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The role of Reverend RICK STANLEY in the life of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

April 28, 2012

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie in 1998

There is a lot of discussion of Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson now in this thread. I am also interested and though being resentful of Lisa’s public rebukes to Michael during the “angry” period of her life, all I see here is the wounded pride of a rejected woman who has also been greatly spoiled by people never saying “No” to her ever before.

Any woman would be angry if she were abandoned of course, only not every one of them will go to the media to spill out her dismay and fury in public.

However this is a very much private matter between Lisa Marie and Michael and if she cares to talk about it one day we will turn a more than ready ear to listen to her.

What is not private though is whether Lisa Marie did (or didn’t) say ugly things about the so-called “molestation issues” or to be more exact about the “filthy video tapes” she allegedly found in MJ’s closet as some unscrupulous media sources claim.

What am I talking about? I am talking about another package of lies told from time to time by guys like a convicted pedophile Tomas O’Carroll who like to present their own reasons for the couple’s divorce. (T.O’Carroll claimed that Michael’s marriage ended when Lisa learned of his ‘relationship with boys’ : “His first marriage ended in divorce after he had been on holiday with two young boys without his wife.” ).


One of the variations of this lie says that Lisa-Marie Presley divorced Michael because she found some “filthy” video tapes in his closet and this “convinced” her that he was “fixated” on boys.  The story is a ridiculous lie which has been disproved by life itself, however for the sake of justice we need to record it for future generations so that they see which methods were used to slander a totally innocent man.

This lie shows how easy it was to say about Michael Jackson anything that ever entered into any madman’s mind,  and how readily the media supported any dirt about him without ever checking it up – and how easily the public fell under the spell of all these madmen.

I first encountered this lie in a Scottish tabloid called the Daily Record. On January 2, 1998 they published a terrible piece which implied that LMP found kids’ porn among MJ’s belongings. Here is the article (the choice of words is so characteristic of that crazy period that I felt the need to mark a few things in red):


January 2, 1998

Lisa Marie Presley dumped Wacko Jacko after finding his secret collection of filthy video tapes.
Elvis’s daughter told her Baptist minister uncle the tapes showed the mad star was sexually fixated with young boys.  And after confessing her discovery to the Rev Rick Stanley, she told lawyers she wanted a divorce.

Stanley, 44 – Elvis’s step-brother – said Lisa Marie struggled to free herself from the  sexless marriage to the superstar.  He’s spoken out after seeing reports that Jackson wanted to have a baby with Lisa. 

Jacko’s still married to pregnant Debbie Rowe, mother of his son Prince Michael.

Stanley said Lisa Marie’s mum Priscilla set up a meeting between him and her troubled daughter in 1996 – 18 months after she married the singer.  During the 10-hour session at her Los Angeles home, Stanley said Lisa Marie told him she’d never had sex with Michael before or after they wed. 

But she got married to take the heat off Jackson because claims of his relationship with a young boy were causing a storm.  When Stanley asked her if these claims were true, he said Lisa Marie answered, “I didn’t know until I went to Michael’s house and went up to his bedroom. “In the closet I found videos and magazines that convinced me the story is true.”  Stanley then told her: “If Elvis was alive to hear that story, we’d be putting on flak jackets right now.”

Stanley said she then asked him, “Please tell me – have you ever heard of a paedophile getting his life turned around?” He said he told her: “I’ve never heard of a child molester getting straightened out.”

Next day, Lisa Marie stunned the world by filing for divorce.

COPYRIGHT 1998 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

Sorry for posting this filthy article here. I just wanted to show you how easily they threw all those disgusting lies and words at him without bothering to provide any proof. No research done, no evidence needed – they did this public crucifixion of an innocent man just to entertain their readers!

Rick Stanley

And who the hell is this Rick Stanley? Where does he draw inspiration for his elaborate lies? Surprise-surprise, but he claims to be a preacher or a “man of God”, a Baptist minister who likes touring the country and has preached in more than 4,000 churches. People flock to see him as he says he had a “spiritual rebirth” and he also tells them stories about Elvis and Michael Jackson.

But what right does he have to tell stories about Michael? It turns out that he is part of Lisa-Marie’s family and is a step-brother of Elvis Presley or is,  in other words, Lisa-Marie’s step-uncle (also known as Billy Stanley). People think that since he is an insider in the family he knows all its secrets and tells them things which the family does not disclose publicly.

The Reverend status gives added credibility to this man’s lies, so we can very well expect that as a result of his ruinous activity there are vast groups of people who were brainwashed by this guy into thinking that Michael Jackson indeed had some “dark secrets” still undisclosed to the public.

However what “Reverend” Rick Stanley is saying is a crazy lie and we even know the down-to-earth reason why he is doing it. In 1998 he was frightened that Lisa-Marie and Michael came too close to a reconciliation –  so close that there was some rumor of her wanting to give him a baby –  and this made our “Reverend” take quick preemptive action not to allow that to happen.

The article cited above directly points to this reason by saying: “He’s spoken out after seeing reports that Jackson wanted to have a baby with Lisa”, and the article below says pretty much the same.  The story was originally published in the National Enquirer:

The Enquirer LIES about the videos found

This Time It’s for Real

By Emily Yoffe| Posted Thursday, Jan. 8, 1998, at 3:30 AM ET

There are the marriages that are giving readers whiplash–most prominently those of singer Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, his dermatologist’s former receptionist; and talk-show host Kathie Lee Gifford and her sportscaster husband, Frank.

This week the Enquirer made news with the revelation that Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ daughter and Jackson’s former wife, confided to her uncle, a minister, that she had found evidence during her marriage–which was never consummated, according to the story–that Jackson was sexually interested in boys.

The uncle, the Rev. Rick Stanley, went public because of a recent report in the tabloids that Jackson and Presley have traveled the world togetherwith her young children by another marriage–even as Rowe is pregnant with the singer’s second child. According to the Enquirer, Rowe said to a friend, “I told Michael that I would share him with Lisa Marie.” She’ll have to if the Star is accurate when it reports that Jackson has talked about Rowe serving as a surrogate mother for a child artificially conceived between Jackson and Presley. “He’s convinced they could create the next Elvis,” says the Star.

Can anyone imagine what irreparable damage this kind of irresponsible ravings were doing to Michael and his image? And to his state of mind and his feelings? Has anyone ever thought that he is a human being who will be wounded by all this nastiness and will be suffering? And after all that they laugh and wonder why he could not sleep or took something to dull his pain? Wouldn’t you do the same if the only other choice left to you would be a slow death on the cross of their hatred?

Skeptics will say that they cannot be sure that the information about some porn videos allegedly seen by LMP is a lie. No, they can very well be sure that it is indeed a lie. Let me remind these people that if a little bit of it had been true Lisa-Marie would have never followed Michael after the divorce and would have surely never taken her small children to accompany her on her tours with Michael.

In case they are not convinced we have another proof that this lie originated solely in Rick Stanley’s sick mind. Lisa Marie’s biography published here contains a statement concerning her step-uncle.

The statement makes it clear that these crazy stories are none of her doing for the simple reason that she was not in contact with her two step-uncles for years:

“Even though her ex-step-uncles, the Stanley brothers, regularly contribute to documentaries about the Presley family, both Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley issued a statement in the 1990s claiming that they have not had any contact with two of the boys (David and Billy) for years”.

In another public statement Lisa Marie is much more outspoken. As is always the case with any serious public statements concerning Michael’s innocence, the original source where the statement was found ( ) is no longer working and I have to quote it by a secondary source where the original text was re-posted:

Rick Stanley’s Tales

“Rick Stanley, son of Elvis’ father’s second wife Dee, has been featured in recent tabloid articles in which he claims to have a close relationship with Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

Lisa has had no contact with Rick Stanley for many years since he betrayed her and her family by selling false stories to the tabloids about her.

Rick Stanley is in no position to have any direct knowledge of anything regarding Lisa or her personal life and most certainly should not be quoted as an authority.

Should Lisa ever have any announcement to make about her personal or professional life, it will be posted on Lisa’s own web site.”


So what was there in the press in 1997-1998 which made our “Reverend” so extremely nervous that he started making up dirty stories to stand in the way to Lisa’s and Michael’s reconciliation?

The answer to that are the reports from the incredulous media that Lisa Marie was following Michael round the world, that they walked hand in hand and stayed in the same hotel, and that she was even willing to give him a baby. They hoped the rumor was a joke but it was not as Michael says in highly confidential Schmuley’s tapes that Lisa wrote him “begging letters” and promised to give him as many kids as he wanted.

Lisa Marie and her daughter Riley with Michael Jackson in London 1997

The “disturbing” reports about Lisa-Marie and Michael being together were coming from various parts of the world – London, Paris, South Africa and other places.

This news was in a total contrast with the official family story that the broken marriage was a mistake, was never “consummated” and was a sham from beginning to end.

And what a disaster it would be for some people if this reconciliation resulted in their remarriage and they had a baby who would  probably be even black!  I clearly remember some of the Presleys complaining on TV that it would be impossible to imagine that Elvis’s grandchild would be colored.

You probably know much more about this period than me but I will still share with you some information found in this splendid source:

Based on their information here is a sort of a report about how terribly amazed the media was to see Lisa Marie follow Michael Jackson all over the world:

July 17, 1997


Michael and Lisa in 1997

They split last year, but Michael Jackson and former wife Lisa Marie Presley were hand-in-hand Tuesday night returning to his hotel after his sell-out London concert.

Presley stood at the edge of the stage through the show at Wembley stadium. Afterward, the two returned to the Carlton Towers hotel and Jackson waved to fans.

Elvis’ daughter divorced the King of Pop last year after a 20-month marriage.

In November, Jackson married Deborah Rowe, a nurse who worked with his plastic surgeon. She gave birth to the couple’s son Prince in February.

Hollywood Headlines
Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Spotted Hand in Hand

While we still have trouble reconciling to the fact that Michael Jackson has a wife, never mind an ex-wife, we would be remiss if we didn’t report that the King of Pop was spotted walking hand in hand with Lisa Marie Presley on Tuesday.

The two, who have not been seen together since they divorced last year after eighteen months of marriage, waved to fans as they arrived holding hands at Michael’s London hotel after his sold-out concert at Wembley Stadium.

Lisa Marie watched Michael’s two-and-a-half-hour performance from backstage. Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s current bride and the mother of his son, Prince, was seen at earlier dates on the tour. Presley’s rep, Paul Bloch, tells USA Today that Presley went to London at the request of Jackson, “who she’s very good friends with.”

Jul 16, 1997 – Lisa Marie Presley is in London at the invitation of ex-husband Michael Jackson, “who she’s very good friends with,” says Presley rep Paul Bloch. She was expected at Jackson’s Wembley concert Tuesday.

Jul 17, 1997 – They split last year, but Michael Jackson and former wife Lisa Marie Presley were hand-in-hand Tuesday night returning to his hotel after his London concert. Presley stood at the edge of the stage through the show at Wembley stadium. Afterward, the two returned to the Carlton Towers

Jul 17, 1997 – There were near riot scenes as Jacko, wearing his face mask, left his London hotel at tea-time with ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley.

Jul 23, 1997 – Lisa Marie Presley is back with ex-hubby Michael Jackson and telling friends she’ll always love the pop star. The two staged a touching reunion after a concert Michael gave in London- as Globe’s exclusive pictures reveal. “Michael is wonderful,” Lisa Marie, 29, told pals.

Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson in October 1997

The reunion was continuing even three months later:

The Star

Oct. 28, 1997

MICHAEL JACKSON’s reunion with his ex-wife LISA MARIE PRESLEY and her two young children had left the kids’ father fearful and fuming.

According to American tabloid THE STAR, mild-manned Keough was enraged when he saw pictures of his children BEN, five, and DANIELLE, eight, with Jackson in South Africa during a break from his world tour.

A pal says, “Danny’s folks are irate about Lisa Marie jetting all over the world to be with her ex and taking the kids with her.

Presley is still best buddies with the King of Pop – now married to DEBBIE ROWE, the mother of his son PRINCE MICHAEL, despite their divorce two years ago. And the couple have reportedly been spending many dates on his HIStory tour meeting up, including in Paris.

“We had a secret”  Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie in 1998

When talking to a National Enquirer journalist Lisa-Marie evidently remembered him all the good the paper had done to her and Michael by publishing her uncle’s mad ramblings, and made such a comment to this Mike Walker that he “turned red” in the face, was “visibly shaken” and “nervous” after speaking to her. Here is the account of the event from

 We Had a Secret


National Enquirer
Mike Walker from the National Enquirer went on the Geraldo show back in 98 & turned red saying he was shocked to see Michael and Lisa together that night at the Ivy in LA.

He said he did not trust Lisa. He felt she had something up her sleeve when she told him sarcastically that the NE tabloid was her favorite magazine.

Then Lisa proceeded to say they (Michael and Lisa) have a secret. Mike Walker seemed visually shaken by Lisa’s comments. He seemed very nervous as to not to know what to expect from Lisa. Don’t think for one minute that Lisa is not very much behind Michael and they are very much still a secret couple.

Lisa does has her way of doing things for Michael and she has called the NE’s bluff. Steve Cox, the top gun at the NE knows Lisa hates them and she was out to get them back for Michael and Lord know she did. Lisa has since SUED two or three times and won or Lisa has bound away to get money from them for the mistreatment of Michael. Lisa is very smooth and shrewd”.

The relationship between Lisa Marie and Michael had never been easy, but after their reunion they began to be dogged from every side by the media, Lisa’s relatives and even “men of God” like Reverend Rick Stanley, and this surely made them realize that the world would never leave them alone and there was no future for them together.

You can see all the bitter sadness of this realization in Michael’s eyes and in what looked to me like Lisa-Marie’s tears in the marvelous picture posted in the comments on another post. I’ve found a fuller version of the same picture and am placing it here as a marvellous document.

The picture that tells it all. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie in 1998

Michael and Lisa are caught standing outside the Beverly Hills hotel.

Lisa seems to be crying trying to mask it with a smile and her tears are dropping on the garment in his hand.

Michael is twitching her shoulder as if trying to stop her and telling her not to shed tears in front of all these hyenas photographing them.

His own eyes convey infinite sadness at the impasse both of them are facing.

She IS crying

The impression one gets from this photo is that this couple cannot live with and without each other and no words can explain why it is happening that way.

This photo is worth a thousand words…


When the year 2003 and the Arvizos brought a new disaster into Michael Jackson’s life our Reverend Rick Stanley surfaced again with the same old fiction story about Lisa Marie.

The purpose of his re-entry was to make sure that the public did not forget the “right” way to perceive Michael Jackson, so it was absolutely no accident that Rick Stanley’s lie was rehashed almost immediately after Bashir’s so-called documentary.

The regularity with which characters like Rick Stanley or Ray Chandler resurface just in time for each successive crisis in Michael Jackson’s life and their accuracy in knowing when to reappear will always evoke my infinite surprise.

It is almost  like seeing a Big Cosmic Lie calling her offspring to join her when she needs them most and all of them immediately mobilizing themselves and coming to her side ready to oblige. And be the first to get their generous share for the services rendered.

One such service to the Big Lie was rendered in February 2003, immediately after Bashir’s film aired by our Reverend Rick Stanley and the World Entertainment News Network (WENN) who refreshed in people’s minds the old lie told five years earlier:

Lisa Marie’s Horror At Jacko’s ‘Secret Tapes’

Posted on February 26, 2003 by popdirt

WENN reports Lisa Marie Presley holds secrets about ex-husband Michael Jackson’s fixation with young boys, according to her uncle, the Reverend Rick Stanley.

“Lisa Marie knows the sick truth about Michael Jackson,” Stanley said. “She’s known he has an unusual interest in young boys for years. That’s why she never allowed her own kids around him.

He added, “I asked Lisa Marie if she knew the allegations against Michael from the Jordy Chandler case were true, that he had a sexual interest in young boys.

She said, ‘Ricky, I did not know it when I married Michael, but I know now.’ She’d discovered that Jackson seemed fixated on young boys when she stumbled on his secret video collection.”

Michael Jackson with Lisa Marie, her children and Omer Bhatti in South Africa

Well, the story of Lisa-Marie “never allowing her own kids around him” is disproved even by the pictures posted here.

As regards the rest of it I suspect that Lisa Marie did not even know that her good old uncle was spreading his lies again for the simple reason that she had not been in contact with him for many years by then.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie.  The Star,  October 28, 1997

To find out what Lisa-Marie really thought about Michael during that angry period of her life which coincided exactly with the Bashir crisis, we need to go to her retaliatory album released just at the time, on April 8, 2003 and was preceded by some interviews.


The interview with the Rolling Stones on March 27, 2003 was the first after a long period of silence on her part. The interviewers promised to tell us everything she had to say about her relationship with Michael Jackson especially since she had just finally parted with him and with a loud bang too.

The promise to ‘tell it all’ kept the public on tenterhooks and had a thrilling potential of the full final disclosure. After the breakup with MJ the lioness was wounded and would surely tell the whole truth.

And what did she say? Was there anything even remotely close to the filth told by her “Reverend” uncle?

No, far from it. You cannot say  that it was full of pleasantries either, but as regards ‘boys’ and ‘secret video tapes’ there were none.

When Lisa Marie spoke to the Rolling Stones on March 23, 2003 she referred to her first album, To Whom It May Concern  as a way to outpour her anger and said that that there was “no reason to be careful anymore because everything is in that record. It’s frustrating, sitting with all this for years and years, not having said a word.”

After such an introduction one would expect the most terrible secrets revealed about Michael Jackson, however the worst Lisa Marie said on the molestation issues was that she “didn’t know” as “she wasn’t there” and that she herself had never seen any trace of wrongdoing, otherwise she would have immediately demanded explanation and would be gone out of his life.

Knowing her character we can easily believe it.

Here is the part of the interview where she speaks about the allegations against Michael (the full of her angry story can be found here:

Q: People are still confused by Michael Jackson’s love of a certain kind of relationship with young kids, whether it’s totally innocent or not. And you made a huge defense in the Diane Sawyer interview of how you watched him with kids and how it was all totally innocent. Is that what you think on reflection?

LMP: ‘The only thing I can say is that I didn’t see anything that would ever allude to that, ever. Otherwise I would have been the first one out there going, ‘You motherfucker’. I’ve got children.

But I never saw anything like that. I meant what I said when I said it, because I didn’t see anything weird or bizarre like that ever. And I did notice that he had an amazing connection to kids, whether it be a small baby or a two-year-old girl or a four-year-old — children really responded to him’.

Q: Back then did you ever worry or even think whether there could be any truth in what he was accused of?

LMP: ‘Did I ever worry? Of course I fucking worried. Yeah. I did. But I could only come up with what he told me. The only two people that were in the room was him and that kid, so how the hell was I going to know? I could only go off what he told me’.

Q: And what do you think now?

She purses her lips.

LMP: ‘I don’t know. I still don’t know. I wasn’t there. I never saw anything else that could possibly lead to that. And there’s two sides of it. There’s the side of the dad. Why would the dad take the fucking money? If I had a kid and he was molested, I would fucking take that guy and hang him by his balls off a tree and let him sit there and die like that. Nobody could buy me, ever, if my child were molested. Fuck that. I don’t care if I didn’t have a penny — I would take his ass down in front of everybody’.

She says, by way of recap, this:

‘I understand it did affect people’s perception of me. That’s fine; I understand why. But I did fall in love with him. I can’t say what his intentions were, but I can tell you mine was that I absolutely fell in love with him and fell into this whole thing which I’m not proud of now’.

In short the interview was emotional and did not have much friendly stuff, however what it didn’t have was the “molestation” nonsense. A few days later Michael Jackson responded Lisa Marie in a classy and gentlemanly manner only he was capable of in the circumstances like these:

Michael Jackson Responds To Lisa Marie Presley

Posted on April 2, 2003 by popdirt

Michael Jackson has responded to Lisa Marie Presley’s recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He said in a statement, “Michael Jackson wishes Lisa Marie all the best in the world. However, as to a comment on anything to do with their marriage, as a gentleman Michael prefers not to respond.”

Elvis’ daughter has been completely open about confirming their short-lived marriage was indeed consummated.

Several months later, on July 30, 2003 Lisa-Marie sat for an interview with the Playboy and was again questioned about Michael.

In this interview she was equally angry but sounded even more vehement in saying that she had never seen anything inappropriate in Michael’s behavior (not to mention total non-existence of any “filthy videos” over which she allegedly filed for divorce according to her uncle’s lies).

Her usual “she wasn’t there” was of course the central motif which makes me suspect that Lisa Marie is somewhat incapable of putting two and two together and repeats like a parrot what someone nasty once told her.

However when saying that she never saw anything inappropriate she pronounced the word “never” so many times that it somehow compensated for the other stuff. And she again said that with her children Michael was always great and that “he does have a connection with kids, babies”. “He is kid himself, and other kids sense that in him”:

PLAYBOY: Did you and he ever have children join you in your bed?

PRESLEY: Never. Never, never, never, never. I never saw him sleep in bed with a child, ever.

PLAYBOY: Did you ever see him with photos of nude children?

PRESLEY: Never. Never.

PLAYBOY: Do you have any reason to think he’s a child molester?

PRESLEY: If I’d had any reason to suspect that, I would have had nothing to do with the guy. I had no reason to, other than the allegations themselves. The only two people who know are Michael and that kid in the room. I’ve never seen him behave inappropriately. He was great with my kids. He does have a connection with kids, babies. He’s a kid, and other kids sense that in him.

PLAYBOY: It would help his case if he’d stop saying, “Yes, I sleep with children.”

PRESLEY: I know! Someone should call him and go, “Would you just stop saying that? It’s not working for you!”

The strange thing about the media is that whenever she dropped anything negative about her stormy relationship with Michael the press always understood it as something concerning the “kids” and each time Lisa-Marie had to clarify her remarks and explain that they referred to things that went between them as husband and wife, and not to the “kids”.

Below is a typical example of this never-ending misunderstanding between the media and Lisa Marie. And we should give her her due for never taking these opportunities to tell lies about Michael or simply let the wrong interpretations go without any comment on her part.

She did care that her angry words should not be mistaken for all those dreadful molestation stories and this is especially precious about Lisa-Marie.

The Associated Press, March 17, 2004

LOS ANGELES – Lisa Marie Presley clarified her remarks in an Australian TV interview, saying in a statement Wednesday that she never saw her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, engage in inappropriate behavior with kids.

Elvis Presley’s daughter, on a concert tour in Australia, said in an interview broadcast Monday that she saw things she “couldn’t do anything about” during her 1994-96 marriage to Jackson.

“I was in no way referring to seeing something inappropriate with children, as I have stated publicly before. I never have,” Presley said in a statement released by her Los Angeles publicist, Paul Bloch.

Without elaboration, Presley said during the talk show interview that she felt powerless during the marriage to Jackson, who is charged in Santa Barbara County with child molestation. The interview aired on Australian Broadcasting Corp.’s “Enough Rope.”

“Unfortunately, due to the recent media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson, my comments during a recent TV interview in Australia regarding him were completely taken out of context and erroneously read into,” Presley said in the statement.

“In saying I saw things, I was specifically referring to things in that relationship with us that went on between us at the time as husband and wife,” she said.

Her interview comments led to widespread speculation about the 45-year-old pop star.

Presley said she felt “powerless in a lot of ways, in terms of … realizing that I was part of a machine, and seeing things going on that I couldn’t do anything about,” she said.

“And don’t ask me what sort of things, because I’m not going to answer. But just stuff.”


The final admission that she never saw anything inappropriate and how deeply she loved Michael came in her interview with Oprah, of course.

This is where she finally disclosed that she practically chased Michael around the world for four years after their divorce (thus putting all stop to rumors about their “non-consummated” marriage). Frankly, few women will speak so openly about their infatuation for a man and the humiliation of being abandoned despite all her efforts to keep him. Just imagine it, she offered him babies and he went to another woman to have his kids instead!

Of course, Lisa-Marie talks more about herself in this interview, but the fact that she openly tells of her infatuation with Michael is precious again. This was courageous and honest. And even uncharacteristic of a woman.

Here is a bit of what Lisa Marie said (please correct my mistakes or provide the full transcript if you can):

  • I have to say in retrospect that he he honestly tried so hard… And I know now as I look back that he has never done anyone … as much as we’ve gone through… and we hit rough waters and we would argue sometimes for hours taking a break of eat and sleep (Orpah: Wow).
  • I’d have to say that I really admire that he really gave it a good shot and I didn’t appreciate it at the time and I wish I did.
  • 1:45 We still spent 4 more years after we divorced, getting back together and breaking up, then talking about getting back together and then breaking up. And at some point I had to push it away.
  • – So you still loved him when you left him?
  • – Very much. I left him to stamp my foot on the ground. I was trying to take a stand. “Come with me, don’t do this”. And it was a stupid move because he didn’t. He is stubborn. I’m stubborn. The two of us – it was like… you know… I made a stupid move. And actually afterwards I was still flying all over the world with him…
  • 4:40 Oprah:-  I asked you during the first show whether you have ever seen any inappropriate behavior between Michael Jackson and young children.

LMP: – Are you asking me again?

– Yes, I am asking you again.

The answer is absolutely not, in any way. I did not see anything like that.

– So by 2005 when he was on trial for the second charge your feelings at that time were what?

-He was calling me about it and I said “Please keep your head together. Please. If this goes to trial, please hold it together.” He said, “What are you talking about? What do you mean? … Do you mean drugs?” I said, “Yes”.

  • Oprah: – He said pretty shocking things in that Martin Bashir interview, particularly how felt it was okay to sleep with young children [don’t twist his words, Oprah! He didn’t say that!]

– I think he said it to be defiant because he got angry. I think that sometimes he was such a little stubborn rubble [?]… He was like a child that would just say what he felt… I don’t feel that he was a straight-head during those things.  And I think that they were edited in a very, very manipulative nasty way.

– So you never saw anything and to this day you don’t believe any of those charges were true?

– No. I mean… I honestly cannot say. The only people that are ever gonna be able to honestly say the truth are whoever was in the room at the time of whatever allegedly took place. I was never in that room. It would be unfair for me… I can tell you  – I never saw anything like that.

Over here Lisa Marie is absolutely wrong.

Firstly, it is possible to learn the truth from other sources other than direct ones, or otherwise truth would be unattainable in principle when the direct participants in the events leave this world (however it is and history research proves it).

And secondly, besides the direct sources we also have our feelings and if she was so sure of Michael that she chased him all over the world with her young children accompanying her, it means that she knew of his innocence, only did not realize it. No woman would ever risk the safety of her children if she has the slightest suspicion of any wrongdoing.

And it is absolutely not the case of being “in oblivion” of what is going on in the family as it sometimes happens in real molestation case. What oblivion can we talk of if the whole world was shouting in Lisa Marie’s ears that she should be on her guard?

No, she KNEW that he was innocent and that is why she loved him so much and wanted him back. Hopefully one day Lisa will realize it. It is high time she did…


There is one more observation I need to make. In her interviews Lisa Marie is quite outspoken about her somewhat wild and unruly nature.

She said that as a kid she was a tyrant, she started sex life at the age of 15 (her mother started even earlier), she drank when a teenager, did cocaine, marijuana and whatnot, liked to crush live frogs with her golf cart in Graceland, did all sorts of other wild stuff, preferred rough sex as if in porn films, swore like I don’t know who, and by her own admission was quite insane – which she almost was.

When reading about Lisa Marie’s escapades when she was younger (as well as of some “eccentricities” of her father and mother) I kept thinking that if Michael Jackson had been in her place and had been telling the same about himself openly to the press, they would have named him nothing less than a devil and would have even put him into jail on some pretext.

However for Lisa-Marie the very same thing works nice and easy. Everyone smiles, nods in approval, shows compassion for her hard life of a princess and no one does as much as even raising a brow…

Okay, let us not judge anyone and let her live her life the way she likes it, especially since she has settled down now and started thinking at last,  but why so much injustice towards Michael Jackson?

His “eccentricities” are incomparable to what Lisa-Marie and other Presleys did with their lives!


We have almost forgotten about our “Reverend” Rick Stanley.  Since this man found so much fault with Michael Jackson’s totally fictional crimes (which he invented about MJ himself), we are led to assume that Rick Stanley must be an angel who has graced this sinful world and is now taking us all on a road to salvation.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

For the most part of his life the Reverend Rick Stanley was a heroin addict and it was also probably due to his negligence that Elvis Presley died. Rick was supposed to stay by Elvis’s side on the night of his death, however he left him and arranged a party elsewhere only to learn in the morning that Elvis was dead.

In short Rick Stanley is a sort of a Conrad Murray type – only for Elvis Presley this time.

Here is the story of the great guy.  I am providing it in full just in case it disappears from public view like many other important articles suddenly vanishing into nowhere. Read and enjoy this highly ironic account about the man who has the cheek to claim that he preaches the Gospel.

I am afraid even to think of how many people he has managed to take with him to the hellish world of lies, pretence and hypocrisy he himself is living in. However whether they listen to him or not is the choice made by people themselves .

So it is up to them to decide.

Elvis Presley’s Stepbrother, Rick Stanley, is Still on the Road Preaching the Gospel

November 20, 2010 12:30 PM

His sermon complete, the visiting preacher offers a benediction, then steps out into the vestibule to shake hands and perhaps sell a few copies of his testimonial book.

From the mob that forms, a girl pushes to the front and thrusts out her hand to reveal a bejeweled Elvis Presley wristwatch. The preacher smiles graciously as a white-haired woman bends his ear about her pilgrimages to Graceland and confesses to keeping a cloth painting of “the King” on her bedroom wall. Others tell of watching Elvis on television or driving with friends to the next town over on Saturday afternoons to catch his latest movie.

The pastor beams. He knows most of the people who have turned out for evening service at Branch Chapel Freewill Baptist didn’t come to hear Rick Stanley, evangelist.

They came for Elvis’ stepbrother.

“Those little ladies, telling them stories. … They think I’M Elvis,” Stanley whispers, almost conspiratorially.

“Well, I’m the closest thing to it – to them.”

Elvis has been dead 33 years, but his stepbrother is still on the road. For about 10 months of the year, the silver-haired evangelist crisscrosses the country, speaking in school auditoriums and preaching for “love offerings” in churches big and small, his message equal parts Holy Spirit and Elvis’ ghost. Where he once worked behind the scenes as Presley’s personal aid, Stanley has since become something of a celebrity himself sharing the stage with the likes of Billy Graham and holding hands in prayer with former President Bill Clinton.

A former heroin addict, he uses the story of his own journey from Graceland to grace as an example of Christ’s redemptive love. But in his talks, Jesus and Elvis share top billing.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is his calling card, Stanley’s ticket to “go in places and do stuff GREAT men of God have prayed for.”

“I wouldn’t have ANYTHING without Elvis,” he says, simply. “I mean, I was trailer trash.”

Stanley makes no apologies about using Elvis’ name to minister. But there are those who feel he should. Some of those who were closest to Elvis question the sincerity of Stanley’s conversion. They say he has exaggerated his association with the singer, that the money he accepts for speaking is for his own personal gain.

Worst of all, they say, he has yet to come clean about the day “the King” died.

Says Jerry Schilling, Elvis’ boyhood friend and manager: “He doesn’t exist to me, OK?”

Sliding into a booth at a chain restaurant off Interstate 95, Stanley lays a cell phone, an Apple iPad and a leather-bound New King James Bible on the table. He is nearing the end of a swing through east North Carolina tobacco country five schools, a community college and three churches in eight days.

At 56, he’s 14 years older than Elvis was when he died. He’s been touring the country for almost as long as his famous step-sibling was on this Earth.

Before tucking into his meal of Mexican soup and cheese biscuits, he bows his head in prayer.

“I pray you use me tonight,” he says. “Give me favor with these people. They understand it’s not all about my brother. He’s a CHAP-ter. He’s not the book.”

But he doesn’t deny that Elvis was a big, important chapter.

The future preacher was 5 when he and his brothers – Billy and David – entered what he calls “E World.”

It was 1958, and the family was living in West Germany, where father Bill Stanley was stationed with the Army. That same year, a young draftee named Elvis Presley arrived, with his dad Vernon in tow.

Bill Stanley was an alcoholic, and his wife, Dee, was very unhappy. Then she met Vernon, and the petite blond mother of three soon headed home to start divorce proceedings.

Before they knew it, the boys were in the back seat of a shiny Lincoln Continental en route to Memphis, Tenn. When the car finally stopped in front of 3764 Highway 51, now Elvis Presley Boulevard, “it was like the Magic Kingdom for me.”

Stanley says he made his way down to the music room. There, leaning against a stereo and singing along with a gospel record, was Elvis.

The singer, whose twin brother was stillborn, lavished gifts on his new stepbrothers. He would rent a movie theater or book an amusement park and keep the boys out all night. Elvis’ maid drove them to school in the singer’s pink Cadillac.

At 16, Stanley quit school and went on the road with Elvis as part of the “Memphis Mafia” – the singer’s inner circle. Soon, he says, he was strolling the hallways of the Playboy Mansion, and partying with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and Led Zeppelin.

As his stepbrother’s aide, Stanley was often entrusted with the “black kit” – the small, leather-sided makeup bag containing Elvis’ cash, credit cards, jewelry and, as the years progressed, a growing array of prescription drugs.

Dispensing the pills became part of his routine, he says. Before a concert, it was a rubdown, coffee and Dexedrine to get Elvis going; between sets, towels to soak up the sweat and Valium to calm him down; back at the hotel, he would check the humidifier, fill the ice bucket with Mountain Valley Spring Water and “take him his nightly medications.”

Stanley was taking pills, too. When he was arrested in 1975 for trying to pass a forged prescription for Demerol, Elvis personally bailed him out of jail.

He went into rehab and was briefly exiled from the entourage. He became addicted to heroin and had to be hospitalized for hepatitis.

“Everybody in the Memphis Mafia knew one of those two guys are gonna die – Elvis or Ricky,” Stanley says.

Stanley says it was during this dark period that the seeds of his conversion were planted.

When he was about 17, he was asked to be a big brother at one of Memphis’s high school sororities. At a party, he met 15-year-old Robyn Moye, and they became friends. Robyn told him she was praying for him and invited him to church; Stanley declined her invitations.

As the Disco era dawned, the aging Elvis struggled to reinvent himself yet again.

By then, the singer had ballooned to 250 pounds and was taking handfuls of pills a day. Things were so bad that members of Presley’s entourage were taking 24-hour shifts, making sure nothing happened to him.

On Aug. 16, 1977, Stanley’s shift was supposed to begin at noon. Stanley says he was at Graceland late the night before when Robyn called, sobbing. She’d dreamed he had died and gone to hell. Shaken, Stanley says he went to see Elvis. He says he sat at the foot of Presley’s bed, and the two talked about prayer and faith.

Eight hours later, “the King” was gone. The official cause of death was listed as heart disease, but tests revealed a potent mixture of prescription drugs in Presley’s system.

The day he died, Elvis was supposed to be leaving on tour. Stanley says he had some errands to run before they left, and asked his brother David to take his shift.

He says he was at a Memphis restaurant with a woman when he had a sudden feeling that something was wrong back at the mansion. He claims to have arrived just as the ambulance was racing away.

But according to Dick Grob, Elvis’ chief of security, David Stanley admitted that he and his brother had been partying with women all night at a nearby motel, and were passed out when Elvis died. Elvis’ personal physician, George Nichopoulos, “Dr. Nick,” repeated the allegations in his own book, published earlier this year.

David Stanley, the youngest of the three brothers, insists the interview with Grob never happened.

Rick Stanley acknowledges having taken drugs the night before, but he says he was sober when he left Elvis and his fiancee, Ginger Alden, in bed at Graceland that morning. Even if he had been there, he doubts it would have made a difference.

In a way, he says, they were all complicit.

“Well, if everybody would have done what they should’ve, we’d have got in the guy’s face a long time ago, ALL of us, and done a – what do they call it now where you set them down? intervention? – and left,” he says. “But that didn’t happen. Everybody wanted their job.”

After Elvis’ funeral, Stanley drifted to California, then eventually made his way to Fort Walton Beach, Fla., where Robyn’s family had moved.

It was there, in a little storefront church on Oct. 16, 1977, two months to the day after Elvis’ death, that he says he had his “Damascus road experience.” His hands were shaking when he stood up to give his first public testimony, but the core of his life’s message was already firmly in place.

Louisiana evangelist Moody Adams heard about Stanley’s conversion and asked him to speak at a revival he was holding in Pearl, Miss. Moody says he tapped Stanley “because he was a drawing card, of course, at the time.”

The July 2, 1978, revival was in a high school football stadium where Stanley says Elvis had once played. When he arrived, police were directing traffic, and people were waving signs – only this time, it was for him.

“And I realized at that minute why I went through everything I did as a child and a teenager,” he wrote in his 1986 book, “The Touch of Two Kings.” “Why was I Elvis Presley’s brother? Why had I been saved? It was for this!”

Stanley and Moye married in September 1978. (He says he agreed to a magazine interview to pay for the wedding rings.)

Two years later, the Rev. W.A. Criswell, founder of Dallas’ Criswell College and a former two-term president of the Southern Baptist Convention, offered to put the young evangelist through school. Stanley got his GED certificate and, in 1986, emerged from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with an associate’s degree in divinity.

Stanley and his wife (they have two daughters) live in Niceville, Fla. In the years of his ministry, he says he has visited more than 4,000 churches, and held revivals here and in Europe. He gives a secular stay-off-drugs version of his presentation at about 200 high schools a year.

But there are those who don’t buy his tales of his spiritual rebirth.

“The Stanleys, including Ricky, would lie to you with two Bibles in his hand,” Marty Lacker, Elvis’ friend, former bookkeeper and one of the best men at his wedding, wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

Schilling, Elvis’ former manager, would say only that he doesn’t “find him consistent.”

“I don’t really have much energy to put on Rick Stanley, you know?” he says from his home in Los Angeles. “I try and spend my life not thinking of the negativities of the past.”

There are discrepancies – some subtle, some not so – between the stories Stanley tells in church and those contained in the three Elvis books he’s co-authored. If he has gotten some things mixed up over the years, Stanley attributes it to faulty memory, the fog of addiction or “adult ADD.”

David Stanley – who has co-written a book and made a film about his life with Elvis – says much of the criticism is born of envy.

“The one thing that no one can take away from Ricky Stanley is the fact of the fact that he was Presley’s brother,” he told the AP in a phone interview. “And God bless Ricky for what he does. Because the only king is Christ.”

Rick Stanley says he’s willing to accept his portion of the blame for Elvis’s death but not all of it.

“People don’t know the guilt I’ve carried,” he says softly. “I’m the guy that was supposed to be there to keep him alive, you know? And I’ve never run from that.”

On a crisp October evening, “Brother Rick” arrives in Selma, an old railroad town 30 miles southeast of Raleigh, in the passenger seat of a loaned Cadillac SUV – blue, not pink. About 300 people have come to hear him, triple the usual attendance for a Wednesday evening service.

As Stanley shakes hands in the vestibule, Sue Bunn, 62, stops to snap a few photos of the celebrity speaker.

“Can’t wait to hear what his message is going to be,” she says, beaming. “Being that he’s lived in that fast life, he’s a witness.”

Stanley does not disappoint.

Dressed in a suede vest, dark jeans and tooled orange-and-brown cowboy boots, the lean, 6-foot-3 preacher stalks the altar, snapping his fingers like a hypnotist attempting to awaken a subject from a trance. His sentences are punctuated with words like “buddy,” “man” and “friend,” and his Tennessee-tinted baritone occasionally sounds a bit like an Elvis impersonation.

Stanley covers a lot of ground, from the reconciliation with his dying father to allusions to his younger daughter’s own drug and alcohol arrests. But the spotlight is on Elvis.

The Elvis of Stanley’s sermon is not the bloated, drug-addled one, blue and cold on a Graceland bathroom floor at the age of 42. He’s the kind, generous Elvis who gave cars to strangers and welcomed three young boys into his home; the deeply spiritual Elvis who longed for salvation and was terribly wounded by the things the church said about him.

When Elvis died, Stanley says, “I was lost. I was undone. I was unforgiven.”

“What do you do when your dream dies before you?” he asks the people staring up at him from the pews. “When everything you’ve looked to and longed for, your dream dies?”

But somehow, through the haze of drugs and booze and women, he says, God found him.

“And He gave me a heart transplant,” he says. “And He put his new spirit within me.”

“AMEN!” a man somewhere in the sanctuary shouts.

He tells the audience that Elvis was saved, and that he knows he’s in heaven. As for those who accuse him of using Elvis, he asks: So what?

“I’m ashamed of a lot, but I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of God,” he says, pounding on the pulpit rail with each syllable. “Hey, friend. I’ve been Elvis Presley’s stepbrother 51 years. And for 18 months, I was Michael Jackson’s UNCLE.”

Stanley ends the service with an altar call, to which about two dozen respond. Before dismissing the crowd, Pastor Terry Dennis asks the ushers to take up an offering for Stanley.

They take in about $700.

Stanley says he has never felt “worthy” of the attention. But this is the story God gave him to work with, and he’s going to run with it as long as he can.

“I didn’t ask for this,” he says. “I didn’t ask for ministry.”

SOURCE: The Associated Press

Allen G. Breed is a national writer for The Associated Press, based in Raleigh, N.C. He can be reached at features(at)

I wonder if Rick Stanley’s lies about Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson are also “the story God gave him to work with”?  And is it God at all who is instructing him in his lies?

What is the name of the entity the Bible calls the Liar and Deceiver? When those who prefer to believe his or anyone’s lies find out who the entity is, please do not tell us that you were not warned. Because you were!

  • 14 …even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. (2 Corinthians 11)


By Raven

Well, I can tell you guys first hand, as a good ol’ Southern girl growing up in Alabama, that racism has always played a huge role in the Presley camp, and it was also the reason a lot of Presley fans resented the Jackson-Presley marriage (whether they would admit it or not, but most didn’t mind mincing words). Elvis’s guitarist Charlie Hodge was a native of my hometown; all my life, it was one of those six degrees of separation thing. Practically everyone in my hometown knew someone who knew Elvis. The PresIeys are not overt racists, but they are/were very Old School Southerners, with roots deeply embedded in Jim Crow culture-perhaps the most dangerous kind of racism, for its the kind of racism that is so deeply ingrained in one’s being and cultural makeup that one doesn’t even think about it-it just is. I remember that when Lisa married Michael, it was like someone had poked a stick into a hornet’s nest! Between the racism and the jealousy of Presley fans, this union didn’t stand a bloody snowball chance of ever being accepted-and Rick Stanley was playing right into that mindset, which he already knew didn’t need much prompting to believe ANYTHING negative when it came to Michael. It didn’t matter in the least if Michael was a world renowned entertainer who had the biggest selling album in the world, or that he owned the Beatles catalog, or had broken records all over the world. To them, he was just another n____ who didn’t know how to stay in his place.

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  1. April 28, 2012 6:53 pm

    The Stanleys are sad sacks. I won’t waste my energy on them, either. I appreciate that Lisa tried to clarify her relationship in her Oprah interview, but I don’t think she went far enough. “I wasn’t in the room” is a cop-out. She needs to say something like, “I uncategorically and emphatically am certain that Michael was not a ped-le and never molested anyone. It was simply not in his nature.” Anything less feeds Oprah’s and public paranoia. Lisa Marie, won’t you please step up and go on record with such a remark? A lot of his other friends did. The problem with the Oprah interview was that Lisa responded to a lot of mud-raking questions and let herself be led astray. I also think she saw Michael through the eyes of Elvis’ daughter, filtering her experience of Michael through those past experiences and seeing patterns that weren’t there. When she says she saw signs of drug abuse as she visited Michael in the New York hospital, all she’s really equipped to say is that Michael appeared sluggish and weak. He was critically dehydrated. The doctor who treated him at the time gave an explanation that totally contradicted her impression. But it was her ill-advised words that so many people listened to as if she were an oracle. Please clean it up, Lisa.


  2. April 28, 2012 7:33 pm

    “I also think she saw Michael through the eyes of Elvis’ daughter, filtering her experience of Michael through those past experiences and seeing patterns that weren’t there”.

    Kris, you should read all her interviews to see what a spoilt little girl she is. She simply cannot jump out of her skin – her whole world is revolving around herself and some patterns of life she has seen since early childhood. She doesn’t know anything else and sees everything through that perspective.

    “Please clean it up, Lisa.”

    She will, only she needs to start reflecting and thinking a little bit quicker. It took her 15 years to understand that Michael loved her very much, so I am afraid it might take her another 15 years to understand the other thing. We might not live to see it unless there is a miracle.


  3. kaarin22 permalink
    April 29, 2012 3:30 am

    I I have heard long ago that Elvis met and fell in love witn Priscilla when she was 14yo.He
    waited til she was of age to get married(whatever that was)before having intimate relations
    til then with her. Himself he engaged in stag-parties with his buddies.Priscilla gor pregant
    and Lisa was born(their only child).Aftrer that he no longer had sex with Priscilla,,as he was
    unable to have sex with the mother of his child.All the while Elvis continued partying with
    and drugging with with his byddies,Priscilla tolerated the celibacy she had to endure for 2 years,then she took up with he personal trainer. Strange kinf of prudishness seems to run in the family.


  4. TatumMarie permalink
    April 29, 2012 10:23 am

    Great article. What Lisa failed to realize is that through her bitter television interviews she made herself look horrible. This is a man that she had around her children, so it would be safe to say that she didn’t believe it because she wouldn’t place her children in a vulnerable predicament, if she felt otherwise.

    It took her 15 years to understand that Michael loved her very much, so I am afraid it might take her another 15 years to understand the other thing. We might not live to see it unless there is a miracle.

    Lol. I agree, and when LMP and her mother were on Oprah speaking about things that they felt were manipulative- I was wondering: How is that manipulative? It’s sad that it took her so long to come up to the conclusion of things that we already figured out- not knowing Michael directly.


  5. April 29, 2012 11:50 am

    “I have heard long ago that Elvis met and fell in love with Priscilla when she was 14yo. He waited til she was of age to get married(whatever that was) before having intimate relations till then with her.”

    Kaarin, I don’t want to step into the territory of gossiping which is alien to me, but a certain man Currie Grant, who served in the same US base in Germany where Elvis met Priscilla (and who actually introduced one to the other) tells a different story. For those interested the gossip is here:

    Here is a cautious text written by Currie Grant himself:

    I am not going to comment on it because everything, part of it or nothing of it may be allegations only, and it is up to those who make further research to decide. The only thing I can say is that if even a little bit of it is true then we shouldn’t be surprised that Lisa Marie is so wild and unruly, and that her vision of life is so distorted. With the kind of upbringing she received what can we expect of her?

    And one more thing. She and Michael were poles apart in one concrete point – she was allowed everything as a kid, and he was allowed nothing as a kid. However she was extremely annoyed when Michael spoke of his lost childhood and said to him things like “Who can say that s/he had a happy childhood?”

    What I mean is this – how could she ever understand Michael with so much difference in their background and views about life?


  6. Jovana permalink
    April 29, 2012 12:43 pm

    I am glad Michael didnt get back with Lisa. I honestly dont think she ever really deserved him. After their divorce she never said anything nice about him, when asked in the interviews What were you thinking when you fell in love with him, she answered i dont know what i was thinking. When Michael was facing the 2005 trial she said that she feels indifferent which way the trial goes. We heard her speaking of Michael for too many years already, she needs to shut up.
    Its too late to apologize.


  7. April 29, 2012 1:35 pm

    Its too late to apologize.

    It is never too late to apologize – if the apology is real and not formal. For the sake of Michael’s children, for the sake of justice and for her own, Lisa Marie’s sake.


  8. April 29, 2012 2:17 pm

    Here it is LMP’s new interview

    She is busy with herself as usual. She’s promoting her music and her new family!


  9. Jan permalink
    April 29, 2012 3:35 pm

    this story is in the sun again, what is this guy keeping on about all the time:


  10. Tinkerbelle permalink
    April 29, 2012 4:32 pm

    I respectfully disagree with many here.

    One thing should be very clear to everybody if they know anything about MJ and that is NOBODY will ever be “following” him into his hotel room, stand and watch backstage his performances, travel in his jets, hold his hand, kiss him in the lips post divorce after dinning with him, the two together alone WITHOUT security, if he HAD NOT INVITED AND SEEK OUT such person’s company. Simply will not happen.

    There is more evidence, that many aren’t willing to accept, about their love for each other from very recent, before death time, 2009, Look for the “blue painting”, as HE called it, and tell me it does not resemble a sleeping LMP.

    It is beyond comprehension to me that female fans, which most likely are the majority by far, can not acknowledge the depths of sadness, hurt, desolation and frustration that accompanies a broken dream, a lost lover that to us is in the wrong path (because we know the path from our own personal experience). That is what accompanies such loss of a great love. Our love is completely ignored. We are completely ineffective in helping the loved one. Codependence? Most likely. But still very real emotional pain.
    At the end this prove to be true for BOTH parties.

    If there was something MJ must have loved and admire about LMP was her fierce attitude, take no prisoners, and no bullshit type of girl style. That she reacted the way she did it goes with her personality. Yet, still, he kept calling her throughout the years, long conversations, although not all of them “logical” as she tells the big fat O.
    I do not condone what she did. I just understand it.


  11. Truth Prevail permalink
    April 29, 2012 5:04 pm

    That’s another thing i don’t understand she says they talked right before the 2005 trial began on the phone and she told him to keep his head straight. so apparently she still answered his phone calls and yet at the same time she was doing interviews talking trash about him saying he was the biggest mistake ever it was like she loathed him.


  12. Rodrigo permalink
    April 29, 2012 5:38 pm

    I believe she did love Michael, but in her own way. She wanted to save him from the drug problems during the first allegations.

    HOWEVER, she is NOT genuine, which might not be her fault. She does have father issues, and I sense that’s what drew her to Michael and his troubles, reminding her of Elvis.

    If she had behaved in front of Michael, like the wild child she was when she was younger, do you think he would have looked twice at her? Michael loathed women like that, even Madonna, because she was far too, ‘out there’.

    I think Michael loved her, because she came in with this image of being a nice, heroic girl, wanting to save him, like Princess Diana, if you will. I honestly think Michael’s love for her was genuine, because he believed her to be something which, in reality, she wasn’t. She had the heart to help him, but it wasn’t a pure, genuine heart. Michael obviously sensed that too. But he still held her in high regards. She made out she did also, which in reality, she didn’t.
    It’s a real pity Michael got involved with her IMO.


  13. April 29, 2012 9:05 pm

    Yes she is “a spoilt little girl, and thinks the world is revolving around her”.She had ¨-
    whatever money can buy as a child exept for the most important:Family and parents who would have given her inner security.She says herself that people see her as hard and maybe strong. The reality does not bear this out, and she agrees. Inside she is fragile and has had numerous failed reationships.Unfortunately scientology has done little to help her.-True my first comment was gossipy,that was the only thing I knew of her parents, and grandparents.It was a bit more complicated than I thoght..But her parents marriage was essentially over when she was born. Her father doted on her though.It was
    interesting to learn that Elvis also came from a poor family,that he was a lonely child and teenager,also bullied at that age.–What would we know of Lisa now was it not for Michael?
    Because of her background we may have a bit of understanding of her quirks and warped statements.I hope the best for her and that we no longer need to hear further
    ambiguities or untruths from her..She,if anyone should have understood Michael´s concern for children.And that in the future she will come to understand Michael as a great humanitarian.


  14. Jan permalink
    April 29, 2012 11:37 pm

    This is interesting in response to matt fiddes:!/Carly_Galliford


  15. April 30, 2012 1:12 am

    “But her parents marriage was essentially over when she was born. Her father doted on her though.”

    Kaarin, he not only doted on her, but spoiled her almost to the point of ruining her. Michael’s fans always read those parts of her interviews where she refers to Michael only, however I suggest they read everything she says and they will get a much better understanding of her.

    When she stayed with her father she says Elvis was always sleeping during the day and she took the command and pushed about everyone in the house. People followed each of her whims and she herself says that she was a tyrant. Since she was her own master she drove golf carts in Graceland and liked pressing frogs by the wheels, though now she jokes it wasn’t her doing – some boys just threw frogs under her cart and this is why she crushed them. When she was a teenager she drank, smoked and took drugs and at some point Priscilla threw her out of the house at night and took her to a rehabilitation clinic.

    In short the way she behaved is quite impressive however the world always looked at her complacently and with a smile.

    In contrast to her Michael never had a chance to be just himself and enjoy even a little emotional or any other comfort when a child. He was woken up at 3 in the morning to perform in clubs and saw nothing but work and responsibility for his family which is also totally unnatural for a small kid. He never saw any tenderness from his father – the only “tender” moment he remembered was when Joe put him on a horse on a carusel. And Michael remembered that moment until his dying day as the only moment of “affection” he saw from him.

    And he never behaved in an outrageous manner LMP did, however it was he who received all the negativism which was actually deserved by her, and not him. Even before the allegations the media never left him alone. In his Dangerous album he screams “Why do you want to trip on me?” because he couldn’t understand why everyone intruded into his life in such a nasty and insolent manner. Did he do any outrageous things (like LMP) to draw so much fire upon himself?

    So what if they had photos of him with Bubbles? So what if they had a picture of him in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber? A big deal! So what if he had plastic surgery? They should look at Priscilla and what she did to her face!

    Why call him a freak and simultaneously revel in Lisa Marie as a little fairy princess? Listen to her talk and the profanity she uses in every other word! And all people do is nicely smile at her in reply, respectfully listen to her when she swears like a sailor, and make a sympathetic face when she tells them a hundredth time that she was in Elvis’s house when he died. SO WHAT IF SHE DID?

    What I mean is that Lisa Marie is used to a very “special” treatment from everybody and when she was supposed to be just a wife to someone who was much more famous than her and who went through the unspeakable torture of world-wide harassment at that, she simply DID NOT UNDERSTAND. She could live with it for a couple of weeks or months at the most, but afterwards she would fall again into the old “I-want-it-my-way” routine.

    And now she is also thinking of herself only. So what’s the use of waiting for her to suddenly “stand up for Michael”, especially since she is still an angry wife who was abandoned by Michael for some “nursie” and never asked back?

    She has never really stood up for Michael and probably never will. In order to do that she needs to become a totally different person and rid herself of the most of her boosted ego – and since she will probably never do it why even pay attention to her?

    Forget her with all her ego and leave her to herself – probably then she will realize that Michael Jackson was the best of everything good that ever happened to her in life.


  16. nannorris permalink
    April 30, 2012 2:02 am

    I am just putting this link I came across on an E entertainment thing because it is about LMP and this relative Mr Stanley is saying Priscilla specifically asked him to speak to LMP about MJ..They dont refer to him as a Reverend but it is him,,
    getting his face in the camera…
    Just in case anyone wants to look at it..Just a few remarks..
    I am not getting into LMP but I will say that when she and MJ were together they looked very Happy and she in particular looked very happy., in the beginning..

    I was reading somewhere while they were recording Scream , LMP was there and someone asked her why she married MJ and she said he was the kindest person she had ever met..
    I think that in a way , if you have been self centered your entire life and you see someone else who deals with the same kind of celebrity you do, making a difference in the world, it can stop you in your tracks and make you want to be that kind of person too.
    I think she felt better about herself in that time because she had a purpose outside herself,, going to orphanages with him and seeing what an effect that can have on people who have so much less then they did..
    To a certain extent , I think Brad Pitt fell for Angelina Jolie for the same reason..
    He was quoted as saying ” I am so sick of me”., around the time they met..

    at any rate..this is the link….keep in mind it is an entertainment show , not fact which i guess is why they are quoting this stanley guy from out of nowhere..


  17. April 30, 2012 10:38 am

    “If she had behaved in front of Michael, like the wild child she was when she was younger, do you think he would have looked twice at her? Michael loathed women like that, even Madonna, because she was far too, ‘out there’. I think Michael loved her, because she came in with this image of being a nice, heroic girl, wanting to save him, like Princess Diana, if you will. I honestly think Michael’s love for her was genuine, because he believed her to be something which, in reality, she wasn’t.”

    Rodrigo, there is much truth in what you are saying. Lisa Marie is made up of good and bad like all of us are. And with Michael she showed herself at her best. He appealed to the purest in her and under his influence she revealed something she never expected of herself. Later she would call the effect he had on her “intoxicating”. The word shows the intensity of the change but does not reflect the essence of it. She even looked different at the time – like someone sunny and bright and not the sullen witch she often looked later.

    However the problem is that she was unable to retain it at a time when Michael himself was emotionally down due to all the pressure from the outside. If this “sunny” side had been her inherent feature she would have been able to really support and help him at that moment, but for her it was only a reflection of his shine. And when he didn’t have any strength for it himself she returned to her old self again.

    She constantly talks about her attempts to “save” him. I can’t imagine what a girl like her could say to him in order to save him. But all she had to do was giving him a baby and it would have immediately brought him back to life. There would have been no drugs, no nothing – only complete family bliss for him and for her. But she didn’t do that. And it is no use telling boring fairy tales now.

    Forget about her and leave her to her own self now. I hope she will manage to make peace with herself and with all the absurdity and mess she added to Michael’s life. Why marry someone if you don’t want children by this man? Especially when you know that it is his dearest dream? It is like constantly keeping a carrot in front of someone to keep him moving and wasting his time of which he had very little left.

    By the way she learned a lesson from Michael and realized that babies were a way to cope with her own problems. I don’t think that she is so madly in love with her present husband that she did it for him. She did it primarily for herself, to save herself from her own madness.

    P.S. Was this a prophecy like many of Michael’s songs are?

    She always takes it with a heart of stone
    ‘Cause all she does is throw it back to me
    I’ve spent a lifetime
    Looking for someone
    Don’t try to understand me
    Just simply do the
    Things I say

    Love is a feeling
    Give it when I want it
    ‘Cause I’m on fire
    Quench my desire

    You always knew just how to make me cry
    And never did I ask you questions why
    It seems you get your kicks from hurting me
    Don’t try to understand me
    Because your words just aren’t enough

    You and your friends
    Were laughing at me in town
    But it’s okay
    You wont be laughing girl
    When I’m not around

    …Don’t try to tell me
    Because your words
    Just aren’t enough

    …Love is a feeling
    Quench my desire
    Give it when I want it
    Takin’ me higher

    Give in to me

    (from Give in to me, by Michael Jackson)


  18. April 30, 2012 12:15 pm

    “There is more evidence, that many aren’t willing to accept, about their love for each other from very recent, before death time, 2009, Look for the “blue painting”, as HE called it, and tell me it does not resemble a sleeping LMP.”

    Tinkerbelle, there is no doubt that Michael loved her deeply and kept thinking of her. That despicable Jason Pffeifer, Dr. Klein’s assistant had also some truth to tell (among all the lies he told due to some agenda). He said that while Michael was waiting for a procedure in Klein’s office they were looking through some magazines and Jason saw a photo of Lisa Marie and said “She is beautiful” and Michael replied in a very surprising way which Jason could not explain – Michael said “Thank you”.

    This Jason could not invent! The reply is very tale-telling – Michael still regarded Lisa Marie as his second half. She was his, someone who belonged to him and of whom he was proud. This is why he said “thank you” as any other proud man would when someone admires his girl.

    “It is beyond comprehension to me that female fans, which most likely are the majority by far, can not acknowledge the depths of sadness, hurt, desolation and frustration that accompanies a broken dream, a lost lover that to us is in the wrong path. That is what accompanies such loss of a great love.”

    Beautifully said. This is what Michael’s eyes express in that masterpiece of a photo.


  19. April 30, 2012 1:05 pm

    “What Lisa failed to realize is that through her bitter television interviews she made herself look horrible. This is a man that she had around her children, so it would be safe to say that she didn’t believe it because she wouldn’t place her children in a vulnerable predicament, if she felt otherwise.”

    Tatum, exactly. Lisa Marie may be a fool but she is a good mother, and if she had ever seen any slight indication of any wrong it would have made her attack MJ like a lioness which defends her offspring. The least she would have done is immediately walking away. But instead she freely left her children with Michael and even wanted more contact between them. The reason she did it was because she was absolutely sure of him. If it had been different her instinct would have told her differently.

    And I have to repeat that it isn’t the case of her being totally ignorant of the problem as it sometimes happens to mothers who are aghast at finding postfactum what their husbands did to their children. These women were not warned while Lisa Marie had more warnings that she could ever handle. She married Michael after the 1993 crisis and knew of the worst allegations. And still she did not have a single doubt – neither before their marriage nor 4 years after the divorce!

    She is simply unable to understand the simplest things and cannot find the right interpretation for her own emotions. Strange as it might seem but she needs someone on the outside, some good psychologist to explain to her what she felt at the period. She herself cannot explain her behavior at the time, but outsiders get a clear message – she behaved so because she was absolutely sure of Michael’s innocence!

    “when LMP and her mother were on Oprah speaking about things that they felt were manipulative- I was wondering: How is that manipulative?”

    I’ll tell you how. When someone marries a worldwide celebrity like Michael it is like marrying a royalty. You have to accept the rules that come with the marriage – go to public places together, perform certain formal duties, etc. It is the same as Kate Middleton marrying Prince William. If he tells her “We need to go out to the balcony and wave our hands to the people” there is no way for her to say “No, I want to sit on the sofa instead”. It would be ridiculous to do so, and if LMP likes to call it “manipulation” let her do it – for the rest of us it is clear that it isn’t. It is just a set of rules which come together with the title acquired.

    If Michael was King Lisa was his Queen and should have performed all the duties going with it. However she chose to stamp her foot instead and say that didn’t want to be “used”. If Prince William wanted to kiss Kate in public, and she refused at the pretext of “feeing used” wouldn’t we laugh at her? So how is Lisa Marie different? The audience waited for that kiss with bated breath, same as they waited for that royal kiss on the balcony – especially because the media presented Michael’s marriage as sham. The public wanted proof that it was real – so why not do it for Michael? Of course if she loved him?

    Please allow me to use even the word “image” here. Why not promote his image of a married man who is deeply in love with his wife? Any woman would have been happy to do it for Michael while LMP felt “used and manipulated”, poor thing….


  20. lynande51 permalink
    April 30, 2012 7:19 pm

    Michael purchased 6 other prints from the Patrick Whelan Collection at the same time that he purchased Meditations. Here is a link to the story with a screen shot of the wire transfer paid for by AEG for Michaels personal account. Since art is often interpreted differently by everyone I think that we will never know what it was that Michael liked about that painting above any of the others or if he even had a preference between any of them. Michael also liked anything that remotely depicted angels.


  21. April 30, 2012 10:58 pm

    “Michael purchased 6 other prints from the Patrick Whelan Collection at the same time that he purchased Meditations. Here is a link to the story with a screen shot of the wire transfer paid for by AEG for Michaels personal account.

    Lynande, I’ve never seen those pictures by Patrick Whelan and Meditations is indeed the best! I understand why it was Michael’s favorite. But the page does not provide the wire transfer from AEG – where have you seen it?

    I’ll try to post Meditations here for everyone to see:



  22. Rodrigo permalink
    May 1, 2012 5:19 am

    It’s probably been posted already before, but for those who haven’t seen it. It certainly speaks a few volumes on the subjects.


  23. May 1, 2012 11:42 pm

    People please let It be known that continuous smearing og MJ’s name is not going to be tolerated. Entertainment tonight is going to air an interview of Liberace’s ex lover claiming to be MJ’s Gay lover in the 1970’s.


  24. May 2, 2012 2:02 am

    BJ, I don’t understand how people can believe this crap on the one hand:

    “We were two young men extremely attracted to each other. You could’ve cut the sexual tension with a knife”

    and still find it compatible with Thorson’s admission to Larry King:

    KING: Are you heterosexual?
    THORSON: Yes.
    KING: Did you ever have other homosexual relationships [besides Liberace]?
    THORSON: No.
    KING: No. You did not.
    THORSON: No.
    KING: He was the only one.
    THORSON: He was the only one.

    At the time when Thorson was busy “entertaining” Liberace – Michael, who was the same age, was going from house to house handing out Jehovah’s Witnesses’ books. He not only followed their views on homosexuality but fully shared them.

    So how can anyone believe this irresponsible crap? Michael, a Jehovah’s Witness and a couple of these clowns??? What do they have in common??

    Liberace looks totally revolting. He ruined the life of Scott Thorson, corrupted him for 10 years since the age of 16, made him undergo plastic surgery to make him look like him, he forced him into drugs – so what can we expect of Scott now?

    Liberace Scott Thorson and Liberace

    Here is an article describing Scott Thorson in all his beauty. And this kind of an “authority” is invited to TV to share his views on Michael Jackson? They must be running out of their sources and are definitely sinking to a new low.

    Liberace’s Ex-Lover Reportedly Tied Nash to Deaths
    September 16, 1988|ROBERT W. STEWART | Times Staff Writer

    The decision last week to charge convicted cocaine trafficker Adel (Eddie Nash) Nasrallah in the 7-year-old Laurel Canyon bludgeon murders was based in part on significant new evidence provided by Scott Thorson, the former lover of the late pianist Liberace, The Times has learned.

    Thorson, 29, is being protected in a tightly secured section of County Jail while he awaits sentencing for a drug-related armed robbery in which he pleaded guilty last July 11.

    Information Offered

    Thorson approached authorities sometime after entering the plea and offered to give them information linking Nash, who once owned a chain of strip joints and punk-oriented nightclubs, to the July 1, 1981, Laurel Canyon slayings, according to two sources familiar with the developments.

    Nash, 59, and his former bodyguard, Gregory DeWitt Diles, 40, were each charged Sept. 8 by the district attorney’s office with four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. Neither has yet entered a plea to the charges. Both are being held without bail. If convicted, they could face the gas chamber.

    The late John C. Holmes, the premier male pornographic film star of the 1970s, was unsuccessfully prosecuted for the brutal murders in 1982.

    When the charges were filed against Nash and Diles, Deputy Dist. Atty. Dale A. Davidson, who is prosecuting the case, said new witnesses had come forward, but he refused to name them or discuss the information they had provided.

    Davidson on Thursday refused to say whether Thorson provided information that led to Nash’s arrest. “I have to be concerned that Mr. Nash and Mr. Diles get a fair trial. I also have to be concerned about the safety of my witnesses in this case, and on that basis I can’t comment,” Davidson said.

    Thorson’s attorney in the robbery case, Deputy Public Defender Cathy Dreyfuss, said, “For now, I prefer not to comment on anything.” Attempts to contact Thorson were unsuccessful.

    According to testimony at Holmes’ 1982 trial, the porn actor once told Los Angeles police that he had led killers to a home on Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon at the behest of a revenge-crazed Nash, who two days earlier had been robbed of cocaine and $10,000 by two of the murder victims.

    Ferried Stolen Property

    A heavy cocaine user, Holmes ferried stolen property from the Wonderland Avenue gang to Nash, who exchanged the goods for cocaine, witnesses at Holmes’ trial testified. The robbery was said to have been Holmes’ idea. Holmes did not testify during his trial.

    Holmes died in March of complications arising from infection with the AIDS virus. Liberace died in February, 1987, also as a result of AIDS infection.

    Details of the evidence provided by Thorson remain secret. However, sources familiar with the case said Thorson, who lived with Liberace and served as his chauffeur, secretary and lover from 1977 until 1982, maintained a close relationship with Nash during much of that period.

    “Eddie was Scott’s cocaine connection,” one source said.

    In an acknowledgment in his recently published book, “Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace,” Thorson names Nash as one of six people who, over the years, offered him “personal support and understanding.”

    Introduction to Cocaine

    In the book, Thorson describes his introduction to cocaine through a plastic surgeon who was hired by Liberace to remake Thorson’s face in Liberace’s image. Subsequently, Thorson wrote, he met a Hollywood nightclub owner, identified only as Mr. Y, who supplied him with cocaine and who hid out at one of Liberace’s properties after “a much publicized gangland-style killing.”

    Thorson wrote that Mr. Y came to his aid in 1982 when Liberace’s security personnel were attempting to evict him from the entertainer’s Los Angeles penthouse. At Thorson’s request, Mr. Y dispatched his own thugs to the Liberace apartment to ensure that Thorson would not be beaten, the book states.

    Sources familiar with Thorson said the Mr. Y described in the book is a composite figure of Nash and another nightclub owner who was more directly acquainted with Liberace.

    Thorson filed a highly publicized lawsuit against Liberace in 1982, in which he contended that Liberace had reneged on promises to support him for the rest of his life. The suit was settled out of court shortly before Liberace’s death.

    Nash served two years of an eight-year prison sentence handed down after he was convicted in 1982 of possessing for sale about 2 pounds of cocaine, valued at $1 million. Diles was convicted of drug charges in a separate case.

    After his acquittal on the murder charges, Holmes spent 110 days in County Jail for refusing a judge’s order to tell a grand jury what he knew about the Laurel Canyon killings. He finally agreed to testify on the same day that Nash was sentenced to prison. Holmes’ grand jury testimony remains sealed.

    Times staff writer Dan Morain contributed to this article.


  25. May 2, 2012 2:10 am

    Here is a very good article refuting another madman’s ravings about Michael Jackson. After reading that Matt Fiddes – who claims to be Blanket’s father and says all sorts of crazy things about Michael – was actually employed for one occasion only, to hold an umbrella over Michael, I hope all your questions will fall off by themselves. And when you learn that Michael had to be reminded his name during the speech, you’ll understand how “closely” acquainted Fiddes was with him.

    2:22 pm – 04/30/2012
    Whitney Houston, Bio-Babies, and Nazis: Exposing the Lies of Michael Jackson’s Fake Bodyguard

    How Matt Fiddes turned an unpaid weekend of umbrella-holding into a lucrative money-making scheme

    When a group of Michael Jackson fans created the California Anti-Defamation Law petition in 2010, hoping to get a law passed that would make it illegal to slander the dead . . . it was for people like this.

    Matt Fiddes, from Devon, is British martial arts and fitness trainer who claims to run a network of martial arts schools around the U.K. (though currently, all but one of his companies has dissolved). He is also something of a famewhore in his home county. Prior to making a business out of exploiting Michael Jackson’s children . . . Matt was mostly known for allegedly forging documents in a lawsuit against Channel 4 (which he promptly dropped); for sending out his own press releases to gush about an alleged secret relationship with Z-list celeb Bianca Gascoigne (tweeted Bianca: “#TEAMSINGLE!”); to obsessively harassing and threatening Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes and her son.

    Quite a piece of work, huh?

    Fiddes was first introduced to Michael Jackson in June 2002 via the spoon-bending guru Uri Geller, who he had worked with on a fitness video and was an old friend of Jackson’s. (Geller famously sold said “friend” to controversial journalist Martin Bashir for a reported $200,000k.)

    Geller asked Fiddes to sub as one of Jackson’s bodyguards for free, during an event at Exeter Football Club over the weekend — and Fiddes gladly accepted.

    And that is where Jackson’s known association with Fiddes ends. Despite his own assertion that he was “Michael Jackson’s U.K. bodyguard,” Jackson had no further contact with Fiddes on trips to England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales.

    Fiddes (a self-proclaimed millionaire martial artist) also told inquiring Jackson fans on Twitter that he’d “practically lived with Michael for 10 years” . . . a bizarre claim with nothing to back it up. There’s no video footage and no photographs of Fiddes and Jackson together, beyond the few taken in 2002. (This is especially odd, considering there are many fansites solely dedicated to collecting and organizing every photo of Jackson from every day of his life.)

    he did nothing but hold an umbrella JUST ONCE
    (Matt Fiddes, seen holding Michael Jackson’s umbrella in 2002. During his speech, Jackson had to be reminded what Fiddes’ name was.)

    What’s more — no one from Jackson’s life seems to know Fiddes. Not his makeup artist (she said Fiddes and Geller “creep me out”); not his former managers (“I have no idea who he is!” Frank Cascio said on Twitter); not his friends; nor his actual long-term bodyguards and security team.

    Knowing all this, one might wonder why and how Fiddes is still relevant, given that he barely knew or interacted with Michael Jackson. However, it wasn’t until years later that this unpaid weekend of umbrella-holding for the King of Pop turned into something much more lucrative. . . .

    In 2008, members of the Jackson family (including Jackie, Tito, and their mother Katherine) were considering buying a holiday home in England; subsequently, an hour-long documentary was filmed about their U.K. visit. Never one to miss an opportunity, Matt Fiddes made himself available as a local guide to the Jacksons, on the basis of his previous tenuous association with Michael Jackson.

    Family matriarch Katherine Jackson would later say in an official statement, “Fiddes tried to pretend he was a close friend to my son Michael, but when I spoke to Michael about him, he could not remember who he was.”

    Things quickly took a turn for the worse when the family had falling out with their self-appointed tour guide. . . .

    Tito Jackson recalled: “Matt started to get in more and more shots, and didn’t want this or that person to be involved because it would take away from his screen time.

    “When I saw Matt trying to run me the way he wanted, I put a stop to it. That’s when things started falling apart. Some people want to be seen in your company and want to piggyback on your 40 years of hard work. And when you figure that out, they get mad.”

    The Jacksons Are Coming documentary aired on Channel 4 shortly thereafter, showing Fiddes in an unfavorable light, using his association with the Jacksons to sell stories to tabloid newspapers. Enraged, Fiddes took a lawsuit out against Channel 4 in January 2010, alleging that they had misrepresented him.

    When the Jacksons offered evidence against Fiddes on behalf of the documentary crew, he wrote Tito Jackson, threatening the family “would regret it” if they crossed him.

    “We decided we were going to come and tell the truth about him, anyway,” Katherine Jackson declared. “You have to stand up to people like this.”

    In June of that year, Fiddes dropped the lawsuit after it was alleged he had forged a document, leaving Channel 4 with a £1.7 million legal bill. Fiddes later admitted that he “publicly acknowledges that the programme was not ‘faked’ as he has previously claimed and has today withdrawn his allegations of malice.”

    Not one to mince words, the chief executive of the documentary’s production company, Stephen Lambert, subsequently described Fiddes as “vainglorious” and “a fame-seeking fantasist.”

    A few months later, Fiddes made good on his threat to the Jacksons: He sold a story to News Of The World, a British tabloid, in which he claimed to be the biological father of Michael Jackson’s third child, Prince Michael Jackson II (nicknamed “Blanket”).

    from Oh No They Don't
    (To quote TMZ: “ehh…”)

    Fiddes bragged that he was offered £500,000 ($1,000,000) by the King of Pop for his precious “athletic” seed, but that he turned it down. He also suggested that, during a stay in London in April 2001, Jackson stole his sperm under the guise of testing it for Fiddes. As if such a tale wasn’t laughable enough . . . it turns out that Jackson wasn’t even in London in April 2001.

    Fiddes sold many more Jackson-related stories to the Daily Star, News of the World, et al., over the years, hiding behind the fact that one cannot legally libel the dead. More recently, he claimed he would fly to Los Angeles to legally assert paternity and consequent legal guardianship of Michael Jackson’s youngest son. He initially claimed he was going to do this in January 2011, as well — though he never followed through.

    “He won’t go to L.A., he has no intention!” Fiddes ex-girlfriend Carly Galliford said via Twitter. “He loves the attention, not caring about the Jacksons.” Galliford (who claims she was with Fiddes when he came up with the baby-daddy tale) said that Fiddes admitted to lying about being Blanket’s father to her face.

    “He has told me himself it is a ‘money-maker’! He was not even ashamed,” Galliford continued. “He is not Blanket Jackson’s dad. All lies!”

    And now, in April 2012, Fiddes has reared his ugly head again. This time, after a barrage of Jackson fans complained about him online, Fiddes gave a scathing interview to the Sun, making wild claims about his supposed friend, Michael Jackson.

    The claims are easy to debunk but too numerous to list, to be honest. However, we’ll try to address the eight most controversial, below. . . .
    The Recent Claims — Debunked
    1. FAKE NOSE
    Fiddes claims Jackson’s nose was held on by a piece of tape. However, Jackson’s autopsy report proves it wasn’t: His nose was attached to his face at the time of his death and there is no evidence it was ever unattached.

    Fiddes claims Jackson was an anti-Semite — at least for a brief period before he could be “deprogrammed” — stating that Jackson fell out with Uri Geller for two years over this. According to Fiddes: “. . . when we were driving to Uri’s house, [Michael] asked, ‘Matt, is Uri a Jew?’ When I told him he was, Michael flew into a rage and ranted, ‘Turn the car around now — I’m not going to some motherf***ing Jew’s house!'”

    In reality, Jackson and Geller fell out in February 2003 because Gellar had sold him on to controversial journalist Martin Bashir, pocketing a reported $200,000k for his efforts. Furthermore, Jackson already knew Geller was Jewish prior to first meeting him. Jackson was even best man at Uri Geller’s Jewish wedding in 2001.

    Geller also introduced Michael to the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, with whom Jackson launched a charity in 2001. Shumley went on to make a series of recordings of his private conversations with Jackson, spanning a period of two years; throughout the hours of tape, they discussed the singer’s interest and respect for Judaism.

    “[My family] used to have [Michael] over for Shabbat dinners,” Rabbi Boteach recalled. “At one point, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was visiting and I wanted Michael to meet him.” Jackson’s entourage urged him not to meet the controversial Sharon for fear of offending some of his fans, but the stage icon ignored the advice and met him, Rabbi Boteach said.

    “Any suggestions that Michael was not friendly to the Jewish community are inaccurate,” Boteach maintained.

    Michael Jackson also wrote/spoke fondly about his Jewish childhood tutor, Rose Fine, whom he used to call his mother when she toured with him. Jackson credited Fine with teaching him about the Holocaust (Fine’s relatives were victims) and inspiring him to be a passionate reader throughout his life.

    Speaking of reading: In Jackson’s Neverland library, he held a copy of the book, “The Rest Of Us,” which documents how Jewish immigrants to America managed to overcome great difficulties. It was also reported that Michael had an interest in “Nazi” movies; these movies turned out to be “Hitler’s Children” and “Nazis: Of Pure Blood” — which are both anti-Nazi movies (another was a movie about treasure hunters fighting against Nazi Zombies).

    Michael Jackson also married a Jewish woman (Debbie Rowe), who gave birth to his eldest children — Prince and Paris Jackson — making them half-Jewish.


    Fiddes claims Jackson was “impotent” in his last few years because of years of prolonged drug use. However, according to the coroner, Michael Jackson’s body was “healthier than the average person of his age” and there was no evidence in his body of prolonged exposure to drugs. Jackson’s autopsy report also confirmed that he was still actively producing sperm at the time of his death.


    Fiddes claims Jackson’s body was “filled with needle marks from the anesthetic drip he was on that eventually killed him.” However, according to the published autopsy report — as well as the testimony of the chief L.A. medical examiner and an on-scene medic — Jackson’s body was not “filled with needle marks.” The few marks documented on his body on June 25, 2009 (besides the one made by Conrad Murray) were made postmortem, during attempts to revive the singer.


    Fiddes claims he was in Las Vegas with Jackson from 2007-2008. Yet there are no photographs or video footage of the two together (Jackson was photographed/filmed every day of his stay in Vegas).

    On Facebook, Jackson fans asked the singer’s actual bodyguards from 2007-2009 (Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard) whether they remembered Fiddes, or had ever worked with him. “Worked with who?” they replied in bemusement.


    Fiddes claims he saw Jackson “wandering around half-naked a lot of times on tour as we grew closer and he was in a horrific state by the end.” Matt Fiddes has never been on tour with Michael Jackson. In fact, Jackson’s last tour was 1997 — Fiddes first met the singer briefly in 2002.


    Fiddes stated that Jackson met Whitney Houston in 1991, when they embarked on a two week love affair. According to Fiddes, Jackson later got upset after finding out that Houston had already slept with his brother Jermaine.

    In reality, Jackson knew about Jermaine’s affair with Houston as early as 1984 (he even teased his older brother about being in love with the singer). There are also many photos of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston together at public and private events throughout 1987 and 1988.

    I think that no debunking is required at all. After learning that Michael didn’t even know the name of this guy there is nothing more to discuss.

    By the way I hear that the National Enquirer (the National Enquirer!) is withdrawing Fiddes’s story as unbelievable.


  26. May 2, 2012 2:33 am

    Here is a post about the National Enquirer’s sudden move to withdraw Fiddes’s story as unbelievable:

    National Enquirer refused Michael Jackson Bodyguard’s story as they found it too UNBELIEVABLE! Katherine called him liar in 2010! Fiddes exposed.
    Posted: 2012/05/01 in Michael Jackson
    Tags: Bianca Gascoigne, Big Brother, Blanket Jackson, Brandi Jackson, Chanelle Hayes, Frank Cascio, Karen Faye, Katherine Jackson, Martin Hewlett, Matt Fiddes, Michael Jackson, Tito Jackson, Uri Geller

    You wonder what The Sun let themselves in for when they bought Matt Fiddes’ interview for their major coup this week.
    It turns out that not one word in the ENTIRE article is true and that most of the pictures Fiddes gave the magazine were DOCTORED.
    Word is that Fiddes has been shopping around with this story for a long time but no-one ever took an interest as the pictures and the story in general were deemed unbelievable. Even the National Enquirer turned the story down for this reason.
    This no doubt because of the bad reputation of said Matt Fiddes.
    A known con-man (the Jackson family seem to make a habit of attracting them) Fiddes was involved in an earlier fake scandal involving the famous family.

    Katherine Jackson said at the time: “Fiddes, who said he was a friend, let us down badly. He tried to use us to his own advantage, and when things didn’t go his way he behaved badly.
    Fiddes tried to pretend that he was a close friend of my son Michael, but when I spoke to Michael about him, he could not remember who he was. The whole family was deeply upset by the interviews he gave shortly after Michael’s death, which no friend would have done.
    After that, Fiddes wrote to my son Tito and said that if we gave evidence against him on behalf of Jane and the others, then we would regret it. We decided we were going to come and tell the truth about him anyway. You have to stand up to people like this.”

    Fiddes’ Jackson obsession begun publicly in 1999 when he and his friends pretended Michael Jackson would perform at his martial arts centre.
    It was a lookalike, a well known one, though.

    The only contact Michael Jackson ever had with the man claiming to be his former bodyguard and the father of Blanket is two short work
    meetings when the singer visited the UK in the early 2000’s where he held the singers umbrella.
    The first meeting was at the Oxford Union in 2001, where Matt stands behind him with the umbrella, during Michael’s speech.

    In 2002 Michael flew to London again and Uri Geller asked Fiddes to work as one of Michael’s bodyguard during the Exeter City event. Uri hired him, so Michael was not his employer and did not pay him. In fact, Fiddes wanted to work for Michael for free, as he has said himself. During his speech Michael gives thanks to David Blaine, Patti Boulaye, Uri Geller and then has to be reminded of Fiddes’ name was.
    In 2010 Michael’s bodyguards said they had never heard of him.

    In an article about Michael’s July visit to London, Uri Geller says that Michael generously bought toys for Matt Fiddes’ children (Uri Geller had said it had taken 3 shopping trips to take the stuff Michael had bought Matt’s children home) : “I was with him in the toy department when a bodyguard mentioned his two step-children – that guy is a world champion kick-boxer, with the muscles to match the belts, but it took him three trips to get all his packages down to the cars. Somewhere in Devon, two kids own every fragment of Star Wars merchandise on the market.” When Fiddess sold a story about this event to The Sun in 2008 Matt claims here that his kids only, “came home with just a few bits and pieces.”
    Despite this, he lured Tito and Katherine Jackson to the UK under false pretence in 2008. He then got Channel 4 involved asking to film them, making both parties believe a different story –involving Tito Jackson moving to Devon. During this time he also tried to stage fake Michael Jackson fan club parties, a Jackson 5 reunion and Michael Jackson shows. Obviously non of these events happened.
    When he got exposed as a liar through the documentary he put together himself (with the company that had doctored footage of the Queen earlier that year) he told the media Channel 4 had cheated HIM and that he was libelled by the company.

    Fiddes then quickly went on to sue the company. Lawyers for Fiddes ran up £1.3million in bills preparing for the trial on a no win, no fee basis, while Channel 4 spent £1.7million. Fiddes then dropped the case right before it was about to begin in the High Court in 2010, leaving both his lawyers and C4 with a massive debt.
    Amazingly his counsel, Ron Thwaites QC, told Mr Justice Tugendhat that his client now ‘publicly acknowledges that the programme was not “faked” as he has previously claimed and has today withdrawn his allegations of malice’.

    Fiddes then dropped Tito in it too saying it was Tito’s con and that he never intended to move to Devon. Adding: “Tito was in a poor financial position’ and ‘anxious to resurrect his own personal career as a singer and celebrity, preferably in the UK’. So, he added Tito and he contrived a publicity stunt in which he revealed he was looking to live in Devon.
    Not true, as Tito barely knew the man back then. A friendship was only formed after this, with Tito thinking he was friends with a friend of Michael. Things turned frosty once the group were recording. Tito recalls: ‘Matt started to get in more and more shots, and didn’t want this or that person to be involved because it would take away from his screen time. ‘Jane Preston, the documentary-maker, wanted to show the public what it was like to be me without the show business and the bodyguards, but he wanted to do all that because it got him camera time with his boys wearing his karate jackets. Everything he did was to get publicity.” The documentary appears to back Tito’s side of the story, particularly when it emerges, during the course of filming, that Matt was engineering press opportunities during their stay.”

    The friendship between the Jacksons and Fiddes had long since ended by then, in fact the Jackson family had walked out on him angry near the end of the shooting of the documentary when they realised he was a fraud. What C4 had included in the documentary was also very interesting, their edit showed he betrayed the Jacksons’ trust by leaking stories about them to the media without their agreement.
    His reason for making the documentary was the thought that Tito would get Michael to Devon, that is what he had promised the papers and C4. He only wanted Michael, not Tito. In fact Fiddes sued Tito over a loan he claims he gave Tito of $20,000k, claiming Tito still owes him, “£12,051.20.” Says Tito: “Some people want to be seen in your company and want to piggyback on your 40 years of hard work. I was supposed to have been godfather to two of his kids, but I cancelled that, because I can’t be a godfather if I can’t even get along with the father.”

    A telling fact is that he swore revenge on the family at the end of the documentary.
    He did it slowly, with another lie: Just a week after Michael’s death Matt sold stories to the tabloids about Michael’s addiction to drugs, saying he and Uri Geller were forced out of Michael’s world because of this. In reality, Michael had cut off contact with Uri after he had been the one to arrange his interview with Bashir and he had no ties to Fiddes. He also grumbled about not being invited to Michael’s funeral/memorial. Over the years he continues feeding the press stories about his “friendship” and love for Michael. Then on 26th September 2010 – Matt Fiddes allegedly sold his bombshell story to News Of The World (with a follow-up on TMZ), he claimed to be Blanket Jackson’s father. Fiddes said that he never asked Michael, nor did Michael ever tell him anything about Blanket being his and claimed that he and Mark Lester would be traveling to the states in a few months in regards to DNA testing, and that never happened. He said he was forced to come forward but wants nothing of the family, just the right to have Blanket were Katherine to pass away. He then tries to force his way back in the public eye by a fake suicide atempt with pills he claimed were Michael’s and a fake relationship with Bianca Gascoigne. Bianca didn’t even know him. then he announced he was selling some of Michael Jackson’s belongings. In 2012, Fiddes changed his story and said he asked Michael and that Michael said he was the sperm donor. As if (if he needed a donor) he would ask someone he barely know. He now demands visiting rights. His ex girlfriend says he was lying and did it for the money, being promptly threatened.. He also claimed to be followed by the press and the paparazzi.
    On April 1st of this year, Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes allegedly issued Matt Fiddes with a non harassment order by Westmidland Police. He stalked Frank Cascio claiming they were friends, but Casico never heard of him. Martin Hewlett a Taekwondo instructor who Matt had directed his attention towards on the 22nd of June 2011, demanding a “no rules cage fight” between the two to settle their differences, even though he admits they don’t know each other. Fiddes who advocates an anti-bullying campaign, NoMoreBull actually threatened to beat Martin up.
    People think Fiddes suffers from steroids psychosis, but he does using drugs, and he has previously admitted publicly in a story to having taken the muscle-relaxant Carisoprodol.
    Karen Faye says of Matt: “I am repulsed by this man. He has run to the tabloids since the moment I met him in 2002.”
    Brandi Jackson says she is “disgusted.” with Fiddes screaming she did not know her uncle.


  27. shellywebstere permalink
    May 2, 2012 3:04 am


    You don’t know if what Thorson said about Liberace is true. Don’t forget that he sued Liberace in 1982 and in his lawsuit he said he met Liberace in 1977 when he was 19. He sued him because, according to him, Liberace told him he would give him money for the rest of his life.


  28. May 2, 2012 3:17 am

    Matt Fiddles,yet another mega-psychopath.There seems to be a pattern to them: First this attraction to Michael,then some manufactured or superficial contact,followed by some big story of friendship,sex or paternity in this case. Next the frustration and rage with a nasty twisted revenge.Matt Fiddles ,itcould well be that he took steroids on top,that would go with his karate or whatever it was.


  29. May 2, 2012 3:52 am

    And Scott Thorson,first Liberace´s boy ,,forced to have plastic surgery.Turned on to cocaine and crime. What a sorry,miserable life.But now given an opportunity to take advantage of Michael.


  30. May 2, 2012 9:40 am

    “You don’t know if what Thorson said about Liberace is true. Don’t forget that he sued Liberace in 1982 and in his lawsuit he said he met Liberace in 1977 when he was 19. He sued him because, according to him, Liberace told him he would give him money for the rest of his life.”

    Shelly, if Thorson lied about Liberace too it means that he is a pathological LIAR – only this time it is proven from “the other side”. This shows the true worth of his stories about Michael because you cannot be a liar in one thing and be truthful in another. It simply never happens. A liar is always a liar, because it is the choice he has made in life.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have no idea who Liberace is. And I have never looked into Scott Thorson’s ugly stories because to me it is absolutely clear that in 1979 when both Michael and Scott were 21 the only thing they could have with each other was a friendly hug. Michael’s usual “I love you” said to everyone around, because he was genuinely good-natured, evidently let him down on numerous occasions – each new “friend” interpreted it in his own way. What Scott could think of it only God knows…

    But Michael was a dedicated Jehovah’s Witness! And JWs consider homosexuality unacceptable. And Michael really believed what he was preaching to others. There was simply no way for him to go against his own beliefs. Taraborrelli also said that even if Michael was drawn to the same sex he would have never gone for it because he was tooooo puritanical!

    People don’t understand that the main feature of Michael’s faith in God was that it was not formal as it is with fake ministers like “Reverend” Rick Stanley. It is they who can preach one thing and do another because they have no real regard for God. But Michael was living his faith – up to “loving your brother as you love yourself”. So the love Michael showed for Scott as for his brother, Scott interpreted in a sexual way. All the rest of his story are either embellishments deliberately told for money, or the fantasies of a sick mind (Scott by the way confessed that he used to have a mental illness).

    And this is all there is to it.


  31. May 2, 2012 10:01 am

    I agree with Tess Gallagher who says that Entertainment Tonight should be boycotted, only to me it is more like closing the door to them and never letting them in again. Neither to the house, nor to one’s mind. Because listening to someone who is a liar is just a waste of valuable time which can be spent on something much better than their cheap entertainment – going for a walk, for example, playing with your child, catching up with some sleep, tending to your flowers, calling someone whom you neglected to call for too long or reading something good which you put off reading as you never had the time for it.

    Guys, time is invaluable and once wasted it cannot be returned! Value your time – it passes all too quickly. Just imagine how much good you could have done or still do instead of wasting it on their “entertainment”!

    This is what Tess Gallagher posted on Facebook:

    Tess Gallagher 7:30am May 2
    Ok, just watched Entertainment Tonight. They did it. They allowed Scott Thorson (former lover of Liberace) to claim he has some sort of intimate encounter with Michael. He hesitates for a while then the woman interviewer asks him straight out if he was intimate with Michael. He says yes but will not elaborate. We know that this guy lied to Larry King in 2002 claiming that he had never had any sexual partners other than Liberace. He lied in 2004 trying to capitalize on the frenzy of the trial. He stated he had evidence of young boy pornography that belonged to Michael. He was also a convicted felon for armed robbery in the late 80’s (’88 I believe). Lots of encounters with hard drugs, too.

    In addition, the way Thorson presents it is that it was an intimate encounter. We all know that that could mean a hug between friends. Thorson could have tried to make a pass at Michael but was rejected. This would not be the first time someone tried that. (There is a clip from the set of Stranger In Moscow when a guy tries to hug Michael. Michael moves away and keeps his distance.) He claims he and Michael were “best friends,” but there is no evidence of this. Plus, if they were best friends then why did he try to hurt Michael in 2004.

    We need to pounce on this and contact all the powers that be. We simply MUST boycott Entertainment Tonight, including their website. This is the only way to hit them in the pocketbook. They do not care about the truth regarding Michael. It would not hurt to bombard them and continually demand they make some sort of statement on air about this man’s lack of credibility with regard to Michael.

    For those of you asking if this will ever end. Unfortunately not. I know we will have to fight for Michael until we pass on to where he is.


  32. Suzy permalink
    May 2, 2012 9:10 pm

    About Thorson on a Liberace blog:

    Buzz abounds that Steven Soderbergh will start filming of a bio-pic based on the life of Liberace. While it may be campy to have Matt Damon play Scott Thorson, there are many matters in Mr. Thorson’s publicly published history that should lead us all to view his version of events with suspicion.

    As Mr. Thorson has sued in the past for defamation I leave to the readers to follow the links to these public published reports and decide if these are the eyes through which an icon should be immortalized.

    Scott Thorson – Google Article Timeline details how many articles by year and activities

    Connection to the Wonderland Murders

    2002 Larry King Interview Transcript

    Liberace’s Ex-Lover Claims Gay Affair With Jackson

    VERY interesting that the co-author for the book written by Thorson says that he never mentioned anything about Michael Jackson until he was done with witness protection program and looking for notoriety.

    Appears in documentary in 2005 Michael Jacksons Boys to disparage Michael Jackson.

    National Enquirer’s Story of Meth Bush in Palm Springs

    Liberace left behind many whom can tell the truth about his life unclouded by drug addiction, greed, and revenge. I hope the film producers consider the source when painting the picture of a legend through someone who clearly seeks attention through involvement with celebrities.

    It would be a terrible shame to see someone who has had obvious drug problems financially benefit from royalties on a film when many explain that what had happened with Liberace in life was his sincere desire not to have his fortune fuel drug abuse.

    Steven Soderbergh is so vastly talented I believe that he can deliver a better biographical account of Liberace’s life than this schmaltzy made for TV movie.


  33. Truth Prevail permalink
    May 2, 2012 10:14 pm

    i Don’t understand why these people like Oprah always like to say when MJ talked about kids and the bed situation he meant sexual! when in reality all he said was he gives his bed to the child and the ones he did say that where once in the same bed was with the culkins whom all said nothing inappropriate went down so why still think something sexual was going on? Oprah and many others just have a dirty mind because they cant have affection for kids without it being sexual says a lot about her and the people who think like her.


  34. May 3, 2012 7:37 am

    Thanks for this very in-depth look at Michael and Lisa’s post-divorce relationship! Well, I can tell you guys first hand, as a good ol’ Southern girl growing up in Alabama, that racism has always played a huge role in the Presley camp, and it was also the reason a lot of Presley fans resented the Jackson-Presley marriage (whether they would admit it or not, but most didn’t mind mincing words). Elvis’s guitarist Charlie Hodge was a native of my hometown; all my life, it was one of those six degrees of separation thing. Practically everyone in my hometown knew someone who knew Elvis. The PresIeys are not overt racists, but they are/were very Old School Southerners, with roots deeply embedded in Jim Crow culture-perhaps the most dangerous kind of racism, for its the kind of racism that is so deeply ingrained in one’s being and cultural makeup that one doesn’t even think about it-it just is. I remember that when Lisa married Michael, it was like someone had poked a stick into a hornet’s nest! Between the racism and the jealousy of Presley fans, this union didn’t stand a bloody snowball chance of ever being accepted-and Rick Stanley was playing right into that mindset, which he already knew didn’t need much prompting to believe ANYTHING negative when it came to Michael. It didn’t matter in the least if Michael was a world renowned entertainer who had the biggest selling album in the world, or that he owned the Beatles catalog, or had broken records all over the world. To them, he was just another n____ who didn’t know how to stay in his place.


  35. May 3, 2012 10:51 am

    I was hoping that the Gay accusations about MJ would be forgotten as the days go by. It’s unfortunate that the Huffington Post and other outlets are picking up the story : (


  36. May 3, 2012 11:11 am

    “Between the racism and the jealousy of Presley fans, this union didn’t stand a bloody snowball chance of ever being accepted-and Rick Stanley was playing right into that mindset, which he already knew didn’t need much prompting to believe ANYTHING negative when it came to Michael.”

    Raven, as someone who knows the Prestley situation as “a good ol’ Southern girl” your comment is invaluable! I’ve added it to the text of the post as your post-script. Readers should know that besides the usual problems of adjusting to each other as husband and wife AND the joint defense MJ and LMP had to put up against the ghastly media, this couple ALSO had to fight the racism deeply ingrained in the society. All of it was quite a job, and we should give Lisa Marie her due here – she did try to challenge it all. For a young girl of her past and origin it was nothing less than heroism.


  37. Susanne permalink
    May 3, 2012 2:47 pm

    It seems that now every year before and around the anniversary of Michael’s death new rumors, allegations and fake stories are spread by someone. It looks like a pattern. We are preparing for another anniversary and just right at the time the snakes are coming out and have new stories to tell. Wasn’t the Daphne Barak/Aaron Carter story also around that time? What’s that all about?


  38. Julie permalink
    May 3, 2012 3:17 pm

    The only way any of these people get any reply is if their stories are sensational enough that the ridiculous media will pick it up and air it. Thorson has flip flopped about Michael Jackson and once again Michael is not here to refute it. I didn’t see his interview because it would have just angered me, but it is my understanding that the interviewer from Entertainment Tonight asked him the question. Is that right? So, Entertainment Tonight affirmed their true colors by even bringing it up. Furthermore, as trashy as TMZ is, if they felt there was absolutely anything to the story, it would have been on their site. But what can you expect from a show that actually employed Diane Dimond as their Michael Jackson expert and reporter?

    It’s the same with Fiddes. How many times does he get to tell the same story, but yet never backs it up? Each year, his garbage gets more elaborate too. It’s a say to make money and garner 5 minutes of air time. It’s disgusting and vile and it’s truly a shame that our society feeds on this trash.


  39. May 3, 2012 3:25 pm

    “It seems that now every year before and around the anniversary of Michael’s death new rumors, allegations and fake stories are spread by someone. It looks like a pattern. We are preparing for another anniversary and just right at the time the snakes are coming out and have new stories to tell. Wasn’t the Daphne Barak/Aaron Carter story also around that time? What’s that all about?”

    Susanne, right. Daphne Barak filled the vacuum for new dirty stories for two years running because both her stories came on the eve of Michael’s death (the first one was about leaking the tapes of Dieter Wiesner with whom she seems to be in cahoots).

    But this time haters regrouped their forces and see what they are doing – Matt Fiddes, Scott Thorson, and whatnot, including a horde of liars imposing as Michael’s supporters! By the beginning of it it looks like it is going to be something huge.

    And please don’t forget their “need” to create a negative image of Michael to clean AEG of any wrongdoing during the civil trial (if it comes to that). Paint MJ dirty so that the other side looks like an angel who saved the world from “evil”. Something similar to Conrad Murray who is also an almost saintly figure painted on the haters’ flags, only bigger this time.


  40. Suzy permalink
    May 3, 2012 3:50 pm

    @ Julie

    He said they were friends to which the interviewer asked if they had sex. The whole flow of the conversation was unnatural. It was prearranged IMO. I also think even the claim that they were friends is a huge exaggeration.

    Here is the interview:


  41. Susanne permalink
    May 3, 2012 5:08 pm

    Helena, I want to let you know that I’m reading right now Dieter Wiesner’s book. It was lent to me by a FB friend. So far I would say overall it’s a good book, written in Michael’s favor. For example he also says that Jordie’s description of MJ’s private parts didn’t match with the photos. But I first have to finish reading before I have a definite opinion. I make some notes because I have to return the book to my friend.
    There are actually a few interesting details. For example he tells a story about Joe Jackson wanting Michael to do an interview with Daphne Barak in Las Vegas in November 2003, right before the NL raid. Michael didn’t want to do it, but allegedly Joe persuaded him. However, on the day Barak came to L.V., Michael escaped from the hotel because he didn’t want to meet her and almost fled in panic to get away from her, so the interview never materialized. He must have had an intuition, if the story is true.
    But I still wonder about the relationship between Wiesner and Barak.


  42. Julie permalink
    May 3, 2012 7:51 pm

    @Suzy – that absolutely sickens me to no end. What a set up just to talk about MJ. Furthermore, why is it all of these people that no one has ever heard of in relation to Michael always claim they were his best friend and he was theirs?


  43. May 3, 2012 8:29 pm

    I wasn’t expecting that, but thank you!


  44. kaarin22 permalink
    May 7, 2012 8:07 pm

    Re religions, LMP´s religion ,if you call it that ,is Scientology, You get the best info on Scientology On Wikileaks.They antagonize psychology and psychiatry and make other outlandish claims re their own ability to heal. In Germany and most European countries it is forbidden as a relogion. In US they have or are seeking tax-exemption.


  45. Tinkerbelle permalink
    May 8, 2012 8:32 pm


  46. nannorris permalink
    May 26, 2012 12:19 am

    I am just putting this here because from what i understand it was a letter from mj to lmp and she said it was stolen from her and someone is auctioning it off..
    At any rate it certainly looks to me like they had a very real relationship.


  47. forreal permalink
    January 20, 2013 12:49 pm

    Michael talking about Lisa Marie: (Life magazine, 1997)

    But there is one subject to which Michael repeatedly returns during four hours of
    conversation and picture-taking: Lisa Marie Presley.
    Michael’s voice quickens, even quivers, when he speaks of Lisa Marie. How she
    enjoys the baby. How they are still close after an amicable divorce. How they
    frolicked overseas the month before. He seems to pine for her. “Lisa Marie was just
    with me in Africa,” Michael says. “We (went to) IMAX theaters, simulated-ride
    safaris, dinner. We went parasailing. It was wonderful.” Even Debbie has
    acknowledged that Michael is still smitten. “He cares about her very much, but it
    didn’t work out and he was devastated,” she has said. “He loved her very much. Still
    And there, on one nightstand, rests a framed photograph of Lisa Marie. Not a recent
    snapshot. Or even a formal portrait. But a picture apparently cut out of a magazine,
    placed as a child would place it, cock-eyed, in a frame meant to hold a photo twice it’s
    size. A picture of Elvis and his little girl, then only five years old. “This is the age,”
    Michael says, “when I first met Lisa Marie. When her father first came to my
    concerts. I’ve known her ever since.”


  48. August 31, 2014 7:53 pm

    Rick Stanley had nothing to gain by lyinng. LMP had alot to lose by standing by Rick


  49. September 2, 2014 6:23 am

    Rick Stanley, former heroin addict switches over to missionary religion. I woud not believe a word he is saying.And I dont think Lisa and Michael had any social relationship with him.


  50. MJJ87 permalink
    January 26, 2015 5:21 pm

    I never understood the big deal, that they made over Michael saying, he slept with children. I am a 100 percent sure, he didn’t mean:”I fuck them!” I mean I do that, too. My goddaughter, my neighbor’s kid. But does that make me a pedophile???!! Or how about bathing him or her? I can’t do that either? Why? It’s BS. If I have children myself one day and they come out of their bed, crawling into mine in the middle of the night (which pretty much EVERY child does), do I have to tell them:”Get out! I can’t have you here!” I mean what is the child going to think? It’s gonna think that I don’t love it, that I don’t want to hug it and comfort it. Why should I not be allowed to lie next to a child and cuddle it, if it wants to. That is called love and caring! And not pedophilia.


  51. jojo permalink
    August 27, 2015 10:02 pm

    lisa stated he knew and repeat knows nothing about anything because half the time the kid as stated was a heroin addict. he only sold out for cash and he only uses it still for exactly that purpose.


  52. louissy permalink
    January 3, 2019 2:48 pm

    Please tell me, I don’t understand…..I used to think that their main problem was Michael wanted children but not Lisa, maybe because she had already had child and she wanted couples life without children and only he and she, but it is strange Why she really didn’t want to have their child, really because of racism in the family?, but I don’t see her as a racist , if she was, she would never marry to him….I don’t think that problem was only in media, because if they would have alike dreams they would win against world…..How do you think what exactly the problem was in their relationship…..??? I think children… is only alien could not notice how much Michael wanted his children, knowing who he was and knowing that this was his only way to get a family and children, he was already more 30 years old, it was no way, there was no chance to postpone this event, if we include fact that his children were soooooo young when lost father….you can see if children were only dream, it probably , meant that he would never know, what it means : to be a father….very sorry that Lisa did not realize this then

    i’m still sure they were the perfect couple, they were like yin and yang….
    Michael needed wife as she….. Because Michael was very modest, polite, calm and quietly speaking, of course he was rebel, BUT HE NEEDS SOMEONE WHO WOULD SAY TO HIM : ” do not say it, do not answer, do not be fooled by the provocation, do not trust it, or keep away from it”, I am absolutely sure that this person was Lisa…..she is so militant, and it was in the right direction….not as Michael with his honesty and openness only complicates his life, since his words are always distorted regardless of the context…One thing that I understand name Michael Jackson = injustice…., Thank God that it did not spread to Murray and the Court of 2005…..but Murray is ……… I don’t want to talk about him…… Hope someday we will breath free because justice will come, it doesn’t mean some bad for him, maybe God or God power help him to tell truth about that night and he will realize that he killer….but not about him…..
    maybe someday we’ll say yes this is fair for Michael….
    I think that she made mistake when said that she hadn’t seen behind closed doors, because she helped no one…. Not Michael, not Fans, not Haters….
    Of course this is not her problem, this is not her business, etc. But if you believed in his innocence in 1993, protected him and were with him during hard time, if human brought his innocence in 2003/5 trial, for one sec he was cleared of ALL charges, and including these facts, for the sake of the memory of him, of her love for him and of those young moments of love, she could f***d Oprah and remind everything that I wrote above…
    And my final heart breaking …. in spite of everything I wrote about the perfect couple, for me, her behavior is still insanely sad and unpleasant after their final break….She was so rude BUT the worst that you can imagine is that she was SO ANGRY FOR Michael in the most difficult and problematic period of his time….. during trial….she ridiculed and discussed all the terrible things about Michael with the most “favorite” reporters who “madly loved Michael” kick in the ass ….
    – Diane Sawyer 2003
    – Oprah Winfrey 2005
    – Lary King 2005
    Can we assume what Michael felt? He was betrayed by everyone, world was against him, he was mocked in all sorts of parodies and only fans and family and couple friends were his wings…every day go and smile when his soul were destroyed…..of course we can’t say what he exactly felt, but I think it’s not hard to guess…..I don’t know when he phoned her, but these interviews give a lot of “knowledge” of what happened between them at that. time….I think that he loved her and it was ( from my point of view) like a knife in the back, if we take into account the fact that they are BOTH GUILTY OF BREAKING RELATIONS, Michael NEVER BORED HER PUBLICALLY
    I wonder how death is enough (as it turned out) close and still somewhere a loved one changes her opinion and what she asked for his forgiveness….
    Michael would certainly have forgiven, but not too late came the realization of all that they have done in this life???


  53. January 4, 2019 1:51 pm

    i’m still sure they were the perfect couple, they were like yin and yang… – louissy

    louissy, please look up this comment and see what Lisa’s own daughter said about her mother:
    “My mom’s a tough b**ch.”
    And Michael was a gentleman.
    However in my opinion they could have still made a perfect couple as one had what the other was lacking. Their marriage would have been stormy but it could have survived – if it hadn’t been for the outside forces that were tearing them apart (the media, etc.)


  54. February 13, 2019 10:19 am


    I just want to clarify and learn your opinion on a couple of things which are really bugging me.

    So, MJ and Lisa were in and off and were talking and seeing each other till about 2001, Lisa was seeing Michael once a month at his house and talking to him. But then why didn’t they get back together???

    I know he had kids, but did he think Lisa was just too muh hassle, she begged him to take her back but why didn’t he that’s what’s bugging me. He obviously still cared for her and probably loved her and later on he admitted he should have taken her back.

    But yeah why didn’t he get with her, did anything major happen and what prompted Lisa to go into the angry phase and then later on indifferent phase, dd MJ just say to her no more I don’t wanna be with you or did they both realise the media wouldn’t leave them alone or did he realise he couldn’t live with a wife as they demand so much attention and he had to give his love to the whole world and women can’t take that?

    Thank you for the thread, finally some great answers been searching for so long. X


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