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Neverland Helps to Tell The Innocent Truth about Michael Jackson

December 6, 2016

Hi guys and welcome to the new season of searching for the truth. This post will be about Neverland and the way this favorite Michael Jackson’s place can debunk false stories and tell the innocent truth about the person who really cared for it.

The splendid photos taken by the real property agents for Tom Barrack, who is now making a (hopefully futile) attempt to sell the ranch, are opening to us vast opportunities to fact-check all sorts of lies told about Michael by various people.

But before looking into these stories we first need to study the Neverland pictures and make ourselves familiar with the place  or at least some of its corners to the degree of being able to almost ‘see’ it with our own eyes. The task is enormous, so for a start I suggest scrutinizing only a small piece of Neverland which is marked yellow on this map:


The area includes the main residence (#9 on the map); the recreation building aka pool house aka video arcade and its two restrooms at the far end of the building (#10/11 on the map); the tennis court behind it and the pool in front of it with a hot tub-spa-Jacuzzi adjacent to the pool.

Halfway between the pool and the main house there is a barbecue area (not marked here due to its small size). Another structure not on the map is the office/garage building to the left of the main residence which has a service apartment on its second level and an auto court for cars and electric golf carts around it.

In comparison with the rest of the ranch this area looks very small but its importance is tremendous as it serves as a background for most of the lies told about Michael Jackson by some of his former staff.

Previously these stories were a bit of a problem for us as we were ‘blind’ about the premises they were describing – when reference was made to this or that Neverland structure, despite our knowledge of separate buildings there (perfunctory though), we were not aware of their relation towards each other and how big a distance between them was.

The random photos and videos of the ranch and the 2005 court transcripts with long and tedious narratives of some Michael’s former security guards of ‘where they were standing’ when they allegedly observed something ‘inappropriate’ created the impression that they were talking of vast spaces and that it was impossible to visualize and fact check it – and this is where our first big mistake was.

It turns out that if you have the pictures and maps it is possible to fact check and the first thing you find when you begin looking is that the locations you are interested in are very close to each other. To see how close they are you just need to look out of the window of one of the Neverland guest units.


This screenshot shows the entrance to the main house in front of the window of one of the guest units and it gives us the idea how close it actually is, even considering the possible distortion of the distance by the camera optics.

The screenshot is taken from a video documentary called “Cribs exclusive 20 minute Neverland ranch tour”. The guest house episode begins at 8:45 of the tape.

Or look at the photo of the same guest house in the old real estate brochure. Over here the distance looks bigger but is still not that huge (the tree behind the window will help you realize that the location is the same):


And now please compare both with the map of the same area:

neverland-map-with-main-structures-in-residential-areaThe guest house is a round structure on the left, right beside the lake. It has the form of a cross because it is divided into four segments and consists of four separate units. Three of them overlook the lake and the fourth faces the main house (a long orange piece on the right). This fourth unit is actually the one where we have just been looking out of the window.

The map creates the impression that the guest house is at a rather big distance from the main house, however the photos don’t confirm it and show that they are much closer to each other than anyone could expect.

This conclusion is important as it gives us the idea of the map scale and space between the structures – and not only to the left of the main house, but also to its right, which is the area we are most interested in and which includes the barbecue, the video arcade and office building (all of them marked orange on the map), as well as the pool and open-air Jacuzzi beside it, marked there as a small blue dot near the pool.

And now that we know the scale we see that the area on the right is actually very compact and condensed and it is absolutely no problem for anyone to get from one side of it to the other within minutes only.


The pictures and videos of Michael’s Neverland usually show the main house from its facade. Let us refresh our memory of it by looking at this new splendid picture from the current brochure:


We see that the house has one and only entrance. Its steps are taking us to the main hall which is running across the house from its front side to its back.

Here is the picture of the hall (foyer) showing the massive front door and the French door on the back side of the house, opening into the area we intend to research.


The back of the house and the area behind it are actually a thrill to study. First of all, we have never really seen it, and secondly, upon closer inspection we discover that from its back side the house is almost fully open for entry as nearly every room on the ground floor has a glass door opening into the backyard. The backyard in this case is of course the rest and biggest part of Neverland spreading far into the horizon.

For example, here is the living room with a wall of windows and French doors opening into the lawn:


And this is a family/breakfast room which is part of the kitchen. Its back door opens straight into the barbecue area:


Even Michael’s bedroom had French doors opening into the backyard, though as regards them being open I am not so sure – most of the time they must have been locked for security reasons (however this is a supposition only).  Here is the bedroom:


If you compare these pictures with the floor plan the openness of the house from its back side will become even more impressive – while the front side has only one entrance, the back side has six of them!


Let’s have a closer look at the floor plan. The kitchen area is on the left-hand side and has two entrances from the backyard – one leads into the staff quarters and the other into the family/breakfast room.

The next entrance is the big French door leading into the living room. The room next to it is the foyer with another French door which must have been open almost all the time. This hall crosses the building and allows to get to the other side of it without having to walk around the house.

Then comes the library (the only room having no outside door), and on the far right you see the master’s bedroom with another French door opening into the backyard.

The bathroom in the master’s wing also has an entrance from the outside however this area is surrounded by a stone fence (marked here by hand). Michael’s haters are requested to stop grinning and yelling at this point as the fence was no Michael’s invention and was made for the original owner, or rather his wife. The real property brochure tells us that originally the big bathroom was a “lady’s bath” and needed to be shielded from view, while a smaller bathroom on the opposite side of the bedroom was a “gentleman’s bath” intended for the master of the house.

This is how the big bathroom looked under the previous owner – the windows were curtained and the bath tub was smaller. The ceiling was initially made of glass and all of it was looking very nice:


And this is the way it looks now – now it has a more masculine look, its bath tub is bigger and the glass on the ceiling is replaced by the usual roof.

The Pinnacle List

On the far right of the Jacuzzi there is a French door leading into the inner yard. Then comes the door to the toilet/ shower room which has a window behind the WC and a shower separated from it by a partition (see the floor plan please). The third door leads to a closet where Michael kept his clothes, souvenirs and other belongings.

Another photo shows that the stone fence around this bathroom has a door from the outside leading into the inner yard. We also discover that the window near the Jacuzzi can slide up.


From the police photos of this bathroom we gather that in Michael’s time it had dark red curtains on its windows, at least at the moment when the police raided the house in 2003. The place had books and magazines scattered around it, but let us remember that by the time of the raid Michael and his children had been away from Neverland for at least three weeks and the master’s bedroom was occupied by Omer Bhatti and his Norwegian friends who came there on a holiday. So which of the books and magazines belonged to the Norwegians and which were Michael’s property is impossible to ascertain (unless Omer Bhatti cares to tell us about it).

As regards the curtains they were not only a comfort but a necessity for Michael, considering that he had to shield himself from the sun and was in constant danger of paparazzi, intruders and even tourists flying over the ranch in helicopters. And no one could guarantee that the people who came here by buses would not bring their cameras and take pictures of the interior of the house through its glass doors and windows.

So no wonder the security guards had to constantly patrol the territory and monitor it by special video systems – the danger of strangers infiltrating the house via its numerous entrances was real.


The media usually makes a lot of the small secret room in Michael’s closet. The secret room is indeed there, only it was made for the previous owner for storing the family valuables there. Michael used it for the same purpose, and also regarded it as a safe place for hiding from intruders.

Here is the closet the way it was when Michael lived there:


And here is the secret room behind it:


If you look at the floor plan once again, you will realize that from the outside of the house the architect who designed it camouflaged the secret closet with a big door and a small room behind it – most probably used as storage space. This room on the outside was adjacent to the secret closet inside the building, but was separated from it by a solid wall (see the floor plan please). However for strangers visiting the ranch this structure looked like a single piece and no one could suspect that it had a built-in secret inside.

Thanks to the high-quality picture of the house available to us, we can study its facade in more detail now:


The master’s wing is to the right of the main entrance here. On the far right there is a not too high wall surrounding the bathroom (barely visible behind the tree). To me it looks like the wall may even have an opening on its left (?) however this needs to be verified. Then comes the double door camouflaging the secret closet behind it, and next to it is the “man’s bath” with its two windows – the right window is for the toilet and shower, and the left one is for the wash-basin area. These windows used to have a jalousie blind or a curtain too.

The floor plans in the current brochure have a slight drawback – most of the windows are not marked there. However we can find all of them on the floor plans of the original brochure made even before Michael purchased the ranch. These are displayed on Enola Lee’s blog  which is an indispensable tool for studying the Neverland of then and now. The additional value of the original brochure is a chance to see whether any changes were made to the house when Michael lived there.

Well, there were practically no changes, except the glass ceiling replaced in the bathroom and the bath tub changed for a new one. With the exception of that Michael didn’t have a single partition moved and left everything the way it was.

Here is the floor plan from the old brochure (the stone fence is marked here by hand too):


The old floor plan proves that the secret closet was there from the very start of it and the media are perfectly aware of the fact. And if they were interested in accurate reporting they would have stopped telling their ‘sensational’ stories about it long ago. However they need to raise their ratings and will say anything that comes to their minds, while we need the truth only – and this is where our ways surely part.

By the way, speaking of false sensations please have a look at the picture of the smaller bathroom taken from the original brochure:


In Michael’s time nothing changed here except the new lamps over the wash basin and the jalousie replaced by a dark red curtain.

But look at the way the police left it after their raid of the house in 2003! No wonder Michael didn’t want to return here any more – he felt that the place was defiled.


Even despite Michael’s tendency for clutter this was absolutely not the way this bathroom originally looked.

The police intentionally demolished it – the wardrobe and drawers were rummaged and left open, the clothes which are still on their racks were thrown to the floor, the mattress was brought from Michael’s bedroom and ripped open, and the towel holder was left hanging on one nail. For God’s sake, what wrong did they find with the towel holder that it had to be nearly torn off the wall?

Isn’t it an interesting question why the police vandalized the place so much and why they chose to photograph it after their own destruction of it and not before? And why they passed their demolition photos to the media? To impress on us the idea that Michael’s premises always looked that way?


When Michael was alive the visitors were prohibited from bringing in their cameras and making photos of the ranch, so the only photos we could see were the above great shots made by the police during the 2003 raid and some bizarre photos from trespassers who entered the ranch at night when Michael no longer lived there.

And it is probably only now that we have a chance to really look at the back side of the house – and not only to marvel at the beauty of the opening scene, but also to look around, study the area and take note of the structures surrounding the house from its back.

Here is the picture of it from the current booklet.


Not intending to spoil the impression let me still remind you which window stands for which room.


Let us also try and match the original picture with the map (the arrow shows from what angle we are looking at the house).


The comparison of the two makes it clear that the structure with a roof to the right of the house is the barbecue area and the lights further to the right are coming from the windows of the video arcade (and not from the office building which is behind the main house and barbecue, and is not seen here). And this places  the video arcade even closer to the house than we expected.

To make our understanding of this place complete here is an areal view of it (unfortunately the barbecue area and the pool are partially closed from view by the trees).


The tree foliage is in the way of seeing the details of course, so another photo – of the neglected Neverland in a colder season – will probably be a better help.


Over here the pool looks white as it has no water, the barbecue area is under the trees but is understood to be between the pool and the main house kitchen from which it is separated only by a breezeway, the office/garage building is almost connected to the main residence, the recreation building/video arcade is at the lower right of the photo, and all these structures are seen here in their truly incredible proximity to each other.

Now, to get familiar with the area even more, let’s stand beside the house with our back to it and look at the scene opening before us.

On our right there will be a cascade of lakes with two huge fountains rising over their waters.neverland-neverland-valley-ranch-20157142-586-436

The lake has a waterfall and a bridge between its upper and lower parts, all of which will be to the right of this picture:


And if you look at the waterfall from this point the main residence will be on your left:


From one of the central French doors opening into the backyard, you will see a lawn and boundless grounds followed by mountains going far into the horizon:


And on your left you will see a busy recreation area with the barbecue structure coming first.


If you walk across this open-air structure and pass a couple of trees you will find yourselves near the pool. However before the pool you will see a Jacuzzi. The pool is straight behind it and to the left of it there is a video arcade which is the final point of our destination.


Here is the picture of the pool area.


To our big surprise the structure which is usually called a ‘Jacuzzi’ in various papers turns out to be a rather big separate pool surrounded by boulders. If you take a cover from one of the stones you will find an opening there which used to hold a TV set.

We learn about it from Kelly Parker’s interview to the Brazilian TV where this girl, now a grown-up woman and close friend of Michael Jackson who played a part in his Moonwalker video, shared her impressions of Michael (she actually cried when she was flooded with the memories of the happy past).

Here is a screenshot of the moment when Kelly Parker is showing an opening for a TV set at the side of the Jacuzzi:


And here is the whole video – unfortunately in Portuguese only.

The episode with the Jacuzzi starts at 4:50 of the tape.

By the way, isn’t it a surprise that most of the media displays no interest for what Kelly Parker has to say about Michael Jackson? Or is it exactly because she remembers him the way they don’t like it – like a very pure person who simply had unconditional love, and this is why they don’t promote her interviews? And do not even ask?

If you go around the pool you will find yourself near the recreation building better known to us as the video arcade. When Michael lived here the arcade was filled with all sorts of games and was regularly overrun by big crowds of people, young and adult alike.

Even grown-up men found something to entertain themselves with in this game room.

neverland-video-arcade-1st-floor The last time a mass public event took place here was in December 2004 when Michael arranged his annual Christmas party for the neighboring families and underprivileged kids and as usual gave them access to the whole of Neverland.

He greeted the children and their parents in the bridge area (near the lakes) and walked them to the inside of Neverland after which he left them to enjoy everything the ranch could offer till the end of the day. This was Michael’s last public party as in winter 2005 the so-called molestation trial began and after his full acquittal he left the ranch to never return there again.

Here is a short video that shows the crowd enjoying the Neverland video arcade on December 17, 2004.

Initially this recreation building was called a pool house and was meant for various sports activities – tennis, swimming, billiards, etc. – as well as enjoying a glass of wine as it also has a wine cellar in its basement. The far end of the building had two restrooms for men and women, equipped not only with wash-basins and toilets, but with a shower in each of the restrooms.

The slightly different floor plans from the current (on the right) and original (on the left) real property brochures show the layout and various functions of this building.


Now that we’ve reached the final point of our destination we can take a trip back to the house. And on our way back we discover that the hot tub is actually much bigger than we originally thought – it has two chambers to it, can easily accommodate several people and still not be overcrowded at that. Here again are two pictures of it – from the new and old brochures and at a slightly different angle:



Behind the Jacuzzi we see the barbecue area of course, and from the second picture we discover that there is a direct path between the Jacuzzi and the main house and you can get from one to the other even without entering the barbecue area.

So what conclusion can we make now that our tour is over? It is very simple – the places we’ve just been to are not only close, but very close to each other and the trip from one end to the other could take just minutes if not less.

This seemingly unimportant conclusion will help us answer a couple of questions which arise in connection with the stories told about Michael Jackson by some of his former staff.

The first story comes from a Mexican employee who used to work in Neverland sometime in the 1990s.


This story was recently recounted in this blog with a question to me whether I believed it or not. I suggest we decide it together by trying to match it with the landscape we’ve just discussed and Michael Jackson’s life circumstances in general.

“One day back in 92/93 before Michael’s Dangerous tour, there was a BBQ and swimming pool party that Michael hosted for a group of friends, both youngsters and adults at Neverland. After a couple of hours, Michael got out of the pool and went to shower and dry off. The worker noticed that a young boy also excused himself from the pool after Michael. He went to look for him and followed him to discover that the boy was spying and scanning Michael’s naked body through the shower, from a corner of the bathroom. The worker shouted at him, Michael heard the worker yell, discovered the boy in his bathroom and told him to take the boy back down to the pool, thinking nothing of it.

When the boy returned to the pool he glanced over at his mother, who was sunbathing by the pool, and gave her a sign of acknowledgement, as if he had accomplished whatever he set out to do. In fact, the worker said that he had seen the woman signal to her son that Michael had left the pool, as an indication to exit. That same boy later claimed in Aug ’93, that Michael Jackson had sexually molested him, his name was Jordie Chandler.”

The author ends his story with a totally incorrect statement that “Chandler infamously told police vivid details of how Michael Jackson’s genitalia appeared” and thinking of a way to explain it he ventures: “Of course he knew how to describe the different skin shades and colour blemishes in Michael’s private parts as he was spying on him in the shower that day to prepare for an incredible extortion attempt”.

This Mexican worker is wrong in his very premise to this story – Jordan Chandler didn’t know how to describe Michael Jackson’s private parts. Everything he knew about Michael’s skin came from Michael’s visit to the house of the boy’s father where Evan Chandler gave Michael an injection of Toradol to help him cope with his splitting headache (see Ray Chandler’s book for the description of this episode).

The thing is that sometime in March 1993 Michael underwent a big surgery on his head intended to remove the bald and scarred spot from an old burn and by spring/summer he had been suffering from a heavy complication of it – a neuroma (growth of nerve issue on the head). The pain was constant, unbearable and round the clock too (see Dr. Sasaki’s testimony at the AEG trial, please), and when Evan Chandler who was a dentist, was giving Michael an injection of a painkiller, the older and younger Chandlers had a good view of Michael’s buttocks and probably even a glimpse of his crotch. But that was all.

All the rest was invented by Jordan and turned out to be completely wrong – in fact, so wrong that the prosecutors had to let Michael go and subpoena his mother Katherine to the grand jury to ask her if her son had had any changes to his genitalia. To every normal people this alone will mean that Jordan’s description was incorrect, but as to Michael’s haters who are still ‘unconvinced’ …… well, let them go to hell. Half of the posts in this blog are devoted to the mismatch between Jordan’s description and Michael’s photos, so we will not go into that nonsense again.

As to the rest of the Mexican worker story, here are the points that are raising doubt:

– June Chandler and her children visited Neverland only in 1993, so she couldn’t sunbathe by the pool in 1992

– given Michael’s medical condition in spring/summer 1993 it was highly unlikely for him to spend ‘two hours’ at the pool. Even if we haven’t heard of his neuroma we still know of his vitiligo which was a counter indication to staying in the sun or beside the mirror-like surface of the pool water

– the boy could not  be ‘scanning Michael’s naked body through the shower’ as there is a door preventing the shower from view (see the floor plan, please). However it is still possible that the boy could follow him to the restroom just to talk to him from behind the door (Lisa-Marie Presley said that kids loved Michael so much that they followed him even to the bathroom)

– but my main objection to the Mexican worker’s story is his wrong assumption that Michael went to the restroom to take a shower there. To the toilet he could go, but not to the shower.  Why so?

Because of the proximity of his own bathroom to that area – this is why. His bathroom was just at hand in the main house and it is there that he had his dry clothes, towels, his shampoo and creams for his sensitive skin. And there was absolutely no need for him to go to a public shower in a restroom that may have been used by many people before him. This conclusion would be valid for all times but is especially true for the spring/summer 1993 when Michael’s skin condition was so bad that this alone would prevent him from taking a shower in a place visited by the numerous guests at the barbecue party before him. Even from the point of view of sanitation. Remember all those crowds swarming the video arcade and certainly going to its toilet? So would you prefer that public bathroom to your own private one, especially if it was just a couple of minutes away from there?

In fact we can even prove that Michael wouldn’t use that public shower for his personal needs and can confirm it by a video tape. The video is called “Fun at Neverland” and it shows small children throwing Michael into the pool. Many of us saw it, but we’ve never noticed before that the soaked Michael is running away from the restroom and not into it. Where is he running? Most probably to the house or elsewhere, but certainly not to the public restroom by the pool.

Here is the video – the pool episodes start at approximately 2:30.

The resume: the only part that may be correct in the Mexican worker’s story is Michael’s possible visit to the toilet of the video arcade as well as the boy’s possible attempt to follow him there. The rest of it is just a story told by a person with vivid imagination who didn’t know the facts, but was ‘meaning well’.

Next comes a funny story about Michael allegedly bathing in the hot tub with two women.


The very short of it is as follows.

On May 24th 1992 the News of the World reported that a former aide to Michael Jackson had the photos of him “romping with naked women” in the hot tub at his ranch. The pictures were swiped out of a security camera and allegedly showed him touching the breasts of one of the women.


Globe Magazine, June 6th 1992: Thief Nabs Photos Of Jackson’s Hot Tub Romp With Two Gals! Secret Home Video Shatters Star’s Mr. Clean Image

The photos were being sold at £60,000 ($100,000) however the News of the World turned the offer down – Michael Jackson threatened to sue if the photos were ever published. A source said: “These cameras were installed for Michael’s protection and now look at what has happened.”

The offer also included a home video of Michael and Macaulay Culkin, and a set of pictures showing Michael doing a “bizarre” dance with the bones of the elephant man (this could be the video of his rehearsal for the “Leave me alone” video).

The former aide was said to be once one of Michael’s closest friends.

For further details and articles covering the story please go to the Rhythm of the tide blog.

What useful information can we collect from this piece?

– If the News of the World didn’t get interested in the “home video of Michael and Macaulay Culkin” you can rest assured that it was a totally innocent tape as otherwise they would have grabbed it

– The fact that the seller ‘was once one of Michael’s closest friends’ is perfectly credible. It is a long-established tradition for Michael’s so-called ‘friends’ to sell him to tabloids for varied sums, so there is no reason for us to doubt this point

– As to the women I don’t know and frankly, don’t even want to know – this is his business, not ours.

However the point that really catches my attention is that the pool and the hot tub area was monitored by the Neverland security service and was even recorded by a security camera.

Well, when you come to think of it you realize that the cameras were an utter necessity. The pool is a potentially dangerous area, and since the security of guests who attended Neverland was a top priority for Michael and his people, this area should have indeed been monitored by the cameras on a 24/7 basis. What if someone decided to have a night swim or jump from a diving board and got drowned as a result? It was a totally unacceptable scenario, and I am even surprised that initially we didn’t grasp how big a priority surveillance of that area was.

And this surveillance factor is a very important discovery. It may help us deal with another story – the one told by Ralph Chacon who claimed he saw Michael with Jordan Chandler in the pool area and alleged he had seen something inappropriate between them.


ralph-chaconRalph Chacon testified for the prosecution at the 2005 trial and told his elaborate lie about Jackson in a manner smacking of Victor Gutierrez’s inimitable style. This is no surprise as Chacon was familiar with Gutierrez – the latter had advised Chacon before he and the other members of the gang known as ‘the Neverland 5’ went to tabloids, so hence the effect.

However let us not release Chacon of his own responsibility for the lie – he was the only one who dared perjure himself so openly and the only one whose testimony was really salacious. The stories of the other ‘Neverland 5’ gangsters ran more along “never saw anything ourselves” lines, while Ralph Chacon claimed that he was a direct witness to the boy’s molestation and this makes his story decidedly different from all others.

To read the summary of Chacon’s testimony and the way it was shred into pieces by Thomas Mesereau please go to this site . We here will focus solely on what Ralph Chacon allegedly ‘saw’ and on whether his story is compatible with what we have just learned of the Neverland landscape and its layout.

And let me make one more note here. Besides Chacon’s story being false in its very essence, it is also unclear who he was telling it about. When Sneddon showed Chacon the photos of various young people in Michael’s surrounding, at some point Chacon confused Jordan Chandler with Brett Barnes, and added that they looked very much alike and he often took one for the other.

They indeed looked similar at that age and Michael’s haters even rejoice at this mistake. If Chacon’s story was about Brett Barnes instead of Jordan Chandler so much the worse for Michael Jackson – the confusion gives them a chance to clamour that Brett Barnes was ‘another of those victims’.

Interesting, but to those who are sure of Michael’s innocence the identity of the boy is not important either – whether Brett Barnes or Jordan Chandler it simply never happened and the only thing that matters to us is finding a way to prove the innocent truth.

So let us not focus on the identity of the boy and listen to Ralph Chacon’s story instead. Here is the very short of it.

This shady character worked in Neverland as a security guard in 1991-1994. His usual shift was from 10pm to 6am and his usual place of assignment was the barbecue area near the pool. Besides patrolling the area near the house he and his boss Kassim Abdool also went inside the house in order to ‘secure’ it (oh my God) and did things like charging the electric golf carts at the garage, etc.

He says that sometime in late 1992/early 1993 at around midnight one day he was taking care of the electric golf carts when he allegedly saw Michael and the boy he called ‘Jordie’ head towards the hot tub by the pool. He didn’t see much of it but heard them laugh, play and have fun there. At some point Michael yelled for security and Chacon came over to the barbecue area:

5 Q. BY MR. SNEDDON: Okay. So at some point you

6 heard Mr. Jackson yell for security?

7 A. Yes, sir.

8 Q. And where were you when that occurred?

9 A. I was in the garage area.

19  …from the area where I

20 was at, the garage area, I had — I had gone to the

21 barbecue area, which was close, maybe ten feet, to

22 the Jacuzzi.

By giving us this helpful tip Ralph Chacon clarified that not only the Jacuzzi was close to the barbecue area but it was just some ten feet away from it (wow, it is just slightly more than 3 meters). He also made it clear that Michael was perfectly aware of the presence of the security people on his property and even wanted them around. In fact it was Michael who called Chacon to that area as after he yelled for security Chacon came over to the barbecue place and kept staying there.

We also learn that the area where they were taking a hot tub and which was under Chacon’s close observation was lit:

3  You pointed out the

4 Jacuzzi, and obviously there’s a swimming pool also

5 there.

6 A. Yes, sir.

7 Q. Now, with regard to that area, is that area

8 lit at night?

9 A. It is.

After staying for some time under full Chacon’s surveillance Michael and the boy decided to go to the recreation house (video arcade) – however not to the game room, but straight to the restroom at the far end of the building where they allegedly took a shower together.

Chacon says that he went to the restroom window and looked inside and though he couldn’t see anything he could hear the voices. He also explained where the shower was:

25 …Could you explain

26 to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury the interior

27 of the rest room area?

28 A. As you go in from the rec room, the women’s

1 rest room is on the left and the men’s room is on

2 the right. And as you go in, there’s a dressing

3 area, and it’s open, and it leads into where the

4 wash basins are at, pretty large area. And then it

5 goes into another smaller room where there’s a

6 toilet and the showers.

7 Q. And you said “showers.”

8 A. Shower. Excuse me, shower.

9 Q. All right. Now, you’ve indicated that you

10 heard some people in the shower. Did you recognize

11 the voices?

12 A. Yes, sir, I did.

13 Q. Whose voices did you recognize?

14 A. Mr. Jackson’s and Jordie’s.

15 Q. And did you look into the shower area?

16 A. Not right away. Not the first time that I

17 came around, because I couldn’t see anything.

Let us compare it with the restroom floor plan.


Indeed, you can’t see much if you look into that window – the window must be small, it is squeezed between the toilet and the shower, and is evidently placed closer to the top of the wall so that no one can look into it from the outside.

So Chacon’s description of the interior of the restroom is technically correct, but it is absolutely no surprise to us as he was probably the first to use this toilet and even shower during his nightly shifts. What’s important here is that despite the formal accuracy the essence of his story is still a lie.

Even if we don’t elaborate on the fact that Michael never showered with children, the reason we know that Chacon is telling a lie is the same as in the story of the Mexican worker. In that case it was ridiculous and in this case it is ridiculous too – Michael’s own bathroom is not far off from the hot tub area and his private bathroom is a much better choice than a public shower whichever way you look at it.

And same as it is impossible to believe that Michael would choose a public restroom over his private quarters, it is impossible to believe that he would openly demonstrate his intentions to the security people whom he had just called by ‘yelling’ and summoning to that place himself.

It is also impossible to forget that the area was lit and was under constant surveillance and was even recorded on camera, and that after his recent May 1992 experience with a ‘friend’ who offered to tabloids some video shots of his activity there, it was out of the question for Michael to do anything inappropriate right under the security cameras. He knew that any instance of his misbehavior would become tabloid fodder the very next morning it happened – if it ever happened, of course.

So the question you will probably want to ask Chacon at this stage is “Where is the tape, dear?”

And after you look at the map you will become even more certain that Chacon is lying – previously you thought that the choice of the public restroom was due to its proximity to the hot tub, but now you are amazed to find that the distance between the hot tub and the video arcade restroom is approximately the same as the distance between the hot bath and main foyer of the house. Look up the map please.


But if the distance is the same what was the point of going in the opposite direction and not into the house instead? Just to parade himself naked before Ralph Chacon and present him with an opportunity to tell a salacious story?

Well, if Michael and the boy had first headed for the video arcade to play games there and only then gone to the restroom, this would have been at least some explanation for this strange move, but Ralph Chacon is not alleging even that – no, according to his story they went straight to the shower and then to the house – and that’s that.

So the plan was to take a shower in a public place in front of the security and under surveillance cameras and then go home, you see?

However when reason and logic are failing salaciousness steps in to make up for this deficiency. And Chacon’s story is indeed salacious – he claims that after taking a shower Michael and the boy went to the brightly lit (!) dressing room, stood in the center where he ‘had no difficulty in seeing’ them, and this is when and where all that fondling a la Gutierrez style allegedly took place.

In short Chacon wants us to believe the scene which is utterly insane.

Let us leave it to Michael’s haters to theorize whether such a theatrical show was possible at all. On our part we are certain that in a social environment where sexual abuse of children is considered worse than a murder, no one, I repeat, no one would risk his reputation, career, money and freedom so easily and would display his criminal intentions so openly – in full view of his own security people and in a public place where the door and windows are open and anyone can enter the place at any moment of time. Especially if there is an opportunity to do exactly the same in the privacy of one’s own personal quarters without inviting a certain Ralph Chacon to observe it.

So no wonder none of the jurors from the two grand juries believed Ralph Chacon’s story. However to tell you the truth, none of them heard Chacon’s story – for a very simple reason that he told it to neither of them.

To the Santa Barbara grand jury he didn’t tell it because by the time of his testimony there he had not yet invented it. To them he told the innocent truth about Jackson. However by the time he was served with a subpoena to the Los Angeles grand jury he was ready to lie, but was afraid to do it personally – what if someone found out that to the Santa Barbara grand jury he said the opposite and under oath too? This is the real reason why he didn’t testify in front of the LA grand jury in 1994 and limited himself only to a statement for Tom Sneddon and Co.

You see, the biggest secret of Ralph Chacon’s false story is that it was in continuous ‘development’. At first it was simply not there, but twelve years later it was thriving and even acquiring new details (the last one was added just a day before his testimony at the 2005 trial).

And when he was telling his lie at the 2005 trial both he and Sneddon were falling over themselves to convince the jury, Michael Jackson’s defense and everyone else in that court room that Ralph Chacon’s story had never changed from one thing to the opposite and that the only time he testified in front of the grand jury (in Santa Barbara in 1994) he told the jurors the same story which he was repeating now, twelve years later.

But the story told by him to the Santa Barbara grand jury was absolutely different  and we have undeniable proof of it.

To explain how we get there we need to make a thorough comparison of Ralph Chacon’s testimony with the testimony of Russel Birchim, a detective working for the Santa Barbara DA office in 1993/94, however this is a big job and it will have to be left until another post.

So stay tuned, please.





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  1. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 6, 2016 10:43 pm

    Great read. Can’t wait to read more info. Really, I just don’t know what to do about these haters and liars. It’s getting really old. I just ugh. It’s frustrating. Anyway, I liked it. You’re doing a great job.


  2. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 6, 2016 10:44 pm

    Also what do you think about this Shana woman. Karen Faye is saying her story is false and that Michael never liked her. What are your thoughts?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. December 7, 2016 4:32 am

    “I just don’t know what to do about these haters and liars.” – Talia Gifty

    Talia, I think we’ve reached a stage when we shouldn’t pay attention to them and do our own thing. Just do our research and work for the truth. Truth is the only thing that matters. It can take an eternity to establish it, and we have no time to get distracted by every liar that comes our way. In this sea of lies and hatred raging all around us we have our own path to follow.

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  4. Pamela permalink
    December 7, 2016 4:45 am

    Lol of course all these “witnesses” were lying. Who files a wrongful termination lawsuit against someone who they claim is a child molester? They were obviously paid or coached by the prosecution to fabricate stories about seeing MJ molest children. These prosecutors wanted to do all they could to get a conviction and that included falsifying evidence. It’s not far fetched to believe because I read somewhere that this DA office had a long his history of curruption. It takes me back to an interesting comment that MJ told Jesse Jackson during a radio interview: “All of these stories are fabricated. None of this stuff is true. There’s a lot of conspiracy going around. A lot of it”.


  5. December 7, 2016 6:20 am

    Thank you so much for this detailed Article and your efforts to defend Michael’s Innocence! God bless you! The Truth is prevailing…


  6. December 7, 2016 6:38 am

    “It’s not far fetched to believe because I read somewhere that this DA office had a long his history of curruption. It takes me back to an interesting comment that MJ told Jesse Jackson during a radio interview: “All of these stories are fabricated. None of this stuff is true. There’s a lot of conspiracy going around. A lot of it”.” – Pamela

    Generally I don’t use the word conspiracy but in this particular case what the D.A. office and Ralph Chacon did together qualifies for conspiracy very much. Actually all the evidence is there in the testimonies of Chacon and Russ Birchim mentioned in the post (plus a couple of dates and some media information).

    I’ve specially written the conclusions before proving them – for the inquisitive to have a look and do the job on their own. Just in case I am unable to do it myself for some reason, you will still know what to look for and will surely find it. But I myself will try to write this post as soon as possible.


  7. Des permalink
    December 7, 2016 6:45 am

    I love it love it thank you Helena miss you,I just let my self having a tour in is house,l love Neverland who doesn’t.What a loss to the world! Am watching all these and I feel the goodness and the love in him and how he cared.Let the haters and they hate eat them alive.He was a good and honest man but he was a human dame it.I remember on the 2005 charges reading how there asked some kids what Michael was wearing on the jacuzzi and the boys said that he was wearing shorts and to me it’s crazy when you have people everywhere with their pools and their jacuzzis and there get together families or friends with their children and they have the tall fences and they all naked and they having fun going in and out of the water exposing everything that is okay because it’s not Michael.How come for all of us all these are normal things and for Michael even if he did do it (that he never did)it has to be something behind it. I think I mentioned again that I take my grandson indoor swimming he’s still little but my God all man and children they have showers together they come out with nothing on they band over and show everything trying to dry their privates women too.It,s just sickening to me how we humans we justified ones actions and we crucified another for the same thing.Thank you again Helena,wish all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year including the hatters.LOVE&PEACE


  8. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 7, 2016 7:31 am

    Thank you. Means a lot😳


  9. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 7, 2016 7:34 am



  10. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 7, 2016 7:41 am

    Oh and Merry Christmas to all you guys. Thank you all for seeing what I see. The truth. I pray one day the whole world will see it.


  11. December 7, 2016 4:21 pm

    Dear friends, Merry Christmas to all of you too and I hope to say it again closer to the date.
    At the moment I wouldn’t like to distract myself too much from the next post, but since Talia asked about Shana here is my impression of the several chapters I read some time ago (so don’t remember many of its details).

    It was a surprising read. Shana looked to me very sincere and much more intelligent than I thought her to be. The little details she told us fit in very well with what we already know about Michael, especially about the summer of 1993. And she is no fool – her observations seemed to me much more insightful than those we heard from other people who knew Michael.

    In some cases her impressions could be wrong, but this is her perception of him and it should not necessarily be true. As to Karen Faye saying that Michael never liked her – well, Shana’s own story makes it clear that he was not infatuated with her – she was infatuated with him, while he was only flirting and regarded it as a small affair.

    What’s also interesting about Shana’s account is that it fills one more gap in that insider’s message we discussed long ago. She fits the role of a “groupie/secretary” with whom Michael first “got involved” and most probably “messed around” later.

    This way she and the insider confirmed each other stories, and this in its turn makes this man’s information about Michael’s affair with June Chandler even more credible.

    In general both the insider’s and Shana’s accounts conveyed to me the idea that in respect of women Michael was indeed “thoroughly” heterosexual and that he was indeed “his father’s son”. He evidently didn’t want to follow his father’s steps and was envious of those couples who lived all their life together until death parted them (remember his words to Shmuley about it), but couldn’t resist his nature.

    And the circumstances of his life also made it impossible to stay with one woman, and this is why by the end of it “it was only sex and no attachments”. And this is sad.

    Let me repeat the insider’s message here:

    Let me break this down for you people and pay attention because I don’t like doing it more than once. Michael Jackson is thoroughly heterosexual. He does not like men. He does not like boys. He likes women over the age of 18. Shiiiiit, even before he was 18, he liked women well over the age of 18. It’s no secret within certain circles that Diana Ross was his first. The poor guy thought he was going to marry her but she fucked him over with Gene Simmons and Arne Naess. He was pretty naive back then, so he chose not to see the obvious. Then he was celibate for about 3 years, before becoming involved with a pretty, blond employee of his, an actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom, a singer that nobody cares about anymore but was the back in the day, some groupie/secretary, June Chandler (the mother of punk bitch Jordan who got jealous of mommy’s relationship with Michael) and, of course, Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie was the only one he allowed himself to become more than just sexually involved with since Diana, that boy was sprung. Lisa Marie, however, led him to believe they would have a family of their own, but stayed on the pill anyway because even if she said she was a rebel, the little bitch didn’t want mommy dearest to get mad at her for having a lil black child. Mike found the pills, split, messed around with a couple of other women with the goal of getting one pregnant just to hurt Lisa (he can be an as.shole sometimes, true) and eventually knocked up Debbie, which, (if I didn’t love and adore his children and think they saved his life) I would say was probably one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He was never faithful to Debbie after they married, never even wanted to marry her but Mike doesn’t like to break his mother’s heart. He and Lisa continued having sex until 1999 (they weren’t “together,” they were just fucking), until he met his third child’s mother, fell very much in love with her, but he is his father’s son, so he wasn’t entirely faithful to her, which is why they split up shortly after she found out she was pregnant. From that time, up until right before these new bullshit allegations broke, he was pretty much a dog. No attachment, just sex. He has no time to get attached to somebody and then depressed again after they part ways now that he has his children. I doubt he has time for anybody other than his children and his lawyers now.
    There, you have it. Take it or leave it, but it’s the truth. Mike would hate me for putting his business out here like this, but at least it’s accurate, unlike all of the other trash going around now. He ain’t my boss anymore, so he’s just going to have to put up with it.


  12. nannorris permalink
    December 7, 2016 10:08 pm

    Thank you for this post Helena..I have read the transcripts , and after reading your research, it does seem to me, the prosecution, does seem to try and muddy the waters, as far as the distance between the buildings , to help enhance , recollections of their witnesses like Ralph Chacon., confuse the jury .
    All the while i was reading this , I kept going back to how hard the prosecutors fought to keep the jury from actually visiting Neverland. My initial impression was because they had said they thought MJ people had staged his home to look like a caring Dad, although we found the same kind of things about “hugs being free” and I love you Daddy signs in the house he died in..too..
    Maybe they didnt want the jury to have a clear picture of just how small this area is , how close MJ own bathroom was to the pool etc, and how , yet again, ridiculous these accusations appear to be, once , the full picture is shown.
    The more this case is investigated, the more it looks like the prosecutors had to have known all these accusations/witnesses were total baloney, all along or they wouldn’t have had to constantly try and conceal so many things , and distort this stuff
    Wishing you and all, a Happy Holiday season wit family and friends


  13. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 8, 2016 9:27 am

    Thanks for getting back to my question. Though I want to believe that she and the mystery man who wrote the letter is telling the truth. Something just seems off about it. But hey, may be its just me. Loved your answer though by the way. Thank you


  14. Asma permalink
    December 9, 2016 4:46 am

    So good to see you back Helena, and thank you for another wonderful, factually accurate and intelligent write up. Have you and some of the others who work so hard at vindicating Michael considered writing a book? I know, sounds like a lot of work and a long shot. But maybe when the time is right and ripe, all of this research and material can be collected in a best selling edition (some day). Either way, know that there are people like myself out here who really, *really* appreciate all that you (and all the vindicators) do. Hats off.


  15. December 9, 2016 1:10 pm

    Asma, thank you very much for the appreciation of what we do here. For me writing a book is not a priority, at least not at the moment, while doing research and reaching for the truth is. Every new grain of truth obtained as a result is a reward in itself. And the subject is far from exhausted.


  16. December 9, 2016 4:15 pm

    Well, well, well, the real structure of Neverland is completely different from what it has been portrayed in the media and I had never thought before that it could serve to prove Michael’s innocence so well.

    When I saw the location of the jacuzzi, I was honestly baffled. I can’t remember well right now, but one of his ex-maids claimed to have seen him in the jacuzzi with a boy (Macaulay Culkin I guess) while performing perverted acts. I thought that the jacuzzi most certainly was at a special area but in such an open view…claiming that Michael would abuse anyone in that place is utter nonsense.

    Of course, there are many more details besides Neverland that prove the falsehood of those stories, not to mention all the common sense which, unfortunately, isn’t that common anymore.

    Thank you for the post Helena. I can’t wait to read the next post.


  17. Asma permalink
    December 9, 2016 11:40 pm

    I understand Helena, and I am grateful and glad that you’re driven by a goal of honor because it gives a long time fan like me something good to hold onto as I always believed Michael to have been since I was small. Bottom line is, I feel strongly that the work you and all the others working for justice and vindication is of such high quality it deserves pulitzer prizes. I’m sure eventually there will be a book compilation and your works will be used as sources and resources some day. Even for academics interested in MJ, your research and material one day I am certain will be a God send in keeping his truth alive. At least that’s what I hope, and personally predict.

    I also wanted to mention being based here in the U.S. I’m sure you have heard of the phenomenon of fake news. The phenomenon makes me so angry. Also, I personally can see how the roots were sown in how Michael was treated. I can remember being absolutely angry and disgusted at the way the news (particularly CNN) would report on the raid and the trial. I was a young teacher in those days, and I used to want to be a journalist as a teenager. I took classes, attended seminars and lectures on the subject. Therefore, I was absolutely appalled and horrified at the reporting. I wanted to shatter the screen so many times! I cried a lot too. Then the trial was over and he was acquitted! I watched Mesereau on Larry King Live at the insistence of my boss (who wrote a book and enlisted my help in assisting her in the process) and it was just shocking. He (TM) could not have been more clear regarding how the media messed this up and got it so wrong. And yet, here we still are.

    Now we are at the point in my country having our democracy being threatened, and it *still* isn’t sinking in enough. It should have been bad enough that an innocent man with a heart of gold was falsely accused of one of the worst possible crimes suffered the loss of his reputation and life and enough motivation to turn things around but no. We are hell bent as a human species to sabotage everything that makes us good in this day and age and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. I recently returned to school to study clinical and personality psychology. Michael particularly fascinates me, and has even since I was a girl in his particular brand of an empathic personality. Maybe if I decide to continue onto research, I can study the topic and him, even more in depth and finally string the pearls together so other empaths, and those with integrity can tread through this world with a little more care towards themselves while embarking on changing the world for the better. Something Michael deserved to be awarded with, but denied.

    I apologize for the long post. once again thank you and your peers for all that you do, I hope you continue for a long, long time yet until this entire mess will be turned around from its core. I will be reading, learning and acting on the knowledge and information for as long as life flows within my veins. Merry Christmas and happy holidays and new year to you and the entire community of people who research and support the efforts of vindicating Michael’s good name.


  18. Coup De Grace permalink
    December 10, 2016 5:53 am

    Aww…. I was honestly kinda hoping that Mexican worker story was true as it’d further destroy what little credibility Jordan has. Oh well. Great fact-finding and amazing objectivity. Any less a truth finder would have taken the story and just run with it, but you broke it down because it didn’t add up despite it helping Michael’s case. And pathetic deludists call this site fanatics when they desperately take ANY story that will convict Michael Jackson.


  19. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 10, 2016 9:01 am

    Helena you are the best. Whenever I see the negativity from haters or from anyone who believes the lies and false rumors, I always feel comfort in knowing I can come to this site and see others like me. People like me who know the truth and get more understanding and closure from it. I thank God that he is using you to help us find the truth and I pray it will all get better soon. Love you. Once again Merry Christmas.


  20. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 10, 2016 9:07 am

    Asma, you really made my day with your post. I have the same personality. I am very empathetic that sometimes people take advantage of it. Due to having this, I get very depressed, I get lonely, and sometimes suicidal. It feels like you can feel everyone’s emotions and are ripping and running to want to help everyone. But it is just recently I discovered with the help of my family and therapist that it is not your job all the time to help everyone in the world. I have to learn to enjoy my life and not waste my hours worried and stressed for everyone. Just pray and go on. As a young adult it is hard to find someone who can relate. That’s why i really understand when it comes to Michael. It’s funny my therapist also said I remind her of him. Anyway I liked your post for Helena. Really made me feel glad to be who I am


  21. Asma permalink
    December 10, 2016 5:24 pm

    Thanks Talia :-).

    Your post made *my* day. I am happy to hear your therapist thinking your personality reminds her of Michael. I say the more people like you in this world the better, and I want to protect and preserve that in any way that is possible. Good for you for feeling glad to be who you are. You should. ❤


  22. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 10, 2016 5:35 pm

    😃😃😃😃 Thank you


  23. December 15, 2016 6:27 pm

    “I also wanted to mention being based here in the U.S. I’m sure you have heard of the phenomenon of fake news. The phenomenon makes me so angry. Also, I personally can see how the roots were sown in how Michael was treated. Now we are at the point in my country having our democracy being threatened, and it *still* isn’t sinking in enough.” – Asma

    Asma, you’ve raised a fundamental point. Of course I am aware of the phenomenon of fake news and not only in the US. In my country (Russia) it is thriving and has nearly reached a national catastrophe – which is a disaster for us and the world too.

    Fake news is absolutely not a trifle as someone would think. It starts with lies (about Jackson, for example) with the goal to entertain the public, raise the media ratings and ensure better sales, but in the long run teaches people en masse to never fact check anything and take the news at its face value. People like that become extremely susceptible to manipulation – they have long abandoned the habit to think on their own, will believe anything they are told and become an obedient tool in unscrupulous hands.

    You are absolutely right – the roots of it were sown in how Michael was treated. It was a sort of a mass experiment which turned out to be “successful”. It showed that if people were subjected to lies long enough they would believe anything – even a voodoo story about killing 50 cows for a blood bath to bring a curse on one’s enemies (this is what the media once claimed about MJ). When no one cares for the truth any longer, its place is taken by all sorts of lies which in the end bring about a huge chaos, on the brink of which we are standing now.

    This threat is common for people on both sides of the ocean, and if there are any honest and caring people still left there we need the truth and nothing but the truth to get out of this mess – the truth in everything we do and say. This a way to heal the world as Michael wanted to.


  24. Asma permalink
    December 23, 2016 4:27 am


    So sorry for the late reply as I was busy finishing up my finals but I absolutely loved the way you broke this down:

    “Fake news is absolutely not a trifle as someone would think. It starts with lies (about Jackson, for example) with the goal to entertain the public, raise the media ratings and ensure better sales, but in the long run teaches people en masse to never fact check anything and take the news at its face value. People like that become extremely susceptible to manipulation – they have long abandoned the habit to think on their own, will believe anything they are told and become an obedient tool in unscrupulous hands.”

    It is imperative we look at what you say here, that *in the long run* “news” for the purpose of raising sales and “entertaining teaches people on a mass scale to never see of the facts check out and to even take the news at its face value. I repeated your words here because they are so *vital.* It is surreal how everyone now does not trust the mainstream media anymore and *thinks* they are being “critical” and “skeptical”. And yet, they are not. At all. They consider fact checking a joke now and fall into whichever conspiracy theory rabbit hole that comes their way, even if it sounds ridiculous. They think they are questioning authority, but all they are doing is learning implementing magical thinking and the ways of witch hunting. It is very frustrating. Standard criteria from measuring art forms even such as film, to very serious life effecting news reporting is lost on people now. What is most valued is gaudy showiness. There is no skill anymore to see past the surface. I feel particularly frustrated during these times, but it did not begin today. As I mentioned, it was something I was feeling solidly since 2005. The Internet in particular has been used as a recent tool to particularly dumb us down here in America. These are psychological manipulation tactics on a mass scale. These people know how to bypass the average person’s thinking processes and trigger emotional responses making one believe that they are using their executive functions when the exact opposite is happening. Occult type tactics. So much funding and research goes into this type of “social psychology.”

    Also the part where you said that Michael was a mass experiment, a guinea pig if you will (hopefully I did not misunderstand you. If I did please feel free to correct me and I will apologize), that made me tear up. Because it is very well said and truer than I realized. I hadn’t thought of articulating it that way and it really brought an innocent, human face into the mess.

    I also want to acknowledge you when you told me you being from Russia, which means you have a very keen knowledge of what I’m speaking of and much more experience in dealing with this. We here in the states are toddlers compared to you and your countrymen. It made me realize how we here in the United states don’t appreciate enough this fact about our Russian brothers and sisters. Not to mention we Americans, frankly, are very prone to being duped due to our emotionally shallow valued culture we have here. Of course Russia has been in the news here lately as well, I *know* you know what I’m talking about.

    Your words in saying we need to be truthful in *everything* we do and say…it resonates and frightens me at the same time. I believe you said this before in another comment or post, this is beyond Michael now. My peers and I here in the States are facing it, and I know you my peers across the sea in Russia have been dealing with this for a lot longer than we have but you are right, this is a problem for all of us on both sides of the ocean. It’s something we need to be prepared to die for. I hope I have the courage to act on your words on being truthful in *everything* we do and say. To “Heal the World” as Michael said (that made me smile). My greatest fear is losing courage somehow. But nothing of value comes easy, and just like what my brothers and sisters like you on the other side of the ocean do every single day, and derive my courage from your footsteps. Once again, thank you for this blog and the work you do. I know this is a research blog and not a fan blog, but to bring it back to him, long live MJ and those he inspires even after his death to do good, like you and many others. Once again, my hats off to you.


  25. December 25, 2016 4:49 pm

    Asma, let me answer you piece by piece.

    “when you told me you being from Russia, which means you have a very keen knowledge of what I’m speaking of and much more experience in dealing with this. We here in the states are toddlers compared to you and your countrymen.”

    In many ways it is true. In my country I have overwhelming experience in dealing with lies and have regular ‘training’ in this respect. So much training that the habit to constantly differentiate the truth from lies has turned almost into an instinct. But I can’t say the same about others – the majority of my countrymen are so terribly duped that it is a never-ending source of shock, sadness and guilt for me. I simply cannot understand why they don’t see what is so obvious to me. The feeling is indeed surreal – it’s like being a Martian among earthly beings or living on an island with a few similar Martians like me. I still hope that sanity and goodwill will take the upper hand, only how long will it take?

    “Also the part where you said that Michael was a mass experiment, a guinea pig if you will (hopefully I did not misunderstand you. If I did please feel free to correct me), that made me tear up. I hadn’t thought of articulating it that way and it really brought an innocent, human face into the mess.”

    You understood me perfectly right. To give the media the benefit of the doubt they probably didn’t mean it that way at first, but in the end turned Michael into a testing ground to see how far they can go in their lies. And the result showed that there is no limit for lies and they can go very far – to the point when people will not believe their own eyes, will repeat any craziness they are told, will abandon the habit to fact check anything and will be completely lost as to what’s right and what’s wrong. And at this stage they can be manipulated like babies – they will not notice anyway and will even enjoy the process.

    After the media managed to create a totally false reality around Michael Jackson and changed the perception of millions of people this way, it was only a matter of time how soon the method would spread over everything else (and cross the ocean too). They thought that this entertaining and lucrative game would be limited to Michael Jackson only, but after decades of lies about him the harm could not be undone – the lies had a damaging effect on people’s perception of news in general as well as their fact-checking abilities. So when someone nasty applied the same method in the social networks and politics, for example, fake news began spreading like wildfire and in the face of so many lies people found themselves helpless.

    And the remaining honest media now don’t know what to do either – even the best of their reports and most objective news are not longer believed.

    The only way out I see from this impasse is helping people to learn to appreciate the truth in the same way we appreciate clean water and refuse to drink it when it’s dirty. People should understand that lies are poisonous and will turn their life into a complete chaos. And that a small grain of truth is better than a ton of lies, even if the truth is grim and sad, and lies are bright and entertaining.

    These days I often recollect the Matrix movie which seems to me the work of a genius as it predicted the main problem humanity is facing now – lies and a totally artificial reality created through lies by some manipulators. And the conclusion is the same as in the movie – it is better to live in a grim but truthful reality (working for its eventual healing), than in a beautiful but false and artificial environment where you are no more than a puppet in someone else’s unscrupulous hands.

    If each of us fights lies in his own place it will be the whole world that will benefit. This is why I recalled Michael and spoke of ‘healing’ the world. Lies cannot heal, but the truth can.


  26. Asma permalink
    December 27, 2016 5:25 am

    Thank you again for the reply, Helena. I do learn and think a lot from reading your posts. I was just contemplating what you wrote and researching the abolishment of the Fairness Doctrine here in 1987 as well as the placement of the Telecommunications Act in 1996 where corporations can consolidate news media. I’m not sure if the last is a pro or con just yet. Researching and trying to figure it out. I was reading a discussion earlier today about bringing reason back into discourse and someone said that people do not become swayed by facts, logic nor knowledge or reason but narratives. I still felt resistant to the idea because I hold onto the thought that we should *always* be persuaded by facts and reason first, but it was very interesting perspective nonetheless and so true for many people. After all, that is how propaganda grabs a mass audience is by narratives. What was said in the discussion was that somehow we need to figure a way to produce narratives that are in line with facts and reason rather than the other way around and in order to steer back our democracy we need to begin to start changing the narratives. No one in the discussion is able to figure out how just yet, but that is something they are working on. I was thinking the same thing about Michael. The narrative for so long has been “bizarre” and “deviant.” I am hoping with all of this research you are providing somehow the narrative can begin to change for good that is in line with the truth.

    Another thing I have noticed which bothers me is some of the fan worship. I am a fan too but I have noticed today while searching him on Facebook that there are several fan pages and fans who list themselves as people who work at “Michael Jackson” and went to school at “michael Jackson” or something to that effect and it did not sit well with me at all. I am also a fan, but in the endeavor of searching for truth over indulgence of this sort, I’m afraid, can serve as a detriment and takes us away from his humanity in the other direction towards sainthood. I read some pieces calling Michael a modern day prophet and while I certainly think he was fairly unsurpassable as an empath and philanthrope, I am not interested in making him an untouchable and unsoiled ivory star in the sky that cannot be identified with. His *humanity* is more than enough and *that* is what we should be focusing on. This is not about bringing him down at all. I actually feel the opposite happens with this much self-indulgent exaltation. I can understand the effect he had on people, but in order to gain and maintain legitimacy I feel it is so important to have a sober approach in revealing who he really was, which was a very caring, gentle, and decent human being who did so much for others. There is no need to project the messiah syndrome onto him. His kindness and humanity gets drowned out by that, in my opinion. It also makes it difficult to speak intelligently to people who may be on the fence or do not want to touch on the topic of learning more because they have encountered too many indulgent and exalting fans which can be very off putting. There are also conspiracy theories exclaiming he never passed away either, which is as frustrating as dealing with the vitriolic falseness hurled against him.

    I know your blog as well as several others is very different. You not only understand the need for this kind of credible, sober approach but also enforce it. Either way, it is worth continuing to work on behalf of the truth in order for it to prevail. Thank you again.


  27. December 27, 2016 9:45 am

    Asma, if you read this Washington Post article you will realize that the situation with fake news is far more serious than anyone could expect:

    The Washington Post used to have a column devoted to debunking Internet hoaxes, but their number has become so big that they realized the futility of the job and have closed it.

    The problem is that now even fact-checking doesn’t do any good – people prefer to hear what caters to their own perception of something and the most profitable business now is not reporting the truth, but inflaming the biases of readers – telling them what they want to hear.


    There’s a simple, economic explanation for this shift: If you’re a hoaxer, it’s more profitable. Since early 2014, a series of Internet entrepreneurs have realized that not much drives traffic as effectively as stories that vindicate and/or inflame the biases of their readers. Where many once wrote celebrity death hoaxes or “satires,” they now run entire, successful websites that do nothing but troll convenient minorities or exploit gross stereotypes. Paul Horner, the proprietor of and a string of other very profitable fake-news sites, once told me he specifically tries to invent stories that will provoke strong reactions in middle-aged conservatives. They share a lot on Facebook, he explained; they’re the ideal audience.

    Frankly, this column wasn’t designed to address the current environment. This format doesn’t make sense. I’ve spoken to several researchers and academics about this lately, because it’s started to feel a little pointless. Walter Quattrociocchi, the head of the Laboratory of Computational Social Science at IMT Lucca in Italy, has spent several years studying how conspiracy theories and misinformation spread online, and he confirmed some of my fears: Essentially, he explained, institutional distrust is so high right now, and cognitive bias so strong always, that the people who fall for hoax news stories are frequently only interested in consuming information that conforms with their views — even when it’s demonstrably fake.

    At which point does society become utterly irrational? Is it the point at which we start segmenting off into alternate realities? “What Was Fake” has had a good run, but the nature of Internet misinformation has changed — so as the year winds up, we’re going to change, as well. Thanks for reading over the past year and a half!

    The Washington Post is asking at which point the society became irrational? Well, Michael Jackson’s supporters can say at which point – when the media fed millions of people the most irrational lies about Jackson and taught them to believe this craziness without any fact-checking or thinking for themselves. What goes around comes around.


  28. Asma permalink
    December 27, 2016 6:06 pm

    Helena, thank you so much for your excellent response. Especially the last paragraph. I agree with you wholeheartedly and will most certainly read the article.


  29. susannerb permalink
    December 28, 2016 11:26 am

    @Asma: I am one of Helena’s co-authors (from Germany) and I’m very grateful you brought up the important issue of fake news. I came a bit late to this discussion, but I absolutely agree with you and Helena. You are right, and I already had the idea of writing a post on it: MJ was a prototype for the tabloids to create fake news and to see how it works, which then entered mainstream media and lately social media and the internet. Now the problem arrived within politics, and it even became a business. I thought a lot about this and already said years ago that the problem of fake news will affect democratic processes one day – and now we have it! It’s a huge danger for the relationships between our countries and for peace on earth, and it’s spreading globally. It is something we have to look further into and discuss this topic in connection with what happened to Michael. I hope to find time to do it!


  30. Asma permalink
    December 28, 2016 2:26 pm

    Hello susannerb,

    It’s very nice meeting you. Thank you and Helena so much for this blog and what you do! I am very much on par and in line with your thinking and when you do write a piece on fake news and how that connects with Michael I will devour it with eagerness. When I viewed the news coverage and saw all the noisily chattered conspiracy theories, for example pizza gate and child slavery rings, alarm bells went off very loudly in my brain and instantly I was able to connect it to Michael. The coverage was exactly like how they covered him from the infamous raid onwards which was noisy, sensationalistic, unverified chatter with lots of innuendo and suggestions. That *should* be Journalism 101 verify, verify and verify again and suggestion planting *should* be a violation that disqualifies the topic and those speaking on that said particular unless/until more concrete evidence can back it up.

    Also, my alarm bells made me recall Thomas Mesereau’s interview on Larry King Live right after the trial where he pointed out how the allegation and accusation of pedophilia being used as a form of witch hunt. People become set on auto pilot just at the mention of it and taking the effort to not only fact check but look deeper into the claims to see if there are any discrepancies and falsehoods are bypassed in a hearbeat in order to take an emotional stance. I guess that makes us feel like “good” people when we do? But what we as a human race need to realize is that it has grave consequences for innocent people. Our own history in this country shows us that witch hunting is never the way to go. In fact our founding fathers were in part inspired to design our governmental system the way they did to help prevent us from recreating the Salem witch trials, which I believe was a generation (perhaps two) before theirs.

    Raven Woods wrote an article in the Huffington Post about a week ago that I’m in the process of cultivating a response to (it was a very good article) which will also address these points. I think now it would be useful to show the connections and relevence that Michael’s treatment has on our current events today. The human mind and collective society always needs a reference point, and I have no qualms about he being it.

    Thank you so much again, so lovely to meet you and if you decided to write a post on this topic I will be certain to read. Have a beautiful day!


  31. Holly permalink
    April 27, 2017 6:16 pm

    About a month ago I was horrified to hear from my 8 year old daughter that her teacher had held a dance class at school using Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I immediately sent a letter to the school principal expressing my opinion that as Michael Jackson had such a cavalier attitude towards child safety, for instance sleeping in the bed with children while the parents slept in different rooms or different buildings or even different countries, owning questionable material with photographs of naked children, as well as having pornography, drugs and alcohol in his bedroom while children were present, it meant his material was not suitable to be used for anything child related.

    I received no reply, so a couple of weeks later I phoned the principal to repeat my complaint. He stated that his position was the same as the Department of Education, vis a vis schools should only take the content of art into consideration when deciding what to use in schools and to disregard the life of the artist themselves. Thus a song with swear words or inappropriate themes would not be allowed, however, a song, even if written by someone like Charles Manson (who did record some songs) would be allowed if the lyrics were appropriate.

    I was disappointed by the reaction, but I could understand the point. It was still niggling me though. It was not until a chance meeting with another parent from my daughter’s class that things were crystallized. That parent, without prompting from me, explained what happened with her daughter after that class. She was so enamoured with the song that as soon as she arrived home from school she threw down her bag and started searching for Michael Jackson on Youtube. The mother, preparing dinner in the kitchen, heard a quite a number of songs such as Bad, Thriller, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man in the Mirror (you get the picture), but then she heard a few videos where Michael Jackson was talking. After a while she went to check what her daughter was watching and to her consternation, it was a clip from an interview where he was asked:

    “Does the world need a man who’s 44 who’s sleeping in a bed with children?”

    Michael Jackson replies “What’s wrong with sharing a love? You don’t sleep with your kids? Or some other kid who needs love who didn’t have a good childhood?”

    The interview continued:

    Interviewer: “What do you think people would say if I said well – ‘I’ve invited some of my daughter’s friends round or my son’s friends round and they are going to sleep in a bed with me tonight’?

    Michael Jackson: “That’s fine!”

    Interviewer: “What do you think their parents would say?”

    Jackson: “If they’re wacky they would say ‘You can’t’, but if you’re close family, like your family, and you know them well and …”

    Those comments truly scared her. Children should not be taught that sleeping with an adult equals love, or that sharing a bed with an adult is ‘fine’. She immediately turned off the video to prevent further harm, and then sit down and explain to her daughter that it was NOT alright to share a bed with an adult, even if they knew that adult well, and explain that adults who truly loved children kept safe and acceptable boundaries between themselves and kids. It took quite a while, because her daughter was so taken with Michael Jackson and said “he wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

    The mother had to emphasize that the people who seem to be the safest, the ones who build up trust, are sometimes the ones who she needs to be careful of. My friend said it wasn’t a pleasant experience that she had to explain all this to an innocent and naive 8 year old girl.

    After I heard this, I sent an email to the Principal again and explained how the girl had stumbled on this video after hearing Michael Jackson at school and what this mother had gone through. I sent him a link to that Youtube video and also a couple of pages from MJ Facts, the one on the sleepovers and the one on the child erotica

    To my delight, he emailed back the next day and said he would no longer be allowing any of Michael Jackson’s music to be played at the school. Not only that, he also said he would be raising the matter at school district level and was sure that all the other principals would be following his lead after he showed them what I had found.

    All in all, a good result for the safety of kids in my school district. I hope more join in.

    By the way, I’m not against any adult who can make up their own mind listening to Michael Jackson’s music, but for the sake of child safety kids shouldn’t be exposed to the kind of opinions he espoused. It’s dangerous and only gives people wih nefarious intentions an advantage when kids have been softened up by comments from someone they may place a great deal of trust in because of his celebrity.


  32. Des permalink
    April 28, 2017 3:15 am

    I need to say something here ,obviously you hate Michael Jackson and you feel very proud that your achieve something,hopefully when the children grow up they not gonna resent you for it,and they will take the time to research about Michael and the truth. I think as a mother and a grandmother I’ve got an advice for you, protect your children from your inner circle and not from Michael’s music,his music is everywhere and everybody is dancing too it including my grandchildren,and if you are a little bit older and understand the lyrics and not just the big hits you learn even more about Michael Jackson he is my biggest inspiration and if we all try to think a tiny bit like Michael the world would be a better place . And that’s why we the parents are here to protect our children and not blaming others for our failures. Michael’s bedroom in Neverland is three thousand square feet,do you have friends of your children for sleepovers? I know I did ,in my fifteen square feet home my daughters friends and my sons and vice versa, every body is doing it,what is that mean?I grew up sharing my small home with friends and family and we all grew up the same way but my mother used to tell us,Don’t let anybody touched you beyond your waist , she will say the same thing to my brother,don’t touch anybody from the waist down. And that’s what we did.When I grew up I understood why she was saying what she was saying,for us girls to keep our virginity protect our selfs from decease and pregnancy and for my brother the same,how wise was that? A couple of days ago I read a letter from a young lady recent letter (How Michael changed my life)and she was saying how when she was I think fifteen sixteen she was very very sick, and her wish was to go to Neverland and meet Michael through the make a wish foundation,but Michael’s people were coming back saying that Michael stopped doing that (and I let you gest why)but she never gave up it dint matter what else they offer her for about six years till one day her wish come true, she met Michael and her life changed,Michael change too many people’s lives for the better even his fake accusers end up with a better life than Michael.Now think my dear,if you have a child with a terminal illness and all he or she wants to meet the brightest star on the planet and you as a mother what are you going to do? And then put your self in Michael’s shoes,someone so sick what to meet him and for years and years you say NO because you try to be good to people and people use even their own children to screw you and for money (sorry for my language)but if your children are aloud on YouTube am sure they’ve seen and heard so much worse,that was a problem for Michael he was very sensitive to suffering especially children.But anyway that’s how it is these days with everything especially with schools it takes one person to stuffed up for every body else I wish you the best and God protect your children from real threats.LOVE AND PEACE


  33. Asma permalink
    April 28, 2017 4:24 am

    I question Holly’s motives for her post as well. A). This blog is not about MJ’s music in schools nor does it advocate for it either or. Why she felt the need to share this entire story here which is not only irrelevant to this particular post but it is also irrelevant to this entire blog. Apparently the story she is discussing isn’t even her kid. B). She is sharing two links of mj facts, which is known for being lies and constantly spewing the same debunked BS.

    This has manipulation written all over it. Use the excuse of a child or children’s “safety” to make an underhanded point to quit doing what is being done here altogether. And put us in a position where we cannot argue, otherwise we are taking a stance against the “safety of the children” like apparently these “do gooders” are so “tirelessly crusading” for.

    This particular thread is about the map out of the Neverland Ranch and the inaccuracies in how it is reported. The purpose is research and to see if the actual details fit the perpetuated narrative. Music in schools is just not the topic, unless she meant to post elsewhere.


  34. Des permalink
    April 28, 2017 6:01 am

    For me it’s the same old story,when it comes to Michael and you want people to hate him just mention children.It doesn’t work for me I know the truth.I thought to myself an eight year old on MJ facts?what else an eight year old have access too?supervised or unsupervised?but then an eight year exposed to thriller and you horrified! Is there any body that hasn’t seen thriller?


  35. susannerb permalink
    April 28, 2017 10:17 am

    Let’s assume you are an honest person and are really worried about the rumors around Michael Jackson.
    Your opinion of him is one that is – unfortunately – quite common especially in the US – because it is not the truth and not based on facts. I would like to ask you where you have your information from. If your sources are solely the media and “mjfacts” I’m not surprised. MJfacts is a typical hater site which is not based on facts, it is FAKE NEWS, and the media also rarely told the truth about MJ.
    If you are an honest person who is interested in truth, I recommend you investigate yourself on this matter and read through our blog because all our information here is based on official documents, court transcripts, interviews, witness statements, etc., which are all publicly available, but which usually are not used by the mainstream media. The media did a great job in distorting the reputation of Michael Jackson just for a sensational effect and for money. And I feel personally very sorry for people who fall for the sensationalism of the tabloids and don’t go to the bottom of things, because they never know the truth.

    I also would recommend you to read the book “My friend Michael” of Frank Cascio who was a long-time friend of MJ and who met him first as a child:
    I will give you some quotes of his book in the next comment.

    MJ often wasn’t very good in explaining himself precisely in interviews, but he never said he sleeps with children randomly. When he said, he’s fine with children sleeping in his bed, he MEANT
    1. sharing his bed by providing it to the guests and he himself sleeping on the floor or elsewhere, or
    2. letting only those children (who usually begged to stay with him) sleep in his bed who he knew very well because they were relatives or very close friends including their parents.
    This is a very normal situation and not regarded inappropriate in many countries, mainly US citizens seem to have a problem with it (I wonder why they have such dirty fantasies).
    As you quoted him yourself, he said: “…if you’re close family, like your family, and you know them well and …” – he talked about people very close to him, not foreigners!
    And he always asked the parents if they are okay with it.
    In addition, after the allegations of 1993 it never happened again that MJ was alone with children in his bedroom, as a precaution he always had another adult with him, as Frank Cascio describes in his book.

    I wonder why you are so ready to believe all the unproven allegations you hear or read on Michael Jackson. You don’t talk about how you can learn the truth, you only talk about your opinion, which to me looks like a very biased attitude. So I suggest you first read all the court transcripts, the testimonies of witnesses, statements of people who knew him very well and well researched articles like the one of journalist Mary Fischer before you try to influence other people with your opinion against Michael Jackson.


  36. susannerb permalink
    April 28, 2017 10:19 am

    These quotes from Frank Cascio’s book can educate you on the fact that Michael Jackson never slept with random children in his bed who weren’t family members or close friends:

    „One of the biggest misconseptions about Michael, a story that plagued him for years following the Bashir documentary, was that he had an assortment of children sleeping in his room at any given time. The truth was that random children never came to Neverland and stayed in Michael’s room. Just as my brother Eddie and I had done when we were younger, the family and friends who did stay with Michael did so of their own volition. Michael just allowed it to happen because his friends and family liked to be around him.
    What Michael said on Bashir’s video was true: ‘You can have my bed if you want, sleep in it. I’ll sleep on the floor. It’s yours. Always give the best to the company, you know.’ Michael had no hesitation about telling the truth because he had nothing to hide. He knew in his heart and mind that his actions were sincere, his motives pure, and his conscience clear. Michael, innocently and honestly, said, ‘Yes, I share my bed. There is nothing wrong with it.’ The fact of the matter is, when he was ‘sharing’ his bed, it meant he was offering his bed to whoever wanted to sleep in it. There may have been times when he slept up there as well, but he was usually on the floor next to his bed or downstairs sleeping on the floor. Although Bashir, for obvious reasons, kept harping on the bed, if you watch the full uncut interview, it’s impossible not to understand what Michael was trying to make clear: when he said he shared his bed, he meant that he shared his life with the people he saw as family.” Page 261/262

    “But ever since the molestation allegations in 1993, he had tempered his genuine love for children with caution. His young visitors were always accompanied by an adult, and Michael was careful to never be alone with the kids: he always made sure another adult was around. It was easy for him to make this adjustment: spending time alone with children had never been particularly important to him. There is a widespread misconception that Michael rounded up small children to participate in sleepovers in his bedroom at Neverland. This was simply not the case. Families came to visit Neverland . Sometimes, depending on how far they had traveled, those families spent the night. There were close, intimate friends and families who’d known Michael for years.” Page 153/154


  37. Asma permalink
    April 28, 2017 1:39 pm

    Susanne, so glad to see you and thank you so much for replying. Des, I agree with you I was also taken aback by why an 8 year old was surfing the Internet unsupervised and landed up on mj facts.

    Children need to be taught what to do and how to look for the signs. Most of this kind of abuse happens from people you know and are the closest to. Not by a celebrity’s music or edited interviews. The New York Times had a piece a couple weeks ago about the author and how she was attempting to raise an independent child who could say no.

    In the comments section, a reader shared a resource for adults, parents, care givers and teachers on how to teach children healthy (sexual) development and preventing abuse. It was one of the Times pick. *This* is what will protect our children. Actual knowledge, skills and tools. Here is the link:


  38. Brett permalink
    May 1, 2017 9:45 pm

    …a resource for adults, parents, care givers and teachers on how to teach children healthy (sexual) development and preventing abuse. It was one of the Times pick. *This* is what will protect our children. Actual knowledge, skills and tools. Here is the link:

    Asma, do you think in that child safety course they would teach that it is appropriate for children to sleep in the same bed as an unrelated adult? I doubt they do mate.


  39. Asma permalink
    May 1, 2017 10:49 pm

    Of course not, Brett. The child training course is about teaching children how to read the signs for both children and adults to strengthen discernment between who wants to take advantage of them and who doesn’t. It’s a real resource. Not some whining about playing a certain celebrity’s music in schools.

    Plus, you already know the whole sleeping in the same bed with children garbage has been debunked time and time again. The only reason you chose to keep repeating it is to further your agenda so unsuspecting readers who haven’t bothered to do the research can be exposed to your sound bite and assimilate it into their brains in branding an innocent person as guilty. Keep harping but that won’t stop the truth from getting out there whether you like it or not.


  40. Asma permalink
    May 1, 2017 10:56 pm

    Oh yeah and another thing, statiscally speaking children are most susceptible to adults whom they know and are close eith, like relatives and teachers. Not dead pop stars from listening to their songs at their schools. If you really care about protecting children like you bleat on about, you’d do well to pay attention to your inner circle. Furthermore, MJ didn’t have any other accusers than the money mongering three. The DA with the help of FBI went around the world and searched, and turned up with a big fat zero. Try and spin that all you want, but the truth is the truth.


  41. Asma permalink
    May 1, 2017 11:31 pm

    Let me break it down for you, “mate”.

    1). 13 plus years of hundreds of pages of FBI Files. Including monitors of wherabouts, phone tapping, computer use, Internet use. Absolutely nothing found reported on each and every page. Big fat zero.

    2). Confiscation and FBI forensic hard drive study of 16 home computers. 16! No illegal activity and no connection that even leads to sites of illegal activity found. Big fat zero.

    3). Confiscation of over 10,000 books, no illegal activity of the nature which harms children, adults nor animals at all. Once again, resulting in a big fat zero.

    4). Two grand juries and an acquital on *all* 14 counts.

    5). Court transcripts. Proving plaintiffs to be liars and constantly changing their stories.

    I could go on, and this site alone has all the information available for anyone who wants to look into the case further for accurate information.

    What you and your ilk are doing are using several logical fallacies in order to keep the public duped. You belueve people to be “stupid” so you exploit that. You are using the “Appeal to People”, fear mongering and inciting mob mentality in order to further your own agenda. If you had the truth on your side, you wouldn’t have to resort to such tactics. But you’re liars. You want to “win” even at the expense of the truth, so natrually you’ll keep telling lies as long as you think it will work.

    Also let’s not forget, this whole tangent occurred because a poster posted a rambling incident about her feeling upset that MJ’s music was playing at her kid’s school. A topic that has absolutely nothing to do with this particular thread or the entire page. But it was sprung in there, so other posters can repeat the same talking point lies of “same ved sleeping”, “bed and children” and yadda yadda. You guys are so fascinated with that topic that one can only assume you love to fantasize about something so sick that you will go to great lengths to prove that it happened, even when mountains of evidence clearly shows otherwise. It’s pathetic, really.

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  42. vulcan permalink
    January 21, 2018 3:30 pm


    The whole argument that it’s OK for adults to share beds with kids as long as they are somehow related is illogical and hypocritical given that many kids are molested by their relatives. Rijo Jackson was related to MJ and he shared a bed with MJ many times. So you think saying that that’s OK, that doesn’t endanger the kid makes sense?

    What should be thought in that child safety courses is that the only thing that keeps kids safe if they are not with a molester! A molester doesn’t need a bed to molest. A molester doesn’t need sleepovers to molest. A molester is not interested in sleeping at all but molestation.
    If an adult is not a molester the kid is not in any more danger being on his bed than being in his car. And if the adult is a molester he will find a way to molest with or without a bed!
    The whole focus on the bed is a red herring.

    You oversimplify MJ’s situation and make it sound like

    1. every adult wants sex simply because they are adults
    (not true millions of adults never have sex with anyone)

    2. adults have sex in bed therefore Michael Jackson must have had sex in bed too
    (not true, just because you and other adults do something does not mean MJ was doing it too)

    Because you believe in the above mentioned fallacies you automatically assume if MJ shared a bed with a kid he molested him. However you ignore the fact that he also shared his bed with men, women and girls without having any sexual contact with them.

    Also, don’t try to tell the people who slept in MJ’s room and their parents who had no concern about that at all what was good for them and what was appropriate for them. They don’t need your lectures. You were not there. You didn’t know MJ. Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon did. Dom and Connie Cascio and Frank , Eddie, Aldo, Marie Nicole and Dom Jr did. Karlee Barnes, Brett Branes, Lisbeth Barnes did. Macaulay Culkin, Kirean Culkin did. Mark Ronson did.
    Simone and Rijo and Peaches Jackson did. Alison V Smith did. Nicole Richie Brenda Harvey Richie Lionel Richie did. None of them have any problem with MJ’s sleepovers. Why?
    Because they knew MJ’s heart they knew he was innocent and couldn’t hurt anyone and only that matter not his age. And it’s obvious that a pedophile won’t just wait for kids to ask whether they can sleep in his room and when they do a pedo won’t go to the parents and tell them if it’s OK with you it’s OK with me and wouldn’t want the parents around where they can walk in the room any moment and certainly wouldn’t sleep in the father’s and mother’s homes dozens of times risking to leave DNA evidence behind and risking of getting caught!

    The sheer number of circumstances of MJ’s sleepovers make it clear that he had nothing to hide along with the fact that he openly talked about them to the whole world when he didn’t have to! If he had been guilty he wouldn’t have invited Bashir into his life for months he wouldn’t have sat there with Gavin Arvizo holding his hand and talking about how Gavin slept in his bed while he slept on the floor. You really think MJ was the dumbest most brazen pedophile ever at the same time the luckiest one instead of accepting the most obvious explanation: he was innocent. That easily explains everything about his behavior. So why don’t you accept it?

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  43. vulcan permalink
    February 1, 2018 2:35 pm

    Brett ,

    1. Your argument is a fallacy since children are molested by relatives all the time. So if you want to teach kids that it’s ok to sleep with their father mother uncle sister brother cousin
    just because they are related you certainly won’t protect them.

    2. The issue is not whether the adult is a relative or not but whether he is a pedophile or not! If someone is not a pedophile a bed or sleeping won’t make him molest. And if someone is a pedophile then he won’t need a bed or sleepovers to molest.

    3. You are missing the point if you focus on sleeping and bedsharing. The only thing that will protect kids from molesters if they are not alone with a molester. Since MJ was not a molester kids were just as safe in his bed as if he had been their biological brother, cousin or father.

    4. Rijo Jackson was related to MJ and slept in his bed many times. According to logic he was safe because they were cousins and you wouldn’t teach your kid that it’s wrong for cousins to share a bed, right? There is no logical explanation why it was not wrong for MJ to share a bed with his nieces, nephews, cousins, sons and daugther but was wrong to do that with Chandler or Robson or Karlee Barnes when those families treated MJ as family, they fully trusted him and loved him. Why was it OK for Wade Robson and Chantal Robson to share a bed with their father and uncle but not with MJ?

    5. Why do you want to lecture the parents and kids who had no problem with MJ sharing a bed with them? Why do you want to tell the Cascios or the Barnes what was good for them?
    Why do you think you know it better than they do what was appropriate? None of those people have any problem with MJ’s sleepovers why do you?

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  44. vulcan permalink
    February 1, 2018 3:05 pm


    Your story reeks of MJFacts-style fabrication and since your goal is to kill MJ’s legacy, as you HATE HATE HATE that his music is still popular, of course it ended with oh now they won’t play his music anymore. Please name which school was it, who made the decision not to play his music anymore based on the revelation that he shared his bed with kids …oh wait a minute the entire United States heard that for years from left and right but we are supposed to believe this school lived under the rock and needed your “information” to realize that. Please show the specifics so which can fact check your less them plausible story.

    Your lies and half truths about MJ are also typical MJFacts products and of course none of them proves that MJ was a danger to kids, they only proves that you cannot make a case against him without telling blatant lies spiced with tons of hypocrisy. Let’s go through your “evidence” piece by piece:

    1. MJ never ever said that it was OK for any adult to share a bed with any kid! He made it clear that he never invited any child to sleep in his bed, he allowed them to sleep there if they ask for it and if the parents approved it. In other words it’s the parents’ responsibility to decide whether he trusts someone, adult or another child, to be with his or her kid. And guess what? That’s the way it has been for centuries and parents could do that without your instructions.

    2. Alcohol is in virtually every home where they are kids! Parents drink breer, wine in front of their kids all the time. Beer is in millions of kitchens fully accessible to kids who live there. MJ’s private suite was 3000 sq feet. Just because he ordered wine for himself and it was taken to his room does not mean he gave it to kids. The mere presence of a wine bottle does not mean kids are supposed to drink it. If you are really so concerned about this please go into every home in the world where the refrigerators or cupboards have some kind of alcoholic beverages in them. Or you have a special standard for Michael Jackson? He cannot do what millions of other people do every day?

    3. Nobody complained about alcohol before the Arvizos did it in 2003. All through those years nobody accused MJ of giving alcohol to any kid. Chandler never mentioned it Francia never mentioned it, Culkin Barnes Rosbon Cascio Lennon Lewis never mentioned it. So what a coincidence that the two boys who were caught in the wine cellar with a half open bottle, who threatened a chef if he didn’t put alcohol into his milkshake, who stole alcohol from the kitchen and from MJ’s room are the ones who accused him of giving them alcohol! They stole it and drank behind Mj’s back and then pointed the finger at him.

    4. No kid ever even mentioned seeing any drug in MJ’s room and again, millions of homes have various prescription drugs in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms I guess you have no problem with that at all. It’s only Michael Jackson who shouldn’t have any prescription drugs anywhere in his home.

    5. Nobody even mentioned MJ’s adult magazines and DVDs before the Arvizos broke into his room and rummaged through his things and found the suitcase in his closet which had those magazines. Again, this was a 3000 sq feet duplex with two giant walk in closet. MJ kept those adult magazines in the closet in a suitecase. There are millions of homes which have adult magazines, adult filed on computers, sex books where kids can find them. I myself found my father’s adult magazines in the garage when I was 12. Please tell us why MJ shouldn’t have had adult magazines like millions of men and where exactly was he supposed to keep them if not in his private suite? On the moon?

    6. Contrary to the picture the prosecution and you tried to paint the MJ’s porn magazines were all over the place when kids were in his room in fact not even he Arvizos claimed that and no one not even Blanca Francia and Adrian McManus claimed that they just ran into such magazines in MJ’s bedroom. In reality MJ did a very good job keeping those magazines away from everyone! And no kids even knew he had them until the Arvizos went into his room when he wasn’t even there. Robson and Safechuck then took this information and injected them into their stories. However when you put them on the timeline their story just makes no sense. MJ didn’t show porn to Francia, then showed adult porn and child porn (which he didn’t even have) to Safechuck, then only adult porn to Robson then no porn at all to Chandler and then only adult porn to Arvizo. This lack of pattern is not the behavior of a serial molester. Rather it’s the result of Robson’s Safechuck;s and Arvizos’s lies.

    Bottom line every child who was in MJ’s room or traveled with him was safe and secure, which is why none of them ever tried to get away from him even though some of them were sophisticated strong characters like Chandler or Robson. MJ wanted to protect kids including from abuse which is why men who were really abused by men like Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson, Todd Bridges, James Debarge, Corey Fledman, Corey Haim and Macaulay Culkin had such high regard for him. They know the difference between abusers and MJ.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Des permalink
    February 1, 2018 6:57 pm

    I watched a couple of days ago some sort of a tribute of sixth years Grammys ,American show and I was shocked to see that they didn’t have anything about Michael Jackson just a small glimpse, and then I came a cross a recent comment from Karen Faye about Michael.(Hollywood did not want a black man with all that power,intelligence,money,talent,heart and a massive fan base.He was their worst nightmare for a white male dominated industry.)It’s so true. If we compare Michael Jackson with other celebrities old and new I’ll say he was an angel.This is a man who as a young man he was trying to protect women even from his own brothers,if only people invest a little time and learn about him most of them will change their minds.Am just said that we destroy everything that it’s good for us,starting from people to our planet.We are desperate in need of people like Michael to spread the message of love around us and bring people together as one. I don’t know anybody who done it better than him and I don’t think they will be another not in my life time anyway

    Liked by 1 person

  46. February 1, 2018 7:43 pm

    Well said, vulcan,Des and Asma.


  47. February 4, 2018 2:49 pm

    “However when you put them on the timeline their story just makes no sense. MJ didn’t show porn to Francia, then showed adult porn and child porn (which he didn’t even have) to Safechuck, then only adult porn to Robson then no porn at all to Chandler and then only adult porn to Arvizo.”- Vulcan

    Vulcan, this porn timeline is very funny, but you did strike the nail on the head. We can deduce that Robson’s and Safechuck’s allegations are fiction from the gravity of their accusations alone.

    When you put the allegations by Chandler 1993 – Arvizo 2003 – Robson/Safechuck 2013 on a timeline and compare their stories, the first thing you see is that every new accuser made a graver story than the previous one. They simply used everything said before them and added something of their own.

    As a result by the time Robson/Safechuck decided to make their allegations their story became the worst (like “rape”, “showing porn”) which was something unthinkable for Chandler who never claimed anything like it.

    However if you put the same accusers on a different timeline, in accordance with the year they got acquainted with Michael, Robson/Safechuck will be the first in that succession. Then came Chandler, and then Arvizo.

    So the absurdity of the situation is that the first have the nastiest story and vice versa.

    Needless to say that it not only defies logic, but is also totally uncharacteristic of how real predators behave. As time goes by their “appetites” only grow, so when inventing their stories Robson/Safechuck overlooked the fundamental point that they were the first in that succession, and their stories should have been adapted accordingly to young, devout and still very naïve Michael Jackson.


  48. February 4, 2018 4:25 pm

    “I came a cross a recent comment from Karen Faye about Michael (Hollywood did not want a black man with all that power,intelligence,money,talent,heart and a massive fan base. He was their worst nightmare for a white male dominated industry). It’s so true.” – Des

    Absolutely true.

    “If we compare Michael Jackson with other celebrities old and new I’ll say he was an angel.This is a man who as a young man he was trying to protect women even from his own brothers,if only people invest a little time and learn about him most of them will change their minds. We are desperate in need of people like Michael to spread the message of love around us and bring people together as one.”

    Des, I think that in some miraculous way he is still doing it, otherwise all of us wouldn’t be here today.


  49. Emilyx0x0 permalink
    March 12, 2019 10:57 am

    Sure, deleting comments. Because MJ is innocent, right?


  50. March 12, 2019 11:46 am

    “Sure, deleting comments. Because MJ is innocent, right?” – Emilyxoxo aka Nataliexo aka Natalie Bremer

    Sure, deleting comments from someone who does nothing but throw accusations against MJ in different threads and under different names at that.
    And not only deleting trolls, but also banning them.


  51. Jay permalink
    August 5, 2020 5:55 pm

    Just so you know, the distance between the guest house and the main house is 150 feet, or 50 yards, which is the equivalent of half a football field to give you an idea of scale. I just came across this info and thought you’d be interested.


  52. September 9, 2020 1:53 am

    “Just so you know, the distance between the guest house and the main house is 150 feet. I just came across this info and thought you’d be interested.” – Jay

    Thank you and yes, I am interested. 150 feet are 45,7 meters which is the length of my fence in the country. Even at my pace I cover this distance within less than a minute. So it is actually much closer to the main house than I expected 🙂


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