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The story of MICHAEL JACKSON, AEG’s FABRICATIONS and TWO medical examinations for the INSURANCE. Part 4

April 19, 2013

Notwithstanding the depressive feeling which the analysis of Michael’s last days produces on many of us, we still need to put into order a few more things we know about AEG Live. Rereading the articles of the period I ask myself a lot of questions and surprisingly, many of them begin to acquire clear answers.

Michael Jackson and Tohme

Michael Jackson and Tohme

To those who haven’t been following us let me make a short summary first. The 50 concerts disaster took place without Michael’s direct involvement and was arranged for him by AEG Live and Thome Thome who called himself Michael’s manager but never acted in his interests. Thome claimed they had an arrangement with Michael that he would not get into Michael’s creative process while Michael would not get into the way Tohme ran his business.

“We had an agreement,” Tohme continued. “I would never interfere with his creative decisions and he wouldn’t interfere with my business decisions.”

Since Tohme was holding Michael’s general power of attorney he thought himself free to arrange anything for Michael without his consent or at least well-informed consent. Even if they did notify Michael of the general idea of what they were doing, I am afraid that by March 2009 little depended on Michael anyway – his life was so much controlled by Barrack and Tohme (and later by AEG) through his obligations stemming from the Neverland deal that he could hardly dispute any of the big trio’s decisions.

Let me remind you that business with AEG Live was a condition set by Tom Barrack for “saving” Neverland. The word is in quotes as the essence of the deal is acquiring Michael’s property at a price lower than the market price. I have found the market price estimation of Neverland made by a local real property agent but will post it at a later time not to distract attention from the main topic now.

And the main topic now is AEG Live. The convenient setting created by Tohme and Barrack allowed AEG Live to take advantage of Michael for their own ends – after the initial ten concerts sold out within minutes greed overwhelmed AEG Live so much that there was no more stopping them.

They added forty more concerts without ever thinking whether the 50-year old performer would be able to do them. To me more exact, judging by the emails they exchanged between themselves, they probably thought that he would not  make even a single concert, so in the long run what did it matter whether it would be 30 extra concerts or even 40? What really mattered was a million tickets sold and the fact that in case of a cancellation Michael Jackson would pay for it with his assets, while AEG Live will forever enjoy the fame of someone who wanted to “save” Michael Jackson, only this miserable creature failed it…

Sharon Osbourne recently confirmed what we suspected all along – the cancellation scenario was no less profitable to AEG than the concerts themselves, and it still remains to be seen which of the two scenarios suited AEG Live even better:

Sharon Osbourne has been called to testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.

…Speaking on ‘The Talk,’ she said, ”There were people at that company who knew he was not well but didn’t care. Whether he performed or not, they’d still make money. I had conversations with people who said exactly that. I will tell people who said it.”

Michael Jackson and Tohme

Michael Jackson and Tohme

So they knew that Michael was not well, but did not care and therefore tried to squeeze from him the maximal profit. To do so they set the impossible 50 dates and did it in close cooperation with Tohme who acted as their close ally behind Michael’s back:

AEG’s Randy Phillips told CelebrityAccesss that they have been working with Dr. Tohme Tohme in connection with all of Michael Jackson’s dates.

The number of 50 was only half the problem for Michael. The much bigger problem was too little time between the shows. A break of one day only between the dates was obviously not enough for a man with huge insomnia problems who needed more than average time to regain his energy for the next show.

Michael was speaking of his insomnia quite freely and he no doubt discussed it with Tohme and AEG Live, saying that his absolute limit was 2 shows a week –  however none of them listened. The schedule was set following a show/day off pattern and when Michael realized the scope of the disaster he fired Tohme.

But this did not help. Tohme stayed as he was an indispensable element to the big trio – to AEG Live in the first place who in their turn were heavily assisted by Tom Barrack:

The Los Angeles Times reported this past weekend that banker Tom Barrack, who runs Colony Capital, is heavily involved in Michael’s massive show-business comeback. Barrack’s company has major ownership interests here in the Las Vegas Hilton and the Stations Casino group.


Did any of you ever wonder why no information about Tohme’s dismissal ever reach the media? There was a lot of usual mocking speculation about the mess in Michael Jackson’s affairs and three different people claiming they were sole Michael’s managers, but all of it was habitually explained by Michael’s “bizarre” ways. They preferred to make fun of it while the matter could have been clarified in the easiest way possible, just by Michael or AEG Live announcing to the press that Dr. Tohme was replaced by another manager.

However Michael could not announce a thing like that and AEG Live did not want to.

In fact even after the March dismissal of Tohme Randy Phillips still kept introducing him as Michael’s manager, thus humiliating Michael beyond measure and showing to everyone around his total disregard for Michael’s decisions.

No announcement was ever made because Tohme’s powerful backers made it impossible for the news of Tohme’s dismissal to reach the press. They were intentionally suppressing all mention of it and were probably taking pleasure  in the resulting confusion as it was adding to Michael Jackson’s “bizarre” image which was only to their advantage.

No one knew what was going behind the scenes

This is it outtakes: No one knew what was going behind the scenes

On April 2, 2009 when this article was published no one could even imagine what a sad drama with Michael and his managers was going behind the scenes:

Will Michael Jackson’s Real Manager Please Stand Up
April 2, 2009

ATLANTA (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) — Rowe Entertainment appears to have sparked a controversy after they issued a press release through Champion Management, announcing that Leonard Rowe was going to be assuming management duties for the prodigal King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Sources close to the matter have told CelebrityAccess that Rowe had joined forces with Michael Jackson’s father Joseph Jackson to convince Michael to let them assume handling the artist’s business affairs but that they had been rebuffed by the singer.

On the other side of the issue, Frank Dileo maintains that Rowe’s press release was less than factual and that they manage Jackson.

A spokesman for Dileo told CelebrityAccess that they would release a statement along with AEG to address Rowe’s claims next week and suggested that legal action may be in the offing.

However, AEG’s Randy Phillips told CelebrityAccesss that they have been working with Dr. Tohme Tohme in connection with all of Michael Jackson’s dates. Mr. Phillips went on to say that they are currently contemplating no legal action against Rowe and that they aren’t planning any press releases.

Rowe is known for his work as a tour promoter and has worked with a number of artists including Marvin Gaye, however his most recent spate of publicity stemmed from a string of lawsuits late last year over an R. Kelly tour that Rowe promoted.

According to court documents, Kelly accused Rowe of selling shares in Kelly’s “Double Up” tour to investors without Kelly’s permission, despite a contractual stipulation that barred such sales. The court agreed and awarded Kelly $3.4 million over the matter.

Kelly’s suit wasn’t the only litigation to stem from the tour and the investors who’d purchased the non-existent shares in the tour filed suit against Rowe as did singer Ne-Yo, who won a $700,000 judgment against Rowe after he was dropped from Kelly’s tour after only two shows.

Rowe was also part of a group of African-American promoters who attempted in 1998 to sue a number of entertainment firms, including CAA, WMA, Clear Channel Entertainment, APA and the HowardRoseAgency for $700 million, alleging racial discrimination. Several of the firms opted to settle but the case was finally rejected by the court in 2005.

Mr. Rowe did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

The question of who was Michael’s manager is relatively easy to decipher now. We just need to remember that since AEG Live was in full control of Michael Jackson’s life it was them who took decisions who would be his manager. After firing Tohme Michael most probably invited Leonard Rowe (or agreed to invite him following his father’s insistence), however Randy Phillips refused to deal with Rowe and confronted Michael with a sort of an ultimatum suggesting Frank Dileo as a compromise variant that would suit both sides.

From Tohme’s revelations to Randall Sullivan we know that AEG Live did not consider Frank Dileo a person capable of creating trouble for AEG Live, so they agreed to keep him by Michael’s side as a harmless old buddy who “made Michael laugh” and reminded him of the good old times they had once enjoyed together.

As regards Leonard Rowe they didn’t think him to be a serious opponent either as his candidacy was indeed not free from a certain ambiguity, but Rowe was capable of creating problems for AEG and this is why they pressed Michael into dismissing him.

The person of their choice was Tohme Tohme. This is really who AEG Live was ready to deal with and actually went on cooperating with.

Leonard Rowe’s own account of the story is fitting this picture perfectly well (his book and the dates will be quoted here from the blog:  t

March 21, 2009 Michael Jackson asks Leonard Rowe to come and work with him and to keep an eye on what AEG was doing and watch over his finances. (WRHTMJ – pg. 125)

March 25, 2009 Leonard Rowe appointment letter signed by Michael Jackson:

Randy Phillips/AEG address

Dr. Mr. Phillips

Please be advised that effective from the date of this letter, Mr. Leonard Rowe is my authorized representative in matters concerning my endeavors in the Entertainment Industry (or financial overseer only). All such matters concerning me shall be directed to Mr. Rowe (pertaining to finances [not legible]/and the 02 shows in london this can be revoked at any time) who shall act in my stead, until and unless I revoke this authorization.
Please extend every courtesy to Mr. Rowe.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Jackson

State of California

County of Los Angeles

On March 25, 2009, before me personally came Michael Jackson, known to be to be the individual described in and who execued the foregoing, and acknowledge to me that he executed it.


Notary Public

*the information in parentheses is handwritten on the letter by Michael Jackson and the “not legible” in brackets is something handwritten in the letter that cannot be made out by this blogger. Misspelled words remain the same in the Notary Public paragraph as they are in letter provided by Mr. Rowe. Michael Jackson allegedly signed the letter. There is no notary public signature on the letter provided. (WRHTMJ – pg. 131)

In his book Leonard Rowe mentioned a very important point I did not know of –  every leg of the show should have a separate signed contract by the artist before the tickets are put on sale (or it can be done as a signed Appendix to the general agreement). Needless to say, the AEG contract had nothing of the kind:

For starters, AEG sold out fifty shows but the contract between AEG and Michael does not mention fifty shows, it speaks only of thirty-one shows. In fact, Michael told me personally that he only originally agreed to do ten shows but evidently, contractually this number was increased to thirty-one. Surely a company the size of AEG, with their in-house attorneys, that promotes hundreds of concerts every year, would surely know the simple fact that every show or leg of shows must have a signed contract by the artist before the show is put on sale. But AEG had no signed contract with Michael for fifty shows. These additional shows put increased pressure on an already sick and frail Michael Jackson, whom they knew would never want to disappoint his fans by not performing. (WRHTMJ – pg. 159)

Rowe says that Randy Phillips refused to work with him and practically blackmailed Michael Jackson by threatening to “pull the plug” if he didn’t give in. This is the second time we hear about the threat to “pull the plug” or cancel the shows attributed to Randy Phillips – the first time it was at Murray’s trial when Kenny Ortega read out his email to Phillips. Randy Phillips said that he never heard the expression:

Randy Phillips knew he had to do something about me, when Michael asked me to come and work with him and to watch over his financials and other business affairs. This also included the shows that were scheduled for London. Michael told me that Randy Phillips had said to him that he refused to work with Leonard Rowe, and that he was calling in Frank DiLeo to manage him. If he didn’t accept this, then he was going to pull the plug on everything. He knew he had Michael trapped. From that point on, Michael and I began speaking a lot less often. I received a phone call from Michael a day or so later and he said to me, “I want you to meet and work with Frank DiLeo.”

Rowe makes a very important observation which fully coincides with my opinion of AEG’s contracts with Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray – Randy Phillips had a tendency to make things he wanted them to be without having a signed contract in place. This manner is extremely deceitful as it either creates the impression that the matter is fully agreed on and only some formal papers remain to be finalized (Murray’s case) or conversely, that nothing is yet finalized and there is plenty of time to look into details before making the final contract (Michael Jackson’s case).

As to Frank Dileo I think that he was the candidate who suited both AEG and Michael and therefore Michael must have easily agreed to Frank. He could also do it simply to avoid more pressure from AEG, especially in the face of the threat to “pull the plug” and demand all the advances back:

…Randy Phillips and Frank DiLeo claim that Michael had hired Frank DiLeo to be his manager and he was to replace me. I never heard any of this form Michael. When it came to Michael Jackson it appeared that Randy Phillips had a tendency to make things like he wanted them to be without having a signed agreement or a contract in place. I have asked numerous times where is Frank DiLeo’s management contract signed by Michael. They surely would have one if that was Michael’s wish, but it wasn’t. In my opinion, this was an act forced on Michael by Randy Phillips. Michael told me himself that he would never hire Frank DiLeo again. He could have hired Frank DiLeo before he signed an agreement with me but he didn’t. In my opinion, and the words of Michael, this was a move being forced on him by Randy Phillips in an effort to get rid of me. (WRHTMJ- pgs 144-147)

I was told by Michael Jackson that Randy Phillips had called him for a mysterious meeting. At this meeting, Michael said he was told that AEG refused to work with Leonard Rowe, and that he had to get rid of me. They were calling in Frank DiLeo to manage him and take my place. If Michael did not agree they were going to pull the plug on everything and demand payment of all the advance money that AEG had provided him. They knew that they had Michael Jackson where they wanted him… (WRHTMJ- pg. 183)

No wonder that when Michael was inviting Frank Dileo he laconically worded it as: “It’s a little messed up” which was a gross understatement of course:

By the time DiLeo returned, Jackson’s inner circle had shriveled practically to nothing — no lawyers or accountants, for example — with the July kickoff of “This Is It” just weeks away, DiLeo contended in an exclusive interview.

Only  Jackson’s then-manager, the “mysterious Dr. Tohme Tohme,” as the press sometimes described him, remained, DiLeo says. And soon Tohme Tohme’s status turned murky.

“Look, come back, it’s a little messed up,”’ said Jackson, as DiLeo remembers it.

No, it wasn’t just “a little” messed up. It was a terrible mess and judging by the way AEG Live was taking decisions for Michael, ignoring his opinion and controlling his life and business affairs it was it more like keeping him a hostage than having equal cooperation with him.


The short answer is 10 shows. The long answer will involve an explanation.

From Frank Dileo we know that the letter of intent passed by AEG Live for their contract with Michael was read out to him three times. The “readers” were most probably Thome’s lawyer Dennis Hawk, AEG’s lawyers Kathy Jorrie who also drew up Murray’s contract and Joel Katz, or Thome himself. What is important is that there was no lawyer by Michael’s side to represent his interests at the negotiations.

Irrespective of the number of times the AEG contract was read out, hearing it was no good. Imagine this contract as an algebra formula containing lots of unknown X, Y and Z whose definitions should be looked up in a certain Appendix where they are explained in ancient Chinese, and you will probably realize that for the ear this contract was totally incomprehensible.

Difficult puzzles like that should be first spread out on a desk, thoroughly analyzed, compared back and forth, and only after all that you will probably grasp half of what it is.

However with Tohme’s invaluable help on January 26, 2009 AEG Live managed to have those unfinished documents signed.  I call them unfinished because the letter of intent addressed to “Dear Dr. Tohme” closed with a hope they would sign a definitive agreement soon and carried two Michael’s signatures which did not match. The documents also contained a promissory note for the advance paid to Michael by AEG. The advance was backed up by the assets of Michael Jackson Company LLC which was run by Tohme Tohme at the time. This way all of it ran a full circle and left no escape for Michael Jackson.

The number of shows the AEG contract contains is the number no one has ever heard of – 18 shows. Strange as it might seem but this number Michael Jackson could have even heard. Why I think so is because Michael wanted  two shows a week at the most and if we divide 18 shows by the 9,5 weeks between July 26th and September 30 stated in the contract it would make exactly two shows per week as Michael expected.

So those 18 shows were probably the only final number of shows Michael was counting upon.  The papers said that 18 shows could be increased to 31 under certain circumstances but only after obtaining the approval of the Artist’s company, which was absolutely no problem as it was run by Tohme as you understand.

However Michael never talked even of 18 shows and insisted that it was 10 only. The family knew of the arrangement:

Jackson’s family are aghast and say in private that they don’t think he can [do the shows]. His mother Katherine felt comfortable with him taking on ten dates, which was the initial plan. But she and the rest of his family were stunned when he seemed to be pressured by the demand for tickets into adding a further 40 shows.

Is Katherine Jackson right when she says that initially it was ten shows only? Yes, she is.

In fact ten shows is the only correct number as only 10 shows were initially insured by Lloyds.


On March 5th the Wall street Journal said that it had details of Michael Jackson’s deal and that Michael Jackson was not committed to play more than the original 10 shows:

The Wall Street Journal has the details of Jackson’s deal with AEG Live…..[ ] Mr. Jackson would then have the option to add more dates in Europe, Asia and finally North America. But he is not committed to play any shows beyond the original 10, and would in any event not reach the U.S. before 2011.

The confirmation of 10 shows by the insurers is a fundamental and top important fact rarely mentioned in the press though it can still be found in some sources. Randy Phillips himself disclosed several times that the insurance covered only 10 concerts and initially it was for the first 23 days only. Let us divide 23 days by the show/day off pattern established by AEG and Tohme, and you will see that it makes exactly 10 or 11 shows.

No wonder that the doctors chosen by the insurance company said that Michael passed his medical examination with flying colors. They tested his health for four and a half  hours and determined that he would perfectly cope with 10 shows (and no more).  I never doubted those findings because essentially Michael was a healthy man who could have done even more shows if he had been given enough time to restore his energy and get enough sleep between the shows.

Randy Phillips said that the doctors who examined Michael’s health were independent and this means that they were chosen by the insurers:

Asked about concerns over Jackson’s health in recent years, Phillips said Jackson had passed a four-and-a-half hour physical examination with independent doctors.

According to Tohme the medical examination took place sometime in February and by March 15th AEG Live the insurance for the first 10 dates had been ready. The problems with it  appeared only when AEG was blinded by its greed for a million tickets and added 40 more shows:

AEG Struggling To Insure Michael Jackson’s Farewell Concerts

Hilary Lewis|March 15, 2009

Tickets for Michael Jackson’s farewell concerts at London’s O2 arena may have sold out in a record five hours, but it’s taking promoter and venue operator AEG Live much longer to find someone willing to insure all of the King of Pop’s dates.

NY Daily News: AEG has lined up insurance for the first 10 dates, but may be forced to self-insure the rest of the performances at the O2 arena between July and February.

Chief executive Randy Phillips said he isn’t worried.

“The insurance brokers sent doctors and they spend five hours with him, taking blood tests. He’s a vegetarian, he’s in great shape,” he said.

“We would be prepared to self-insure to make up the dates. It’s a risk we’re willing to take to bring the King of Pop to his fans.”

The increase in the number of shows was an unwelcome surprise to the insurers – 50 shows involved a much more demanding regimen, were connected with much higher risks and evidently required a more thorough physical check up.

The reason for their doubts was not so much Michael’s health but the grueling seven-month run of the shows. In fact the situation was even worse than the insurers imagined it – the run was a combination of two enduring marathons with a three months break between them. The insurers realized the difficulty of such a grueling schedule for a 50 year old man and showed a much more responsible approach to this matter than AEG Live, though of course all they were thinking of was money too. In the middle of March the matter was not resolved yet:

MARCH 15, 2009



AEG Live, which organised the star’s programme starting in July, said the company is “still negotiating” with insurers, but insisted it is willing to take on the risk of Jackson falling ill.

Insurance sources told trade magazine Reinsurance that the appetite to cover the risk was low after the schedule was extended from an initial 10 days. They said concerns existed over the 50-year-old’s health and the gruelling seven-month run.

The company is understood to have managed to secure cover for the first 10 dates, worth about £80m, with the additional dates likely to take the policy towards £300m.

The amended variant of the insurance policy was effective as of April 24th and covered 30 shows ON CONDITION Michael Jackson underwent a second medical examination

The amended variant of the insurance policy was effective as of April 24th and covered 30 shows, but only ON CONDITION Michael Jackson underwent a second medical examination

So what Michael said about going to bed thinking it was 10 and waking up to 50 was absolutely true. Moreover the same can be applied to the insurers too – they also thought they were insuring for 10 shows but were soon facing 50 instead.

Only Lloyds could not tricked as easily as Michael Jackson was and the insurers agreed to increase the cover to 30 concerts as their final insurance policy showed it (it was agreed in April).

This agreement was most probably obtained on condition that Michael Jackson underwent the second medical examination – in London this time.

Since Randy Phillips always talked of the insurance for the first 10 dates as a finalized matter and never made any reservations about repeated physical examinations for it, we can consider it an undisputable fact that the need for a second medical examination arose only due to AEG’s increase in the number of shows.

This means that if AEG had not imposed on Michael Jackson those 50 concerts, no second examination would have been required, and Conrad Murray would not have spent half the night exchanging emails with the insurers and would have probably not left his patient unattended. And if he hadn’t left him Michael would probably be alive now.


So whose orders was Murray fulfilling – Michael’s or AEG’s? And in whose factual employment was he if he was taking care of AEG’s business when his duty as a doctor demanded looking after his patient?

Michael refused to provide medical records for the past 5 years for the second examination demanded by the insurers and was of the opinion that one physical was quite enough. I can imagine how insulted he was by the insolent way AEG increased those shows in the first place and was all the more insulted by the resulting need to do a second medical examination. After all this was happening solely due to AEG’s insatiable appetite – Michael never wanted those 50 shows, so why should he bend over backwards to fulfill their orders now?

Many of us are wondering whether it was Murray’s obligation to follow AEG’s instructions and spend half the night settling the insurance matters instead of taking care of his patient. Well, you remember that the central point of Murray’s agreement with AEG Live was “performing the Services reasonably requested by the Producer”.

One of those requests came from Kathy Jorrie on June 18, 2009. She sent Conrad Murray his contract with AEG  for final revision and in the same message also asked him to assist them in obtaining the medical insurance for AEG Live:

Kathy Jerrie of AEG Live to Conrad Murray: "

Kathy Jorrie of AEG Live to Conrad Murray: “AEG is arranging to obtain cancellation insurance in connection with the O2 performances. Is this something you can assist us in obtaining for the insurance company?” June 18, 2009

Murray did not refuse them. He was hoping to have his contract with AEG Live finally signed and was surely  unwilling to break its terms as he wanted very much to receive the money AEG owed to him since May 1.

The email from Kathy Jorrie thanking Murray for agreeing to assist AEG Live in obtaining the medical records came on June 23d, so they were discussing this matter just on the eve of Michael Jackson’s death.

Kathy Jerrie to Conrad Murray: "Thank you for agreeing to assist..."

Kathy Jorrie to Conrad Murray: “Thank you for agreeing to assist…” June 23, 2009

Murray was arranging those papers either as a favor to AEG Live or as “performing the Services reasonably requested by the Producer”.

And it was during performing those services for AEG Live that his patient stopped breathing and Murray did not even notice it.

Some will say that even if Murray had not been busy with the AEG papers that night he would have talked to his girls instead and this we cannot fully rule out of course, but no speculation should distract us from the hard fact that Murray was taking care of the AEG insurance that night solely because he was fulfilling AEG’s orders.

And it seems that we even know why they were in so much hurry with the insurance.

Only one article reported this very strange fact.  This article was dated June 26th 2009 (the next day after Michael’s death) and said that the physical for obtaining the insurance was to take place that very day  which was  June 26!  When reporting this incredible news the paper referred to sources within Lloyds:

26 Jun 2009

By Katherine Blackler

…Sources also told Reinsurance that Robertson Taylor, the specialist music and entertainment arm of Oxygen Insurance Brokers, is the broker for Michael Jackson’s UK concerts that were due to take place in London later this year.

However, it is believed by many today that the claims may not be as high as originally believed as cover had only been secured for the event of ticket refunds, not for profits. According to sources current estimates for claims stand at around £100m.

A Lloyd’s spokesman said: “We can confirm that some insurance for Michael Jackson’s concerts has been placed in the Lloyd’s market, but any losses are not likely to be significant.”

Robertson Taylor was unable to confirm of deny the rumours today due to confidentiality issues.

According to sources within Lloyd’s, Michael Jackson was also ironically due for a physical today in an attempt to secure life insurance cover.

So if we are to believe this article and a source within Lloyds, the physical examination was to take place the very next day Michael died??

How is it possible if they were talking of an examination in London only? I have no answer to it at the moment but the sources within Lloyd’s should know what they are saying, shouldn’t they?

And I see nothing ironic about it either. All these coincidences are becoming really too much.

Does this strange fact add a new shade to our understanding of the situation around Michael prior to his death? I am afraid it does, and very much so, however I’m not ready to elaborate on it further yet. Thinking of various possibilities it might involve is really too depressing, so let’s look at another problem instead.


Though the 50 dates were set in the first decade of March the dispute over them reached the press only in June 2009 when Michael disclosed to his fans how unhappy he was with the schedule. It was totally uncharacteristic of Michael to reveal his problems to anyone at all and this makes me think that there were some circumstances that prompted Michael to be so unusually outspoken with his fans.

The media reported the dispute on June 5 -6, 2009, so for full three months since March Michael was keeping silent:

Michael Jackson Is Thrilled With 50-Date Comeback Concerts

June 6th, 2009 8:40am

The promoters behind Michael Jackson’s comeback have slammed reports the pop superstar is angry he has been signed to perform 50 London concerts.

Jackson was reported to have protested the length of his run at the British capital’s O2 Arena this summer while talking to fans outside a rehearsal session.

He reportedly told them, “I don’t know how I’m going to do 50 shows. I’m not a big eater; I need to put some weight on. I only wanted to do 10, and then take the tour around the world to other cities. I went to bed knowing I sold 10 dates, and woke up to the news I was booked to do 50.”

But Randy Phillips, the CEO of producers AEG Live, insists Jackson’s comments were fabricated.

He says, “This is not true; Michael Jackson was thrilled at selling 50 shows. The size and scale of this show would not be possible without an extended run, which Michael has been fully on board with from the very beginning. He has not agreed to a world tour at this point, however, he can at any time.”

Now it looks almost incredible that Randy Phillips reacted to the news of Michael’s dissatisfaction by claiming in full earnest that Michael was “thrilled” to do 50 concerts and that his comments were “fabricated”.

The fact that Michael was resentful of the way AEG forced him into those extra dates leaves no doubt whatsoever, but it is a bit surprising that the dispute erupted only at the beginning of June. The crisis took place three months earlier, so why did it surface only in June?

One of the reasons for that might be the unpleasant discovery Michael made about AEG with which the conversation with the fans started. He found out that through a Viagogo broker AEG was selling the best seats at exorbitant prices and Michael’s most devoted fans had to stay somewhere in the back as they could not afford to pay hundreds and even thousands of pounds for a ticket. The seats affordable to them were for the furthest rows only as they were sold at the face value of £50-75.

Though selling secondary tickets was mentioned in their contract as AEG’s “responsibility” Michael Jackson knew little or nothing about the price of secondary tickets. His ignorance of the matter is clear from the fact that he did not even realize that the area around the stage would be seated and that fans would not be allowed to stand there as was customary for his shows.

Talitha, a devoted fan put down in her blog their discussion with Michael of the tickets problem during their meeting on May 29th. Let me repeat it here again:

“They did the schedule wrong

The first indication I got that he wasn’t entirely happy with the tour was on 29 May, which was his last day of rehearsal at Center Staging. He spoke with a European fan who told him that we were unable to buy tickets to all the This Is It shows, firstly because everyone was limited to buying only four tickets per credit card and also because all the best tickets had been sold to a secondary ticketing site called Viagogo, which was selling them for hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Normally the biggest fans are at the front because they arrive first and wait the longest, not because they fork out the most money. But the only tickets we could buy at face value, of £50 to £75, were for seats that were the furthest from the stage. (Note that artists usually get a percentage of the FACE VALUE of tickets sold so Michael might have gotten £20 for a ticket that sold for £1,000!)

After speaking with this fan about the tickets, Michael called the other nine of us into the studio. This is the conversation that took place, as I wrote it down that evening:

MJ: I love you, I love you, I love you. I wanted to tell you that I didn’t know that the concerts were seated. I didn’t know about that and I’m going to do something about it. They did that without my consent. They just did it for obvious reasons.

All of us: To make money, we know. We know it’s not your fault.

Jill: We know how complex this is and how many people are involved.

MJ: They did the schedule wrong too. It was supposed to be show, day off, show, day off, show, day off.

Jill: We are worried we won’t be able to keep up with you.

MJ: (laughs) I put everything I have into the shows. I work so hard. But I’m only one person. There is only so much I can do. (sounding emotional)

Me: Michael, please don’t push yourself too hard. Please look after your health. You are more important than anything. You don’t have to do all 50 shows. If it’s too much, just cancel them. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do. Only do what you want to do. It’s YOU who we love.

MJ: Oh thank you, you’re so sweet, thank you. Bless you all. I also wanted to say that I’m sorry that we don’t put the window down sometimes but it’s for security reasons. I know you all wait for me and I love you so much.

All of us: Don’t worry, we understand Michael. We love you. We love you more.

MJ: Thank you for your love and thank you for your loyalty.

He clasped his hands together, bowed his head, and stood there in silence for a while. We could feel his energy reaching out towards us, filling the room.

Unfortunately someone betrayed Michael by selling him out to a British tabloid, which reported some of the things he had said to us (and I believe to this other fan) the next day. AEG were quick to issue a statement denying the validity of the story.

The importance of Talitha’s evidence cannot be overestimated. It has several extremely important details which did not attract attention at first sight but have suddenly acquired a new meaning after everything we’ve read and seen.

A new point to what has been discussed here is that Michael says that “It was supposed to be show, day off, show, day off, show, day off” which looks like he thinks that the problem was fixed and the grueling schedule is no longer a threat.

But this is absolutely not the case. We have seen the final schedule and the only changes made there concerned postponement of the first shows until a later time while the pace of the shows essentially remained the same. This makes me think that even at the end of May Michael was still gravely misinformed about the true state of affairs with his schedule.

Another important point is that Michael was so far away from the business side of those concerts (or so misinformed by his partners) that he did not know the elementary fact that the concerts were seated.  Kenny Ortega presented it as an advantage – they allegedly did it so that Michael could see the faces of his fans:

“The show was a huge production, but it was also very important that Michael had these moments with just the audience,” says Ortega. “He would say, ‘I want to be looking into the faces of my fans who have waited for weeks and months to be here. So we developed a seating arrangement so that thousands of fans could be close to Michael.” Adds Payne: “One of our goals was to create those times that the fans had Michael all to themselves.”,,20287787_20314448_20693839,00.html

However Michael said that AEG Live did it without his consent and “he was going to do something about it”. Well, doing something about it means that he intended to discuss the matter with AEG Live, didn’t he? Now we can imagine what that conversation was like – by the bullying way AEG Live is openly behaving towards the Jacksons and their lawyers now we can imagine the way they talked to Michael then, when no one was looking and not a single person would say a word of support for him.

One more thing we learn from Talitha is that the front tickets were sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and the usual face value tickets were scarce as all the fans present at that conversation (nine or more people from the US and Europe) could buy tickets only to the furthest rows despite their undoubtedly heroic efforts to get the best seats.  And this means that the costly “secondary” tickets made up probably the overwhelming share of the total number of the seats closest to the stage.

All of it makes me think that Michael had a hard conversation with Randy Phillips sometime after June 5th when the news of his talk with fans was published in the press. This might have had some impact on their further relations, later rehearsals and could even be a reason why he missed some of them.

Making a video for "They don't care about us"

Making a video for “They don’t care about us” (June 2009) at Culver Studios

The MJJ Timeline blog tells us that exactly at that time Michael went to Culver City and its studios to shoot the so-called Dome project which consisted of seven works, so this is probably where Michael relaxed a little after a confrontation with Randy Phillips:

June 01-11 :

In Culver Studios in Culver City, Michael shoots The Dome Project which consists seven works: Smooth Criminal (Jackson inserted into classic 2D black-and-white film noir chase sequence); Thriller (3-D movie starting in a haunted house with a ghostly image of Vincent Price, then moving into a graveyard where the dead awaken); Earth Song (3D short film featuring little girl who wanders through rain forest, takes a nap and dreams of the splendor of nature, and awakens to find the natural world has been devastated); They Don’t Care About Us (a/k/a Drill, 2D film in which a sea of soldiers march in unison; 10 male dancers replicated hundreds of times); MJ Air (3-D movie in which a 707 jet pulls into the frame; hole was to open in screen for Michael Jackson to enter; jet flies away); The Final Message (3-D movie of little girl from rain forest embracing the earth); and The Way You Make Me Feel (2D theatrical background featuring male dancers fashioned as historical construction workers.

Making Smooth Criminal at Culver Studios (early June 2009)

Making Smooth Criminal at Culver Studios (early June 2009)

By the way if all this was indeed happening on June 1-11 how could Michael attend the rehearsals if all this time he was busy with the videos?

There is one more point I noticed in Michael’s words to the fans.  Sounding emotional Michael said that he was putting everything into the shows and worked really hard, but he was only one person and “there was only so much he could do”.

What does this remark supposed to mean? To me it conveys Michael Jackson’s utter frustration with the way things were organized and the progress the show was making. He was doing his best, working hard but there was too little he could do alone, as all the rest depended solely on the producers …

Indeed it was May 29 already, only a month before moving the show to London and it was the last day of their stay in Centre Staging near Burbanks as Talitha recorded in her notes.

But even from what we saw in This is it,  at the end of May-beginning of June the show was still in the very basic stages of its production.

To be able to compare the various episodes from the documentary with the venues for rehearsals I’ve found their photos and the way they looked inside. It was important to find out which rehearsals were made where and what efforts were put in the production process by both parties.


Central Staging in Burbank - its Sound stage one where the rehearsals were held

Central Staging in Burbank – the rehearsals were held at its Sound stage One

The first place where the rehearsals started was Central Staging in Burbanks which is a one-storey building reminding you of a big hangar. It is dark, spacious and flat as it has no stage, and the TII episode where Michael says to Michael Beaden that he wants his music to sound exactly the way he wrote it is coming from exactly that place.

Even from that episode we can grasp that at that production stage the musicians were still rehearsing music and no dancers were anywhere to be seen. Michael was rehearsing his dance steps individually with Travis Payne in a separate studio, next to SoundStage One which was a place for general rehearsals (see the floorplan please).

Central Stage floorplan

Central Staging floorplan. Soundstage One was the place for general rehearsals. Michael for rehearsing in a separate studio with Travis Payne and one more choreographer.

From the LATimes article dated May 12, 2009 we learn that Michael went to those rehearsals four mornings a week and spent 6 hours in the Soundstage studio.

The article mentions dancers too but in a roundabout way – Randy Phillips says that Michael had no difficulty in keeping up with dancers half his age “during the rehearsals”, however there is no specific date when the rehearsals started and when the dancers were selected.

The only specific date we learn is that Kenny Ortega was hired for the job only “this Monday” which should be sometime around May 11-12th.

You will probably share my amazement here that AEG Live hired the director of the show only a month and a half before moving it to London.  

I assumed that this should have been done months before the show while a month and a half sounds a little too late, especially considering the grandiose plans they were having.

From other sources we learn that the casting for dancers was done also around the same time (or even later).

This vagueness in reporting is very characteristic of the way AEG was informing the media of their production process. It is even explained in the article below by the rehearsals being “a closely guarded secret”.

The article is long but is provided here in full to show how thorough the authors were in reporting the story:

Michael rehearsed with Travis Payne in a separate studio at Burbanks

Michael rehearsed with Travis Payne in a separate studio at Burbanks

Michael Jackson rehearses near Burbank airport

Tue May 12, 2009| Harriet Ryan and Chris Lee

Four mornings a week, an SUV with darkened windows bears Michael Jackson through the gates outside a nondescript building near the Burbank airport. He spends the next six hours on a soundstage in the company of 10 dancers and pop music’s best-known choreographer.

The details of rehearsals for Jackson’s upcoming concerts in London are closely held secrets, but what’s at stake for him is not. The ambitious schedule of 50 sold-out shows could turn out to be the final, sad chapter of Jackson’s storied career — or one of pop music’s all-time greatest comeback stories.

When — or if, in the view of many industry skeptics — Jackson takes the stage at the O2 Arena July 8, it will be his first extended concert run in 12 years. Doubters cite his long hiatus from performing, health problems, a onetime prescription pill addiction, age — he is 50 — and his reputation for flaking out on performances and business deals.

But the concert promoter, Los Angeles-based AEG Live, insists that Jackson is prepared mentally and physically and that the show, called “This Is It,” will break new ground in both artistry and sheer cost. The production budget is “north of $20 million,” a price tag that will include as many as 22 different sets, said Randy Phillips, the company’s chief executive.

“It’s going to be the biggest, most technologically advanced arena show — and the most expensive — ever mounted,” Phillips said.

On Monday, the company announced that choreographer and director Kenny Ortega, the force behind the movie “Dirty Dancing” and the “High School Musical” series, as well as Jackson’s Dangerous and HIStory tours, has signed on to direct and design the shows. Ortega agreed to work around his schedule as director of the planned remake of the 1984 movie “Footloose” to take on Jackson’s shows, according to AEG.

In a statement, Ortega called Jackson “the greatest entertainer of our generation” and said he was eager to collaborate with him again. “My answer without a beat was nothing could keep me away,” he said.

In Ortega, Jackson chose someone who has achieved what he could not — continuous cultural relevance after great success in the 1980s. He tapped as the show’s choreographer and associate director Travis Payne, who worked with Jackson in the mid-1990s. Payne’s recent work includes routines for Beyonce and Madonna, as well as a “Dancing With the Stars” tribute to Jackson.

Also involved are younger choreographers who rose to prominence translating Jackson’s style for a new generation. Todd Sams, who has worked with Usher, is collaborating on the show, according to a representative, and Rich & Tone Talauega, a duo who have choreographed Chris Brown’s moves, were present for auditions last month.

The two-day casting call drew 700 dancers to downtown Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. “They were from the elite agencies across the world — London, France, New York,” said Australian dancer Nandy McClean, who was not chosen. “There were hip-hop dancers and jazz dancers. You could tell a lot of them were crazy Michael Jackson fans who grew up watching him.”

In the end, eight men and two women were selected. Jackson attended the second day of tryouts –– one agency head compared the experience to basketball players auditioning for Michael Jordan.

“Dancing for an artist who is so amazing and who everyone looks up to was the best feeling of my life,” said Atlanta dancer Victor Carter, who did not make the cut. “He perfected the profession.”

Jackson is taking a hands-on role in coming up with routines, according to Ortega and Phillips. The singer is developing a move that he hopes will be as distinctive as the moonwalk, Phillips said. “He’s working on it,” he said, refusing to say more: “I’m sworn to secrecy.”

When the public last got an extended look at Jackson — during his 2005 molestation trial — he appeared in no condition for a grueling concert schedule. He was hospitalized during the proceeding, his clothes hung on his gaunt frame and at times he seemed to have difficulty walking. He later acknowledged an addiction to painkillers.

But AEG’s Phillips said Jackson had “filled out” by last November, when discussions about the London concerts began. He said a four-hour physical with an independent physician this spring found no medical problems. In preparation for the shows, Jackson is doing aerobics with a personal trainer and has had no difficulty keeping up with dancers half his age during rehearsals in Burbank, Phillips said.

Those practice sessions occur in secrecy, thanks to security patrols and confidentiality agreements. There have been rumors, especially in the British media, that the production will include a duet with Jackson’s eldest son, Prince Michael, a stage filled with Jackson look-alikes, and a cast of monkeys and elephants.

Beyond denying the last report — “No animals. No animals!” Phillips said — producers are tight-lipped about what the 20,000 fans in the arena will see. Jackson will perform between 18 and 22 songs. Some choreography will feature aerial dancing similar to routines by Cirque du Soleil, he said.

The singer has said he will sing his hits, telling a March news conference, “I will be performing the songs my fans want to hear.”

The concert preparation has not been spared the lawsuits and threats of suits that seem to be a given in any dealings with Jackson. Last week, he was sued by his former publicist and the actress who co-starred in the 1983 “Thriller” video. On Monday, a New Jersey concert promoter sent a cease and desist letter, alleging the London appearances violated terms of an agreement to play a Jackson Five reunion concert.

Phillips said the claim was “meritless” and had not affected rehearsals.

There are abundant articles saying that on May 12th casting was still in the final stages for the dancers and even the band, and if this is true it means that two months before the show there was still no team!

The article below for example, says that “last week” thousands of dancers arrived for the casting, and this makes it around May 10. The text gravely contrasts to the dates provided byAEG  in This is it documentary – over there they claimed that the auditions were made on April 13 or a month earlier.

There is so much make-belief in the whole story that even this picture dated May 12th shows Kenny Ortega as if he is fully engaged in the production process though in fact he was only just hired:

Michael Jackson Gets Ready For Tour

3:29pm UK, Tuesday 12 May 2009

Michael Jackson has been photographed getting ready for his historic 50 concerts this summer.

Last week, thousands of dancers flew in from every corner of the globe including Japan, Australia, South America and Europe to audition for Jackson – all of them were chasing their dream of winning a spot to perform on stage with their idol.

Kenny Ortega, the renowned Director, Producer, Choreographer and creative talent is hard at work collaborating with Michael Jackson in the overall design and direction for the upcoming This Is It concert shows.

Even after the selection process narrowed the competition from thousands of submissions to over five hundred top international dancers, there was still no dance space large enough in Los Angeles or New York to house the auditions.

This is it documentary says that auditions were on April 13th (and not in May)

This is it documentary claims  that auditions were held on April 13th or a MONTH EARLIER than the date reported by the press. The media said that the dancers flew to Los Angeles in the first decade of May 2009

The producers ended up booking LA’s Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE, part of the site where the Grammy Awards are held each year, to handle the unprecedented numbers of performers who flocked to these auditions.

In receiving the phone call from Michael to lead the team, Ortega said, “My answer without a beat was nothing could keep me away.

“Collaborating with Michael on the Dangerous and HIStory tours were two of the greatest creative experiences of my life, to be invited to partner with him again is a dream come true.”

Ortega goes on to say, “I had just finished a World Press tour for High School Musical and was about to start a new film. In accepting the invitation I had to move a few mountains to clear my schedule, but I’m thrilled to say I’m fully on board.”

Casting is in final stages for dancers and the band.

Casting is in the final stages for dancers and the band? Isn’t it amazing that on May 12 newpapers report that casting is in the final stages for dancers and the band, while This is it presents it as if the same was made a month earlier – on April 13?

There are numerous other sources of the period saying that the director of the show and the dancers were chosen in the first half of May only. At the same time Michael was not only rehearsing but was also fully engaged in an aerobics course with a personal trainer and was even completing it.

May 12, 2009 11:30

Michael Jackson enlists ‘High School Musical’ director for London O2 shows

Michael Jackson has enlisted ‘High School Musical’ director and choreographer Kenny Ortega to collaborate with him on his forthcoming gigs at London’s O2 Arena.

….Phillips claimed that Jackson had undergone a four-hour physical with an independent physician this spring, in which no medical inadequacies were found. The singer is supposedly currently completing an aerobics course with a personal trainer.

Full story:

Another piece of news reported at that time said that the initial two days of auditions for the 1000 dancers were followed by three more days of auditions for the remaining 500 dancers and this is why the final day of choosing the dancers was actually May 19th!

The further we look, the later the dates are, and the clearer it becomes that AEG Live is definitely hiding from the public the fact that the auditions were held a month later than they are telling us in that make-belief documentary:

This Is It: Jacko Picks Comeback Gig Dancers

3:43pm UK, Tuesday 19 May 2009

Twelve dancers were finally chosen in May 2009

Twelve dancers were finally chosen in May 2009

Twelve lucky dancers have been given the opportunity of a lifetime by being chosen to join Michael Jackson on stage for his comeback concerts in London.

The performers were picked from thousands of applicants from all over the world – 500 of which were invited to attend three days of auditions in Los Angeles.

Jackson himself was there to pick the final twelve, alongside show director Kenny Ortega and associate director and choreographer Travis Payne.

Oretega, who also worked on Jackson’s Dangerous and HIStory tours, said it was a tough decision to make.

“The level of dancers that we saw at the auditions was incredible,” he said.

“Michael was extremely hands on throughout the process in working with the dancers and selecting the final candidate.”

The singer begins his 50-date residence at the 02 arena on July 8th.

Concert organisers have rejected recent press reports suggesting Jackson had cancer.

“As usual, Michael Jackson is a magnet for preposterous and unverifiable stories in the media,” Randy Phillips, president of AEG Live, said in a statement.

“He is in great health, working tirelessly on creating the greatest live performance of his career, and does not have skin cancer.”

He also dismissed suggestions the show would include elephants.

Philips has promised an ‘inspiring’ show and ticket holders coming to see the 50-year-old singer return to the stage “will not be disappointed”.

He said: “From the special effects to the quality of the dancers and musicians, we are setting a new standard for major arena shows.”

Michael Jackson will be joined on stage by dancers Charles Kapow, Ricardo Reid, Tyne Stecklein, Misha Hamilton, Mekia Cox, Nicholas Base, Danielle Rueda-Watts and Christopher Grant – all from America.

Timor Steffens from Germany, Australian dancer Shannon Holtzapffel and Canadians Daniel Celbre and Devin Jamieson will also be showing off their dancing talents.

With all this fabrication of facts, false dates and make-belief stories  it seems that AEG is indeed setting a new standard for interaction with the public…

Central staging

This rehearsal must have been either at Central Staging (up to May 29th) or the Forum (June 1-21st)

Another article, dated May 20, 2009  reports that Michael is still rehearsing 6 hours every day, this time together with the dancers.

A lot of noise is made about the delay in the shows which is already considered full Michael Jackson’s blame though now we know that the director of the show was hired only a week before that and it is no surprise that AEG is now lacking time to complete the production process by the deadline.

What is also interesting is that Frank Dileo who in May 20th was actually an acting manager for Michael Jackson is named here as his “former” manager with no word said about Tohme being fired. Michael could not have worded it himself so it is clear that this misinformation could come only from AEG Live.

As is usual the case the article is full of doubts and sad predictions concerning Michel’s ability to perform which now seem to me the result of some “private” disclosures from the same AEG Live:

Michael Jackson’s London Shows Already Delayed

by Josh Grossberg Wed., May 20, 2009 12:56 PM PDT

Is the King of Pop already fizzling out?

No doubt to the delight of British bookies who predicted the shows wouldn’t go on, Michael Jackson announced today that he was pushing back the dates for his heavily hyped comeback concerts set for this summer in London.

His 50-show residency at the O2 Arena, dubbed “This Is It,” had been slated to kick off on July 8. The new start date—at least for now—is July 13.

And what exactly is the reason for the delay?

“There’s nothing nefarious,” Randy Phillips, CEO of concert promoter AEG Live, said in a video news conference Wednesday. “There’s nothing going on with his health. This is strictly a production issue.”

AEG claims the “massive and technically complex show,” which will feature special effects, live animals, intricate illusions, stunt work, elaborate costumes and plenty of dancing, is requiring more prep time than originally planned.

Performances set for July 10-14 will now be rescheduled for next March, likely ticking off those fans who thought they had the coveted seats to Jackson’s first live shows in more than a decade. 

Jackson is said to be rehearsing six hours a day in a Los Angeles studio with eight dancers—six men and two women—handpicked from dance companies from around the world.

He is also working with the same magician who created illusions for Britney Spears’ Circus tour.

The 50-year-old entertainer stands to earn upwards of $50 million if he manages to fulfill the entire sold-out residency.

But even if the production gets squared away, there’s a chance Jackson could be derailed before taking the stage. Rival promoter AllGood Entertainment is threatening to sue the performer for breach of contract for refusing to participate in a Jackson family reunion show with the rest of his brothers and sister Janet. According to the terms of that deal, Jackson had allegedly agreed to a noncompete clause barring him from any other live concerts before the family show.

At a top-secret meeting with family members and business associates last week, Jackson said he won’t do the family act. He claims his former manager signed the deal with AllGood without the Gloved One’s permission. AEG Live has called the claims “meritless” and said the London shows will go on.

Full story:

Now that we know that all this time Michael was working really hard and it was his partners who were dragging their feet, the meaning of Michael’s words is becoming much clearer:

  • “I put everything I have into the shows. I work so hard. But I’m only one person. There is only so much I can do”.

But now we also know that AEG was aware of the fact  that they started too late and this is why now they are trying to mask it by extremely dirty tricks in an attempt to convince the public that they started just at the right time and their work schedule was splendid.  The lies they are resorting to are simply unheard of – the comparison of the actual articles published at the time with the This is it episodes citing totally different dates shows that AEG Live is not even above forging the dates!

The way I see it it was only when AEG realized how serious Michael was taking his training sessions and how thorough he was in getting ready for the shows that they started the production process at all. In fact it looks like they were intentionally dragging their feet waiting for him to “fizzle out”.

For the sake of accuracy I need to note that despite the overwhelming information about the casting for dancers and hiring Ortega done in May only, there are also some reports that Ortega was working for the project already in April. The same refers to the auditions too.  There is no explanation I can give to this discrepancy except making a supposition that in April Ortega was involved as a consultant only and that an early start of the auditions was intentional disinformation on the part of AEG Live.

Do we have any reasons to believe that AEG Live is capable of intentional disinformation? Yes, we have and we have already seen proof of it. But this is not all.


In a recent LA Times article I noticed a picture from This is it with a wrong date attached to it and realized that AEG is again trying to make us think that they started early enough to complete the show on time.

To “prove” it they are providing us with a picture shot in the last days of June and pretend that it was made as early as May 2009.

Kevin Mazur -May 28, 2009

The photo was taken by Kevin Mazur in the Staples Center on June 23 or 24, but is now carrying a comment that was made on May 28, 2009 thus sending us to a month earlier.

The comparison of photos from the respective venues shows that the May date is forged.

May 28th is impossible even in theory.

At the end of May Michael and the musicians were still rehearsing in the dark hangar of Central Staging in Burbank, after which they moved not even to the Staples Center but to the old Forum in Inglewood.

May 29th was the last day of their rehearsals in Burbanks and to confirm that on May 28th Michael was still in Burbanks let me quote Talitha once again though she is not the only one who is mentioning it:

The first indication I got that he wasn’t entirely happy with the tour was on 29 May, which was his last day of rehearsal at Center Staging.

Here is Soundstage One of the Central Staging in Burbanks:

Central Staging does not even have a stage

Central Staging does not even have a stage

Please compare it with the above photo carrying a fake May 28th date attached to it and tell me whether it looks like one and the same building?

Absolutely not!

The surface of the stage is different, the lightning is different and actually Central Staging in Burbanks does not even have an elevated stage!

rehearsals forum

At the Forum

After Burbanks the team moved to the Forum, an old arena of the same configuration as the O2 arena in London where some other episodes of This is it were shot too.

But even the Forum venue looks decidedly different from the stage in the Staples Center where Kevin Mazur’s photo was taken – firstly, the Forum has seats around the stage, and secondly the lightning and other props are totally different from everything we see at the Staples Center.

The Forum - you can see the seats behind Michael

The Forum – you can see the seats behind Michael

At the Forum they stayed for almost a month and finally moved to the Staples Center on June 22nd where they had the two final rehearsals. These were shot by two high-definition cameras and when Michael asked Randy Phillips why he was doing it, Phillips said they should archive his historic comeback.

To me it looks like they were already preparing themselves for a movie and in view of Michael’s eventual death (which also accidently fell  just on the eve of his second medical examination) the whole thing begins to acquire really sinister touches:

“I said, ‘We’ve got to archive your comeback because this is going to be historical,’ and [Jackson] agreed,” Phillips says. “We never expected it to be a movie. This was really for his personal archives—and also to be B-roll and behind-the-scenes footage that probably would have been a DVD concert film.”

It was in those two last days in the Staples Center that Kevin Mazur’s photo was taken though now AEG Live tries to present it if it was during the early stage of the rehearsals.

But why are they faking the date?

Because they don’t want anyone to know that at the end of May- beginning of June the show was absolutely not ready though it was supposed to move to London only a month later. Even at the end of June, when they were already speaking of  “dress” rehearsals the costumes were not ready, the videos were not yet finished, the robot from which Michael was to step out in the opening scene was only a project and some stage acts like that aerial thing were in the early stage of rehearsing too.

What AEG Live does not want the public to know is that they made an inexcusable delay in producing the show and this was either due to their poor organizational skills or hope that Michael Jackson would not live up to his word and cancel the shows without them even having to go into the trouble of arranging the rehearsals.

However when they realized that Michael was really focused and was getting ready in full earnest, they suddenly recollected their duties and drove everyone into a mad race trying to catch up and compensate for the time missed, doing it largely at the expense of Michael Jackson again.

The arrow in the bottom right-hand corner is pointing to the name of the venue where this rehearsal was taking place. IT IS STAPLES CENTER

The arrow in the bottom right-hand corner is pointing to the name of the venue where this rehearsal was taking place. IT IS STAPLES CENTER and it is here that Michael was photographed on the last days of his rehearsals

Though the topic of rehearsals is far from finished let me close it for today with the impressions of Kevin Mazur (that very photographer) of seeing Michael performing.

After the dreary earlier places the Staples Center must have inspired Michael very much indeed. It gave him the right feeling he remembered so well from his earlier times.

You will also notice that Kevin Mazur’s recollections are accompanied by the Getti pictures evidently taken on the same day when Kevin Mazur was making his picture (now dated May 28th).

The only difference between them is that Michael is wearing a different cover shirt on top of the same red shirt and a black T-shirt underneath it. This he could have changed during the break, so to me it does look like it is one and the same day in the Staples Center.

The other difference from Mazur’s photo is that the Getti images say that they were taken during Michael’s last performance and not a month earlier as AEG Live and the LATimes now assert it.

Here are some excerpts from Kevin Mazur’s story:

Michael Jackson’s last interview: The tragic singer’s final moments

By Tom Bryant

Getty: It was Michael Jackson's last performance

Getty: It was Michael Jackson’s last performance

… Michael Jackson whooped with joy as he rehearsed on stage for his comeback tour.

Thrusting his arm in the air after one of his trademark twirls, he cried: “I feel so alive – can you feel it?”

The superstar, who died of a heart attack just hours later, told photographer pal Kevin Mazur: “This is where I belong. Why oh why have I left it so long?”

Pointing to the lighting gantries high above the stage at LA’s StapleCenter he grinned broadly as he triumphantly declared: “This is where I belong.”

And he was still buzzing as he took a break from rehearsals and chatted to his old pal, photographer Kevin Mazur, 48 – who unwittingly captured some of the tragic singer’s final moments.

Kevin, a friend for 20 years, says Jackson, 50, was elated as he prepared for his spectacular This Is It tour.

He says the singer bounded on stage in a dark grey suit and headpiece, shouting: “Come on – let’s make this happen!”

He then performed one of his familiar spins, before proclaiming: “This is where I belong.” Turning to his friend, he beamed: “Can you feel it Kevin? Why oh why have I left it so long?”

After a stunning rendition of Smooth Criminal in which he danced in front of an illuminated 50ft montage, Jacko admitted: “I am so excited.

“We need a bit more work on a few more songs but we’re so nearly there. This is what it’s all about. Me being on stage.”

The pumped up star added: “The only thing missing is my fans, my people, my family – and they will come.

“I know they will. I am so happy with how things are going. Can you feel it! Can you feel it!”

Kevin watched spellbound as Jacko performed his entire set for an hour and a half until nearly midnight. He sang 12 songs, stopping only briefly to wipe his brow with a white towel strategically placed at the side of the stage.

At one point, Jacko blew a kiss into the auditorium, announcing: “This is me. The true me. I feel so alive. I feel as though I want to perform forever.”

Kevin said: “He was like an expectant father pacing up and down the stage. He was just so focused.

“Between songs, he burst into laughter and joked around with his dancers and the director. I have never seen him so happy.

“But there was a cool professionalism about him. He was there to do a job and boy, did he do it well. It was incredible.”

Kevin said highlights of the frenetic set included a Jackson Five medley, Black or White and Thriller.

Once he was finished, Jacko calmly went back over the list – and started re-doing the songs he felt needed improving.

…“He had this incredible energy. He was happy, laughing and having fun with the dancers. He looked like the same old Michael to me – the one I’ve known through the years and grown to love.”

…Kevin says the overriding feeling from the rehearsals was Michael’s sense of duty to his fans. He said: “He was such a perfectionist. He had that spark about him – that desire to create something special and give people the very best he could.


You won’t believe it but the most smashing proof that the media and AEG are fabricating the evidence in favor of AEG has arrived from the LA Times newspaper itself.

On April 16th I left a comment there saying that the date of their picture was wrong and when I looked up the same article today I’ve found that they replaced the first photo with a different one.

The second (current) photo is carrying a fake date again as it refers to the same May 28, 2009 , only this time the LA Times made a grave mistake of attaching the fake date to a photo which 3 years ago was labeled by Getti images as “Michael Jackson’s last performance”.

Indeed these attempts to forge pictures in full view of everyone are simply incredible. The latest fake masterpiece from the LA Times is here:,0,5459012.story

The photo from Staples Center with a fake date attached to it

The photo from the Staples Center with a FAKE  date attached to it . The photo was published in the LA Times in April 2013 referring to Kevin Mazur

And here is the same picture from Getty images taken 3 years ago.

Getty describes it as Michael Jackson’s LAST performance and the picture is coming in the article devoted to Michael’s FINAL moments in the Staples Center:

This Getty image appeared in the UK article devoted to Michael Jackson's final moments at Staples Center

The original photo referring to Getty said that it was Michael Jackson’s last performance  June 24, 2009

And then I found the same picture in the USA Today article of June 30, 2009  describing Michael Jackson’s rehearsal at the Staples Center on June 23d.

The picture was referred to the same Kevin Mazur!

The mistake by one day I can understand but the mistake by a MONTH I cannot!

The screen shot from USA Today saying that the rehearsal was on June 23d

The USA Today article of June 30, 2009 says that the rehearsal was on June 23d!

Here it is:


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  1. ela permalink
    April 19, 2013 11:32 pm

    wow thank you so much… wonderful
    but I still have this question! how on earth MJ couldn’t speak for himself and stop them? I’m sorry but I just can’t get over it that MJ had no control. is it the media that always want to portray him as someone who wasn’t able to decide!


  2. April 20, 2013 12:24 am

    “how on earth MJ couldn’t speak for himself and stop them?”

    Ela, I’m afraid that Michael could not stop them. He was quite capable to decide for himself but he was fighting a machine.


  3. JanCorey permalink
    April 20, 2013 1:01 am

    Thank you so very much for keeping the story of MJ alive because it may help other addicts like MJ was to maybe think twice of doping up daily.


  4. April 20, 2013 2:42 am

    “Thank you so very much for keeping the story of MJ alive because it may help other addicts like MJ was to maybe think twice of doping up daily.”

    JanCorey, I can ban you as usual, but since you will pop up again I have a question to you. So you have made your statement and on numerous occasions too. Do you have anything else to say? And who are you speaking for here? Are you just an amateur troll or someone from the AEG side? I will give you a chance to answer just once before banning you again, so use it and tell us all about yourself. It is your time to shine.


  5. April 20, 2013 11:45 am

    Hi I previously posted as “ela”, though my real name is Eli, a little typo, so sorry 🙂

    “Ela, I’m afraid that Michael could not stop them. He was quite capable to decide for himself but he was fighting a machine.”

    Thank you Helena.

    So, just a quick question, cause it’s sth I always think about, do you believe there is a connection between the allegations against him, in 1993 and 2005, and the whole media circus and all the lies that have always been told, and also selling neverland and taking part in businesses he probably didn’t want such as auctioning his items from neverland and so on, and the TII was the last one. I think he surely wanted the concert but according to the article, probably not exactly 50! you know, I always blamed the media for his death, I know the companies, for example Sony are only after money but I never thought that his death was a result of a scheme conducted by Sony or companies, AEG excluded here. what’s your idea on this? and Also given that MJ was NOT willing to perform 50 nights in London and he was made to do so, how do you feel about the film This Is It? do you still enjoy it? I don’t want to distract attention from the main topic, so I just put it in a nutshell, I’m just wondering if you think this “machine” that you just mentioned had also managed to ruin his previous projects, ranging from 1993 to his death and bringing allegations against him. This machine could be a mixed bag of companies, moneymakers, random people, racism, money lovers, two faced people and so on – I’m not talking of Illuminati or things like that as I don’t believe it myself – and it was all due to money, money, money! MJ was their money and the need the DA sneddon felt to destroy MJ is a topic of it’s own. But when you talk about the “machine” do you mean such things as I mentioned above? or your focus is solely on AEG and you see no connection between these things?


  6. April 20, 2013 12:54 pm

    About Leonard row… this is the letter from MJ to Row, dismissing him from the job that was obtained by radaronline I remember reading in the papers that the first letter, Row “appointment letter” was actually written and distributed by MJ’s father not MJ himself. If MJ really wanted to have Row in his team and the letter was written by him and not his father, then… ! my head is already spinning! there was too much going on! there is still too much going on! it’s disturbing, consuming, depressing. words fail me!


  7. April 20, 2013 9:08 pm

    do you believe there is a connection between the allegations against him, in 1993 and 2005, and the whole media circus and all the lies that have always been told– bemikelike

    There is a connection in terms of vile and mean people always targeting the purest and the best. The mean simply cannot tolerate another person’s excellence and success if they see that he is different and a better kind.

    “I think he surely wanted the concert but according to the article, probably not exactly 50! you know, I always blamed the media for his death, I know the companies, for example Sony are only after money but I never thought that his death was a result of a scheme conducted by Sony or companies, AEG excluded here. what’s your idea on this?”

    He definitely didn’t want 50 concerts and AEG should not be excluded here. Why should the main culprit be excluded? As to Sony I don’t know. In this particular “scheme” I don’t see their involvement. It was AEG who was organizing the shows.

    “how do you feel about the film This Is It? do you still enjoy it?”

    I regard it as evidence which gives me a lot of pain. But I am happy that we have some footage of Michael and that it managed to silence those of his detractors who said he was a “basket case”. The Almightly finds ways how to turn even the vilest of schemes into something good.

    “I’m just wondering if you think this “machine” that you just mentioned had also managed to ruin his previous projects, ranging from 1993 to his death and bringing allegations against him.”

    The machine in this context is AEG Live and their allies who in their ruthlessness surpassed any other company I’ve ever seen.


  8. April 20, 2013 9:48 pm

    Oh no, well, actually what I meant by “excluded” was, I never really put the blame on Sony but I don’t have the same feeling about AEG, in other words I do think that AEG is responsible!

    “ruthlessness surpassed any other company I’ve ever seen” – Vindicatemj
    I couldn’t agree more!


  9. April 20, 2013 9:50 pm

    This machine could be a mixed bag of companies, moneymakers, random people, racism, money lovers, two faced people and so on – I’m not talking of Illuminati or things like that as I don’t believe it myself – and it was all due to money, money, money! But when you talk about the “machine” do you mean such things as I mentioned above? or your focus is solely on AEG and you see no connection between these things?

    I see the machine as a system people form by the common values they share. The system is made up of individual people who make their choice. If they choose money, comfort, pleasures in life, etc. but the price they pay for it is stifling their conscience they turn into part of the system. They may be charming people, very well educated and nice with those near and dear to them, but if they betray others or take advantage of them for the sake of money, power or simple comfort they are part of this system.

    I don’t really know how the machine is functioning. But I know that companies and moneymakers are not necessarily vile. Money becomes evil only when it is made by dishonest methods and through the suffering of others.

    Money is a good thing but this gold calf should not be standing on a pedestal and people should not pray to it. God’s rules should come first, no matter how much money is at stake. When people forget these rules they become part of a (ruthless) machine.

    In a very wide context the “machine” to me is all people who lost conscience and make their living by taking advantage of others. For some reason these people find common language extremely well. It seems that they do not even have to agree about anything – they simply cannot resist hunting for those whom they consider helpless or weaker. The hunt may be even legal – same as for animals – you buy a license and go ahead. They bring their prey home and everyone applauds. If people like that are put on top of the companies, governments, etc. they form a machine.

    When a real human being faces it there is little he alone can do. It all depends on the choice other people make.


  10. April 20, 2013 10:02 pm

    “I remember reading in the papers that the first letter, Row “appointment letter” was actually written and distributed by MJ’s father not MJ himself.” – bemikelike

    Most probably it was. I doubt that Michael was compiling the text and typing it himself. In all such cases they simply give ready-made letters for signature and that’s it.

    “this is the letter from MJ to Row, dismissing him from the job that was obtained by radaronline”

    Oh, the style of the letter does not sound like Michael either. I think it was similarly compiled and typed for him, and he just put his signature there.


  11. April 20, 2013 10:15 pm

    Too many peolpe worship the machine, the way you Helena described it. There is a deficiency of compassion in out world..


  12. April 20, 2013 10:23 pm

    Bemikelike, this letter makes me wonder. Why would Michael Jackson himself put “Michael Jackson” on top of the paper? It looks too pompous for Michael.

    And what does that VIA/TBD mean? Did Michael Jackson put it? Did he know what it is?

    I’ve looked up TBD and it seems to mean To Be Decided. And what’s VIA then? Can anyone explain?


  13. April 20, 2013 10:28 pm

    I agree completely with the things you said about the system. Murray, AEG caused his death and so many others were also responsible, or even those people who spread lies about MJ, judged him and caused him massive pain in his life, likes of Diane Diamond and so on. And I have no idea if all of them are somehow dealing with their guilty conscience.

    Just after his death so many told me that they found themselves guilty because they’d believed every single lie that has been told about MJ.


  14. April 20, 2013 10:42 pm

    “Why would Michael Jackson himself put “Michael Jackson” on top of the paper? It looks too pompous for Michael.”

    I have no idea, it’s kinda weird. But I guess Roger Friedman had published the same letter too. I’m not sure what that VIA/TBD mean. If this letter was typed and then delivered to MJ later, chances are they forgot to remove that TBD thing. Or maybe the letter was not finalized!


  15. April 20, 2013 10:42 pm

    “Too many peolpe worship the machine, the way you Helena described it. There is a deficiency of compassion in out world.” -kaarin

    I am not sure whether the machine is the best word, but it is definitely something inhuman or lacking human qualities.


  16. April 20, 2013 10:47 pm

    This VIA/TBD looks to me like a file No. or sort of classification put on an official letter (from a company) so that is goes into the right category.


  17. MagUK permalink
    April 20, 2013 10:54 pm

    It’s a pity that follower fans like Talitha won’t ever be called as witnesses. They could verify that after 29 May a lot of things changed ,and not for the better .

    It was after this date that Michael.appeared to “deteriorate”. I used quotes because we know that the Coroner confirmed that he was actually physically very healthy for his age, and his internal organs showed no signs of damage by over use of prescription drugs .

    Was the Propofol starting to take it’s toll ??

    My own view ( and of course it can only ever be that) is that Michael approached TII as he had always approached his work. He was focused , hardworking and enthusiastic, and although we know the TII documentary is carefully edited, it clearly showed that he was more than capable of delivering what he had originally signed up to..

    We know that Michael was a demanding taskmaster , not in a diva like way , but in pursuit of excellence.. Contracts aside , he must have been devastated ( not to mention hurt and angry) when AEG started to move the goal posts from what he knew he could manage, to something he couldn’t.. and he would never have been happy to give a second-rate performance.

    He must have been frustrated at the lack of organisation and preparation time .. For example,in the recent book by Michael Bush ( King of Style) one of the important things that comes across is, that because he and Dennis understood Michael’s body, they also knew that the costumes needed to be constructed to avoid breaking in certain parts of the dance routines ,.. even to the degree of making smaller waist sizes for the trousers as the show progressed,( because he lost so much weight during the course of a show.), Yet the very people who had made his concert clothes so successfully for years were not invited to do so for these “last ever” shows .I believe that would have also been a huge concern for Michael …it was not enough to have visually stunning costumes.. they had to function as well…Just one more thing to worry about!!

    I’m sure Michael returned home after the rehearsals with his head full of concerns,and worries , and of course , the main one,his chronic insomnia. Could it have been this intense pressure that led him to resort to such drastic measures to try to get some sleep so that he could deliver this juggernaut of demands from AEG.?

    I believe so .:

    It may seem a strange comparison to make , but in every workplace now we see those who hold the power wearing down their staff for their own advancement, More and more people are suffering from stress and many formerly bright , capable and enthusiastic people are being turned into nervous wrecks because of the greed of others more powerful than them.

    It is very clear that AEG held the power here.. not Michael.. and in the end .. no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t compete with them ,, they were demanding the impossible,.and they need to stand up and be counted..


  18. April 20, 2013 11:01 pm

    “Just after his death so many told me that they found themselves guilty because they’d believed every single lie that has been told about MJ.” – bemikelike

    I am one of these people and also felt extremely guilty for half-believing those stories. All of us let him down and are responsible for what happened to him. The machine was crushing his bones and we preferred simply not to look. And some even laughed at it and continue to laugh until today. No animal can be more disgusting than a human being.


  19. April 20, 2013 11:08 pm

    At the time of this letter, Roger Friedman was still working for FOX News. I remember he posted in his column that Joe Jackson and Leonard Row had given the letter to the media with MJ’s total lack of awareness and he had called the 1st letter as fake! Then he went on to explain that no one in AEG knew of Row and all denied any connection between him and MJ. On the other hand, row had denied the whole thing.


  20. April 20, 2013 11:33 pm

    “I am one of these people and also felt extremely guilty for half-believing those stories” – Vindicatemj

    You are brave to say so. now you’re keeping his legacy alive, shouldn’t feel guilty anymore.


  21. April 21, 2013 12:25 am

    “Was the Propofol starting to take it’s toll ??” -MagUK

    Mag, propofol was a secondary matter. The primary matter (which called for propofol at all) was the pressure exerted on him by AEG and their increasing demands, as well as Michael’s probable realization that something was terribly wrong in his ‘cooperation’ with his partners. I have the impression that something happened in the first decade of June of which we don’t know yet – probably some conversation that hurt and insulted Michael very much, or some discovery he made in respect of his partners and their intentions. We have heard several different people saying that Michael was afraid that he would not be able even to make it to London. He must have had reasons for thinking that way and we need to know what it was.

    “it clearly showed that he was more than capable of delivering what he had originally signed up to.”

    Lou Ferrignio trained Michael and said that he was in a great physical shape. But he was under a heavy stress due to AEG’s unnecessary pressure. It was the stress that was ruining his health.

    “it was not enough to have visually stunning costumes.. they had to function as well”

    Absolutely. There was no guarantee that Michael would have been able to dance in those costumes at all. Just think of the weight of all those Swarovsky crystals. The costumes should have been ready for Michael well in advance so that he could test them, but they were not.

    It is very clear that AEG held the power here.. not Michael.. and in the end .. no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t compete with them ,, they were demanding the impossible,.and they need to stand up and be counted..

    It wasn’t only the abuse of power on the part of AEG, but it was also a long chain of fraudulent tricks on their part. The contract is the first example of it.

    As to demanding the impossible, they didn’t have the right to demand anything of him – that’s the point. Under the contract he was to deliver the 1st class performance and not the 1st class rehearsal. They could make claims on him only when the tour started, and not earlier. The fact that they were demanding this and that was simply outrageous.

    AEG wanted a pretext to cancel the shows and they picked on him for everything he did. If he had only given them a chance to accuse him of some misbehavior, they would have immediately used it to “pull the plug”, and then the media would have exploded in their hate for Jackson and no person on this planet would have supported him. AEG knew it and used it to their advantage.

    Michael was living with a feeling that he could not make a single wrong step, as if he was on a minefield. It didn’t even have to be his real fault – all they needed was a formal pretext. It was the impossible strain.


  22. April 21, 2013 12:36 am

    “You are brave to say so. now you’re keeping his legacy alive, shouldn’t feel guilty anymore.”- bemikelike

    I confessed my guilt three and half years ago and this is what this blog started with. By now the feeling of guilt is gone and gave way to enormous sadness.


  23. Elaine permalink
    April 21, 2013 1:11 am

    Hi Helena,
    Thanks for this expose. It makes me so sad to read it, but happy at the same time that the truth is being uncovered. Could there be such a massive plot with so many players over so many years? How can people be so ruthless and evil? I pray that the whole truth will come out and that severe judgement will fall on the guilty. In the meantime I pray for you that you will continue this important work. Thanks so much.


  24. April 21, 2013 1:46 am

    All this supports my suspicions that something very suspect was going on. i.e. a cover-up. Sinister is the right word, I am sure. However, in the trial, will there be sufficient evidence to pin anything on AEG? They seem so devious, powerful and an all encompassing machine, it will be very hard to prove any wrong doing. They have the ways and means to get away with any crimes. Still, they may be made to feel uncomfortable in court and their reputation may take a knock; and if they do have to pay compensation, let’s hope its substantial. I hope there are some good powerful convincing witnesses. It’s a bit like David and Goliath, but on the other hand, Michael was a Goliath. I feel so angry and my words aren’t going to make much difference. Come the 26th April, I shall be watching and listening intently. Could VIA mean ‘Very Important Appointment/Agenda/Amendment/Addition?


  25. April 21, 2013 2:31 am

    Deux exmahcina of evil that goes far into Michaels past.Sinister is also a good word for what has been done to Michael.I have also expressed it that when vultures spot a victim they gather by instinct
    I dont think those involved have a conscience..


  26. April 21, 2013 3:09 am

    Sorry, it is deus, referring to god,greek or other. But then Deuce refers to the devil,maleficent spirits.Maybe deuce exmachina.


  27. Sina permalink
    April 21, 2013 5:05 am

    MIchael should not have had to perform again. That was not what he wanted after 40 years doing the same. His interest was in raising his children, working in the studio, recording and film. This is a man who could have retired in his early twenties.
    Lets not forget that the only reason why he agreed was financial pressure and obligations towards Colony capital and others.
    AEG had been chasing him for years and never succeeded . Their timing now was too perfect. Colony had taken over Neverland and AEG took over Michael.
    Michael had a trained body and good genes. His older brothers and his parents look strong for their age. So his constitution was better than the average 50 year old. But even with a strong body the intensity of his performance did not allow to do a series of shows, let alone 50. Which were agreed upon by Tohmes on his poa.
    Mentally it was overwhelming when he realized that he was stuck to 50 shows , that the risk of the whole production including the people who worked for the show was on his shoulders that the eyes of the world were on him and that he could lose his catalog ,which was his family pension. AEG took advantage of his vulnerabilty.
    Is nt it ironic that Michael died, earned AEG not only what he supposedly owed them, but double the amount, posthumously paid off his debts while employing hundreds, from an army of lawyers to producers and dancers of cirque immortal
    All of that without doing one single show. Which proves that he didnt need to do the shows, there were alternatives. How convenient that he died. Made it a lot easier.


  28. April 21, 2013 10:06 am

    Helena, I didn’t use to read your blog back then so it was all new to me. Probably this was the reason for so many of other blogs that got started right after his death.

    What hurts me is that some people try to portray him as a fragile man who was not able to have a come back, But MJ was a healthy man, he definitely was able to perform, even a world tour! The thing was his insomnia and being stressed about all the crazy things that was brought to his life by those parasites. Till now it has always been said that MJ begged Murray for Propofol, but considering this second medical examination that was due just a day after his death, it seems that AEG was the one in need of the drug! MJ had to sleep that night so he could be refreshed for the examination. I do really hope everything becomes clear in court.


  29. nannorris permalink
    April 21, 2013 10:43 am

    I am looking at that letterhead and perhaps
    VIA means” by means of ”
    TBD…”To Be Determined”
    Shouldnt there be the persons name and address written in that area?
    this letter doesnt look like it is properly done like a business letter.
    .Maybe exactly who was supposed to be putting this letter out hasnt been determined..Like it is a draft of something they want MJ to sign

    This entire thing with AEG seems like a sting to me , that MJ was the mark for..
    Just seems to me , that they were dragging their feet,so as to put out the least amount of money in actual staging for the show,because they really were betting on him, NOT going through with it, and putting it on MJ , so they could have the ticket money they were gouging his fans for , they would have gotten his catalog, and the media would have shamed MJ once again by putting the blame at his feet
    People would smugly say he deserved to lose his catalog , because he is a mess and it is all his fault….
    If he did manage to do the shows, Mj would have been blamed for the shows not being up to par…shame on him again.
    If he actually did do all the shows, they would have figured out a way to rob him after all his hard work anyway.
    All roads lead back to MJ catalog and assets.
    People have been trying to get it away from him for years.
    Even in the trial , how does an accusation that is so blatantly ridiculous morph into a group of people looking through all his financial information, because a welfare fraud is trying to get his money.

    Just as we watched Sneddon enable the Chandlers and Arvizo and use the power of his office to enable their civil atty, I am not surprised they would find a way to use that power to enable mj other enemies to find out how bad his finances were and attack him in a weakened state.
    They go after him like they are tearing a corporation apart, and for get he is a human being.


  30. Alison Maleski permalink
    April 21, 2013 7:30 pm

    A lot of good info here. And am so glad that there is a lot of support here showing that AEG is totally responsible for what has happened to MJ. And everybody here realizes that MJ should’ve had the upper hand and call on everything. This is(was) HIS CONCERT! What he says goes, it goes. I pray that AEG goes down hard in the upcoming case that Mrs. Jackson and his children have against them. Those children deserve to have what it rightly theirs. In fact, I believe that AEG may even have some play into what really happened on MJ’s death bed. And that Dr. Conard Murray –what a quack! He definitely did not know what he was doing. He was a cardiologist and not a general practitioner. He didn’t even know what he was doing half the time. He should’ve followed what Michael wanted, and if he did Michael would still be alive today. AEG and Murray are the instigators here.


  31. Bambi permalink
    April 21, 2013 8:55 pm

    Hello Elena, it’s been a while.I will suggest that whatever evidence that will help katherine’s case against AEG, should be forwarded to her attorney. I do not know really if he is competent enough to go against a determined foe like the lawyers representing AEG.. I would have wished she had hired Measreau. Don’t know why i have this feeling that the lawyer is not really sinceremWe should all prepare ourselves once again for the gory details packaged by the media. Like vultures, they are all preparing for the spoils.


  32. April 21, 2013 9:53 pm

    Well said nannorris,The entire thing with AEG .looks like a sting…Victor Guitirrez and Nambla gave the initial impulse, since then it sems Michael was hunted all his life, to the very end.


  33. April 21, 2013 10:06 pm

    Apparently Murray did not even open his PDR to look up on propofol. And apparently nobody at AEG did either, or they did not let on. I cannot believe that such a company,that often arranged for sports events too, had no interest in knowing what went on medically with their nr 1 star for this mega project and all responsibility placed on the nr.1. They did a great job getting an enormous amount of money through their underhanded way with the ticket sales.And that money was brought in only on the name .Michael Jackson


  34. April 21, 2013 11:23 pm

    Michael thrilled about 50 he was constantly pestering Randy Phillips over
    that.There was even a catroon pic. wehere Randy Phillips throws Michael over his shoulder.
    R.P claiming he wii carry him onto the stage himself.


  35. Sina permalink
    April 22, 2013 1:28 am

    >> There is one more point I noticed in Michael’s words to the fans. Sounding emotional Michael said that he was putting everything into the shows and worked really hard, but he was only one person and “there was only so much he could do”.<<

    How come he felt that he was only one person. Aren’t managers supposed to work for the artists' ’best interest. This was by the end of may. Were his managers still busy fighting their own position and left Michael hanging.?
    Its interesting that Michaels voicemail message to June Gatlin about Tohme was in September 2008. So it took him almost 7 months to get rid of Tohme. I hope he left more revealing messages that she turned over to Michaels family.

    The rumors that Randy Philips went to Michaels home on the night of 25/6 while Michael was at rehearsal may not be too farfetched. The second medical was due the next day . I can imagine AEG checking if Murray had everything under control because the insurance of all 50 concerts depended on it. Murray in his position would do anything to make sure his boss had nothing to worry about.
    The contract was waiting in Murrays car to be signed by Michael and AEG and RP might have ‘encouraged’ Murray to take care of the insurance before his contract could be signed.
    There is no camera footage other than a few images of Michael arriving with his body guards, greeted by fans. Maybe there are fans or other staff who saw who went in and out the house after Michael left.
    And whose voices ( plural) did Sade hear when she heard Murray panicking.


  36. April 22, 2013 2:28 am

    His manager Thome was busy constructing the fake contract with Randy Phillips.
    One has to ask for what was R.P. going there to see, that all was right.I dont know if R.P supposedly entered the house. late 24.6 or early 25.6.
    It would be interesting to know if they felt they had free access at any time they wished.
    For the riot act for ex. There are 2 different dates for this .And K.O was also there at some time.


  37. Sina permalink
    April 22, 2013 2:49 am

    Sorry, I meant the night of 24/6 . Could be he left before Michael came home.


  38. April 22, 2013 2:16 pm

    “Hello Elena, it’s been a while.I will suggest that whatever evidence that will help katherine’s case against AEG, should be forwarded to her attorney.”- Bambi

    I would love to but I don’t know how. I have no contact with them. If anyone has a contact with the Jacksons please feel free to pass over all information to them.

    “I would have wished she had hired Measreau.”

    Mesereau is a criminal lawyer, he doesn’t handle civil cases.


  39. April 22, 2013 2:39 pm

    “I cannot believe that such a company,that often arranged for sports events too, had no interest in knowing what went on medically with their nr 1 star for this mega project and all responsibility placed on the nr.1.” – kaarin

    It isn’t only the matter of “interest” – it was also a matter of the rights and responsibility on the part of AEG to check up what he was doing. Recently when I reread Murray’s contract I noticed a point which said:

    “3.3. Producer shall provide Dr. Murray for his use during the Term with medical equipment requested by Dr. Murray to assist him in performing the Services as approved by Producer (“Equipment”). The Equipment will include a portable cardio pulmonary resuscitation unit (“CPR Machine”), saline, catheters, needles, a gurney and other mutually approved medicate equipment necessary for the Services.

    “The services as approved by Producer.” This point means several things:

    1) AEG was to approve Murray’s services, so it was AEG who was “ordering the music”, and therefore Murray was in AEG’s employment and not Michael’s (no matter what he thinks or says).

    2) If AEG took it upon themselves to make sure that Murray rendered only approved services they were supposed to control him, following their own contract.

    3) The equipment was to be approved by AEG too, so they were to (and did) look into why it was needed.

    4) If it was needed for CPR or accidents the equipment was to be supplied for the rehearsals as well. Essentially a strenuous rehearsal is no different than a show, Michael could have collapsed during the rehearsal too, so there is no reason for non-supplying the equipment for almost two months. The contract says the equipment was to be provided during the Term, and the Term started on May 1st.

    Here is a link to the contract and its analysis:

    P.S. Must be running now, will come back a little later.


  40. April 22, 2013 4:44 pm

    “How come he felt that he was only one person. Aren’t managers supposed to work for the artists’ ’best interest. This was by the end of may. Were his managers still busy fighting their own position and left Michael hanging.?” – Sina

    Nobody was figthing. Frank Dileo was Michael’s manager, but AEG wasn’t taking him seriously and continued doing busines with Tohme. Even the newspapers articles to whom the AEG people spoke called Frank Michael’s a “former” manager. And this at the time when Frank was Michael’s acting manager! It is noteworthy that AEG did not correct them though it was the easiest thing to do.

    Of course there was no one beside Michael. No lawyer, no accountants, only one manager who was totally ignored by AEG. Michael was fully isolated by Tohme who even bragged about it. Michael was alone and that’s the whole point of it.


  41. April 22, 2013 7:09 pm

    What about the dancers from all over the world,they know many things about scheduling and more.I guess they were required to swear on their souls not to say a word of what was really happening.Or am I wrong.


  42. April 22, 2013 7:50 pm

    “What about the dancers from all over the world,they know many things about scheduling and more.I guess they were required to swear on their souls not to say a word of what was really happening.” – kaarin

    All of them know the truth but as the insider said they are afraid to talk about it:

    “He gave me the ok to share with you what he told me, however with the condition that I would name provide his name. He is under contract with AEG/Sony and is only allowed to officially talk good about the movie and the concert. As he told me “hey, I also gotta pay my bills, so I have to do what they say.”

    They cannot dispute the official AEG story as they are tied by a confidentiality agreement with AEG and are afraid to talk for fear of AEG suing them. Conrad Murray’s agreement also has a confidentiality clause and I’ve never seen anything more severe than this:

    Confidential information.
    During the term of this Agreement, GCA, Dr. Murray and his affiliates (including but not limited to his family members and the Assistant), employees, and agents, Dr. Murray’s representatives may gain access or be exposed to certain confidential and proprietary information relating to the business of Producer and/or Artist. GCA and Dr. Murray aggress, for himself and his affiliates (including but not limited to his family members and the Assistant), employees, agents, and representatives, that all such confidential and proprietary information shall remain and be kept in strictest confidence and shall not be disclosed to or used by any person or entity without the prior written consent of Producer, which consent may be withheld by Producer in its sole and absolute discretion. The obligation to maintain confidentiality provided herein shall survive any termination or expiration of the Term of this Agreement and may be enforced by Injunctive relief or other equitable or legal remedies without the necessity of posting a bond or proving Inadequacy of legal remedies and without proving that Producer, Artist or any of Artist’s or Producer’s respective affiliates or any of their respective affiliates, partners, Producer’s, employees, agents, or representatives would suffer irreparable harm as a result of a violation of such confidentiality obligation.

    This is terrible. Such confidentiality clause allows AEG even to forge dates and all of them have to keep mum as AEG can start action against them because it will do “irreparable harm to Producer” and this harm does not even need to be proven.

    There is something essentially wrong about things like that. If the company were telling the truth it would be bearable, but since there are reasons to believe that they lie it forces people to turn into conspirators in these lies.


  43. April 22, 2013 8:12 pm

    “And everybody here realizes that MJ should’ve had the upper hand and call on everything. This is(was) HIS CONCERT! What he says goes, it goes” – Alison

    One of the dancers spoke to Charles Thomson and did say something to the effect that it was Michael’s concert and he should have had more say. First he blurted out that “they took advantage of him” but when Thomson asked him for details backed out of it – evidently fearful of repercussions under the confidentiality agreement:

    Jackson was being ‘taken advantage of’

    Although Jackson was present and involved, Grant raised eyebrows when he stated in a recent interview that he felt early on that Jackson was being ‘taken advantage of’.

    “I just felt like sometimes they questioned Michael about stuff and I didn’t understand that because Michael is the artist,” he explains. “I felt like anything Michael says about entertainment, we should all just listen and follow his feelings. If he doesn’t feel right about something or if something’s not right, I felt like it should just go. He should just have that right to do that.

    “For me it was just questionable… I’m trying to find the right way to say it… If they really were pushing him to do this or if he knew what was supposed to be done. I just felt like at the bottom line, as an artist, you should have your say. If you don’t feel right about anything you shouldn’t do it. But I guess people are people, you know, and sometimes you run into little situations. But at the end it was pretty much solved. Michael got his way and things were sorted out. I didn’t mean anything else by it.”


  44. April 22, 2013 8:41 pm

    “I am looking at that letterhead and perhaps VIA means” by means of ” TBD…” To Be Determined. this letter doesnt look like it is properly done like a business letter.”– Nannoris

    If we don’t know what the letterhead is Michael for sure didn’t know either. On the one hand the letter was for the big “show” as it had MICHAEL JACKSON on top of it (so that no one doubted that it was coming from Michael Jackson), and on the other it has a very specific abbreviation which only the initiated know. I agree that VIA in this context must mean something like Very Important Amendment as Nina Hamilton suggested (the usual Via as “by means of” does not apply here).

    These small technical details betray the fact that the letter was made for Michael, and he simply signed it. However the same may be said about Leonard Rowe’s letter too.

    Sorry for saying that the letters were the same date (forgot that Rowe’s was dated March and the second one was dated May). Sometimes my memory is letting me down in a really big way. I will correct my earlier comment not to misinform anyone.


  45. April 22, 2013 10:11 pm

    “What hurts me is that some people try to portray him as a fragile man who was not able to have a come back, But MJ was a healthy man, he definitely was able to perform, even a world tour!” bemikelike

    I also think that Michael was strong and could do those shows. His problems were purely psychological ones. They started with the allegations back in 1993 – Frank Cascio wrote that Michael said no one could imagine how hard it is to perform when everyone thinks you are a child molester. He more or less recovered by 2003 when the final blow came. After the trial he simply began fearing people. He didn’t know what the reaction of the public would be and was terrorized by the thought of standing on stage. It wasn’t a mere ‘stage fright’ – it was the fright of a victim hunted down and afraid to be stoned.

    Only today I’ve read that when Michael was living in Las Vegas in 2008 he received a letter signed by his neighbors where they said they did not want to live side by side with a child mol-ster. Michael was in tears.

    No wonder Michael was afraid of people. However when the first ten concerts were sold within minutes he received a tremendous impetus and felt practically reborn. He was so full of enthusiasm that if the number had stayed 10 as agreed and if the preparations had started in due time he would have done those shows by all means. And he would be alive now and AEG would enjoy the fame of someone who brought Michael back and organized a phenomenal show.

    But greed decided differently. 50 dates were a tremendous burden and since this was also accompanied by the blows of Tohme’s betrayal, AEG’s insults and bullying, their disrespect for his wishes, inadequate organization of the shows, etc. all this was extremely stressful. And the stress began to undermine Michael’s health.

    The initial joy gave way to tremendous anxiety which fully deprived him of his sleep. When “riot” acts were read out to him and he began to be practically blackmailed by AEG his state must have been terrible. In these circumstances even tranqualizers cannot help, or if they do they deafen people so much they can hardly function.

    Now even we feel the steely grip of AEG when we read their answers in newspapers reports. But we are not supposed to perform and do not have to face these people on a daily basis. So how did Michael feel then? Especially since he knew that the whole world was against him and no one would believe his word if he ever complained?

    The only thing he could do was gritting his teeth and going forward – which he did.


  46. April 22, 2013 10:35 pm

    The episode of people writing a letter to Michael driving him from their neighborhood is described in Randall Sullivan’s book. I don’t believe Tohme’s version of the events propagated there – it is so biased, twisted and false that it is even funny, but some details are nevertheless genuine. There was simply no reason to invent them. The neighbors sent that hate-filled letter on Michael’s birthday – the callousness of some people is baffling!

    It is clear that Sullivan did talk to Tohme:

    Michael’s resistance to the idea of leaving Las Vegas softened considerably after
    his fiftieth birthday. On August 28, dozens of British fans had showed up outside
    the gates of the Palomino hacienda to serenade Michael until the wee hours of the
    August 29. He was still glowing, despite not having slept a wink, when he did a
    telephone interview with Good Morning America that began before sunrise in
    Vegas and he was delighted to learn that millions of people had switched channels
    to ABC to catch some of it. “ I’ll probably just have a little cake with my children
    and we’ll probably watch cartoons,” he answered in reply to a question about how
    he intended to celebrate.

    Michael’s mood was shattered later that same day, though, when he received a
    letter that had been signed by many of his neighbors. “ He called me and he was
    crying like a baby
    ,” Tohme remembered. “ I said, ‘Michael, what’s wrong?’ He
    said, ‘They’ve sent me something saying they don’t want a child molester living
    across the street.’” What especially hurt him, Michael said, were the complaints
    that Wasden Elementary School was just down the street, visible from the
    windows of Jackson’s home, and that it did not seem fitting to have an accused sex
    criminal so close by. As a “ concerned mother” explained to the Review-Journal,
    “ Of all the residences he could have purchased—why one across from an elementary
    school? I understand he was never convicted of anything and can live wherever he
    wants, but . . .”

    His new manager flew to Las Vegas the next day. “ I told him, ‘Michael, it’s
    time to get the hell out of here,’” Tohme recalled. “ I wanted him to come to Los
    Angeles. He was still not sure about that. So I said, ‘Why don’t you come to LA
    for a few days to meet my family, to stay with us?’ So I brought him to my house,
    we had lunch, he stayed there, but then he went back to Las Vegas.”

    P.S. I didn’t understand why they talked of an “accused sex criminal”. He was accused but acquitted after a long and enduring trial, and those who are acquitted are no criminals. They are the same innocent people like the rest of us. This was what the Los Angeles D.A. Gil Garcetti explained when he was closing the case against Michael in 1994. At that time there were not even any charges brought against Jackson.

    So are those neighbors some nit-wits? Besides being cruel and unfeeling? Or do these things always come together?


  47. MagUK permalink
    April 22, 2013 10:58 pm

    Helena.. I found several references to TBD , and most were along the lines of ” to be determined.. defined.. decided..”.. But one so say official one is “three business days”.. not sure if it actually makes any more sense in the context of this letter.. but could it have been significant if that is what it stood for ?


  48. April 22, 2013 11:21 pm

    “three business days”.. not sure if it actually makes any more sense in the context of this letter..” -MagUK

    This TBD could very well be “three business days” too. What is essential here is that no one really knows what it means and Michael for sure did not know either. It must be some internal AEG code, and this is how we know that despite Michael’s name on top of the paper it was not him who prepared that letter. His AEG partners took care of it and gave it to Michael for signature.

    The devil hides in the detail. It is usually in very small things that it betrays itself.


  49. April 23, 2013 12:05 am

    “Could there be such a massive plot with so many players over so many years? How can people be so ruthless and evil?” – Elaine

    Oh, the people are my everlasting pain now. Someone terribly brainwashed them, they readily believed the worst and started competing with each other in their nastiness towards Jackson. It shows how easily people may be manipulated and how easy it is to unleash the worst in humans. Those who instigated the public to harass Michael must have derived much pleasure from the power they exerted over people.

    “I pray for you that you will continue this important work”

    Thanks a lot, Elaine. I need your prayers very much.


  50. April 23, 2013 3:04 am

    It is heartwrenching to read about the letter his neighbours wrote on his birhday.Such cruelty by ignorant people who think of themselves as concerned.I just hope that sometimes in the future someone of the dancers and staff from the rehearsals will speak out.At this time it may indeed be dangerous,think of Michaels former attorney Lopez.


  51. aldebaranredstar permalink
    April 23, 2013 10:10 am

    Here is a website for bloggers, etc.:

    Maybe Radar Online got the letter re Rowe being fired from tbd (via tbd)??


  52. April 23, 2013 12:23 pm

    “Maybe Radar Online got the letter re Rowe being fired from tbd (via tbd)??” – aldebaranredstar

    The theory is good but not applicable here, I am afraid. The print of VIA/TBD is the same as in the rest of the text and if it had been added by Radar they wouldn’t have put it into the body of the letter. It would have been in the comments.

    I think they sealed it as it is.


  53. April 23, 2013 11:08 pm

    Guys, I’ve restarted reading Randall Sullivan’s book, this time to learn more about Tohme’s revelations to him, and am amazed to see that the book is a glowing tribute to Tohme. I am halfway through it only but up till now the book has presented solely Tohme’s views and comparing them with the independent study done here is a very special experience. Now it is rather easy to see where Tohme tells blatant lies, where he is ommitting the key facts and where he is stretching the truth to the point when it becomes its opposite.

    From Tohme’s stories I’ve learned that though ousted by Dennis Hawk (Tohme’s manager) Peter Lopez was still trying to help Michael in spring 2009 (even after Tohme fired him). Here is a story about the auction cancelled after Michael’s friends interfered:

    “Michael was “ horrified,” unnamed associates explained to the media, when he found the catalog for the auction on the Internet and saw what they were trying to take away from him. “ It was Peter Lopez and Frank Dileo and that insect Brother Michael,” Tohme said.”

    The funny side of Tohme’s story is everyone whom he labels as “bad guys” were actually on Michael’s side, but Tohme and Sullivan are doing their best to drag them through the mud. Jack Wishna is cited among some dubious characters as well as Frank Dileo, Peter Lopez, William Amir Williams, Leonard Rowe, Grace Rwaramba and John Branca. Sony are the bad guys too. On the other hand Tohme is of high opinion of Tom Barrack and Randy Phillips, who are made out as Michael’s “saviors”.

    The more I read the more evident it becomes that all those whom Tohme regards as his enemies were actually Michael Jackson’s friends. Many of the facts discovered as a result of an independent study in this blog are now confirmed by Tohme – only they are given a totally different interpretation.

    Not a word is said about Tohme being fired. Instead Sullivan provides a letter from Randy Phillips which says that he is doing business solely with Tohme:

    On April 2, 2009, the Celebrity/Access Web site published a column by Ian Courtney under the headline “Will Michael Jackson’s Real Manager Please Stand Up?” that cited a press release in which Leonard Rowe claimed to have been hired as Michael’s new manager. The article then quoted a spokesperson for Dileo saying that Frank was Michael’s new manager, and that Mr. Dileo’s company would be joining with AEG to issue a press release that challenged Rowe’s misrepresentations. Tohme held his tongue, letting an e-mail sent from the offices of AEG Live speak for him:

    Ian, the only individual that AEG Live has dealt with from the onset of the recent negotiations that resulted in the unprecedented sales of 50 shows at the O2 Arena in London is Dr. Tohme. He has been in attendance at all my meetings with MJ and was instrumental in MJ’s appearance at the now historic press conference in London. MJ has continued to refer to Dr. Tohme as his manager.
    I received one phone call from Leonard Rowe requesting a meeting that I, summarily, turned down after Michael Jackson told me, personally, that Rowe was not involved and disavowed that purported quote in the press release. That was my one and only interaction with Leonard Rowe.
    As far as Frank Dileo . . . we are not anticipating any press releases involving Mr. Dileo, nor are we in a business relationship with him.
    That is it in a nutshell.
    Randy Phillips

    For Tohme, Phillips’s written remarks were reassurance enough. “ Even when I know that Frank Dileo is sniffing around, that Leonard Rowe is sniffing around, that John Branca is sniffing around, that others are sniffing around, I am not worried,” he explained. “ I am Michael’s manager! I have the documents! He has given me complete control. So I think it does not matter what the others say. I have a lot to learn.”

    The fact that it was a matter of Tohme’s “worry” (non-worry) that all the above people were “sniffing around” firmly speaks in favor of these people as Michael’s supporters.

    Sullivan’s book makes a disgusting but fascinating read as we can learn from it what Frank Dileo and Peter Lopez unfortunately cannot say to us any longer. Nothing can be taken at its face value in this compilation of lies but with a little bit of help from the news reported in the press we can still fish out a lot there.


  54. Susannerb permalink
    April 23, 2013 11:37 pm

    Yes, Helena, that’s what I saw immediately when I started reading Sullivan’s book, that he praises Tohme to the skies and that Tohme to his opinion was misjudged by Michael’s supporters. You can clearly see from which side he was influenced.

    This statement is disgusting:
    “We had an agreement,” Tohme continued. “I would never interfere with his creative decisions and he wouldn’t interfere with my business decisions.”
    How can he even dare say something like that? How can he call it “HIS business decisions when he works for someone else’s business? This phrasing shows clearly that he took over Michael’s business as his and only worked for himself without considering Michael’s interests.

    I try to follow everything what’s happening, Helena, but it’s difficult right now because my father again was in hospital. His health is deteriorating. So I’m a bit behind with reading.


  55. April 23, 2013 11:49 pm

    Thome was the ombudsman for T.Barrack ,Colony Capital and AEG.Long ago there was info on this on wikileaks.To cite, Thomas Barrack Jr.and Colony Capital is behind everything that happened to Michael Jackson


  56. April 24, 2013 12:02 am

    “it’s difficult right now because my father again was in hospital. His health is deteriorating. So I’m a bit behind with reading”.

    Susanne, I am terrible sorry to hear about your father’s health. I hope the Almighty will not let him go. Miracles do happen.

    As to the blog it can wait. Take care of your priorities first.


  57. April 24, 2013 12:21 am

    “Thome was the ombudsman for T.Barrack ,Colony Capital and AEG.Long ago there was info on this on wikileaks.” – kaarin

    A lot of information has disappeared since then which is a very strange fact in and of itself. Tohme’s ties to Tom Barrack and AEG are more or less established. Now I am very much interested in getting out of Tohme’s stories some new facts that will clarify the picture further. And bit by bit new information is getting collected.

    For example, it turns out that Michael was indeed insistent only on 10 shows, and one of the ways to pursuade Michael to agree to 20 (twenty only) shows was a promise from AEG to hire a nutrionist for him and a personal physician.

    The first time Tohme mentioned it I gathered that it was AEG’s obligation to pay this physician too, but was not sure until I came upon the following paragraphs:

    Of all the demands that Michael Jackson made during the negotiation of the
    contract for the O2 shows, his requirement that AEG pay for the services of a
    “ personal physician”
    had been the one that Randy Phillips and the company
    attorneys resisted most vigorously. Jackson’s refusal to compromise on this point
    suggested that his sense of self-importance had made a comeback every bit as
    extraordinary as the one Randy Phillips hoped to see onstage at the O2.

    “Look,” Michael told Phillips, “ my body is the mechanism that fuels this entire business.
    Just like President Obama, I need my own doctor attending to me twentyfour/
    seven.” Paul Gongaware remembered Jackson pointing to himself and saying,
    “ This is the machine. You have to take care of the machine.” Frank Dileo pointed
    out to Phillips and Gongaware that hiring a personal physician might be a good
    way to separate Michael from Arnold Klein, whom all three men believed to be
    Jackson’s primary drug supplier. AEG agreed to pay for a private physician, even
    yielding to Michael’s demand that he alone be permitted to pick the MD who
    would live with him.

    I think that Tohme’s revelations deserve a separate post. Just let me read them to the end.


  58. April 24, 2013 12:54 am

    susannerb, I hope fot the best for your father and you. I know from expierience how hard it is when your parent is ill.I.ll remember you and your father in my prayer tonight.


  59. April 24, 2013 1:07 am

    Helena, it is very likely that Thome initially promised Michael a personal physician. The resistance may have occurred on a later occasion.I am confused re Jermaines apparently close relatiomship with Thome.Did Jermaine also know Murray before he met Michael.


  60. April 24, 2013 1:13 am

    If the personal physician was such a private arrangement as AEG claims, why then the resistance to this request.


  61. April 24, 2013 1:21 am

    “it is very likely that Thome initially promised Michael a personal physician. The resistance may have occurred on a later occasion.I am confused re Jermaines apparently close relatiomship with Thome.Did Jermaine also know Murray before he met Michael. -kaarin

    I will write it in a separate post – now it is too late here (1.20 am). Jermaine did not know Tohme, he was advised to him by some of his Muslim friends.


  62. lynande51 permalink
    April 24, 2013 3:44 am

    Sorry for being late to this discussion but the VIA underscore TBD means it was sent by messenger.THe TBD is cargo or messenger shipping.


  63. April 24, 2013 10:51 pm

    “the VIA underscore TBD means it was sent by messenger.THe TBD is cargo or messenger shipping” – lynande

    Okay. So the letter firing Leonard Rowe was sent via messenger shipping to make sure that he received it. Thank you.


  64. April 24, 2013 11:50 pm

    The lie about an implant found in Michael’s body probably belongs better in the post about fabrications, so I’m reposting it here.

    Laura Messina published a great document on facebook. It is an answer of the Coroner who performed the autopsy on Michael Jackson to the question whether he could confirm the information published by the Sun. The Sun claimed that an anti-drug implant had been found on Michael’s body:

    DRUG-ravaged Michael Jackson had a secret medical implant to stop him getting pleasure from opiates, The Sun can reveal.
    The Thriller star was fitted with the device — which dosed him with Narcan — in 2003 to battle the hopeless addiction that led to his death aged 50. Narcan — trade name for naloxone — is prescribed for heroin or morphine addicts. It works by blocking pleasure receptors in the brain — making drug taking pointless.
    The implant was found in the King of Pop’s body after he died but has only just come to light in explosive newly released court papers.
    They contain evidence from one of Jacko’s former doctors, Beverly Hills anaesthetist David Fournier who treated him in the 1990s and early 2000s.

    The Coroner’s office which not only performed the autopsy but also studied the medical records replied that the information was incorrect, no such device had been found and no medical records had any reference to it:

    Hello Laura,

    The information in the article is incorrect. No such device was found and we have seen no medical records that document or even refer to the device.

    Craig R.Harvey
    Chief Coroner Investigator & Chief of Operations

    Department of Coroner
    County of Los Angeles
    1104 North Mission Road
    Los Angeles, CA 90033

    The false information is found on at least 23 levels of Google pages which makes more than 200 articles reprinting the story, but I have not been able to find a single English-language article publishing the truth.

    The only one which posted it was an Italian source:


  65. April 25, 2013 10:43 pm

    Guys, today I have accidentally come across the same Kevin Mazur’s photo of Michael rehearsing which in the LA Times was published with a fake date of May 28.,0,5459012.story

    The USA Today article of June 30, 2009 said pointblank that this is a photo from a rehearsal at the Staples Center and the date of the photo is June 23. What is especially funny is that they refer to Kevin Mazur, AEG!

    Here is the article where it comes from:

    Can anyone explain to me all these manipulations?

    I mean I know why AEG is doing it – to show that they started production early while they started late – but why does everyone pretend that these manipulations are okay?

    And why are Michael Jackson’s fans trashing Katherine for demanding justice for her son from the people who engage in these manipulations?

    Do I misunderstand something here?


  66. April 26, 2013 2:26 am

    I hope Katherine will win big. Then she hopefully will remember Michaels last wish.,.the childrens hospital and not spend all the money on the family.


  67. MagUK permalink
    April 26, 2013 5:57 pm

    Hi Helena .( and everyone else as well) Regarding the implant and the “drug addled body”.
    Horrible to read all this garbage that is being spewed through the media yet again. We know that many people have been brainwashed into such a negative mindset about Michael that they will believe anything without question, even when so many of the negatives are actually contradictory.

    I try to take step back from it all and look at it objectively , and really with the AEG lawsuit what really matters is what the evidence shows. For example ,the autopsy evidence has already shown that many of the myths about Michael’s physical health are just that.. In an odd way I think the autopsy gave Michael back the respect and dignity he deserved in life, I remember watching the witness from the Coroners office at Murray’s trial give his evidence in a very respectful and dignified and professional manner ( but the media nicknamed him Dr Death .. so if you can’t attack the man himself then insult the man who is telling you something positive about him).

    AEG are in a battle for their reputation and they know if Katherine wins their business will suffer if they are found to have contributed to the death of Michael Jackson.( who I genuinely believe is, and always will be loved by the vast majority of people) . So dirty tricks are bound to come into play and the more the merrier., and let’s face it ,that’s the bottom line.. “the dirty tricks” they used on Michael

    It’s not going to be easy.. but It won’t be just a victory for the Jacksons if the jury rule in Katherine’s favour.. it will be a victory for Michael’s legacy too.

    If the ruling goes in favour of AEG it will be very sad , but there are thousands of us out there who will continue to vindicate Michael’s name and legacy one step at a time and I know she is up against “Goliath,”

    You are doing fantastic work on this blog .. it must take up so much time and effort. We all have to keep the faith .

    “I’ve seen lawyers who don’t represent me, and spokespeople who do not know me ,speaking for me.These characters always seem to surface with deceitful allegations just as another project , an album, or video is being released”

    Michael Jackson : November 18 2003


  68. April 27, 2013 12:04 am

    “I hope Katherine will win big. Then she hopefully will remember Michaels last wish.,.the childrens hospital and not spend all the money on the family.”

    Kaarin, I nearly cried when I saw what you’d written. You cannot imagine what dirt I have read today about Katherine Jackson in one MJ’s fan forum. And they’ve been saying it about her for more than 130 pages now. It is incredible and coming back here to a different kind of people is like falling into Michael’s embrace.


  69. April 27, 2013 1:27 am

    “It’s not going to be easy.. but It won’t be just a victory for the Jacksons if the jury rule in Katherine’s favour.. it will be a victory for Michael’s legacy too.”

    Mag, it is going to be terrible. They are going full blast and are using every weapon possible. But you are right – if the jury rule in Katherine’s favor it will be a tremendous victory for Michael. I think it will be even more than that. It will be the long awaited victory over evil in its mightiest form. Yes, we all need to keep the faith.


  70. April 27, 2013 10:07 am

    OMG! using fake date is outrageous! Is LA Times aware of what they are doing? they’ve totally been misled by AEG.


  71. Rodrigo permalink
    April 28, 2013 9:28 pm

    Adrian McManus spouting this


  72. Truth Prevail permalink
    April 29, 2013 1:15 pm


    This always happens every time there is a trial or something else HUGE involving Michael, it’s always the same cockroaches too that come out of their holes too.

    It’s as if these people are exclusively have a job just to say negative things about Michael Jackson whenever the opposing team want to discredit MJ or his family.

    It’s like always the same people.


  73. May 2, 2013 11:36 am

    It is clear that AEG did not have Michaels best interest at heart. .They just did not care. They had no respect for Michaels wishes. They were only interested in making money. They did not care. They are responsible! I pray that Katherin wins that law suit. If she wins then promoters will think twice before they do what was done to Michael Jackson to someone else.


  74. May 2, 2013 3:40 pm

    “It is clear that AEG did not have Michaels best interest at heart. They just did not care. They had no respect for Michaels wishes. They were only interested in making money. They are responsible!” – Judy

    Yes, AEG simply used Michael. And now that Brian Panish spoke of AEG’s number 1 goal (beat Live Nation) it becomes clear why they were chasing Michael for so long. They were doing it not for Michael – they were doing it for themselves.

    They wanted a winning horse that would help them win from their rival, a locomotive that would take them to super fame and super profits. The fame of bringing Michael Jackson from his retreat was to give them the looks of envy from all their competitors. This is why their fight with AllGoodEntertainment was so fierce too.

    Whether the horse dies in the race was of no importance – the important thing was that the horse was theirs.

    “I pray that Katherin wins that law suit. If she wins then promoters will think twice before they do what was done to Michael Jackson to someone else.”

    Oh yes, if only she wins, the next morning we will wake up in a new world where new, humane laws of making business will start to emerge. Probably even some old concepts like honesty, ethical behavior, respect for other people’s dignity and truth will also be revived.


  75. Sina permalink
    May 2, 2013 6:23 pm

    We know that Prince( Nelson) is also on the witness list for KJ. Dont know if he will be called .This may be a reasons why he is on the list. No where near to what they did to Michael , but another example of their lack of respect for the artists work.

    Bootleg Review: Prince “L.A. Confidential”
    ” It must be said at this point, Prince was unhappy with the sound quality throughout the evening. All three shows were marred by technical problems, feedback and poor sound systems. By the time this show was in motion he had enough. During the early part of this set he asked for adjustments to the sound several times. Before the next song, he launched into an epic rant from the stage, directed at AEG who he had been working with for a number of years on his tours, including the massively successful Musicology Tour of 2004. AEG oversees the entire L.A. Live complex and Prince started naming names, specifically calling out AEG Live President and CEO Randy Phillips and AEG’s President and CEO Tim Leiweke from the stage in a 90 second public lambasting.
    “Before we play this, Randy Phillips, Tim Leiweke, they run AEG. And, uh, this is their building so the buzzes you hear you can talk to them about it. I’m gonna play through it, I’m gonna do my best. Now feel me, they spent a lot of money on the seats, and the lights are beautiful. But I done told them several times, let’s work on that sound. I came to see Alicia Keys here and it was the worst sound I ever heard. But Alicia is a genius, bar none. She is music and she deserves the best, alright? So we’re all in this together. So if we fix the sound, I’ll be here every night. This is what I do. And I’ll do it for free, I won’t charge ’em. But now I got to go back to my three million a night!”
    Prince then kicks into “She Spoke 2 Me” by shouting sarcastically “It’s alright Tim and Randy, we love ya!”, then during the performance gets the crowd to chant ‘AEG, AEG’ over and over. I cannot emphasize enough what a monumental night this then became. AEG made Prince a ton of money helping him make his 3121 shows in Las Vegas and his 21 Nights in London a reality. He planned to do a similar 21 night stand in L.A., but in one onstage rant, he called out the highest executives of the company by name, publicly embarrassed them and burned yet another bridge in the entertainment industry. His relationship with AEG, again a company that made Prince millions of dollars, was over and he blew it up right in front of about 2,500 fans. The fact we now get to see it on video is priceless. Prince closes the performance of “She Spoke 2 Me” by introducing the band then getting one last shot in at AEG by declaring, “And my name is Randy Phillips. Thank you, goodnight.”

    Posted at 08:30 PM in Bootleg Reviews, Music Reviews, Prince, Unreleased Prince | Permalink
    Technorati Tags: 2009 am concert video, AEG, bootleg review, Chaka Khan, Club Nokia, Eye Records, John Blackwell, L.A. Confidential, March 29, Prince, Prince concert video, pro-shot DVD, Randy Phillips, Renato Neto, Rhonda Smith, Tim Leiweke, unreleased Prince


  76. May 3, 2013 9:46 am

    Sometimes some bad may bring a bit of good. I am refering to the pic.s of Michael´s scalpburns, horrendous to show something so private. The good was that people at least understood the gravity of some of his medical ,problems. This burn and the wrong traetment (it was not known then not o do surgery on lupoid skin) gave him horrendous pain and sufferering.


  77. May 3, 2013 4:53 pm

    “But now I got to go back to my three million a night!” Prince then kicks into “She Spoke 2 Me” by shouting sarcastically “It’s alright Tim and Randy, we love ya!”, then during the performance gets the crowd to chant ‘AEG, AEG’ over and over.” – Sina

    How extremely interesting. So Prince had three million a night? I don’t grudge him but Michael was to receive only one million. Why? I don’t doubt Prince’s talent but is Michael Jackson worse?

    Randy Phillips himself said that their arrangement with Michael was better (for AEG) than the division of profit with other superstars. But what is better for AEG was worse for Michael. Why I wonder?

    Had Jackson performed these shows, AEG would have made significant revenue on food and beverage sales, a percentage of merchandise sales that could have totaled up to $15 million and the rental fee that AEG Live would account for to its corporate parent. Phillips declines to release terms of the deal with Jackson, but he says it was better for AEG than the 95%-5% split most superstars receive.

    AEG made significant revenue not only on those “beverages” – the main source was selling tickets through secondary tickets agencies like Viagogo and Seatwave. These agencies only pretend to be places where fans resell tickets to each other. In reality the major part of their business is selling the tickets directly from concert promoters at hugely inflated prices.

    Viagogo was the official partner of AEG Live and Seatwave is the authorized O2 reseller. As far as I know Seatwave had an insurance for refunding tickets, so most probably they did refund those who wanted to get a refund.

    However this has nothing to do with AEG – they still received their money for the tickets as the refunding was done not by them, but by the insurance. And the insurance company could not have reclaimed the money from AEG as officially those were not AEG’s tickets – officially “it is fans selling tickets to other fans” and no fan will return to the other fan the money received.

    As to Viagogo there are no reports in the press how many tickets they refunded. The prices there were sold for thousands of dollars.

    I repeat – concert promoters sell their tickets directly through those seemingly “secondary” ticket agencies and receive at least 90% of the price.

    There are different tricks of the trade and ways of posing as third parties there as the recent scandal with Viagogo disclosed. There was a British documentary about it where those agents said it themselves, “Of course, it is illegal”.

    There is a good deal of dirt behind those secondary tickets. I hope the Jacksons’ lawyers will uncover all those schemes.

    It was due to that huge profit that AEG set 50 concerts for Michael and sold almost a million tickets, partially through the secondary agencies. This is why Michael Jackson died – he died for the sake of their profits.

    On July 1, fans who purchased tickets were directed to for information about how to receive refunds. They’ll be processed by authorized ticketing agencies, including primary ticketing company Ticketmaster, U.K. reseller Viagogo and authorized O2 reseller Seatwave. In lieu of a refund, fans can receive souvenir tickets designed by Jackson and printed with a lenticular process that gives them a 3-D look.

    Phillips says his next move “is to try to get the images out of my mind of that Thursday I spent at the hospital when Michael died, and telling his kids and his mom. A little healing first. But we have a bunch of tours next year and our business will go on.”


  78. Sina permalink
    May 3, 2013 6:44 pm

    Phillips says his next move “is to try to get the images out of my mind of that Thursday I spent at the hospital when Michael died, and telling his kids and his mom. A little healing first. But we have a bunch of tours next year and our business will go on.”

    If you make a compilation of this mans public statements about Michael, even when he was alive, he comes across as a cold , calculating sociopath. Of course business will go on, but to make a statement like that shows he lacks basic human empathy.
    I want to ask dear Bambi who are the vultures here.
    The liberty people take to tell Michaels mother what she should or shouldnt do.
    I wonder if in their own life they also let strangers in the street tell them what to do.

    I just read this quote and it fits perfectly.
    ‘ Reputation is not of enough value to sacrifice character for it.’

    Reputation is what people make of you, character is what is yours.That is why AEG tries so hard to kill Michaels character.
    People like Bambi rather defend a reputation, her own making of Michael than the man himself.


  79. June 16, 2013 12:59 am

    ““how on earth MJ couldn’t speak for himself and stop them?”

    “Ela, I’m afraid that Michael could not stop them. He was quite capable to decide for himself but he was fighting a machine.”

    The absolute proof of the power of this “machine” is in the fact many who may wish to know of this trial hear nothing on Mainstream USA. News Channels and less than little on the News Online site. And nothing oversea. Even when you do find a report, it somehow never seems to compare with what the transcripts say.


  80. June 16, 2013 6:30 am

    “The absolute proof of the power of this “machine” is in the fact many who may wish to know of this trial hear nothing on Mainstream USA. News Channels and less than little on the News Online site. And nothing oversea. Even when you do find a report, it somehow never seems to compare with what the transcripts say.” – Dialdancer

    EXACTLY. The machine is at work and now we know it. And this is the first good thing about it. It is always better to see the reality the way it is than live in illusion.

    The second thing is that we shouldn’t be intimidated by the machine – its power is limited only by the illusion they create for us. Once you see its mechanics its power over you is greatly diminished. And as someone who has been familiar with a similar machine all my life I know that it is still possible 1) to survive 2) learn the truth even when they silence it and 3) not to fear them.

    Not fearing them is probably the key to the whole thing. I cannot explain it, but clear understanding of what they are doing and how gives you an enormous feeling of freedom. What to do next I don’t know but this feeling of freedom is precious and is incompatible with anything you’ve experienced before. It is like getting above all their fuss and seeing clearly what they do no matter how hard they try to hide it. They try their hardest to deceive you but you still know.


  81. September 9, 2013 7:50 pm

    Suddenly I notice this is a fourth part, where does this serie begin???? Thanks for all!!!

    Vindicatemj (Helena): I had been trying to contact with you through FB and twitter but you never answered me! Please, check your private message in FB… Thanks!


  82. September 10, 2013 3:22 am

    “Vindicatemj (Helena): I had been trying to contact with you through FB and twitter but you never answered me! Please, check your private message in FB… Thanks!” – Fernanda

    Fernanda, I seldom use FB and twitter – have no time for everything – so it is best to contact me via Contact form in this blog. And I’m in hospital now. Will not be available for some time.


  83. elizabeth pamela walker permalink
    April 16, 2020 1:17 am

    amen x x x x


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