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MJ, “Abortion Papers”, Faith, Christianity and Going Deeper, by Deborah Kunesh

September 24, 2012

Deborah Kunesh has sent a Facebook note that it is okay to share around her post on the “Abortion papers” song by Michael Jackson that was recently released in the Bad 25th album. The song impressed everyone so much that even Michael’s haters are silenced into a stunned confusion and have to admit that it is one of Michael’s best.  

The subject of the song is the source of even bigger bewilderment for Michael’s fans and non-fans alike. So in order to  clarify things I decided to post here Deborah Kunesh’s marvellous article as it is perfect to explain Michael’s views on this sensitive issue and shows the deepness of his faith in God (whether people like it or not).

This will be only part of Deborah’s post (for the full of it please go here). The reposting is done quite accurately with only one exception – one of her thoughts will come in bold type as it stands out to me as the most important one for understanding Michael Jackson’s religious views and manner of thinking in general.

Let me also give special thanks to Deborah for the memories shared about Michael by his vocal teacher Seth Riggs  (I hear he was in contact with Michael even in the later years of his life when Michael took vocal lessons from him over the telephone) and Richard Rossi, singer/songwriter/actor who also knew Michael personally.

The facts these people tell us about Michael are invaluable.

Here is Debbie Kunesh’s post:

MJ, “Abortion Papers”, Faith, Christianity and Going Deeper

by Reflections On The Dance, An Honest Look at Michael Joseph Jackson on Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yesterday, my husband and I went out and I got away from all of this for a bit. While we were out, we stopped in one of our favorite bookstores and as usual, I headed to my favorite sections of the store to peruse some books. I picked up one book that focused on loving others (relationship love as well as loving-your-neighbor kind of love). I always try to read as much as possible, and learn. I think that’s really important. You should never stop learning throughout your life….learning, growing, improving.

I took the book with me to sit down and skimmed through it. I came up to a chapter that, believe it or not, spoke about one woman’s experience with abortion! In a book that really had nothing at all to do with abortion and did not hint at it in any way from the title or the summary of the book on it’s cover.

Whenever things like this happen, I really feel that God is talking to me, giving me answers to the things on my mind and that I am trying to share with all of you. Because this subject and Michael’s song, had been on my mind all that day and the few days preceding.

Later last night after we got home, my husband was scanning through the television channels and came upon a program that was speaking on political issues. I don’t get too involved in politics and normally don’t watch because politics to me pulls people apart rather than drawing them together. But I sat there and listened for a few minutes, fully ready to get up and go about a few more things I had to get done as soon as it was over, as the subject was interesting. Right after this guest, this host had another guest on and she was someone who was told to abort her baby, but decided not to.

Well, I had to sit up straight and take attention now, because the past few days this had been forefront in my mind due to Michael’s song, and then we go out, I pick up a random book and find an abortion story staring back at me within the confines of this book that did not hint at it, and then sit down and watch tv and yet, another story about abortion, all while Michael’s song and the controversy and confusion surrounding it, was on my mind. This was definitely not coincidence and I felt that God was showing me what I needed to share. So, here it is:

Let me start out by sharing with you something that correlates to the song’s subject matter. Some may be aware of this already, but my guess is that most are not.

Pattie was a young girl who lived a troubled life…sex and drug abuse, repeated molestation and attempted suicide. She became pregnant at 17 and gave birth at the age of 18. During her suicide attempt, she shares that she had a spiritual experience in the hospital that let her know that God was very real. When she became pregnant at a young age, everyone around her, including her parents, tried to convince her to have an abortion. She decided against it. At the young age of 18, Pattie Mallette gave birth to a boy. His name? Justin Bieber.

Completely true story and just one of many stories like this.

So many times, we are told that it’s not really a baby. We forget that as human beings, we all start out this way…as a small seed, complete with all of the cells and DNA we need from the moment of conception, just needing to grow and develop further. I think about as well, what if Mrs. Katherine had made that decision. This world would never have known the gifts that Michael brought to us. What if your own mother had made that decision? This, I believe, is what Michael speaks of in this song and the reality he was trying to put out there, to prevent women from the pain of this decision and it’s consequences and to spare life. It was not his desire to create pain, shame or further guilt. I believe he wanted to point in the right direction and make people think, as he always did.

It was Justin’s mother who appeared as a guest on the program I watched last night. I had never heard this story before and I felt certain, after both the abortion story in the random book I picked up, and then finding this guest on a show that I normally don’t even watch, that I needed to write further on this subject, and Michael’s song.

This is an excerpt from the Christian Post, an online article I found that speaks a little bit more on this story I had seen on television last night.

Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, was told to abort her baby at age 17. But when she became pregnant with the now famous teen singer, she didn’t hesitate about keeping her son.

“I just knew I couldn’t,” she said in an interview with Today’s Kathie Lee Gifford. “I just know I had to keep him.”

Even though she didn’t know how she was going to raise him, Mallette was determined not to abort her baby and to do “whatever it took.”

Mallette was at the “Today” show to promote her new book, Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom. In the book, she shares for the first time in detail her past as a victim of sexual abuse and abandonment. She also suffered severe depression as a teen and struggled as a single mom. But she clung to her faith through the dark times, a promo for the book states.

“It doesn’t matter where you find yourself today – broken, hurting, wounded, or shamed. If God can help me find my way up, I promise, He can do the same for you,” she says.


Another article on Justin’s mom:|newswell|text|Entertainment|p

As most of us are aware, Michael sang about subjects that were close to his own heart, as most songwriters do. Many songs are either autobiographical in nature, or cover subjects that are very important to the song writer. Political, social or moral issues that allows their own voice to be heard above the din. To challenge the listener, to make them think deeper on the subject.

I think we have to keep in mind that we have to allow Michael to be who he truly was, vs. what we wanted him to be or made him out in our minds, to be.

Keep in mind that the last 3 years of research I’ve done as well as the intensive research and prayer I undertook before ROTD went live opened my eyes to a lot about this man. In addition, I spoke to quite a few people who knew Michael well and were close to him and due to this, I heard many in-depth stories about Michael that many in the public are not aware of and some of the stories the fan base is even unaware of.

I met most of these people who shared with me, after ROTD went live, or shortly before. They confirmed to me that what was on the website, was truth, and due to this, a mutual trust formed that made them comfortable sharing details with me. Details that only continued to confirm that what I felt God showed me, about Michael Jackson, about the type of person he was, about his life, was truth.

One of the things I found very early in my research, was a Time Magazine article featuring an interview done with Michael’s vocal coach, Seth Riggs. When I felt called to do the ROTD site, which, at that point, had no official name and was just an idea brewing, I felt very strongly that the image, character and truth about this man, had been seriously masked by the media and that his deeper convictions were not so apparent due to the media’s twisting of facts and the probability that the entertainment industry was also most likely very selective in what they allowed him to put out there, among the many songs that he wrote and recorded, many of them still in a vault, fearing repercussions if some might be offended at the lyrics, which would ultimately hurt record sales and the bottom line. This song, coming out now, would not be as much of a threat to record sales as it would have been while Michael was still alive.

I went into a local library back in 2009, trying to start my research. My hope was to find Moonwalk, but this library did not have it. They did, however, have another book which had an interview hidden in its pages, with Seth Riggs, speaking on his time working with Michael Jackson. Seth was and still is, a vocal coach and he worked with Michael during the height of his career, during the “Thriller” era, as well as continuing to work with him throughout the years.

What Seth said in this interview, was confirmation to all I was feeling that was being hidden about Michael, and this confirmed to me that I definitely needed to follow my instinct that I needed to do something. Michael was very vocal about his beliefs. He spoke of them in general in interviews, but in private conversations, he was more vocal and stated some things, that might not be considered popular views, strongly, and yet, always in his style of caring underneath about the person and their feelings.

This is what was in that interview with Seth Riggs:

Seth Riggs, a vocal teacher who worked with Michael for two hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week while Michael was recording Thriller and also on subsequent projects, commented on Michael’s character in a Time Magazine article.

“Michael is a very special man. He would come in for his lesson and sit down and we would have a prayer and then read the Bible and then have another prayer and start to work. That’s the way he liked to begin his day. Can you imagine a performer as big as Michael Jackson turning around in a lesson and discussing how wonderful God has been to him and how much he loves God?”

Here, in a Time Magazine article featured in “Icons, Intimate Portraits” by Denise Worrell, Seth Riggs, Michael’s vocal teacher, comments on a conversation he had with Michael.

“Everyone thinks Michael is gay, and I said to him one day. ‘You know Michael, a lot of people think you’re gay.’ Michael started to laugh. He said, ‘I know. The other day a big, tall, blond, nice-looking fellow came up to me and said, “Gee, Michael, I think you’re wonderful. I sure would like to go to bed with you.” I looked at him and said, “When’s the last time you read the Bible? You know you really should read it because there is some real information in there about homosexuality.” The guy says, “I guess if I’d been a girl, it would have been different. And I said, “No, there are some very direct words on that in the Bible too.” This was Seth sharing about a conversation that he and Michael had had, during one of their vocal lessons.

This particular quote, above, has always upset some when I’ve posted it in the past. Some even questioned the validity of it because Seth was telling the story, though this article was published years before Michael passed and Michael continued to work with Seth, and in all other things, Seth has been forthright and honest and trustworthy and would have no reason to state this other than to share what Michael was like.

To some, understandably, the image of a Bible-believing Michael Jackson with strong morals contradicts their fantasies that surround a gyrating Michael stage presence, his physical interpretation of mood, music, sound, emotion and not necessarily “sex”. As a dancer, and I have explained this before, all of the body is used and if your dancing comes from inside, from your emotions, it will come out in many different ways that though the hips are used, have nothing at all to do with sex.

To fans who thrive on fantasy about Michael, Michael’s moral convictions are a proverbial thorn in their side. To the church, or to some in the church, Michael’s gyrations immediately disqualified him from being worthy of God. Worthy of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. It never ceases to amaze me that people who somehow feel that they are worthy of the sacrifice that Jesus made, despite their imperfections, feel that Michael, due to a dance move or what the media said about him (which when looked at deeper, you realize these were lies), somehow makes Michael unworthy and unqualified for Jesus’ sacrifices for all of our sins.

This is just my own observation, but I think that at times, some of Michael’s fans, look to Michael for approval, for confirmation of their own worth, instead of to God, so that if his views were different from theirs or different from what they envisioned or fantasized them to be, it turns their world upside down.

To fully understand Michael, you have to understand where Michael came from, what his belief system was, how he grew up. This all made Michael, who he was. Where his deep convictions came from. Where all of the LOVE that he spoke of, came from.

Michael was raised a Jehovah’s Witness. In most Christian circles as well as with Jehovah’s Witnesses, abortion is considered in most situations, wrong, because it is the taking of a life, a living soul created by God. We see this clearly in the lyrics of the song.

Michael often mentioned God or moral or ethical principles in his songs and he mentioned confusion in some of his songs. Confusion that comes from everything around us calling for our attention or, confusion in finding the right path and in society, not even knowing right from wrong, anymore.

Here, some of his lyrics from “Jam”

She Pray To God, To Buddha
Then She Sings A
Talmud Song
Confusions Contradict
The Self
Do We Know Right
From Wrong
I Just Want You To
Recognize Me
In The Temple
You Can’t Hurt Me
I Found Peace
Within Myself

“Confusions contradict the self do we know right from wrong”. He was singing often on moral issues. This song, “Song Groove” is no different, though more “out there and apparent”.

This…faith, the Bible, what the Jehovah’s Witness taught and abortion being the wrongful taking of a life, is what Michael grew up on and what he most likely believed. Understanding this will help in understanding the lyrics and the meaning behind the song, in a way that will help make more sense.

In a way that was always consistent with Michael’s style, he always considered the feelings of others and did not want to upset anyone or to, as he put it in his own notes on the song “bring back any guilt trips” for girls who had had abortions. He had a way of putting what was on his heart, out on the line, showing right from wrong, but doing so in a way that would show truth, but not hurt others’ feelings. Leading them to the waters and allowing them to decide for themselves, if they wanted to “take the drink”.

A while back, I met Richard Rossi. He is a singer/songwriter/actor who also, along with his wife, runs a ministry that many in Hollywood have found comfort and consolation in. In fact, Michael Jackson contacted Richard’s ministry after the 2005 trial.

Richard was kind enough to share with me some things about Michael and his faith which just further confirmed, once again, what I felt God had shown me during the creation of ROTD. These quotes of Richard’s, from a private conversation we had, are being shared with Richard’s prior permission that I could use anything that he shared with me.

“As MJ grew spiritually he realized we have a responsibility as stewards, like Genesis teaches us. We can prevent calamities and take care of the earth God gave us. The Earth Song is a prophetic confrontation of the apathy many have. In some cases, this apathy is supported by a perversion of scripture.”

“Michael as an artist is sometimes judged by legalistic people. “The letter of the law kills but the Spirit gives life…” Michael may not have got the stones bread thing right from Matthew 4, but the concept is scriptural how God fed Israel with manna supernaturally, and also brought water and provision from a rock for Moses, and even said he causes rocks to cry out in praise. Rigid religious people kill artists and art because they strain out a gnat and swallow a camel…that’s why people like that never create great art…”

“(Some of the people who judge) have a warped world-view who look for demons everywhere. it’s like they are seeing the world through a distorted lens and a broken pair of glasses.”

“all people who have bright lights are attacked and criticized and sometimes killed. peace-seeking people have been killed throughout history by words or bullets, like Jesus, MLK, Gandhi, the Kennedy brothers, etc..”

“your site is amazing and thank you for your passion and time to make it so good, it reflects my perspective on MJ completely. people who want to damn him to hell are people i don’t want to spend much time with because they have a flesh-eating disease worse than vitiligo, it’s a spiritual disease that eats away at the soul and turns you into a judgmental jerk”

“a lot of evangelical christians and jw’s are negative about environmental issues and they have the attitude this earth doesn’t matter. you’re right that mj’s view of stewardship of earth is much healthier. the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Psalms. 24:1) it’s a gift for God, and we must give back by prioritizing the care of it. Revelation says the kingdoms of this earth become the kingdoms of our Lord and Christ”

“it helps for me to remember that as genesis teaches man is messed up and all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. so MJ like all of us has amazing divine aspects and also was screwed up like every fallible effed up person on planet earth. not to give advice and you can accept or reject this, but if you feel responsible to explain or defend everything he did, that’s too heavy a mantle. he was complex and multi-faceted like a diamond, and like all people, especially artists. he was a mixture of things. he wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t Jesus. was he narcissistic sometimes? probably, most artists are sometimes in order to do their work from the inside of themselves. was he deeply spiritual and anointed and recognized God gave him the gifts? yes. he was a mixture of all those things. he was a person. some people have a worldview that someone is either all good a saint, or a secular satanic sinner. MJ was a beautiful person, a saint of God. and he also did things that people won’t understand or be able to explain, like every person in the bible stories.”

What Richard said about Michael being a Christian:

“he talked about Jesus but did not use term Christian. He had a calling to the world and much of the world feels like Gandhi who said “I’m drawn to Jesus and His teachings, but not most Christians.” Gandhi in practice followed the Sermon on the Mount much more than most evangelical Christians. Michael was smart enough to point to Jesus but not Christians. The church may be the bride of Christ, but those outside the church like Jesus but don’t like His wife:) Yes, keep in mind we are in an era where the most visible Christians on TV support politicians who oppose many things MJ stood for, the very government leaders who want to slash aid to disadvantaged children, the poor, the sick, the vulnerable. Religious Right preachers mock issues of environment concerns and say that’s all a myth we need not be concerned about. Contrast that with “Earth Song” and you can see why Jesus loves MJ and MJ loves Jesus but it would be evangelistic suicide and MJ would lose credibility to identify with so much of what is in the media under the name “Christian.”

One important point here is that, this song and other moral issues many times brings about negative feelings from people who, due to bad experiences, have an anger with God, or with the church or with Christians in particular. This point that Richard brings up about Michael being smart enough to point people to Jesus, is very pertinent in this regard.Christians and the church are basically human, just like everyone else and they make mistakes.

People have to choose between being religious (we must remember that the Pharisees were also religious but did not honor God with their lives) and, with the very real aspect of faith, which is having a relationship with the living God.

Michael, I believe, had the latter.

It was obvious in all he did and the more we continue to learn, the more this comes out. As I share more in the upcoming article, which will include the interview with Gavin’s former classmate and friend, I believe a much clearer picture will come into focus that will bring about who Michael was, and all that he went through, including what was more private suffering.

For instance, I had NO idea that the Song Groove song existed. It was a complete surprise to find this song and lyrics as an additional confirmation. When my husband and I bought the Bad25 album, I was surprised to see the title and knew I had to listen to the song. When I listened to it, I quickly realized that it was yet another confirmation.

Seth Riggs, also had this to say about another time he was working with Michael:

“You know, there was one moment. I was playing a piano, and he was standing next to me. All of a sudden, he stretched his hands, looking upwards. It seemed to me that it was very important to him. That’s why I left the room and switched the light off. After half an hour I came back to the room. He was whispering: “Thank you for my talent. Thank you for everything I’ve got. Thank you for all the people who love me. Tell me what I should do, and I’ll do it.” It seemed to me that it was the moment of his communication with God.”

It is really a logical conclusion to come to, Michael’s thoughts on this subject of abortion, as Michael loved children and had such a pure, deep love for them. He also mentioned that when he looked into the face of a child, he saw God. It is logical to think that coming from the Jehovah’s Witnesses and what they believe, remaining a non-denominational Christian his entire life (shared by some who remained close to him until his death), reading the Bible daily and having this view of children, that he would also have this deep love and respect, for the unborn, while, at the same time, loving all people and wanting to get a point across and urging those considering to find another way to “have my child”, without hurting them. As a friend shared with me, she feels that had Michael known of a woman considering abortion, that he might have sat down and spoken to her, showing her what the Bible spoke of and listening to her and praying that he could show her another way, while still respecting her feelings.

In the church, abortion is looked at as killing a child, taking a life. Coming from the faith and church that Michael came from, it is logical to expect he would hold these same beliefs and his intense love for children would extend to the unborn. Michael got involved with save the whales and many other organizations that helped to bring healing to those who didn’t have a voice, and his Heal the World foundation also shipped 100,000 shoebox gifts of toys, sweets and school items to needy children in Sarajevo through the Operation Christmas Child charity. Operation Christmas Child is a Christian charity. This, of course, was among one of millions of acts of charity in Michael’s lifetime.

Back to this book I found in the book store yesterday, and the story about abortion. I want to share that with you, because, this story, to me, shows clearly why Michael would have felt the way he did and why he would speak on this issue and want to help women and encourage them to consider the alternative to “have my child”

The story from the book:

“When my husband Steve and I married, I thought I was totally free from the shame of my past. Then one afternoon shame wiped out what should have been one of the most wonderful moments of my life. My husband and I were so excited about going to the doctor to confirm that, yes, were were going to have a baby. Since I have dyslexia, my husband was filling out the medical paperwork for me. He began to ask me the questions about my medical history. We were almost done with the paperwork when he read the dreaded question “Have you had an abortion?”

I had not told my husband that prior to our marriage I’d gotten pregnant and my parents made me get an abortion. All of a sudden, memories of the doctor’s office I had walked into when I was 16 years old flooded my mind. Back then I was afraid, I was nauseous, and something deep inside of me felt what I was about to do was not right. My parents were not Christians at the time, but I still had some sort of conviction in my soul. I remember looking up at the abortion doctor and saying, “Is this an actual baby in my tummy right now?” The doctor said with a smile, “You’re doing the right thing. It’s not a baby until 20 weeks. It is just a formation in your uterus that needs to be removed.”

When the procedure was over I felt so much shame, and for years after that I wondered if I had taken a life. That question was not truly answered until I was 28 and lying on another doctor’s table. When he asked me if I wanted to hear my baby’s heartbeat, I said, “How is that possible? I’m only 6 weeks pregnant!” I had been told, wrongly! That babies don’t have heartbeats until they are at least 20 weeks old.

The doctor put the stethoscope to my tummy and for the very first time I heard the beat of my son’s heart. I began to cry uncontrollably. My husband thought I was crying tears of joy. However, the truth is that I was crying tears of pain, shame, and even terror!

I couldn’t bear the thought of what had happened and I could not handle the embarrassment of telling my husband the truth. For the first five months of my pregnancy, I was deathly sick and hooked up to IVs to control the nausea. I was sure this was part of my punishment for the abortion I’d had earlier. Even going into the delivery I feared my baby would die, and for the first 5 years of Jacob’s life I was sure he would be killed somehow as a punishment for what I had done. Shame had robbed me of joy and enjoying the first years of my son’s life. I wanted so desperately to tell my husband the truth and get out from under the shame I had tried to bury in my soul. At the time I was such a new Christian that I didn’t know if there was any way I could get right with God for something so wrong that had happened so long ago.

One precious Easter at the little church we attend in Sisters, Oregon, I finally found forgiveness and freedom from shame. As we entered the small, sweet sanctuary, the choir was singing about the old rugged cross. Ushers were at the door handing out big rusty nails and pieces of paper. Chairs had been set in a circle around a very rugged-looking cross with a purple robe draped over it. The pastor began to talk about Easter and the Cross in a way I’d never heard before. As he spoke, I held that rusty nail so tight that I discolored my hand. And once the pastor had defined the purpose of Jesus dying on the cross, he gave us a very interesting invitation. He said, “This nail you’re holding in your hand could be your key to freedom. I invite you to write on a piece of paper whatever it is you’re holding on to…shame, anger, guilt. Write it out on the paper, come forward, and pick up the big hammer by the cross. Take the piece of paper and nail it to the cross and walk away free from shame.

Oh, how I wanted to run to that cross, but an inward battle went on as I sat there paralyzed by my fear of what people would think if I walked forward. And what if people read the piece of paper about my abortion? Would I have to tell my husband if I handed this over to God?

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted freedom. Once I made the decision I felt the Spirit of God whisper “Give Me your past. Give Me your shame.”

I got up and walked toward that cross. And the moment I picked up that hammer and drove the nail through my confessed sin, I felt the Lord whisper in my spirit, “This is why I had to die for you, so I could take away all of your guilt and shame.”

At that moment, God replaced my past shame and pain with His peace. I got home and felt like it was time to share what I had hidden from my husband. I walked over to him, hugged him, looked into his eyes, and said, “I am so sorry I never told you this before, but when I was a teenager I aborted a child.” Steve was compassionate and nonjudgmental as he began to realize the torment I was under during my whole pregnancy.

Once I shared this with him, I knew I had to take one more step. I needed to let my son, Jacob, who was 11, know he had a brother or sister in heaven. That evening I talked to him in bed, and I prayed with him as I always did. This time before entering his room, I had also prayed that God would give him a heart to hear what I was about to say. I was pregnant with his baby sister, and I did not want to go through another pregnancy in fear.

Jacob cried quite a bit after I told him, and I comforted him. One good thing that came out of that honesty is that my son stayed sexually pure until he got married. I believe that was God’s grace and gift to me after I had confessed my sin. I will never be proud of the choice I made to abort the baby, but I don’t want to live in the past anymore.”

This story is in a book titled “Your Heart’s Desire” by Sheri Rose Shepherd. This chapter is in the middle of a book that otherwise speaks of God’s love for us, of how to take that love that God has for us, and extend it to others…friends, family, our spouse, etc. I had no idea that this story was in this book when I picked it up and yet, I felt it speak to my heart about the very subjects that have been brought up due to this newly released song of Michael’s.

Michael, in his lyrics mentions “feel my sin”, mentions keeping it low, keeping it a secret, he mentions “what about all I sow”, speaking of the Biblical principle of reaping what we sow, of how our actions have consequences and some of those consequences can be an inner torture, anger, guilt and shame that doesn’t go away without our releasing it.

The woman above who shared this story in the book, was tormented about her decision, which was encouraged by others due to her young age, for 23 years! She held on to that pain and guilt for over 2 decades and it stole some of her joy. She was 16 when she was pregnant and aborted her baby. Twenty eight when she was pregnant with her son and her son was 11 when she finally felt freed from the guilt, told her husband and child and was able to live free now in her third pregnancy, Jacob’s sister.

It is my belief that this is what this song “Song Groove (a.k.a. Abortion Papers) is about, and that, this is what Michael wanted humanity to think about. To think of the consequences, to respect all life and to respect what God’s Word says about life. In hopes of preventing this kind of pain and loss. Michael spoke always of preventing pain and loss, of wanting humanity to think deeper, to think of the consequences of our actions, such as in Earth Song (taking care of our earth because if we continue what we are doing, we are ruining God’s creation and destroying our planet). This concept of wanting people to think deeper, to bring greater awareness to moral and ethical issues, is throughout Michael’s body of work.

The refrain is especially telling of this conviction:


Those abortion papers
Signing your name against the Word of God
Those abortion papers
Think about life
I’d like to have my child

Michael always had a way of speaking truth and putting his heart out on the line, no matter what it cost him, but doing so in a way that he gave so much thought to it beforehand, to do it in a way that spoke truth but considered the feelings of all people, in a desire to encourage and help them, but to avoid hurting them wherever possible. It’s been duly noted that when Michael needed to fire someone, he didn’t have the heart to do it himself and would not want to hurt the person, so he had to have someone else do it.

Michael never wanted to hurt anyone, and as we have seen in videos of him in concert, he didn’t even want to harm a spider, any of God’s creatures. He cared about life, about people and, from his own mouth as well as those who knew him, Michael was a man who followed God, cared about and loved God, and wanted to do right and help people. This song is the epitome of that.

~ Debbie

*  *  *

For those who have not heard the song yet here it is:

A short addition from Debbie again:

Keep in mind that most of Michael’s songs were autobiographical of from his own heart. “They Don’t Care About Us”….the injustice and prejudice, “Dirty Diana”, all of the groupies they had to deal with, “Leave Me Alone” “Billie Jean”…keep in mind Michael had 50-60 extortion attempts per YEAR, according to David Nordahl, and most of them were paternity! So if you look at the songs he wrote, he wrote about subjects close to his heart, things that bothered him, things he experienced, things he saw in the world that he wanted to speak out on ♥

We have to accept Michael for who he was even if that includes thoughts we may not agree with, not for who we want him to be. If we say certain songs shouldn’t come out because they don’t agree with our own beliefs or because of discussions that come out of this, then we are trying to make Michael and what he shared from his heart, something other than who he was. ♥

When I write things like this, they come from my heart and after feeling inspired by what I feel God wants me to share ♥

They do come from your heart, Debbie, we know it.  Great post.

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  1. September 25, 2012 12:20 am

    I hope Debbie Kunesh is not angry with me for reposting her article almost in full. She sent a note that we could share it around if we wanted to and I hope that reposting it is well within this concept.

    The reason why I want my readers to know this article is because Debbie’s post is very sincere and it handles the subject in a very delicate way. No matter what each of us thinks about this sensitive issue if we love Michael Jackson we should respect his views and learn to accept the whole truth about the man and what he was like. In her comment Debbie put it so well that I am again compelled to quote her:

    “We have to accept Michael for who he was even if that includes thoughts we may not agree with, not for who we want him to be. If we say certain songs shouldn’t come out because they don’t agree with our own beliefs or because of discussions that come out of this, then we are trying to make Michael and what he shared from his heart, something other than who he was. ♥”

    “Michael often spoke up for those who had no voice…the underpriveledged and sick children, animals, those hurting and grieving. To me, this song was no different and it did not surprise or upset me, though I know it did some, and though previously unreleased, I think it was an important window into Michael’s thoughts and his continued caring for all life, for creation, his sensitivity to all manner of suffering.

    He stated in his notes that he had to give it a lot of thought and that he wanted to make sure that he did not cause more pain, grief or guilt trips. …It’s not an easy subject and it’s not easy in any way, no matter the circumstances surrounding it. To me, I think this is also what the song relays…trying to avoid this pain. ♥”

    There is no way I can express how true these words are.


  2. September 25, 2012 12:30 am

    I am sorry, but the more I read of Debbie’s comments the more I am compelled to quote her. I think that she is perfectly correct in assessing this song, its importance and the events surrounding its non-release:

    “I don’t look at this as a song that is judging anyone, nor do I look at the article I wrote as judging anyone. It is food for thought…just as any song Michael wrote. He wrote about things that were on his mind and shared them. To me, it’s not a song to get angry about, it’s Michael sharing a story and his heart about a matter, be it popular or not, and what he was thinking of at the time. As far as this song not being published originally. It may have been Michael’s decision, though he did write it, wrote notes on it and recorded it in full, or, it may have been the labels decision because some controversial subjects may hurt record sales. As I had mentioned, this subject is very personal and of course, controversial. But, it’s still an important one ♥”


  3. September 25, 2012 1:24 am

    Another comment from Debbie Kunesh which is top important in connection with Michael’s song:

    I just recently wrote a post on that on my personal page…about the need for education, abstinence, birth control, and responsibility, so I in no way champion a lack of that. I am all for responsibility first. If more people were responsible from the “get go” then less unwanted pregnancies would happen.

    This is very true again. The song is about responsibility in the first place. One reader put it somewhat unceremoniously (I’ll replace the word with a more decent one): “If you are not ready, cant or don’t want a child, then make love responsibly”.


  4. sanemjfan permalink
    September 25, 2012 1:27 am

    Here is Seven Bowie’s take on “Abortion Papers”:


  5. September 25, 2012 2:55 am

    David, I’d love to know what Seven Bowie thinks about it, however whenever I go to her blog the only thing I get is the one shown below. Is she an anti-Russian if she blocks the country I am “accessing from”?

    Access Denied

    The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address based on the country or region you are accessing it from. (Ref. 1009)

    Timestamp: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 15:51:03 -0700

    Your IP address: …

    Requested URL:

    Error reference number: 1009


  6. Kia permalink
    January 30, 2013 7:48 am

    What you do with a pin is not normal . . . it’s God speaking through you. keep spreading these message to the masses, we need more of this !


  7. elizabeth pamela walker permalink
    April 1, 2020 3:44 am

    amen x


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