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Time to stop taking Diane Dimond’s LIES for Blanca Francia’s DEPOSITION

May 23, 2013

The “shower” episode described by Blanca Francia is an extremely boring and futile matter to discuss. You quote her deposition of 1993/94 where she said she saw one blurred image of Michael only and heard only his laughter too, but you still receive comments like this one from your readers:

“Many fans say MJ didn’t shower with Wade Robson, but why did Blanca Francia MJ’s former maid say she saw MJ and Wade showering together? During the 2005 trial, housekeeper Blanca Francia testified that she saw Jackson and Robson showering together when Robson was seven or eight years old in the late ’80s, but that steam from the shower prevented her from seeing what was going on.

It’s troubling to know that MJ showered with Wade. I don’t think it was good that MJ showered with Wade. Why couldn’t he allow Wade to shower alone. He was old enough to shower on his own. This is sort of scary. Any thoughts anyone?”

Yes, I have some thoughts about it and the main one is this – due to all the media brainwashing people tend to describe the so-called “shower episode with Wade Robson” following the Hard Copy utterly false version of it,  which was sold to them for $20,000 and further aggravated by Diane Dimond who was the host of that TV program.

Francia’s false story was fully debunked by Thomas Mesereau at the 2005 trial but it is still circulating among the public, and after repeatedly asking myself why it is so difficult to beat this lie I think I’ve probably found an answer to this question. 


First of all let us determine how bad and dirty the Hard Copy version was. Now that Francia’s deposition became known to us through Thomas Mesereau who constantly refreshed the maid’s memory by referring to it at the 2005 trial, we can see that Diane Dimond’s version was very bad and very dirty indeed.

The gist of it is presented by the Associated Press which says that “he was seen bathing in the nude”, “naked with at least two young boys” and “rubbed them against his private parts”… Oh my God!

Associated Press 1Francia, who worked for Jackson for five years at his Neverland Ranch but said she quit two years ago in disgust, told the syndicated TV show “Hard Copy” that she had seen Jackson bathing in the nude with at least two young boys.

Another report surfaced yesterday about a second boy who claims Associated press 2that he was molested by Jackson. Citing unidentified sources , KNBC-TV said authorities were investigating the boy’s allegation. Investigators who questioned the boy found the account credible, the station said.

Police and districts attorney’s office investigators have declined comment since opening the criminal probe four months ago. No criminal charges have been filed against Jackson. Francia, a Salvadorian immigrant, is the only person since the allegations against Jackson surfaced to state publicly that she saw the entertainer naked with boys”.

The former maid said Jackson was in the constant company of boys about 11 years old. Some would stay at the ranch for weeks at a time, sleeping overnight with him. “I would keep my mouth shut to keep my job”, she said. She said parents occasionally were received at the ranch, but were kept distant from the entertainer and his young guests. Francia said she guessed they “looked the other way”.

Francia said Jackson called the boys “rubba”. She said he would rub them against his “private parts”. She also said she cleaned a “hide-away” where Jackson would go with young friends.  She said Jackson once asked her opinion of what she witnessed. “I said it was none of my business. He liked that…I would get some reward – money or a gift”.

So it was through Diane Dimond’s TV program that the word “Rubba” came into history and the story of Wade Robson most probably emerged. The story was reproduced by almost everybody at that time:

MORE revealing and disturbing was the “special name” he now gave his young friends. To Michael they were all “Rubba”. Why Rubba? From “rubbing boy against his body”, Francia surmised. “He had boys sitting in his lap, rubbing them.”

“Michael Jackson’s former maid reportedly claimed to have seen him in a bath and shower with naked boys and said that the superstar would sometimes rub youngsters against his body”.

From Blanca Francia herself and Michael’s friends who were interviewed about the nickname we know that Rubba does not mean anything as Michael gave this name to almost everyone  – his friends, cousins, nephews  and all the kids around. Here is an excerpt from Blanca Francia’s testimony at the 2005 trial:

Q. Okay. But it’s certainly a term that he used quite often, isn’t it?

A. “Rubba,” yeah.

Q. He used it on lots — he used it for lots of children, including his own cousins, didn’t he?

A. Yeah.

The origin of the word can be traced back to Emmanuel Lewis who played Webster. The word had nothing sexual about it and was used even for Michael’s children:

Rubba was a name Emmanuel Lewis, who played Webster, came up with,” he explained. “Everyone called everyone Rubba. It didn’t mean anything. What we did have was the Applehead Club, and that was from ‘The Three Stooges.’ Everyone was an Applehead because Michael loved ‘The Three Stooges.’”

“It’s nothing sexual,” my source continued. “Michael even called one of the younger kids Baby Rubba. It didn’t mean anything.”,2933,118795,00.html

Doo-doo head was also a tender name given by Michael to almost everyone for whom he formed some kind of an attachment. In fact he called even Blanca Francia ‘Doo-doo head’ and spoke of nice food as ‘doo-doo’ too.

Doo-doo headHere is an excerpt from Blanca Francia’s deposition published in July/August 1994 issue of the Spy magazine:

FELDMAN: Did he (Jackson) ever call himself “doo-doo head”?
FRANCIA: Yeah. An he will tell me sometimes “doo-doo head” too.
He’d call you “doo-doo head”?
How you would use the term “doo-doo head”.
Yeah, like – like he will say, “Oh, I’m hungry and I don’t know what to eat. Maybe some doo-doo”. He will say that and – or he said to me, “This is doo-doo”.

The same innocent stuff explains the word Applehead. Over here they had an Applehead club with funny rules for the members:

Be “idiots and act crazy at all times”; be vegetarians who fast on Sundays and avoid drugs; watch two episodes of “The Three Stooges” daily; know the Peter Pan story by heart; and when seeing another member, “give the peace sign, and then half of it.”,2933,118795,00.html

As regards Diane Dimond’s horrid details about “naked boys” we learn from the 2005 trial that the maid was talking only of MJ and the children  playing in Jacuzzi and in their bathing trunks too. She saw them playing and often collected the toys scattered around there.

Despite all her resistance to the truth at the 2005 trial Blanca Francia was forced to repeat what she had earlier said in her 1993/94 depositions – she never saw Michael shower or bathe naked with boys and definitely never saw any molestation.

Once she saw a blurred “image” of Michael in the shower but did not really see anyone beside him. All she heard was his laughter in the bathroom, and it was only at the 2005 trial that she changed it into allegedly hearing two voices:

 Q. You’ve seen him playing in his Jacuzzi,  correct?

A. Yeah.

Q. You’ve never seen Mr. Jackson improperly  touch anyone in his Jacuzzi?

A. No.

Q. Never saw that, right?

A. No.

Q. Okay. And in that deposition, you told the truth, right?

A. As I remember it.

Q. Yes. And you were under oath, right?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. And you said that you had never seen Michael Jackson touch anyone in a sexual way, right?

A. Yeah.

Q. did say under oath that you had never saw Mr. Jackson have sexual contact with anyone, right?

A. No. No.

Q. Now, the prosecutor asked you questions about what you said in the deposition about what you could see in the shower, right?

A. Yeah.

Q. And in the deposition you said under oath that all you could see was a shadow, right?

A. Yeah.

Q. Was that the truth?

A. A shadow, an image, yeah.

Q. That’s all you could see —

A. Yeah.

Q. …in your deposition you said you could only see one person, but you heard giggling, right?

A. Yeah, but I hear two people —

Q. Do you remember you were asked in your deposition, “Did you hear anything else other than Michael laughing?” And you said, “No”?

A. Yeah.

Q. Was that the truth?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you remember in the deposition saying you never saw anyone else in the shower but Mr. Jackson?

A. I don’t think I say that.

Q. Would it refresh your recollection if I show you the transcript?

A. Okay.

Q. Does it refresh your memory about what you said about the shower?

A. Yeah.

Q. You saw one person, Mr. Jackson, right?

A. Yes.

Q. Or it looked like him through the glass, right?

A. Yes.

During her deposition in 1993/94 she did mention Wade Robson but said that she did not see him in the shower with Jackson and only believed (imagined) that he was there. All she saw was one figure only and all she heard was some laughter.

At the 2005 trial she explained her previously innocent version of the deposition twelve years earlier by her being “nervous and tired”. She didn’t explain though that she was deposed twice and what she said once could be corrected the second time, not to mention the fact that the deposition can be verified later and adjusted if you know you said something inaccurate there.

No, Francia’s depositions in the 90s were saying the same thing – she did not really see anything and only assumed that WR could be there:

Q. All right. Did they ask you about Wade Robson?

 A. Yes.

Q. Did they ask you if in fact you had seen them in the shower together?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you remember the answers that you gave to those questions?

A. Kind of.

Q. Did you tell one of the attorneys that you did not see Wade Robson in the shower?

A. Yeah, I probably did.

Q. All right. Was that accurate?

A. Well, at that time I guess I was tired and nervous, I guess.

Q. Did you tell them that you believed Wade Robson was in the shower?

A. Yes, I told them that.

Q. And you think you saw Mr. Jackson in a shower with Mr. Robson one time, right?

A. Yes.

Q. But you said the shower was fogged up and you couldn’t really see, right?

A. I saw the figure.

Q. You saw the figure. And you heard a lot of laughing, right?

A. Yeah.

Q. And you thought they were playing, right?

A. Yes.

So Francia initially tried to voice the version consistent with Diane Dimond’s story in the Hard Copy, but when it came to verifying it by her depositions in 1993/94 she could not confirm any of it as true.

Dimond had “naked boys”, naked Jackson”, “numerous occasions”, “rubbing against each other” and much more of it.

And Blanca Francia’s deposition has no naked boys at all, no rubbing and only a blurred image of Michael through a glass door with no one else beside him – which is a totally different picture as you understand.

And it was only due to the fact of Thomas Mesereau introducing the maid’s earlier depositions that all those lies were finally refuted.

But if Blanca’s 1993/94 depositions totally refute the lies told by Hard Copy how could it happen that Diane Dimond’s version turned into the classics of the genre while the true story from Francia’s depositions is still struggling to be recognized?

The reason for it is the fact that the Hard Copy TV program aired exactly on the day of Francia’s first deposition which was followed by extremely biased media reporting.

And the worst part of it is the media presented the lies from Dimond’s program as Francia’s deposition.


The fact that the two events perfectly ‘coincided’ in time enabled the media to make a cunning trick – they first mentioned Francia’s deposition and then reproduced the contents of Hard Copy as if all this “horrid truth” was revealed by the maid in her deposition and not in the tabloid TV program for which she was paid big money.

This way the truth was very effectively replaced by lies and everyone – I mean everyone – had the impression that Blanca Francia’s deposition is the most damning document which exists on this planet.

It absolutely wasn’t and the reason why everyone thinks so bad about it is that everyone takes the Hard Copy version for the actual deposition taken by the maid.

How could this happen?

Easily, though I myself have noticed it only now. We’ve discussed the matter a hundred times but for some reason it was hard to grasp the simple fact that the Hard Copy program came exactly on the day of the maid’s first deposition and the media made a big and highly confusing story out of it .

Blanca Francia had two depositions with a one month break between them, and Thomas Mesereau always referred to the program as aired a month prior to the deposition. This was perfectly correct of course, only Thomas Mesereau was speaking about Francia’s second deposition on January 11, 1994 which indeed came a month after all those events.

But now I realize that the first deposition was exactly on the day of the Hard Copy program and the date for both was December 15, 1993.

Mary Fischer fixed it in her article “Was Michael Jackson framed?” (no doubt about that he was):

  • On December 15, Hard Copy presented “The Bedroom Maid’s Painful Secret.” Blanca Francia told Dimond and other reporters that she had seen a naked Jackson taking showers and Jacuzzi baths with young boys.

And at the 2005 trial both Blanca Francia’s depositions were introduced with the dates provided for each of them:

  • MR. ZONEN: Your Honor, I’d be prepared to stipulate to the two dates of the transcript. And the first date is December 15, 1993. The date of the second day of the deposition was January 11, 1994.

The above means that the first Francia’s deposition “coincided” with Diane Dimond’s TV program or rather that the TV program ‘coincided’ with the deposition.

Many of you will shrug your shoulders at this news. So what of it? Even if Hard Copy specifically dedicated its program to a deposition taken by Francia on December 15th, the media often does it to break the news exactly on the day of the news, doesn’t it?

True, and the fact would not have been that damaging if it were not for one terrible thing – the media represented both events in a way which made Diane Dimond’s program packed with lies replace the truth contained in the actual deposition taken by Francia.

The media presentation was a mishmash of facts where they first mentioned the deposition and then retold the Hard Copy program which made the public think that the lies from Dimond’s program were actually the evidence from the deposition given under oath.

Add to it the fact that the depositions were sealed and never disclosed, while the Hard Copy version started off with a bang, acquired a life of its own and is still understood by the public as the only ‘correct’ version of the events –  and you will see the tremendous damage  done to the truth by this media scam.


See for yourself how this was done.

When Blanca Francia was deposed the attorneys refused to comment on what she said there, but the papers went on confidently spreading lies from the Hard Copy program presenting the facts as if they were leaked from the deposition.

To make things clearer to you I’ve added to the text below two words in brackets. This addition should have been made by the journalists themselves but never was. Please read the first sentence without the brackets and then compare it with the addition I’ve made and see the difference between the two:

Hard copy 0 - attorneys refused to comment“Attorneys got their chance to question the former maid of Michael Jackson who says [to Hard Copy] the entertainer bathed and slept nude with boys and gave her gifts to reward the silence.

Blanca Francia spent seven hours in attorney Larry Feldman’s office testifying in a 13-year-old lawsuit accusing Jackson of child molestation.

Feldman, who represents the teenager, and Jackson’s attorneys all refused to comment on Francia’s deposition. They have agreed not to discuss the case until a Friday hearing, when a judge will consider a gag order barring release of information about the case”. (Courier, Dec.16, 1993).

Yes, the maid spoke about “him bathing and sleeping nude with boys” to Hard Copy only and not to the attorneys, as the deposition has nothing even remotely close to it.  But from the text of it you cannot understand which was said where and it looks like all of it is one.

Of course a question arises how the Courier could know that “MJ bathed and slept nude with boys” if the attorneys agreed not to discuss the case and refused to comment on it, but this is so small a matter that few people will realize that all of it is just verbal equilibristics intended to tell a big lie.  The truth of the matter is that the Courier is quoting Hard Copy but is presenting it as the maid’s deposition.

Do you see now why the public thought that Francia’s deposition was the nastiest evidence you could ever have? And the further we go the denser the lies grow.

The article of December 16th, 1993 by the Associated Press is entitled “Jackson’s ex-maid testifies”, so after a title like that it is natural to interpret the text as the gist of the maid’s testimony. Hard Copy is mentioned too, but who will look into all those minor details and differentiate whether it was Hard Copy or no Hard Copy? The Associated Press says that she testified about it and this is all that matters!

This is how the version that “he slept nude with boys” was solidified by the AP:

Blanca Francia Dec.16, 1993. Pisttsburgh Pst-Gazette, top part“Attorneys got their chance yesterday to interview the former maid of Michael Jackson, who says [to whom?]  the entertainer bathed and slept nude with boys and gave her gifts to reward her silence.

Blanca Francia was surrounded by a media throng when she arrived at attorney Larry Feldman’s office to give a deposition in his lawsuit accusing the singer of child molestation.”

Just a moment please.

To whom again did the maid say that “the entertainer bathed and slept nude with boys?” To Larry Feldman in her deposition (where she never said anything of the kind) or to Hard Copy which indeed alleged all those things?  Of course she said it only to Hard Copy but why doesn’t the Associated Press explain it I wonder?

I can bet whatever you like that no reader was able to distinguish between the real deposition and the Hard Copy version of the story though now we know that they are different as poles apart.

The deposition itself was never quoted because both parties were under a gag order and all the depositions were sealed. And while the truth was absent its place was taken by the Hard Copy lies actively promoted by the press. To neutralize the effect of lies the only thing they had to do was telling the readers that the news spread was coming from Diane Dimond and not the deposition itself – however they never did it.

This type of crooked reporting left everyone under the impression that Francia’s deposition carried the worst Michael Jackson’s secrets and was so damning a document that the Jacksons’ lawyers hurried up to obtain a gag order on it.  

Yes, they even stressed it that it was Michael Jackson’s lawyers who wanted a gag order on the deposition, though Michael’s lawyers were the most interested party in making that deposition public.

Even prior to the deposition, already on December 14, 1993 the Milliwaukee Sentinel was already citing some “sources closed to the investigation” who repeated all those lies and added that the maid’s remarks came as Jackson’s lawyers obtained a gag order preventing the discussion of the depositions contents.

From the way they say it you clearly get the impression that Michael’s lawyers were doing their best to stifle the “horrible truth”. But the case was exactly the opposite one – the deposition was absolutely not horrid and was in fact refuting Diane Dimond’s lies!

Blanca Francia Dec.14, 1993. the Milliwaukee Sentinel “Blanca Francia, a former maid for Michael Jackson has told authorities that she quit her job with the entertainer after seeing him naked with young boys on a number of occasions, sources close to the Jackson investigation said Monday.

“That’s true,” Francia told the Los Angeles Times Monday [Dec. 13]. “I quit in 1991. I was disgusted. I could not stay”. She is scheduled to give a deposition later this week [Dec.15], and she declined to discuss what she saw in detail, saying she preferred to wait until after she had spoken under oath.

Francia’s remarks came as Jackson’s lawyers obtained a temporary gag order that prevents lawyers from discussing the contents of depositions taken as part of a civil suit filed by the attorney for a boy, 13, who accuses the singer of child molestation.

After the court session one of Jackson’s lawyers confirmed that the entertainer returned to Southern California Friday”

And what are these mysterious “sources close to investigation” that quoted Francia seeing “him naked with young boys”? And why are they saying it even the day before Francia was deposed at all?

Of course it is Diane Dimond again. But if she only started the tune why did the rest of the media form a big orchestra turning it into a big symphony of lies?

These people know that they are reproducing the Hard Copy lies and not the maid’s deposition, so why are all of them so willingly participating in what they know themselves to be a huge scam?

As I’ve said the worst part of it is that the depositions were indeed sealed and the true facts from them were not disclosed to the public for full twelve years until the 2005 trial. It was only due to that trial that Thomas Mesereau had a chance to indirectly introduce us to those depositions when he cross-examined the numerous liars testifying there and he had to refresh their memory by using those documents.

But until the 2005 trial Diane Dimond’s lies were having a full reign over people’s minds and these lies partially explain why she was so overzealous during that trial. She had told so many lies in the past that every new deposition taken from the 90s was driving a new nail into the coffin of her credibility. Her only hope was a guilty verdict and that nobody would notice the dirty kitchen where they had been and were still cooking their scams.

It took us many years to notice this media ‘project’, and I am glad that we finally did. Goodness gracious, can you imagine what would have happened to the truth if it were not for the 2005 trial and those true depositions had never been disclosed?

If the trial had not been there we would have never learned the true words of Francia and all the rest of them stated in their depositions in the 90s! And we would still be guided by the Hard Copy lies!

The Hard Copy program is long gone but its lies are still alive, and it is essential for everyone to go only by what Francia said in her depositions in the 90s as what they are saying now is a repetition of Diane Dimond’s worst lies.

Well, even Francia herself noted that the people from Hard Copy were not honest. At the 2005 trial she said about Diane Dimond and her team:

Q. In your deposition, you said the people from Hard Copy are not honest, right?

A. Yeah.

Let it be the final word for Diane Dimond from Blanca Francia herself.



Here is a supplement to the post which provides my interpretation of Blanca Francia’s story. It is a repetition of what has already been said in the comments and is provided here just in case someone missed it.

My opinion is that Blanca Francia could not see even the image of Michael Jackson behind any fogged glass door and that she was simply eavesdropping at the door of his bathroom. This conclusion can be made after you see the layout of Michael’s suite. The floorplan is provided below but first here is the maid describing it:

15 A. That’s the Jacuzzi.

16 Q. I’m sorry?

17 A. The Jacuzzi.

18 Q. First floor?

19 A. In the bathroom.

20 Q. Okay. And can you see where the shower is

21 in that photograph?

22 A. I can just see the — right here, the frame,

23 the door frame.

18 But in this photograph, which is No. 788,

19 can you see both the Jacuzzi and the room that has

20 the shower in it?

21 A. Yes. Right across from each other.

22 And this, I think, is 787. And what is

23 that?

24 A. That’s the shower.

25 Q. All right. Is that the same door that you

26 recall?

27 A. Yes.

28 Q. All right. And that’s the shower that you

1 gave testimony to.

2 And the last one, please. Two more.

3 788. And this is 788. Is that the same

4 bathroom downstairs?

5 A. Yes.

6 Q. All right. Do you have a better view of the

7 room that has the shower?

8 A. Yes.

9 Q. Show us where that is, with the laser.

10 A. Right here.

11 Q. Okay. That’s the toilet that you can see?

12 A. Yes.

13 Q. And on the other side of the toilet is the

14 shower?

15 A. Uh-huh. Right next to it.

16 Q. All right. Can you show us now where you

17 were standing? Can you put the laser on where your

18 feet were at the time you were standing?

19 A. Probably right here. Right here on this

20 corner.

Thanks to Elona Lee  ( we have  the floorplan of the Neverland mainhouse. The descriptions accompanying the plan helped me find and mark the showers on both sides of Michael’s suite.

The bathroom Francia is talking about is the master bathroom having a Jacuzzi and a small bathroom with a toilet and a shower right across it (this shower is marked yellow).

The detail that immediately attracts our attention is that there is a partition between the toilet and the shower:

Miichael Jackson's suite. Yellow arrow shows the bedroom downstairs and the master bathroom, and the darker arrow shows the bedroom upstairs and the gents' bathroom and shower

The floorplan of Michael Jackson’s suite. Yellow arrow shows the Bedroom Downstairs and leads to the Master Bathroom, and the darker arrow shows the Bedroom Upstairs and the Gents’ bathroom and shower. The bathroom near Jacuzzi has a partition between the toilet and the shower.

Here are some more pictures to visualize what we are talking of.

The general view of Michael’s suite shows that there are two big windows on both sides of Michael’s bedroom. The space is actually too open for everyone to see, look and even walk into:

MJ's master bedroom

Miko Brando, Michael’s friend is showing to a CNN correspondent Michael’s suite. We see the glass door opening into the common garden and a big glass window next to it:

MJ's suite

If you come up to the window and turn right you will see a door leading to the master bathroom. On the right side of the master bathroom there are three doors. One is taking us to a huge closet, the second opens into the toilet/shower room and the third is a glass door opening into a private patio with a fence around it:

On the right there are three doors - the first may be a closet, the second is the toilet/shower and the last glass door is opening into the garden

On the right there are three doors – the first may be a closet, the second is the toilet/shower and the last glass door is opening into the garden

Another photo of the same bathroom shows the door to the toilet half open, and at this point we find that there is also a window right behind the toilet.

MJ's master bathroom3

I don’t know at which corner the maid was supposed to be standing but if she was standing at the very door to the bathroom and saw it from the angle we see it now, it was impossible to see the shower as the half-open door was closing the view of it.

Considering that there was also a partition between the toilet and the shower (unless it was pulled down by Jackson)  to be able to see anything at all  Blanca Francia had to enter the shower room, cross the toilet area and stand in front of the glass door of the shower. I highly doubt that she did anything of the kind because no employer would tolerate such an invasion of his privacy and she would have been immediately fired after that.

You also remember that the maid asserted that the glass door was fogged. This was the detail which she must have added to make her story sound credible, however by adding it to her story she only made things worse – if the door is open no steam or fog will accumulate in the bathroom and  if she says that the glass was foggy it means that the door was closed.

But if it was closed she could not see anything at all – no shower, no underwear lying on the floor, no image of Michael Jackson or anyone at all there. A closed door is just a closed door and that’s it.

And with the door closed the most she could hear was the sound. The radio was blasting, Michael Jackson was laughing (in her first deposition she said she heard only his laughter), and even if we assume the worst (that she heard two voices) the window in the bathroom makes me think that this second voice could easily come from outside the bathroom if  some kids were hanging over there and talking to Michael through the window.

Why do I disbelieve the worst? Because the episode was happening in the middle of the day (exactly at the time for the maid  to clean the premises and see everything), so it was not just a routine morning or evening shower but must have been something extraordinary – for example, the children could have dropped Michael into the pool (as we saw it in the video) and he raced back to the house to take a shower, and they followed suit (as they always did) laughing at the great joke they played on him. Or it could be the shower taken after all those water balloon fights.

So he gets into the shower, closes the door behind him, but the kids turn the corner and position themselves outside the window continuing to laugh and shout to each other through the window. Indeed with the water running and the radio blasting, they should have been indeed shouting for the maid to be able to hear all those voices through the door.

Was he making a secret out of it? Absolutely not.  There was nothing to be secretive about – the situation was perfectly normal and innocent and this is probably why “precautions” against some nosy and intrusive maids were never made. She was welcome to come any time and Michael did not worry for a second that she or anyone would think the situation “worrisome”.

Was the situation described above possible? And why not?  Why are we supposed to think only the worst about Michael Jackson? Because some maid and her mentor Diane Dimond have exceptionally dirty minds?

What most probably happened is that the maid started cleaning the bathroom, collected some toys and clothes scattered around the Jacuzzi and then came over to the door to listen to the noise. What she heard was a laugh and (probably) a talk over the window in the bathroom. She did not see anything, but thought that she heard some voices  which she interpreted the way she interpreted it.

And two years later what she heard and imagined to herself was actually the worst of what she could say to Diane Dimond.

The rest of it was just a mere techicality. Francia added her suppositions to the story and Diane Dimond embellished it further with horrid details like “he was bathing naked with boys” or “rubbing them against his private parts”.  By the 2005 trial the story reached gigantic proportions and was presented by Sneddon as follows:

“As she approached the bathroom ..she saw Jackson and young Robson nude together in the shower and Jackson was rubbing against Wade’s body. The shower was steaming so she could not see everything, but she could see Wade’s head pressed against Jackson’s stomach area. Jackson’s and Wade’s underwear were on the floor next to the shower. “ PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR ADMISSION OF EVIDENCE OF DEFENDANT’S PRIOR SEXUAL OFFENSES

All of it was picked up by the press and passed for Blanca Francia’s deposition while in reality she never said anything of it. There were no naked boys, no rubbing, no Wade Robson or anyone else seen there, and I doubt that she even saw a “blurred image” of Michael Jackson at all.  The door was closed and all the maid heard was some laughter and (probably) another voice coming from the area around that shower.

And this is all there is to it. And the rest of it is a big,  a really big LIE.

The truth is here for everyone to see:

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  1. Angie permalink
    May 24, 2013 6:23 pm

    Helena, I re-read your articles to figure out some of the missing links of the story of MJ showering with Wade.

    In Blanca Francia’s first trial testimony, in 1993, she did say that she heard two voices, even though she said she only saw one figure.That’s sort of troubling to me. I thought she said she heard only one voice and saw one figure during her first trial testimony in 1993. But according to the transcripts, she said she heard two voices in the bathroom, while MJ was showering, even in 1993:

    Q. …in your deposition you said you could only see one person, but you heard giggling, right?

    A. Yeah, but I hear two people – (SHE HEARD TWO PEOPLE)

    Q. Do you remember you were asked in your deposition, “Did you hear anything else other than Michael laughing?” And you said, “No”?

    A. Yeah.

    Q. Was that the truth?

    A. Yes.

    When Blanca was asked by MJ’s attorney, if she remembered what she was asked during her deposition, regarding rather she heard anything else other than MJ’s voice laughing in the shower, in which her answer was NO, that that answer she gave, NO, was the truth. So why did she just say previously during that testimony, that she heard two voices, then about 1 minute later, she says that when she said she never heard no other voices but MJ’s during the depostion was the truth. That’s contradictory.

    MJ’s attorney should of asked Blanca, why did she just say she heard two voices, but says what she said during her depostion, that she did not hear no other voices during her depostion was the truth. This gives me the impression that she may have been tried during this trail testimony, or she may have been lying. Things like this drives me crazy :/

    Helena, you stated this: “And with the door closed the most she could hear was the sound. The radio was blasting, Michael Jackson was laughing (in her first deposition she said she heard only his laughter)”.

    I read your article, of the 2005 trial testimony transcripts, but I didn’t see anywhere, where she said “The radio was blasting, Michael Jackson was laughing”. Did Blanca say that?
    Because if she did, that second voice could of been the radio. So did Blanca say “The radio was blasting, Michael Jackson was laughing”?


  2. Angie permalink
    May 24, 2013 4:30 pm

    Helena, thank you so much for clearing this up for me. Now I can better understand why all these Blanca Francia lies occured. Blanca was angry for getting fired by MJ, that’s why she made up these lies about MJ. That I can understand.

    Helena, do you know when Blanca got fired by MJ? Was it before MJ’s 1993 false allegations, or did she get fired after MJ’s 1993 false alleagations?


  3. May 24, 2013 3:50 pm

    It is bigger than racism, even bigger than corporate greed. Michael’s fame and power over hearts and minds, like a kind of prophet and messenger, has changed the world with his messages of love, peace, equality, democracy and freedom, and that is feared more than anything else. This is why any positive news about him is suppressed, and anything negative is published. Many, like me, believe this to be true.


  4. Char S permalink
    May 24, 2013 3:48 pm

    That video of wade on Kimmel just goes to show you….This is the behavior that anybody associated with Michael got. If you were his friend, you were poison by association- Lisa Marie got it….the peer pressure. I see a very uncomfortable wade, but not because he is hiding something but he is basically being bullied here. I have seen this behavior from interviewers over and over again. They put people on the spot. This guy was a total ASS! I mean people laugh and try to go on with it because they are being put on the spot and he totally didnt know how to answer. he wanted to stick up for Michael but the interviewer was not letting him. I think this behavior happens to them everywhere they go. I read on his journal page that his friends gave him a hard time with gay jokes and teasing him about other guy friends, like “is that your boyfriend” or he has a crush on him kind of BS. I think that kind of thing is what could lead you to a breakdown, and just maybe he finally decided that since everyone thinks it anyway, I might as well just say its true and get some money from it.


  5. Maria permalink
    May 24, 2013 11:25 am

    Wade Robson denying being molested by Michael Jackson in 2003 on JK


  6. May 24, 2013 8:16 am

    And ofcourse this was reflected in the press whenever a story was written,an unfavorable, as was the custom This a response to Eleine.


  7. May 24, 2013 8:10 am

    Eleine,I think you have a point. Racism lowered the bar or line on the language used by AEG
    when referring to Michael,thus dehumaninizing him.This also added to the carelessness re his health ann wellbeing.


  8. Char S permalink
    May 24, 2013 7:49 am

    When people tell stories, it usually derives from some sort of truth and either by imagination or just total fiction, depending on agenda, the truth lies. Some of your theories are interesting. I hadn’t realized there was a window. I wonder if the door was closed and Blanca was nosy and trying to peek in the window. Then maybe there was steam and fog and she couldnt see anything but shadows. If music was playing – was it the radio? Could she have heard another voice that was from a radio? The main thing is, if there was so much damning evidence from her, then why didn’t a grand jury endict MJ back in 1993? They didnt have to have the boys testimonies. This shower took place in the afternoon. MJ was a night owl, he could have just been getting up as we know he got up late a lot. I thought I read somewhere that she was coming in the room from outside the patio door, which means she was coming from the back direction from outside. For 1 thing, it seems crazy to believe that if someone was doing inappropriate things as MJ was accused, he would not have been blatantly open and even if he was just taking a shower all by himself at that time of day..would he leave the door open…knowing maids were around? Where does the part about underwear- Wades and MJ’s come in? Once you prove doubts in a story and show a person is a liar, you just cant go back and believe anything they say.


  9. May 24, 2013 6:56 am

    Don´t forget that Michael sued Diane Dimond for 100mln $$.There was no trial as Sneddon saved her under the protection law, no need do name resources.There were many others he could have sued, but the best hope is that in the end truth will prevail.And lets hope that thanks to God this will againn be so.
    I now read the silliest story:Fiddles is again the father of Blanket, he so wishes to play with his son.Blanket who then would have been conceived via Fiddles umbrella . Just a remainder of all the outrageously silly accusasations that have floated around.


  10. May 24, 2013 1:30 am

    “But I still can’t understand why Branca would said she saw MJ in the shower if the door was closed. And why would she say such a thing about MJ if MJ didn’t fire her and she quit on her own? I can’t understand that. Any thoughts anyone?” – Angie

    Blanca Francia did not quit on her own, she was fired for stealing things in Michael’s home. He once found her wearing his jacket and said: “It’s my jacket” and she answered “I felt cold” and he said “Okay”, she took his watch and he again noticed it, and there were other episodes too. For what particular episode she was fired I cannot tell as I have not seen her full deposition.

    Your story about the door open, the door closed is hilarious and makes me think that you are simply pulling my leg writing all this stuff. She lied about the door (it was closed) and since she lied there she could easily lie about the two voices too. Especially since in her first deposition she said she heard only Michael’s laughter. At the 2005 trial she changed her story, but liars are like that – when they start lying they cannot stop, even if they want to.

    One of the reasons for that is that they have to invent more and more false details to explain more and more questions which arise as we listen to their false stories.


  11. ettelra permalink
    May 23, 2013 11:13 pm

    Reblogged this on It's In Our Nature and commented:
    You know, for all the people who claim they use logic and aren’t fooled easily, you’d think that the tabloids wouldn’t get as much attention or business for that matter.


  12. May 23, 2013 10:20 pm

    Personally I don’t thnk there were voices or an MJ or a Wade in the shower.She just made it up for Hard Copy not for the deposition.


  13. Angie permalink
    May 23, 2013 7:30 pm

    Helena, you said: “and even if we assume the worst (that she heard two voices) the window in the bathroom makes me think that this second voice could easily come from outside the bathroom if some kids were hanging over there and talking to Michael through the window”.

    But if Branca said she witnessed MJ in the shower, the door had to be open, and Branca would of saw the kids at the window talking to MJ. Because, as shown in the picture above, of MJ’s bathroom, when the door is open, you automatically see the toilet and window. So I don’t believe that story that the children were at the window speaking to MJ while MJ was showering, because Branca would of saw the kids talking to MJ at the window, unless Branca is lying about ever seeing MJ in the shower, and that the door was really closed, and Branca was eavesdropping, listening to the noise coming from the closed door.

    I’m really confused on this one. I don’t know what to believe. Either Branca never saw MJ in the shower at all, and the door was closed, and that she just heard two voices coming from the bathroom, while MJ was showering. And that the second voice she heard,was of a child, coming from the bathroom window. But even with that story, I don’t see how Wade Robson comes into the picture, unless that was the day Wade was staying over at Neverland. Maybe Wade was the one outside the window speaking to MJ while MJ was showering.

    What I can’t understand is, why would MJ shower with the door open? In order for Branca to see MJ in the shower, the door had to be open.

    The picture taken of MJ’s bathroom with the door open, as shown above, we can clearly see the window and toilet. If Branca was walking in the direciont of the bathroom from what the picture is showing, then all she would of saw was the window and toilet. Maybe Branca walked from the opposite direction, and didn’t see the toliet or window, with the window and toilet facing her back, but saw MJ in the shower. And the two voices that Branca heard, was MJ’s, and a child talking from the bathroom window, in which the window was facing Branca’s back, from the direction she was standing or walking in.

    What makes me more so believe that MJ did not shower with Wade Robson, is that I don’t see why MJ would shower with the door open, that doesn’t make sense to me, especially knowing that the maid Branca, and others were in the house, who could see him showering. And like you said Helena, in order for the shower to have fog, as Branca claimed, the door would have to be closed, not open. If the door was open, the would of been any fog. I believe MJ had the door closed. And the statement that Branca made, by saying she heard two voices in the bathroom, sounds like a statement that relates to a door being closed, rather than open. And that it was her imagination, that MJ was showering with Wade, because she heard two voices, and Wade was the kid who was invited to Neverland that day.

    But I still can’t understand why Branca would said she saw MJ in the shower if the door was closed. And why would she say such a thing about MJ if MJ didn’t fire her and she quit on her own? I can’t understand that. Any thoughts anyone?


  14. May 23, 2013 6:49 pm

    WR going to need Blanca Francia?Time to dig up all about her friendship with Victor Guitirrez, and all the material that VMJ has on him Also the photo of Blanca with Victor needs to be examined as to when exactly it was taken.Better find a specialist to determine the point in time of that photo. V.G. looks so young and B.F. is kind of formally dresssed.
    B.F. was probably one of the first he approached with his method :I am a journalist or something like that when he introduced himself to various staff at Michaels
    Are WR´s lawyers going to read MJWML like Sneddons staff did?.


  15. May 23, 2013 1:20 pm

    This is all so depressing and wearying. Seeing photos of Michael’s precious home, empty, leaves one more broken-hearted than ever. I hope people who continue to believe the lies are held accountable one day when they stand before their creator. Their minds and hearts are as empty as these rooms. They are to be pitied.


  16. May 23, 2013 12:35 pm

    What I see AEG doing is that they aiming very high – they are trying to overturn the verdict of the 2005 trial.

    I wish God struck these liars and let them drown in the torrents of their lies.

    And let AEG be the first among them. All of it is their doing.


  17. May 23, 2013 12:15 pm

    “You know the same thing happens every time there is a court case that will prove that everything Michael said was true. This time it’s up to Wade to put up a smoke screen for the AEG trial.” – Lynande51

    These AEG bastards prepared themselves “well” for the trial. Anything is good for these people. And a smokescreen it indeed is.
    This article repeats all the main allegations Blanca Francia voiced at the trial, echoing the original Hard Copy story. Evidently some sixth sense prompted me that Francia would be the next person whom they would approach.

    Blanca Francia, Key Witness In Wade Robson Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson
    Posted by S.H. Grant on May 18, 2013

    Blanca Francia will play an integral role in whether famed choreographer Wade Robson receives any form of compensation from Michael Jackson’s estate. If you can’t recall, Francia is the Neverland Ranch housekeeper who described, in detail, witnessing a young Robson naked in a shower with the late “King of Pop.”

    According to TMZ, testimony given by Francia in April 2005, during Jackson’s molestation trial, is now being combed over by Robson’s lawyers. Francia worked at Neverland during the late ’80s. During the trial, she admitted to witnessing Jackson showering naked with a 7 or 8-year-old Robson.

    Exclusive transcripts of Francia’s testimony have been obtained, where she describes seeing “Michael’s underwear on the floor outside the shower, as well as Wade’s child-sized neon green underwear,” according to TMZ.

    In the transcripts, Francia says she couldn’t see what Jackson was doing because steam had fogged the shower door. But, she says she heard Jackson laughing.

    During the trial, however, Francia’s character and the validity of her statements were often called into question by the public. In the end, Francia’s words also fell short of convincing the jury to find Jackson guilty. Jackson was later acquitted of the molestation charges. In fact, Robson also testified during the trial, only to insist that Jackson never touched him.

    This time around, Robson’s story has changed drastically, saying that Jackson’s companies– MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures — were responsible for protecting him because they recruited him from Australia to work.

    According to reports, Robson now wants to use Blanca’s testimony as evidence to show he was abused by Jackson. TMZ also says, they were told by Robson’s lawyers that they have reached out to Francia to see if she will take part in the new case.

    Francia and her son, Jason–who also testified that he was molested–reached a $2 million settlement with Jackson that was finalized in two stages, in 1996 and 1998.

    Wade Robson is trying to get former housekeeper Blanca Francia to support him

    Wade Robson is planning to try to get in touch with the woman who first spoke of his molestation at the hands of Michael Jackson during his 2005 trial. She will now be important to his civil lawsuit and outrageous claims. At the time Robson said she was LYING!

    As you may recall, Blanca Francia worked as a housekeeper at the Neverland Ranch, where Michael resided, back in the late 1980s. During the 2005 molestation trial, she testified that she saw Michael showering with Wade back when he was 7 or 8, and although she couldn’t see what was happening because of steam from the water, she heard her boss laughing.

    Of course, Wade’s testimony at the time disputed pretty much all of that, but now, as he builds his case against MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures – whom he now argues had a responsibility to keep him safe, as they recruited him as a child to begin with – his lawyers are hard at work dissecting the events Francia described, to see if they match up with his more recent account of events.

    Wade’s laywers are in the process of getting in touch with her, to see if she’ll cooperate in the new case.

    By Chris Bucktin
    Michael Jackson’s maid ‘saw him in shower with boy who claims he was abused’
    20 May 2013 08:57
    Three of Jacko’s staff set to back up compensation claim in court

    A man’s claims that he was molested by Michael Jackson when he was a child have been backed up by the singer’s former maid.

    Blanca Francia, 57, claimed she walked in on Jackson showering with Australian Wade Robson – and is willing to say so in a court battle Wade has launched.

    Blanca, whose son Jason also insists the King of Pop molested him at his Neverland ranch, said: “Michael Jackson abused Wade.

    “My opinion has never wavered. We have been through a lot since then.

    “They [Wade’s lawyers] would have to subpoena me to appear in the court case, but I would tell the same story. I will talk to them. I am still in shock that this has all happened.”

    Two other employees will back up stories that Jackson acted inappropriately with children such as Robson, who was one of Jackson’s favourite child visitors to the house.

    Personal maid Adrian McManus revealed staff openly talked about Jackson’s sickening behaviour and bedtime antics with children.

    Former ranch manager Mark Quindoy alleged the Thriller singer kissed a boy during a car trip in the early 1990s.

    Court papers show that Wade, now 30 and one of Hollywood’s top dance directors, filed his lawsuit against Michael Joseph Jackson’s estate at the Los Angeles Superior Court on May 1.

    He went on television in the US to claim Jackson molested him from the age of seven until he was 14. He said the star, “performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him”.

    Wade suffered a breakdown recently, which led him to confess he was abused at the hands of the singer, who died aged 50 after a drug overdose in June 2009.

    His lawyer called Jackson “a monster, who threatened his life if he ever spoke out”.

    He is hoping to win a six-figure pay-out from Jackson’s estate to help “to bring peace to his life”.

    Lawyers are hoping to track down police interviews with former ranch manager Mark Quindoy, who with wife Faye allegedly spent two years watching the star molest kids.

    They spoke to Los Angeles detectives and appeared on TV news shows.

    ow Wade’s legal team are hunting down key interviews that could incriminate the singer.


  18. Elaine permalink
    May 23, 2013 12:01 pm

    I don’t say reduce it to racism, I say don’t ignore racism. Yes, black people were/are a part of the lies as are people of all races/colours – and they are still being manipulated by the power brokers.


  19. May 23, 2013 11:58 am

    “Have you ever seen this video? Kellie Parker(Moonwalker) talking about MJ and neverland..

    It is a pity I don’t understand a thing but Kellie Parker still cries when she remembers the happy times in Neverland and Michael being a gentleman…


  20. May 23, 2013 11:46 am

    “Even Pricilla it is reported, admitted her disgust at the thought of the black babies that LMP might have. It’s sad, but choosing not to look at this angle does not help MJ’s cause.” – Elaine

    Yes, racism is part of it for sure. But there is still something else, because I see black people readily spreading lies about Jackson too and these people are evidently held in high esteem by all the rest of them.

    I see it as something bigger than racism. Reducing it only to racism would be just not enough.


  21. Elaine permalink
    May 23, 2013 11:41 am

    When will all these lies ever end? The more I see this, the more convinced I am that racism is at the root. Some of us have not seen it at work or may not want to talk about it, but racism is a powerful, irrational and outrageous source of hatred and malice among the educated and uneducated, the rich and the poor. it is both conscious and subconscious. I can understand the greed of people in the enterainment industry who contantly exploited and abused MJ for profit. However what does the media gain? Why would they take these risks with their reputation and behave irrationally by choosing to report lies? MJ had millions of followers so the truth would sell even more papers. Isn’t history now repeating itself? Look at the new and interesting information emerging from the current lawsuit. How is it being reported? We get a rehash of old lies in an apparent attempt to perpetuate them. Why isn’t the media developing these interesting new stories that millions of MJ fans would pay to hear/read? Ask yourself who owns the media in the US and the UK? The owners of the media are powerful people and they have their agenda. Money is usually the focus but for MJ they suppress stories that would make them money. The US has a history of destroying black celebrities who “passed their designated place” – think of their early olympians and black singers in Elvis’ time. I believe the die was cast when MJ had what some consider the audacity to buy the Beatles catalogue and marry the great white Elvis’ daughter.Even Pricilla it is reported, admitted her disgust at the thought of the black babies that LMP might have. It’s sad, but choosing not to look at this angle does not help MJ’s cause.


  22. Polly permalink
    May 23, 2013 11:33 am


  23. Polly permalink
    May 23, 2013 11:33 am

    Have you ever seen this video? Kellie Parker(Moonwalker) talking about MJ and neverland..


  24. May 23, 2013 11:10 am

    The here is clear that the death of MJ can never finish by the 4 years of Dr. Murray.
    The Justice for Michael has to arrive more.


  25. May 23, 2013 10:59 am

    You know the same thing happens every time there is a court case that will prove that everything Michael said was true. This time it’s up to Wade to put up a smoke screen for the AEG trial. In Murray’s trial it was Aaron Carter and Scott Thorson. All this does is prove that he was right some people will do anything for money. Absolutely anything. No one uses those allegations more than the party that is opposing the truth about what they did to Michael.


  26. mercy permalink
    May 23, 2013 10:36 am

    I think Miss Diamond should be grateful to MJ, for the fact that she is still making money off of him.


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