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Time to know the real Michael. MAN BEHIND THE MYTH

September 6, 2013
Michael with a little girl Sage on the set of Black or White video

Behind the scenes of Black or White video

After seeing Michael so happy on the set of making the Black and White video we are leaving the territory of happiness and are entering the territory of pain, and the great documentary “Man behind the myth” is what will be taking us there.

The happy scene of Michael hugging the little girl Sage was just on the eve of evil allegations. It was the time when Michael was still unconditionally happy and his wings were still uncut. However from the next year of 1993 it will never be the same again and will remain like that until the last day of his life.

This is why the Man Behind The Myth documentary is a tribute to Michael Jackson of a different kind – it shows what the  media did to Michael and how they used direct or  subliminal lies to plant nasty suggestions about him.

So it is more of a lesson for us and a need to decide what to do with all the hate and lies we have inherited after Michael’s death and still have to deal with – especially these days when so much dirt is thrown at the innocent man again. 

Each of us will find something to think about after watching this superb documentary. It was first released on InnerMichael website what seems like exactly two years ago, in September 2011.

The film is embedded below, but first comes the transcript. The transcript is far from ideal but this was the best I could do, so if someone helps to correct and make it better you are most welcome to do so.

MAN BEHIND THE MYTH [Walking Moon Studios]

0: 07 Man’s voice:

  • “Michael Jackson, 50 years old, the King of Pop has died.”

Woman’s voice:

  • “Michael Jackson has died…”

0:14 Jermaine Jackson:

  • “My brother Michael Jackson, the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday June 25th 2009, at 2:26 pm”

0:26 Author: How did it come to this?

Who he really was?

Who is Michael Jackson, really?

Michael Jackson life is a remarkable journey filled with the brightest of moments and the darkest of hours.

Who is Michael Jackson, really?

Michael was the most recognized man in the world. Friends treasured him, world leaders invited him, colleagues admired him, children naturally gravitated to him, and the public was fascinated with him.

0:58 Some cashed in on that fascination when they discovered that a story with his name got attention. It got readers and ratings. And if there was no story unethical reporters made them up because using the name “Michael Jackson” got attention. Some even launched careers writing his coat tails.

1:18 There are two Michael Jacksons – the caricature brought to you by the tabloids cashing in and the Michael described by those who actually knew him. What is the truth and who is telling it? You decide.

And instead of regular conversations between parents and children about drugs and violence, there is the deafening sound of silence.

Michael Jackson: “Instead of regular conversations between parents and children about drugs and violence, there is the deafening sound of silence.”

1:34 Michael Jackson at Carnegie Hall, New York, February 14th, 2001:

  • ‘Heal The Kids’ is about doing something, about making a difference and trying to help adults and parents realize that it’s in our power to change the world that our children live in.
  • Who among us would have believed that the sound of children at their playgrounds would be replaced by the sound of automatic machine-gun fire at our schools? That the sound of little girls skipping rope would be overshadowed by the frantic squeals of children dodging bullets? Yet (beginning to cry)  instead of loving our children more, we install metal detectors in our schools.
Instead of loving our children more (beginning to cry) we install metal detectors in our schools

“Instead of loving our children more (beginning to cry) we install metal detectors in our schools”

2: 28 Michael Jackson at Oxford University, UK, March 21st, 2001:

  • “Friends, the foundation of all human knowledge, the beginning of human consciousness, must be that each and every one of us is an object of love. Before you know if you have red hair or brown, before you know if you are black or white, before you know of what religion you are a part, you have to know that you are loved.”

2:51 Sensation gets attention. Words like “bizarre” and “freak” come right out of circus side-shows where they made fun of misfortune. Repeat something enough times and people begin to believe it. Using those tricks and others allowed the media to use Jackson for profit. And while they were focused on the color of his skin, his face and obsessing about the paternity of his children the real story – Michael Jackson, the humanitarian – went untold.

People magazine

People magazine:“Michael Jackson. He is back. He’s Bad. Is this guy weird, or what?”

3: 25 [Picture of the News of the world – Evil Empire]. A TV correspondent says:

  • “The paper is accused of paying off police or hacking into the phones of celebrities, members of the royal family and murdered teenager, victims of terrorism and war widows for years. British police say they’ve uncovered nearly four thousand hacking victims – four thousand!

3: 44 Family member of 07-07 bombing victim:

  • “It is hard to imagine that at the lowest point of your life you couldn’t get any lower and then hearing that someone may have well been listening to the very intimate conversations and you realize that things can get lower”…

3:59 David Cameron, UK Prime Minister:

  • “How do we improve the ethics and morals of the press in this country and make sure they will improve in the future?”

4:04 Family member of 07-07 bombing victim:

  • “How can people get up in the morning and think, “That’s a good idea for the sake of the story is beyond me”. [picture of Piers Morgan with News of the World in the background]

4:10 Ambush journalists take advantage too. The game is to gain someone’s confidence with promises to expose the truth, but instead ambush with surprise questioning and clever editing. Martin Bashir filmed Jackson, then released a cut-and-paste hit piece only to make a name for himself. He inserted innuendoes about children in voiceover that led another family using the same attorney to repeat an old idea – accuse Michael and extort money a second time. Instead Michael went to trial and proved his innocence.  NOT GUILTY on fourteen counts. But the damage was already done.

Subliminal messages direct you in thinking. Notice where they placed a king's crown. That's planting a suggestion

Subliminal messages direct you in thinking. Notice where they placed a king’s crown. That’s planting a suggestion

4:56 Unethical journalism is not above using subliminal messages to direct you in thinking. Notice in this promo where they placed a king’s crown. That’s not an accident – that’s planting a suggestion.

5:07 Correspondent:

  • “Martin Bashir and his crew were here at Neverland.  They got to witness what was to become an almost weekly experience – busloads of children, some from the inner city, some orphans, some terminally ill, but all of them escaping the reality to spend the day at Michael Jackson’s creation.”

5:27 “About Michael’s ranch Martin Bashir’s on-air comment was:

  • “One of the most disturbing things is the fact that a lot of disadvantaged children go to Neverland. It’s a dangerous place for a vulnerable child to be.”

But what he said behind the scenes was this:

  • “I was here yesterday and I saw it, and it’s nothing short of a spiritually kind thing”.

5:52 Thomas Mesereau:

  • “He made Michael Jackson think this is going to be a positive documentary and Michael trusted him partly because he had worked with Princess Diana”.
This is what Bashir said in the film

This is what Bashir said in the film: “It’s a dangerous place for a vulnerable child to be”

6:01 Correspondent: “This comment about Michael’s method of raising children was included on Bashir’s special:

  • “They’re restricted… They are overly protected. I was angry at the way his children were made to suffer”.
And this is what Bashir said in private:

And this is what Bashir said in private: “I was here yesterday and I saw it, and it’s nothing short of a spiritually kind thing”

But this was not:

  • “Your relationship with your children is spectacular. And in fact, it, it almost makes me weep when I see you with them”.

6:22 Correspondent:

  • “Michael didn’t learn till after the documentary was made that Martin Bashir had been officially reprimanded in Britain for unfair journalistic practices”.
This was said on air:

This was said on air: “They are restricted.. they are overly protected. I was angry at the way his children were made to suffer”.

6:32 On Late Night Jimmy Fallon February 24, 2011:

  • Q.“Is there things that you left out, things you are unhappy you did?”
  • Bashir: “Absolutely not.  It was difficult I guess to some extent because I come from Britain where we don’t do sycophantic interviews, we don’t really suck up to people very much and do that kind of thing”.
And this was said in private again: "Your relations with children are spectacular"

And this was not: “Your relations with children are spectacular”

6:49 After Michael Jackson’s death on June 25,2009:

  • Bashir: “When I made the documentary there was a small part of that which contained a controversy concerning his relationship with other young people, but the truth is that he was never convicted of any crime, I never saw any wrongdoing myself, and last his lifestyle made him a little unorthodox – I don’t believe this is criminal”.
With words like these said in private only Bashir was winning Michael's trust:

With words like these said in private Bashir was winning Michael’s trust: “And in fact, it almost makes me weep when I see you with them.”

7:08 Some reporters were playing a tabloid relay while Jackson was fighting for his life – and for justice in court.

7:16 Voice of Nancy Grace on “Odds of Molestation conviction of Michael Jackson”:

  • “Las Vegas, the place is up for grabs tonight odds to the one that Jackson will be convicted in one to five counts”.

7: 30 [CNN Headline News & Court TV]

  • “Welcome back, everybody. I’m Ms. Grace….. Thank you for being with us tonight” [slowly covering her face with a sequined glove]

7:39 Some reporters stir up people’s emotions for ratings or call themselves experts using innuendo with a line “sources tell me” to plant suggestion and peek interest. They dehumanize before they dismember the celebrity they target. What was all that fuss about the mask, his skin color, umbrella?

[pictures of Gloria Allred, Victor Gutierrez, Diane Dimond, Jane Velez Mitchell, Martin Bashir, Maureen Orth]

8:00 Diane Sawyer:

  • “We thought they were eccentricities. Could this in fact be a personal style that evolved to disguise a serious disease?”

8:07 Michael had Lupus, a lung disease and Vitiligo. He didn’t bleach his skin. Vitiligo destroyed the pigment.

8:15 The doctor on the ABC News, the “Michael Jackson battle with lupus” program:

  • “Many patients with Lupus have Vitiligo”

8:18 Actress Cicely Tyson, July 7, 2009:

  • “It started to develop… the vitiligo.. And it started on his hand. And the glove was to camouflage it. That is how the glove came into being”.

8:23 Diane Sawyer’s program:

  • Doctor: “Quite a few of my patients have fibromyalgia. He may have suffered from that. Very common to be an insomniac.”
  • Diane Sawyer: “One thing for a lupus patient – don’t let the sun on your skin”
  • Doctor: “That’s right. “

8: 33 The mask kept paparazzi stalking Michael from splashing unflattering pictures and headlines in tabloids the next morning. And their obsession about paternity – what was really behind those stories about race and having children? Was it thinly veiled racism?

8:51 Diane Dimond:

  • “Well, one glimpse at Michael Jackson will show you that he doesn’t really look like an African American man any more.”

Diane Dimond on “Insider”:

  • I think the Jackson family is all about this [gesture denoting money]. I think that’s why they’ll fight for the children because where the children go that’s where the money goes….

9:05 [voice of Diane Dimond on Howard Stern’s show]:

Diane Dimond: "I keep reporting about this"

Diane Dimond: “I keep reporting that”

  • Who is the real baby daddy of at least the first two kids? These kids are not biologically related to Michael Jackson!”
  • [Howard Stern: “They are not”]
  • “And I keep reporting that and the fans keep saying: “No, no, they are. They are his… No, they are not.”
  • [Howard Stern: “No, they are not”].
  • “Get a clue”

9:22 Another voice:

  • “I guess biracial children could look different. They’ll be whiter or darker. And they can be sort of all one or all other…”

[Pictures of other African-Americans:  Lena Horne, Mariah Carey, Jolene Ivey, Jax and Jaid Nilon, Rashida Jones]

Joe and Paris Jackson with their light eyes

Joe and Paris Jackson

Diane Dimond:

  • “Blue eyes? Not so much”.

9:35 And questioning paternity or skin color only insults families who adopt or use fertility procedures to have children.

9:43 Diane Dimond:

  • “It is Michael Jackson, and he lives… he lives to be strange”. He is in free fall now, and we all stay glued to the set till we see the splat” [her hands make a slapping sound].
  • “I think this was Michael Jackson’s destiny to die this way”.

10:08 Here are some of the people Michael counted among his friends – Caroline Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and Shirley McClain, Jacky Kennedy, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, President Bush, President Carter, President Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Prince Albert of Monaco, Princess Stephany of Monaco, the Dalai Lama, Amon Ndoufou of Sanai (Ghana Ivory Coast), President of Namibie Sam Nujoma…

Michael was a cheer-leader for humanity. He always said he believed in us, said “We are the world”, and that together we could heal many of humanity’s  challenges.

10:37 How do you heal the world according to Michael? His lyrics tell us how. You ask people to stop fighting, lay down their weapons, hear the Earth song and become her stewards, and save the children.

10:58 Michael Jackson was a person who championed children, not harmed them, that’s why he was exonerated by the law. He was found not guilty because he was innocent. Always has been.

Thomas Mesereu: "The reporting hit the bottom of the barrel"

Thomas Mesereu: “The reporting hit the bottom of the barrel”

11: 14 Thomas Mesereau:

  • “I’ve said many times since the verdicts that the reporting hit the bottom of the barrel. Not with everybody. We had very professional journalists who I still call journalists…
  • But we also had bottom feeders like Court TV. Diane Dimond from Court TV had been sued by Michael Jackson in the mid of his very contentious litigation. Thomas Sneddon the D.A. had risen to her defense – he signed a sworn declaration in the civil case. They stayed in touch for a long time. She really identified herself with a conviction and all her media were.
  • She was reporting like Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allread who constantly reports Michael Jackson and tries to get involved in anything he does even when she has no stake in the matter. And of course Nancy Grace was the third one on that show. They wanted to create daily drama, daily conflict, daily excitement and that’s never going to change. Their priorities are ratings and money, and they will do whatever it takes to obtain those priorities”.

12:06 Ever asked yourself why we never heard about Michael Jackson from the people who actually knew him? Why didn’t the media tell us about Michael the man?

12:18 Ron Magill, keeper of Miami Zoo:

Ron Magill: "I've never had a nicer

Ron Magill: “I’ve never had a nicer gentleman, a more appreciative person with more well-behaved kids come to the Zoo”

  • “I’ve never had a nicer gentleman, a more appreciative person with more well-behaved kids come to the Zoo.”
  • Q. “Not what you expected?”
  • Ron: “Absolutely not what I expected. And I hosted a lot of celebrities here at the Zoo. And quite frankly, many of them are not pleasant people to be around… He was the absolute opposite.”

12:35 Frank Dileo, Michael’s manager during the Bad era:

  • “We were in Europe and we were doing the Bad tour. Every city we went to we went to a children’s hospital and bought them a piece of equipment. Not one hospital for the whole tour – every city. There was a boy that was dying and wanted to meet Michael. And Michael would talk to him and the kid perked up and he was like amazing and I went off into the corner and I cried. I really couldn’t take it. Michael came over and put his arm around me and said: “You have to understand, Frank – this is our job. Not on the stage – this is our job. To make somebody feel good. He believed that. He absolutely believed that. “

13:20 Teddy Riley:

  • “My daughter stayed with him and has so much fun… He is just such a fun guy”.

13:26  Whoopy Goldberg:

  • “Would you leave your children [with Michael Jackson]?  “Yes, I would” (nodding her head). “Yes, I did. I left my child with Michael, yes….”

13:32 Voice of Brooke Shields:

  • “So many people really don’t know him and they don’t give him a chance and they are so ready to criticize”

13:36 Kenny Ortega:

  • “I was with Michael in Eastern Europe and we got off of the plane and he said “Do you want to go to the hotel and do you come to an orphanage with me?” Rather than going to a hotel he went to the orphanage. And he walked into this orphanage and I remember him looking and he was walking around and he was very calm. The promoters were there and they were looking around. And the conditions were pretty grim and I saw him whisper to someone and whisper to someone else and he was, you know, moving through and interacting with the children… And later I found out  what he’d whispered was: “This orphanage will be turned around – there will be new beds in here, there will be clean sheets in here,  there will be more people here taking care of these children by tomorrow or I am not going to go on stage”.

14:16 Susan Yu, Michael’s former attorney:

  • “Michael was perhaps one of the best client’s I’ve had. He is generous, he is kind, he is grateful. He thanks you for all the work you do every day…”

14:24 Bruce Sweden, engineer/music producer:

  • “He had a very wonderful human side to him too. He was polite and gentle, and in a business where we didn’t hear these words too often Michael, if he would ask for something during the session he’s say “Please”. Such a great guy!

14:40 Madonna at MTV Video Music Awards 2009:

  • “He seemed other worldly but he was also a human being. .. I know what it’s like to walk down the street and feel like the whole world is turned against you. I know what it’s like to feel helpless and unable to defend yourself because the roar of the lynch mob is so loud you feel like your voice can never be heard.
  • [When I first heard that Michael had died.. all I could think about in this moment was] “I had abandoned him.” That we had abandoned him. That we had allowed this magnificent creature who had once set the world on fire to somehow slip through the cracks. [While he was trying to build a family and rebuild his career, we were all passing judgment. Most of us had turned our backs on him]. …He was so unique, so original, so rare, and there will never be anyone like him again. He was a king.”

15:23 Michael used his fame and his platform not just to improve orphanages, but to teach children and to take on social issues – gang violence [Beat it], tabloid corruption [Scream], poverty [We are the world], racism [Black or White], stewardship for the planet [Earth song] and even war [Heal the world].

15:42 Michael Jackson:

I said I am not

Michael about Bella Fracas, a Hungarian child needing a liver transplant: “I am not giving up. I’m not going to have the child die”

  • “This is Lisa Marie and myself at a hospital in Budapest. I saw this little kid. His name was Farkas. I asked this nurse “What’s wrong with this kid?” She said that he needs the liver. No matter what it takes I’m going to find a liver for him, so I said [about my] organization around the world and I said “I’m not giving up. I’m not going to have the child die.”
  • I was so happy when I get a phone call. They told me “We found the liver”. And he has his life…

16:12 Maybe it’s time we take another look at Michael Jackson to find out what really happened. We are also busy trying to shelter our children from the bullies of the world wringing our hands in worry and fear. Yet, we missed the biggest case of bullying the world had ever seen.

[Pictures of newspaper covers: “Buy a slice of Wacko Jackso”,  “Jacko gets a wacko”, “Jim Jam Wacko”, “Sicko Jacko”, etc.]

16: 32 Michael Jackson is the poster boy. He endured years of torture on a global stage with the whole world watching. And the children? They loved Michael and they were watching. They are watching now. What kind of world do we want to hand off to our children?

16:51 Michael asked us to heal the world and save it for our children. He was on his way back to remind us – we are the world. And he died trying…

17:06 Michael Jackson at Exeter, UK, June 14th, 2002:

  • “Sadly, sadly, we live in a state of fear. Everyday we hear of war on the news, on the radio and television and the newspapers, always of war. We hear of nations hurting each other, of neighbours hurting each other, of families hurting each other and the children killing each other. We must learn to live and love each other before it’s too late. We have to stop! We have to stop the prejudice, we have to stop the hating, we have to stop living in fear of our own neighbors. I would like all of you now to take the hand of the person to the left and to the right. Go ahead! Right now! I mean it! Don’t be shy! Do it! It starts now! To the person next to you. To the left and the right. I mean it. Right now! Go ahead! Don’t be shy. Do it! Do it! Now, tell the person … tell the person next to you that you care for them. Tell them that you care for them. Tell them that you love them. Tell them that you love them. This is what makes the difference.
  • Together … (Michael laughs) together we can make a change of the world. Together we can help to stop racism. Together we can help to stop prejudice. We can help the world live without fear. It’s our only hope, without hope we are lost.”
Paris Jackson: "You were the best daddy

Paris Jackson: “Daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine… I just wanted to say… I love him so much…”

19:10 Paris Jackson:

  • “Ever since I was born daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine….. I just wanted to say I love him…. so much…”

19:32 Ron Magill:

  • “I looked at it myself and said, “Michael, I have to be honest with you. If more people saw this side of you I don’t think you’d have the type of controversy that you face all the time and his answer will stick with me as long as I live, as he took my hand, shook it hard and said, “The problem is no one will ever know what it’s like to have to be me.”  And I thought he’s going to cry. He really had that look on his face, and it really taught me a lesson – don’t prejudge someone by what you are listening to in the media”.
  • The problem is no one will ever know what it’s like to have to be me….. [Michael Jackson]



Each of us has a lesson to derive for himself from Michael’s tragic life full of bullying and harassment, and everyone has his own reason why he would want Michael back – to make up for our mistakes, to cry on his shoulder in utter shame for what we did,  to tell him how we love him now

But one of my own biggest wishes would be to have him around to tell us, explain and teach us what love is. The years of following his troubles and struggling with lies and hate against him have taught me that love is pain, tears and a bleeding heart, but what else is it?

Is it discarding one’s ego and sharing the best you have with others? Oh yes, it is.

Is it accepting each person the way he is? Probably yes, but this I find hard to apply to everyone, especially in the circumstances of this trial and so many lies told there by too many people.

Can love be fighting some of these people in order to clear the air of their lies, arrogance and hypocrisy? I think it can. But is it also hoping that those who are doing so much harm now will one day abandon their ways? Probably it is too….

Does love mean forgiving each other faults, not passing the final judgment and acknowledging that none of us are without guilt? And forgiving those who say that they are really sorry? For sure it does. But what about those who are spreading lies on purpose and derive pleasure from fooling others? How is it possible to love these people? This I don’t know…

And what are we to do with those who are perfectly comfortable with their lies or illusions, are unwilling to seek for the truth or recognize it even when it is glaring in their faces? Because this way it is easier for them or the old habit never to reflect is also standing in the way? Does loving these people mean fighting their ignorance and separating the human beings they are from their weaknesses? Probably it does…

Or is love not overcomplicating matters and simply appealing to the best in each person as Michael did? And hoping that the good in them will get the upper hand over their worst side one day?

Is it never bringing anyone into the corner and always leaving the room for the doubt?  Sage and MJ 12This is what Michael always did as he gave it a try with everyone around him and sometimes it did work, though in most cases it didn’t and only let him down and finally brought about his death.

Sage and MJ 15I really don’t know what love is.

But what I know for sure is that after Michael’s death it is simply impossible to live the way we lived before.

And the Man Behind The Myth film explains it best of all. If we don’t learn at least a little bit from what happened it will mean that Michael lived and died in vain. And this is something we absolutely cannot afford.

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  1. Jo (LunaJo) permalink
    September 6, 2013 7:14 pm

    Thanks so much for this, Helena! I really think this movie deserved this. I was planning on getting you the transcript, but apparently you managed yourself. That’s great! It’s obvious the people who worked on this film knew what they were doing and why. And it’s made with lots of love.
    This is not only Michael’s story, but it is recognizable for so many people, children being bullied. Michael Jackson was indeed the posterboy…..
    Many people were touched by this movie, but it is really Michael’s life that should be the touching “story”. And I think this film really makes that clear.
    Like you said: we can never go back. We can not live our lives like we did before. This is something we will carry with us until the day we our selves will die. But in the meantime we should educate others, especially our children. That is at least a goal I have set for myself, a mission I have taken upon me.
    Thanks again! Love, Jo


  2. nessielittle permalink
    September 6, 2013 11:03 pm

    Thanks Helena. … Educate is the ONLY way! Bless U….


  3. Nicoletta permalink
    September 7, 2013 12:41 am

    Helena, thank you again so much for this your new post.

    You know, I believe that love is a choice, the most difficult to live in accord with the inner self and the world.

    I saw Michael Jackson and Sage Calesi and I did it your same reflection: in the picture we have the chance to see the last moments of serene man and spontaneous, which – a little later – was killed by the opposite of love: hate and envy.

    However, Helena, I believe that his death is been precious as his life: the heart of so many people has opened up, many are imbued with the essence of the real him, and preserve and protect it.

    I would just, I would hope that all this could be sufficiently for Michael’s children and a loving protection could come to Paris. It ‘s just a hope, but “hopeless man dies,” right?


  4. September 7, 2013 6:40 am

    Since I have been reading the AEG Live civil trial transcripts, I have been filled with a large area of hurting around my heart, and an even larger feeling of understanding, acceptance and sympathy for Michael. That is Love. His battle to entertain, educate, love and save us, and heal the world; well, just to function at all; would not have been possible without those pain killers, and the sleep ‘medication’ for his insomnia caused by him not eating enough, the stress and pressure, and ironically, the sleep ‘medication’. A vicious circle; not really through any fault of his own.. In the end it was simply sleep deprivation and his desperate search and need for a good night’s sleep, that killed him. He was not a larger than life Superman; just a flesh and blood human being, but with a huge heart and talent, which set him apart as someone special. Thank you, Helena for your words which have uplifted me, that Michael’s story and mission is not over.


  5. September 7, 2013 6:53 am

    Thank you for the work you have done for years on this blog Helena. Michael brought his messages via his art and also by direct action. He is all the more relevant in these uncertain days we live in when large corporations seem to rule the world. This trial is of utmost signifcance.


  6. September 7, 2013 7:01 am

    Also you might remember that Sage´s mother was a classmate of Michael´s when he was 12yo and he asked her to “go steady” with him. Her family moved to New Mexico however they did stay in touch.
    One week before his death Joanelle Romano, Sage´s mother had run into Jeremy stating she had to see Michael urgently. Alas that did not happen. There was on MJJ777 a beutiful picture of Sage, Joanelle and Michael. It can no longer be found. Maybe if you ask we may get it up.


  7. Jo (LunaJo) permalink
    September 7, 2013 7:25 am

    It’s maybe also fair to mention this film Man behind the Myth was first released and debuted at Inner Michael. And if you go and visit the Vimeo page for Walking Moon Studios (who made this film!) , you will see that the film Words and Violence was the very first project to acknowledge the fact people like Michael Jackson and Princess Diana were victims of bullying. Just to be complete and accurate. Thanks!


  8. September 7, 2013 11:31 am

    “It’s maybe also fair to mention this film Man behind the Myth was first released and debuted at Inner Michael. And if you go and visit the Vimeo page for Walking Moon Studios (who made this film!)” – LunanJo

    LunaJo, yes, thank you very much – I didn’t know that InnerMichael was the first to release the video, I thought that they just embedded it like I did, so now I’ve added their website to the text as well as the Walking Moon Studios as creator of the video.

    I have a serious request to you and everyone as regards the transcript. Surely they might be some minor inaccaracies there but in two cases I am afraid I could make a big mistake, so could you please check up?

    One is around 0:58 – the author is mentioning something which sounds to me like “co-tales” (cow tails?) both of which can be an awful mistake and the second one is even more crucial – it is something Michael said to Ron Magill mentioned at the very end of the film, after 19:32. The phrase is repeated twice and both times I think I missed it, and wrote it down just the way I understood it.

    PLEASE HELP TO CORRECT. If you notice anything else please don’t hesitate to tell me – we need the transcript to be accurate!


  9. Kris permalink
    September 7, 2013 12:32 pm

    The first phrase is “coat-tails”. The second, if you mean the long phrase Michael said to Ron, is “The problem is no one will ever know what it’s like to have to be me.”


  10. September 7, 2013 12:56 pm

    “The first phrase is “coat-tails”. The second, if you mean the long phrase Michael said to Ron, is “The problem is no one will ever know what it’s like to have to be me.” – Kris

    Kris, thank you very much – I’ve changed it now. Did you notice any other nonsense on my part in the transcript? I’m transcribing it to help other people translate it into their languages.

    If no one understood what it’s like to be him when he was alive, we need to do it at least after his death.


  11. September 7, 2013 2:27 pm

    “Sage´s mother was a classmate of Michael´s when he was 12yo and he asked her to “go steady” with him. Her family moved to New Mexico however they did stay in touch. One week before his death Joanelle Romano, Sage´s mother had run into Jeremy stating she had to see Michael urgently. Alas that did not happen.” – Kaarin

    Kaarin, what a wonderful story. When you know the name it is easy to find the source. Here is Joanelle Romano’s story with some really beautiful pictures added:

    On June 25th 2009, I was packing and moving out of a house we had lived in for 6 years and an acquaintance phoned me and said Michael Jackson is dead, turn on the TV.I dropped the phone, turned on the television and there it all was, I fainted, no one was home with me. I woke and cried and cried and I am still crying. My heart is so broken; you see Michael was a friend and he believed in me. I’ve known Michael since I was 10 years old, we went to school together at Gardner Street school off of Sunset Blvd, we were in the 6th grade together. I was always invited to go to his house to play, he would swing me in this big tree swing and we would speak of our dreams. Michael asked me to go steady on the steps of Gardener Street school. Two weeks before school ended my mother sent me to live with my dad in NM. I never got to say goodbye to Michael.

    One week before Michael left this earth, my son and I were shopping at Nordstrom’s, and we run into Jermaine. I asked him to please tell Michael I needed to see him, that I needed to visit, that it was important and I gave him my new numbers. God works in mysterious ways.

    In 1991, I launched my production company, it was 2 weeks old when I received a call from Michaels casting office, asking if I had any American Indian dancers because everyone he had been interviewing wasn’t right. I told them “I have the best dancers in town” I really had no one, however I went to many Pow wows and gathered 30 dancers, one of them being my precious daughter Sage. She was 5 then. Michaels casting office had no idea that Michael and I knew each other. To make a long story short. Director John Landis, cast 5 dancers, my daughter – who was the jingle dress dancer, and four other dancers from the native community here in Los Angeles that I brought in that day.

    Michael shot 7 hours of photos of Sage while shooting his video and used her image for his painted angels in his Neverland ranch. We had so much fun while filming. Michael, Sage and I watched “Willie Wonka” 3 times while everybody had to wait on set. Michael took Sage and Nancy Reagan to lunch, he had asked if I wanted to go however I declined for obvious reasons. Many stories to remember …..

    We had shot the segment of the native dancers in the studio, then Michael read one of my music video scripts and one week later we were on location re-shooting the native segment out-side. Due to Michael’s insight, he added my production company and shared the press in Entertainment Weekly.

    Michael became the leading force in making my company known to the world. It is now an award-winning production company in producing American Indian documentaries and independent films. The 1991 “Black or White” music video and song made history. I was able to negotiate for the American Indian dancers to be paid over and above any dancers on any music video ever, due to the fact they were traditionally dressed (the wardrobe did not come from western costume). To date, they are the highest paid dancers in the music video industry. Also, this segment was the first clip of American Indian dancers in a music video without being a Native American music group/artist.

    On our opening night of our 2009 Red Nation Film Festival – A Night of Tribute Awards, we honored Michael Jackson for his “Black or White” Music Video – In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson. I have many personal stories about Michael and that I will keep in my heart forever. I am not going to spend my life being a color, I am a Human Being
    – God Bless You MJ
    Together we can Heal the world make it a better place.
    …..We Love You Michael …


  12. September 7, 2013 2:52 pm

    Goodness gracious, all we need is start looking and here is another Joanelle Romero’s interview in 2011 that is posted on Rhythm of the Tide website.

    I get the impression that English is not Joanelle’s native language but she still manages to convey it: “There`s not going to be another Michael Jackson ever, ever.” “He was a human being. He had feelings. He had a heart. He had tenderness.”

    And when they were 11 they were talking about bringing peace into the world! And she says kids were kind of mean to Michael in school. Of course they were – everyone who is not of this world is treated that way.

    Joanelle Romero, on ‘Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell’, CNN 10th October 2011

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Joining me tonight in an ISSUES exclusive; I`m thrilled to have someone who says she grew up with Michael Jackson. Joanelle Romero, thank you for being here. These are photos, with you —

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: And who is the cute adorable child in the middle.

    ROMERO: That`s my daughter, Sage.


    ROMERO: And that`s during the “Black and White” music video. It is a wonderful story, our story, my life with Michael.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. Tell me how you met him.

    ROMERO: Ok, I met him in the sixth grade at Gardner Street School.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s here in Los Angeles.

    ROMERO: That`s here in Los Angeles.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: They moved from Gary, Indiana all the way to Los Angeles.

    ROMERO: Right. And they lived — and they lived on King`s Road. And my brother and I were the only ones allowed up to the house to visit and –

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Did you know he was famous?

    ROMERO: Well, it was when he had “ABC”.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: He was still famous.

    ROMERO: He was 11. I used to protect him in school. The kids were kind of mean to him in school. And I remember sitting on the steps of Gardner Street School. He asked me to go steady. He was like really shy. He had a tremendous light then as he always carried throughout his whole life.

    He had a major concern at 11 as well as I. And he used to swing me in this big swing, Jane, at his house. We used to talk about bringing peace to the world. And you know, love and peace and what we`re going to do to save the world. And this is at 11, you know, we were talking about this.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Did he seem traumatized at 11? Because he`d already talked about being beaten — in retrospect, he said at that age, he was already being hit his dad with a belt when he made mistakes during rehearsal. Did you hear anything about that?

    ROMERO: No. And I`m — but you know when we`re survivors. I have 30 years sober and when we`re survivors –

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Congratulations.

    ROMERO: Yes. Thank you.

    And when we are survivors and we are told not to talk about these kind of things, you know, we don`t at that age.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: On Saturday, there was a huge Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales and his children showed up dressed in his old costumes. Check this out from iambicTV (ph) and YouTube. Something to see.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: This is bringing out some emotion in you. Why?

    ROMERO: It is because children were very, very precious to Michael, all children. And the reason why I`m so honored to be here is because Michael`s legacy and philanthropy that he created for his children and to see Blanket and the kids there, I`m so glad that mom — grandma, took them over to Europe to celebrate their father, to celebrate his talent, his magic, his light and to keep them in that instead of in this.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s what I said. I said, Katherine did all of this to distract the children so that they were happy in remembering their father in a positive light as opposed to remembering and hearing about these tremendously personal details. Things like catheters and urine and all these things, the most private person on earth, how upsetting is that? We will be right back in just a moment.


    L. JACKSON: In the beginning, I just immediately said I don`t know if I really want to do this, to come out of retirement for all these years. But then I said I have to. It is Michael you have to do this for him. I mean he would do it for you. So of course, I did and I enjoyed it.


    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now that`s Latoya at the concert in Wales over the weekend. It was a tribute to Michael Jackson, but there was a lot of division in the family.

    Jermaine was not in favor of it. Janet wasn`t in favor of it. They said the whole family should be here at the trial where we are, right here in downtown Los Angeles. The Criminal Courts Building is right behind me.

    I`m here with Joanelle Romero who was childhood friend of Michael Jackson`s and reconnected around the “Black and White” video time.

    What do you think? Do you think the family should all be here it doing you a united front or should they have gone to Wales and some of them done that concert?

    ROMERO: There is a united front with the Jackson family already that is well-established. There has always been a united front and I think is fabulous that his mother took the kids to Europe and is celebrating their father`s life and legacy. And that`s where they should be and that`s what a grandma — that`s what grandmas do.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s true.

    ROMERO: That`s what grandmas do. And there is a united front, they are all there. The family`s there.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: What`s your reaction to all these personal details of Michael Jackson, the urine and the catheters and the syringes and all of these things being revealed about the most private man in the world? What would his reaction have been?

    ROMERO: There are no words. The word is unconscionable — am I saying that correct?


    ROMERO: It`s unconscionable, what`s going on. There are no English words to define what is happening with the state that we are in with television. This is Michael Jackson. There`s not going to be another Michael Jackson ever, ever. He was the only person on this earth that can drop all races, all nationalities, all — everyone at a drop of a hat. He was the only person on this planet — I know no one on this planet that can do that.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: And yet, this is what`s happening to him in death?

    ROMERO: And it`s — it`s unconscionable. It`s — it`s –

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: It`s like dissecting his life in the most unflattering manner imaginable. How would he have reacted if he could see what`s happening now?

    ROMERO: Things have already broken his heart with media. Michael was a — was an incredible human being. He was a human being. He had feelings. He had a heart. He had tenderness. And he was an entertainer, the greatest entertainer that we have ever had, greater than Elvis. I grew up on the sets of Elvis Presley. My mom did the Presley movies. Michael was the greatest entertainer. He was human being.


    VELEZ-MITCHELL: But his family says they want justice and this is what is required in a criminal trial.

    ROMERO: Yes. Yes. So we have to do that but it`s still unconscionable and what would he have thought, you know — what I feel –

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: What do you feel?

    ROMERO: What I feel is that this man should get more than four years.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Four years. I think that`s what a lot of fans are saying, all this for four years? All this for four years? This is justice for Michael, embarrassing him in death with personal details? All for the maximum of four years? And then it could even be less because of prison overcrowding.

    We will be right back. Thank you Joanelle.

    Singer Joanelle Romero performs in front of a makeshift memorial at the Michael Jackson family compound on July 6, 2009 in Encino, California.


  13. Alison Maleski permalink
    September 9, 2013 8:09 pm

    Thank you for posting the video. It was hard not to cry. Everything that was said (the nice things) are so true about Michael. I still wonder why people still hate him so vehemently. I personally do not. He was so Christlike and so loved. He truly was exemplary of what life should be about and people did not hear him. But I do hear him, I see his love,and I hear him from my heart. This movie is truly the correct way to see Michael. Why is it that all the good people of this world are so hated and despised. Because GOD intended them to be that way. Look at GOD’s son Jesus Christ. He,too, was loved and cherished and at the same time was ridiculed and despised. Michael truly walked the walk of what true Christianity is suppose to be about. And those who truly despised him will have to answer to a Higher Power namely GOD. GOD gave us this very special man who so loved everyone and wanted to do so much for the world that people have turned their backs. I have not and will not turn my back on Michael. Those of you who are truly true fans of Michael, thank you for banding and bonding together. Thank you for loving Michael for who he truly is.


  14. aubrey sean patel permalink
    September 10, 2013 8:40 am



  15. September 11, 2013 5:06 pm

    Dear Helena,

    Sometimes when I have nothing of importance to add to a conversation here I will just say thank you. I do mean it when I say it. Thank You for more than you will even know.

    I understand you are in the hospital. I pray you will be well and happy.


  16. alice permalink
    September 11, 2013 5:29 pm

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you all know we need to say a BIG thank you to Team Michael Jackson for helping bring back Helena’s wonderful blog today – I was going through old posts yesterday (I’m trying to construct a timeline of events) and suddenly when I refreshed, WordPress had replaced the page with a site declaring it had been suspended due for breaching ‘terms of service’. My greatest fear had come true! 😦
    I was so, so worried you (and we) would lose your amazing work Helena and knew how difficult it would be for you with your arm, so I immediately emailed TeamMJ to see what they could do (having dealt with an outside attack on ‘copyright’ grounds before and winning rights to stay online) to help out.
    Thankfully they contacted the copyright department and got the blog back online today.
    So a huge thank you to Taaj and her team, if they happen to read this, and also to you, Helena, for your continued and tireless efforts. You are nothing short of a miracle.
    Please consider my suggestion to create a kind of ‘back-up’ blog with a different host, just so none of your work or our comments are lost in an event like this again, or perhaps even your own website as TeamMJ had to do? I don’t mean to pressure you especially when you are having such troubles with your arm, I am only thinking of ways to make sure your amazing work remains public no matter what outside sources may throw at you.
    Hope you are resting up and healing well.
    Love to everyone.


  17. isha permalink
    September 11, 2013 9:03 pm

    I cannot read the comments because the section keeps moving up and down. Please fix it. Thank you so much for all you do in preserving Michael’s legacy and reputation. I am happy your blog is back on.


  18. alice permalink
    September 12, 2013 1:11 am

    ps a huge huge thankyou also to Susanne, I just spotted your comment on a different post about your contact with the copyright dept to get the blog back up. So thankyou so much, also.


  19. September 12, 2013 8:58 pm

    Hi Helena! I just heard about your accident, and I wish you well! 🙂


  20. Marsha permalink
    September 13, 2013 5:56 pm

    Dear Helena, I greatly enjoy reading your Blog. And I am glad that people are still fighting for justice for Michael. In regards to your question of love, well love is what was stated by Christ, whom Michael tried to follow and portray. Christ said that there was no greater love than the love that would lay down his life for a friend or in Christ example friend or foe. Which means that we should even love those that despise us and are cruel to us. This seems to be a lesson that Michael learned even though it cost him a great price. And as for Michael being treated badly, Christ said if they treated Him badly then why should His followers expect anything different. But with trials and hardships Christ grants us grace to go through and his love to surround and sustain us. This is evident from Michael, since he endured so much but yet he still loved and cared. Remember God is Love.


  21. Jolie permalink
    September 13, 2013 8:58 pm

    To Helena and to my Compadres worldwide who are Michael Jackson Lovers:

    Since there is a lull in the trial & since you are recuperating, Helena, I thought I would post an old YouTube video that I discovered some months after Michael died. I lost track of it, but found it again today. I always loved it because of the catchy tune “Human”. It also captures Michael as a ‘Dancer’. Michael just gives me chills when I see him dance. I just want to CELEBRATE MICHAEL right now. I share it with you. Love to all and to Michael.


  22. Tina permalink
    September 14, 2013 7:02 am

    Helena, Get well soon! and thank you for every thing you did and are doing.


  23. September 14, 2013 1:30 pm

    Thank you Helena, you did a great job through the years. I love the transcript.
    Have a quick recovery, and think you are not alone….. Wish you the best !


  24. Mary permalink
    September 15, 2013 7:04 pm

    I am so happy to see you receive the respect and support of your peers that you so richly deserve, Helena. Your talent and heart have created the single best source of Michael’s life and love. Period. Bless you for your efforts and a speedy recovery to you.

    Love. I think Michael would say….Yes, it is always the answer. Even when we are taunted, betrayed and cheated. Even when we are cut down, cut up and left for dead. For only He judges and determines the consequences for our actions. There is God in all of us. I believe Michael would say, focus on the God in each other that always is….that will bring forth a path of understanding…. that we are alike in so many ways. To focus on our oneness, not our duality. As Humans, it is natural to cry out in pain and anger. To want to lash out and hit back. We see through Michael’s example that love is always the answer. He focused on this and spreading his message through his work, defending himself when he had to, but his focus and energy was always on giving love. The only feeling that truly feels ‘right’. Hate, resentment, anger, fear, hurt…all separate us and do not solve our problems.

    “The problem is no one will ever know what it’s like to have to be me.”

    For more than the cheaters, the swindlers, and the extortionists, it was the friends who stole, the friends and family who betrayed that broke his heart… was the aloneness of his existence that was most difficult for Michael. He who sought and rose high above the rest and took on the role with fervor and grace….knew the life and responsibility of his position. And yes, it was the hardest part….no one else could really know how he felt. Literally, there was no one he could truly trust, regardless of what you read. No One. And he could not totally relate to anyone else. No one had the view of the world he did, had the connection with the heavens and the earth that he did. If you look through his eyes, you will know that everything he did made sense. Everything. And not one of us will know the pain he endured… have perfect strangers come up in his face and angrily yell ‘freak!!’ (the lashing Michael took from the world after the severe emotional scars his father gave him made his media crucifiction unbearable) To repeatedly try to defend himself when no words would be heard. That there was nothing he could say or do to stop the freight train that ran over his reputation and spilled blood on the dancefloor forever. Nothing he could say. Nothing he could do. Deaf ears. For 16 years he lived with a seared, jabbed, stabbed, and spliced heart. And this was not a mistake. Born of that pain lives on an even more loving, more gentle, more sweet heart…the thought of which is almost impossible to imagine. Michael’s heart and soul lives on. May we celebrate and join him now in ways we could not before.


  25. drshepp permalink
    September 16, 2013 7:40 pm

    Get well soon, Helena. I hear that you are on the mend and I hope it is a quick recovery for you. Желаю всего самого лучшего.


  26. Lopsided man permalink
    September 19, 2013 6:24 pm

    Get well soon Helena. We love you (MORE)!


  27. Lopsided man permalink
    September 19, 2013 6:29 pm

    The latest from Raven at AllForLoveBlog (re: Michael’s personal notes found after his death). They reveal his plans for the future and his mistaken belief that Dr. Murray would help him get REM sleep.

    Michael’s Notes Reveal: He Was Being LIED To!


  28. September 19, 2013 9:10 pm

    @ Lopside man,

    Thank you for bringing Raven’s post to our attention.

    I’ve spent four years looking into Michael’s world and with each look he further amazes me. Not the artist, that’s a given, but the person. I Thank God for having given us Michael and I thank God for placing me where I am. I could never have been a Michael Jackson.


  29. Caro Attwell permalink
    September 20, 2013 8:50 am

    Hi Raven
    Been away for a while. What a great post. thanks very much.
    But what news about the trial? you haven’t written anything about it for while, and I presume it is still going on?


  30. Caro Attwell permalink
    September 20, 2013 8:55 am

    Sorry Helena – mixing up my blogs ha ha – my apologies. I wrote before I had read all the comments above, and am so sorry to hear that you have had an accident. I do hope you recover well and soon. I see someone mentions a ‘lull in the trial’ so that explains that also. Looking forward to some news soon.


  31. September 20, 2013 3:47 pm

    “Sorry Helena – mixing up my blogs ha ha – my apologies. I do hope you recover well and soon. I see someone mentions a ‘lull in the trial’ so that explains that also. Looking forward to some news soon.” – Caro Attwell

    It’s actually an honor for me to be taken for Raven whose style is perfect and for whom English is a native language.

    As regards the lull in the trial, even before the accident I intentionally omitted writing about all those false AEG experts – like a recovering heroin addict Dr. Earley, for example, who expressed his ideas about Michael being addicted to this and that on the basis of stories of long ago.

    Technically speaking doctors may refer to all those who were once addicted to drugs as recovered addicts, only then they should keep to this principle universally and not selectively for MJ only, and speak about all people who were once addicted as “addicts” too – and then people like Oprah Winfrey (former cocaine user), John Kennedy (dependent on opiates due to his back injury), Betty Ford, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore and others will also fall into this category.

    However no one is speaking of Oprah Winfrey or Angelina Jolie as “addicts” while about MJ they do!

    I am totally disgusted by these double standards and hypocrisy and refuse to repeat false stories about MJ in AEG’s interpretation.

    Instead I will mention others who, like Michael, also managed to beat their drug addiction to narcotics. Mind you that all these people took drugs recreationally and were not made dependent on drugs by doctors and for perfectly legitimate reasons like Michael was, but despite that they still enjoy much fame, glory and respect.


    Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie has confessed to doing “just about every drug possible”. In a 1998 interview, she admitted to using cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy, LSD and other drugs.
    She has since given up drugs long ago, and is now one of the biggest stars in the world, an Oscar-winning actress, a mother of six, and a passionate humanitarian, famed for her work as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.

    Robin Williams

    People who have seen Robin Williams and his family-friendly films will probably find it hard to believe that the manic comedian was once a cocaine addict. At the beginning of his career, Williams was already a cokehead, and abused a number of different drugs as well. It took the drug overdose death of fellow comedian John Belushi to wake up Williams, who then took the initiative and checked into a rehab center.
    After sobering up, Williams went on to star in many comedic hits, and established himself as a serious actor as well, with dramatic turns in The Fisher King and Good Will Hunting, where he won his first and only Oscar award, for Best Supporting Actor.

    Oprah Winfrey

    There are actually two sides to this Oprah-Winfrey-was-a-drug-addict story. On one hand, there’s the unforgettable TV moment in the 90s when she tearfully admitted in her own talk show that she had smoked crack cocaine while in her 20s, but never said anything about an addiction to the drug or anything else. On the other hand, there’s the more recent allegation made in a tell-all book by a former boyfriend that Oprah was actually a regular cocaine user in the 80s, and was in fact under the influence during her show tapings.
    Whatever the truth is, it is clear that Oprah has now overcome whatever her drug demons of the 70s and 80s were. As of September 2008, Forbes has listed Oprah as having a fortune worth over $2.7 billion. CNN and Time Magazine dubbed her “arguably the world’s most powerful woman”. She is quite the success story, sordid drug past or not.


  32. September 20, 2013 3:59 pm

    “But what news about the trial? you haven’t written anything about it for while, and I presume it is still going on?”

    I won’t write about it until I leave the hospital which will be next Wednesday only, but here is a fuller review of the case closing with one of the plaintiff’s rebuttal witnesses – Dr. Metzger (from

    Dr Allan Metzger Sept 19th
    Dr Metzger(MJ Dr)

    Court Summary:-
    Outside the presence of the jury on September 18th Panish said he wants to call Dr Metzger
    Judge inquired extensively about what Dr. Metzger will say that it’s new. She doesn’t want cumulative
    Kevin Boyle argued Dr. Metzger was to be called by AEG live. Putnam countered that they should’ve
    done it in their case in chief.
    Judge said she’s willing to give Panish one hour to question Dr. Metzger, who will come as live witness.
    Before the jury came in, attorneys argued about the scope of Dr. Allan Metzger’s testimony. At 10:30
    am PT, jurors entered the courtroom.
    Katherine Jackson is present
    Judge Yvette Palazuelos told the jury she’s allowing Jacksons attorneys to reopen their case briefly.
    Plaintiffs called Dr. Allan Metzger. Attorney Deborah Chang did direct examination. He said he was
    traveling, returned 2-3 weeks ago.
    He gave his deposition in September of 2012, about 3 years after Michael Jackson died. He worked with
    MJ for 25-30 years.
    The doctor explained he didn’t have all the medical records when he gave deposition, they were spread
    around to coroners, attorneys.
    When Chang asked if Dr. Metzger reviewed trial transcript of Debbie Rowe, AEG attorneys objected and
    asked for a sidebar.
    Side note: Dr. Metzger and Debbie Rowe have the same attorney, Eric George, the son of former
    California Chief of Justice Ronald George.
    Dr. Metzger treated other celebrities during his 46-year medical career. He said it’s not unusual for them
    to use aliases.
    The doctor said he became very close to Michael Jackson. He started seeing him in 1983 for discoid
    After, there was the burn incident. “His pain became unbearable,” he explained.
    Dr. Metzger’s daughter was the first one to visit Neverland. She went as part of a charity organization
    visit, DreamStreet Foundation.
    The doctor said Neverland was a place of peace. He visited it 12-15 times, sometimes with friends, family,
    help feed the kids. MJ supervised
    Dr. Metzger: MJ dealt with a lot of adversity with generally a positive attitude.
    “I don’t know anyone can share his degree of charity,” the doctor said.
    Dr. Metzger said sometimes MJ would ask about a disease he wanted to know about, but generally didn’t
    discuss with him the charities.
    Normally, Michael was very protective of his short films. But he trusted some people, and Dr. Metzger
    was one of them.
    Over the next several years, he had a terrible burn, issues with his back and neck, he said.
    The discoid lupus was very scary to him, Dr. Metzger said, and the burns came on top of the discoid.
    The discoid could travel from his scalp to his face, leading to disfigurement.
    Dr. Metzger said Lionel Richie approached MJ and on one day he wrote “We Are The World” song. Richie
    did the music.
    “He and Lionel were able to put so many influential people for charity,” Dr. Metzger said.
    Chang played part of “We Are The World” video clip, with major music stars singing it. The song raised
    money for humanitarian efforts.
    Dr. Metzger worked together with Dr. Klein, Sasaki and Hoefflin. MJ’s diseases were incurable (lupus and
    He said he did pre-operative examination before MJ’s surgeries.
    “I always liked to review what kind of medications he was taking to make sure there was no interaction,”
    Dr. Metzger testified.
    Chang: Would you say the first 10 years you saw him were very difficult? Dr. Metzger: Yes, very difficult
    Chang asked about Metzger’s reference that MJ was “doctor shopping.” He explained it was a slang
    doctors used by the doctors who treated MJ
    Dr. Metzger: When he was out of our presence, because he travelled so much, he would use hotel
    Dr. Metzger: MJ had to shop around in the city for quality physicians for himself and his children.
    Dr. Metzger said he was always involved in MJ’s medical care because he wanted to make sure MJ was
    “Michael was very private,” Dr. Metzger opined. He said often he wanted to know about his medical care,
    but often didn’t.
    “He’d rely on others and had faith in the medical profession,” Dr. Metzger said. “He often bounced things
    off me.”
    Chang: Was your belief he looked for doctors to get drugs? Dr. Metzger: No
    Chang: Do you believe he was your friend so he could get prescription drugs from you?
    Dr. Metzger: Absolutely not! I never gave him Demerol or any hard narcotics.
    Dr. Metzger: I worked with Karen Faye, Debbie Rowe, Grace Rwamba.
    Dr. Metzger: I was in touch, not as spies, but wanted to have fingers on the pulse of what was going on
    with my buddy.
    On numerous occasions, Debbie Rowe would talk to Dr. Metzger when she thought other doctors were
    giving MJ too many painkillers.
    He said he thinks it’s because Rowe thought he could do something about it.
    Chang: Did you personally ever see MJ under the influence? Dr. Metzger: No. I saw him groggy but
    never drunk.
    “I did not ever ever see him intoxicated with too many pain medications,” he said.
    Dr. Metzger: I wasn’t concerned about anesthesia, I was always concerned about too many surgeries.
    Dr. Metzger said he would agree that MJ needed the majority of the surgeries he underwent, specially
    after the burn.
    Dr. Metzger said he did several examinations of Michael for insurance prior to tours
    Dangerous tour: Metzger: I was informed he’d (Forecast) be taking over the medical role, and I would
    not be needed because of the distance
    Dr. Metzger got a call during the tour. There were couple of issues related to dehydration and Dr.
    Forecast administering Demerol.
    Sleep issues: That was the first time I was aware of the issue, didn’t have problems in Bad tour, the
    doctor said.
    Chang: Did you try to work w/ Forecast to resolve the issue? Dr. Metzger: I think we had 2-3 discussions
    on how to lower the dose of Demerol
    Dr. Metzger: I don’t know if he didn’t follow my recommendations or it didn’t work.
    Dr. Metzger said he watched MJ’s short video “Ghost.” Chang showed photo of Dr. Metzger and Michael
    Jackson as the white mayor.
    Chang: Did he enjoy going out incognito? Dr. Metzger: Oh, he loved it!
    The doctor said MJ always had a message in his short film, that humans should be human beings to each
    Chang played clip of “Heal the World” film and “Earth Song.” Dr. Metzger watched them with somber
    face, shook his head to the beat at times
    “It’s hard to see that,” Dr. Metzger expressed after movies were played, somewhat emotional.
    Metzger said MJ approached him to go on “HIStory” tour. He thought it would be fun, wanted doc to be
    best man on his wedding to Debbie Rowe
    Chang showed letter from Metzger to insurance company that he’d be accompanying MJ, cast members
    and crew (180-190 people) in HIStory tour
    Dr. Metzger: I basically asked for nothing (payment). I knew this would be an honor, would bill based on
    being needed.
    He said he would’ve charged his normal house call rate, if they needed him during the tour.
    In the tour, his main responsibility was with Michael Jackson. He said he was never approached by a
    promoter/producer with a contract.
    Dr. Metzger said he never had the issue where he had to put MJ in danger to continue the tour.
    “I never put in jeopardy his health for performance,” he said.
    Chang showed Murray’s contract to Metzger and asked if he was ever given a contract that says doctor
    could be terminated by the producer.
    “I’ve never seen a document like this,” Dr. Metzger said.
    He said he would’ve never signed a document that had that clause in it, it’s a conflict of interest.
    Chang: Were would your allegiance fall, with the producer or patient? Dr. Metzger: Of course the patient,
    regardless if it was MJ or not
    Dr. Metzger said he knew MJ was going to get married to Debbie Rowe during the HIStory tour. During
    the tour he found out Rowe was pregnant.
    The doctor said MJ always wanted to be a father. Chang: Did he enjoy being a father? Dr. Metzger: Very
    much so
    Dr. Metzger: The relationship was extremely loving, non fearful.
    Dr. Metzger: I see he did a wise thing over the years of not exposing their faces, so they could go out
    and not be recognized.
    “It was a beautiful, caring, solid relationship,” Dr. Metzger explained.
    The doctor said he saw several MJ shows, but nothing like what he saw in Sydney, Australia. Chang
    played snippet of the show.
    Dr. Metzger saw all the shows in Australia. He said MJ would lose 7-8 pounds after each performance.
    In his deposition, Dr. Metzger said he didn’t remember who Paul Gongaware was. He said he didn’t have
    all his records with him
    Chang: As the HIStory tour doctor, were you concerned with MJ’s sleeping disorder during the second
    leg of the tour? Dr. Metzger: Yes, I was
    The doctor wrote a letter detailing a plan to help MJ sleep. He said he sent a copy of it to the producer,
    MJ, Karen Faye, Debbie Rowe
    “I know that Michael can’t sleep when he’s creating, or after he was creating, he always wanted to make
    it better,” Dr. Metzger recalled
    The doctor said he didn’t think there was a plan for Dangerous tour. He didn’t think a good job was done
    Dangerous was cut short so MJ could enter rehab. Dr. Metzger said Dr. Forecast gave MJ too much
    “I wanted to be proactive and ready,” the doctor said about HIStory tour. He testified he sent a copy of
    the plan to Gongaware, as producer
    “MJ was really tired and very frustrated, he felt he wasn’t performing well,” Dr. Metzger said about his
    Chang: In the 26 years you worked w/ MJ did he ever ask you for Propofol before the HIStory tour?
    Metzger: Those words were never said by MJ
    Chang: Did MJ ever ask you to find someone to infuse anesthesia in him? Dr. Metzger: No
    When not under stress, the doctor said MJ could sleep on Tylenol PM, which generally worked.
    Dr. Metzger: I had one phone conversation in 2009 and I visited him in April 2009.
    Chang: At that time, did MJ ask you for any narcotic or prescription drugs? Dr. Metzger: No
    Chang: Did he ever seek painkillers to get high? Dr. Metzger: No, I don’t believe this was in any way
    Dr. Metzger said MJ was more stressed when he saw him in April 2009 than during the phone call in Feb.
    The doctor said the stress was related to “Can I do 50 shows?”
    MJ indicated he could not sleep, the doc said. “This time he was in a totally different place,” Dr. Metzger
    The doctor said he had free access to the house and the children. “I was ecstatic to see the children,”
    the doctor said.
    He was allowed upstairs at Carolwood, did not see any locked doors, medical equipment or oxygen
    “I had a feeling that any IV given in a home is potentially precarious,” Dr. Metzger explained.
    After leaving the house, Dr. Metzger said he called a few colleagues to see if there was any other
    medication or avenues to help MJ sleep.
    He spoke with the head of anesthesia at Cedars Sinai, since anesthesiologists have to manage pain and
    “I needed advice getting him to sleep and I also asked about a doctor in London,” Dr. Metzger explained.
    “I don’t remember if I called back or just relay the message I couldn’t help,” the doctor said.
    Dr. Metzger: Basically he said any IV treatment is potentially dangerous, that he didn’t know anyone who
    would administer IV anesthesia
    Dr Metzger: One of the things he discuss was Diprivan. April 18, 2009 was the last time Dr. Metzger saw
    MJ alive.
    Chang showed Dr. Metzger the picture of MJ during fitting on June 19, 2009
    Chang: Did he look like this? Dr. Metzger: Oh no, not at all C: Would you’ve been concerned? Dr. M: Oh
    yes, oh yes
    Judge ordered jurors back at 1:30p PT to have a security meeting. Attorneys ordered back at 2:00p PT.
    Around 1:40 pm PT, jurors were escorted by sheriff’s department. We’re told they had security brief for
    sequestration during deliberation.
    Outside the presence of the jury, Deborah Chang argued she doesn’t think it’s appropriate for the court
    to sanction.
    Chang gave 38 pages of Debbie Rowe’s testimony to Dr. Metzger to read.
    Judge had ruled that non-retained expert witnesses should not be given copies of other witnesses’
    Chang: I don’t think it was intentional violation of court’s order. I believe we acted in good faith Judge:
    The good faith exception, huh?
    Judge then precluded plaintiffs from asking anything related to the issue German doctors and Propofol
    used to sleep.
    Bina: He already testified without the taint of someone else’s testimony. Even if she acted in good faith, it
    irreparably tainted his memory
    Bina said she’s asking for fair remedy here, which is keep this part out of Dr. Metzger’s out.
    Bina said Chang corrupted the witness by giving another witness’ version of the events so he was able to
    taylor his answer according to hers
    Cahan said the 38 pages of Rowe’s testimony detailed the set up the anesthesiologist in German, logistic,
    what drugs have been provided
    “There’s no other way to fix this other than keep it out,” Cahan urged the judge.
    Panish: What we did, show him the testimony, is appropriate. Non-retained experts can be refreshed.
    “This is about refreshing his recollection with someone else’s memory,” Bina argued.
    Panish: Defense will argue MJ had long history of use of Propofol. The evidence here is that Propofol was
    used in connection with surgeries.
    Bina: We can never get back what Dr. Metzger’s memory actually was. Judge: Ok, I’m ready to rule. I’m
    excluding it.
    Jurors entered the court at 2:41 pm. Dr. Allan Metzger resumed testimony. Deborah Chang continued
    the questions.
    Chang: Do you recall having a conversation with Paul Gongaware about MJ’s inability to sleep? Dr.
    Metzger: Yes, I do.
    No further question. Kathryn Cahan, for AEG, doing cross examination.
    Cahan inquired about the time of deposition whether Dr. Metzger had MJ’s medical files.
    Dr. Metzger: Some of my records were given to my attorney at the time, didn’t keep medical records.
    There may be an insurance file and one major file, the doctor said. His counsel did not give his medical
    record prior to his deposition.
    Dr. Metzger said that at the time of his deposition, he received a great amount of the file back, but it was
    out of order and missing pages.
    “I told the truth to the best of my ability,” Dr. Metzger said about his deposition and his trial testimony.
    The doctor said he looked at some of MJ’s medical records over the past several days. “I did not look at
    26 years of medical records.”
    Dr. Metzger said he had, in bits and pieces, taken care of other Jackson’s family members, including MJ’s
    The doctor was very close to MJ and moderately close to the children.
    In depo Dr. Metzger’s said: Q: And it seems like you also had a very close relationship with Michael’s
    children, correct? A: Yes
    Dr. Metzger said he had a moderately close relationship with the children in comparison with his
    relationship to MJ.
    He said there were times the children went to his house for dinner, went to the movies.
    Dr. Metzger met Katherine Jackson many years ago, he said. He provided some medical care to her last
    He gave Mrs. Jackson advice about traveling because of her health.
    Dr. Metzger: I advised her to fly to Arizona for a concert. I do not know where she was in Arizona, I did
    not advise her to go to a spa.
    “Janet and Randy asked me to evaluate her health,” Dr. Metzger said. “I’ve previously taken care of
    Janet many years ago.”
    “I’m well acquainted with the immediate Jackson family and some other members,” the doctor said.
    “I viewed Michael as a very good friend of mine and I think it was vice-versa,” Dr. Metzger testified.
    Dr. Metzger said he spoke with Chang on the phone about 2 weeks ago and in met her in person with his
    attorney 2-3 nights ago for an hour.
    Doctor said he was out of town from middle of July until mid-Aug. Early July he advised plaintiffs’ counsel
    about his absence.
    Dr. Metzger first spoke with plaintiffs’ attorneys about testifying back in April or May. He has been
    Dr. Metzger said Chang told him she had an attorney to refer that she thought would suit his needs. She
    recommended Eric George.
    Cahan: Did plaintiffs’ counsel help you find an attorney? Dr. Metzger: Yes
    Cahan: Are plaintiffs’ paying for your attorney in this case? Dr. Metzger: I believe so. C: How much does
    he charge? Dr. M: I don’t know
    The doctor said he reached out to Debbie Rowe after seeing in the media that she testified in this case.
    He wanted to give her some support.
    At that time, Rowe also said Eric George was a good attorney. Cahan asked if the doc is charging
    plaintiffs anything to be here today.
    Dr. Metzger: I’ll be sending a bill at the end of the trial.
    Dr. Metzger: I believe it’s reasonable for my time reviewing the records, giving deposition and testimony
    in this case.
    The doctor said he’s spent about 6 hours of his time. Cahan asked how much he charges and he said he
    was not comfortable disclosing his rate
    Cahan asked the judge to order him to answer, which judge did. He said he charges approximately
    “There were no negotiations, I basically said this is my fee and they said ok,” Dr. Metzger explained.
    As to his attorney, Metzger said he knows there’s an arrangement for payment by the plaintiffs and
    there’s also an arrangement between the 2
    Cahan: Have you spoken with Jackson’s family members about this lawsuit? Dr. Metzger: Basically no
    “My recollection I did not speak with any single member of the family about this lawsuit,” Dr. Metzger
    The doctor said his relationship with Michael Jackson was the closest he has ever had with any patient. He
    went to Neverland 12-15 times.
    He went to MJ’s Century City house, saw MJ at Dr. Klein’s house and office, saw him in NY, Australia, best
    man of his wedding to Ms. Rowe.
    “He was both,” Dr. Metzger said about MJ being a friend and patient. “I always had his best interest at
    “I don’t believe I ever crossed any ethical boundaries with Michael Jackson,” Dr. Metzger said.
    The doctor said he understands the Hippocratic Oath to have his patients first, do no harm.
    Dr. Metzger: In my view, I always maintained proper boundaries. A lot of physicians would not socialize
    with patients.
    Dr. Metzger: MJ was the most social I was with my patients.
    “He really didn’t like taking medicine” Metzger said. “I think he needed medicine because he had low pain
    threshold when undergoing surgery”
    “He needed it, he didn’t take it for joy,” Dr. Metzger said.
    Dr. Metzger said he believes he never gave MJ Demerol. “Absolutely not,” he responded to the question.
    Dr. Metzger: At some juncture on that tour (Dangerous), I believe I arranged for Karen, Debbie or
    security team to bring some medicine
    Cahan: Was that in Aug 1993? Dr. Metzger: I don’t recall.
    Cahan: Do you remember sending pain medication? Dr. Metzger: Yes, there was some form of pain
    Cahan: Do you remember sending some Demerol?
    Dr. Metzger: I don’t personally believe I prescribed MJ Demerol. It could’ve come from Dr. Klein if it was in
    the package.
    “I don’t remember ever writing a prescription for Michael about Demerol,” Dr. Metzger explained.
    Dr. Metzger admitted he used Karen Faye’s name to prescribe medicine for MJ.
    “I’ve done it on rare occasions, almost exclusively for MJ and Janet,” Dr. Metzger said.
    Cahan: Even though you knew it’s illegal? Dr. Metzger: Yes C: Why? Dr. M: To protect their anonymity
    Cahan: Have you ever been reprimanded or disciplined for writing prescriptions on someone else’s name?
    Chang asked for a sidebar.
    Outside jury’s presence there was discussion about Cahan asking if Metzger was reprimanded for writing
    prescription under other people’s names
    Bina: Dr. Metzger pled no contest to a misdemeanor for misconduct. There’s a petition for suspension of
    Dr. Metzger’s medical license.
    Bina argued the appropriate remedy should be to strike the question and bar the line of questioning.
    Cahan apologized saying she misunderstood the court order. She said she thought it had to do with
    other patients other than MJ and KJ.
    Panish: She did it intentionally, was setting him up. It was a premeditated plan. It’s not admissible, she
    severely prejudiced this witness
    Panish wants an admonition read and wants to be allowed to talk about the German doctors.
    Chang argued Cahan did it in bad faith. “The jury is left with the idea that he’s a criminal, that he’d do
    anything for MJ,” she said.
    “I honestly don’t know what to do to fix it,” Chang said. “I just want to throw myself on the floor and
    Judge will read an instruction to the jury that Cahan’s question was improper and they should disregard
    it or anything implied by it.
    Judge admonished Cahan not to ask anything about it.
    Dr. Metzger said he travelled to Australia with Debbie Rowe, was there for about 2 weeks. This was
    HIStory tour.
    Dr Metzger never rejoined the tour after he came back to LA. “My schedule and MJ particularly wanted
    me there for the wedding and Australia”
    “He didn’t need me and I didn’t need to be there,” he said. Dr. Metzger recalled treating MJ for mild
    dehydration while in Australia.
    The doc talked about the plan he wrote to help MJ sleep. He said MJ gave permission for him to share
    plan with Rowe, Faye and security guards
    “Michael needed to be told what to do,” Dr. Metzger said. The plan detailed what to do before flights and
    after performances.
    “He was uncomfortable and a little fearful of flying,” Dr. Metzger explained.
    Cahan: Did doctor shopping included Mr. Jackson segregating physicians?
    Dr. Metzger: Often I’d not hear about other physicians. I’d hear from security or the ladies if it was
    “At times, I think he probably did keep things from me because he didn’t want me to worry,” Dr. Metzger
    Dr. Metzger: I always asked him to go through the hotel, because the hotel had responsibility to hire
    competent physician.
    Cahan: Do you think MJ wanted to keep information from one doctor to another so he could more or
    less do what he wanted?
    Dr. Metzger: No
    Cahan played video deposition in the insurance company lawsuit where Dr. Metzger said MJ would
    segregate his doctors.
    Dr. Metzger on depo: I think he didn’t want to appear he was doctor shopping.
    Dr. Metzger: I think he didn’t want one medical group to know about another medical group so he could,
    more or less, do what he wanted.
    Judge adjourned trial until 10:00 am PT tomorrow for jurors. Attorneys are ordered at 9:30 am PT. Dr.
    Metzger to resume testimony at 10 am. [on Friday]

    PLAN AS OF NOW, ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE: – Witness done tomorrow morning, arguments and
    motions in the pm – Jury to be instructed on MONDAY -Closing plaintiff — TUESDAY – Closing defendant — WEDNESDAY – Rebuttal plaintiff — THURSDAY


  33. Caro Attwell permalink
    September 21, 2013 1:43 am

    Thank you so much Helena for both updates – much appreciated from someone outside of US. Hope you recover well and soon. Caro


  34. September 21, 2013 11:24 am

    Thank you so much Helena for both updates – much appreciated from someone outside of US. Hope you recover well and soon.” – Caro

    Caro, thank you for the good wishes. As regards being outside the US we are in an equal position here – I am not American. I am Russian and live in Moscow.


  35. Caro Attwell permalink
    September 22, 2013 5:00 am

    WOW I had no idea Helena – that makes you work even more appreciated, as it must be even harder for you to get all this information.. I had assumed that you were American – that’s what one gets for making assumptions hey!!

    I came to Russia in May 2012, spending 6 days in St Petersburg and 6 days in Moscow, and had the time of my life. Since a little girl I have been fascinated with anything Russian and promised myself that one day I would go to Tsarskoe Selo and St Basils, and The Hermitage and I made it, and what a wonderful experience it was. Just wish I had known you lived there then.

    Excited about the new documentary reported on by Raven in her latest post.

    So grateful to all you guys who write these blogs – please keep up the good work.


  36. September 22, 2013 10:10 am

    “WOW I had no idea Helena – that makes you work even more appreciated, as it must be even harder for you to get all this information..” – Caro

    Caro, as regards access to information thanks to the internet all of us have more or less equal opportunities now. As to my country I am happy you liked your visit but I as a local here am far from being satisfied. Far from it. If I were satisified I would not belong to what our authorities contemptuously call “unorganized opposition” which is suspected of every evil on earth up to being sponsored by the US, lol.

    Our biggest problem is that my country does not need people like me who think on their own – the most welcome citizen here is the one who does not ask questions, is satisfied with non-stop entertainment on TV replacing serious analytical programs, closes his eyes to a lot of injustice going on, shows loyalty to the authorities by voting “the right way” and never raises a voice against their decisions – then this person will live a prosperous and happy life here. Collaboration and living by “their” rules brings riches, stability and a good career. Unfortunately too many people choose this path and this is the worst part of it. You will not be able to see it with a naked eye if you come here as a tourist.

    And the “unorganized opposition” prefers to live by the truth and by the rules being equal for all – this is practically all we are asking for. Most of us are simply sick and tired of double standards and want honesty, justice and respect for human dignity. And we are not ready to sacrifice our conscience for the sake of prosperity and comfort.

    I am saying all this for you not to have any illusions and understand that it is absolutely not every Russian who will stand up for Michael the way I do – many will not because they are as indifferent to the injustice to Michael as they are to the injustice towards their own compatriots.

    It so happened that I always took lies, injustice and double standards very hard, and this is probably why Michael’s harassment turned into so an unbearable case for me. And what made it worse is that I myself am not without guilt – there was a time when I also suspected him of the worst. Now I cannot even imagine how I could.


  37. Caro Attwell permalink
    September 22, 2013 1:16 pm

    Yes the wonders of the internet hey., but I am not particularly internet savvy and certainly cannot draw up the kind of information that you share with us all, so am really grateful for it.

    Yes I suppose that life in any country is much different for the person who lives there than what a tourist would see, and I understand that only too well. Though I am not South African by birth – have lived here for 28 years now, and only came after the ‘struggle’ was moreorless over – I know that life is very different for me as a white woman living in a leafy suburb compared to a black woman living in a shack in a township like Khayalitsha which is on the outskirts of the city, but I do so love this beautiful country particularly Cape Town where I live, and cannot imagine ever going back to UK where I came from. I love the people and being part of our ‘rainbow nation’, and what I particularly enjoy is that Michael is loved by many many South Africans of all colours and cultures here – I work with 6 native South African men and we all go crazy when his music is played on the radio, and they are always coming to me to find out what is happening around him now and want to borrow my cds and dvds, Michael is truly international and our blog proves that once again. Thank you once again for your efforts in Michaeling.


  38. October 4, 2013 1:36 pm

    A name bashir, I can’t see it anymore! But he is an uncivilized, before being a hypocritical journalist. This man continues to touch Michael, only to declare about himself being a petty man.

    Helena thank you for always with all my respect.


  39. February 8, 2014 5:44 pm

    Guys, just wanted to tell you that MJBrookins has started a terrific project – an on-line Magazine for the MJ fan community. Knowing as much as we know about Michael now I began reading it never thinking it would be THAT interesting.

    It made me cry and laugh. Laugh because I never expected things like a comedy there, and cry because it recreated the feeling which overwhelmed, embraced and united all of us at the very beginning of this road. Feeling it again was a special treat.

    I was also greatly honored that MJ Brookins included one of my pieces there too up to even a dream which I once told her in an email. At that time truly mysterious things were happening to many of us and I remember several people sharing a similar kind of experience.

    There is no doubt that the Magazine made a great start. It is unimaginable what just one person is able to do.

    Here is the first issue of it:



  1. Worüber die Medien nicht (oft) berichten: Michael Jackson, der Mensch und Humanitär. | all4michael

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