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RANDALL SULLIVAN’s book and MICHAEL JACKSON’s blissful days in Ireland

December 6, 2012

Guys, I was wondering about Thomas Mesereau’s statement concerning Sullivan’s book and really don’t know now. Can he have a different copy from the one we are reading? From the look of it, his version does seem to be an advance copy and may indeed be different. However even if it is, Thomas Mesereau’s vehement defense of the book makes you think twice before saying all you initially wanted to say about it.


Thomas Mesereau supports the bookMesereau looks tired and it seems that he knows more that he is saying in public. In his place anyone would be tired – for years he has been fighting the system, which not only doesn’t follow the “innocent until proven guilty” principle it so boldly proclaims, but does not allow to call a person innocent even after he is proven innocent like Michael Jackson was.

If I were in his place I would be frustrated. What was the good of defending the man in the court of law if even after the non-guilty verdict and seven years of speaking about Michael’s innocence this vicious  machine is still running full speed and calls an innocent man “criminal”?

Indeed, what else should he say to the people to convince them that their court system works? And that Michael Jackson was absolutely no fool to “molest” anyone after Bashir’s documentary aired, when the authorities were already conducting the first interviews suspecting him of a crime…. How much longer should Thomas Mesereau indeed say to the public that the prosecution simply had no case against Jackson and all of it was nothing but sheer malice?

I may be wrong but I think that it is only now that Thomas Mesereau has seen the power of the machine working against Michael Jackson. It is probably the first case in his practice when he realizes that his honorable profession and the legislation system behind his back are powerless – the case had an overwhelming victory in court, however it simply does not matter to anyone.  The media goes on inviting the prosecution side on TV, as if there was no trial, and the case seems to be undergoing a never-ending rerun, as if gossip matters much more than the legal system which has already asserted the truth.

Is Thomas Mesereau praising the book simply because he is happy to see just any attempt to stand up for Michael on the part of the media people? No matter how imperfect it is? Because he knows that all the rest of what they do and say against Jackson is much, much worse?

If this is the case then let the public decide for themselves what to do with Sullivan’s book – if Thomas Mesereau thinks that it will help the general public to learn at least something good about Jackson, let it be. Time will show whether he is right.  What is clear though is that for the rest of us the book is no help at all.

As to me I cannot even pretend that I like what I’ve read by now.

Some of the passages are not bad but usually it is due to the original source being more or less neutral to Michael. The rest of it is just a collection of every story ever told about Jackson – fictional or non-fictional alike mixed together into so tight a bundle that it is next to impossible to distinguish truth from fiction there.

Some of the information would even be interesting if we could be sure that it is true – the one about finances and Sony for example –  but since the sources are the same media outlets or some questionable Michael Jackson aides, it is difficult to use it because you never know the degree of its veracity. There were occasions when I made mental notes of some worthy points, however each time I had to pinch myself to remember that it was no use – how can we know that this information is trustworthy if the rest of the book is just the usual media lies?

The problem with Sullivan is that he indiscriminately records every little thing ever said about Jackson by the media or individual liars and does not even try to learn the real truth.  And since most of what was said about MJ was either malicious gossip or people’s misinterpretation of  facts, it is mostly this pulp fiction that the reader has to consume as a result.

The book looks like an anthology of every scrap of gossip and misinformation ever reported about Michael Jackson. It is a sort of a convenient digest – now the reader does not have to look into the media coverage scattered all over the net and for several decades too. All of it is now neatly grouped together in one huge volume spanning a vast field of more than 20 years of the media coverage of poor Michael – from Maureen Orth’s blood baths in the Vanity Fair to every little detail of Pfeiffer’s lawsuit against Arnold Klein with all its graphic details (what does it have to do with Michael Jackson I wonder?).

There is one good point about the whole thing though. If after reviewing everything the media lied about Jackson for so many years Randall Sullivan does come to a conclusion that accusations against the man were unjustified, it means that even all those lies taken together did not convince him,  or rather convinced him of the opposite – and this is  a very valuable result in and of itself.

However  I haven’t seen any of Sullivan’s positive conclusions yet.  Up till now the only chapter which looked really positive (and truthful) about Michael Jackson was the one about his time in Ireland. But again, it is absolutely not due to the author’s efforts, but solely due to the fact that Irish people themselves left the overwhelming evidence proving that Michael was absolutely normal when he associated with normal people.


"I found him such a charming person" (Labert)

“I found Michael Jackson such a charming person” (Eugene Labert, direct of a puppet theatre)

I have enormous respect for the Irish people now. The way the whole Michael’s neighborhood went into silent cahoots to protect Michael from paparazzi is impressive and should go down into history.

Not only did these ordinary folks make Michael welcome in their country and surround him with exceptional love, peace and warmth, but they shielded him from the outside world in a very quiet, dignified and witty way.

Not a single person betrayed his stay in the country for several months running. Not a single neighbor said a word to the media that he went to pubs, walked in the woods or played bowling there like any ordinary person would. None of them looked for ways to improve their financial situation at the expense of selling Jackson and this alone is unprecedented given everything he had to experience prior to that.

As a result Michael had the time of his life in Ireland, enjoying unheard of freedom there and protection which was secured for him by the people themselves – they shut their doors to paparazzi, sent them in wrong directions, and one farmer even threatened to empty his slurry trailer over a paparazzi’s car if he didn’t go away.

Dear Irish people, they way you treated Michael Jackson is admirable – I take my hat off to you…

Some of the things I’ve described are in Sullivan’s book, but to be able to know them you needn’t actually read the book – most of it is there in the Irish press and on Youtube. However to be fair to Sullivan I need to say that when talking about the Irish period in Michael’s life he ignored the usual media stereotypes (“the bizarre, twisted fairy tale of Michael Jackson’s life”), and used the Irish sources proper which were much more genuine, original and friendly.

Jackson’s Cork hideaway


Thursday July 02 2009

“An incredibly loving father who clearly adored his children”. That was how Patrick Nordstrom, the owner of BlackwaterCastle in Castletownroche, described the late Michael Jackson. Speaking to The Corkman, Patrick recalled the time in 2006 when the pop icon spent almost a fortnight at the north Cork hideaway as he tried to shield his children from the prying eyes of the world’s media.

“Michael had organised a trip to Disneyland Paris with his children. However, while he was there he found it impossible to escape from the constant media attention that a star of his stature inevitably attracted. They were virtually prisoners in their hotel room,” said Patrick.

“He simply wanted to relax in peace with his children, like any father in his circumstances would want to. His management made enquiries about places in Europe where he could stay and be guaranteed some tranquillity,” he added.

Those enquires led of the front door of Blackwater Castle in the heart of the north Cork countryside.

“We were given a few days notice that he would be coming to the castle. When he landed in Cork it was on a public flight, so it proved impossible to keep his arrival under wraps,” said Patrick. However, he did manage to keep Jackson’s destination a close secret, despite attempts by the media to track down the elusive superstar.

“Basically we shut the gates of the castle while he was here. Michael realised that it would be impossible for him to go out without being recognised, so he and the children did not go outside the grounds,” he said.

At the time rumours abounded that Jackson was considering buying a home in the area. “His advisors did take a look around the area for potential properties, as they would have done wherever he stayed. I don’t really know how serious they were about buying,” said Patrick.

During their stay the Jackson children took lessons from their own private tutor in the morning, spending the rest of the day exploring the castle’s expansive grounds, often accompanied by Patrick’s own two children.

“Given the unusual circumstances they had to live under, the children were extremely well behaved and had impeccable manners. We learned to appreciate Michael as an incredibly loving father who clearly adored his children,” said Patrick. “It was equally clear that they adored him.”

During his stay Jackson even developed a taste for that most Irish of breakfast delicacies – porridge.

“My wife Sheila gave him some one morning and he loved it and insisted on having a bowl every morning. About a week after he left I was listening to the radio and heard on a programme how Michael had developed a love for Flahavan’s Oats,” laughed Patrick.

“I would say that in terms of a family unit there was very little difference between the Jackson’s and the majority of families who stay here in that they were very happy. On a personal level we were delighted that we were able to offer them the kind of privacy they so clearly craved,” he said.”

"Paddy, I just saw my father-in-law!" Michael was speaking of the wax figure of Elvis popped against a tree in the woods

Paddy Dunning recalls Michael being shattered: “Paddy, I just met my father-in-law in the woods!” Michael was speaking of the wax figure of Elvis he saw there

Michael Jackson changed several homes in rural Ireland and eventually moved into a place which had a recording studio owned by Paddy Dunning. The Observer is evidently a British source and this explains the “Jacko” thing repeated here – the Irish sources are not that ill-bred and never use this word with regard to Jackson:

The Observer, Sunday 15 August 2010

Luke Bainbridge

..In 2006 a woman called Grace Rwaramba arrived to check out Grouse Lodge studio for an unnamed A-list pop star. She liked what she saw and booked the studio plus a three-bed cottage on the grounds that had been converted from a cowshed. But she still didn’t reveal who the artist was. Paddy and Claire only discovered the identity of their new lodger when a bus turned up and out trooped Prince Michael Junior, Paris and Blanket, followed by their father Michael Jackson, nanny Grace and the children’s tutor.

Grouse Lodge is set around an old farmyard, and there’s a collection of converted outbuildings that form a second grassed courtyard, none of which is visible from the road, so it’s not hard to see why Jackson felt safe and secluded here. He began work on new material at Grouse Lodge with Will.I.Am and Rodney Jerkins, producers who flew in from America.

Jackson fell in love with County Westmeath and, after a month in the converted cowshed, moved to the equally secluded neighbouring estate of Coolatore, also owned by the Dunnings. Because Jackson didn’t have his own driver in Ireland, Paddy enlisted local taxi driver Ray O’Hara to drive Michael and the kids around in a borrowed people carrier with blacked-out windows.

If somebody

If someone said to me “I’ve heard Michael Jackson is here, I would tell them: “Yeah, so is Elvis Presley!”

The Dunnings somehow managed to keep the fact that the King of Pop was in residence a secret for several months. Even when Jackson began to venture out and there were rumoured sightings of him in the nearby villages of Moate or Kilbeggan, the Dunnings would deny all knowledge. “If someone said to me I’ve heard Michael Jackson is there, I would tell them: ‘Yeah, so is Elvis Presley!’ says Paddy.

The only security Grouse Lodge arranged was to post three guards on rotation at the top of the drive to intercept unwelcome visitors. When word eventually began to leak out, locals in the know became protective of Jackson, sending reporters the wrong way, and one farmer even threatened to empty his slurry trailer over the car of a paparazzo.

The Irish Midlands are often overlooked by people rushing from Dublin to Galway or other parts of the west coast, but it’s a magical land dotted with ringforts and medieval castles. …There are also a few local pubs that haven’t changed for decades, such as the William Fox in Loughnavalley, and Gunnings in Rathconrath, which doubles as shop, newsagent, garage and community centre.

Traditionally, the hill of Uisneach is the geographical centre of Ireland. It’s only 600ft high, but from the top you can see 20 counties on a clear day. It was the ancient seat of the kings of Meath, the most sacred site in the world in Pagan times, and home of the ancient festival of the fires, Bealtaine, which attracted Egyptians up the Shannon 2,000 years ago. It’s also home to the Cat Stone (or Stone of Divisions), said to be the burial place of the goddess Ériu (who gave her name to Ireland, or Eire).

“Michael was interested in history,” says Paddy, “and smitten by the intricacies of Irish music.”

"It was mad playing "Billie Jean" with Michael Jackson", says Paddy

“It was mad playing “Billie Jean” with Michael Jackson”, says Paddy

“It was mad playing “Billie Jean” with Michael Jackson. I never thought I’d do that”, says Paddy

The Dunnings have a wealth of stories from the time they spent with Jackson. “One night we ended up in the studio,” Paddy recalls. “Michael was on the drums, I was playing guitar and [American producer] Nephew was on the keyboards and we just started getting a rhythm together, and slowly but surely Nephew just creeped the song in to ‘Billie Jean’. It was just mad playing ‘Billie Jean’ with Michael Jackson – I never thought I’d do that.”

Paddy is a natural raconteur. He tells me how, when he bought the Wax Museum Plus – Dublin’s answer to Madame Tussauds – the resident Elvis was looking a little tired, so Paddy retired him, placing him in the woods by Coolatore. He had forgotten about him until Michael Jackson came in from a walk one day looking shaken. “Paddy,” he said, “I just met my father-in-law in the woods!”

The wax figure of Elvis Presley in the woods

The wax figure of Elvis Presley in the woods

Towards the end of his stay in Westmeath, Jackson started to look at prospective houses to buy. When the Dunnings bought a further property, Bishopstown House, a derelict Georgian estate a mile or so away, Jackson visited it and discussed the renovations with Paddy. So, although it would be a little disingenuous to call Bishopstown the House that Jacko built, it’s certainly the house built with Jacko in mind. Jackson had a base in London for his ill-fated 50-date run of gigs at the O2, but according to Paddy he also planned to spend time in Ireland, escaping the media glare of the English capital.

Claire and the staff at Grouse Lodge cooked for Jackson, who favoured a simple, healthy diet of porridge for breakfast and main meals of fish or chicken with vegetables. “The guy was fit – he was getting stronger,” Paddy says, “and I reckon if he had lived here and stayed here, he wouldn’t have died.”

Full story:

No doubt about it – if Michael had stayed in Ireland he would be alive today…

This video explains why Ireland became Michael’s sanctuary in the last years of his life.

Mike Brando: ”He liked Ireland for its people, the countryside. It was a nice place, he found peace and love there, enjoyed it. Was very fond of it, absolutely.”

Ian Halperin: “If Michael would have lived in Ireland he would still be breathing today”.

Voiceover: “Can you believe what the world’s biggest megastar did when he got here? He went to KFC, Chinese takeaway and even took his kids to the local bowling alley.” 

The owner of the place: “Michael came here like any other visitor to the centre. .. No one has worn his bowling shoes since they were worn that night by Michael.

David Gest: “He told me that he loved Ireland, that there was a special feeling of tranquil because of all the green valleys and the feilds and the people. He loved nature, he loved animals and people were so wonderful. He could be himself here and he could bring his children here.”

“He was very happy here. He just LOVED it. I think he would have eventually bought a home here”

The next piece from Ireland has some really precious news for us – I for one have learned for the first time that Michael was very good at playing the guitar, the piano and the drums!

Paddy Dunning said about it:

  • “Michael was an amazing guitarist, he was incredible on the drums, he stunned everyone when he got behind the piano, but most of all, you can’t overstate his singing voice.”

What the media could not see in Michael Jackson for decades the Irish people realised about him just upon first meeting him – that all Michael longed for was peace or normality in his life. They saw an adoring father whose children always came first to him and a gentleman who despite his kind heart spent his whole life being hunted. They didn’t call him “weird” because of his natural craving for privacy and secured as much privacy to him as they only could. And what they really did for Michael was bringing him to life again.

Friends remember Michael’s special fondness for Ireland

Restless soul found tranquillity here in rural retreats away from glare of media spotlight

By NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News Reporter

Sunday June 28 2009

He performed onstage to millions across the globe; entire generations grew up listening to his words, watching his every move. And yet, as the world mourns the loss of one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived, his sudden death has left his audience with one cold realisation. We never really knew him at all.

This weekend, as fans reel in shock at the news of Michael Jackson’s tragic death, Irish friends of the star have begun to piece together a rare picture of the man behind the mask.

Ireland - Paddy Dunning For months he was able to chill outA restless soul who found the tranquillity he desperately craved in the Irish countryside. A gentle spirit who loved Flahavan’s porridge, indulged in hot apple tart and cream and who only really came to life in the quietness of a Cork woodland.

These glimpses of the private Michael Jackson have materialised among dozens of tributes which have poured in from well-known Irish personalities as the world mourns the loss of one of music’s greats.

For the first time, castle owner Patrick Nordstrum, who hosted Jackson during his 2006 stay in Ireland, has spoken fondly of the star he personally came to know.

Speaking about the entertainer who lived with him for two weeks at his home, BlackwaterCastle in Co Cork, Mr Nordstrum described private chats that the pair had about the singer’s feelings towards the vulturistic world he lived in.

“I don’t think he ever had any kind of peace or normality since he was a child. I would see him as a restless soul but he felt quite homely here. He was very careful about who he trusted. He once told me how he had gone to stay at another castle to seek out privacy and he had just landed in the helicopter a few minutes when the owner took him straight inside, opened a door and there was a hundred or so people waiting there to meet him. So he was understandably very wary.”

He also described how Jackson, long vilified for dressing his children in black veils and hiding them away from the world, was in fact a model father who placed his children’s interests above all else.

“His children adored him and he was a very good, loving father. He brought them here because they had been hunted down in Disneyland Paris and they were looking for a place to escape. He raised them to be very well mannered and very polite and all his decisions centred on the children’s best interests.”

… Meanwhile, magician Liam Sheehan, who was brought in to entertain Jackson’s children during his stay at the castle, described his sadness upon hearing the news.

“The man that I came to know was kind-hearted and a gentleman. It is tragic that he spent his life being hunted. I hope he has found his little piece of heaven now.”

He went on: “His children adored him. They would ask me if I would race their dad and tell me proudly that he would win because he was so tall and fast. You could tell they really looked up to him.”

And Mr Sheehan spoke of the disciplined way in which Jackson reared his offspring. “Even at the end of their stay, when they were leaving for home, the children jumped into the limousine and Michael made them get out again and come over to thank each and every one of us for our hospitality.”

Ballinacura house where Michael stayed with his kids

The grounds of Ballinacura house where Michael stayed with his kids

Painting the picture of an ordinary character who enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, he said: “His real personality only really emerged in the privacy of the woods. The shyness left him and I saw a much more boisterous and loud spirit who loved playing with his children. That quiet-spoken Michael that you would see in the media instantly disappeared.

“He loved apple pie and ice-cream and really enjoyed being in the privacy of the castle grounds and I know he loved the friendliness of the Irish people.”

Paddy Dunning, who owns residential recording studio Grouse Lodge, near Moate, Co Westmeath, was host to Michael Jackson and his three children in October 2006.

The pop icon caused a sensation when he moved into the Georgian estate at Rosemount, just off the Dublin-Galway road.

“Michael had originally only intended staying in Westmeath for a month, but ended up living here for five months,” says Dunning who’s abiding memory of the star was how he casually displayed his immense musical genius.

Michael was an amazing guitarist

“Michael was an amazing guitarist, he was incredible on the drums, he stunned everyone when he got behind the piano, but most of all, you can’t overstate his singing voice”. Paddy Dunning’s recording studio

“Michael was an amazing guitarist, he was incredible on the drums, he stunned everyone when he got behind the piano, but most of all, you can’t overstate his singing voice.”

Dunning became a close confident to Michael during his stay and was in contact with the Jackson family after his death was announced. He confirmed this weekend that Jackson loved his time in Ireland so much he’d even pledged to return this autumn to open the NationalWax Museum in Dublin.

“He told me that he would definitely pop over when he came for his gigs in London,” Dunning said.

“He would have settled down here for while, I have no doubt about that, he loved Ireland and Westmeath.”

Hollywood neighbour and friend of the singer Michael Flatley also joined the country’s mourners in paying their respect to an icon that shaped a generation.

Speaking from Las Vegas, the dancer, who hosted Michael Jackson in his Cork home, Castlehyde, near Fermoy, described the star as a “wonderful” person who fell victim to unfair treatment by the world’s media.

“I knew Michael as a man, not just a performer, and he was a great man. The world will miss this wonderful person and his moving performances. My heart goes out to Michael’s family.”

He went on: “I was shocked and saddened to hear the devastating news. He was a genius as a musician and a dancer. The press at times was horribly unfair to this man. Unfortunately, the media tend to make fun of things they cannot understand.”

This was very well said:  “The media tend to make fun of things they cannot understand.” A very true observation!

The owner of one of the places where Michael stayed, Mr. McGahan,  shares his precious story about Michael. I’ve transcribed a little bit of it as best as I could:

  • We’d had a call and we knew that somebody was coming down here to look at the property with a view to staying here for a little while. We didn’t really know that it was Michael Jackson until the door opened and popped in the superstar. I guess you could have pushed me over with a feather. It was like: “Who is this? Is this for real?”
Ballinacura house, Kinsale,  County Cork

Ballinacura house, Kinsale, County Cork

  • He decided that this was the room that he wanted to stay in because .. for the obvious reasons … the kid’s playground was down here and he was writing his album here and he could have watched the kids and supervised them and could have enjoyed seeing them having fun outside.
Michael asked for the lights on at night so that he could moonwalk

Michael asked for the lights on at night so that he could moonwalk

  • -One of the most unusual requests which he made was to put at night time all the lights on the property: “I’d been a little bit intrigued by it wondering what he was doing and I popped my head through the hedge and there was Michael Jackson moonwalking in the moonlight. It was quite an eerie scene seeing this pop-icon practicing his dance moves in our front garden here”.
  • He was beautiful, great to deal with, very down-to-earth, which defies you know, the so-called image of the superstar and him as well.

Even in Ireland and even after the full acquittal at the 2005 trial the matters of “pedophilia” could not be left alone of course:


The Hot Press Newsdesk, 09 Sep 2010

In the new issue of Hot Press, Paddy Dunning, one of Ireland’s most successful music industry entrepreneurs talks to Jackie Hayden about going from being a binboy to jamming with Michael Jackson.

“It was a privilege to have him and to get to know him. He was just a normal person. I know he’s not a paedophile. He’s been vilified unbelievably. My kids were in contact with him and his kids. I had no worries on that score whatsoever.”–I-know-Michael-Jackson-was-not-a-Paedophile/6901113.html

A video on Youtube says that when the American TV reporter Billy Bush came to meet Jackson in Ireland Michael asked the driver to take him in circles around the place he lived in to create the impression that it was a long way, though there were only 2 miles to go. The trick didn’t help as Billy Bush spread the news about Michael’s location anyway.

Sullivan says that Paddy Dunning was sorrowful about Bush’s stupidity:

  • “Billy Bush had shredded his [MJ’s] veil of privacy. Right after shooting the interview at Grouse Lodge, Bush stopped over in nearby Moate, where “ he told the men, women, children, and dogs in the street where Jackson was,” as a reporter for Britain’s Observer described it. “ Stupid man,” a sorrowful Paddy Dunning would say”.

The article below mentions this last Michael’s TV interview and also a Californian “psychic” saying some gibberish about Michael’s stay in Ireland due to his  fascination with fairies and leprechauns. What can a Californian “psychic” know about it?  Fascinated he probably was, but it was the peace, calm and the warm heart of ordinary people which drew Michael to Ireland first and foremost. The news about a leprechaun theme park also reported there was of course pure fiction, as usual.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Although Michael Jackson was a global superstar, he always maintained a close relationship with Ireland. His two 1988 sell-out concerts in Cork are still fondly remembered by the thousands who flocked to Pairc Ui Chaoimh. The shows came as part of the ‘Bad’ tour and Jackson was at the height of his powers.

But while there have been infrequent visits back to Ireland for concerts, it was his less advertised time here that drew massive attention. Jackson fever gripped the midlands in 2006, after the singer visited the village of Rosemount, near Moate in Co Westmeath.

He stayed in the luxurious Grouse Lodge recording studios to lay down some tracks and there were reported sightings across the region. While at Grouse Lodge he recorded an interview at the studios with American TV reporter Billy Bush for the show ‘Access Hollywood’.

The last TV interview

The last TV interview

Jackson told the show: “Ireland has inspired me to make a great album. I have never given up on making music.”

… According to Californian psychic Randa Starr, the pop superstar has always been interested in Ireland because he is fascinated by fairies and leprechauns. There were even rumours that the singer wanted to build an Irish-themed leprechaun theme park twinned with his Neverland ranch in the USA.

Billy Bush was sensitive enough to see that the wall between him and Michael did not come down even despite all his effort to make Michael more talkative – what became possible between Michael and ordinary Irish people was still impossible for the media after all they had been doing  to him for so long. And though being a typical Hollywood Access reporter Billy Bush managed to see the pain Michael was feeling and that he wouldn’t be able to take a single more ounce of disappointment….

Ireland was home to Michael Jackson’s last TV interview


IrishCentral.Com Staff Writer

Published Saturday, June 27, 2009, 7:49 PM  Updated Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 12:10 PM

Tragic superstar Michael Jackson’s final TV interview was filmed in Ireland.

In the interview, which was filmed at Grouse Lodge recording studio with of the Black Eyed Peas, Jackson is clearly uncomfortable with the media.

"That wall wasn't coming down. I saw the pain in Michael" (Billy Bush, TV reporter)

“That wall wasn’t coming down. I saw the pain in Michael” (Billy Bush, TV reporter)

Interviewer Billy Bush from Hollywood Access said: “Michael was much relieved to have Will join us and in truth, Will mostly did the talking. When the music came on, MJ started tapping and moving. He got up and danced, he sang. I was eight feet away. Wow. I’ll always have that.”

“Of course my intent was to get him relaxed and talkative. It never really happened cuz that wall wasn’t coming down. I saw the pain in Michael. I knew he could not take one more ounce of disappointment.

I’ve found Michael’s last TV interview and was floored both by the splendid way Michael looked there, and the feeling of insecurity in communication with the outside world which he clearly had after the ordeal of the trial, the lingering accusations and the necessity to be always on the run.

Here is the last TV interview of Michael Jackson:

Sullivan wrote about it in his book:

  • “Are you writing new material?” Bush asked Michael. “I’ve never stopped, I’m always writing a potpourri of music, you know. It’s how it is.”
  • "I am trying to look like I slept"

    “I am trying to look like I slept”

     The most revealing moment of the Access Hollywood crew’s visit to Grouse Lodge had come during the setup that preceded Bush’s attempted interview, when Michael and the cameraman discussed how he would be lit. – “Less shadow,” Michael suggested. – “ Less shadow,” the cameraman repeated. “ It’s more frontal. You like that?” – “I like that, but can you pump more?” Michael asked. – “ Like a little hotter?” “ You mean warmer?” the puzzled cameraman suggested. “ Like a little hotter?” – “No, brighter,” Michael told him. “ Take away the shadows. I’m trying to look like I slept,” he added with a laugh, “ and I need your help.”

“I’m trying to look like I slept, and I need your help”! So Michael as usual had not slept before the interview or was probably not sleeping at all, and it was only the tranquility of his life in the countryside which somehow compensated for it. What a bitter joke he is making!

But the most heart-felt account of Michael’s life in Ireland was the story told by Paddy Dunning. Here is the video with some bits and pieces transcribed by me – it will give you some idea of how loving, warm, sincere and still totally heart-breaking the whole thing was:

  • Kids fell into play with my kids. It was two happy families. Wouldn’t tell anybody.
  • For months, months he was able to chill out.
  • He is funny guy, very humorous.
  • Ireland - Paddy Dunning1If someone told me, ‘I’ve heard Michael Jackson is there,’ I would tell them, ‘Yeah, so is Elvis Presley’.
  • He was walking around and he was given the time and the space just to be himself.
  • Once we heard a very weird noise. I thought it was a tree crushing to the ground. Never heard this noise before. And Michael came out. “Paddy, what’s that sound?” I said, “I don’t know”. Michael, “Sounds like a dragon”. … And then I heard it again. And then it stopped. And then the next minute right here comes this gigantic beautiful rainbow-colored hot air balloon and the basket with people hanging out, waving down, and then another one and another one and another one –  a host of hot air balloons, extremely colorful. And we are all excited, running about, the dogs are barking, Michael is all “Wooooooo”. They didn’t know it was Michael Jackson…. There were some blissful days here that we had.
  • Once we heard a strange noise. Michael: "Paddy, it sounds like a dragon"

    Once we heard a strange noise. Michael: “Paddy, it sounds like a dragon”

    On some of the days here Michael would be on the drums, Nephew would be on the piano. And he would just start playing a song, getting a rhythm together. Slowly but surely Nephew would creep the song into “Billie Jean”.. It was just mad playing Billie Jean with Michael Jackson. I didn’t think I’d ever do that.

  • I would sing songs with him in a car. I remember singing the song, that one with Paul McCartney … “The girl is mine”. They were very special moments. Things just you’d never think would ever happen… Michael would stick his head out of the window and having a laugh with someone in Dublin… coming up to the traffic lights. They didn’t know … the guy sticking his head out is actually Michael Jackson?
  • When the paparazzi started to arrive we told them it is another direction… miles off the beacon. It is 30 miles away…. The local neighbors were kind of boxing them off.  So another thing he appreciated was the help and support he was getting from people.
  • "Paddy, it's the first time I have no security..."

    “Paddy, it’s the first time I’ve been in a house with no security…”

    Michael said: “Paddy, it’s the first time I’ve been in a house with no security.” So he was able to walk out, to go for walks… he was able to go into town now and again,  and pop in a fish and chips shop, you know.

  • “What’s wrong, Michael?” “Paddy, I just met my father-in-law!”  Elvis, it was just Elvis popped up against the tree (laughing).
  • He was getting over the fact that the world had turned his back on him. The guy was fit. He was getting stronger. He was eating well.
  • I reckon if he had lived and stayed here, he obviously wouldn’t have died. He would have continued to record. He was getting stronger.

Sullivan probably never met any of these Irish people and just used the same videos as I did. Dr. Patrick Treacy, for example,  as one of those people left a comment on Amazon that Sullivan never talked to him though if the author wanted to know more about Michael the doctor was one of the first persons to go to.

Similarly, Sullivan probably never met sheikh Abdullah either and recites in his book the tales about his relations with Michael told by some third parties whose credibility we will never know.  Whether they tell the truth or simply share their fantasies depends on who the source is – Thomas Mesereau or someone of a different kind.

Perception differs from person to person as each of us sees only the things we want to see. Human soul is the biggest distortion lens of all – the cleaner the soul is the cleaner picture the story-teller paints for you and it is only the dirt which sees nothing but dirt in others too. This is a well-known psychological phenomenon, so even from the point of view of science the spirit of the Irish people we’ve met is clean like the water running from a mountain brook.

God bless Ireland for all the good they did to Michael and for the people they are!

It is interesting that as regards Michael’s visit there Sullivan did not let him down in his description. He could have limited himself to a couple of paragraphs only and shrugged his shoulders at the “weirdness” of Michael Jackson who made his choice for life in a rural area, but no, he related the story quite accurately and in much detail and this seems to me a step forward in the process of the media acquiring some human qualities at last.

And this is probably what Thomas Mesereau likes about the book.

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  1. December 6, 2012 1:59 am

    Stories about Michael’s life in Ireland are always heartwarming…I liked also those memories from a magician, or whomever it was, about Paris not wanting to leave the fish alone. I agree, if Michael stayed there, he would have been alive now. I wish he could have stayed…

    As to the book, I agree with your assessment. You see, the problem is that over the last three years dozens of positive books about Michael were published, and many of them made an attempt to stand up for him. It’s not like S. is the sole fighter against the never-ending floods of accusations. Far from it. Even Vogel’s “Man in the music” which is focused almost solely on music, does humanize Michael and does defend him from Chandler accusations. But Mesereau didn’t endorse any of those books. Instead, he endorses this. I understand that he probably doesn’t spend all his free time reading on MJ like some of us do, and instead he evaluates what is presented to him. But I’d say if you are going to argue your case on YouTube, you should get better prepared for the case. Whatever. It’s just a bad judgment call.


  2. Mado permalink
    December 6, 2012 2:42 am

    Thank you. I loved this article.


  3. nannorris permalink
    December 6, 2012 3:36 am

    just so you know Randall Sullivan as well as Tom Mesereau are going to be taking questions from Debbie from the reflections of the dance fb page …you can leave a question for either on that page…


  4. tatum marie permalink
    December 6, 2012 3:37 am

    Beautiful article VMJ. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside remembering that Michael experienced beautiful treatment in his last years. I can recall the interview he did with access Hollywood when Will. I. Am came to work with him. He seemed so content and at peace in Ireland, I wish he would have stayed there as well.


  5. December 6, 2012 3:47 am

    Thank you Helena for this beutiful and serene piece about Michael´s stay in Ireland.You are so right in that the human soul is the biggest distortion lens of all. In Ireland Michael was seen and treated as a human being and a good one for that.


  6. aldebaranredstar permalink
    December 6, 2012 6:41 am

    Thanks, VMJ. So sweet that the Irish people protected Michael from the paps. I love how they saved his bowling shoes. Yes, I am happy he had this time there and I hope it brought peace and healing to his heart. It was a very loving and ancient place. I wonder if Michael had ever lived in Europe/UK before? What a great image of him moonwalking at night in the garden! (Ireland was SO much better than Bahrain, which was the wrong place for him.)


  7. December 6, 2012 6:54 am

    Unfortunately, as you said in another post, mixing “truth” with the fiction he does is the worst thing.

    I can’t overlook all the other deep flaws in this book just because of a couple of nice things.


  8. December 6, 2012 2:14 pm

    I was waiting for this post; it’s beautiful and it’s what I expected, Helena.
    I think all the unimportant gossip Sullivan wrote down will fade away, especially when told by unnamed sources, because those who really met Michael and got to know his wonderful personality will never forget this extraordinary experience and always tell about it openly and will not hide as a secret source behind a book. The book will not be relevant for future generations.

    I also was once in Ireland for vacation. It was wonderful, it’s a beautiful country and I can only confirm how unparalleld friendly the people are.


  9. December 6, 2012 2:52 pm

    I remember reading these wonderful accounts not long after Michael left us. How I wish he could have stayed in Ireland. I believe that he found that rare combination of enchantment and normalcy, the latter which allowed him to be himself, enjoy the people and find peace. When I think about how he was treated in the press, it breaks my heart and depresses me terribly. At one time I simply found it strange that the media hounded him so. When I began to research his life and realize what a beautiful, gentle human being he was, it hurt me. He deserved to find that special place in Ireland. He deserved to have someone special in his life who would have treated him like the King he was. Here was a man that was such an exemplary father and dearly loved his children (and all children!), he should have been able to have more, While music was his passion, children were his nourishment and inspiration. Our world could change overnight if parents cared about their children like Michael cared about them. That’s what hurts the most; he was a true champion of children.

    I do understand Tom Mesereau’s defense of Sullivan’s book. Based on my experience over the years responding to negative articles in the media, it does become difficult to be credible especially if you are a “female” fan. You are frequently dismissed as one of those fanatical fans who think he can do no wrong. Mesereau has a point–Sullivan’s statement about his innocence carries more credibility than our saying so. What makes it doubly hard to swallow are all the distortions and outright lies throughout the book. He says that he now has a great deal of sympathy for Jackson after writing the book. If only his sympathy had evolved via truthful disclosure.

    Revisiting his time in Ireland was a sweet balm for my soul. I’ll keep this post in my MJ memories always. Thank you so much for sharing them.


  10. December 6, 2012 4:24 pm

    Sullivan can hardly be called an author,(not in a serious sense ) at all.Instead of just collecting all the negative press clips he should have examined the reason why Michael was seen through such a very distorted and negative lens in his own country.
    I also looked into Ray Chandlers refusal to testify as he would in theory have made a good witness, claiming he was a witness to all that happened around Jordan. Someone had made this question to To Sullivan on fb. Not even that was granted Michael, the subphoena was squashed. The only good pieces in the book come from T.M. But a part segment does not make a book.. It was indeed balm to read about Michael in Ireland, and for sure aldebaranredstar it was much better than Bahrain. The latter a bad idea.


  11. December 6, 2012 6:32 pm

    “The only good pieces in the book come from T.M. But a part segment does not make a book.. It was indeed balm to read about Michael in Ireland, and for sure aldebaranredstar it was much better than Bahrain.” – kaarin

    A good segment does not make a book, for sure! However I am happy that at least the Irish part is reflected there accurately and in detail. It was a great time in Michael’s life and was totally incomparable to Bahrain.

    Michael was seeking peace there, and in a state he was in after the trial it was impossible to expect any “albums” of him. He needed a respite to come to life again, while Abdullah had ambitious plans and wanted “albums” in order to go down into history with Michael’s help.

    With so much pressure from the sheikh Michael probably made some vague promises just out of politeness, but expecting him to really work was too much wishful thinking. If Bahrain had provided Michael peace and tranquility as Ireland did he would have started working without any pressure from the outside, while Abdullah’s insistence made it only worse. Artists need inspiration after all.

    Phrases like “the sheikh was getting impatient” may be sole Sullivan’s invention, but if they are true it means that he tried to use Michael – just like everyone else.

    The Irish people did not want anything of Michael and were only giving him – their love and protection, and he paid them back with the same kind of love. He was so encouraged by their warm acceptance of him that he even started working there, though no one asked him to.

    I think that the Irish period in Michael’s life shows what his life would have been if he had lived in normal circumstances from the start of it. This period is something that should shame that media which claimed that he was a “freak” – he was absolutely normal when he was among normal people.

    It is the environment he lived his whole life in that was abnormal – so I am afraid that the life Michael had to live is a sort of a diagnosis for the rest of us, especially for the crazy media in his own homeland.


  12. December 6, 2012 7:06 pm

    “Revisiting his time in Ireland was a sweet balm for my soul.” – ladypurr9

    For me too. It is an incredible contrast to everything Michael ever experienced in life. I think that now Ireland deserves to be called Michael’s second home. This is where he was recognized for the wonderful person he was by everyone without any help from “psychics”, behavioral analysis experts, legal pundits and psychologists. Over there any person who met him simply understood his true nature without any artificial theories coming to their minds.

    I am sure that it would never enter into the minds of these people to accuse Michael of being possessed by “demons” for example or practising “satanism”, like we often hear from some “men of God” preaching elsewhere (which I regard as totally rabid theories). Thanks to Michael’s visit to Ireland and the marvellous way he was treated there I, for one, now know that the Irish are probably the most normal, genuine and humane people I’ve ever seen or heard of.


  13. December 6, 2012 7:44 pm

    “I was waiting for this post; it’s beautiful and it’s what I expected, Helena.”

    Susanne, thank you very much for your kind words. It should have been written long ago and frankly, deserved to be told in a much better way, only the sadness over what’s going on with Michael’s name in the press and in Internet didn’t allow me to write anything better. I feel bitter and angry, and am no good for the calm mood the Irish period deserves.

    What I see now is a new revisionist wave of hate and slander against Michael. You cannot imagine how many hateful videos I came across in the past few days (while looking for the Irish pieces). Someone nasty work against Michael on a regular basis and the worst part of it is that they KNOW perfectly well that they are telling lies about him. Therefore they purposefully shut off the comments and do not allow to press a “dislike” button for their videos – these functions are simply deactivated.

    What they present are the worst pieces from Peretti’s documentary combined with pieces from Jordan Chandler’s interview with Dr. Richard Gardner accompanied by Ray Chandler’s comments. The pretext for deactivating the comments will naturally be the “craziness” of Michael’s fans, while the real reason is of course denying us a chance to refute their nasty lies.

    These people KNOW that they are telling lies. If they had not known it they would have left the comments open, for anyone to come and refute what they are saying – but their aim is to leave that poison there without any antidote to it. They are dragging Michael through the mud without us being able to explain to the public that what they are saying is a LIE.

    This method also has to do with a new campaign aimed at shrugging us off as “crazy” fans. Their main idea is to present themselves as “sane” while we are “crazy”, so they have to “protect” themselves from us. It is noteworthy that the same idea was mentioned in connection with Sullivan being unable to sign his book.

    In the circumstances the only way out I see for us at the moment is Calm, Reason and Moderation.

    No angry outbreaks, no hysteria, no campaigns against anyone at all – nothing of the kind. In fact I was always against things like that. If they go on provoking us and want us to behave like “crazy”, let us not give them the pleasure of seeing anything even remotely close to it.


  14. lynande51 permalink
    December 6, 2012 8:53 pm

    The time in Ireland was the only redeeming part of the book. I don’t think that as a author/editor for Rolling Stone that Sullivan would have dared to distort it. His time there included many other big names in music as well so they were there as witnesses to what happened.
    I would like to say something here as well about the oposition and the disabling of their comments on You TUbe and other places and using the craziness of “the Michael Jackson rabid fanatics”.
    We were not always thought of that way. We were not seen that way until Evan Chandler told the world that we were that way. Every ounce of evidence points to the contrary including the fact that all of these people are still here on earth saying the same things they were then. One fan wrote grafitti on his office wall, made some phone calls and went to Jordan’s school to talk to him. ONE FAN. She was arrested and held by the police in a foreign country. One of her fellow contrymen bailed her out of jail and sent her home.
    Lynn Redgrave paid for her to get out of jail and paid for her ticket back to England. Denise Pfeiffer was 24 years old, five feet four inches tall and 110 pounds. She was unarmed and only had her voice as a weapon against the Chandlers. What kind of a threat was she? Was Evan afraid that this young woman was somehow going to be able to reach Jordan with a plea to tell the truth?
    That was it. That was the extent of any kind of threat that family received. No one seems to realize that the biggest threat of all was Evan Chandler’s own paranoia.


  15. December 6, 2012 9:11 pm

    “I liked also those memories from a magician, or whomever it was, about Paris not wanting to leave the fish alone.”

    Morinen, first of all, thank you for the comments on Sullivan’s book, they were very insightful and helped a lot! And yes, that episode described by Sullivan is an unforgettable little touch which tells you so much about the way Michael brought up his children… It brings a whole wave of emotion which is difficult to describe. I didn’t write about it solely because I didn’t find that episode in the Irish press, so could not make sure it was true. However it sounds absolutely genuine. If we don’t find it on Youtube, we can even agree that Sullivan met this man. Here is the whole of it:

    “As soon as Patrick Nordstrom mentioned that he had a magician friend in Cork, Michael urged his host to call the man and invite him for a visit. Liam Sheehan was on the road with a packed bag within half an hour of receiving the call, “ driving like I was in a dream,” he remembered.

    .. Sheehan, who specialized in what he called “ walkabout magic,” led the group around the first floor of the castle, performing tricks as he went. He wowed them all with his special version of the card-to-ceiling trick, but was most affected himself by how Michael’s daughter responded to the fish production trick. “ I borrow some money—a fifty-euro note in this case—and the fish comes out of the money,” Sheehan explained. “ And then I put the fish into a glass—no worries, the fish will be okay. But as we moved into the bar, Paris came in behind us holding the fish in her hands. She said she didn’t want it to be alone. It was very innocent. That’s what all three of those kids were: very, very innocent.”

    Like millions of people worldwide, Sheehan had been horrified by the images of Jackson dangling Blanket over the balcony at the Hotel Adlon in 2002. That, “along with all the rest,” as Sheehan put it, had led him to imagine that Jackson’s children would be “ pretty weird.” In fact, the magician said, “ they were as bright and polite and delightful as any kids I’ve ever been around.” He was especially touched, Sheehan said, by how close Michael seemed to his eight-year-old daughter, and marveled as well at the girl’s composure and intelligence. “ The very first conversation we had,” Sheehan recalled, “ was when Paris came up to me and asked, ‘Do you know my dad’s name?’ ‘Michael,’ I said. She shook her head. ‘Michael Jackson,’ I told her. She shook her head again. I was baffled. ‘His real name,’ Paris told me, ‘is Michael Joseph Jackson. His middle name is the same as the first name of his dad, my grandfather.’ She seemed very proud of that. I saw then, and again and again over the days that followed, how determined Michael was to give his children the feeling that they were part of a big, happy family.”

    Sheehan felt almost ashamed of himself when he discovered that Michael did not call his oldest son Prince as the expression of some ridiculous royal fantasy, but because that was the first name of his maternal grandfather.

    The three kids spent most of every day “ in school,” as they put it, shut up in one of the castle’s rooms with their teacher, and it became obvious to Sheehan that they were learning at a more than respectable rate. When the magician performed his best-known trick, which involved having the children select a word from a book that he would identify by a process of deduction, Sheehan had suggested that either Prince or Paris might want to pick a word for little Blanket, who was just four. But Blanket insisted upon choosing his own word, Sheehan recalled, and then afterward upon demonstrating that he actually knew what “ actually” meant.

    All during the two weeks he spent with them, Sheehan remembered, Prince and Paris kept trying to get him to run a footrace against their father: “ Paris told me, ‘My dad is really fast. He just ran a race against a doctor in Dubai and beat him by a huge distance, so I know he’ll beat you.’ She told me the doctor was thin, meaning, without saying it, that I was a trifle fat.” Grace Rwaramba confirmed the story of the footrace in Dubai. The doctor had questioned Michael’s physical condition and Michael, offended, challenged the man to a race, then beat him so easily that the doctor couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day.

    The woman who identified herself as the children’s nanny was clearly more than just that, as Sheehan had realized within his first week under the same roof with the Jackson family. “ Michael’s personality was meek and mild,” the magician recalled, “but Grace was very direct and quite assertive. She looked so ordinary in her Tshirt and jeans, but you had no doubt within a few days that she was the one in charge. She wasn’t just taking care of the kids, she was taking care of Michael, too. She was the boss, and you felt it.”


  16. aldebaranredstar permalink
    December 6, 2012 9:38 pm

    I agree that the pressure that the sheik was apparently putting on Michael did not help him at all, and it is interesting, as you point out, VMJ, that once in a supportive environment in Ireland, he naturally began working on music again. I saw a video of a time when Michael went to Dubai on a visit (maybe it was here on this site) and another one of the sheiks said that Abdullah expected a lot of Michael but Michael was in too frail a condition at the time. He needed rest. I am upset at the sheik for suing Michael. He did not need the $$ as he was the son of the king of Bahrain, and maybe he could have waited and gotten some kind of assurance (if he HAD to get his $$ back) that he would be re-paid when Michael was able. In fact, by suing him, he prevented Michael from signing any other contracts until his suit was settled, so he made things worse not only financially but in terms of tying Michael up from other ventures.

    About Sullivan being ‘unable to sign his book,” that is all bs. He could sign it if he had any degree of courage. He is whining about the fans to cover up his complete cowardice. If he can’t stand up for his own book, then why should anyone else?

    I think someone posted that T. Mez video for him. A comment pointed out that the close of that video is a graphic of Michael on his toes with the text “For Michael, 1958-forever.” This does not sound like something TM would put at the end of his video, does it?


  17. aldebaranredstar permalink
    December 6, 2012 9:48 pm

    This is tthe kind of statement that is so annoying:

    “Like millions of people worldwide, Sheehan had been horrified by the images of Jackson dangling Blanket over the balcony at the Hotel Adlon in 2002.”

    Just b/c the media made a big deal about it, did ‘millions’ really feel ‘horrified’?? How does Sullivan know this? Did he do any research or have any evidence? Yes, then he goes on to tell some nice stories, but he still has to plant the negatives. We all know that the media went bonkers over that and some nutjobs even wanted to take Michael’s children away then! And they kept replaying the scene in slow motion to make it look like Blanket was held longer than he was. No one mentioned that Michael has very large hands and had a firm grip on his child.


  18. Tatum Marie permalink
    December 6, 2012 10:23 pm

    I did notice that graphic, it looked professionally done – it was pretty cool actually.


  19. December 6, 2012 10:28 pm

    “One fan wrote grafitti on his office wall, made some phone calls and went to Jordan’s school to talk to him. ONE FAN” – lynande

    Yes, that crazy story about threats from “fanatics” started with the official Chandlers’ version explaining why they did not testify in court. Even though there was no danger (all of them are kicking and alive, except Evan who shot himself) they should have invented this danger as this was the only pretext for their refusal to testify. They started the myth and now have no way out but go on with it.

    But there is another myth being promoted now – that Michael’s supporters are “blind” and are ready to excuse him for “everything he did”. And that they are “biased” and don’t want to know the real truth. Here is an example of what they say. I’ve found it by accident looking for something different:

    Fans On Scott Thorson And Myths About Michael Jackson

    I always loved history. I always thought it is fascinating how facts and lies turn into myths and finally historians can’t tell what was going on in the reality. Why does it happen?.. Because people are either inaccurate and careless with the facts – or they try to distort them on purpose. I find it totally HILARIOUS how those who complain about lies and inaccuracies make lies and inaccuracies themselves!
    Unfortunately Michael Jackson passed to the history almost three years ago. Nowadays mythologizers put their efforts into casting MJ into a bronze statue that has to stay in history. Here I want to offer a little (well, actually it’s going to be quite long…) example of how it is going on.

    I’m talking about a blog called

    The question of proving is on the vindicatemj author’s mind too: “However the main question which is on everyone’s mind is how to prove that Scott Thorson is telling lies about Michael Jackson”. Please pay attention: the author isn’t interested in finding out whether Thorson is telling the truth or not – no, the author is interested in proving that Thorson lies. Thus the whole blogpost is dedicated to proving that Thorson lied.


    It is interesting how the author of the above blog describes the audience he/she addresses. The idea behind it is that their blog is completely “unbiased” (in contrast to ours):

    If you think that MJ was a womanizer with angelic wings who used make-up and false lashes because of vitiligo or if you’re someone who is sure that MJ was a mentally ill paedophile who bleached his skin with a cream – feel free to leave this blog for good and not to bother me with your comments.

    It is also becoming fashionable to imitate my mistakes and “strange wording” (which I am fully aware of). This is what the author of the above blog says about him/herself:

    This blog is dedicated to my thoughts about Michael Jackson and human nature, perhaps not entirely. I hate to be called a fan because I have no desire to be associated with MJ fans. English is not my native language, that’s why you may find grammar mistakes and strange wordings here.

    Some conclusions from the above:

    1. These guys read us like no Michael’s supporters do! Following each word, every idea, analyzing each sentence. It is incredible that they spend so much time doing it. We refute lies about MJ because we have no other way out (who will if not us)? But why do they do it? Aren’t the media lies not enough? Evidently not…

    2. They pretend to be “unbiased” though the goal of their posts proves otherwise. I don’t even try to pretend to be “unbiased” – after three years of doing research I simply know that Michael was innocent. Almost all my life I thought different, and I do not intend to make the same mistake again. However if some “inconvenient facts” about MJ surface I will surely look into them to know what the real truth is.

    3. Our and their situations are different. There is no objective need for them to create special blogs in order to vilify Michael further – this work is still done by the media. Blogs like this one are meant to counterbalance the lies told by the media and show the real picture behind their smokescreen. However this honest competition is not to be tolerated. Hence fake “vindicatemj” blogs. Hence their constant work to compromise Michael’s supporters in every way possible – we are “blind”, “crazy” and “rabid”, we present a “threat” to the society (a quote from Amazon!), we don’t want to know the “whole truth” and “idolize” the man…

    What is interesting about both sides is that BOTH of us know the truth about Michael. Yes, they also know that Michael was intentionally slandered from head to toe, but for some reason consider it a suicide to accept it.

    It would be interesting to find why.


  20. December 6, 2012 11:08 pm

    ““Like millions of people worldwide, Sheehan had been horrified by the images of Jackson dangling Blanket over the balcony at the Hotel Adlon in 2002.” – The media made a big deal about it, did ‘millions’ really feel ‘horrified’?? How does Sullivan know this? Did he do any research or have any evidence?” – aldebaranredstar

    No, he didn’t do any research and it is just a usual propaganda technique. It is meant to impress people by the idea that “everyone thinks so” and if you don’t think like “millions” something is wrong with you.

    This technique appeals to any person’s desire to be part of the pack and not to look “weird” or “strange” and be different from others. If everyone thinks that way, I will too…

    In this particular case everyone is supposed to be “horrified”. Well, I wasn’t. It was reckless on MJ’s part – this is true, but no one in one’s sane mind can ever think that Michael wanted to or could accidentally harm his child. He had a firm grip of him. Of course he got carried away with all that enthusiasm from his fans, but he clearly regretted it himself. The episode should have been forgotten long ago just as an awkward move. But making a whole theory about Michael not being fit to be a parent? This is what is indeed crazy. The gullibility of the public amazes me. Do they ever try to think for themselves?

    P.S. Another thing I want to add is that there is a clear discrepancy between what the public thought about Michael’s strength, and what he himself knew about it. Generally everyone thinks that Michael was weak, but Marc Schaffel says (in Sullivan’s book) that Michael’s strength was amazing. He was afraid that Michael would drop his heavy camera but Michael picked it up like a toy.

    “This was back in the time when they were switching from film to video, and I had one of the first ENG cameras around,” the thickly built Schaffel explained. “ It was a huge thing with a separate flash for video, and Michael was fascinated by it. He asked, ‘Can I look at your camera?’ and I was like, ‘This can’t be real.’ He asked, ‘Can I pick it up?’ and I said sure, but I was a little concerned, because this was one big-ass camera, very heavy. But he just reached over and lifted the camera up like it was made of cardboard. I was amazed by his strength.


  21. December 7, 2012 12:12 am

    “Abdullah expected a lot of Michael but Michael was in too frail a condition at the time. He needed rest. I am upset at the sheik for suing Michael. He did not need the $$ as he was the son of the king of Bahrain” – aldebaran

    And what did Abdullah earn as a result? Only disgrace for himself. I have no doubt that he did have some spare millions to use on Michael’s recovery – after all this was what he was inviting Michael for to Bahrein. Not to work there, but to recover there.

    And I cannot imagine anyone thinking that he could invite Michael Jackson to his palace and make him pay for his stay there. Especially since the Arab people are known for their generosity. And with his wealth those several millions would have made no difference to him – the rich spend more on charity. Actually it is something which is even expected of them.

    Abdullah could have gone down into history as Michael’s savior at the time of trouble, but instead will forever enjoy the reputation of someone who first tried to use him and then sued him like an ordinary stingy producer would. I am sorry but the royalty are expected to behave in a slightly more dignified way.

    Sullivan, by the way, does hint that Abdullah looked at Michael as an investment:

    “In Manama, Sheikh Abdullah was working feverishly to protect his family’s investment in Michael Jackson.”

    I don’t really know but if someone invites a person to his home isn’t he supposed to cover some expenses on this person’s upkeep? It is done even among ordinary folks, and Michael never charged money for his guests’ stays at Neverland, so why should it have been different with Abdullah?

    “The sheikh had covered all the costs of Michael’s living and travel expenses since his arrival in Manama and had spent a substantial sum to arrange and coordinate recording sessions that linked Jackson with studios in Los Angeles.”

    So what? When I was reading this I couldn’t help thinking that it is even indecent to mention all these things.


  22. December 7, 2012 1:02 am

    “The time in Ireland was the only redeeming part of the book”

    Lynande, yes, I know. At least this was true for that 1/4 part of the book I’ve read. But I am far from finished with it. If I have a chance I will go over all its main lies. There are so many of them that one has to select.


  23. December 7, 2012 2:21 am

    The sheik Abdullah not only charged money from Michael (the case was up in London too,there the judge told this sheik “:You are taking advantage of a vulnerable man.”,he had Michael and his family move to a poor part of town having initially installed him royally and I think even given him a ferrari.And it is right to point out that Michael more often than not had people stay at Neverland and all their needs taken care of by his staff. . So that´s it about hospitality.


  24. Truth Prevail permalink
    December 7, 2012 3:02 am

    That was refreshing reading about Michael’s time in Ireland Thanks for sharing 🙂


    “Hence their constant work to compromise Michael’s supporters in every way possible – we are “blind”, “crazy” and “rabid”, we present a “threat” to the society (a quote from Amazon!), we don’t want to know the “whole truth” and “idolize” the man…”

    Did someone who works for Amazon refer to MJ Fans as a threat or was it someone who wrote a review supporting Randall’s book.


  25. December 7, 2012 3:18 am

    This book was not meant for the fans as we are the choir.,and despite this considered dangerous!


  26. lynande51 permalink
    December 7, 2012 6:15 am

    There seems to be some sort of conflict between what they say and what they want. Sullivan did not write the book for fans but for the general public. That is what he says and that is what Tom Mesereau says.So, that said, the few of us that did read the book and wrote reviews found out that what Sullivan and Mesereau were saying, it is not a book for MJ fans. What is the problem if I confirm what they say? If what I say matters then I I guess the question would be who are they trying to sell it to if not the MJ fans?


  27. Rodrigo permalink
    December 7, 2012 7:52 am

    That was a nice read.

    I wish more people could see this.
    All Michael Jackson wanted was to live a peaceful life. He was a peaceful person. His life was filled with so much madness…he had since he was no more than 5, and that’s shocking.

    People need to understand, Michael wasn’t mad…it was his life that was mad. He was just being dragged down by it. Put him in the right environment with the right people, look at who he REALLY was. The Irish knew that best.


  28. December 7, 2012 10:09 am

    “Did someone who works for Amazon refer to MJ Fans as a threat or was it someone who wrote a review supporting Randall’s book.” – Truth Prevail

    It was on Amazon and one of our readers alerted me to it as this blog was mentioned there. I found that review. See how they go over all of us there:

    By C (the beach)
    This review is from: Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson (Hardcover)

    The rabid fans who think you’re doing MJ a favor by lying about him. It’s too late. No lies by you can save his reputation he created all by himself. I find the author to be extremly credible and spot on when it comes to MJ. MJ fans are fantatics who spam forums with pure hate need to be flogged in public. They sit on the computer 24/7 giving reviews to a book they never read. They give false reviews with different accounts. Right now there are 94 bad reviews. 94 fans don’t exist. 6 trolls at the most. This never ends. They are cowards hiding beind the net. They have no crediblity and are extremely ignorant to reality. The are the real haterz who never seem to function in society. They spend 24/7 spewing on the net. Lynette Anderson and a mentally ill guy named sanemjfan conspiring on twitter to get people to not buy this book. Get real, you people don’t buy anything. I’m going to the book store today to show them how low the MJ fans are and more books will sell.

    These are the same people using fake names to spew ridiculous garbage here. They think it’s ok MJ slept with little boys and paid out $25 million to keep the truth from being told. They really think that denying all his dirty deeds his going to vindicate MJ. He was a drug addict, he did not have a nose. I sat next to him at MTV. He had a bandaide over the two holes. During the luncheon meeting, he had to lift up his surgical mask to eat. There was no nose. 10 other people in the room witnessed the same thing. His drunk e-mails have come out. I’m shocked no one says “Where were his kids (he bought) when he was high, drunk and getting knocked out on propofol? Fans don’t care about that. Shame on them for they have no morals.

    The reality is there are only a handful of rabid fans using fake accounts. They do this all over the net. Katerina who is Helena from vindicatmj never read the book yet she goes on and on. If you dare speak out, they attack you as you can see during their ignorant (most of them can’t spell nor comprehend English). They are dangers to society, they make death threats and they stalk and harass Mjs victims, along with Diane Dimond (they will mention her since they are obsessed with her), Martin Bashir and anyone else who knows the truth about MJ. Buy the book. They can’t afford it anyway. None of them work or contribute to society in anyway. Now they are whining on Katie Courac that the author didn’t ask them for info. Hello? You people never met MJ, nor were you involved in his life. None of you know MJ that’s for sure. He would want nothing to do with you in reality. He hid away from you people for obvious reasons. Now more people will buy the book just to piss you trolls off. Good! Randell wins! Now read their typical ignorant “haterz” responses since they aren’t very observant while they prove me right. Thank you!

    Isn’t it interesting? First they create fake blogs impersonating us all over the net and then they accuse us of having fake accounts! And lie that we even “make death threats”! And they name each of us personally, adding poor Katerina here too! This is what SLANDER is and we see it in the making.

    Now we know how they did it to Michael. One “source” invented a lie about what he allegedly said or did, and all the rest of them reported what the “source” said as if it was sensational truth. This was how myths about him were created and promoted.


  29. December 7, 2012 1:43 pm

    Oh yeah Helena and others on this blog, we are dangerous, rabid, need to be flogged publicly (I am glad we don´t need to be burned),some progress has been made!
    And Jordan can continue ennjoying his wealth,just too bad Evan shot himself, the Arvizio kids get shepharded through their education by Zonen and That ” family” can go on with their cozy meetings.
    Well, belonging to this dangerous gang in need of public flogging, I wish you all a good X-mas, I´ll be away during that time for a while. And most of all thank you all for the interesting articles and comments, I have seldom met a more friendly, intelligent and well informed group of people. Just keep on trucking!


  30. Rodrigo permalink
    December 7, 2012 1:57 pm

    And I’ve noticed the rabid style of the writing from that reviewer…a Looney Topix Tune.


  31. December 7, 2012 2:02 pm

    “They” may not know that this blog has contributors from allover the world,that´s why the time of comments may seem 24/7.


  32. December 7, 2012 2:20 pm

    “I am glad we don´t need to be burned, some progress has been made!”

    Great observation, Kaarin. Surprisingly, civilization is making some progress after all.
    I wish you a happy Christmas and a very good holiday too!
    See you after the end of the world.


  33. December 7, 2012 2:33 pm

    “They” may not know that this blog has contributors from all over the world,that´s why the time of comments may seem 24/7.”

    They know everything all right since they follow each of our words. Just don’t pay attention. They are also spread all over the world – from Australia to the USA – and the amount of time they spend on vilifying Michael is totally incomparable to our very limited efforts here. They are actually everywhere you look. I even suspect that some are making their living this way.


  34. December 7, 2012 5:32 pm

    The more I read of the book the more I think Tom Mesereau didn’t read all of it. There are so many small and big errors in it that really should be listed. For example Sullivan adopted the tabloid story of TMZ that MJ “prevailed upon a dentist named Mark Tadrissi to put Blanket under with Diprivan” (p. 326), when noone else than Charles Thomson corrected this story here: – the very journalist Tom Mesereau recommended to Sullivan for his good work.


  35. December 7, 2012 9:02 pm

    I’m reading the book too, and honestly i wish i will finish it very soon.
    There are, like you all said, so many mistakes…that…omg…i can not find the words to describe what i feel.
    But what is shocking me, is that some fans are turning against us/fans who do not like the book and calling us “pro estate fans”. i have to say this…because it makes me feel so sad. I’m not a pro estate fan, i’m just someone who thinks that this book should be more balanced, and of course that the author should have checked really if the stories that people were saying to him were true (I’m talking about the tabloids stories).
    Many say that the fact that Mez is supporting it is a good thing….i honestly think that Mez is just a person like all of us and can make mistakes.
    i feel so sad and tired.


  36. December 7, 2012 9:34 pm

    “The more I read of the book the more I think Tom Mesereau didn’t read all of it. There are so many small and big errors in it that really should be listed.”

    Susanne, he probably didn’t. He probably read only “his” part. Or some advance copy which didn’t contain it all. Or he could be given something totally different – there are many variants here. But I don’t think that we should necessarily agree with everything he says. The main problem is not to fight over it, that’s all. Time will show who is right.


  37. December 7, 2012 9:56 pm

    “some fans are turning against us/fans who do not like the book and calling us “pro estate fans”.”

    Zeromarcy, this is serious! If you and someone else here had not mentioned that the estate lawyers didn’t like the book I wouldn’t have known about their reaction at all. My conclusions are based solely on what I’ve read and some detailed comments found on Amazon. By the way, do you have the corresponding statement of the Estate lawyers? In what form did it come?

    It is very interesting that they do not support the book while Thomas Mesereau does. It seems that there are some deep undercurrents here which are very interesting to look into. Now those of us who are still reading the book should be on the lookout for clues to this puzzle.

    I’ll tell you one thing – there is something unnatural in the highly negative way Sullivan portrays the Jacksons family. Some of them probably deserve it (Joe Jackson for sure) but as regards the rest of them my personal impression is that the author is overdoing it. It looks like in the absence of Michael the media decided to trash the family in the same way they did it to Michael.

    Who wants to trash the family in view of the coming trial against AEG? The answer is obvious, I think.

    There is no love lost between Michael’s siblings and the Estate, but even despite Sullivan’s negativism towards the family the Estate lawyers still disapprove of the book. After Jacksons’ demand that the lawyers resign one could expect a different reaction from the Estate, but no – over here the family and the Estate find themselves on the same side of the barricade. Interesting too.

    As we read the book further let us look for the clues.


  38. Susannerb permalink
    December 7, 2012 11:04 pm

    Exactly, that’s also my impression. Even Katherine Jackson is presented rather negative, requesting permanently something of Michael.
    I would be very interested, too, what exactly the estate lawyers said regarding the book. I know they refuted the story about the funeral being delayed because of Janet, but was there something else they said?


  39. December 7, 2012 11:33 pm

    “Exactly, that’s also my impression. Even Katherine Jackson is presented rather negative, requesting permanently something of Michael.”

    Susanne, what Sullivan says about Katherine, for example, is simply outrageous. None of us are angels, each has his/her drawbacks, but Sullivan paints her almost no better than Joe Jackson – a sort of a religious hypocrite who only pretended to be virtuous but in reality closed her eyes on the boys performing in strip clubs, for example. As if she could change anything with a husband like Joe. As if he would ask her permission for what he did…

    This unfairness to Katherine made me resentful and curious . She clearly does not deserve it. So why does he talk about her like that? WHY? This is when my first suspicions of a certain agenda began to emerge, as well as a feeling that this book has more to it than what we see on the surface.

    Before I read the whole of it I don’t want to pronounce any ideas, but you know what I am thinking about, don’t you?

    And I am also interested to know what the Estate lawyers said. Can anyone give a link to their statement, please?


  40. shellywebstere permalink
    December 7, 2012 11:40 pm


    Mesereau bought the book on Amazon.


  41. shellywebstere permalink
    December 7, 2012 11:48 pm

    I like the stupidity of that review, she said he paid to keep the truth from being told. Well, Jordan gave his side of the story before the seulement.


  42. December 8, 2012 12:14 am

    “@Vindicate, Mesereau bought the book on Amazon.” – shelly

    Shelly, I don’t have anything against it. It is his money and he is free to spend it the way he wants it.

    People are wrong to say there is no room for miracles in our everyday life. All I need for it to take place in my life is just think of a company called AEG, and you are immediately here, like a genie out of a bottle.


  43. shellywebstere permalink
    December 8, 2012 12:50 am

    “People are wrong to say there is no room for miracles in our everyday life. All I need for it to take place in my life is just think of a company called AEG, and you are immediately here, like a genie out of a bottle.”

    What the hell are you talking about?


  44. aldebaranredstar permalink
    December 8, 2012 1:35 am

    ” Statement From the Estate Of Michael Jackson – Re: Vanity Fair Article
    Michael Jackson’s Wembley Concert is the No. 1 selling DVD in the world. Spike Lee’s Bad 25 documentary is drawing rave reviews from film critics and will air on ABC Thanksgiving night. Entertainment Weekly gave Bad 25 album an “A” calling it “a potent reminder of just how much Bad’s pulsing pop holds up.” Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour” was Pollstar’s top selling North American concert tour in the first six months of 2012, debuts this month in Europe and recently received Billboard’s Creative Content Award. And “This Is It” is the most successful concert film…EVER.

    The world loves Michael Jackson. Rest assured that every action the Estate takes will continue to endeavor that fans experience exciting new projects that further build upon and enhance his incredible legacy as an artist and humanitarian, while securing the financial future of those he specifically named as his beneficiaries.

    Sadly the full potential of Michael’s legacy continues to be hindered by a small handful of people who recklessly spread false rumors and obsess over stale, internet-fueled conspiracy theories much as they did when Michael was alive. These rumors have long since been debunked and have no legal or factual foundation.

    This week, some of these baseless theories appeared yet again in an article in Vanity Fair in the form of an excerpt from a book written by Randall Sullivan that will rehash these tired theories. While we do not want or need to respond to all of the nonsense, we do want to remind everyone of at least a few truths.

    The suggestion that John Branca or Howard Weitzman have a conflict of interest when it comes to AEG, and for that reason did not join Katherine Jackson in suing AEG, is not only false but reckless and noticeably unsupported by any facts. The Estate chose not to join in the lawsuit because it saw no evidence that AEG was culpable in Michael’s tragic passing. Eventually, should the case proceed to trial any decision on AEG’s liability will be decided by a jury. That said, the Executors are troubled by the unfortunate and distasteful information being brought out in those proceedings which could sully and damage Michael’s reputation and our memory of him.

    Another outrageously false claim is that Michael’s burial was delayed by any action of the Estate.

    As for the Will filed in the Probate Court, let’s be clear: IT IS LEGALLY VALID, and the court properly appointed John Branca and John McClain as co-Executors. Those who wished to contest Michael’s wishes had every opportunity to challenge his Will. It should be noted that the 2002 will is consistent with Michael’s wishes as expressed in three prior wills.

    Sitting in the cheap seats and perpetuating tired cloak and dagger theories as Mr. Sullivan has done is not journalism, it’s gossip mongering for profit. Look no further than some of the sources Sullivan relied upon for much of the incorrect information he chose to include in this book.

    Our commitment is and always has been to Michael’s legacy, his beneficiaries, his fans and to the spirit of an extraordinary artist and humanitarian who continues to touch the world.”


  45. December 8, 2012 2:47 am

    @vindicatemj i was referring to the fact that, it is happening that somefans as soon as u say u do not like the book because of the mistakes and or because u think it is unbalanced , runs against u sayin that u r a pro estate fan, and they support it mostly just because the book goes against the Estate.
    For the rest i agre with what u wrote.


  46. December 8, 2012 2:54 am

    @shellywebster “Mesereau bought the book on Amazon.”what? i believed that the author gave him a free copy…..a mean after all the times that he supposedly called Mez back….


  47. shellywebstere permalink
    December 8, 2012 3:16 am

    @ItsaBeautifulDay (@zeromarcy)

    No, if you read his review on Amazon, it said Amazon certfied purchase which means he bought it on Amazon.


  48. December 8, 2012 3:46 am

    Helena….in one of your replies you asked this question: The gullibility of the public amazes me. Do they ever try to think for themselves?

    Without question, the answer is a RESOUNDING NO! Did you ever wonder why Jesus referred to his people as sheep? Very few people actually use their brains and exercise “critical” thinking. It’s not taught in schools. If it was, tabloids would disappear from the landscape and so would prejudice, racism, and violence.

    So, I ask….what ARE children being taught in school today?


  49. December 8, 2012 4:46 am

    Pro Estate Fan (PEF) a totally novel concept.Is this the result of the strange book and the reviews that are sinking it?


  50. lynande51 permalink
    December 8, 2012 6:19 am

    Shelly if he was reivewing the book of a certified purchase he reivewed it before he read it.
    I think the one reason that Sullivan wrote the book and keeps pointing at the fans that don’t support it is because he wants to have us divided in some kind of fan war.
    I was searching through the Bibliography last night and saw one thing that I found very interesting. He says that Tohme is not the former brother in law of Randy Phillips. He also said that it was Latoya and Katherine that “looted” Michael’s house and that Tohme denied it.
    Well here it is again…if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, Michael was afraid of Tohme. He did not like what Tohme was doing to him. He also died thinking that Tohme was an Orthopedic Surgeon. In other words when he was talking to Cherilyn Lee and said ” my Doctors have told me it was safe” he was referring to more than one doctor and I think when he said that he meant Tohme.


  51. lynande51 permalink
    December 8, 2012 6:28 am

    And it does not take rocket science to figure out that something is very wrong with the picture that Sullivan paints of Tohme. He slams Frnak Dileo who is of course now dead and can’t defend himself or Michael. He says things about Branca that simply are not true and puts words in the mouths of others or… when you read the bibliography you find out it is his opinion.
    The first and most important thing that should be remembered is that Tohme stood beside Jermaine whe he announced that Michael was dead. Tohme had no business in that picture. He had been fired 6 weeks before that. Then there is the fact that his residence is LasVegas not Los Angeles. He should not have even been in the same city let alone making an announcement. The fans that support this are going to feel very funny when it is shown in court just what this man was to Michael.


  52. December 8, 2012 2:05 pm

    Lyn, at that occasion it was Thome and Jermaine who spoke. Thome also announced that only Jermaine will represent the family now. Very strange. I don´t know if you still can find those vid. clips..-As to the Estate, I don´t think they need any fan support because they know what to do anyway..Sullivan tries to say that Michael was a danger to a big coorporation or company, you know which I mean. Ridiculous.Thome is bad news where ever he crops up.He was also paid by AEG even after being fired by Michael.He still talks a lot of bs how he tried to do the best for Michael, reducing staff to save money and firing nanny Grace at a time the children would have needed her .Michael was right in being afraid of him.-Some, that is AEG, made 40 ml,I believe from TTI and charged the Estate or Michael a lot (I don´t remember now the exact amount) of money for the costs of that.Very strange.Without Michael that movie would not exist.If you ever see that movie they list about 10 producers + alot of others also in need of money owed them.


  53. Susannerb permalink
    December 8, 2012 6:40 pm

    Thank you, aldebaranredstar, for the estate statement. This is very well said:
    “Sitting in the cheap seats and perpetuating tired cloak and dagger theories as Mr. Sullivan has done is not journalism, it’s gossip mongering for profit. Look no further than some of the sources Sullivan relied upon for much of the incorrect information he chose to include in this book.”


  54. lynande51 permalink
    December 9, 2012 5:10 am

    Here is a link to the piece that Today did on Michael’s relationship with Tohme.


  55. lynande51 permalink
    December 9, 2012 5:16 am

    That is Michael’s voice saying not to trust or believe Tohme and that is all I need not to. He is one of the largest sources in Sullivan’s book that he cites when it comes to misinformation about the Estate. The next are Howard Mann and F. Marc Schaffel. Now knowing that it was Michael that said not to trust these people why would you suddenly think it was okay to believe anything that they say?


  56. December 9, 2012 11:45 pm

    There are satanic crimes committed all the time against large portions of the population.
    Most victims are the poor and children.Where ever there is widespread poverty children are sold into sexual slavery all over the world,But it is ah so more exciting to blame Michael Jackson for all sorts of things. And write 700-800 page opuses about it.


  57. December 10, 2012 1:55 pm

    Did you know that Michael’s ‘hideaway in Ireland – Coolatore & Grouse Lodge is available to rent. For several years now groups of fans have been going across and spending time their. Able to live where he & the children lived. It can sleep up to 16 ( and with a group of that size it makes it economically accessible to most. If you are interesting in joining a group which is being set up to make a visit in 2014 please go to


  58. December 10, 2012 6:54 pm

    reading this makes me feel proud to be irish. im proud to say that i lived within 100miles of MJ and that my country had a special place in his heart and that he was treated so well here.other fans ask the Irish fan community why we didnt go and try to meet Michael or camp outside his home(s) and it is for the very reasons listed here- we don’t treat celebrities like that over here! all i cared about was that the man was on the same block of land as my self and that he was happy!l will also add that i have visited ballynacurra house before and spoke with the owners.lovely people , their kids hung out with Michaels kids but they even refused to tell their children that Michael Jackson was staying at their house for fear that their children would go “blab” to everyone at school/in the village-their daughter who is Paris’ age told me that she was only told who Paris’ father was after he had passed- now that is an admirable feit in itself!
    it also makes me so sad that Michael decided to leave ireland and walk into the trap of those greedy monsters, i dont know why he couldnt have just stayed here and lived. 😦


  59. December 11, 2012 2:11 pm

    reading this makes me feel proud to be irish.

    Rachael, you should be! I didn’t know anything about the Irish people until this happened, but now am very much impressed. Of course there are different people among every nation, but those we have seen here are really special. Honesty, goodwill, living by what their conscience tells them, no greed, so much understanding for others – oh, these are rare traits indeed! I wish the Irish people much luck in everything they do.

    “im proud to say that i lived within 100miles of MJ and that my country had a special place in his heart and that he was treated so well here.other fans ask the Irish fan community why we didnt go and try to meet Michael or camp outside his home(s) and it is for the very reasons listed here- we don’t treat celebrities like that over here! all i cared about was that the man was on the same block of land as myself and that he was happy!

    You couldn’t say it better.

    “l will also add that i have visited ballynacurra house before and spoke with the owners.lovely people , their kids hung out with Michaels kids but they even refused to tell their children that Michael Jackson was staying at their house for fear that their children would go “blab” to everyone at school/in the village-their daughter who is Paris’ age told me that she was only told who Paris’ father was after he had passed- now that is an admirable feit in itself!”

    Thank you very much for these valuable details!

    “it also makes me so sad that Michael decided to leave ireland and walk into the trap of those greedy monsters, i dont know why he couldnt have just stayed here and lived.”

    Jack Wishna, a successful deal-maker from Las Vegas was persuading Michael to create a permanent show in his city. As far as I understand Michael was to perform once a week while on the rest of the days he was to present new artists and be a sort of a judge for their talent. The project looked attractive, and Michael went to the US to have a closer look. Soon after he arrived James Brown died (Dec. 25th I think) and on December 30th Michael went to James Brown’s funeral. Then he and Jack Wishna started working on the project, but as Jack says Michael’s siblings reappeared and this is when problems started. The press said that Joe Jackson was once spotted waiting in his car outside Michael’s gate for 9 hours or so. How much of that is true I don’t know – after all it is the tabloid media (and Sullivan) who are telling us these stories. A little more research is required to get a clearer picture.


  60. December 11, 2012 2:55 pm

    “Did you know that Michael’s ‘hideaway in Ireland – Coolatore & Grouse Lodge is available to rent. For several years now groups of fans have been going across and spending time their. Able to live where he & the children lived. It can sleep up to 16 ( and with a group of that size it makes it economically accessible to most. If you are interesting in joining a group which is being set up to make a visit in 2014 please go to

    Debbie, I will gladly provide more details about it. Paddy Dunning deserves more publicity for the great way he treated Michael. I don’t know whether Coolatore and Grouse Lodge are one and the same thing, but the bed is the one where Michael slept:

    Coolatore house sitting room
    Coolatore house dining room
    Coolatore house pool
    Coolatore house - MJ's bed
    Coolatore house the bed MJ slept in

    Coolatore House (sleeping up to 17) is available to rent. Here is information from its site about self catering rates & services:

    2012 RATES – Please add 9% VAT to all rates

    January specials from €1,500 weekend from €3,500 weekly

    February – September from €1,800 weekend from €4,200 weekly

    October – November from €1,600 weekend from €4,000 weekly

    November – December specials from €1,500 weekend from €3,500 weekly

    Bank Holiday Weekends from €2,400 weekend

    Mid week from €1,200 (2 nights) weekend

    The house is closed for the Christmas period. For New Years Eve and Little Christmas bookings please contact our office

    Special rates for winter breaks, please phone the office for more information. Returning guests all qualify for a discount on their next stays.
    In order to confirm your booking we require a 50% deposit of the overall balance. This can be paid by credit card, debit card, cheque, postal order, cash or bank transfer or lodgement.

    Coolatore House, Rosemount, Co. Westmeath Tel. + 353(0)906 436175,;


  61. June 21, 2013 6:23 am

    I am hopping around from article to article playing catching up. Because it is the 8th wk of the AEG trial and if you are reading the transcripts, then I believe you have a suspicion why Mr. Mesereau asked us to read the book. Yes, I am sure he thought we would find the inaccuracies and have plenty to say about them. There was something far more important than Sullivan retelling the same old lies with a few new twists by the same old liars. Some of the revelations which have come out on the witness stand are found in Sullivan’s book. But I do wish Sullivan had done more fact checking and cross referencing of the stories told, and given them with context.

    It is too bad we have burned that particular bridge. Now would be a good time to interview him. There is always conversation which does not end up in a book. Things said which has little significance to one person, but great to others.

    Have you ever noticed when Mr. Mesereau speaks of Michael it is not compliments on his ability to pack a stadium, but on the Man? I believe he is looking to the life and death of Michael Jackson rather than the KOP.

    One of the things which comforts me is regardless to the future relationship btw the Fanbase and he, I believe he will continue to do all he can.

    During the TMZ interview in reference to W.R., I thought I saw a glimmer of grief in him. How difficult to know a man is innocent and know the most powerful machine in all the world has no intentions of acknowledging it?

    The Journalist S.B took to Twitter to reprimand was J. Velez-Mitchell.


  62. Truth Prevail permalink
    June 21, 2013 11:19 am


    The problem I have with Randall Sullivan is the Bullshit he wrote in his book, bullshit that was easily proven to be false IF he did some actual research and thought we would fall for his Michael having no nose thing and then to add insult to injury directed to a photo shopped image on the Internet as proof of Jackson having no nose. Also the way he talked about The MJ Fans on the Huffington Post Live interview while being interviewed by a equally clueless idiot who was eating up everything Sullivan was saying.


  63. June 22, 2013 2:41 pm

    “I believe you have a suspicion why Mr. Mesereau asked us to read the book. Yes, I am sure he thought we would find the inaccuracies and have plenty to say about them. There was something far more important than Sullivan retelling the same old lies with a few new twists by the same old liars. Some of the revelations which have come out on the witness stand are found in Sullivan’s book. But I do wish Sullivan had done more fact checking and cross referencing of the stories told, and given them with context. It is too bad we have burned that particular bridge. Now would be a good time to interview him. There is always conversation which does not end up in a book. Things said which has little significance to one person, but great to others.” – Dialdander

    Dail, we haven’t burned the bridges but there is actually nothing to ask Sullivan about. We should simply know how to work with Sullivan’s book to get information from it. It is just a mirror reflecting everything that gets in its way – totally indiscriminative (and this is what we didn’t like). If he talked to Ray Chandler you will find terrible lies there because it reflects Ray Chandler’s position, if he talked to Thomas Mesereau you will find the best of the truth there, because it reflects Thomas Meserau’s views.

    As regards the last months of Michael’s death it is clear that Sullivan talked to Tohme Tohme and is expressing his point of view. It is every interesting to see that at that point Tohme sounded offended by the fact that he was discarded by his former AEG friends as some unnecessary trash, and that is why he often says things which will not be to the liking of AEG.

    For example, he mentions the fact that Michael insisted that Murray’s salary should be paid by AEG. That famous phrase “This is the machine. You have to take care of the machine” was said in connection with Michael expecting AEG to pay Murray. Here is an excerpt from the book:

    Of all the demands that Michael Jackson made during the negotiation of the
    contract for the O2 shows, his requirement that AEG pay for the services of a
    “ personal physician” had been the one that Randy Phillips and the company
    attorneys resisted most vigorously. Jackson’s refusal to compromise on this point
    suggested that his sense of self-importance had made a comeback every bit as
    extraordinary as the one Randy Phillips hoped to see onstage at the O2.

    “ Look,” Michael told Phillips, “ my body is the mechanism that fuels this entire business.
    Just like President Obama, I need my own doctor attending to me twentyfour/
    seven.” Paul Gongaware remembered Jackson pointing to himself and saying,
    “ This is the machine. You have to take care of the machine.”

    Frank Dileo pointed out to Phillips and Gongaware that hiring a personal physician might be a good
    way to separate Michael from Arnold Klein, whom all three men believed to be
    Jackson’s primary drug supplier. AEG agreed to pay for a private physician, even
    yielding to Michael’s demand that he alone be permitted to pick the MD who
    would live with him.

    So the sum of $300,000 which was included in AEG’s budget was there for a reason. They agreed to pay.


  64. Melissa permalink
    April 29, 2014 4:12 pm

    There’s something intriguing about this matter. I saw fans asking to themselves why Tmez didn’t support Halperin’s book like he did to Sullivan’s. After all, Halperin is 100% clear about MJ’s innocence. Not only in his book but in his interviews. This is funny because usually he’s hated by all fans. Suddenly Halperin became a better “option” because there’s someone else who is worse than him. This is even notorious on your post. You cited Ian about Michael and Ireland.
    Moved by curiosity I sent a mail to Tmez asking the reason. He never answered me. Well I’m not surprised. In fact I know very well the reason he didn’t support Halperin’s book. But Tmez could not look like he was homophobic, right?



  1. Az utolsó évek (4. rész folytatása) | Joseph Vogel: Ember a zenében

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