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THE DOCUMENTS seized by Tom Sneddon from Evvy Tavasci’s computer

December 30, 2015

The more you look into the 2005 court documents, the more discoveries you make. This time a couple of small discoveries were made in the papers “seized” from Evelyn Tavasci’s computer during the raid of her premises on September 15, 2004.

Evvy Tavasci was Michael Jackson’s personal assistant and the raid itself was already mentioned in this post. At the time we didn’t know what documents Sneddon laid his hands on, and focused only on the fact that the prosecution illegally took from Evvy Tavasci three folders labeled “Mesereau” violating the attorney-client privilege this way.

But as we go down the court documents list we come across another paper dated April 26, 2005  holding the documents from Evvy’s computer that were submitted to the judge and determined by him to be “not privileged communication” (i.e. not subject to client/attorney privilege). And it is these documents which open to Michael Jackson’s supporters some new horizons.



The first two papers are more or less known to us.

One of them is Evelyn Tavasci’s witness statement made in February 2003 and prepared for a lawsuit brought by Michael and MJJ Productions against the company that produced Bashir’s documentary – Granada Media Group Ltd.

Evvy’s statement describes the way Bashir cheated Michael out of his rights of approval for the documentary and broke what he himself called a “gentleman’s agreement” with Michael Jackson.

Well, it takes two make a gentleman’s agreement and Michael Jackson was the only gentleman in the deal, so no wonder the agreement did not work.

Bashir repeatedly gave promises and broke his word, and in general played games with Michael and his assistant like a cat does with a mouse. All of it is far from gentleman’s behavior and I wish the trustful and well-meaning Michael hadn’t realized it so late.

The impression you get of the document is that Bashir is not only petty and mean, but is also an exceptional coward – the one who is able to sling dirt at his victim only from behind his back.

If you want to destroy someone you should at least have the courage to do it openly, but Bashir was all sweets and honey to Michael speaking of “the human aspect and correct and passionate portrayal of Mr Jackson as was his goal” and when the camera was off admired Michael for his attitude towards children, however when no one was looking he was scribbling his ugly comment, turning the story upside down and hiding it all until the very last moment.

Evelyn Tavasci’s statement is absolutely impassionate and speaks of facts only, but it is the best document to show what a despicable creature Bashir is.

You will find it here: Evvy Tavasci’s statement February 2003


The second paper taken from Evvy’s computer and admitted by the judge is an article from the now defunct News of the World sent to her by a fan with a pertinent note: “The lies are getting more outrageous by the minute, aren’t they? Check out this latest lies… It isn’t even worthy of being called a story. ”

The article is indeed an fantastic account of “abuse” of a certain Daniel Kapon who allegedly suffered at the hands of Michael Jackson.

We had several posts about the Kapon but what surprised me most is that the matter surfaced again in April 2005 – at the time when there was absolutely no need for bringing that story to the attention of the judge.

A year prior to that, in April 2004 the Santa Barbara police and Tom Sneddon himself  investigated the case and said that the story was “pure voodoo”. The Los Angeles police also handled it for two months and on June 2, 2004 made an official statement fully clearing Michael of any suspicion – their extensive investigation showed that there was no evidence of any crime and the case was closed.

Media Relations Section


Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Los Angeles: On May 28, 2004, Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Juvenile Division officially concluded their 2-month investigation into allegations of child abuse against Michael Jackson.

The person making the allegations claimed the acts took place in the City of Los Angeles in the late 1980’s. After an extensive investigation, which included hours of interviews with the person making the allegations, Detectives concluded there was no evidence that any crime occurred. No charges will be sought.

This news advisory was prepared by Lieutenant Art Miller, Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.

For Release 2:50 pm June 2, 2004

But if the case was found bogus already a year prior to that, what was the point of “seizing” this tabloid article from Evvy’s computer and submitting it to the judge as if it were something meaningful?

The only answer I can think of is that the prosecution wanted to bias the judge and make him think that there might be a pattern here, though Sneddon perfectly knew the story to be pure science fiction. The added advantage of having this piece in the court documents is that new generations of people unfamiliar with the story will one day come across Kapon’s lie and wonder why so horrid a case was disregarded at the 2005 trial.

So a short reminder about Kapon’s story is a necessary vaccination against such an outcome and also a chance to bring together the facts scattered in the earlier posts – this one about Kapon and this post about other  phantom victims of MJ.

There is one more reason why Kapon’s case is relevant today. Actually it is even funny to see how much it resembles the Robson/Safechuck allegations and how incredibly easy it is to make a fictional story of abuse, create a victim out of thin air and keep the judicial system busy with this nonsense for half a decade.

Crazy as his story was, Kapon and his mother nevertheless did their research and tried to make their tale fit a certain pattern commonly associated with pedophilia behavior. To make it more credible they sprinkled it with recognizable elements taken from the Chandler case and foul media stories.

This is what Robson and Safechuck are also doing now, evidently drawing inspiration from cases like Kapon’s and probably even using his story as a blueprint for their lies.


Kapon’s tale started when D.A. Tom Sneddon and Sheriff Jim Anderson held their press conference in November 2003 and called for more “victims” to come forward. It was at that moment that Daniel Kapon suddenly recovered from repressed memory and recollected that since age 3 he had been abused by Michael Jackson.

According to Diane Dimond’s book in late winter 2003 Carole Lieberman, the psychiatrist who helped him to “recover” his memories approached the Santa Barbara police with the news that her 18-year old client recollected that he had been repeatedly abused by the man whose head Tom Sneddon was after.

Danial Kapon recorded a video tape of his testimony for the Santa Barbara police to study, alleged that he had been abused for 6 years (reminds us of Robson/Safechuck, right?), said that now, all of a sudden, he had a photographic memory of what happened and worked himself up into so emotional a state that in the course of the narration even cried at some point (a reminder that Jason Francia did the same too).

Kapon’s initial recollections were of some sadistic acts allegedly committed and filmed by MJ and another man who directed him what to do, while the abuser was “demonically laughing” and “deriving pleasure from Kapon’s pain”. The media reported it as follows:

Daniel said he was never taken to MJ’s bedroom to be abused—but to a chilling bare room without an ounce of comfort.
He recalled: “I wouldn’t be in his bedroom. He’d do the sadistic acts, sometimes taping it, in a darkly lit room. He’d just be getting his kicks.
“The room had bare walls and had two camera lights and a chair which he’d make me sit in.
“There might have been a bed too. It was dark.
“I recall a director-type, an older guy with white hair. He would be holding the video camera and directing, telling Jackson what to do and sometimes they’d collaborate.”

He added: “It seemed as if he was deriving pleasure from my pain.” Then he claimed Jackson would “be laughing demonically while this was happening.” “I had no control over my body but I was still conscious. “They drugged me. I was given a goblet of red wine. I suspect it had something in it.” And he described the sinister change in Jackson’s personality once he was in private. One minute they might be walking through grounds of the star’s Neverland Ranch in California.

Once inside and out of sight of others, Jackson would turn off the charm like a tap. Daniel said: “In public, Jackson was charming, but when I was alone with him he was a freak. His whole demeanour changed. You have to have a totally whacked-out demeanour to even consider doing the things he’s done to me. He was acting demonic, he was acting crazed. Very sadistic.”

At this point, Daniel breaks down and asks to stop filming. When it resumes, his first words are: “He was verbally abusive, cursing, very crazed for power.”

Diane Dimond’s book explains more:

In a nutshell, he told them over the course of several years, when he was between the ages of ten and fourteen, his father had repeatedly driven him to Neverland Ranch and left him there for days at a time. Jackson, he said, had bought his father a new car to make sure he always had a reliable way to get to Neverland from his suburban L.A. home. 

Even from the start of it the “demonic laugh”, “chilling bare room” and “sadistic acts” as part of the story looked sheer voodoo, but the rest of it had easily recognizable elements impressed on us by the media – amusement in Neverland, the boy “left alone for days at a time”, a car given as a gift to the parent, etc. all of which made the description extremely easy for anyone who at least once read the stories by Maureen Orth.

The police took the case seriously, but when the investigators began interviewing Kapon he couldn’t explain even the time when the whole thing happened – the initial period of “abuse” was from the age of ten to fourteen, but then it suddenly switched to age three to seven, and then it switched to the age of fifteen, and then it became clear that Kapon had never met Michael Jackson at all.

Diane Dimond explains:

Santa Barbara called in one of those specially equipped people to speak to young Donny, and after several hours it was determined that “there is nothing correct about this….it is bogus.”

The interrogator reported that the young man’s story kept changing.  His original claim that he’d been between ten and fourteen years old at the time of the molestation, switched in mid-interview.  No, Donny said, he’s actually been three to seven years of age. Then later he reportedly said the sex abuse occurred when he was fifteen years old.  There were other discrepancies, too. But Santa Barbara authorities didn’t leave it there. 

They found the boy’s father and learned much more.

Donny’s dad told investigators he had never met Michael Jackson and certainly had never taken his son to Neverland – ever.  He called his ex-wife “a certifiable psycho” who’d actually lost custody of Donny when he was just three years old.  The father had raised the boy himself and the mother had no contact with him until his eighteenth birthday.  She’d apparently hired a private detective to track down her son at his college and reentered his life. 

Donny’s tale was described by insiders as “a tragedy, pure and simple.” A lonely, impressionable boy who so longed for motherly love that he allowed himself to be virtually brainwashed into believing an unstable parent’s incredible story. 

Asked later what he thought of the Donny story, Santa Barbara district attorney Thomas Sneddon told me, “The story was pure voodoo.  But that poor, poor kid.”

Well, if Tom Sneddon says so, we can indeed be sure that the case was “pure voodoo”.

But that was only the beginning of the story. The problem is that after the police investigation was over, the matter was taken up by the media. The News of the World acquired Kapon’s video tape (allegedly for half a million dollars) and on May 31, 2004 presented him as a “new victim” whose case was only to begin to be investigated.

A special touch to the story was that they broke it as something novel after the case was closed on May 28, 2004. Their publication was made three days after that – on May 31, 2004 so the journalists knew perfectly well that they were printing a lie.

The lie was an extremely damaging one as very few people read the official LAPD statement, but several million people read the News of the World article assuming that this was only the start of the case. And since no one told them of its outcome the general feeling was that “it was hushed up due to a secret payout”. The story was reprinted by several other tabloids and up till today is circulating on some MJ haters’ sites confusing people’s minds.

But even this was no end to the story. The next turn to this saga came a year later, in October 2005 when Kapon filed a civil suit against Michael Jackson. According to Kapon’s lawyer Michael Mattern since the police closed the case Kapon “was in therapy” and you won’t believe it – while working with his psychologist he “recalled more details of the molestations”!

This time the demonic approach that was a flop with the public was amended and was replaced by a recollection of more standard allegations known to everyone since the leakage of Jordan Chandler’s declaration in February 2003 – things like  “masturbating”, “sticking one’s tongue down the throat” and all the rest of that filth.

And it wasn’t only the nature of the “abuse” that changed as a result of the therapy, but the time of molestation was also extended – from six years to twelve, so now it was stretching from the age of two to age fourteen. The story was acquiring more and more decorative details and evidently under the impression of Scott Thorson’s experience with Liberace Kapon was now saying that Michael Jackson forced him to undergo the “unnecessary cosmetic surgery procedures”.

The media said about the lawsuit:

The suit, which alleges the molestations started when Kapon was two and lasted until he was 14, claims Jackson molested Kapon by“sticking his tongue down plaintiff’s throat, masturbating plaintiff, and anally penetrating plaintiff by force.” The suit also claims Jackson plied Kapon with drugs and alcohol; burned, tortured and beat him; and even forced Kapon to go through “unnecessary cosmetic surgery procedures.”

Fantastic as the story was with every new page of the lawsuit Kapon was making it even more idiotic helping the audience to rid themselves of their last illusions. The lawsuit, for example, alleged that Jackson had copied and plagiarized Kapon’s melodies and had been doing it since he (Kapon) was age two!

His lawyer Michael G. Mattern even began compiling a list of songs plagiarized from Kapon and was not in the least surprised that Jackson had to steal ideas from a two-year old. He said that “Daniel was a gifted child, very bright and had some musical talent.”

The proof of it is here in case you think that I am joking:

A lawsuit filed in October in  Orange County Superior Court alleges Jackson “copied and used songs authored by” Kapon without his permission. The alleged plagiarism started in 1987, when Kapon was two and Jackson released Bad, and ended with 1997’s Blood on the Dance Floor. The suit doesn’t specify the tunes Kapon supposedly composed, doesn’t say how much Kapon seeks, and doesn’t ask what would seem the most obvious question: Did a two-year-old really help write some of pop’s biggest hits?

Mattern filed the suit against Jackson, his MJJ Productions and three different Sony companies. It also names SBC Communications, where Kapon’s mother was an employee at the phone company’s Anaheim office; Jackson and his associates allegedly “battered” Kapon’s mother there. Mattern says he’s compiling a list of specific songs Jackson plagiarized from Kapon. He’s not surprised that Jackson would steal ideas from a two-year-old.

Melodies at two? Stupid, stupid Mozart.

From the financial point of view now it looked like Michael’s albums “Thriller”, “Bad”, “HIStory” and “Blood on the Dance floor” were actually the product of Kapon’s genius and not Michael Jackson’s and this naturally affected the amount of damages he wanted in his lawsuit.

But the biggest surprise of it all is that though the matter is perfectly clear to us as a case of schizophrenia or open mockery of the judicial system or both, the same was absolutely not clear to the judge who didn’t throw out the case.

Encouraged by the initial success Kapon grew inspirational. There was no stopping him now and in his deposition he also claimed that “his mother married Jackson multiple times” and “the ceremonies were attended by Elizabeth Taylor, Celine Dion, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Beyonce Knowles and Diana Ross”  (for details see here please).

It also turned out that Michael Jackson was “madly in love with his mom” and that Kapon “fathered Jackson’s two oldest children, Paris and Prince Michael, by masturbating into a jar so his semen could be used to impregnate Jackson’s ex-wife Deborah Rowe.”

His deposition said that “Jackson specifically wanted Kapon to be the father of the two children”, as he was “obsessed with geniuses and blood lines and he told me that he wanted to continue my blood line, which he believed to be related to the Rothschilds”. Another interesting detail is MJ wanted Kapon to have sexual intercourse with Rowe, but “it did not work out.”

In an additional deposition Kapon also claimed that “he saw Jackson dining with Castro in New York City” which is suggesting to us that Castro was openly making visits to the US and met Jackson there, but it was only Kapon who saw them together.

Why are you laughing?

The matter is serious, guys. The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu was diligently sorting out this trash from October 2004 to 2008 (!) evidently thinking that if he threw out the craziest parts the rest would be still worthy of attention.

As a result the judge threw out Kapon’s allegations of “childhood sexual molestation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, plagiarism, conversion, breach of contract, accounting, fraud, negligence, civil conspiracy and unfair business practices”, but ruled that the case could go to trial “on allegations of battery, willful misconduct, assault and false imprisonment”(Kapon claimed confinement at Neverland Ranch for “multiple periods” from 1987 to 1991 too).

The lawsuit ended only when Kapon didn’t appear at the opening of the trial and couldn’t be found by his lawyer or anyone at all. His dear mom said that her son was homeless and was living somewhere in a car.

Of course it is astonishing today to see this schizophrenic case going that far. But if you come to think of it Kapon’s story is only just a little bit crazier than the current tales of Robson and Safechuck.

Robson is also telling us a purely science fiction story that he was “anally raped”, but “didn’t realize it was abuse” until age 30 when some good therapist explained to him what it was. And the judge didn’t throw out the case either the moment he saw this incredible lie.

And Safechuck is no better as he says he kept silent because he was terrorized by Jackson. The most of the terror was in 2005 when Michael was frail, financially struggling and crashed by all those accusations. The terror also continued when Michael was already dead and his Estate was riddled with debts. However five years later when the Estate began generating millions in profit, Safechuck suddenly recovered from his terror and began claiming money – same as Kapon who was claiming it in 2005-2008.

In stories like these the persons who amaze you most are the judges. Robson/Safechuck’s matter has been dragging since the beginning of the AEG trial in April 2013 (and it is nearly 2016 today) and in Kapon’s case the judge was also struggling with his lies for nearly four years since 2005. And the matter would have dragged on and on if Kapon had not stopped the game himself by realizing that there would be no settlement and his lies would not stand up to the scrutiny of court.

However so much meticulousness may also be an advantage –  sometimes it is better to give people all the rope to hang themselves with and from this point of view if Robson/Safechuck case were taken to a trial it would serve them right and could probably teach them a good lesson.


The final document from Evelyn Tavasci’s computer interesting to us is a couple of messages exchanged between two MJ fans whose correspondence was sent to Karen Faye. Karen forwarded it to Evvy with a note that “if  this is true about these websites it seems this violates Michael’s civil rights”.

The gist of it is that one of Michael’s fans (Judy) made an extensive Internet research and noticed a connection between the IP address of a certain association called NDAA and some questionable anti-Michael sites.

She also said that Tom Sneddon was the Vice-President of the group.

Here is her email:

Karen Faye forwards Evvy an email from a fan

The NDAA is something I’ve been interested in, as they have IP addresses leading to their website which match some questionable anti-Michael sites. If you want that info, let me know.

Also, Sneddon was the VP of that group; I don’t know if he still is. And they are very pro-Bush.

Just thought I’d add my 2-cents.


What is NDAA? I looked it up and found that NDAA is the National District Attorneys Association which has its headquarters in Virginia, USA. It was this very organization that met on July 20, 2004 two thousand miles away from their headquarters, in Canada, and created a small scandal when a local journalist reported Sneddon’s speech there.

The speech was mentioned in one of the previous posts and now it’s time we learned some details of it.

Robert Matas of the Canadian “Globe and Mail” was present at the NDAA session and heard Sneddon strongly advising other prosecutors to silence the opposing party. Sneddon himself employed a method of obstructing those involved in the MJ case by sending out orders to them saying that he intended to call them as witnesses , and this kept Michael’s supporters off TV.

Here is the full story:

Jackson prosecutor lashes out at media


VANCOUVER — From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2004 12:00AM EDT

Last updated Wednesday, Mar. 18, 2009 12:29PM EDT

Santa Barbara county prosecutor Tom Sneddon Jr. has been pilloried in the media for his handling of criminal charges against global entertainment icon Michael Jackson. He has felt the barbs but bitten his tongue, only occasionally breaking his silence.

But on a lazy summer morning in another country 2,000 kilometres away from home, Mr. Sneddon let loose with a tirade against the media and against lawyers who have criticized him.

Sounding as if he were licking his wounds, he said yesterday at the National District Attorneys Association summer conference in Vancouver that he has not responded to incorrect information or misinformed comment in order to ensure a fair trial.

Offering advice to prosecutors on handling high-profile cases, he cautioned against assuming the media would be fair. “They go with what they have to go with to beat the competition,” he said. “It’s a frenzy, driven by competition. Not a lot of rules apply.”

He suggested prosecutors (called district attorneys in the United States) hire public-relations firms if they are involved in high-profile cases.

Mr. Sneddon also strongly advised them to obtain court orders prohibiting those involved in the case from speaking publicly. “We sent letters to some people saying we intended to call them as witnesses in order to keep them off TV,” he frankly admitted.

Mr. Sneddon has been the district attorney in Santa Barbara county since 1982. A decade ago, he spent more than a year investigating lurid allegations of sexual molestation against Mr. Jackson after a youngster claimed Mr. Jackson had sex with him several times during a five-month relationship.

The case ended abruptly in 1994 after Mr. Jackson reportedly reached a $15.3-million (U.S.) settlement with the boy’s parents.

After the investigation was suspended, Mr. Jackson wrote a song apparently about Mr. Sneddon. The lyrics for D.S. on Mr. Jackson’s HIStory album say “Dom Sheldon” is a cold man out to get him dead or alive. “He out shock in every single way. He’ll stop at nothing just to get his political say.” Sheldon has been widely described as a pseudonym for Mr. Sneddon. Some say it sounds as if Mr. Jackson actually says “Sneddon” in the song.

When this news was published in the Canadian press Ron Zonen interfered and explained that Sneddon was “misquoted” and that was the end of the story.

However now the story is back and with the smashing news from a dedicated MJ fan that “the IP addresses leading to the NDAA website match some questionable anti-Michael sites”. Interesting, isn’t it?

Another MJ fan (Pascale) also got interested and asked for details, so Judy answered her with a more detailed message which was later forwarded to Evvy Tavasci and this is how we learn of that correspondence.

In the second email Judy explained her method – she copied 3000 pages from anti-Michael sites and managed to obtain their IP addresses. Then she put them in the numerical order and this is when she noticed that the anti-Michael sites matched some IP addresses leading to NDAA.

Her message has some other interesting details:

Karen Faye forwards Evvy fan's emails 1Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 9:50 AM

Subject: Re: Trial Date sets for January 31, 2005

Yes, the whole thing is serious.

I cannot convey to you the importance of what is happening to Michael. Even should the case be thrown out of court, he will still be in danger. And I think he knows this.

I have been working on info, more than 3,000 pages so far, of websites which are clearly anti-Michael. I first got the URLs of the sites, and put the IP addresses to them together in numerical order.

I have included some pro-Michael sites as well. I am sure now that some folks working on Michael’s sites also worked on creating some anti-Michael sites.

Whether or not these people are innocent of wrongdoing, I don’t know. But you might want to look into MindAtlas Mark Baker (out of Australia); as his people did many of heal the kids sites, etc. Also many ugly sites against Michael.

I think Michael was working with these people (or Sony was?) and then the tide turned against him.

What I’ve got to send to you is in draft form, and it is not very clear. That is because I was trying to take it from my large file which has a lot of IP addresses linking anti-Michael sites with major media players, etc.

I want to send you the completed version when I get done. Basically, look for NDAA and see the IP addresses that it shares.

Karen Faye forwards Evvy fan's emails 2Sorry it is such a mess at this time. Hackers are messing up my comp left and right and even when I am on it. That should be “on them” because they have infiltrated all comps in our house. Look up “war driving” on the net and you can see just one way they are doing this.

Randy Williams is a comp person who has created many of the sites.

I know too much now, Pascale. You don’t want to get involved unless you are willing to face a nightmare. But this is a very important issue, as freedom of speech and Michael’s life are concerned.

There is something very fishy about NDAA as they are an American group, yet they met in Canada. My husband agrees that this is unusual (he attends medical groups all the time).

NDAA’s address in Virginia is questionable; look up 99 canal street Alexandria VA on the web to see what I mean.

Also, for the past month or so almost every single day there is at least one VA car wherever we go. We live in GA. That is not normal.

God Bless you.


There are so many things that ring true here that I suggest we take the matter seriously, especially since now it is part of the world history – I mean part of the 2005 court documents.

First of all, Judy speaks of certain “war driving” and after learning what it is I see that she is no novice to the digital world and must know what she is talking of.  It is so complex a subject that I don’t risk explaning it and have to quote Wiki in amazement at the possibilities of new technologies:

Wardriving as the act of searching for wi-fi wireless networks by a person in a moving vehicle, using a portable computer, smartphone or personal digital assistant (PDA). Wardrivers use a Wifi-equipped device together with a GPS device to record the location of wireless networks.

Some portray wardriving as a questionable though, from a technical viewpoint, everything is working as designed: many access points broadcast identifying data accessible to anyone with a suitable receiver. It could be compared to making a map of a neighborhood’s house numbers and mail box labels. There are no laws that specifically prohibit or allow wardriving, though many localities have laws forbidding unauthorized access of computer networks and protecting personal privacy.” 

Obviously,  a person familiar with the intricate way hackers located her whereabouts and messed up her computer was not a simple PC user like us and could indeed obtain the IP addresses of NDAA and anti-Michael sites, so her astonishing information about the matching IP addresses can indeed be true.

Initially it may sound improbable, but on second thought you will realize that it was not necessarily Sneddon who did it with his own hands – it was enough for some people who took care of the NDAA official website to use the same computers for also maintaining anti-Michael sites and their IP addresses would be the same.

But then it means that bullying Michael and misinformation of the public was generated not solely by the prosecution in the Santa Barbara county, but by someone associated with the prosecutors’ headquarters, and this shows that hatred and lawlessness around Michael Jackson was surrounding him from all sides.

This is probably why Thomas Mesereau advised Michael to leave the country as soon as possible after the trial, without waiting for Sneddon to bring some other charges against him (for drugs, taxes or whatever).

It would be exceptionally interesting to look at the list of those IP addresses enclosed with the email, however this crucial part of the correspondence was naturally not disclosed by Sneddon and not submitted to the judge, so there is no way we can analyze this information and have to take it as a supposition only.

The other Judy’s findings are no less interesting. For example, the analysis of those IP addresses led her to a surprising discovery that one and the same people may be standing behind pro and anti-Michael sites.

This confirms my own impressions collected during the six years of having to deal with Michael’s haters – some sites and their authors are Michael’s detractors successfully masquerading as his “fans”.  This way the organizers of the circus are killing two birds with one stone – on the one side they spread hate and lies about Jackson, and on the other side they test the produced effect, monitor fans’ opinions, send them after wrong people and guide them in the direction they want to.

It never ceased to amaze me how some Michael’s friends who really supported him were vilified in the worst manner possible while his real enemies were ignored and even praised – and very often this was done by the hands of most ardent Michael’s fans, led by some double-dealers who in the long run discredited them in the eyes of the public as “rabid”. If only these ardent fans knew who was standing behind all those campaigns…

Another Judy’s point is that anti-Michael sites are connected with major media players. This news is actually no news because it is just a variation of the well-known liaison between Tom Sneddon and Diane Dimond, as well as Tellem International – the public relations company that was spreading the prosecution version despite the gag order imposed by the judge.

Let me remind you what the Veritas Project said about Tellem International’s activity just prior to the 2005 trial:

Ask anyone in the public relations business (other than Susan Tellem, of course) whether or not there is any issue with a public relations firm representing a District Attorney’s office and you might get more than your share of stares and questions. Yet, Sneddon and Ms. Tellem insist that Tellem International is merely handling media requests and concerns for the sake of efficiency. In addition, Ms. Tellem offered her services for free. Wow! Score one point for benevolence! Not. 

Tellem, via its prime connections to Sneddon’s Girl Friday Diane Dimond and other major media outlets like Fox, has been instrumental in spreading poisonous and venomous stories about Jackson. Even worse, the firm also managed to sponsor jury tainting stories that have been carried by such illustrious news programs as the Dan Abrams show and Catherine Crier Live. 

When Tellem is not taking personal swipes at Jackson attorneys and supporters, they are pushing the envelope of professional ethics. Consider one of their prime acts as representatives for the prosecution: “In addition, Tellem used AP as a breaking news tool since the DA’s office had no budget for BusinessWire or other fast acting national distribution service. When a story needed telling, Tellem contacted AP, and they put it on the wire immediately.”

You remember that at the NDAA session in Canada Sneddon strongly advised other prosecutors to resort to public relations companies in their “competition” with the media, explaining it by the need to have a fair trial.

But in combination with Sneddon’s orders to keep Michael’s supporters off TV, the end result was a total dominance of prosecution lies over the truth and the media used by Sneddon as his toy. Any competition was out of the question as all information about Michael was pro-prosecution and largely false. And the truth was twisted at all levels – from a puppet journalist like Dimond and up to the official news agency like the Associated Press that came to Sneddon’s help at his first request.

Essentially this is what authoritarian regimes also do to their media (only on all type of news), so if you guys allow people like Sneddon to take over, you will not even notice how the slide down the hill will begin.

The only thing Michael Jackson’s fan was probably not right about was her suspicion that there is something “fishy” about NDAA and that its address was wrong.

I’ve checked it up – the address is correct and NDAA is a thriving organization which invites all American prosecutors to join their association as their representatives “regularly meet with the Department of Justice, members of Congress and other national associations to influence federal and national policies and programs that affect law enforcement and prosecution”:

National District Attorneys Association

The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) was formed in 1950 by local prosecutors as a central point to advance their causes and issues at national level.  NDAA representatives regularly contact the members of Congress, department of justice, and other national associations.  It is the largest and oldest professional organization representing criminal prosecutors in the world.  NDAA aims at representing the views of prosecutors to influence federal and national policies and programs that impact law enforcement and prosecution.

The NDAA’s mission is “to be the voice of America’s prosecutors and to support their efforts to protect the rights and safety of the people.”  

The governing body of the NDAA consists of a board of directors made up of state directors appointed to the board by the current and past officers of the prosecuting associations of the states. 

The NDAA’s members come from the offices of district attorneys, state attorneys, attorneys general and county and city prosecutors with responsibility for prosecuting criminal violations in every state and territory of the United States.  The interests and concerns of the members of the NDAA are heard in the deliberations of the nation’s largest, primary and most influential organization of prosecuting attorneys.  These concerns play a vital role in the formulation of national policy and legislation affecting prosecutors.


44 Canal Center Plaza,
Suite 110,Alexandria, VA 22314

Being part of the association and no small member of it (the fan said that he was Vice-President) Sneddon must have also regularly met with the Department of Justice and members of Congress “to influence the national policy” and this is the worst part of it – he was a powerful voice and “a mentor of other District Attorneys throughout the country”, as the current Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley said about Sneddon after his death in January 2014.

Even in retirement Sneddon did not lose his power – in 2008 he was invited to a post of the NDAA interim executive director. This is how Sneddon described his nomination:

NDAA’s “Voice of America’s Prosecutors” remains strong, effective and clear

July 1, 2008 | Sneddon, Thomas W., Jr. |

WHAT’S THIS? Another interim executive director? Why? Well, it is actually quite simple. Dean of Education Mary Galvin did a valiant job of holding down both jobs for an extended time period and was working herself to death trying to wear both hats simultaneously, So, one morning in August, I am enjoying my morning coffee, reading my sports page and plagued only by my choices for the day’s activities. Will it be a round of golf, or a little softball with the guys, working on my trip to Italy, or perhaps a walk along the beach with the dog? Then Jim Fox called. “Tom,” he said in his best Irish brogue, “would you be interested in being the interim executive director of NDAA?” After talking to my wife and NDAA President Joe Cassilly, I accepted. …

And this is what the NDAA President said about Sneddon:

As we re-energize our association

July 1, 2008 | Cassilly, Joseph I. |

I am excited to see where NDAA is headed as we re-energize our association. We have recently brought in Tom Sneddon as interim executive director. Tom is the retired DA from Santa Barbara, California.

Given that we know to what lengths Sneddon went in defaming and vilifying Michael Jackson, all of it is very sad of course, however now we at least understand why all efforts to make Sneddon answer for his malicious prosecution of Jackson were futile, don’t we?

I thought it necessary to draw your attention to this information because Karen Faye, Evvy Tavasci and evidently Michael Jackson himself must have been perfectly aware of it, and we also need to know it to see his situation in its full complexity.

As to possible links between NDAA and Michael Jackson’s hater sites, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and one day we will learn whether such a connection really existed.

Happy New Year, guys and let the truth prevail over lies in your and my place and on the whole planet too.

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  1. December 30, 2015 5:47 pm

    Hi, I’m currently dealing with government surveillance for a university course and I’ve been thinking about that area in connection to Michael. It is obvious that the US Government has been pushing the boundaries on surveillance for decades, especially since 9/11. We can be almost certain that organizations like the FBI, the CIA or other authorities have surveilled Michael, way beyond the invasions of privacy we’ve seen in the criminal context. Much of what the government has been doing in that regard is shrouded in secrecy. We know what they are legally allowed to do but we know much less about how the laws and regulations are implemented. This makes me think of the FBI files. Those that were not released are too few to contain information about extensive surveillance and the FBI is allowed to withhold information if it might endanger the national security. National security is such a nebulous concept; I’ve read that it can be applied almost randomly. Whenever the government seeks information that relates to foreign intelligence, terrorism and foreign relations it has always been much easier for them to obtain such info often without a court order. Since Michael had tons of foreign relations his affairs could easily be described as having something to do with foreign intelligence etc. Surveillance is definitely something we should keep in the back of our minds since I find it almost impossible to believe that the government didn’t want to keep an eye on Michael that way.

    This is very direct evidence of how exculpatory info is withheld from the public. Sneddon and Co. know that when it comes to MJ anything and everything will be believed and it’s so easy to suck in the public. Robson and Safechuck are now using people that are willing to blindly hate to create public pressure and because it’s MJ it doesn’t require any such thing as credibility or evidence. It is obvious who’s being manipulated here. Freedom of Speech seems to be encroached from two angles: surveillance and manipulation.

    It really does open a whole new line of thought.


  2. Tenacious.D permalink
    December 31, 2015 1:58 am

    Such a complex web!


  3. susannerb permalink
    December 31, 2015 5:37 am

    @Kristinpan: I think I understand your thoughts regarding Michael being under surveillance – perhaps even by a secret service: If this had happened and became known, this would have been counterproductive for Sneddon, so it was withheld. Perhaps true.
    However, talking about secret services and surveillance on this blog, is not a good idea, as the situation our Helena is in may be quite the same. Surveillance in her homeland is much more dangerous for any citizen at the present time than you probably can imagine. Helena knows more about it than anyone of us. So I ask you to refrain from this kind of discussion on a blog that has his home in a country where government surveillance against its own people is on its highest level than ever and where one of us may be under observation.


  4. December 31, 2015 6:13 am

    @susannerb Wow I didnt think about it this way. Youre right we better not turn this into a free speech forum.


  5. December 31, 2015 10:37 am

    “We can be almost certain that organizations like the FBI, the CIA or other authorities have surveilled Michael, way beyond the invasions of privacy we’ve seen in the criminal context.” – kristinpan

    Probably they did surveil Michael, but I can’t really understand why you are raising this subject.


  6. December 31, 2015 10:59 am

    “However, talking about secret services and surveillance on this blog, is not a good idea, as the situation our Helena is in may be quite the same. Surveillance in her homeland is much more dangerous for any citizen at the present time than you probably can imagine. Helena knows more about it than anyone of us. So I ask you to refrain from this kind of discussion on a blog that has his home in a country where government surveillance against its own people is on its highest level than ever and where one of us may be under observation.” – Susannerb

    Susannerb, you are absolutely right about me as a Russian being under surveillance by our regime or at least by some “volunteers” who follow me and are always ready to report. I have absolutely no doubt about it, and my computer very often acts funny – like closing one window and opening another without me touching the mouse (a virus?). But if it is them, I wish these people could find for themselves something more productive to do.

    On the other hand some surveillance is probably done over its citizens in the US as well, with the only difference though – there are no prison terms to people for expressing their views, so as regards freedom of speech the situation is absolutely incompatible with my country.

    And I am not against discussing these matters in this blog. I simply don’t understand the point of it. Even if both sides are evesdropping, let them do it if they have nothing else to do. We have much more important things to attend to.


  7. December 31, 2015 11:19 am

    If the matter of surveillance was raised because of hackers attacking Judy’s computer (the MJ fan mentioned in this post) let me point out that her situation had nothing to do with the CIA – it was Michael Jackson’s detractors who located her whereabouts and messed up her computer. This is done on a routine basis and we ourselves had much experience in this respect.

    For some reason Michael’s detractors cannot live in peace unless they harass Michael’s supporters the way they harassed Michael. It is extremely strange. Instead of sustaining a more or less normal dialogue they constantly resort to underhanded methods – impersonate other people, hack into computers, maintain blogs both as “fans” and haters, hunt for the fans’ email addresses and flood them with spam.

    For example, when I was doing some reading for this post I encountered the following dialogue on one anti-Michael forum (there will be no link for obvious reasons):

    – I will do my part. What were those addresses again?
    [a long list of email addresses of MJ’s fans follows]
    Since they worship a pedo don’t you think they would like some pedo spam too?
    – Why, of course they would!

    See what these people are doing? They send to Michael’s supporters “pedo spam”!
    So who is really rabid here – Michael’s supporters or his haters?


  8. susannerb permalink
    January 1, 2016 6:12 am

    “Youre right we better not turn this into a free speech forum.”

    Kristinpan: You’re sounding sarcastic now. This IS a free speech forum! But I think there is no need to go into issues, which are politically sensitive and which are beyond our sphere of influence, when there is no explicit reason to discuss it here.

    Helena, to me it was interesting to learn that these haters or part of them already worked on their “mission” when Michael still lived. There were more than 3000 anti-Michael sites during the trial, isn’t that incredible? Is there any other celebrity having this kind of force against him?
    They already did their dirty online job during the 2005 trial and we can assume that there are still the same people among these active haters of today. Interesting that a certain Mark Baker is mentioned, again from Australia.
    No question there are trolls masquerading as fans, I thought that many times and I am more cautious today than a few years ago.

    It’s also incredible what kind of “cases” are accepted by the US judicial system when you think about Kapon’s craziness. Impossible this kind of allegations from a mentally sick person would receive any hearing by a judge in my country, he would never have reached the state of a deposition for obvious reasons. Well, at last the judge realized how crazy the lawsuit was, but it seems in the US everybody can claim the craziest things and find a lawyer who represents him and brings his case to court where a judge is willing to listen to the rubbish. I guess that’s why the US is one of the countries with the most lawyers and the most extensive judicial systems. It’s rather big business than about justice.


  9. Helen-Marie permalink
    January 1, 2016 8:37 am

    Gosh it really is mind blowing and I agree with the notion that some of the 3000 detractors would still be in the game.

    I am sat here in disbelief at the methods that were deployed to convict Michael for a crime he didn’t do. Why is it we can see it for what it was and yet a judge takes years to come to a decision both back then, and now with the Robson case. The whole system is corrupt and the few that try to do the right thing are fighting a losing battle as far as I can see.

    Thanks again for your ever revealing investigation skills Helena.

    Happy New Year to everyone in the community x


  10. January 1, 2016 9:47 am

    First of all I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic. I think we should stick to what we’ve been doing all along and stay away from topics like free speech if it’s too risky and remote. My neighbor is a computer salesman and if he wanted to he could hack the whole town and obtain all passwords. He told me anyone in that business could do the same. So you’re right it needn’t have anything to do with the government.

    To me it looked like the online haters scene grew out of opposition to this blog but it makes sense that this has been going on far longer. So haters spread pedo spam? Depending on how explicit it is that would be a crime. If I got it I’d report it. Also how come they even have it? Even if I wanted to find pedo stuff I would have no idea where to find it.

    If we have a hater masking as a fan shouldn’t that be obvious? Their lack of knowledge should give them away within minutes. And I don’t mean musically. When I last talked to haters it was so painfully obvious that they never read any testimony until the end. Not even that of the most salacious prosecution witnesses. They read so little they even missed some of the more subdued allegations. What was also funny is that one of them claimed to be a legal professional yet had no idea what the terms hearsay and deposition meant and misread docs so that she thought the prosecution had subpoenaed Ray Chandler. So I guess it should become apparent pretty quickly.

    Lastly I keep wondering what those more organized haters have at stake here. I believe that those that I’ve talked to are simply small-minded and manipulated. They don’t seem to be the masterminds behind the movement but rather the puppets. Yet even if you’re a media person and living off of the allegations, it doesn’t seem to explain it all. I think there’s something more behind it maybe a motivation more akin to that of Gutierrez.

    @Susannerb I know it’s sickening you could literally claim anything and ruin someone’s life forever. But at the same time we should all be glad that no matter how ludicrous every story got investigated and the results were always the same. Had those cases just been thrown out it would be easy for everyone to speculate and rumors to spread over non-existent evidence.


  11. January 1, 2016 11:19 am

    “If we have a hater masking as a fan shouldn’t that be obvious? Their lack of knowledge should give them away within minutes” – kristinpan

    No, it is not obvious at all. Lately there has been a tendency for Michael’s haters to present themselves as serious and knowledgeable researchers.


  12. January 1, 2016 11:50 am

    “Why is it we can see it for what it was and yet a judge takes years to come to a decision both back then, and now with the Robson case. The whole system is corrupt and the few that try to do the right thing are fighting a losing battle as far as I can see.” – Helen-Marie

    The problem with the judge in Kapon’s case was that unless Kapon himself had not given up his game it could have dragged on. For those several years of Kapon’s lawsuit the judge evidently allowed him to amend his case again and again in the same way it is now being done with Robson/Safechuck. All of it looks like the judge assisting the claimant as if saying to him, “your claim is crazy in points XYZ, so please correct it and after that it will be credible enough.”

    But this approach is ridiculous. The crazy points are exactly the ones that must raise a red flag and show that the case has no merit. However it is the judge himself who helps to make it credible instead of throwing it out!

    Is it corruption? Of this I am not sure. To me it looks more like a reflection of overwhelming prejudice against Michael, a myth that was built for decades and is still thoroughly kept up. As a result the judicial system does not treat Michael like others and continuously denies him justice.

    The core of the problem was worded by Thomas Mesereau – “Why work if you can sue Michael Jackson?” The easiness of accusations attracted the hordes of rogues, and the sheer number of these people is what makes judges wary. So it is clear that in their work they are guided not by the law but by common preconceptions.

    Judges should be reminded that during his lifetime Michael was sued more than 1500 times and this number is absolutely no sign of any “guilt”. It is simply a sign of others being sick.

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  13. January 1, 2016 12:50 pm

    “Helena, to me it was interesting to learn that these haters or part of them already worked on their “mission” when Michael still lived. There were more than 3000 anti-Michael sites during the trial, isn’t that incredible? Is there any other celebrity having this kind of force against him? They already did their dirty online job during the 2005 trial and we can assume that there are still the same people among these active haters of today. Interesting that a certain Mark Baker is mentioned, again from Australia.” – Susannerb

    Susannerb, of course most of the haters’ activity was at the time when Michael still lived! That was the active stage of their “mission” when the molestation myth was actually created. The scale was totally unprecedented and this makes you really wonder. How come so many people were busy working against Michael? Of course it can be a sign of mass insanity but it doesn’t rule out some organization behind it either.

    I for one was floored by the information that the IP addresses of some of those sites led to NDAA. And that the IP addresses of some fan sites matched the IP addresses of his haters. And that was already in 2004 (and has been going on since that time).

    As regards Mark Baker of MindAtlas mentioned in that correspondence I looked him up. The only information I was able to find is that the company indeed operates in Australia and deals in eLearning. This is the way they describe their activities:

    As industry experts in the eLearning space for more than 16 years, we are a leading provider in progressive digital solutions to hundreds of organisations across a broad range of industries. Embracing all digital mediums – PC, Tablet, Mobile – the MindAtlas offer comprises custom eLearning, pre-developed customisable programs, learning strategy, and Learning Management System solutions.

    So these people are indeed great experts in digital technologies. And it is Australia again.

    They also have Mark Baker who is a prominent media person (a journalist and CEO of the Australian press club) but he seems to be a different Mark Baker, not associated with MindAtlas group.

    Without access to the full file mentioned by that fan we can’t say anything else, and Sneddon was naturally cautious enough not to submit that information to the judge.


  14. January 2, 2016 5:18 pm

    Kapon´s story sounded like pseudologia phantastica.And he is not the only one.I am not surprised that the FBI had cleared Michael.They know of many real atrocities and I suppose
    are able to sort out BS from real stuff.-Also I do not think Sneddon is,was not stupid. He knew he
    would never win in a court of law so he gladly saw that his revenge or even hate was expressed By the press.


  15. January 3, 2016 5:05 pm

    I know its crazy to think that all these cases lasted that long. But I dont think its any of the judges fault. It could well be that they are not allowed to throw a case out by themselves. They are not jurors they just have to carry and manage the cases. Like the judge in Neverland 5s civil suit. He recognized the craziness but I dont think theres much they can do if its a civil case. Its propbably up to juries. Prosecutors can refuse to take cases though.


  16. alps permalink
    January 8, 2016 5:07 am

    YKnow there so many fans who don’t know about this site and many other ones…there has to be a way to address this and spread awareness..and I really feel strongly about this year..I really feel the truth shall triumph this year…God is going to work in mj’s favor this year..

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  17. January 16, 2016 4:41 pm

    Now that David Bowie has died, I am amazed at the coverage he has gotten during his career and after his death. In many ways, he was like Michael–seemingly anthropomorphic, at least in his art, given to experiment with makeup and outfits and music, a world-wide fan base, unsubstantiated rumors of sexual deviancy, rumored drug use (certainly more fact-based for Bowie) and yet no one is talking about how Bowie deserves his demise, or how he wanted to ditch his race (in his case for outer space). No endless CNN programs about whether he was on drugs and/or was mentally unstable, etc. They both were pioneers in living and in music, and followed their dream, but for some reason it is only Michael who winds up with such unmitigated mis-judgment and hatred. I would like to ask some of the Michael haters how come it is socially acceptable for Bowie to marry women even though he was supposedly gay, while Michael’s motives for marriage were forever in question. I am fairly sure no one interviewed Iman or his previous ladies to find out if Bowie actually “performed.” Talk about double-standard. And the list goes on . . .


  18. January 16, 2016 5:16 pm

    Right, krisheywood. It is surprising indeed.David Bowie for hours and hours.It would be interesting to get some explanation for this.

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  19. January 20, 2016 1:50 pm

    I see that Raven, in her “All For Love” blog, has tackled the subject of MJ/Bowie under the heading, “ON JACKSON, BOWIE, ARTISTIC REINVENTION, AND OTHER PASSING THOUGHTS. Very good and thought-provoking post.


  20. D.Koutris permalink
    January 27, 2016 2:03 am

    I have been watching so many videos and interviews,and conversations with Michael and i have seen and learn so much more about him that i dint know,because i dint have internet.Am only looking because it makes me happy listening to him.Watching him sometimes he makes me cry,and he makes me laugh,its like am spending time with him,and when am not with my grand children i reed and watch about Michael Jackson.I feel like am with a friend,or a brother.The other day i watch a video clip from the first time their open their house in Encino to their friends,and his father was talking to the camera man explaining who is who with that child voice(his father and Jacky still talking like Michael when he was young)and there’s Michael holding Titos first borne baby maybe a couple of months old,and Michael’s father goes there’s Michael with the baby,Michael loves babes,and another one at Neverland Christmas with Cascios I have seen this video many times before but this time i notice Michael at the background with his back on the camera holding Paris,the way is holding her like a mum having her resting on his side on his hip holding her with one hand and with the other doing something.All those little things and so much more that people don’t know, and we don’t know, and more we learn about this special human been more we love him,but the same time me anyway i get angry for what we did to him.The world misses you my friend,we had you and we lost you,and we are feeling the loss.We need more Michael Jacksons on this planet,we need to make the world a better plays for our children.Now that am a grandmother, when am with my grand children i behave like one,and my kits laugh with me,they think its funny,and i think of Michael even more now and how good it is having children around you,and we sore of using them to act stupid sometimes,because as you getting older every body expect you to act your age,and as the children getting older they don”t wont to be touch or kiss anymore.Six year old and they don’t want to be kissed even from the grandmother.Take lessons from children watch how they live every moment for the pleasure of the moment pretend and you could be like that too.LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU.My love to you Helena i hope you well.

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  21. Jolie permalink
    January 29, 2016 9:53 pm

    Does anyone have a definitive photo of Evelyn Tavasci?


  22. January 30, 2016 5:17 am

    Helena, I know you also have a life of your own.The beginning of 2016 is tumultuous indeed..
    Michael Jackson much in need! I hope yoy aee alright Helena!


  23. nannorris permalink
    January 30, 2016 2:22 pm

    I have also noticed that Helena hasnt been on this blog , for a bit..
    If the reason , is a much deserved rest and relaxation period,from all the contributions, she has made for Michael Jackson, that would make me very happy..
    Just hoping all is well . and just absent for happy reasons


  24. Igor permalink
    January 31, 2016 7:04 pm

    I am hearing a rumor from other friends here in this country that she has been arrested by the regime for illegal blogging.


  25. February 1, 2016 5:59 am

    Igor, are you a blogger om vmj.?That must just be a bad joke.


  26. February 1, 2016 8:57 am

    My fear is that language will fall short,, words will be silenced ot rendered
    incomprehensible.- My fear is that every legal trial will become a business pact between
    judges,lawyers and criminals, where things will get taken care of as slowly as possible and with the least amout of information ,ie true informaton,,as possible.My fear that homcide will start to seen normal. These words in regard for the AEG trial and the trials in waiting..


  27. susannerb permalink
    February 1, 2016 11:26 am

    Guys, don’t worry, Igor is a troll, that’s nonsense. Helena is well and just busy with personal stuff. I’m in regular contact with her.
    There is just so much going on in our countries. Our work for Michael raised our awareness for other things happening in our world, and now it seems to us the real meaning of Michael’s death was not only to vindicate him, but also to bring like-minded people together to exchange experience and facts, to fight for the truth and for understanding among nations and to fight against lies. Truth is something that is getting lost right now in our world through propaganda on many sides. So we are working on many levels, and this cooperation makes us even stronger to stand up for the truth everywhere. We have very difficult times in Europe and we need to be alert what is going on.

    I’m sure Helena will soon be back on the blog.

    Regarding this “comedy” on the faked road trip of MJ and his two friends some MJ supporters already have addressed it. Of course it’s idiotic to make a film as a comedy about the horrible events of 9/11, presenting the most famous person of the world on a roadtrip that never happened, played by an actor who is neither of his race nor his culture nor his continent.
    I recommend Annemarie Latour’s post about it:


  28. February 1, 2016 1:43 pm

    Thank you susannerb,I felt a bit down and pessimisic.It will pass.


  29. nannorris permalink
    February 1, 2016 8:05 pm

    Thank you for the info..just glad to hear all is well with her :))


  30. February 2, 2016 9:26 am

    Thank you so much susannerb for your WISE and comforting words regarding the wider meaning of Michaels death and the vindication for it.We need this for our tubulent and uncertain days both in Europe ,Russia ME and US ie for the world at present.


  31. susannerb permalink
    February 3, 2016 11:41 am

    katrina22, you’re right. We have reason enough to be depressed and pessimistic about the present situation we are in. Whoever cares for the world, tries to follow the news and tries to look for the truth in them must be very worried.
    The sad thing is that everything we saw happening to Michael in terms of lies and campaigns against him we now see happening in our world on a political and social level, to an extent we have never seen it before. It somehow seems that since Michael’s death the evil forces that were focused on him before now spread over the world in all countries to act according to the same principles and to continue their campaigns of lies.
    Not that political propaganda didn’t exist before, but these days it happens to an overwhelming extent by means of the internet and social media as well as state media in some countries.

    I thought about writing a post on the insight that what happened to Michael is the same what happens now globally and that this propaganda works according to the same mechanisms.
    But I don’t want to get too much into politics on this blog. I just would like us to understand each other and to filter the truth from all the news swamp so that we can find a common ground where truth is guiding our thoughts about each other. And right now many politicians and media people in charge do exactly the opposite by stirring up hate, whether it’s in the US (due to the presidential election), in Russia (to maintain power and destabilize Europe), in the ME (Sunnis against Shiites, IS against everybody) or within Europe (mainly due to the refugee crisis). Fact is that fictional media reports are spread massively in the same way it was done with Michael – to create myths that don’t exist and to destroy truth and trust. And it is very exhausting to find out what is true and what is fake (though sometimes common sense is enough to see the truth).

    We need to thoroughly keep lies and thruth apart in these days, otherwise truth will get lost completely and we all live in a fictional world and hate each other because of told lies. And we shouldn’t be afraid to trust each other and to speak up against these attempts to spread hate. As we say: Fear is a bad advisor, especially when it’s unspecific and unfounded.

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  32. February 3, 2016 5:25 pm

    “Helena, I know you also have a life of your own.The beginning of 2016 is tumultuous indeed.. Michael Jackson much in need! I hope yoy aee alright Helena!” – katrina22

    Katrina22, thank you for asking about me. I am all right, only have been in some kind of a limbo due to everything that’s taking place around us. I had to distract myself from it – please forgive me! – by ordering new plants and bushes for springtime and redesigning my garden (on paper). It was a kind of a remedy for me. Now a crazy amount of plants has been ordered, and all available space has been redesigned, and a little peace of mind has been regained in the process.
    Hopefully I will make a post soon, which this time will be different from everything I did before.

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  33. February 3, 2016 6:00 pm

    “The sad thing is that everything we saw happening to Michael in terms of lies and campaigns against him we now see happening in our world on a political and social level, to an extent we have never seen it before. It somehow seems that since Michael’s death the evil forces that were focused on him before now spread over the world in all countries to act according to the same principles and to continue their campaigns of lies.” – Susannerb

    Very well said, Susannerb. Yes, it was indeed like opening the Pandorra box. They thought they could toy with lies just for entertaining the audience, but it turned out that they were playing with fire. When lies get loose and turn bold and insolent, and people are no longer able to tell lies from the truth, it very quickly brings about chaos and degradation.

    “We need to thoroughly keep lies and truth apart in these days, otherwise truth will get lost completely and we all live in a fictional world and hate each other because of told lies. And we shouldn’t be afraid to trust each other and to speak up against these attempts to spread hate.”

    Yes, truth is the only remedy and the only foothold in this sea of lies and turmoil. Truth is becoming the most valuable substance now.


  34. D.Koutris permalink
    February 5, 2016 5:58 am

    Dear Helena its nice to hear from you,and sometimes even if you not busy you need to switch off this monster we call internet , and recharge. Now i realize that everything i was listening about bullying and suicide that it can actually happen.I feel for Michaels children and to what have been exposed too after the fathers death,and than people wonder why he was sheltering them the way he was.Michael knew his children better than anybody else but he also knew how vicious the media can be,and i believe that was very stressful for him For how long was he gonna be able to protect them of this madness. As a father am sure it was killing him inside, and now their have to face it all alone.They have a lot of support, but its not the same,their father is not here to answer all the questions their probably have.Now that they older they could have supported each other as a family.I read something that Paris twit ( my father owes you nothing he was good to you and you shred him to pieces)something like that and it broke my heart and i think this girl she will never recover from her loss especially with all the media around her,and she is vulnerable,and when you desperate and alone you trust people even if you know their probably let you down.They need to know that a lot of people want to see them live the life they want to live, as long as they not hurting themselves and others, and before they make their father proud they have to feel proud for themselves,and never forget that they are the children of a very special human been named MICHAEL JACKSON that he hurt himself by loving others


  35. February 8, 2016 3:38 pm

    Helena, I know this has got nothing to do with this post and I also know you haven’t posted anything recently( I hope you do soon) but there’s something worring me: I read the post about the “porn” found on MJ’s house and I could see that the books were completely artistic. The editors of “Boys will be boys” are Georges St. Martin and Ronald C. Nelson. I was looking for them on google to see the boks myself and one of the search results was a post from an anti-MJ site (which I know it’s against MJ) and it said that these names are the pseudonyms of Martin Swithinbank and Ronald Drew, both accused and arrested for child pornoghrapy and pedophilia. I searched and found no reliable information that such a connection exists between the names of the editors and those who were arrested. Exept from anti-MJ sites, there’s no other reliable site that makes that connection so I’m sure it’s a fake information just to brainwash people but what do you think?


  36. February 8, 2016 4:51 pm

    ” I know this has got nothing to do with this post .. these names are the pseudonyms of Martin Swithinbank and Ronald Drew, both accused and arrested for child pornoghrapy and pedophilia. I searched and found no reliable information that such a connection exists between the names of the editors and those who were arrested. Exept from anti-MJ sites, there’s no other reliable site that makes that connection so I’m sure it’s a fake information just to brainwash people but what do you think?” – Esmeralda Rokaj

    My latest post about Hillwood ( has very much to do with your question because this is exactly what I meant when I was writing about the statues in that garden. When people look at objects of art portraying children – pictures, photos, sculptures or movies with child actors, there is no way to know who created them and what ideas their creators harbored in their minds.

    How on earth are we supposed to know whether the sculptor of some half-naked angel had ped-lia inclinations or not? How on earth are people supposed to know who made the photos in some books? To normal people it never even occurs to question the motives of the creators.

    I absolutely don’t rule out the fact that some photographers or editors or whoever made that book had certain “inclinations”. But I am also absolutely sure that there is no way for an ordinary reader to know that these people had them. If these people had demonstrated their “inclinations” openly no publisher would have agreed to publish them in the first place.

    You need to carry out a good deal of research to be able to find it out, which the anti-MJ site evidently did. Well, let them do it – it doesn’t change anything.


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