almost everyone who was giving a big loan?

Or did he think that the events of Default specified in the next point would never take place? Most probably he realized all that at once, but what I think he didn’t notice is the danger of one point which is also stated in this Promissory note:


If any one or more of the following events shall occur (hereinafter called an “Event of Default”), namely:

(i)              default shall be made in the payment of any installment hereunder when due, and such default is not cured within five (5) business days after written notices thereof by Holder to Maker [by AEG to MJ]

(ii)            default in any other obligations contained herein, which default is not cured within five (5) business days after written notice of such default has been given to Holder to Maker, or

(iii)          if Maker shall make a general assignment for the benefit of creditors, or shall file or have filed against it a petition for relief under any chapter or provision of the Bankruptcy laws of the United States, as amended from time to time (and in the case of any involuntary proceeding the same is not dismissed within sixty (60) days thereof),

THEN, upon the occurrence of any such Event of Default, or upon the expiration of the term of this Note, Holder at its election, and without presentment, demand, notice of any kind, all of which are expressly waived by Maker, may declare the entire outstanding balance of principal and interest thereon immediately due and payable, together with all costs of collection, including attorney’s fees, and/or may exercise upon or enforce its rights to its Collateral, as are set forth in this Agreement.

This point is called ACCELERATION for a reason. What it essentially means is that in case at least one of the above events occurred AEG could demand from the Artist immediate payment of whatever sum of the advances remained and (or) this gave them the right to immediately enforce their rights to the Artist’s Collateral.

Let us go over these events of default once again (you probably didn’t find them dangerous enough when you read them for the first time – same as I realized their true worth much later and somewhat by accident too).

The events of default include:

  •         non-payment of at least one installment (only at this point we realize that the advances are to be paid back in parts) at an agreed moment in time, and this situation isn’t corrected within a week’s time,
  •         non-fulfillment of the obligations contained in this promissory note, and this isn’t corrected within a week,
  •         filing bankruptcy by MJ.

Let me repeat that in all these events AEG could demand immediate payment of all the sums due to them and (or) they could exercise their rights on the Collateral.

Out of these three events of default the first one worries me most of all. All of a suddent it turns out that the advances are to be paid back in parts and on a regular monthly basis (a short paragraph in the follow-up text confirms it). These terms make a definite change from the initial terms stated on page 1 of this promissory note.

Page 1 specified it clearly that the whole sum was to be paid when the term of the Note expired:

  • “Principal shall be due and payable in full on the Maturity Date”

And now on page 4 we suddenly learn that the Artist is to pay every month? Let us make some hasty calculations and see that this provision changes the situation dramatically as it means that the Artist will have to pay back some $440, 000 per month (or $6,2 mln. divided by 14 months if the term is calculated from January 2009 until March 2010).

Such an installment will be just too big for the Artist who will have only $2mln. on his hands after all those deductions are made and if he doesn’t make payment within 5 days from the “event of default” the Collateral will go to AEG.

Oh, I forget that at the time of reading this Promissory Note the Artist doesn’t know yet that he will have to pay those $3mln. to 2 Seas Records LLC because this Promissory note does not say a single word about the conditions which will be later set on provision of those advances…

I think it is absolutely no chance occurrence that this crucial point about the demand to repay the advances in monthly installments is hidden by AEG in a clause which is called “Prepayment”:

PREPAYMENT text is the art of hiding the most crucial points in the most innocent texts….

We have seen it before from AEG – they tend to mention the most crucial points of the agreement not in a separate clause (as they should) but somewhat in passing, so it is no problem at all not to notice them when reading the document.

Michael might have easily overlooked that point when he was studying the document – I didn’t notice it either though I read the document several times and with a magnifying glass too as I knew that something was wrong there and I was  specially looking for the trap AEG set for Michael in this paper.

However even I noticed it somewhat by accident – these AEG people are extremely devilish in hiding the most crucial issues in most innocent texts. They probably knew that Michael would not be reading the clause called “prepayment” as paying the advances earlier than he should was not in his plans. I didn’t read it either and for the same reason too.

Wait, and can we be sure that this Promissory Note signed by Michael contained this crucial point at the time Michael was reading it? The clauses are not numbered so that AEG could have inserted any number of clauses and even sheets in between them and …. what’s this? Oh my God, why didn’t I notice it earlier? Michael’s signatures under the Promissory Note come on a separate page again!

And this means that they could have inserted as many pages as they wanted into the Promissory note after it had been signed by the Artist.

What is going on here? The more you look the more inaccuracies you find even in the documents which seemed completely okay at first sight! The date is put in handwriting here, the clauses are not numbered, the signatures come on a separate page, the terms on page 1 contradict the terms on page 4, the crucial points are hidden in texts which have no relation to them and in addition to all that “all notices, approvals and consents required or permitted to be given hereunder” are to be sent by a fax machine again…

The signatures come on a separate sheet of paper AGAIN?

I cannot say whether Michael really overlooked all those ‘inaccuracies’ in this Promissory Note (the same way I did it) or they were simply missing at the time he was signing it as they could appear later due to someone meddling with the paper (which I don’t rule out at all).

All I can say is that now I am absolutely sure that in order to get access to Michael’s precious assets AEG was capable of any dirty trick to make him sign that crucial Promissory note. 

The people he was dealing with are really devilish racketeers who are exceptionally sophisticated in the art of swindle, deceit and setting incredible traps for their partners.

This isn’t business.

All businesses look for more beneficial terms for themselves, but not all of them cheat.

This is fraud – from the very beginning to the very end of it.

These ‘businessmen’ are simple predators who lure people into their lair and devour them live after that. With ‘businessmen’ like these you need to have a squadron of lawyers by your side to safeguard you from the numerous traps they set for you at each of your steps – the good, honest and capable lawyers whom Michael so rarely had and who were not standing by him at this crucial moment of his life…

No matter where this ‘contract’ takes us further, we can already see it as a monument to the utterly shameful, fraudulent and horrendous methods AEG employed in their business deal with Michael Jackson.

If this is the way they do business with everyone it is no wonder they accumulated all those billions. However something tells me that it was Michael Jackson they specially reserved this treatment for.

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  1. July 13, 2011 3:13 am

    Thome-Thome loved Michael so much that he worked for free,as a friend, all while he was on AEG`s payroll for $100.000/month and later billed the Estate for nearly 3 million for his “services”.He was quick to appear at the hospital when Michael died,though officially fired.
    News travelled fast.A lot of phone calls and agreements per phone were made between T-T and Randy Phillips and the paperwork constructed later.
    Now he is invoved in an artdeal, valued at 900 million.Michaels art.
    Really I think he is out for more money.The art is overpriced, though priceless for Michaels children.Any conficts of interests here?


  2. Julie permalink
    June 15, 2011 1:32 pm

    Rodrigo from the Shields — go back to that site and hang out there and stay off this site!


  3. Alison permalink
    June 12, 2011 8:26 am

    What is the format the exhibits are in please? they only show up for me as a blank square with a tiny green/ red thing in the corner, i’m not sure what programme i need to see them.


  4. June 8, 2011 6:44 pm

    Lloyds of London and underwriters are filing for a lawsuit gainst AEG and
    their Does 1-75 ie acc. to them;ficticious names and entities who are responsible
    in some manner for events and happenings.MJ`s LLC is also mentioned.
    The insurance contract mentions all manners of illnesses and death.Homicide is
    not mentioned. They want information on Dr. Murray as well.


  5. shelly permalink
    May 3, 2011 7:20 am


    Yes and it makes me laugh, they were far fromm being ready for a trial.


  6. Teva permalink
    May 3, 2011 1:24 am

    The defense.


  7. shelly permalink
    May 2, 2011 8:25 pm


    Who asked for a speedy trial in January.


  8. Suzy permalink
    May 2, 2011 7:30 pm

    The Murray trial has been delayed until September:


  9. lcpledwards permalink
    April 18, 2011 9:51 pm

    @ Jan
    Actually she isn’t “back”; that link you posted was actually copied from the Daily Beast website. DD originally wrote that article in September 2009.


  10. Chris permalink
    April 18, 2011 9:40 pm

    Vindicatemj I don’t know current information about Michael Jackson Company LLC however if someone could get hold of Randy Jackson on twitter it may at least give you an idea of what MJ assets if any were behind it.
    Randy was companys leader of MJJ productions until 2001 deactivated.
    The Michael Jackson Company, Inc. is the “new” MJJ Productions, Inc. activated 2006
    Established in the “Raymone Bain era”,
    But then MJJ productions was reactivated in 2008.
    So, if any1 knows where MJ’s assets are it’s him.

    However whether or not he has the info of what was where at time of MJ/AEG contract is another story.
    You would think there should be legal papers at that time and if changes had been made and assets moved should be on record which Randy should have authority too.

    Just a thought.


  11. Jan permalink
    April 18, 2011 8:01 pm

    sorry off topic but low life dd is back:


  12. April 18, 2011 7:08 pm

    “If you plan on selling/accept a bid we are to be informed immediately.( That is the norm in these situations from my knowledge.) Also if you plan to use asset in “such in such” as collateral or anything else we are to be informed before any agreement is made. Yes a first option doesn’t mean it is yours, or ever will be but surely SURELY If you were Sony and you knew the ppl who surrond MJ, his finances etc you would know that you could lose that option to buy the 25% quite easily so surely you would put in a clause to protect there potential accusition and I don’t believe Sony would be that naive not to put a clause like the one above in as a banker.”

    Chris, you are probably right and the matter will have to be studied further. I am no more into “corporate finances and management” than you are – all I know is how business contracts are made and this is why I took it upon myself to analyze that AEG contract. But “sharing assets” is something new to me and will have to be specially looked into.

    Another thing which needs serious research is what assets the Michael Jackson Company LLC had at the time of its deal with AEG. Leslie’s blog says that this company is the “business face of the Estate” – that is why I assumed that it had all Michael’s major assets too but now I am getting information that at that time this company did not have anything significant behind its façade.

    So most probably there was no catalog behind it at all – only we don’t know whether AEG knew about this fact or not. Why would they want something shallow? And what plans did each party have for this company? Was Michael offering them something which had no real value behind it? Or was Tohme only makiing a start with it and he and AEG were planning to use it as a spring-board for something serious? And what was Tohme’s position with this company?

    As to Sony it has not been the primary goal of my study up till now – but I will keep it in mind when studying the AEG “contract” further. At the moment all I can say about Sony and its involvement in Sony/ATV catalog is the following (from the report of the Estate]:

    ——“Michael has pledged his fifty percent interest in Sony/ATV as security for a loan issued by Barclays Capital. At the time of Michael Jackson’s death, the balance due on the Sony/ATV Loan was $ …

    The sum is not disclosed. But what is important here is that theoretically speaking Michael did not have to ask Sony’s “permission” to put up his share as collateral for that loan.

    ——The loan matures on December 3, 2010. The loan is further secured by a guaranty given by Sony Global Treasury.

    This means that the bank did ask for a guarantee for the loan in addition to the collateral – and Sony took it upon itself to promise settling the debt in case of MJ’s default. It could have been taken by someone else, by the way, but evidently wasn’t.
    Definition of a loan guarantee: in finance, it is a promise by one party (the guarantor) to assume the debt obligation of a borrower if that borrower defaults

    ——-In exchange for securing Sony’s guaranty, Michael Jackson was required to give up significant rights to control and/or sell his interest in Sony’ATV as well as granting Sony protections in the even of default

    So you are probably right in saying that Michael could not use that collateral again without informing Sony first. If he used it for another loan the overall risk of a default would be increasing, but it absolutely wasn’t in Sony’s interests as they were still to guarantee repayment of that loan.

    ——-“The Special Administrators have recently completed successful negotiations with UBS to refinance the loan [initially given by Barclays Capital]… The negotiations resulted in a new loan at a substantially lower interest rate for the Estate and an amended agreement with Sony to the great benefit of the Estate.”

    So the first thing I gather from the above is that Sony must have surely kept an eye on that 50% collateral as they were securing that loan by their own guarantee (and in case of default were to pay their own money) – but this is not a kind of an interest which shows their intention to buy that share or, God forbid, murder their partner for it.

    I am not idealizing Sony but all of the above does not show that they wanted to do it to Michael.

    As to AEG I am not sure they wanted to do it to Michael either but what is clear from their “contract” is 1) that it was a fraudulent one 2) that they were planning extremely unfavorable terms for Michael and 3) that they terribly wanted his company for some reason.

    And if there was no catalog behind it I am even more curious than ever why they wanted it so badly.


  13. Chris permalink
    April 18, 2011 1:20 pm

    I agree/knew those terms the thing I just can’t wrap my head round is why would Sony help MJ refinance his loan if he could give away (use as collateral) when he liked without them knowing.

    Don’y feel you need to repeat what you said I fully understand. I’m looking this from Sony’s perspective then you will see how it effects MJ.
    What I don’t understand is why Sony would go into negotiations knowing they could walk away with nothing for there troubles. Sony is a business machine you saying they would be that sloppy. If I had 25% first option and I even heard the slightest whisper that the 25% was being potentially used as collateral I would be buying that 25% in a heart beat before it went through.
    If I was Sony I would have this term in my contract stating: (forgive lack of legal language).

    If you plan on selling/accept a bid we are to be inforned immediately.( That is the norm in these situations from my knowledge.)
    Also if you plan to use asset in “such in such” as collateral or anything else we are to be informed before any agreement is made.

    I would put that in caps, bold whatever you like if I were in Sony’s shoes. You may say well Sony have no right to demand such a thing but when you just got the clients interests loan down you are gunna want something in return your not gunna do it for free and your gunna make sure that the terms are crystal clear when your dealing with an asset as big as this.

    Yes a first option doesn’t mean it is yours, or ever will be but surely SURELY If you were Sony and you knew the ppl who surrond MJ, his finances etc you would know that you could lose that option to buy the 25% quite easily so surely you would put in a clause to protect there potential accusition and I don’t believe Sony would be that naive not to put a clause like the one above in as a banker.

    Yes if you promised your neighbour the car thats one thing but if you by contract have agreed to give car to neighbour because they helped you out with something money problems whatever and you lose the car and neighbour comes out and says wheres the car going? you say you lost it and the neighbour had no warning or inkling that was going on wouldn’t the neighbour have a right to turn round and say “Hey I gave you money and didn’t buy that car because I knew you still needed it. Then you don’t tell me that you had it as collateral for a bank loan.” LAWSUIT! If the contract states that you didn’t need to inform N then you may get away with it however if contract does say you did or that you mislead N then not only will you be sued but legal fees on top of that.

    Heres a better example a large football club partners up with a smaller club . The small club gets the benefits of being associated with the bigger one. However the big club gets first option to buy small clubs players.
    If small club accepts bid from someone else for one of there players their Parent club the (big club) must be informed and can offer same amount. However, if the small club wanted to buy a player and offered one of there players as an exchange so the fee isn’t as high, shouldn’t the parent club be informed that they intend on using there player in an exchange? Wouldn’t the smaller club be breaking the rules of there agreement if they don’t inform parent club? Therefore Parent club turns round and says we terminate our agreement and may want compensation for all merchandise etc they made for small club because they gave away the player they wanted without informing parent club.

    For those who don’t understand football let me compare to MJ/Sony.

    Sony help MJ. MJ gives first option.
    MJ uses asset for collateral. Sony unaware of this.
    MJ loses asset, Sony very angry because AEG have the asset they wanted and now will cost them more than they had agreed with MJ if AEG are even willing to sell which is unlikely.
    Sony sue MJ for losing asset cause they had e.g. good faith agreement in contract that stated MJ would not sell/use as collateral whatever without informing them.
    MJ loses X amount of money plus legal fees.
    MJ royally screwd even more than when he lost asset!

    This isn’t an attack on Sony as I don’t believe they were involved in his death. However, if there is a term/clause in Sony/MJ agreement that i put above then it proves MJ didn’t sign the AEG contract.
    Because if he did and he lost it not only would he have no assets but also get smacked with a lawsuit destroying him even more financially. Why would MJ do that?

    If you were Sony and you knew the state of MJ’s finances which they did and you knew he could be taken advantage of which they did why would you help him? Out of the kindness of there heart?
    Basically MJ loses catalog and Sony’s refinancing was for nothing and they don’t get anything out of it as their potential 25% just went walk about.

    I’m sorry I just don’t buy that. Sony would never agree to those terms because I’m just a simple guy who once studied business and I certainly wouldn’t.


  14. April 18, 2011 6:59 am

    “If you guys know would it be even legal for Michael to even give AEG his half of catalog as collateral when Sony already have first option to buy 25% of it? So, are you telling me Sony would standby and allow AEG get 25% (250 million) that they have first option on? Hell no.”

    Chris, you are mixing up two totally different things here.

    You’ve said it yourself that Sony had an option to buy 25% which means that the only right they have is to be the first in a queue to buy (they could have probably paid $200mln. for it if it had come to it).

    BUT AEG had the right to obtain all those assets automatically – as collateral – if Michael didn’t pay his first monthly installment of $440,000 in repayment of his advance (at least this is the way it looks from the Promissory note). Their right to it would have surely come first before Sony ever came near to it – because all Sony has a right to is TO BUY while AEG can obtain all the assets practically FREE!

    It is the same as you get a loan from a bank and use your car as collateral – if you don’t pay it back, they take away your car no matter at what price you once offered it to your neighbor.

    Your promise to sell your car to your neighbor does not mean anything, because the bank has taken it away from you and you simply have nothing to sell to your neighbor! Even if the loan you took from a bank was $500 only and the neighbor promised you $5000 for it.

    Or will you say “hello no” to the bank, “I want to sell it to my neighbor instead”? Too late to say it – your car is not yours any more….

    What do banks do with the assets they get? They sell them. So it is quite probable that after getting your car for $500 they will go to your neighbor and ask him “Are you the one who wanted it for $5000? Pay the sum and it is yours!”. Did your neighbor get any benefit this way? Absolutely not. And how can you compare his role with the role of the bank who took your property from you?

    Now, if you didn’t repay to the bank through your own negligence you can blame only yourself for it. But if the bank turned out to be a gang of criminals who prevented you from repaying the loan – it is a totally different matter. How they could do it is beyond our discussion, but believe me – if you deal with criminals, they are quite capable of it.

    They lured you into this credit because their primary interest was not the repayment of their $500 loan – from the very beginning they were interested in your collateral (car, house, assets, etc.). – and that is why they gave you exceptionally or even unprecedently beneficial terms for that loan, thus getting you in their trap.

    This is what seems to be the case with AEG.


  15. Chris permalink
    April 17, 2011 9:15 pm

    Apologies i was sure i had a source that said Tohme was suing aeg but it has dissappeared so I give benefit of doubt that he only went for estate. Im sure i didn’t imagine it LOL.
    Anyway don’t wanna spread false rumours.


  16. Chris permalink
    April 17, 2011 8:17 pm

    @ vindicatemj

    I completely agree about why MJ would agree to use the 500 million catalog as collateral for 6.2 or even if you took all of what he would make from the tour it would be know where near 500 million. Also the Mijac was also collateral from what I have heard.

    If you guys know would it be even legal for Michael to even give AEG his half of catalog as collateral when Sony already have first option to buy 25% of it? This contract seems to suggest AEG would get it no questions asked but how? My understanding is if MJ did that Sony could turn round and slap him with a lawsuit, so why would he agree to it? Because he never did?

    Also I’m no expert but usually if some1 has first option to buy they have to be given notice by the seller if other parties are interested e.g. Paul McCartney was given notice but he wasn’t interested in buying.
    So, are you telling me Sony would standby and allow AEG get 25% (250 million) that they have first option on? Hell no.
    So why didn’t Sony object to it? Why did MJ never inform them? Simple neither one knew the deal had been made. Also maybe Tohme was unaware of the first option agreement.
    LOL okay the last bit is my biased point of view with no proof but if you guys know more than it would be helpful.

    Oh, 1 other thing why did Tohme comeback and say he was sueing AEG when he was supposedly representing Michael? Surely if he was owed money it would be the estate yet he chose AEG. It confirms double dealing for me not necessarily for what we think he’s done but there must be something he did for them otherwise he wouldn’t sue them would he.


  17. Susan62509 permalink
    April 16, 2011 4:21 pm


    I misunderstood your paragraph below.

    “This will be the hundredth time I’ll say it, but Sony could have had 25% from Michael’s share long time ago – but they didn’t do it and helped him to restructure his finances for his benefit instead. So it wasn’t Sony who was hunting for Michael’s assets, but someone else. And it seems that now we know who they were…..”

    I’ve always had Goldman Sachs, Charles Koppelman and Al Malnik in the back of my mind when it comes to MJ’s statment “they would kill me for my catalog.” These 3 men almost owned the catalogue in 2003-2004 until Branca stepped in to save MJ.


  18. April 16, 2011 10:04 am

    “VindicateMJ, I feel the same as you do regarding Sony. Sony also had exclusive first rights to purchase MJ’s portion of his catalogue. AEG wouldn’t have been able to put a lien against the catalogue. Perhaps this was MJ’s little secret he kept for his back up if AEG wanted to play hardball.”

    Susan, I think that we still have a big difference of opinion over Sony. I am no more advocate of Sony than of Toyota (for example), but when it comes to who was most interested in having Michael’s catalog I want to be very precise and accurate in my conclusions.

    We know that Michael said “they would kill me for my catalog” and I take his words very seriously. If the two major suspects are Sony (as everyone screamed aloud only recently) and AEG (about whom nobody is screaming) we should look at who had a better opportunity to do it and who wanted it really badly.

    Sony did have an option to buy half of Michael’s share (or another 25% in addition to their 50%) but didn’t exercise this right even when they received this option in 2006-2007, if I remember it right, and hasn’t done it up till now either. This absolutely does not show them to be the one who will go out of their way to get Michael’s catalog.

    AEG on the other hand wanted to have Michael’s assets badly, the whole of them and for a mere $6,2 mln., most of which wasn’t even going to Michael ($3mln. was for 2 Seas Records and $1,2 was for renting the house). In case Michael didn’t pay his first installment in repayment of this advance under the Promissory note AEG could immediately demand the rest of the advance back AND/OR exercise their right on the collateral, or all assets of Michael’s company.

    There are two questions here – whether that Promissory note was legitimate or not (but its legitimity does not rule out the intentions, as you understand) and what assets Michael Jackson Company LLC had at the time this Promissory note was signed (this will require further research).

    But you will probably agree that even the above information about AEG makes them a much bigger suspect in terms of “who wanted the catalog more”.

    As to whether AEG could or couldn’t put a lien against the catalogue this will still have to be analyzed, but my first impression is that they could, otherwise “cross-collateralization” would not be possible at all.

    By cross-collateralization I mean that Michael’s catalog was used as collateral twice – for obtaining a loan from the Barclays bank (or initially Bank of America) and as collateral for an advance from AEG.

    Sony, by the way, is not even a party to it, so I can’t understand how they come into this collateral business at all.

    Financial dictionary says that one and the same asset can be used for obtaining two loans and calls it cross-collateral:

    Cross-Collateral: Collateral on one loan that is also used as collateral on another loan. In the event of default, both creditors have a claim on the collateral.

    So in the even of default it was both the Bank and AEG who could claim it (again, Sony is not even near any such claim).

    Now that my first series of posts about AEG is over I will be focusing on all that, the essence of the AEG “contract” with Michael and various opportunities arising from it. The reason why I am studying it is to see the background for Dr. Murray’s crime.

    But for the moment AEG can relax – further investigation into their business with Michael Jackson will take time, so I will be giving opportunity to our other co-admins to write on other issues in the meantime.


  19. April 16, 2011 9:17 am

    “I believe KJ did sign her declaration but did NOT read it and the document was written by Melissa Johnson. The same with her Howard Mann contract; she didn’t read or understand and signed it anyway. She has entirely too much trust in Mann & Johnson.”

    Quite possible.


  20. April 16, 2011 9:11 am

    “The Heal the World Foundation had filed a declaration — purportedly written by Katherine Jackson — in which she accused John Branca of being a crook who stole from Michael. Streisand told TMZ Wednesday, “She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors.”
    Sources connected with Katherine do not dispute Streisand’s claim that Katherine never said or believed the executors were crooks. So it’s unclear what got Katherine so upset that she fired Streisand.”

    Susan, if Katherine did not dispute that Streisand’s claim about the executors, it is indeed unclear why she was so upset that she fired the man. Katherine seems to be awfully confused by everything that is going on around her. I wish Michael’s kids could grow up quicker – they are bright kids and will be able to explain to her when their time comes.


  21. susan62509 permalink
    April 16, 2011 12:40 am

    Thank you for the “heads up” regarding your computer attacks. I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. Thank goodness for good security software. Can you copy your blog site to a disc as a backup just in case a crash occurs?

    Also, thank you for giving us permission to copy posts and paste to other sites. You have provided excellent information to us that needs to be made available for those that aren’t aware of the facts. I have noticed many haters (on TMZ especially) have zero knowledge of MJ’s background and also enjoy posting hateful comments just to get attention and cause trouble.

    Today Katherine hired a new attorney named Perry Sanders. It’s too long to post on your blog so here’s the link:

    Two highlights from the above article:
    In court filings, Johnson states she registered 1,800 website domain names and dozens of trademarks, which Pease said would give the foundation the basis it needs to fulfill Johnson’s vision for the charity.

    Pease claims Johnson came up with the idea for a Cirque-du-Soleil-style show featuring Jackson’s work, as well as a telethon, television show, board game and other merchandise that would elevate Heal the World to a major charitable organization.


  22. April 15, 2011 11:32 am

    “A breathtaking post VMJ.”

    Deborah, thank you for your support!
    However I have to say that criticizing AEG seems to be a dangerous thing. Yesterday night when I was posting the next part (part 5) about their “business” with Michael, my computer was attacked.

    This is the second major attempt to break into my computer and our blog for the past month – not to mention numerous attacks which were reported by my anti-virus system as “successfully blocked”.

    By the way the wordpress hosts have made today an official announcement about a “security incident” they went through. Please check up their recent announcements on a global dashboard.

    It seems I mentioned “relaxing” too soon. It is impossible to relax with Michael’s haters. Even if you don’t want it they will turn you into a soldier.

    A note for all those who like our posts:

    PLEASE COPY THEM TO YOUR COMPUTERS. This will be a preventive measure in case something is lost here.

    YOU ARE ALSO WELCOME TO SEND THESE POSTS TO OTHER SOURCES TO HAVE THEM DISPLAYED THERE. Haters are aiming to break ties between this blog and search engines so that our posts are no longer picked up by them.


  23. April 15, 2011 11:24 am

    “Having faith and seeing the best in people shouldn’t be seen as negative, it’s the ones who take advantage who we should reserve critism for.”

    Taking advantage of the trust of a 80-year old woman who is seriously shattered by all the stress she had to cope with for the past two years is like taking advantage of the trust of a child. Same kind of abuse.


  24. April 15, 2011 11:19 am

    “Katherine chose Mann over Streisand.”

    If this is so, than Katherine is a very naive woman.


  25. Susan62509 permalink
    April 15, 2011 4:42 am

    Alejandra moved out of Hayvenhurst today and Katherine has only had MJ3 to take care of since December 2010. Katherine’s name on the AEG wrongful death suit is indirectly involved, since Joe filed it himself. Since Oxman’s legal license was suspended last week for 3 years, Joe needs to file a substitution with the court naming his new lawyer.

    The traits of a con artist is being the nicest person in the world and knowing how to tell you exactly what you want to hear. Therefore Katherine chose Mann over Streisand.


  26. Chris permalink
    April 14, 2011 8:39 pm

    I have sympathy for Katherine. She seems to be surrounded by the Brian Oxman’s of the world. They do know helpful work that is expected of them, while promoting themselves.

    I beleive she is still on aeg lawsuit case then theres Murray case then a dozen kids to look after, whilst being reminded everyday your son’s dead. She isn’t a business woman she’s got to trust people because she can’t do it all herself but unfortunatly just like Michael, she’s being targeted by people who steal, lie or just don’t do the work expected of them.

    She could probably sue or deduct pay to all these people for work performance or something like that but that would be more time wasted more distractions more legal fees.

    I thought MJ couldn’t amaze me anymore than he already had, but considering the pressure and deception surronding his estate it really does amaze me how he survived for so long under these multiple chains round his neck (media, haters, prosecutors, self absorbed workers).

    I don’t agree with being to trusting.
    Mesereau said same about Michael as have many others.

    Having faith and seeing the best in people shouldn’t be seen as negative, it’s the ones who take advantage who we should reserve critism for.
    If you took that element away from him most of us prob wouldn’t be here because he would of been a completely different person. TY Michael.


  27. Deborah Ffrench permalink
    April 14, 2011 7:21 pm

    A breathtaking post VMJ.


  28. Susan62509 permalink
    April 14, 2011 4:20 pm

    Katherine Jackson Fires Her Lawyer
    Katherine Jackson has just escalated her battle royale with the Michael Jackson Estate by firing her lawyer.
    TMZ has obtained a letter Katherine sent to Adam Streisand, wishing him the best on the one hand … and giving him the boot on the other.

    The letter does not explain the reasons for the firing, simply saying, “… I have decided to move in a different direction.”

    But sources connected with Katherine tell TMZ … she’s upset that Streisand gave TMZ a statement yesterday in which he said Katherine “denies signing any statement to the court that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate.”

    The Heal the World Foundation had filed a declaration — purportedly written by Katherine Jackson — in which she accused John Branca of being a crook who stole from Michael.

    Streisand told TMZ Wednesday, “She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors.”

    Sources connected with Katherine do not dispute Streisand’s claim that Katherine never said or believed the executors were crooks. So it’s unclear what got Katherine so upset that she fired Streisand.

    Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … some of the people who have Katherine’s ear have it out for the Estate and actually wrote the declaration with the accusations and were upset that Streisand blew the whistle on them.

    Here’s KJ’s letter:

    Click to access 0414_katherine_jackson_TMZ_WM.pdf


  29. Susan62509 permalink
    April 14, 2011 1:20 am

    Hi to everyone:
    After reading the articles on TMZ regarding Katherine, I arrived with the perspective that both signatures on TMZ’s website are Katherines. I viewed one as a relaxed KJ writing her name and the other a rushed writing of her name. I researched the rushed writing and found that signature matches these documents below:

    See “Objection to Appointment of Executors” filed July 17, 2009, Pg. 5 & 6 and the supplemental attachment on Pg. 2.

    See “Stipulation & Order RE: Consent to Guardianship” with Debbie Rowe filed Aug. 3, 2009, Pg. 2

    I believe KJ did sign her declaration but did NOT read it and the document was written by Melissa Johnson. The same with her Howard Mann contract; she didn’t read or understand and signed it anyway. She has entirely too much trust in Mann & Johnson.

    Because the signature page did not carry over context from the body of the declaration implies to me that a legal office/person did not type the declaration because they would have had experienced knowledge that the signature page was void due to its formatting.

    When reading Mann’s responses to the estate’s lawsuit against him, he requests the estate to drop their lawsuit. HTWF has written the same i.e., drop the lawsuit. With the frame of mind in both suits out of Mann’s camp & HTWF camp and now the same request written in KJ’s declaration, I feel Melissa Johnson wrote KJ’s declaration (it was faxed to KJ from HTWF), that is why the signature page was not legally correct.

    In keeping an open mind, KJ denies saying those things in her declaration, but she is on record via video that the executors are greedy and doesn’t understand why they are fighting against the charity. I don’t hate KJ, nor think she is a liar, but I do feel at 80 years old you are entitled to some confusion and perhaps not fully understand what you are signing (Mann contract) or reading every stack of papers in front of you when you have trust in the composer.

    TMZ bashes everyone and uses their sarcasm to the max. Here’s the link to read KJ’s declaration:
    KJ’s declaration – 8 pages. Fast reading.

    Click to access healworldredact.pdf

    What is interesting, KJ didn’t respond to her declaration until TMZ & Radaronline posted it. This leads me to believe that she did not read it.


  30. Julie permalink
    April 13, 2011 9:38 pm

    It was clearly evident that TMZ was being fed info by Murray’s PR team. Once that firm was fired for leaking the jury questionnaire, the stories ceased for a while. Now they are back so I’m sure Murray’s team got another PR firm and it’s happening again. It’s disgusting how they can get away with it and sit there daily and speak about things just spouting their opinion and people will believe it as truth. Much the same with that idiot Bill O’Reilly. He’s just an opinion guy but people buy it hook, line and sinker. I agree that it would be awesome if someone could shut them down, but it doesn’t appear that is going to happen. TMZ has done nothing but pat themselves on the back for the so-called reporting of events surrounding Michael Jackson.


  31. April 13, 2011 8:21 pm

    Lynande, I agree completely with your comments about Levin. I cannot believe he hasn’t been sanctioned by the California State Bar for his lies and deceptions through the years. Freedom of speech is one thing, libel and slander are another. And pulling a deception on the US District Court by filing a false document is a CRIME. Pease saying “heads will roll” should be true, and his should be the first. Pease put his name and state bar number at the top of the declaration; however, even the most cursory review demonstrates lack of grammar command or document preparation procedure. A ten year old could have composed this declaration. Executed at Encino, CA on April (date but no year)? Executed under penalty of perjury of the USA? I see the hand of team Murray feeding Levin and his crew, as you say, to distract from Murray’s guilt and continue the salacious lies concerning the Jackson family that plagued Michael for half his life.


  32. lynande51 permalink
    April 13, 2011 3:23 pm

    The thing with a forgery is that it is deliberately made to look as identical to that persons signature as possible and there are people that do this for a living. I for one believe Katherine when she says she never signed it especially since it has to do with Edgar Pease who was once Henry Vaccaro’s attorney. That alone tells you everything that needs to be said about the situation. He was a dishonest attorney and he had an extremely dishonest and manipulative client. As for the signatures there is something wrong with them. Look at the 2 different S’s in Jackson, and on the 4.3.11 signature what is that mess in by the c and k in Jackson.Who has a problem spelling their own name? Yes Elena I agree the whole thing has incredible timing to make the Jackson family look bad once again. Amazing, just in time for the trial. TMZ is on a binge to confuse Murray’s jury with nonsensical topics that might in some way give him leave to kill Michael. Harvey Levin is supposedly a lawyer but in his case I would have to say that the last thing that he recognizes is honesty, truth and in know way does he believe in Justice. That man wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the backside (and someday it will because it always does). He knows exactly what he is doing. If Murray is found not guilty that means Levin can continue to spread his lies and gossip about Michael and probably his children for ages to come. Michael Jackson MADE Harvey Levin and TMZ, without him they would have ceased to exist 2 years ago because they were going under when he died. All Levin is doing is posthumously milking his cash cow,the Michael Jackson lies and gosssip machine.


  33. April 13, 2011 11:20 am

    I have read some comments on the SECOND TMZ article (
    and see many people saying that the signatures of Katherine Jackson look very similar or even identical. The conclusion they arrive at is that Katherine Jackson lies when she says she did not sign that declaration.

    I also thought that the signatures looked almost the same but my conclusion from this fact is the opposite. Katherine Jackson is telling the truth – only those tricksters’ plan was a multi-purpose one when they were attaching her (probably) genuine signature to that false declaration:

    – first they slander the Estate attorneys using Katherine’s name,
    – if she refutes it they show her genuine signature under that false declaration and make Katherine look like a liar or at least someone mentally impaired,
    – and the third goal is to confuse the public, make the whole Jackson family look “weird” and everyone grow sick and tired of them!

    (you can see all of this in the comments)

    If you come to think of it, making a false document and then attaching someone’s genuine signature to it on a separate page is a perfect method of slandering someone! Even if Katherine says under oath that she has never signed it, who will believe her? The signature is genuine!

    Katherine Jackson as well as the Estate attorneys are undergoing now the same dirty treatment that Michael Jackson was subjected to while he was alive. And this testifies to the very well organized teamwork…

    I never believed this theory when I was starting on the road of vindicating Michael – and that is why naively thought that as soon as people woke up to the facts of Michael’s innocence everything would miraculously change and within a very short time too.

    But now almost two years have passed and the only thing we see is more and more lies splashed at Michael, his family and supporters and more and more pressure built against all of us. The methods used by haters are almost warlike – outright lies, emails from fake email addresses and hateful messages sent as if from Michael’s supporters (Charles Thomson’s case), writing comments in our names as if we were ped-philia sympathisers (our case), attaching false lyrics to Michael’s songs and keeping them on their sites for months despite all our protests (Monster song) and now forging Michael’s signature on a contract (AEG) and attaching Katherine Jackson’s genuine signature to a false document to prove that the Estate attorneys are “thieves” and Katherine is a liar…

    The methods are so varied and so many that now even the naive me no longer doubts that we have to deal with a monster with too many heads and helping hands…

    What’s next?


  34. visitor permalink
    April 13, 2011 10:24 am

    False signatures, lies, frauds, friends turn into enemies and betrayers . This is what Michael had to go through every single moment of his life. Those people who accuse Michael of anything possible, how long would have they survived living in this kind of situation and facing all this things.I am guessing not to long. The things that we learn about Michael and what he had to go through during his life time are just staggering. I just wish somehow, someday his memory and his legacy will only be seen and reviewed in a positive way. I just wish that all this hate that still exist towards Michael and people who support him will turn into something good. It’s so unfair that all this happened and continue to happen to a person that devoted great amount of his life in doing something good for this world.


  35. April 13, 2011 9:51 am

    “Cut & Paste documents seem to cause trouble all over the place….a comment on the article said that signed documents without at least 2 lines of content are invalid to sign because they can be slipped in for somebody to sign without seeing what they sign actually. This is what happened in that declaration KJ signed….”

    Anne and Thetis, thank you for making me aware of this breathtaking news. I expected some attack against the Estate administrators but not this way.

    They decided to strangle John Branca by Katherine Jackson’s hands and submitted to court (!) a declaration where she allegedly called him “a thief”, ” a man who Michael was worried about”.
    But God was not on their side and the same day Katherine said she had never made that declaration, her signature was forged and she was furious about it ( I can imagine how).

    “Did MJ do something similar with that letter of intent or AEG’s documents?”

    Not Michael Jackson, but AEG did something similar with their ‘contract’ with Michael by first placing the signatures on a separate page and then forging Michael’s signature as head of his company.

    Frankly, AEG made a much shoddier job of Michael’s signature than those who worked on Katherine’s – if Katherine herself had not said it was forged it could have passed for the real thing. (Or are they the same group of people who have just learned this skill better now?)

    Besides the information in it the second article from TMZ is also helpful because of the comments which follow it confirming the fact we already know – signatures in important documents are never put on a separate page. This is what the people in legal profession say:

    —– ” it is suspicious that there is signature page with no accompanying text. Legal do***ents don’t usually contain just a signature page with no accompanying text for this very reason. The signature page could have been faxed by itself, but would always have some identifying text”.

    —– “I worked in legal for 22 years. You never submit a do***ent where the signature is on its own page, without at least 2 lines of text of the do***ent at the top. I call Fraud!”

    This means that even if Katherine Jackson’s signature is found authentic there is still a possibility that some tricksters attached a page with her signature to a totally alien text! The same thing they did to Michael Jackson!

    Here is the FIRST report from TMZ where ALL THOSE LIES ARE TOLD:

    Katherine Jackson — MJ’s Executor STOLE From Him
    4/12/2011 7:14 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

    Michael Jackson’s mother says one of the guys in charge of the MJ Estate is a crook who stole from the singer … and to top it off, she claims Michael never even liked the guy … this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

    Katherine Jackson just filed a declaration in a case involving MJ’s old charity — the Heal the World Foundation.

    According to the docs, Katherine is FURIOUS the estate is going after HTW for using MJ’s image and likeness without permission … and insists, “Michael would be very upset, if he knew that our charity was being torn down by people who say they are doing what he wanted.”

    Katherine then goes after MJ executor John Branca — saying, “Mr. Branca was a man that my son was very worried about.”

    She adds, “Michael told me on more than one occasion that he did not like this man and did not trust him, he told me that John had stolen from him.”

    Katherine continues, “This lawsuit is exactly the type of awful thing that Michael said he was capable of doing.”

    UPDATE: We just got this from the Executors: “We know that certain ludicrous statements were made recently that we won’t personally dignify with a response. We will continue to do our best to uphold and further the memory and legacy of Michael with the same passion we have always held for him.”

    And here is the SECOND report from TNZ where KATHERINE JACKSON REFUTED ALL THOSE LIES (great job, grandma):

    Katherine Jackson: The Declaration is a FRAUD!
    4/12/2011 5:05 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

    Katherine Jackson is FURIOUS about a declaration filed with the court — purportedly signed by her — in which she attacks the Executors of the Michael Jackson Estate. TMZ has learned … Katherine insists she never signed that declaration.

    TMZ reported this morning … a declaration filed in the Estate’s lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation makes shocking allegations against John Branca, calling him a thief.

    But Katherine’s lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ, “Mrs. Jackson categorically denies signing any statement to the court that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate.”

    Streisand adds, “She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors.” And Streisand says, Katherine told him, “These are not my words.”

    Check out the signature on the declaration in question, dated April 6, 2011, and compare it to Katherine’s signature from a legal doc on February 3, 2010 (follow the link to the article to see the signatures, please).

    As for the Heal the World Foundation lawyer — Edgar Pease — who filed the declaration in question, he tells TMZ someone from the Foundation faxed Katherine’s manager the final copy of the document and it was then sent on to Pease with the signature in question.

    Pease says if the signature is a fraud, “Heads will roll.”

    UPDATE: Pease just called us back to say Trent Jackson — Joe Jackson’s nephew and Katherine’s caregiver — told him he personally saw Katherine sign the declaration. But sources connected with the Estate say the declaration is suspicious, because the last page ONLY contains the signature, without any accompanying text. In other words, someone could have inserted the signature into a declaration Katherine never saw or approved.”

    Well well well…
    So this is what those working against one of the few Michael’s honest attorneys have tried to do…
    They decided to slander him by the declaration allegedly made by Katherine Jackson and forged her signature under it…

    What a recognizable method ……
    Only this time they have learned to forge signatures better….

    What will be next?
    Double anesthesia as for Frank Dileo so that the man never wakes up?

    May I suggest that those who are standing behind all this dirt take special care that nothing happens to John Branca now?

    It is in their very best interests to have him and all important witnesses like Karen Faye and others to be safe and sound.


  36. April 13, 2011 9:43 am

    @Susan62509 I can see your comments and I too didn’t delete anything. You have to scroll down


  37. April 13, 2011 9:35 am

    Statement from the Estate’s executors regarding the recent reports

    “We know that certain ludicrous statements were made recently that we won’t personally dignify with a response. We will continue to do our best to uphold and further the memory and legacy of Michael with the same passion that we have always held for him. We appreciate all of the support for Michael from his loyal and devoted fans.” – John Branca and John McClain, Co-Executors, The Estate of Michael Jackson

    Source: Michael Jackson Estate™


  38. Susan62509 permalink
    April 13, 2011 9:13 am

    VindicateMJ, lcpledwards and all bloggers:

    Please accept my sincere apology for any negative or insulting remarks I wrote on your blog. A special apology to VindicateMJ as my comment was addressed to you.

    I returned to your blog to read my bashing and I was shocked to see I was responded to with love, caring and understanding with a welcome to return. I wasn’t expecting this. What a wonderful group of people you are and thank you for being kind to me.

    I know Gigi and Anne who are very kind and intelligent. We have blogged together for approx. 1.5 years.

    I haven’t figured out how to look at past comments. I see the number 25 and count 25 comments, so that is why I thought I had been deleted.

    VindicateMJ, I feel the same as you do regarding Sony. Sony also had exclusive first rights to purchase MJ’s portion of his catalogue. AEG wouldn’t have been able to put a lien against the catalogue. Perhaps this was MJ’s little secret he kept for his back up if AEG wanted to play hardball. lol lol

    Thanks everyone and enjoy your day.


  39. Anne permalink
    April 13, 2011 7:18 am

    Cut & Paste documents seem to cause trouble all over the place….a comment on the article said that signed documents without at least 2 lines of content are invalid to sign because they can be slipped in for somebody to sign without seeing what they sign actually. This is what happend in that declaration KJ signed….Did MJ do something similar with that letter of intent or AEG’s documents?


  40. April 12, 2011 11:29 am

    “the one you posted was NOT the final version”

    I will speak about it again in my next post. At the moment let us clarify our definitions:
    – The final contract is the one agreed and signed by both parties, and the one formalized in a manner which makes it enforceable.
    – This contract is not signed by Michael and does not even have formal characteristics of a contract, so it is not final.
    – And if it isn’t final its terms are not binding on the Artist or his company.
    All we see in this invalid document are the intentions of AEG in respect of Michael Jackson and this is what makes it so interesting.

    For you to state that “you know better than anyone else that they did want to ruin him” reflects how engrossed you are in reading the preliminary contract with tunnel vision to blame AEG.

    Michael Jackson was on very bad terms with Randy Phillips of AEG (same as with Tommy Mottola of Sony at another point in time) and the reason was evidently the same – contracts signed at a big disadvantage for artists, severe exploitation of them and grabbing all profits by the companies.

    Since I am on Michael’s side (see the name of the blog) my purpose is to analyze this ‘contract’ from his point of view and expose the Promoter’s various fraudulent methods employed to strip the artist of what he was to earn by extremely hard work. I am not even pretending to be on AEG’s side – contrary to that, I am scrutinizing these documents with a goal to see what AEG intended to do with Michael and what I do see here is totally appalling.

    You need to take a deep breath, relax and read the any contract with a more open mind and also stop being abrasive to your guests (“And how was Sony involved in all this? I thought my posts were about AEG, not Sony”). It makes you appear to be a bully.

    This ‘contract’ was indeed a big shock to me, but I have already relaxed a bit (thank you) since the moment I realized it wasn’t effective and not binding on Michael. This does give me some calm, though the prevailing feeling is still that of infinite sadness – as is usual when you look in the face of evil.

    As to Sony I am indeed amazed that people are still asking questions about it as my posts were about AEG, not Sony!

    This will be the hundredth time I’ll say it, but Sony could have had 25% from Michael’s share long time ago – but they didn’t do it and helped him to restructure his finances for his benefit instead. So it wasn’t Sony who was hunting for Michael’s assets, but someone else. And it seems that now we know who they were…..


  41. lcpledwards permalink
    April 12, 2011 6:37 am

    @ Susan62509
    “Utlimately you deleted my comments on your blog. 2, 3, 4, etc. opinions are better than one when trying to solve a mystery as everyone intreprets differently.”
    I am one of the co-admins of this blog, and I can assure you that none of your comments were deleted. We never delete comments from people who disagree with us! Only the comments of haters who come here to troll, and cause trouble by posting hateful and useless comments that don’t bring anything to the conversation.

    If you are critical of this series on AEG, then you are more than welcome to post your critiques of this series, and we will respond to your comments. We always encourage readers to let us know when they disagree with something that we post.

    I hope you will reconsider and continue to read our blog and post your comments. Thank you.


  42. Suzy permalink
    April 12, 2011 6:00 am

    Sometimes the reports about Michael’s last months are so conflicting that it’s very difficult to know the truth. I’m wondering about Joanne Horowitz’s account that was quoted by Roger Friedman and if they are completely true.

    I mean:

    “He showed off his body ‘ flexing his muscles, he also lifted his shirt to show me his new six pack.”

    Picturing this scene is kind of cute, however when was the last time Michael had a six-pack? Some time in the early 80s. And during TII he was especially thin. That’s clear to see in the rehearsal footage. Also follower fans had a totally different impression (which to me seems more to corroborate with what we saw in the rehearsal footage):

    “Me and my friend saw a very frail Michael. He had large orange pants. But as he was in the back seat and us, sitting in the front seat, he had his legs between ours. We could see what his leg was really looking like.

    He was so skinny.

    Michael couldn’t stop apologizing for the way he looked: “I’m sorry you have to see me like that, Im so sorry!” He was hiding his face in his hands when saying this.”

    So at one time he shows off his body, flexing his muscles (muscles that he didn’t have, he was REALLY thin IMO), showing off his six-pack, at other times he is apologizing for how skinny he is? And he really was! That’s undeniable and I have big doubts this guy had any six-pack or muscles to flex.

    No, he wasn’t gravely ill, he didn’t have any condition why he had to die – he was “just” stressed and couldn’t eat and sleep because of that. But I have big doubts also when I hear such glowing accounts as Horowitz’s too.


  43. April 12, 2011 5:37 am


    I can still see your comments that you posted last week (April 5th, 7th, 9th) in part 3 of this series. I read though this blog daily and your posts have been there ever since you posted them. Even quotes from your comments are in reply posts from others. Don’t worry your posts haven’t gone anywhere.


  44. April 12, 2011 4:29 am

    “Please delete me now. Thanks. I won’t be returning to you blog.”

    Susan, I haven’t deleted any of your comments. I have checked with David and he didn’t delete anything either.
    You can very well return and post them “again” if you want to.


  45. Susan62509 permalink
    April 12, 2011 3:54 am

    VindicateMJ: You said:

    “The more I read the so-called ‘contract’ with AEG the more I realize that its middle pages are so alien to the first and last pages of it (made in the form of a letter to Tohme) that the inside of this ‘contract’ produces the impression of a bright new denture among the decaying teeth. What I mean is that there is too big a contrast between one and the other.”
    “Consequently it was invalid and Michael was not trapped by it despite every effort made by AEG.”

    “It is a very big and absolutely monstrous lie and after reading that ‘contract’ I know better than anyone else that they did want to ruin him.”
    What your first paragraph states and how you began this blog topic is exactly what I said to you a few days ago about the different revisions and the one you posted was NOT the final version. Utlimately you deleted my comments on your blog. 2, 3, 4, etc. opinions are better than one when trying to solve a mystery as everyone intreprets differently

    For you to state that “you know better than anyone else that they did want to ruin him” reflects how engrossed you are in reading the preliminary contract with tunnel vision to blame AEG. You need to take a deep breath, relax and read the any contract with a more open mind and also stop being abrasive to your guests (see below): It makes you appear to be a bully.

    Dial, it seems that my mission is far from finished if you ask questions like that. Did I make myself so unclear?

    And how was Sony involved in all this? I thought my posts were about AEG, not Sony.

    Please delete me now. Thanks. I won’t be returning to you blog.


  46. Carm permalink
    April 12, 2011 12:27 am


    I read that the suicide defence has been thrown out by Judge Pastor. He called it “deep sea fishing”.


  47. visitor permalink
    April 11, 2011 9:43 pm

    “I think both doctors contributed to his final demise.”

    I also agree with this. Klein is also responsible for what happened to Michael in general. He seems to me like a guy who would do anything for money, as he did.


  48. April 11, 2011 8:49 pm

    MR. CHERNOFF SHOULD READ THIS before claiming that Michael “took his life in despair”:

    06/26/09 12:00am Roger Friedman
    Jackson Rehearsed At Staples Night Before Death

    Michael Jackson’s last night was a great one–don’t let the tabloid magazines or British newspapers tell you otherwise.

    Michael’s manager, Frank DiLeo, sobbing, told me this morning: “The show at the Staples Center was amazing. Michael rehearsed 10 or 11 songs. He sang and danced, not always at full power, but the way you do for a run-through. When the show was over, he called me, but I was in the back getting something. He found me, and said, ‘Frank, I am so happy. He said he was just so happy. He said, This is really our time. He put his arm around me.”

    For DiLeo, the memory of that moment will always be reassuring. But the insanity of Jackson’s death, the timing of it, is what is craziest for him. Jackson and DiLeo had not worked together officially for 20 years. In the last couple of weeks, though, DiLeo had re-upped officially as manager. Jackson was very excited about working with him. They had a lot of plans.



    Is this probably why Dileo suddenly got a double doze of anesthesia during an operation? Not to tell at the trial all these details? And many other things?


  49. April 11, 2011 8:26 pm

    One more article from Roger Friedman who says that on May 5, 2009 Michael was in great shape. He met a friend while practising dance moves in Arnold Klein’s office (!):

    Jacko Bragged to Old Friend He Felt Great [Why can’t Friedman call Michael his proper name?]
    07/01/09 12:00am
    Roger Friedman

    Little by little we’re able to fill in the blanks from Michael Jackson’s last few weeks.

    Now it turns out that back on May 5th he ran into an old friend and not only told her that he felt great, but showed off, too.

    Joanne Horowitz manages Kevin Spacey and other actors. But back in the 1970s she worked in the music business and was the publicist for Studio 54. It was then that she met Michael, around the time of “Off the Wall.” They hit it off, became great pals, and for a while she was his guide in New York.

    Flash forward to this past May 5th: Horowitz was in Beverly Hills waiting to see her dermatologist. From one of the adjacent examination rooms she heard a lot of noise, thudding on the ground and hitting the walls.

    “I asked the doctor what was going on,” Horowitz told me last night. “He said it was Michael Jackson, practicing dance moves.”’Horowitz’told the doctor, Arnold Klein, Michael was her old friend. Klein went next door and told Jackson, who came running in.

    “We were so happy to see each other, It had been 25 years,” said’Horowitz. “He was in great shape, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. He showed off his body ‘ flexing his muscles, he also lifted his shirt to show me his new six pack. He said he’d been working out for the new tour. He was very proud. He looked very fit. He wasn’t wearing any makeup, either. And he had no bodyguards with him. He was just on his own.”

    Horowitz and Jackson reminisced about the old days, and Michael bragged to her about being a father. He invited her to the London shows, and even signed a CD for her that Klein kept in his office.

    “He said everything was going great but he’d just gotten off the phone with someone about that auction, and he wasn’t happy about that. But he seemed like the old Michael.”

    Horowitz did tell me she’s been very dismayed about the coverage of Jackson since his death, especially the notion presented by tabloids, and other outlets that the performer “wanted to die” and other crazy ideas.

    “That couldn’t have been further from the truth,” Horowitz tells me.


  50. Suzy permalink
    April 11, 2011 8:19 pm

    ““I think both doctors contributed to his final demise.”

    I agree with this completely. I feel Klein is a major player in Michael’s demise – from a certain aspect even more so than Murray, since Murray was only there in the final months while Klein was there for the last 25 years mistreating Michael. It’s another question whether this could and will ever be proven (unfortunately I think it won’t and he will get away with it). I remember Lisa Marie mentioning how at time she picked up Michael from a doctor’s office and he wasn’t himself. I bet that was Klein’s office that she meant. I also remember another bodyguard of Michael’s telling a story which didn’t focus on Michael’s doctors and medicines but which corroborates with what Alberto says here. That bodyguard’s story was about how Michael once slept in a doctor’s office was he sent the bodyguard to get some magazines for him so that he wouldn’t be bored while he was spending the night there. The BG said he also bought a Teddy Bear for him or something like that and Michael was very happy about that. It was just a sweet story. But what I took notice of was: why did Michael sleep in a doctor’s office? It doesn’t make sense unless he was getting some strong medicine which helped him to sleep. And again I suspect it was Klein’s office. Also follower fans said that in the last months of his life he always left Klein’s office looking kind of groggy.

    I personally think Klein is responsible too. That, of course doesn’t mean that Murray shouldn’t go to jail. He should, of course. But Klein too, IMO (though he won’t).

    Unfortunately Michael always had these sleep problems since he was young. I don’t know if any of you saw the movie: “Jacksons: An American Dream”. It’s a pretty good movie about Michael and his brothers from his childhood up until about Thriller era. It was made in 1992 and the producer of it was Michael’s ex-sister-in-law Margaret Moldano. Now, in one of the scenes of the movie, an about 20-year-old Michael is talking to his mother and there he mentions he can’t sleep at nights because his mind is always full of music. Here at 5:11:

    Since Moldano who produced the movie was a family member (and Michael gave his blessings to the movie), I guess most of the info in there is accurate – this one too. When he was on tour this problem always got worse, because of the adrenaline, because of the ever changing time zones, always sleeping in a different city etc. While he was young he could somehow pull it through however I personally think after the Dangerous Tour he should have stopped touring. Remember when he said in the Home Movies that he hated touring because he went through hell touring. I believe it’s his sleep problems that he meant.


  51. April 11, 2011 8:16 pm

    Here is another article from Roger Friedman. He says Michael couldn’t meet Murray in 2006 as he returned from Ireland only one week before the new 2007 year:

    How Could Conrad Murray Meet Jackson in 2006?
    07/05/09 12:00am
    Roger Friedman
    We continue to read stories about Michael Jackson’s live-in doctor, Conrad Murray.

    Murray’s attorney and others around him insist that the doctor met Jackson in Las Vegas in 2006. They say one of Jackson’s children was ill, and that the doctor was called. Out of the blue.

    But the timeline is wrong: Jackson was not in the United States in 2006. He left Los Angeles for Bahrain in June 2005. He didn’t return until December 23, 2006. On that day Jackson brought his family to Las Vegas from Ireland, where he’d been after a stay in France following more than a year in Bahrain.

    Could Murray have met Jackson during the last week of 2006? Even that’s doubtful. After checking out his new home and celebrating Christmas, Jackson went to Augusta, Georgia, on December 30th for James Brown’s funeral.

    What’s more, sources from Jackson’s camp at that time say none of the children were ill. “And if they were, why would he call a cardiologist?” asks one insider. “A pediatrician, yes.”

    So the mystery remains about Dr. Murray: who introduced him to Jackson? And why?


  52. April 11, 2011 6:54 pm

    Here is a very interesting article I’ve recently found – Randy Phillips is lying here that Michael forced him to pay Murray $150, 000 (later he said he didn’t pay him a penny because there was no signed contract!). The article also says that Murray was not in Michael’s life until 2009 and that Murray was recommended to Michael as one of the top ten doctors.

    Michael’s friend also explains why he couldn’t sleep after performances – his level of adrenalin was too high, that is why he definitely shouldn’t have reheased every day (as Randy Phillips insisted) and there should have been more free days between the shows. In short it is very thought provoking:

    Jackson’s Friend: He Went to Dr. Klein’s “To Sleep”
    07/16/09 12:00am
    Roger Friedman

    One of the biggest mysteries of the Michael Jackson case is how Dr. Conrad Murray found his way into Michael’s life.

    Randy Phillips, head of AEG Live, has said repeatedly to me and to others that Jackson simply told him to hire Murray and pay him $150,000 a month. On the face of it, Murray was a cardiologist with offices in Las Vegas, San Diego, and Houston. He seemed OK. Phillips told me, “This is who Michael wanted.”

    Did Michael have his own arrangements with Dr. Murray? This is still unknown.

    But Murray, unbeknownst to the Jackson camp, was awash in personal debt. He was also not board certified.

    A Jackson insider/employee recalls that Murray simply appeared on the scene this year, in 2009, and not in 2006, as his lawyer has claimed. Jackson spent 2006 in Bahrain, France, and Ireland. He could not have met Murray then.

    “We were told he was one of the top 10 doctors,” says the source, “and that he had knowledge of mental issues. I asked again, ‘Is he a psychologist?’ I was told no, but he was great.”

    The doctor, according to my source, sent out a message to the Jackson camp not to interfere with him. “I was told the doctor said not to placate Michael…tough love. This made me more irate. The mixed messages were insane. I begged [people on the inside]. I said, ‘Michael has lost 15 pounds since May!’ People thought they had it under control. They didn’t.”

    This friend of Michael’s continued: “Everyone ‘thought they had it under control. There was too much at stake to think it wasn’t.’We just kept on going, hoping we could get the show up in London. Michael told me he wasn’t able to sleep. (my signal he was looking for’ drugs). He said his mind didn’t stop creating.

    “I called Alberto (the security guard who eventually called 911) and told him to keep a close watch on’ Michael because I was concerned.’ I asked Alberto how often they were taking him to see [Arnold] Klein. He said two to three times a week.

    “My suspicion is he was going there to ’sleep.’ Michael cannot sleep after performances.’ His adrenalin is so high, it takes him about 24 hours to relax. He rehearsed harder than ever… I think he really wanted to get this together and wanted to sleep to be able to do it again on Thursday. His heart was so weakened by his weight loss, his mental state and his physical exertion…it finally broke. And whoever was on watch failed him.

    “I think both doctors contributed to his final demise.’ But it was’ years of anguish that drove him to finding ways to escape the pain.”


  53. April 11, 2011 6:49 pm

    “Joel Katz represents/has represented all parties involved in this deal – MJ(?), AEG, the Sheikh and Jermaine. Mr Katz’ firm, Greenberg Traurig, also represents The Estate in trademark issues I understand and Mr Katz was also appointed to the Sony Board. “

    BR, one day I will look into Joel Katz too, but at the moment I am focused on the people who were directly involved in that cut-and-paste contract – Randy Phillips, Tohme and attorney Dennis J.Hawk who is mentioned in the agreement as someone through whom all correspondence was passed.

    I never jump to conclusions and never fall for superficial arguments like “Jermaine knew Tohme and Tohme is a villain, so Jermaine is a villain too” – this is nothing but speculation, while every single conclusion should be backed only by facts. Being just an acquaintance of somebody does not mean anything.

    Similarly Joel Katz’s role will also have to be thoroughly looked into. All I know at the moment is that Michael retained him shortly before his death. If he is now working for the Estate (which I need to check) and is doing as great a job as Branca, then this will be definitely a big plus to his record – so I don’t mind him working “even for Sony” (if this is the case).

    Present-day Sony is very much different from Tommy Mottola’s Sony as it is on Michael’s side. They help to repay his loans though could have grabbed half of Michael’s share in the catalog long ago as they had an option to.

    Michael was in full 50%-50% partnership with Sony until his death and it wasn’t Sony who wanted his share, but AEG.


  54. April 11, 2011 12:22 pm

    @vmj – “Trapped” was the only word I could type at the time without resorting to cursing and ranting. There is something else that may or may not be odd about the 12 months rental in light of another clause (4.2.3) in the agreement.

    Reading about the $ destined for the Sheikh, it reminded me that Joel Katz represents/has represented all parties involved in this deal – MJ(?), AEG, the Sheikh and Jermaine. Mr Katz’ firm, Greenberg Traurig, also represents The Estate in trademark issues I understand and Mr Katz was also appointed to the Sony Board. Also interesting is that at one time (April 2006?) when Michael was in Bahrain and refinancing loans, the Sheikh signed a document as Co-Trustee of the MJ Publishing Trust.

    Looking forward to what else you’ve found.


  55. April 11, 2011 6:25 am

    “Whatever the case, AEG have a huge burden to carry in their luggage. They will go down in history as the company that double-crossed and set up Michael Jackson, paving the way for the events that led to his death.”

    Maria, exactly. I hope AEG will be remembered only for the set-up they arranged for Michael Jackson and will carry that stigma for the rest of their life. However in my opinion AEG is already more dead than “live” now.

    If its “devout Christian” and totally mysterious billionaire head is not a complete fool he will fire Randy Phillips in the near future to distance himself from his crimes. Actually what we see now is a repetition of Tommy Mottola’s devilish treatment of Michael Jackson – only this time it is done by other people of the same kind.

    And let us not be deceived by their hypocritical “christianity”. Lord, please save us from such devout Christians………


  56. April 11, 2011 5:46 am


    BR, yes, AEG is trapped. I’ve now found more proof that this contract was a cut-and-paste job. Consequently it was invalid and Michael was not trapped by it despite every effort made by AEG.

    He never signed it and was free from its slavery terms (or at least this could be proven in court). The only thing this contract shows is what they wanted to do to him – and it is the verdict they brought in for themselves with their own hands.

    By the way since Michael knew he had never signed the final contract he also knew he couldn’t be bound by it – so it was no reason for him to take his life either.

    I would like to make one more post about it. Just give me a few days please.


  57. April 10, 2011 2:56 pm



  58. Anne permalink
    April 10, 2011 11:26 am

    hmmm….after reading all this I really would be interested what an old contract from the BAD or HIStory tours looked like and how they were worded. Furthermore, did Leonard Rowe arrange less fraudulent terms (after all, his attempt at signing MJ ended in a shouting match of all parties) and why was AEG chosen over AGE in the end – case of sour grapes on LR’s part? Perhaps Frank Dileo or John Branca can tell us something about this in the upcoming trial……


  59. Susanne permalink
    April 10, 2011 9:43 am

    Helena, it’s shocking what you found out about this “contract” or whatever it is. And it’s especially shocking in connection with Chernoff’s statement about Michael taking his life due to financial problems. That’s why your last comment is very important. We strongly have to hope that your conclusions will also be exposed in an official trial. Let’s hope that Katherine’s lawyers and/or the prosecutors in the Murray case do their job.


  60. April 9, 2011 8:46 pm

    I’m speechless at this thorough analysis of AEG’s schemes to bring Michael down.
    Thank you Vindicate for summing it up so masterfully and putting under perspective. We are now able to take a step back and see the bigger picture.
    Whatever the case, AEG have a huge burden to carry in their luggage. They will go down in history as the company that double-crossed and set up Michael Jackson, paving the way for the events that led to his death.


  61. April 9, 2011 1:32 pm

    Guys, there is one thing we should make absolutely clear.

    I am told that Chernoff adheres to the defense strategy that Michael “took his life” because “he was actually in more debt as a result of the concerts than he would have obtained from doing the concerts.”

    Some would probably think that the best argument against it would be to say – no, Michael didn’t have any debts and was very well-off and the concerts were doing him a lot of good.

    This is a lie. Though this lie is probably a well-intentioned one it is still a lie. Moreover it is a terribly dangerous lie because it whitewashes those who may be the real criminals standing behind Murray’s back.

    Since lies are not accepted in this blog, here is the truth:

    1) Michael did have debts as this ‘contract’ with AEG shows it. The Estate’s report also testifies to it as its text provides a list of debts still outstanding after they have paid out some. Not all debt claims are valid of course (Tohme Tohme also wants money!), but many of the claims are justified – even Thomas Mesereau’s office wasn’t paid in full and the remaining debt was settled only recently.

    So it is absolutely wrong to pretend that Michael didn’t have any financial difficulties – he did, but his problems were connected with the cash flow only. They could have been settled by selling some property (like Neverland) or by a clever restructuring of the debts, renegotiation of some terms, etc. – if only he had had good and honest advisors by his side. But the crux of the matter is that HE DIDN’T have them. Moreover, those he had were working against him (Tohme Tohme, for example).

    When John Branca was finally retained by Michael the disarray created by Tohme’s management was such that it was impossible even to collect the papers to simply see what the situation was like.

    2) Saying that Michael would become better off as a result of concerts arranged by AEG is the idea which benefits AEG and nobody but AEG. It is a very big and absolutely monstrous lie and after reading that ‘contract’ I know better than anyone else that they did want to ruin him.

    AEG was planning to strip Michael of all his assets and they (or Tohme) even went as far as forging his signature under the “contract” to be able to do that – but the thing they never expected was that their plans would one day become public.

    They wanted to do it hush-hush and if as a result of the shows Michael had had more debt they would have found a way to shift all the blame onto his shoulders explaining it by his “extravagant ways”, “irresponsible spending”, “him not abiding by the contract”, “their need to compensate losses due to cancellations”, “the performances being not first class”, etc.

    If Michael ever tried to complain about various discrepancies in the contract and it being illegal (and therefore invalid), no one would believe him, as AEG would create around him another hysteria about him being “paranoid”, “weird”, ”impossible to deal with”, etc. And since Michael was in bad need of cash he would probably never sue AEG as this is too costly a business…

    So claiming now that the deal with AEG would be beneficial for Michael is equivalent to whitewashing the people who had criminal and malicious intent against him.

    3) Now comes this crazy idea of a “suicide”.

    Firstly, a suicide for a father like Michael was simply out of the question. When he was in danger of going into prison the only thought that really bothered him was what would become to his children if it happened. Please note that prison is not death and one day people come out of it, while death is final as no one has yet returned from beyond the grave. So how much more worried about his children Michael should have been in case of his death?

    Secondly, a suicide for people with a religious background like Michael’s is a very big sin (it is, because it is a murder, only committed against yourself). Being raised that way Michael could never step over this concept, even in the darkest of his days. It is simply not done by some people – in the same way some people never kill.

    Thirdly, his financial situation was difficult but far from being disastrous – even in case he accumulated more debt as a result of a deal with AEG he would still have a lot to sell – real property, his rights to songs, etc. So if things came to the very worst he could either sell or give away his assets as payment of his debts.

    In short these are not the circumstances when people have nothing to eat and may indeed be driven to a suicide in sheer despair. No, far from it.

    Last but not least, Michael was quiet, gentle and humble – but it does not mean he wasn’t a fighter. HE WAS A FIGHTER and before his death Michael wanted to give the fight of his life to people who were pressing him so much. He fired Tohme and was transitioning to Frank Dileo. Shortly before his death he also retained John Branca and Joel Katz as his entertainment counsel with a clear desire to sort out his business and legal affairs and set things straight with AEG and their so-called ‘contract’.

    If you ask me, so decisive measures are not taken by people who want to take their life – vice versa, these actions show Michael’s resolute decision to sort out his business with AEG and correct the situation as soon as possible.

    After reading that ‘contract’ with AEG I see that not only AEG had a clear intention to steal Michael’s assets, but that their ‘contract’ had so many ‘irregularities’ (making it invalid) that seeing Michael retain a new team of lawyers made AEG and Tohme realize that they faced a real danger of the contract being declared null and void and even some legal action taken against them.

    Could they risk the disclosure of the fact that there were numerous frauds in making that contract? Could they allow new Michael’s lawyers to look into the forged signature and documents with no dates on them? Could they take the risk of a worldwide scandal a possible lawsuit could land them in if all those disgusting details surfaced? I am very much afraid that they thought they couldn’t. And if they thought that way only one step remained to be taken to get rid of the man (and the problem) veiling the event in total mystery afterwards.

    Am I saying that AEG had a motive? Absolutely – though initially all they were planning was making Michael unable to pay back his advances and obtaining his assets “smoothly”. This could have given them another added advantage – if they had had his assets they could have kept Michael in slavery for as long as they liked.

    And this is an unforgivable crime as it is – even if AEG is not directly responsible for Michael’s death.


  62. April 9, 2011 11:10 am

    “What possible gain for Michael that he would do this? Why agree to this series of concerts?

    Dial, it seems that my mission is far from finished if you ask questions like that. Did I make myself so unclear?

    Your queston is: “What possible gain for Michael that he would do this?”

    Firstly, what do you mean by “do this”? What did Michael do which was so unusual for a performer to do, that you would ask such a question?

    I’ve tried to explain as best as I could that there was absolutely nothing unusual in what Michael did – he wanted to make concerts for the various reasons performers make them, and one of the reasons is money of course – but others do it too, and nobody asks questions about it. Why did Prince give 21 concerts in London in 2007 for example? Why no one wonders about that?

    Michael agreed because he thought he was going into a deal with honest businessmen. He wanted to make a show (probably for money, but not only) but he never expected that the goals of his partners would be totally different. And the goal of his partners was getting hold of his company assets – they probably never even wanted those concerts in the first place.

    All this absolutely illegal imitation of contract-making was organized by AEG with the sole purpose of getting his assets. Did Michael ever agree to that? Certainly not! How could he know? When you make a deal with someone how can you know in advance that your future partners have a criminal intent? Or do you think criminals go about with warnings saying they will act maliciously against you? So how could Michael ever know that he was getting into a totally criminal business?

    Everything I’ve written up till now tried to explain to you where the criminality is – and what do I see now – no one understood it?

    Or are you probably thinking that all business is like the deal described above? And that all business is based on fraud? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The majority of contracts are executed in really good faith and are mutually beneficial, and that is why many partners remain good business partners for decades. It is only when you are unfortunate enough to come across white-collar gangsters that you may lose all – even your life as a result of such “business”.

    The deal arranged for Michael by AEG was absolutely fraudulent and the methods they employed to lure him into this trap were fraudulent too. Michael got into it solely because he didn’t have a team of (honest) lawyers beside him. The man who suddenly became his right-hand assistant (Tohme) pushed everyone aside and covertly worked against him, most probably forged his signatures and did that cut-and-paste job with those contract papers behind Michael’s back. However if this ‘contract’ ever goes to court I am sure the judge will find lots of reasons to rule it invalid and take even more serious action against the culprits.

    All this is absolutely criminal and Michael fell victim to a terrible fraud. It is the same as falling victim to a murder. So what you are asking now is equivalent to asking why the victim die in the hands of the criminal? Wasn’t it unwise on his part to do so? Why did he allow the criminal to do it?

    But the victim never allowed it to happen! So why do you address your questions to Michael and not to those who did it to him?

    “Is it true Michael was initially unaware Sony was to be involved?”

    And how was Sony involved in all this? I thought my posts were about AEG, not Sony.


  63. Dialdancer permalink
    April 9, 2011 1:14 am

    What possible gain for Michael that he would do this? Why agree to this series of concerts? Is it true Michael was initially unaware Sony was to be involved?



  1. « L’accord » de AEG : Truquage du début à la fin (1) « "Mon reflet dans le miroir… c’est toi" (Rumi)- Carma
  2. Conrad Murray and AEG in Michael Jackson’s life « Vindicating Michael

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