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Jackson – AEG trial DAY 52. KATHERINE JACKSON’S TESTIMONY and $5 for the privilege of knowing the TRUTH

July 20, 2013

There are two reasons for this post. One is to make a summary of Katherine Jackson’s testimony on Friday July 19th and the second is to talk about those of us who use the court transcripts from TeamMichaelJackson. 


Judging by the SOS tweets coming from the Team the situation with funds for the scripts and the Team member’s health is indeed desperate and the worst part of it is that very few in the fan community are giving a damn.

Everyone wants to have the transcripts but all have their reservations when it comes to donate a dollar for making the transcripts happen.

If people are afraid that Taaj Malik will make a fortune out of our donations they are wrong – the cost of the transcripts is much higher than the scarce sums occasionally dropping in towards buying them.

Some may not be supporting because of the Team’s openly anti-Estate position. I don’t like their vehemence against the Estate either especially since up till now we have not seen any serious arguments in favor of so much hate for the Estate.  I’m constantly on the look-out and waiting and waiting and waiting for something really incriminating to surface at this trial, but have not seen anything really substantial yet. 

The email sent by Branca on June 20th enquiring about a possible substance abuse and offering help cannot be in any way thrown against him firstly because 1) he offered qualified medical help which was blatantly rejected, and secondly because 2) Branca knew of Michael’s condition in 1993 and had not met him for several years before 2009, so based on his earlier experience had valid reasons to suspect a relapse. He did not observe Michael’s state on a daily basis like AEG did and only heard about it from other people’s accounts and still he offered immediate help – only they didn’t pay any attention to it.

In short throwing Branca into one pile with AEG would be a tremendous bias. At the moment I don’t see anything about his actions bad enough to outweigh the great job he is doing to repay MJ’s debts (I’ve read on TMJ that they nearly finished with repayment of $400mln).

But though the TeamMJ curses against Branca do make me unhappy I am ready to put all differences aside until better times and acknowledge that the TeamMJ’s efforts in determining the truth about Michael’s death and seeking justice for him are purely heroic.

Doing what they are doing – on a daily basis and for several months too – is nothing short of heroism and a great example of selflessness which people these days lack very much indeed.

So it is absolutely indecent of us to take advantage of the Team and Taaj’s efforts and not contribute to their work or alleviate their burden at least a little bit. Saying a mere ‘thank you’ for their heroism and back-breaking toil is a somewhat inadequate reaction. The job they are doing is done at the expense of their health, time, well-being and ultimately life.

In this respect they are following Michael’s example, so those who know the real him will know the sacrifice it involves.

The worrying tweets from Taaj Malik of TeamMJ came yesterday, just on the day of Katherine Jackson’s testimony and if I were using this type of language I would also say WTF:

  • I have ran myself into the ground, have spent thousands going up and down to court, have compromised my health, and no help from MJFam WTF!!
  • YOU KNOW WHAT, Michael was alone whilst alive, alone now DEAD!!!!!
  • If you all had a concert to go to, so he can KILL himself, you would be digging deep into ur pockets!!! I FEEL UTTERLY ashamed
  • ONE PERSON HAS DONATED NEARLY $1,000 she is NEARLY EIGHTY YEARS OLD!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! All talk the talk cant walk the walk, I cant physically do it any more, I CANT DO IT ANYMORE, JUSTICE4MICHAEL NEEDS HELP
  • I don’t have TV firm backing me, paying me wage, i got it all myself! YOU wanna rely on media who didn’t even report Phillips SLAPPED MJ
  • Michael has 40 MILLION fans on FB, how many THOUSANDS ON TWITTER???  Seems the only ONE who wants to know What happened to her son is Mrs Jackson, and handful that have donated for transcripts!! Rest can go take a jump!!
  • I NEED EVERYONE OF YOU TO DONATE $5 payments via Paypal to KJ Transcripts coming up in ONE hour
  • Those that have already donated, PLEASE do NOT donate again, MJFAM is a family, everyone SHOULD do their part
  • My health has deteriorated beyond repair. after treatment yesterday my left side became paralyzed. i collapsed in the street, can’t walk
  • I was not able to get to court today which was THE most important day of trial! To stand tall and strong for KJ.

First of all I whole-heartedly wish Taaj good health. It is a hard job to be helping the Heavens – we are only humans and human resources are not limitless, so I do wish Taaj full recovery and getting some good news to raise her spirits a bit.

Secondly, ingratitude is one of the worst sins possible, so if we don’t want to fall into it please rush to their site and donate your $5 each. I will never believe that none of us can afford it, so any remonstrations in this respect are useless. If Taaj receives thousands as a result so much the better – she will be able to use some for mending her health, and we can pride ourselves on helping someone in their time of trouble and doing a little bit of charity on the way. However I doubt that with the present attitude towards donating there is a danger of any surplus money ever.

And third, we need to do it not even for the TeamMJ but for the sake of truth, so that the truth prevails over lies. So discard your last doubts – you are doing it for yourself in the first place.

There is no time to wait, reflect, doubt or debate. Just GO and HELP and you will never regret the good deed done:

This is the latest of what I’ve read in this connection on the TeamMichaelJackson site:

TeamMichaelJackson's appeal July 19th, 2013

TeamMichaelJackson’s appeal July 19th, 2013:                                                                                                                                              PLEASE SUPPORT US TO PROVIDE YOU FUTURE TRANSCRIPTS.          We can only provide them for the next ONE week, as donations have run out, we have provided them for the last EIGHT weeks, no notes will be taken, our founder is too sick, this is the only way to get accurate informaiton, which is court transcripts, TRANSCRIBED! Please remember we have reported FACTS left out by the media numerous times. We are getting THOUSANDS of hits daily yet only one or two are donating (95% transcripts purchased have been by TeamMichaelJackson ADMIN! This is heartbreaking, the ones to take advantage of these yet not even donate $5. If all of you donated just $5 each, we can provide them till end of the trial, and get the ones we missed at the beginning of the trial. Please sent payments via Paypal to

TeamMichaelJackson has already posted the court transcript of Katherine Jackson’s testimony on July 19, 2013. Here are some excerpts retyped from it.


Panish: Is it difficult for you to come here and bring up a public matter like this in front of the public?

K.Jackson: Yes, it is. The most difficult thing is to sit here in this court and listen to all the bad things they say about my son.

Q. Why is that difficult for you?

A. Well, a lot of the things that have been said are not the truth. He’s not here to speak for himself.

Q. So are you here to speak for your son, Michael?

A. I’ll try my best.

Q. And why is it that you’re here to testify today?

A. Because I want to know what really happened to my son, and that’s why I’m here.

Q. And do you believe that your son was a bad person, or some of the things that have been said? And the Defendants have said, “It’s ugly,” and they’re “Going to expose the ugly of your family and your son.” Mr. Putnam said that at the beginning of the case. Do you believe that’s the case?

Mr. Putnam: Objection, your honor. Misstates the testimony and my comments.

Q, Mr. Putnam said in his opening statement. Did you sit here, hear his opening statement?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. Did Mr. Putnam take your deposition for many days?

A. Yes, he did.

Q. Did he ask you many questions you didn’t like?

A. Yes, he did.

Q. And how does it make you feel to hear that they’re going to tell everyone that your son is a bad person?

A. Makes me feel real bad, because I know my son was a very good person. He loved everybody. He gave to charity. He’s in the Guinness book of records for giving the most to charity of all the pop stars. I’m so nervous. I’m sorry.

Q. Did you have any health issues, Mrs. Jackson, when you were growing up?

A. Yes. I had polio as a child. It was – at that time it was called infantile paralysis because most babies got it at the time. But President Rossevelt had it also and he started the March fo Dimes. And that was back in the ‘40s when I was in school.

Q. And how did that affect you when you were growing up?

A. Uum, I wore a brace from the age of 7 up until –

Q. You wore braces?

A. Just one brace on my left leg, and wore it up until the age of 9.

Q. How did that make you feel as a youngster?

A. I was shy.

Q. How was your son Michael with children who had disabilities?

A. Michael loved all children, but especially the ones who couldn’t care for themselves or had something wrong with them. Everywhere he would go, he would go to the orphanages and would go to the hospitals visiting children. He would always give money for disabled children. And when he was young, he would always have someone visiting from Make a Wish foundation. Michael would spend all day with them, have lunch with them, play with them.

Q. How did you all fit in that house?

A. I had triple bunk beds, and the largest bedroom was the boys’ room. And Joe and I had a room. And then I – the two girls at the time, La Toya and Rebbie, they slept in the living room on a let-out couch, pull-out couch.

Q. And then did your boys – -they they sing together at any time then?

A. Yes, they did. Sometimes by them sleeping in the room together, sometimes I’d wake up to them harmonizing and singing.

Q. And what kind of a – how did six people fit in three bunk beds? Triple bunk beds.

A. Okay. Jackie was the oldest so he had a bunk to himself.

Q. He got his own bunk?

A. Got his own bunk. He was the lucky on. And the others doubled up, other two. Randy was a baby, so he was in a crib in our room.

Q. Okay. So two, two and one?

A. Right.

Q. Did you always have a lot of money?

A. No, not at all.

Q. Were you able to survive and make it?

A. Oh, yes. We — I made some of the children’s clothes. I – and that was the first thing, is clothing and feeding the children. I made a lot of clothes. I watched the newspapers for sales. I bought a lot of things on sale. And sometimes we’d go down to the Salvation Army when shoes were wearing out, and sometimes we’d find shoes for some of them. And we made it that way. And when Joe was laid off, us having to live from payday to payday, the money was scarce, and so we had to eat. And so we would never want to go on welfare. So what he did, he went out to the farms. He picked – he picked vegetables, I canned food. And we would always buy – every year we would buy a quarter of a cow or half a cow and keep it in the freezer. And that’s how we survived.

Q. Have you spent a lot of time in your life reading the bible?

A. Yes.

Q. Now, did your children – did they become raised Jehovah witnesses?

A. Some – they were raised, but some of them became witnesses. Michael became a witness, my oldest daughter, and she still is. And LaToya became a witness.

Q. And others went into other religions?

A. They’re not.

Q. All right. We won’t go there.

Q. How old was he? [Michael]

A. Five years old. And he sand “Climb Every Mountain” and I was so nervous when he walked out on the stage, because he was always shy. And he started singing the song, and he sang it with such clarity and didn’t miss – not flat or anything. Joe’s father sat there and cried like a baby. Looked around, and I was crying, too. He got a standing ovation for his performance. And he wasn’t nervous, and I was shocked. And I think he must feel more at home on stage.

Q. How did that make you feel?

A. I felt – I was proud of him because I didn’t think he could do it.

Q. And what did you think when you got to California?

A. I had always wanted to live in California. And when I was a girl, I used to dream of coming to California because it was so much snow back home, cold. And sometimes it would get 10, 15 below zero. And I would go to the movies as a girl, and I would see. And they would always show California – because we got out news sometimes in the theater, especially the war news, and all that. And I always thought when I had to leave the theater and go out in the snow to get home, and my dream was to live in California.

Q. All right. And did Michael like to sit around and watch TV?

A. No. You’d never catch him doing that. And I had to sit here and see that email talk about how lazy Michael Jackson was. That’s the biggest lie in town. My son is not lazy, and you know that he wasn’t lazy.

Q. How was Michael in school?

A. Michael was good in school. He was not an exceptional student, but he was fair student.

Q. Was he as good as Prince?

A. No, not at all.

Q. Okay.

A. Prince is a straight A student.

Q. Was Michael having a lot of success?

A. Pardon?

Q. Was Michael having a lot of success?

A. Yes.

Q. Did it go to his head?

A. No. Michael was the most humblest person you’d ever meet.

Q. Did he continue living with you?

A. Yes.

Q. Until he was 30?

A. Yes. 

Q. Did he ever go out with you – and is part of the religion to go out to people and spread the word of your faith?

A. Yes. Field service, we call it. He had to – the way he’s dressed now. So one morning we got up, and it was the first time that he dressed that way, because people knew who he was, so he couldn’t do field service or kids and people followed him. So he had to try to disguise himself. And the first time he disguised himself, he got a fat suit, not real fat. And I came down, and he had had breakfast. And I was getting ready to go out in field service with him, and I spoke to this man, like “Hello. How are you?” and he said, “It’s me, mother”. But he had to do it.

Q. So he would go out and knock on people’s doors with the suit on?

A. Yes.

Q. He’d get the door slammed in his face?

A. Lots of times. But they never knew who it was, so that was good.

Q. Did your grandchildren, Paris, Prince and Blanket, did they like Neverland?

A. They loved Neverland.

Q. During the time they lived there, were they being home-schooled?

A. Yes.

Q. And we saw a lot of animals that Michael had there?

A. Lots of animals. Funny story is – kids liked to go to Chuck E.Cheese.

Q. Chuck E. Cheese?

A. Yes.

Q. Like pizza? Like a lot of kids running around?

A. A lot of kids running around. So Grace had them at Chuck E.Cheese, and the lady there, she was asking them, “Do you like animals? Do you have any animals?” And the kids said, “Yes. We have an elephant, and we have giraffes,” and just naming all the big animals. And the lady turned to Grace and said, “Don’t they have great imaginations?” Not knowing that they really had those things.

Q. Now, as Michael’s mother, did there ever come a time when you heard news that he had medical issues caused by pain?

A. Yes.

Q. What caused pain for Michael that you were aware of?

A. Well, he had been burnt.

Q. Bad burns?

A. Bad burns on the back and the top of his head. He even had a balloon between his scalp and his head.

Q. Did he get migraine headaches?

A. He got headaches. Very bad headaches.

Q. Was that from the Pepsi commercial?

A. Yes.

Q. And did Michael take money from — that was given to him as a result of being burned from the Pepsi commercial and do anything with that?

A. He took that money, and he donated it to the burn center. All of it.

Q. Did he have other medical conditions and injuries that caused pain?

A. Back.

Q. Back injuries.

A. He had back injuries.

Q. Did he have a skin condition?

A. Yes. He had vitiligo.

Q. What is vitiligo?

A. It’s a disease that turns your skin white. But while it’s doing that, you have – you’re spotted. It works slowly. And so he just wanted to get it over with, and so he just turned the whole thing that way.

Q. Now, did – did you ever discuss with Michael whether he ever had insomnia?

A. You know, he didn’t talk much about insomnia to me, but he would tell me sometimes, “I didn’t sleep last night”, that was when he was at home. So I imagine it was just starting.

Q. Did he trust doctors?

A. Yes, he did.

Q. Do you know who his doctor was? His primary doctor?

A. When he was growing up?

Q. When he got older.

A. As he got older? I know that Dr. Metzger was his doctor even when they were young, too.

Q. Did you ever see him abuse drugs or medications?

A. No. I’ve never seen that in him.

Q. Did you hear that people said that Michael was abusing prescription on medications?

A. I had heard it.

Q. Did you hear it from some of your children?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you believe it?

A. Well, I know he was taking pain pills. And when he said “abusing them,” I didn’t know. Because at that time I had seen Michael so many times, gone to his home unannounced and called him, he didn’t know I was calling him, I never heard or seen him in that way. So I don’t know how to believe it.

Q. Did you or your children ever try to have any type of intervention of any kind with Michael?

A. Yes. I went with them on an intervention once, because – I didn’t want to go, because I didn’t believe it then that he was abusing drugs. But I had heard it from them, and they had heard it, also. But I went because they telling me, “it would mean much more, mother, if you would go.”

Q. So you went?

A. So I went?

Q. And did Michael say he had a problem?

A. When we got there, Michael was fine.

Q. Did you hear of other times that people tried doing interventions with Michael?

A. Not – the children talked about it, but I imagine if they did any others, they did it without letting me know.

Q. Did you know whether he had a problem one way or the other?

A. I couldn’t prove it.

Q. Did you think maybe he might?

A. I kept hearing it. It thought maybe he might. And then I – when I went to his home after he had moved to Las Vegas, and I talked to him about it because I was worried. And he promised, and he kept saying, “mother I’m okay, I’m okay” but sometimes the mother’s the last to know. And sometimes they’re embarrassed and don’t want to let me know. But I was  — I told him, “I don’t want to wake up one morning to the news that you’re not here anymore”.

NOTE: As far as we know when Michael arrived in Las Vegas from Ireland he didn’t give anyone any reason to think that he needed interventions. To me it looks like vivid imagination on the part of some people.

Q. Did you have a family gathering in May 2009?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. What was that for?

A. That was supposed to be for my 60th anniversary, but it was the wrong time. I think Janet just named it that so we could have an anniversary or a party.

Q. Were you ever asked by anyone to sign anything saying Michael had any issues in 2007?

A. Did I ever? Yes, I did. But you know what? I really don’t remember that thing. But I did sign something. 

Q. I’m going to show you exhibit 1023, a poem he wrote called “Mother.” “Mother” – did Michael write this for you?

A. Yes.

MOTHER by Michael Jackson

MOTHER by Michael Jackson

MOTHER by Michael Jackson

Mother dear, you gave me life

Because of you, no struggle or strife

You gave me joy and position

Cared for me without condition

And if I ever change this world

It’s from the emotions you’ve unfurled

Your compassion is so sweet and dear

Your finest feelings I can hear

I can sense your faintest notion

The wondrous magic of your love potion

And now that I have come so far

Met with every king and czar

Encountered every color and creed

Of very passion, every greed

I go back to that starry night

With not a fear for muscle or might

You taught me how to stand and fight

For every single wrong and right

Every day without a hold

I will treasure what you’ve mold

I will remember every kiss

Your sweet words I’ll never miss

No matter where I go from here

You’re in my heart, my mother dear.

Q. …How did that make you feel when Michael gave it to you?

A. Well, it made me cry, for one thing. And I felt very – – very loved. I knew he loved me. 

Q. And were you financially dependent on your son Michael while he was alive?

A. Yes. Michael took care of me. My every need, my every want. He gave me everything.

Q. The necessities of life, he provided for you?

A. Yes.

Q. Did he give you gifts?

A. All the time.

Q. Cars, jewelry, mobile homes, things like that?

A. Yes.

Q. Did he give you money?

A. Yes.

Q. Did he give you cash?

A. Always.

Q. Why not checks?

A. He never wrote checks?

Q. Did Michael provide you with moral support?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you tell us how have you been affected by the loss of the love, companionship, affection, support, by the loss of your son, Michael?

A. Excuse me, can you repeat?

Q. Sure. The loss of your son, Michael, the support, the love, how has that affected you?

A. When a mother loses a child, you – no one know until it happens to them. That’s the worst thing that can happen to a person, losing a child. I lost my mother, my father and my sister. I’m the only one left. But when I lost Michael, I lost everything. He was the most loving, down to earth, he loved everybody. Very humble. Very humble. No matter –

Q. Now, Mrs. Jackson, did you think your son could have done 50 shows?

A. Yes. But the only way he could have done them is if they had them spaced out. They couldn’t be every other night like AEG wanted at first. That’s why I kept calling.

Q. Who were you calling?

A. I called Randy Phillips, and I called doctor – what’s the name?

Q. Dr. Tohme?

A. – Dr. Tohme, first. And I told him, “Michael can’t do those shows. They have to change the schedule of it.”

Q. So you were just concerned about the spacing out of the concerts?

A. I was concerned about that. It they spaced it out, he could have done many shows.

Q. Did you visit Michael ever at the Carolwood home?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you go there before he had his press conference in England?

A. Yes.

Q. Before the press conference, did you go in his bedroom?

A. Yes.

Q. Were there any doors locked at that time?

A. No. Every time I went there, we went into his bedroom, and we went into all the other parts of the house. My nephew sitting there now, he would always be with me, and Michael would invite us up there, and we would watch movies, and he would show us different things that he had been doing.

Q. Okay. Now, did you ever know who Conrad Murray was before your son died?

A. No.

Q. Now, how did you hear about Michael’s death?

A. I had been out in field service that morning, and when I came home, I had a call from Joe, my husband, and he told me that one of the fans had called him and said – you know, fans are always hanging around the house outside. And told him that he saw them bring somebody out on a gurney, and he was covered completely up. And Joe called me, and I sort of got angry, and I was scared at the same time. And I said,” Joe, that doesn’t have to be Michael. Why are doing that to me?” So later on I got a call to go to the hospital, because I thought maybe he was sick.

Q. Did you go to the hospital?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. Who was there?

A. Well, I saw some of the people that worked with Michael, and I saw Conrad Murray, not knowing who he was. He was pacing back and forth. And so my nephew and I were talking, Who is this man that is going back and forth? And we saw Frank Dileo, and finally Frank Dileo said, “That’s Dr. Murray”. That’s the only time I knew who he was. And still I was asking him, “Where is Michael? I want to go see him.” And nobody wanted to tell me. And so they took me to a room, and I was sitting in there waiting. And so I guess they were back there debating somebody to come. And so Frank Dileo came and told me that Michael had a reaction. And I said, “Well, how is he?’ And nobody said anything at first. They looked so funny. And I said, “Well, did he make it? Did he make it?” And Frank said, “No.”

Q. What did you do?

A. I was – everything went dark, and I just heard screaming.

Q. Did you see Paris and Blanket and Prince at this time?

A. No. I didn’t see them until later. They took me into a room, and they had two nurses in there. And then they brought Paris and Blanket and Prince in the room. And they were crying so hard.

Q. Was Paris doing anything in particular?

A. She was just screaming, looking up at the sky, to the ceiling, saying, “Daddy, I want to go with you. I can’t live without you. I’m going with you.” That’s all she kept saying. And then they kept going down to the morgue. I guess it was the morgue. Somewhere in the hospital. I didn’t go because I didn’t want to see Michael like that. And they kept going down and coming back and go back again. Finally, La Toya came, and she went down with them. And I said, “What are they doing?” and she said, “They’re hugging their daddy and crying.”

Q. Did – after you left the hospital, did you take the children to Hayvenhurst with you?

A. Yes. They told us that it was time for us to go and that – we had been there for a long time. And Paris and the kids came out, we walked out to the garage where the cars were, and Paris looked at me and said, “Grandma, where are we going?’… And I told her, “Your’re going home with grandma”.

Q. Has it been a difficult adjustment for the children without their father?

A. The two boys adjusted fine. I would say “fine,” but – because you never know with their thinking. But Paris had the hardest time. But I thought she was the bravest because – she had so many pictures of Michael. When I told her I was going to decorate her bedroom, and I bought everything and decorated. And I had some of my pictures for her bedroom. And she said, “I have pictures.” And she had about five big pictures of Michael, and she said, “I want these two over my bed” and over her desk. She had them all over her room. And I was wondering, “How could she do that?” Because I didn’t want to see him; every time I saw him, I felt so sad. The after we moved, she just had a collage. Her whole wall, like the one you saw of the house that Michael did for me. Her bedroom was just Michael’s pictures.

Q. Now, did Paris do something about getting a necklace with a heart?

A. Yes. Before we put Michael away, my nephew and I and Paris and her brothers, she had us running everywhere trying to find this special heart. And it was a heart, a broken heart. And when she got it, she went to the morgue, and she hung one part around her father’s neck, and she wore the other half.

Q. I want to show you exhibit 1034-1. Is that Prince?

A. Yes.

Q. How has Prince been affected?

A. Prince, he talks about his father sometimes. But he has a lot of company with his cousins and things, and he doesn’t show his emotions that much.

Q. He’s more subdued?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you tell he misses his father?

A. Oh, yes, he does.

Q. Now, Paris. Let me show 1035-1. Paris. Did she used to take one of Michael’s shirts and do something with it?

A. Yes. She took his pajama top when he first died, and she didn’t want anybody to wash it. She said, “I want it just the way daddy wore it. I want his scent on it.” She put it in a pillow, and she put a bell around it, and she sat it on her bed, and that’s the way she wanted it.

Q. How has Paris been affected by the loss of her father?

A. Oh, my goodness. She – – one of my grandchildren told me that she would tell them that she wanted to go where daddy was.

Q. She had a hard time?

A. She had a very hard time at first.

Q. Has she had to get medical help?

A. Pardon?

Q. Has she had to get medical help?

A. Yes.

Q. Go to the hospital?

A. Yes.

Q. Has she had a really hard time with the loss of her father?

A. Yes.

Q. How about Blanket?

A. Blanket was young. He was seven when Michael died. He’s 11 now. He’s come a long way.

Q. How often was he with his father?

A. Everywhere Michael went. The other kids were in school, so everywhere Michael went, he took Blanket with him.

Q. Let me show exhibit 1036-1. Is this Blanket?

A. That’s Blanket.

Q. He still have long hair?

A. Yes.

Q. Does he like long hair?

A. He doesn’t want to cut it because that’s the way Michael liked it. He’s 11, but he’s going to have to cut it sooner or later.

Q. You don’t want him with long hair?

A. I don’t want the long hair, but he doesn’t want to cut it so I’m not going to do it to him yet.

Q. Let’s talk about Michael being a father. Do you know if he wanted to be a father?

A. My goodness. More than anything else.

Q. Did you have occasion to talk with him and observe him with children?

A. Yes. Talked to him a lot.

Q. How would you describe Michael as a father?

A. He’s one of the best fathers. You’d be surprised. You would really be surprised at what a good father he was. He cooked for them. He did all these things. And he never cooked before, but the kids thinks it’s the best food they ever tasted.

Q. Did Michael’s writing of music change at all after he had children?

A. Yes, it did.

Q. How?

A. Well, his music was more, I should say, loving, more meaningful. He wrote from his heart more. It just changed his life, and it reflected in his music.

Q. Mrs. Jackson, do you miss you son?

A. Words can’t explain it.

Mr. Panish. Okay. That’s all the questions I have. Thank you.


Q. …You initiated this lawsuit against AEG Live, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. And do you remember when you filed this lawsuit, ma’am?

A. I don’t remember the exact time.

Q. If I were to tell you that it was in September of 2010, would that sound right to you?

A. That’s about right.

Q. And you brought this lawsuit on behalf of yourself, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. And you also brought it as the guardian to Mr. Jackson’s three children, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. And was it your choice, Mrs. Jackson, to bring this lawsuit?

A. Yes, it was.

Q. And did you ever talk to Mr. Jackson’s children about whether or not to bring this lawsuit?

A. I never talked to the children about it.

Q. Okay. So this was your decision alone, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you ever discuss it with any of your children prior to bringing the lawsuit?

A. After.

Q. After. And what about with your husband, Joe Jackson? Did you discuss it with him?

A. No, I never did.

Q. So did you discuss this with anybody besides your attorneys prior to bringing the lawsuit?

A. I don’t think so. I can’t remember that doing anything like that. My husband doesn’t live with me, so I didn’t discuss it with him.

Q. And you brought this lawsuit, you said, despite the fact that you’re a very private person, correct, ma’am?

A. Yes, I am. 

Q. Okay. And you said that you brought the lawsuit because you wanted to search for the truth, is that right, ma’am?

A. Yes.

Q. And is that what you’re hoping will come out of this lawsuit?

A. I want to find out, and I think I owe it to my son to find out what really happened to him. I’ve had – heard a lot of stories, and I know and I even heard from my grandchildren after my son died that my son was being pressured, and he was asking for his father. And the kids would tell him he didn’t know what to do. My son was sick, and nobody is like – I can’t think of – Kenny Ortega said that they wouldn’t even hand him a hot cup of tea, and they knew he was sick. And instead of calling – nobody said, “Let’s call the doctor. Let’s see what’s wrong with him.”. Nobody said that. And I was sitting there listening, and I was wondering, and I was sitting there listening to all the names they called. That’s hard for me, sitting in court and listening to them call my son a freak, saying he was lazy. And not too long ago, couple days last week, I had – no, I was – this week I had to listen to a lot of things, talking about how broke he was.  He didn’t take a dime home. But if you know he didn’t take a dime home, why didn’t you look further and see that why he didn’t take a dime home? He gave it to charity, and he gave a lot of things to charity.

Q. And I apologize, ma’am. I don’t quite understand it. When you say “she said,” who are you talking about?

A. You know who I’m talking about?

Q. Who are you talking about, ma’am?

Mr. Panish: Ms. Strong.

Q. Oh, you mean the woman asking the questions?

A. It hurts to sit here in court and listen to all these things about him, defining him as a freak and all of that. It’s hard for me. And then listening to how sick my son was and nobody was trying to help him.

Q. When you say that it’s hard to sit here and listen to people say these things, and you mentioned now a couple times the idea of your son being lazy, you also heard Mr. Gongaware explain that what he meant by that was that your son didn’t like to rehearse. You did hear that, correct, ma’am?

A. All I heard was “lazy”. Maybe he was talking about rehearse, but he’s not lazy.

Q. I understand that. I’m asking, did you hear what Mr. Gongaware actually meant by those words?

A. Yes.

Q. And you heard what he said, that he was talking about the fact that Mr. Jackson historically didn’t like to rehearse?

A. Mr. Jackson was sick and couldn’t rehearse.

Q. Well, for example, you heard the testimony, did you not, ma’am, where it talks about the fact that he didn’t like to rehearse for the Dangerous tour?

A. Yes.

Q. And did you hear the testimony where he said he didn’t like to rehearse for the History tour?

A. No.

Q. No? And –

A. No. I had heard from the tour that he’s taking – was taking now. I never heard he was lazy for the other tours. Michael never rehearsed a lot, because he knew what he was doing, and he knew – and he was part of creating the dances and all of that, so he didn’t need that much rehearsing.

Q. In fact, he often didn’t rehearse because he was doing the same dances that he had created; correct, ma’am?

A. Yes.

Q. And if you recall, the email that Mr. Gongaware wrote, he wrote prior to Mr. Jackson starting the tour rehearsals for the This Is It tour, talking about the idea that he had been lazy on prior tours because he didn’t rehearse. You remember that testimony, ma’am?

A. No, I don’t. I remember him talking about him being lazy, and a lot of things I didn’t hear because that hurts, and I closed my ears to it.

Q. Okay. But you do want to know the truth; right, ma’am?

A. I want to know the truth what happened to him.

NOTE:  Michael didn’t like to rehearse because he was saving up his energy for the shows and knew his own choreography inside out. And Gongaware’s email was dated February 27th when there were no rehearsals yet. His email was about Michael’s unwillingness to go to a press-conference, though now all of them link it to rehearsals. Quote:

Panish: “Read those last two sentences for us, what you wrote there on February 27th, 2009, sir.” Gongaware:  (reads email)  “We cannot be forced into stopping this, which MJ will try to do because he’s lazy and constantly changes his mind to fit his immediate wants.”

Anyway rehearsing was none of MJ’s duties  – even AEG’s general counsel Shawn Trell says that taking part in rehearsals was up to the artist only and demanding it of him is an insult.

Q. …when you said it’s hard to sit here and listen to these bad things, one mentioned the idea – the email where Mr. Gongaware said that he was lazy, and I’m asking you if you can remember what other bad, untrue things you’ve heard in the last 12 weeks?

A. The called him a freak.

Q. And you’re talking about the email—

A. They were making fun of him. “Finally get a change to meet the freak.”

Q. And are you talking –

A. And you know –

Q. You’re talking about an email from someone who isn’t a party to this lawsuit, correct, ma’am? That was somebody outside of the Defendants in the lawsuit who said that. Do you remember that, ma’am?

Mr. Panish: I’m going to object. It’s not outside the defense. It’s the General Counsel lawyer.

Mr. Putnam: No, it’s not general counsel.

Mr. Panish: It was AEG’s general counsel –

Mr. Putnam: Not true.

Judge: Overruled.

Mr. Panish: — Mr. Fikre.

Mr. Putnam: Mr. Fikre.

Mr. Panish: Yes, Mr. Trell’s boss.

Mr. Putnam: Not Mr. Trell’s boss.

Q. Do you recall that, Mrs. Jackson, that it was actually sent to somebody at AEG Live, not sent from AEG Live. You remember that, ma’am?

A. I don’t know who it was, but I’m just saying that it’s hard to sit here and listen to it.

NOTE: Another lie from Putnam. Mr. Fikre is one of the lawyers at AEG Live and is a member of their board of directors. Even his email address says “”. Here is the actual email:

AEG's lawyers exchange emails calling MJ a "freak"

AEG’s lawyers exchanged emails calling MJ a “freak” just before signing a contract with him

Q. … I’m just trying to understand. You said it’s hard to listen to the untruths, and you’re looking for a search to the truth, and I’m trying to think of what untrue things you heard, ma’am.

A. He’s not a freak.

Q. Anything else, ma’am?

A. My son is dead. He’s not here to talk for himself, so anything bad that’s said about him hurts very much.

Q. But –

A. And some people love doing that to him.

Q. Doing that to your son?

A. Yes.



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THE ABC7 TWEETS give the short of it:

Friday July 19th, DAY 52


Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 52 of Jackson family vs AEG trial is about to begin.


Katherine Jackson will take the stand today. She’s one of the plaintiffs in the case.


Our reporter John Gregory will bring all the latest details on @ABC7 Eyewitness News at 11 am PT.


As you know, judge does not allow live tweets from the courthouse. We’ll bring you complete coverage as soon as we can.


Our reporter Miriam Hernandez is in the courtroom gathering all the latest info. We are in the overflow room watching the proceedings live.


Katherine Jackson arrived at 9:27am PT.  She was wearing a purple and blue abstract print jacket.


Brian Panish takes her hand and leads her to the witness stand. Her fingers are curled as she takes the oath.


At 9:40 am PT, Katherine Jackson took the stand and was sworn in. She states her full name: Katherine Esther Jackson.


She said her date of birth is May 4, 1930, which makes her 83 years old.


Mrs. Jackson said this is the first time she’s testified in court and she is a little nervous.


Mrs. Jackson: No


Panish: Did you get a lot of sleep last night?


She said she’s a little hard time hearing. Mrs. Jackson testified she’s a private person, she’s always in the background of her children.


The most difficult thing is to seat there in this court and listen to all the bad things they say about my son, Mrs. Jackson explained.


They are not true, she said. “He’s not here to speak for himself.”


Panish asked if she was here to speak on his behalf. “I will do my best,” she answered.


I want to know what really happened to my son and that’s why I am here, Mrs. Jackson said.


Panish: How does he make you feel that they said they were going to say you son was a bad person?


Mrs Jackson: My son was a very good person. He gave to charity, is on the record for giving to charity. I’m so nervous, I’m so sorry.


Panish: When you learned MJ was going to name his son Prince, were you happy?


Mrs. Jackson: Very!


Mrs. Jackson said MJ named his son Prince because of her family. “He loved my father,” she said.


Mrs. Jackson testified the musical talent came from her grandfather on her mother’s side, Columbus Brown.


She said her mother would open the windows and his song rang over the valley.


Here’s a picture of Katherine and her father with Michael Jackson. It was shown to the jury.



My father taught us to play the guitar, Mrs. Jackson said. Her sister played the cello. “We always had music around the house.”


Mrs. Jackson said she had polio as a child, Infantile Poliomyelitis. “I wore a brace on left leg from age 7 to 9,” she said. “I was shy.”


Mrs. Jackson said Michael loved all children, especially those who had something wrong with them: orphans, hospitals for disable children.


Michael would spend the day with Make a Wish foundation.


Mrs. Jackson married Joseph Jackson when she was 19 and he was 21. They lived in Gary, Indiana.


They bought a house on Jackson Street. “It was a coincidence,” she said. It looked like a garage in a way. It was a 4 room, 2 bedroom house.


She raised 9 children: Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Michael, Randy, Janet


Mrs. Jackson said they had bunk beds. Jackie was the oldest, he got his own bunk. Randy was baby, slept in Katherine and Joe’s room.


Mrs. Jackson said that sometimes she would wake up to them harmonizing singing. Joe worked in a steel mill, was sometimes laid off 2-4 weeks


She took a job, between Randy and Janet, since there was a 5 year gap. She was a clerk at Sears and Roebuck.


Panish: Did you always have a lot of money?


Mrs. Jackson: No, not at all


Mrs. Jackson: I made a lot of clothes, watch the newspaper, bought a lot of things on sale, went down to Salvation Army to get shoes.


I had to live payday to payday, Mrs. Jackson explained. “The money was scarce, we had to eat.”


She said they didn’t want to go on welfare. “We picked vegetables, fruits, keep in the freezer and that’s how we survived.”


Panish: Are you a good cook?


Mrs. Jackson: The kids think so


I know how to prepare a potato every way you can think of, Mrs. Jackson said.


She said she enjoyed having a large family and lived in a cul de sac near little league field. Jackie and Tito played baseball.


Here’s a picture of Jackie and Tito’s baseball team.


Michael would spend his money with candy and cookie, Mrs. Jackson said. He would set up a store to sell them.


I was always close to God, Mrs. Jackson said. “II raised my children the best I can with spiritual guidance.”


She was raised Baptist, then became Lutheran and wasn’t satisfied with that. When old enough to understand started searching.


I searched and found the true religion: Jehovah Witness, Mrs. Jackson testified.


Jevohah’s witnesses don’t celebrate birthdays or other dates. They celebrate one day, that’s Jesus last supper.


Some became Witnesses, Michael, Rebbie and LaToya. The others are not. Her husband wasn’t a witness, so they didn’t stop holidays right away


Picture of Katherine Jackson during her high school years. “Oh my God, that’s me,” a shy Mrs. Jackson said.
Katherine Jackson in high school

Katherine Jackson in high school

MJ at the age of two [ABC7 Court News pictures]

MJ at the age of two [from ABC7]


Michael was born Aug 29, 1958. As to this photo: “It shows my sweet little boy to me,” Mrs. Jackson said.


Michael was always sensitive and loving, Mrs. Jackson said. One day, when his brother was sick, Michael was holding his hand and cried.


Panish asked when MJ showed he loved music. “He was born dancing,” Mrs. Jackson said. “He was in my arms and couldn’t be still, was dancing”


Mrs. Jackson told a story when she had a Maytag with roller that squeezes water out. It was old and rusty and it would make a squeaky noise


MJ would be dancing to the squeaking noise. “He was dancing and sucking in bottles,” Mrs. Jackson said.


The children loved the Temptations and imitated them all the time, Mrs. Jackson said. Panish asked if they had television in the house.


Mrs. Jackson: We had an old TV, TV would break, had a TV man take it aways and sometimes didn’t have money to get it back.


The children would sing and dance, she said. “We always had music in the house.”


They were very young, they danced and sang. Michael was 5 years old, they went on to contests at school, then professional.


There was not a lot to do in Gary, Mrs. Jackson said. So the high school had events and the boys would win every time there was a contest.


Michael won every contest. When the other kids knew the Jacksons were coming they were Oh my God!, Mrs. Jackson said.


Originally, the name was Jackson Brothers Five, but the name was too long, so they cut it short to Jackson 5.


Mrs. Jackson: Michael was 5 and the sang Climb Every Mountain. He started singing, my father and I cried like a baby.


Jackson 5 lost a contest once to a boy who lived next door and won that year.


Panish: How did that make you feel?


Mrs. Jackson: I cried


Jackson 5: The boys rehearsed at the house. “We saved money to buy amplifiers,” Mrs. Jackson said.

The boys rehearsed at the house [ABC7 pictures]

The boys rehearsed at the house [from ABC7]

They wore home-made suits [ABC7 pictures]

They wore home-made suits [from ABC7]


Mrs. Jackson said she made the suits. She said they were called “Homemade suits” (the jury laughed)


Mrs. Jackson: When Gladys Knight and Temptations would ask for us to be on stage with them and they got paid that way.


They signed with Motown in 1968. The boys moved first to California, Katherine came four months later.


I had always wanted to live in California, Mrs. Jackson explained, since Gary, Indiana was so cold and snowed.


Jackson 5 started making records when they signed with Motown. The first 4 singles became number one records, Mrs. Jackson recalled.


Mrs. Jackson explained the Jacksonmania that happened at this time. Shes said there was so many girls around the house she got tired of it.


They’d come and stay all day and sometimes they stayed so late I had to drive them home, Mrs. Jackson remembered.


Panish showed video of their early life in Gary, Indiana, dancing at 5, Motown, audition, ABC song, TV show, Motown 25.


Panish: As mother, when you saw MJ perform like that, how did you feel?


Mrs. Jackson: I felt very proud


Special performances surprised Mrs. Jackson. When he was 14 he sang solo in the Academy Awards shows. “I was very proud of him,” she said.


Panish: Were you nervous about it?


Mrs. Jackson: I was a little bit, but he did well


Mrs. Jackson said MJ liked rats. One time they went to Beverly Hills to have dinner and he kept putting crumbs in his pocket to feed the rat


Michael didn’t like dogs, Mrs. Jackson said. She recalls one day of a dog bite and Michael been afraid ever since.


Despite that, Michael got a chocolate Labrador for the children, named Kenya. They had a turkey, a parrot, ferrets, mice, cats.


Michael was a very good artist, Mrs. Jackson said. He did a lot of art in school and some of this pictures have been sold. He’d write songs.


Katherine said Michael didn’t seat and watch TV. She said it’s very hard for her to seat and watch them talking about Michael being lazy.


My son was not lazy, Mrs. Jackson said. “That is the biggest lie around.”


MJ was a straight A student. He liked movies, Katherine named a few: The Wiz, Sidney, 12 Angry Men. Panish show snippet of The Wiz.


Jurors were highly entertained at this point. Some smiled, some pursed their lips as if they were trying not to smile.


Katherine said Michael and Quincy Jones got along very well, worked together in various projects: Thriller, Bad, Off the Wall.


Panish: When Michael was 21, did he write down what his goals were?


Mrs. Jackson: Yes, Michael wrote notes to himself


She said he’d write where he wanted to be at certain time, how he wanted an album to sell. He was still living at home in Hayvenhurst.


He wanted to be known as MJ, not little Michael or little Jackson, Mrs. Jackson explained.


Panish showed video of the first time MJ did the Moonwalk (Billie Jean song). Jurors smiled.


He used to practice all the time, Mrs. Jackson said. He has a room over the garage where he danced two hours straight without stoping.


The sequined silver jacket MJ was using in Billie Jean was Katherine’s. He went into her closet, got it before the show, never gave it back.


MJ continued to live with Mrs. Jackson until her was 30. “When he became 18, he wanted to buy me a house,” she testified.


But by that time houses had gone up to millions of dollars, so he decided to rebuild the house.


The way you see Hayvenhurst is the way he rebuilt it, Mrs. Jackson said. He had a room upstairs he didn’t want anyone to go in.


He then got all the pictures and put them on the wall instead of wallpaper. He said ‘here’s your surprise,’ she said.


Plaque to Katherine Jackson
To my mother [ABC7]

“The reflections of a Mother’s heart is in the glimmer in her children’s eyes   Her every emotion and feeling is somewhere in her child’s character     Noblemen are what their mothers made them.    Why does my mother cry    Are those happy tears or tears of sorrow     Oh please God let them be happy tears    All my success has been based on the fact that I wanted Mother proud     To win her smile of approval” [from ABC7]


Panish showed video of the room. “He gave this to me,” Mrs. Jackson said. Even the ceiling has pictures. “Everything is covered.”


Panish: Did MJ like music videos?


Mrs. Jackson: Oh yes. They were like short movies, Thriller. He invited me down while doing movie “Ghost.”


Mrs. Jackson: I was seating at the set, a white male man came to me and I said I’m here to see my son. He said ‘mom, it’s me!’


Michael was involved in the Jehovah Witness for a while, did “filed service.” He had to disguise himself, wore a fat suit.


In 1988, Michael purchased Neverland. Panish showed video of it, the animals, roller coast, poem written by Michael, movie theater.


He finally got a candy store, Mrs. Jackson said.


Mrs. Jackson said Michael made the ranch available to people. He opened it to disable children, would invite classes of children.


In the movie theater, Katherine said they had special chair for sick children who couldn’t seat in regular seats.


Panish: Did it have a train station?


Katherine: Yes


P: What is it called?


Mrs. J.: Katherine


Katherine said the children loved Neverland.They were homeschooled.


The kids would go to Chuck & Cheese and other kids would ask do you have animals? They would say elephant, giraffes, Mrs. Jackson recalled.


One lady once told Grace ‘don’t they have great imaginations,’ she said.


Mrs. Jackson said Michael had been burned, badly burned, and was in a lot of pain. He had a balloon under the scalp.


Mrs. Jackson: He took that money from Pepsi settlement and donated it to the children’s burn center.


He had back injury too, she said. He had vitiligo, a disease that turns the skin white. “He just wanted to get it over with” she explained.


He didn’t talk much about his insomnia, Mrs. Jackson said. He couldn’t sleep at all at night when he was at home.


Panish: Did you ever see Michael abuse drugs or medications?


Mrs. Jackson: No, I never saw


Mrs. Jackson: I know he was taking pain medications. Many times I went to his room unannounced and I never saw him that way.


She said she tried an intervention because she heard from the other kids but didn’t think he was abusing drugs.


The other children told her it would mean much more if she went. “When we got there, Michael was fine,” Mrs. Jackson said.


She went to MJ’s Las Vegas home and talked to him about drug abuse. Michael said “Mom, I’m okay, I’m okay.”


Mrs. Jackson: Sometimes a mother is the last to know… and sometimes you are embarrassed.


Picture of Katherine Jackson’s 60th anniversary in May 2009.
A big gathering in May 2009. The 60th anniversary of the Jacksons' marriage [ABC7]

A big party in May 2009  [from ABC7]


Mrs. Jackson: At time time to me Michael looked ok. Later, I saw he was thin, he was dressed in jacket and all, I didn’t notice he was thin.


Michael and I were very close, Mrs. Jackson said. He was the son — a mother wouldn’t want a better son than Michael. He was very shy.”


Poem Michael wrote to his mother.


Panish: How did that make you feel?


Mrs. Jackson: It made me cry for one thing… I felt very loved.


Handwritten note from Michael to Katherine Jackson.


Mother, My Guardian Angel — by Michael Jackson
Mother, My Guardian Angel, by Michael Jackson

Mother, My Guardian Angel, by Michael Jackson [from ABC7]


Panish: When you received that, how did it make you feel?


Mrs. Jackson: I cried


Panish: Did he give you gifts?


Mrs Jackson: All the time. He gave me everything, the necessities of life, gifts, cars, jewelry, mobile homes


Panish: Did he give you money?


Mrs. Jackson: Yes, cash. Michael never wrote checks


As to how she’s affect by the loss of love, support: Mrs. Jackson: No one knows until it happened to some


Mrs. Jackson: That’s the worse thing that could happen. When I lost Michael I lost everything. He was the most loving, very, very humble.


When a mother loses a child, Mrs. Jackson said crying “that’s the worse than can happen to a person.”


She said she heard about the This Is It tour through Grace Rwamba.


Mrs. Jackson said she lost the best thing ever as she wiped out tears.


She said he was joking when he said he didn’t want to do the Moonwalk at age 50. “He used to think that 50 was really old.”


Mrs. Jackson said she didn’t think her son could do 50 shows every other night as was planned. She called Randy Phillips and Dr. Tohme.


Mrs. Jackson didn’t know who Conrad Murray was until after MJ died. She didn’t know MJ had died when she arrived at the hospital.


She said she had been out on field service and she said one of the fans said they brought someone out on a gurney completely covered up.


Later on I got a call to go to the hospital, I thought he was just sick, Mrs. Jackson said.


Mrs. Jackson said she saw many people who worked with Michael at the hospital, like Frank DiLeo. Dr. Murray was pacing back and forth.


Mrs. Jackson: Nobody wanted to tell me, I was seating and waiting, I guess they were back debating.


Michael had a reaction, they told Mrs Jackson. “I said how is he? Did he make it? Did he make it? And Frank said no,” she recalled, crying


Mrs. Jackson didn’t see the children until later. “I was crying so hard,” she said.


Paris was saying ‘dad I want to do with you (crying), I can’t live without you’ that’s what she kept saying.


Mrs. Jackson: They were there hugging and saying ‘Daddy, I love you!’


I went down to the morgue, never wanted to see Michael like that, Mrs. Jackson testified, crying.


When they left, Paris said ‘grandma, where are we going?’ Mrs. Jackson told her ‘you are going home with grandma.’


Panish asked about the adjustment without their father. She said the two boys I can say fine. Paris is having the hardest time.


Paris had 5 big pictures of Michael in her room and Mrs. Jackson said she wondered how she could do that, she saw them and felt so sad.


Paris’ whole room is a collage of picture just like MJ had, Mrs. Jackson said.


Mrs. Jackson said Paris was looking for a special heart. She found a broken heart, hung one part in Michael’s neck and she put on the other.


Prince is affected by not spending time with his father, Mrs. Jackson said.


Paris took MJ’s pajama top, didn’t want anyone to wash it. She sat it on her bed.


Panish asked how Paris is affected. “Oh My God! She wanted to go where daddy was,” Mrs. Jackson said.


Blanket doesn’t want to cut his hair. Daddy loved his hair, so he doesn’t want to cut it.


Michael was one of the best fathers, Mrs. Jackson said. “You’d be surprised what a good father he was.”


Mrs. Jackson said MJ’s writing changed, he was more loving and meaningful, he wrote from his heart more.


Words could not describe the love for his children, Mrs. Jackson described.


Panish: Mrs. Jackson, do you miss your son?


Mrs. Jackson: Words can’t explain


Panish finished direct examination. AEG’s Marvin Putnam did cross examination.


Putnam asked if Katherine saw all the exhibits that were going to bed shown in court today. She said yes.


Putnam: You initiated this lawsuit against AEG Live?


Mrs. Jackson: Yes


She doesn’t remember when it was filed, brought it on her behalf and the children. It was her choice to bring this lawsuit.


She never talked to MJ’s children about it, discussed with her children after, but not with Joe.


Putnam asked her that despite being very private person she brought on this lawsuit and has lived a very public life for the past 40 years.


My family is famous, I was always on the background, Mrs. Jackson explained.


Putnam asked her if she gave interviews to Dateline, 20/20, Oprah (after my son died). She said yes.


My life is as private as much as I can keep it private, she said. She said she was nervous being in front of people she doesn’t know.


I wanted to find out, I think I owe it to my son to find out what really happened to him, Mrs. Jackson said.


I heard stories and I heard from my grandson he was being pressured, that he was asking for his father, that Joe would know what to do.


Mrs. Jackson: My son was sick and Kenny Ortega said nobody gave him a cup of tea. Nobody said call the doctor, let’s see what’s wrong w/ him


Mrs. Jackson said it was hard for her to be sitting here in the courtroom and listening people “call my son a freak, saying he is lazy.”


This week I had to listen how broke his was, he didn’t take a dime home, Mrs. Jackson said.


Why he didn’t take a dime home? Because he was giving it to charity.


Mrs. Jackson: It hurts to seat here in court and hear how sick my son was and no one was trying to help him.


Putnam then asked: But the witnesses called were by your attorney, right? Mrs. Jackson responded yes.


Putnam asked about Dr. Murray: “My son needed another doctor, a real doctor,” Mrs. Jackson said.


Mrs. Jackson: The doctor was for his children but I didn’t know who he was. Later I heard it was Dr. Murray.


Putnam said Gongaware explained lazy was because her son was late for rehearsal.


He was not lazy, Mrs. Jackson said. “Mr. Jackson was sick, he couldn’t rehearse.”


Putnam: He didn’t like to rehearse in prior tours. “Michael didn’t have to rehearse a lot, he knew the moves, he helped create them” she said


I want the truth on what happened, Katherine testified.


Putnam asked what was untrue and bad things said in the trial. Mrs. Jackson said ‘they called him freak, having a chance to meet the freak.’


Putnam asked if this was sent by someone who is not a party to this lawsuit, sent to AEG Live.


Mrs. Jackson: I don’t remember who sent it, I know it is hard to seat here and listen to it. He’s not a freak.


My son is dead, so anything about him said that is bad, it hurts, Mrs. Jackson explained.


Putnam: It was very hard hearing all the bad things said about your son for the past 40 years?


Mrs. Jackson: Yes


Putnam questioned the fact that Mrs. Jackson’s attorneys didn’t deny the fact that her son had problems with drugs.


My son was on prescription drugs, that doesn’t make it true about other drugs they said he was on, Mrs. Jackson said.


Putnam asked if she sued Kenny Ortega as well. She said she doesn’t’ remember, there was a list of people in the suit.


The attorneys stipulated that Mrs. Jackson dropped the lawsuit against Kenny Ortega. Then there was lunch break.


Panish told court Mrs. Jackson was sleeping over lunch hour, since she got very little sleep last night, and will be probably 1 hour in pm.


Putnam: Bringing lawsuit, hadn’t spoken with grandchildren or children before filing the suit?


Mrs. Jackson: Yes


Putnam asked if it was before or after the criminal trial of Dr. Murray. She said she did not remember.


Mrs. Jackson was at the criminal trial almost every day.


Putnam: Is it fair to say the criminal trial didn’t play in this lawsuit?


Panish: Objection, attorney/client privilege.


Putnam: Is there anything you thought about other than the discussion with your attorneys that you consider in deciding to bring lawsuit?


Mrs. Jackson: Before the Conrad Murray trial? I don’t remember


There’s no dispute as to the dates of Murray’s criminal trial, Panish said.


Putnam asked if she provided any documents to her attorneys to give to them (defendants)?


Panish: Objection — attorney-client privilege


Mrs. Jackson said “yes.” Putnam understood she was answering yes to him. “I’m not saying yes for you,” she responded. Everyone laughed.


At this point, Mrs. Jackson spoke quietly to the judge and judge decided to end the day short, since she was too tired to continue.


Mrs. Jackson will resume testimony on Monday at 9:30 am PT, with more cross examination. We hope to see you then! Have a great weekend!


ALAN DUKE about Katherine Jackson’s testimony:

Michael Jackson’s mom: ‘I want to know what really happened’

By Alan Duke, CNN

July 20, 2013 — Updated 0036 GMT (0836 HKT)

  • Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson: “A lot of the facts that have been said are not the truth”
  • Michael Jackson’s “not here to speak for himself,” his mother says
  • “My son was a very good person,” Jackson’s mother testifies
  • Expert says Jackson would have earned $1.5 billion from touring and sponsorship

Los Angeles (CNN) — Michael Jackson’s mother told jurors she filed a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live “because I want to know what really happened to my son.”

Katherine Jackson, likely the final witness as her lawyers conclude their wrongful death case against the pop icon’s last concert promoter, began her testimony Friday and will conclude it Monday in a Los Angeles court.

“The most difficult thing is to sit here in the court and listen to all the bad things they say about my son,” Jackson testified.

The 83-year-old matriarch of the world’s most famous entertainment family sat on the front row in the small courtroom for most of the 51 previous days of testimony.

“A lot of the facts that have been said are not the truth,” she said. She said contrary to what an AEG Live executive wrote in an e-mail as Jackson prepared for his comeback concerts in 2009, her son was not lazy.

But she especially objected to an e-mail from AEG parent company’s general counsel that called Jackson “a freak” on the same day his company’s top executives were going to his house to sign the “This Is It” tour contract.

“He’s not here to speak for himself,” his mother said. She said she would “try my best” to speak for the pop icon.

Jurors leaned forward and listened closely during Jackson’s testimony and as her lawyer showed them video of her son performing as a child.

The lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson and on behalf of the singer’s three children contends AEG Live is liable for the death of Jackson because it hired, retained or supervised Dr. Conrad Murray. The doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

AEG Live argues it was Jackson, not their company, who chose and controlled Murray, who admitted giving Jackson nightly infusions of a surgical anesthetic the coroner ruled killed him. Its executives had no way of knowing about the dangerous treatments Murray was giving Jackson in the privacy of his bedroom, AEG Live lawyers contend.

“Why are you here?” Jackson lawyer Brian Panish asked Katherine

“Because I want to know what really happened to my son,” she said. “And that’s why I am here.”

Panish asked Jackson how it made her feel to have been asked probing and personal questions about her family by AEG Live lawyer Marvin Putnam during a dozen hours of deposition testimony.

“It makes me feel real bad, because my son was a very good person,” she said. “He loved everybody, he gave to charity, he was in the Guinness Book of World Records for giving to charity.”

Putnam faces the challenge of not appearing unkind to Katherine Jackson while also trying to discredit her testimony.

“Forget it,” she said as she stopped before answering Putnam’s question about why she initially included, and later dropped show director Kenny Ortega as a defendant in her lawsuit.

“Forget what ma’am?” Putnam asked.

Jackson remained silent for about a minute, staring back at Putnam.

Would it help to reread the question, he asked.

“No, it wouldn’t be helpful,” Jackson answered curtly.

The judge finally ordered the question stricken from the record because the answer involved privileged discussions with her lawyers.

Jackson returned to the stand after the lunch break but she told the judge she was tired after just a few more minutes of questioning by Putnam. The judge sent jurors home two hours early and will allow Katherine Jackson to resume her testimony Monday morning.

If jurors decide that AEG Live is liable in Jackson’s death, they could award damages based on the loss of the mother’s and children’s relationship with him and the amount of money he was unable to earn because his life was cut short.

The wrongful death trial is about to get a lot uglier, if defense lawyers live up to the promise of their opening statements.

AEG Live lawyers this week brought up the child molestation charges against Jackson and the 2002 incident in which the pop star “dangled” his infant son on a Berlin hotel balcony.

Touring till 66?

Paris Jackson made another appearance in the trial this week — via a video of her deposition in March. Jurors saw a clip of AEG Live lawyer Putnam asking the 15-year-old what her father told her about his “This Is It” tour:

Putnam: “Did he explain to you how long the tour was going to last?”

Paris: “I assume a long time since it was a world tour, but those usually last a long time”

Putnam: “How did you understand it was a world tour?”

Paris: “Because he told us.”

Putnam: “What did he tell you?”

Paris: “That we were going around the world on tour.”

Certified public accountant Arthur Erk, who has managed and audited the business affairs of many top artists, testified Wednesday that he is “reasonably certain” that Jackson would have performed 260 shows around the world as part of his “This Is It” tour. He would have earned $890 million over the three years of concerts in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia, Erk said.

Jackson would have earned at least $1.5 billion from touring, endorsements and sponsorships had he not died preparing for his comeback tour, Erk said.

AEG Live’s unprecedented sellout of 50 shows scheduled for London’s O2 Arena in 2009 and 2010 proved there was “pent-up demand” to see Jackson live, despite controversies that had tarnished his reputation in the years since his last tour in 1998, Erk said.

An e-mail from AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips said fans bought all 750,000 tickets put on sale for 31 shows in March 2009 in just two hours. Enough buyers were registered to sell out another 100 shows, Phillips wrote.

“Dude, we’re going to sell out a ridiculous amount of tickets,” AEG Live Co-CEO Paul Gongaware wrote in an e-mail. “We’ve got to get Mikey to add more shows.”

Jackson’s manager quickly approved another 19 shows, bringing the total to 50.

“Ten million tickets for the rest of the world? They would have gobbled up those tickets in seconds,” Erk said.

AEG Live lawyer Sabrina Strong challenged Erk’s estimate, asking if any other act has ever made as much money on a tour. “No,” he said. “This would have been a record-breaking world tour.”

Jackson would have done another 195 shows over four more world tours before retiring from the road at age 66, Erk predicted.

Putnam called Erk’s estimates “a creation, a fabrication” which suggests Jackson would have made more after age 50 that he did in the three tours during the “height of his fame.”

Jackson never intended to perform after the 50 shows in London, Putnam said.

AEG Live showed jurors a video clip of Katherine Jackson’s deposition, in which she said her son would joke that he “didn’t want to be moonwalking on stage at 50.”

“Michael said that quite a few years back and he was joking,” his mother explained in her testimony Friday. “I thought it was funny and most of us said things like that. I used to think 50 was very old.”

In fact, Jackson was 50 when he signed a three-year contract with AEG Live for his comeback tour, which would have likely included his famous moonwalk dance steps as he performed “Billie Jean.”

“We announced that we’re going to have one tour in London, that’s what was announced, and it was called ‘This Is It,’ meaning in London, this show is it,” he said. “This show is it. This is the last thing he’s ever going to do. As a result of this being his final performance ever, to be at the O2 in London, there was enormous response, understandably, and therefore we sold 50 shows.”

With the Jackson case ending — which Putnam called “ridiculous” — “now we’re going to start to show what actually occurred here,” he said.

No Conrad Murray testimony

AEG Live’s defense team confirmed Wednesday that they would not be calling Murray to testify.

“I have no intention of calling him myself, unless it’s requested, your honor,” Putnam said, replying to the judge’s question about his plans.

Until now, AEG Live lawyers have suggested they might call Murray, who is serving a four-year jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter, to the witness stand.

Murray’s lawyer gave the Jackson and AEG Live lawyers a sworn statement from the doctor before the trial began stating that he would invoke his constitutional protection against self-incrimination by refusing to answer questions if subpoenaed.

See you in September

Jurors, who were told when the trial started in April that it could end sometime in August, appeared unfazed when Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos told them this week that it is likely to extend into mid-September. Putnam estimated this week that he needs about 30 days in court to present his defense after the plaintiffs rest.

The jurors often have laughed and smiled in reaction to testimony and the interplay between Jackson lead lawyer Brian Panish, the judge and the AEG defense team.

For example, when Palazuelos ordered Panish to turn around and face the bench while AEG attorney Sabrina Strong cross-examined Erk, jurors seemed amused. Panish, whose seat was just in front of Strong’s lectern, had been looking directly up at her at close range.

There were no laughs in the hallway after court on Tuesday when Panish and Putnam exchanged words. The two lawyers were standing about 15 feet apart, each talking to reporters, when they began directing their words at each other. The court clerk interrupted the heated conversation, threatening to summon deputies.

Palazuelos lectured the lawyers in her chambers the next morning and imposed new rules that bar them from speaking to journalists in the hallway.


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  1. Jolie permalink
    July 20, 2013 1:12 pm

    Thank you Helena for this encouragement to give to TeamMichaelJackson. I stopped everything and gave my donation. I encourage everyone to do the same. It is the right thing to do.


  2. July 20, 2013 1:49 pm

    Jolie, thank you very much. You’ve done the right thing and will not regret it.


  3. July 20, 2013 5:50 pm

    So did I. We need all the documentation we can get. Please give so that we can keep having several sources reporting on the court proceedings. Important for Michael Jackson’s legacy. Thanks.


  4. July 20, 2013 6:32 pm

    Hi Helena,

    I did donate the first time around and have done so now. The least we can do at this hour.


  5. July 20, 2013 7:40 pm

    Krisheywood and Suparna, thank you very much for taking care. In the meantime I’ve retyped some parts of Katherine’s testimony and included them in the post.

    Need to have some sleep now. It’s almost morning here.


  6. July 20, 2013 7:45 pm

    You are very welcome. Thank you for retyping parts of the testimony. You do an awesome now and yes you must catch some sleep now- we all know how important it is especially in the context of MJ.


  7. Sina permalink
    July 20, 2013 7:48 pm

    Just donated again. I hope more will follow and if you can afford more, give more.
    I applaud Taj and Team Michael for their work and attending every day Travelling by bus in LA in itself is very exhausting . But please its not worth risking your health.
    The tweets are important because they are realtime and show the atmosphere in court But we also need the transcripts to get the complete information
    Transcripts of Ortega’s Finkelstein, Schnoll and Erks testimony together with Helena’s break down of the contract were so revealing, without them you do not get the full picture and the significance of the testimony.


  8. alice permalink
    July 20, 2013 9:35 pm

    Hey Helena.. this is my first comment of what I hope will become many.
    You are doing such an amazing job on this, I cannot begin to describe how valuable it is.
    I have recently been following all this from dawn until dusk over in Australia – reading backstory and retracing articles as I never realised how little I knew – and although now I’m unemployed I knew I had to donate some money last night to Taaj and the team. As much as I can give today, but not enough for the tomorrows to come. I know if others who consider themselves MJ supporters realised how much good we can do collectively by helping purchase the docs and supporting tweets from inside the courtroom then the financial burden will not be great and the outcome will be priceless. Having the documentation is invaluable to taking the right steps toward a truth for MJ. Having worked in the media myself for years (recently resigned) I have constantly seen how things are distorted by a desire to ‘rework’ the full story into shortened articles that either intentionally or un-intentionally favour personal egotism and ‘exclusive’-driven hyper-sensationalism over facts. For print it can often happen due to layout cuts and time constraints meaning those who proof and release do not have the ability or inclination to understand the purpose and point of an article. For online it can also be the same, if the article is being published by a media conglomerate and not individually. On both platforms, severe bias can also and often does enter the fold, with grave results. These are both the downfall of ‘news media’ and our ability and right to access the ‘story behind the story’. This is why we need to support Taaj, if only for the reason that the court documents and their own kind of ‘facts’ can be made available to us. To make our own judgement. To make the truth known. I feel that today, true journalism and the media are different entities. True journalism is when everything factual is considered and reported, regardless of article size, personal style, beliefs, or bias. People like you, Helena, and Charles Thomson are just two examples of those who I currently feel are becoming icons for a new, raw version of journalism. People driven by passion, not purse-strings. One that counter-acts the flaws of the media we see today, which played such an abhorrent part in the relentlessly abusive, slanderous and false public depiction of our Michael.
    Media murders. Journalism reveals.
    – alice


  9. pegasus dogs permalink
    July 21, 2013 9:36 am

    Thank You for the up date!  Always appreciate being kept up-to-date on what is happening.  Have a Great Day and God Bless You and Everyone involved in bringing us the information.   Sincerly,   Peggy Willardo  aka  Pegasus



  10. jan permalink
    July 21, 2013 11:01 am

    Just donated.


  11. July 21, 2013 11:38 am

    “Hey Helena.. this is my first comment of what I hope will become many.”- Alice

    Hey Alice, I hope there will be many too!

    “although now I’m unemployed I knew I had to donate some money last night to Taaj and the team. As much as I can give today, but not enough for the tomorrows to come. I know if others who consider themselves MJ supporters realised how much good we can do collectively by helping purchase the docs and supporting tweets from inside the courtroom then the financial burden will not be great and the outcome will be priceless. Having the documentation is invaluable to taking the right steps toward a truth for MJ.”

    Thank you very much for doing the right thing. TeamMJ, you, we and those who are also willing to contribute are working together for establishing the truth and being part of it is actually a big honor. This is how I regard it myself and would like others to see it. And the more you give the more will return to you, so every dollar spent or a good word said is actually an investment in our own better future – this I truly believe in.

    “Having worked in the media myself for years (recently resigned) I have constantly seen how things are distorted by a desire to ‘rework’ the full story into shortened articles that either intentionally or un-intentionally favour personal egotism and ‘exclusive’-driven hyper-sensationalism over facts. For print it can often happen due to layout cuts and time constraints meaning those who proof and release do not have the ability or inclination to understand the purpose and point of an article. For online it can also be the same, if the article is being published by a media conglomerate and not individually. On both platforms, severe bias can also and often does enter the fold, with grave results. These are both the downfall of ‘news media’ and our ability and right to access the ‘story behind the story’. This is why we need to support Taaj, if only for the reason that the court documents and their own kind of ‘facts’ can be made available to us. To make our own judgement. To make the truth known.”

    Alice, it is extremely interesting to learn how and why media stories have become so shallow and even predictable in their bias and why there is so much copy-and-paste news there. I was always amazed to see that as soon as some lie about MJ appeared in one media outlet it was no use looking up the rest – all of them will be reporting the story word for word.

    So this happens when a media conglomerate publishes it? Someone makes up a story and it is reprinted a thousand times all over the world and this is called ‘journalism’? No individual reporting, no nothing? Oh, this explains a lot and gives much food for thought. It means that one person can actually trigger off a big chain of lies and will even determine the whole media environment. This was an eye-opener and I’m very thankful to you for explaining.

    “I feel that today, true journalism and the media are different entities. True journalism is when everything factual is considered and reported, regardless of article size, personal style, beliefs, or bias. People like you, Helena, and Charles Thomson are just two examples of those who I currently feel are becoming icons for a new, raw version of journalism. People driven by passion, not purse-strings.”

    Oh my God, you make me blush. I am not even a journalist and started writing for this blog almost by accident. But as to the passion in writing you are right. The blog started as a small research lab looking into allegations about Michael and the more truth I learned the bigger the volcano was – how is it possible that all these facts of MJ’s innocence are lying almost on the surface and no one is paying attention?

    As to Charles Thomson – yes, sure, he is one of the first birds of true journalism, the one driven by the desire to tell the truth and not by other considerations. But on the other hand, if you look at it from a distance what other motives except telling the truth should we expect of a journalist? Our minds have become so muddled these days that we don’t even realize the absurdity of expecting anything different. Of course it should be the truth only and something to involve us in a thinking process.

    You know what? When writing it I understood that now the media is mostly focused on entertaining the reader – hence all this shallow reporting and cheap sensations often made out of thin air. While you are reading it you feel more or less okay, but the moment you put down the magazine you feel totally empty inside and drained of all thought.

    Charles Thomson is different – he is talking of true and serious things, in a brilliant way and it always leaves you with something to think about. If all journalists were like Charles Thomson it would turn journalism into a sparkling profession.

    “Media murders. Journalism reveals.”

    Absolutely! Thank you, Alice.


  12. July 21, 2013 1:10 pm

    “Just donated again. I hope more will follow and if you can afford more, give more.”- Sina

    Sina, thank you very much. You know that we are doing it for ourselves in the first place. We’ve been making so good use of those transcripts that it is only fair that we should contribute. I’m not even joking when I say that it is indecent to use the transcripts and never do anything to help those who are helping us to learn the truth. It is indeed indecent to only grab and never give. It is breaking the balance and the laws of nature.

    “I applaud Taj and Team Michael for their work and attending every day Travelling by bus in LA in itself is very exhausting . But please its not worth risking your health.”

    Unfortunately it does not work without risking one’s health. The job TeamMJ is doing needs dedication and consistency, and when the trial is going on for several months five days a week you become the hostage of the situation once you commit yourself to it. Even if you are half-dead you can’t drop it especially when you see that no one else is ready to pick it up and continue.

    And dropping it now would be the worst of bad jokes. With so much truth being uncovered now the AEG trial has become the climax of the work done for Michael in the past four years, so being shut off from full and true information at the final stage would be an unbelievable setback.

    “The tweets are important because they are realtime and show the atmosphere in court But we also need the transcripts to get the complete information.”

    The tweets are helpful but they are not all. Lots of details get lost, not to mention things like slapping Michael which were not even reported by ABC tweets (or anyone in the media for several days after we learned about it).

    By the way now that AEG will present its case the media may easily savor only the worst for MJ and silence the best, so if we don’t want to be blinded again we need access to the original documents more than ever. Even if we don’t analyze all of them now there will be a time to do it in the future.


  13. July 21, 2013 3:09 pm

    “Just donated.” – jan

    Thank you, Jan. Now your conscience will be clear. I also donated (rather long ago and will do it again when I am in town) and though it was absolutely not enough I still didn’t feel any longer like I was taking advantage of someone’s kindness.

    We can’t afford to be like those who took advantage of Michael for themselves – we are supporters of Michael Jackson and it places certain responsibilities on us. Otherwise all of it will be lip service only.


  14. July 21, 2013 4:12 pm

    Regarding the difference between short tweets and full testimonies I’ve fished out some important points from Karen Faye’s second testimony on June 28th. We will definitely need a post about it. Now just one point:

    Both Karen and Michael’s mother noticed that the dates of concerts were too close to each other and were the first to express concern. They were actually the ones to tell Michael what his real schedule was like.

    Before that Michael was evidently under the impression that the spacing between the dates was enough for his recuperation. Remember Randy Phillips saying in This Is It that “it was roughly two shows per week”? This is what he and Tohme told Michael too!

    If now AEG says that they have changed the schedule to suit Michael’s needs it will be another of their big lies. Katherine and Karen raised the problem in mid-March but AEG didn’t do a thing until May 20 when they postponed the first four concerts (three of them were added to the winter leg and again followed a show/day-off/show/day-off pattern).

    But even this was done not because they were meeting Michael’s request, but due to the show being not ready. AEG tried to confuse Karen Faye over it and this is what they will most probably do to Katherine too.

    Some quotes from Karen Faye’s testimony:

    Q. You had a conversation with Mr. Jackson sometime in mid March 2009 about the idea of coming back and working with him and going on tour; correct?
    A. Correct.
    Q. And then you agreed to go on tour with him; correct?
    A. Correct.
    Q. And there was a conversation about how many shows, the 10 versus the 50; correct?
    A. I had a conversation with him. I can’t be sure if it was in the very first conversation that I had with him. But there was a conversation regarding waking up, and it was, like, “it started off as 10 shows, and I woke up, and now it’s 50.” it was pretty lighthearted.
    Q. So a lighthearted conversation about how many shows?
    A. Yes.
    Q. And then you ended up seeing Mr. Jackson for the first time in four years in the beginning of April 2009?
    A. Yes.
    Q. And before you had seen him, you actually started doing some research about the number of shows, what the schedule was, and the like?
    A. It was soon after the first conversation. I felt that I was going to be a part of this, so I went online, and I saw a schedule.
    Q. You saw a schedule?
    A. Like the tour dates.
    Q. And so this… this is something you did before you had yet seen Mr. Jackson; correct?
    A. Yes.
    Q. And as a result of seeing that schedule, you were concerned about the number of shows, and how the schedule was created; correct?
    A. I was concerned at how close the shows were together, sir.
    Q. And in fact, you reached out to Kenny Ortega as a result of that concern, didn’t you?
    A. I reached out to him, and I reached out to Michael.

    Q. OK. And but at this point in time, you were concerned, because you didn’t think Michael would last a week with that kind of schedule; right?
    A. I don’t know if that was my exact words, that “he wouldn’t last a week.” I mean, I know how he… the time he needs to recuperate after a show, and I didn’t know if he could continue very long with that schedule because there wasn’t enough time to recuperate. I think I might have said something like, “he might make the first week, but it was going to go downhill after that.” you know, I felt that the schedule was too difficult for him to maintain. To be… to try to answer your question, I don’t remember if I said a week or how I really explained that.

    Q.Do you remember generally what you told Mr. Ortega?
    A.Just what I told you just right now.
    Q. All right.
    A.That I thought that the dates weren’t really… I thought Michael would need more time to recuperate. I think they should really look at that and consider doing something that might be a little easier on him. It was in that… it’s not exact words. It’s to that.

    Q. so, Ms. Faye, there’s been testimony that this was the schedule of shows. I want to show you something. You see, it has… there’s never two in a row. Three months of shows, then there’s three months off, and then three months again. You see that?
    A. I see that.
    Q. So what was it that concerned you?
    A. Well, this is… first, isn’t what I saw.
    Q. OK.
    A.OK. What I saw was a list; OK?
    Q.Of just dates?
    A. Of dates. And what I saw was, like, at the time was like… there was a date, off, date, date, off. You know,it was closer together than this, sir, what I remember seeing. Because I remember seeing two dates in a row in places.

    Q. And you indicated a moment ago that you also reached out to Mr. Jackson…
    A. I did.
    Q. … about this? Why did you reach out to Mr. Jackson about this?
    A. Because I think that he didn’t know how the schedule was; that I said it would be really smart… that he should go and look at the schedule and see, you know, how it’s scheduled. And if… how he feels about it, and if he was feeling uncomfortable about it, he should say something about it.
    Q. OK.
    A. And his response was, “that’s funny. My mother said the same thing.”
    Q. Now…
    A.But he had not, I think, seen the structure.
    Q. So you think that at this point in time in March, that Mr. Jackson was unaware of what his schedule might be in London?
    A.Well, I don’t… by the conversation I had with him, he didn’t seem like he knew, like, how many days, and how it was structured; that he just had to do 50 dates.

    And I don’t think he was… he didn’t seem to be aware…when I told him that, “have you seen the schedule? You should see it.” and he goes, “no, I haven’t.” I just wanted him to make sure that he knew how it was scheduled, to see if he was comfortable with it. And he said…his response was, “my mother told me the same thing.”

    We know from David Gest of the way Michael reacted when he learned of the real schedule:

    David Gest has blamed Michael Jackson’s advisers for his death
    POSTED ON 29 JUN 2009 AT 3:51PM

    David believes his friend was misled when he agreed to his ‘This Is It’ residency, which was due to begin at London’s O2 arena next month and the stress of such a gruelling schedule was “too tough”.

    “Michael thought there was going to be 10 dates as announced. But then all of a sudden Thome, with Randy Phillips, president of organisers AEG, had arranged 20, then 30, then 50 dates.

    “Michael was being told, ‘You are going to set the world record for concerts at the O2.’

    “They knew how to feed into his ego. But when Michael realised his schedule he began to panic. They should have realised doing one concert a day, then one day off, would be tough for any performer, let alone someone who hadn’t been on stage for nine years, it was ridiculous.

    “Michael was working his a*s off for eight hours a day to prepare, the schedule didn’t allow him any time to rest.”


  15. July 21, 2013 4:46 pm

    Katherine said she called Randy Phillips about the dates and spoke to Tohme, but evidently to no avail, as nothing was done until May 20 and for a different reason too.

    Here’s the list of affected dates. The shows were indeed coming every other day:
    8th July was to take place on 13th July 2009
    10th July was moved to 1st March 2010
    12th July was moved to 3rd March 2010
    14th July was moved to 6th March 2010

    But in the resulting schedule 34 shows out of 50 were also spaced with only one day between the shows! I’m placing the schedule here again in case someone forgot it:

    MJ's schedule of shows


  16. alice permalink
    July 22, 2013 2:43 am

    Hey Helena 🙂

    Thanks so much for your reply. I’m not sure how to take direct quotes out of your response like you can do in your replies or reply back to your specific message so forgive me if the way this appears is confusing.


    “TeamMJ, you, we and those who are also willing to contribute are working together for establishing the truth and being part of it is actually a big honor. This is how I regard it myself and would like others to see it. And the more you give the more will return to you, so every dollar spent or a good word said is actually an investment in our own better future – this I truly believe in.”

    You are so right. It is incredibly sad to think that people are willing to pay money for a magazine or newspaper or tabloid that only offers lies, ignorance and bias yet they are either reluctant or unwilling to pay a smaller fee to gain access to the closest thing to the truth we can have as to the goings on in court. While AEG lawyers are of course lying, as are their witnesses and a multitude of things are undeniably being covered up, at least our ability to assess their actions and answers (or lack of, as we are now seeing) can bring us closer to a chance of understanding. I know we all have to live, but I would rather live and be in happy in the knowledge that I have at least contributed in some way to allowing all documentation in any form to be seen and assessed. This is what we and MJ (and his family) are entitled to. Why will people pay for lies and not facts? Bizarre.


    “why media stories have become so shallow and even predictable in their bias and why there is so much copy-and-paste news there.”

    There are a lot of things at play in the dishonesty, ineptitude and cruelty of the media.
    In Australia, the only source I consider to be remotely reputable when it comes to news is our country’s own broadcasting commission (also called ABC like in America) and SBS, our international one.
    I rarely trust any other media companies for the full picture, not even local papers.
    From TV to radio to print to online, the big media conglomerates are just big businesses – exactly like AEG and Colony Capital.
    They will only do something if they think it will make them money, and then they will never reverse or apologise for that decision, irrespective of the consequences.
    And they very rarely think about that factor in the long-term.
    A day before I left my company I literally heard the words ‘we are not interested in your ideas about developing a long-term relationship with our audience. we just need to think of something that can make us a quick buck now’ come out of the mouth of our GM.
    It was about that time that I really became glad I had handed in my notice four weeks previously. This was also after our CEO fired five people and tried to make one person do all their work. Inhumane.
    To cut it back to basics, you could say that most media is divided into two or three sections. Just like a big business.
    Advertising, production, and editorial. This is the pecking order, above which management watches everyone like a hawk.
    After the CEO made this move recently (again, an attempt to make a quick buck by firing five people), she (the one person the CEO wanted to take on all the work) was originally in editorial (where the “journalists” are). She was moved to advertising, a section she is not skilled for, without her consent to fill this newly created role. She is now considering leaving the company after 18 years.
    Within each of these three sections are sub-sections.
    Advertising is broken up into internal sales (cold-calling advertisers and also getting people to subscribe), company sales, and advertising representatives. Ad reps sell to clients on a national, state and international level.
    There are more people employed in advertising than there are in editorial or production. Production is where the design and proofing of editorial content is done.
    Each section has its own level of management. But it is the CEO (whose office is nextdoor to the advertising sector, if that explains something) who runs the show.
    There is still more management above him at a state and national level.
    Editorial is where the “journalists” sit and produce the content to appear inbetween the ads.
    Because everything has an ad these days. Even if you think it doesn’t, it does.
    Now people can be employed in editorial for different sections and genres of writing.
    Generally speaking, you could say there is ‘news’ and ‘features’. Within news there are rounds – sport, entertainment, health, etc. This is old-school journalism-speak, and is sad to still hear it when mostly the reporters are given meaningless stories to write. You can ‘pitch’ an idea for your own story, an ‘independent story’ but it can still be knocked back. You can still be given a piece of fluff about something another company reported three weeks ago.
    The other area, features, used to be more of an area of ‘journalistic’ editorial than it is now.
    Now it is mostly done by someone in advertising – and they are including products and companies who have paid for that story. These are called advertising features.
    The banner of features is now broken up into regular features (which are barely run in general ‘news’ editorial anymore because we are told nobody has time for them, they don’t attract advertisers, etc, even though they allow the bulk of information to appear) and advertising features.
    I used to write in a style of feature writing. Long stories, lots of information.
    Then I was moved, from an editorial section that I loved to one I hated. The ‘news’ area.
    Even though I said I did not want to do it and did not believe I was qualified or skilled in the right ways for the position. I was moved to cut costs in the section I was in. To save money for the company. Not to ensure a good job was being done.
    I am a writer, and I know my strengths and weaknesses. I did not feel I was capable of the new role. To keep a wage I did it anyway for a few months. Many do this for years. They ‘get away’ with doing something they hate, that spreads lies, because they need money.
    But I felt like I was dying inside, and was soon suffering severe health issues associated with the move and the job.
    So I left.
    Like I mentioned in my first post, these companies are ‘media’ not ‘news’.
    They are medium to large corporations and companies that release ‘media’ on a large scale, parading as news and feature editorials that are meant to be factual but are distorted by a drive to be appealing and entertaining, so that readers will engage with them and consequently with the advertising and company stakeholders included (whether it be obviously or discretely). So the company profits.
    In my experience, many “journalists” in these corporations are either straight out of university or school and have no real world experience or cultural education. Or they have been there for just about long enough to think they know it all when they don’t, they refuse to be corrected, declare themselves an authority on a certain ’round’ (ie health round, police round, entertainment) and are afraid to be exposed as none of these.
    Having an understanding or awareness of other situations is, I feel, imperative to someone who is going to report on that situation.
    Like you said, Helena, it’s crazy that this must now be considered a rarity in the field.
    The rest of these journos have been in the business so long that they are close to retiring or are promoted to management levels and no longer write. They are a dying breed.
    So due to a multitude of reasons, instead of being ‘news’ these stories become just that. Stories. If you get facts included, it’s a bonus. Like a weird kind of McDonalds. You can’t actually say ‘yes I would like fries/facts with that’. Instead, you might happen to find them hidden inside your toxic, fatty burger. But only if you’re lucky.
    These stories are also often written by people who prefer creative writing and feature writing, writing in depth with a lot of research involved, but who are instead forced to write shorter and shorter and shorter pieces (and more of them) until there is no room left for all the details or nuances for impartiality and truth. We are told ‘nobody wants to read big stories anymore. write it like you’re on twitter. but put the whole story in 150 characters or something. but make sure there’s a good picture!’
    So, in a desperate bid to inject creativity, the style of writing or the manner of speech and language chosen to be delivered to camera takes the fore. Personality over impartiality.
    There are even competitions held for who can think of the most creative introduction (the lead sentence) to a story. This takes priority over the truth. How funny your pun intro is.
    Instead of real news, these are actually stories where people who are called “journalists” are really employed by the company to produce content that simply ‘fills the spaces’ in a layout and in-between (or to accompany) all the ads and company stakeholders.
    Whoever management is in bed with, or wants to be in bed with.
    The title of ‘journalist’ in a media company is no longer the interpretation or trustworthy role the public still believe they are. This is not to say that they are not trustworthy as people – many ‘journalists’ I worked with were amazing and hardworking, funny people.
    Some were bitchy, some were very dumb, and some were jealous, too. But on the whole, they are good people. Many of them mean well and are fun to work with.
    But they are not, for the most part, true journalists. Partly because of being employed by a company with conflicting interests and whose structure and system destroys and distorts their work irrespective of how good or bad it may have been initially.
    During my time in the media I never called myself a journalist, always a ‘writer’.
    At one point I was an editor (being paid a “journalist” wage, mind you).
    Yet even then I called myself a writer, because I felt I did not have that much editorial control over the product nor did I consider myself a true journalist (though I certainly have more world experience and a better, more rounded education and cultural awareness than many of my peers did), as these were not my skills and I was still being dictated to by management higher up on what stories to run, what stories to ‘bury’, and what ‘promotional stories’ for events and businesses and companies that the our media conglomerate ‘sponsored’ were always to be given priority over others. Who to interview, who to give preference to, who to ignore.
    No matter how many good, important stories we wanted to run they could always be snuffed out in a heartbeat before releasing them if something was considered to be more important in terms of seducing a client to advertise, keeping a client happy or also being ‘first’ with the story. There is always a huge, huge drive to release something before another company. Even if it’s wrong.
    Then there is the section and issue of production: this involves sub-editing, proofing and designing (particularly a problematic issue nowadays in print, but problems can happen for any platform, really, that is subject to hands and eyes above the writer).
    An employed “journalist” in a media company either has too little influence on how the page (in print) or segment (on TV) will be designed – or too much.
    They have more control online, but this depends on the structure of the company and if there is a online editor who controls content.
    To combat this, sometimes journos go to extremes and exaggerate what is written in the hope something of what they are trying to say will remain. Or, they are just incredibly stupid, get excited by ‘leads’ that are actually lies and go straight to releasing the material without checking it or corroborating it. It’s an ego thing. They don’t care if it’s wrong until someone else pulls them up on it. And then they lie, or ignore it, or ‘bury’ it.
    On the other hand, many journos can have little say (unless they stay back until midnight when the stories are released etc) on what the headlines, and ‘angle’ of the story will be.
    Stories are ‘cut to fit’ a layout, changed to sound more interesting, sensationalised, made to appear like an exclusive, or they are simply copy-pasted from another source.
    I have seen whole articles re-written by a proof editor late at night, which were previously written by another extremely diligent journalist, but were then chopped, re-worked and re-styled on the basis it’s ‘too dry, not exciting enough’. But then that journalist’s byline is still included once the story is released. Then they have to deal with the consequences.
    Of course there are also journalists who want their stories to be the first, the hottest, the most ‘exciting’. They won’t use responses from someone if they don’t think it fits their ‘angle’ for the story, or they blatantly lie and run something even if someone disputes it.
    I feel lucky to say I only knew a few of these people in my time, but people like that are also very good at covering their tracks. You can never know. But they certainly exist. Many of them are also active bulliers in the workplace – another thing that is perhaps straying too far away from the topic at hand, how the media can affect a story like MJ.
    For the more diligent, clever and honest workers, journos may leave notes in the story to say something is correct and they have checked it for those to see during the production process. But this can still be impacted by those working in production, which follows after the journo send a story through to be edited, sub-edited, proofed, designed and released.
    A lot of sub-editors will neither have the time nor inclination to read a story properly before approving it. Even though this is their job.
    This is partly because there are too many ‘stories’ coming through to them en masse, and also because some of them are not educated enough on the situation around the story to understand the impact of what cutting certain sections can mean. Today, all sub-editors really do is spell and grammar check. And even then they get it wrong.
    Also, writers are often blamed for not ‘writing concisely’ enough. It was seen as ‘our’ fault (according to management) if something important was cut out or altered, because we did not ‘write it small enough’ to begin with.
    This attitude is, I feel, a blatant slap in the face of what journalism and news reporting is supposed to be. Writing can always be better, but you should never hinder its ability to express the truth in full by cutting it down to nothing.
    Writing and production combined, in a media company, is a step-by-step filtering process that often sees the majority of ‘meat’ in a story cut down to nothing but the bones.
    Direct quotes from those who were interviewed are the first thing to be taken out.
    The ‘cutting’ continues from there to make it ‘easier’ to read, more ‘appealing’ and to fit a design – often to fit an agenda, as well.
    So the company structure and nature of the business beast kills integrity, ignores passion and has a blatant disregard for the truth until it’s too late.
    Media stories can also be what can be those in the industry call a ‘massaged’ press release. That is, a biased ‘media release’ written by a company or person or PR/publicity company with a vested interest in that information that is sent to the company and instead of being followed up, is merely tweaked a little to sound fresh and new (but isn’t really).
    Too much of these are now considered and framed as actual news.
    This is something I feel to be a big problem with MJ’s story.
    Also, when in doubt of how to ‘frame’ a piece, or what the backstory to it is, the first port of call is often another media sources – ‘what have they said? does ours fit in with that? if they’re saying it, it must be right’ etc.
    Even then, when mistakes are identified by independent sources, the responsibility is shifted to other people, and the only thing done to correct the mistake is a small ‘brief’ (20 word correction) which may or may not appear in the following edition. They call this ‘burying’ the retraction so it is not obvious.
    Because it is embarrassing for them to show they got it wrong. And they value this over actually informing their audience.
    Something else of great importance, and I feel I should also mention particularly for the MJ situation, is that these “journalists” in the media are sometimes being paid about a half the wage of an advertising representative.
    Someone in advertising (who gets businesses and outside companies and stakeholders to advertise in the product) can earn double or even triple what a ‘journalist’ does. They also get perks. And designated carparks. Ad reps can also claim back their mileage in fuel. They get free lunches. They get better computers. They get more resources. It’s just like a business. The audience buy or watch the product thinking they are getting something (‘news’), when in actual fact it is not that at all. Decades ago, there used to be a set percentage split of something like 70% editorial in a product and 30% ads. Now it is 50/50 at the most, or the balance will swing more towards the ads. Of course, for bigger companies particularly in America and on commercial TV and in tabloid, it could be the opposite – the journo could be getting paid so much that they do not want to sacrifice their money by pissing off an advertiser/destroying company connections in the fear of losing their job or their egotistical public image. Narcissism is valued over integrity. Either way, you can see where the priority lies.
    This shows that some media companies are driven solely by advertising revenue and consequently, much of editorial copy has the ability to be swayed, altered, distorted.
    To save time, sanity, their reputation, and to keep advertisers happy, people also copy-paste from other sources and lie when their inaccuracies and stupidity is revealed.
    When the clock is ticking, it is seen as the easiest option to copy and paste or direct quote from other media sources when they do not have the time, resources or knowledge to report on something themselves but still need to maintain the illusion of ‘knowing what’s happening’ and being ‘across the board’.
    It’s about creating the illusion of being a news source so readers/watchers/consumers pick up, tune in, turn on and the company makes more money and the cycle continues.
    They think the public only wants what excites them.
    Not what is good for them.
    And so the lies become a twisted sort of publicly accepted truth.
    And we get lazy by reading lazy media pretending to be something it is not.
    And when someone notices it’s wrong, the company panics.
    They lie, they bury, they continue on – business as usual.
    Because nobody wants to look like an idiot or be ‘told on’ to someone senior.
    Because nobody wants to lose their paycheck.


    “So this happens when a media conglomerate publishes it? Someone makes up a story and it is reprinted a thousand times all over the world and this is called ‘journalism’? No individual reporting, no nothing? Oh, this explains a lot and gives much food for thought. It means that one person can actually trigger off a big chain of lies and will even determine the whole media environment. This was an eye-opener and I’m very thankful to you for explaining.”

    Haha this pretty much sums up my ENORMOUS rant as above.
    I am so so sorry that section above was so long, by the way. But there’s a lot to explain and I felt an breakdown of how it works from my experience behind the scenes was needed and may help in understanding why so many lies have become part of the norm.
    Why the feelings of such an amazing individual like Michael can be so easily and heartlessly destroyed as these companies portray themselves as educated news sources. Why they can cripple such a beautiful soul and get away with it… because it is in the interests of those just like them – those who make money. Those like AEG and Colony.
    You are exactly right, Helena. Reporting in companies like this is often not reporting, it is repeating. But few of their consumers know this. Real news is a rarity now, though so many people do not realise it.


    “You know what? When writing it I understood that now the media is mostly focused on entertaining the reader – hence all this shallow reporting and cheap sensations often made out of thin air. While you are reading it you feel more or less okay, but the moment you put down the magazine you feel totally empty inside and drained of all thought.”

    Again, so right! It is about entertaining, not informing or educating. The same is happening in our politics over here. At all levels, from council to state to federal, politicians are forced to dumb down what they say to appeal to the media so they will get more coverage with their message. This is because of two things; they often have their own publicity officers just like a celebrity to make sure the ‘right message’ (and not always the truth) is delivered, and because they and the media both think the public are stupid.
    I mean, yes, the public are stupid (on the whole haha), but if you treat them like they are clever then they are more likely to become engaged. Like I said before, nobody likes feeling or looking like an idiot. Even if it means ensuring the truth prevails. It’s a sad thing, and it scares me that such an awful situation like this was responsible for Michael’s tortured position and also, very greatly mimics the attitudes of the people involved in his death.
    There are so many other questions I have but I’m afraid I have probably exhausted you with so much writing! Pretty sure I’m actually dreading seeing this and its size once I refresh the page. Oh well 🙂 I will donate again to teamMJ tomorrow. Thank you again for your amazing work, I’m glad I stopped being shy and made that first post.
    – alice


  17. Bev permalink
    July 22, 2013 4:41 am

    You are so right. It’s about time all of us who look forward to your informative and accurate court updates, start making a contribution to the time and effort that goes into this reporting. I sure hope I wasn’t the only one to step up to the plate to support this exhaustive endeavor.


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  18. alice permalink
    July 22, 2013 5:22 am

    Hey again Helena and everyone…
    Just something I’m wondering – does anyone else find it weird that both Frank Dileo and MJ’s lawyer Peter Lopez died soon after MJ?
    Frank was complications in heart surgery but Lopez deemed ‘suicide’ but missing weapon?
    Something so strange about this.
    Still, it should be interesting to see what Frank’s laptop reveals. Assuming everything is given across to lawyers and has not been damaged or altered in the meantime.
    – alice


  19. July 22, 2013 7:10 am

    “You are so right. It’s about time all of us who look forward to your informative and accurate court updates, start making a contribution to the time and effort that goes into this reporting.”– Bev

    Bev, I sincerely thank you for thinking so high of my updates (I’m just summing up), but this talk is not about me – it is about those of us who are eager to know the whole truth and need to relieve the volunteers of the need to go to the courthouse, make notes and transcribe the testimonies manually. The way I understand it even when they buy they still have to retype to be able to make them public.

    I know that some will immediately raise the issue of reporting the finances and so on and so forth, and without that they will not give a single dollar, but in situations like this one, when you see people as dedicated to reporting the truth as TeamMj is, these questions should fall off by themselves. They are really doing their best and are really tired and exhausted, you can see it by their faces. The picture was recently published by the LA Times – even the journalists were amazed by their selfless activities.

    In situations like these I personally don’t ask questions and simply do what I think right. Hence my request to everyone – just share what you can without straining your finances too much and covering your hair with ashes wishing you had never done it. Though I am a sort of an opponent to TeamMJ on some issues I respect them for what they do and am sure that they will put the money to a good use.

    When we share we do our duty and those who receive do theirs – each should do their part properly for the harmony of it. And now we are not living up to it. We are only grabbing but are not giving back.


  20. July 22, 2013 7:39 am

    “Just something I’m wondering – does anyone else find it weird that both Frank Dileo and MJ’s lawyer Peter Lopez died soon after MJ? Frank was complications in heart surgery but Lopez deemed ‘suicide’ but missing weapon? Something so strange about this. Still, it should be interesting to see what Frank’s laptop reveals. Assuming everything is given across to lawyers and has not been damaged or altered in the meantime.” – Alice

    Alice, I find it very strange. There were very few details reported and what was reported was extremely contradictory.

    Frank Dileo had a fairly routine by-pass heart surgery, the night after the operation had complications, was given double anesthesia, fell into a coma, woke up a couple of weeks later, was moved from the Intensive Care Unit to the usual ward and then came total silence. Several months later we heard that he died “without regaining consciousness after his coma”. Well…

    Peter Lopez “committed suicide” but did not leave a suicide note (it was a love note) and there was no weapon beside the body. The officer describing the scene noted that he was told that there had been a weapon. Peter’s wife and maid did not hear the shot but heard something like a branch cracking, out of all places in their garden Peter Lopez chose a pool of dirt to stand by and fall into, and all this was called “apparent suicide”. Now his wife says that she did hear the shot and all she is speaking about is that she needs to take care of her two daughters. Well…

    Let us add to it that at the end of 2012 another person in MJ’s surrounding committed suicide. It was Jack Wishna, the man who brought Michael from Ireland and wanted to arrange Las Vegas shows for him before MJ was lured into a partnership with AEG. Jack Wishna died of the exhaust fumes in a car in his garage, and again no one could understand why he committed suicide.

    If only we could have a look at their computers! I’m afraid that Frank’s computer has been heavily meddled with. There were too many adventures with it for it to still have anything important.

    P.S. In short it is excellent material for a good investigative reporter, only everyone must be scared like hell of what’s going on. And from what we’ve learned from you about the present journos we cannot expect any of them to risk their lives to find and report the truth. I still hope to return to your eye-opening message about the media – a little later today. Now will have to go.


  21. July 22, 2013 4:45 pm

    Thank you so much for all the interesting details you told us about today’s journalism. You should write a book about it with your knowledge – but I guess it would be difficult to find a publisher either.


  22. alice permalink
    July 23, 2013 12:18 am

    Hey Helena…
    My goodness, how the plot thickens. Thankyou for your response.


    “Frank Dileo had a fairly routine by-pass heart surgery, the night after the operation had complications, was given double anesthesia, fell into a coma, woke up a couple of weeks later, was moved from the Intensive Care Unit to the usual ward and then came total silence. Several months later we heard that he died “without regaining consciousness after his coma”. Well…”

    Well is right. Wow, I did not realise the delay between his surgery and death. Thank you for explaining this. I wonder who his anaesthetist was? Seems there are a lot of people running around in this administering anaesthetic drugs either without reason or without the correct skills – or the recommended products. Perhaps this is a long straw to draw, but still so very weird. Also very unsettling that he’s out of the coma, then moved, then silence, then supposedly returns to a coma which he doesn’t wake from? Something doesn’t add up. I wonder why his wife and daughter have not investigated any of this? Or anyone at all? Technically speaking, ‘without regaining consciousness’ could mean anything. The -reason- he did not regain consciousness is what we need to know to establish the actual cause of his death. Not waking up is not a cause of death. Turning off life support or administering an overdose is.


    “Peter Lopez “committed suicide” but did not leave a suicide note (it was a love note) and there was no weapon beside the body. The officer describing the scene noted that he was told that there had been a weapon. Peter’s wife and maid did not hear the shot but heard something like a branch cracking, out of all places in their garden Peter Lopez chose a pool of dirt to stand by and fall into, and all this was called “apparent suicide”. Now his wife says that she did hear the shot and all she is speaking about is that she needs to take care of her two daughters. Well…”

    Thank you again for explaining all of this, Helena. I’ve done a bit of background reading on Peter Lopez and it’s as you say in the beginning of your post ‘there are very few details reported’ by anyone. And I actually find it scarily funny how incompetent the officer’s justification is; ‘he was told there had been a weapon’. Who told him this? Why does he not specify who told him this and why does he and the law accept this was justification enough for a weapon actually being there? Do we consider things we cannot see as proof? ‘Yes he definitely shot himself with a gun that we only know existed because somebody said it did. And we either can’t or won’t divulge who that person was or what their involvement is or if we questioned them because I’m a policeman and I say so, the end.’ Um, what? This is considered legally acceptable evidence? When it comes to the ‘branch cracking’ sound the maid and wife initially say they heard…perhaps a silencer was used? And if his wife is only speaking about needing to take care of her daughters now, that does tell us something. She is not willing to tell anything else because she believes it will hinder the safety of her children. Unless her daughters are the ones who killed their father (laughable), then there should be no reason for her to speak up with as little or as much as she knows. I find it shocking that so little is being done to investigate either of these deaths or consider their connection to each other in the broader scheme of things.


    “Let us add to it that at the end of 2012 another person in MJ’s surrounding committed suicide. It was Jack Wishna, the man who brought Michael from Ireland and wanted to arrange Las Vegas shows for him before MJ was lured into a partnership with AEG. Jack Wishna died of the exhaust fumes in a car in his garage, and again no one could understand why he committed suicide.”

    This gave me chills.
    I thought cars were being made now to not make the ingestion of deadly fumes possible?
    Two deaths can be brushed off as coincidence.
    Three is a pattern.

    Something else I’m wondering, just in terms of these men and particularly Frank, is what your thoughts on Katherine’s latest testimony are, while she was being cross-exmained by AEG’s lawyer Putnam…and how her words affect our impressions of Frank and assumedly the other men Michael re-hired (not from AEG)? I’ve taken the following excerpt from the twitlonger notes Team Michael Jackson took today during Putnam crossing Katherine, and added names at the beginning of each so it makes sense reading out of context:

    “PUTNAM: You say you did have concerns at some point, did you discuss it with MJ’s managers?

    Katherine Jackson: No

    P: So you can’t remember having conversation with Frank Dileo?

    KJ: It’s been so many years ago,

    P: Do you remember any conversations with FD in 09?

    K: About what

    P: Do you remember talking to FD after he came back in 09?

    K: I remember answering the phone, first thing in my mind was: MICHAEL FIRED ALL THESE PEOPLE, WHY WERE THEY HIRING ALL THESE PEOPLE BACK, WHY WERE THEY BACK

    P: FD told you MJ hired him back?

    K: FD told me, he was back, MJ didn’t want him, he was told by people he would have to be back for this tour”

    My first thought after reading this was what you, Helena, and everyone else here think. How does Katherine’s response affect what we know and think about Michael’s reason for re-employing Frank Dileo and who are ‘all these people’ Katherine refers to? Do you think Katherine just did not realise or understand Michael’s reasons for re-emloying them? Maybe Michael did not realise how AEG and Colony were manipulating, exploiting and blackmailing him initially so Katherine thought, as he did, they were doing him a good thing? So consequently Michael’s actions to bring back FD and others meant Katherine thought she had reason to think his re-hiring Dileo etc was not a good thing? Or is Katherine right? Did Michael not want them back? Who are the people she says told Michael he had to bring them back for the tour?

    Something I do find interesting here is that Putnam immediately refers to Frank Dileo after asking Katherine about Michael’s managers. Why do this if AEG are insisting Tohme was Michael’s manager? Is Putnam slipping up here and referring to Frank as the manager because Frank was the only person that Michael legitimately hired, unlike Tohme?

    I am not sure what to believe. And I don’t think Katherine does either. All she knows is she loved her son, that he was an amazing, inspiring, beautiful and good person, and she wants to know why more was not done to look after him and prevent his death.
    On the whole, she really kicked ass on the stand today. She was incredible, she was composed, she was clever and fierce. She held her ground and answered clearly without slipping into any of Putnam’s traps.

    Anyway, I digress from my initial reply to your thoughts Helena 🙂


    “If only we could have a look at their computers! I’m afraid that Frank’s computer has been heavily meddled with. There were too many adventures with it for it to still have anything important.”

    Yes. Something I’m interested in is why the computer expert who is now investigating the laptop and phones, having made mirror copies of all their contents, is allegedly going through these before passing on what he perceives as relevant to the courts. Perhaps this is general practice, but I dislike the thought that it is going through someone else’s hands before the Jackson legal team (and, by rights, AEG team as well). From what I have read the computer guy is assessing all the emails etc to decide what is relevant, and then passing it on. I know I read this somewhere but cannot find the site to link. Maybe I interpreted it incorrectly, or perhaps this is how things are always done. Just something to consider, from my experience, that the more hands and eyes that touch and see a document, the more it changes. And, as you say, there is so much of a strong likelihood anyway that it has been meddled with after being in the hands of Frank’s wife, daughter and ‘friend?’. Still, we can hope that in amongst those 40,000+ emails lies something of importance in Michael and Katherine’s favour.

    And, lastly, one more question.

    Why have Neverland, Colony Capital, and Tom Barrack not been drawn into the case? Or does that make the matter too large and potentially become a different type of case altogether? I suppose the purpose of this case is to determine whether AEG hired Conrad Murray, essentially. Not who was really responsible for the chain of events behind Michael’s death. But how can we and Katherine and the family know the truth without looking at the bigger picture?
    So many questions. So many cover-ups. So much speculation. MJ just deserves the truth.
    I’d love to hear what everyone thinks and please do correct me if I’m wrong on anything.
    – alice


  23. alice permalink
    July 23, 2013 12:30 am


    “Thank you so much for all the interesting details you told us about today’s journalism. You should write a book about it with your knowledge – but I guess it would be difficult to find a publisher either.”

    Awww, thankyou Susanne!
    (I hope its ok if I call you this, I always feel weird referring to people by their full tag name)
    That’s lovely of you to say, I appreciate your kind words.
    I apologise that post was so long, but it is difficult to explain the many factors that can and do cause bias, inaccuracy and incompetence in the media.
    There was actually a very interesting episode on Australian TV last night of our only independent media watchdog (on television and not at a government level). The show is called Media Watch, and it does exactly this each week (sadly only for 15 minutes an episode though, so there’s little time for it to expose a lot of things) – it watches the media and then exposes it when it does things wrong.
    Being swayed in terms of what appears in editorial copy by the advertisers and company stakeholders was last night’s subject.
    I found it quite funny but also very telling that this was exactly what I had explained in my post a few hours previously to you guys.
    I’d love to write a book – though you are right about finding a publisher. These days publishers in Australia rarely take unpublished authors or anything they think will not sell immediately. I hope to write a work of fiction though, and one day someone may be kind enough to publish and distribute it for me. With as little editorial direction or alteration as possible! Haha. Oh, I can dream, right?
    Thanks again.


  24. July 23, 2013 1:09 pm

    You’re welcome, alice. It’s always good to have some insiders regarding certain topics.
    Susanne is alright, that’s actually my first name.

    I also sent my donation for the transcripts and hope that we will see them until the end of the trial. Now with the defense case starting it will be even more important to see what is asked and answered in the cross exams.


  25. July 23, 2013 2:58 pm

    @ Alice,

    I would love to see “Media Watch”. Do you know if it available on YouTube or some other channel on the Internet?


  26. July 23, 2013 3:58 pm

    Alice, as regards Frank Dileo the information is so scarce that it is almost unbelievable. All the facts available to me are collected here:

    He went to hospital for a fairly routine bypass heart surgery, but as the niece said had a cardiac arrest after the surgery, was given double anesthesia and continued sleeping for several days even after the operation was over. This was at the end of March 2011. She said it was just sleep and not a coma:

    after his surgery he went into cardiac arrest and had to get double the anesthetic and hasn’t woke up since Tuesday 😥 26 March) My uncle Tookie still hasn’t woke up :’(26 March QUOTE]

    A week or so later, on April 4, 2011 the niece wrote that he came to himself and they were overwhelmed with joy:

    Great news today, my uncle, Frank Dileo is awake and improving! ThBkyou everyone for your prayers! Never been so happy in my life

    Eleven days later, on April 15, 2011 he was evidently strong enough to be moved from the Intensive Care Unit to another ward:

    Frank has been moved out of ICU, [Intensive Care Unit] said the highly knowledgeable Ivy of MJJ Community.

    All these tweets are found here:

    And then no news of him came until August 24, 2011 when he died. A year later Roger Friedman wrote an article where he said that Frank Dileo died without regaining consciousness after the operation – “he was in a permanent coma and never woke up”:

    Remembering Frank DiLeo, “Uncle Tookie,” A Great Friend and Music Biz Genius
    08/23/12 11:22pm Roger Friedman

    Frank DiLeo died a year ago today, August 24th. But really, he died on March 21st, after open heart surgery at Cedars Sinai Hospital left him in a permanent coma. He never woke up. What should have been relatively common surgery turned into a nightmare. Some time during the night after the surgery, Frank had another attack or a stroke. He lost too much oxygen, unattended, and had no way of fighting back.

    The version about Frank Dileo never waking up was more or less official and was repeated many times. However his niece said that Frank was awake and improving and for at least eleven days after that, so his condition must have stabilized. What happened then and why?

    And after his death adventures began with his computer. On TeamMj I’ve read that the computer was taken by AEG and then returned after cleaning it of information. When the Jacksons’ lawyers were reckless enough to say that they had an expert who could restore even deleted messages Frank’s widow said she could not trace the computer, and promised to provide it only under the threat of going to jail if she did not.

    Mr. Putnam also represented Mrs. Dileo at some court proceedings after Frank’s death but she was surprised with it and said she never hired or authorised him to.

    All of it looks like the theater of the absurd only not a funny one.


  27. July 23, 2013 4:23 pm

    Alice, I started answering you about Peter Lopez and found Susan Joyce’s answer explaining the suicide which I earlier missed:

    “Answers to Peter Lopez’s suicide:
    .38 special Colt Cobra gun and Smith and Wesson .38 caliber bullet were identified on page 19 & page 23 in the police report on the scribd Lopez link. No suicide note was left because he didn’t write one. His tablet was found in the pool house where Ms. Burns had seen Lopez writing on it earlier. He was right handed and wound was in right temple. Gun found in his right hand by fire department paramedics. Paramedic’s moved gun from his hand. Blood on muzzle of gun. GSR (gun shot residue) was collected at the scene. Analysis results of GSR was not included with the autopy or police report. ( Note: GSR is found at an entrance wound, on the hand of the person shooting the gun and on the gun itself after it has been fired.) Nothing written in police report that housekeeper was questioned if she saw a gun in his hand.” – Susan Joyce

    I’ve also read the autopsy report ( but have a question to the above reply – how could the housekeeper who found the body overlook a gun in his right hand if it was really there? She was the first to find the body and she said to Catherine Bach that there was no weapon.

    911 Call Reveals Catherine Bach Thought Someone Shot Her Husband
    Posted on May 11, 2010 @ 4:34AM

    Peter Lopez, the husband of Dukes of Hazard star Catherine Bach, took his own life at the couple’s San Fernando Valley home in April and has listened to the tragic 911 call placed by Bach which reveals that the actress initially thought someone had murdered her husband.

    Speaking to the dispatcher, Bach says in the call that she did not want to go outside where her husband was in fear that someone might shoot her (“No, I can’t. I’m afraid that the person might shoot me and I have two little girls,” Bach responded when asked if she was physically with the victim). She also references a robbery in the neighborhood a couple of days before.

    Bach then says a housekeeper went out into the backyard to try and figure out what happened, reporting back that no weapons were laying around Lopez.

    Due to the graphic nature of the call, decided not to publish the audio.

    Later, a woman named Nancy who identifies herself as Catherine’s assistant, gets on the phone: “We don’t have any idea [if Lopez shot himself]. We just heard a thud and I think it could’ve even just been maybe he had a heart attack. He could’ve fallen and a branch broke, know what I mean? I just don’t know. It’s very possible that he just… That it was a branch breaking. It sounded like that to me. Somebody else said it sounded like a gunshot, but sounded more like a branch breaking, but I don’t know.”


  28. July 23, 2013 5:08 pm

    As regards Jack Wishna:

    1) He died in a Bentley of 1969 make:

    Posted: Dec. 2, 2012
    Entertainment executive Jack Wishna was found near death from carbon monoxide in a classic car that formerly belonged to Las Vegas legend Wayne Newton.
    He had left a letter to his wife, Donna, and had a photo of her and their dog in the car when responders reached him about 6 a.m. Tuesday, according to a source with knowledge of the discovery.
    The 1969 Bentley “T” Series Saloon luxury car was owned by Newton for about 20 years before Wishna purchased it through auction in 2003.
    Wishna, 54, was a prominent Las Vegas dealmaker known for his connections with Donald Trump, Michael Jackson and Newton. His death was ruled a suicide by the Clark County coroner’s office.

    2) Jack Wisha was the first to suggest a Cirque du Soleil project. Its benefit was that Michael was not to perform and it was to be based on the Beatles music. The project was not realized as Michael was ‘wooed’ by AEG. Another project was a resident casino for MJ in Las Vegas, and one more was a rockcityclub where MJ was to present other celebrities and new rising stars and perform just three times a month:

    Wishna also talked of his involvement in convincing Michael Jackson out of retirement after a 1 ½-year hiatus and putting the superstar recording artists in contact with representatives of Cirque du Soleil, a process that ultimately helped led to the Cirque show based on Jackson’s life and career (a theater version of which is moving into Mandalay Bay Theater in the spring of 2013). Over the years, the celebrities and moguls he listed as clients, or as those with whom he consulted, included Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Flatley, Richard Branson and Mohamad al-Fayed.

    Superstar dealmaker Jack Wishna convinced Michael Jackson to return to America after 18 months in exile, moved him back, and worked with him for seven months to create the biggest comeback in the history of entertainment. The ROCK CITY project for the Las Vegas strip was to feature Michael Jackson, and for Jackson and Wishna to present other superstar talent alongside discovered stars of tomorrow. Now in 2010 we are launching Rock City and the Rock City Club ! GO TO for details.

    3) Jack Wishna regretted very much that he had not brought Michael from Ireland to the US:

    Jack Wishna talked openly with ABC News about his relationship with Michael Jackson, moving him back to America and Wishna’s thoughts that maybe Jackson should have stayed in Ireland.
    Jack Wishna, Founder & CEO of Rockrena Inc., helped move Jackson back to America to work on, a company that develops undiscovered talent in new and unique ways. Michael was excited to come back to America with his children and work on his career and
    Wishna convinced Jackson, who was residing in Ireland, to return to America and Jackson left it up to Wishna to find him a home for him and his three children. Wishna secured a mansion for Michael and helped move Michael and his kids into their new home in Las Vegas.
    Wishna then brought aboard Don Kirshner, the legendary rock promoter and producer, and friend to Michael Jackson, to further help shape

    In the interview broadcast on ABC News last evening, Jack Wishna stated: “I will forever feel haunted by the thought that if I did not help convince Jackson to leave Ireland and return to America, would Jackson be alive today. In launching I know that Michael will forever be a part of each undiscovered talent that we promote and nurture through He was excited to come back to America, and I am very proud and honored to have had Michael as part of our early company history. We will honor his memory and the legacy he left behind for millions of fans around the world.”

    Excerpts of the interview can be viewed at:

    4) Jack Wishna said that the projects he had for Michael were not realized partially because “wrong people came into his life” one of whom was Murray:

    Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — A friend and business partner of Michael Jackson says he regrets moving the King of Pop to Las Vegas several years ago, where he ultimately met Dr. Conrad Murray.

    “Over the years I always thought that maybe if I didn’t move Michael from Ireland back to America, back to Las Vegas, that maybe Michael would be alive today,” says entertainment power broker Jack Wishna, president of Rockrena, Inc.

    Wishna was working with Jackson on a permanent Las Vegas show, but during the seven months he lived here, it became clear Jackson was in no physical shape to take on such a project.

    “The wrong people came into his life and ultimately caused his demise,” says Wishna. “One part of his brain was tremendously talented in terms of music and creativity, the other side of his brain was very trusting like a twelve year old”

    One of those people Jackson met in Las Vegas was Dr. Conrad Murray, who Wishna believes forgot the central tenant of medicine.

    “He took a Hippocratic oath to ‘do no harm’ and he was blinded by $150,000 dollars a month and the celebrity of being around Michael,” says Wishna.

    Monday’s verdict finding Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter is a bit of consolation, and helps bring to a close a triumphant… and tragic… life story.

    “It’s closure,” says Wishna. “I don’t want this to tarnish a brilliant career. Hopefully as the years go on the focus will be more on Michael, the career, the legacy and the music.”

    5) Jack Wishna said that Michael was thin and weak even when in Las Vegas. He also spoke about the people around Michael who were cutting deals about which Michael had no idea (Katherine Jackson spoke of the same). He also said that the was trying to get rid of Neverland for MJ (so he was competing with Colony Capital):

    So, earlier this year, he and Jackson instead discussed creating a show in the guise of LOVE, Cirque du Soleil’s ode to the Beatles, that the King of Pop would not actually be in.
    But then, Wishna said, he found out Jackson had hooked up with AEG for his London engagement.
    “He said it should be fine,” Wishna recalled. “In my heart I knew he didn’t get better from the time I was with him. He was thin and weak. It’s going to be a disaster. I would never put him into a show that way. I don’t know who the doctor is that certified him for it. I didn’t think [Jackson] was capable of doing it.”

    “Michael has a lot of people around him that cut deals and sometimes Michael doesn’t even know what those deals are,” he added. “So many people have been around him. At every turn it’s like he’s his worst enemy because of the people that are around him.”

    “In Ireland, when I spoke to Michael, I said, ‘Come back and go back to Neverland.'” And Jackson said, “I never, never, never want to go back to Neverland. Never.”
    “My thought is if someone buries him in Neverland he will come up out of the ground like in Thriller and strangle them,” Wishna said, referring to rumors that Jackson’s family is still considering a bid to inter Jackson on the grounds of his once-beloved ranch.
    “I tried to get rid of Neverland for him. He would never set foot back on Neverland. He never wanted to go there, never wanted to sleep there— never, never.”

    6) Jack Wishna never saw any drugs:

    “When he came off that plane, it was the old Michael Jackson of the ‘Bad Tour,’ type thing, it was the Michael Jackson that I grew up with,” he said.
    And although Jackson’s use of prescription drugs became big news after his death, Wishna said he never saw any of that kind of stuff around.
    “Never saw any drugs,” Wishna said. “Never saw any intravenous, or needles or anything like that. Never met any doctors around Michael.”


  29. July 24, 2013 4:49 am

    It’s something for one of the next posts probably, but this part of Meglen’s testimony yesterday was the most interesting to me, I’m sure Helena will address this:

    ABC7 tweets:

    Meglen said he has put together a show idea for Las Vegas involving Michael Jackson, but not a residential show.
    Meglen: We proposed to the Estate a Michael Jackson Campus at the Planet Hollywood Hotel
    Meglen: It’d involve artifacts in MJ exhibit, items from Neverland, 2 restaurants, nightclub and a theatrical show directed by Kenny Ortega.
    This was after Michael Jackson passed away. Meglen said this was never proposed before he died.
    Bina showed a document with a structural outline with the concept of the Las Vegas show, possible partners and numbers.
    Meglen said they wanted to take this to another level, creating an entire campus as opposed to just a show and a boutique.
    Meglen said he became aware the Estate of MJ was in talks with Cirque du Soleil for a show in Vegas, which gave AEG a sense of urgency.
    The promoter said he got one meeting with the executor of MJ’s Estate, John Branca, but they were already involved with Cirque du Soleil.
    Meglen: You run 10 years (in a residency show) and you hit a home run.
    Meglen said they were very interested in a MJ Las Vegas show. He said he made an offer as attractive of better than Cirque’s proposal.
    Meglen said there was a guarantee of $60 million over 10 years. “The Estate told us they were not interested,” Meglen said.

    So AEG wanted to earn more money with MJ after his death, and Kenny Ortega would have got another job.
    I am very thankful for the decision of John Branca to reject this proposal; a campus with restaurants and a nightclub beneath items from Neverland – OMG, what a sell-off of MJ!
    When I read this, Wade Robson came to my mind. What if he would have got a job on this AEG project? What if he is upset that it didn’t work out? Just a thought.


  30. July 24, 2013 8:14 am

    Thanks Susannerb for the post about Meglen. I know Helena is going to do an awesome job analysing it. But I just wanted to speak about one aspect of Meglen’s testimony where he states that he was never even thinking of a concert to India for nobody goes to India. He has made this statement in 2013, when the reality is that Michael had visited India back in 1996. Being an Indian myself ,this means a lot to me. No matter what the AEG big bosses have to say and think about my country- MJ thought it worthwhile to visit it even back then and that is ALL that matters. He has a HUGE fan base in India. Dance competitions are held on television to this day, named after MJ. Many of the country’s top artists acknowledge their talent to MJ and his art. And this quote from MJ himself shows how beautiful he was- it reflects a heart so pure and true- that one thinks that the world was truly unworthy of him. This is MJ’s concept of India in his own words :
    India, all my life I have longed to see your face. I met you and your people and fell in love with you. Now my heart is full of sorrow and despair as I have to leave but I shall return to love you and caress you again. Your kindness has overwhelmed me, your spiritual awareness ahs moved me, and your children have truly touched my heart. They are the face of God. I truly love and adore you India forever. Continue to love, heal and educate the children, the future shines on them. You are my special love India, forever. May God always Bless You.- Michael Jackson


  31. Sina permalink
    July 24, 2013 8:15 am

    My impression of Kjs testimony is that she was fearless and stood strong against the tricks and twists of a shrewd lawyer who was out on her blood. I applaud her courage.
    It was not the strongest testimony , but considering her age, emotions, the pressure and many inappropriate questions, she did very well. She could have given a scripted answer when asked about waiving her rights on restitution ,but she spoke from her heart and if you do there are no wrong answers.
    Most important, she was consistent , there were no significant discrepancies between her deposition and testimony and she was sharp on the questions that really matter: who hired Murray, who killed Michael and AEGs responsibility .

    Restitution is a dilemma and a choice that is up to the plaintiff only and Imo KJ apart from her own reasons was well advised on that.
    The narrative that asking restitution would prevent Murray from making book deals, interviews etc told by the ones only interested in the money aspects and with an invested interest in attacking KJs character (sounds familiar ?) is ignorant and false.
    The only consequence of restitution is that profits he makes CAN be claimed , be it from a book deal or from working as a taxi driver. Profit meaning the remainder after cost of living- which can be as high as a good lawyer can prove – paying off preferential creditors and debts like taxes, longtime creditors ,but most of all child support .
    KJ would just be the next creditor in line, it will take a lot of legal work and she will be locked in a relationship with an individual she would rather forget. It will by no means be presented to her on a silver platter as is suggested.
    Not seeking restitution does not exclude suing CM incidentally if he does go that route and KJ can do it for the FACT and not for the profit . Imo it is more questionable to claim the profits rather than fight the content of a defaming book about one’s family.
    Also there are many ways to circumvent getting money in ones own name , re Ray / Evan Chandlers book or ‘free ‘interviews.

    Thinking of Sullivans failed book I personally do not see a bookdeal for CM anytime soon. It will be online for free the minute it is released. The good thing about AEG, RW and the tabloids ugly stuff we are hearing, is that even Michael Jackson dirt has an expiration date .
    CMs ‘documentary’ blaming the victim only worked against him.
    But it also completely convicted AEG as his story corroborates perfectly with Prince, KC and KOs , which is one of 1000 reasons why AEG will not call him.
    By now AEG has already neutralized him. His lawyers drastic change of defense strategy in favor of AEG is telling.
    Taajs tweets yesterday of AEG lawyers providing courtseats to Murrays lawyer is a shameless display of AEGs loyalty to a convicted killer and a give away about their connection. Someone should bring it to the jury’s attention.
    Maybe Valerie Wass needs a reminder of her clients statement about Randy Philips, long before testimonies of his conduct were given and before emails were revealed.

    Ironically CM still has the illusion to get his license back which will not work slandering his patient or violating doctor –patient confidentiality.
    He got a slap on the wrist but at least was convicted and is doing time. Michael paid the highest price . Now its AEGs turn to own up and face the consequences.


  32. alice permalink
    July 24, 2013 8:16 am


    It’s a great little weekly show that’s been running for many years here.
    As far as I know though, the only way to see the most recent episode is on our ABC iview website – where nearly all ABC TV shows are uploaded so people can watch them online for free. I spend more time on there than in front of my television, nowadays!
    The episodes do not stay up for very long though, usually a week to two weeks at the most.
    Media Watch only goes for 15 minutes per episode but now that it’s original host, acclaimed journalist Paul Barry, has returned I’m confident it will continue to show those who watch it just where the public’s supposed news sources are failing them.
    For a while another journo, Jonathan Holmes, was running it and while falsities and bad journalism was still shown up, he tended to have a very unappealing presence and I often felt he pursued particular companies and stories without much reason, and could often come across (to me) as incredibly sly. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy in real life though! Haha 🙂
    I’m not sure if the ABC iview site is available for international viewing, but given it’s easily the most superior online content TV site from any of our channels here in Australia, I hope it does come up to scratch and allow ideas to be shared.

    Please see below a link to the direct episode I mentioned in my post, where Barry notes a few of the latest advertising-heavy pieces of media.

    Hope this works for you –

    It’s nothing of the personally damaging, slanderous kind of material that has been done to our Michael, but it’s still a good example and analysis of how advertisers and stakeholders in a media company can strongly influence what ‘news’ the public are given, dressed up as propoganda for other people with an agenda and the deep pockets to match. What the big guys want become the news. Whether it’s good, or bad, or a complete lie.
    I think the key to knowing which media companies are lying blatantly to line their pockets when it comes to the MJ cases, would be to see which music artists/concerts/etc associated with AEG Live (easy to find on their website) get the most promotional coverage in their entertainment and, indeed, ‘news’ sections. See what ads appear where, see whose concerts and music are being reviewed or announced as news, and in what light. Who are they talking about and why?
    It’s just scraping the surface, but underneath the sticky, sweet glaze there is our answer.


  33. alice permalink
    July 24, 2013 8:24 am


    Hey Sina,

    Just wanted to say I agree wholeheartedly with you, particularly on this point;

    “Taajs tweets yesterday of AEG lawyers providing courtseats to Murrays lawyer is a shameless display of AEGs loyalty to a convicted killer and a give away about their connection. Someone should bring it to the jury’s attention.”

    Exactly. If ever the jury needed to see which side of the contract and court Murray stands on, they need only look at the seat next to AEG. Is there a way of letting Panish know this? I noticed Taaj directly tweets him and I think he has responded too. I would but I do not have my own twitter account.


  34. alice permalink
    July 24, 2013 8:50 am

    Hey Helena,

    Again, thankyou so much for including more information where you can about the deaths of Dileo, Lopez and Wishna. I greatly appreciate it, as like I mentioned previously, I have spent a shorter amount of time than everyone else trying to read as much as possible. Haven’t fallen asleep until at least after 3.30am every night now, it seems! There’s a lot to make up for, but it’s worth it.


    “Frank has been moved out of ICU, [Intensive Care Unit] said the highly knowledgeable Ivy of MJJ Community.
    All these tweets are found here:

    I just wanted to say I find it interesting that lipstickalley have actually been quite a good source of information for me, so far, as they are here. And by that I mean they don’t seem to be too tarred with the brush of no-integrity, so to speak.


    “On TeamMj I’ve read that the computer was taken by AEG and then returned after cleaning it of information.”

    That’s scary. But if this computer expert reckons he is able to find mirror copies of everything, perhaps their attempts will have been in vain.
    Meanwhile, we are all still waiting for this famous laptop to arrive…
    And I noticed Taaj said on the Team Michael Jackson twitter that ‘Grace has been located’. Does this mean we may see her on the witness stand??

    Thankyou for explaining more on Lopez, too, Helena. To me it’s the nanny’s testimony that makes the premise of this ‘suicide’ answer so clunky. The wife’s comments about a ‘person’ which, though I’d love to believe she saw someone, could also be a case of her assuming that someone else was outside shooting (her husband). Hard to believe, but always possible.
    Do we know what happened recently before his death in May, 2010 to perhaps prompt his sudden death? Had he given an interview close to then or…?


    “how could the housekeeper who found the body overlook a gun in his right hand if it was really there? She was the first to find the body and she said to Catherine Bach that there was no weapon.”

    A great point. I think the wife did not see much at all, and it is the nanny who stands the most to lose by telling the truth. Or at least she did initially. Perhaps both have been paid off or threatened to cover all bases. I wonder what has happened to the nanny since then…. Nancy…

    And wait a minute. I just spotted this in the autopsy of Lopez – forgive me if you had already mentioned it, Helena 🙂

    “The body was not clothed, and I did not see the clothing.”

    Um, he was naked?? Naked in the garden and he decided to commit suicide like this?

    I’d also still love to know what everyone thinks about Katherine testifying that she was confused as to why MJ hired Frank Dileo and ‘all these people back’ and that she thought someone was telling him they needed to come back for the tour (see my lower post.. somewhere in amongst the masses haha). I was under the impression that MJ could have done so to prevent the dictatorship of AEG.
    And Putnam’s reference to Frank (while cross-examining Katherine) as MJ’s manager interested me, too – thought AEG had been very, very specific this was Tohme? Ignoring MJ’s re-hiring of Frank to suit this need, also.
    Stay hopeful and stay informed everyone. Also stay safe.


  35. July 24, 2013 8:58 am

    Yes, I also noticed what Meglen said about India. A very arrogant attitude towards countries like yours, totally unlike Michael. We know from Prince’s testimony that Michael even was in contact with someone from India for meditation.


  36. Sina permalink
    July 24, 2013 9:35 am

    Alice, unfortunately I dont think that will be allowed as evidence of anything. Still it is worth to point out the connection between AEG and Murray.

    Superna, that shows AEGs ignorance and lack of knowledge of Michaels fanbase.
    India has one of the fastest growing middle class who can afford even more expensive tickets than the O2 ones and Michael is known and loved even in the remotest places.
    Here is a documentary on MJ impersonators all over the world, including India, made after Michaels death in 2009 . No English subtitles, but if you speak one of the local languages you will understand. Just a reminder of Michaels global appeal.


  37. alice permalink
    July 24, 2013 9:57 am

    Hey everyone…

    Does anyone else find it quite telling how desperate AEG are to talk down the possible monetary value post-MJ’s death. Obviously they are doing so that, if they are found guilty, they do not lose out financially as much as they should… ie, influencing the jury’s approximation of how much to pay in damages/et al to Jackson family. But, the point is they are completely contradicting themselves and Tom Barrack/Colony Capital’s whole supposed idea of ‘investing’ (ie, using) Michael as a business profit for themselves – that he would make them all a LOT of money. So they just look stupid and guilty for talking that fact down to negate the possibility of financial loss post-trial.

    Unless, of course, they thought they (and I’m including Barrack & Colony in this… and others) knew previously – and potentially acted on – the possibility that they stood to profit more out of his downfall rather than his success with a tour. Or even his death.

    Ie, securing Neverland, becoming involved somehow again with Sony to purchase publishing rights to his music, the list goes on to everything they could probably try and worm their ownership and control over.

    Either way, the more they try to dispute his potential financial worth, the worse it makes them look.

    And disregarding entire countries simply because the believe ‘nobody goes there’ is just insulting and wrong.

    All I know is, I count someone who has a beautiful soul like MJ as ten times a greater person than one whose actions imply they have nothing but a hunger to make more and more money out of someone else’s work. To me, that is not cleverness. That is corruption.
    When did blackmail become a legitimate profession?
    – alice


  38. Sina permalink
    July 24, 2013 2:18 pm

    Wow. Speaking of the devil. Just heard an audio message of Murray threatening AEG and Jacksons with nuclear bombshell if they dare call him to testify.

    Interesting that he can make a documentary to tell his side of the story but is afraid to tell it on the stand. As far as I know he is not called by either AEG or KJ, for obvious reasons, so his message is just attention seeking but not surprising for the megalomaniac he is.
    He is not ashamed to be known as the killer of Michael Jackson and the man who secretly recorded him at his most vulnarable . For what ? To blackmail and threaten him like he is doing the Jackson family now telling them that Michael had severed ties with every single member of his family . Which is pathetic and a lie.
    1. he attended his parents 60th anniversary which was only a month before he was killed . 2 Unless you think he is a liar , Michaels own son testified that Michael had asked for his father right before Murray killed him. If Joe was not blocked from Michaels, Murray would be finished and Michael would still be here. 3. Michael made his mother guardian of his children, knowing very well he has an extended family in the true sense of the word, a live- in family.
    Murray is a cynical ,dangerous man who up to now has shown no remorse .
    Exactly the mouthpiece that AEG needs for their ugly stuff .


  39. July 24, 2013 4:09 pm

    “Wow. Speaking of the devil. Just heard an audio message of Murray threatening AEG and Jacksons with nuclear bombshell if they dare call him to testify. Interesting that he can make a documentary to tell his side of the story but is afraid to tell it on the stand.” – Sina

    Sina, if you have a link to it please post it here as I really have big problems with my internet at the moment and I am very limited in reading, writing, listening and posting.


  40. Sina permalink
    July 24, 2013 4:25 pm

    Helena, you can click on the youtube film I posted or the link can be found in one of Taajs tweets of today or you can find it on you tube, type conrad murrays threats to Jackson Family +AEG live.
    It seems the original source is TMZ.


  41. July 24, 2013 5:31 pm

    It’s something for one of the next posts probably, but this part of Meglen’s testimony yesterday was the most interesting to me, I’m sure Helena will address this: Meglen said they were very interested in a MJ Las Vegas show. He said he made an offer as attractive or better than Cirque’s proposal. Meglen said there was a guarantee of $60 million over 10 years. “The Estate told us they were not interested,” Meglen said.
    So AEG wanted to earn more money with MJ after his death, and Kenny Ortega would have got another job. I am very thankful for the decision of John Branca to reject this proposal; a campus with restaurants and a nightclub beneath items from Neverland – OMG, what a sell-off of MJ! -Susanne

    Yes, I will surely address it. I’m just got a little stuck on Katherine Jackson’s Monday testimony and wanted to check up one thing in connection with it first. With my present internet it takes too much time, unfortunately.

    And I am also very glad that Branca rejected the AEG proposal – it seems to me that he was cooperating with AEG only while he had to.
    Now AEG is presenting their Las Vegas project as something extraordinary while Jack Wishna was doing the same for Michael with total lack of pomposity. Meglen said that making a tribute concert is not interesting to the public when an artist is alive and though he probably didn’t mean it it sounded somewhat cynical.

    However the idea itself is probably correct, and therefore Jack Wishna brought MJ and Cirque du Soleil together to make a tribute to Beatles (and not to MJ). It could very well work and even the first negotiations with the director of the Cirque du Soleil were made, so if it were not for that AEG tour MJ could have made a very successful Beatles show – with no need for him to dance and sing there. Jack Wishna was working on projects which would not directly involve MJ and would not make him perform himself.


  42. July 24, 2013 5:46 pm

    First here are the tweets for Monday, July 22 – Katherine Jackson’s testimony (just to catch up a bit):

    Monday July 22, 2013 DAY 53

    Hello from the courthouse in downtwon LA. Day 53 of Jackson Family vs AEG trial just about to begin. This is Week 13 of the trial.
    Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, is set to take the stand again today to resume cross examination.
    Mrs. Jackson spent a few hours on the stand on Friday detailing the humble beginning of MJ’s life and how he rose to fame.
    Session has not started yet. As a reminder, we can’t live tweet, per judge’s ruling. We’ll bring you all the coverage as soon as we can.
    Here’s our Friday’s story on Katherine’s testimony:
    Our reporter Miriam Hernandez is in the courtroom. We are in the overflow room, where a lot of fans are.

    What are your thoughts so far about the trial?Jacksons’ attorney, Brian Panish, said he’s ending his case in chief.
    The only witnesses remaining for the Jacksons are Kenny Ortega (who needs to come back for cross) and nanny Grace Rwamba.
    They wanted to call Rwamba today, but they said she has a medical condition (lupus) that may prevent her from coming.
    Session was set to begin about 20 minutes ago. It has not yet started.
    The latest estimate is mid-September. AEG attorney told judge he wants to conclude his case by the end of August.

    Judge Yvette Palazuelos asked AEG attorney Marvin Putnam again on Friday whether he intends to call Dr. Murray to testify.
    Putnam responded on Friday he has no intention of calling him. Judge said there are several steps needed to bring an inmate to testify.
    Judge told attorneys none of the steps have been taken yet, which means it’s probably very unlikely they’d be able to get Dr. Murray in.

    Katherine Jackson on the stand. Session about to begin. We’ll bring you all the details as soon as possible.
    Katherine Jackson back on the stand for cross examination. Session began at 9:55 am PT. Marvin Putnam, for AEG, doing the questioning.

    Putnam explained to Mrs. Jackson about the discovery process, where both sides have to exchange documents related to the case.
    Mrs. Jackson said MJ would give her money in cash, but she would not write down the amounts.
    The matriarch has a secretary, Janice Smith, who works for her for anywhere between 15-20 years. She has an office in Encino, CA.
    Putnam asking about the house in Gary, Indiana. It’s been 44 years since she left and moved in to the Hayvenhurst house.
    Mrs. Jackson lives now in a gated community in Calabasas. Hayvenhurst house is under renovation.
    It was a gift, Mrs. Jackson said about the money she received from Michael. Putnam asked if she reported/recorded anywhere.
    My son took care of me, food, shelter, clothes, Mrs. Jackson explained.
    When he gave me cash, it was a gift, I didn’t think I needed to report to anyone, Mrs. Jackson said.
    Putnam asked again if there was any record of the money MJ gave her. She replied she didn’t think she needed to.
    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson had a bank account back in 2010 when she filed her lawsuit. She said she doesn’t recall.

    Regarding Michael having money problems, Mrs. Jackson said : “My son made a lot of money, he had people working for him.”
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes, I’ve heard from some people
    Putnam: Where you aware MJ was having financial difficulties when he passed away?
    They have been saying it for 15 years, Mrs. Jackson said. “People were taking money from him also, stealing I should say.”
    Putnam: Who did you hear that from?
    Mrs. Jackson: Just different people
    Mrs. Jackson testified she heard stories about it.
    She also said MJ told her too that people were making deals on his behalf.
    They were being offered money under the table, that’s what I heard from my son, Mrs. Jackson testified.
    And Mrs. Jackson asked: “What does this have to do with the death of my son?”
    Putnam: You heard about MJ having money problems?
    Mrs. Jackson: I heard for years Michael Jackson was broken and he wasn’t
    Putnam: Did you ever ask MJ about having money problems?
    Mrs. Jackson: No, because I didn’t believe it. Because he wasn’t.

    Putnam asked about the damages Mrs. Jackson asked for in her lawsuit. MJ’s mother responded that he could ask her attorneys about it.
    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson has been here most of the days over the past 12 weeks.
    Putnam: Do you believe that your son is in any way responsible for his passing?
    Mrs. Jackson: No I don’t
    Putnam: You never believed your son had any part in his own death?
    Mrs. Jackson: Correct!
    Putnam: Do you believe your son MJ knew Dr. Murray was giving him Propofol?
    Panish: Objection, calls for speculation
    Putnam: Do you remember MJ asking for Propofol?
    Panish: Calls for hearsay response
    Putnam: Did you hear from the criminal trial that your son asked Dr. Murray to give him Propofol?
    Mrs. Jackson: I have heard
    Mrs. Jackson said she had not heard that MJ asked other doctors for Propofol. Putnam asked if that came to a surprise for her. She said yes.
    Conrad Murray, even if he asked, he could’ve said no, Mrs. Jackson opined.

    Putnam: Do you believe your son hired Dr. Murray?
    Mrs. Jackson: No I don’t
    Putnam: You heard testimony MJ hired Dr. Murray in Las Vegas?
    Mrs Jackson: He had doctors for his children, I don’t know if it was Dr Murray
    Putnam asked if MJ ever paid Dr. Murray. She answered it was to treat the children.
    Putnam asked if she heard testimony from Prince saying he would give Dr. Murray stacks of money in a rubber band.
    He didn’t say stacks, he measure with his fingers, Mrs. Jackson explained.
    Mrs. Jackson said she doesn’t believe that MJ hired Dr. Murray because of what she’s been listening here in court.
    She said from hearing the emails, AEG said they had hired him and that Randy Phillips went on TV saying they hired him.
    Mrs. Jackson: I had heard they had hired and there was the doctor there so I thought MJ had hired him, not knowing the facts.
    Putnam asked how she remembers it when she said her memory wasn’t very good.
    I didn’t say I didn’t remember anything, I said I’m 83, I would ‘t remember everything, Mrs. Jackson responded.
    Mrs Jackson said that’s all that’s been talked about in the trial and that she remembers emails, Phillips’ interview saying AEG hired Murray
    Putnam: Do you recall why you said your son hired the doctor and that your son could’ve prevented his own death?
    I don’t think he could’ve prevented his own death, Mrs. Jackson testified. “I just said I thought he hired the doctor. I do recall that.”
    Mrs. Jackson said she can’t recall exactly what was said in the Dateline interview, but she does remember saying MJ hired the doctor.

    Mrs. Jackson said she had not heard about Dr. Murray prior to MJ’s death. Her son did not discuss what treatments he was having with her.
    Putnam: Prior to your son’s death, did you know your son had a doctor spending the night at the house?
    Mrs. Jackson: No
    Putnam: Did you ever have conversation with your grandchildren prior to trial about the doctor spending the night at the house? She said no
    Putnam asked if Prince testified a doctor was spending the nights at the house.
    Mrs. Jackson: I don’t remember him saying that
    Putnam: Do you remember him (Prince) saying he (the doctor) spent 6 nights a week?
    Mrs. Jackson: No, I don’t remember that
    Putnam asked Mrs. Jackson’s search for the truth and if she thought it would be important to know whether the doctor spending the nights.
    It would’ve been important but I told you I didn’t talk to my grandchildren about that, Mrs. Jackson responded.
    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson talked to her grandchildren about Dr. Murray treating MJ in a locked, upstairs bedroom. She answered no.

    Putnam: You do believe Dr. Murray has some responsibility for your son’s death?
    Mrs. Jackson: Of course
    Putnam asked Mrs. Jackson if Dr. Murray was convicted in the criminal trial. She said yes.
    He asked if the doctor is now in jail. “I hope he is,” she responded.
    Putnam inquired about Mrs. Jackson asking the District Attorney to drop the $100 million restitution against Dr. Murray.
    Mrs. Jackson said yes, that Dr. Murray has children and has no money.
    Putnam: You asked the DA to drop the $100 million restitution claim against Dr. Murray?
    Because I felt his children needed him to take care of them, she explained. “He didn’t have any money.”
    Mrs. Jackson: I asked them to drop it because of his children, he has quite a few children, 7 or 8, I don’t know.
    Mrs. Jackson said she believes the DA may have dropped the $100 million restitution claim.
    Putnam: Did you drop the restitution claim so you could file this lawsuit?
    Mrs. Jackson: No

    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson ever saw MJ under the influence of any drug. She said no, that it’s something she never saw during his lifetime
    She would show up at the house unannounced and said she never saw her son “loopy”.
    Putnam: Did you ever speak with your son on the phone when he was out of it?
    Mrs. Jackson: No. Out of what?
    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson’s children told her MJ was under the influence of something. She said yes.
    A couple of children came to me and told me they had heard about it, Mrs. Jackson said. She had conversation w/ MJ about it in Las Vegas.
    Putnam asked Mrs. Jackson is she remembers her son’s criminal trial in 2005. She said yes, and that she attended the trial every day.
    Putnam inquired if MJ left the country after the trial. She said yes. When MJ came back he lived in Las Vegas never lived in Neverland again
    Mrs. Jackson spoke with Michael about what she heard of him using prescription drugs.
    I’ve heard that something had happened to him, Mrs. Jackson described.
    Putnam: When you said that, he denied it, right?
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes he did
    I was his mother, I imagined he’d deny it, Mrs. Jackson explained. “No child is going to admit it, if I heard something bad about them.”
    Mrs. Jackson said she didn’t know MJ was taking pain pills, she couldn’t prove it, that’s what she had heard.
    Mrs. Jackson: It didn’t surprise me, I’m the mother, he would not want his mother to worry about him.
    Putnam: If you knew your son was going to deny it, why did you ask him?
    Mrs. Jackson: I’m not answering that question. Because to me it doesn’t make sense. I didn’t know he was going to deny it.
    It’s because he didn’t want me to worry, Mrs. Jackson said. “I just talked to him about it.”
    Mrs. Jackson to Putnam: I don’t think it’s that serious that you have to drill it like that on me.
    Mrs. Jackson: My child, he respected his mother he didn’t want to hurt if it was bad
    Mrs Jackson: He was still my child, I’m still his mother and he wants to hold his respect for me
    Putnam: He wasn’t a child but 50 years old?
    Mrs. Jackson: You’re just trying to confuse me so that you can come back with something.
    Mrs. Jackson: You do understand (the answer) and you keep asking the same question

    Putnam: Has there ever been a time you believe your son was abusing prescription drugs?
    Mrs. Jackson: No
    I believe he was taking it, but I don’t believe he was abusing it Mrs Jackson said. “I just asked him the question, I wanted to make sure”
    Even tough Mrs. Jackson didn’t believe MJ was abusing prescription drugs she was part of an intervention at Neverland.
    She doesn’t remember all the siblings present, but probably Janet, Rebbie and Randy were there.
    She said there was a person who came along that Janet brought specialized in intervention.
    Mrs. Jackson said she doesn’t believe MJ knew why they were there.
    Putnam: Do you recall this taking place in 2002?
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes
    Putnam asked if MJ was mad they came for an intervention.
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes, because when we got there, there was nothing wrong with him
    We asked if he was okay, he got upset and we didn’t talk about it, Mrs. Jackson explained.
    He didn’t deny anything, he was ok, Mrs. Jackson said. There was no deep discussion, we got there and he was ok, he was upset.”
    Mrs. Jackson: It was kind of embarrassing, because they didn’t see anything.
    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson saw him upset. “If I said he was upset, I did see it,” she responded.
    Putnam: After he got upset, did he say to you “I’m not on it, I’m not on anything?”
    Mrs. Jackson: He didn’t say that
    Putnam played part of Mrs. Jackson’s deposition where she said she knew MJ was upset, by the way he talked, said “I’m not on it,” that’s all
    Putnam asked if at the intervention MJ denied he was on influence of prescription drugs?
    Mrs. Jackson: To tell you the truth, I don’t know
    Putnam: Do you remember in your deposition you didn’t know whether to believe your son at all?
    Mrs. Jackson said she was upset with Putnam during deposition. “I was just tired of you asking the same question 50 times in different ways”
    I knew he was on prescription drugs, but he was not abusing it, Mrs. Jackson said.
    After intervention at Neverland in 2002 Putnam asked if her mind changed about MJ abusing drugs. She said she didn’t know one way or another

    Putnam showed a letter on People Magazine (Sept. 7, 2007) the family sent about MJ not addicted to pain killers and alcohol.
    Mrs. Jackson: We were not trying to take away the business or anything like that. That’s a lie.
    Mrs. Jackson said she never attempted to take her son’s business. Just because it’s in the magazine tabloids doesn’t make it true, she said.
    There are lies, these are all lies, Mrs. Jackson said. “We didn’t try to take his business away.”
    Tito, Marlon, Jackie, Jermaine, Katherine signed this letter. Putnam asked why she signed it if it wasn’t true, she said I wanted it to stop
    Mrs. Jackson: As far as the tabloids, I didn’t waste my time because I know all they do is to try to make money
    Putnam: Isn’t it true your son MJ asked you to sign this?
    Mrs. Jackson: I don’t remember my son asking me to sign this
    Mrs. Jackson said she doesn’t’ remember MJ being involved in the draft of the letter. She doesn’t know who asked her to sign it.
    Putnam showed Mrs. Jackson Randy’s deposition saying MJ asked her to sign the letter. She said it doesn’t refresh her recollection about it.

    Putnam: Were you aware your son MJ had gone to rehab before?
    Mrs. Jackson: I had heard that, that Elizabeth Taylor had something to do about drugs but I don’t watch television that much.
    Mrs. Jackson said she did not discuss with MJ about it and had never heard MJ’s 1993 announcement he was going into rehab.
    Mrs. Jackson: My children probably didn’t want me to know about it.
    MJ’s mother said she never heard before tour had been canceled because of MJ’s rehab. She said it doesn’t mean it wasn’t but she didn’t know
    Putnam asked about whether she shut her ears to bad things.
    “I may have said that but I don’t remember,” Mrs. Jackson responded.
    Mrs. Jackson: I don’t like hearing bad news.
    Mrs. Jackson wore black and white print long jacket with fuchsia flowers, with cranberry top and skirt.

    Putnam asked about the attempted intervention in 2002. He asked about Dr. Farshchian treating MJ’s addiction to Demerol.
    Mrs. Jackson said he doesn’t recall Dr. Farshchian and does not recall any phone call with any doctor about MJ’s addiction to Demerol.
    Putnam showed Mrs. Jackson transcript of Dr. Farshchian’s deposition and asked if that refreshed her recollection. She said it doesn’t.
    Putnam asked if Dr. Farshchian testified he spoke with her because she wanted to know all the details of her son’s Demerol use.
    I don’t remember who Dr. Farshchian is and I don’t remember treating Michael for Demerol, Mrs. Jackson said.
    Putnam: Do you remember testimony about MJ having an implant to treat Demerol?
    Mrs. Jackson: I don’t know anything about that
    Mrs. Jackson said she doesn’t remember discussing the implant in 2002.
    As to Louis Farrakhan — she met him, but doesn’t remember seeing him at Neverland.
    Mrs. Jackson said she does not remember MJ showing her a Narcan patch.
    Putnam asked if Mrs Jackson knows there were a number of doctors who testified in this case. She said she didn’t know, didn’t see deposition

    Putnam asked if she recalls sitting down for interview with Oprah Winfrey in the fall of 2010. Mrs. Jackson said yes.
    Oprah’s interview aired about a month after the the lawsuit was filed. She watched it when it aired at the Hayvenhurst house.
    Putnam: Did you try to tell the truth in that interview?
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes
    Putnam: You said you believed your son was addicted to drugs?
    Mrs. Jackson: I told Oprah that
    Mrs. Jackson: I told you MJ was on painkillers, but I don’t think he was abusing it.
    In Oprah’s interview, Mrs. Jackson said it was a long time before she knew MJ was addicted to painkillers.
    She also said about the family’s attempted intervention: the children told her to take MJ to rehab and kind of clean him up.
    Mrs. Jackson told Oprah she didn’t want to hear MJ had overdosed. MJ kept saying he wasn’t on it, and that his own mother didn’t believe him
    Mrs. Jackson: I kind of believe it and didn’t believe it, hearing from my children, hearing from other people.

    Mrs. Jackson conceded she denied this morning that her son was abusing drugs.
    I didn’t know what to believe, Mrs. Jackson said.
    Putnam: Do you think your son was abusing painkillers?
    Mrs. Jackson: I don’t know
    I didn’t know what to believe, she said. “I went to Neverland because my children kept asking me and I was concerned.”
    Putnam: Was there a time you were concerned with MJ using painkillers?
    Mrs. Jackson: I can’t say I weren’t concerned
    Putnam: Was there any time during the criminal trial that you were concerned MJ was under the influence of something?
    Mrs. Jackson: No
    Mrs. Jackson said she never discussed with her son’s attorneys or managers about her concerns.

    Mrs. Jackson said she had many conversations with Frank DiLeo and they were all friendly.
    She remembers answering the phone when Frank DiLeo went back to work for Michael.
    Mrs. Jackson wanted to know why people kept re-hiring people Michael had fired.
    Putnam asked if it was someone other than MJ who hired DiLeo. “I think so, Michael didn’t want him back,” she said.
    Mrs. Jackson: Michael and DiLeo told me he was back for the This Is It tour.
    Putnam: Did you tell Mr. DiLeo you were concerned that your son was abusing painkillers?
    Mrs. Jackson: No, since he had just come back
    Mrs. Jackson said she never told AEG Live or Randy Phillips about MJ having drug problem.

    Mrs. Jackson testified she was receiving money from MJ and also from Janet Jackson.
    At first, it was not on a monthly basis, but it became that way, Mrs. Jackson explained. Janet sent her $10,000 a month.
    Mrs. Jackson said she was receiving that amount when MJ died. The money went to her assistant Janice at the office.
    Mrs. Jackson said she told Janet she didn’t have to continue to send her money after MJ died.
    In re-direct, Panish asked if before MJ died, was he paying for everything?
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes, paying for everything
    Panish: Did you rely on him (MJ) for all necessities of life?
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes

    Panish inquired if Putnam asked during deposition personal question?
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes, he asked ‘did your husband beat you’?
    P: Were you upset?
    Mrs. J: Yes
    Panish: Farrakhan and Nation of Islam, does that have anything to do with your son’s death?
    Mrs. Jackson: No
    Mrs Jackson said she doesn’t know anything about computers, it’s not a lawyer or investigator. Her highest level of education is high school
    Panish asked what she did to go about this case. “I hired your firm,” Mrs. Jackson said.
    Why, Panish asked. “I wanted to find out what really happened to my son,” Mrs. Jackson responded.

    Phillips and Gongaware never called/send card to Mrs. Jackson after MJ died, Mrs Jackson said. Kenny Ortega went to see her, she said.
    Panish: Did you know your son was sleep-deprived for 60 days?
    Mrs. Jackson: No, I didn’t
    Panish asked if she knew Hougdahl wrote an email to AEG that MJ was deteriorating in front of his eyes?
    Mrs. Jackson: No
    Mrs. Jackson said she learned about MJ’s condition in court, that AEG never told her MJ was deteriorating, paranoia, losing weight, rambling
    The could’ve called me, he was asking for his father, he was scared, he was asking for Joseph, Mrs. Jackson said, crying.
    Panish: Did AEG ever tell you they called your son a freak?
    Mrs. Jackson: No
    P: And that it was creepy meeting your son?
    Mrs. J: No (crying)
    Mrs. Jackson: They were there, without calling somebody. My husband and I would have been there in a second (crying)
    They watched him waste away and waited, I know they did it, Mrs. Jackson said, crying.

    Panish showed picture of MJ in June 09 and asked if she ever saw her son like that. “Never,” said Mrs. Jackson crying, wiping her eyes.
    Panish: Issue of restitution was the state decision and you told them not to do it, correct?
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes

    Panish asked if the figure for restitution was set by the state. Mrs. Jackson said yes.

    In re-cross, Putnam showed a video where Mrs. Jackson said “It could’ve been prevented, he hired a doctor to take care of him.”
    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson talked to her grandchildren about Dr. Murray in search of the truth.
    I could, but I didn’t want to bring that up with them, Mrs. Jackson answered.
    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson spoke with Sister Rose, the kids’ nanny.
    She told me that MJ was very weak, and she told me that she talked about what went down at the practice, they had to hold him up she said
    Mrs. Jackson doesn’t know why Sister Rose is called sister and Brother Michael is brother.

    Putnam: Did I say anything improper in the deposition regarding the Nation of Islam?
    Mrs. Jackson: You were asking me question about it
    Putnam asked if Mrs. Jackson knows Gongaware. “No, but that shouldn’t have stopped him, to say I’m sorry what happened to your son” she said
    Putnam asked if AEG put together a Memorial Service for MJ. She said yes.
    Mrs. Jackson said AEG told her if she did the memorial service at the Staples Center it would be free (she wanted to do it at the Coliseum)

    In re-re-direct, Panish asked: They still didn’t send a card, did they?
    Mrs. Jackson: No. Thousands and thousands of people sent her card.
    She’s a Jehovah’s Witness and there’s a difference between her religion and the Nation of Islam.
    Regarding the interview, Mrs. Jackson said she just assumed, she didn’t know whether MJ had hired Dr. Murray.
    Panish: Did Sister Rose discuss with you about AEG pressuring MJ?
    Mrs. Jackson: Yes

    Panish showed video of Phillips saying they hired him.
    Panish: There was a suggestion in this trial you hired Kai Chase back so she can testify in your favor?
    Panish: Did you hire Kai Chase so she would testify in your favor?
    Mrs. Jackson: No, not at all. The children knew her, they wanted her, that’s why.
    Mrs. Jackson: Kai Chase has been working for me not quite a year yet

    In re-re-cross, Putnam inquired Phillips said ‘we hired him’ and Mrs. Jackson said ‘Michael’ hired him.
    Mrs. Jackson: Like I said, I didn’t know who hired him at that time.
    Putnam said one of them was not right in their interview. Mrs. Jackson answered: “I’m not correct.”

    In re-re-re-direct, Panish asked: Who do you think it’s in a better position to know who hired the doctor, you or the CEO of AEG?
    Mrs. Jackson: The CEO of AEG
    Mrs. Jackson was then excused. She went home for the rest of the day to rest.

    Judge told jury we are now moving to defendants’ case, even though plaintiffs have not yet rested their case in chief.
    AEG called their next witness, John Meglen.

    AEG’s attorney Jessica Stebbins Bina did direct examination.
    John Meglen is a concert promoter, works at AEG Live, he’s the president and CEO of Concerts West.
    Paul Gongaware is co-CEO of Concerts West with Meglen. He described his extensive background in the business.
    Meglen said he went to Veterinarian school initially. “I feel like I work with animals some times,” he joked.
    Bina talked about rivalry between AEG Live and Live Nation.
    Meglen said he doesn’t think being the number 1 is necessarily a good thing. He explained it is the difference between quality and quantity.
    When they created Concerts West, Meglen said their first tour was Andrea Bocelli. They promoted first tour of Mariah Carey.
    Meglen worked with MJ prior to “This Is It” once. He was a consultant to a firm in Japan that promoted two MJ shows in 1986 around Christmas
    Meglen watched both shows and said it was great. Marcel Avram was the promoter.
    They both sold half house, he said, which is half of the tickets available. Meglen said they hid he empty seats so it wouldn’t show.
    Bina asked if Wikipedia was wrong in saying the shows were sold out. “I don’t use Wikipedia as source for my business,” Meglen said.
    Meglen said he next met MJ in 2007 with Peter Lopez, MJ’s attorney at the time at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.
    The meeting was to let MJ know what AEG was about, Meglen said. Gongaware, Raymone Bain (MJ’s manager), Lopez, MJ were present.
    MJ recognized Gongaware, Meglen said. He came out of the bedroom, “Whenever I see Paul Gongaware I know everything is going to be all right”
    Meglen said MJ asked Gongaware about Brigitte, his girlfriend at the time. They wanted MJ to choose them for a comeback tour.
    He was very excited, Meglen said. “He was great, full of energy, seem taller, firm handshake, he was there, he was very, very excited.”
    Meglen said almost immediately Gongaware took the lead on the MJ’s This Is It project, since he had prior experience with MJ.
    Meglen said the expense of the show production falls under the artist to pay. Judge adjourned until tomorrow at 9:45 am PT.

    Outside the presence of jury, Panish said Deborah Chang spoke with Grace Rwamba’s lawyer and he doesn’t’ know where she is.
    Plaintiffs want to bring Rwamba to testify before they rest their case. They still need to finish Ortega’s testimony too.
    And that ended Day 53 of the trial. We hope to see you tomorrow for all the details of John Meglen’s testimony. Have a great night everybody


  43. July 24, 2013 6:02 pm

    Here are the ABC tweets about Meglen’s testimony:

    Tuesday July 23, 2013 DAY 54

    Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 54, Week 13 of Jackson family vs AEG trial is under way.
    Katherine Jackson is not present in court today. John Meglen, co-CEo of Concerts West, is back on the stand. Jessica Bina questioning him.
    Meglen didn’t have involvement in Michael Jackson’s contract. He said after the initial meeting, there was a quiet period.
    Then they met again in early 2008 and began discussions of what to do and where to go with MJ’s comeback tour.
    The promoter said they considered London, the biggest market in the world, since it has a new, hot arena.
    He said the strength of artist’s popularity is based on ticket sales, ticket sales of similar artists, record sales, radio time playing.
    We did not want to start the tour in North America, Meglen said.
    Meglen: We weren’t sure what the reaction, ticket sale would be in N America because of the historic stuff Michael had gone before in the US
    Meglen said the other option was Asia, Japan especially. He has done a number of other tours in Asia.
    However, Meglen said the economics wasn’t there for Asia, couldn’t get a high enough ticket price in China.
    He said there are a lot of rich people in China, but a lot people with not as much money.
    Meglen said MJ had sold stadium shows in London before, had a successful track record there.

    The promoter said normally they talk about show net, what we call artist gross, is when discussing money.
    You can’t compare net of artists because they all spend differently on the road, Meglen said.
    The show net is where you determine the artist gross from, Meglen explained.
    Meglen said he was not intimately involved in the budget tour and budget production, but has seen them and knows what a budget is.
    Meglen said he was aware of talks about a worldwide tour with MJ.
    Meglen: The London shows were the only approved shows from our standpoint at AEG
    He explained that the only one that went thru the approval process was the London shows.
    It was a long way to the completion of the London shows, so Meglen said there was no urgency in figuring out where to go after that.
    Meglen would have to approve a worldwide budget, he said. And it all depended on the London shows success and their review.

    Meglen said Paul Gongaware called Michael Jackson ‘Mikey’ because they knew each other.
    The promoter said AEG advanced the money for “This Is It” tour.
    The superstar deals: the selling of tickets is kind of a given, Meglen said. So they get out of guarantee and get profit participation.
    They are worried about what their shares are as opposed to guarantee, Meglen explained.
    This is the type of deal for Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Neal Diamond, Meglen testified.
    Meglen wasn’t involved in the production of TII. He has never met Dr. Murray and has not seen any draft agreement between AEG and the doctor
    Meglen said he has been involved in tours where a doctor was part of the production. He named Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, John Denver.
    Bina: Is it worrisome to have a doctor come on tour?
    Meglen responded no, not at all.
    He said you’re dealing with singers, sometimes you have a lot of dancers on shows, so doctors, physical therapists, chefs, not uncommon.

    Meglen said he had never seen an AEG contract where the artist is required to rehearse.
    Meglen said Celine Dion’s director was freaking out because she was not showing up for rehearsals.

    The rehearsal is more for the people around the artist, Meglen said. He said it is very common for artists to use TelePrompTers.
    Celine Dion, Meglen said, not only uses Teleprompter but has an ear piece with director speaking to her.

    Meglen said he had one show in Las Vegas that didn’t sell tremendously well and they had to shut down production early. No names mentioned.
    The promoter said the hotels in Las Vegas would not allow an artist to have a residency show with only 2 and 1/2 shows per week.
    He said the hotels want customers every night, so resident shows need to have a constant schedule and few days off.
    A residency show needs more than 2 and 1/2 shows per week to be able to pay expenses and make money, Meglen explained.
    He said the promoter would be able to survive with only 2 and 1/2 shows per week, but not the artist.
    Meglen said the average ticket price for a headliner show in Las Vegas currently is $100-$125.
    An arena is an ambitious step to take the model of a Las Vegas show. Arena fits 50k-60k people, Meglen said.

    Meglen said he has put together a show idea for Las Vegas involving Michael Jackson, but not a residential show.
    Meglen: We proposed to the Estate a Michael Jackson Campus at the Planet Hollywood Hotel
    Meglen: It’d involve artifacts in MJ exhibit, items from Neverland, 2 restaurants, nightclub and a theatrical show directed by Kenny Ortega.
    This was after Michael Jackson passed away. Meglen said this was never proposed before he died.
    Bina showed a document with a structural outline with the concept of the Las Vegas show, possible partners and numbers.
    Meglen said they wanted to take this to another level, creating an entire campus as opposed to just a show and a boutique.
    Meglen said he became aware the Estate of MJ was in talks with Cirque du Soleil for a show in Vegas, which gave AEG a sense of urgency.
    The promoter said he got one meeting with the executor of MJ’s Estate, John Branca, but they were already involved with Cirque du Soleil.
    Meglen: You run 10 years (in a residency show) and you hit a home run.
    Meglen said they were very interested in a MJ Las Vegas show. He said he made an offer as attractive of better than Cirque’s proposal.
    Meglen said there was a guarantee of $60 million over 10 years. “The Estate told us they were not interested,” Meglen said.

    While Michael Jackson was alive, Meglen said the ideal would be to have the artist live as a residency show. But that wasn’t an option.
    He said tribute shows don’t do well when the artist is alive, since people want to see the actual performer.
    Meglen said he probably has never proposed an India concert. “Nobody goes to India,” Meglen said.
    Jacksons attorney objected saying Meglen has no experience in India. Judge sustained.

    Meglen explained the stadiums normally don’t allow sale of full capacity. The stage is big, when you sell all around is called 360 degrees.
    The projections the Jacksons expert produced is more than that, Meglen said. He estimated they would sell 220 degrees in MJ’s shows.
    All stadiums and arenas have suites and the promoters and artists don’t get to charge them, Meglen said.
    People buy the suites on an annual basis and it includes concerts. The building gets the money, not the promoter or artist.
    Meglen said you can’t put an arena show into a stadium, specially because of the size of the stage and the production.
    It’s also much more expensive to do a stadium show, Meglen explained.

    Rolling Stones had 59,000 people, the maximum capacity they could have at The Rose Bowl, Meglen said.
    The Rose Bowl is one of the biggest stadiums in the country and there is the idea that it fits 100k people, Meglen explained.
    You’re lucky if you can hit 60 (thousand), Meglen said.

    Bina shows another exhibit. There’s dispute as to which exhibit has been admitted already or not. Judge sent jury to lunch.
    Outside the jury presence, Panish complained to the judge that AEG’s attorney Jessica Bina handed over copies of exhibits to the jury.
    He said the proper procedure is to hand the documents to the clerk or bailiff and let them handle them to the jury.
    Panish said the attorneys should not have any contact with the jurors whatsoever. Bina said it was not her intention, apologized.

    Afternoon session is set to resume within 40 minutes. For all the latest, watch @ABC7 and visit

    John Meglen resumed testimony in the afternoon. Bina showed him plaintiffs’ Highest Grossing Tours chart created by Erk from Wikipedia data.
    Bina: Which tours you promoted all or portion of tour?
    18- Bon Jovi
    13- Pink Floyd
    12- Eagles
    11- Celine Dion
    8- Rolling Stones
    More shows:
    38- Paul McCartney
    37- Justin Timberlake
    35- Bon Jovi
    34- Britney Spears
    30- Bon Jovi
    28- Pink
    26- MJ HIStory
    20- Bon Jovi
    Meglen did 7 whole tour, 3 North America and 2-3 did some shows of the highest grossing shows.
    He said he’s familiar with endorsements and sponsorship deals involving a tour. Meglen worked on two shows of MJ’s HIStory tour.

    Bina said there was a lot of testimony about the fast pace of sales of tickets. She asked if he has seen any other show sell that fast.
    Meglen: Yes, Voodoo Lounge, Division Bell we almost sold out immediately, we call instant sell outs
    Meglen: Those were stadiums tours and when we put them on sale we rolled into multiple stadium dates, that’s about as high as it gets.
    Rolling dates means opening more dates based on demand, Meglen explained. He said initially 10 shows for TII was sold, then 31, 50.
    Bina: Was this the best selling show you’ve ever seen in your career?
    Meglen: No, because it was a relatively lower ticket price. We sold as many tickets on Voodoo Lounge as fast as we sold MJ.
    In numbers of tickets sold in a day, sure, we have done those kinds of numbers before, Meglen explained.

    Meglen said he negotiated a number of tour deals, from Beach Boys to Sunkist, Good Vibration deals.
    Sponsor puts a name in an event, Meglen said. Endorsement is when product/company associates name with an artist, artist does commercials.
    Meglen said the Rolling Stones sponsorship with Citibank was $2.5 million, which is not near 42% of the gross revenue.
    Bina: Was sponsorship 42%?
    Meglen: No, there’s no correlation, I’ve never heard anything like it
    Meglen said there were no endorsements deal for the This Is It tour. Bina said she had no more questions at this time.

    PANISH, in re-cross, asked: Is Paul Gongaware truthful?
    Meglen: Very truthful
    P: And Randy Phillips?
    M: Yes
    Panish: Do you agree with your boss’ Phillips and Gongaware MJ was the greatest artist of all time?
    Meglen: I don’t know what their opinion was. I believe that they believe that.
    Panish: Do I believe MJ was the biggest artist of all time?
    Meglen: No, I do not
    Panish: Who is?
    Meglen: I think Michael is big in pop world, but in my opinion Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin — “I’m a rocker”

    Meglen and Dion have been working together for 12 years. He’s familiar with a lot of her shows.
    Panish: Is Celine Dion honest?
    Meglen: Yes
    Panish: What did you testify was the maximum capacity of stadium in France?
    Meglen: I don’t believe it is 80,000
    Meglen: Generally, 30% of the numbers that your expert project you have to take out because it gets you to the salable number.
    Panish: So what’s the maximum seating capacity for that stadium in Paris?
    Meglen: I don’t know exactly, I’d say 60 to 70,000
    Panish: Isn’t it true Celine Dion sold 90,000 tickets at that stadium in 1999?
    Meglen: I don’t know if that’s true, didn’t promote that show
    It sounds like too big a number to me, Meglen said. Panish said it was 180,000 people for two shows.
    Exhibit: Rose Bowl Cap Rolling Stones VooDoo Lounge, 2 shows
    Plaintiff’s Stated Capacity: 92,542
    Actual Capacity: 59,570
    Difference: 32,972
    Meglen said he met with his attorney 5 days to prepare for his testimony. He was subpoenaed at lunch time and Bina said they will respond.
    The maximum capacity of shows I’ve done at the Rose Bowl was 59,570, Meglen testified.
    Panish: Isn’t it true U2 had 97,000 people attend at the Rose Bowl?
    Meglen: That’s not true
    Panish: It was reported on Billboard Magazine
    Meglen: I wouldn’t believe it
    Panish showed Meglen the Billboard Magazine article. He asked how many tickets were sold at U2 performed in Oct 2009 at the Rose Bowl?
    Meglen: It looks like they (Billboard) reported 97,000.
    Meglen: I have done Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones, we try to sell as much as we can, we got to roughly 60,000.
    Panish: Are you an expert in stadium?
    Meglen: I think I am pretty much an expert in the field.
    Meglen said that to him, the biggest stadium cap he played was in Columbus, Ohio for a concert and he got in over 60,000.
    Meglen: You assume I believe and agree with those numbers because they are on Billboard magazine. Those numbers are often inflated.

    Panish asked if Meglen will do anything he can to protect AEG. “I’m here to tell the truth,” Meglen said.
    Defendants’ objected, said it has nothing to do with this case.
    Panish: How much do you get paid by AEG?
    Panish argued this goes to show a bias. He said he’s under a 5 year contract with discretionary bonus.
    Judge sustained it. Panish asked if Meglen gets paid a lot by AEG. He said a lot to one person is not a lot to another.
    Panish asked what’s a lot. Meglen said a million/year. Then Panish asked if Meglen gets paid a lot. “I’m not paid a million dollars a year”

    Panish asked about Meglen’s reference to work with animals. “I told you yesterday that the people I worked are like animals,” Meglen said.
    I still work with animals. He said he was referring to crews and guys who works with him assembling shows and taking them down in hours.

    Panish asked if Meglen respects artists. He answered yes. He then asked if it is ok for AEG to refer to an artist as freak or creepy.
    People will use terms about an artist that people have used before, Meglen answered.
    Panish asked if it’s appropriate for AEG to call artist a freak. Meglen said no.
    Panish asked if Meglen thought it was appropriate for your lawyers to refer as freaks or creepy?
    Meglen: I don’t believe it is yes or no answer. I believe if people are communicating in a personal level is different from being in public.
    It would not be a appropriate is it was in a public fashion, Meglen opined.
    Meglen said he doesn’t believe it’s a yes or no answer.
    Panish: But in private it’s ok?
    I think when someone is having a private conversation and later if that becomes public, that can change things, Meglen said.
    Meglen: Freak had been used numerous times prior, I don’t believe it was appropriate term for him to use but term that had been used before
    I think creepy” is not that bad of a word,” Meglen said. He told Panish he’s sure they both have been called creepy behind their back.

    Meglen said they always want to do what’s best for the artist. He had some disagreements with his old boss.
    Panish asked Meglen to assume Gongaware wrote an email and said tell Murray, remind him it’s AEG, not MJ, paying his salary.
    Panish showed Gongaware’s email to Meglen. He said he’s seen the email on the newspaper.
    Panish: You told me “who’s paying your salary” is “where your bread if being buttered.”
    Meglen: I said Mr. Ferrell told me ‘you know where your bread is buttered.’
    Panish asked if it’s appropriate for one of AEG’s executive to call an artist “freak” and “creepy.”
    In the context of this email, I’d be only speculating what Paul was doing, Meglen said.

    Panish asked if AEG hired Celine Dion’s doctor. Meglen said no. Celine’s company pays her doctor.
    Meglen said they did not negotiate Dion’s doctor’s contract and cannot terminate him.
    Meglen: No, it was negotiated by their tour producer
    Panish: Did AEG negotiate the doctor’s contract for Rolling Stones?
    Panish asked if it’s true the producer generally negotiates the contract with doctors, physical therapists, etc.
    Meglen: It can be producer’s responsibility to hire the doctor if there is a doctor on the tour, if artist requests them to do that
    In a video deposition, shown to the jury, Meglen said it’s the producer’s responsibility, many times.
    AEG Live was the producer for MJ’s This Is It tour.
    It can only be done with the approval of the artist, Meglen said. “You can’t hire people in these positions without the artist approval.”
    Meglen said he was told Michael wanted to bring his doctor on tour. He was not involved in negotiating the contract with Dr. Murray.

    Meglen said he had heard of some of the doctor’s request in their executive meeting.
    I don’t know who was negotiating, I had simply heard the doctor requested money, Meglen said.
    Meglen: During one of our executive meetings, it was brought to our attention that Murray was asking for $5 million.
    Gongaware was the one who brought it up. Meglen said it was kind of understood the amount was excessive and it was not going to happen.
    Panish: Isn’t true Celine Dion’s doctor is paid for out of show production budget?
    Meglen: I pay Celine Dion an amount of money, to which she pays the doctor out of that money.
    Meglen: I asked if Michael was interested in doing a Celine-type show and he said no
    Panish: You never proposed a MJ show when he was alive?
    Our policy is we do not have a deal until we have a signed contract, Meglen explained.
    We do not consider a deal done until there’s an executed contract, Meglen said.
    He said just because Murray agreed to money offer by MJ via Gongaware does not mean a deal was consummated.

    Panish: Is it common at the executive committee to talk about the artist’s doctor?
    Meglen: No, that’s not common. That probably never happened, Meglen said.

    Panish asked when was the last time the committee discussed an artist’s doctor.
    Only Rolling Stones and Celine Dion have had doctors on tour under AEG.
    AEG did not have a contract with Celine’s doctor, Meglen said. They did not negotiate the doctor’s payment, could not fire the doctor.
    Meglen said he does not know if Dion’s doctor set her schedule up.
    AEG paid the per-show operating expense to CDA production who in turn paid the doctor, Meglen said about Celine Dion.
    Regarding the Rolling Stones, Meglen said the doctor worked for the band, which means worked for principals and band members.
    Meglen said AEG did not negotiate the contract with the doctor for the Rolling Stones.

    Panish: AEG give money to the Rolling Stones?
    Meglen: Yes
    Panish asked if it was $18 million. Meglen said there was advance/other securities, doesn’t know if the Rolling Stones have to pay it back.
    Meglen: We did not produce the Rolling Stones show, we only promoted the Rolling Stones tour.

    Celine Dion’s doctor was on the original operation budget by AEG for her show. He was listed to be paid out of the weekly operation expense
    Meglen said Dion’s doctor was her responsibility to pay.
    AEG does not pay doctors, Meglen said. “We do not hire doctors, we could advance on behalf of artists.”
    I know we don’t hire doctors, Meglen said. He was not involved in a day-to-day details.

    Panish asked if Meglen spoke with Mr. Anschutz about the trial. Meglen said he asked what he thought about the trial.
    I think it’s going fine, we have not presented our case yet, Meglen said Anschutz responded.

    Panish showed the picture of MJ in June 2009.
    Meglen: He looks skinny, he looks skinner than when I saw him. That’s all. I’m not a doctor. It’s not for me to decide whether being slender is healthy or not healthy, Meglen explained.

    Panish asked about the meeting with MJ in 2007. “I’m very proud of the assets of AEG, but I don’t think I was bragging about it.”
    Meglen said he would not go in a meeting about movies since he is not in the movie business.
    He said he showed the company’s movie sizzle reel to MJ because he wanted to show the quality of their work.
    How would I know what MJ wanted to do? Meglen said.

    Judge adjourned session and jury is ordered back at 10 am PT tomorrow. Attorneys ordered at 9:30 am PT.
    Next AEG’s witness is Eric Briggs, a retained expert in projections and evaluation in the entertainment business (to counter what Erk said).
    We hope to see you here tomorrow. For all the latest watch @ABC7 and go to . Have a good night everyone!


  44. July 24, 2013 6:31 pm

    One more part of ABC tweets for Wednesday July 24 (before lunch). Meglen is disgusting.

    Wednesday July 24 DAY 55
    Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 55 of Jackson family vs AEG trial is under way.
    Katherine Jackson is back in court today. This is the first time she came to court after taking the stand.
    John Meglen resumed cross examination. Brian Panish, attorney for the Jackson, did the questioning.
    Panish showed the Rose Bowl chart defendants created and asked what’s the maximum seating capacity in the Rose Bowl?
    I believe the seating capacity for a football game is 100,000, Meglen said.
    Meglen: There are many factors that go into that
    Panish: For a music concert?
    Meglen: You’ll need to tell me the size of the production in order to tell you
    Meglen: U2 Concert was called 360, so I’m assuming it sold 360 degrees.
    Meglen said he was at the Rose Bowl but didn’t watch the U2 concert. Panish asked if 97,000 people sounds right.
    Meglen: No, I’m not aware of that because I was not involved in the show
    Panish asked if Meglen was saying the Rose Bowl can’t fit 97,000.
    I’m not trying to tell you that, it depends on the size of the production. Michael was a stage end production, Meglen opined.
    Meglen: If you have a center stage, 360 in the round with a small stage in the middle, you could probably get 97,000, yes.
    Panish asked if Billboard Magazine was wrong about U2 having 97K people. “I told you I do not believe the numbers on Billboard” Meglen said
    Panish showed picture of U2 concert at the Rose Bowl. Meglen said the floor is not completely filled up.
    Panish asked how many seats are in the Rose Bowl. Meglen said the stadium is around 100,000 people.
    Panish: You told us yesterday you spoke with the promoters of U2. Who did you speak with?
    Meglen: Jerry Barae — he’s in Chicago
    Meglen: I never disputed what U2 sold at Rose Bowl. I cannot tell you how much are paid tickets, how much are what we call ‘paper ticket’
    VooDoo Lounge, 180-200 degrees, you can sell 60,000 seats, Meglen said.
    Panish asked if Meglen spoke with someone promoting the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl and that there were only 60,000 people there.
    Meglen said that was not true.
    Panish: If you testified to that it is a lie, then?
    Meglen: I don’t believe that’s what I testified to
    I said that I don’t believe it, Meglen said, “and I still believe that’s not true. My answer said it is not true they had 97,000.”
    Meglen: When I talk about ticket sales, we talk about paid tickets. We don’t really care about people who don’t pay tickets
    No one from U2’s group told me that 97,000 people did not attend the Rose Bowl, Meglen said.
    Meglen explained he based his opinion on his experience promoting and producing stadium shows for 35 years.
    Meglen smiled at Panish.
    Panish: Is it funny Mr. Meglen?
    Judge: Mr. Panish, don’t argue — she shook her head
    Meglen said he’s been working with Gongaware for 35 years.
    Panish asked if Meglen agrees with Gongaware that the sale of MJ’s tickets was the fastest ever in the industry.
    Meglen: I don’t think I agree with that statement, but I think that’s what Paul thought.
    Panish: Do you agree or disagree this is the most amazing ticket sales Mr. Gongaware has ever seen?
    Meglen: I agree that’s the most that Paul had seen
    Meglen said he has done tours for 35 years, probably hundreds of tours.
    Panish: Do you agree with Randy Phillips, the CEO of AEG, believe Mr. Jackson had an obligation to attend rehearsal?
    Meglen: I don’t know the context of which this question was asked. You are asking me to opine on what Randy was thinking
    Meglen: I don’t know if Michael had a contractual obligation.
    Randy may have felt Michael was obligated, but don’t know it was contractually obligated, Meglen said.
    Meglen: I agree that an artist should go to some of the rehearsals, yes
    Panish: Do you agree with Randy Phillips that MJ was a bigger artist than Celine Dion, yes or no?
    Meglen: I do, myself, personally believe that that is not true
    In my opinion Celine is right up there with Michael Jackson and is bigger, Meglen said.
    Panish played Meglen’s deposition, where he was asked when he recalled the negotiations with MJ started. Meglen said Summer or Fall 2008.
    Panish: Is that the truth or not, sir? Or you don’t know the truth?
    Meglen: It’s the truth, but I’m not good with dates, need to look at my calendar
    Meglen said he was not at the table during the negotiation, he would be at the office doing his work.
    Meglen: I was not personally involved, face to face, with MJ’s people
    Meglen said that the negotiation is not only the contract, but various internal conversations about the tour.
    As CEO of Concerts West, it’s my job to review any negotiations people are having regarding tour, Meglen said.
    Meglen explained he was involved in the internal discussions, in conversations with Gongaware and Phillips.
    He never reviewed the contract as was being drafted, Meglen said.
    Meglen said he was not involved in “This Is It” movie. Panish said he was credited as co-producer of the movie.
    Meglen said he was a co-producer of the show not the movie.
    Meglen explained Gongaware has not been involved in Celine Dion’s tour, but they give each other credit.
    The exec said he gave input in ticket prices, scaling and places to have the show.
    Panish played video deposition, where Meglen said he doesn’t recall if he was involved in the forecast for MJ tour.
    Timm Wooley is friends of Meglen. They haven’t discussed the trial. The last time they saw each other was in London for Rolling Stones show.
    Wooley doesn’t work for AEG, but to Rolling Stones now. Hougdahl “Bugzee” is working for Shania Twain.
    Panish showed an email from Gongaware about MJ first draft of worldwide tour projection. It lists “net to Mikey $132 million.”
    Email: It’s a big number, but this is not a number MJ will want to hear. He thinks he is so much bigger than that.
    Email cont’d: If we use show income, it’s over a quarter of a billion dollars. His net share works out to be 50% after local
    Email cont’d: venue and advertising costs, which is quite good. His gross will approach $ half a billion.
    Email cont’d: Maybe gross is a better number to throw around, if we need to use numbers with Mikey listening.
    Panish: Isn’t Paul Gongaware suggesting to lie to Michael Jackson?
    Meglen: No he is not
    Panish asked Meglen is he knows Dr. Finkelstein. He said he asked which tour he was in with Michael Jackson.
    Meglen said he saw Dr. Finkelstein at the Coachella festival. He got tickets from AEG.
    Meglen spoke with Gongaware about previous MJ’s tour. He knows that Michael canceled a tour because MJ entered rehab.
    Panish showed email Gongaware sent with the attachment of the worldwide MJ tour and cc’d to Meglen.
    It lists cities, the amount of shows and weeks in Europe, South Africa, Asia (and Middle East), India and US.
    Panish: You told us yesterday no one goes to India
    Meglen: Not that many do. Again, I told you very few people, no one as in few people
    Panish: Is Beyonce no one?
    Meglen: No, she’s a very popular
    Meglen said he thinks MJ did one or two shows in India.
    Panish: Do you know she went to India?
    Meglen: I have not idea
    Panish also named Shakira, Akon, 50 Cent that went to India. The email projection shows 3 shows in India plus one private for MJ.
    Meglen said he does not believe MJ could sell 200 shows in London. Panish said Randy Phillips said that.
    My opinion is no, that he he could not have done 200 shows in London, Meglen testified.
    Panish showed an email from Phillips saying “We could have done 200+ shows based on demand.”
    Meglen said he does not believe that is true. “He believed that, I don’t believe that.”
    No one has a crystal ball in our business, Meglen said. “He could’ve done 200 shows is purely speculation on his behalf.”
    Panish asked if Phillips was more hands on than he was in “This Is It” tour. He said yes.
    I don’t know if I agree there were 525,000 people in the queue, Meglan opined.
    Everybody exaggerates, and when something is hot everyone wants to take it to the moon, Meglen said.
    Panish asked Meglen to assume Randy Phillips told the truth. “I know it’s a big assumption,” Panish said.
    Defendants’ attorney objected, judge sustained it and asked to go to sidebar to talk to attorneys.
    Attorneys went to judge’s chamber and talked for about 10 minutes. They came back and judge broke session for lunch.


  45. alice permalink
    July 24, 2013 8:14 pm

    Hello! Hope everyone is well today.

    Some thoughts that spring to my mind when reading new posts from you all…

    “Meglen said Paul Gongaware called Michael Jackson ‘Mikey’ because they knew each other.”

    Ugh. To me, calling him that name has always felt incredibly condescending. They treated and talked to him like he was a child. Do we have any idea if this is a nickname people who were legitimately close to MJ used?

    “Meglen said he had one show in Las Vegas that didn’t sell tremendously well and they had to shut down production early. No names mentioned.”

    I had read this earlier but still the same thought comes to me now – I want to know who it is, and why it didn’t sell well. Is it another ‘damaged asset’ that may have been passed on from Barrack and Capital? Where it wasn’t in their interests to actually go to show?

    “He said the promoter would be able to survive with only 2 and 1/2 shows per week, but not the artist.
Meglen said the average ticket price for a headliner show in Las Vegas currently is $100-$125.”

    I know he’s speaking of residency shows like Celine Dion does, but I still find it strange that, out of 2 and a half shows, the artist (who is doing most of the work really and, let’s face it, you don’t go to a MJ concert purely for production. sure it’s a big part, but without him you might as well stay at home and listen to the CD while playing with some sparklers in your backyard) will not make enough to ‘survive’? Poor choice of words, Meglen, but you get his point – producers are the ones making bulk of the profit. Not the artist. Even though they are what drives the ticket sales.

    “Meglen: It’d involve artifacts in MJ exhibit, items from Neverland, 2 restaurants, nightclub and a theatrical show directed by Kenny Ortega.
This was after Michael Jackson passed away. Meglen said this was never proposed before he died.”

    Never proposed, but it may have been planned beforehand. And wouldn’t they need Estate’s permission to use items from Neverland, plus artefacts?

    “Bina showed a document with a structural outline with the concept of the Las Vegas show, possible partners and numbers.
    Meglen: Those were stadiums tours and when we put them on sale we rolled into multiple stadium dates, that’s about as high as it gets.
Rolling dates means opening more dates based on demand, Meglen explained. He said initially 10 shows for TII was sold, then 31, 50.”

    Key words are ‘we rolled.’ We. We – ‘AEG & Concerts West’ did it. ‘We’ rolled the dates up. Is the phrase rolling dates included anywhere on the contract between them and MJ, do we know?

    “Meglen said there were no endorsements deal for the This Is It tour.”

    What?? WHY NOT? Is this part of their role? Whose role is it to negotiate endorsements and why had none been organised or negotiated? Because AEG knew and/or hoped it wouldn’t go ahead to that stage and potentially open up more legal disputes with endorser if MJ died or tour did not proceed? Because their interest was not what could make money for MJ but themselves?

    “Meglen said they always want to do what’s best for the artist.”

    LOL. Um, sure. I think the fact your artist is dead somehow speaks more volumes than this statement, buddy.

    “Meglen: It can be producer’s responsibility to hire the doctor if there is a doctor on the tour, if artist requests them to do that.
    In a video deposition, shown to the jury, Meglen said it’s the producer’s responsibility, many times.
AEG Live was the producer for MJ’s This Is It tour.
It can only be done with the approval of the artist, Meglen said. “You can’t hire people in these positions without the artist approval.”

    So why was Murray allowed to remain if MJ had not officially approved him by signing contract? Just looks like AEG were accepting Murray regardless of MJ’s approval.

    “AEG did not have a contract with Celine’s doctor, Meglen said. They did not negotiate the doctor’s payment, could not fire the doctor.
 Meglen said he does not know if Dion’s doctor set her schedule up.
 AEG paid the per-show operating expense to CDA production who in turn paid the doctor, Meglen said about Celine Dion.”

    So just because they don’t have a contract they are automatically clear of any responsibility in his employment even though it’s their money that’s funding him?? WHO DECIDES THIS IS LEGAL?? Just because it comes out of Celine’s bank account doesn’t mean she’s his ’employer’. This is just an incredibly underhand way of getting out of the responsibility of funding Murray on the basis of semantics and technicality of transactions.

    Something concrete that I can offer from my experience which may explain my question:
    The father of my friend was funding my friend’s rent while my friend was going to University. He would transfer the money into my friend’s personal account each week, which my friend would then transfer to the property management agency’s account. This was so it looked like my friend was paying the agency, but the father was actually funding it. Yet when my friend tried to claim for a government allowance to assist with living expenses and rent etc while studying, the government company that deals with this decided my friend was not eligible for government assistance because they were not actually the one funding the rent – the father was. They ruled that my friend did not need money to assist with rent or living because the father was considered the one to be funding this. They considered him responsible. Which he was – my friend was just trying to see what extra money they could get out of the system, basically. Not a shining example of their personal morality but still a good reference for how our government and funding assistance service in Australia does not consider things like ‘oh but the money came out of this account last so therefore whoever gave the money in the first place has no obligation or responsibility anymore’ as reasonable or legitimate. Is the law different in America? I’d personally like to see Panish bring an expert on the legalities and ethics of production to artist to independent service payment.

    “Meglen said Dion’s doctor was her responsibility to pay. 
AEG does not pay doctors, Meglen said. “We do not hire doctors, we could advance on behalf of artists.””

    Like I said above, isn’t that the essentially same thing? I mean, even though the definitions of hiring and funding are different, doesn’t it all come down to who the doctor reasonably feels beholden to? When it comes to cash in pocket, someone who is hired does not care solely who their hirer is, they only care about who is actually funding it and they consequently have a strong interest in KEEPING THEM HAPPY so the funding continues. Whether or not the hirer and funder are the same entity is inconsequential – except for the notion that this phrase is, I believe, what the Jackson’s case rests on. Do we know the specifics of this?

    “How would I know what MJ wanted to do? Meglen said.”

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe ASK HIM? It makes me so sad hearing about how disconnected MJ must have been and felt from all the discussions. And on purpose.

    “Meglen worked with MJ prior to “This Is It” once. He was a consultant to a firm in Japan that promoted two MJ shows in 1986 around Christmas”

    A consulant to the firm… not MJ directly. Trying to create the idea that MJ was familiar with him previously and accepted him when in all likelihood he wasn’t and didn’t, perhaps? This is speculation on my part, though, of course 🙂

    And lastly I have a note on Team Michael Jackson’s latest blog post, where they provide us with background info on Eric C. Briggs, AEG’S next witness.

    Amongst other engagements for clients, Eric’s past clients include SONY and FORTRESS CAPITAL.




  46. alice permalink
    July 24, 2013 8:28 pm

    ps, latest tweet from Team MJ:

    “IMO CM will testify, hes just playing head games, typical of a murderer …. His attorney Wass is so desperate 4 attntn she will advse him2”

    Well. That would be interesting. And it makes sense considering all the filth that has been spewing from his hatch lately … that Paris phone call and the latest one that you posted, Sina. Can CM actually be considered a reliable witness? Do we have an idea of what would benefit him more, as to what kind of evidence/testimony he gives? On AEG’s side we may assume, if his lawyer is so cosy with AEG’s lawyers. But that just contradicts his phone call to Paris. Which in itself is mad anyway, but still.

    Also, where is Frank’s laptop and phones material?? We are STILL waiting.
    And where is Grace R?? We saw on Team MJ’s twitter she had been located, but heard nothing since.


  47. July 24, 2013 10:01 pm

    I do not think C.M will testify. While he cannot be tried twice for a crime he’s been sentenced and served time for, he might be charged with any related criminal offenses not covered under the original charges. I think he and his crew are preparing for his book which may come out in time for the Christmas Shopping Season 2013 and all those $$$$$ lucrative interviews on CNN, NBC, CBS & ABC.

    What was irritating was how certain Media site altered their titles to omit the fact the supposed threat was to both Plaintiff & Defendants. How the article titles read:

    “Murray threatens to blow Jackson’s out of the water with Michael’s secrets.”

    When talking to friends who do not know I keep the information to one specific item. Unless seeing this each day who would believe the amount of intrigue going on?


  48. alice permalink
    July 24, 2013 11:39 pm

    Hey Dialdancer,

    Thanks for your thoughts. What you say does make sense in terms of potential for Murray to be charged for other crimes. And I suppose he does not want to reveal anything that may fo in his rumoured book. Is it possible to still charge him with other crimes if his claims are in print for publication and not in court?

    I find the notion of CMs book repulsive. Who would publish that? What kind of editor approves a work like that, if it is to go ahead? And how is CM supposed to have interviews with media networks when he is jail? Or will he be out by then? Forgive my ignorance on this by the way. Either way, to try and profit off a crime is abhorrent. But to try and profit off a death you caused is inexcusable. There should be legal action allowed for acts like that. Do his lawyers get any cut in the sales profit of a book?

    “When talking to friends who do not know I keep the information to one specific item. Unless seeing this each day who would believe the amount of intrigue going on?”

    I know exactly how you feel. I tried explaining to a friend yesterday about the involvement above AEG in the whole process at the beginning of the tour/Neverland debacle with Tom Barrack et al. She said “well if he hadn’t molested those kids and then spent all his money shutting them up he wouldnt have needed bailing out would he?”
    Me: :/ um….. I am trying very hard not to hurt you right now.

    The whole thing is heartbreaking. Maybe the best thing we can do is direct them here and say ‘here is all the facts so far. You can read them and be educated, or not read them and remain in the darkness of bias and misinformation. Your choice.’


  49. July 25, 2013 3:42 am

    Yes, thanks Susannerb for noticing.


  50. July 25, 2013 3:57 am

    HI Sina,

    Thanks for your lovely post. And you are so right. Michael is known and adored even in the remotest corners of India- even to people who may not be knowing any other artists from the western world. Even a little boy in an Indian village knows who Michael is – the biggest proof that MJ was and is still the most internationally recognised and accepted star ever. Yes, I am really glad to see that you are aware of the burgeoning Indian middle class. Most people in the Wset look uon India as a developing natioin- but only a few people like yourself are aware ofb the the extremely affluent section=s of the country who can truly buy far more expensive tickets than o@. to dismiss the largest den=mocracy in the world and its huge marke only shows how slkacken AEG is in its global awareness.


  51. July 25, 2013 3:59 am

    Sorry about the typos.


  52. July 25, 2013 7:15 am

    Yes Alice I get that all the time. From some real life people and of course in posts online- on You Tube, everywhere. I have also started directing people to this website and make it a point that I provide an explanation to every allegation that is made against MJ. Only if there could be hoardings and pamphlets or FAQ pages about MJ as to what is true and what is not, that would have been great. Most people who are not that involved with MJ’s life do not have the patience and do not want to invest the time to read through lengthy write ups on the topic. Only if the truths about him could be highlighted and presented in brief sentences with the relevant links, so that those interested in the topic could then delve into the matter further, that would be great. I am stunned as to how an innocent man has been engulfed under the shadow of false accusations- where even after being proven innocent, he is still being blamed for ill deeds that he never performed. An actual murderer is also given a second chance to start his life afresh, so what about this gorgeous human being? A film on this topic would have been the best. But that calls for a lot of hard work.


  53. Jolie permalink
    July 25, 2013 6:53 pm

    Dr. Alimorad Farschian’s deposition testimony was shown in the AEG v Jackson trial yesterday. See ABC7CourtsTwitter link below:

    Video and article shed light on why Michael had insomnia and why he had lung problems. Portions of video and article state below:

    Jurors heard from Farschian that Jackson suffered from insomnia years earlier. The doctor’s theory is that it was linked to cosmetic surgery: a key part of Jacksons nose was missing.

    “It is possible that you produce what they call empty nose syndrome and producing insomnia,” said Farschian.

    Also, see separate Wikipedia page for Empty Nose Syndrome (link below):

    (opening paragraph): In otolaryngology, empty nose syndrome (ENS) describes a nose that has been physiologically crippled by excessive surgical removal of turbinates in the nose (mainly the inferior turbinates) in a surgical procedure known as ‘turbinectomy’ or ‘conchotomy’. It is therefore an iatrogenic condition that can and should be avoided.

    Under Main Symptoms, 2. Paradoxical obstruction:

    Without good and constant airflow sensation of the air flowing through the nose, the nervous feedback to the central nervous system is that of suffocation and or undifferentiated breathing difficulties arise.[7][8][9]

    (next paragraph)

    Other predominant symptoms are lack of a good night’s sleep and chronic fatigue.[10] The chronic nature of the physical symptoms has a significant impact on the patient’s quality of life and sense of well-being, causing difficulty concentrating, pre-occupation with symptoms, anxiety, and clinical depression.[11] Also, development of asthma and chronic bronchitis is not uncommon, as the nose is the guardian of the lungs.[12][13][14]

    My comments: The whole Wikipedia article sheds more light on Michael’s health, so every fan should read it. This is probably why Michael covered his nose and wore a surgical mask. His breathing was affected. All due to the effects of plastic surgery.

    (My Note: It seems that Michael was missing “turbinates” or “turbinates” were crippled …) (My Note again: this is the INSIDE of nose.)

    Also, this doctor gave interviews after Michael’s death. He loved Michael and tried to defend Michael’s character. I think he was on Dr Drew.


  54. Jolie permalink
    July 25, 2013 7:14 pm

    Link to YouTube video of Dr Farshchian on Dr Drew:

    Michael had major health problems. Major pain and major discomfort. Head Burn, Lupus, Vitiligo, effects of plastic surgery that Michael probably could not foresee, but the plastic surgeons should have (maybe they did, I don’t know). That is why Michael took prescription drugs and Demerol. All this is being exposed by this trial. Vindicating Michael.

    Also, Katherine Jackson is elderly. She is 83 years old. This MAY explain her testimony the previous days (Monday and Tuesday). Let’s not be quick to judge. Thank you.


  55. July 26, 2013 7:12 am

    “Katherine Jackson is elderly. She is 83 years old. This MAY explain her testimony the previous days (Monday and Tuesday). Let’s not be quick to judge. Thank you.” – Jolie

    Jolie, I really do not understand what should be explained about Katherine’s testimony. Putnam tried to confuse her, but even given his terribly shrewd questions she did very well. Really well. And it is no exaggeration. You should have seen the testimonies of the AEG bosses where they denied the obvious and twisted and turned not remembering even their own emails. In comparison with them Katherine is a pillar of truth (which she really is).

    What she didn’t remember, she did not remember. What she didn’t know, she really did not know. And I easily understand her when she said she did not know what to believe. On the one hand Michael had a multitude of major health problems and a lot of pain associated with it and was to take medication. On the other hand there was a lot of media gossip where they screamed about “40 operations” and incessant plastic surgery, and she and the family half-believed the media stories. At some point Katherine stopped reading the media but it did not help because the family members still did and bothered her with their suspicions.

    Also Michael loved her very much and tried to shield her from too much worry about his health. As a result I doubt she knew of even half of his problems. And there was always an element of disbelief and Michael being tremendously upset about his own mother not believing him.

    In short Katherine testified about the constant confusion she was living in and was very truthful about it.


  56. July 26, 2013 7:13 am

    Thank you for your support Helen, I am forever grateful to you and your sisters. I am sorry for the outburst,
    There are no words to describe how much your work is appreciated. I’m in awe of you, Your work is a perfect compliment to the transcripts,
    God Bless


  57. July 26, 2013 7:59 am

    “The whole Wikipedia article sheds more light on Michael’s health, so every fan should read it. This is probably why Michael covered his nose and wore a surgical mask. His breathing was affected. All due to the effects of plastic surgery.” – Jolie

    Jolie, thank you. I haven’t read or seen the video yet because of the slow internet at the moment, but want to say a word about Michael’s plastic surgery.

    You remember that all of it started with Michael falling off the stage during a spin at a rehearsal and breaking a nose. This is when the first operation on his nose was made.

    It was not successful as after it Michael had problems with breathing (so this is probably when those ‘turbinates’ were crippled) and Hoefflin made a second operation on his nose, which was accompanied by a cosmetic procedure to make the nose smaller. So one part of the operation was a must as it had to do with poor breathing and the second part was purely cosmetic.

    And this is when problems started. After the operations Dr. Klein diagnosed Michael with lupus, and lupus and plastic surgery (any type of surgery) are counter indications. Lupus does not allow healing and leaves extensive scarring. It also brings about a necrosis of the skin. And a necrosis of the skin can easily bring about a necrosis of the cartilage or those ‘turbinates’.

    Dr. Richard Strick who was the government’s medical expert to look into MJ’s medical records in 1993 (in connection with ‘molestation’ issues) said in an interview to Geraldo that ALL follow-up operations on Michael’s nose were due to complications from lupus.

    They probably did some plastic surgery later but it was reconstructive surgery – meant to deal with the damage done to his nose by lupus.

    As to a link between insomnia and those crippled turbinates, it is quite possible. The number of medical problems Michael had is mind-boggling. I don’t know how he was able to live with all that at all.


  58. July 26, 2013 8:55 am

    “Thank you for your support Helen, I am forever grateful to you and your sisters. I am sorry for the outburst” – Manager of TeamMJ

    Oh dear, you don’t have to be sorry about anything. Sometimes we need a push for a reality check. We were reading the transcripts and took it somewhat for granted forgetting that others have to go to big sacrifices to get them. We should be grateful to you for bringing us a bit to our senses and making us less egoistical.

    In case the TeamMJ runs out of the funds please don’t hesitate to say about it – at least some of us will help. You never know how long the trial will take and we need the transcripts like oxygen. I wish you good health and a full recovery. And a big Victory day for MJ. God bless you too.


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