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Conrad Murray, THE MAN WHO KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON. Part 1 about some British films

December 9, 2013

This post will be about the medications given to Michael by Conrad Murray, his lies morphing from one into another, and filling the blank spaces in his ever-changing story of how he killed Michael Jackson with real facts.

However it will start with something different – with a film which also claims that it will look into the drugs Michael Jackson was allegedly “taking”.


Some time ago Laura Messina published on Facebook the news that British ITV channel is planning another autopsy show about Michael Jackson to be broadcast early next year 2014.

In contrast to Murray’s case this morbid show may turn out to be off limits to the Estate, same as it was not possible for Michael’s lawyers to stop Martin Bashir’s filth when British TV was so terribly intent on showing it to its readers.

The jurisdiction is different, and deceased people can be trashed as much as the media wants it, and the added complication is that they are planning to trash not only Michael Jackson but Whitney Houston and Anna Nicole Smith too which makes it difficult to single out MJ out of “three global celebrities who died suddenly, causing claims, counter claims, wild rumours and multiple theories about their deaths” as the media claims.

In fact Michael Jackson should not be singled out because all the three deceased people got more than enough while they were alive and deserve some peace at least in their death. In the case of Michael Jackson the guilt of the media is already enormous, so tossing his dead body for the sake of profits of some good-for-nothing TV channel is something really beyond the pale – like unloading a truckload of shit on someone’s grave.

Of course if this TV channel planned a proper investigation of the three deaths for once in their lifetime the situation would be different, however the tonality of the series does not give hope that it will be something decent.

They promise to turn it into a fascinating autopsy sight made out of the remains of three dead people: 

  • “The fascinating thing about an autopsy is that if you know how to read it correctly, it doesn’t just tell you how a person died, it can tell you even more about how they lived,” says Shepherd. “And furthermore, autopsies are non-judgmental; they are simply a scientific acquisition of facts, so in the case of a person that is well known, that objectivity can allow you to see them with fresh eyes, up close and personal and as if for the first time. The fact that they are a celebrity makes no difference at all.”

Shepherd is wrong. The autopsy will not tell you how they lived – unless you carry out a full investigation how the various substances in their bodies found their way there. The medications themselves do not say a thing about how these persons lived, because the drugs could be fed to them by others to induce death (in murder cases, for example), and could have nothing to do with these people’s usual way of life.

Since I never studied the circumstances of life and death of the two women the only person I can speak of is Michael Jackson, and over here I can assert that most of the medications found in Michael’s body tell us not of the way Michael lived, but of the way Conrad Murray “treated” him as they were given to Michael and not what he took himself.

Most of the drugs found in Michael’s system were the medications he never wanted. I’m talking of the benzodiazepines Murray pushed onto Michael and which Michael resisted very much indeed as they were not helping him sleep anyway – however Murray regularly injected them into his body as if Michael were a guinea pig for his experiments.

Murray claimed that he began to use benzos to “wean MJ off propofol” which is a lie. I checked it up and he actually ordered the first trays of benzos as early as April 2009, when propofol had been barely started and there was nothing yet to “wean” Michael off , and this means that Murray was planning to use those benzos from the very beginning of his “treatment”.

If the new British film focused on the way Conrad Murray was steadfastly killing Michael Jackson by his irresponsible experiments on his health I would not object to it, however it seems that the truth is the last thing these guys want.

Here is the description of their series they themselves provide:

Episodic Breakdown

Episode One: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, “The King of Pop” was the biggest selling recording artist of all time, but when he suddenly died at just 50 years old, he left $400 million in debts, and more questions than answers.
The evidence revealed by his autopsy shows a man who suffered. Plagued by complications from his many plastic surgeries, suffering from two rare skin conditions, riddled with arthritis and with his lungs severely damaged, he had an enlarged prostate, and was still suffering the effects of a horrific accident that left him bald.

But the most startling evidence takes us inside the bewildering number of drugs that were coursing through his veins – many at toxic levels – bearing witness to a host of addictions that had spiralled out of control, and the desperate battle against insomnia that would cost him his life.

Episode Two: Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston was a singer, actress, icon and diva with a once in a generation voice that propelled her into the pop stratosphere, but no amount of talent could protect her from the demons that dragged her to her death in a Hollywood hotel bathroom at the age of just 48.

The evidence revealed by her autopsy tells an astonishing story of excess, revealing in detail the damage done by years of abuse – from liver and heart disease caused by alcohol and smoking, to the perforated septum ravaged by repeatedly snorting cocaine – and uncovers the cocktail of drugs that contributed to her death, from prescription medications, to marijuana and free base cocaine.

But most importantly the evidence gives us a unique portal into the final minutes of her life alone in a bathroom, finally revealing the truth of what killed her and how she died and every detail of the desperate battle to save her life.

Episode Three: Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith was the embodiment of the American dream. Her breast implant-fuelled journey from small town stripper to Playboy pin up, Guess Jeans supermodel and Hollywood movie star captured the public imagination, but it was her marriage to a billionaire 67 years her senior that brought her global notoriety and started her on a downward path that led to her death in a Florida hotel room at the age of just 39.

The evidence revealed by her autopsy tells a heart-breaking story of hard living and hard luck. Her swollen liver, damaged lungs and injection-riddled buttocks all bear testimony to the addictions and behaviours that blighted her life. Coursing around her veins were prescription meds and the sedative that killed her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

But the most extraordinary revelations that the autopsy provides are the unusual cause of the mystery infection that contributed to her death, and the previously undiagnosed condition that could go a long way to explaining many of the tragic events of her life.

What a morbid description bred by unhealthy minds. And what a sample of vulgarity and bad taste… I would even be curious to look into the faces of the creators of the program and its prospective viewers for purely educational purposes – just to know in advance whom to never give a handshake.

The MJ episode is of course the main bait of the series. Look at the vocabulary referring to Jackson – “the startling evidence”, “the bewildering number of drugs”, “a host of addictions”, “that spiraled out of control” and this alone will tell you more than you care to know about these people’s intentions.

All of it is indeed a startling evidence that the British media is again taking from their dusty shelves the old propaganda clichés about Michael Jackson. And if there is anything indeed spiraling out of control it is only their endless lies about him.

These people did not understand a thing and are still the same old pigsty and shameless kind. So not a word more about this trash, please. Instead I suggest looking at another British film which was shown immediately after Murray’s guilty verdict in November 2011.


At that time I couldn’t force myself to watch the film shown several days after Conrad Murray’s conviction. Seeing this person not taking a chance to testify in court but then freely telling lies and making profit on Michael’s death was an unbearable sight.

However now that Murray is emerging with new lies the old ones have been overshadowed and now it is interesting to see the film to educate oneself on Murray’s story number 2 (story number 1 was his police interview).

The thing is that Murray is not just a simple liar – he constantly changes his lies due to his changing agenda and the new alliances he forms. Each time you see a different Murray and a different version of his lies, and seeing him morphing into something new is to a certain extent an interesting sight.

1. Conrad Murray’s story at its “freshest” was provided in the police interview dated June 27, 2009.

For the two days that passed since Michael’s death he already made up his basic lies – about allegedly never leaving Michael’s side except for two minutes only and then valiantly fighting for his life even when all those  other weaklings gave up.

Murray’s problem at that time was that he was still unsure how much he could disclose about the role of his boss (AEG) in Michael’s death and therefore kept much of it to himself and never even mentioned them.

His then focus was on how “helpful”he was to Michael and how bad his other doctors were, how caring he was for Michael’s family and “holding their hands” after the tragedy. The excerpt from the interview:

  • I sat with the family, Mrs.   Jackson. I pulled my chair all the way up to her.  Latoya was right there. I held their hands. I asked them if they had any questions. “Is there anything I can do to help?”  … I wanted to be there to answer anything that they wanted, any questions that they may have had.  And I did that.

This sentimental piece took Katherine Jackson completely by surprise as she said he had never even come close to her in the hospital.

But then came a second version of Murray’s lies.

2. In the film of November 2011 we saw a different Conrad Murray and a different story.

2011 They did not ask the questionNow Murray was clearly enraged that AEG was not helping him during the trial (at least not as much as he expected) and he spilled out some details about Ortega who threatened to quit the show and Randy Phillips who made insolent and humiliating comments about Michael.

In the film Murray is venting about Randy Phillips who took him aside after the June 20th meeting in Michael’s home and swore so much that it shocked even Murray:

30:05 Murray: “The producer Kenny Ortega made several statements. He was going to quit, this could not go on if Michael was not going to do what he was expected to do they cannot have a show. And they could not get Michael to conform to what they wanted. Michael on the other hand was saying they were working him too much. He was …He did not want to be worked as a machine. He felt like a machine.

30:30 Voiceover: Kenny Ortega, the director of This is it, warned of Michael’s poor condition in an email sent five days before Jackson died: 

“He appeared quite weak and fatigued this evening. He had a visible case of the chills, was trembling, rambling and obsessing. …Tonight I was feeding him, wrapping him in blankets to warm his chills, massaging his feet to calm him and calling his doctor. … I believe he really wants this. It would shatter him, break his heart if we pulled the plug. He’s terribly frightened it’s all going to go away. He asked me repeatedly tonight if I was going to leave him. He was practically begging for my confidence. It broke my heart. He was like a lost boy. There still may be a chance he can rise to the occasion if we get him the help he needs. Sincerely, Kenny”

With all 50 shows sold out Ortega’s email had an immediate impact. A crisis meeting is held at Jackson’s home with Michael, Ortega, Dr. Murray and Randy Phillips, the CEO of AEG, the concert promoters.

31:35 Randy Phillips: “Dr. Murray spoke for Michael on a situation and guaranteed us that Michael would get in tour, would connect”.

31:43 Voiceover: According to Murray Randy Phillips took him aside to warn him of the dire financial consequences to Jackson if the London concerts were cancelled.

31:55 Murray: “That’s when I got the shock. Randy Phillips asked that they just step out of the living room when the meeting had ended.  This is him, grinding his teeth. “He does not have a fucking cent, a fucking cent. What’s this bullshit all about? Listen, this guy is next to the skid row, he’s going to be homeless, the fucking pop sickles that his children are sucking on… Look, those kids…what’s that all about? Nine security guards, why does he need that? I’m paying for that shit. I’m paying for the toilet paper he wipes his ass with. He has never a fucking cent. And if he don’t get his show done, he’s over. This is it. This is the last chance that he has to earn any kind of money. He is ruined. Financially he has nothing. Zero.

32:05 Voiceover: Under oath Randy Phillips denied any such conversation.

Chernoff: You did not go to Dr. Murray after the meeting to tell him anything?

Randy Phillips: No.

Chernoff: You didn’t know what Kenny Ortega did?

Randy Phillips: No. We all left together, so I don’t think so.

Voiceover: Only two people will ever know whether that conversation took place.

33:30 Jackson’s problems at rehearsals stand from his physical weakness and his recurrent insomnia. Years before he had turned to propofol, a powerful anesthetic as a drastic measure to get to sleep. Jackson called it his milk. Murray admits that he first gave Jackson propofol only after becoming his personal physician.

33:50 Murray: “He spoke of it – because of this current concert he needed to have sleep so that he could compose properly, be ready for the performances and this was only because of the This is it concert”.

Voiceover: Days before Michael’s death Murray claims Jackson’s craving for sleep intensified.

Murray: ‘He said “I want fifteen to eighteen hours of sleep. That’s what most doctors gave me… Give me ten minutes, give me twenty minutes.” I would say to him: “Why would ten minutes help you?” It doesn’t make sense. Why would twenty minutes make a difference?” “Oh, it will, it will. It really helps me….I’m composing. I am at the stage of production..”

The above is valuable not only for keeping record of AEG’s threats to Murray and Michael, but also for remembering things like “Ortega wanted to quit” and Chernoff’s questions like: “You didn’t know what Kenny Ortega did?”

What Ortega did is more or less known to us now from Karen Faye’s messages sent early in the morning of June 19th to her boyfriend. Over there she quoted Ortega and Randy Phillips’s easily recognizable vocabulary:

  • “Didn’t get home until 2:30. KENNY WAS MAD. He and Randy Phillips and the doctor held a sort of intervention. MJ didn’t show till 9:30 p.m. Kenny told me AEG, (Randy Phillips) is funding his entire life right now. His house, food, kids, school, everything.  They told him they will PULL THE PLUG IF HE DOESN’T GET HIS SHIT TOGETHER. IF HE DOESN’T DO THIS, HE LOSES EVERYTHING, PROBABLY EVEN HIS KIDS.”

Murray says that Ortega “made several statements” and “was going to quit” – so he did threaten Michael (and AEG) if Michael did not perform at rehearsals.

However Michael was not obliged to and said that they were making him work too hard, and indeed, at the preliminary stage it was mostly Ortega’s job which was to be over in some ten days or so, while Michael had 50 shows ahead of him and had to spare his strength as he always did it during his other tours.

In his email of June 20th Phillips confirmed that his main focus was absolutely not on Michael, but on Ortega whose quitting the show worried him much more than Michael Jackson’s condition, health, state of mind or life in general.  About Michael he couldn’t care less, while Ortega’s ultimatum (evidently made on June 18) was regarded by him as a real tragedy.

Hence the threats to Michael that he would lose everything, even his children. If the threat sent Michael into a panic, this was actually Randy Phillips’s intent as he did want to frighten Michael out of his wits.

However Phillips never expected that Michael’s terrible state the next day after those threats (on June 19) would shock Ortega so much that he would backpedal from what he said the day before and he and AEG jointly agreed to do to Michael – pull the plug on him and so on.

Randy Phillips - It could get worse if Ortega quit

Michael Kane: “And I thought it couldn’t get worse”
Randy Phillips: “It could! Kenny Ortega could quit”

The proof that the only person Randy Phillips was worried about was Ortega is in Michael Kane’s email sent early in the morning of June 20th. Kane said that he thought “it couldn’t get worse”, and Randy Phillips replied  to him – “It could! Kenny Ortega could quit.”

It was in this enraged state of mind that later that day Phillips joined Michael, Murray and Ortega for a crisis meeting of June 20th .

The main goal of the meeting was not to discuss Michael’s quickly and terribly declining health (this matter was not even an issue), but to “check Ortega’s hysteria” and make Michael conform to whatever Ortega wanted of him at that time.

The picture of what happened after that meeting was vividly described by Murray in the 2011 film (when Phillips grinded his teeth and hissed about the toilet paper), and this means that even Murray is capable of occasionally telling the truth if he is placed in the right circumstances and is caught at the right moment.

This right moment came just prior to the verdict at Murray’s trial when he was terribly resentful of AEG for having to be the only one to answer for what they did together.

This is why he raised the curtain of secrecy over the way AEG and Ortega treated Michael during the preparation of the show and why Michael felt so terribly pressured and could not sleep, the consequences of which had to be dealt with only by Murray.

Murray felt like a fall guy and he vented.

Karen Faye’s tweets of 26 September also confirm that Murray was actually telling the truth there:

  • “Randy Phillips SLAPPED and yelled at Michael and witnessed how injured Michael’s spirit was before production even began.”
  • “AEG had millions invested and they were desperate to recoup their money (no insurance). They put Michael under unbearable pressure, by threatening to take everything away, if he did not get to rehearsals.”
  • “RP and Paul Gongaware were fully aware of Michael’s issues. They thought they could control the situation by controlling Murray”
  • “Michael kept repeating “why can’t I choose” in his last weeks on earth.”
  • “Michael was cornered. AEG was financing MJ’s life, and TII. You heard all of MJ’s financial issues. When RP threatened to “pull the plug” it meant a lot more than stop the show.”

Now we understand why according to Murray “days before Michael’s death his craving for sleep intensified”.

It intensified because Michael was put under unbearable pressure by Ortega and AEG who, by the way, were late with the production due to their own fault Ortega was busy with another project and he and AEG just started too late.

But that was Murray’s second version of the story, which was followed by still another one.

3. Upon Murray’s release from jail in October 2013 we see a different Conrad Murray again, and hear the third and amended version of his story.

By now his attorney Valerie Wass had struck a big friendship with the AEG lawyers and this was witnessed by many at the AEG civil trial, and this resulted in Murray keeping mum about AEG again.

The new element of the story is that now he is shifting all attention to some vague but nasty innuendoes about Michael – only this time he is taking them even further than his initial statements about Michael and “drugs given to him by some other doctors.”

Now he gives long stares suggesting that (for an adequate payment) he is ready to talk about the alleged “the dark side” of Michael whom he allegedly “loves very much” and whose “true friend he was”. Today’s Murray is nasty, determined and calculating, and has a look of someone who is ready to kill.

His transformation is dramatic, and his whole demeanor is contrasting with everything we saw before. Through all that acting and affected emotions you can now see his thirst for revenge, cruel indifference to anyone except himself and a confidence that comes with siding with a powerful ally.

Not a word is said now about AEG, and the determination to do harm is placed only on his “friend”Michael the hate for whom is visible with a naked eye.

The combination of this nastiness with the resumed friendship with AEG reminds me of Wade Robson who also suddenly “recalled” bad things about Michael just at the outset of the AEG trial which convinced us that the goal of the attack was to distract attention from AEG and paint Michael a villain who “deserved his death.”

From the present Murray’s comments on Michael it is clear that he has made his choice and declared a war on the Jacksons. Murray sides only with those who are stronger, so the outcome of the AEG trial must have affected his decision very much indeed.

The media also noticed Murray’s new priorities and even called it a “declaration of war on Katherine Jackson”:

Conrad Murray Ignites War With Katherine Jackson

11/25/2013 9:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Katherine’s lawyers tells TMZ, “Murray has refused to go under the OATH KNIFE and his attempt to exploit Michael are despicable and disgusting.”  Translation:  He took the 5th because he’s guilty as sin and now he’s selling sordid stories about MJ to line his pockets.

Another lawyer sent Murray’s attorney a scathing email, calling the doc “reprehensible.”

But Murray’s lawyer, Valerie Wass, quickly went on the counterattack, saying,  “You and members of your client’s family have been bad-mouthing my client for a long time.  I don’t blame him for talking, especially after … you tried to portray him as an awful person.”

What’s unclear … how Murray talking about holding MJ’s penis clears up anything.

For the sake of the record the samples of Murray’s revelations will have to be placed here so that people know the degree of Murray’s hate for the man he killed and the deepness of the new low he has sunk to. In Murray’s eyes things were starting so well, but Michael Jackson ruined all Conrad Murray’s hopes because he dared to die!

Dr. Conrad Murray ‘I Held Michael’s Penis Every Night’

11/24/2013 1:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray says he and Michael Jackson were so tight, he would hold his penis for him.

In a bizarre, rambling interview with The Daily Mail, Murray says, “You want to know how close we were?  I held his penis every night to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night.”

Murray went on to say, “He wore dark trousers all the time because after he went to the toilet he would drip for hours.”

And there’s this mystery … Murray says, “Michael didn’t know how to put a condom on, so I had to do it for him.”

Murray also discloses some of the things TMZ revealed years ago — that Murray believes Michael killed himself.  Murray claims when he walked out of Michael’s bedroom the day he died, “I believe he woke up, got hold of his own stash of Propofol and injected himself.  He did it too quickly and went into cardiac arrest.”

And, Murray suggests, MJ’s kids have 3 different fathers, and Michael isn’t one of them.  Murray says, “Michael told me he never slept with Debbie Rowe.”

And, Murray insists, Michael told him he had been sexually assaulted by one of his doctors while under sedation.

And this bizarre comment.  Murray suggests Michael predicted he would die on Murray’s watch.  He says MJ once looked at him and said, “You know, for the rest of your life and my life our names will become inseparable.”  Murray says MJ smiled and said, “I am clairvoyant.”

At some point of Murray spilling his crazy stories on the amazed public the Estate could no longer tolerate it and sent Murray a cease and desist letter reminding him of the doctor/patient privilege and telling him that they would stop at nothing within legal limits if he continued in the same manner – which is a stance I fully applaud:

cease and desist letter to Murray                                                                                             Howard Weitzman

November 26, 2013

Dr. Conrad Murray

c/o Valerie G. Wass, Esq.

Re: Michael Jackson

Dear Dr. Murray:

I write on behalf of the Estate of Michael Jackson (the “Estate”) to warn you to immediately cease and desist in discussing Michael Jackson with the press. Your recent comments to the media about Mr. Jackson’s medical treatment and ultimate death shamefully violate the physician-patient privilege under California law. Despite your self-serving statements to the contrary, you clearly were not Michael Jackson’s “friend.” You were Mr.Jackson’s medical doctor charged with his care. In this regards, all communications that you had with Mr. Jackson were in the course of that physician-patient relationship, and are therefore presumed confidential and absolutely privileged.

The physician-patient privilege remains in full effect despite Michael Jackson’s death. Under California Evidence Code #993 (c) the Estate is the authorized holder of the privilege and is entitled to assert it. See Cal. Evid. Code #993 (c) (defining “holder” of the privilege as “the personal representative of the patient if the patient is dead”), see also Hale v.Sup.Ct. 28 Cal.App.4th 1421, 1423 (1994) (decedent’s estate was holed of the privilege); Rittenhoute v.Sup.Ct. 235 Cal.App 3d 1584, 1588 (1991) (same). To be clear, the Estate has not, nor will it ever, authorize you to discuss with anyone especially the media your treatment of Michael Jackson, including without limitation, any and all communications that you had with Mr. Jacskon while he was under your medical care.

There is no question that you have already breached the physician-patient privilege in connection with your recent press interviews. The physician-patient privilege is broad and includeds all confidential communications “transmitted between a patient and his physician in the course of that relationship.” Cal.Evid.Cod #992. Communications between a physician and patient are “presumed to have been made in confidence and the opponent of the claim of privilege has the burden of proof to establish that the communication was not confidential.” Ca;. Evid.Code $917 (emphasis added). In addition to communications, the physician-patient privilege included all “information obtained by an examination of the patient” and all “diagnosis [es] made and the advice given by the physician in the course of the relationship.” Cal. Evid. Code #992, see also Binder v. Sup.Ct, 196 Cal. App.3d 893, 897 (1987). California courts have a long history of liberally construing the physician-patient privilege in favor of nondisclosure. See, e.g. Kramer v. Policy Holders’ Life Ins. Ass’n, 5 Cal. App. 2nd 380 (1935).

It is beyond ironic and cowardly that after electing not to testify before the jury that convicted you, you are now trying to publically defend your conduct by sharing supposed conversations you had with Michael Jackson and alleged details about Mr. Jackson’s medical condition and treatment. Your interviews about Mr. Jackson’s personal life, health, and recent stories about the medical treatment you supposedly provided him as a “friend,” disclose precisely the type of information that the physician-patient privilege is designed to protect. If you continue to violate the oath you took when you were a physician and persist in revealing privileged information (much of which appears fabricated) about Michael Jackson, the Estate will take all necessary and permissible legal action, which will include a lawsuit seeking to enjoin you from disclosing confidential information about Mr. Jackson in any future memoir or book (which you are reportedly attempting to shop). Moreover, if the extraordinary reports are true that you are actually seeking to have your medical license reinstated in any jurisdiction, the Estate will absolutely advise the applicable medical boards of your breaches of the physician-patient and any continuing refusal to honor the physician-patient privilege in connection with your treatment of Michael Jackson.

All rights and remedies are expressly herein reserved.

Very truly yours,

Howard Weitzman

If anyone is still worrying about Murray regaining his license they can set their minds at peace now – after revelations like the above he will never get his medical license back. Even if he does, not a single patient will approach Murray for fear that he will tell stories about him holding their penises when those people were sedated and were unaware of the process – so his revelations about how he treated Jackson are the best guarantee that Conrad Murray will never resume a doctor’s career.

In case Murray is seeking career of a fiction writer the above cease-and-desist letter leaves no doubt that the Estate will sue Murray inside out if he continues to drag Michael through the mud – which is clearly his revenge to Michael for not getting a dime for the “successful” work done, spending two years in jail and his hopes for a financial bonanza going bust.

Murray doesn’t understand where his real treasure trove is – it is in telling the truth about the hell Michael was going through  in his last days due to Ortega and AEG. His contract with AEG was not signed, so he is not bound by any confidentiality agreements with AEG and by telling the truth about them he may at least clear his conscience and do a little good to the man whose friend he supposedly was.

However it is exactly on this subject that Murray is keeping silent though over here he has a good deal to say.


The British film made in November 2011 turned out to be a surprising gift to us in terms of rebuffing Murray’s and media innuendoes over Michael “sleeping with a doll”.

The second (secret) bedchamber did not have any dolls or  photos of children

The second (secret) bedchamber did not have any dolls or photos of children

The film showed the so-called secret Michael’s bedroom which no one but MJ was allowed to enter.

Murray spoke about it only in the context that it was totally unkept (which it was) and Flanagan was even going to use the mess in his defense of Conrad Murray:

27:35 Flanagan: …the public finally gets to see what that bathroom looks like? What are they going to think?

Ed Chernoff: “This is weird”

Flanagan’s wife: “ He was amazing, amazing in his field in music.”

Ed Chernoff: “I think the media, the media made him appear weirder than he is.”

In the periods when Michael could not sleep he went to his second room to pack

In the nights when Michael could not sleep he went to his second room to do packing

We can see the snapshots from that room and bathroom and though it did show the mess (which was no different from Chernoff’s room in Flanagan’s house, by the way), it also showed that Michael was using it for packing his things for London as it was full of boxes and suitcases.

But what especially struck me was that there wasn’t a single photo of a baby, boy or girl, doll or whatever in that room!

Considering that it was Michael’s “secret bedchamber” it would be logical to assume that he would hold his biggest secrets there – however there was nothing out of ordinary about that room and all the baby photos were kept in the official bedroom which the maids occasionally cleaned up, and which were visited by Michael’s children and mother and where Murray was giving his “treatment” to Michael.

The second bedchamber had nothing secret about it except the mess – and this is probably why Michael didn’t allow anyone there.

The doll could be left on the bed by someone else - Paris, for example

The doll could be left on the bed by someone else – Paris, for example

By the way the manner in which the doll was neatly put on the edge of Michael’s bed and was turned away from him suggests that it was left there by someone else – which could be even Murray, by the way.

* * *

Before we continue with the story here is the film I am talking of:

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  1. January 5, 2014 12:41 pm

    One of the fans on Facebook said that you can send a complaint about a program to this media authority – Ofcom, Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries (I think only the British can register):

    Or leave a comment on the website of channel 5: . Many people are writing that they will stop watching this garbage channel altogether after it.

    Oh, I know why one and the same channel showed “This is it” and is now going to show the autopsy! They used the documentary as a bait. This is a way to say to viewers who threaten to stop watching the channel – Don’t like our autopsies? Then you won’t see films like “This is it” either.

    Well, whether dead or alive Michael Jackson is still the biggest fascination for the public – that’s for sure. The channel will evidently not discard their plans but I hope very much that the viewers will fry this channel afterwards on a very hot frying pan.


  2. January 5, 2014 12:08 pm

    “You are my hero you stand up for what is true and right and I am so thankful to have found you and this site . The time that you spend investigating matters and writing about them in such a wonderful way is truly a labour of love!” – Caspar88

    Oh dear, I don’t want to be a hero, heroes always have to sacrifice a lot, but as to the time it takes … it indeed knows no bounds. Frankly I allowed myself a little holiday for the past few days and on occasions even watched TV feeling almost like a criminal for doing so.

    “During the prime time Christmas period Channel 5 showed ‘This Is It’ not once but twice! Sadly it now has a different feel”

    Now “This is it” is a very sad but valuable document. And I am happy to hear that it was the best program at Christmas time and people were appreciative of Michael. After Murray’s and AEG trial they look at him with different eyes and see him as a real human being and not the caricature they always painted of him. It is time for the public to finally get acquainted with real Michael Jackson.

    “Why then do they decide to show a programme the first week of the New Year that is totally abusive ? The timing is so suspicious!

    The timing? Evidently they look at autopsy programs as “entertainment”.


  3. caspar88 permalink
    January 5, 2014 6:18 am

    Hi Helena

    Happy New Year to you I hope you had a good Christmas and that you are feeling much better?

    You are my hero you stand up for what is true and right and I am so thankful to have found you and this site . The time that you spend investigating matters and writing about them in such a wonderful way is truly a labour of love!

    During the prime time Christmas period Channel 5 showed ‘This Is It’ not once but twice!
    I must admit that before the Conrad Murray trial this was the film I went to whenever I wanted to be near to Michael you could almost reach out and touch him. Sadly it now has a different feel to it one that is full of dark shadows,one where we see Michael singing his last song and one where we now know he was often frightened distressed and rarely treated with respect! As for some of those around him, they should hang their heads in shame!

    Many people I spoke to felt that the documentary had been the best programme on television over Christmas. For some it was their first experience of seeing Michael in this way, words like genius, perfectionist, gentle, caring, funny were being mentioned and this was also echoed by guest presenters on morning television. Why then do they decide to show a programme the first week of the New Year that is totally abusive ? The timing is so suspicious! What has happened to human decency dignity and respect? it is just as though they have built him up to knock him back down!!It is all very manipulative and nasty!

    One day, Helena, the truth will out and as long as we have people like you around we can hope and pray that it does!

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world indeed it is the only thing that ever has”

    Margaret Mead

    Love Lives Forever


  4. January 3, 2014 12:33 pm

    Let me draw your attention to this paragraph in the description of the film:

    “The most startling evidence, however, uncovers the bewildering number of drugs that were coursing through his veins, bearing witness to a number of addictions that had spiralled out of control. It was Jackson’s desperate battle against insomnia, however, that would ultimately cost him his life.”

    This is the point of view I’ve been fighting all along. The “bewildering number of drugs” found in MJ’s blood and partially urine includes Propofol/Lidocaine, Lorazepam, as well as traces of Midazolam, Diazepam and Ephedrine.

    All these drugs were given to Michael by Conrad Murray and the major part of them was injected into his veins despite his will. However the film dares to claim that the above “bears witness to his addictions”.

    What addictions are they talking of if Michael didn’t want those drugs and even fought Murray over them? No one claims that the victim of murder by mercury (for example) was addicted to it only on the basis of the fact that this mercury was found in the victim’s blood, right? Then how can they claim similar things about MJ?

    And to be able to make bold statements that these “addictions had spiralled out of control” they should first tell us the exact quantity Murray had already administered Michael by then and prove with numbers in their hands whether it formed an addiction or not. Murray bought a lot but it doesn’t mean he gave all those drugs to Michael – it can equally mean that he simply hid the bulk of the evidence from the prosecution.

    This is why I object to this autopsy program – besides it being a horrendously unethical thing to do, the figures in the toxicology report are blind to the story behind them. They will tell you what was found, but they will never tell the true story about Michael’s real habits.

    I’m infinitely surprised that a “world-renowned” forensic pathologist agreed to connect his name with this travesty of a documentary.


  5. January 3, 2014 11:47 am

    Just as we expected the “autopsy” film to be shown on British TV on January 7 is going to be biased, unethical and false. I’ve looked up what its authors are saying and they ARE turning it into an outrageous bunch of lies:

    “In the first of three hour-long documentaries, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd investigates the death of Michael Jackson, ‘The King of Pop’. He was the biggest-selling recording artist of all time, but when he suddenly died at just 50 years old, he left $400 million in debts and more questions than answers.

    The evidence revealed by his autopsy shows a severely sick man. Jackson was plagued by complications from his many plastic surgeries, suffered from two rare skin conditions and was riddled with arthritis. His lungs were severely damaged, he had an enlarged prostate, and was still suffering the effects of a horrific accident that left him partially bald.

    The most startling evidence, however, uncovers the bewildering number of drugs that were coursing through his veins, bearing witness to a number of addictions that had spiralled out of control. It was Jackson’s desperate battle against insomnia, however, that would ultimately cost him his life.”

    I hate to give more publicity to this garbage but have been asked to tell others about it so that we boycott it. In my opinion the best way to boycott it is not to pay attention or at least leave a damning comment on their site. However the second option is almost non-existent as out of the 17 comments 10 were already removed by a moderator.

    However it is not my style to deny people information, so here is a link to Channel5’s site where you can try your luck with a comment (if you want to):


  6. December 22, 2013 3:19 am

    Fascinating article. I can only hope the whole affair does not become one long winded conspiracy story. If someone is guilty then I can only hope the wheels of justice will get there in the end.


  7. December 14, 2013 6:03 am

    “Michaels home was not initially considered a crimescene. Was it and when was it cordoned off?” – rkatarina

    rkatarina, as far as I remember on the day Michael died Tohme changed all bodyguards in MJ’s home. Only several days later police finally closed access to the house.

    “I presume Murray posessed some ordinary latex gloves.”

    The gloves were found in the room and were part of the evidence.

    “He appears to have forgotten some of his original lies, as susanne remarks;died of a heart attack. He has also lenghtened the time of abscence from 2 min to 15.minutes”

    Murray’s defense always said that Michael died of a cardiac arrest. They needed it to prove their theory that the moment MJ allegedly “self-injected” a small amount of Propofol his heart suddenly stopped and “fixed” that level of Propofol in his blood.

    But Propofol does not affect the heart at all – it affects the brain. It shuts it off and the brain stops sending signals to the lungs. This is when breathing stops. And the heart goes on working after that for another 10 minutes. Dr. Shafer explained this process at Murray’s trial. In fact all physicians familiar with propofol know that it affects the brain and not the heart.

    If the porridge you eat in the morning does not affect your heart, how can anyone claim that it was the reason for a heart attack?

    “Murray killed Michael physically, now he is trying to kill him again.”

    What concerns me here is that the media is repeating his insane lies. A criminal may be a complete lunatic and say whatever his ill mind is painting him, but it is the duty of journalists to report the matter the way it really is and not follow the ravings of some lunatic. And most of them do repeat his lies and hang on each of his words which is a complete shame.


  8. December 11, 2013 8:24 pm

    Michaels home was not initially considered a crimescene. Was it and when was it cordoned off?I presume Murray posessed some ordinary latex gloves..Many events of the night 6/ 24 2009 are not clarified.The missing security tape, was Randy Phillips there as I think Prince testified. Was there still somebody?Thome has a friend who illegally wiped off a tape of a rape (allegedly on a site.)

    Murray killed Michael physically, now he is trying to kill him again. He appears to have forgotten some of his original lies,,as susanne remarks;died of a heart attack. He has also lenghtened the time of abscence from 2 min to 15.minutes
    He will sure put his foot in his mouth as he did in the PR film before his prevous trial..
    His face looks as if he wants to go for it immediately.


  9. December 11, 2013 2:13 pm

    “Murray claims when he walked out of Michael’s bedroom the day he died, “I believe he woke up, got hold of his own stash of Propofol and injected himself. He did it too quickly and went into cardiac arrest.” Didn’t MJ die because of respiratory failure?” – Susanne

    Michael died of respiratory failure which led to cardiac arrest. But it does not matter. All that matters here is this Murray’s statement: “I believe he woke up and…”

    Let us imagine that the same is said by an anesthesiologist who has to answer for his patient’s death on an operating table and everything will become clear without any explanations.

    The first rule of an anesthesiologist is not to leave his patient until he wakes up and fully comes to his senses and is not in any kind of delirium which is quite possible after anesthesia (such cases are widely reported).

    It is his job to make sure that the patient safely “emerges” from anesthesia. Not doing it is not even an option.

    However Murray is so ignorant and so insolent that he does not understand that even assuming that the patient can wake up without him is already a grave violation.

    And I am not even saying that the self-injection theory is impossible at least because of the lack of Michael’s fingerprints:

    Fingerprint mystery surfaces in Jackson doctor’s trial
    By Martin Kasindorf, Special for USA TODAY
    Posted 10/6/2011 1:22 PM ET

    LOS ANGELES — Mystery over potentially critical fingerprint evidence descended Thursday on the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor.

    The mystery surfaced when prosecutor David Walgren announced that his office and defendant Conrad Murray’s lawyers had accepted Los Angeles Police Department fingerprint test results on 23 items of medicine and medical supplies collected at Jackson’s home after he died on June 25, 2009.

    Murray is accused of negligently giving Jackson, his only patient at the time, a fatal overdose of the powerful surgical anesthetic propofol while treating the singer for insomnia. Murray’s defense lawyers say Jackson self-administered the drug while the doctor was briefly away from Jackson’s bedside.

    A three-page document Walgren read aloud in court said that a print matching Murray’s left index finger was found on a 100-milliliter bottle of propofol. Los Angeles County coroner’s investigator Elissa Fleak testified Wednesday that she had found that bottle four days after Jackson’s death within a saline IV bag. Both items were in a blue Costco Wholesale bag on the shelf of an armoire in the large walk-in closet adjoining the bedroom where Jackson was stricken, Fleak said.

    But fingerprint testing of the saline bag did not reveal a Murray fingerprint, the document introduced Thursday said. On the bag, police criminalists found four identifiable prints but could not match them to any person, the document said.

    Testing specifically ruled out Murray, Jackson and 10 others known to have been in Jackson’s mansion at or shortly after his death. Those eliminated included two security guards, Jackson’s personal assistant, his personal chef, Fleak, an emergency paramedic and other investigators.

    What use the prosecution or defense makes of this fingerprint evidence remains to be disclosed at the trial, which was in its eighth day Thursday. The evidence does raise questions about who was in Jackson’s bedroom the day he died.

    Fleak’s thumb print was found on a syringe she had seized as evidence, the document said. Fingerprints that could not be matched to anyone also were found on two other saline IV bags and on two smaller, 20-milliliter bottles of propofol.

    No prints were obtained from 17 other items, including IV tubing, a syringe with needle and vials of propofol, lorazepam, lidocaine, midazolam and Flumazenil.

    Defense lawyer Ed Chernoff subjected Fleak to two hours of cross-examination Thursday aimed at convincing the jury that her investigation was slipshod.

    She repeated that she had found the 100-milliliter propofol bottle inside a saline bag — a bag that had a slit in it. But she acknowledged that she had taken no photograph of the bottle inside the bag.

    Instead, she said, she had removed the bottle from the bag and had photographed it lying on top of the bag, “because they were found together, with one inside of the other.” Asked by Chernoff if she should have taken the picture before removing the bottle from the bag, she said, “I could’ve, yes.”

    Also Thursday, Coroner Department toxicologist Dan Anderson described the lab’s eight-page toxicology report. Propofol was found in Jackson’s blood, urine, liver, stomach contents and eye-ball fluid, he said.

    Anderson also testified that propofol was detected in a syringe found on Jackson’s nightstand, a second syringe and IV tubing. No propofol was found in the saline bag attached to the tubing.

    In 2009, the coroner’s office announced the cause of Jackson’s death as “acute propofol intoxication,” along with effects of benzodiazepine sedatives, chiefly lorazepam.

    The fact that besides finding no Michael Jackson’s fingerprints “testing ruled out Murray” too should not surprise anyone – the doctor was supposed to be in rubber gloves. THIS IS STANDARD for all professionals in medicine who administer drugs, especially Propofol.

    Propofol requires an especially strict aseptic technique:

    Strict aseptic technique must always be maintained during handling. Do not use if contamination is suspected. Discard unused portions as directed within the required time limits. There have been reports in which failure to use aseptic technique when handling PROPOFOL was associated with microbial contamination of the product and with fever, infection/sepsis, other life-threatening illness, and/or death.

    When PROPOFOL is administered directly from the vial, strict aseptic techniques must be followed. The vial rubber stopper should be disinfected using 70% isopropyl alcohol. A sterile vent spike and sterile tubing must be used for administration. As with other lipid emulsions, the number of IV line manipulations should be minimized. Administration should begin promptly and must be completed within 12 hours after the vial has been spiked. The tubing and any unused portions of the PROPOFOL must be discarded after 12 hours.

    If PROPOFOL is transferred to a syringe, or other container before administration, or if a PROPOFOL prefilled syringe is used, the syringe(s) or container(s) should be labeled with the date and time the PROPOFOL container was opened. Administration should begin promptly and be completed within 6 hours. The PROPOFOL should be discarded and the administration lines changed after 6 hours.

    However those four unidentified fingerprints should be somehow accounted for. Unfortunately the prosecution did not explain them.


  10. December 11, 2013 1:18 pm – Jan

    Jan, thank you. Some good news at last – Martin Bashir had to resign:

    Princess Diana made him, Sarah Palin destroyed him: the rise and fall of Martin Bashir

    ‘I deeply regret what was said, and will always appreciate our viewers’
    TIM WALKER Author Biography Friday 06 December 2013

    Martin Bashir is still best-remembered by British viewers for his headline-making exchanges with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, in 1995 and 2003 respectively. And in the decade since he switched from UK to US screens, he has lost none of his instinct for inciting controversy.

    The British-born journalist resigned from the US news network MSNBC this week, after causing uproar by inviting former US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to eat faeces. On 15 November, during his regular afternoon programme on the broadly liberal news channel, Bashir referred to comments made by Mrs Palin, in which she compared the US debt to China to slavery.

    Bashir, 50, described Mrs Palin as a “world-class idiot” and “America’s resident dunce”, before suggesting that someone ought to defecate in her mouth – a punishment historically administered to slaves by particularly cruel slave-owners.

    He later backtracked, apologising to Mrs Palin for what he called his “ill-judged” and “deeply offensive” remarks. Yet it appears the apology was insufficient. After taking an extended holiday, during which the network was widely criticised for not having taken disciplinary action against him, on Wednesday Bashir released a statement saying that, upon “further reflection” he had taken it upon himself to offer his resignation.

    “It is my sincere hope that all of my colleagues… will be allowed to focus on the issues that matter without the distraction of myself,” he wrote. “I deeply regret what was said, will endeavour to work hard at making constructive contributions in the future and will always have a deep appreciation for our viewers.”

    In a statement issued by MSNBC, the network’s president, Phil Griffin, said: “Martin is a good man and respected colleague – we wish him only the best.” Speaking to Fox News, Mrs Palin said she had become accustomed to criticism after several years beneath the glare of the media spotlight. “My role is to accept his apology and be humble enough to accept it and move on,” she added.

    Bashir made his name in 1995 by conducting a deeply personal interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, for the BBC’s Panorama. He later interviewed divisive figures including Michael Barrymore, Jeffrey Archer and the five suspects in the murder of Stephen Lawrence. In 2003, he made an documentary about Michael Jackson, which highlighted the singer’s friendships with children, leading in large part to Jackson’s high-profile trial for sexual abuse.

    The journalist has made waves off-screen, too. In 2008 he was suspended from his role as a reporter for ABC’s Nightline programme after he made “crude and sexist” comments in a speech to the Asian American Journalists Convention in Chicago, referring to the participants as “Asian babes”. Suspended by the network, Bashir issued an apology saying he “bitterly” regretted the “tasteless remark”.

    Two years later, he joined MSNBC as the host of an eponymous daytime chat show. He is now the second host to leave MSNBC in as many weeks. In late November actor Alec Baldwin departed his weekly evening show after he was caught on tape uttering a homophobic slur during an altercation with a paparazzo.


  11. December 11, 2013 1:00 pm

    “I hope very much that Katherine will get to appeal. There were so many aberrations in the AEG trial.Faked amnesia and evasivness was freely accepted.The judges instructions practically strangled the the jury and prevented a view of the totality.” – rkatarina

    Now that Murray’s case is allowed to go to appeal I don’t know any longer. I have a feeling that this is some kind of a nightmare and need to pinch myself to make sure that I’m not sleeping and this is a reality.


  12. December 11, 2013 12:51 pm

    “I dont think the autopsy report as such can do any damage. If read By some who has some ability to calculate and a minimum of medical knowledge it serves to show the thruth about Michaels death” – rkatarina

    rkatarina, I wouldn’t mind a film about those autopsy medications either if we could expect a truthful report explaining how those benzos found their way into Michael’s body and that they were given to him despite his wish.

    And I wouldn’t mind if they showed how much Propofol was given to Michael by Murray on the basis of Dr. Shafer’s calculation of the Propofol numbers. And how criminal was his method of administering it.

    But I doubt very much that they will do any serious and truthful analysis. The figures themselves are silent – it is the circumstances in which those medications were given which are screaming the story.


  13. December 11, 2013 5:21 am

    I dont think the autopsy report as such can do any damage. If read By some who has some ability to calculate and a minimum of medical knowledge it serves to show the thruth about Michaels death.Ans then combine this with Dr. Schafers testimony.,he is a top expert if someone,.Did you note that Murray called himselfan expert,the top?.


  14. Marsha permalink
    December 10, 2013 6:11 pm

    The autopsy report of Michael can be found on the Smoking Gun site. Is there not a way to publish it widely on the net in England where Channel Five will be showing this atrocious “program”so that everyone will be able see the lies easily for themselves? I noted at least two just from the excerpt.


  15. Susanne permalink
    December 10, 2013 5:22 pm

    From THE DAILY BEAST by Diane Demon(d), sorry I spelled it wrong. Diane Dimond, there, now I think I got it right.

    Gavin Arvizo’s New Beginning: Jackson Abuse Accuser Gets Married at 24 by Diane Dimond Dec9,20135:45amEST His abuse allegations brought the King of Pop to court. Last week, he wed in front of the prosecutor, his mom—now named Janet Jackson—and a DJ who unknowingly spun an MJ tune.

    Gavin Arvizo, who as a boy was at the center of the sensational 2005 Michael Jackson sex abuse trial, has just married his longtime sweetheart. The wedding took place at the bride’s suburban Atlanta Baptist Church on Saturday November 30.

    Courtesy of Diane Dimond The bride, the former Shelby Drake, is a teacher and the daughter of a minister. She spent her early years living in England where her parents were missionaries. Her father, Bill Drake, is an ordained minister and a well-known Christian musician and singer. Drake, along with Catholic priest, Kevin Hargaden, performed the wedding ceremony. Going forward, the Catholic Arvizo intends to worship in both churches.

    One of the most touching moments of the ceremony occurred when the groom dipped to one knee and ceremoniously washed the feet of his bride. Minister Drake explained Gavin had been inspired by the bible story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and wanted it included in the ceremony.

    How many guests in the church knew about Gavin’s tempestuous background is unknown. How many realized the triumph that was unfolding before them? Gavin, 24, has lived almost a decade under a crushing cloud of hounding paparazzi and has endured torment from a worldwide legion of die-hard Jackson fanatics who have vowed to kill him, maim him, and stalk him for the rest of his life. These fans cannot forgive Gavin Arvizo for being the one person who had the courage to swear in open court that their idol had molested him. One of the more vicious fans recently discovered Gavin was about to get married to a preacher’s daughter and urged other fans to inundate the church with menacing phone calls questioning Gavin’s integrity.

    Those who did know about Gavin’s past surely made note of several guests sitting on the groom’s side of the church. There was the former Santa Barbara Senior Assistant District Attorney, Ron Zonen, who prosecuted the Jackson case. Producer/comedienne Louise Palanker, who was a mentor and benefactor to the Arvizo family, was also there. She had been called as state’s witness during the trial. (Interestingly, Zonen and Palanker first met during the Jackson trial and married two years ago.)

    There was Gavin’s mother, Janet, who many blamed for being such an erratic and emotional witness that she alone caused the prosecution to lose the case. (She is now married to a man named Jackson—Army Lt. Colonel Jay Jackson—and her name is, ironically, Janet Jackson)

    Gavin’s older sister Davellin was also at the wedding with her four-month-old daughter. She, along with her brother Star, also testified against Michael Jackson.

    And, then there was me—the only journalist in the church. I had broken the first stories about the child molestation allegations against Jackson in 1993 and have stayed on the case ever since. I covered Jackson’s arrest and criminal trial for Court TV. Staying in touch with a newsmaker can sometimes lead to a wedding invitation.

    Arvizo’s bombshell claims against the King of Pop surfaced in 2003 when he was 13 and still recovering from a rare and deadly cancer. In fact, it seems life was stacked against this kid from the very beginning.

    As a youngster Gavin lived in a barely habitable one-room apartment in East Los Angeles with his two siblings and his parents. Poverty and domestic abuse was a way of life.

    At the age of eight Gavin and Star were instructed by their father to walk out of a J.C. Penney store with clothing that wasn’t paid for. Out in the parking lot the boys watched in horror as their father was surrounded by security guards and wrestled to the pavement. His mother, emerging from another store, soon joined in the melee and both parents were handcuffed and taken to the police station.

    This episode would be mentioned time and time again during the Jackson trial. It was proof, according to Jackson’s defense attorney, that the Arvizos were not to be believed.

    At just ten years old Gavin was diagnosed with a cancer that aggressively attacked his kidney and quickly spread to other organs. As he lay helpless in an L.A. hospital bed feigning sleep he heard caregivers advise his parents to start planning his funeral. Following months of grueling treatments this plucky youngster pulled through.

    While in the hospital the child’s plight came to Michael Jackson’s attention. The superstar sent a basket full of toys and good wishes. When he was well enough to travel, the young Hispanic boy was invited to visit the singer’s Neverland Ranch. Knowing of their poverty, Jackson even sent a limousine to drive the entire family. What a wonderful respite for a recuperating cancer patient and his exhausted parents!

    But once back home things got worse. More violence. Restraining orders. Divorce. Yet the limousines kept arriving and the sleepovers in Jackson’s master bedroom at Neverland continued.

    The rest is history. Authorities in Santa Barbara, California, charged Jackson with child sexual abuse, giving intoxicating substances to a minor to facilitate child sexual abuse, conspiracy to cover up the crimes, and more.

    During the trial Gavin, then 15, was vilified as an accomplished liar. Jackson’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau, called the teen and his family “grifters” and “thieves” and he repeatedly warned the jury that the Arvizos were only “in it for the money.”

    The jury also heard about two other boys who said they too had been molested by Jackson. One was a maid’s son, the other the son of an L.A. dentist. Both boys received generous payouts from Jackson in return for keeping quiet. The dentist’s family got nearly $20 million.

    The defense called a group of young men to the witness stand, leading off with dancer/choreographer Wade Robson. Each testified they had often slept in Jackson’s bed when they were youngsters and nothing sexual had ever happened. Jackson was acquitted of all charges in June 2005.

    In a stunning turnaround, Robson recently admitted he had perjured himself at trial. He is attempting to file suit against the Jackson estate claiming he suffered two nervous breakdowns because of the sexual abuse secret he harbored for so long. During a Today show interview Robson said of Jackson, “He sexually abused me from seven years old until 14. He performed sexual acts on me, and forced me to perform sexual acts on him.” Robson bluntly added, “Jackson was an amazing talent, but he was a pedophile.”

    As the number of young men claiming they were victimized by Jackson continues to mount defense attorney Mesereau continues to publicly vilify Gavin as a “thief” and a dishonest character. Mesereau maintains Arvizo’s allegations were money-driven.

    Gavin steadfastly refuses to speak up for himself, believing a man’s actions speak for themselves. The only time he talks about his past, I’ve learned, is when he is applying for a job—he knows potential employers will Google his name. So, as the interview comes to a close Gavin says, “There is something I’d like to tell you,” and he reveals pertinent information about the time his life collided with Michael Jackson’s.

    Here are some facts about this young man.

    Gavin worked two and three jobs at a time (in restaurants and landscaping) to put himself though community college. His perseverance helped him win partial scholarships to attend Emory University. He double-majored in history and philosophy, made the honor roll, participated in moot court, was president of the student union and he still found time to volunteer at his church.

    Gavin doesn’t drink, use tobacco, drugs or foul language. He is currently working as a paralegal in a law firm, preparing to take the L-SAT test and is applying to more than a dozen law schools. His dream is to go to Harvard.

    Most telling about the character of Gavin Arvizo? He has never accepted any of the outstanding six-figure offers to sell his story. Newspapers and television shows continually dangle tempting deals that would more than pay off his mounting tuition costs, but Gavin is adamant that the passage of time will best tell his story. He says he knows the truth and believes it will be revealed to the doubters of the world when the time is right.

    As I sat in church and watched this resilient young man joyfully take a wife, I thought back to all his trials and tribulations. Poverty, violence, near fatal cancer, his punishing and unsatisfying ride through the justice system. Amazing.

    At the reception the unknowing DJ played “The Way You Make Me Feel,” by Michael Jackson. I caught Gavin’s eye as he sat up on the dais with his new bride. He just smiled, grandly shrugged his shoulders and went back to living his life as anonymously as possible.


  16. December 10, 2013 5:17 pm

    I hope very much that Katherine will get to appeal. There were so many aberrations in the AEG trial.Faked amnesia and evasivness was freely accepted.The judges instructions practically strangled the the jury and prevented a view of the totality.


  17. Jan permalink
    December 10, 2013 3:07 pm

    People in the UK still don’t understand how bad bashir is aswell:


  18. Jan permalink
    December 10, 2013 3:00 pm

    diane was at gavin wedding aswell:


  19. Jan permalink
    December 10, 2013 2:52 pm

    please add a comment to this article about gavin arvizo:


  20. Susanne permalink
    December 10, 2013 2:42 pm

    Michael Jackson – Dr. Conrad Murray Wins Appeal Dateby WENN | 10 December 2013

    Michael Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray’s request to return to court to fight his involuntary manslaughter conviction has been granted.

    Murray spent almost two years behind bars after he was found guilty of administering the dose of anaesthetic propofol that killed the King of Pop in 2009. He was released in October (13) and now he’s on a mission to clear his name.

    A Los Angeles appeals court will hear arguments in Conrad Murray’s appeal case next month (Jan14).

    The disgraced former cardiologist is claiming a judge excluded jurors from hearing key evidence and he wants these facts presented in court as he fights to prove that he should not have been convicted. Murray maintains Jackson administered the fatal dose himself.

    All parties are due in court on 9 January (14).



  21. Susanne permalink
    December 10, 2013 1:15 pm

    Murray claims when he walked out of Michael’s bedroom the day he died, “I believe he woke up, got hold of his own stash of Propofol and injected himself. He did it too quickly and went into cardiac arrest.”

    Didn’t MJ die because of respiratory failure?


  22. December 10, 2013 12:49 am

    Thank you Helen, i applaud your courage in researching and posting, i cried through most of it. Why can’t he just go away!! Disappear for good, the level of denial never ceases to amaze me. Lv you bab. xox


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