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News Summary of Week 6 at the AEG trial. “I SLAPPED HIM”

June 8, 2013

To catch up with the news here is a summary of ABC7 Court News tweets from the AEG trial on Week 6, June 3-6, 2013 (on Friday there was no trial).

On Monday June 3, DAY 22:

  • Gongaware claimed that Michael was ‘comfortable’ with the schedule and said they had gone through the dates together. And to the media four years ago Randy Phillips said that the matter was decided within 20 minutes only and over the telephone. Gongaware spoke to Phillips, Phillips spoke to Tohme, Tohme spoke to Michael and Michael called Randy and agreed.
  • As regards Michael being ‘comfortable’ with the schedule this is how Gongaware managed to convince Michael that the schedule was okay. Here is a quote from his testimony on May 28, 2009:

“Panish talked about an email Gongaware sent to his secretary asking her to change the color on MJ’s calendar. Email: “don’t want the shows to stand out do much when MJ looks at it. Figure out so it looks like he’s not working so much.
Panish: Did you wanted to change the color of the schedule to show MJ would not be working so hard?
Gongaware: Yes”  

  • Gongaware had to agree that Michael was not obliged to attend rehearsals. During History tour Michael did not rehearse. Gongaware said he never required Michael to rehearse and this fully contradicts Karen Faye’s testimony who heard him shouting on the phone and demanding that a bodyguard drags Michael out of the bathroom and takes to a rehearsal.
  • Gongaware mentioned a certain suit in which Michael was to open the show. The idea of it was very nice, only the suit was not ready even for the This Is It film and it means that AEG was well behind schedule.
  • Gongaware confirmed that Travis Payne’s services were to be paid by Michael. It must be a big surprise for Travis as his contract said he was to perform the services requested by the Producer. If he had known he would have probably treated Michael a little better.  The same goes for Conrad Murray.
  • Gongaware said it was Michael who wanted a doctor, but did not mention that the insurers also wanted a doctor to accompany Michael. This was discussed with Shawn Trell, Senior Vice President.
  • Both Gongaware and Phillips made a hypocritical statement that Michael was responsible for his health. But such a statement is true only for free people and not those who are imprisoned by AEG and are forced to live by their rules.
  • On May 27, 2009 Gongaware emailed, “The Kid is rehearsing every day”. When he left home at 9 pm Michael was still at the dance rehearsal. This reminds me of Michael’s words “What more can I give?”
  • Gongaware did not remember:

– his email reminding Murray who was paying him money
– anything connected with pulling the plug though Randy Phillips mentioned it to him at least twice
– any emails from Kenny Ortega about problems with Michael’s health or panicky emails from Bugzee on June 19th
– other things not suitable for AEG.

Here are the ABC7 Court News tweets:

Monday June 3, 2013.  DAY 22


Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 22 of Jackson family vs AEG trial under way. AEG’s exec Paul Gongaware on the stand again.


AEG’s attorney Marvin Putnam is doing the questioning. He’s expected to last until tomorrow, at least.


There were no members of the Jackson family in the courtroom this morning.


Putnam asked Gongaware if MJ was comfortable with all the show dates.


Yes, I went through all of the dates with him, Gongaware said.


Bugzee, the tour manager, had big calendar on the walls, Gongaware explained, saying they changed the dates of the shows four times.


As to the email about changing coloring on calendar so it didn’t look MJ was working too hard Putnam asked if he was trying to fool MJ


No, I was trying to make it clear, trying to get it just the way I wanted it, Gongaware responded.


After changing 4 show dates Gongaware said MJ was comfortable with it. He would do 8 shows in July, 10 in August, 9 in September.


There would be no shows in October, November and December, resuming with 10 shows in January, 10 in February and three in March.


Gongaware said the O2 Arena had previous commitment in Oct-Dec of 2009 and they could not have the MJ’s concerts.


Putnam: Was this a rigorous schedule?


Gongaware: No, not at all


Gongaware said he wasn’t concerned with MJ’s age. “He seemed great to me,” he said, and this was stationary show, didn’t have to travel.


Gongaware: The reason MJ wanted to delay the 1st show was he wanted more time to rehearse in the O2 Arena where the show would take place


Gongaware said MJ and Kenny Ortega would decide the rehearsal schedule.


Gongaware explained MJ didn’t have to attend rehearsals, since it was not part of his deal. He said they never required an artist to rehearse


I didn’t have any expectation, Gongaware said regarding MJ rehearsing. He said that during the HIStory tour, MJ didn’t rehearse, nailed it


When it was game time, he would show up, Gongaware explained.


As to the email Gongaware wrote about calling MJ lazy, he said he used unfortunate choices of words, Michael didn’t like to rehearse.


Putnam: Why weren’t you concerned?


Gongaware: When the house lights would go up, he would show up


Talking about the elements of the show, Gongaware described what they wanted to do for the opening of the show.


He said Michael would be dressed up in a LED suit, like a television, flashing on him brief movie about things that happened in history.


Michael would be lower down onto the stage, Gongaware described. He called the LED suit a “Moon man” suit, but Ortega called it “Light man.”


Putnam showed a presentation of how the LED suit idea would work. Footage is not on TII documentary because it was early stages of prep.


We’re hoping to get a copy of the video to show it this on today’s @ABC7 Eyewitness News and


Gongaware said 1st idea was to make MJ float from the audience, but they couldn’t make it work. So they decided to lower him down on stage


Gongaware said the big screen on the back of the stage was 3D capable. The audience would be given glasses when they entered the show.


Email from Ortega to Gongaware saying MJ had big dreams for the shows.


The 3D songs would be Thriller, Earth Song and Smooth Criminal.


He wanted to do biggest, best show ever, live show, Gongaware said.


Putnam showed email chain from Ortega to Gongaware asking to make a deal with choreographer Travis Payne.


Answer from Gongaware: This is not AEG money, it’s MJ’s money so it takes a lot of time to get approvals.


Defendants were trying to establish a pattern that all the money spent was actually MJ’s money, not AEG’s, just like with Dr. Murray.


At one point Gongaware said he learned from MJ about doctor named Murray. “He came to me and said he wanted his personal doctor on the tour”


Gongaware said he suggested to Michael to get a licensed doctor in London who would know the lay of the land, in case of need.


This is the machine, we have to take care of the machine. I want Conrad, Gongaware said Michael responded.


Putnam: Were you surprised he wanted to take his doctor on tour?


Gongaware: No


P: Why not?


G: He had doctors before


Gongaware said he’s been on tour before where an artist had chiropractors, but couldn’t remember being in one with a doctor.


Putnam: Did you worry MJ might have a health issue?


Gongaware: No


P: Why not?


G: He seemed fine to me, had a physical and passed


Gongaware said the suggestion for London doctor was due to the cost; paying doctor full time was much more expensive then hiring local doc.


As to MJ asking to take care of the machine, Gongaware said he understood it to be that every night MJ would have to do be ready to perform


Gongaware said Dr. Murray treated MJ for about three years before 2009. He knew the doctor was from Las Vegas but said he was in LA.


Gongaware said he then called Dr. Murray to work out a deal.


Gongaware testified he didn’t have MJ’s direct phone number, would go through Michael Amir Williams, MJ’s personal assistant, to reach him.


Gongaware called Murray on behalf of MJ saying singer wanted to take him to London. “What do you want to be paid for that,” Gongaware asked


Gongaware said he thought Dr. Murray was expecting his call and was aware of MJ’s desire to take him on tour.


He said he would need $5 million, Gongaware recalled. “He said he has 4 clinics to close, would lay off people, need $5 million for that.”


It was ridiculous, Gongaware said about the amount asked. “It was a lot of money for something like that and Michael could not afford it.”


Gongaware said he responded that it wasn’t going to work. He said this was the first time he spoke with Dr. Murray.


After that, Gongaware said he told Michael Amir and Randy Phillips what the doctor had asked. He also told Frank DiLeo.


Putnam: Would you be doing this if Michael had not asked you?


Gongaware: No


Putnam: Did you contemplate bringing a doctor on tour?


Gongaware: I didn’t think he needed one, we didn’t have one in History, he was fine


Gongaware said he called Michael Amir Williams to report back to MJ what the doctor had asked to go on tour.


We couldn’t afford it, Gongaware said. He spoke with Phillips and called Frank DiLeo, MJ’s manager at the time.


Gongaware said a lot of people who wanted to work for MJ asked for huge sums of money, thinking he had a lot.


Just over 20 minutes into the afternoon session, Juror 12 reported he wasn’t feeling well. Session is suspended for now.


It is unclear what is wrong with him, but he was sweaty and looked he was about to pass out when he left the courtroom.


One of the fellow jurors, a woman, is a nurse and she’s helping out. He was seen eating sugary drink and snacks. We hope everything is fine!


Court clerk just announced a 10 minute break.


We’re still on stand by for Juror 12. Will take the time to resume tweeting today’s testimony. Will update on juror’s condition too.


Putnam: Did you think about checking the doctor?


Gongaware: No


P: Why not?


G: He was Michael’s doctor


He was Michael’s doctor, Michael wanted him. That was it, Gongaware said.


 I’m not going to tell Michael Jackson who his doctor should be, Gongaware explained.


Gongaware said he doesn’t think a doctor’s financial situation has anything to do with being an ethical doctor.


Gongaware said it never crossed his mind to either do a background check on Dr. Murray or to suggest to anyone to do it.


I just expect doctors to be ethical, the financial side of their lives shouldn’t have impact on their medical decision, Gongaware opined.


Sounds like Juror 12 is ok. Judge bringing him out to inquire.


Gongaware said he never did background check on anyone he hired and had he done one on Dr. Murray, it would’ve been out of the ordinary.


As how MJ was, Gongaware said he was great. He didn’t think he had relapsed, was using painkillers again and said MJ had always been thin.


It wasn’t surprising he wanted a doctor, Gongaware expressed.


Dr. Finkelstein, a friend of Gongaware, said a doctor should charge $10,000 a month for the tour work.


But Dr. Finkelstein would’ve done it for free, since he was on the Dangerous tour before and had a lot of fun.


The second call about Dr. Murray came from Michael Amir Williams saying they were going to need to get a deal done for the doctor.


Gongaware said he heard MJ in the car saying “offer 150, offer 150.” Gongaware understood that to be $150k/month.


Gongaware called Dr. Murray, said he was authorized to offer him $150k a month. He said Dr. Murray responded that he couldn’t do it for that


Gongaware told him the offer came directly from the artist and Dr. Murray responded: I’ll take it.


Gongaware said Michael approved the amount of compensation. “Michael told me offer 150,” Gongaware recalled. “And that’s what I did.”


Gongaware inquired Dr. Murray how he would get a license in London and the doctor told him not to worry about it.


They talked about Dr. Murray’s request for a house in London, and the doctor said he would need a three bedroom house.


Gongaware recalled Dr. Murray saying he would probably need an assistant and some equipment, but no details were given at this point.


After the call, Gongaware said he let Michael Amir Williams know what the result was in an email. “Done at 150k per month, per MJ.”


Gongaware said this was a message for MJ, that he had done what he asked. He didn’t receive any response back from Michael Amir Williams.


Gongaware said he passed Dr. Murray on to Timm Wooley, never had any other conversation with Dr. Murray about him possibly going to London.


Putnam: Do you have any understanding as to whether a contract with Dr. Murray was executed?


Gongaware: One never was


Putnam: Did AEG pay Dr. Murray any kind of money?


Gongaware: No


Gongaware said MJ was ultimately responsible for his own health: “I think everyone is responsible for their own health and well being.”


MJ was a grown man with capability to make decisions regarding his health and medical care, Gongaware explained.


Dancers auditions took place at the Nokia Theater on April 13, 14, 15. MJ attended the last day and made the final decision, Gongaware said.


Putnam played a clip of the dancers audition. Gongaware said MJ was very involved and chose the dancers.


Gongaware said Ortega wanted to film the audition to use fresh footage on


The cost for crew to shoot the audition was very high, so Gongaware bought couple of cameras and use his own crew to shoot the rehearsals.


He said he wasn’t sure what he would use the video for, but thought the website would be a good platform.


Gongaware said during the period at Center Staging, MJ was good, engaging, didn’t think MJ had any health issues or was using drugs.


Gongaware said the media in the UK was going wild with gossip about Michael Jackson. “They just lie about things.”


The Sun claimed MJ had skin cancer on his chest. “It was sport over in London,” Gongaware said about MJ’s stories on tabloids.


Gongaware on 5/27/09: The Kid is healthy and rehearsing every day. He was still there at dance rehearsals at 9pm last night when I left.


Email cont’d: Our redemption will be when he does his shows, that makes all of this build up so damn sweet.


Email cont’d: We don’t have to sell tickets, so we can just sit back and prove them wrong by just doing it.


Gongaware said while they were rehearsing at Center Staging, he was not concerned with MJ’s health.


Gongaware said he was not concerned. If there was something going on, if he had cancer, we would’ve heard about it.”


He said if the rumor about the cancer were true, they would’ve to deal with a lot to accommodate the shows.


Gongaware said while they were rehearsing at Center Staging, he was not concerned with MJ’s health.


Michael Jackson rehearsal venues:
Mar 28- Center Staging
May 27- Forum
June 23 – Staples Center
July 13 – O2 Arena


Gongaware said he never told security guard to get MJ to rehearsals, whatever it takes. He said he never told anyone to get MJ to rehearsals


Putnam went through chain of email about tabloid reports in the UK regarding MJ.


An amazing show would be the answer, Gongaware said.


In one, it said MJ had asked AEG to reduce the number of shows by half. Gongaware said that such a discussion never happened.


Gongaware on 6/5/09 in response to Sunday Mirror Query: We can only make this work, of course, if MJ puts on the best show of his life.


Email cont’d: I’m here to tell you that be will. I have seen it for myself. Last night he ran 9 songs with full band, singers and dancers.


Email cont’d: Sang every one, he was amazing, captivating, riveting. And he’s just getting started.


Email cont’d: Taking it one step further. When people realize that bulls**t the press has been, they will be in receptive mood for the truth


Email cont’d: Hey look. No skin cancer. He’s just a good dad, loving raising his kids. His art and his craft are paramount.


Email cont’d: A gentile, loving man who does care about people. The shows were going to be spectacular, Gongaware said.


Gongaware said MJ was great at this point.


Putnam showed clip of MJ in front of green screen with 11 dancers, who would become 11,000.


Regarding email Phillips sent Gongaware directing to remove MJ’s “skeletal” scenes Gongaware said he didn’t take anything out of the movie.


Putnam: Did you remove anything from the movie?


Gongaware: No


Putnam showed clip from TII with making of Thriller 3D and Jackson wearing red jacket.


Gongaware: No


Putnam: Did you try to alter in anyway how Mr. Jackson looked, appeared?


Gongaware said he didn’t remember any of the footage been removed because of how MJ looked. “We just let the footage speak for itself.”


The mini-movie of “Earth” a bulldozer would come out from a ramp in center stage.


Putnam: A real bulldozer?


Gongaware: I wish, it would’ve been cheaper, but it would have crushed our ramps


Gongaware said they had to build the bulldozer like a prop. It would appear at the end of the song on stage.


I think the live audience would be just captivated by it, Gongaware said about the little girl running after the last plant on Earth song.


End of the show would be 3D animation. An airplane taxis up, door opens, Michael entered the plane.


The airplane door closes, MJ would actually take an elevator down and out of the building, but plane would take off over the audience.


Gongaware said he didn’t know if anyone was responsible for MJ’s nourishment. Tour would be demanding and exhausting.


Gongaware said he met Dr. Murray once at MJ’s Carolwood house and ran into him at The Forum during rehearsal.


There was a meeting scheduled to discuss MJ’s nutrition with Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, Dr. Murray, MJ, Gongaware and DiLeo.


Putnam: Do you recall anyone in that meeting ever tell Dr. Murray how he should be treating MJ?


Gongaware: No


Gongaware said neither Dr. Murray nor MJ talked about the treatment singer was receiving. The meeting was about nutrition, vitamin, therapy


..This week. Are you aware MJ’s Doctor didn’t let him rehearse yesterday, Are Randy, Frank aware of this? (the TeamMJ tweet)


…Please ask them to stay on top of it” Paul Gongaware has no idea what Mr Ortega was referring to in this email (the TeamMJ tweet)


6/15 “MJ didn’t have a good day Friday, didn’t show up Saturday…” Kenny Ortega to Paul Gongaware. “This was just Kenny wanting MJ to be on top of his show” (the TeamMJ tweet)


Paul Gongaware says Kenny can be a drama queen sometimes, reads email from Bugzee: “MJ basket case”. Paul Gongaware doesn’t remember getting it (the TeamMJ tweet)


Said “they aren’t going to kill the artist”. NO ONE was there but Kenny Ortega, Putnam suggest Kenny may have over reacted (the TeamMJ tweet)


Gongaware said he had no idea Dr. Murray was giving MJ Propofol and first heard of the anesthetic after Michael died.


Gongaware said Dr. Murray was really engaged in the meeting, seemed like a very intelligent guy and wanted to take care of MJ very much.


This was the first time Gongaware had with Dr. Murray. He said there were no signs of MJ being poorly treated by the doctor.


Michael was engaged in the meeting, attentive, seemed happy we were having this meeting, Gongaware opined.


He’s a doctor, he’d know better than anybody how to treat his patient, Gongaware said about Dr. Murray.


Gongaware said he was never present on any meeting where anyone told Dr. Murray how to treat MJ.


As to Gongaware’s email saying AEG, not MJ, paid Dr Murray he said he mistaken. “We wouldn’t pay his salary, we’d advance Michael’s money”


Gongaware said he didn’t remember writing/receiving the email, but never denied he did it.


Michael Jackson would be paying his salary, but AEG would advance the money, Gongaware testified.


As to MJ being habitual late, Gongaware said the singer worked on his own schedule, did things his way.


Gongaware said his understanding was that MJ hired a trainer of his choice, Louis (Lou) Ferrigno.


I made the deal with him (Ferrigno). He was supposed to be paid certain amount of money per session, Gongaware said.


Putnam showed email from Travis Payne, he suggested massage chair to be put in MJ’s dressing room. Gongaware said it wasn’t callous treatment


As to Bugzee’s email saying MJ needed cheeseburgers, brats and beers, Gongaware said Bugzee was joking, Bugzee cared very much for MJ.


Gongaware testified he didn’t recall having any concern about MJ’s health/using painkillers as of Monday 6/15/09, 10 days prior to his death


Gongaware said on 6/19/09, he was out of town. “This is the day Michael had chills at rehearsal and was apparently sick,” Gongaware recalled


If the meeting was going to be about what happened that night, the doctor should be there, Gongaware said.


Gongaware: If his patient is sick and he’s your only patient, doctor should be there!


Gongaware said he believed MJ wanted to go on tour. He said he doesn’t remember anyone talking about pulling the plug on the shows.


Putnam: Did anyone tell you at this point that MJ needed a drug addiction specialist?


Gongaware: No


Putnam: Did anyone tell you they were concerned with the care Dr. Murray was giving to MJ?


Gongaware: No


Gongaware and Phillips were concerned with MJ’s well being.


Gongaware said that on 6/20/09 he did not think MJ’s health was deteriorating.


That wrapped Day 22 of the trial. Paul Gongaware resumes testifying tomorrow. Attorneys are expected to finish with him by end of day.


Next scheduled witness is AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips. There will be no trial this coming Friday. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

AEG exec denies he pushed Jackson to rehearse

Posted: Jun 03, 2013 11:26 PMUpdated: Jun 04, 2013 2:57 AM

AP Entertainment Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) – An AEG Live LLC executive denied Monday that he pushed Michael Jackson to rehearse for his ill-fated comeback concerts, refuting earlier testimony by the singer’s longtime makeup artist and stylist.

Paul Gongaware said he never told Jackson’s assistant to get the singer out of a locked bathroom and to a rehearsal, an incident that was described to jurors by makeup artist Karen Faye.

“Never, never happened,” Gongaware said, shaking his head.

Faye testified last month that she overhead Gongaware tell Jackson’s assistant to do “whatever it takes” to get the “Thriller” singer to a rehearsal. She described Gongaware as sounding “angry and kind of desperate” on the call.

Gongaware told jurors hearing a negligent hiring case filed by Jackson’s mother that the entertainer was under no obligation to rehearse.

The differing accounts are just one of several pieces of contradictory information jurors will have to consider when testimony in the case concludes. Katherine Jackson is suing AEG Live, claiming it failed to properly investigate the physician convicted of administering an overdose of the anesthetic propofol to her son.

AEG denies it hired Conrad Murray, or could have known that Murray was giving the singer propofol as a sleep aid.

Faye, whose testimony was interrupted when other witnesses had to be called, will return to the witness stand before the trial’s conclusion and is likely to be questioned by AEG’s attorneys about the Gongaware incident.

Gongaware also said he was mistaken when he wrote in an email that his company was paying for Murray.

“We want to remind him that it is AEG, not MJ who is paying his salary,” Gongaware wrote in the email, which was sent after Jackson missed rehearsals. “We want him to understand what is expected of him.”

Gongaware said AEG agreed to advance Murray’s $150,000 a month fee to Jackson, but the costs would have come out of the singer’s share of “This Is It” earnings. He said he never instructed Murray about how to care for the singer.

The promoter and producer also told jurors on Monday that he never considered doing a background check on Murray, or anyone such as Faye, who was working directly with Jackson.

Murray had several liens and child support judgments and was facing foreclosure before agreeing to work with Jackson.

“I just expect doctors to be ethical,” Gongaware said. “Their financial side of their life shouldn’t affect their medical judgment.”

The executive was shown several emails that he was sent less than a month before Jackson’s death in which tabloid newspapers were speculating the singer was suffering from cancer.

Gongaware urged his company not to respond. “Our redemption will be when he does his shows,” he wrote about Jackson. “We don’t have to sell tickets, so we can just sit back and prove them wrong by just doing it.”

The trial is entering its sixth week. AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips is expected to testify later this week.

AEG executive: Healthy Michael Jackson hired Conrad Murray himself

Monday, June 03, 2013 

Miriam Hernandez 

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A top executive with AEG was still on the stand Monday in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial. He clashed with Jackson family attorneys on Jackson’s health and the hiring of the pop star’s personal physician.

After a 12-year hiatus, Michael Jackson faced a full schedule of concerts for his comeback tour. Was the lineup of 50 concerts too ambitious?

AEG executive Paul Gongaware, a key defendant in Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit, testified Monday that it was not rigorous and would not be uncommon for a 50-year-old artist. Gongaware is CEO of AEG Live, the concert promoter being sued in the wrongful death suit.

Gongaware told the court that Jackson approved the schedule, which was spread over nine months with a three-month break in the middle. Furthermore, he testified, Jackson would not have to travel. All the shows would be in London’s O2 arena.

Full story:

Since Gongaware says that Michael was ‘comfortable’ with the schedule here is the final variant of it for your individual study. My calculations show that 34 dates out of 50 were set with only one day between the dates. Due to Gongaware’s efforts Michael initially did not notice the rigors of  it in the same way we did not notice either and are talking of it only now:

schedule 1

Tuesday June 4, DAY 23 

We learn that:

  • AEG wanted to do even more shows that 50.  In March 2009 Randy Phillips gave a written promise that they would take the show to India (naturally without asking for Michael Jackson’s consent).
  • Gongaware says that Dangerous tour lost Michael a lot of money due to cancellations ($20mln as some media reported), History tour was even (no debt, but no profit either) but Michael was never interested in money off his shows. Art was his primary concern (and using the tour for helping children in hospitals all over the world as Michael once said to Frank Dileo).
  • Panish caught Gongaware changing his testimony several times. This is called impeachment or catching the witness lying. In case of impeachment the jurors are allowed to disregard part or whole of his testimony.
  • Panish seems to be saying that during Dangerous tour things were so bad that Dr. Finkelstein put Michael on a drip of Morphine for 24 hours (some doctors should be hung for what they do). I hope it is not true. Gongaware does not remember this fact though Finkelstein is his close friend.
  • An extremely important tweet came from TeamMJ and was omitted by ABC. Gongaware testified that Michael read his contract but neither Michael nor his representative was sent a copy of it!
  • Like everything else in this crooked business the AEG contract with Lou Ferrignio was signed after Michael’s death. The copy Putman showed at the trial did not carry the date and Panish noticed it. Now I understand why Lou Ferrignio’s wife could not say when her husband began working with Michael. And like everyone else Lou Ferrignio was to be paid by Michael Jackson though being retained by AEG.
  • AEG had nothing in writing to prove that it was Michael’s obligation to pay to Conrad Murray.
  • Gongaware confirmed that Conrad Murray was to perform the services requested of him by the Producer.
  • Randy Phillips was next on the stand and called Mrs. Jackson’s suit “extortion”.
  • Like all others at AEG the top man of AEG Live does not know why his boss Tim Leiweke was terminated.
  • He says he thought that Murray had been checked out and that is why he said so to Kenny Ortega.
  • On June 13 2009 Randy Philips informed Tom Barrack of Colony Capital of the summary AEG plans for Michael Jackson for four years. No wonder Tom Barrack was said to be playing a big part in the AEG deal.
  • Phillips called Tohme a business associate of Colony Capital but did not see any conflict of interest in the fact that he was Michael’s manager.

The ABC7 Court News tweets say:

Tuesday June 4, 2013.  DAY 23


Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 23 of Jackson Family vs AEG trial. AEG exec Paul Gongaware is on the stand for 6th day.


Gongaware said MJ rehearsed on June 23rd. “He was fine,” Gongaware described, saying his understanding was that MJ was okay.


Remember on June 19th was the day Gongaware said Michael Jackson had the chills and was apparently sick.


Gongaware said he wasn’t being specifically attentive on the 23rd because he didn’t think there was a problem with Michael.


MJ rehearsed on Jun 24th. Gongaware watched “Thriller” in its entirety, it was the 1st time they were using costume. He said MJ seemed fine.


He did a good rehearsal, Gongaware testified.


P: Any physical issues?


G: No, I didn’t see any


Putnam: Was he engaged?


Gongaware: Yes


On June 25th, Gongaware got a call from Randy saying he had a call from DiLeo asking him to go to MJ’s house because something was going on.


As Randy got to Michael’s house, an ambulance was leaving and Randy followed it to the hospital, Gongaware said.


I didn’t know what was going on, Gongaware said. “At that point I was apprehensive because I didn’t know what was happening.”


Gongaware said he didn’t hear anything for a while, so he called Randy to see what was going on and he said Michael had died.


I was in shock, Gongaware recalled. “The artist was gone, he just passed away. How did this happen?!”


Gongaware said he no idea what caused MJ to die, never contemplated the idea of Michael Jackson dying.


I called Kenny right away and told him. He was at StaplesCenter, Gongaware recalled. “The atmosphere at Staples was very somber.”


After MJ’s passing, Gongaware said they had to shut down production. He was then involved in Jackson’s memorial service.


As to why TII was happening in London, Gongaware explained it was MJ’s best market. “We didn’t know how strong it would be.”


Putnam asked Gongaware if AEG considered tour in US. “No, he had all those child allegations flying, it was the wrong thing to do” he said.


Gongaware: He didn’t tour very often, I don’t think he liked it very much. There were lots of things he would be rather doing.


MJ never did “meet and greet”, according to Gongaware.


The exec said Michael came out with the phrase “This Is It” because this was the last tour he was going to do.


MJ only agreed to 50 shows, but Gongaware said AEG Live was interested in more shows.


Gongaware worked on “Dangerous,” “HIStory” and one Jacksons tour back in the 80s with MJ.


Dangerous lost money, Gongaware said, because a lot shows were canceled. History was probably pretty close to break even, the exec explained


MJ did the “Bad” tour, but Gongaware was not involved in it.


MJ’s primary concern was not making money off his shows, Gongaware said. His primary concern was with the art, the performance.


This Is It was supposed to be spectacular, Gongaware said. He would be doing 8-10 shows a month, so about 3 a week.


Aside from drug use in 93, Gongaware said he didn’t have any other knowledge of MJ using drugs


Gongaware said he never saw MJ take drugs.


He was lively, engaged, he seemed happy, Gongaware said about MJ.


Gongaware described the time where he was at MJ’s house for a meeting and MJ was late.


When MJ arrived, Gongaware said his speech was a little slurred, he wasn’t quite the same. He was told Michael was at Dr. Klein’s office.


Gongaware said he was not familiar with the doctors who treated MJ. Putnam announced be had no more questions at this time.


Jackson’s atty Brian Panish began re-cross of Gongaware. He asked if the exec was concerned about MJ. “I certainly wanted him to do well”


Panish: Were you concerned about his children and his family, sir?


Gongaware: I was concerned about him (MJ)


Panish: How about his family and children, sir?


Gongaware: I supposed. I was focused on MJ.


I believe he was a good father, Gongaware said about Michael Jackson.


Panish: Did you know he was a great son to his mother?


Gongaware: I believe he was


P: Did you ever call her to express your condolences?


G: No


P: After MJ died, did you ever send a card to his mother?


G: I don’t think so


I believe I testified truthfully, Gongaware said. “I don’t believe I changed my testimony substantially.”


As to the email Gongaware wrote that AEG, not MJ, paid Dr. Murray Panish asked again if Gongaware recalled writing this email. He said no.


Gongaware said he spent 2 days with his lawyers preparing for his deposition, one-two hours discussing the email about AEG paying Dr. Murray


Panish pointed out several answers Gongaware gave on his deposition and the changes he ask to make to transcript after meeting with attys


Panish said Gongaware changed his testimony several times as a result of meeting with AEG’s attorneys.


Panish said Gongaware also changed his testimony again while on the stand and under oath.


Panish tried to impeach Gongaware, which is a legal way to call into question the witness’ credibility.


Later in the case, judge will instruct the jurors that if they think a person lied, they may disconsider part or all of his testimony.


As to the email about AEG paying Dr. Murray, Panish pointed out that Gongaware changed his answers several times throughout his testimony.


One time he said the email was shorthanded, normal course of business and didn’t really think it was a mistake.


Yesterday, Gongaware answered the same question saying he was mistaken when he said AEG was paying Dr. Murray.


Gongaware explained he thinks he said the same thing but different ways.


Panish asked Gongaware if he hired Lou Ferrigno to be MJ’s trainer. “I made a deal for Michael,” Gongaware said.


Ferrigno was an independent contractor, Gongaware said he didn’t know whether Ferrigno was submitting bills to his office.


Panish: So you stiffed Lou Ferrigno, you didn’t pay the Incredible Hulk?


(Everyone in the courtroom laughed out loud)


Gongaware: I don’t know how he would get paid, if he would submit bills or not.


Panish said Gongaware testified yesterday that he was not concerned with MJ because he was working out with a trainer.


Today Gongaware testified MJ was going to work out with Lou Ferrigno.


Gongaware said he didn’t know whether Ferrigno had an independent contract agreement or not and if he got paid.


Panish inquired about AEG only paying people with fully executed contract. Gongaware said he didn’t know the status of Ferrigno’s contract.


I don’t know specifically when Mr. Jackson saw trainers, but I believe he was seeing trainers, Gongaware explained.


Panish: He was seeing Lou Ferrigno to be in the next Incredible Hulk?


Gongaware: I don’t think so


Panish said Gongaware testified he was not concerned about MJ because he was working out with Lou Ferrigno. He said he didn’t say that.


When he was sick on June 19, I didn’t know what was happening, Gongaware explained. “After that, MJ was great.”


Did you testify MJ read every word of the contract? Yes. Yet no one sent that contract to MJ & his reps? No.


Dr Murray wasn’t supposed to get paid. If MJ would’ve signed the deal, Dr Murray would’ve been paid for his work in London, Gongaware said


Panish: You didn’t have time to ready budgets, you didn’t have time to read contracts, right?


Gongaware: I didn’t read budgets early on


Panish asked if Gongaware had any doc to prove that Dr. Murray was told that anyone else, but AEG, was paying him. Gongaware didn’t recall.


Panish: Did you have anything in writing saying it was MJ, not AEG, paying Dr. Murray?


Gongaware: I don’t know


Gongaware said he believed Dr. Murray signed one version the contract, but doesn’t know whether the one showed to him was it.


Panish: You expected Dr Murray, just like Ferrigno, to get paid for services provided to AEG right sir?


Gongaware: He wasn’t working for AEG


Lunch break is almost over. Would love to hear your thoughts so far. We’ll tweet more about the testimony as soon as we are allowed.


Paul Gongaware is excused. Randy Phillips next on the stand. Will tweet remainder of Gongaware’s testimony when court adjourns.


Continuing Gongaware’s testimony… Gongaware said he was tasked to make the deal, determine compensation for Dr. Murray.


Gongaware: I think he wanted to set up the payment


Panish: If he was MJ’s personal doctor, why hire him?


I was told to negotiate his compensation, Gongaware said about Dr. Murray.


Gongaware repeated he believed when lights went on, MJ was always there. Panish pointed out MJ canceled several shows in Dangerous tour


Gongaware said Dr. Finkelstein is now a drug addiction specialist.


There were two occasions where he (Dr. Finkelstein) told me he treated MJ, but never talked about Demerol or injections, Gongaware said.


Gongaware said he does not remember Dr. Finkelstein telling him MJ had addiction problem with pain medication during the Dangerous tour.


I believe he’s mistaken, Gongaware said if Dr. Finkelstein gave deposition to the contrary.


Panish: Did Dr. Finkelstein tell you he put MJ on a 24 hour morphine drip?


Gongaware: No


Dr. Forecast, from London, was MJ’s doctor treating the artist during Dangerous tour.


Panish: Is safety paramount to AEG live?


Gongaware: Safety should always be expected, act safe


Gongaware said he didn’t know if there was a person in charge of safety at rehearsals.


Panish asked about Dr. Murray’s contract. Gongaware said he received an email with it attached but never read it.


Under responsibilities of Dr. Murray, it said Dr. Murray was to perform the Services reasonably requested by Producer.


Panish: Do you know it MJ would’ve agreed to that?


Gongaware: I don’t know


After lunch, Katherine Jackson is present in court wearing a purple/gray jacket. She’s accompanied by her grandson Austin.


Panish inquired if Dr. Murray asking $5 million was a red flag. Gongaware said no, people asked more than their value because it was MJ.


Panish asked about discrepancies in the time of the calls with Dr. Murray.”I testified to what I remembered,” Gongaware said.


Panish: In your opinion, this is a baseless, shakedown lawsuit?


Gongaware: I don’t understand the merit in it


Panish: You answered interrogatories in this case blaming everything on Mrs. Jackson?


Gongaware: I don’t recall


Panish: Did you sign anything in this case saying that Mrs. Jackson was trying to extort money from AEG?


Gongaware: I don’t recall


I believe they suffered a great loss, Gongaware said about Michael’s children losing a father.


Gongaware agreed that the best recollection of what happened in 2009 is the emails, but said he remembers from his head too.


He was always amazing, Gongaware said about MJ.


Panish: Despite Bugzee saying MJ was deteriorating in front of his eyes?


G: My eyes told me differently


Gongaware: I thought he was great


Gongaware said the demand for tickets for MJ’s memorial service was huge, comparable to the demand for TII tour.


Gongaware said the amount of people still in line to buy tickets for TII could’ve sold out 100 shows.


Panish: Do you remember what you said Elvis died of?


Gongaware: Heart ailment


But Panish recalled Gongaware giving a different answer earlier on, saying he believed it was prescription drugs


Gongaware: Memphis coroner said cause of death was heart condition. But few years later, coroner reopened the case, added prescription drug


On 3/18/09 — asking about MJ going to India for show, Phillips responded: “Thanks, Thomas. MJ will definitely be heading your way.


Gongaware said he thinks they were making plans in case MJ said ok, let’s go.


EmIl on 3/17/09 from Phillips: We have a 4 year plan that included Australia, however, we have to finish London first.


Gongaware, who didn’t like Australian’s promoter, responded: Over my dead body. But let’s see what he says before I p**s on his parade.


Panish: Did you ever see MJ under the influence of prescription medication on Jun 2009?


Gongaware: When he came back from Dr. Klein’s office


Panish: Did you investigate?


Gongaware: No, he was coming from his doctor, I didn’t think there was a need


Email on 3/23/09 from Gongaware to his secretary: Figure it out so it looks like he’s not working so much


I didn’t want him to think he was working more than he was, Gongaware testified.


Panish: your goal was to have as many shows as possible?


Gongaware: I would’ve liked that


Panish: The more shows you had, the more money AEG would’ve gotten, right?


Gongaware: Yes


Marvin Putnam, in re-direct, asked Gongaware if he tried to give his best testimony possible in deposition. Gongaware said yes.


Gongaware said he saw MJ with slurred speech after seen Dr. Klein, not Dr. Murray.


As to the card to Mrs. Jackson and children, Gongaware said he’s not good with cards, couldn’t recall ever sending a condolence card.


What I did, I tried to put the memorial show together, Gongaware said. “I think it was the best thing for me to do, commemorate his life.”


Memorial was at the StaplesCenter with 15,000 people, live feed to Nokia Theater with 5,000 people.


Gongaware said he worked directly with Randy Jackson on the memorial. It cost over a million dollars, AEG and MJ’s estate bore the cost.


I’m glad I did what I did, Gongaware said, adding memorial was shown to millions of people interested in MJ around the world.


Putnam tried to rebut all the claims that Gongaware changed his testimony. Gongaware said he feels he hasn’t changed his answers.


Putnam showed independent contract agreement with Ferrigno fully executed. Julie Hollander signed on behalf of AEG,effective April 27, 2009.


Putnam questioned Gongaware about Dr. Murray’s contract. The exec said MJ had to sign it in order for it to be valid.


Then it was Brian Panish’s turn again. He said there isn’t a date on the contract showing when Julie Hollander signed Ferrigno’s agreement.


Panish pointed out that Hollander was signing contracts after MJ had died. He asked to see the original contract.


Panish: Lou Ferrigno was retained by AEG, right?


Gongaware: Yes


Gongaware said he expected his lawyers would act on his best interest and that testified truthfully and factually in his deposition.


Panish asked if Gongaware expected to be believed now when he wouldn’t recall his answers in deposition. Defendant objected, judge sustained


With that Paul Gongaware was excused, subject to recall if needed. Randy Phillips took the stand next also as adverse witness.


Phillips said he met with 6 attorneys to prepare for testimony between 6-8 times over the last two weeks, probably for about 30 hours.


Phillips said he went through a bunch of emails, probably 30, from the period in question. He also read his deposition.


They (attys) felt it would be better if I went in without any preparation.



Phillips said he didn’t prepare for the deposition.


Phillips attended two years of law school, but didn’t graduate.


P: You are the top dog, so to speak?


P: Yes


Panish: Who’s higher up than you at AEG Live?


Phillips: No one at AEG Live


Phillips reports to an executive committee who would then report to Tim Leiweke. Phillips said he doesn’t know why Leiweke left the company.


Phil Anschutz now belongs to the executive committee.


Panish: Do you think this is an extortion, shakedown lawsuit?


Phillips: Yes or no answer? Yes


Panish: Did you sign a document under the penalty of perjury saying Mrs. Jackson aided and abetted Joe Jackson to extort money from AEG?


Phillips: It’s possible, I don’t remember


I wish you wouldn’t keep calling it a baseless shakedown lawsuit, Phillips told Panish.


Panish: You believe this case is an extortion, correct?


Phillips: Yes


Panish: You told Mr. Ortega that AEG checked everyone out, including Dr. Murray?


I wrote in an email to Kenny Ortega that I thought Dr. Murray had been checked out. I still do, to some extent, Phillips said.


Panish: You said he was a great doctor?


Phillips: Because that’s what I was told


Panish: That was not true


Phillips: In retrospect, not 100%


Panish: Did you write email that AEG checked everyone out?


Phillips: Yes, I did


It’s what I knew at the time, Phillips said.


Panish: Isn’t it true you said AEG live doesn’t lose money, sir?


Phillips: Among other things I said


Panish showed Phillips a Forbes article where he said AEG is about making money, since they are a business.


Live Nation is the largest concert promoter in the world, Phillips said.


Panish: Do you like being number 2?


Phillips: Love it! I’d rather be a successful number 2


Panish: You don’t want to be number one?


Phillips: Not if it means losing money


Phillips said Mr. Anschutz told him he’s happy being a number 2.


Panish asked if it was true Phillips wanted to meet with MJ to tour in 2007. Phillips answered it was the opposite, they asked for a meeting.


Panish: Please don’t argue with me, I’m going to argue with you and will get in trouble


Phillips: That’s an incentive now


(Everyone laughed)


BP: Is Barrack one of principals on Colony Capital?


Phillips: Yes


Panish: Did you learn Colony Capital purchase note on Neverland?


RP: Yes


On 6/13/08, Phillips sent email to Colony Capital with a summation of plans for MJ for four years.


Email: I caution you that MJ is not fast and a total perfectionist (needs to be controlled as much as possible).


Phillips said he was referring to MJ’s spending.


Panish: Neverland was his beloved home, right sir?


Phillips: Hard to answer, because of the things MJ told me


Panish: Do you think any of this is funny, sir?


Phillips: No, I think it’s tragic


Tohme Tohme was a business associate with Colony Capital, who was also working with MJ.


Panish asked if Phillips thought there was a conflict of interest with Tohme working for Colony and MJ. He said no.


That ended today’s testimony. Phillips is back on the stand tomorrow morning. As always, we hope to see you too!

Wednesday, June 5 DAY 24

On this day came the terrible news of Paris ‘s suicide attempt. Paris, dear – nothing can be uglier than this world around us, but taking your life is not a way out. Nothing in the world is worth it.  Think of your father and what you can still do for him in the years to come. And what he was dreaming for you when he was alive. God help you.

  • Randy Phillips continued lying – this time that he never meant it when he said that it was AEG who hired Murray and he never received Gongaware’s email reminding Murray who was paying him.
  • A very important email was sent by AEG to Tohme on June 17, 2009. It came several days after Murray didn’t allow Michael to attend a rehearsal. AEG approached Tohme for an ‘intervention’. Now it is clear that they were keeping  Tohme for a bulldog who was to kick Michael into moving even when he was unable to. Phillips said that ‘intervention’ had nothing to do with drugs but had to do with making Michael come to rehearsals, which is even worse.
  • When Conrad Murray was hired Phillips “understood” that Michael’s manager was Frank Dileo. This reminds me of an email discussed during Shawn Trell’s testimony:

Panish: Did Mr. Phillips, to your knowledge, ever tell anyone that Mr. Jackson had no lawyer, no business manager, and no real manager, and it was a real nightmare for AEG, to your knowledge?

Shawn Trell: “According to this email here, that’s what he say, yes”

 How much bigger a  nightmare it must have been for Michael who was all alone and had no help! He even didn’t have a proper manager as Randy Phillips himself regarded Frank Dileo as complete nobody!

  • From Panish’s questions it becomes clear that Sharon Osbourne spoke to Randy Phillips and it was Phillips who told her that it was all the same for AEG whether the tour took place or not.  Just as we expected –  for AEG both variants were okay.
  • Randy Phillips said that the number of the refunded tickets was 93% while in his earlier statements he said it was around 50%.  For example, in July 2009 he said that more than a half of those who bought the tickets were keeping them as memorabilia:

Phillips added, however, that 40 percent to 50 percent of concert ticket-buyers have so far decided to receive tickets as memorabilia in lieu of a full refund, a pace that is on track to help the company at least break even on its expenses.

The ABC7 Court News tweets continue:

Wednesday June 5. DAY 24


Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Very busy morning today. @ABC7 confirms Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital last night.


A source close to the Jackson family confirmed to @ABC7 that Paris was rushed to the hospital due to suicide attempt.


We are told Paris is currently under the care of specialized medical professionals.


Jacksons attys released this statement, approved by Katherine Jackson: “Being a sensitive 15 year old is difficult no matter who you are.


Statement cont’d: It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you.


Statement cont’d: Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention.


Statement cont’d: Please respect her privacy and the family’s privacy.”


Statement from AEG’s attorney, Marvin Putnam: “We pray to God the reports are not true. God forbid that they are.


Statement cont’d: We wish her a speedy recovery and her family all the best. I hope, I really hope she’s okay.”


We got interview on camera with both Jackson’s attorney and AEG attorney. Watch @ABC7 or  for the latest updates.


Katherine Jackson was not in the courtroom today for today’s trial session. We were told she’s naturally concerned with granddaughter Paris.


AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips resumed testimony this morning. No one ever said anything about Paris Jackson during trial.


Brian Panish resumed questioning. He showed several instances where Randy Phillips said one thing in deposition, another while on the stand


Panish asked Phillips which answer was right. He answered:  “Do you want the truth or do you want what I testified?”


Panish asked Phillips if he knows the corporate structure of AEG Live. He said it was under AEG, but he doesn’t know who exactly owns AEG.


Panish showed a board meeting agenda on 5/26/09, in which they were to talk about MJ’s tour.


Panish played the interview Phillips gave Sky News saying AEG hired Dr. Murray. Phillips said he meant AEG hired the doc on behalf of MJ.


Phillips said AEG’s media person set up several interviews for him after MJ’s death.


Phillips said each interview was different, but the intention was to say AEG hired Dr. Murray on behalf of MJ. “It’s called the truth.”


Phillips said LAPD’s detective made a mistake in the written police statement attributed to him.


Phillips said he never told LAPD “Randy stated that Kenny got in Michael’s face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy…”


The police made a mistake, Phillips said. “He (detective) misconstrued what was said and made a mistake.”


Dr. Murray got in to and admonished Kenny Ortega and told him not to be an amateur doctor, Phillips said he told the police.


I believe the Los Angeles Police Department is a fine entity as I believe in this judicial system, Phillips explained.


Phillips pointed another mistake in LAPD’s report. It states Phillips/Gongaware produced 2 MJ’s tours but Phillips said he wasn’t involved


As to MJ missing rehearsals, Phillips clarified: “MJ was showing up to rehearsal, just not to enough of them, in Kenny’s opinion.”


Phillips remembers one phone call with Dr. Murray that lasted probably about 25 minutes.


Phillips told Panish he’d know how many times he called Dr. Murray because the attorney subpoenaed the exec’s phone records.


Panish said he never subpoenaed any phone records, that it was LAPD that did it. Phillips said he made an assumption.


The only phone call Phillips remembers is the one that Dr. Murray called him on June 20, 2009.


In his deposition, Phillips said Paul Gongaware never communicated to him about the email that AEG, not MJ, was paying Dr. Murray.


Phillips said at the deposition it was the first time he ever saw Gongaware’s email.


Panish showed the email that was forwarded to Frank DiLeo and Phillips was cc’d containing the mention that AEG, not MJ, pays Dr. Murray.


Phillips said he never received the email. Then, after being shown the email at depo, Phillips said he didn’t remember receiving it.


On the stand today, Phillips said he received Gongaware’s email. Panish grilled Phillips pointing out he changed his answer three times.


Phillips said he answered the same thing, but with different qualifications.


Frankly, I don’t remember reading Paul’s email, I was more concerned about Kenny’s email, Phillips said.


At this point, most jurors seemed to be tuned out when Phillips didn’t give straight answers.


Panish showed an email dated 6/17/09 from Phillips to Dr. Tohme: Kenny Ortega, Gongaware, DiLeo, his doctor named Conrad from Vegas and I


Email cont’d: have an intervention with him to get him to focus and come to rehearsals yesterday.


Email cont’d: Getting him fully engaged is difficult and the most pressing matter as we are only 20 days out from the first show.


Phillips said it was not an intervention, but a meeting. He said it had nothing to do with drugs.


Phillips said he had lunch with Dr. Tohme in Beverly Hills within the past month. Panish asked if Phillips discussed Dr. Tohme’s testimony.


Phillips said he didn’t, but Marvin Putnam, AEG’s attorney, was also present.


Phillips said they discussed something regarding Dr. Tohme’s case against MJ’s estate. He said he doesn’t remember talking about this case.


Panish: Isn’t it true, sir, that when Dr. Murray was hired no one was acting as MJ’s personal manager?


Phillips: He had someone in that capacity. My understanding Frank DiLeo was his manager.


Phillips said AEG advanced DiLeo $50,000 at MJ’s direction.


We never hired Dr. Murray, Phillips said.


Phillips said he didn’t know anything about Dr. Tohme in January 09 other than he was a consultant for Colony Capital and repped MJ.


Phillips said in MJ’s career they always paid his personal manager. Phillips recalls AEG paying artist’s manager one other time, for Bon Jovi


Panish: Did you talk to Sharon Osbourne about the show?


Phillips: No, not to the extent that Sharon is alluding to we did.


Phillips said he ran into Sharon at the lobby of their building. She asked how it was going, he said it’s tough but we’re going to get there


Phillips said the encounter with Sharon Osbourne was just a hi and bye. They never talked about ticket sales or anything else related to MJ


93% of the “This Is It” tickets sold were refunded, Phillips said. “7-8% people elected to hold the tickets as souvenirs.”


Out of $75 million in sales, AEG kept more than $5 million, which Phillips said they gave back to MJ’s estate.


Court adjourned at this point. Session tomorrow begins at 1:30 pm PT. a juror has a graduation to attend in the morning.


Randy Phillips resumes testimony tomorrow. There will be no trial on Friday, since Putnam’s son is graduating. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Michael Jackson’s daughter hospitalized

By Alan Duke, CNN

June 6, 2013 — Updated 1317 GMT (2117 HKT)

Los Angeles (CNN) — Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, was rushed to a hospital after cutting one of her wrists early Wednesday morning, sources close to the Jackson family told CNN.

Paris called a suicide counseling hotline early Wednesday, which lead to a counselor calling 911 to the Jackson home in Calabasas, California, those sources said.

“Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are,” attorney Perry Sanders said Wednesday morning. “It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family’s privacy.”

Other Jackson sources stopped short of calling the incident a suicide attempt, although one suggested it might be “a cry for help” from the teenager.

Paris posted messages to her million-plus Twitter followers late Tuesday evening:

“i wonder why tears are salty?”

“yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

“now it looks as though they’re here to stay”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said its deputies “responded to a medical situation” at an address that matches the Jacksons’ Calabasas home at 1:27 a.m. Wednesday. A patient was taken to a hospital, it said.

Paris, along with her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and her brothers, Prince and Blanket, are listed as witness in the Los Angeles trial and have been expected to testify in the wrongful death trial later this month.

Jackson trial lawyer Kevin Boyle spoke to reporters outside of court Wednesday afternoon, saying Paris can decide if she will testify during their part of the case, but AEG Live has subpoenaed her, calling her a key witness.

“The Jackson family and the Jackson lawyers are putting no pressure on Paris regarding this case at all,” Boyle said. “It is AEG who is putting this case at Paris’ back door.”

Paris and Prince were questioned separately over two days by AEG lawyers just before the trial began in April.

“A grilling of a child regarding the loss of her father is going to create a lot of pressure,” Boyle said. “Paris Jackson was asked intimate details about her father and her father’s death; it was a very intense situation.”

AEG Live lawyer Marvin Putnam denied his team was tough on Paris Jackson in her deposition. “I don’t think anybody in the world could call it a grilling.”

He declined to say he would not call her as a witness if she does not testify during the Jacksons’ case.

“We have to know what they’re putting on as a case before we decide what our defense will be,” Putnam said. “I have no idea who we’re going to call.”

Paris made millions cry four years ago when she spoke up at the end of the public memorial service for her father.

“Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine,” she said, fighting back tears as relatives consoled her. “And I just want to say that I love him so much,” she said as she burst into tears and sought refuge in the embrace of family members.

Paris was recently reunited with her mother, who bowed out of her life when she was an infant. She has been spending time with Debbie Rowe on her horse farm.

Rowe issued a statement through her lawyer Wednesday morning: “We appreciate everyone’s thoughts for Paris at this time and their respect for the family’s privacy.”

Thursday June 6, 2013.  DAY 25

On this day we learned more about the emails exchanged on 20th 2009. The list is far from full but the outline is a little clearer now:

  •        The “trouble at the front” email came from Bugzee at 11 pm on June 19th
  •        19 minutes later Phillips forwarded Bugzee’s email to his boss Tim Leiweke adding “We have a real problem here”
  •         4 minutes later Tim Leiweke answered asking for a meeting between him, Phillips, Kenny Ortega and Michael Jackson (this time the mysterious person mentioned earlier was not mentioned)
  •         Phillips says that meeting did not take place, but they arranged a meeting at Michael’s home in the afternoon
  •         Bugzee sent Phillips another email (evidently the same night), said that Michael’s health had been deteriorating for 8 weeks now and he could no longer do the multiple 360 spins he could do in April
  •         Phillips forwarded the email chain to Branca, Kane, his boss Tim Leiweke again adding they were running out of time
  •        Another email from Bugzee came saying that Michael could not eat and Kenny Ortega had to feed him
  •        Phillips wondered if it was chemical or physiological
  •        The same night Kenny Ortega’s email came urging Phillips to help Michael.
  •         In reply to Panish’s question “Did you ever do anything?” Phillips replied: “Only the meeting on the 20th
  •        Then Phillips continued lying that that he never said they would pull the plug.

And then he said an extremely important thing. When Michael Kane, Michael Jackson’s accountant, approached Phillips for $1 mln as another advance (to which Michael was perfectly entitled) Randy Phillips refused him saying that Michael was already in breach of the contract.  

And by breach of the contract he meant that Michael was not attending rehearsals.

So this is how hard they were pressurizing Michael! Phillips said to him that he was breaking the contract and breaking it under the terms of their agreement allowed them to pull the plug at any time!

So they did blackmail him.

On the other hand Phillips says: “None of our agreements have artist need to rehearse”. And the same was repeated by Shawn Trell and Paul Gongaware both of whom said it was solely the artist’s business. But Phillips explains this contradiciton by the necessity to produce the show. Okay, this I understand, but why the need to dance, sing and rehease? Why couldn’t he just sit and monitor the process?

The tweet from TeamMJ notes that Panish asked Phillips  if Michael could tell him that he did not have to rehearse and to this Phillips slipped up and said that this was what Michael actually told him!

The ABC7 tweets say:


Thursday June 6, 2013 DAY 25


Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. We only had session in the afternoon today, since a juror had a graduation to attend.


Day 25 in trial of Jackson family vs AEG wrapped up. AEG’s Randy Phillips resumed testimony. Jackson’s attorney Brian Panish questioned him


Neither Katherine Jackson nor any family members attend trial today. No one talked about Paris Jackson.


Panish asked Phillips who subpoenaed his phone records. The exec confirmed it was LAPD.


Panish went thru some of the calls Phillips made. On 6/18/09, Gongaware sent an email to Phillips with all of Dr. Murray’s phone numbers.


Panish: Do you normally carry around all the contact numbers of your artist’s personal physicians?


Phillips: Absolutely not!


Most of the artists we don’t deal with their personal physician, Phillips explained.


Next Panish referred to the email with the subject “Trouble at the Front” from Bugzee saying MJ went home without stepping foot on stage.


I think I read this email before I went to bed on 6/19, Phillips said. Panish pointed at deposition Phillips said he read it after sunrise


I don’t want to argue with you either, I don’t think it’s fair to the jurors, Phillips told Panish after a short exchange between them.


Since the deposition, my memory had gotten better because I was given documents and tried to remember what happened, Phillips testified.


Yes, I’m under oath, Phillips joked about having to tell the truth.


Panish: You are not a drama queen, right?


Phillips: Sometimes


What changed from your deposition and today? Nothing, absolutely nothing, just that I’m very prepared, Phillips answered.


Panish: Did Mr. Jackson have a problem on June 20th?


Philips: Absolutely


Panish asked if Phillips remembered his reaction after receiving this email. “Yes, yes. Concerned,” Philips responded.


Panish showed video of Phillips’ deposition where said he didn’t remember how he reacted when the received the email.


Tim Leiweke was Phillips’ boss at the time.


Within 19 mins of receiving Bugzee’s email on the evening of Jun 19, Phillips forwarded Bugzee’s email adding “We have a real problem here.”


Just over four minutes later, Leiweke responded the email asking for a meeting between him, MJ, Phillips and Kenny Ortega.


Phillips said he forwarded the email to Ortega and asked him to set up the meeting. Ortega responded yes to the email next morning.


The meeting Tim asked didn’t happen that day, Phillips explained. But there was a meeting in the afternoon of June 20th, he said.


Bugzee replied back to Phillips that MJ needed a shrink and trainer, deteriorated in front of his eyes for eight weeks.


That’s what he wrote, I’m not sure exactly what he meant, Philips said.


Panish asked what Bugzee said about the 360 turns: “He was telling me MJ couldn’t do a 360 spin.”


I know what he said, but until we had the meeting I didn’t know what was going on, Phillips said.


Panish: It shows someone’s physical condition deteriorated, right?


Phillips: It shows that there’s a problem, yes


The word deteriorate may not be what happened. I didn’t know what was going on until we had the meeting, Phillips said.


Phillips then forwarded the email chain to John Branca, Joel Katz, Tim Leiweke (his boss), adding “Unfortunately we are running out of time”


Phillips received another email from Bugzee saying MJ was shaking and couldn’t eat, Ortega had to cut his food, feed him.


Phillips answered the email saying he was not sure what MJ’s problem was, chemical or physiological.


Panish went thru 5 different answers Phillips gave as explanation for this email, from not knowing what chemical means to possible drug reax


Ortega then sent another email to Randy, saying he believed MJ needed to be psychologically evaluated.


Phillips testified today he agreed with what Kenny said. In his deposition, Phillips said he didn’t recall.


I’m not responsible for Michael’s health, he’s an adult, he had a personal doctor, Phillips said.


Phillips testified he didn’t contact any psychologist or psychiatrist after Bugzee and Ortega said MJ should be checked out by one of them.


Phillips testified he never said he was going to pull the plug on the show and never threatened MJ with pulling the plug.


Panish asked if Phillips ever told Ortega it was not his job to question MJ’s health/doctor care. He replied no.


Branca responded to the email from Phillips saying he had the right therapist/spiritual advisor.


The email does not name who the doctor is, but Phillips testified shortly ago that he remembered a name. He said he was wrong about it.


Some jurors shook their heads when Phillips and Panish argued with each other and judge intervened.


BP: Did you ask him for the name?


RP: No


Panish: Did Mr. Branca ever tell you who the psychiatrist was?


Phillips: No


Panish: Did you ever do anything?


Phillips: Only the meeting on the 20th


Michael Kane was MJ’s business manager. On 6/20, he responded to Phillips saying “And I thought it couldn’t get worse.”


This is y it’s impossible to advance any $. He may unfortunately be in anticipitory breach at this point


It was response to Phillips’ email


He (Kane) asked for a million dollars to pay for Mr. Jackson’s bills, Phillips testified.


Panish: You anticipated MJ would breach the contract by not showing up to rehearsal


Phillips: Yes


None of our agreements have artist need to rehearse,Phillips said,

but the artists want to perfect their show, he said.


Phillips said if MJ’s lack of appearance caused production to not complete, show not open in London, MJ could be in breach of his contract.


Required is a little too strong, I was concerned that if he didn’t go to rehearsal Kenny could not finish the production, Phillips said.


I felt Michael had that obligation, yes, Phillips said about MJ needing to be at rehearsals.


If MJ said he didn’t need to go to rehearsals, he could’ve been in breach of this contract, Phillips said.


Phillips would not advance any more money to MJ on June 20th because Michael may had been in breach of contract already, Phillips [wrote to Kane]


AEG Live would’ve survived it (show) not happened, Phillips said. He agreed that part of his concern was that AEG Live would look bad.


So breach means MJ had breached his contract? Yes. What does anticipatory mean? MJ may not be able to perform. Sir do you know what means? (tweet from TeamMJ)


I meant something different to what the word actually means, << Phillips replies.. Then rattles on more, then apologizes  (tweet from TeamMJ)


MJ was not under contract to practice was he sir? No, but if he didn’t we wouldn’t get the show ready in time.(tweet from TeamMJ)


So Mr Jackson had a requirement to be at rehearsals? That’s a strong word. OBJECTION OVERRULED (tweet from TeamMJ)




Panish talked about the email Ortega sent saying MJ needed a strong therapist and immediate physical nurturing.


I think he needed both, so in this case I’m not sure he meant therapist or psychiatrist, Phillips said.


Panish made a mistake in one exhibit and Phillips reacted immediately. “See, we all make mistakes,” Phillips said.


Panish quickly responded “I haven’t made 50 of them” to which Phillips said “I don’t know, I haven’t watched the entire trial.”


Kane asked Phillips in an email on June 20: “Would a financial coming to Jesus speech help or add to his pressure?”


Judge then adjourned session for today.


Phillips said the meeting with the doctor was at the request of Frank DiLeo.


There no trial tomorrow and Randy Phillips resumes testifying on Monday at 9:30 am PT. Hope to see you then! Have a great weekend!


Heres’s statement just released by Dr. Conrad Murray regarding Paris’ suicide attempt: “From where I sit, all I have to give is love.


Statement cont’d: I love Paris with all of my heart and I just want her to be well and happy. Upon hearing the news of her current crisis


Statement cont’d: I was gravely affected. I reached out to her through my statement to let her know that I care deeply about her


Statement ends: and I always have, and I always will. She I’ll continue to be in my prayers.”

The article below is adding one small detail to the above insanity:

Concert exec says Michael Jackson was ‘drunk and despondent’ when final tour was announced


Last Updated: 5:40 AM, June 6, 2013

Posted: 10:49 PM, June 5, 2013

LOS ANGELES — The top executive in charge of Michael Jackson’s final doomed concert tour testified today he had to slap the “drunk and despondent” star on the day those gigs were announced.

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips also called Jackson “a self-loathing emotionally paralyzed mess,” in a March 5, 2009, to his then-boss at parent company AEG, Tim Leiweke.

Phillips told jurors today he was “exaggerating” in those e-mails, and hopes to make them go away in this civil lawsuit being pushed by Jackson’s family. Phillips doesn’t want jurors to believe he and other AEG officials knew how sick he was before The King of Pop died on June 25, 2009.

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips testified in court that Michael Jackson was “drunk and despondent” and he had to slap him on the day his final tour was announced.

“MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent,” Phillips wrote on March 5, when Jackson showed up two hours late for his press conference at London’s O2 Arena. “(Jackson’s manager) Tohme and I are trying to sober him up and get him to the press conference with his hair-dressing/make-up artist.”

Leiweke replied: “Are you kidding me?”

Philips wrote back: “I screamed at him so loud the walls were shaking. Tohme and I have dressed him and they are finishing his hair and then we are rushing to the O2. This is the scariest thing I have seen. He is an emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self-loathing and doubt now that it is show time. He is scared to death. Right now I just want to get through the press conference.”

At his deposition six months ago, before he was shown his e-mails, Phillips denied that Jackson was either drunk or despondent on the day of the president conference, and denied yelling at The Gloved One, saying he merely “raised his voice.”

Phillips says he was telling the truth in his deposition, and was not accurate in his email. “I was relaying what Dr. Tohme told me… I wrote it as fast as I could write it.”

Panish said, “You have to yell pretty loud to make the walls shake. Do you have a tendency to exaggerate?”

Phillips said, “No.”

To another business associate, Phillips wrote: “I haven’t pulled it off yet. We still have to get his nose on properly. You have no idea what this is like. He is a self-loathing emotionally paralyzed mess... I just slapped him.”

Phillips admitted, “I slapped him on the butt.”

Oh my God, he SLAPPED him!

He slapped him on the butt?

He slapped the 50-year old man on the butt…

He actually hit him!


Charles Thomson had the following to say about  it:

AEG boss Randy Phillips admitted in court this week that he hit Michael Jackson because he wasn’t ready to go to a press conference.

‘Screamed at him so loud the walls shook’, then hit him.

I can find only one news outlet on Google News which is running this story. Every single other outlet on the planet seems to have left it out of their coverage. Utterly incriminating.

TeamMichaelJackson continues to tell the truth by posting the full transcripts. Since these days truth costs dearly please help them to get more of it: . All of us are benefitting by what they are doing.

Paul Gongaware, June 3rd 2013

View this document on Scribd

Paul Gongaware, June 4th 2013

View this document on Scribd

Randy Phillips, June 4th 2013

View this document on Scribd

Randy Phillips, June 5th 2013 “I SLAPPED MICHAEL JACKSON”

View this document on Scribd
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  1. June 8, 2013 7:24 pm

    I simply have no words to express my disgust. So much of indignity suffered by Michael. Leave alone the lawsuit, all artists should ban AEG because they are dodgy.They started off by saying that they are going to spill Michael’s dirt before the world. Ironically they are coming out with skeletons in their own cupboards.The whole world can see who they are- ugly and dirty liars.


  2. June 9, 2013 3:35 am

    “I simply have no words to express my disgust. So much of indignity suffered by Michael. Leave alone the lawsuit, all artists should ban AEG because they are dodgy. The whole world can see who they are -ugly and dirty liars. “ – Suparna

    I have no words either. AEG are not only ugly liars – they are sheer monsters. They retained people for the tour, demanded they perform services for AEG, forced them to play tough love on Michael and then they made Michael pay for these “services”!

    I have never heard of anything like that. And this is the pattern of AEG’s work. They did it with everyone – Karen Faye, Travis Payne, Conrad Murray, Lou Ferrignio, Tohme Tohme.

    And Randy Phillips slapped Michael… He said so in his email. I think he slapped him on the face because this is what slapping generally means. It was only at the trial that Randy Phillips explained that it was a “slap on the butt”, which is no better either.

    He slapped him! How could Michael feel after that for the remaining three months? And what kind of a “partnership” could they have after that, if this was how it started?

    In March it started with a slap and a few days later this physical insult was followed by the insult of 40 more shows added without Michael’s permission. Who asks for a permission of a person whom you have just slapped?

    Sometimes one gesture can tell you more than a hundred posts.


  3. June 9, 2013 3:37 am

    Kane asked Phillips in an email on June 20: “Would a financial coming to Jesus speech help or add to his pressure?”

    Can anyone explain to me what “a financial coming to Jesus speech” is? I never heard this expression.
    Kane was a representative of Michael, right? But it seems he is acting in favor of AEG here, I am not sure if I understand it right.


  4. June 9, 2013 4:23 am

    “Kane asked Phillips in an email on June 20: “Would a financial coming to Jesus speech help or add to his pressure?” Can anyone explain to me what “a financial coming to Jesus speech” is? I never heard this expression.”

    Susanne, I haven’t heard it either, but to me “Jesus speech” here means soothing words about the great future they arranged for MJ and “financial coming” means the stark reality about the disaster Michael was facing if the tour did not take place (it would indeed be complete Michael’s ruin judging by the terms AEG set for him).

    Kane wonders if that financial argument would help or add to the pressure (so he does not know about the pressure Michael was living in), and all this makes you wonder whether he had best Michael’s interests at heart.


  5. June 9, 2013 5:46 am

    Thank you Helena for doing this weekly summeries. I am so disgusted with this whole trial especially since it is one of the causes that has pushed Paris to the breakingpoint. I am so furious!!!! I can’t believe that these evil creatures would put their hands on Michael whether it was a slap on the face or a slap on the butt. Where was his security to allow such a thing to happen to him? If I had been there, Phillip would have received a slap and a lot more back! A slap is a slap and it was truly unprofessional and I hope these greedy vultures pay for what they put Michael through his last months on this earth.

    I still don’t understand Phillips comment about, “We still have to get his nose on properly.” The coronor has already said that Michael’s nose was real, so why woud he say that?


  6. June 9, 2013 8:17 am

    “I still don’t understand Phillips comment about, “We still have to get his nose on properly.” The coronor has already said that Michael’s nose was real, so why woud he say that?” – MJ was a cutie pie

    As far as I understand Karen Faye was also present during that scene (and will hopefully tell us more when she testifies again). She was to do Michael’s make-up. Michael’s nose was very much in place but we don’t know whether it had patches, scars, etc. to which she was to apply some make-up. She was also to fix Michael’s hair after Randy Phillips forced Michael to dress as he claimed he did. I imagine that Michael had his hair done after putting his clothes on so that the hair does not get ruffled when dressing.

    “Getting his nose on properly” is a statement which betrays Randy Phillips’ general contempt for Michael. Its meaning is something like “I scraped him off the floor” which he said to Karen Faye and which should not be understood in the literal meaning of the word either. All these expressions go hand in hand with the AEG overall approach to Michael as a “freak”.

    “I am so disgusted with this whole trial especially since it is one of the causes that has pushed Paris to the breakingpoint. I am so furious!!!!”

    There is no need to be disgusted with the trial (we are only learning the truth here) but there is a big need to be disgusted with the reason for the trial – AEG and the horrible way they mistreated Michael.

    It is a great blow to learn about all this bullying but not knowing about it and allowing AEG to get away with it would be even more horrible. It would be like hiding the truth about crimes in concentration camps and letting the criminals go for fear that the truth will upset some people’s feelings.

    The truth hurts very much and sometimes I also wonder whether it would be better to live in sweet illusion rather than learn the hard truth. But the fact that these people directly contributed to Michael’s death quickly brings me back to earth – letting them get away with it would be the worst crime possible. He suffered so much in their hands and spent his last days in so much humilation and misery that shaking hands with these people or their advocates and pretending that everything is “fine” is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.

    “The ashes of Klaas are knocking in our hearts”.


  7. June 9, 2013 8:41 am

    Thanks for your clearing that up. To clarify what I meant about my disgust, I am upset about how they treated Michael and AEG’s ruthless tactics to cover their butts. I don’t for one moment think that they should be allowed to get away with their actions. It is clear that they abused him and they have no calms about lying and changing what is clearly written on emails under oath. It’s almost as if the judge is not even there. I think that Panish is doing good so far but we have so much longer to go and its too early to tell how things could play out. I certainly don’t want Prince and Paris to testify and that makes me very worried about how this trial is breaking their youthful energy and confidence. It’s going to force them eventually into seclusion like their dad. This is what disgusts me.


  8. June 9, 2013 9:38 am

    “I certainly don’t want Prince and Paris to testify and that makes me very worried about how this trial is breaking their youthful energy and confidence. It’s going to force them eventually into seclusion like their dad.” – MJWACP

    I don’t want them to testify either. They already endured many hours of deposition from AEG lawyers and for normal humans this should be more than enough. But AEG are not normal humans – they are a ruthless tank crashing people’s bones. They will probably want the children to testify no matter what as they consider them ‘very important witnesses’. But what can the children know?

    Prince says that Michael spoke to him about AEG, and this may be important, but his deposition may be played in court like they did it with Marty Hom, an entertainment manager.

    As to the children having to live in seclusion in the future it depends on the society around them. If all this madness continues – yes, they will have to isolate themselves and it will be inevitable. But things may change. This trial is a huge opportunity for “education of the senses” for millions of people and reevaluating many things in life which they wrongly adhered to before.

    If this education works the environment where Michael’s children will live may become a much cleaner and better one. And there will be no need for seclusion as the children will be in their own element. Such an outcome would be the best – it would mean that Michael’s life and death were not in vain.


  9. June 9, 2013 11:17 am

    So Thome was sent an e-mail on 6.17 2009 re an “intervention”. Was he their bulldog? I think for a reason there is very little about him in this trial. I know he and Randy Phillips were the creators of the sc contract. Thome´s acts were maybe purposfully kept subrosa. That e-mail was from AEG. -On March 5:th Randy Phillips calls MJ ” a self-loading,emotionally paralyzed mess” but thereafter has no qualms about his health. Refuses calling a psychiatrist, therapist or nutitionist. -And the poor jury gets treated to more fractured memories, memories improved at times and “different versions” of the same thing.
    I don´t think Paris should be exposed to the AEG lawyers. We don´t know what the children have to say. Prince had stated quite some time ago that he wants to testify. Best to let him make his own decision. It is really too bad this is not on video, it would be something to see those liars.


  10. June 9, 2013 11:53 am

    Guys, just as I expected Paris was bullied at school by a clique of some mean creatures and it escalated with Wade Robson’s allegations. Of course this is the main reason for her depression! She will not return to school and will probably be home-schooled:

    Paris Jackson Will NOT Return To Her School Of Bullies!

    6/07/2013 9:00 PM ET | Filed under: Sad Sad • Mental Health • Bullying • Paris Jackson

    Nor should she have to!
    We’ve been heartbroken over Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt, and while it was probably due to a mix of life stresses, there’s one thing she won’t have to worry about anymore.

    It was previously mentioned that Paris was bullied at her private school, but once she returns home, she will be switching schools.

    A family source had the following to say about it:

    “[It] has already been decided she won’t be going back to the school she had been attending. Paris had been absolutely miserable at the school for a long time, and there is a clique of mean girls that had been bullying her. It escalated after (new) child molestation claims were made public against her father, Michael. She has felt like an outsider for a long time. There is no way she could return there after the suicide attempt, Paris would be tormented all over again. Paris might be home schooled, and there is talk of her attending a performing arts high school which could be a perfect fit for her. Paris is artistically gifted, and going to a school with others like her could be the perfect solution.”
    Good! It’s just sad that it took this long for people to believe her claims of bullying.

    Paris may also get to live with her mother Debbie Rowe too, once she’s released. Another source said:

    “Debbie would absolutely love for Paris to come live with her. Debbie loves her daughter, and would be delighted to have Paris living on her ranch. Paris could be home schooled and spend time with Debbie’s animals on her ranch. Debbie lives outside of Los Angeles, and it’s very quiet and peaceful for Paris.”

    THAT is the kind of support that she needs during this very obviously difficult time.

    It’s just so terrible that it had to come to this for her concerns to be heard.
    We hope the teen gets to choose the best, healthiest path for her!
    Remember Perezcious readers, if you’re ever feeling emotional distress, you can always hit up the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-784-2433.


  11. June 9, 2013 12:04 pm

    Thanks, Helena. I also understood it in that way. But Kane’s role is indeed not quite clear in this context. He also comes across quite naive or being intimidated by the great Randy Phillips of AEG, or perhaps he was just indifferent towards MJ like everybody else.


  12. Sina permalink
    June 9, 2013 12:54 pm

    “The truth hurts very much and sometimes I also wonder whether it would be better to live in sweet illusion rather than learn the hard truth. But the fact that these people directly contributed to Michael’s death quickly brings me back to earth – letting them get away with it would be the worst crime possible. He suffered so much in their hands and spent his last days in so much humilation and misery that shaking hands with these people or their advocates and pretending that everything is “fine” is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. “– Helena

    Exactly !
    Fighting for justice is not for the fainthearted. This is not about a lost business deal . but the loss of a human being.

    Also its is a fact that most parents who lose a child, no matter how gruesome ,want to know every last second of their childs days, weeks and months before they were killed. They feel its the last thing they can do for their child and often that is what keeps them going. For children from a certain age its the same. Why deny them that right.
    Those who say it is too painful to know, so lets pretend it didnt happen do not have to live with it on a daily basis and are not realates to the deceased. Its easy for them to forget.
    For a parent or a child not knowing is far worse than to know the painfull details. In the end you regret more what you didnt do and it brings more closure to know, than asking yourself the rest of your life what happened.
    Kennedy was killed 50 years ago and people are still searching for the truth.

    So far the trial has exposed so much of the stress, emotional and economical blackmail and bullying that Michael endured in his final days as well as the lies, the tricks and fraudulent dealings of AEG to make it worth while.
    They used Murray to get from Michael what they wanted. In their ruthlesness they crossed every legal, human and ethical boundary that stood in their way and it made them accomplices in the mans death. For that they have to take responsibility.
    RP is a sorry excuse for a human being.
    I cannot take seriously people who defend his conduct as a business attitude or discuss on which bodypart a 50 year old man can be slapped to make it acceptable. Not to forget after which he was shouted at and thrown under a cold shower by 2 or 3 men.
    It turns my stomach to watch the footage of Michael bravely walking towards the stage to announce the concerts, knowing what had just happened.


  13. June 9, 2013 1:07 pm

    “It turns my stomach to watch the footage of Michael bravely walking towards the stage to announce the concerts, knowing what had just happened.” – Sina

    I feel absolutely the same. Each photo from that press-conference has acquired a new meaning and is seen with different eyes now.


  14. June 9, 2013 1:42 pm

    “I cannot take seriously people who defend his conduct as a business attitude or discuss on which bodypart a 50 year old man can be slapped to make it acceptable.”– Sina

    Are they really saying it? Michael Jackson’s fans? And what grounds do they have for calling themselves “fans” at all?

    They don’t feel sorry for him, they don’t share his tears, they don’t care for his troubles – and they say they love him? How much more humiliation should AEG have subjected Michael to for them to finally start sympathizing with him? May I ask then what these people mean by the word “fan”? And how are these “fans” better than the worst Michael’s haters?

    If they don’t want to know the painful details of the torture this I can more or less understand. But siding with the torturer?


  15. June 9, 2013 4:09 pm

    ” Suparna,

    I simply have no words to express my disgust. So much of indignity suffered by Michael. Leave alone the lawsuit, all artists should ban AEG because they are dodgy.”

    They will not. They may not be so much at the mercy as Michael was, but they are at the mercy of these people and their like. An artist may produce, direct even finance their own show, but everyone has a job and the artist cannot do them all. The bigger the artist and more elaborate the show the more that is required. The artist cannot be the artist/businessman plus attorney, accountant, publicist, hair/makeup/wardrobe and so on.

    AEG Live is rated 2nd biggest & 2nd best in the business. The people who can expedite moving the artist’s show to whatever location without much of the hassle given to smaller and lesser known companies. They are accounted to have to influence to ensure they can get the artist the best places to perform and the best promotion for the performances.

    AEG is a MAJOR player in California Politics; a force in Los Angeles, and has a friendly and business relationship with the owner of NewsCorp (R. Murdoch). Los Angeles, a city which even now awaits the building of a new stadium. For a State & City that is a debt collector’s nightmare the potential for new jobs, other contracts and increased tourism…… will not be overlooked.

    Although I have an issue with something I believe Howard Mann did, his book about the world of promoting has taken on a new meaning. I have gone back and read it again. I remain a skeptic about some of his accounts told. My skepticism concerning the people in Michael’s life has grown and their purpose for being there has grown by leaps, but the telling of the promotion business is valuable info to me.


  16. June 9, 2013 4:33 pm

    Men like Phillip’s may tap a female on the butt in a flirtatious gesture or maybe one of the guys, if they are participating in some sporting event where this is common like football or baseball, but they would not “slap” another man on the behind to get their attention.

    What I see is Michael was/is a commodity to them just as he is now to many which include some of his “Fans?”. He was damaged, but had great parts which could be stripped and turned into hard cold cash under the right circumstance….”if” the “right sort of people” were handling it.

    I believe it will come down to an attitude of: “okay maybe some of the things we did were not nice, some might be a little legally questionable, but I was dealing with Michael Jackson (negative connotation) so I had to get rough and had to protect our business. Besides look at the success we’ve made of things now that he is no longer in the way?” That theme is already being gently pushed by the men and not so gently by people claiming they are life long Fans? and fervent Supporters of Michael’s Legacy.


  17. June 9, 2013 4:45 pm

    I believe Randy Phillips actually slapped Michael in the face. Slapping his behind does not fit the situation he described.I doubt that these days even parents slap their childrens behind for punishment.And I agree fully with the disgust expressed by many posters here. Some thruth has seeped through their altered memory testimonies. There is a consistent trend and hopefully the jury will catch it.To me it seems that part of their strategy is to tire the jury, with their “different versions” of the one and same event or e-mail. Not understanding e-mails they sent themselves for example.


  18. Sina permalink
    June 9, 2013 5:19 pm

    Helena, people defend their beliefs under the false pretext of objectivity, even if the truth is in their face. Because RP said he slapped him on the but. to them its the gospel and they make it sound like he was trying to encourage Michael. What else to expect from a pathological liar who even lies under oath.
    But they are also completely missing the point. Its not a matter of where he was slapped Its the outrageous idea that its ok for a concertpromotor to slap an artist ,scream at him and throw him under a cold shower.
    This was march 5th and it would only get worse. No wonder he got so scared of these men that he thought he had no way out.


  19. June 9, 2013 6:17 pm

    To learn that AEG is a major player in Californian politics, a force in Los Angeles and on friendly terms with News Corp (Rupert Murdoch) doesn’t surprise me and adds to my fears that evil and sinister invisible forces were at work over Michael’s death. Who was pulling Conrad Murray’s strings to act so outrageously to put Michael’s life at risk and not save him when he should have; and who was pulling AEG’s strings to do the same? I keep saying this and asking about missing CCTV tapes and unidentified fingerprints, but will it make any difference? It all stinks. The fact that the Press have not been covering all the worst facts, like Phillips hitting MJ, – it was not even in the court transcripts – speaks for itself. The price of too much perceived fame, power and influence in America? To me it all looks highly suspicious. I think AEG are much more that ‘ugly and dirty liars’, but I expect it will all be covered up, never proved and we will never know the truth. Heartbreaking, so infuriating.


  20. Mary Anthony permalink
    June 9, 2013 10:31 pm

    “The truth hurts very much and sometimes I also wonder whether it would be better to live in sweet illusion rather than learn the hard truth. But the fact that these people directly contributed to Michael’s death quickly brings me back to earth – letting them get away with it would be the worst crime possible. He suffered so much in their hands and spent his last days in so much humilation and misery that shaking hands with these people or their advocates and pretending that everything is “fine” is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE”

    Thank you so much Helena. Sometimes I think I am the only one who feels this way and if I hear one more person say it’s all about the $$$ I think I’m going to scream


  21. June 10, 2013 4:35 am

    Yes Nina, you are right- the AEG big bosses are far more than just ‘ugly and dirty liars’. That is too mild a term for them.They are cold blooded criminals, and even more. Gone are the good old days when a Lady Macbeth would suffer from life long guilt after being involved in one murder. These people have no conscience. Their souls are dead.They belong to the 21st century. Not that they are exceptions- they are very much like their peers all around the globe. And yes Dialdancer, money especially when combined with politics is real power and is hard to resist. Everyone has to look to their own interests. But if the artists were to take a united stand on this matter- they could give AEG a hard time. After all this is an age of cut throat competition- no matter what one’s ranking is in business, one has to prove oneself to stay ahead of the game. Their treatment of Michael was totally unprofessional and totally unacceptable from a strictly business point of view. Prince too was totally dissatisfied with AEG.


  22. June 10, 2013 5:48 am

    Joe Vogel tweeted this:
    “Particularly given the historical treatment of African American artists and entertainers, emails emerging in the AEG-Jackson trial should be alarming and revealing even to those who don’t count themselves fans of the King of Pop….
    Regardless of the trial outcome, AEG’s terrible, unethical, exploitive treatment of one of the great artist-entertainers of the 20th century, should remind that the struggle for fair and humane treatment — for black artists and all artists — against corporate abuse continues.”

    In addition, I think since the 2005 trial at the latest there was no respect left for Michael at all in the entertainment industry. They knew about his financial situation and his damaged reputation and used this for their profit. They didn’t regard him as the “greatest entertainer” anymore as they proclaim, their emails reveal what they really thought about him. They didn’t consider concerts in the US because of that and planned to go to London. They knew about his huge fanbase and used the fans also for their profit. It was a plan they made probably very soon after 2005. And they decoyed him by promising him the solution to his problems after the trial. Everything is connected.


  23. Lopsided man permalink
    June 10, 2013 3:44 pm

    Re: “financial coming to Jesus speech” email by Michael Kane to Rhillips; It comes from the term, “come to Jesus” moment.

    It suggests that they were talking about giving MJ some kind or reality check to remind him of the financial consequences of This Is It not going ahead.

    In other words, “financial coming to Jesus speech” is consistent with what AEG had been doing all along – increase the pressure.


  24. June 10, 2013 4:21 pm

    AEG official´s testimonies are smug to say the least.It has been said: Don´´t listen to what they say but look what they do or not do.To them Michael was a distressed asset & they saw to it that he became more & more distressed.At some point he realized he was trapped.
    There are versions of economic entrapment the victim can not just walk away from.He still tried the best he could and it must have been extremely painful.This was the reason for the extreme measures to somehow cope anyway.Just google Thome´s friend Thomas Barrack Jr.,those 2 who initiated this immoral project.Look him up under Colony Capital.
    And Nina H. unfortunately I fully agree with you.


  25. June 11, 2013 2:04 am

    @Lopsided man: Thank you!

    Kaarin22, exactly. He was trapped, absolutely. He realized it, but he couldn’t walk away from it and it made him sick. He somehow had to go with it and cope with it. But it was too much to handle it alone. It makes me sick, too.


  26. June 11, 2013 6:44 am

    “AEG is a MAJOR player in California Politics; a force in Los Angeles, and has a friendly and business relationship with the owner of NewsCorp (R. Murdoch). Los Angeles, a city which even now awaits the building of a new stadium. For a State & City that is a debt collector’s nightmare the potential for new jobs, other contracts and increased tourism…… will not be overlooked.” – Dialdancer

    Thank you, Dial. So AEG is in contact with Rupert Murdoch and is a major player in California politics? This explains a lot.


  27. June 11, 2013 7:04 am

    “I believe Randy Phillips actually slapped Michael in the face. Slapping his behind does not fit the situation he described.” – kaarin

    I believe so too. In the context of all that yelling that shook the walls it would be even inexplicable why he gave him some “nice slap” on his behind as if in encouragement. The text suggests that the email sent is actually an answer to the transportation guy who may have asked him:

    – “How did you manage to get him going?”
    – “I just slapped him. And screamed at him louder than…”

    “To me it seems that part of their strategy is to tire the jury, with their “different versions” of the one and same event or e-mail. Not understanding e-mails they sent themselves for example.”

    It may be part of the strategy, but in respect of that email the situation is different. All of it is revolving around the idea of Michael being “drunk”. When Randy Phillips was deposed he told the truth:

    Q. Was Mr. Jackson drunk?

    A. No. Not to the best of my knowledge, no.

    Q. Ok. Was he despondent?

    A. No.

    Q. Now, sir, you testified there that Mr. Jackson was not drunk and he was not despondent, correct?

    A. There? Yes.

    But after spending his time with his lawyer they must have finally decided that this won’t do for the court testimony and Phillips will present a different version which will be something in-between the two variants. This is why now he is a saying that it was a “hangover” (from the previous night).

    But this version is a lie because the smell from a hangover is much worse than the smell of a person who has drunk something just now. You can trust me that I have seen men in both conditions and can testify as an expert. And Michael hugged Gongaware and whispered in his ear, so was really close to him. And Gongaware said that Michael was not smelling of alcohol.

    All this proves that Randy Phillips’ version of a “hang-over” is another of his lies.

    By the way even if Michael had drunk something that day or before that it is absolutely no justification for hitting him.

    All those people at AEG seem to be devoid of conscience but Phillips is simply a monster.


  28. June 11, 2013 7:56 am

    “Its the outrageous idea that its ok for a concert promotor to slap an artist ,scream at him and throw him under a cold shower. This was march 5th and it would only get worse. No wonder he got so scared of these men that he thought he had no way out.” – Sina

    Yes, it is only one of the signs of the outrageous way they treated him. And this was only a start. I think that scare is not enough to describe the condition Michael had to live in and don’t even know what to compare it with. It must be like living in a concentration camp with the only difference that the person kept there has no support from anyone even in the outside world and has to smile, live and work behind the barbed wire keeping his feelings to himself.

    Michael was a prisoner of AEG. Saying that he was free to do as he wanted will be extreme hypocrisy.


  29. June 11, 2013 8:05 am

    “The fact that the Press have not been covering all the worst facts, like Phillips hitting MJ, – it was not even in the court transcripts – speaks for itself.” – Nina Hamilton

    You mean the fact that hitting was not mentioned in the tweets? (In the transcripts we did find it)

    Yes, the fact that even the ABC7 tweets did not mention it indeed speaks for itself. And the media silence for the next two days or so while I was writing the post was deafening. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. There was NOTHING in the press. They were not even mentioning it.

    Even now when I google the words “slap” and “Michael Jackson” together all I get is some nonsense about Janet slapping or not slapping Paris. THAT slap probably never happened but their pages are full of it. But Randy Phillips’s slap DID happen but they are not saying a word about it.

    Incredible. You know, being a Russian, I thought much better of your media. I had some illusions. But now not a shred of them is left.

    P.S. This is what I see when I google “slap” and “Michael Jackson”. This is the first page. Does your search produce a different result?


  30. June 11, 2013 10:55 am

    “They didn’t regard him as the “greatest entertainer” anymore as they proclaim, their emails reveal what they really thought about him. He was trapped, absolutely. He realized it, but he couldn’t walk away from it and it made him sick. He somehow had to go with it and cope with it. But it was too much to handle it alone. It makes me sick, too.” – Susanne

    Susanne, it makes all of us sick. The mercenary plans of these people to use Michael inside out were so blatant, so obvious, so thinly veiled that it does make you sick. There is nothing in common between what they wanted and what Michael expected. Watching it from aside is terrible – it is like seeing a child being abused and not being able to help.

    Joe Vogel tweeted this:
    “Particularly given the historical treatment of African American artists and entertainers, emails emerging in the AEG-Jackson trial should be alarming and revealing even to those who don’t count themselves fans of the King of Pop….
    Regardless of the trial outcome, AEG’s terrible, unethical, exploitive treatment of one of the great artist-entertainers of the 20th century, should remind that the struggle for fair and humane treatment — for black artists and all artists — against corporate abuse continues.”

    Joe Vogel is right. It is indeed alarming because it has crossed every imaginable boundary. I don’t know how but ethics should return into business and into every sphere of our life or otherwise all of us will soon live in the jungles.


  31. June 11, 2013 10:58 am

    To them Michael was a distressed asset & they saw to it that he became more & more distressed. At some point he realized he was trapped.
    There are versions of economic entrapment the victim can not just walk away from.He still tried the best he could and it must have been extremely painful.This was the reason for the extreme measures to somehow cope anyway.” – kaarin



  32. June 11, 2013 11:16 am

    “He was trapped, absolutely. He realized it, but he couldn’t walk away from it and it made him sick. He somehow had to go with it and cope with it. But it was too much to handle it alone. It makes me sick, too.” – Susanne

    If just looking at it from aside makes us sick, how much harder was it for Michael who was living it?


  33. jolie permalink
    June 22, 2013 12:00 am

    fyi…our beloved Michael.


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