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JC Agajanian’s stunning interview about Michael Jackson. HE WILL NEVER BE REPLACED

August 29, 2011

Dear friends, let us all join together in celebrating Michael Jackson’s birthday today.

JC Agajanian JR

A small gift has been reserved for the day. It is the work done by a team of Michael’s supporters who transcribed the interview of an old friend of Michael Jackson, JC Agajanian JR  (made in July 2009). The man was a radio guest at the Haunted Saloon and his account of the time his family spent with Michael is something really extraordinary – it is heart-warming, fiery and exceptionally sincere.

And this in spite of the fact that JC Agajanian JR is absolutely not prone to idealizing people. He comes from the famous racing Agajanian family and is son to JC Agajanian, who has been inducted into the National Midget Car Racing Hall of Fame. The Agajanian family has been running the Turkey Grand Prix race for decades now and it is JC Agajanian Jr. who is keeping up with the tradition and continuing with racing business.

In short he is no nonsense man and this makes his memories of Michael Jackson all the more precious to us.

Please listen to Mr. Agajanian vehement support for Michael Jackson and read the transcripts that follow:



Ike: The gentleman on the phone is Mr JC Agajanian, Junior. JC is a dear friend of Michael’s, and you’ve spent many times with him and I thought, “Boy, we gotta have you on the Haunted Saloon tonight to talk about Michael Jackson. Welcome to the Haunted Saloon, JC. We lost another good one, didn’t we?

JC: And just to be serious for a moment, David, I gotta tell you we did lose in fact, I believe the world, in fact lost, a very, very special talent. And I think that’s something we need to keep in mind when all of the lies and baloney and all the speculation and all the gossiping and all of that is come and gone, the bottom line is that we lost somebody that will really never be replaced.

Ike: Yes, and you know Jay, tell us about some of your experiences, like that you’ve told me, tell us on the Haunted Saloon. Tell us about the time you spent two weeks up at the Neverland Ranch, with Michael.

JC: Well, you know what… it was a pretty special deal and I have to give you a little background, a friend of ours that I know both Bartender Bruce and yourself both met, went back in the old Ascot days, Sandy Seamen who went onto LA Gear tennis shoe company that hired Michael to work for him and that’s how I got to know Michael.

So… really that was my entree and I have three kids, JC the Third, and David, JC is his middle name of course, and Amy, and they were doing a commercial for LA Gear and they were on set when Michael was there to do a commercial.

Frankly, the kids and Michael got along, there were a lot of other kids there that were going to be in the commercial. Of course, LA Gear makes adult and children’s shoes, so it was a natural set up. Michael was there… wait, in fact, I’ll tell you what, my wife Francie was the one who went to this commercial shoot and I was with you guys that night and we were working and they were working too, you might say. Michael said that sometime we had to come out to Neverland Valley…

Wife: Ranch (inaudible, speaking to husband in the background)

Neverland’s Zoo

Ike: And that’s another thing that my wife Francie has reminded me of, it was a ranch, it was beautiful and it was… he had horses and it had reindeers and he really liked horses and that’s really something that I think everyone in the Haunted Saloon that’s listening maybe didn’t know about Michael…  He  appreciated wild life, he appreciated of course all the exotics that were there. They had wild horses walking around, they had giraffes, when we were there a little baby giraffe was born.

But we were invited up to, and I won’t stretch this enough, we were invited up to Neverland, which we thought he was saying just to be nice and we spent quite a bit of time up there and he wanted us up there as parents and he really enjoyed, really, having the kids up there as well.

Right, you know, as soon as I say that I know there’s gonna be eyebrows going up, but it wasn’t like that, and I have to tell you, his honesty in these interviews, is what I think got him in trouble. And him just saying stuff from his heart, stuff that was just how he felt honestly, adults would look at it and raise an eyebrow, twist what he says and make it not his intention.

So the place was just gorgeous, it was Disneyland, it was 2500 acres and most of it was manicured. It was really just a fun place to be. He was a very generous, generous person. The kids would run around, they’d have their jackets on or they’d throw them on the ground, or tennis shoes, throw them off and go get on the big giant trampoline that was on the same ground as the big giant swimming pool.

That evening whatever was taken off was washed and magically folded and put back in their rooms. The staff there was just unbelievable. Water balloon fights, he had an Indian village that we were welcome to stay in overnight. We had dinner brought up to the Indian village, we ate in the teepees, there were heaters in there, it was just everything you could think of. Let me entertain any questions you might have, Ike.

Ike: Is it not true that your own kids wanted to go to court and testify, because they’d been there many, many times and never had a problem. Isn’t that true that they wanted to go to court?

JC: Well you’re absolutely right Ike and in fact Michael’s lawyers had called and asked if my kids would be interested in testifying on behalf of Michael and they were ready to fly – JC3 and David up from San Diego and Amy here from Hermosa Beach and fly them up, but at the last minute they didn’t need any more character witnesses.


JC: But let me tell you something that came up about his bedroom, and the “secret room” and all this stuff that went on. Francie and I were in his bedroom, my kids were in his bedroom, his bedroom was a playland, it had Disney things in there, it was like a living room. And when he said, “I invited kids in my bed” [sorry, JC, Michael never said it – he simply said he gave his bed to others] it’s… first of all, any kids that wanted to have a slumber party there, the “secret room” that they referred to that was locked up and so on, that was where he went to sleep.

When he said, “I’d be happy to give my bed to kids”… what he meant by that was, when he grew up, he didn’t have a bed. All the Jackson kids slept in one room. To be able to sleep in the bed was a big deal!  And the people just didn’t understand that what he was saying was, when you give someone where you sleep and you leave and you go to another room to sleep, you’re giving them the bed, you’re sharing the most you have.

It’s like sitting at the table and going, “Yeah, you could have this steak and go eat, I’ll eat the beans over here.” They just didn’t understand and his honesty in saying that got him in trouble.

Ike: Yeah, I know that, it’s just you know, you fascinated me before when we talked about this and you told me a lot of different stories. You told me one that when you first got there, he walked you around the garden and there was like, “zanes” and things around the garden, or something?


JC: Yeah, you know what Ike, when you called last night and asked if I’d share some of my memories and thoughts about Michael after he passed, of course because you called me and because you and Bruce called me and asked me to come on the show, I said okay, but I’ve been asked to do other interviews that I’ve turned down.

Neverland house. Dining roon

One night when we were sitting at Michael’s  dinner table and it was a beautiful dinner table, it was a beautiful Tudor house that he had and it was four stories and he had a wonderful cook that cooked whatever and in fact before we got up to Neverland they were asking, what did the kids like to eat? They wanted to have whatever they liked on him.

But we were sitting there at the dinner table and of course we – I made a point of saying a prayer before dinner, Michael was a spiritual guy, nobody’s ever said anything like that, they don’t let you know, but we had a prayer at the dinner table before we started to eat dinner, and as we were eating we were talking about various things.

And believe me, Michael insisted that we ask any question that we have, if we saw something in the news, if we heard something about elephant man bones or if we heard sleeping in chambers, any of that – ask me, ask me whatever you want, and believe me, my wife Francie that both you guys know, did ask plenty of questions, but Michael looked at the kids that night at dinner, we were about two thirds of the way through and he said “Listen kids, I don’t necessarily want you to tell anyone about our friendship when you get back to your schools.”

And they looked at each other puzzled and looked at Michael puzzled and said, “But Michael, why not?” And Michael looked at them and said, “There’s a lot of mean people out there and there’s a lot people who say mean things about me and I don’t want you to have to be put in a position to defend me.”

So, I think so much of your kids that I don’t want them to have to defend me and get in fights and say, “No, Michael’s really a good guy and don’t say bad about him.” He was so thoughtful that he was asking the kids to keep our happy time and our friendship private and not share it and he was always selfless like that, Ike.

Ike: Uh, that’s really something, you know that, and it’s really actually very sad that he had to go to those extremes.

Part 2


Ike: Uh, that’s really something, you know that, and it’s really actually very sad that he had to go to those extremes.

“He was a very loving father”. South Africa, 1999

JC:…it really was, he never had a chance to any time to himself, he grew up, as everybody knows, without a childhood, you and Bruce know that he worked since he was a little kid. And don’t forget that there were many facets to Michael, what a lot of the people saw on television that was the celebrity factor; there was also a loving father, and that is NOT a joke, he was a VERY loving father; and there was also the kind generous friend, he was without question that.

And he was very shy, when we first got up to Neverland, he had his sunglasses on, he had on  his hat, he was shy just seeing us again, but eventually he warmed up to you.
But you’re right, when we first got up there he put us in a golf kart, a special golf cart, that was a long one, and took us all around the ranch which was just –

When we went up there we thought we were coming to a ranch that was kind of like a cowboy ranch. Like the Haunted Saloon like what would be just outside your doors there. Dirt, horses, and so on.  But it was actually what we see on television now, rides and movie theatre, he took us all around, to see all of his records –

But I just thought of something, if I can just continue, you know me I’m really short on words but… [Laughter] …uh thank you Bruce –

Neverland map. The movie theater is a separate building on the left (#24)

He had a movie theatre that was set up for children that were sick, that were terminally ill, it was a movie theatre, lovely seats, rocking type of upholstered chairs, there were about 35-45 seats, a full size movie theatre, screen, behind us a regular projection, that you would see in a regular large movie theatre, uh the projection room was above us,  but at the back of the movie theatre behind the seats, were two bedrooms.

Those bedrooms had full floor to ceiling glass, those rooms were supplied with oxygen, and a hospital bed, a large hospital bed like a double bed that could tilt up.

And any kids that came out to the ranch, whether they were from Make-a-Wish Foundation or any of them, they were welcome to come in and see these first-run movies, to see things that maybe they couldn’t go see in the theatre because they don’t have oxygen in a movie theatre, and Michael went through a lot of expense and a lot of trouble to have these two rooms for kids that were terminally ill to come and be at the ranch and see movies and so on …

…Gosh there’s just so many stories that never make the newspapers, never report about Michael, his generosity and how much he truly loves children, and like we were talking about earlier, his inability to have a childhood, so part of him was childlike because he never had that childhood, he envied the children that were outside playing in the park while he was rehearsing, while he was singing, while he was practicing his dance moves.

While Joe was ‘cracking the whip’ – and I don’t mean that in a bad way! – But Joe worked in a steel mill in Indiana and he took these kids from nothing to right up to the top of the line, the were talented, but he bought instruments he bought everything they needed, and he gave up himself, and yes, he swatted the kids and I have to admit that JC and David [his sons] have been swatted a couple of times too, it may not be politically correct, but it is Armenian correct and that is what we have to do!

Part 3


Ike:  So you, as well as the whole world, we were so shocked to hear that too. It was so shocking.

JC: It was shocking and I’ll tell you what. We knew Michael some years ago. I know that he had a problem with painkillers from when he had gotten burned doing the Pepsi ad – that was some years ago – and he had … really a lot of pain that followed that.  And I believe that he was in a lot of emotional pain as well.

He carried a lot of things, he internalized a lot of things, he didn’t have many people that he can, he could confide in, and he really… I don’t want to say ‘admired’, because that might be the wrong word – but really enjoyed being around a family like the Agajanian family were, where there was just a mom and dad and kids that liked to mess around and meddle ……… and say “sit down” and “don’t make so much noise” and just correct them and ……… and he’d laugh. He just really enjoyed being around real people because he was surrounded with people who were either “yes” men or interested in what they could get from him. And we were neither.

Ike: Yeah, exactly. You were just the regular folk and he liked that.


JC Agajanian, his wife Francie and Joy Benson

JC: Yeah, you know… the kids loved to ride horses. The kids would go to a cowboy camp, down near Oceanside, inland. I guess, where was that, Francie?…. Oh, …. California, that’s where this cowboy camp was. They go every year there. They loved i!. Everything was period, everything… there were gun fights in the streets when we brought the kids – and it was just… it was perfect. It was like Tombstone, but a smaller version. The kids learned how to ride properly, they learned roping, they learned everything in that area.

When they got to Neverland, Michael who had horses and wranglers that were full time there, asked the kids if they wanted to go riding, and of course they said “Yes!” , and in fact it was at the dinner table and he said “Well, just call the person in charge, call the head wrangler, tell him what time you want to go out on the horses, and he’ll have them ready for you.”

So the kids said “Let’s go tomorrow morning”, and they did that.  Of course I didn’t get up (laughs), Francie was the one who got up with the kids, got them situated with the wranglers and went to breakfast in the main house. Our living quarters were just outside the main Tudor house that Michael lived in, and we lived on a little lake when we were there.  A very beautiful setting.

So, I went back to sleep, and about an hour or two later I get a knock on the door……Michael had a full security setup, he had officers there, he had security cameras everywhere, he could watch, if children who were invited there if they were getting in trouble, or near a pool, full security.  Security guards that were mobile, security guards in full uniform, the entire property was secured and safe. He had his own fire department.  He had his own helicopter, paramedics. Everything was on site.

It couldn’t have been a safer place to go, no matter what. And a lot of this stuff, the gossip that goes on, it couldn’t have happened because I went into the security room, which was a secret area, a private area, and there were cameras, and there were screens that could see everywhere at Neverland. They were never not watched, no matter where.


JC:  So the kids got on the horse with the wrangler, wrangler up front, a wrangler in the back, my three kids in between, as they went up into hills, Francie was with them. I am sorry, I forgot you were with the kids! And as they’re going up into the hills there are bears, deer, and so on and so on in the hills around that area. They were going up a trail, and evidently the horse smelled bear, they can smell bear, it frightened them, and there was some movement in the bushes, and all the horses reared, and spun around, and started running full speed down the hill, back towards the barn, and safety. They were out of control, literally.

As they got to the bottom, JC was able to ‘whoa’ (calm down) his horse, because he was a bigger kid at the time, and all the kids knew riding, but the horses were running out of control. David, who is our middle son and is a gymnast, jumped off and rolled and he got banged up a little bit but was OK, but our youngest Amy was thrown off the horse, hit the ground, and her head hit the ground terribly, and she was knocked out.  Francie was also thrown from the horse, and was unconscious on the ground.

Within minutes, paramedics were there, ambulance was there, and I had a security guard – as I told you earlier come to my door, because I had gone back to bed.  And I got dressed right away.

“Mr. Agajanian we have a situation, we need to take you away immediately.” I scrambled and jumped in the cart, rode straight to where they were, and there were fire engines and lights going and everything. It was immediately taken care of, and I rode into town with Amy.

And in the ambulance she was beginning to convulse.  I was so frightened, I was worried that we were gonna lose her.  Francie was in the same ambulance, and she was out of it, she didn’t know where she was. She thought she did but she certainly didn’t. We got to the emergency room, and they said “You’re gonna have to go into town!”, they took us in another ambulance immediately to Cottage Hospital, which is down near Santa Barbara, I think.

Amy Agajanian on Oprah’s show

All I have to say is Michael’s people were at that hospital from the time we were in there, I was praying in that hospital, I was very worried that we were gonna lose Amy, and she had the brain scan, there was some swelling, but she was OK.  And Michael’s people were there the whole time. What Francie? Oh, she had a fractured skull!

But we were guests there, and Michael’s people were worried that we were going to sue Neverland, and sue Michael, and so on, and one of his attorneys called and asked how we were doing, and asked if there was going to be any litigation, and of course we said “Friends don’t sue friends over accidents!”. Amy was OK after that, but Michael had a limo at the hospital for us, and he would have come to the hospital himself but it would have created too much craziness.

So he would take us back and forth to dinner back to the house, and run Francie and I back and forth to the hospital, Francie stayed with Amy, and Michael that morning had left to do a recording session in town, and when he heard that Amy was hurt, he sent all of the musicians home, and got in a helicopter, which he didn’t like to do, he didn’t really like flying at all, he would have rather a limo or taken his transportation, but he flew out there, and even though he couldn’t go to the hospital, he stayed at Neverland, and stayed on duty until he found out that Amy was OK, and it just showed the kind of guy he was.

He stopped his work, and sent, it was probably close to 100 people and musicians recording and all that, home so he could come out there because he had heard that my daughter had hurt herself at Neverland.  I know it’s a long-winded story, and I apologize to  the guests, and you and Bruce, but this stuff just comes out of me guys, when I hear… when I hear things said about a guy who was really an innocent, honest, loving, and caring guy, I just need to tell my side of the story.

Ike: Well said, well said. We thank you for sharing those stories tonight with us.

Part 4


Ike: We thank you for sharing those stories tonight with us.

Bruce has a question: Your impression of the way the news media has treated him in the last 48 to 72 hours.

JC: Tragedy. Tragedy, Bruce. The way they treated him is the way they treated him his whole life; like a freak show!

I’m asking everyone, I’m begging everyone to just reserve your comments, I’m begging you to NOT listen to the gossip, to NOT listen to the sensationalism. Yes, Michael had many facets to him, many sides, and yes he was having a problem with drugs, as many people do in our society, but he wasn’t a monster, he was NOT a child molester.

JC Agajanian about Jordan Chandler: “The first kid said, ‘I can’t go up there and lie about Michael’ and this is when their case fell apart”

I have a ton of stories guys, next time I see you guys I’ll tell you stories about why and how those lawsuits “just went away”, and why the first kid refused to go on the stand as his father wanted to, to tell lies about Michael, and he told his father “I can’t go on the stand! I don’t care how much money you’re gonna get, I don’t care about the future of doing a recording company”, like his dad wanted to, “I can’t go up there and lie about Michael”, and that’s when their case fell apart.

And the $25 million dollars to their family, never happened. It went into a trust fund, and it was not that much money, it was a much smaller amount, it was all blown up out of proportion.


JC: And just wait until you try and get a handle on the truth everyone, because right now I just watched “Extra” before I called your show, and they were showing things like I just told you about, “There’s some mysterious hidden room, and it’s lined with children’s toys…”, and it’s just a bunch of baloney!

It was a room with toys for kids that were sick that came over, and there were tables with toys to play with, and there was an arts and crafts room, and all of this was there, and it was a room that you can just walk into, on the second floor of the Tudor house!

Michael and Prince at Neverland

And only this room that I just told you about –  it was his private bedroom, where he would go when the kids would want to have a slumber party – he left and slept in his other room by himself. He gave his bed. He invited the kids [he never did, they crawled in all by themselves] to sleep in his bed. He wasn’t in it! He made a point of that.

But it’s just been twisted, and I’m just asking everyone to please, DON’T listen to the lies, DON’T’ listen to the gossip, DON’T listen to the stuff that’s just made up, although I know you don’t know how to figure out what has sensationalism and what has  little chunks of truth, but like I said Francie and I were just watching not only Access Hollywood, but all the rest of them, and they take these things that I just told you about, and  they twist them, and make them sound weird and strange, and it’s just not so.

Everything had a reason for it.

Ike: Yeah, and there’s a lot of speculation out there, I think the one thing that I did notice though is, observing, the fact that  he was so frail, and he looked like he was just a little over over 100 pounds or so.

JC: Yes, that’s true.  He was never a big guy. He was a little guy to start with. He was always thin.

And I really think a couple of things, you know. First of all, he was a vegetarian, he was very conscious of his health. He would meditate. He would exercise. He did a lot of work and he tried to keep his weight down so he could dance, he did a lot of things to try and be as fit as possible. So I think near the end here, as he wasn’t well, and he wasn’t, and I think there were some illnesses that were not detected.  He was always very slight, but it got out of hand.

Ike: So you say he was a vegetarian? What kind of things did you eat when you were there?

JC: Say that again? I’m sorry.

Ike: You said he was a vegetarian.

JC: He would have anything the kids wanted, from hot dogs to hamburgers to steaks, and so on.

A long banquet table stretches out under a tree on the grounds behind the main house at Neverland Ranch

He didn’t have any booze at Neverland while I was there.  I know someone said there was no alcohol. I know someone said that underneath the game room that there was a wine cellar with some very, very wonderful wines and stuff. He may have had that for special guests.

But there was not booze available to anyone while you were at Neverland. And it didn’t matter if it was us, or the kids, or anybody. No booze, no alcohol was available. And he would have, now don’t forget he had a fabulous, he had 2 chefs in this wonderful kitchen there, and they would make Michael’s food for him, that they knew that he liked, and  so he ate Indian food, he ate a lot of vegetarian meals, and Fracie just reminded me that when we had hot dogs, he’d have a tofu hot dog, or something that appeared to be a hot dog, and tasted like a hot dog, but was something in his diet.


JC:  And that’s why it’s hard to fathom a guy who was so self-conscious about his shape. Now don’t forget he was 50 years old!

He was very young looking, but he was 50 years old, and he still danced like a 20 year old.  And that’s coming out when you’re hearing about the rehearsals for the London tour that was right here in Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Ike: Jay, I hate to cut you off, we have to move on now, but man I want to thank you so much for sharing those stories with us.

JC: You’re sure welcome, and I’ll tell you what, this is the only show that’s gonna hear any of this from me. I’ve already turned down other interviews, and I wanted you and Bruce and your listeners worldwide to hear this information and know from somebody that was firsthand there, and will call BOLONEY on the people that are saying stuff.

Yeah, he had a hard time other parts of his life, but he was a kind, generous gentleman, and that’s how he should be remembered.

Ike: Well said. Thank you so much Jay!

Lady: Well, I know that people have said a lot of things about Mr. Jackson over the years, but the thing that I really think is most important right now is three children have lost their father. And that’s the most important thing.  And all of us who are parents understand that more than anything, that’s the thing to focus on. Three children have lost their father.

JC: Absolutely. God bless you, that’s the truth, and let that not be lost with all the craziness.

Ike: Thank you so much, Jay!

JC: Thanks everybody at the Haunted Saloon! We love you guys! We wish you the best!

Ike: Love you too!



As a Postscriptum to the above here is what the team member Rockforevenron wrote to us about Amy Agajanian, Mr. Agajanian’s daughter with whom she managed to talk on the phone (correction – it was a journalist who goes by the name of “Bo G” on LSA).

There are several remarkable things about Amy’s memories of Michael. Here is one of them: though Michael spent a lot of time with Amy – more than with her brothers –  he never allowed the little girl to stay alone in his room as he took special care not to put her in any compromising situation whatsoever (he was an old-fashioned type of a guy). It didn’t dawn on poor Michael that by driving girls away from his bedroom he was only giving food for nasty innuendos to those media beasts.

Amy’s memories of MJ:

 “Amy was a very close little pal to Michael in the early 90s, kept up with him a little over the years, is a young woman now who, along with her family, is utterly devastated by Michael’s death. I talked to her on the phone for over an hour a few months ago.

She doesn’t remember or know much legal stuff, other than the whole family was at the airport waiting to testify on MJ’s behalf, when they were disappointed to get called by the lawyer and told they wouldn’t be testifying. She also was at a Neverland celebration afterward and said it was so joyous! Everyone singing! Her older brothers were allowed to sleep over at the house, but even though she was MJ’s closest pal and spent far more time with him than the boys, she was relegated to a guesthouse with her mother. She was pissed! Michael explained to her it wasn’t proper for little girls to be in his house overnight unchaperoned. Michael’s feelings about this explain completely why it was always boys overnight. But you hear nothing about his little girl pals.

She said she thinks she was MJ’s best friend (but of course she wouldn’t really know for sure) until Lisa Marie came along. She told me about accompanying the couple to a few outings, and she BURNED with jealousy, the poor little thing. She said it was obvious they were in love, always holding hands and kissing. So Michael started finding less and less time for her.

Oh, in the interest of fairness to LMP , she said LMP was as sweet as could be to her and she did come to like her.

And… she said she’d love to come on this forum and answer questions, loves to talk about MJ but no one ever asks her (?!).

She was the one on Oprah, and who walked with him hand-in-hand at the Superbowl. She described the thrill of it to me. She said she had no idea it was that big a deal or that Michael was that big a deal, and was utterly stunned and overwhelmed. Michael just told her they were going to a concert, so she had no idea what to expect. She hadn’t known Michael was famous until that moment. Can you imagine?”

Indeed, can all of us imagine that Michael never told those children about his fame? And these media beasts say he wanted to impress the children and lure them into his life by the shine of his gold? It was absolutely the other way about! He wanted the children to give him the feeling of what normal like is like and what it feels to be a simple and ordinary person…

Amy and her parents were guests on Oprah in February 1993, on the same day that her  interview with MJ aired.  Here is the video of Amy Agajanian on Oprah’s show:

And a partial transcript from

Oprah: “Michael Jackson as we’ve often heard is surrounded by children and through the years he’s befriended young actors like Emmanuel Lewis and Macauley Culkin. But you don’t have to be a child star to get Michael’s attention. I first met my next guest when I was visiting Michael’s ranch a few weeks ago to shoot the promos. Her best friend just happens to be the biggest superstar in the world and the whole universe saw her at Michael’s side during his superbowl performance, please meet Amy. Amy, we’re glad to have you here. On the day we were there shooting our promo Amy wanted us to finish so we could go out and play with Michael, isn’t that right?”
Amy: (nods her head)
Oprah: “What’s he really like, Amy?”
Amy: “He’s just like a kid. He wants to stay a kid but he grew up.”
Oprah: “Do you spend a lot of time with him?”
Amy: “When I go up there I spend almost most of my time with him playing.”
Oprah: “What do you play?”
Amy: “I play on his rides and we play hide-and-go-seek.”
Oprah: “And how did you meet him? We want to know so we can do the same thing.”
Amy: “Well I was doing a commercial with him. I was four and I didn’t know anything about him. And I went into his trailer and sat right up on his lap and he said to himself that he was going to be friends for life.”
Oprah: “The two of you?”
Amy: (nods)

My very big thanks to all the people who helped collect and transcribe the material for this post – Tamia, KC, Rockforeveron and David Edwards. I am sure that Michael is happy seeing us together in doing one job.

Happy birthday to you, Michael!


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    January 1, 2022 1:07 pm

    “..Or even that jordans conversation with gardner doesnt add up and this doctors opinion was never used./ enter Feldman’s friend, Stanley Katz to give his own interpretation…..the photos not matching up …and all the rest… could he not see what Larry Feldman was doing??”
    Finally, I found someone that shares my thoughts. I wonder why, especially with Dr Garderner’s speciality why his opinion was never used and then hearing about Dr Katz involvement in the Mc Martin case, I was like come on people, something is off here. What an abomination is Carl Douglas? Hearing what he said really showed they didn’t care about MJ or his innocence. There were just like any other bloodsucker, at least him.


  2. elizabeth pamela walker permalink
    April 16, 2020 1:38 am



  3. February 22, 2013 5:21 am

    For some reason, I just now saw this article and I see it was posted in 2011!! Don’t know why I did not see it before. Anyhow, thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed it. It is so refreshing to hear someone say good things about Michael instead of bashing him all the time.


  4. Pedro G permalink
    September 26, 2011 9:12 pm

    Thank you sooo much for posting this interview with transcripts.
    I’ve always believed (even during and after the allegations) that MJ is innocent.

    After MJ’s passing and up to this day, I’ve also read and watched so much about him and the MORE I believe that he is truly such a wonderful person.

    To the admins of this site, I have to say thank you so much for coming up with this blog site!


  5. Jan permalink
    September 11, 2011 9:11 pm

    Tina weaver is still editor of sunday mirror by the looks of it:

    The PCC should be impartial how can they be with her there.


  6. Jan permalink
    September 11, 2011 8:42 pm

    rupert murdoch does not own the daily mirror. I am not sure but I believe that the ex-editor of the sunday mirror wrote some bad stories about MJ as a journalist years ago and won an award for it. I hope the telephone hacking looks at this paper aswell. They need to look at all the newspapers. She should not have a positions t the PCC they will never take complaints seriously with her there regarding MJ.


  7. lynande51 permalink
    September 10, 2011 12:53 am

    The owner of the Mirror is Rupert Murdoch I beleive. In1992 Michael sued the Mirror for starting the story about him being disfigured from multiple surgeries. A photographer that had been on the first round of the Dangerous tour gave them a photo and they used what ever to make him look like is face was litterally falling apart. He sued and theycountersued saying that they wanted him to prove it to a third party Doctor. He did it took until 1998 but Michael won a retraction and apology from the Mirror for running the story. Actually that story is a good example of why he could not sue them over every story that they wrote. It took so long with their stalling it would have cost more than it was worth. The editor of The Mirror at the time of the retraction and apology was Piers Morgan.


  8. ares permalink
    September 9, 2011 9:14 pm

    Daily Mirror is a racist tabloid and whoever that has made pretty clear that it will continue to perpetuate the myth of MJ being a p. no matter of the evidence out there that point on the contrary. I don’t know what we can do about them. People have send them e-mail, letters etc but those who run the tabloid won’t change their attitude.I do wonder though who is the owner and the editor of the that rag because that particular tabloid has the worst grudge against MJ.


  9. Jan permalink
    September 9, 2011 7:36 pm

    yesterday this was in the daily mirror written by brian reade:

    headline was:


    It Said:

    “david gest revealed he has created a tribute show to his “great friend” michael
    Sadly, it’s not called the three stages of Michael, where gest plays the elderly
    jacko, showing how he would have looked if he’d undergone even more radical
    This show,Remembering A Legend, promises us “stories about Michael that the
    public has never heard”.
    Well, I may not have heard them all, David, but I’ve imagined them.
    And let’s just say I won’t be taking the kids.”

    email: or



  10. September 9, 2011 7:41 am


    I’d never read that Toya interview before. What a useless thing to say. Reminds me of Rebbie’s useless interviews back then too.

    I hope Frank Cascio addresses a lot of things in his book.


  11. September 9, 2011 7:38 am

    Beautiful interview! 🙂

    Just wanted to say that it wasn’t me who spoke to Amy, it was a journalist who goes by the name of “Bo G” on LSA, here’s a link to the post where she mentioned it:


  12. lcpledwards permalink
    September 2, 2011 4:34 am

    I’m glad that Mr. Agajanian fully addressed and explained the whole “bed sharing” nonsense controversy, and it’s a shame that the Jackson family couldn’t come up with a similar articulate explanation. Let’s look at what Latoya said on Larry King in March 2003:

    KING: Did you watch the special done by that Londerner, Mr. Bashir, on your brother?

    L. JACKSON: Yes, I did. KING: What did you think?

    L. JACKSON: I thought he was very unfair to him. I thought he was manipulated. And I feel bad because he poured his heart out to him and when you do that and you share your privacy and life with someone and you put trust in them and then they turn around and you do this to you, it hurts. And I understand his feelings.

    KING: He agreed to be taped and if they tape you they can edit you.

    L. JACKSON: Yes, of course. You’re absolutely right.

    KING: What about the sleeping with young boys? How does he explain it to you, how do you explain it to yourself?

    L. JACKSON: Michael addressed that to the public on television and I think that no one can consider that question but Michael and he addressed it to the public and I think that’s the way it should be.

    KING: Did it satisfy you?

    L. JACKSON: That’s totally up to him. I understand and I know him.

    KING: I mean, but — did was his reasoning…

    L. JACKSON: Yes. Yes.

    KING: … acceptable to you.

    L. JACKSON: Yes, it was. And I think it was fair for him to address it to the public to let them know what he felt and what he thought.

    Is that it, Latoya? Is that the best answer you can give? Your brother is being slaughtered in the court of public opinion, and you can’t even give a half-hearted explanation of what really happens at Neverland? I truly wish that Mr. Agajanian (and others like him) could have spoken out sooner and more often about this!


  13. August 31, 2011 8:04 am

    “Interesting that Sneddon seemed to be looking for cameras also, during his search of MJ premises”

    Yes, Nan, isn’t it interesting that Sneddon wasn’t able to find a single video tape showing any signs of “molestation”? Same as the guards from the Neverland 5 gang? Remember that Ralph Chacon guy who allegedly witnessed this and that – why can’t he produce a singe tape proving his point? Or at least anything close to it – though there were so many cameras in Neverland?


  14. August 30, 2011 6:34 pm

    “Thanks for doing the article and the comments from Amy..Here Michael doesn’t want to put himself or this little girl in a bad situation , so he gets tagged with the little boy garbage”

    Nan, since I am bent on collecting facts from any text that comes my way let me say what other facts we can fish out from Amy’s and her father’s words:

    – She and her family were in Neverland in 1993, right? We know it from Oprah’s show with the Agajanian family which was around the same time as Michael was doing his interview with Oprah in February 1993.

    – In summer the same year molestation allegations were made by the Chandlers.

    – Amy even saw Lisa Marie Presley together with Michael, so the friendship between the Agajanian’s family and Michael spanned quite a long period – at least from 1993 (or earlier) to 1994 when LMP and Michael were married or were about to marry.

    – This means that the Agajanian family was at Neverland at around the same time as the Chandlers (they could have probably even seen Jordan there).

    – So his words about Jordan Chandler may not be just a conjecture but something he heard either from Michael himself or the people around him.

    – His own sons had sleepovers at Neverland (as Amy says).

    – And it was evidently his sons who told him what Michael did when children occupied his bed – he went upstairs to his own bedroom and left them alone downstairs..

    – So when Agajanian speaks about these things it isn’t a supposition but a fact he learned from his sons.

    – Most of his time Michael Jackson spent with Amy and not her brothers! And it was only because of his ‘old-fashioned’ ways that he didn’t allow the little girl to stay in his room overnight or alone in the daytime.

    Some other facts connected with the movie theater:

    – Its building is separate from the main house and is rather far from it. And Aaron Carter said that the only time he stayed in Neverland he slept in the theater (with Chris Tucker). So when Daphne Barak (or Aaron himself) claims that Michael’s children were “next door” to the place where Aaron was sleeping it was physically impossible – the children had their own rooms in the mainhouse and were definitely not sleeping in the movie theater! This makes Barak’s nonsense told in that interview a complete lie or Aaron could be talking about someone else, not MJ.

    – Did you notice that the wall in the movie theater was made of glass from ceiling to floor? And the same goes for the jacuzzi which was also placed on a glass veranda. How could any alleged “molestation” take place in full view of everyone AND THE CAMERAS which were placed everywhere for children’s safety and were monitored by the security staff round the clock?

    JC Agajanian is right when he says that all that nasty gossip is BALONEY! The whole thing was simply impossible!


  15. nan permalink
    August 31, 2011 1:46 am

    Vindicatemj…so true ..there were so many people wandering around the premises constantly , even mac culkins father said so….all different people from underprivileged kids,to political people, to this man being interviewed along with his family, and even Gregory Peck !!……just kids crashing anywhere and everywhere……The Chandler family was just one of many who were allowed access to Neverland…….I also think it is interesting that the Chandler / Arviso mothers were never looking for or supervising their own children..It is apparent to me they felt their children were safe and sound at Neverland, with essentially an entire staff around to take care of their every need…No wonder June Chandler was digging her heels in …

    Interesting that Sneddon seemed to be looking for cameras also, during his search of MJ premises..Surely he would have noticed how the guards kept track of peoples whereabouts and had security cameras all over the grounds….A reasonable person might expect him to notice the Neverland 5 had no tape of Michael being the least bit inappropriate in any way and it might have given him pause….but nope..He didnt even hesitate when the security guards tabloid fodder wasnt consistent with jordans conversation with dr gardner..Or even that jordans conversation with gardner doesnt add up and this doctors opinion was never used./ enter Feldman’s friend, Stanley Katz to give his own interpretation…..the photos not matching up …and all the rest… could he not see what Larry Feldman was doing??

    what an evil person tom sneddon is because i can not believe that he NEVER questioned any of this stuff…when you have the information all together like he did all points to mj being the victim..there is no getting around it..
    I havent made up my mind whether Johnny Cochrane sold MJ out because of the money and his friendship with Feldman…or he realized Sneddon was like a dog with a bone and would never let this go.
    I have the frozen in time seminar and Carl Douglas was awful.. That was the only good part of him speaking …MJ had terrible representation….All you have to do is listen to him for 5 minutes and you realize MJ was not their priority or he never would have been speaking so cavalierly regarding such an devastating episode in his clients life….instead he talks about the car he bought off his clients misery……
    …but unfortunately for MJ, this was like a perfect storm consisting of people who were greedy , on both sides of the case…….. all given the opportunity to pounce on him at the same time ..and by all these people taking opportunity at the same time, they gave each other,almost some kind of cover because like always everybody is concentrating on/ judging MJ.,…not them…
    Thank God he had Tom Mesereau when all these people decided to come back to the trough…
    It is just sickening when you find out just how many bricks were put on this poor mans back..and these people have gotten by all these years on these lies…So glad, this site has so much indisputable truthful info regarding this travesty…


  16. shelly permalink
    August 30, 2011 11:54 pm

    If I remember well, she has the Dangerous album dedicated to her.


  17. Peggy permalink
    August 30, 2011 8:44 pm

    I wish he would give this interview to others – especially ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. ( I wonder who else asked him to interview?) But they wouldn’t give him this much time to express all of his truth, as this show did. Thanks so much for sharing it.


  18. August 30, 2011 5:14 pm

    “Fans should “move” on the media’

    Maria, yes of course, fans should exert pressure on the media. However it is only people in general who will be able to make a real difference.

    It is them who should say to the media about Jackson: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


  19. Maria permalink
    August 30, 2011 4:02 pm

    The media should apologize. Media contributed to his death. Too much pain for one man.


  20. Maria permalink
    August 30, 2011 3:37 pm

    I think that Michael Jackson’s fans should do everything to bring the media to repair damage caused MJ. The media should apologize. Michael met a great injustice by the media and it must be repaired. Fans should “move” on the media. I’m talking about the great action aimed at restoring the truth about MJ.


  21. August 30, 2011 2:10 pm

    “some technical problem? There are many posts missing here ,also parts of article.There was pics, of Amy Agajanian and Michael, What happened?”

    Kaarin, as far as I can see there are no problems at the moment. However if you can’t see something I suspect it is because the blog has become too “heavy” with all its pictures and videos. Please inform me if you (or others) experience difficulties. I will try to do something about it.


  22. Monica permalink
    August 30, 2011 9:40 am

    What a positive way to end this day. Thank you for the teamwork on this post. It’s much appreciated on this day to not feel quite so mixed with up and down emotions:) Also, regarding Michael trying to do the proper thing by telling Amy it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to spend the night…I often ask myself…how did Michael stay so loving, peaceful and generous in the face of continuous mischaracterization? No one will ever completely understand what he went through.
    Thank you again for having something sweet for us today guys.
    HBMJ ily


  23. nan permalink
    August 30, 2011 5:26 am

    This really was a treat.Thanks for doing the article and the comments from Amy..Here Michael doesn’t want to put himself or this little girl in a bad situation , so he gets tagged with the little boy garbage..This man couldn’t catch a break.
    I am not a MTV fan but evidently after the allegations they took his name off of the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award..Last night they started calling it by his name again.A positive sign..
    I really wish he was here to see how loved and missed he is..But he did say visionaries are often not appreciated in their own lifetime, so perhaps he knew the world would be mourning his loss after his death…but what agony for a man as good and kind as him to be portrayed the way he was..Thank Heaven for sites like this where the truth about the man can be shared ..


  24. August 30, 2011 1:45 am

    VMJ -some technical problem? There are many posts missing here ,also
    parts of article.There was pics, of Amy Agajanian and Michael, What happened? It appears some old articles suddenly popped up,like the one about the autopsy.There from my posts re that.


  25. August 30, 2011 1:17 am

    “I don’t always understand each and every word”

    Susanne, I have the same problem and that is why always try to provide a transcript.
    Yes, please spread this information! It is a total disgrace that the interview was made two years ago and practically nobody knows about it!


  26. Susanne permalink
    August 30, 2011 12:50 am

    Thanks so much for this transcript. It’s so good to have people like Mr. Agajanian out there who were true friends of Michael and share the truth with us. It’s so important to get this out to the world especially when we see this idiot Gene Simmons saying again that he stands by his opinion about Michael. People who never were at Neverland, who never had anything to do with Michael, never had conversations with him – they get the attention of the media. So it’s our job to spread this.Thanks for the work. I would like to help with transcripts, but I don’t always understand each and every word.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. August 29, 2011 7:47 pm

    Guys, I am terribly sorry for the technical problems. Now the comments are open. My computer has been acting funny for the past few days. But it won’t spoil the joy of us being together on Michael’s birthday!

    Happy birthday, Mike!



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