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TIME TO REMEMBER THE REAL MICHAEL Best Tributes To Michael Jackson

September 2, 2013

Michael’s birthday was a great chance to get some respite from all this AEG sordid business. They say that in September there will be fewer court sessions so we can relax a bit and remember the man we are talking about here. The real man and not another of those caricatures painted to us by AEG and whoever is serving their needs.

Actually what I wanted to find was the best 2013 tribute to Michael Jackson on his 55th birthday, but as a result of several days of looking ended up with a whole collection of the greatest MJ tributes for the whole period after his death. All of them are remarkable and even if they were made four years ago forgetting them would be a crime.

This is how this collection came into being, so let us remember the way Michael really was… 


Behind the scenes of Black Or White. Shooting the panther dance

Behind the scenes of Black Or White. Shooting the panther dance

Several great videos were made by a black man who goes by the name of Phonchrist on Youtube. His tributes to Michael are in themselves a work of art and great inspiration where he says words of wisdom about Michael:

“Michael was touched by God and persecuted by Man but honored by Us, his fans.”

He also collected in one video other people’s thoughts about MJ that are a must to know. I managed to make out only a couple of things:

  • Making Black Or White. Michael Jackson with the girl Sage

    Michael Jackson with the girl Sage on the set of making Black or White

    “Michael Jackson … is becoming a politically, spiritually and very morally-conscious young man. And what those in power are afraid of is that he will use the magnetism of his appeal to awaken his fans and take them to a higher level of consciousness. 

  • He is an extraordinary young man. Very much not of this world. You know why he loves children? Not because he is a ped-le. You know why he loves animals? Not because he is crazy. But he sees in children God… They love Michael and Michael loves them, and he feels at home with children because he is in non-threat.
  • But when he is with adults everybody would come to him with a gain, with a hand-out, with some kind of deceitful thing he don’t want to be bothered –  that’s why he said that if children were not on the planet I’m done.  –And that’s what Jesus said — Unless you become as a little child —-”
  • “I’m proud of my heritage. I’m proud to be black. I’m honored to be black. And I just hope that one day they will be fair and portray me the way I really, really am. A loving and peaceful guy who wanted to make wonderful and unprecedented entertainment – songs, music and films for the world – that’s all I wanted to do. I’m no threat, that’s all I wanted to do.” – Michael Jackson
  • “To the country and the world. A young man has left Earth… This was a talented, multi-talented person who entertained the world with his dynamic portrayals, the songs he had written, by his style of dancing. And we think it is appropriate to say that we pay tribute to the culture that he has left us” – In US Congress
  • “His heart couldn’t get any bigger and yesterday it arrested. I come on the floor today on behalf of the generation to thank God for letting all of us live in his generation and in his era. With that, madam Speaker, we will ask to please stand for a moment of silence.” -In US Congress

The era of Michael Jackson… Though these words may look to some as an exaggeration the truth of the matter is that in a couple of decades few will be really able to say off hand what particular presidents were in power during Michael’s lifetime and an opposite thing is most likely to happen – people will remember who was in power by the pictures of Michael with Reagan giving him an award or Michael singing at Clinton’s inauguration, which will actually show to mankind the value of each of these figures – at least in the minds of ordinary people.

Michael Jackson  A Black Man’s Dream


The video is called Michael Jackson: A Black Man’s Dream. And it is perfectly correct of course. Michael belongs to the black heritage, so how can it be any different? But it also true that due to his Vitiligo the Heavens made this black porcelain white. And there is something deeply symbolic about this transformation which was none of his doing and was actually a source of much suffering to him.

It was as if the Heavens wanted him to belong to both races at once and probably use him as a way to bring them together or even put him above any race and thus turn the race matter into a non-issue. And a non-issue it will become when all people are given equal opportunities, and then each will be judged individually and not as someone carrying on his shoulders a ton of prejudice in favor or against his race.

It looks like God didn’t want it to be a confrontation, but wanted it as black and white fused together and showed it on the example of a singular person like Michael. To me Michael seems to be more than just a black man’s dream – he is more like any man’s dream because it is actually everyone’s dream to be free and have equal opportunities with others. And it should also be everyone’s dream to devote one’s life to striving for perfection as Michael did and bringing out one’s talent, and working very hard to make it happen.

I really hope that one day Michael will become every person’s dream and example to follow in terms of  selflessness and generosity similar to the one with which he shared his talent and whole self with us. In terms of his unaffected humility and lack of arrogance and total absence of self-conceit that makes too many people now put their precious ego into the centre of the universe.

What a fantastic world we could live in if only Michael became everyone’s dream as to his gentleness and love for others, his innocence and purity, his love of God and striving for perfection!


It was from the point of view of seeking perfecton that I continued to look for the best tributes to Michael Jackson made since 2009. And the next video came from Phonchrist again. It was made in 2012 and is called “Better on the other side” after someone’s song . Remembering what Michael had to endure when he was alive this is absolutely true – we here are living in so much hell that he is for sure now on the better side of it if I understood the meaning of those words correctly.

Here is a great quote from the video which says that Michael is a beacon that could show us the way out:

  • “People are now trying to remember the joy that he brought into everyone’s life, and also the sheer greatness of his talent which is what you should be applauding. This is probably once-in-our-lifetime that we saw a real beacon

Michael Jackson – Better On The Other Side


You won’t believe it by the next best video will again be by Phonchrist. It was made in 2013 and is called “Michael Jackson 4 years among Angels”. The author said about MJ:

  • “Your presence on earth was a blessing for many of us and even after you’re gone we are still feeling the love we learnt from you everyday in our lives”.

That’s true. Michael had a lasting effect on all of us, and I will even venture to say that people have done some reflection on a mass scale and have already changed a little bit. The people in the video also say something to this effect:

  • “Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you lose it. And if we had known what we know now, we would have taken better care of him”.
  • “All of us want he were back here”.
  • “He was the prime definition of someone who would care for everyone.”
  • “He made me believe I could do anything I want to do.”
  • “People called him a freak. People called him different. People said he wasn’t doing things the right way. But he did it the right way!”
  • “Okay, you don’t like Michael, but you probably don’t like puppies and kids either?”
  • “This man has done monumental things people can only dream of….”

All of it is in this video:

Michael Jackson 4 years among the Angels


Next comes Andre Rieu’s tribute to Michael Jackson part of which we have already heard. The tribute included Michael’s Earth Song, Heal the World, Ben and probably some others. The concert took place in Maastricht, Netherlands in 2009 and was broadcast by the German Television ZDF on Aug. 1, 2009.

Our Susanne watched it and was amazed to see so many people crying in what could hardly be a fan audience.  It looked like it dawned on all these people all at once that they had lost someone dear to them, someone too young and someone too special, and these sincere tears is the reason why I included Ben performed by Andre Rieu into this collection.

André Rieu – Ben / Tribute to Michael Jackson


If the above made you recall the time after Michael’s death as weeks of almost incessant crying the next video will probably make you laugh, and also inspire and amaze you by the skill, youthfullness and childlike spirit of an old man dancing to Michael’s music.

This footage was made behind the scenes of ‘Hollywood tonight’ video where the old man was taking part (he was shown there standing on the pavement and nodding his head to the rhythm). Well, over here he is actually dancing, and given that he was almost 70 at the time of making the film this is indeed a miracle Michael’s music is capable of doing to people.

The Best Old Man Michael Jackson Dancer


And this young man is another phenomenon. His name is Kurt Hugo Schneider and he is singing a medley of Michael Jackson’s songs as several men in a choir. You have probably seen this tribute before, but I absolutely don’t want to lose it, so it also goes down into the collection:

Michael Jackson Medley


That time inspired people to create absolutely phenomenal things. One of them is the 2 Cellos Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of Smooth Criminal. The performance is indeed remarkable – in fact I never knew that a cello as a musical instrument is capable of such a superb sound:

2CELLOS – Smooth Criminal


And Smooth Criminal performed by David Garrett has long been one of my favorites. There is no word to describe what a marvel it is:

David Garrett – Smooth Criminal


Next comes the dance page of the collection.


The flash mob that started it all was first held in Sweden by a Bounce dance group who danced to Michael’s Beat on July 8, 2009. This was the time when everyone was still in a state of shock from Michael’s death and their flash mob gave a new direction to outpouring the feeling – it was unexpected, mass, top professional and much fun.

A minute ago they pretended they never saw each other and the next minute the whole square was dancing like one, and after doing so remarkable a thing they returned to their everyday life leaving everyone around stunned and shattered to their very core. Michael was a prankster and if he were alive he would appreciate it very much.

It even seemed to me that there was something defiant about the dancers’ gesture at the time – the media was habitually pouring tons of dirt on Michael and in these conditions it was extremely important to show them what the ‘masses’ think. And they did show.

This is how the Swedish group set the ball rolling and since then the wave of ‘Beat it’ flashdances circled the planet several times over and is still not ebbing away. From the videos I’ve seen this year it is going full swing in Japan and their part of the world.

Stockholm Michael Jackson Tribute

July 8, 2009

[Copyright Pierre Wikberg]


The Romanian fans also did a great job. They had a great many variants of flash dances and not one but several teams stopping the traffic here and there, but for this collection I’ve selected this one:



In fact after Michael’s death there were so many flash mobs that a young man named Petenaldo on Youtube made a compilation from almost everywhere giving us the idea of the great tide that swept the world in its manifestation of love for Jackson.

Seeing it one commentator made an absolutely true observation. It contains some words not meant for print, so I’ll translate his idea as follows: if so many people around the world are doing the same great job all at once why the hell is there so much international bickering and wars?

Remembering that the song the people are dancing to is ‘Beat it’ and Michael wrote it to show that it is absolutely unnecessary to arrange fights in order to look ‘cool’ the above observation does not sound to me like a mere joke it first seemed – why indeed is it so difficult to find common language if Michael’s music and dance can so easily and so effectively bring people together?

Here is Petenaldo’s collection of flashmobs:

 Michael Jackson ♫ Best FLASHMOB ♥ (Around the world)

A tribute flashmob-compilation to the greatest entertainer ever = The King of Pop:  0:08 Stockholm, 1:12 Berlin,1:32 Bucharest, 1:54 Paris, 2:17 Seattle, 2:35 Tokyo, 2:49Napoli, 3:08 Moscow, 3:29 Bremen, 3:35 Macau, 3:49 Berlin,4:03 Mannheim, 4:42 Hong Kong, 5:02 Montreal, 5:31 Munich,5:40 Perugia, 6:42 St. Petersburg, 7:15 Strasbourg, 7:31 Sydney,7:43 Taipei, 8:03 Torino, 8:44 Tübingen, 9:01 Hamburg, 9:07Mexico, 9:24 Cologne, 9:45 Amsterdam.


The collection of flashmobs will be incomplete if we forget about the dancing of prisoners experiment in the Philippines.  In 2009 CNN informed its viewers that the warden of a prison on the island on Cebu, a fan of Michael Jackson introduced dance as a method to reform the worst criminals kept there. First of all it kept the people busy training 4 hours a day 5 days a week and it also allowed many of them to show their talents and introduced an element of healthy competition between themselves, as a result of which the relations between the inmates changed and all the in-fighting that had plagued the place ceased.

People are getting their self-esteem back and even the children of those serving life sentences for murder are proud to show their fathers on the screen when the performances are put up by the chief warden on Youtube. Public performances are held once a month (they are probably even earning money this way), so it does not leave time for any nonsense for both inmates and prison administration.

CNN reported that “dance was introduced into prison life as a way to eliminate gang and violence” and that “this form of rehabilitation has outstanding results”:

The version where the warden is dancing among the prisoners to Michael Jackson’s Dangerous is probably the greatest one – it is indeed amazing stuff that gives you a totally surreal feeling.

Who said that miracles are impossible? You simply didn’t try!

Dancing Inmates are “Dangerous”


If you think that flash mobs have subsided by 2013 you will be wrong. It is only in this part of the world that our minds are crammed with AEG’s stuff and media nastiness taking away half of our energy and spirit, but if you look at what is going on Japan and that region as a whole you’ll get a different impression. The people there do not allow themselves to get so easily distracted and know what they are doing.

This is a Japanese flash mob repeated on June 23 this year twice during the day – at 1pm and at 3pm. The second one was even better in quality but shot at a distance so I have chosen the first one for the collection:

20130623 MJフラッシュモブお台場 Beat it 13:00


And in this flash mob I was especially taken by a middle-aged woman in a kimono with a flag behind her back:

Tribute to Michael Jackson(大須観音2013)


I really had to omit numerous other flash mobs held in the streets of Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and other places this year because there are too many of them to quote. The general impression is that the whole region is dancing to Michael Jackson’s music. Some flashdances are turning into full-time concerts:

名古屋でBeat It ! 2013 (オアシス21 銀河の広場)



And this 2013 flash mob comes from the opposite part of the world – from Chile:

Flashmob Michael Jackson – Estación central 2013


In short once it started I hope it never stops. Another great video from Petenaldo is explaining why this is happening – the reason is that Michael simply made the world dance. 

Here are some quotes from the video:

  • “Michael Jackson… I don’t even know where you even begin to describe a global superstar like Michael Jackson was.  We will not see his like again. He changed the face of music and dance in the world. Not just in this country, but in the world. He did Indian dancing. He did American dancing. He did African dancing. He did Russian dancing. This was a man who tried to bring the world of dance together, for himself. This is a life to celebrate, this is a life that remains inspirational for anybody who listens to music, anybody who wants to dance… Every single week we go out to audition, and at every single one you hear ‘I started dancing because of Michael Jackson.’  And that is the legacy he leaves us. He changed the face of dancing around the world, he changed the whole idea of pop videos round the world”.
  • “His music combined energy and imagination with irresistible beats and bass lines. His genius earned him thirteen Grammies, fourteen Number One singles and record-breaking album sales captivating fans around the world.”
  • “I think it’s worth remembering that he was probably the single greatest dancer and musician the world has ever seen.”
  • “And I hope people understand that this was a human being who cared deeply for humanity.”
  • “Music has lost the king, music has lost the legend, music has the icon… God needed an extra angel, so he came and got Michael to work for him”
  • “This music had an extra layer of inexplicable magic that didn’t just make you want to dance but actually made you believe that you could fly, dare to dream, be anything that you wanted to be. Because that is what he rose to… and Michael Jackson was  a hero.”

(someone should read these words to AEG because they simply didn’t know who they were dealing with).

  • “There’ll never be an artist that will impact the world the way you have. There’ll never be an artist to sell as many records as you. Never. Thank you so much. You’ve made the world a wonderful place. You’ve brought us joy and we thank you for that. And we will pray for you and your family. We’ll always love you. Thank you, Michael Jackson”.


  • “I want to end this on a positive note and say that my sons aged 9 and 4 are obsessed with Michael Jackson. There is a lot of crotch-grabbing and moonwalking that’s going on in my house, and it seems like a whole new generation of kids has discovered his genius and are bringing him to life again. I hope that wherever Michael is right now, he is smiling about his. .. Yes, Michael Jackson was a human being, but damn it, he was a King. Long live the King”.

Even if it did not contain the above quotes the video should go into our collection for the unique episode of Michael’s sequined gloves falling from the sky in a snowfall of gloves. Here is the video:



Professional dancing is going a slightly different way. They learned from Michael everything he taught them for the past 40 years or so and are now taking his legacy further. In some cases it inspires them to create truly fantastic choreography.  I’ve selected some videos dropping those whose authors have the cheek to ask who is better – this dancer or Michael Jackson?

To me it sounds like an absurd, silly and ignorant question. First of all Michael wasn’t only a dancer – he was an all-round musician who composed his own phenomenal music which none of these dancers can do, and second Michael looks to me like the origin of this dance. He created the concepts of today’s choreography out of which they are now building something new. If it weren’t for him the singers would probably be still standing at the microphone today, at least in some countries.

Here are the examples of dancers making tributes to Michael Jackson. Temecula Dance Company performed the Man in the Mirror dance on July 9, 2009 at MGM Grand Hotel KAR National Finals.

Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror Dance Tribute


Jabbawockeez – Michael Jackson Tribute ABDC episode 5


Keone Madrid | The way you make me feel

Keone said about this video:

  • “No concept or story behind this. Just wanted to explore the art of MJ. It’s pretty hard to find good, genuine music these days. So going back to blasting MJ on the speakers never fails. *Michael Scream* OOOOOOOh … Miss you Mike!


The French twins are dancing to a remix of “Whatever happens” by Michael Jackson.

Les Twins – Michael Jackson


Kenichi Ebina: “A Tribute to Someone Special” Michael Jackson


To close the subject of professionals making tributes to Michael Jackson let me show to you one of the most impressive ones. It is coming from Northern Uganda and was posted by Phonchrist again.  Despite all the sophistication of the other videos some looked to me as a slightly artificial experiment while the tribute from Uganda is genuine, warm and heartfelt which makes you come back to watch it again and again.

Actually I am almost addicted to it. The singer seems to be singing not only about Michael Jackson but the whole of his family, mentioning mamma, pappa and baby Jackson and each brother and sister by their names.

Here is a memorial dance by Acholi Heartbeat dancers from Northern Uganda (Gulu).

Dr Abe Greatest African tribute to Michael Jackson


We’ve seen the fun of flash mobs and perfection of professional performances, and heard all the good words said about Michael’s genius and his great musical legacy.

But does it give you the impression that all this is describing Michael the way he really was? I’m afraid it doesn’t. Well yes, partially it does, but even if we fully agree with every good word said about his phenomenal art you still feel that a whole lot more is still missing.


In the attempt to capture this other thing which is evidently invisible to the eye I went in another direction and tried the interview which Michael’s bodyguard Marvin Butts gave soon after his death. From Marvin’s demeanor you can gather that it is extremely painful for him to talk – he often sighs and shakes his head. But what he is saying is crucial for understanding what Michael was like.

Unfortunately the sound is a disaster, so here is what I managed to decipher (please correct):

Q. What part is the easiest one for you? What part can you talk of without breaking…?

A. (shaking his head) I don’t know… It was fun working for him… and it’s hard to realize he is gone.

Q. What made him different?

A. Michael had a certain type of magic.  I know people hear his songs and say he’s magic, but Michael had a way… just if you spent any time with him you become changed for the better… He uplifted. Eye-opener. Your spirit changed more for the joy and happiness. You become like him and help change the world. Or change people……. It was just so much spirit, uplifting and fun….. and (pauses)… it’ll never be another Michael…. (shakes his head)… there is no way to replace him.

You know… I know a whole lot of people that’s connected who are hurting right now. And they think about what they are going to do… and how they feel…. But the good part of Michael is what he’s leaving behind. A legacy of love, peace, a job that he didn’t finish, so hopefully we can get together and do what he wanted. And that was world peace and solve the hunger problem.

Q. Do you think the kids and the world peace meant to him more than his music?

A. Oh without a doubt. They had one neck in neck – his music and his kids. Not his personal kids – just kids of the whole world. That’s what he lived for. That was his energy, that was his motivation.  If you listen to every single song… up to Billie Jean came, that’s when the whole music changed… There was so much about Michael… When I realized that James Brown’s ‘Camelwalk’ was Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk in reverse that was eye-opener. Like he took better and made it better. And I worked for James, and James’ energy was totally different than Michael’s.

Q. Why do you think he was able to achieve musically what he was able to achieve?

A. Michael was special. He was the Chosen one. He was the one God looked upon and pointed his finger on. That’s why Mike survived everything he did. He was spiritually blessed.

Q. The world mourns today. What did they lose?

A. I think everybody feels a piece of him has died as well, lost a piece of him because Michael crossed everybody (shaking his head). Michael is 50 years old, I am two years older than Michael, and he has touched people in the whole universe… I don’t think there is another person who can say that, not even a president. That’s just my opinion. 

Q. What makes it so painful for you? You consider yourself Michael Jackson’s friend, correct?

A. When you get to know somebody… and when you get to know somebody like Mike and it connects (shaking his head) it’s magic…..  It’s magic (sighs).

Q. Is there anything else you can say?

A. It’s a whole lot I’d like to say but I just can’t…

Q. What drives your emotion like right now? What can’t you bring to the surface because you break down if you say it?

A. Because Michael had so much to give and didn’t have the chance to live it

Q. Because Michael was so young? He wanted so much more to do?

A. Yes, and part two of Michael’s life was just to begin….. He’s gone too soon. 

Q. Was he capable of reclaiming his life at this point?

A. Oh, without a doubt.

Q. When you heard your heart broke?

A. And spirit too….You know, Michael, Farrah Fawsett, James Brown, my three sisters, my mother, my dad, just too many people died. I think that was the motivation we heard in that one song “Gone too soon”. I mean he’s definitely gone too soon.

Q. There is one thing when I do the story I might tread on this… So this is what I offer you: what do you need people to know about Michael Jackson? I mean they know his music, they know his videos, they know his art, but in Cincinnati, what do you need people to know tonight?

A. Michael was an angel (smiles)…. was an angel. Forget what you’ve heard. Michael made a song once “How can you judge me even if you don’t know me?” If you listen to the verse of that song … he’s an angel….

Michael Jackson Bodyguard – Marvin Butts “Michael was an Angel”


It is only those who didn’t know Michael find it easy to babble some nonsense about him, while those who did know him can only cry, sigh and shake their heads in utter frustration.  A similar reaction came from the girl who knew Michael very well but never made public her friendship with him. It is Kellie Parker who played the part of Katie in Michael’s “Moonwalker” when she was a little girl. Her interview about Michael is a great tribute to her friend:

Michael Jackson and Kellie Parker

Michael Jackson and Kellie Parker

Kellie Parker (Moonwalker) talks about MJ, 2009

What was taken can never be replaced: Kellie Parker who played ‘Katie’ in the film Moonwalker shared her story and relationship with Michael Jackson in an interview with Steve Freiss

Kellie: “It’s hard… (losing composure, pauses) I’ll always feel that way. I’ll always be waiting for him.”

Steve Friess: “As I understand it you remained in contact with Michael up until very recently.”

Kellie: “Yeah. I remained very close with Michael for about ten years. Then after that I continued to stay in touch with him but not as regularly, every couple of years and then I did actually see him a couple of weeks before he passed away.”

Steve: “What was the occasion?”

Kellie: “I was working on a show he came to see, sort of randomly…”

Kellie: “I do know that in his life he would struggle with being so well known, that was sort of a constant struggle throughout his life. But I do have to say, I spent a lot of time with Michael alone on set, he and I had a lot of scenes together and he taught me so much. He was so dedicated. We would go through – before we even shot he and I would spend sometimes like half an hour together just improving, ’cause he was so committed to it.

Steve: “How was the audition process for something like this, how did that go?”

Kellie: “You know it’s funny, I auditioned for it, then didn’t hear anything for six months and thought somebody else must have gotten it. Well, originally it was caused Chicago Nights. And they weren’t quite sure what exactly it was going to be.
And I actually found out a couple of years later, I was doing a press thing with Michael, and they’d asked how he’d chosen each of us. Apparently what got me the job was, they got me in to do a screen test and after the screen test they’d left the cameras rolling.

And I was such a tomboy, that was me – I had braids in my hair, I was raggedy, ripped up jeans. I was just tough! I wanted to be a guy. And Brandon did the screen test with me and we had a ball or something and he was playing with it and I went up to him and was like, ‘You’re doing it wrong! God!’ But they’d left it rolling. So that’s what Michael saw and he was like, ‘Oh my god, I have to have her.’”

Michael was magic, pure and simple. He was a man who believed in the goodness of mankind and embodied pure unconditional love for the world. I am so sad on so many levels. For the loss of an innovative genius and who was music and dance personified, for the loss of a man who loved the whole world and touched so many lives, but mostly, for me personally, the loss of a friend that I loved so dearly.

Most people don’t know about how close I was to Michael for many years following ‘Moonwalker/Smooth Criminal’ because I was never one to exploit that, even to this day I rarely talk about it, for that was a friendship that I honored and respected as private. I feel compelled at this time though, to speak of my amazing friend, as a witness to his life, and the gentleness of his soul.

He taught me so much, both as an actor and as a person, he continually inspired me to reach beyond my boundaries. He and I spent a great deal of time, one on one, while filming ‘Moonwalker.’

I remember that he told me once to never rush an emotion, that everything in life has a rhythm, and that it is the pauses and silences that speak the truth. He understood this better than anyone, he had a way of quietly inspiring everyone around him to be better than ever thought they could be. He helped so many, and inspired us all.

Michael believed in Magic, he believed that we could change the world, and he had such unconditional love that when you were around him, you couldn’t help but believe it too.

He is intertwined in all of who I am, I became a dancer because of him, I became an artist because he inspired me to dream, and a writer because he taught me the power of moving people through words and actions. I love you my friend, and I know you are in a better place, we were blessed to have you for as long as we did.” 


Making Black or White. Michael Jackson with Sage

Making Black or White. Michael Jackson with Sage

Recently a video about another girl playing a part in Michael’s Black or White video surfaced and was posted exactly on Michael’s 55th birthday August 29, 2013. The girl’s name is Sage and the video is about her and Michael being photographed together behind the scenes of Black or White.

She is sitting on his knee and though the sound goes down each time he says something, this imperfect video takes us much closer to that invisible side of Michael that makes all these people sigh and shake their heads when they are trying to describe him.

He was a gentle, caring and loving soul.

He hugged, kissed and rubbed this little girl’s cheek as if she were his own little daughter and treated her like one of his greatest treasures.

Making Black or White

Making Black or White. The games boys play

I am afraid even to think what the media would have told us had it not been a girl,and fortunately she is, but I am also sure that for boys MJ had something much more rough – like water fights and throwing pies into each other faces, which they also did a lot when making Black or White.

But as to little girls like Sage Michael treated them with much tenderness and total admiration. When you look at this scene you begin to understand why everyone said that he was born to be a father.

Behind the Scenes of “Black or White” – Sage with Michael Jackson

Uploaded 29.08.2013


This treasure of a video was found together with another one featuring children with Michael Jackson. Do you remember the  NAACP ceremony in 1993 mentioned in the previous post? Surprisingly, a continuation of it was also found and it shows Michael backstage after that ceremony.

In this video Bob Jones takes Michael to the room of his security chief Bill Bray and invites to the place a photographer who takes some photos of the serious men in suits together with Michael Jackson.

He stoically endures several takes, but when all these serious guys group together and talk he prefers the company of the children who were together with him on stage and seeing so big a contrast between the two groups I, for one, realized perfectly well why Michael preferred children to all these men in suits.

Other commentators on this video had the same impression:

  • I love how in the front all the adults are huddling up and talking to each other, and Michael’s just in the back talking to the kids, its adorable
  • Being famous takes alot of patience. I’d hate to be always be surrounded by a bunch of people, taking photos in hot, uncomfortable formal ware, shaking hands and meeting people I don’t even know (not fans), being told to not go here not there we got another meeting when I’m already dying to go back, kick off my shoes and take a long bath. MJ handles all that so gracefully.

All of it is indeed quite a sight, and though formally it isn’t a tribute to MJ I still believe that it belongs here. It explains a whole lot about Michael:

Michael Jackson – NAACP awards Backstage 1993


When I thought that it would be simply impossible to add a single more video to this post another interesting thing came into view which totally amazed me. Fans were clapping to this rare footage while I naturally saw something different.

The video is about the fans listening behind closed doors to Michael Jackson rehearsing at the Forum three weeks before he died – on June 3rd, 2009.

What absolutely amazed me was the date of the rehearsal. The 3rd of June? How can that be possible if AEG tells us that at the beginning of June Michael missed all rehearsals and appeared at the Forum sometime on June 6th only? “Missing rehearsals” was their never-ending complaint to Michael and now we learn that about the beginning of June they were lying too?

Previously we thought that Michael’s first rehearsal was around June 6th after which he rehearsed every single day until June 11 or 12 when he had a “bad day” according to Ortega, didn’t come on Saturday June 13th and Murray gave him a sick leave. This was followed by the June 16th intervention and all the rest of the nightmare.

And now we find that Michael was rehearsing on June 3rd ? So why was AEG so hysterical about it then? Michael had the full right not to attend any rehearsals, but he still did on AEG’s insistence and almost every day too and totally exhausted himself that way!

And the date of June 3rd cannot be a mistake because it comes from Michael’s fans who knew about his whereabouts and dates better than any police would!

Michael Jackson The Way You Make Me Feel June 3rd 2009 Rehearsal

Isn’t it incredible that no matter what you begin talking about it always ends with AEG?


UPDATED December 25, 2013

Goodness gracious, how could I forget about Akon‘s great tribute to Michael? It is probably the best tribute to Michael of all times!


And this tribute by Cash Cash is a very nice way the new generation is singing to the King and his legacy:




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  1. September 2, 2013 11:05 pm

    Amazing Helena, just amazing.

    “The video is aabout the fans listening behind closed doors to Michael Jackson rehearsing at the Forum three weeks before he died – on June 3rd, 2009.”

    I hope whoever is still recording and reporting timeline on Michael adds this date.

    “What absolutely amazed me was the date of the rehearsal. The 3rd of June? How can that be possible if AEG tells us that at the beginning of June Michael missed all rehearsals and appeared at the Forum sometime on June 6th only? “Missing rehearsals” was their never-ending complaint to Michael and now we learn that about the beginning of June they were lying too?”

    “Isn’t it incredible that no matter what you begin talking about it always ends with AEG?”

    Yes it is.


  2. September 3, 2013 3:42 am

    I agree, Dial, it’s amazing. Wow, thank you for this compilation, Helena.
    I’m especially excited about the Best Flashmob video (around the world) because it includes my hometown Tübingen and I never saw this video before.
    These flashmobs always make me very emotional. To see how people in all parts of the world do the same dance steps to Michael’s music in small or large groups, make everything stop, sometimes even the traffic, make people scream and clap their hands, is so fabulous and gives me chills each time and makes me cry. And to see the kids still learning all the dance steps. Also creating their own coreographies to Michael’s music being inspired by him to attract young people is so great. There is no other artist who ever reached something like that. And there is no person on earth who doesn’t know to whose music they dance when he/she sees such a flashmob. It’s terrific how these events show Michael’s global impact.
    I hope there will even be more of them next year when we have the 5 year anniversary of Michael’s death.

    Interesting video about the June 3rd rehearsal. Of course they lied about Michael not attending rehearsals. They gave conflicting testimonies about it. I hope the jury listened carefully.


  3. Helen-Marie permalink
    September 3, 2013 4:06 am

    Thank you Helena for a wonderful collection of tributes.

    Michael’s presence in this world has left an indelible mark and will be there for all to see long after those who have tried to bring him down continue to exist.

    I feel privileged to have been living in the era that Michael shared his pure genius and loving spirit with us, but the day he left bore a hole in my heart that will never heal.

    His message was a simple one, LOVE, but to some that was and still is an alien feeling and I often wonder how things would have turned out had he been left alone to complete his life’s work, I guess we will never know.

    His messages were way beyond their time to be fully accepted, but for those of us that got it, we were truly blessed and my only hope is that Michael knew that we absolutely and totally loved him more and that we will do what it takes to continue his legacy and spread his messages of L.O.V.E. forevermore.


  4. September 3, 2013 6:11 am

    “His messages were way beyond their time to be fully accepted, but for those of us that got it, we were truly blessed and my only hope is that Michael knew that we absolutely and totally loved him more and that we will do what it takes to continue his legacy and spread his messages of L.O.V.E. forevermore.” – Helen-Marie

    Helen-Marie, but spreading his message is actually the most difficult thing, because it is easy to say the word “love” but it is extremely difficult to live up to it. I’m afraid that most of us even don’t know what it is (and I myself do not aspire to it).

    When should you fight for what you believe in? And when is it time to forgive and forget? And how far do you go in both? All this is extremely difficult and requires a lot of reflection and work on oneself. As Michael said, love is like a piece of soap, you think you are keeping it in your hand but it slips away. And the more we just say it the more it slips away. No, we must work for it – that’t the point.

    Even in this blog I have seen so many hateful things done in the name of “love” that now even try not to use the word too often. Love is indeed the only way to go, this I very much believe in, but “how to” is still a bit of a problem, at least for me.

    This is why it is so extremely important not just to confine ourselves to Michael’s music and dance, no matter how glorius it. We need to know what kind of a human being he was, and the more realistic we are about it the better it is. And if he had some drawbacks it is even for the better, because if we follow him it will make our own striving for perfection a less hopeless task.


  5. September 3, 2013 6:42 am

    No sooner had I written about Michael as a human being than I recalled that last weekTeam MJJBook sent me news that they had made a second book of people’s recollections about Michael. It must be just what we need, a sort of a textbook on the love for others Michael was talking about.

    It seems to me that just “talking” about it useless – what’s important is to relive his life with him and learn about ourselves this way, and from this point of view people’s recollections about Michael should be invaluable. Here is what what Taeam MJJBook is writing:

    New book OUT NOW:
    “A life for L.O.V.E – Michael Jackson stories you should have heard before”
    tt you all know about our new book “A life for L.O.V.E.” that is OUT NOW.

    Some of you may have read our first book “It’s all about L.O.V.E.”, which portrayed the unique relationship between Michael and his fans through true stories by fans from all over the world.

    For the last two years we have been working on our second project which is a first time ever collection of stories focusing on Michael’s humanitarian efforts.

    As you all know, the whole world celebrates Michael’s musical legacy and his groundbreaking achievements in the entertainment industry, yet little is publicly known about the fact that he also broke records with his charitable accomplishments and that he used his tremendous popularity, influence and amazing success to call attention to social and political problems.

    We wanted to help to change that.

    “A life for L.O.V.E.” is the first book that concentrates on this important aspect of Michael’s life! On over 450 pages, this beautiful potpourri of true stories shows a vivid picture and personal portrait of a man whose declared goal it was to HEAL THE WORLD and start with the MAN IN THE MIRROR. Contributors from all over the world, including Howard McCrary, Seth Riggs, David Nordahl, John Isaac, Dieter Wiesner, Mike LaPerruque, Dr. Patrick Treacy, Teddy Lakis, former Neverland employees and many more who knew Michael, were his friends, worked for him, received his help and encouragement or got inspired by him, wrote down their personal memories and experiences with Michael.

    Michael inspired millions through his message, but mostly his dear fans. Therefore the book also introduces some selected fan charity projects that continue Michael’s message and wish for a better world.
    We hope many people get inspired by reading about Michael’s untiring fight against indifference and will find a way to do their share to help make this world a better place, too.

    Joining the line of those keeping Michael’s message alive, ALL proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Make-A-Wish” foundation again – just as we did with our last book “It’s all about L.O.V.E”, which already collected over 6,500€ for charity. Therewith we would like to dedicate this book to Michael as our birthday gift for him.

    We hope you are looking forward to hold the book in your hands now and read it, or give it as a gift to someone else – SPREAD the word – SPREAD Michael´s message of L.O.V.E.!

    You can order “A life for L.O.V.E.” in any bookstore near you, through its
    ISBN: 978-3-8495-5196-4

    Or you can order it in various online stores (just don´t forget to type in the dots in L.O.V.E. to find it).

    Amazon offers it in most of their national stores, here is one link to the US site:

    PLEASE ALSO HELP US TO SPREAD WORD by leaving comments about the book on amazon or other stores and PLEASE like / join us

    on FACEBOOK:

    and TWITTER:

    For more information please visit our website:
    For further questions/feedback, please email us:


  6. September 3, 2013 6:49 am

    THANK YOU, ever so much, for continuing to write. Our family misses him so very deeply..


  7. September 3, 2013 8:16 am

    “Wow, thank you for this compilation, Helena”– Susanne

    Susanne, a lot of things had to be omitted. I also apologize that I wasn’t able to properly transcribe the interview of Michael’s bodyguard – now it was corrected as I put ear-phones and deciphered much more. Please correct it if you see some outrageous mistakes.

    Here is one more dance group performing a dance inspired by Michael.
    Diversity at the Peacock Theatre, London. April 2013:


  8. September 3, 2013 8:41 am

    “Interesting video about the June 3rd rehearsal. Of course they lied about Michael not attending rehearsals. They gave conflicting testimonies about it. I hope the jury listened carefully.” – Susanne

    All those lies told by AEG about MJ not attending rehearsals are meant to rub in the idea that “he wasn’t there, so we could not produce the show”, but the more I look the more impression I get is that AEG was simply unqualified to produce it.

    In the years of their existence they did production of shows only twice – with Prince (who was also utterly disappointed) and with MJ in that ill-fated tour as in all other cases they worked as promoters. This was said at the very beginning of the trial, I think in the chief financier’s testimony. So they were actually doing this job only for the second time!

    If it takes AEG a month and a half to sign a single contract (and not only with Murray, but with many others), it means that AEG is too slow a machine to produce any show at all. Their main job is promotion, and the way I understand it a producer is as different from a promoter as any enterprise producing goods from the one advertizing them. Please correct me if my understanding of it is wrong.

    So much of that slow progress, and the eventual haste, and even overspending could easily be due to AEG’s non-professionalism. And I even remember the insider writing how frustrated Michael was that nothing was ready, only I didn’t realize earlier that it could be due to AEG’s lack of professional skills.

    Look at what the anonymous insider said:

    “He also says he personally felt Michael sometimes did not show up because he knew things were moving slowly and sort of felt disappointed. He was a perfectionist, and when things were obviously not going in the right direction, he would get frustrated and sort of lose interest, instead of becoming upset at someone. Yet they made him believe it was him, that things were moving slowly because of him. But this person told me that Michael had nothing to do with all the technical stuff, like lightings, fireworks etc, therefore it was not his fault, but he was the easy target.

    According to him, if the concerts were not going to be ready, it would have been easier for AEG to blame it on Michael, than blame themselves and their lack of timing skills.”

    And this is what AEG is actually doing now!


  9. September 3, 2013 9:17 am

    Yes, absolutely. I think Panish asked this question even several times about how often AEG did a concert production, and as far as I remember it was also admitted by Gongaware and Phillips that they only did it once with Prince and the second would have been MJ. And I think also one of the expert witnesses pointed it out. I see it the same way – AEG had no experience with the production of a concert series. Kenny Ortega also should have realized it, but everyone blames Michael for the slow progress, as if his attendance at rehearsals was the only thing necessary for producing the shows. It’s a typical way of blaming someone else for one’s own incompetence.


  10. September 3, 2013 9:58 am

    – “I hope whoever is still recording and reporting timeline on Michael adds this date.” – Dialdancer

    Sure, the fans have all these dates recorded because they stayed behind closed doors on each of those days, and I remember Talitha exclaiming on Twitter that Ortega was a liar when he said that Michael attended very few rehearsals in June. Panish should subpoena some of those girls to establish the dates when Michael attended rehearsals. The girls keep their records better than the police.

    Travis, by the way, also noted that the most Michael missed was 4 or 5 rehearsals! And this during the whole time period!

    Even numerically the number of rehearsals Michael attended for preparing This Is It is much bigger than he ever did before. Michael started training sometime in April, first at home with Travis. He also did workouts with Ferrignio. At that time the dancers were only auditioned and then began rehearsing their steps.

    In May at first they worked separately and joint rehearsals (as far as I know) started only in the second half of May in the dark hall of Burbanks. We saw it in “This is it” – nothing was ready yet. On May 30th the show moved to the Forum, and at the beginning of June Michael worked on his videos at Culver studios.

    Now we learn that on June 3 Michael was at the Forum (there could have been other dates too, only we don’t have the proof). Then he attended the rehearsals on June 5 (as Alif Sankey said), then on June 6th, then on 8,9,10,11, then he had “a bad day” according to Ortega (June 12th), then came a sick leave from Murray on June 13th, then there was a Sunday uproar, then MJ attended rehearsals on June 15 and 16, then on 18 (was stoic according to Karen Faye) and on 19 he was extremely sick, then came the 20th meeting, then there were no rehearsals as they were moving to Staples Center for 2 days, then he rehearsed on June 23 and 24. So how much more AEG needed? Even this was a much bigger number of rehearsals Michael ever did!

    And despite all that AEG still had nothing ready? No, it was definitely not Michael’s fault!

    I’ve put the dates we are sure of on the calendar. And after that Ortega said that MJ missed almost all of them in June? It seems that Ortega is simply covering up for AEG!

    P.S. In some previous comments I wrote about June 13 as Sunday, but after looking at the calendar see it was a mistake.

    So the whole uproar started on Sunday June 14th – Ortega sent an email to AEG bosses asking them whether they knew that Murray gave Michael a sick leave “yesterday” (Saturday, June 13th). Gongaware replied that “we should remind Murray who is paying his salary” and on June 16 they had a so-called “intervention” meeting where they “brought doctor into the fold”.

    We still need to check up whether MJ rehearsed on June 17, but on June 18 he was there (looking very frightened according to Karen) and all the rest of it you know.


  11. September 3, 2013 11:51 am

    Thank you Thank you . I don’t know wo you are but I do appreciate seeing my video here . It’s a great honour. God bless yun. Keep Michaeling


  12. September 3, 2013 12:37 pm

    “Thank you Thank you . I don’t know wo you are but I do appreciate seeing my video here . It’s a great honour. God bless yun. Keep Michaeling” – Phonchrist

    Phonchirst, what a surprise. Thank you very much too! Your tributes to Michael are remarkable in every way. I didn’t know which one to choose and posted all the three I found. Michael would have been proud of you, there is no doubt about it. God bless you too.


  13. Nicoletta permalink
    September 4, 2013 12:41 am

    Thank you with all my heart Helena!
    This your post was a breath of fresh air and a moment of pure joy.

    In reading your post, you feel your great love for Michael brings me to love you and thank you again and again!


  14. LunaJo permalink
    September 4, 2013 2:24 am

    Hi Helena,
    Thanks for the list with all the tributes! I do however want to add some very important ones.
    Walking Moon Studios has made a beautiful and inspiring tribute with the movie Man behind the Myth in 2011.They also did a awesome birthday tribute in 2012. Then there’s the video Words and Violence. Look them up at WMS Vimeo channel.

    And about the rehearsal dates of the beginning of June. There is very clear evidence in the movie This It itself that Michael was at the forum on June 4th as well! The camera filming rehearsals for The Drill has the date June 4th on it! Michael was busy filming the Dome Project from June 1st until June 9th or 10th. It was his film project and I’m sure very important to him.
    I have the screenshot for you if you want. It’s also in one of my videos.

    Thanks again! Love, Jo (LunaJo)


  15. September 4, 2013 4:37 am

    “I do however want to add some very important ones. Walking Moon Studios has made a beautiful and inspiring tribute with the movie Man behind the Myth in 2011.” – LunaJo

    Luna, oh, Man behind the myth is superb. It opens another big chapter in remembering Michael because it deals with unethical reporting, unfair journalism, bullying Michael on a worldwide scale. It also brings home to us Michael’s message to the world which we sometimes tend to forget due to having to analyze filth only.

    Of course it needs to be included in the collection, but it should also turn into something bigger than a mere commemoration of Michael. It is a whole lot more – up to reassessing our life values in general.

    At the moment I am posting it in the comments only, before transcription of some of its parts is made. Transcription is important as I would like those who don’t understand English to be able to get some idea of it too.

    Have you by any chance a transcript of it? I think I know who made the film but since this person prefers to stay anonymous I cannot ask, so we will probably have to do it ourselves.

    Here is the video:
    Man Behind the Myth – Michael Jackson

    It is also accompanied by a great text on InnerMichael website:


  16. September 4, 2013 4:38 am

    Thank you all for keeping track of Michaels rehearsals in June 2009.Michael had very important messages for our vtime,the non-historical values,love,thruth and justicean look up on this on wiki, see writer Chris Hedges..


  17. LunaJo permalink
    September 4, 2013 4:52 am

    Helena: I may know someone who made a transcript at the time. I will do my best to get it for you.
    Glad you also think Man behind the myth should be in the list. Love, Jo


  18. September 4, 2013 4:56 am

    The non-historical values, love ,justice and thruth are in stark contrast to the prevailing values
    of big business which even goes over national interests.


  19. September 4, 2013 6:24 am

    “Thank you all for keeping track of Michaels rehearsals in June 2009.” – Kaarin

    Kaarin, you cannot imagine how much we can get from This is it if we know what to look for. Following LunaJo’s lead I went to see “This is it” once again (did not see it for a long time as could not force myself to) and this is what I found:

    1) At first they rehearsed the Drill at Burbanks without MJ.

    He was rehearsing separately from the company and one of the reasons for it could be that MJ didn’t have a proper hairpiece to wear which would enable him to dance with the others. Karen Faye said that the piece he had since March was too heavy and too insecure for him to dance in. In April-May she was working with her expert on making two much lighter pieces which could be firmly fixed but allowed the head to “breathe”.

    Putnam extracted all these details from Karen when she was giving her second testimony. So the problem with the hairpiece could very well be the reason why Michael did not want to dance in the presence of anyone else though with Travis he was rehearsing 3 hours a day at home.

    The rehearsal at Burbanks was sometime in May 2009 because they left Burbanks on May 30:

    2) On June 4th they rehearsed the Drill at Culver studios. This is where they were shooting it:

    3) Later in June Michael did rehearse the Drill at the Forum. The period there is June 1-20, 2009. There could be more dates than one with MJ doing the Drill, but in This Is It there is only one scene (but even if it was only one it was still no problem).

    The clue to placing it as the Forum location are the seats around the scene as Forum is a sort of a stadium:

    4) And This Is It also has three scenes of MJ rehearsing at Staples Center. This is surprising as there were only two rehearsals there (June 23 and 24), so evidently two shots are genuine while the third is probably not.

    One of the signs to look for when you want to know whether it is Staples Center is the polished floor:

    And in this scene it seems that MJ was replaced by someone else (unless MJ changed his clothes on June 23 and 24th, and they did the Drill once again).

    I hope you understand that this is a supposition only which still needs to be checked up – what if they really had three rehearsals there (June 22nd)? With so many lies from AEG you never know.


  20. September 4, 2013 12:24 pm

    Thank you all again, and Helen-Marie ,Michael fas left a mark as an artist and a true humanitarian.I appriciate him more and more as I learn about the world today.


  21. Mariam permalink
    September 4, 2013 3:03 pm

    Thank you Helena, That is how we want remember MJ and should be remembered that way. As you said, it is very clear that AEG had no idea whom they were dealing with, that is why they disrespect him. But for sure they will know now; if not now they will in future. They were working with the legend; he was a genius they were dealing with. MJ was precious and smartest that they were trying to undermine. I hope one day, all the world will realized that and history will be re-write. His fables biography will be re-write and will going to be amazing history of the man who proved himself as “ a greatest entertainer and humanitarian on the plant who ever lived”. That is what I am looking for to hear and to read about MJ in future, the REAL Michael Jackson. Thank you again Helena. I am glad that MJ has a friend like you.


  22. September 4, 2013 3:25 pm

    thank you Helena-wonderful collections of tributes,made me cry and smile at the same time!


  23. Jovana permalink
    September 5, 2013 7:02 am

    I like your post very much. It is amazing how AEG will tell us all the truth with their own lies.


  24. alice permalink
    September 5, 2013 7:59 am

    Thankyou so much Helena and to everyone for contributing to such an excellent commemorative post for Michael.

    Thankyou also Helena for re-posting and formatting my transcription of Murray’s emails, inbox and phone messages from the trial as they were placed briefly on the projection monitor. I’m glad they have helped, and having now considered them even deeper in light of the issue of insurance and getting Murray involved with AEG for insurance purposes, I believe there is another angle to which we could clearly argue the way AEG’s supervision or involvement with Murray was not only evident but was involved with Michael’s death.

    As we know, Murray was busy tap-tapping away on his phone checking and responding to emails, calling one of his many stripper girlfriends, and/or generally wanking around and paying no attention whatsoever to the propofol drip steadily running its way into Michael’s body both until his death and after it.

    From what I could transcribe from the projection of WHO those emails were from and at what time, we know that these emails he was reading and responding to were from AEG. About the insurance. Ergo, Murray neglected care of Michael BECAUSE he was dealing with AEG (as well as ringing his stripper). Therefore, his ‘care’ (already long forgotten and destroyed anyway) was directly impeded by his choice and decision to deal with the issue of insurance and medical records to help AEG – rather than help Michael NOT DIE on his watch by paying more attention to him than his phone and emails and AEG’s pestering him with insurance issues and new ‘drafts’ of the contract (which we can infer Murray was not even expecting because why else would he have a printed copy of the contract in his car, already signed by himself, if he did not believe that one to be the final copy?)

    If Murray had not been made involved in the issue of insurance (which would NOT be in Michael’s interests anyway, which Murray’s role as a doctor SHOULD have been taking care of but was not) by AEG he would not have been receiving emails from AEG on the morning/day of Michael’s death about insurance and MAY have not abandoned Michael for that time. In which case Michael may not have died.

    I also wonder if Murray delayed calling the ambulance himself because he wanted and believed he was able to resuscitate Michael by himself instead of calling 911, a choice he made BECAUSE he knew that if an ambulance was called and Michael had to go to hospital that would be in the media and then the issue of getting insurance would become even more problematic and AEG would be so furious with him he would not get a contract and not get the money he needed? It’s quite plausible that he wanted to maintain the illusion that things were all fine with Michael (because if he didn’t AEG would fire him or not pay him) so the ‘show would go on’ and insurance could be obtained, Michael would perform, and Murray would be paid.

    Something about the timing of Murray wanting to supposedly ‘wean’ (he claims) Michael off propofol interests me in a different respect, in light of this insurance business. He claims he tried to start weaning him off the propofol from around the 21st or so (could be the 20th or the 22nd I can’t quite recall)… how does this line up with AEG beginning to demand he help them with getting records for insurance and for coercing michael into doing the london medical? And also with when Frank Dileo rings Murray and says he wants a blood test?

    Maybe when Murray had been told by AEG that Michael would need to undergo a full medical at london, he realised they could pick up the propofol and/or other drugs in his blood that he had been administering so he knew this couldn’t happen or he would lose his job, AEG wouldn’t get their insurance, the tour wouldn’t happen. The threat of needing a blood test also posed by Frank (at the guidance of AEG, since we can presume Frank was told by someone who would have long-term prior knowledge of Michael’s drug dependency in the past just as Frank would… COUGH GONGAWARE COUGH) clearly scared him. I think it was even highlighted in an email perhaps from Shawn Trell (it could be someone else, but I have a sense it was not a direct executive but more like one of the male lawyers/accountants/etc) that Murray was avoiding them/screening his calls from them once Frank had left this message with him.

    And yes, AEG’s ability to schedule or even produce a show is laughable. They had only done it once before with Prince – which they screwed up in terms of the sound – and we must also note that Prince’s show was NOWHERE NEAR the kind of level Michael’s was. The most complicated part of Prince’s show was the stage itself – constructed in the shape of his symbol. There wasn’t any lengthy short film pieces to be scripted, shot, edited, or troupes of backup dancers to choreograph and rehearse with, or constant elaborate costume changes, or spectacular lighting and pyrotechnic displays, or bulldozers coming on stage, or anything of that calibre. It was, essentially, just Prince. On stage. And his band. But mostly Prince. Doing his Prince thing. Still great, but nowhere near the kind of complications and preparations that could have been foreseeably predictable and expected in Michael’s show. And yet AEG allowed the same kind of scheduling period for ALL the preparation, creation and rehearsals of Michael’s show to be haphazardly crammed into roughly the same amount of time you would expect to be dedicated for Prince’s show. That has always been painfully, blindingly obvious. And they should have been sued on that ground of incompetent management alone. For the stress and pressure and inhumane setting that created not only for Michael but for Ortega and the entire crew alone, that inability or blatant disregard to do their job properly is reprehensible.

    Yet as even the most basic monkey could predict, the terribly planned and unorganised, improperly scheduled and managed debacle of creation, rehearsals and production began to lumber forwards in a haphazard, gaited fashion at a rate and quality that was not and never could be in step with the timeline set by AEG. or the people they hired. time marched on, much faster than the work. this was not Michael’s fault, but it was all thrown on his shoulders because he was the easiest victim. the company he thought he had hired to produce his show were now, effectively, not producing it – and were blaming him for that fact. Ortega was stressed because nothing was ready. Michael was stressed because nothing was ready. But Michael was the one blamed for the delay when the schedule and services decided by AEG (note, only in their SECOND time at this job of production) failed. he was essentially the one person that their incompetence was affecting the most. and this was why his insomnia, anxiety and stress became worse and worse. If it wasn’t already bad. The idea is just ludicrous. Blaming the artist for the producing company’s inadequacy? Ha. I wonder how things would have worked out if Michael had done his tour with Live Nation instead?

    By June, AEG knew Michael was very sick or dying. Because of this anxiety and because of Murray’s willingness and decision to pump his body with Propofol and other trash at night. And whatever Klein was giving him also. AEG had been told and they knew Michael was in a bad place. They should have known and realised it was their fault. They probably did. Or they just ignored their role in the situation and poo-poohed it as ‘oh he’s just an addict what can we do’. Either is inexcusable. But regardless, they KNEW he was ill.

    And yet….they still did nothing to remove the anxiety by decreasing the insane number of shows they placed upon him in the first place (which they could not do because they had already gone ahead and sold them and announced them without seeking proper approval from Michael and which went against his initial agreement anyway) or postponing the first set of concerts, or by organising a more appropriate schedule for rehearsals and production time to begin with (perhaps scheduling the starting date of the concerts to be later in the year, before even leaping on the idea to expand to 50 shows), thus negating the need for michael to be at two different locations in one day for every day (and needing him to be doing two days work in one day and cutting into his evenings up until 1am) all of which exacerbated his exhaustion, his stress, his anxiety, his insomnia, etc.

    Instead of doing these things initially to stop a foreseeable crisis, or after he was clearly in a very bad way, AEG barged ahead in a wave of incompetency, selfishness and greed with poor scheduling, improper release of shows, bullying and lies.

    And only when the consequences hit them in the face did they start to freak out about the possibility of Michael either having to pull out of the shows because of illness or the eventuation that he would die – and instead of thinking about CEASING that illness and stopping that potential death by rearranging the schedule, publicly acknowledging that they had not offered 50 shows or organised rehearsals with Michael’s interests at heart to begin with, or postponing concerts, they instead started thinking about covering their own arses in terms of production costs by seeking medical insurance coverage for THEMSELVES if in the likely event of michaels sickness and/or death were to occur.

    At this late stage, AEG knew Michael was resisting or did not see the need for more medicals to be done on him in London by the insurance doctor, since he had already undergone one previously, so AEG knew they needed a route to enable this to be done through a person he did trust. his doctor. Who also happened to be beholden to them financially. HOW CONVENIENT.

    It was once Michael became very, very ill and too many people were ‘being drama queens’ about it that Paul Gongaware, Shawn Trell (I use his name specifically because I feel it may have been his suggestion) and AEG at large started thinking about term insurance because they knew Michael was very very unwell and Paul knew Michael had history of demerol AND propofol use at the hand of doctors. So Paul G assumed it was just the drugs. they framed it this way to turn the spotlight away from themselves should anything go wrong. problems behind the curtains, the media might ask? Issues with tour dates, Paul Anschutz may demand? No, that’s just Michael being wasted, his AEG minions would answer. No, it could never have anything to do with fraudulent contracts or blackmail or inhumane schedules or incompetent production or seizing of assets or any of that. Of course not. It was just alllllllllll Michael being a drug addict. No point understanding the reasons for the supposed drug dependency re-emergence at all, is there, AEG? No, because didn’t you know, they had nothing to do with it? They were innocent as new born lambs.

    And so Michael is slowly dying night after night with each day and night that he goes without real sleep, wracked by anxiety that the show will not be ready. But AEG do nothing to help him now or to stop whatever Murray was doing because they fundamentally did not care about Michael beyond his ability to earn money for them. He was the freak, the creepy one. The useless blame-able ‘drug addict’ who needed to be milked of every last creative drop for their benefit.

    Now we see the error of AEG lies not just in their employment and supervision of Murray but also their involvement with him in terms of the insurance (thus further compromising his already destroyed standing as a reliable doctor for patient treatment) and their prioritising (and his) of obtaining this insurance OVER adjusting things (or, indeed, planning things properly initially and with respect to Michael’s wishes) to ensure Michael’s death or illness did not occur. Because at the end of the day, there is always another artist that AEG are happy and able to bully into an unfair contract for their gross profits. When it comes to the choice of Michael/artist over the company, the company will always win.

    And for me, knowing the day has come where potential revenue by a production company is protected more than the physical and emotional wellbeing of the performer and the creative soul at the heart of the artistic project, is an incredibly sad realisation. creation is our reason and responsibility for existence. To compromise it at the benefit of financial greed is not only criminal, unethical, unjust and reprehensible – it is a violation of the very purpose of life itself. Creation. People who value greed above creation are doing an immense disservice to the privilege and gift of life they have been given. A production team is hired by the creative force to bring a vision into existence. There is something fundamentally wrong in a world where more than 90% of earnings go to the company and not the artist or even the crew who act out that creative vision. Very, very wrong.


  25. September 5, 2013 1:56 pm

    So they try it again: THEY are the ones who contact and court the artists to go back on stage and make a deal with them.

    “Entertainment giant AEG has contacted David Bowie’s inner circle about the superstar’s possible interest in a Las Vegas deal.

    John Meglen, co-CEO of Concerts West, a division of AEG Live, confirmed Tuesday that he “just sent a note to David’s guy” after a British report that Bowie is being courted to return to the stage for the first time since 2006.”


  26. September 6, 2013 6:41 pm

    “It is amazing how AEG will tell us all the truth with their own lies.” – Jovana

    Guys, I hear that yesterday beautiful news was uncovered at the trial that that the main AEG expert on propofol issues is himself a recovering heroin addict who took money from AEG to make a study on propofol. It seems that we need to finally look at what’s going on at the AEG circus now. In the meantime here is Alan Duke’s article:

    Michael Jackson death trial takes odd twist
    By Alan Duke, CNN
    September 5, 2013 — Updated 1035 GMT (1835 HKT)

    Los Angeles (CNN) — The co-author of a study on propofol addiction funded by AEG Live and used in their defense in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial lost his medical license for writing illegal drug prescriptions, according to testimony.

    Dr. Torin Finver was hired to help with the AEG Live study after he lost his job at a pizza parlor and took a job driving a Goodwill truck, said Dr. Paul Earley, who testified Wednesday as an expert witness for the concert promoter.

    Finver was “destitute, dead broke, and I wanted to help him,” Earley, himself a recovering heroin addict, testified.

    The revelation was a bizarre twist in the trial of the billion-dollar lawsuit filed by Jackson’s mother and three children, which is being heard by a Los Angeles jury. The four-month-long trial is nearing a conclusion.

    AEG Live lawyers will announce if they have any more witnesses to call before playing the video depositions of three more doctors on Friday. Jackson lawyers would then take several days to call rebuttal witnesses before closing arguments are heard, which is likely to happened around September 23.

    Earley testified that he never disclosed to AEG Live lawyers that his co-author had lost his medical license. Ironically, the company is being accused of the negligent hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray, convicted in Jackson’s death because it allegedly failed to check Murray’s background before hiring him.

    Jackson lawyer Kevin Boyle also grilled Earley over his nondisclosure that he was working as a paid consultant in AEG Live’s defense when he submitted the study for publication in a medical journal.

    He said the concert promoter did not try to influence his findings, which were published in March in the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

    Jackson lawyers are hoping the controversy over Earley’s work for AEG Live will distract jurors from his conclusion that Michael Jackson was a drug addict with a “grave prognosis” that would have shortened his life had he not died of an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol on June 25, 2009.
    Each dose of an anesthetic his doctor gave him to help him sleep was like playing “Russian roulette,” Earley said.

    Murray told investigators he gave Jackson infusions of propofol for 60 nights to treat his insomnia as the entertainer prepared for his comeback concerts.

    Lawyers for the concert promoter hired Earley in their effort to downplay damages the company might have to pay if found liable in the pop icon’s death. How much longer Jackson might have lived — and earned money touring — will be important if the jury decides AEG Live is liable for damages in Jackson’s death. Jackson lawyers contend he would have earned more than $1.5 billion touring the world over the next several years.

    Katherine Jackson and her three grandchildren sued Michael Jackson’s last concert promoter, contending the company is liable in his death because it hired, retained or supervised the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

    AEG Live lawyers contend it was Jackson, not the promoter, who chose and controlled Murray, and say AEG executives had no way of knowing about the dangerous treatments the doctor was giving Jackson in the privacy of his bedroom.

    Earley: Jackson went ‘doctor shopping’

    Despite writing a blog six weeks after Jackson’s death titled “Michael Jackson: Addiction in the Privileged,” Earley testified Tuesday that there “was insufficient evidence that he was addicted to propofol.”

    “He was given propofol initially for appropriate medical procedures, but at some point, he began seeking out physicians who would administer propofol to him,” Earley testified.

    The last two instances of “doctor shopping” for propofol were late March and April of 2009, when Jackson asked an anesthesiologist to go on tour with him and then asked a nurse to help him find an anesthesiologist, he said.

    Earley said there was no evidence Jackson’s search for a doctor to give him propofol continued after AEG Live Co-CEO Paul Gongaware sent an e-mail to the singer’s assistant on May 6, 2009, telling him Murray had agreed to take the job as his personal physician for the “This Is It” tour. “Done at $150k a month,” Gongaware wrote.

    “Sounds like he got it,” Earley testified.

    The Jackson family’s lawyers contend that AEG Live executives ignored warning signs that Jackson’s health began deteriorating after Murray began attending to him on a daily basis. Show workers sent e-mails describing a paranoid and frail Jackson who couldn’t perform his standard dances or remember words to songs he had sung for decades.

    A Harvard Medical School sleep expert, testifying in June for the Jacksons, concluded that the 60 nights of propofol infusions apparently robbed Jackson of rapid eye movement sleep, which is vital to keep the brain and body alive.

    “The symptoms that Mr. Jackson was exhibiting were consistent with what someone might expect to see of someone suffering from total sleep deprivation over a chronic period,” Dr. Charles Czeisler testified.

    Expert’s conflict?

    Soon after AEG Live’s lawyers hired Earley as a consultant on propofol addiction in 2011, they agreed to fund his scientific research, which resulted in his paper titled “Addiction to Propofol: A Study of 22 Treatment Cases.” The American Society of Addiction Medicine published the study in March.

    Earley insisted in his testimony that AEG Live’s funding did not influence the conclusions of his study or his testimony in the trial. But the Jackson lawyer hammered the doctor about the lack of disclosure to the scientific journal and his collaborator that he was being paid to be an expert witness in the trial.

    He informed them that he was doing research for the company, but the trial aspect was “irrelevant,” Earley said.
    “It’s irrelevant to health care professionals,” he said. “It wouldn’t affect their understanding of the paper.”


  27. September 6, 2013 6:50 pm

    Here is the ABC news of what happened at the trial on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:

    Tuesday September 3, 2013 DAY 78
    1 Good Morning and welcome to Day 78 of testimony in the Jackson V AEG case. The Jackson family was not in court.
    2 The first witness scheduled for AEG was Dr. Paul Earley, and addiction Medical Physician from Georg
    3 The witness was delayed for about an hour while attorneys for both sides argued if he should be allowed to testify.
    4 Dr. Earley was contacted by AEG because of research he had done on propofol while treating many medical professionals with addictions.
    5 The judge allowed him to take the stand and the jury filed in at 10:53a. In the opening minutes – he talked about scant info on propofol and propofol abuse. In the summer of 2012 he told AEG he would like to do a study. By October he had a budget of $53,000 that AEG funded
    6 CORRECTION – The budget was presented in the summer of 2012 for 6 months work. AEG Funded the project.
    7 The final draft was ready to be published in January 2013. Dr. Early testified that AEG had no information of study conclusions.
    8 Also in January 2013 Dr. Earley’s status changed from consultant to AEG to an expert witness. Now he could review MJ’s and court records.
    9 Dr. said there was not enough evidence that MJ was addicted to propofol but he was seeking out doctors for the medication
    10 And, the propofol was having negative effects on his life and on a medical scale of life expectancy he said MJ condition was grave.
    11 He used a slide in court to show the 4 reasons he felt MJ was grave. 1. inappropriate use of propofol. 2. Opioid Addiction
    12 On the Slide 3. Drug synergy between the propofol and other drugs he used. 4. Obstacles for a successful recovery.
    13 He also talked about Propofol used properly in a medical setting. Small changes in the dose can one can go from unconscious to death.
    14 That is why there must be a medical setting with and Anesthesiologist monitoring. If breathing stops adjust dose and no harm to patient
    15 Dr. Earley will be back on the stand this afternoon at 1:30p still under direct examination.
    16 One other note, before the Jury came in – Attorneys estimated testimony may wrap up by the end of next week!!!
    17 After Lunch, Direct Examination continues. Dr. Earley is asked about his work with propofol addiction with medical professionals.
    18 Even an Anesthesiologist can’t always control the dose themselves on themselves? True. They can be found blue on the floor.
    19 The first version of his study was ready to submit the the medical journal in October 2012. The final version was 3 revisions later.
    20 The Journal Editors questioned Dr. Earley who AEG Live was after the submission. He responded an entertaiment company he was doing work for
    21 He testified no conflict of interest because he was doing research…on medical pros who were addicted to propofol, not MJ or his case.
    22 The research and the study were done by January 2009 when he was an AEG consultant. He became and expert witness in Feb 2009.
    23 That is when AEG sent Dr. Earley evidence to read in the Jackson case.
    24 The next exhibit showed a Propofol Timeline 1998 or 98 – Dr. Quinn asked and refused. Dr. Van Valin in 2002 or 2003 asked and refused.
    25 Finally, Nurse Cherylin Lee the morning of 4/10/2009 asked to find an anesthesiologist for MJ and she refused. Earley says he continued to seek
    26 Earley said the size of MJ’s tongue also could play a role. He had a large tongue and with Propofol the tongue could cover wind pipe.
    27 Earley saw the autopsy report. There was no sign of a breathing tube on his body or at his house.
    28 He also talked about inexperienced administrator of the propofol with the iv in his leg that is greater risk for air bubbles to the lungs.
    29 Finally Dr. Earley talked about MJ addiction to opioids from 1993 until hs death. He did go to rehab in 1993 but there was no real follow
    30 He spoke about his own battle with addiction 30 years ago and his medical license and the legal system became more important than drug
    31 He outlined 7 factors obstacles MJ faced – duration of addiction – no evidence of him saying no to pain medication- failed attempts
    32 secrecy – hard for celebrities to get into treatment and then have the support after rehab – continued pain and available prescriptions
    33 Finally it was MJ’s access to drugs with his relationships with doctors and his continued medical problems….
    34 Just after the afternoon break Dr. Earley said he is surprised when someone is addicted to both opioids and propofol.
    35 The propofol is not easy to get and not easily administered. He said although about 70% of addicts have insomnia propofol is not a cure
    36 Cross examination begins. Jackson Attorney Kevin Boyle asks Dr. Early about a blog he wrote on his website several weeks after MJ died.
    37 Dr. Earley titles his blog MJ: Addiction in the Priviledged. Dr. Earley claims it was not written about MJ but used to open discussion.
    38 He also wrote that because MJ was taking propofol – he wrote that they were mainlining at the Jackson home. Bad connotations
    39 Dr. Earley claimed there were many terms in the addiction field that had bad connotations when it came to drug use.
    40 Dr. Earley was also questioned about the propofol study he conducted. He said he did not think it was a conflict of interest.
    41 Earley was contacted by Mr. Punam at O’Melveny and Meyers because they wanted more information about Propofol addiction.
    42 Dr. Earley told him there wasn’t much written about propofol. The law firms need for information and how own curiosity got him to do study
    43 The Law Firm agreed to fund it. He said he did not see the conflict or a disclosure problem because the subjects were in healthcare.
    44 Dr. Earley continued to stress though under tough questioning that he was doing research for the law firm, not the MJ case.
    45 Dr. Earley will be back on the stand facing more tough cross examination from Kevin Boyle at 9:30a Wednesday.
    47 Here is the blog Dr. Earley wrote on his website a few weeks after MJ died talking about MJ and Propofol

    Wednesday September 4, 2013 DAY 79
    48 Dr. Earley cross continued. The first item was the Propofol Study that he published at the beginning of 2013.
    49 Dr. Earley said the published report had a different format so it was not on the front page of the report.
    50 Under tough questioning, he insisted that he did not have a conflict of interest as an AEG consultant with having AEG pay for the study.
    51 He testified he was not trying to hide the AEG connection saying that was ridiculous.
    52 He was asked if the 22 medical pros in the propofol study funded by AEG are still alive? Dr. Earley did not know. Wasn’t part of study
    53 As yesterday, he was questioned about the blog he wrote a few weeks after MJ died. He restated he did not characterize MJ as addict
    54 Earley wrote another blog on his website 12/5/2011 titled, Murray Convicted Addiction Wins. Despite title, says not saying MJ addict
    55 At the time on the blog, Earley was an AEG consultant. He said the title had Addiction winning not MJ and Addict.
    56 Asked about a line in the blog – another superstar going to oblivion – Earley said purpose of blog is talk about addiction.
    57 When he posted blog did he ask AEG permission? No. Consult AEG? No. After more AEG questions Earley exasperated said he was tired of this!
    58 Earley had overcome a drug addiction about 30 years ago. He was asked details. He used several drugs including oxycodone and heroin
    59 He was almost homeless and had his medical license suspended. He was in treatment for 9 months and got clean.
    60 Asked about the Physician Desk Reference (PDR) Earley checked and propofol was not in the book. Can’t get drug with prescription.
    61 PDR’s are for General Practitioners not some specialized fields like Anesthesiologists or some cancer drugs.
    62 One last from the morning session, according to Jackson attorney a common name for Propofol is “Milk of Amnesia” even in wikipedia!!!
    63 During morning session DPR did not have propofol in the book. In the courtroom Boyle handed a note
    64 The page with propofol had been torn out in a dramatic moment earlier in the trial. Laughs in the courtroom
    65 Jury back at 1:45p. Dr. Earley still on the stand being cross examined. They continued about the drugs that were found at MJ house.
    66 The list of drugs found at the house but not in MJ’s body according to Coroner report was Lidocaine and Ephedrine. Used to try to help MJ
    67 From there they moved on to Demerol. Dr. Earley said he was only aware of 3 cases that a person died of an overdose given by a doctor.
    68 Attorney Boyle tried to make the case that dying of Demerol administered by a doctor was more rare that trampled by elephant or hit by tsunami
    69 With a graph showing MJ Demerol Injection from Dr. Klein, in the last couple months of MJ life. He went only 4 days until May 5th.
    70 Attorney Boyle made the point that on May 6th AEG Exec Paul Gongaware sent Dr. Murray the email “Done” $150,000.
    71 Then Earley was questioned if Propofol can mask the symptoms of Demerol withdrawl. He said it can mask some of those symptoms
    72 On to MJ’s general health.No evidence heart, kidney, diabetes? No. Blood Pressure – Early says Coroner report no pressure!
    73 On redirect Earley says he didn’t see the Gongaware email until court Tuesday. They put back up the Propofol slide with info added
    74 Added: Jan 2006 MJ starts to see Dr. Murray. 2/4/09 MJ tells Dr. Salvit Murray is his personal physician.
    75 4/6/09 Dr. Murray makes the first order for propofol. 4/28 Murray orders more. 5/12 More. 6/6/09 More.
    76 Dr. Earley checked his first Blog in 2009 that was brought up Tuesday. He wrote it 6 weeks after MJ died.
    77 He said he learned of the propofol toxic in news reports. He said he had begun seeing propofol cases in medical pros in 2008
    78 He started cataloging cases to look at them at a later date and possibly do a study at a later date. Study funded by AEG.
    79 Asked if AEG support for the Study Dr. Earley said no. Started before lawsuit filed. AEG could have influence of if he was time traveler
    80 A second blog was brought up that Earley posted when Dr. Murray was convicted. The first line written by another addiction doctor.
    81 It was attributed him in the second line of the blog. That was read to the jury.
    82 On recross Dr. Earley was questioned about the Study. He is asked about a conflict of interest with AEG funding he says didn’t affect result
    83 Findings were very uncommon addiction for medical pros. 1.6% are addicted.
    84 Half use other drugs. More women are addicted and there is a rapid decline. Addicts commonly are depressed and have had child trauma
    85 Earley told the details of his addiction. Used for about 5 years. Wrote prescriptions with other names for self and was arrested.
    86 He went to drug court and was sentenced to the program where he is now. His license was suspended but he got it back. Program is why he is alive
    87 On Re Cross Dr. Fivner was brought up. After a 5 minute sidebar in chamber Earley testified that Fivner had a suspended license at the time.
    88 On direct testimony he said Finver was between jobs. Finver in the program for drug addiction and his medical license suspended
    89 He was in between a pizza job and driving a truck for Good Will. He did not need license to work on the Study. AEG and Journal not told
    90 Got his license back earlier this year.
    91 In his blog he characterized MJ prognosis as grave. Earley says he treats many grave patients. That is why he is good. Never gives up.
    92 Last question on recross was did Dr. Earley see Dr. Murray had ordered 4 gallons of propofol. Dr. Earley answered I did.
    93 Testimony resumes on Friday…getting close to the end!

    Friday September 6, 2013 DAY 80
    94 It is Day 80 in the Jackson V. AEG Live Trial. The Jackson family is not present in the court.
    95 Dr. William B Van Valin’s video deposition is played for the Jury. He treated MJ in the early 2000’s when MJ lived at Neverland.
    96 In 2001, MJ came to the office and wanted a Doctor to make house calls. Dr. Van Valin did. MJ invited the Dr. to Neverland that night.
    97 He went with his son, Mason. He describes the interior of Neverland.
    98 A friendship started. He remembered one time he got up for work and opened the door to leave and there was MJ on the door step.
    99 MJ said he just got there but Dr. Van Valin asked MJ’s driver who said they had been there for 35 minutes.
    100 Dr. Van Valin invited him in, got his wife up to entertain MJ and off her would go to work. MJ would play monopoly, eat pizza, play
    101 By the time Dr. Van Valin got home, the house would be a disaster…
    102 Dr. Van Valin said he believed MJ was an insomniac. MJ would lay down, Dr. would read him a book and when he thought MJ asleep slip out
    103 Sometimes MJ was not asleep and would say “goodnight Barney” (nickname). Dr. gave MJ 6 zanax tablets. MJ took all 6 and didn’t have reaction
    104 MJ did discuss Diprivan (propofol) with Dr. Van Valin. He said he used it between shows on his world tour. Dr. on the tour give to him.
    105 Dr. would give to MJ and monitor him not like the guy who gave it to him and left the room! Putting him to sleep like a dog
    106 MJ said he hadn’t slept for 4 days. Dr. told MJ he didn’t do IV. Dr. talked to anesthesiologist who said only used in a hospital.
    107 Dr. said he never heard of propofol. Dr. Van Valin went back and told MJ it was dangerous. MJ had a box of Diprivan in his bedroom.
    108 The medication was from Florida but Dr. Van Valin did not know the doctor who gave it to MJ or sent it to him. Dr. describes the box.
    109 MJ never asked Dr. Van Valin for Diprivan again. Dr did continue to treat his back pain. He remembers going to MJ house and gave Demerol
    110 that time he noticed a drop of blood on MJ’s shirt and a band aid. He asked MJ if another Dr. was giving him pain meds.
    111 MJ said no but Dr. Van Valin knew he was lying. He told MJ that more Demerol could kill him. He told MJ he couldn’t but did anyway.
    112 Dr. talked to MJ about developing a tolerance and concern for addiction in 2003. He backed off giving MJ demerol for pain.
    113 Dr. continued his concern for MJ demerol use. Several time he would give MJ dose, and MJ would wooooo, sing and dance. Then same dose fine
    114 He was sure MJ had gotten a shot from another Doctor just did not know who. When asked MJ’s house man he said no –
    115 Dr. Van Valin used the name Phil Sanders for MJ on his chart. There was a note that he wrote a script in houseman’s name for MJ
    116 Dr. Shannon was another Doctor at Van Valin’s practice. There were notes in MJ’s file from him. Shannon notes MJ dental work and pain
    117 Shannon injects MJ with demerol for the pain but notes that MJ brought his own medication to the office. Scripted by Van Valin. Odd
    118 Dr. Van Valin has another talk with MJ about concern for demerol use on 10/10/01. MJ said he knew the risks.
    119 MJ never told Dr. Van Valin about his prescription drug dependence and going into treatment in 1993.
    120 Dr. Van Valin didn’t think MJ had a problem because he would get Demerol every few days or even weeks. Most addicts it is every few hours
    121 Eventually he stopped treating MJ. They would just hang out together. No conversation he just stopped asking for treatment.

    Van Valin wrote a good book about MJ by the way. Van Valin was present when Blanket was brought into the house. It must have been after that no more Demerol was involved. They just remained friends and continued to hang out together. After Blanket was born Dr. Farschian helped Michael to get off Demerol, and he was clean of it even throughout the 2005 until his last day.

    Let us remember that AEG is focusing on the worst two or so years in Michael’s life which started with his fall on a bridge in Munich and ended sometime after Blanket’s birthday. In fact AEG’s best expert was a heroin addict for a twice as long time (5 years), and it does not prevent AEG to invite him as a respectable doctor who treats patients, does research and publishes articles in medical journals.


  28. Sina permalink
    September 7, 2013 7:25 am

    “In fact AEG’s best expert was a heroin addict for a twice as long time (5 years), and it does not prevent AEG to invite him as a respectable doctor who treats patients, does research and publishes articles in medical journals.”-Helena

    You exposed in one sentence how pathetic and hypocritical AEG are to keep beating the addiction drum.
    I think they have realised now that that path leads nowhere and people are disgusted by their transparant attempts to make Michael Jackson synonymous to drugaddict, debt, broke and failure.

    Thank you for reminding those who got brainwashed by AEG and the media, who Michael Jackson really was and why we salute him all over the world.

    Here is a beautiful poem by Lemon Anderson
    Remember the Time

    Do Remember the Time
    We love the speck in his eyes
    We loved the plank in his Struggles
    We loved the way he would show up To a black Tie event glittered out
    Rockin Robin his monkey Bubbles
    Little Baby boy blue in Heaven
    Go find your spot in the park
    Swing, Slide, See-Saw
    You were our Shot in the dark
    You gave us a better Night life 51 years of Victory…
    Now Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself
    Enjoy Yourself for Me…. –



  29. September 7, 2013 1:54 pm

    “You exposed in one sentence how pathetic and hypocritical AEG are to keep beating the addiction drum.I think they have realised now that that path leads nowhere and people are disgusted by their transparant attempts to make Michael Jackson synonymous to drugaddict, debt, broke and failure. Thank you for reminding those who got brainwashed by AEG and the media, who Michael Jackson really was and why we salute him all over the world.” – Sina

    Sina, it is disgusting that AEG is imposing on people the image of Michael as a drug-addict. I never shied away from the truth whatever it is, but portraying him the way they portray him now is utterly wrong simply because it is not him.

    There were periods when he was given Demerol by doctors to dull the pain from their experiments on his head and he had to take painkillers through no choice of his. This ended in a dependency which he finally got rid of. He was totally open and frank about it with everyone, which in itself is a feat and a rare occurrence.

    There was another period which started with his other terrible misfortune – a bridge fall and a back injury, which resulted in a relapse with Demerol. This time it took longer, some 2 or so years, but this he also managed to overcome.

    He succeeded twice and should be glorified for his incredible will power – especially in the circumstances when everything around him was meant to break his spirit and do away with him for good. His second recovery was taking place during Bashir’s disaster and he stoically endured it all, including Arvizos’ betrayal and the trial, and he still did not go back to his old dependency. This alone should inspire awe and not ridicule.

    AEG now is snatching these two periods out of Michael’s life and are putting them on top of everything else, though even taken together they make up some three years or so, while the man lived 50 years and would have lived another 50 if AEG had not been standing in his way! And out of these 50 he worked for 45 years of his life! And even during that 3 year long period of his dependency Michael managed to do what others are unable to do within their whole life!

    No, all these things are boosted out of all proportion now. I totally refuse to follow AEG’s filthy and false reality and prefer to stick to what Michael was really like.


    As to propofol there was no dependency. Now it is becoming clearer than ever – it was Dr. Early who made that fake research for AEG’s money and who said that propofol formed an addiction. When all other doctors say it does not and one Dr. Early says it does, I prefer to believe them and not this fishy guy.

    The poor thing simply needed sleep and any insomniac will understand him whole-heartedly, especially if even the very best doctors were unable to help. Let them cover their head with ashes that all their glorious medicine was helpless and let the nasty media, false accusers and corrupt prosecutors die of shame that it is largely due to them that Michael lost his sleep.


  30. September 8, 2013 7:37 pm

    AEG is relentless in their pursuit of making Michael into an addict. Sorry for the combination of his name with it ,but the sentence would not make sense otherwise.Using someone who was a heroinaddicted for 5 years as their expert witess; that seems a deperate move on their part. And not paying attention to THE most relevant witness Dr. Charles Czeisler, an expert to austronauts &,who clearly told the adversities of prolonged lack of REM-sleep.All Michaelssymptoms, such as lack of recall of songs he had writtten himself, making a couple of wrong turns, obsessions and finally hearing God speaking to him (which may have been an auditory hallucination, not uncommon)We don´t know what God said ofcourse.It maybe that people do not want to use the term “brai ndamage” as it may bring a” vegetative or severely incompetent mind” as a concept to their thinking.However I am convinced that the prolonged administrastation of propofol and inordinate stress was the cause of any out of line behaviouras the result of the above.Also I am sure Michael was aware of the mistakes he made.It is sad that he had to suffer so much and was treated with disrepect om top of all.My guess is that Murray had seen propofol administred at the clinics he had and thought nothing of its prolonged and even dangerous effects without equpment for adverse events.He just saw it as an easy job the anestetist did and gave it little further thought.


  31. September 20, 2013 5:50 am

    The Michael Jackson International Fan Club reminded us on Thursday Sept 19, 2013 that 32 years ago in Jackson HIStory 9-19-81. The Jacksons video “Can You Feel It” was aired on “American Bandstand.

    This is my favorite Jackson song, one of my favorite songs period, but before we get into the enjoyment, something just hit me about the dates and the video. One of the first things you see other than the special effects are three words at the first five seconds of the video.

    1. Deceive = To defraud, double-cross, swindle, take advantage of or falsify.
    2. Inveigle = To bait, bamboozle, ensnare, string along or decoy.
    3. Obfuscate = To bewilder, cloud, complicate, conceal or obscure.

    The song was written by Jackie and Michael. I wonder who came up with those 3 words? Who added them to the video? Whoever did they could not have known how prophetic and timely those words would be years later.


  32. Sina permalink
    September 21, 2013 8:33 am

    Helena, welcome back. Tough cooky, typing with two broken arms .
    Take it as a practice in patience. And not only a physical healing,but also a cleansing from your reporting about the human condition that drove Michael to an early grave.
    So much ugliness was surrounding such a goodhearted man.
    Sometimes you have to take a breath of fresh air.

    Its also good to have a little break from the trial. I wanted to comment on Metzgers testimony , but I prefer to focus on Michael now.

    I just watched some of the clips and they only confirm to me that despite the gossip and attacks Michael was loved by the majority all over the world..
    You hardly ever hear a man , especially a tough body guard say about another man that he was an angel as Marvin Butts said with tears in his eyes.
    My favorite is the last one you posted of the fans listening to Michaels rehearsal . I can watch it over and over again just to listen to Michael in rehearsal mode and see the fans excitement. It gives me goosebums
    I can so imagine how they felt to hear Michael singing life and just being himself with his crew, not in front of a crowd.
    And hindsight the fact that history was made in front of them, less than a month before Michael was taken from us.
    They were so close to him, and yet seemed lightyears away.

    Dial Dancer , very true, the words are really prophetical. I cant remember if they were on the original video. The song is also one of my favorites and the video was a novelty back then. So inspiring and uplifting.
    When we were listening to this song none of us could have imagined what was to come for Michael. Sometimes I want to think that it didnt happen.

    And here is another side of Michael, for those who have not seen it yet . Michaels last photoshoot.
    Anyone who says Michaels image was worth less than a $3000 at the time of his death, has to think again. Could not embed the Video here but you can watch it on their website.


  33. September 21, 2013 11:06 am

    “Anyone who says Michaels image was worth less than a $3000 at the time of his death, has to think again.” – Sina

    Sina, I am aware that TeamMichaelJackson and possibly Randy Jackson are closely following the situation with the Internal Revenue Service which evaluated Michael’s assets much higher than the financial companies the Estate used for the same purpose.

    I am also aware that based on the amount of his debts Michael’s image was evaluated by the Estate very low at the time of his death which enabled them to pay lower taxes.

    But I would also like to ask a question. Do those who are so resentful of that low evaluation realize that in case the figure were the one provided by the IRS the Estate would have had to pay out not $500mln but a billion dollars (with $500mln in taxes this time)? Do you want it that way?

    The only benefit the Jacksons can derive now from the IRS high evaluation of MJ’s image at the time of his death is increasing the sum of possible damages which may be awarded to them by the jury in the AEG case. That’s perfectly true – if he cost that much (and MJ cost much more, he was invaluable) the damages awarded might be higher. But Jacksons must also realize that the more money is gained due to this factor the more money will have to be given back to the IRS.

    In other words if the IRS figure is taken as the basis for estimating the financial loss of a man like Michael Jackson and the damages are awarded from a much higher cost of his image, the Jacksons will have to pay back the missing $700 mln. due to the IRS ($500 mln + the fine of $200mln).

    In these circumstances the Estate does not even need to dispute the sum with the IRS – the higher the estimation is, the higher the compensation might be at the AEG trial (in case the jurors decide the matter in the Jacksons’ favor).

    Do I understand the situation right? Please correct me if I am wrong.


  34. September 21, 2013 12:57 pm

    That’s exactly how I understand it, Helena. I think all Estates try to keep their assets as low-valued as possible to avoid high tax repayments. I think it’s quite normal. I also know from my country that the government always tries to get as much money as possible from taxpayers, and the authorities are not always right. Of course in Michael’s case it’s very special because it’s more difficult to determine his “value” in several aspects, but I’m sure the Estate would also be criticized for not being careful and overvalue the assets if they had paid these 700 million $ without hesitating.


  35. Sina permalink
    September 21, 2013 2:47 pm

    I do not care about damages. I care about Michaels value and fairness. Please do not make it a ‘Jacksons ‘ thing. I do nt even kow what Randy or Team Michael said about it. I read the documents and make up my own mind.
    I am by no means an expert on taxes nor estate taxes .I just use my common sense when dealing wih taxes .
    I dont agree with evading taxes but I understand that noone wants to pay too much .
    It is also not uncommon to have a dispute with the tax collector, even I had one , but if there is such a discrepancy between what they filed and what the IRS calculated. including penalties, then the real amount will probably be somewhere in the middle. Even if it is a quarter of it that it is still a huge sum.
    I imagine they relied on so called experts to make the estimations, but they are lawyers and they drafted the will, so they would know the real value of the properties and how the IRS would evaluate it. To get yourself into such a situation is pennywise pound foolish and I do hope the IRS made a mistake for the sake of the beneficiaries. The IRS is not to play with, people go to jail for tax evasion, ask Ramone Bain.

    But aside from the tricks to evade taxes, objectively speaking do you honestly think Michaels image was not even worth $ 3000 at the time of death.
    Read back your own postst about AEGs experts who testified , the one who valuated the catalog and made very derogative remarks about Michaels worth. and the one who said Celine Dion was a bigger star than Michael . And remember the post you made about Colony Capitals incorporation of Neverland to prevent it from foreclusure and how they estimated it at about 23 mio, which was the tax value. Remember how furious you were that they put such a low value on the property and how you thought they were cheating on Michael. That is exactly what I mean. The tax value of NL might have even been close to the marketvalue because of the crisis in real estate market. But I am 100% sure that the catalog is far more worth than was estimated and filed. And the same goes for Michaels image.
    If you estimate the value too low, only to evade taxes, you also devaluate the marketvalue of the property, which in the long run is stealing from your own pocket.
    Honesty is the best policy .


  36. September 21, 2013 4:44 pm

    Sina, I agree with a lot of what you say. And of course we don’t want Michael’s legacy being underrated just because of tax payments. Everything should be done correctly. And of course it makes us furious when we feel that Michael was cheated by business partners. But I also think we perhaps don’t have enough knowledge and insight in these calculations and why they were presented this way, so I suggest we leave this to the professionals in charge and to the legal procedures to see who was on the right side. You are right, the real value might be somewhere in the middle. I myself don’t presume to understand the U.S. tax system and why we have this situation. I just think we should consider the question Helena asked and not only think in one direction. Some fans just criticize everythiing the Estate Executors do because they hate them.

    What Helena meant was particularly that the Jacksons cannot have both: Either they receive a higher compensation from a higher evaluation as a result of the trial, which would mean higher tax payments for the Estate (and thus less money for the heirs), or they receive a smaller compensation from the trial due to a lower evaluation of the assets, which would mean the Estate can keep more money for the heirs.


  37. Sina permalink
    September 21, 2013 5:39 pm

    Susan, I know that Helena means, less value = less taxes = more money in the pocket, as long as you give the right value for tax purposes.

    The trial has nothing whatsoever to do with the valuation of Michaels assets at the time of his death. Those are separate things that only by a twist of events, or a miracle coincided.
    I dont think the executors anticipated that there would be a trial and what outcome it would have. They did not support it anyway.

    Noone knows the outcome of the trial and if there will even be damages awarded.
    If so, it will only be to the the beneficiaries , they started the case against AEG.
    Would it be fair if they have to pay a penalty because the administrators who are the experts , deliberately put too low value on the assets.
    They are appointed because of their skills and they have the fiduciary duty for the estate.

    “But I also think we perhaps don’t have enough knowledge and insight in these calculations and why they were presented this way, so I suggest we leave this to the professionals in charge and to the legal procedures to see who was on the right side”

    Even though we are no experts on many things and we dont know the ins and outs of everything ,we still discuss it because this is a place where evrything, even Michaels private parts are discussed for truthfinding. What makes this subject so different that we cannot talk about it. The fact that people are professionals does not almost mean they behave accordingly, just look at the line up of professionals we have seen in the trial, so excuse me if I do not have a blind trust in them. Michael did and look what happened.


  38. September 22, 2013 2:08 am

    “The trial has nothing whatsoever to do with the valuation of Michaels assets at the time of his death. Those are separate things that only by a twist of events, or a miracle coincided.” – Sina

    I doubt it.

    “I dont think the executors anticipated that there would be a trial and what outcome it would have. They did not support it anyway.”

    Whether they anticipated it or not is irrelevant. However they did not want any additional litigation because it is extra heavy expense and their business is a purely practical matter of paying the debts and leaving money for Michael’s children. And even if they did not support the case against AEG verbally they are still paying all the expenses on the trial. It is the deeds that matter and not words.

    “Noone knows the outcome of the trial and if there will even be damages awarded. If so, it will only be to the the beneficiaries , they started the case against AEG. Would it be fair if they have to pay a penalty because the administrators who are the experts , deliberately put too low value on the assets.”

    It is an interesting riddle to solve and if I were not so handicapped now I would write about it in much detail. The very least I will say now is that in case the IRS estimation is correct the Estate can be responsible for the $200mln fine only. As to the sum of $500mln for which the Estate’s financial advisors “underrated” Michael all it means is that the Estate would have had to work even harder, design more projects generating money – and all this time there would have been more wail and cry among fans about the Estate (and Sony) being “greedy”, new albums of Michael’s unfinished songs “ruining his legacy”, about “the debt being non-existent”, etc. thus hindering the Estate in generating more income to repay the additional $500mln imposed on the Estate by the IRS.

    Frankly in the circumstances MJ’s fans put the Estate in I am utterly surprised they managed to repay the first $500mln.

    Okay, I understand your point of view – you agree that Michael’s image cost more than $450mln. at the time of his death and you want the Estate to pay the whole billion. Nice, but then all MJ’s fans should not be standing in the way of the Estate’s projects and allow them to generate money, and if they criticize them they should do it constructively – by making corrections, suggesting new ideas and offering support.

    But claiming that the Estate is to pay a billion and not support them in generating money to repay this debt is outrageous. And attacks against the Estate for their attempts to make money make the situation even more outrageous. This is the most outrageous hypocrisy and fallacy I’ve ever seen.

    As to the cost of Michael’s image I personally think that he “costs” all the money in the world and that even the IRS underrated Michael, but it does not mean that the Estate should pay hundreds of billions in taxes due to that.

    I’m being practical, you know.


  39. September 22, 2013 2:57 am

    “objectively speaking do you honestly think Michaels image was not even worth $ 3000 at the time of death. Read back your own posts about AEGs experts who testified , the one who valuated the catalog and made very derogative remarks about Michaels worth. and the one who said Celine Dion was a bigger star than Michael . And remember the post you made about Colony Capitals incorporation of Neverland to prevent it from foreclusure and how they estimated it at about 23 mio, which was the tax value. Remember how furious you were that they put such a low value on the property and how you thought they were cheating on Michael. That is exactly what I mean. The tax value of NL might have even been close to the marketvalue because of the crisis in real estate market. But I am 100% sure that the catalog is far more worth than was estimated and filed. And the same goes for Michaels image. If you estimate the value too low, only to evade taxes, you also devaluate the marketvalue of the property, which in the long run is stealing from your own pocket. Honesty is the best policy.” – Sina

    Honesty is the best policy indeed and I will be as honest with you as I always am.

    1. I don’t know what the cost of Michael’s image was at the time of his death. This evidently has to do with the so-called “endorsement deals” of which I know little, and must be connected with his ability to advertize products. Placing a market value on a person is not my cup of tea at all, therefore the whole idea of the cost of his image is totally alien to me.

    But if I were to make such a cost I would not estimate it very high, at least in the US – simply from the reaction of US people to MJ’s return from Ireland.

    I selected the most decent comments on the article about MJ’s stay in Ireland (three months before his return to the US) published here: and wrote about it in this post: Here are the comments:

    He’s way too creepy for the States..

    So no he’s targeting drunken Irish children, I guess he figures he’ll get lucky

    No way can he ruin that beautiful country-kick his ass out Ireland……

    Leave Ireland alone, you freak!!

    To the people of Ireland: Tell your young male children to hide their “Blarney stones”

    His next big idea is to have a theme park in Atlantic City with the theme being casinos, the beach and the boardwalk, because it’s not like we don’t have the real things right IN Atlantic City. We need a theme park about it for people to experience these things. I can’t wait till he dies.

    “one newspaper there has set up a Wacko Watch Hotline for readers to phone in sightings.” Now THAT is funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if that “man” turned into a monkey. I mean more so than he already is. “Freak” is such an understatement, I just punched myself in the face for using that in reference to MJ. Please excuse all the Brit-Twit air-quotes, but in some cases, they simply must be used.

    Look, the news must be really slow crossing the pond – he molests children guys! It’s ok to be mean to him. He is not the one gloved wonder anymore, much to all of our disappointment.

    Therefore when the US tax service evaluates his image at half a billion I think that it is an exaggeration for the US. For Britain where the tickets were sold within minutes it is no exaggeration, for Japan where fans paid $400-500 just to be able to see Michael it is no exaggeration – but for the US it is. It seems that for the majority of Americans Michael was a nobody at the time of his death, so it is only fair that the US IRS does not get any money from their own country’s low estimation of Michael.

    And it isn’t “evading taxes” – it is the reality, so if the US tax service does not collect money from poor MJ’s image they should please address the matter to their own media, people like Diane Dimond and prosecutors like Tom Sneddon, numerous false accusers and even the general public.

    2. Estimation of Neverland at $23mln only does not have a bearing on MJ’s image. Neverland is fantastic real property per se and I found an article by the local real estate agent who said that the price given by Tom Barrack was too low. Well, even the house where Michael died was sold for $18 mln if I remember it right, and it was only one house – with no hundreds of acres of land around it and numerous other buildings and facilities on the property. From one of the articles we know that Tom Barrack wanted to resell Neverland at more than $90 mln.

    3. The Catalog was estimated by Mr. Erk’s Eric Brigg’s company (sorry for the mistake) which is considered one of the leading experts in the field. Now we know the true worth of him and his company, but this is another matter and in any case all questions should be addressed to his company and not the Estate who only used their fugures.

    If the catalog had been valued twice as high when Michael was alive it means that he could have borrowed more from banks against the catalog. But he could not. The question is why? And why did Tom Barrack, Tohme and AEG claim that “returning to work” was Michael’s only option? Could underrating his assests be a way to coerce him into their plans?

    So if we agree with the IRS high estimation of Michael’s assets, the US law enforcement bodies should simultaneously look into why all those financial experts underrated MJ’s assets.

    However all this has nothing to do with the Estate. They used the figures they were given and were working in the circumstances over which they had no control. The real problems are elsewhere and someone is distracting the fans and channelling their anger in the wrong direction again.

    In short everything is as usual.


  40. Sina permalink
    September 22, 2013 12:56 pm

    Helena when I said honesty is the best policy, I was by no means referring to you.
    Sorry if you misunderstood.
    I disagree with your assessment of the situation because you are throwing many things on one heap and diffusing the real issue. Lets strip it to the core.
    There is a dispute with the IRS because of the value put on Michaels assets per June 25 2009. That is the value before there was a civil case, before Murray was even a suspect , before This is it, before there were ‘unfinished songs’, etc etc.etc. It is about the situation as it was on June 24th 2009 .
    ERGO what happened after June 25 has nothing what so ever to do with the dispute of the value of the properties and the tax owed. The IRS made their own evaluation and came to a different conclusion.
    The only relevant question is why is there such a huge discrepancy between the estimated value of the same properties by experts on both sides.

    “Okay, I understand your point of view – you agree that Michael’s image cost more than $450mln. at the time of his death and you want the Estate to pay the whole billion”- Helena

    You did not hear me say that. I hope the IRS is wrong, but I do think that Michaels image was worth far more than estimated. I only don’t want the beneficiaries to be burdened with the consequences of avoidable tax penalties, or underestimation of their properties.
    Whether we agree or not, for the IRS deliberately under valuating assets to pay less tax is as much subject to penalty as is not paying in time or not paying at all.
    I do agree that if a hired expert made a wrong evaluation, he should be accountable for the consequences.


  41. September 22, 2013 2:02 pm

    “Helena when I said honesty is the best policy, I was by no means referring to you. Sorry if you misunderstood.” – Sina

    I know you were not referring to me but were speaking in general, and I adhere absolutely to the same principle – honesty is my policy too.

    “I disagree with your assessment of the situation because you are throwing many things on one heap and diffusing the real issue.”

    It is your right to disagree – only I am not throwing everything into one heap. I am simply looking at things in a much wider context and trying to find the right place for each element in the whole picture.

    “There is a dispute with the IRS because of the value put on Michaels assets per June 25 2009. It is about the situation as it was on June 24th 2009 . ERGO what happened after June 25 has nothing what so ever to do with the dispute of the value of the properties and the tax owed. The IRS made their own evaluation and came to a different conclusion.”

    When I said that I doubt that there is no connection between the trial and the IRS statement, the reason for it was the “coincidence” of both events and the IRS suddenly reevaluating the assets four years after Michael’s death.

    “The only relevant question is why is there such a huge discrepancy between the estimated value of the same properties by experts on both sides.”

    Actually it is the ONLY relevant question here – why did Eric Briggs’s company (previously I said it was Erk – this was a mistake as I was speaking from memory), who made their evaluations not only for the Estate but for all those who were looking into Michael’s finances earlier, estimate Michael’s assets so low? Those evaluations were made on an on-going basis for several years and no IRS ever disputed the cost of the catalog and now we find that prior to Michael’s death it rose to a twice bigger sum in a bang? Strange to say the very least.

    And let this matter be decided not between the Estate and IRS, but between IRS and Briggs’ company who made the estimation. The Estate only used their figures, and that is all there is to it. I don’t understand why they should be made the only responsible party for it.

    By the way that low estimation played the crucial role for Michael when he was alive – it was due to it that no more credits were given to him and he had to go to work for AEG!

    “You did not hear me say that.”

    True, you did not say that you wanted the Estate to pay a billion ($500 debt and another $500 in taxes), but it is a logical conclusion from your resentment with the Estate for estimating Michael’s image so low.

    Your logical chain is: They estimated him too low >>> his image cost roughly half a billion >>>> the taxes should have been higher >>>> the Estate should have paid the resulting extra $500mln >>> so the debt proper plus taxes make a billion.

    And my point is: okay, if we agree with this belated high estimation, then please help the Estate to pay out so huge a sum and do not hinder them in doing the job. Help them find or select the best projects to generate money, help them to promote these projects, support them in their work and assist them in making it successful.

    But saying that the Estate should pay a billion and simultaneously fight them and hinder them in their job is something I am simply incapable to comprehend.

    I am not saying that these are your particular words but am talking of the situation I see in the fan community in general.


  42. peaceonearth permalink
    November 14, 2013 9:14 pm

    THis wesite is great. I wish I have known it way bofore. Great work and comments.
    Michael Jackson was a great teacher because he teaches by actions and when you watch him and imitate him, you will do wonders; we can change the world you know!


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