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Charles Thomson: The Mirror, the People, and the settlement that never was…

June 30, 2013

Charles Thomson British journalistIt is funny how different people may be simultaneously struck by one and the same idea though they are continents apart.

It turns out that Charles Thomson, the British journalist also finds it funny that as soon as the AEG trial started the media has become more intent on smearing Michael Jackson.

I wonder if other journalists will also be surprised by this amazing process and notice it as Charles Thomson does.

Time to be getting more attentive, guys – it seems that your media is getting funnier and funnier with each new coming day and may one day turn into a sheer comedy for everyone to look and have a good laugh at.

Charles Thomson is actually being totally serious about it. He is a multi-award winning reporter and investigative journalist, so he knows and seems to genuinely care about the state the media is in now.

I hope he won’t be too cross with me for reposting his article in full here – I simply can’t resist it (again):

SUNDAY, 30 JUNE 2013

The Mirror, the People, and the settlement that never was…

It’s a funny thing. Ever since the high-profile Michael Jackson death trial started going pear-shaped for promoter AEG Live, a lot of newspapers which carry prominent and lucrative advertising for its events have become more intent on smearing Michael Jackson than ever.
Leading the way has been The Mirror in the UK. A few weeks ago, contemporaneous emails presented at trial showed that AEG boss Randy Phillips had ‘slapped’ Michael Jackson because he was scared about attending a press conference. Slapped him and screamed at him ‘so loud the walls shook’.
The shocking revelation was widely ignored by the press. Several days after the evidence was heard in open court, only one outlet had summoned the courage to publish the evidence. AP did not include the testimony in its daily missive from the courtroom. The wire’s reporter claimed on twitter he had been out of the courtroom sending emails when the testimony occurred.
It was only when fans started making noise about the ‘cover-up’ on sites like Twitter that other media companies grudgingly published the comments. AEG-sponsored newspapers like the Mirror, though, bizarrely tried to paint Michael Jackson as the bad guy. According to the first line of the Mirror’s story, Jackson ‘needed to be slapped’. Interestingly, the Mirror was a lot faster to publish a story last year accusing Janet Jackson of slapping a minor. A story which turned out to be a lie.
This weekend – days after Jackson’s son took the stand and testified that he saw Phillips in his home while his father was not there, behaving ‘aggressively’ towards Jackson’s doctor – the Mirror’s Sunday edition, called the People, is at it again. It has published a highly misleading story about some ‘FBI files’ which allegedly show Michael Jackson was witnessed molesting children by multiple Neverland employees. The ‘FBI files’ also detail a supposed settlement with a young accuser in 1992 – before the Jordy Chandler case.
In reality, the story is a nonsense; a birds nest of mangled and misstated accusations which are neither ‘new’ nor ‘exclusive’, despite the People’s repeated claims that they are. In fact, the documents are not ‘FBI files’ at all. This is a flat-out lie. Moreover, the claims have all been in the public domain for a very long time, some having been discredited two decades ago.
Of course, most readers won’t bother to fact-check the story. Why would they? The newspaper is supposed to do that before publishing it. Sadly, it seems other media outlets can’t be bothered either. Britain’s Mail newspaper has already rehashed the story, evidently making no attempt to investigate its veracity before doing so.
I could go into a whole lot of detail about the claims made by the People – and the various lazy journalists who will copy and paste its story hundreds, or perhaps thousands of times onto their own websites and into their own newspapers in the coming days. But what is the point? The info is already in the public domain.Those who hate Jackson will adopt the People’s story as evidence for their case.
Those with an interest in hearing both sides of Jackson’s case will already know that these claims were debunked a long time ago. Nobody else will even bother to research the story. The People’s readers buy the newspaper because they like and trust it. They, as intended, will believe this story and will not question it.
Briefly, however, for the record:1) The ‘FBI files’ are not FBI files. They are transcripts of interviewscompiled by a tabloid journalist who paid his sources – including one who turned out not to exist.They were acquired by a PI who worked for Jackson’s defence team. A decade later, he was prosecuted for tapping phones. The FBI seized all of his files, of which these tabloid interviews formed a miniscule part.2) The allegations of Jackson being caught by multiple employees do not, as the People infers, come from a host of different documents. They all come from one document – a transcript of an interview with a couple called the LeMarques, who worked at Neverland in the late 80s and early 90s. The People intentionally does not state that all of these uncorroborated accusations come from just one of the documents, instead purposely misleading readers and suggesting that they’re taken from a cache of evidence.

The LeMarques never contacted police about the abuse they claimed to have witnessed, instead opting to negotiate deals with tabloid newspapers – including the Mirror. Their claims were investigated by cops probing Jackson, who found the couple had agreed to add increasingly graphic details to their interviews for more and more money. Investigators concluded in the 90s that the pair had no credibility and possessed no evidence of any genuine abuse. They were called on out of desperation to testify in Jackson’s 2005 trial after prosecutors watched their case begin to disintegrate, but were destroyed under cross-examination. Jurors rejected their testimony and acquitted Jackson, unanimously.

3) The supposed ‘settlement’ in 1992 was detailed to a tabloid reporter, for money, by a female source who claimed to work for Jordan Chandler’s legal firm. She never showed the reporter a document – she simply ‘read it out’ over the phone. A police investigation into the claim found that the boy named in the settlement did not exist, there was no record of any settlement ever being paid, and the female source had never worked for the legal firm and in fact did not exist. She was never heard of again.

This leaves one element of the People’s story standing; that Jackson ‘allegedly’ – what a convenient little word that is – paid $35million to two-dozen young accusers. The newspaper presents no evidence to corroborate this claim. Just a note in the tabloid reporter’s documents, which the People intentionally misrepresents as an ‘FBI file’.

Contrary to the People’s claim, investigators knew about and investigated these tapes as part of their probe into Jackson in 2003/4, in which they were assisted by the FBI. Despite all of their resources, neither the Californian police nor the FBI was ever able to locate any evidence that any child besides Jordan Chandler or Jason Francia ever received a settlement.

*  *  *
Here is a video supplement in support of Charles Thomson’s article. It includes a piece from an FBI agent:
The TV correspondent:
  • “It turns out that Michael Jackson was the target of the most intensive FBI scrutiny. We find that FBI was more involved in the highly-publicized sexual abuse trial than we ever knew.  James Clement was one of the FBI agents brought in to assist in the Jackson investigation.
James Clement, FBI agent speaks on their standards in Jackson investigation:
  • “Certainly, there is a very high motivation to help when children, potential children victims are involved. We have international and interstate capabilities to do investigations that local law enforcement and local DAs don’t have. We also have forensic capabilities”.

The TV correspondent:

  • “FBI forensic scientists poured over Jackson’s computers looking for evidence of child pornography. The agents helped with interview strategies for a victim who alleged that Jackson abused him in 1993. None of it ultimately mattered. Jackson was acquitted.”

Brian Oxman, the Jacksons family attorney:

  • “All of these pages, hundreds of pages, many, many hours of investigation, going to the Phillipines, going to Chicago, going all over the country – there was not one scrap of evidence that Michael Jackson ever harmed a child, did anything wrong, committed any crime. It is almost a vindication, if you look at this. The FBI looked at all these matters and said “There is nothing here” and I think that is the most startling thing I’ve seen”.
*   *   *
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  1. June 30, 2013 12:24 pm

    Thank you to Charles Thomson for excellent post.


  2. June 30, 2013 12:33 pm

    The Basis Of Life Of Common Men Like Bashir/Sneddon is Sex&Money.
    The Basis Of Life Of Great Men Like M.Gandhi M.King M.Nelson M.Jackson Is Noble Love.


  3. June 30, 2013 1:19 pm

    Reblogged this on ALL THINGS MICHAEL! ♥.


  4. June 30, 2013 1:32 pm

    Roger Friedman is adding important details:

    Michael Jackson Slimed By British Press: Here’s the REAL Story from 2005

    06/30/13 1:33am Roger Friedman

    I’ve been alerted to a story in the British press about Michael Jackson paying off 24 families of children he supposedly molested. Readers of this column must know that I have almost a PhD in Michael Jackson.

    The story is not true. It’s based on files left behind by a National Enquirer reporter, now dead, called Jim Mitteager. In 2005 I went through tons of Mitteager’s files, re-reporting them. A lot of it was just poppycock.

    Read this whole column I published back then. I did a lot of work on it. As devil’s advocate, I tried to find someone who would say they were molested by Michael Jackson. No one would because, I think, no one had been.

    From March 2005, c2013

    Was there a kid who made a deal with Michael Jackson before his first accuser settled with the pop star for $20 million in 1993?
    Tape recordings left behind by a deceased National Enquirer reporter would suggest there was, but on closer inspection, it turns out there probably wasn’t.

    In fact, the tapes show that there was a zealous push on the part of the supermarket tabloids 12 years ago to find any boy who might have been abused by Jackson.

    This will be a disappointment for Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who has not been able to produce any other Jackson “victims” so far.

    On Monday, Judge Rodney Melville will hold a hearing to determine whether or not Jackson’s “prior” acts can be brought into this trial.
    If they are allowed, what could they be and where did they come from? And are they real?

    Sneddon is prepared to subpoena every ex-Jackson employee and cop who was involved in the first case, even those who’ve since sold their stories to the tabloids. The result could be a veritable list of the supermarket tabs’ sources and leakers from a dozen years ago.

    Like a tabloid Richard Nixon, National Enquirer and Globe writer Jim Mitteager taped most of his conversations about Jackson when he covered the story in 1993-94.

    Mitteager, who was later dismissed from the papers for sexual harassment, talks to his sources and his editors very candidly.

    The result is a revealing look at how the tabs salivated to get the most salacious story about Jackson, often disregarding the exact truth for kernels of plausible items that could be inflated into screaming front-page headlines.

    Mitteager bequeathed the tapes to Paul Barresi, a self-styled investigator, trusting him to “do the right thing with them.” Barresi thought the tapes had value, but could not have guessed what historical importance they would acquire.

    Mitteager inadvertently kept a record of much of what is in the news today concerning Hollywood’s underbelly. The tapes include anecdotes about many celebrities and lawyers, as well as incarcerated private eye Anthony Pellicano, who once worked for Jackson.

    Barresi has a long history of involvement with the Jackson story.

    In 1993, the pop star’s former cook and housekeeper, Philip and Stella LeMarque, asked him to sell their story about sexual abuse at Neverland.

    The LeMarques, who were slight acquaintances of Barresi, had only worked at Neverland for about 10 months and left after the first molestation case broke in 1991. Like many disgruntled former Jackson employees, the LeMarques are now on Sneddon’s witness list. The Quindoys, another couple who also sold their story, are ready to testify as well.

    But Barresi realized early on that the LeMarques were probably not telling the truth.

    “I concluded that it was all about the money and not about protecting a child from a predator,” he told me.

    The couple, he said, began embellishing their story when they came to believe they could get $500,000 for it. In the end, they received nothing.
    Barresi wound up turning over his taped interviews with the couple to then-Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti. They are now in the hands of Jackson’s prosecutor.

    The coup de grace, Barresi says, happened later, when he listened to Mitteager’s tapes. On one of them, it’s noted that the LeMarques had tried to sell their story of child molestation at Neverland long before the first case broke in 1991.

    “They couldn’t get any takers,” recalls Barresi. “But why didn’t they just go to the police?”

    Often the Globe printed stories, written by Mitteager, that were based on the flimsiest of evidence.

    Mitteager, at least in the case of Jackson, relied heavily on a sketchy stringer named Taylea Shea. Her veracity consequently became integral to a lot of tabloid reporting at the time.

    Shea, who seems to have gone by a number of aliases and had a long list of addresses and phone numbers, could not be contacted for this story, despite many tries.

    Neighbors at the Los Angeles address at which she lived the longest do not remember her fondly. They recall a hustler and con woman who was always on the take.

    “She should be in jail, if she hasn’t been already,” one former friend and neighbor said.

    On one tape, Shea reads what sounds convincingly like a legal document drawn up between Jackson and a 12-year-old boy named Brandon P. Richmond, who is represented by his mother, Eva Richmond.

    Brandon, according to the document, received $600,000 from Jackson. He and Jackson would no longer have any contact with each other.
    Shea read the document, which is dated July 1992, to Mitteager the following year.

    This would have been a blockbuster, if true, because it would make Brandon, not the differently-named boy who settled with Jackson in 1993, the first of Jackson’s accusers.

    Shea also says on the tape that the legal document came from the offices of famed Hollywood lawyer Bert Fields, Jackson’s attorney at the time.
    No reason is given why Jackson and Brandon Richmond should be separated. The implication, however, is clear.

    The Globe published the story without using names. Over time, it was assumed that Brandon P. Richmond was in fact Brandon Adams, a boy who had appeared in Jackson’s “Moonwalker” video.

    Discussions on the tapes indicate that the tabloids also believed the two Brandons were one and the same. But there’s a problem with Shea’s story: Nothing adds up.

    For one thing, a source close to Fields says the document uses language uncommon to their usual agreements.

    Then there’s the actual family.

    According to the Adamses, whom I met in January, they don’t know an Eva Richmond.

    Brandon Adams’ mother is named Marquita Woods. And Brandon’s grandmother assures me she knows nothing of a $600,000 payment. The family has lived in a modest home in Baldwin Hills, Calif., for 30 years.

    Brandon Adams, who is now 25, is a struggling actor. He appeared in “D2: The Mighty Ducks” and the indie film “MacArthur Park,” and is currently working on building a music career.

    “I wish I had $600,000,” he said. “I’m broke.”

    The Adamses pointed out that Brandon never visited Neverland, just the Jackson family home in Encino.

    For a short time they were friendly not only with the Jacksons, but with Sean Lennon and his mother Yoko Ono, who were also part of “Moonwalker.” But the relationship seems to have ended well before Taylea Shea’s big scoop.

    Was Shea simply lying to Mitteager to collect a big fee? It would seem so.

    On the tapes, Mitteager tells an editor that Shea also has “shocking” material about David Geffen and Keanu Reeves, among others. None of it would turn out to be true, but all of it was tabloid fodder that spread to more mainstream publications for a short time.

    Curiously, nobody I spoke with who worked at the tabloids could remember Shea. And her own alleged main source — an attorney then associated with the office of Larry Feldman, the first accuser’s lawyer — insists vehemently that she did not know Shea and had little knowledge of the case anyway.

    Suddenly, the value of the Mitteager tapes takes on a new meaning.

    Barresi, a sometime investigator and tabloid source in the past, is aware that he’s in possession of materials that demonstrate how the supermarket tabloids operated in their heyday — the era of O.J. Simpson, Jackson and other scandals.

    But one tabloid editor still in the business cautioned, “Don’t paint all of us with the same brush. We did a lot of excellent work on Simpson.”

    Indeed, though it’s hard to separate them in our minds, the Globe — then under a different owner — had a much lower standard of proof than did the Enquirer in the early 1990s. And Mitteager came from the Globe’s mentality, according to sources with whom I have spoken.

    At one point, in running down lists of kids who’d spent time with Jackson, Mitteager rattles off the name of a boy with the conviction that Jackson, who had befriended him, must have also acted inappropriately with him.

    But it was only wishful thinking on the part of a tabloid reporter.

    It turns out that the boy was 9 years old in 1993 and died shortly thereafter from leukemia. He’d met Jackson through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    Even Jackson’s staunchest critics would agree that it is hard to fathom how this boy could have been the object of the singer’s romantic interests.


  5. June 30, 2013 4:49 pm

    Any wonder America has lost it luster and Continues to do so Y look at the Trash that they Read and Look at who owens the The Rag magazines that print this trash about a person who is No Longer Alive and whoThey eventually Murdered .. So America is run by Canibals and Blood Suckers ,Vampires who literally sucked the Life out of One Great humanbeing and showed the world just how much they Hated Michael Joe JACKSON !

    If you want to know What Hatred looks like goe look at What the FBI and The current Legal system has done to him and is still doing to him all under The So called Juditual System ! ask yourselves this why is Michael JSON still on Trial for a crime he never committed and was found innocent by a ju his Perr and why are his children being bullied for what reason .. Now ask your selves if America is truly the land of the Free and home of the brave ! When a man had been cleared of a crime and stated to be innocent by his peers and yet ppl are still using that against him WHY!! ill tell you why ! Because Michael Joe jackson
    is a blackman who accumulated wealth under the same laws that the rich traciIf t iIf white People did and they didn’t like it.. California is one of most Racisit States there is ! Look what they did to O.J.Simpson his lawyers lied to him ! Sending to jail longer than he should be there !Michael Jackson’s financial advisor also gave him bad adbvise inorder to bring him Bdown.. There was never any valid reasons for the FBI to ever investigate Michael J
    than he was a very wealthy young blackman.. that in itself triggered theWm to investigate him,not that he did anything ,its the mere fact that he’s a BLACKMAN!! Nothing more nothing less.. don’t think that Mucsic Mongols liked Michael cause they didn’t ,Michael himself use to hear them,him and his brothers the N word all the time, so what Paula Deen did isn’t new.. she just got caught being her Good ole southern self.. that’s all..


  6. Rodrigo permalink
    June 30, 2013 4:50 pm

    I just saw all this on The Sun website.

    I knew it was bull. But it’s still damming and devastating to Michael’s legacy 😦


  7. June 30, 2013 4:54 pm

    Keya Morgan ‏@KeyaMorgan

    I just spoke with one of my friends who was an FBI chief & he laughed at the new #MJ story. He said it’s 100% a lie. MJ was innocent.

    Keya Morgan ‏@KeyaMorgan

    The FBI did NOT put out a report about Michael Jackson hurting kids. Not true. I confirmed this is a FALSE trashy tabloid story.

    Keya Morgan ‏@KeyaMorgan

    The claims the FBI knew #MJ was breaking the law but did nothing to stop him is a giant joke & absurd. FBI would be sued & lose big. #lies

    Keya Morgan ‏@KeyaMorgan

    The FBI investigated Michael Jackson & found nothing bad. If it had any proof #MJ did anything bad, it would be compelled by law to stop him


  8. June 30, 2013 5:11 pm

    Keya Morgan “I just spoke with one of my friends who was an FBI chief & he laughed at the new #MJ story. He said it’s 100% a lie. MJ was innocent.” – Dialdancer

    Dial, none of us doubt that it is a lie, but it is essential for the FBI to come out and SAY it. Is there a way to make them do it?

    It is absolutely necessary and not only for Michael’s legacy and his children – it is needed for the public good! They simply cannot let all these people get away with these lies! FBI knows the truth, so why not tell it to stop this avalanche of dirt? A short statement is all the public needs.

    Lies cannot be allowed to spread so uncontrollably. And they don’t even need to carry out a special investigation – FBI just knows the truth and should tell it. I wonder if there is anyone in the US who is standing on the guard of truth?


  9. Rodrigo permalink
    June 30, 2013 5:28 pm

    I was thinking that myself.

    The FBI covered up the dirt on Michael? And people will actually believe. ..stupidly thinking they’d be no consequences? Please.

    They’re attempting to turn Michael into Jimmy Savile I think.


  10. June 30, 2013 7:01 pm



  11. July 1, 2013 3:23 am

    I said this in my Book YEARS AGO and keep yelling that, besides other things Michael told me himself. He told me the FBI started spying on him around the 80´s, he thought BECAUSE OF HIS THRILLER SUCCESS AND HYPE AROUND HIM, he said, THE FBI KNEW ALL ALONG THAT HE WAS INNOCENT, AT THE FIRST AND SECOND ACCUSATIONS! I want to know, why he was charged IF THEY HAD EVIDENCE WAS INNOCENT? On purpose. FBI, NSA, Google all those People are lying Devils who keep fooling the people and everyone pretends, they had nothing to do with it now, that the truth comes out finally. They are all dirty in what happened to Mike. I will keep saying those things until the whole World knows and God will keep helping Mike so his Truth prevails. They also hacked me war-like, collected ALL OUR LABEL DATA, OUR COPYRIGHTED WORKS, things that are linked to Mike, in 2010 especially, and HANDED IT TO LADY GAGA TO ABUSE! So much for NSA Economic Spying also. They POISONED ME IN LOS ANGELES WHEN I WAS WITH MICHAEL, AS IF WE HAVE NO RIGHTS AS HUMAN BEINGS! The Media is BS and censors such things and Crimes, but then LETS BRITISH SAY WHAT OTHERS WHO KNEW HIM AND ALMOST DIED WITH HIM KEEP SAYING THE WHOLE TIME, BUT NO, AGAIN, ITS ONLY BRITS AND AMERICANS WHO GET SHOWS ON TV! God will crush all People who try to decorate themselves with this and ignore an innocent Person that got criminally poisoned and hurt in human rights, ONLY FOR GETTING TO KNOW MICHAEL JACKSON IN 2007. I am a human being and I have rights. I will not be buried with Mike alive. FUCK THE PRESS, ALL OF IT!


  12. July 1, 2013 7:27 am

    Is AEG paying a bit extra to the papers carrying ads for theis events to also include smear against MJ ?Cooperation and attack is the best defence for AEG.
    Many thanks to Charles Thomson for his article.


  13. July 1, 2013 7:30 am

    And the wording used in WD´s complaint:Michael died in 2009 of a drug ovedose. He was killed,don´t forget.


  14. Sina permalink
    July 1, 2013 8:16 am

    I had hoped for a firmer response from the MJE executors and I have not heard anything from Mesereau either. Maybe they prefer to let it cool down as the estate is a defendant in WRs claims are probably not in a position to make public statements.
    But as the attacks are becoming more brutal it will either blow up in their face or have a devastating effect for Michael.

    Commenting on articles most of the time ends in name calling and with respect for their efforts, its not always the most eloquent or well informed fans who comment.
    This is too serious to leave it up to well meaning fans. And unfortunately well researched articles on fanblogs hardly ever make it to the mainstream media.

    I think its sad that the fans are so divided and not capable to make a united statement.
    With so many fans we are still not in a position to influence the media, but we could buy a page in some influential newspapers or even one of these tabloids and issue a statement to refute the tabloid articles.
    I hope a non controversial individual in the fan base will take the initiative with the help of those who have extensively researched all these files. I will definately support that.


  15. July 1, 2013 9:09 am

    I’m going to try and contact the FBI offices to see if they can release a public statement regarding the release of MJ’s FBI files, and what information was obtained in these files. Everyone else should try to as well.


  16. goodie permalink
    July 1, 2013 10:04 am

    OK this is hilariously imbecile:lets think that he paid these 35 millions to 24 families doing fifth grade maths it would be almost 1.5 million each.Now consider the fact that these parents accepted money from their child’s abuser not even one had the audacity to report the police or a therapist; then wouldn’t have they been behind his ass after knowing that he paid 20 millions to Jordan chandler I mean you already have accepted 1.5 million form the devil you mustn’t have much problems accepting 20 millions.I mean mike did not sign an agreement stating that i’m paying this much to you for not reporting abuse that i caused to your child he must’ve given them cash and the fact that they did not throw him under bus for more money shows how great parents and people they are (yes i’m being sarcastic).
    Now another thing I’ve noticed is that all the accusations amazingly date from early 90s when his vitiligo had gotten extreme and he was crowned as the freak of the society. WON’T HE GOING ON DOING HIS DIRTY LAUNDRY WHEN HE WAS THE DARLING BEAR MORE THAN WHEN HE WAS SEEN AS A FREAK BUT THERE IS NOT ONE MENTION OF 80s BY ANYONE UNLESS YOU GIVE “I HAD PHONE SEX WITH MJ” CREDIT.Now don’t tell me that he magically did not know his sexuality or whatever bullshit you would call it until his disease had completely ruined his health and reputation.

    And lastly the haters give his looks and his amusement park a little too much importance; kill if you would find a single baby doll at my abuser’s place and if nothing beautiful he looks like a what to say… the most cunning egoistic masculine man in the world nothing freaky or weird or womanly as they call mike going by their logic every amusement ride designer developer and constructor should be thrown in jail for p-lia.


  17. July 3, 2013 3:01 am

    @ Goodie,

    In reference to the phone sex phone story. If you check Sullivan’s book you will find there has been a serious spin to that. Yes still a lie, but it is the lies which reveal the truth. Why he just cannot admit he had a crush on MJ and did teen romanticizing I do not know, but we are getting closer.

    @ Helena,

    I cannot say why the FBI may not take action on this since it slanders them as well, but I suspect the reasons are many. To start with, there are a dozen stories daily which claim the FBI did everything from kill President JFK to hiding evidence of aliens visiting this planet and withholding their advanced technology which would cure any disease. Next you have people like Peter King who is chair for Homeland and a rabid MJ hater who would come down on them like an ugly cloud if they pronounced MJ 100% innocent. I suspect there are more, money & politics have always gone hand in hand. There is the fact that all are Cops and Cops are cynical plus many have law degrees. Also the only thing scarier than people eating Aliens is the Media which has everyone under their thumb.

    There may be a way, but I am not sure brute force by us is the best way to get them to address this If only to clear up what an FBI File is and isn’t; who has access; why some pages are removed before release and whether people who see themselves as Dick Tracy get to look at these file while the subject is still alive. Citizens can obtain a copy of their file if they are aware they have one. Neither Michael nor his attorneys knew he had one. You need permission to look into someone else file.


  18. July 3, 2013 5:26 pm

    “I cannot say why the FBI may not take action on this since it slanders them as well, but I suspect the reasons are many”- Dialdancer

    The security forces in different countries are different and some would not think it a big deal to go the public and explain themselves a bit. But if you say the petition will not work, let’s leave it at that. I am not surprised – in my country petitions to our Federal security service (formerly KGB) would not work either and I think that no one is even trying. The only other difference is that over here practically no petitions work.

    But inviting certain FBI experts on TV, for example, and asking them a simple question “If you did not provide any documents to the prosecution in 2005, does it mean that you had nothing against Michael Jackson”? is a quite probable scenario. And over here fans and the general public can demand that the media should get such an expert.

    The essential thing here is that fans and non-fans alike are both interested in getting a reply to this question. Fans want to hear of Michael’s innocence, and non-fans want to hear of his guilt. However the fact that the FBI did not provide Sneddon with anything incriminating Michael is testifying to his innocence, irrespective of the number of pages in the FBI file. There could be a thousand reports there but none of them credible, so what?

    If Michael’s detractors suspect that the FBI could allow him to get away with his ‘crimes’ though they had some proof of his ‘guilt’, it is actually these detractors who need the FBI agents on TV more than anyone else to explain this big discrepancy. In the place of Michael’s fans I would tell them day and night about this contradiction and encourage them to approach the FBI or media for an answer.

    In short let the detractors work this time – the burden of proof is on their shoulders.


  19. July 11, 2019 6:10 am

    Reblogged this on Nicole’s World.


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