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Michael Jackson’s Pranks or The Pains Of Creating A New Reality

June 9, 2012

Quote: “David, I really admire you work ethic and skills. You have a knack for seeing through b.s. and exposing it for what is it. I am forever posting links to your articles on my blog. Tremendous thanks for all your hard work!”

Dear reader,

My name is Helena. I am the admin of this blog and have been writing here for three years under the username of Vindicatemj together with David, Lynette and several other authors all of whom joined me at a later time.

Thank you for your words of support for our blog. A lot has indeed been done for Michael and hopefully this work will continue in this or that form.


However the ethics of the author you referred to is exactly the issue which has begun to raise questions, at least for me as the admin of this blog. Though the problem manifested itself mostly in some of his outside activity it concerns this blog as well, as a person’s behaviour should be ethical wherever he is – especially if we talk about someone who carries the proud name of a Michael Jackson supporter.

The problem of ethics had been an issue between us for some time, but it was brought to its culmination when the author we are talking of sent a public tweet to Deborah Kunesh of the Reflections On The Dance blog, writing to her in a manner so hostile, rude and insulting that I absolutely could not agree with it both as a human being and the admin of this blog.

Since the username of Sanemjfan was firmly associated with our blog I made a statement here distancing myself (and the blog) from his behaviour and hoping that it would show him that he had crossed all acceptable boundaries.

However instead of realizing the need for a change which was the reaction I very much hoped for, my message was met with a torrent of hate and twisting my words and intentions both from sanemjfan and those who support his style and evidently encourage him to go on with it.

This campaign was carried out not here, but on my Facebook page and in the process of it my message and positive comment were deleted from this blog while the negative reaction remained intact thus distorting the truth and the subject of the discussion.

Even now you can see only the odds and ends of what was left of that discussion in the comments on the About the blog page. The reason cited for this deletion was the need not to hurt the blog, however keeping all negative replies to me though the message was actually missing proves that the reasons for this move were somewhat different. The very least it was doing was presenting a one-sided and highly distorted view of the situation.

Now the initial message has been restored – with one slight correction though. Now the apology to the ROTD author is made on behalf of this blog only and not on behalf of me and sanemjfan as it was initially meant. By mentioning him I simply tried to do for him the hardest part of saying “I am sorry” to the person he insulted and hoped that he would simply join the apology this way. The matter would have been more or less settled then –  however the events took a different turn.


The practice of distorting the truth to one’s liking as well as having two different types of ethics – one for the blog (where the authors are civil) and another one for the outside of the blog (where the same people are rude) – is incompatible with the principles of absolute truth this blog has always employed in advocating Michael Jackson and the clean methods we adhered to in supporting justice for him or anyone at all.

The principles of honesty and integrity followed by us were indeed the maximal and highest of all humanly possible. If you are only half-true in what you are saying, it is better not to speak at all. If you cannot be selfless, impartial and ethical in everything you do it is better not even to start. If your methods are not clean in each detail of your work forget about doing it at all.

And if you – while standing up for Michael Jackson and defending him against his haters – cannot adhere to the principles of love and tolerance towards people, you should know that you use the weapon which is not Michael’s, you step on the ground which is not yours, and you subject yourself to a grave danger as in the process of the fight you can very well turn into a hater yourself.

This is what probably happened to some of our authors.

I see the events taking place in this blog and on my FB page as part of the general process of hate, injustice and uncalled-for hostility spreading over a big part of the Michael Jackson community. The reason for the process is of course the example set by the media and its ridicule, mockery and insults towards Michael Jackson which raised whole generations of people in this hateful style. By and by this hateful pattern of behavior became an accepted norm for many people, including Michael Jackson’s supporters who did not notice that by acquiring it too they became no better than the people they are actually fighting.

My message, restraining David from further hate and rudeness to others, was trying to shield him and the blog from hate as a phenomenon and was a desperate attempt to snatch him from the fire of it. The intention behind my message was to take him back into a different reality our vindicatemj blog was aiming to create – yes, create  –  thereality which Michael Jackson’s supporters should one day be able to make both for themselves and everyone else.


This is a reality of patience and general tolerance to people (with the exception of the few real villains), understanding human frailties and forgiveness for them as well as our complete refusal to harass anyone for the missteps all of us make. The fate of Michael Jackson who was slowly killed by people’s hatred for nothing at all was a horrible example meant to teach us to be different.

And this blog was based on the principles of goodwill and mutual help, selflessness and giving up one’s ego, patience with each other and love instilled in us by the man whom we sincerely love and respect, and whose own style and way of thinking influenced us in most of our actions.

All this kept this blog going for three years almost without a hitch. Out of these three years two years or so were spent in a beautiful cooperation between three major authors of this blog – Vindicatemj, Sanemjfan and Lynande51, so in a way we did manage to follow Michael’s example and presented to the world the picture of what joint selfless work is capable of doing when the main driving force for it is love and respect for each other.

Love in the meaning of forgiveness and understanding between people was what Michael constantly called for and following his example I repeatedly asked our authors and readers to adhere to tolerance to others, no matter whom it concerned – Frank Cascio with his book, or the Estate lawyers with their Michael album, or even such personas non-grata for most Michael’s fans as Aaron Carter and Arnold Klein.

I stood up for these people because it is my huge belief based on an extensive independent research that many of Michael’s friends and associates were deliberately slandered by the media in order to discredit them and make Michael’s fans fight over these harmless people instead of handling Michael’s real enemies.

Michael’s note on a pillow-case: “BURN ALL TABLOIDS”

This conclusion quickly brought me to a fundamental principle to always look at who the media hates in Michael’s surrounding most in order to learn whom they consider most dangerous for restoring the truth about Michael’s innocence or finding information about the real circumstances of his death.

This is why I always tried to focus not on persons per se, but on the processes going behind these persons’  backs – the people themselves were often slandered by the media in the same way as Michael Jackson was and the big idea was to compromise them as key witnesses,  as well as shift public attention from the real problems concerning Michael Jackson’s harassment and his strange death to some insignificant matters meant for distraction only.

A picture for Dr. Klein signed by Michael Jackson

This is why I always called for tolerance towards many of those who found themselves in the centre of media scandals and asked my readers to give them all the benefit of the doubt they could. Most of these people were the victims of media hate too and Dr. Arnold Klein, for example, seems to be one of them. In contrast to what many Michael’s fans think he does not seem to be an ultimate ‘villain’ in Michael’s surrounding. The extensive research I’ve done makes me think that Arnold Klein was deliberately compromised by someone who knows that his testimony may be dangerous for establishing the truth about some matters, in particular concerning the people who contributed to Michael’s death.

Sorry for this deviation from the main topic but I had to say it in case I have no chance to say it again.


Despite all my efforts to keep the readers of the blog and our authors in the realm of love, tolerance and forgiveness, hate turned out to be a much stronger power and began to take over. My colleagues’ dissatisfaction with my “apologetic” style was only growing with every new day and people kept telling me with some annoyance that I made mistakes in my assessment of some Michael’s acquaintances and even Michael himself, and my opinion was even “causing problems” in the blog.

“God don’t love us any more”

This slow shift towards hatred and intolerance contributed to misunderstandings which started arising between us due to our too big differences in the approach to one and the same problem. This controversy concerned even Michael Jackson as a human being.

One of the reasons for our major fall-out with Sanemjfan, for example, was my sudden discovery that he was strongly against regarding Michael as a man of high morals and ethics. As far as I know this sudden shift in his attitude towards Michael was due to the water balloon and supersoaker pranks which Michael (probably) played on someone in his younger years.

Here are some of David’s views on Michael’s pranks from the public discussion on the ROTD thread which he himself made screenshots of and sent to me and others. Frankly after reading this I am no longer surprised why some people stopped talking to him soon after that:

I’ve had a problem with this “let’s follow MJ’s example” for a very long time now. Not just me, but a LOT of people I’ve talked to as well. MJ was an ordinary man with EXTRAordinary talent, no doubt about that. Yes, he was very loving, caring, blah blah blah, but he also acted in ways that are TOTALLY INCONSISTENT with his public image.

Myself (and many others) feel that those pranks should be condemned, and should not be dismissed as “harmless”, because the people on the receiving end of those pranks surely were not amused, and personally I wish MJ and all of his friends would have been arrested and charged with assault for what they did, because that’s what they deserved.

Let me be honest: I’m upset with you because when I initially told you my feelings on the pranks, you suggested that both Ratner and Rishada Jones may have lied or embellished their stories just to be sensational and portray MJ in a negative light. Because of your reputation, I believed you. I got the impression that you thought that MJ was incapable of doing such things, as I did as well.

I don’t want to accuse you of anything, so let me ask you, and you can explain: I believe that you didn’t want me to know that Ratner and Rishada’s stories could possibly be true, and that there was corroborating evidence in the Rabbi’s book, so you deliberately didn’t tell me about the information contained in the book. Either that, or you just forgot. If you truly forgot, than I apologize in advance for the insinuation. But let me ask you this: how did you remember to use his book to get those quotes about MJ’s thoughts on women, which you used in a previous status update on MJ’s porn?

That is why I’m so suspicious, because it’s like you tried to suppress something that would portray MJ in a negative light. It seemed to me that you were acting more like MJ’s publicist instead of an objective journalist. It’s as if you’re infatuated with MJ, or “in love” with him, or “smitten” by him, and it’s clouding your objectivity. And if you really feel that way about him, that’s fine, I have no problems with that.

..Unlike many fans, I don’t see MJ as a “family member”. I’m not in love with him, and to me it’s not blasphemy to criticize some of his mistakes (such as the baby dangling incident, or letting other people’s kids sleep in his bed after 1993).

Many people on this page are CONSTANTLY saying things like “MJ wouldn’t do this or that”, or “We need to be more like MJ”, and they rarely get challenged. I see a lot of your posts like that, and they get a bunch of “likes”. Many fans, myself included, are disturbed by this EXCESSIVE behavior, and just feel that it’s unnecessary to defend him and present him in a truthful light. I spoke to someone about this earlier, and they described your page as a “cult”, but never said anything about this to you because they knew you and some of your readers would take it the wrong way because they think that you’re too emotionally attached to MJ, and can’t be objective, or accept any constructive criticism.

I’m not saying he’s a bad person, but my respect for him has dropped PRECIPITOUSLY. I’ll still defend him against the allegations, but I will NO LONGER defend him against people making fun of his looks, or his Vitiligo, or calling him “Wacko Jacko”, because as much as he complained about being verbally abused, he had no problem giving PHYSICAL abuse to those people.

I do not feel sorry for him anymore.

…And if you want to accuse me of hating MJ, then wait until next week, when I post a 75 page article that I recently completed which DEFENDS MJ against the false allegations! We’ll see how “judgmental” I am of MJ then! Why would I do that if I hate him?

…If you choose not to read Vindicate MJ anymore, that’s your decision. But either way, you’re gonna hear about my post, one way or the other, because it will be spread throughout the fan community, on FB, Twitter, and numerous MJ blogs, just as many of our posts are. And when you hear people talking about how great and wonderful it is, I’m sure you give in and give it a read or two!

If my comments tonight shocked you, then that says more about you than me. It really doesn’t surprise me, because you can’t have a civil conversation about criticizing MJ with someone whose FB page is literally a shrine to him!

…Hopefully this thread will still be here when I return, but if it gets deleted, I’ll understand. Most fans just utterly refuse to see MJ in any way other than their own. Fortunately, I’ve taken screenshots of this entire thread, so I can use it for future reference when I show my non-MJ friends what happens when you dare criticize MJ’s actions.”

Well, it this is how an MJ advocate sees Michael I really do not know what to expect of MJ’s haters!And if  he indeed discusses Michael with his non-MJ friends in the same manner he does it here and makes screenshots of the conversations to show them “what happens when he criticizes Michael’s actions” I do not really know what to expect of him in the future as regards his attitude towards Michael Jackson at all.

And how can we do the same vindication job for Michael Jackson if our views on Michael as a human being (and his pranks among other things) are totally different?

Throwing water balloons at people from a balcony or at homeless people at night is outrageous of course, but just for a start I doubt most of the details of these stories told about Michael. After his first interview about the pranks Brett Ratner, for example, called Howard Stern’s show again and admitted that he had “got carried away” in the first interview, used some “embellishments” and said some things “for show only” and it wasn’t a “homeless” person he was talking of,  but a surfer, and no one threw anything but the car stopped and Michael got out of it in a mask and it was not meant to be demeaning …..

Well, the rest of the disclaimer we simply didn’t hear because that vicious Stern clown didn’t allow Ratner to explain himself further,  evidently for fear of him refuting the whole of his story.  If  Stern had not taken the conversation in another direction I am more than sure that we would have heard an admission from Ratner that the whole story was a huge exaggeration from beginning to end.

Here is the disclaimer interview, the conversation about the pranks starts at around 5:00

But even if those pranks have some grain of truth in them they may still be viewed from a totally different angle and can be turned into a good vindication tool by a Michael Jackson advocate. They explain to us and to the general public why Michael liked so much to hang out with youngsters and why many of them were boys.

Rashida Jones: “Michael basically grew up with us, so I have a million memories of him. We were at each other’s house all the time. He was definitely a little bit of an alien, for sure, and when I was young, it felt as if he was my age, not 18 years older, but with just a little bit more pep.”

The pranks do give a unique insight into Michael’s way of thinking and behavior. As usual the pranks were publicized by the media to show Michael in the negative light, but instead they showed why Michael was keen on having friends of the Macaulay Culkin type or girls like Rashida Jones. Rashida practically grew up by Michael’s side, was a willing participant in his boyish games, and was therefore very much welcome into the gang.

What the pranks prove is that Michael remained a big child for a very long period of his life, had a huge problem with growing up and liked “hanging out” in a manner all teenagers do.

Due to the limitations his fame set on him they often did it at night as during the daytime he was mobbed (and he couldn’t sleep at night anyway), so all of them hang out in his huge personal quarters where some of them dozed off after their escapades – and hence all those improvised slumber parties.

And of course it was Michael’s totally ruined, crooked and twisted childhood which was one of the reasons for the teenage style he adhered to even when an adult.


This theme is what David scornfully calls “all this bla-bla-bla about his childhood”. Well, some people regard it as “bla-bla” while Michael’s ruined childhood was indeed the root of many of his problems including the pranks (if we can call it a problem at all).

Pranks and all that “hanging out” with children gave Michael a chance to relive again the childhood stage of his life which he fully missed when he was young and which he wanted to somehow compensate for when becoming an adult.

Everything was upside down in Michael’s life – he supported his huge family and performed at three in the morning in some night clubs at a tender age when other children go to kindergartens and have their water balloon fights there.  However he had a chance to relax and play children’s games only much later when the people of his age had already passed over to the next stage. They became grown-ups and got interested in the games played by adult people – while Michael’s desire was to go back and reverse to a younger age to enjoy all the loveliness of childhood, with all its foolishness and carefree attitude that go with it.

Michael Jackson and Emmanuel Lewis on the Cover of Jet in 1984. Emmanuel Lewis is 13 years old in this picture (born in 1971) but due to his small height he always looked like a toddler. Even at the age 31 he was 1,02m tall.  Emmanuel Lewis spoke about Michael Jackson in Howard Stern’s show – here is the short account of it by one blogger: “Howard brought up how Michael Jackson used to carry Emmanuel around like a baby when they used to hang out. Howard asked him if he thought Michael was in love with him. Emmanuel said Michael was a friend of his family and he used to hang around with the whole family, not just him. Howard asked if it was true that Michael used to bathe him. Emmanuel asked Howard if he was crazy after hearing that.  Howard wouldn’t get off the Michael Jackson thing though. He asked him if he ever came on to him or fondled him. Emmanuel said nothing like that ever happened. He was also ready to go over and kick Howard’s ass. He said he don’t play that from where he’s from.”

He was reliving the joys of childhood with the help of kids like Macaulay Culkin, Frank Cascio, Emmanuel Lewis or Rashida Jones. They were simply living their age and he was there to relive their childhood together with them.  And though intellectually Michael was very bright and business savvy as he read contracts at a time when others read only comics or adventure novels, emotionally he was still a teenage prankster and was a little insensitive to the consequences in the same way teenagers often are. All they see is the fun of it, especially when they get too carried away.

He was a good-natured teenager though. When told to behave himself and not keep people waiting at meetings, for example, as he initially did, he felt remorseful, understood and corrected his ways (as John Landis, Kit Culkin and many others say about him). And when staying in hotels he used to send huge surprise dinners as presents to some of the hotel visitors. What if it was his way of apologizing for soaking these people with water ballons the night before?

Whatever it is but these pranks are absolutely no reason to consider Michael unethical and a man of poor morals – all of us were teenagers in due time and it was only Michael’s role to be a teenager which was somehow misplaced in time.


Lyrics of an unknown song: “God knows that I am innocent”

Michael was the man of infinite goodness, exceptionally clean soul and a deep and sincere belief in God. In fact Michael was the embodiment of inner goodness and was indeed an innocent little dove,  only with some ruffled feathers on the outside.

There is one crucial thing to know about Michael. Despite the twenty years of his totally inhuman harassment he was so full of love and goodwill towards people that he never fell a victim to hate – even despite all the mockery and tortures people  subjected him to. He suffered physically because hate was killing him like poison, but spiritually he remained the same loving and gentle man he was before and this is the most amazing thing about him of all.

He did display some outbreaks of anger which were very few, but he forgave even those who behaved towards him like his worst enemies (La Toya, for example). And as regards his accusers and most vicious harassers he eventually said that he didn’t hate them but was bewildered by their attitude towards him as he simply could not understand why…

In fact we saw it with our own eyes in the This is it footage that after the decades of his deadly character assassination Michael still remained the epitome of gentleness, love and respect for people. His humble spirit, never-ending desire to help others and let another person “shine” when his moment came, his good nature and belief in the goodness of other people is what amazes you most, especially when you remember that he himself was treated not as a human being but as someone worse than an animal…

He never turned nasty, revengeful and spiteful though of all people in the world he had the most reasons to turn that way.

He showed us the example of a totally different type of stoicism – the one based on love and understanding, forgiveness to people and gratitude to others even for the tiny little good they ever did to him.

Please compare it with the amount and degree of hate some people feel for others, and often for no reason at all, and you will see all the difference in the world between Michael’s behavior and way of thinking, and that of the people who say they are his supporters but look at the world with the blind eyes of hate.

2 days before he died

It is this incredible Michael’s stoicism and immunity to hate which I absolutely admire in him as a human being. I do not “worship” him as David Edwards claims I do, but I look up to Michael’s resistance to hatred as the example of behavior I could never even imagine in a human being. To me it is a standard of the top possible ethical and moral strength which is superior to anything else I’ve ever seen in life.

Unattainable as it is for us poor mortals, the example is here, right in front of our eyes, displayed in every painful detail for all of us to see and learn from it. Yes, learn from it because it was exactly this Michael’s feature which opened to him the hearts of millions of people, got them to return their love to him and show themselves at their very best.

If Michael had grown nasty in reply to all the dirt, venom and cruelty he had to face, we would have liked him all the same as a genius of a composer and dancer of course, but it would have been without that sincere and deep love we have for him now. Because you cannot really love a genius if he spits hate –  even if this hate is fully justified by some circumstances of his life.

However Michael turned out to be exactly the opposite – despite all he had to endure he was still radiating love, light, hope, encouragement for others and displaying exceptional resilience and strength. And you know what?  His example is something which now helps many of us to survive and keep going in our own moments of utter despair too.

Is this probably why we love Michael Jackson so much? Because this frail, humbled and harassed man helps us to survive now?


Corrections of the History tour teaser made by Michael: “Too much Me-ism”

This blog was started in the spirit of unity and love for the man all of us dearly loved and respected, so the changes we and the blog suddenly underwent have taken me somewhat unawares and became a huge blow and disappointment to me.

After all the disagreement we have had between ourselves where can we go from this point?

The only way-out I see at the moment is leave the blog in its present state for fear that if we go on with it, it might turn into something opposite of what it was always meant to be – a little space of love and new and clean reality created for Michael Jackson by his supporters.

If we cannot go on in this spirit any more it will be wrong to proceed. If this spirit miraculously returns to us one day then it will be the moment to resume the blog again. However until that moment I suggest we close it.

This blog is a beautiful chapter in the life of all those who contributed to it –  so let it be a kind of a monument to the work we did day and night standing up for the man whose greatness all of us fully understand, but whose purity some of us are yet to grasp.

Each of us will go his own way now and do something different if he has the strength for it, of course. I for one have been reduced to such an unhappy state by all these circumstances that most probably will not be able to ever resume the work.

However never say never as the saying goes.

And though I announce this blog officially closed now, we will always be there for Michael, won’t we?


Better things are to come. Michael Jackson

  1. Curt Pierre permalink
    June 9, 2012 3:15 am

    Are you really gonna close the blog down?


  2. lynande51 permalink
    June 9, 2012 3:37 am

    My understanding is that it will be archived. Am I right where people can still come to read the articles.


  3. lynande51 permalink
    June 9, 2012 4:14 am

    Part of this post includes an email from David to another person. It was in fact Deborah Kunesh of ROTD blog. In it David had just recently heard about MJ and some of the more unkind pranks that he used to pull on people. They struck a nerve with David and the email that Helena has posted is that one.After that email was written Brett Ratner then denied that it occured. That is when David understood that the circumstances were not what he first understood them to be and he continued to write numerous posts defending Michael including his vitiligo and refuting the fact that he took other peoples children into his bed. That was explained to him by me that that particular statement is not true.He did not continue to sleep with other peoples children.
    The blog will not disappear. It will be here for people to read,


  4. June 9, 2012 5:00 am

    This is all a surprise to me – I have no idea what was happening among the contributors of this blog, and I don’t want to know. But I want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to this blog, especially in regards to the 93 and 05 cases and people and events surrounding them. I learned an immense amount of facts here. This blog has been hands down the most balanced, informative and well-researched resource on the internet in debunking allegations and slander against Michael Jackson. It truly lived up to its name.
    It’s sad to see this journey coming to an end.

    Please do not delete this blog – for Michael’s sake, as it’s an absolutely invaluable wealth of information and a source of truth. I will continue linking to it and coming back to it, as I’m sure other people will.

    Thank you for what you did for Michael. He would be so proud to have such fans.


  5. ares permalink
    June 9, 2012 5:10 am

    This is indeed so sad. Is this decision final, can’t there be done something and VMJ continue to be an active blog?


  6. June 9, 2012 5:21 am

    Dear Helena, you have said it all here, and said it so beautifully. I wish this blog post was daily required reading for all MJ bloggers, tweeters, fan club staff and members, really anyone who loves MJ, and ESPECIALLY anyone who represents him and his fans in any broader way, such as with a blog or a fan club. Maybe with daily reading the message here will eventually sink in and be internalized and lived.

    I truly hope that you just need a break and will be back in some form, as your voice is one that needs to be lifted up in the MJ family, not lost forever. It feels like hate keeps winning, over and over again. I am at a loss for how to change that, and so I choose to remove myself more and more from the MJ community, but your words give me a glimmer of hope. Rest and be well, and I will hold out hope that your words will not fall on entirely deaf ears.

    Better things are to come. Michael said it, so it must be so.


  7. sanemjfan permalink
    June 9, 2012 5:54 am

    To the readers of Vindicate MJ:

    It has been a tremendous privilege and honor to write for this blog and help educate fans around the world about the injustices that were done to MJ. This has been a labor of love for me, and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it.

    My motivation for writing about MJ came from the fact that, after his tragic death in June 2009, I noticed that there were many fans that were looking for answers, and wanted to know how to better defend MJ. I personally witnessed fans who tried in vain to defend MJ, but didn’t know the facts, and they were clobbered by haters and skeptics and made to feel embarrassed to like MJ. For example, I was listnened to a talk radio show host who continually played MJ’s comments about sharing beds from the Bashir documentary and 60 Minutes interview, and he would ask people if MJ sounds like someone who is deserving of the media attention that his death was getting, and people would call in and bash MJ, and the few fans who called in were ridiculed. They couldn’t explain why MJ settled the case in 1993, couldn’t explain why MJ had alarms outside of his bedroom, couldn’t explain why Jordan Chandler gave a matching description (even though it obviously didn’t match! But that’s what the media reported), couldn’t explain why MJ was holding hands with Gavin in the documentary, and so on and so forth.

    I wanted to do my part to get answers to these and many other pressing questions so that fans would know how to stand up for MJ and properly and effectively defend him without fear of being ridiculed. For almost 2 years I have written numerous posts to do my best to help vindicate MJ, and I based on the feedback that I have gotten from fans, I believe that I have done a good job of doing so.

    This blog was very unique to me because it focused almost exclusively on the allegations, and didn’t have any posts about his music, his marriages, etc. It was a research blog, and it was exactly what I was looking for after MJ’s death, and exactly the kind of blog I wanted to write for, which is why I accepted Helena Ovchinnikova’s invitation to write for the blog in 2010.

    We had a good relationship until a few months ago, when she sided with a reader who took exception to the fact that I refused to defend the Jehovah’s Witnesses against the criticisms of a Christian blogger whose attacks on MJ I refuted in this post: If you look in the comments section, you’ll see the spat that we had about this issue.

    I took the position that this blog is about vindicating MJ, and not about advocating or opposing anyone’s religious or political views. If I had defended the JW’s against that blogger, I was worried of starting a religious debate on the blog, because most Christians do not consider Jehovah’s Witnesses to be true Christians, due to their heretical theology. You can read this article for more information; and remember, this isn’t my opinion, but the opinion of this author, and most religious scholars:

    In April, Helena posted 2 articles about the Jehovah’s Witnesses that had nothing whatsoever to do with vindicating MJ! The first post was essentially a summary of the theology of the JW’s, and at the very end Helena repeated the very falsehood that me and so many others tried to disprove by stating that MJ was still a JW when he died!

    This second post was about the history of the JW’s! Once again, nothing whatsoever to do with vindicating MJ of the false allegations!

    A few years ago, Helena and a few readers got into a heated debate on the blog about her negative views on homosexuality, [VMJ: my views are not “negative”, I just feel sorry for them. And I stopped discussing it long ago] and things got very ugly, and it was a huge distraction on the blog, so she stopped making those comments, and everything cooled off. I didn’t want a repeat of that regarding religion, so I suggested to Helena that she remove those 2 posts from Vindicate MJ and post them unto her OWN personal blog, which she started a few months ago: [VMJ: The blog is not started]

    To me, posting those articles about the JW’s would be like me posting an article about which album was the best! Both of those topics are irrelevant to the focus of the blog, which is the false allegations!

    Helena was offended for whatever reason, and ever since then she has had it out against me. During this time, I told Helena that I don’t put MJ or any other human being on a moral pedestal, and she felt that those comments somehow disqualified me from being able to effectively stand up for MJ!

    As a result, I was demoted on the blog [from an editor to an author], and I lost some of my privileges (for example, I was no longer allowed to moderate comments or add links to the blog roll.)

    Things took a turn for the worse when I got into a public dispute with Debbie Kunesh, the owner of the Reflections on the Dance website. Debbie claimed that I sent out emails to her friends to slander her, and that those emails were forwarded to her, and after reading them she decided to block me from her FB page. I asked Debbie repeatedly to show me these emails, and she refused, so in my anger I publicly blasted her on Twitter and told her to “Put up or shut up!” Helena read this and immediately took Debbie’s side without finding out the facts first. This lead to a heated debate between myself, Helena, and several other people on Helena’s FB page, and as a result, Helena has decided that she won’t contribute to Vindicate MJ anymore, and will eventually archive it. (Which means the posts will remain, but comments will no longer be allowed.)

    Helena will say that I disrespected her by asking her to remove those two irrelevant posts on the JW’s, but the fact is that I have overshadowed her on her own blog, and she is supremely JEALOUS , and cannot stand that fact that I am more known in the fan community, I have almost 1,000 followers on Twitter, I am more knowledgeable about the allegations than she is (she is still clueless about many aspects of the 2005 trial due to her refusal to read the trial transcripts), and was on pace to surpass her in the total number of posts on the blog. [VMJ, Dear David, I do not refuse to read the trial transcripts, I read them a lot]

    Recently, she became aware of some harsh criticism that I leveled at MJ last November, when I became aware of his knack for shooting waterguns and throwing waterballoons at innocent bystanders without their consent. Me and Deborah Kunesh got into a big fight last November because I felt she had lied to me about her knowledge of those pranks.

    It began when Brett Ratner, who directed Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour movies, did an interview where he stated that he and MJ threw water balloons at a homeless person in the middle of the night. I thought this was another lie, because it seemed antithetical to MJ’s loving personality. However, I remembered reading an interview with Rashida Jones (daughter of Quincy Jones) and she stated that when she was teen (and MJ was in his late 20’s to early 30’s) they went out and shot supersoaker waterguns at people as drove away, and I was very disturbed by this. I found it hard to believe that someone as close to MJ as Rashida would deliberately lie about something like this, especially since she has always defended him against the allegations.

    But when I read Rabbi Boteach’s book “The MJ Tapes”, where MJ himself described how he and Frank Cascio once dumped a bucket full of water on people from a balcony as they ate in the middle of the night (and Cascio himself describes that incident here in this interview: ), I was deeply upset and said it was wrong of him to do that.

    I asked Debbie Kunesh about this incident that was described in the book, and she said she had no knowledge of it, which I thought was odd because she constantly quotes from that book. I asked her how could she not know about it if she has read the book, and she said that she did read the whole book, which I didn’t believe at all, so I accused her of lying to me and trying to cover up this incident because it didn’t fit with the holy and divine image of MJ that she tried to portray on her page. This erupted into a big argument, during which I said (in anger) that I would stop defending MJ and writing about him, because I was so upset.

    I don’t feel that there is any excuse, justification, or rationalization for any grown adult to throw a water balloon at another grown adult, not even MJ! Just because I’m an advocate of MJ, it doesn’t mean I have to be an apologist for him, and make excuses for every poor decision he made in life. I was more upset with the way Debbie and some of her readers attacked me for saying that MJ was wrong, and for their ridiculous rationalizations of those pranks (“He didn’t have a childhood!”, “So what? He didn’t hurt anyone!”, and “His charitable works outweigh his mistakes!” I never said MJ was evil, or that those pranks defined who he was as a person, or anything on that level; all I said was that he was wrong!

    Anyway, Helena cherry picked that entire thread of comments, and chose the one comment that I made where I, in anger at the situation, said I wouldn’t write for MJ, and she now is trying to somehow use it against me to say that I am somehow “unfit” to be an admin [editor] of Vindicate MJ, and that she no longer wants to work with me. In fact, she says that if she had known about my rant when it first happened, she would have kicked me off [VMJ: would have asked you to leave] the blog last November!

    Let me tell you the utter stupidity in that logic: ever since last November, I have written over 40 posts about MJ! And I’m nowhere done writing about him! I just started summarizing the entire 2005 trial, and I’m about 1/3 finished! And Helena has complimented me and thanked me on nearly every single one! So if you want to know my feelings on MJ (as if they matter), look at the work that I have done since last November, and not at a few statements I made out of anger at certain people in the fan community. Here is the list of all 72 posts that I have done on this blog [VMJ: out of the total of 291 where 185 are mine]:

    Just for the record, I stand behind everything that I said about those pranks, but it shouldn’t matter, because I did not write about those pranks, and I never will! The only topic I will ever write about is how to fight the false allegations! And I don’t have to be a “crazy, rabid” fan to do that!

    Despite all of the fighting and bickering that has taken place behind the scenes, I have continued to make posts and contribute to the blog, and I asked Helena to just put all of this behind us for the sake of the blog. But she refused to do so, and the aftermath of all of this is the result of her own pride, arrogance, and jealousy. Hands down! Helena has chosen to act like the spoiled brat who didn’t get picked to play a game of pickup basketball, and decided to take her ball home with her and deny everyone else the chance to play. Her actions are denying the other admins [VMJ: authors] from continuing to write for the blog, and are denying the fans from learning!

    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING that we argued over had any effect whatsoever on our ability to write for the blog (as evidence by all the posts I did throughout May and June when this was going on), but as I said before, Helena just cannot accept the fact that I have overshadowed her, and she would rather shut the blog down and hurt fans than work with me again. So be it. To the fans out there, just know that I tried my best to work this out and get Helena to return to the blog, but she refused, so you know who to blame.

    If you read her status from May 17th, you’ll see a heated discussion thread with 378 comments, in which we fought and argued bitterly over her stubbornness and jealousy, and she refused to budge an inch. She’s willing to let her disdain for me end her vindication work for MJ. [VMJ: Vindication work needs some strength which I am currently lacking. I hope to regain it one day though it is difficult at my age]

    But don’t worry! I will never stop blogging about MJ, and I will continue with my goal of summarizing the entire 2005 trial! Lynette and I have already started constructing our own blog, and we are in the process of copying our posts (and their comments) to the new blog.

    This process may take a few days or a few weeks, but once it’s done, we will make the blog public and let everyone know about it. Everything will remain the same, and Lynette and I will keep working hard to vindicate MJ’s name and educate the fan community. [VMJ: I wish you every success in your work. Thank you, David]


  8. nannorris permalink
    June 9, 2012 6:42 am

    I came on here hoping to find Gavin Arvizo court transcripts , but instead found this sad outcome.
    I just can not really understand how these things have escalated to such a point that the good works and investigations being done here , no longer seem to be the focal point..
    This is by far the best site for information regarding those bogus accusations made against MJ and I have gotten a wealth of insight from all the contributors ..
    I hope somehow this blog could continue or another alternative comes along because this is the point where we a finally getting to peel away the layers of trash MJ had been buried under,
    And I love this series on the court transcripts..I think going over the motions and things said supposedly under oath by these frauds is so important to shine a light on..
    Thanks to each and every person for all their outstanding work.


  9. siu siu permalink
    June 9, 2012 6:52 am

    I didn’t get it, how close down for people who love to read it. Ignore those who dislike, if they don’t like, they will drop it.


  10. sanemjfan permalink
    June 9, 2012 6:52 am

    if this blog does become only an archive David and I have plans to start another. We hope that we will be alowed to export the pages from here with Helena’s permission because as some of you know many of my comments are actually separate articles about the allegations and the comments of our readers are just as important to us as our own.
    It will be sad to see an end to VMJ and to have it archived. I feel that at this point we are no where near vindicating Michael completely and that was the job that I set out to do in the beginning.
    It was different for me than the other authors here. I was a lifelong fan of Michael since I first heard Never Can Say Goodby when I was 11 years old. I used to have pictures of Michael ftom teen magazines like 16 and Tigerbeat all over my walls LOL. I have never not defended him and I will never stop.


  11. June 9, 2012 6:54 am

    This is so sad and unexpected. 😦

    Thank you to EVERYONE who worked on this site! I`ve learned a WEALTH of information and will pass it on.


  12. June 9, 2012 6:55 am

    Why close the blog? Can’t you continue without sanemj ? This is terrible. Is a victory to the haters. I’m very desapointed.


  13. sanemjfan permalink
    June 9, 2012 7:03 am

    I left this comment here, but it is still in moderation, so for now you can read my response to this post in this Twitlonger:


  14. lynande51 permalink
    June 9, 2012 7:06 am

    Yes but considering the work that David has done since he was first angry he should be able to write for Michael too. What Helena’s article has not explained is that it is not an email to her. She did not see it originally and it was only recently sent to her from the recipient.This email happened sometime last September I believe that was when it happened. David moved on after we (he and I) had a discussion between he and I and has since written 40 posts about Michael right here on this blog and defending him in many ways. He wrote far more than me and Helena was always the adminstrator. She can do as she likes it is her blog. I however will never stop defending Michael. I recently posted a comment that I was signed in as David because I am in the process of opening a new blog. I will explain it again for those of you who do not understand. I have been a fan since i was 11 years old when I first heard Never Can Say Goodby and have always defended Michael. That will never stop and I do intend to continue because I feel that the job of completely vindicating Michael is not over. At least not for me it isn’t.


  15. DVT permalink
    June 9, 2012 7:09 am

    Thank you Helena.


  16. June 9, 2012 7:22 am

    Why not just split and have two blogs? If sanemjfan wants to go in a different direction, surely he can create his own site. And Helen can use this blog anyway she wants. Every one of us has a wide range of behaviors. Michael came from a family of wildly rambunctious boys who were used to playing rough pranks on each other. It’s true, sometimes he went too far. But I believe the Michael we saw in TII had matured tremendously. The trial, exile, raising his children, and public malice did much to temper him. I don’t think anyone, including David, could have gone through the lows of Michael’s life and come out unscathed. Considering the hell so many people put MJ through for so long, he emerged as a remarkable human being. That’s the way I will continue to see him.


  17. lynande51 permalink
    June 9, 2012 7:57 am

    And that is the way I see him too. The thing that I have been talking about is just being able to defend him. I have the right to defend him just like our readers do, just as David does. We all do it for different reasons and we all do it in different ways. Helena can continue to take her direction but we should be allowed to continue in our way as well. We just need time to transfer many things like the media library and our own posts with the comments that we have made and the comments that are attached to our posts. It cannot be done unless one or the other of us is allowed to export the blog to a new one.It is just a mere technicality at this point and would like that opportunity.


  18. lynande51 permalink
    June 9, 2012 8:00 am

    Maybe it would help if Helena were to take a poll regarding the topics that our readers feel are important to them before she suspends the blog comments.


  19. June 9, 2012 8:22 am

    “Why close the blog? Can’t you continue without sanemj?”

    Dear readers, here is the final word before closing the comments. David and Lynette have stated their opinion of the situation and their comments will stay here as it is fair to let them have their say too, though obviously I don’t agree with some of their statements.

    Their and the other authors’ posts are all theirs and they have the full right to copy them and take them to their own blogs. In fact they have informed me on several occasions that they were going to open blogs of their own and I really wish them every success in their work – because their success will be primarily Michael’s success and this is all that matters in the end.

    As regards me the situation is much more complex because I felt crushed and unable to write even when the first dozen of messages arrived from my co-authors on the subject of what to do with my posts, and why I should delete them and move to another place, though I felt that they were very important for understanding Michael.

    I was all the more disabled when messages started arriving in packages demanding that I should stop kidding and restore David to his editor status or even make him the admin (he and the others were never my co-admins though I sometimes called them that way just out of respect).

    And the final and a totally unexpected blow arrived when I was trashed like a criminal on my FB book page by the people who were civil to me in the blog and ‘respectfully’ invited me back to write here as if nothing happened.

    I cannot write now simply because I cannot pretend that everything is fine in this little team of ours. No, everything is not just fine between us and in order not to make it even worse I’ve chosen to close the blog to be fair to each of the authors and even sacrificing my role and part in it.

    Continuing alone here would be like living in a house which was burned down anyway, because it was my dream of working in a team which was burned down in the very first place.

    Leaving the blog in the hands of that part of the team which turned on me was an option which I was seriously considering for some time (“even if they trash me they still do the vindication work” was my line of reasoning), but when I got familiar with that notable November discussion of the pranks I decided against this idea just to be on the safe side – especially since my own recent fall-out with sanemjfan was exactly about the issue of him not thinking much of Michael’s human qualities and considering Michael a human being no better than any other entertainer.

    This was something I could never agree with. I will never compare Michael Jackson with Lady Gaga, for example, as their message to the world is absolutely different (actually the opposite). This blog has always been in awe of Michael’s human qualities and agreeing to a chance that the blog might take a totally different direction towards Michael in my absence was no longer an option for me.

    Hence the decision to close it while it still retained the spirit of love and respect for the man we whole-heartedly supported and while it still had the spirit of unity which was prevailing here for almost the two years of joint work.

    I am not planning (God forbid) to delete the blog. I only want to close the comments section as there will actually be no one to attend to them any more. So good-bye to everyone, and hopefully we will see each other again at some other places one day.

    My big thanks to all our readers and all the authors who contributed to this blog. The fire and dedication they brought into it was invaluable and this is what will stay here forever.



  20. lynande51 permalink
    June 9, 2012 8:31 am

    Here is a link to the new site.


  21. June 9, 2012 9:18 am

    Lynette, thank you for the link. I will try to provide you and David with all the help I can.

    Exporting posts does not work as I we discussed it earlier, so everything will have to be copied manually, alas. The comments can be copied too and included in the text of the posts (just an idea) together with names of the people, as manual copying does not give a chance to move the comments. I could also try and contact the wordpress engineers to help you do the export/import, but cannot guarantee the result.

    Please go on with the vindication work and I wish you every success with it.

    * * *

    The comments section in this blog has been closed. The blog is shut down.


  22. June 10, 2012 11:33 am



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