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Wade Robson’s case – Looking For a Black Cat In a Dark Room When It Is Not There

January 20, 2015

“Don’t look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it is not there…”


This short post was first made as a reply to a reader’s comment, but since the subject is top important I decided to place it here as a point for a separate discussion.

RobsonThe comment came from Judy and concerned Wade Robson (and Jimmy Safechuck) who decided to get some $1,62 billion from Michael Jackson’s Estate on the charges they suddenly thought of several years after Michael’s death:

 “I believe them when they went to court and testified that Michael did nothing to them. No matter what their reasoning is, Wade and Safechuck are, committing a crime, lies, fraud, defamation of character. They aren’t even credible.” 

Of course they are not.

Just  to clarify one point – as far as I remember Safechuck wasn’t summoned by the prosecution or the defense in 2005. In 1993 he was interviewed by the police same as all other children who were around Michael at the time and said that nothing inappropriate had ever taken place. As to Robson he was supposed to be summoned by the prosecution in 2005 but turned out to be a witness for the defense as he vehemently defended Michael and said that he had never been as much as touched by him.

So no matter what they claim now these people are not credible for a simple reason that they are contradicting their own prior testimony. And Wade Robson actually spoke in the defense of Michael twice and the second time he was a grown-up man and it was a testimony under oath.

If we assume now that both times he lied, it means that lying is an inherent feature of his character. And those who tell a lie at least once and so confidently too – like Robson did –  are able to lie again and again, and many times over.

For cases like that we have a very good English proverb: “If someone deceives you once, shame on him. If someone deceives you twice, shame on you”. So if we assume that we were deceived by Robson at least once, we should take extra care not to allow him to deceive us again.

Now Robson will probably tell us a heart-wrenching story about the way he was “molested”, and in horrible detail too. And he may even sound genuine when describing it – because, in the first place,  he has heard enough detail from the real victims he is associating with now on a site he specially created for the purpose and secondly, because Wade Robson could indeed be molested at some moment of his life.

This I don’t rule out. What if he was indeed molested, only by someone different? For example, by his father who later committed suicide? Or by his agent who took care of his career when he was already in the US? We remember the ways of some Hollywood producers who deal in young talents, don’t we?

But the problem is that a suit against the agent will bring no money, while a suit against Michael’s Estate will. And this is what makes  all the difference in the world for Robson. Especially since a suit against the Estate will also help him to take his revenge on its lawyers for their refusal to hire him for their MJ-related projects.

Can anyone guarantee to you that when telling his story Robson will not talk about the abuse suffered by him from another person? No one can guarantee you that. And if he lied once, he can lie again. And he will look quite genuine in his testimony too – because he will actually be describing his real experience. Only it won’t be about Jackson but will be about another person.

This is a method that helps people cheat on a lie detector. If they want to produce a negative emotion when asked about an innocent guy, all they need to do is focus on their real offender and answer about him and this will build up their emotions and create a corresponding physical reaction registered by the machine.

This is how they cheat on the machine. And this is how they cheat on human beings too (even to a greater degree).

But what allows us to think that Robson is now telling another of his lies and not the truth?

It is our own assumption that on two previous occasions he lied. The logic is very simple – if he lied once he will easily lie again, and the person who lied twice, and under so serious circumstances too, cannot be credible in principle.

Imagine a witness who falsely testified on two occasions and now wishes to give another testimony. Will this third testimony hold if the jury knows for sure that he previously lied twice? No, it won’t. Actually a witness like that will probably not be even summoned by the court for fear that he will discredit the whole case.

That is why I can’t even understand what the judge is thinking about and why he seems to be hesitating. If he believes Robson now it means that Robson lied then, and if Robson is a proven liar his suit should have been thrown out the moment it was filed.

However in contrast to Robson’s supporters I am sure that he did NOT lie then and that he is not so big a liar as they think him to be (what a paradox!). For all thirty years until recently he was telling the truth.

He was NOT molested. At least not by Michael Jackson.

Robson’s present supporters will naturally try to fool you by saying that they are ready to close their eyes on his previous testimonies and thirty years of support for Jackson because it is “typical” of child abuse victims not to tell on their offenders until they reach the age of 30 or more.

Not quite so, guys. It is typical of child abuse victims to keep silence about their offenders, never speak about their abuse with anyone, never touch on the subject and – naturally – never talk in the defense of their abusers.

child abuseKeeping silence when no one suspects the abuse  and you have to break through a wall and Defending a person when everyone suspects it and points at you as his ‘victim’, are totally different things.

In fact they are the exact opposites of each other.

Those who were abused in their childhood dream of a possibility to rid themselves of the haunting images of the abuse. The abuse is their dark secret lying on them like a gravestone. And the secrecy of it and the feeling of being so terribly different from others and having to forever keep it to themselves  is what makes it so much worse for them.

They want to take it off their chest and see their abuser answer for what he did. They want to see him weak, helpless and humiliated  – the way they felt during the time of his overwhelming power over them and their silent suffering many years after that.

And the criminal proceedings already taking place against their abuser  give them a fantastic chance to speak up and throw this burden off their shoulders. They jump at the chance as it gives them enormous relief after which they can start their life anew. And if the criminal trial is followed by a civil one, they can also get millions to somewhat compensate them for their sufferings.

However Robson wants us to believe that he not only refused to get the secret off his shoulders (when his alleged offender was already on trial), but he also took upon himself the extra burden of lying in favor of his abuser and going against the crowd which expected exactly the opposite of him? And that instead of justice for himself he decided to valiantly defend his alleged abuser in the face of the public, media and prosecution that was examining him really hard?

Besides all of it being extremely illogical and totally contrary to human character and nature of this type of abuse, could anyone also explain to me what for Robson would do it?

For the money that MJ could theoretically pay to him for speaking in his defense? But we have already made our calculations and agreed that he could have got much more money if he had spoken against Michael. This abstract pay-out could have been only minimal considering Michael’s then circumstances, while a civil trial that would have invariably taken place in case of a guilty verdict would have brought him millions as the whole MJ property would have gone on sale.

So whichever way you look at this story (including its craziest details) it still produces the impression of a highly artificial mental construct which has nothing to do with reality. Nothing fits in and the main character cannot even explain why his current version presents his own past actions in so a ridiculous way –  lacking any logic, reason and motive.

But if all of us agree that this story is just a theater of the absurd how much longer will people pretend that the story of Robson (and his assistant) has any subject for discussion at all? How long will they be looking for a black cat in a dark room, especially if the cat is not there?

Isn’t it much more worthy to look into why Robson suddenly made his U-turn and why it so conveniently coincided with Katherine Jackson’s  civil suit against AEG  and a wave of new media disinformation about MJ? This is a much more interesting subject to investigate. At least over here the perspective is promising us all the necessary elements Robson’s story is lacking  – the logic, reason and motive for slandering Jackson.

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  1. January 20, 2015 10:44 pm

    📝💊💉💣: Professionally Speaking : Wade… a socialpathic lier and no dought he was molested long before Michael came on the seen..and not bout by family members & professional people …..$MH! Sad hes been mental for years and because he didn’t what he wanted ( social path behavior kicked in ) blaming MJ for his problems …smh… Looking $$$$ compensation …. Giving graphic detail really … Victims of Molestations & Rape don’t give Graphic details l Shameful to even mention them …in private let alone in a court room in front of STRANGERS! Monsters come to Life only when you feed them.. Interesting why …Wade seen MJ before he passed …you’d think his monsters would awake at some point by just the sight of his accused …You’d think …. Yes ! It would … I should know!! $$$$$… That’s what its all about !!


  2. permalink
    January 21, 2015 12:41 am

    Glad to hear from Helena, missed her. We forgot to talk about Andre Crouch’s passing. : ( Now even MJs peers passing. Did you read what Vincent price’s daughter?

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  3. Nan permalink
    January 21, 2015 12:41 am

    This part:
    As to Robson he was summoned by the prosecution in 2005 but turned out to be a witness for the defense as he vehemently defended Michael and said that he had never been as much as touched by him

    Robson name was brought up by the prosecution , but they never called him because he has always adamantly denied anything happened.
    He came in of his own accord for Jackson, as well as his family , same as Brett and his family , same as Mac , and all these allegations tie together put out by the same group.
    So MJ allowed all these people to come supposedly hoping that nobody would give him away etc ..Beyond ridiculous.
    There are no settlements for any of those people either, because Im sure MJ never thought any of these people , had parents like the Chandler father or Francia mother, threatening negative publicity and endorsement deals ,
    And wade mother never considered doing that .
    None of these people that MJ supposedly felt so close to were even left anything in his will as far as I know..

    We are now seeing an adult Wade realizing he missed the gravy train, and safechuck too, imo.
    This is a nuisance suit hoping for a quick settlement imo, and thankfully it doesnt look like it is going to happen.
    It looks like the estate is willing to walk around with these two stuck on their shoe rather than pay them to go away
    I do not believe that Wade would ever lie for MJ , and he didnt for all those years , he told the truth , but I will have to look for the clip of Wade being interviewed by some dance type people, and how as a young guy , he ended up in charge of Britney Spears tour.
    He admits he lied when they asked him if he had ever run a tour before ,and he was proud of how convincing he was about telling them.
    Of course it was a success and in the past so it was no harm for him to admit lying .
    So o it is beneficial to him , he has no problem, telling a tall tale., and he feels he can be quite convincing

    I know we have all seen this before , but this clip is Wade arriving in NYC for the TODAY show ..This is a person who wont speak to the camera people about his accusations because he is purposely saving it for the big television reveal..Almost make it seem like it is out of his hands and he has a contractual agreement to NOT speak before the show.
    He doesnt look like any victim to me, he looks like he is on a mission to put a knife in someones back and he has a job to do


  4. Judith Mason permalink
    January 21, 2015 1:10 am

    That our society gives the benefit of the doubt to alleged victims of child abuse — whenever they decide to report it — may account for the judge’s slow movement on this case. Judges can exercise latitude regarding statutes of limitations so as not to appear callous, especially when charges are filed many years after the alleged molestation. Surely Robson’s attorneys have investigated this thoroughly, especially as it applies to California judges. Should this case go forward (which I hope it won’t), Robson’s attorney will try to blunt his client’s startling, calculating adult flip-flop by asking the judge/jury to envision Robson as he was at age 7 — impressionable, non-judgmental, trusting and totally entranced by Michael Jackson, the magical, beguiling, glittering, dazzling, beautiful, Peter Pan playmate that kids dream of; who easily entered their world and became one of them. No sinister, creepy, shadowy, ugly, scary images here. And they all lived joyously in Neverland, a fairy kingdom of endless sunny days, fun and wishes come true. To a thus-dazzled child, nothing Jackson did seemed odd or wrong because he was one of them. So, the ‘bad’ things Michael did to him didn’t seem bad at all at the time, and if Michael asked him to keep their secrets from the adults, that didn’t seem odd either at the time. After all, they were real pals and all pals have secrets. Do you think this scenario would be at all plausible to the average person with only a cursory knowledge of Michael Jackson?


  5. January 21, 2015 1:12 am

    The cat COULD BE terribly well hidden. Triple check. Francescus close FRIEND of confucius


  6. January 21, 2015 4:27 am

    “The logic is very simple – if he lied once he will easily lie again, and the person who lied twice, and under so serious circumstances too, cannot be credible in principle.
    Imagine a witness who falsely testified on two occasions and now wishes to give another testimony. Will this third testimony hold if the jury knows for sure that he previously lied twice? No, it won’t. Actually a witness like that will probably not be even summoned by the court for fear that he will discredit the whole case.”

    We already had this: This is exactly the reason why the Arvizos were regarded not credible by the jury in 2005: Because they lied so many times before – and admitted it. They were made out as notorious liars.
    So why should a jury believe Robson, who would also admit with his case that he lied before?

    I believe he is scared to death when he is forced to go to a criminal trial. This whole thing was probably started in the first place (as a mutual endeavor) in an effort to ruin Katherine’s AEG trial (to AEG’s advantage) and second to win millions of Michael’s dollars with a settlement (to Robson’s advantage/revenge). When the settlement didn’t happen quickly they needed the assistance of Safechuck and the allegations became more graphic. Now they perhaps have to face something they didn’t plan: a real trial which will be hard for them to survive. They are trapped and I am sure they don’t feel well with it. I wonder if Robson took this risk because he was convinced by AEG handlers – and what their relationship is now when it becomes clear the risk was too high.


  7. Mjlima permalink
    January 21, 2015 7:19 am

    So so sad
    Anything for money!!!


  8. January 21, 2015 2:05 pm

    “Robson name was brought up by the prosecution , but they never called him because he has always adamantly denied anything happened.”- Nan

    Nan, yes, this is what I meant but didn’t make it clear enough. Now I’ve corrected it – the prosecution was indeed planning to call the three of them (Robson-Brett-Culkin) but it turned the other way as they actually stood up for Michael.

    So MJ allowed all these people to come supposedly hoping that nobody would give him away etc ..Beyond ridiculous.

    Another small but very important detail – good you’ve mentioned it. When a person knows that he is guilty he will be afraid to turn his real victim into a witness because the trial is a hard process and some may find themselves trapped by clever questions, may not stand up to the pressure (in so sensitive a subject) and break down under the examination. It is always a risk – especially in a case involving a childhood injury and deep emotions. So if a person is really guilty he will prefer to keep quiet and “let the barking dogs sleep”.

    However Michael allowed all of three of them to freely testify and this shows that he was sure of them and had nothing to hide.

    It is very important to remember that the testimony of these witnesses was not a must. When the prosecution rests its case the defense is not required or obliged to call any witnesses to prove the defendant’s innocence – it is quite enough just to challenge the accuracy of the prosecutor’s evidence:

    • “A trial is an adversary proceeding in which the Prosecutor must present evidence to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant is not required to prove his or her innocence or to present any evidence, but may challenge the accuracy of the Prosecutor’s evidence.”

    And this is what Thomas Mesereau initially wanted to do. But when he listened to Robson he was so impressed that he even changed the initial plan and decided to call him and the others even though he knew they would have a very hard time and no mercy from the prosecutors.

    We are now seeing an adult Wade realizing he missed the gravy train, and safechuck too, imo.


    This clip is Wade arriving in NYC for the TODAY show ..This is a person who wont speak to the camera people about his accusations because he is purposely saving it for the big television reveal..Almost make it seem like it is out of his hands and he has a contractual agreement to NOT speak before the show. He doesnt look like any victim to me, he looks like he is on a mission to put a knife in someones back and he has a job to do

    I haven’t seen this clip before and frankly, don’t understand a word of what he says. But if he wants to “save it for the big TV reveal” it only confirms my opinion that all of it is a big show. None of it is true – he and the others are simply trying to create a big hype around these allegations in order to win the case in the court of public opinion and drive the family and the Estate into complete exhaustion. Considering that the same was done in 1993 it’s a well-proven scenario (and with the same lawyers too!), so they expect to have an easy ride with it.

    So over here it is important not to give in and take it to the logical end. If it comes to a trial, so be it – and then Thomas Mesereau and Susan Yu should be hired by all means. We should never allow the Estate to settle. NEVER!


  9. January 21, 2015 2:23 pm

    “So why should a jury believe Robson, who would also admit with his case that he lied before? I believe he is scared to death when he is forced to go to a criminal trial.” – Susannerb

    Susanne, I am no expert in matters like these, but am afraid that a criminal trial is impossible here (unfortunately), because there is no defendant. It would be a totally unconstitutional case if they took it to a criminal trial despite the absence of the defendant.

    Even the prospect of a civil trial looks highly strange to me – for the same reason, so if the judge allows it to happen it will be really something extraordinary. When the defendent is absent how can he defend himself? The alleged victim can say anything he wants and no one will be able to challenge him. It is ridiculous.

    And the fact that Robson waited for tell his “story” several years after Michael’s death and did not challenge him when he had a perfect chance to do it makes the case even more ridiculous and even absurd.


  10. susannerb permalink
    January 21, 2015 2:44 pm

    Yes, you’re right, Helena. If it comes to a trial it probably won’t be a criminal trial but a civil trial (after all it’s only about money).
    But don’t forget that Michael is not the only defendant in this case. There are more defendants (if I remember right something like 40?) including John Branca and all those who according to the accusers supported Michael in his “crimes”.
    Of course all of this is ridiculous and absurd! And another case that only can happen with Michael Jackson!


  11. January 21, 2015 3:41 pm

    “Do you think this scenario would be at all plausible to the average person with only a cursory knowledge of Michael Jackson?” – Judith Mason

    It absolutely would. And this is what Robson and his attorneys are relying upon.

    But if they say one thing they should say the other too – if Robson had testified only at the age of 7 these arguments could have been convincing, but Robson testified in Michael’s support at the age of 23 too!

    Of course they will say that some victims do not disclose their secret until 30, 40 or even old age, and this will be true again, BUT NOT FOR THIS CASE.

    Let me repeat again that the key factor for people keeping silence is the fact that the public thinks the offender to be a respectable guy, and victims need to break the wall of public resistance and disbelief. Not only will they have to reveal their secret (of which they are generally ashamed) but they will also have to face a public uproar, the fury of the accused guy and his attorneys, the disbelieving officials, media, investigators, etc. The victim will have to prove what he says, will need money to pay to his lawyers and from every point of view will go through sheer hell.

    Remember the reaction of the media to Dylan Farrow’s story and what she and her family had to face when she repeated what she said when she was a little girl? Sometimes it is easier to forget than open this can of worms, you see?

    BUT THIS WAS NOT THE CASE FOR ROBSON IN 2005. For him everything was exactly the opposite. The can of worms was already open. The media was raging, the public was ready to lynch and everyone was waiting for him and others to provide some damning evidence that would cross the t’s and dot the i’s. They thought of him as a victim anyway, so there weren’t even any inner psychological obstacles for the disclosure – he didn’t have to overcome any shame or fear in order to make it.

    You failed an examination and want to keep it a secret from your parents. But what is the point of telling lies if they already know the truth and are even ready to console you and support you in every way?

    The same here. In a situation Robson found himself in 2005 any real victim – I repeat, ANY REAL VICTIM – would have spoken up against his abuser. Simply because there were absolutely no obstacles for the disclosure and the atmosphere for telling the secret was so encouraging that it even made some fathom victims to arrive with their stories.

    Is it possible to imagine the victims of Savile not to take a chance like that? Or Dylan Farrow? Even a teenager will have no problem to speak up, not to mention a 23-year old guy! So let them stop telling us tales that he was not ripe for it until he was 30…


  12. January 21, 2015 4:31 pm

    “There are more defendants including John Branca and all those who according to the accusers supported Michael in his “crimes”. Of course all of this is ridiculous and absurd! And another case that only can happen with Michael Jackson!” – Susannerb

    Susanne, indeed, this could happen only with Michael Jackson. Holding John Branca as a ‘defendant’ in a personal case like that is purely formal and as far as I remember recently the judge denied Robson the right to grill him on the issue of any “sexual acts”.

    So all the judge or the court will hear will be Robson’s side of the story, which is unconstitutional as the basic principle of any court trial is that both sides have the right to present their case and the defendant has the right to challenge his accuser.

    This is what I actually meant – how can a civil trial be held in the absence of the person who is accused of this crime? When a person is alive he can face the accuser and look him in the eye (sometimes a simple thing like that would be enough for a liar to repent), challenge him with his questions, name the witnesses only he knows, advise his attorney with the information only he possesses, provide some unique personal evidence, etc.

    After all he can plead the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify and we remember that in civil cases pleading the Fifth is considered an indirect evidence of guilt – as in civil cases the defendant is expected to fully cooperate with the court and the other side.

    But how can the defendant fully cooperate with the court if he is dead? Or will his death be considered pleading the Fifth by default? But what about the information he could have provided to his attorneys if he had been alive, but can’t do it now? And why should the defendant be denied a chance to defend himself as a result?

    In my opinion in cases like that a full criminal investigation should be held and only then any discussion of this issue is possible at all. Not that I want an investigation of this crazy case to take place, but before we even begin to discuss it all the ‘evidence’ the guy possesses should be first subjected to a most thorough police scrutiny. Otherwise we are discussing mere gossip.


  13. Nan permalink
    January 21, 2015 8:53 pm

    We all know what Robson and his lawyer are trying to pull..It is 93/94 all over again, with negative publicity etc.
    Someone mentioned that Garvin Arvizo was not believed in 2005, because he was a self admitted liar in a previous case.
    That is part of it but he was actually caught in lies regarding the Jackson case as well.
    The jury only asked for his testimony to be read back
    It is his testimony in the 2005 case that destroyed his credibility.
    It is the previous case imo , that allowed the jury to see the reasoning for WHY his lies and that is, his mother directing her children to say all kinds of crazy lies for settlement money.
    The pattern of lies for money
    We see time lines and accusations change because MJ was not even in Ca.
    We see his recollection of MJ not realizing the kid was in his room after he got out of the shower as completely innocent instead of the graphic disgusting way that was mentioned in Sneddons opening statement..
    Sneddon asked him over and over and Gavin kept insisting MJ just saw him and ran downstairs .
    He finally showed him his grand jury testimony to prod him .
    Then he tried to ask Gavin if he had memory failure due to his cancer and chemo, hoping to give the kid an out and the kid said no.
    He also was supposed to have seen him naked for 20 minutes or saw and “thought ” he was white all over .
    He was wrong of course and mj autopsy proves it
    There was a hundred red flags in his testimony
    He was a disaster.
    Jason Francia testimony was also a disaster.
    And Jordan Chandler wouldnt come in .
    He could not get the description of MJ private parts correct ., among many other things.
    So when Wade should get to court will he agree with Jordan or agree with the autopsy, and the pictures of mj from 93?
    Because either way , someone will be proven a liar.
    Nevermind the lawsuit by the Chandlers where the tape was put into evidence..
    There is so much evidence showing these people are all liars .
    That is why Wades lawyer called Diane Dimond for her smear tactics and not the alleged victims ..He knows they are liars too.
    This is why He needed Safechuck, otherwise he could have used the others testimonies..
    So there are not 5 accusors , there are 3 discredited accusors and now Wade and Jimmy who have both said under oath, Wade twice and Jimmy in deposition that MJ never touched them
    I think the last place either of these liars want to be is in a courtroom under oath ..
    This should be tossed soon imo.
    If for some insane reason it goes forward , the estate should fight it tooth and nail , and then hit them for legal fees .


  14. Amber permalink
    January 21, 2015 9:47 pm

    Thanks for your interesting opinion Helena. But where on earth did you get that $1.62 billion figure? I’ve only ever seen it in a UK tabloid and not on any of the available court documents.


  15. January 21, 2015 11:23 pm

    A theory is simple. Wade’s work was drying up, probably to do with a number of factors – parenthood certainly being one and possibl, perhaps due to his mental state. Look at his family. His father and cousin both comitted suicide. They both suffered mental illness. It’s not too big of a leap to suggest Wade has mental issues – especially and obviously with his wild past and the admission of therapy and breakdowns.

    I don’t believe Wade not getting the gig job from the estate was a primary motivation to his claims – him getting revenge.
    He tried his last hand at getting work and it failed. There was talk of him being strapped for cash and struggling with the financial woes caused by becoming a father (I think his son has health issues)

    You may think
    “Oh. Because of that, he’s finally broken his silence and demands a payment for the abuse.”

    No. As Helena said, he has had plenty opportunities to speak openly about Michael. And he did…only, he talked about Michael in a positive light. Not once, not twice, nor thrice, but multiple times.

    I like how he’s waited until he retires from show business to file a claim for compensation. A nice retirement fund for him.
    It’s the timing of pratically everything.
    He’s got no career left, so he’s obviously not afraid of the repercussions of his claims and that was always a favourite theory out there (particularly Sneddon’s) that the boys refused to say anything in case it jeopardised their careers. Then another explanation from someone, something along the lines of
    “A boy being molested by Madonna, he would be considered a hero in school. But by Michael Jackson, he would be considered a queer.” Something like that. What a crappy excuse.

    Robson claiming he knew nothing of the estate or how much it generated after Michael’s death. Maybe he didn’t, maybe he did. As Helena pointed out – once a liar, always a liar. He first claimed it was repression…then claimed he HADN’T forgotten what Michael did. He weapt over Michael after his death, but claims in his court papers that he found it hard to. But we know he did. So just what in the hell is he playing at?

    So many things to point out to wring with this, but I grow weary now.

    I feel sorry for the idiots out there that he’s brainwashed with incredibly ridiculous lies.


  16. January 22, 2015 12:46 pm

    I think it was not Wade that wanted to come forward. IMO there was a “third party” that inspired Wade (with $$$). I am sure there are people who wanted MJ down, and who want now to destroy his credibility and his legacy. i think WR and JS already won big money by coming forward IN PUBLIC.
    I cannot imagine :
    1. if I were molested that I would crave for a job at Cirque on a tour with the sole purpose of HONORING the person that molested ME, for a period of years to tour the whole world.
    2. That I would praise my molester on every occasion even as an adult
    3. That I would go to his house with my wife for a barbecue.
    4. That I would wait until my molester was not available any more to drag him to courts.
    5. That I would ask for money instead of for justice.

    IMO, and I could prove that, there is not really a typical “ped” profile.

    I think WR had to do some thorough research in books and on the internet to immerse himself in the world of molestation. He even stated in the interview that we could look it up ourselves….. that made me laugh. He cannot fool me.


  17. January 23, 2015 10:30 am

    Hello everybody. All my loving greetings to every one of MJ’s lovers. Welcome, I’m so glad to hear you again dear Helena, I missed you! For a clean and normal world which there must be more love, harmony, peace MJ is not needed any proof of innocence. MJ himself is divine, innocent, pure love – it is visible on MJ’s gold auras face, in his grace greatness, inside all his teachings and everyone can feel his purity, delicacy, beauty’s thinking throughout himself precious treasure who gave to the mankind!
    For me, one thing is very clear, this is it WR’s own plan (including his team & his plotters) to get only money using celebrity, MJ’s reputation. But the proverb “pitcher (from clay) don’t get anymore to take water from fountain! He breaks.” Don’t worry, WR’s cause is outside from law, because it’s unpreceded and will be dismissed. I’m sure of it.
    “They do Anything for Money!” “If you want it, then earn it with dignity” ~MJ

    I love you, I want to thank you that make a great work, to research in the name of love and respect for the brilliant and noble MJ. Helena, your brilliant reasoning and all others good comments of this post must be made known to the entire public opinion. I do it. Michael J lives always in our hearts and he is and will always be innocent! I love you Michael J! It’s all for love! ~MJ & all of us


  18. January 23, 2015 4:37 pm

    “Thanks for your interesting opinion Helena. But where on earth did you get that $1.62 billion figure? I’ve only ever seen it in a UK tabloid and not on any of the available court documents.” – Amber

    Amber, your question is also interesting and will need a detailed reply, so I will have to make a special post about it. It will take some time as my attention was again distracted by very dramatic events now taking place at another front.

    P.S. Have you by any chance the “second amended complaint” by Robson filed on February 19, 2014?


  19. January 23, 2015 5:00 pm

    “IMO there was a “third party” that inspired Wade (with $$$). I am sure there are people who wanted MJ down, and who want now to destroy his credibility and his legacy. i think WR and JS already won big money by coming forward IN PUBLIC.”- gboete

    Gboete, I absolutely agree. I also think that they already received a big prize for making their allegations. Every little detail of this case is screaming about their goal to turn it into a nasty public show. The very idea of it was to create much hype around it in order to destroy Michael Jackson’s legacy. Ruining his Estate is another of their goals – same as it was while Michael was alive.


  20. January 23, 2015 5:40 pm

    29mj, thank you very much for your kind words to me, though I couldn’t do much for Michael lately. You are right, for those people who are able to recognize purity and integrity in others Michael doesn’t need proof of his innocence. However others still need it. In fact they don’t even realize how badly they need it – just for themselves. Learning the truth in general and about Michael’s values and ideals in particular is a massively healing process.

    “Don’t worry, WR’s cause is outside from law, because it’s unpreceded and will be dismissed. I’m sure of it.”

    Well, as to its dismissal I am not sure because after the outcome of the AEG trial I no longer believe in justice – at least not in the city of Los Angeles. I remember reading an article once (which soon disappeared and I didn’t copy it alas) where the author asked a rhetorical question: “How can anyone even hope to win a case from AEG in a city like LA?”

    The ridiculous outcome of that trial – with part of the jury even later wishing to revise it as they were misguided by the instructions – only proved the point. And considering that there are very high chances that Robson was “sponsored” by that company, I wouldn’t be so sure that the case will be dismissed.

    But there is another side to this matter. On the one hand the dismissal would not be that bad, but on the other hand all the damage Robson could do to Michael was already done, so now it would be nice to see him answer for what he did. So I would prefer to see him in court and be grilled and discredited there by Thomas Mesereau.

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  21. January 23, 2015 6:23 pm

    “So many things to point out to wring with this, but I grow weary now.” – newrodrigo

    Newrodrigo, speaking about the points wrong in Robson’s story, there are so many of them that it would be easier to name the few which are correct.

    The 111 pages of court papers are actually the so-called “requests for admission” of various things, some of which are common knowledge – like requesting to admit, for example, that “Decedent told Wade Robson that he would become a film director” , and that “the Decedent arranged for Wade Robson to dance in one of his videos”. Oh, well… are the planning to make their case look more solid by stating that the Estate was forced to admit certain things?

    But even these “requests for admission” can bring us something valuable. I fished out the exact sum of the settlement with the Chandlers (also suggested for “admission” by the Estate).

    And it is $15,331,250 – far less than the media was telling us for decades. I hope you remember that at least part of it was paid by the insurance company. In that newspaper clip I’ve found the insurance company had already offered a sum two weeks prior to the settlement and it was only the final sum that was to be agreed about. Here is a reminder:

    So now we can safely say that all those stories about “more than 25 million” paid to the Chandlers are, as a minimum, a grave exaggeration.


  22. January 23, 2015 7:16 pm

    As to the wrong points in Robson’s 111 pages I won’t even mention those “sexual acts” (and save them for a separate discussion) and will provide here just a small example of how terribly wrong the whole thing is.

    In the list of “requests for admission” we have the following beautiful piece: “Decedent showed Wade Robson explicit adult pornography in the form of magazines, books and videos”.

    And now let us read what Robson said about it at the 2005 trial. Please pay attention not only to what he says, but how he says it:

    19 Q. Go ahead and turn the page, if you would.
    20 A. I never thought I’d have a room of people
    21 watching me do this.
    22 BY MR. ZONEN:
    23 Q. Mr. Robson, when did you first learn that
    24 Michael Jackson possessed material of the nature
    25 that’s before you right now?
    26 A. Right now I did.
    27 Q. All the years that you have known Michael —
    28 A. Actually, no one’s told me where this came
    1 from.
    2 Q. Assuming this comes from Michael Jackson’s
    3 residence.
    4 A. Assuming it does, this is the first I know.
    5 Q. All right. And you had never, ever known
    6 that Mr. Jackson collected sexually explicit
    7 material?
    8 A. No.
    9 Q. This is something new that you’re learning
    10 just today; is that right?
    11 A. Yes.

    Well, isn’t it a masterpiece?

    Every unbiased person will admit that Robson has a very spontaneous reaction to what he sees. First he jokes that “he never thought he’d have a room of people watching me do this” (leafing through an adult magazine) and then he says that he learned of the fact that Michael possessed these materials “right now”.

    Then we learn that no one told him that the magazines were Michael Jackson’s (and this makes all his prior answers even more unbiased) and when Zonen asks him to assume that this comes from Michael Jackson’s residence it seems that Robson almost laughs: “Assuming it does, this is the first I know”.

    Then he says that this is something new he finds about Jackson, and sounds a bit surprised about it, and repeats that he never knew that Michael collected anything like this.

    And now his court papers claim in full seriousness that the “Decedent showed him explicit adult pornography in the form of magazines, books and videos”?

    He showed them to him??? But Robson has just proved to us that he DIDN’T EVEN KNOW that Michael had anything of that kind!

    I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry over all this.


  23. lynande51 permalink
    January 23, 2015 7:24 pm

    Yes I believe that the figure $1.62 Billion is based on a tabloid report however knowing that he is asking for punitive damages it doesn’t seem all that unlikely that is the figure he is expecting to get..
    Punitive damages are damages intended to reform or deter the defendant and others from engaging in conduct similar to that which formed the basis of the lawsuit. Although the purpose of punitive damages is not to compensate the plaintiff, the plaintiff will receive all or some portion of the punitive damage award. In California it is based on Statute as to how much he can get for his claim.
    In Robson’s case he is basing his on claim against the Estate on falsified information that there were payoffs to parents one being James Safechuck’s parents prior to Jordan Chandler’s claim in 1993. It seems that he was presented with papers that proved this by someone.
    Unfortunately the ‘secret payoffs” never took place. Roger Friedman wrote about them in 05.It was presented last year as secret FBI files.
    If you look at some of the stories that he claims you can kind of tell who it was that helped him to research it.
    Personally I think it was the media group that puts out the National Enquirer and other online magazines. Remember they lost a fortune when MJ was acquitted not to mention the embarrassment that they suffered as well.


  24. lynande51 permalink
    January 24, 2015 1:11 pm

    “And now his court papers claim in full seriousness that the “Decedent showed him explicit adult pornography in the form of magazines, books and videos”?
    He showed them to him??? But Robson has just proved to us that he DIDN’T EVEN KNOW that Michael had anything of that kind!
    I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry over all this.”

    Helena I think the best thing to do at this point is laugh because according to his own testimony he should be suing and accusing Ron Zonen of showing him explicit sexual adult pictures, books and magazines. Haha


  25. January 24, 2015 2:31 pm

    Hi Helena, were you looking for this?


  26. Nan permalink
    January 24, 2015 11:29 pm

    Lynande51 wrote
    Helena I think the best thing to do at this point is laugh because according to his own testimony he should be suing and accusing Ron Zonen of showing him explicit sexual adult pictures, books and magazines. Haha

    Atleast he was an adult when he had him flip though the books.
    Sneddon had Gavin take a look at magazines in the grand jury and handle them ,possibly thumb through them, before he sent them out for fingerprints.
    Maybe he should have been charged with showing adult magazines to a child..I m sure he got a thrill out of doing that.
    He probably skipped home to his wife that night.

    I just read the amended complaint and there is no way , having read Wades testimony and that of his sister and mother, that he ever could have thought he would have to come in and defend this case .
    He is so completely and obviously full of sh@t..
    He , imo, HAD to have been paid to do this , and also hope for a quick settlement .
    On another note , having read that Quincy Jones is using the same law firm..
    I have no problem with Q suing the estate for what he believes he is entitled to , but if he is using the same law firm as Wade , people who refer to his “little brother Smelly” as a serial criminal…I am just very disappointed in him , to say the least.


  27. Judith Mason permalink
    January 25, 2015 1:49 am

    Beyond the legal language and ridiculous (imo) redactions, this court document reads like a script outline for a cheap movie about Hollywood Babylon, complete with characters out of central casting. Successful dancer-choreographer-producer Robson has career meltdown, seeks psychiatric treatment which he says unearths childhood molestation by his now deceased lifelong idol, Michael Jackson, arguably the greatest entertainer in living memory. Other characters include Mom and Dad Airhead Robson who — apparently dazzled by Jackson’s persona and magical being — instantly and repeatedly entrust their 7-year old son to his care (no questions asked) for unchaperoned sleepovers for a period of 7 years.

    After apparently mesmerizing everyone in sight out of their reason, common sense, judgement, shoes and socks, Jackson then embarks on years of carefully arranged marathon seductions — in between heavy practice, tour and performance schedules of course. Airhead Mom seems always nearby yet clueless to these alleged activities. Memories go POOF, Robson grows up to make his mark in show business, remains a strong friend and supporter of Jackson who has apparently also brainwashed him into a love-silence — shattered only after Robson’s mid-career collapse, Jackson’s death and a decision to file a late complaint (with hefty damages) against his estate for alleged childhood molestation and naming Jackson’s companies as enablers to the the abuse.

    What a racket!


  28. 29mj permalink
    January 25, 2015 2:26 pm

    Hello dear,
    Please. pls… sign the petition now and reshare it!
    For all people around the world – Urgent please sign it and reshare it! Pls, pls..! – keep Michaeling. urgent do it! Sign it now! Please, please more, sign this petition, get involved whether you are or not MJ fan – until 31.01.2015 !!! Love you all! All for love!
    PS Sorry, forgiveness because I dared too much! Thank you.


  29. January 25, 2015 3:52 pm

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    Robson is actually doing a u-turn and saying Michael showed him adult material?!
    Doesn’t the idiot realise how much of liar he’s making himself look?
    Ok. We have to buy into the cock and bull story of him being a “manipulated slave” of Michael. He was “brainwashed” into the belief that what he was doing was all out of “love”. He claims to have not known the difference.
    But that’s not to say he didn’t know the difference in that court room. If we buy ourselves into the story(lie), then we’re seeing him lying and defending a child molester. Willingly and thoroughly lying, under oath, to protect his abuser. Going out of his way to convincingly prove, while spitting in the face of justice and all those “poor victims”, that the man at the center of it all, was this perfect human being.
    And Robson went on to do that many times after the trial and after Michael’s passing.
    It took breakdowns and therapy for him to realise just how sick and evil Michael was, according to his words? Claiming to be under his spell. During all of this supposed brainwashing, surely Wade would’ve experienced negative emotional thoughts and feelings? Physical and mental abuse, the fear (of prison and what not) that Michael allegedly would put into him, wasn’t enough for him desiring escape from the burden? Because that must have been on his mind? He still loved Michael and saw no wrong, at any point?
    So, he wasn’t just under Michael’s spell, he was as thick as pig’s shit as well?

    I’m sorry, but just how is he able to get away with this? How can any law official look at his claims and think there is credibility in them?
    In this case, justice is not just blind, it can also be pretty stupid.


  30. Linda permalink
    January 26, 2015 4:19 pm

    Hey, I just stumbled across this site and I wanted to say thank you to the people here who have worked to highlight the truth about Michael. I appreciate it very much. As a life long fan I could never bring myself to believe the falsehoods, but now I have more concrete evidence to back up this belief. Thank you so much.


  31. January 26, 2015 5:08 pm

    I just wonder if there will be anotgher trial ending in Pseudo Thruth like the AEG trial.
    By placing extreme emphasis on he correctnes of procedure thereby obscuring the essence of the case.


  32. Chris permalink
    January 26, 2015 5:45 pm

    I’m sorry . . . but we have to go on . . . . Michael is gone. In my heart and after reading
    as much as I could possibly read about him and the trial . . . I truly and sincerely believe and that he was innocent But . . . . .nothing can bring him back.
    The lies will go on and on because there is money involved. Let’s bless him and his children
    and let it all die. His music and image will live for eternity in spite of what they try to say or write.You won’t be able to change the views of the people that are paid to destroy him.
    Michael was powerful and rich and talented and black and that they can not deal with.

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  33. TatumMarie permalink
    January 27, 2015 1:54 am

    Hi Helena.
    In 2005 Wade was at the peak of his career as a choreographer. I doubt he would have run the risk of professional suicide testifying for his offender. He would have easily reasoned that if he was victimized the child making the accusations was too, and wouldn’t have showed up if anything.

    Also, Wades first interview with Matt Lauer was analyzed by a real body language expert Susan Constantine. When I first watched the video I thought he looked scripted but she thoroughly explains why.
    Body language expert analyzes Wade Robson on King Jordan Radio:


  34. mary permalink
    January 28, 2015 8:09 am

    thank you so much for sharing these truth that obviously prover that king of pop is innocent. thanks for your effort. this allegation is false and only for money. only God could judge us and only he know that Michael was innocent. God bless you and PLEASE pray for Michael to riddance of these vipers. THANKS ALL OF YOU.


  35. mahsa permalink
    January 28, 2015 8:20 am

    This subject make me sick and my grief growth every badly. my heart very burn when i hear this rumors. RIP Michael Jackson


  36. January 28, 2015 3:02 pm

    There are also several Body Language analyis videos via Craig J Baxter- for example Part 2


  37. t (@wkatriina22) permalink
    January 29, 2015 6:07 pm

    Re the second complaint; Why start off By telling about his successes and great career (WR)
    He has Michael to thank for that.It seems a bit odd to me.Grandiouse and really unnecessary.
    Does he try to imply that he was just as great potentially.And 2 consecutive mental breakdowns , Was he maybe psychotic and delusional.Just thinking.. His medical history can not be scutinised By the court.And he claims he no longer can practice his art. Why?


  38. January 31, 2015 6:23 am

    “Hi Helena, were you looking for this?” – Suparna

    Yes, Suparna, thank you very much. It turns out that I read it before but a fresh look was very helpful as it produced direct evidence that Robson is lying. I hope to write about it one of these days.


  39. January 31, 2015 6:33 am

    “I just read the amended complaint and there is no way, having read Wades testimony and that of his sister and mother, that he ever could have thought he would have to come in and defend this case. ” – Nan

    Exactly. The comparison of his present story with the testimonies of all Robsons is a highly eye-opening experience. I’ve just reread all of it again and can’t believe that he didn’t even read what they were saying at that time.

    He is so completely and obviously full of sh@t..

    I agree. Completely and obviously full of it.

    “this court document reads like a script outline for a cheap movie about Hollywood Babylon, complete with characters out of central casting.” – Judith Mason

    Oh, absolutely. It is indeed a script for a cheap movie and a very poor one at that.
    Please give me some time to collect the evidence and put it all together.


  40. February 27, 2015 2:03 pm

    Reblogged this on mjjjusticeproject.


  41. March 1, 2015 3:56 pm

    Ivy on March 1, 2015 at 3:49 pm
    I believe there is a possibility that Wade Robson was molested as a child BUT NOT BY MJ! There are wayyyy too many holes in his story. The sad thing is that the more you believe a lie, the more it becomes the truth.
    For all the ppl out there who believe that MJ was a pedophile, know that he was assessed by 2 professionals who came to the conclusion that he is not a pedophile. The FBI investigated him for 10, possibly more than 10, years and found NO EVIDENCE that he was a pedophile. 10 years is a long time to investigate someone….another thing I want to point out is that the burden of proof in a civil case is a hell of a lot lower than a criminal case. I don’t know how it is in the states, but here in Canada, the prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty, whereas in a civil trial, it’s on a balance of probabilities which is more than likely or less than likely that “x” happened. Ppl need to keep this in mind as well. OJ simpson was also found not guilty in his criminal trial but was liable for damages in the civil trial. I sincerely hope the truth will finally come out that MJ was NOT a pedophile.
    Thank you for this post and sorry if I seem as though I am ranting.


  42. 29mj permalink
    May 1, 2015 10:26 am

    We will pray for this great always righteousness


  43. naisha permalink
    July 25, 2015 10:00 am

    I am agree with Helena, in 2005 everybody in the media want mj to be guilty so if the story of wr was true, he will be able easly told it in 2005 and everybody will aplaud him.

    Wade Robson is LIAR, LIAR, LIAR. However, they want to destroy mj jackson estate, children , family and reputation. They will never stop until they win the big price of destroy complety Michael Jackson and erase him.


  44. Zee permalink
    September 24, 2015 3:15 am

    It’s really incredible how people hear so many beautiful things done by a person and when they suddenly hear one lie, they forget the beautiful things and hold on to dat lie. It’s so obvious to anyone with a kind and pure heart that MJ didnt commit any of those crimes. I personnally believe dat ppl who believe dat he did such things have sad and twisted minds and dont like seeing the good in people. I recently listened to a phonecall of his with a little girl online and u wouldnt believe wat dey were talking about….dey were talking about his dogs, dey even talked about chucky,d girl gave a long (boring) explanation of d movie but he still listened patiently and reassured her dat it was all make-believe. I mean how many adults today sit down to listen to or are even interested in what kids are doing in their spare time. I even watched This is it movie several times cos i was just blow away by how polite, patient,bashful,playful and considerate he was. There was even this moment when the guitarist was playin and he was like ‘it’s ur time to shine….we’ll be rite there with you’. I mean how much more sweet can he get?! And the media…oh God they told so many lies about him…they never publicized the beautiful things he said while he was half conscious some hours to his death, those kind of things can only come from a very beautiful and pure heart…he was just an enigma. I pray God gives him a very special place in heaven..RIP MJ. We miss u


  45. September 24, 2015 5:06 am

    ❤✌🌏: Long before MJ ever met any of these people . their lives had already been tainted and marked by the stench of Molestation.. Same goes for The Alverz family.. They were pan handlers of their own kids!! It’s sad how they’ve tried to make Michael the scapegoat of all their Pathetic Misery long before they ever met him.. They all were ABUSED long before Michael ever came into their life.. Blame placing is an known ear mark of when some has been molested and have no justice they will try and blame others or try to taint them this way ..Michael was a very loving and affectionate person .but it was part of his. True Personality that often got twisted the wrong way . .. He attracted everyone .. But was always aware of who he was and wasn’t . any negative behavior wasn’t on Michaels part .but had been grossly misinterpreted by others … ..🎵💋💋❤✌🌏Love & Miss U #MyBoo4ever 💋❤✌


  46. April 23, 2016 2:17 am

    Thank you for this write up. Do you know what cooks my goose? Websites hell bent on implicating MJ making silly claims such as the “apologists” are an “industry” making “money” off of books and blogs. Seriously? I know of one book by Aphrodite Jones giving us a play by play account of what actually happened in the court room (which is actually happens to be called FACTUAL reporting) and it was self published. Why? Because none of the mainstream publishers wanted to touch a “pro MJ” book with a ten foot pole. There was also another write up but I forget the author and title but he was discussing the shameful behavior of journalists during this period.

    Neither one of these writings have been publicized in any way shape or form. Not by the lamestream media, nothing. I believe both of these writings were done before MJ’s death, but lo and behold even when he passed on the coverage, extensive as it was, still fixated on planting ideas, kept referring to him as “troubled” and no one managed to lay out the evidence presented during the trial leading to his being acquitted. No one reported on how law enforcement officials and the FBI came forward and stated that MJ was investigated and watched for 10 years but they found ZERO wrongdoing.

    Which leads me to, didn’t this Robson kid claim that MJ was role playing with him or something on the phone everyday between 1993-1996? I mean wouldn’t MJ’s phones have been tapped by the FBI at that time? I apologize, I am still new to doing the research, and still sorting and reading through all the extensively documented information presented from the trial. I still have yet to read the two writing pieces I have mentioned above, but I’ll get there. Again, thank you so much for this write up. I look forward to reading through the rest of this site.


  47. April 23, 2016 2:22 am

    Ooops, I forgot to mention my point. When I was talking about the write ups I mentioned with the one book that was self published, I wanted to add ain’t no one gettin rich off of that! Therefore the ridiculous claim that the MJ “apologist industry” is making money off of these write ups is as stupid and manipulative as they come.

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  48. susannerb permalink
    April 24, 2016 3:04 am

    T: Thank you for your comment. You’re right, no one can get rich with writing positive books about Michael Jackson. It is even hard work and can be nerve-racking to vindicate MJ because you have to search for buried information and you have to get used to being attacked by haters. Great you are one of those doing honest research.
    A lot of the issues you mentioned are discussed on this blog in many posts, so you probably will find more answers in them. And let me stress that this blog is free accessible to everybody and we don’t earn any money with it. We, especially Helena, have invested countless hours of our free time for many years now to investigate and search for the truth and make it available to everybody. We just hope and are happy that this is appreciated.

    Aphrodite Jones’ book “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” can be read here (in case you don’t have it):


  49. Mjlima permalink
    April 24, 2016 7:05 pm

    Wade or what ever his name the “doctor” were and are instruments tools part of a gigantic machinery SONY and co… When Mike talked about conspiracy it was not a joke.

    Everything just for the catalogue they ve been preparing this for years (10 years or more.but Michael never gave up when he was still with us. They killed him and got away with it.
    They end up having what they wanted in the first place.
    As the Fake will was done perfectly.
    Wade is a diversion everybody is consentrated on him while the estate isold Mike’s catalogue to Sony.
    Michael went through hell to keep it for his children.

    I am so sadden by all this and frustrated…

    God is not sleeping and this greedy evils will pay for it.

    Love you and missing you everyday

    True Love never dies.


  50. April 27, 2016 6:44 pm

    T: Thank you for your comment. You’re right, no one can get rich with writing positive books about Michael Jackson.

    You are right, it is difficult for authors to make money from positive books about Michael, especially if you are encouraging people to download the book for free.

    Aphrodite Jones’ book “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” can be read here (in case you don’t have it): (link removed)

    Having this book available for download is theft. You are stealing from Aphrodite Jones. She worked hard on this book and every time someone reads it for free online they are making it less likely that other authors will write positive books about Michael. Why should they when fans just take something for nothing?

    This is an insult to Aphrodite Jones, and I hope she sues whoever uploaded this copy for copyright theft.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, promoting theft from someone who worked so hard to get this book out there is despicable.

    For those reading this who want to do the right thing click on the link in my name (or got to Goodreads, Abe Books, a bookshop) and buy a new copy so that Aphrodite Jones benefits from the blood sweat and tears she put in to this book. Don’t steal!


  51. susannerb permalink
    April 28, 2016 12:12 pm

    In principle, if we were 10 years ago, I would agree with you and I wouldn’t have posted the link. But for earning money with this book, it is too late for AJ. The book wasn’t even available for years since MJ’s death. I know I received one of the last copies in 2010 before it was out of print. I didn’t know it is printed and sold again now.
    I also want to say that we are not only writing for Americans on this blog. We are in Europe and have many readers from East European and Asian countries, and I know for a fact that not everybody on this planet has the possibility to buy books online, and they don’t find this book in their book stores. Online purchase requires credit cards or paypal, a functioning postal and bank traffic, a modern computer equipment for a Kindle version, etc; the older readers are often not familiar with the new technical possibilities.
    I now checked the German Amazon website where the book is only available for very high prices.
    I suppose the free download was initiated by someone when the book was no longer available, and I think Aphrodite Jones could have taken steps against it if she wanted. It’s there for years now. If you are so outraged about it, please feel free to inform her.

    The book is also readable on the Jetzi website, like many other books about Michael. The authors could have stopped this by legal steps, but the Jetzi website exists for years now and nobody stopped it. So why are you so furious about us? If you don’t like the idea that MJ fans all over the world, who don’t have a chance to read the publications otherwise, get access to them this way, please feel free to put an end to it.


  52. May 17, 2016 11:36 am

    Presciption for Bulluing to Murder: see the AEG trial)1.Isolate,2.Order to work (overwork)
    3.Insults 4.Dangerous,lifethreatening “medical care.
    Is Wade going on forever? At least ichael was spearwd from seeing the horrible state of our present world.

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  53. May 17, 2016 11:39 am

    Michael we will miss you til the end of our days.

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  54. Asma permalink
    September 16, 2016 3:09 am

    Excellent post…man, I am at my wits end, Helena! This Robson guy came out with a new baloney complaint that Michael had a “sophisticated ring” or something. It seems like everytime MJ generates some measure of good publicity this stupid (false) allegations turn up again. I have been on the yahoo boards (I know, they’re too awful to bother with) using all the info I read here and by other well researched, loyal supporters and just throwing out information after information. There is still a long way to go, but what few posts I’ve made have been really well taken. It is still exhausting!

    I was disappointed that the reactions on Huffington Post, who also printed this “ring” story, were also the standard of “he was a molestor. I know, I was molested” to the standard, “we weren’t there so we don’t know” argument. Ugh, I HATE that argument! One good thing is HuffPo pushed back a but more.
    I just could cry. When will we ever stop maligning him like this? How long will it take for people to finally see the truth? When will Robson disappear, and if he does is someone else going to chime in next? I just wished at least this world would just leave him the heck alone.


  55. Des permalink
    September 18, 2016 7:43 am

    Dear Helena,I,like every body else been reading the latest with Wade Robson ,but I also read some of the comments,and I came a cross your name responding to someone’s comments.I don’t know if it’s you but the comments and the answers to that stupid person are so knowledgeable that makes me believe it is you.Its so obvious that these people don’t want to know the truth,their read the facts they know the truth but they don’t want to excepted and the language they’re use it’s just swearing no concept no substance no knowledge about anything am fortunately idiots like that get to have a voice.Helena not long ago I found out Michael’s bedroom at Neverland it was 3500 square feet,i new it was big but that big! The White House six floors is 55000 square feet if am not mistaken and Michael’s bedroom is 3500 square feet that is big that is huge,I wish when Michael was giving interviews explained himself little bit better.He was talking about sharing is bed and people think it’s just a room with a bed,they’re don’t know it was that big and it was a living room a toy room a TV room that all of them were hanging out. I have read so many books about Michael and i end up reading for a second time Randall Sullivan book untouchable,this time I understood everything so much more,after two years searching and learning about Michael I was familiar with names and situations and ones again the injustice for this man it’s hard to except.Too many people betrayed him far too many including some members of his family even his own mother been used for his money.Sometimes I get upset even with his mother,only because I think Michael wanted a mother not another manager.Why this man had to provide for every body?My beautiful beautiful soul! how much someone can take?how do you put your mind to rest? When you have people like that liar that it’s so obvious he wants the money and other ignorant people that don’t want to know the truth,it’s a miracle that he survived as long as he did thanks to his God and his children that’s what kept him alive.What a life!and he still managed to smile to us from his heart,its like you building and building and then a storm comes and destroys everything and then you start all over again but how many times?their take your life away and still not enough.People try to make money in the expense of others they don’t want to work anymore like Tom Mesereau said why work when you can sue Michael Jackson.All I wish for the estate to fight this scum I just feel sorry for his child.Honestly I just can’t believe this man and I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for him that maybe his suffering from something and I don’t understand how they allowed this to go as far as he whent when his holed family were a witness in support for Michael in 2005 just for the sake of telling the truth this is just crazy.LOVE$PEACH


  56. Asma permalink
    September 18, 2016 3:20 pm

    Hey Des, could you tell me which article site you were reading where you think Helena responded? I have been on Yahoo, and they have tons of ignorant comments on there which I have only been able to reply to a few of the fools. It would be awesome if a handful of MJ brains can respond go to every news site with the latest of these articles and launch the comments section with information. *Sigh* Along with this, the incidents of the world are just so depressing. I wished a meteor would just come and hit us already. It’s no wonder with this pro conflict media the truth about *any* topic comes out, and they *enforce* violent conflicts amongst the world too! Sorry for the rant, just so overwhelmed by the stupidity of it all. At the very least, I want MJ’s good name to be restored. Enough is enough!


  57. Des permalink
    September 18, 2016 6:15 pm

    Am sorry but I can’t help you,there so many,and I don’t remember witch one,they’re about three or four people having a conversation if you called a conversation with that idiot, and if it was Helena(because this person he was actually calling her by her name)in a sort time once again she gave so much information and he or she read them but he responded by swearing at her.It felt like he or she is on drugs.Who ever that person was it did an excellent job.But I think any one with a little bit of brain even if they don’t care they’re sick of it and they can see wright through that it’s all for money.Even if they hate Michael an intelligent person won’t talk like that.Look what’s happening to Michael’s daughter,get off the social media Paris don’t share your life with the world,hate its a dangerous weapon.LOVE$PEACH


  58. Asma permalink
    September 18, 2016 6:58 pm

    I understand, thanks ayway Des. I am not surprised to hear someone acted the fool. These people really show their true colors. They always seem to make tasteless jokes regarding Michael and kids and it leaves me scratching my head. How can anyone joke about something like that? It is also as if they are so obsessed with details and *want* these things to have happened with the way they go on and on. What gets me is how are the like ls of Robson, Safechuck, Chandler and Arvizo sleeping at night. There is plenty of indication to show they lied/are lying and KNOW it. Is something keeping at least some of them tied from coming out and admitting the truth? *Sigh* just sickening. My hear goes out to his kids. R.I.P MJ, we got your back here.


  59. October 1, 2016 7:05 am

    If an adult decides to lie in a lawsuit once why not lie again in another? This incredible story
    initiated By WR has gone on for over 2 years. Who is benefitting from it exept the lawyers on both sides? As to positive books about Michael Jackson I remain convinced that it will come about in the future.. I have, as others, Helena herself, emphatized the pivotal role of Victor Guitirezz and the drivel of the present press for the masses. This kind of writing may take much time to come. It will not only be the story about Michael Jackson ,but of the zeitgeist of our times and will dwell into facts not that obvious to most people of our present times
    This blog will be of great value then..


  60. October 1, 2016 9:35 am

    Despite his being magnificently successful in his chosen profession Michael suffered physical and mental pain and abuse during his unfortunately shortened life. He did much
    to save our home ,ie our planet, to reduce the suffering of the poor and or sick.
    This work of his needs to be celebrated in these times of incredible violence and useless killlings in wars and society,the great wealth and greed of the few and the equally incredible poverty of many.- I still want to hope for a better future for humanity despite the present situation.And that Michaels legacy be fully appriciated.


  61. October 1, 2016 10:08 am

    P.S. I want to apologize for the use of the word “masses”. Among ordinary people there are many who support MJ ,people who are intelligent and thoughtful and do not believe that everything is true that the press prints.


  62. Des permalink
    October 28, 2016 5:21 pm

    Hello dear Helena,there we go again another one run out of money,it’s so stupid that is funny.Tom Mesereau was so right when he said (why work when you can sue Michael Jackson).Other people and entertainers screw everything around them and it’s all okay.If Michael dint give money away the way he did and he was charging everyone that when through Neverland financially he would have been much better when he was alive.My God look at Elvis Presley look at Madonna that she admitted she slept with a under age boy or because she’s a woman that makes it right?half of the population of America live from the other half by suing and suing the innocent and the good.These young people are crazy,they can put you in trouble so easily.Many times I asked myself were are the parents? I remember when my son went to Michael’s first concert here in Australia he was fifteen we had to pay the ticket and then tree boys and one father took them to the concert,and my son was so excited because he touched Michael’s hat when he threw it.Like this terrible terrible liar Wade Robson that his mother was dressing him like Michael before he could walk and then you have people like Diane Dimond saying that Michael was dressing them like him.Michael has been dead for seven years,my grandchildren they like to dress like him and dance to his music so as my son and my daughter in law.It makes me sick to my stomach how we have different rules for different people and we justified ones actions while we call the other one weird.Wait till it happens to you then maybe your understand.Sometimes I think to myself even his brothers we all know how it was back then and how different Michael was and here we are the most purest of all still gets bitten from sick people. On the other hand he was a man and he had something in his pants as far as I know if a woman wants and throws her self on you it’s only normal for something to move and these people are willing to do anything to spend sometime with the idol,but when it comes to young ones You need to know were your children are and what they do you are the parent if you not capable of making sacrifices don’t have them.LOVE&PEACH


  63. Des permalink
    October 30, 2016 5:46 pm

    Last night i watched on the television a show about disasters that happened the last fifteen years,and made the world the way it is today.There sown the 9/11 they sown Katrina disaster the tsunami and the end they show Michael’s death.There were some people like Travis Payne and three others that they said some things good things at the end the presenter said (and with the death of Michael Jackson and all these disasters the world is a darker place) that made me cry,how one man can touch so many and he tried so hard never gave up no matter what to make our world a better place .And now that am here I have read some of the comments about Michael’s much with Jordan’s description but can i say something here how many man know they’re own think how many take a mirror and check it.I have been married since I was sixteen am sixty too my husband has passed away but if you’re asked me to describe my husbands privates forget it.Jordan knew Michael had vitiligo so he just threw it out there .There so many things that make these people monsters .


  64. Des permalink
    October 31, 2016 9:10 pm

    Hi everybody,you probably get sick of me but again I have this need to share this with you.You’re probably have seen what I sow on the internet about this seven year old autistic boy William Ryan dancing to thriller that just touched my heart.He has fallen in love with Michael two years ago and learned to dance by watching Michael’s videos.Now guys tell me how is it that kids falling in love with him and he’s not even alive.Why they are so attracted to him and the boy he was very upset because they had to tell him that Michael is dead.Now if Michael was alive and this boy wanted to meet him how do you say no? And especially someone like Michael with the purest heart of all . You can see the honesty in his eyes in his smile in his body language in his actions.He did say I will never denied love to a child.What a beautiful and rare human being that even to this day he heals people with ways some people don’t understand .If people study Michael’s life and what he went through their will get strength and courage from him and see life differently.We all have ups and downs in our lives some more than others but when your compare it with Michael’s your say to yourself I do stop complaining and look around you and if you want to feel better do something good for someone while am writing their showing on the television how lady Gaga got her driving license and she is thirty years old,which is nothing wrong with me but Michael was being criticised for that too that somehow it was weird that Michael in his twenties didn’t have drivers license and still leaving at home.People have no idea sometimes what they talking about.In my culture you don’t leave your house before your get married,and if don’t get married you stay with your parents all your life that’s how It was.My son got married at thirty three and moved out so as my daughter but they were set to move on with the lives,and he was being teased so am I for it and many times he will tell me am gonna move out and I tell him If you wanna move move I can’t stop you but once you’re get out from this house there’s no coming back .That’s what we do we help each other if people want to criticises it they can do things they way .That’s why Michael his my angel he did things his way with God in his heart and love for all humans.LOVE&PEACE


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