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A life for L.O.V.E. – Michael Jackson’s charity you were never meant to hear of

April 30, 2012

Here is an email that we have received from a group of fans who last year published a book called “It’s All About L.O.V.E. – Michael Jackson Stories You Were Never Meant To Read”, which is a collection of stories from fans who met MJ throughout the years.

They are trying to gather stories from fans who have been helped by MJ’s charity in order to publish a second book about his humanitarianism, and they asked us to help spread the word about their project to our readers. Here is their message:

We are the editors and co-writers of the book “It’s all about L.O.V.E. – Michael Jackson stories you were never meant to read” (, a collection of stories by fans from around the world about their experiences with Michael. The book quickly became a bestseller among the worldwide fan community.

Currently we are working on a new book project which focuses on Michael’s humanitarian work, and again we intend to collect stories, this time of people whom Michael helped personally or through donations, and of people who have witnessed or arranged those meetings.
Just as our previous book, all proceeds from the new project will be donated to charity in Michael’s name.

Our inspiration for this project is the strong feeling that it is high time to make this very important aspect of Michael’s life finally more publicly known. He dedicated a big part of his life, time and money to helping others without wanting to attract attention with it, but now that he is no longer here, we believe it is up to us to set the record straight for him and to tell the world what he really was about through personal stories about experiences with him. Besides that we hope that we will be able to collect money for charity, like we did with our last book, and inspire people reading the stories to do something themselves, to continue Michael’s message of giving.

The structure of the book will be similar to the last book: a collection of many different stories. We have already started contacting several people and have gotten some wonderful stories. But we want more and know that there are much more out there! Michael helped all around the world and there are so many precious hidden stories that we cannot collect them alone. We need help from the whole fan community, which is hopefully as eager as we are to let the world know about Michael, the humanitarian.

It would be wonderful to get your support for this project! We have already re-launched our website with a lot of information regarding this new project as well as a questionnaire for people who have some story to tell. So if you could inform your members about this project or let us do it, that would be a huge help. And as with our last book, we will not let it get by unnoticed but all our busy helpers will get special thank you’s in the book itself.

So please help us making this dream a reality for Michael. Please also feel free to forward this e-mail or our e-mail address ( to anyone who you might think could be of help for us!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

It’s all about LOVE,
Brigitte Bloemen, Marina Dobler, Miriam Lohr & Sonja Winterholler

UPDATED by Vindicatemj

I’ve just been to the site and in appreciation of the great job this team is doing would like to re-post here some excerpts from the previous book published by them. Here they are:

“…The next thing I know is that Michael’s stage manager (Anthony) stood in front of me, looked me in the eyes and asked me: “Do you want to meet Michael?”
First, I thought I heard wrong and just stared at him and all I could do was nod my head. Within 5 seconds I was pulled out of the front row and I was on my way backstage to meet Michael Jackson. And remember, there wasn’t a lot of time before the show was about to begin, so I am totally freaking out inside and I am desperately trying to think of things I’ve always wanted to tell him and not to have a nervous breakdown.
When we entered Michael’s wardrobe, I saw him dressed in his golden stage outfit. He walked over, gave me a firm handshake and said: “Hi Gina, how are you?”…”

by Gina Banic

“…I wasn’t prepared for what was to come next. He pulled me over to him, and he hugged me, and through more tears, I whispered, thank you. He held me tight, and whispered to me: “You should have stayed home, you look very sick.” All I could mutter to him was: “I know, but I will be okay”, and thank him again…”

by Majorie De-Faria

“…I positioned myself in front of the car, held up my poster, as all of a sudden one of the bodyguards came up to me and asked me to hand him over my banner because Michael wanted to have it. I never ever believed something like that would happen to me. I told him that I wanted to give it to Michael personally and he replied he would go and ask Michael. I couldn’t believe my ears: HE WANTS TO ASK MICHAEL! Right! My heart was jumping when he came back and told me that Michael had said yes!…”

by Sybille Wittmann

“…Michael stood up and took my hand to help me get to my feet. I looked across the room where one of the playing children had caught my attention: “Oh, she is so cute!”; I exclaimed and pointed at the curly-haired beauty. “What’s her name?” Michael followed my gaze, then broke into laughter. “That’s a boy!”; he called and I felt heat rising into my cheeks. “Oh, I… I didn’t know that”, I stuttered and was quite embarrassed. “I’m sorry!”, I apologized, and suddenly, Michael became more serious. “These are all boys”, he said and his voice was… I don’t quite know how to describe it. Heavy with meaning, perhaps? I was silent, as I didn’t know how to reply to such a statement. Filled with absolute horror, I realized that Michael’s eyes were now filled with tears. Then he whispered: “I really love children. Do YOU believe me?” The way he emphasized the “you”, implying that a lot of people didn’t believe him, ripped into my heart. The demons from his past seemed to haunt him and wouldn’t leave him alone. Now I knew absolutely for certain what I could only have guessed before: They had hurt this man deeply, pushed a knife into his heart and twisted it around. They had done him such a great injustice…”

by Silke Milpauer

“…Suddenly he turned around, looked me directly in the eyes and took my hand. Then he took one step to the side and unfolded my flag. Two corners of the 90cmx90cm square, silky flag he passed on to one of his bodyguards but kept holding on tight to the other two corners. Then he opened a black marker, literally painted a huge autograph onto it and then gave the flag back to me. I was totally surprised. I didn’t anticipate something like that for actually it was a gift for him. He lovingly looked at me and told me: “It’s wonderful”. I was lost for words. Twice I told him “Thank you, thank you, but it was for YOU!” But he said “It’s so wonderful, but it’s for YOU! This is for you.”…”

by Kerstin Reinke

The book’s Index:

Opening address – Anton & Franziska Schleiter, Germany
His message was: Love! – Alex Gernandt, Germany
Happy birthday, Michael – Andres Salinas, Spain
If only we could turn back time – Hoda Karamzadeh, Sweden
You ain’t seen nothing yet – Kerstin Reinke, Germany
Gentle soul – Bonnie Lamrock, USA
“…nothing falls like London rain…” – Katharina Roggendorf, Germany
You – Michaela Huber, Germany
The sheets – Christina Sanchez, Spain
Pinch me! – Marina Dobler, Germany
Neverland Feelings – Miriam Lohr, Germany
Michael in Oman – Samira Harib Mohd Al Maskry, Oman
From Munich to Duisburg, a true miracle – Zimmy, Germany
Cologne Calling 3rd July 1988 – Shaun Redfern, UK
My short trip to London – Vanessa Pereira, Germany
August, 28th, 1958 – Dagmar Herrmann, Germany
Running into Michael – Diane Hotchkiss, USA
The letter – Alice Oderinde, Germany
Thank you for the memories – Jannik Per Jorgensen, Denmark
A story of a very special friendship – The Appleheads, Germany
London – Charlotte Svee Hestnes, Norway
All the magic in your eyes – Sabine Fritah-Lenze, Germany
My little gift’s journey – Dawn Trethewey, Australia
The “Omni”-experience or “Oh, he’s already coming!” – Sonja Winterholler, Germany
Blue Skies, August 29, 2004 – Sandra Mojas, USA
My meeting with Michael – Dagmar Herrmann, Germany
Make that change – Hoda Karamzadeh, Sweden
American Bandstand 50th Anniversary – Marjorie De-Faria, USA
Munich 1998 or Let US entertain YOU – Brigitte Bloemen, Germany
Ain’t no sunshine: Goodbye gloved one – Pranav Dixit, India
Crazy Times – Heidi Laurito, Germany
March 17th 1996 – Paris, FRANCE… – Kader, France
I love you – Dagmar Herrmann, Germany
Seeing him live – Gabriela Bejan, Romania
HIStory Tour Bremen 1997 – Michael’s arrival – Kerstin Reinke, Germany
The soundtrack of my life – Glenda Furia, Italy
The Dangerous “balcony” Show in Tel Aviv (1993) – Julia Orendi, Birgit Hoffmann, Dagmar Wendel & Monika Reimann, Germany
Basic needs simply didn’t matter – Laura Czerska, Poland
A fan’s life – Eva Lassmann, Germany
Escape! – Dagmar Herrmann, Germany
My inspiration – Mark Makowski, Poland
Prague 1996 – MYStory – Olaf Haensch, Germany
In the eyes of those who love him – Sandra Mojas, USA
“I give you more than a hug” – Sybille Wittmann, Germany
The purest smile I have ever seen – Goncerenco Sherin, Romania
Dear Michael – Brigitte Bloemen, Germany
A cold winter’s day in Berlin – Agnes Spett, Hungary
My life as MJ “fan” – Harald Hehmann, Germany
Argentina 1993 – Anonymous, Argentina
My meeting with Michael Jackson – Gina Banic, Germany
The Elephant Man’s left hand – Sandra Mojas, USA
“Wetten, dass..?” – Petra Fischer, Germany
A poet’s notion – Carina Zieroth, Germany
Like a big brother… – Michael La Perruque, USA
Home-to-him sickness – Marina Dobler & Katharina Roggendorf, Germany
Dream come true – Marjorie De Faria, USA
Meeting Michael – How one single day has changed my life – Silke Milpauer, Germany
“Thanks Michael, it means the world to me, I love you” – Kader, France
WE are Michael Jackson – Franziska Neurieder, Germany


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    May 1, 2012 12:31 am




  2. May 1, 2012 9:00 am

    I bought that book when it first came out and really enjoyed it. Reading about the personal encounters the fans had with Michael brought him to life and showed me his goodness and the love he felt for his fans. And they certainly were dedicated to him. I’m looking forward to getting the second book as soon as it is published. These eye-witness accounts will become a valid part of Michael’s legacy to be pored over by fans and scholars alike.



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