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Michael Jackson Was NOT The First Black Entertainer To Lose His Pigmentation Due To Vitiligo!

December 14, 2011

A reader of this blog recently alerted me to the fact that Michael Jackson was NOT the first professional singer and dancer to have lose all of the pigmentation in his skin due to vitiligo! In November 1978, Ebony magazine published a story called “The Man Who Turned White” (page 165), which is about Arthur Wright, an incredible entertainer whose resume includes performances with the Jean Leon Destine Company of Haitian Dancers, the Negro Dance Theater, Broadway, and numerous international tours.

In November 1961, Wright began to notice that he was losing pigmentation in various parts of his body, and like many vitiligo patients, he began to lose self-esteem and self-worth as the disease gradually progressed throughout his entire body. He tried using makeup to even out his skin, but that remedy only lasted so long. After 8 long and agonizing years of using numerous lotions, creams, and pills to mitigate the disease, and 8 years of being started at, taunted, called a “freak”, and losing friends and lovers after “discovered” and rejected by them, he finally decided to undergo depigmentation in order to even out his skin tone once and for all. Under the care of a dermatologist, the process took 3 years, but when it was completed he felt as if a monkey had been taken off of his shoulders. He was finally free! No more stares, no more taunts, and no more living in fear! He was freed from his self-imposed prison!

The reader who sent me the link read this article when it was first published in 1978, but was unable to find it until recently when she did a Google search and found it archived in Google Books! Her detective work is outstanding! Thank you for your contribution! You know who you are!

I initially thought that I would include this in a new series that I’m working on, but instead I will make an entire post out of it, as this bombshell article is certainly worthy of it. I will also include other victims of vitiligo that you may not be aware of.  So here is the article in its entirety! (I transcribed it below as the print is very small and may be illegible for many readers.)


Incurable disease changes dancer’s skin color and his life


Five years ago, Arthur Wright sat quietly in the darkness of a New York movie theater while around him moviegoers laughed loudly at the hilarious hit comedy “Watermelon Man”, a rib-tickler about trials and tribulations of a Black man who awoke one morning to find that overnight his skin ad turned white.

For the casual viewer, such an oddity could conceivably have its humorous side. Wright, however, did not laugh. Tears streamed down his melancholy face as he cried softly in the darkness, unnoticed by the enthusiastic audience around him.

To Wright, the story on the screen was more than fantasy, more than a far-fetched situation. For him it was a harsh, agonizing reality. For Arthur Wright, he was the man on that screen – a Black man who woke up one morning to find that his skin was turning white.

At the height of a promising career which included an extended stint with the Jean Leon Destine Company of Haitian Dancers, work with the Negro Dance Theatre, performances before President Kennedy at the White House, a Broadway musical, and Asian and European dance tours, Wright awakened one morning to find that he had become a victim of vitiligo, a skin disorder that robs the skin of color. Quietly, painlessly, the disease had begun its damage; patches of white appeared on his brown skin. Wright was stunned. He couldn’t imagine what was happening to him. He had no idea how his life would be forever changed.

Vitiligo strikes one to two percent of the American population, starting usually as a white spot on the hands or face and gradually progressing over the entire body. Dermatologists say they do not know the cause, or the cure. Vitiligo has been under study by researchers for some 40 years. Doctors have even linked prematurely gray hair to the disease. The disease is painless, does not affect other parts of the body, and is not contagious. Physiologically its damage is minimal, there are no crippling effects, nor is it life threatening. Psychologically, however, it is devastating –especially for Black patients. An otherwise healthy individual finds that overnight he or she has been transformed into a social abnormality, a spotted “freak” in a highly color-conscious society where physical appearance can mean the difference between a good job or the unemployment line, social acceptance or alienation, companionship or loneliness. For Wright, a dancer, singer, and entertainer in the prime of a promising theatrical career, the experience was traumatic. In the theater, physical appearance is as important, if not often more so, than talent. Many once-famous talents have slipped into the realm of the forgotten as their precious good looks began to fade.

It was the night of November 22nd, 1961, five days after the closing of the Broadway musical “Kwamina”, in which Wright had performed, that the disease struck. Wright, then 34, had retreated to his Brooklyn apartment to filter through new job prospects and consider the idea of acting classes. “It was a Thursday morning” Wright recalls, staring blankly at a marble-topped table in his Manhattan apartment while slowly scanning his memory for details of that disastrous day, “All week I had been at home trying to rest and decide what I was going to do next. I went to the bathroom to shave, and when I turned on the light I saw that the whole area where I shave had turned completely white. I just stared in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Finally, I turned off the lights and stood momentarily in the semi-darkness. Then I just sank to the floor and moaned and cried.”

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Here I was a dancer in perfect health and this happens. Why me?” Well, immediately I became a hermit. I didn’t go out of the house for more than a week. Finally I realized that I would have to get out of the house if I was going to work, but how could I face people looking the way that I did? My roommate suggested that I try using makeup to cover up the white spots. Being in the theater, I was familiar with applying makeup. I stood in the bathroom for nearly an hour putting it on, making sure every detail was perfect before I went out. I vividly remember walking down the street to the corner and looking into a store window. What I was shocking. In the bathroom of my apartment the makeup looked even, the same color as my face. But in the sunlight it was a different color than my skin. I looked like a clown. I ran back to my apartment and cried.”

What followed that memorable day was eight years of suffering, Wright says –eight years of being laughed at, talked about and singled out in crowds. They were years of applying facial makeup daily. Eventually, when the disease spread to the chest, thighs, arms and legs, makeup had to be applied to Wright’s entire body before he appeared on stage. Meanwhile he consulted eight dermatologists in New York, Chicago and Washington, and even in Europe. Each offered a different cure. None worked. There were numerous pills, lotions, creams and balms which purportedly would restore Wright’s skin to its once rich brown color. None worked. There was deep depression and a short barbiturate addiction, the results of a cure prescribed by one dermatologist.  There was the loss of friends, the loss of lovers, and there was fear – fear that the makeup mask he so diligently applied each morning would be discovered, his condition revealed, and the rejection that usually followed the unmasking repeated.

To escape the stares and cruel comments, Wright, originally from the tiny town of Elizabeth, LA., plunged himself into his work. “I had to work,” he says, his hazel brown eyes pleading for comprehension of his plight. “I knew that as long as my mind was occupied I wouldn’t dwell on the disease and what it was doing to my body. Work became a near obsession. I was out every day audition for parts.” Work came in the form of a one-year tour of Europe where he was billed as “The Colored Recording Star from America,” although he had never layed down a single solo track.  It also included nightclub work in Chicago.

But even work, including jobs as a mail clerk in a New York department store and with the U.S. Postal Service, was not enough to erase the suffering Wright felt because of his affliction. In 1969, after eight years of hoping that some new medical discovery would be made that would return his color, he grew tired of being neither totally Black nor White and went to Washington to see Dr. Robert Stolar, a renowned dermatologist. Under Dr. Stolar’s care he underwent depigmentation, a process of removing color from the skin by applying a special cream. Dr. Stolar has prescribed the treatment for more than 50 Blacks afflicted with the disease.

“It took three years to make the decision to have that done,” Wright says. “I just couldn’t believe that there was not some way I could get my own color back. Plus, I didn’t want people thinking that I wanted to be White. During that time everything was ‘Black Is Beautiful’ and ‘Be proud of being Black,’ and here I was getting ready to undergo a process that would turn me white. But I decided that I couldn’t live as I was for the rest of my life. I couldn’t continue my life running away from people, living partly as a hermit. I had to do something, and depigmentation seemed to me to be the only way out.”

It took five years for the process to be completed, but Wright stopped wearing makeup after only three months when his face became all white. “I was so happy not to wear another speck of makeup that I didn’t know what to do,” he says, clasping his hands in a moment of jubilation. “You have no idea what a relief that was. I was so glad to be released from that bondage. It had become such a routine that it was as natural as breathing, as brushing my teeth or combing my hair. Every day when I went to the bathroom for the ritual, it was like standing in front of a mirror behind someone else, making that person up and then superimposing myself. You see, without the makeup, it wasn’t me. I had to recognize my own face before I could go out, and that person with all those spots was not me.”

Wright’s battle with the mysterious vitiligo not only changed his exterior self, it also changed his attitude about many things, about life itself. For nearly 12 years after the disease first struck, he could not talk about his condition. Today, he speaks of it freely. He has even written a book about his experience entitled “Color Me White”. He has yet to find a publisher and has considered publishing the manuscript in Europe, along with a second book of poems he wrote while undergoing depigmentation in Washington. Since moving back to New York, Wright has spent most of his time painting and working on his book of poems. Two of his most recent works, one an abstract and the other a self-portrait, are among the numerous Brazilian, African and Afro-American paintings that line the walls of his apartment. “I started painting while I was in Washington to pass the time, but I really began to get into it,” he says. “I find the concentration needed to paint to be very relaxing.” He has also started to revive his singing career. “I’ve written a number of tunes and I also have some new arrangements of ballads that I am putting together,’’ he says. “I will never be able to dance the way I once did, but I still have my voice.” Wright says he is no longer the focus of stares and snide remarks, though he admits, “I get the strangest looks from Orientals. But I’m not self-conscious about it at all. Now if somebody stares, it doesn’t bother me because I know it’s not because of the spots or because I’m wearing makeup.”

After some 17years of “being in a prison,” Wright has resumed his active life. He doesn’t have as many friends as he did in 1961, but now that is by choice. “My old friends who stood by me are still here, and there are some new friends, but my approach to people has changed. I’m excited about my new self and I’m anticipating meeting new people, but this time the relationships will be much deeper because of my maturity.

“Somehow I knew that this whole thing happened for a reason,” he says softly, “and that was to make me a better person. This experience has made me much more compassionate. I suffered a great deal because of the skin condition. I mean I suffered. I was a very outgoing person when this happened, always on the go, doing things and loving people. But after this I became that sort of hermit. I lost a lot of friends, and that hurt. I was afraid of people, afraid of being rejected. I had no sex life, for years and very little when I started back. I ran away from anybody who showed any interest in me. I didn’t want to be rejected, and I couldn’t know if they would accept me with those spots all over my body.

“I met people and they didn’t want to shake my hand because of the spots. I was a freak. When I rode the subway people would laugh, giggle and point at me, because when my makeup came off my lips they were pink and there I was with this dark complexion and pink lips. I found that a lot of people that I thought were my friends were just phony people, and I started getting rid of all phony people around me. A lot of people let me down because they fitted in the category that I didn’t think they fitted in. The whole thing caused me to lose faith in people and distrust them.  It really made me see the stupidity of the average person when dealing with other people, how they hurt people unwittingly. The impact of it all was hurt. I was exasperated, and sometimes I was angry. Now I know that it is like to have one leg or one arm, and I learned about that while I had a perfectly healthy body. I have learned that it is the interior, what’s inside, that counts. Because of that lesson, at this moment I have the greatest inner peace that I have ever had in my life. After eight years of inner turmoil and ridicule from outside I am at peace with myself, and that means a helluva lot to me.

Pretty amazing story, huh? What really stood out to me was the addiction that he had for barbiturates AS A RESULT OF A PRESCRIPTION FOR HIS VITILIGO, and not because he wanted to “get high” strictly for “recreational purposes”.  This is exactly what happened with MJ and his dependence to painkillers (which he admitted to in 1993, and it was due to his scalp surgery). His drug use was a result of treatments for vitiligo (a symptom of the autoimmune disease Lupus), his scalp burns, and his back pains that were a result of his fall from a prop during a concert. He wasn’t a recreational drug user!

Let’s look at what MJ had to say in his groundbreaking 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey. I personally remember watching in disbelief as he explained his disease, as I had never heard of it before at that time. He discusses his vitiligo beginning at 6:15:

Did you notice how at 7:18 he mentioned that it’s in his family? In July 2010 Joe Jackson confirmed in this article that his aunt also had vitiligo, and when MJ started showing signs of the disease it wasn’t a big surprise:

During Jackson’s life, there was speculation as to whether he truly had vitiligo, but the official autopsy report from the L.A. County Coroner noted that he did, in fact, suffer from the condition and had noticeable “patches of light and dark pigmented areas.”

Other members of the Jackson clan have noted that the condition runs in their family.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Chris Connelly, Joe Jackson said his son had vitiligo, and attributed Michael Jackson’s whitened skin to the condition.

“Everybody tryin’ to make a big thing out of it … They say — ‘He try to paint his self white.’ That’s not true. Michael got vitiligo,” Joe Jackson said. “We saw it comin’ on him … at [an] early age. You know, just a little spot. My aunt had the same thing.”

A few days after this interview aired, Geraldo Rivera dedicated an entire episode to dissecting everything that was said. Guests on his show include the author of “Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story” J. Randy Taraborrelli, editor of the National Enquirer tabloid Mike Walker, and New York Daily News columnist Richard Johnson. The most interesting guests, however, were the three vitiligo patients who described their everyday struggles!

In part 1, the infamous stories about MJ sleeping in the hyperbaric chamber and his desire to purchase the Elephant Man’s bones are discussed, as well as his plastic surgeries and sex life (or lack thereof).  Pay attention at 8:10 to how Mike Walker brings up the young girls in MJ’s hotel room in Japan, which dispels the myth that it was only boys who got to hang out with him. And of course, at the very end, even Walker admits that despite MJ’s weirdness, “the things he does for children are wonderful!

In part 2, they claim that it was MJ who forced MTV to call him the “King of Pop” (which I highly doubt), and Richard Johnson questions his claims of vitiligo, although Taraborrelli gives an incredible rebuttal to Johnson’s doubts. Walker confirms that the glove and surgical masks were used to hide vitiligo splotches as Geraldo as the three patients discuss their experiences. (Look at the photo of MJ’s hand below as he holds a cat.) They show a clip of Latoya denying that MJ really has it as well.  The highlight of this part is the diehard MJ fan who calls the three guests slimeballs for judging MJ!

The vitiligo patches on his hand are highly noticeable! No wonder he wore the glove!

In part 3, they have a dermatologist who thoroughly explains vitiligo, and how to treat it, including “bleaching” creams that are only available through a dermatologist. There is also a member of the Vitiligo Foundation who made a plea for MJ to be their spokesman so that he could bring awareness and understanding to the disease. After hearing her plea, I’m surprised he rejected it!!

In part 4, they continue discussing the vitiligo, and Geraldo read on-air a letter from Dr. Arnold Klein, which was sent to Geraldo at the request of MJ. They also bring up a rumor that MJ addressed in the interview about a “white boy playing him as a kid in a commercial”. It was a misunderstanding because the media painted it as MJ wanting to be white, but in reality (based on the kid’s background) it was probably Wade Robson (one of MJ’s closest friends), and he was chosen because he was a great dancer, and MJ wanted him to be in the commercial. Mike Walker was honest enough to admit the real goal of all tabloids exist: to make money!

In part 5, J.Randy Taraborrelli said that he hoped MJ would issue a Christmas album, but as we all know that never came to fruition.

Here are some other interesting stories from people who have vitiligo:

  • Darcel de Vlugt, a 23 year old woman, gave an interview on the Today Show on August 25th, 2009.  She describes being called “spot” and a “Dalmatian”, and being told that her disease is contagious. You can see how traumatized she is over her childhood experiences as her eyes well up with tears!

In many ways, despite society’s insistence that racism is a thing of the past, my life is better as a white man.

Much as this country proclaims that it is tolerant of every creed and colour, my experience shows this is not the case.

While this might sound shocking, I believe I’m only stating what every black man living in this country knows.

For instance, I was recently offered a job as a butcher, which I know I wouldn’t have got were I black. How can I be so sure? After offering me the job, the owner of the business discreetly reassured me that it was not an establishment where black people were allowed to work.

Of course, my blood ran cold. Until that point, he’d seemed like a genuinely good bloke and I was astounded he was even capable of thinking such a thing, let alone saying it.

I couldn’t bring myself to accept the job: I would have felt like a traitor to my own heritage.

As a white man, I also no longer have to live in fear of experiencing the physical and verbal assaults I used to endure as a black man – attacks that my black friends still endure.

At a school reunion a few years ago, I watched an old acquaintance of mine – who is black – being subjected to racist name-calling by a group of drunk white men.

I was furious, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved that the fact my skin is now white meant I could just get on with my night in peace.

  • Lee Thomas, a black news anchor, wrote a book in 2007 about his experience with vitiligo called “Turning White: A Memoir of Change”, and the photo below is from 2007, and you can see in the 3 videos below the photo from a September 2011 interview how much the disease has progressed!

I found a site that contains a sideshow of photos from the 1800’s that shows how blacks with vitiligo were used in circuses and advertised as “freaks” for the public’s entertainment! It is purely disgusting to think that people would pay their hard earned money to stare and laugh at other human beings who were “different”, but I guess I can’t say that I’m surprised, considering that many of these photos were taken during and just after slavery, an institution that considered black people to be totally inferior and unworthy of freedom.

That slideshow contains dozens of photos, and I have included several here for you to see. As you look at the faces of the “freaks”, try to think about what MJ, Arthur Wright, Lee Thomas, and every other vitiligo patient has had to endure! All of their stories are so similar to one another!

Financial cost to the buyer to laugh at a “freak”? 10 cents. Emotional cost to that “freak”? PRICELESS!

Blacks with vitiligo were often called “leopard people”.

Notice the sign by the entrance in the left photo: “Now On Exhibition”!!

The title is self-explanatory!

The tabloid media did the SAME THING to MJ! By the way, this book was written by the editors of the National Enquirer!

Notice how in the video below, not only does “journalist” Juliet Huddy call MJ a “freak”, but she says that his face was falling off!

Can you imagine if someone referred to MJ as a “coon song and dance artist”?

Young children were not spared from this ghastly form of exploitation!

They would have called MJ a “leopard” and “dalmation” too!!!

Entire families were used in these “freak shows”!!

Let’s look at this photo of MJ from the 70’s, and notice the painful look on his face, and just imagine what MJ had to go through, being in the public eye and having to battle this disease.

For more information on MJ’s battle with vitiligo, please read this post from our blog, this post from MJJ-777, and this post from the “Rhythm of the Tide” blog.

On a final note, let’s take a look on what was the cover story in that November 1978 issue of Ebony:

Diana Ross on the cover of Ebony for their feature story on “The Wiz”

Michael Jackson in the lower right hand corner

Whoa! What a coincidence!!  I bet MJ cringed as he read about Wright’s experiences, which were an unfortunate foreshadowing of what he would endure in only a few years’ time!

This was a very depressing post, and I’m sure the stories you’ve read here have disturbed many of you, so I want to end this on a positive note! Here is a video from the Dr. Oz show, where he showcases a revolutionary new treatment for vitiligo patients called “Microskin“, which is a described as follows:

Microskin is a simulated second skin which is formulated individually to color correct skin conditions. It is a light liquidized application which is applied on to the epidermis (top layer of skin). Microskin is not a cream, and doesn’t have the makeup appearance like other camouflage products. Once applied, Microskin is durable, flexible, and it won’t rub off on clothing or linen. It’s waterproof and allows your skin to breathe. Microskin is suitable for all genders and skin types.

Look at the sheer joy on this lady’s face as she sees the end results of her treatments for the first time, and is awarded with one year of free treatments! If only this treatment had been available years ago! MJ, Arthur Wright, and the others wouldn’t have had to suffer in seclusion!

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  1. Angie permalink
    August 23, 2014 1:06 pm

    Well some people need to stop judging so much, and making something to something that really isn’t. You can’t just go around assuming and judging people. God said do not judge. Until some actually say something like “MJ never had Vitiligo”, then they can start all the crazy talk of bickering, nagging, insulting, etc., but until then they need to stop judging.

    All my questions were simple questions out of curiosity, trying to understand and learn. No need for me o explain, just look at all the questions I asked, not one is out of order or stating MJ didn’t have Vitiligo. But it does state that MJ’s Vitiligo was proven by his autopsy, and I just wanted to know how he covered it up, etc.

    So, there is absolutely no excuse for passing judgment on another, and insulting. There’s no way around it. Some people just need to stop bringing their frustration out on others just because they feel they can not handle a question, or the question to may seem too hard for them to answer, that’s no way to act or conduct yourself, period, especially if you’re suppose to be Christian.

    I’m so glad that I’m not this way.


  2. August 23, 2014 12:06 pm

    Much ado about nothing.A little white spot not spotted By all in the early 80:ies. Michael was not in the business of advertising cosmetics and what and how he dealt with his vitiligo was and still is his own business.


  3. newrodrigo permalink
    August 23, 2014 8:18 am


    Michael used a wide variety of makeup to cover the vitiligo splotches.
    I can imagine some of those being strong enough to resist the effects sweat and water. It’s unknown if they left smudges on his clothing, but as we can see in his concert pics, the makeup didn’t. He’d either wear clothing that covered his body, or loose shirts that barely touched his chest.
    I can’t speak for him being in water. I’ve only ever seen him in a pool in shorts during that video in the early 80’s and by then, the vitiligo wasn’t as severe or even existent on him by that point. It started on the right hand apparently and began to spread to the rest of his body.
    As time went on and the vitiligo worsened, he used medicines and whatnot to kill off the rest of the pigmentation that he had, because no amount of makeup could cover up what was happening to him.


  4. Mystic permalink
    August 23, 2014 12:49 am

    Angie you have to realize that a lot of folks come on these sites pretending to ask innocent questions just to try to provoke people. If you’re not one of those people I’ll attempt to address you – there is plenty of “proof” all over this site about MJ’s vitiligo. From the autopsy to pictures of his spots, and obviously the autopsy. If your friend refuses to believe it just because they don’t see proof of it in some pretty low-quality video clip that that is filmed pretty far away for the most part, well its best just to let that battle go. (heck it might have started developing in 84, but to what degree? and exactly what time in 84? no one knows. and again, you can’t really see much all that clearly in that video anyway) If he doesn’t believe it due to the autopsy the he’s not going to believe it. Let sleeping dogs lie 😛


  5. Angie permalink
    August 22, 2014 5:42 pm

    As you can see very clearly how mean some of these people are to me, and how I did absolutely nothing to them. Just look at all our comments here, and you can clearly see how mean and rude these people are. I guess they don’t want us to ask questions and try to understand clearly of what happened to MJ. Even school allow questions, it’s about learning and understanding. Some of these people take their frustrations out on others.

    If some one asked me questions in which many has, many times, I just answer them, there’s no need to get angry and frustrated. Over what?

    I’m glad someone found how mean these people are toward me, and they’re suppose to be Christians. Michael Jackson was about love, and most of all God is about love, not about meanness.

    I’m glad someone can clearly see how rude some of these people treat me over here. But I’m a forgiving person, and I don’t hold grudges, I’ll just leave the justice up to God.


  6. Kaycee permalink
    August 22, 2014 5:11 pm

    U guys suck leave that girl alone let her ask all the questions in the world. .. u can’t expect to post a blog and not expect people to poke at the truth.


  7. June 14, 2014 2:21 pm

    “I was speaking with ‘Helena’ the owner of this blog. You call me naïve, I’m not naïve, I’m very smart. If you don’t like my questions which wasn’t even addressed to you, it’s best you mind your on business.” – Angie


    Let me inform you that Susannerb became the co-admin of this blog in March 2014 and she has absolutely the same rights here as I do (please see the respective announcement about it “About the blog”). The latest post by the way was made by Susannerb and not me.

    And Susanne was absolutely minding her own business when she left a comment addressed to you. She actually did what any admin would do – express her opinion in the blog that now belongs to her too.

    I think that you have expressed exceptional disrespect to her and I leave it to Susannerb to decide whether you qualify for a ban.


  8. Angie permalink
    June 14, 2014 12:15 pm

    Boy you’re sure judgmental are you? It’s not good to judge. Please don’t judge me because of your frustration. Besides who asked you, I was speaking with ‘Helena’ the owner of this blog. You call me naïve, I’m not naïve, I’m very smart. If you don’t like my questions which wasn’t even addressed to you, it’s best you mind your on business.

    You’re being very childish. Ask yourself why are you judging and insulting others when they did absolutely nothing to you? You can’t charge after other people because you’re frustrated, you’ll never get anywhere with that bad attitude. I said nothing wrong in this blog, I simply asked questions out of curiosity and wanting to know, I said absolutely nothing wrong and out of context so leave me alone and mine your own business.

    That’s why I specifically addressed my questions to ‘Helena’ because this is her blog and she has knowledge regarding my questions. Why don’t you try to stop judging so much and bringing your frustration out on others, you’ll be better off that way. Also try to stay out of other people’s business.


  9. susannerb permalink
    June 14, 2014 3:57 am

    I see „Angie“ is back to provoke with silly questions. I remember well when you were here the last time with your typical style of friendliness and naiveness, but then asking questions in an attempt to take us for a ride. I don’t believe you! Stop it!


  10. Angie permalink
    June 14, 2014 2:02 am

    Helena, do you know what makeup MJ used to cover his vitiligo?


  11. June 13, 2014 6:35 pm

    “there’s just a friend of mind who believe he didn’t, and I’m just trying to prove to him he did..”- Angie

    ‘Angie’, the autopsy report recorded that Michael had vitiligo and that is all there is to it. As to the rest let your friend do the research himself and find out whether there were or were not any water-proof brands of make-up at the time Michael was performing. I wish him much luck in his research.


  12. Angie permalink
    June 13, 2014 6:27 pm

    ‘Helena’ you never answered my question, lol. How do you know MJ didn’t wear waterproof makeup? And do you know what type of makeup he used?

    You said: “I also have a question to you – what are you trying to prove by your questions? That Michael didn’t have vitiligo? Are you serious?”

    No way, I know MJ had vitiligo, his autopsy proved he did, there’s just a friend of mind who believe he didn’t, and I’m just trying to prove to him he did. But in order to, I have to understand how he covered his vitiligo while swimming, because my friend said that he didn’t have vitiligo because when he swam there is no makeup smearing nor when he performed while sweating, and I want to prove him wrong that MJ had vitiligo, and obviously I need your help to help me prove that, lol.


  13. June 13, 2014 6:00 pm

    “Can you see any white spots on MJ in this video?” – Angie

    No, I can’t. And what if vitiligo started with his genitals or buttocks?

    I also have a question to you – what are you trying to prove by your questions? That Michael didn’t have vitiligo? Are you serious?


  14. Angie permalink
    June 13, 2014 5:11 pm

    ‘Helena’ you said: “he wasn’t wearing any waterproof make-up. In 1984 Michael’s vitiligo was just starting.

    I know MJ’s vitiligo was just starting in 1984, but in order for it to start don’t you have to have a small white spot, etc.? Why is it that I didn’t see not one white spot while he was swimming in 1984 as shown in this video Can you see any white spots on MJ in this video?

    And how do you know he didn’t wear waterproof make up? Do you know what type of make up he wore?


  15. June 13, 2014 4:46 pm

    “the time he went swimming in 1984 such as in this video his make-up didn’t smear and there’s not one white spot on his body? Why? Do you thin he wore waterproof make-up?” – Angie

    No, he wasn’t wearing any waterproof make-up. In 1984 Michael’s vitiligo was just starting. He actually said that it began sometime in the Thriller era.

    “One more question though, I was wondering why the many times I saw MJ perform in concert on videos while he was dripping sweat, why I never saw his make-up smear.”

    Probably you were not lucky enough to see it?


  16. Angie permalink
    June 7, 2014 4:11 pm

    ‘Helena’, thanks for the nice information. One more question though, I was wondering why the many times I saw MJ perform in concert on videos while he was dripping sweat, why I never saw his make-up smear, and like the time he went swimming in 1984 such as in this video his make-up didn’t smear and there’s not one white spot on his body? Why? Do you thin he wore waterproof make-up?


  17. June 7, 2014 2:57 pm

    “‘Helena’, Michael said he use Benoquin? I didn’t know he said he used Benoquin. Do you know where he said this?”- Angie

    Dear ‘Angie’, Michael naturally never spoke about Benoquin per se as he never went into that much detail, but he did speak about the need to even out his skin. I think he spoke about it even with Oprah (if I am not mistaken). And evening out the skin is done by Benoquin.

    “Oh, and if MJ had white spots from Vitiligo, how did he make the white spots brown like the rest of his skin by using Benoquin? Because MJ’s skin was evenly brown.”

    I am surprised I have to explain simple things like that. When Michael’s skin was predominantly dark and had occasional white spots he used brown make-up (see Karen Faye’s interviews), but when the white surface became too big they had to apply white make-up (see Karen Faye’s interviews again). This must have produced the impression on the public of Michael going white almost overnight. Yesterday he was mostly dark and today he is mostly white. This triggered off rumors of “skin replacement” while it was actually a decision to change from one make-up to the other.

    As to Michael performing when his skin was dark – well, there are photos showing the make-up streaming down his chest and revealing the white skin. Later on he began performing with his body mostly covered by clothes.


  18. Angie permalink
    June 7, 2014 2:22 pm

    ‘Helena’, Michael said he use Benoquin? I didn’t know he said he used Benoquin. Do you know where he said this? Oh, and if MJ had white spots from Vitiligo, how did he make the white spots brown like the rest of his skin by using Benoquin? Because MJ’s skin was evenly brown.


  19. June 7, 2014 9:42 am

    “if MJ didn’t use Microskin to cover up his Vitiligo, what did he use when he went swimming like that time he went to the Waterslide in 1984, and when he sweat on stage?” – Angie

    I think that he used what he said he was using – Benoquin to even out the parts of his body that were seen during the concert (face, neck, chest, hands). And he took care to always cover those parts of the body which still had some vitiligo spots.

    As to swimming – I have no idea. I think he swam only with those of whom he was sure and whom he didn’t expect to laugh at him or gossip about skin condition. And the only people he was sure of were children, of course.


  20. Angie permalink
    June 5, 2014 10:01 pm

    Helena, if MJ didn’t use Microskin to cover up his Vitiligo, what did he use when he went swimming like that time he went to the Waterslide in 1984, and when he sweat on stage?


  21. June 5, 2014 2:16 pm

    “Hi Helen, I wanted to know if MJ use ‘Microskin’ for his Vitiligo? Or is ‘Microskin’ something they discovered after MJ got Vitiligo?”

    Hi Angie, from what I’ve read about Microskin this simulated skin is something really miraculous and if it had existed when Michael was battling with his vitiligo it would have saved his life. But I learn that it was developed only in 2004:

    Microskin™ was awarded recognition as one of the most innovative products developed in 2004.

    Microskin™ can breathe, is waterproof, flexible and will not rub off on your clothes. It is suitable for men, women and children.

    Microskin™ is different from other camouflage products in that it is not a cream and is a spray on liquidized simulated skin that binds to the epidermis.

    Microskin™ does not have the thick, makeup feeling or appearance that some other camouflage products have. Microskin™ is the first product to offer clients the real option of visual correction without limiting their life style options. Clients can play sports, swim, and bathe without worrying about Microskin™ wearing off.


  22. Angie permalink
    June 5, 2014 4:03 am

    Hi Helen, I wanted to know if MJ use ‘Microskin’ for his Vitiligo? Or is ‘Microskin’ something they discovered after MJ got Vitiligo?


  23. May 9, 2013 7:40 am

    “Did vertigo turn his hair stringy and his nose thin?”

    Vitiligo could not make his hair curly or straight, but the burn and lupus 1) did make him bald and 2) did not let his nose surgery heal.

    Here are the pictures of only one operation out of many he had to go through:


  24. May 9, 2013 6:05 am

    The scalp burn + the lupus pretty much left him without the necessary amount of hair.

    Did you happen to see the awful pic.s here on the blog?Such private medical stuff should never have been shown, but at least it gave people the opportinity to see the scale and severity of the burn.he had many years of excruciatingly painful surgery to attempt to correct that burn. It only made matters worse, at that time it was not known that you are not to operate on lupoid skin. The tissue damage was all the way to the bone.The treatment was inserting a balloon so stretching his skin on the scalp and drag it to cover the considerably large area that had been burnt.

    Then at some point he had an accident and broke his nose. The first correction left him with some breathing difficulties and also affected his voice. What happened later I don´t know. He just needed to erase his fathers facial features. And it is enough non-sense already about Michaels surgeries, just think where it has gone now in the circles of Hollywpod. Many women have now some very private parts of their anatomy “improved”.


  25. maks permalink
    May 8, 2013 11:39 pm

    Did vertigo turn his hair stringy and his nose thin?


  26. Janice Wright permalink
    February 20, 2013 11:14 am

    Great article. The article in November’s 1978 Ebony issue is about my uncle, Arthur Wright.


  27. November 25, 2012 5:25 pm

    Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I’ve truly loved browsing your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing on your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!


  28. November 22, 2012 11:00 pm

    “Lee Thomas also has vitiligo. Did you know this? You can read more info at our website”

    Yes, Tina we know about Lee Thomas and have numerous materials about him (in the comments though). Thank you for the link. I hope that Michael Jackson’s vitiligo will make more people aware of the problem and will somehow help the life of other vitiligo sufferers.


  29. Tina permalink
    November 22, 2012 9:34 pm

    Lee Thomas also has vitiligo. Did you know this? You can read more info at our website


  30. sanemjfan permalink
    January 30, 2012 12:22 am

    I added the video of Darcel de Vlugt near the end of the post! She spoke of her traumatic experiences being teased because of vitiligo!


  31. shelly permalink
    January 2, 2012 4:51 am

    Frank Cascio claimed in his book that MJ needed to have fifty needles stuck in his face for years because of his vitiligo treatment and it’s why he used Demerol. I wonder what kinf of treatment it was.


  32. sanemjfan permalink
    December 29, 2011 10:59 pm

    I have recently purchased Arthur Wright’s autobiography called “Color Me White: The Autobiography of a Black Dancer Who Turned White”, and I will post some excerpts from it here once I’m done reading. It’ll be interesting to see how he describes the depigmentation process, and how he became addicated to the barbituates that he was prescribed to treat his vitiligo.


  33. December 19, 2011 5:57 am

    I had the same problem, so I click on the site and then do something else for a couple of minutes. When I come back, the site is up to speed.


  34. December 19, 2011 4:37 am

    Numerous tool bars, not cleaning browser caches, cookies and history regularly, and not cleaning “Windows” settings daily will slow you down. If you use your computer frequently to search and download you definitely need a full Windows clean. Google Chrome promises faster loading, but I haven’t noticed any great difference. I did notice several months ago the Internet seemed slower regardless to what browser being used.

    Helena, you may need to have WordPress check how fast the pages are loading for them. You have quite a bit of information, more than some established Forums.

    If you are one of those people who 2 or more browsers at the same time; have 5 or 6 browser Tabs or Windows open, or you hate trying to remember the last page you were looking at when you shut down then you have a lot of JUNK which is not helping.


  35. Suzy permalink
    December 18, 2011 10:59 pm

    I can see the photos and videos but they make the whole site load very slowly. So when I want to see the “Recent comments” on the right side bar they often “jump” up and down until the whole site is loaded which is a long time. I would say my computer is average, so is my Internet connection. I have several browers, normally I use Opera but that has more problems with the site than Firefox, so I use Firefox now. It’s somewhat better, but still not perfect.


  36. sanemjfan permalink
    December 18, 2011 9:17 pm

    @Suzy and Helena
    It’s probably because you have very slow browsers or computers. Try using a different computer, if possible. Sometimes it takes a while for the videos and photos to load on slower computers, so try refreshing your browser and see if that helps. If you read Tinkerbell’s comment earlier in this thread, you’ll see that she also complained about not seeing the photos, but after they loaded she retracted her complaint.


  37. December 18, 2011 7:28 pm

    “I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but all the pics and embedded videos make the site VERY hard to load and read.”

    I also have this problem but thought it was due to my slow mobile Internet. Does anyone know how this problem can be solved? The obvious conclusion is that there should be a minimum of pictures and videos, but will it help with the problem which is already there?


  38. Suzy permalink
    December 18, 2011 4:15 pm

    I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but all the pics and embedded videos make the site VERY hard to load and read.


  39. December 17, 2011 1:48 am

    Helena said:

    “Several things stood out to me in that story. The first one is that it took the man so long to have depigmentation – five years! This makes me think that any talk about Michael changing the color of his genitalia from black into white within a couple of weeks he spent in Europe in 1993 is totally absurd.”

    I like the way you bring it all together. The photo of MJ on the phone brings me closer to answering a question I have asked in several places. How do we know how many light/dark patches Michael had on his genitals, patches which were described as “spots”? Sneddon did not say and Michael would not have said. Because the coloration Jordan and Sneddon gave were opposite to one another, and the placement went from “exact” to “approximate” this leads me to believe the markings may have been similar to that seen on his arms and hands.


  40. Truth Prevail permalink
    December 16, 2011 7:53 pm

    hmm with Vitiligo can the original colour return?


  41. lynande51 permalink
    December 16, 2011 8:05 am

    From what I got out of it he sounds like he was given Barbituates in conjuction with a treatment that some dermatogolist was trying. The implication is that it was the wrong treatment and that is caused another problem for him.It was in the late 1960’s or early 70s that this took place so who knows what they were trying. Back then people and doctors did things very differently.


  42. December 16, 2011 6:57 am

    I must say, I am a bit confused still re: the barbs. To me, they are very loosely connected to the vitiligo. Yes, it is an emotionally painful disease and would cause anxiety but the anxiety is what would be treated with barbs (or preferably benzos as barbs are very potent). I still just cannot tie barbs to vitiligo itself, not strongly anyway. I correlate it to anxiety which may also stem from other problems. Anyway, I also personally think Hoefflin overstepped an ethical line concerning Michael’s nose. Had I been a doctor I’d declined to continue to perform surgeries which IMO were unnecessary and more harm than good. Michael was (and continued to be) a very handsome man–he didn’t need any modifications done and though he may have thought he needed them, I simply think at one point they went too far. I don’t think his face changed as much as people try to make out, either, though. It am basically just talking about his nose. His nose was beautiful and did not need to be so drastically altered.


  43. TINKERBELL permalink
    December 16, 2011 4:54 am

    To vindicateMJ:
    What a FABOLUOUS post! Truly amazing! I could feel MJ’s pain through it! Thank you very much for keeping things REAL. The way MJ must have felt them.
    The barbs answer is: This disease is obviously afllicted with enourmous anxiety due to its devastating visual detriment. It is highly likely that a physician would try to “help” the pt mental state of high anxiety with barbiturates. Also keep in mind that although “anxiety” meds only, they do cause addiction due to its sedative effects. That’s just part of their pharmacologic properties in the brain. At present time we have more ‘newer” meds as benzodiazepines with supposely less addictive effect. And you all know how addictive they can be… so…
    Now, and it is important to me and probably to me alone and it is the persistent delusional believe that MJ had “only” a couple of nose jobs. PLEASE!!!
    Any health profesional worth their weight in salt KNOWS the man had serious plastic surgeries. When we deny that it only makes us look delusional and stupid!
    At the end of the day Who should care what he had done? That is EXACTLY what he tried to convey when he said “Plastic surgery was not invented for Michael Jackson!”
    To be honest that Hoefflin guy did an absolutely fabulouls job!
    He looked better by the era! And do not judge me. To me the most beautiful MJ is the Off the Wall physique. BUT if he wanted to make changes anytime he wanted to so be it. I DO NOT hold that aginst him. God knows he went through a LOT . Who cares if he did a little extra?.
    Hope you are all doing great. Happy holidays to all the MJ fanmily. Love you bunches! ♥


  44. December 16, 2011 1:17 am

    David, thank you very much for the great post. We should have done a proper post on vitiligo long ago and yours will be the best reference source for it now as it is so to the point, so compact and so all-embracing.

    Now there is a new category for it called “Did Michael want to go white?”. I included there several pieces we have on Michael’s vitiligo and lupus – please add to it whatever you think fit.

    We should also disclose the name of the reader who sent the precious article to us as it is no secret at all – Anais, thanks a lot for the great find! When you read it you can practically feel what it is to be in Michael’s shoes and see the torture he was going through for so many years.

    Arthur Wright did not enjoy Michael’s popularity, so one can imagine how much worse it was for Michael who was always in the limelight and the center of the media’s attention, never-ending criticism and ridicule.

    Several things stood out to me in that story. The first one is that it took the man so long to have depigmentation – five years! This makes me think that any talk about Michael changing the color of his genitalia from black into white within a couple of weeks he spent in Europe in 1993 is totally absurd. It was simply not possible even if we forget about how painful it is when it is done in that part of the body – which rules it out altogether.

    Another thing which struck me is that Arthur Wright took his condition so hard that he could not speak about it for 12 years (!) Again it is a perfect answer to those who now shrug their shoulders and wonder why Michael could not say it earlier. Given the amount of animosity towards him and all that speculation about him wanting to be white it seems that even that interview with Oprah required a very big and bold effort on Michael’s part.

    And the third amazing revelation is this:

    “Somehow I knew that this whole thing happened for a reason,” he says softly, “and that was to make me a better person. This experience has made me much more compassionate. I suffered a great deal because of the skin condition. I mean I suffered. I was a very outgoing person when this happened, always on the go, doing things and loving people. But after this I became that sort of hermit. I lost a lot of friends, and that hurt. I was afraid of people, afraid of being rejected. I had no sex life, for years and very little when I started back. I ran away from anybody who showed any interest in me. I didn’t want to be rejected, and I couldn’t know if they would accept me with those spots all over my body.”

    This is an exceptional piece! Not only does it explain why Michael was so reclusive and why he was running away from girls in a certain period of his life, but it also proves once again that real compassion comes from real suffering. Going through your own pain makes people more thin-skinned, sensitive and more responsive to the pain of others.

    Michael had all the makings of a great humanitarian even when he was a teenager, but the great suffering he went through made him exceptionally sensitive to other people’s ills and misfortunes.

    How can anyone wonder why he was crying when he saw an ill child or why he couldn’t stand Ryan White speaking about the outfit in which he wanted to be buried?

    It wasn’t “feminine sentimentality” as someone would call it – no, Michael felt other people’s pain so acutely because his own suffering thinned his skin to the point of its total disappearance. Other people’s troubles were a raw wound for him – he was the man with no skin to protect him from other people’s woes, and this is why he took them so close to his heart. Especially those of children because children are the most vulnerable and defenseless of us all.

    How can Michael’s thick-skinned detractors ever understand it?

    I don’t want to wish them anything bad but one can reach the stage Michael was in only through enormous pain.

    He never showed it to us though – he always smiled his radiant smile – and this smile makes his battle with relentless diseases, people’s ridicule and nastiness all the more awesome, amazing and incredible.


  45. sanemjfan permalink
    December 16, 2011 12:40 am

    I just added another video and photo! It’s the interview he did in 1996 where he confirms his vitiligo, and a photo of him in a T-shirt, talking on a phone.


  46. Truth Prevail permalink
    December 15, 2011 10:54 pm

    Amazing article David so much well researched so much in depth detail very informative thank you very much for your hard work and the rest on vindicate MJ. Very sad to see what they did to people with vitiligo back in the day very sad and cruel as well as MJ and other victims of vitiligo. 😦


  47. December 15, 2011 11:44 am



  48. December 15, 2011 9:45 am

    Thank you David. It is my greatest prayer that people will now have a steadfast understanding if this awful disease, and the cruel effects that surround it It is absolutely amazing how people can leap to such conclusions. Seemingly, because Michael had some work done on his nose, people assumed he wanted to be white. Michael disease had not truly shown itself when he first had his nose done. In addition Michael probably did not know that lupus would soon show itself. Lupus can cause lesions and ulcers inside the nose and mouth. We will probably never know…but it is possible that he needed to have work done on his nose later on. This coupled with the effects of vitiligo had to be heartbreaking for him. God bless his heart…

    “Some people with lupus can develop discoid skin lesions which are slightly elevated, red areas of skin. The term discoid came from their appearance of looking like red coins or discs on the skin. Similar lesions can occur inside the mouth or nose and occasionally they can also ulcerate”.

    Thank you again David for this wonderful article. It is in fact, truly enlightenint
    Rev, Dr. Cate


  49. December 15, 2011 8:05 am

    Excellent work David and a heartfelt thank you.


  50. lynande51 permalink
    December 15, 2011 4:01 am

    David there is also Stem Cell treatment available now in other countries to help reverse the effects of Vitiligo. Microskin is amazing and MJ should have been introduced to it long ago.I actually watched this a few years ago when it was first on and emailed a link of it to a friend of mine that had vitiligo. Here is a link to the Stem Cell treatment available at one hospital.


  51. Julia permalink
    December 15, 2011 3:06 am

    Again another great blog by the brilliant David. Always spreading the truth and facts dealing with Michael and in this case so many others too. Vitiligo is not a joke, also not a choice. Many still need to be educated on just exactly what it is all about. I hope many read this article David, Especially those who ignorantly try to claim Michael never had this skin condition. Thank you yet again for your great work. I’m sure Michael is very proud of you standing up for the truth and spreading the facts about an issue he had to deal with most of his life. Michael did not choose to lose his pigment, Michael did not hate who he was.. Michael had Vitiligo and that is a fact! Althought Michael’s skin lightened due to his Vitiligo that did not change who he was.. he was still a beatiful, proud African American Man. Many need to realize that. Keep up the great work, thank you again!


  52. sanemjfan permalink
    December 15, 2011 1:53 am

    Please watch the new video I added at the end! It’ll put a smile on your face! 🙂


  53. December 14, 2011 10:18 pm

    This is not a “victim” story.It is important that the public learn about vitiligo and the emotional turmoil it brings.Too often there are still stories that Michael somehow decided or chose to become white.
    Like Gigi I wonder where the the barb.s came from.Never heard it before.And they are not painkillers.Barbiturates were used in small amounts for anxiety before the bezodiazepines came on the market.Neither are benzos paikillers. It was the extensive and ultimately damaging and useless scalp surgery that brought with it it pain and painkillers.


  54. sanemjfan permalink
    December 14, 2011 9:07 pm

    @ Wouldn’t U Like To Know
    Thanks for that correction! I’ll remove that photo from the post. I was told by someone else that it was MJ’s grandfather, and I guess that person was also told by someone else that it was his grandfather!


  55. December 14, 2011 8:59 pm

    Great article, very interesting! Just wanted to add… that photo of the man lifting MJ up? That is not MJ’s grandfather. That’s music legend Rufus Thomas, photographed by Mark Stansbury in 1970:

    We have quite a few photos of both of MJ’s grandfathers and neither of them ever had vitiligo…

    Samuel Jackson (young):
    Samuel Jackson (old #1):
    Samuel Jackson (old #2):
    Prince Scruse (young):
    Prince Scruse (old):

    Besides… Joe Jackson said that it was his aunt (Michael’s great aunt) who had vitiligo: I think Joe would’ve mentioned that his father had vitiligo, if he really did suffer from it. *shrug*


  56. sanemjfan permalink
    December 14, 2011 7:12 pm

    Guys, I added a photo of Luke Davis as a child and adult, a photo of that horrible tabloid book written about MJ, as well as a video of some journalist calling MJ a “freak”, and the video at the end that shows MJ’s vitiligo throughout the years!


  57. December 14, 2011 6:31 pm

    I ran across the Rivera vitiligo “show” before and was disgusted that he gave these three sleazy people the right to sit in judgment of Michael. Most of what they said was gossip and speculation. For someone who claims to be impartial or even on Michael’s side, Taraborrelli shows himself to be an opportunist who goes where the wind blows. And LaToya has made a successful career out of talking and lying about her brother. These men do have one thing right–she has tried very hard to turn herself into a (soul-less) copy of Michael. She’s like a vampire that way and actually makes my blood run cold, especially since I have seen signs that she would love to continue with this line of work in order to “interpret” the children’s lives for the media.
    It continues to surprise me that even though it’s so easy to find the MJ/vitiligo information on YouTube, the average person STILL prefers to believe Michael bleached his skin because he wanted to be white, autopsy report notwithstanding.


  58. ares permalink
    December 14, 2011 4:59 pm

    Another story about “Michael Jackson as victim”? Will these ever stop? When will you start celebrating the man instead of focussing on every negative part of his life? Sad.
    -Anonymous Coward

    There are a lots of sites that celebrate Michael Jackson’s life and career. This site is focused on refuting lies and myths that keep beeing perpetuated out there about MJ and that prevent other people from celebrating his life, like you said. So i don’t really understand your “sad” comment. Don’t you want people to know the truth about him?


  59. Susanne permalink
    December 14, 2011 3:59 pm

    What a great post, David! It’s incredible how many similarities there are between Arthur Wright and Michael (even the poem book and the painting). Sometimes you really could exchange their names. I wonder if Michael remembered the Ebony article of Nov 78 later and knew about Wright. And it shows me again how strong Michael was and how he did his best to cope with the disease. Again a post that must be spread!
    (We don’t make Michael a victim, we show and celebrate his strength and his beauty – inside and outside!)


  60. Anonymous Coward permalink
    December 14, 2011 3:07 pm

    Another story about “Michael Jackson as victim”? Will these ever stop? When will you start celebrating the man instead of focussing on every negative part of his life? Sad.

    This is just Kurt a former commentor. Pay no attention. He does not mean a word that is written__ Lynande


  61. Maria permalink
    December 14, 2011 1:20 pm

    Michael was not the first famous man who lost the pigment due Vitiligo. However, only Michel was so treated so cruelly. He said many times: I have a skin disease, I have vitiligo. Media, however, had it somewhere. His appearance became a pretext for ridicule and jokes, which only deepened his suffering. Autopsy report confirmed the definitively skin disease Michael. The media in America, there was no spoken about. Only people who have followed the process and the testimony of Dr. Rogers, who did autopsies know this. Media did not communicate this to the public official. Media in America are bandits. Even now they did not have the courage to say: sorry. Jay Leno jokes. Words can really hurt.


  62. TINKERBELL permalink
    December 14, 2011 11:53 am

    It is working, sorry!


  63. TINKERBELL permalink
    December 14, 2011 11:33 am

    Hi there!
    The links for the Gerardo show don’t work. Would you please reply with the tittle so I can watch it in YT? Thanks.
    This is the first time I hear of this (the show) and it is indeed important to see that thinking/educated people gave him consideration and believed his claim. Gerardo seems like a just and objective man who has many times come to defend MJ from all the vultures trying to kill his image. This is an excellent finding!
    God bless.


  64. December 14, 2011 11:33 am

    Great article David!


  65. cawobeth permalink
    December 14, 2011 10:59 am

    wow… this one fantastic article. Thanks so much ♪ ♥ ♪♪


  66. sanemjfan permalink
    December 14, 2011 8:22 am

    Sorry guys! When I first posted this, I forgot to include the actual photos of the article, but I added them in now! That’s what I get for rushing!


  67. December 14, 2011 7:17 am

    Thank you for finding this 7, it should be FWDed on to every single media outlet that doubted and laughed at Michael when he was suffering from this horrible disease! Him being the sensitive man that he was, I can’t begin to imagine how this disease affected his self esteem.


  68. December 14, 2011 7:11 am

    I wish someone would explain the use of barbs with treating vitiligo? I am actually confused about that but curious to learn. But, I will say this about MJ’s *dependence* on pain medications. First, in 1993 he stated he had become “dependent”. This was the result of a botched surgery on his scalp where his scalp was stretched (this was done numerous times) in an attempt to minimize scarring. Having lupus, the scarring got worse with each surgery, not better. Having one’s skin stretched is painful–and MJ had to actually work like that–he wore a hat to cover the balloon under his skin. As for any problems that may have existed in the early 2000s, as some speculate, I believe he was taking pain medications from back pain that resulted from the bridge collapse in Munich in 1999. It seems his back never completely healed from that accident. Back pain is one of the most debilitating pains one can experience. I cannot help but wonder if MJ did not have some issues with the discs in his back that were left untreated and possibly needing surgery. Great post David!



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