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The year 2014 in retrospect – what does it tell us?

December 15, 2014

Dear readers, you didn’t read as much as usual from us on this blog this year, and we want to apologize for it. But before the year ends I would like to find a few words about what happened during the year, what kind of résumé could be drawn from all the events and which impact they have on us, at least from my point of view and also in the name of Helena, who hopefully will be able to come back to us and continue her valuable work. 

The world in turmoil

Ruins of a residential area in Beit Hanoun/Northern Gaza, August 2014; Photo: B'Tselem/Wikipedia

Ruins of a residential area in Beit Hanoun/Northern Gaza, August 2014; Photo: B’Tselem/Wikipedia

When we look at the situation the world is in, we realize that this was a terrible year in many parts of the planet. We’ve had and still have new wars, new crises and conflicts, much hate and intolerance and inhumanity spread in many countries.

We had another war in Gaza between Israel and the Hamas in which more than 2,200 people were killed within 7 weeks, the vast majority of them Palestinians, and probably more than 500 of them children.

There is the horrible war the ISIS is waging on innocent people, controlling territories in Iraq and Syria, even killing women and children without the slightest qualm, based on a religion they claim to be Islamic, but which is a completely inhuman ideology. – However, it should not be forgotten that this situation was created to a large extent by a war that was brought to Iraq from the West – an unjustified war based on lies following 9/11 that led in its consequence to an outbreak of Islamic extremism in this area.
The Middle East and parts of Africa are burning; the poor people in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries cannot find a moment of peace.


Protests in Ferguson, USA, against police violence – African-Americans still have to fight for equal rights; photo: AFP

There are re-inflamed racial tensions in the United States resulting from several killings of young black men by white police officers who were never indicted.

There are millions of refugees fleeing from their precarious situations all over the world,  immigration problems burden many countries and xenophobia and racism is increasing.

There is a completely underestimated war going on in Eastern Europe between Ukraine and rebels in Eastern Ukraine, who are very obviously supported by Russian troops and military equipment. It was even admitted by a Russian military leader that he was sent to Ukraine to start the war. According to an UNHCR estimation more than 1 million people in Eastern Ukraine had to leave their homes, the number of people killed is not clear, but must be above 2,000 meanwhile, including the noninvolved passengers of a Malaysian Airlines flight.  It led to a new crisis between the West and the East and already induced a new cold war. Our own blog is affected by this crisis because Helena was and still is occupied with a disastrous development in her country and even in danger to get disconnected from us.


Crash site of flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine, July 2014 – 298 innocent people were shot down, 80 of them children; photo: Reuters

There are many more political and economic problems in the world as well as many threatening natural disasters due to climate change and global warming, which mankind is not able or willing to turn around. Let’s not forget the Ebola crisis with more than 6,000 victims so far that caused fear and insecurity not only in Africa.
We have many fundamentalist, ultranational, racist, extreme groups who try to manipulate and force dissenters or just regular people to live according to their views, or who feel they have the right to oppress others. We have criminal corrupt systems and state violence like in Mexico where a long series of murders recently peaked in the sudden disappearance of 43 students who seem to be killed by drug gangs in cooperation with police.

To me it sometimes seems that in many places our progress in civilization, democracy, tolerance, empathy and understanding is getting lost and we are straight on our way back to the Middle Ages. The year 2014 definitely brought us a big step backwards.

MJ legacy under fire

In addition, in the MJ world we learned this year that nothing can stop some people from continuing to drag a good soul through the mud even after his death.

We had the questionable, untruthful autopsy program aired in the first days of January in Great Britain and repeatedly shown since on several TV channels.
We saw the despicable actions of Conrad Murray, like his interview with CNN on the fifth anniversary of Michael’s death.

The Robson and Safechuck cases are still pending. We have seen several court documents which show that the accusers go to extremes to manifest their intentions, even to the point of absurdity. Some allegations are so implausible that I wonder who they expect to believe them. Do they really want to make us believe that the violent sexual acts they describe (like anal rape) would not be recognized by a young boy as abuse, as a crime – a crime that inevitably leads to immediate physical and psychological injuries at this age? Injuries that a mother had to have noticed. A crime that is so painful and humiliating for a child that it would never be able to take it as an act of love and would avoid any further situation of being alone with this guy again, let alone taking his own family later to this guy’s house for a barbecue. And don’t forget, Robson denied that it is repressed memory, he said he didn’t forget it, but just didn’t perceive it as abuse because he was brainwashed.
This sounds so ridiculous that I doubt the common sense of any judge in the US if this case goes forward.

Stacy Brown is another "friend" of the Jackson family

Stacy Brown – “It’s slander, with the words you use you’re a parasite in black and white, do anything for news…” (MJ, Tabloid Junkie)

We also had new defaming articles written by Stacy Brown who uses any chance to spread lies about Michael Jackson and the Jackson family and who seems to have pleasure in wallowing in his own dirt he creates about people he obviously is obsessed with. His style and his attitude so blatantly show that his intention is not to inform, but to slander, that he is no person of integrity and should not write in any newspaper. Tabloid style of the worst kind!

The same obsession we saw again with Diane Dimond who used Tom Sneddon’s death to remind everybody of her friendship (and cooperation) with the DA, whom she called on her FB site “a man of integrity”, claiming Sneddon “had the courage to do the right thing even though law enforcement knew for years about Mr. Jackson and his misbehavior with young boys.” With this she publicly stated the allegations again as fact, although Jackson was acquitted of all charges. This is nothing else but character assassination. She also calls it “a testament to the facts” that “five young men have now come forward to claim they were molested at the hands of Michael Jackson when they were young boys. Five. Five. I’m betting there are more.”
(Oh my God, what an overwhelming number compared to real child molesters – and not fictional ones like MJ.)


Diane Dimond – her obsession: “Five. Five. I’m betting there are more.”

This way she construes her own reality which doesn’t include that three of these five young men were refuted in court long ago (Jordan Chandler, who never wanted to be a witness and refused to present any accusations to the court; Gavin Arvizo, who was caught in lies in court and showed himself to be much more angry at Michael for avoiding him than about any “molestation”; and Jason Francia, who only talked about “tickling” and was laughed out of the courtroom because he couldn’t be taken seriously).
And the other two (new) accusers – Robson and Safechuck – denied molestation for years and now changed their mind after the “molester” is dead and left an Estate worth billions of dollars behind. They have not yet proven their case (and will not be able to), and still Dimond calls their accusations “fact”. So she gives them the benefit of the doubt she never gave to Michael Jackson? This makes her a highly immoral, biased person who doesn’t care for civil and human rights, at least not in the case of Michael Jackson.
She also calls MJ’s supporters “childish and ill-informed”, only to distract from her own twisted reality and disinformation.
This shows again how tabloid journalists try to manipulate public opinion and use their position for personal agendas.
For this reason, I now want to remind everybody that Diane Dimond clearly has no interest to pursue real pedophiles (where is her investigation of Rodney Allen or her decrial of all the other convicted or suspected pedophiles?) and even cooperated with a suspected pedophile – Victor Gutierrez – , who has a connection to NAMBLA and of whom she doesn’t want to hear today (if you mention him as her collaborator you are blocked). This again makes her a highly immoral person.
You can find a lot of information about all of this on this blog.

To remind you, please also see this link about the connection between Sneddon, Dimond, Gutierrez and Allen.

We also saw how the usual haters tried to strengthen their forces to support Robson and Safechuck and to destroy Jackson’s legacy and undermine the success of the MJ Estate.
I want to recommend again Raven’s series of posts on the Allforlove Blog on the actions of these haters and how all of them are connected: Part 1, part 2, part 3.

MJ legacy on the advance

But I don’t want to dwell on all this negativity, instead I wish to point to some positive events and developments which show us that MJ’s legacy is not really in danger on a worldwide basis.
The good thing is that all of this could not damage Michael Jackson’s posthumous success.
We had some positive events and publications about Michael this year and it turned out that all the mean efforts of his few haters didn’t influence the general public or find much attention in the mainstream media.

The Immortal World Tour of Cirque du Soleil was a major success. With 501 shows in 27 countries it became the 7th highest grossing tour of all time. It ended in August in the US.

In May we saw the release of “Xscape”. Whether you liked the album or not, it was quite a success and became number 1 in 52 countries.
Of course, like with all posthumous releases of MJ, the fan base was divided about it, and other controversies followed, like the Hologram controversy and the sale of Neverland controversy.
But this was primarily within the fan base, the general public saw Michael Jackson mostly as number 1 of the top earning dead celebrities (according to Forbes) with one of the most successful Estates.

This year also brought us a couple of positive new books about Michael that again divided the fan base, but I think the fans should more often see such books from the public’s point of view. In my opinion all of them contributed to a better understanding of Michael and his life. Even if we have to assume that they are mainly read by fans, there is a possibility that more people learn more about MJ and may change their mind.
“Michael Jackson Inc.” by Zack O’Malley contributed to the fact that MJ was a savvy and farsighted businessman who was in charge of his work, a musical genius who reached his success and wealth by talent, cleverness, endurance, discipline and hard work for decades.
“Remember the Time” by B. Whitfield and J. Beard presented Michael as a human being, a great father and a man interested in women. It contributed to the fact that the trial of 2005 brought him into a terrible situation with all its consequences of financial, social and psychological troubles. From this book we can see how Michael tried to keep his empire together to make a new start, but lost overview and influence on his own assets as a result of this trial and ended in the hands of a ruthless company like AEG who used this situation for themselves.
In addition, the co-author of the book, Tanner Colby, wrote a great article here.
“Michael Jackson’s Dangerous” by Dr. Susan Fast contributed to the fact that MJ was an intelligent and “incredibly versatile” artist who had a lot to say, but was very misunderstood and had to fight against prejudice and a white-dominated entertainment industry that undervalued his genius and at the same time saw him as a threat.
“Otherness and Power: Michael Jackson and His Media Critics” by Susan Woodward contributed to the fact that Michael was regarded too powerful by his critics and so was portrayed as a threat to the world. Woodward describes how media critics reacted to the perceived power and otherness of MJ and what they are projecting onto him.
indexA quote from her recent conversation on “Dancing with the elephant”:

“[…] let me just note that none of the writers that I analyzed in my book were tabloid writers. It’s shocking that so much hatred was spewed at him from people who write as if they were offering good reporting and thoughtful analysis. And it is disappointing that so much of the public accepted lies and distortions as the truth.”

(The latter two books I have not yet read, but read reviews on them.)

In October, Thriller Live in London had its 2000th performance and was extended to September 2015. michael

Michael Jackson ONE, which premiered in Las Vegas on June 29, 2013, became “the latest piece of a postmortem empire”, as Zack O’Malley called it. A Las Vegas show like that can become a lucrative permanent source of income for the Estate for years and provide Michael’s children a secure future.

I know there are different opinions about all of these Estate efforts among Michael’s supporters and some steps might be in fact disputable, but it is a clear fact that the efforts of Michael’s detractors since his death could not really damage his legacy and the financial success of his Estate, which is probably their intention. They try hard to ruin the Estate, and the Robson/Safechuck case is a real challenge for the Estate, so I support the petition to hire Tom Mesereau and Susan Yu in case it goes forward, but what is obvious is that the general public is not following these cases much. On the contrary, we can read many comments that show that the public is tired of these accusations, which are always only allegations and never proven and illogical at that. Simply allegations of the same kind as those of several women who claimed he had fathered their children. People now respect Michael more than 10 years ago and rather want to have good memories of him than hear all this new garbage. They are no longer interested in it.
Michael is celebrated and honored in school events, sports events, music events, dance events, casting shows, symposia, in university studies, cultural studies, academic publications. As we can see from many YT videos, he still inspires kids and young people, and even CEOs like this one.

Just have a look here on Joe Vogel’s list of Michael Jackson studies.

So there is one thing at least that struck me as a positive outcome of this year: I very strongly could ascertain for myself that Michael Jackson’s legacy will survive all the malicious attempts of his haters to damage it. I always feared it could take decades to be sure of it, but you already can see it now. It became clear that the group of haters is small, they may be well-organized and use the effective methods of propaganda, but they don’t reach the influence they wish to have. They should learn the lesson that hate does not pay off.

This does not mean that we can stop our vindication work and our efforts to inform and tell the truth. We hope to be able to continue writing on this blog whenever it is necessary to respond to lies, half-truths, vilifications and misrepresentations about Michael.


What can we learn otherwise from this year?
The condition of the world shows us that it is more than ever in need of the messages of an artist and human being like Michael Jackson. This means, of extraordinary people – visionaries – who are able to approach the world’s problems and conflicts and misunderstandings with a completely different attitude than it is usually the case in politics, economics and society. With an attitude that is composed of honesty, sincerity, empathy, love and understanding, but also courage to speak the truth.

MJ Earth Song

Michael performing his “Earth Song” live in concert

It seems people begin to realize Michael’s significance.
During the recent protests in the US, after Grand Juries declined to indict white police officers for killing unarmed black men, we could see how people began to remember Michael’s messages. Several articles appeared that talked about Michael Jackson’s songs and their relevance to the current situation.

In an article published in the Baltimore Sun, in which he laments the inactivity of black celebrities, D. B. Anderson wrote:

“Michael Jackson was never afraid to put himself out there for the truth as he saw it. We could always count on Jackson to be the global leader of the band, to give voice to everything we were feeling. His adult catalog is a trove of social activism. Starvation. AIDS. War. Gang violence. Race relations. The environment. It was Jackson who put on concerts for war-torn Sarajevo. It was Jackson who put together a group charity song and concert after 9/11. It was Jackson who used every ounce of his global celebrity to make a difference. He was there.
What happened to Jackson for his politics was so much worse than losing sales. For in speaking truth to power, Jackson made himself a target, and he took a pounding. The worst shots at him were taken by a white district attorney in California who pursued him relentlessly for 12 years and charged him with heinous crimes that were utterly disproved at trial.
No one ever seems to connect the dots: A very vocal, very influential, very wealthy black man was taken down by a white prosecutor on trumped-up charges.”

Protesters performing TDCAU

Protesters performing MJ’s “They Don’t Care About US” in Berkeley, CA, December 2014; source: Greta Kaul

It is amazing that this was allowed to be published in a major US newspaper.

In an article on “Parents United for Public Education” a mother talks about her 9 year old son’s favorite song “They don’t care about us” and the meaning of its lyrics today and says:

“My son will never look at ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience’ the same again. He will be reminded every time he hears the song about our conversation in the kitchen. He will be reminded of his fear of the “they.” He will be reminded of the images that he continues to see play on the television screen. He will come to understand that the lyrics were written to be heard not just danced to.”

In his article “What needs to happen after Eric Garner” Mike Muse analyses the situation on the basis of MJ’s “Black or White”.

D.B. Anderson closes his article in the Baltimore Sun with the words:

“On Twitter, #TheyDontCareAboutUs is a hashtag. In Ferguson, they blasted the Michael Jackson song through car windows. In New York City and Berkeley last weekend, it was sung and performed by protesters. And In Baltimore, there was a magical moment when the Morgan State University choir answered protests with a rendition of Jackson’s ‘Heal The World.’
The price has already been paid, but the check was never cashed. Maybe we just need to finally listen to Michael Jackson.” MJ Earth Song2

Yes, we finally should listen to Michael Jackson, not only in the US, but all over the world.

As most of the conflicts worldwide are based on lies and propaganda, we first need to evaluate the reality honestly, find out the truth and expose the lies. When the lies are exposed, most of the reasons for the conflicts are removed. People would realize that they were angry at their alleged adversaries for wrong reasons, and a mutual understanding could begin. By studying Michael’s life we already learned how the system of lies works, and the same happens in politics and conflicts between nations and religions.

I know we can’t change the whole world and we can’t change people who have no interest in this mutual understanding and just care about their own benefit. But we ourselves, who wish to make a difference, can make our contribution and do our part so that the world despite all the terror is still a world worth living in. We can do that in our own small environment and we can do it in the worldwide web with its great chances to make our voices heard.
We need to establish a balance to the actions of those who spread negativity and falsehood, and we shouldn’t stop. Michael is gone and other greats are gone who had visions for a better world, so we have to take over and become the visionaries inspired by them.

I now wish everybody a Merry Christmas and – despite all pessimistic prospects – a better year 2015. I wish it especially for our Helena who urgently needs our encouragement that better times will come back and human rights, truth and democracy will be re-established. Let’s simply visualize it, even if it might take years.
I also wish it for our African-American brothers and sisters in the US who are still defending their equal rights against white predominance. And of course I wish it for all nations, groups and religions that are oppressed and persecuted. So let’s pray for peace on earth particularly at this Christmas 2014.

Peace – Friede – paix – paz – світ – мир – שלום – سلام


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  1. December 15, 2014 4:18 pm

    Reblogged this on MJAppleHeadILoveYou's Blog.


  2. Joy permalink
    December 15, 2014 4:37 pm

    Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring article.


  3. Mado permalink
    December 15, 2014 5:34 pm

    Thank you so much dear. Wonderful article. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Love.


  4. December 15, 2014 5:51 pm

    That is one wonderful article that covers so much. I want to mention a shocking revelation in London a few months ago about MPs in Westminster in the 80’s sexually abusing little boys in a guesthouse in London! Nothing in the Press about that at the time but plenty of lies about a certain well known celebrity in tabloids like the Sun. The last few months have seen two high ranking people chosen to chair an inquiry but then they resigned because they were too close to the Prosecuting Attorney General at the time? I wonder what that tells us? The latest is that 100 people are in line for the job, but that it is a major challenge to find someone who is not part of the Establishment. Ye gods. Will it ever happen, I wonder. The celebrity of course was MJ and what chance did he have against that corrupt power of government and the media, despite his own power. I am reading Susan Fast’s ‘Dangerous’ right now.


  5. December 15, 2014 5:55 pm

    I omitted two question marks after ‘wonder’ and ‘power’. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. We must hold on to the idea that good usually triumphs over evil in the end.


  6. December 15, 2014 6:59 pm

    Thank you for bringing together the good positive articles on Michael Jackson. I have read some of these you mention, and it is nice to have you bring them together for future reference.


  7. susannerb permalink
    December 16, 2014 2:39 pm

    Thanks for your comments, guys.
    @Nina: I heard about that and it’s disgusting. We could write a never-ending list of atrocities that happen all over the world, especially to children, like today in this school attack in Pakistan.
    But it’s true, who knows how many children are terrorized behind closed doors in our “civilized” countries and nobody ever knows about it because it’s kept secret and the children are completely defenseless. Michael was a convenient victim they could use to distract from their activities.
    You are right, though, we have to believe in the triumph over the evil, otherwise we would go mad. All this injustice is almost too hard to bear.


  8. December 16, 2014 11:55 pm

    Very nice read and so true 🙂


  9. December 17, 2014 4:48 am

    Here is another example how Michael’s music was used to express feelings about the recent events in the US:

    “With “You Can’t Win” as backdrop students in the Michael Jackson and the Black Performance Archive course at Duke University re-staged the final minutes of Trayvon Martin’s life highlighting the deeper connections between Jackson’s music, the vulnerability of Black youth and the political moment defined, in part, by the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.”


  10. December 17, 2014 10:11 am

    This is a follow-up article of D.B. Anderson about the history of “They don’t care about us” and its connection to the Sony hack


  11. December 19, 2014 12:36 pm

    The British Council of Cultural Relations recently named Michael Jackson’s LIFE as one of the 80 most important cultural moments of the 20th century. Read more:


  12. susannerb permalink
    December 20, 2014 5:32 am

    Louise Roos: Thank you for this.
    Whoever has more evidence of the acknowledgment of Michael’s lifework in the world, please post it here.


  13. December 20, 2014 1:34 pm

    Thank you susannerb for ” The world in turmoil” you wrote.And also again thanks to Luise Roos too..Michael deserves much for his art placing importance on the good and making us aware of wrongs. It is right that he is mentioned on the.British councils 80 moments that changed the world..We still need him even more and people who will act in his spirit.
    Bad as things are, we have to believe good wiil prevail over evil.


  14. December 20, 2014 2:12 pm

    A great deal of Michaels concern was for children, maybe it was even the nr 1 point he wanted to make..Now we know that many youngsters have joined various hostile, armed movements.This even from countries of wellbeing.There has been some preliminary research on these individuals.Mostly they have suffered from a kind of emotional neglect, they have not established an identity,in society, have poor bonds to family and tend to drift to the edge .feeling lost and not belonging. Then it is easy to suddenly be offered an identity of a warrior, tough, dangerous and uncopromising.And many compnions of simiar mind. No more lonely and nowhere.–Michael did not have the happiest childhood, but early on he was goal oriented and knew what he wanted to be.


  15. Raven permalink
    December 23, 2014 11:51 am

    I really hope to hear more from you guys this year. I miss all of the great articles and info here. Happy Holidays to everyone at VM!


  16. susannerb permalink
    December 23, 2014 2:34 pm

    Raven: Thank you so much, that’s very kind. Merry Christmas to you!

    t (@wkatriina22): Yes, you’re so right. It’s a big problem that so many disturbed young people choose to leave our countries to fight in cruel wars. You explained very well what happened with them.
    A lost identity and the lack of loving bonds seem to turn people into zombie-like puppets. Something has gone wrong in our society.


  17. December 25, 2014 6:49 am

    The ‘World in Turmoil’ part pretty much summarizes the desperation … the war, the racism issue and our environment… And these are only the so-called ‘huge, covered’ events. Many of the good and innocent suffer silently every single day…
    On Michael, the devils can continuing their fruitless attempt to destroy him but it’s very obvious the lies aren’t blowing up some sort of exciting, oh-my-god frenzy among the public – in fact, no one I know (except for fans) knew about the Robson and Safechuck case. And given the tours and album’s success, generally people still love Michael … even though he’s not here anymore…
    I really liked that this post moved to a positive note. It’s not the end of humanity and kindness, despite all the tragedies happening. The world is still worth living. There are still many good and loving people around. And if we wish to help change the world, it all starts with individuals: ourselves. I’d like to think that whenever you show love, a small plant grows. The plant’s roots grow more and more and spread over a greater space, and eventually the roots connect with another plant’s roots. And the cycle of love and kindness goes on. 🙂
    Thank you so much for this wonderful, inspiring post.
    Now … I’m going to end my comment with a quote by Michael:
    “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
    Merry Christmas everyone. x Hugs, love and peace to all of you. xx


  18. susannerb permalink
    December 25, 2014 8:29 am

    “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

    Denise, thank you very much for your wonderful comment. The quote from Michael’s Oxford speech fits very well into this post. It’s exactly the message we need these days and for a new year coming. Thanks for reminding us.


  19. December 25, 2014 9:25 am

    Welcome ❤MJ’s loving family,
    I love you all!
    @susannberb – Thank you so much for excellent and inspiring article.
    Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a cheer filled season and a very happy and healthy New Year! May your days be merry and bright. The true joy of Christmas is found in the circle of family love. Joy and peace from our family to yours! Wish you a Blessed Merry Christmas! May the magic of the light Christmas greet all of you with all its good, lighted tiding, warmth and health! Let the Hope, Peace, Joy, Health, Faith and Love fill your home, heart and your family! Wish all of you a Blessed Happy Merry Christmas and a bright, beautiful Happy New Year – 2015! I love all of you! Big hugs & kisses. Barbra – Romania
    ❤Genius, man Michael Jackson always lives in our hearts, forevermore lives in earthlings’ heart♥! ❤
    I love you Michael! Merry Christmas to you my sweetheart angel ❤Michael J!


  20. December 26, 2014 12:18 pm

    Merry Christmass and a happy and better coming new year to you all. Thank you for the interesting and inspiring article. I wish you all the best, and hope Helena will be back and living in better circumstances. I want to thank you all for this site, the incredible yet very credible work that has been done here for all these years. It is so good to know that this information exists and is here available for everybody who needs it, with possibility to spread it and refer to, and to be used to educate the general public. Thank you !


  21. December 28, 2014 6:42 am

    susannerb: You’re welcome. 🙂 We all need some strength … 2014 is coming to an end already but there is now yet another plane tragedy in my country. (I’m from Malaysia). Though the reason and answer has not been found, anyhow … 155 passengers and 7 crew gone. 17 of them are children…

    Still, we must still hold on to hope and, as Michael always said, love. Without these two elements, the world would thoroughly collapse into darkness.

    Since October, I’ve read many articles on this site and it is also this site that made me thoroughly understood all the hell Michael been through. I can’t believe I haven’t comment to appreciate … therefore, here I would like to thank all the contributors. Your work is incredible and amazing. I hope Helena can return soon.

    Peace and L.O.V.E xx


  22. susannerb permalink
    December 29, 2014 4:18 am

    @Oh Denise, I am so sorry about this new tragedy. I know that they are still searching for this plane, it is incredible that another plane from your country is missing now (like MH 370) and I hope and pray that the year will not end without at least the locating of this plane.
    I am glad that this blog is of help to you. Whatever happens, whether we will be able to go on writing or not, the blog exists, the main work is done and available for everybody to read, and we will keep it running as long as we can.

    @gboete: Thank you for your inspiring words. Like I said, the blog with its tons of information is there and I myself will do everything to keep it safe. I am also grateful forever to Helena that she started it and left us an archive of indispensable information that can be of use for future generations who do research about Michael. It is HER legacy.

    @29mj: Thank you for your beautiful wishes. Many greetings to Romania! Let me tell you that I love Romanian people because we had great help from a few wonderful Romanians who came to live with us when we needed caregivers for our sick father who passed away this year with the Parkinson disease. Through them I learned a lot about your country.


  23. December 29, 2014 4:52 am

    Despite all the turmoil in the world today, here is wishing everyone here a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for having this blog. It is quite amazing.


  24. December 30, 2014 6:25 pm

    Denise, I feel so sad about the airline tragedies that have befallen you country.Still like you -this blog has turned into more than anybody initially expected-you are not the only one who can find some comfort when tragedy strikes.Though most bloggers have never met in person it feels like we also are somewhat of a family, and a world -wide one.And hope that Helena will be able to return.


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