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A surprising case of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER telling the truth about MICHAEL JACKSON

December 24, 2016

Thanks to our reader (mjjcritic) we now have the National Enquirer issue which was the first to introduce to the public June Chandler and her two children as a family ‘adopted’ by Michael Jackson. The article was published in May 1993 and came before the allegations broke out.

By now most of us are probably under the impression that there is nothing new to learn about that old story, especially from a source like the National Enquirer. But surprise-surprise, their article provided us with details that put a lot of things in their right perspective and once again reminded us that there is no such thing as an unimportant detail.


Here is the original article and its retyped text:

The May 25th 1993 issue of the National Enquirer

The May 25th 1993 issue of the National Enquirer


Barbara Sternig and David Duffy

May  25,  1993

Michael Jackson has developed a bizarre obsession with a woman and her two children – and turned them into his secret family!

The superstar has grown incredibly attached to June Chandler Schwartz, her 13-year-old son Jordie and 5-year-old daughter Lily. Since meeting the mom and her children early this year, Michael has:

  • Brought them to his ranch nearly every weekend.
  • Phoned them as many as four times each day.
  • Shared a suite with them during a Las Vegas vacation.
  • Spent $1,500 on Jordie during one trip to Toys ‘Я’ Us.

“I consider you my own family,” he told June. “And I’ll look after you as if you were.”

June, 40, is the wife of Dave Schwartz, who went from rags to riches by starting Rend A Wreck and turning it into a $100 million a year car rental company.

Michael “adopted” June and her two children soon after he first met them at a Los Angeles Rent A Wreck office, said an insider.

“Michael rents cars from Rent A Wreck to make himself less conspicuous. He was in the office when June stopped by with her kids so that they could see their dad.”

“Michael struck up a conversation with Jordie and the family was on cloud nine over the encounter.”

After that meeting, Michael began calling the family every day, said the insider. “He had long conversations with Jordie and became fascinated by June, a beautiful Oriental woman.

“Michael was calling three or four times a day.”

June and the children made their first trip to his Neverland Valley ranch a few months ago.

The group had such a good time that Michael, in disguise, took the family to Disneyland several times. “The more they enjoyed it, the more I did – and the closer we became,” he told the insider.  Added the insider, “Michael began hosting them at Neverland nearly every weekend.”

His special treat was to take the children to Toys ‘Я’ Us on Saturday mornings.

“One morning, he bought Jordie $1,500 worth of toys!”

Caption 1: A MASKED Michael carried Lily Schwartz from a limo in Monte Carlo, where they all went to attend the World Music Awards.

Caption 2: FUN RIDE: Michael Jackson plays father to Jordie Schwartz (left) and his sister Lily at Florida’s Disney World. June Schwarts, the children’s mother sits behind them, beside an unidentified man.

Caption 3: DAVE Schwarts (left), the man who started Rent A Wreck. Michael met Dave’s wife June (right) and her kids when he was renting a car there.

Michael recently took June and the children on a five-day vacation to Las Vegas, where they all stayed in his private three-bedroom villa at The Mirage hotel, said a source.

“When they arrived, Michael gave the children and their mother a tour of the place. The next day he took the boy shopping, then to the hotel arcade.”

John Miklie, who runs the arcade, said Michael couldn’t’ stay long “because too many kids crowded around him.”

That night, Michael and Jordie swam with dolphins in the hotel’s dolphin pool, said the source.

The next day, they went shopping again and Michael took Jordie and Lily to the “Siegfried & Roy” show. “When Michael walked back to his villa holding their hands, he was smiling like a proud papa,” said an eyewitness.

The day after that, Michael and Jordie ate dinner at the Mirage’s Chinese restaurant.

“They talked in whispers and laughed like a father and son,” said waiter Chad Jahn, who served them.

Later that night, the two went to the hotel’s circus-type show, called Cirque Du Soleil.

“They sat in section 206, row CC,” said the eye-witness. “When the show was over, Michael bought the boy a Cirque Du Soleil sweatshirt.”

When the group left Las Vegas, they headed to Michael’s ranch, said the insider.

Since then, the singer has also taken “his family” on vacation to Disney World in Florida. And last week they all went to Monte Carlo, where Michael attended the World Music Awards.

“He’s infatuated and obsessed with June, Jordie and Lily,” said the insider. “He has adopted this family as his own.”

“Michael told me, ‘I’m enjoying having June, Jordie and Lily with me.

The four of us are like a little family. We all have so much fun together that it’s ecstasy.”

The first thing that stands out from the rest of the story is the alleged way June and Jordan Chandler made their acquaintance with Michael Jackson. It is so ridiculous that the first reaction was to brush the whole thing aside as pure nonsense – after all, what else could we expect from a tabloid?

But on second thought we recollect that in his book Ray Chandler identified this insider as a sister of June Chandler’s best friend and this gives us a reason for this nonsense – so this was evidently the way June Chandler was presenting this story to her friends!

Ray Chandler said about it in his book p.23:

“Knowing that Dave would share his concerns, Evan suggested he tell June to “stop yapping to her friends.” It was a sister of June’s closest friend who had sold die story to the Enquirer. Two days later June called Evan to scold him for telling Dave she had a big mouth. No sooner had June finished with Evan when Dave called. If Evan was upset about the Enquirer article, Dave was livid. “That asshole [Michael] is destroying my business and my family!” he screamed into the phone. Dave told Evan he was getting calls from friends and business acquaintances expressing their sympathy for the loss of his family. He felt humiliated.”

Forget about the commotion the article created within the Chandlers’ camp – for us it is important that the source was June’s closest friend and that even to her June Chandler did not tell the whole truth. And the truth was simple – she and her son Jordan were so much after Jackson that when her husband called and said that Michael’s car was broken and he was in his office she grabbed her son and both came running there.

But instead of the real story of them dying to meet MJ she told a much more reserved version – she “just dropped by” and Michael “struck a conversation” and then he “began calling them”. Of course, no word was said about her giving Michael their telephone number and her husband David Schwartz requesting him to call Jordan as a favor for a free car he was giving him if he met the request.

This is a small detail of course, but it 1) gives us a clearer understanding of June Chandler’s personality,  2) qualifies the National Enquirer’s story as correct and 3) makes us look at their source as a credible one.

So when this insider says that “Michael became fascinated by June” this can very well be a repetition of June’s own words about him, and when the insider mentions that Michael called them four times a day it may suggest that he was calling not only Jordan but June too.

In fact the sister of June’s best friend could probably see it with her own eyes as she makes it clear that she met him personally.

“The more they enjoyed it, the more I did – and the closer we became,” he told her. “He’s infatuated and obsessed with June, Jordie and Lily. He has adopted this family as his own,” says this girl, and all of it is perfectly believable. If Michael really liked someone he accepted them with his whole heart and made no bones about it. Later he would accept the Cascios in the same way, so there shouldn’t be any surprises about this “second family” talk.

The other source for the National Enquirer article was the staff of the Las Vegas Mirage hotel. Judging by their detailed account of what Michael and his guests did, the staff and eye-witnesses were thrilled to have Michael Jackson there and took note of his every step.

As a result we have the program of their visit broken down into much detail and this paints a totally different picture from the one created by June Chandler and her ilk.


According to the hotel staff and eye-witnesses Michael and the Chandlers stayed at the Mirage for five days.

On Day 1 (which was Sunday, March 28th if we are to believe Gutierrez’s writings) Michael took the family on a tour of the place. And there was a lot to look at, especially in 1993.

mirage-hotel-and-dolphin-poolAt the time the Mirage resort & casino was still a novelty as it was built in 1989 just four years before that and was a sort of a miracle even for Las Vegas. The building itself is spectacular – its windows glitter like gold because real gold dust was used in the tinting process.

The hotel occupies an entire block along Las Vegas Boulevard between Caesars Palace and the Treasure Island, now also belonging to the Mirage. At its entrance there is an artificial volcano erupting nightly and a rainforest garden with a dome over it.

Besides its casinos and 15 restaurants the hotel boasts Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden with a dolphin pool where visitors are taught to train dolphins and swim with them under a trainer’s eye,  as well as a zoo with leopards, white lions and white tigers which is also part of the secret garden.

mirage-hotel-white-tiger-playingBack in 1993 the white tigers participated in the Siegfried and Roy show which was a dazzling combination of magic and exotic animals. The show was the exclusive attraction of the Mirage hotel, but only until 2003 when Roy had an accident and the show had to be closed leaving some of the animals on a permanent basis there.

The other exclusive feature of the Mirage in 1993 was the Cirque du Soleil show called “Nouvelle Experience”. It was indeed a novel experience for everyone as at the time the triumphant history of Cirque Du Soleil was only at the beginning and few people knew of the show. Michael Jackson already spotted and admired it, and wanted to share this groundbreaking experience with his guests.

A little research revealed that when Michael was at the Mirage in 1993, the Cirque Du Soleil performances took place in an air-conditioned tent in the parking lot of the hotel. In 1994 Cirque Du Soleil opened there a new show called “Mystery” and moved it into a special theater built for them on the Treasure Island premises attached to the Mirage. Since then it has been a permanent residency there for 23 years now.

And in addition to all those attractions the suite where Michael Jackson and the Chandlers were staying was another big thrill.

The hotel staff and eye-witnesses said that it was a villa. I bet that none of you know what it is or can imagine what it is like. The fact is that the 74 villas inside the Mirage have long been a secret and were made available only to special guests of the hotel. You couldn’t find a way to book them, at least until recently when information and the photos finally appeared on the hotel site.

The hotel managed to keep it a secret for so long because the villas are in a separate wing of the hotel and are a somewhat autonomous unit. All villa guests are picked up at the airport by a limo and taken to the villas through a private gated entrance. They also have their own secured entry from the casino floor, so that no one from the outside can enter it. The service includes a 24-hour butler, a 24-hour private chef, a concierge, a spa and whatnot.

One of the visitors recently left a glowing report about one of the Mirage villas and noted that

“all our interaction with the Villa staff was exceptional. The concierge was always available to help and each of the ladies we encountered were very personable and always followed up and asked how we enjoyed the activities that were planned (dinner, shows, etc.). Each Butler we met provided excellent service and were a pleasure to chat with. Some even went out of their way to make sure our 6yr old had anything/everything he wanted. It really was a pleasure. And, the little gift upon departing was adorable and very appreciated.”

So the staff at the Mirage hotel villas are indeed very knowledgeable people as it is a rule with them to inquire about their guests’ entertainment activities and ask for their opinion of them.

Needless to say that for Michael Jackson this hotel-within-the hotel facility was the ideal place to stay at. He was travelling with the Chandlers on a private basis without any bodyguards accompanying them, so the hotel’s maximal privacy minimized any risks for him and was surely greatly appreciated.

Now we can have a look at a three-bedroom suite Michael Jackson and the Chandlers probably stayed at when they visited the Mirage hotel at the end of March 1993. This is only one of several suites of this kind there, so we can’t be sure that it’s the one where they really stayed.


Villas At The Mirage. The latest addition to the hidden world of Las Vegas “hotels within hotels,” the villas were previously not available for rent, and only used a freebie for high-rolling gamblers – or in Vegas parlance, “whales.” []


Here is the virtual tour of a three-bedroom villa of the kind Michael Jackson and the Chandlers stayed at:


And here is the floor plan:


We see a huge dining room, a living room, an inner yard with a heated pool and fountain and three bedrooms each having two bathrooms and a TV placed in front of the bed.

In her 2005 testimony June Chandler described their stay at this kind of a villa as follows:

16 Q. And when you got to Las Vegas, where did you

17 stay, what hotel?

18 A. The Mirage Hotel.

19 Q. And when you got to The Mirage Hotel, do you

20 remember what time of day or night it was?

21 A. No.

22 Q. Do you remember how long you stayed in Las

23 Vegas on this occasion?

24 A. Two or three nights.

25 Q. Now, when you got to Las Vegas, did you

26 have — obviously you had a room —

27 A. Correct.

28 Q. — in The Mirage.

1 And who was in your room when you first got

2 there? Who was staying in your room?

3 A. Jordan, myself, Lily and Michael.

4 Q. All in the same room?

5 A. Correct.

6 Q. Now, did those arrangements change at any

7 point in time?

8 A. Yes.

9 Q. And when did they change?

10 A. The second night things changed.

11 Q. With regard to “things changed,” could you

12 tell me what changed first?

13 A. Well, there were approximately three

14 bedrooms in that suite at the Mirage Hotel. Lily

15 and I were staying in one bedroom, Jordie had

16 another bedroom, and Michael had another bedroom.

Considering their vast entertainment program at the Mirage it is strange that June Chandler remembers it as a relatively short visit. But the strangest thing of all is that despite the suite being really spacious all of them stayed in one room on the day of their arrival. When you see the floor plan it is indeed is a very big surprise.

Okay, but what could be their sleeping arrangements then? June and Lily must have slept in one bed, Jordan could probably stay on some couch near by and Michael could very well sleep on the floor as was his usual habit and even preference for some reason (in his Hideout, for example, there were no beds and he slept in a sleeping bag on the floor, according to Blanca Francia).

But why did the company pack into one room when there was so much spare space around them?

My guess is that all of them were watching TV sitting on a bed in his room and fell asleep there as was their usual custom in Neverland. But whatever the reason this unusual sleeping arrangement enables us to make two important conclusions.

First of all we once again realize that due to his very limited social experience and lack of personal interaction with people from the outside world Michael had no idea of ‘proper’ or ‘socially acceptable’ behavior, so sleeping arrangements were the matter of least concern for him.

He was used to it

He was used to it

His reasoning could be very simple – the more people packed into his room the better it was as he felt less lonely this way. Actually the bedroom crammed with people was something he was used to since his early childhood, so there was nothing novel for him here.

But for the other side it was different. June Chandler was perfectly aware of social constraints in this respect, and the fact that she ignored them means that by that moment she had reached the level of intimacy and closeness with Michael Jackson which allowed her to disregard these social norms in the same easy manner Michael was disregarding them too.

In short it doesn’t matter what he thought about those ‘sleeping arrangements’ (he thought nothing of them) – what really matters is what she thought about them and why she thought it perfectly okay to sleep with Jackson in one room and probably even wanted it that way.

Funny, but the prosecutor Tom Sneddon turned the fact that the next day ‘things changed’ into something almost sinister. If you listen to them talk you could think that something evil took place the next day, though the only thing that happened was that each of them went to their own rooms to sleep.

Indeed, out of all the people who took part in Michael Jackson’s harassment Tom Sneddon was the most powerful magician who could create any illusion required to reach the desired  negative effect.


They hotel staff said that on Day 2 (ca. Monday March 29th) they observed the following:

“Michael and the boy went shopping and then visited the hotel arcade. John Miklie, who runs the arcade, said Michael couldn’t’ stay long “because too many kids crowded around him.” That night, Michael and Jordie swam with dolphins in the hotel’s dolphin pool.”


The plate at the entrance to the Secret Garden tells us that the garden closes at 5 pm, so the rest of the evening must have been at Michael’s and Jordan’s full disposal.

The hotel could offer them a VIP program, or yoga with the dolphins, or a program of painting with them, or a program called “Trainer for a day” which includes “playing with, training, getting in the water with, and caring for the family of dolphins.”

Their ad says that visitors can be trained to learn all of it  “in a few hours” and this makes it clear that Michael and Jordan could easily stay in the dolphin habitat for several hours, not to mention the time spent on playing with the tiger cubs as well as the lions and leopards they also visited there.







On Day 3 (ca. Tuesday March 30th) they went shopping again and Michael took Jordan and Lily to the “Siegfried & Roy” show. An eyewitness said:

“When Michael walked back to his villa holding their hands, he was smiling like a proud papa”

Well, now we know that the Mirage hotel was the exclusive place for the shows of Siegfried and Roy magicians and this made the choice of that hotel natural to Michael Jackson. Actually Michael was a friend to both entertainers and was so big a fan of their show that he even wrote a song for them in 1989.  Siegfried said about it:

“I remember us talking to him about needing a song, and he just said, ‘Let me write it,’ no questions asked.” “He was in love with out show”.

Here is the song with snippets of the show which gives us a feel of what an incredible sight it must have been:

Now even the lyrics of the song sink in much better than before:

A word from Siegfried & Roy for the visitors of their animals in the Secret garden

A word from Siegfried & Roy for the visitors of their Secret garden: “We’ve been blessed to spend our lives exploring magic and illusion. Now, with our Secret Garden, we can show you the greatest magic of all the magic of nature. We believe that when any creature vanishes from the earth, all of us are diminished. We are all stewards to a precious, wild legacy. To help preserve it, we have created an enduing sanctuary for the planet’s natural wonders. Even after a lifetime with our animal partners, there are so many things that amaze us. There is mystery here. We all have much to learn.”

Seeing black panthers
That suddenly fly
White tigers stalking your mind
Hallucinating the things that you see
This kind of magic’s so hard to believe

‘Cause when it’s Siegfried & Roy
It’s the mind of a magic in true
Your own thoughts play the game
In the magical wonders they do
The mind in the magic is you

In other words the show was a chance not to be lost and it was surely a big thrill for the children.

So no wonder Michael was beaming with happiness and looked like a proud papa when he was returning to the villa holding hands with Jordan and Lily.

For all of them the show must have been an unforgettable experience indeed.


On Day 4 (ca. Wednesday March 31st) of their stay there the hotel staff observed the following activities of the Michael Jackson camp:

“Michael and Jordan ate dinner at the Mirage’s Chinese restaurant and the waiter who served them said that “they talked in whispers and laughed like a father and son.”

Later that night, the two went to the hotel’s circus-type show, called Cirque Du Soleil.”

The hotel’s circus-type show, called Cirque Du Soleil – isn’t this plain description interesting? It conveys to us that the show was not yet as renowned as it is now and was still new for the public. The media was only beginning to discover it and said with some surprise that it was “the best thing to happen to Las Vegas entertainment in years” and “a unique alternative to the resort’s usual fare”.

The LA Times dated May 30, 1993 explained where and how the Cirque Du Soleil  show was arranged at the Mirage – 43 artists were performing in a yellow-and-white big-top tent adjacent to the hotel in a place which, according to other sources, was the Mirage hotel parking lot. The performances were at 7:30 and 10:30.

Summer Splash : Meanwhile, in Vegas . . . : As if the Strip weren’t already a three-ring circus, a unique troupe offers a great alternative to the desert resort’s usual fare

May 30, 1993|ROBIN RAUZI

cirque-du-soleil-grand-chapiteau…if you missed Cirque du Soleil during its stop in Santa Monica–or even if you didn’t–it’s worth the drive to Las Vegas to see its unique combination of circus, street performance and theater.

The Mirage Resort has built a yellow-and-white big-top tent adjacent to the hotel to give the Montreal-based troupe a home in the United States. The 43 artists will be performing their “Nouvelle Experience” show, which toured North America in 1990-91, and which the Las Vegas Review-Journal called “the best thing to happen to Las Vegas entertainment in years.”

The Cirque plays Tuesdays to Sundays, 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., at the Mirage Resort, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. S.

In her testimony at the 2005 trial June Chandler also spoke about the show beginning late, but this seems to be the only true point in her story.

Firstly, the date of their visit to the Cirque Du Soleil show is all wrong – she and Sneddon made it look like it was almost immediately after their arrival, while in reality it was on the fourth day of their stay, just before they left Las Vegas.

And secondly, the central idea of her story was that the matter of “sleeping in one room with Jordan” was so important to Michael that he allegedly didn’t attend the show and returned “sobbing” to explain to her that “they were a family”.

And now we have eye-witnesses who tell us a completely different story and we are compelled to believe them and not June Chandler as those eye-witnesses had absolutely no motive or reason to lie. And according to their account Michael Jackson and Jordan not only sat through the whole of the show, but when it was over also stopped by to get a sweatshirt with the Cirque Du Soleil logo on it and only after that returned to their villa.

The eye-witness even added a very specific detail and said that they “they sat in section 206”. Did you ever wonder why this eye-witness considered this point newsworthy at all? Well, the seating plan of the tented show will explain to you why.


And when you look you are astonished to see that Michael Jackson and Jordan were sitting in the worst section of the tented theater (the lowest price level 4), near the back side of the stage where people can hardly see anything at all.

The eye-witness must have been also surprised to see Michael Jackson there and this is why he or she thought it necessary to make a special note of it.

But why did they take the worst seats if they came so long a way to see the show?

The answer is lying on the surface again – that sector was the closest to the door, and if Michael found himself in the danger of being mobbed he could easily escape. On that utterly private visit to Las Vegas Michael was without his bodyguards and this was the necessary precaution he had to take.

See how this small detail fits in with everything else we know about Michael Jackson and brings different fragments of the puzzle into a complete picture? It is details like that which confirm to us that the story of the eye-witness who saw Michael and Jordan in that tented showroom is authentic while June Chandler’s drama about the same is not.

Now, from everything we’ve heard about their stay at the Mirage hotel we get the impression that all the time while Michael and Jordan were enjoying themselves June Chandler and Lily were staying somewhere else and were not taking part. Indeed, why is this woman rarely if ever mentioned by the hotel staff? Does it mean that June Chandler did not see any of the above shows?

Absolutely not. All it tells us is that Michael and June Chandler, a married woman by the way, took care not to be seen together. And this means that each time Michael and Jordan attended a restaurant or some show, June Chandler and Lily must have been sitting there too – only in a different sector and in much better seats.


Day 5 (ca. April 1st) was the last day of their stay at the Mirage.

Gutierrez, the most vicious of Michael Jackson’s chroniclers, claims that the Cartier love bracelet was bought the next day after the Cirque Du Soleil show, and if this is correct it means that Michael bought that bracelet on the last day of their stay there and rounded out the vacation by making June Chandler a symbolic gift.

The purchase was made both by Michael and Jordan who took part in selecting a present for his mother.

During her testimony June Chandler confirmed accepting this gift, only according to the prosecution upside down theory it looked more like a bribe for the Las Vegas forthcoming sleepovers with Jordan, while in reality it was a symbol of love for June presented to her on their last day of their stay there.

It’s interesting that Gutierrez adds another detail to that story – he claims that after making that gift Michael and Jordan went to a David Copperfield show.

“…before leaving for a David Copperfield show, Jackson bought June a Cartier bracelet worth $12,000, and gave it to her along with a note thanking her for her friendship.”

If the information about their visit to that show is correct it makes the Las Vegas entertainment program of Michael Jackson and his guests complete – now it includes two grand shows by famous magicians – Siegfried & Roy and David Copperfield, a Cirque Du Soleil performance and a visit to the zoo and its dolphin habitat, all of which was packed into five days including the arrival and departure dates.

But was David Copperfield performing in Las Vegas at that time? Well, the media reviews say that in 1993 David Copperfield, who was at the height of his fame then, was giving shows at the Caesars Palace, which is by the way a hotel neighboring on the Mirage and is just 8 minutes walk away from it.


The route from the Mirage hotel to Caesars Palace where David Copperfield was giving his shows

So the visit to a David Copperfield show was perfectly plausible. But why didn’t any sources from the Mirage hotel mention it?

The answer is on the surface again – because the show was at a different hotel and they had no knowledge where Michael and his guests were heading when they left the premises of the Mirage, unless Michael himself told them about it.

Surprisingly, but in this case it is the omission of information from the National Enquirer story which helps us to verify it and proves that it is actually a quite accurate description of what Michael Jackson and his guests did in Las Vegas.

You wonder if June Chandler and Lily were accompanying Michael and Jordan on their visit to David Copperfield’s show?  Of course they were, and you may be sure that they were sitting in a different sector and in better seats too.


After hearing the true account of Michael’s stay with the Chandlers in Las Vegas his haters will surely brush it aside and laugh at a source like the National Enquirer – these people prefer to believe sources like June Chandler and other members of the Chandler gang instead.

Let us not argue with these people and simply check up Ray Chandler’s book. And the first thing we encounter there is this great opening of his story:

“One month later, in the plush Michael Jackson Suite high atop the Mirage Hotel, where Jackson had been “vacationing” with little boys for many years, June awoke one morning to find her son’s bed had not been slept in. The discovery upset her.  Jordie told his mother that after she and Kelly had fallen asleep, Michael asked him if he had seen The Exorcist. When he said no, Michael played it for him. The movie frightened him and he did not want to go back to his room, so Michael suggested he stay with him.

Footnote: They slept in the same bed, fully clothed. Michael never touched him.”

Wait a minute – he says it was a suite high atop the Mirage hotel? Where Michael Jackson was ‘vacationing’ with little boys for many years?

But what on earth could Ray Chandler know about Michael’s vacations at the Mirage if he didn’t know the first thing about it –  that the place Michael stayed at was not even in the main high-rise building of the hotel, but was in a separate private villa on the ground floor?

This small error betrays that Evan and Ray Chandler as well as their one-time friend Gutierrez simply made a wicked fairy tale out of all that story – what they knew they distorted and what they didn’t know they invented, adding a lot of ugly details to it.

The same error also suggests that there was very little communication between Evan & Ray Chandler on the one side and June Chandler and Jordan on the other side. Once the fairy tale was complete all of them tried to adhere to it as best as they could of course, but every now and then the holes in their story became too obvious and this is when we see the events the way they really were – as in this case of Michael Jackson’s visit to Las Vegas in 1993.

The article in the National Enquirer helped us not only to establish some crucial details about that visit, but showed the whole purpose of it – and the purpose was to enjoy as many glamorous shows in Las Vegas as it was only possible. And this is still another reason not to believe that Michael allegedly skipped the Cirque Du Soleil performance and came back to sob about “why Jordan couldn’t sleep in his room”.

No way – if Michael Jackson was determined to see Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas and show it to his guests he would have never given it up no matter what June Chandler has to say about it.

In fact, when you come to think of it the whole of the Chandlers’ story is ridiculous. Why, for example, was all that fuss around Jordan once staying in Michael’s room if June Chandler herself gave her son an example and slept in the same room with Jackson at the very beginning of that visit?

And even if that innocent sleepover did happen why did they pull our leg for so long and didn’t tell the simple truth that the ‘incident” took place at the very end of their visit?

And what was the need for inventing all that drama about Michael’s ‘never attending the show’ when the maximum of what happened was that they returned with a Cirque Du Soleil sweatshirt in their hands and Michael wondered why she minded Jordan sleeping in his room, but didn’t mind herself and Lily doing the same?

It seems that all this unnecessary theatrics was created specially for us as spectators of their show and all the suspense was artificially built up as if in a horror movie. According to their scenario things were supposed to go from bad to worse, so some things had to be exaggerated while others had to be omitted, with the result being a fictional horror story fed to us for decades.

mj-and-the-chandlers-las-vegas-1993It’s high time we stopped believing their nasty fairy tales and started following the facts only.

And the fact is that in spring 1993 Michael Jackson and June Chandler and her children were so close to each other that he got out of his way to treat them to the best entertainment industry could offer them and she didn’t mind sleeping and sharing with him one room.

Hallelujah and Merry Christmas to all of you guys!




Updated January 3, 2017

Nannoris has sent us a rare video of Michael Jackson and Jordan spending time together on that visit to Las Vegas. No wonder everyone was fully aware of their activities there – Michael couldn’t make a single step without a crowd gathering around him.

He was protected by the local police who stayed by his side even when he attended the rehearsal of the Cirque Du Soleil show. Yes, he was so impressed by them that he went to their rehearsal.

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  3. Asma permalink
    January 3, 2017 7:00 pm

    It’s a shame the June Chandler angle was/is not reported in the media every time the subject of MJ comes up. I admit even I had no idea of it till I started reading your blog just recently within the last few months. She testified at the trial for a reason, even though her son fought it away and she admitted she hasn’t seen him in eleven years at the time. What mother of a minor child is okay with that once again, is beyond my scope of understanding. My brain is processing all of this information. Once again Helena, thank you for all this valuable information and work. This is not easy to process all at once, let alone you making post after post year after year, month after month, day after day in such expert fashion. I am not saying this just be buttery and complimentary. I am truly overwhelmed by the level of information being brought here and the processing of it. I just can’t for the life of me understand how all of this is being ignored by the media.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. January 3, 2017 10:14 am

    “Whoever opens himself to the river of love loses his home:he exists in the universe.Love reaches from the body to the last star,it is a bond which endures.One can never forsake love.Love is omnipresent,it is all consuming,it is all knowing. I wish you love health and happiness courage and strength for your personal life but for us too,we need you I need you, I need truth even if it hurts.LOVE&PEACE” – Des

    Des, thank you very much for the great words. This was a rare treat. I wish you and all of us – even Michael’s foes – love too as this is the only quality that can return them and all of us to what human beings were really meant to be. LOVE & PEACE & HAPPY NEW YEAR

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  5. Talia Gifty permalink
    January 1, 2017 8:50 am

    Thank you too, Helena for all you hard work. As you can see it is making a difference for many of us. I appreciate all that you have done for Michael Jackson. I know if he was here now he would thank you for defending and standing up for him no matter what. You have blessed me at a time where I thought I was alone and couldn’t find the hope in all of this nonsense circled around Michael. But now that I see the truth piece by piece. I just know that one day. We will win and prevail over all of this. And God will surely reward you for all that you and each and every one of us has done for Michael and his family. Which you have done the majority of it and I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Des permalink
    December 31, 2016 11:58 pm

    Dear Helena,happy new year.God I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have been doing and now with this little clip you made me cry, This clip put me in to neverland and how Michael was trying to give a little bit of escape for all children but especially for the under privileged.You are tireless for the truth and it comes from a heart of love for the humanity.What Michael stood for and how he never gave up and give in no matter what when you know the truth you have this light that leads you and gives you strength. The gloom of the world is but a shadow behind it and yet within our reach,is joy.There is radiance and glory in darkness could we but see;and to see we have only to look.Life is so generous a giver,but we,judging its gifts by their covering,cast them away as ugly,or heavy,or hard.Remove the covering and you will find beneath it a living splendor woven of love,by wisdom,with power.Welcome it,grasp it,and you touch the angel’s hand that brings it to you.Whoever opens himself to the river of love loses his home:he exists in the universe.Love reaches from the body to the last star,it is a bond which endures.One can never forsake love.Love is omnipresent,it is all consuming,it is all knowing.Where there is a lack of awareness,love is destroyed.Love requires your complete participation. I wish you love health and happiness courage and strength for your personal life but for us too,we need you I need you, I need truth even if it hurts.LOVE&PEACE

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  7. December 31, 2016 4:37 pm

    “Once again thank you and may God abundantly bless you and your families throughout this New Year!!” – ALT Tampa
    “Thank you again Helena for the post on X-mas evening” – wkatrina

    Let me thank our readers and wish them a Happy New year too. May this year be a step towards cleaning the world from lies and evil and bringing people to their senses. My compatriots in the first place.

    Pure Goddess, whose silver covers
    These sacred ancient plants,
    turn your lovely face to us
    unclouded and without veil…
    Temper, oh Goddess,
    the hardening of your ardent spirits
    temper your bold zeal,
    Scatter peace across the earth
    Thou make reign in the sky…

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  8. ALT-Tampa permalink
    December 31, 2016 11:18 am

    To Helena and all the contributors to this site,

    Thank you for your dedication and perseverance in making known the truth and innocence of Michael Jackson. You have been faithful over these many years in the pursuit of justice for Michael and to expose the extent to which the media and so many people will go to destroy him, his children, family and legacy.

    Once again thank you and may God abundantly bless you and your families throughout this New Year!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. wkatrina permalink
    December 30, 2016 4:09 pm

    Thank you again Helena for the post on X-mas evening. So precise and detailed. I keep thinking that unwittingly his haters are doing some good,just a bit. They prevent people ever forgetting Michael as we of course would not. But they keep him in a many,many peoples mind and he will therefore never become an unperson. Unpleasant facts of history have the fate of becoming unhistory. That is just forgotten.

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  10. December 27, 2016 2:51 am

    “If she kept that part , from her friends,(and I would assume , she did , or that would have been a really juicy story for the tabloid) i would think it was because didnt want anyone to know she was lining him up to be her next husband” – nannoris

    The last point is true, regarding her lining him up to be her next husband (even Evan Chandler hinted at this possibility), but as to the love bracelet you forget that she was a married woman and couldn’t run about bragging about expensive gifts from another man. She could very well show the bracelet to her friend, but at the same time set a condition that it was a big secret, and the friend could keep it not wanting herself and her words to be a reason for a divorce.

    In general I wouldn’t go by what June said in her testimony – there were a lot of things she tried to conceal and which the transcript nevertheless revealed. For example, she demonstrated very big gaps in her memory about all money issues, but remembered perfectly well other material things like flying by Steve Wynn’s plane or Michael having the rights to the Beatles catalog and his endorsement deal with Pepsi.

    So what was absolutely none of her business she did recall, but when it came to recalling that her husband David Schwartz asked Michael for $4 million and she sued Michael for money she didn’t. Impossible stuff.

    7 Q. Do you recall asking Michael Jackson if he
    8 would loan David Schwartz four million dollars?
    9 A. Never.
    10 Q. You say you never did that?
    11 A. Never did that.
    12 Q. Okay. Do you recall your ex-husband David
    13 Schwartz asking you to do that?
    14 A. Never.
    15 Q. Do you recall him being five million dollars
    16 in debt around the time you were associating with
    17 Michael Jackson?
    18 A. No.
    19 Q. Don’t recall that at all?
    20 A. Not at all.
    21 Q. Okay. When you sued Michael Jackson, you
    22 sued through Larry Feldman, true?
    23 A. I did not sue Michael Jackson. Jordan
    24 Chandler and his family were — that was his family.
    25 We did not sue Michael Jackson.

    1 Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: You sued Michael Jackson,
    2 right?
    3 A. Jordan Chandler sued Michael Jackson.
    4 Q. Were you listed as a plaintiff?
    5 A. Yes.
    6 Q. And in response to your suit, Mr. Jackson
    7 sued for extortion, true?
    8 A. I don’t recall.

    2 Q. At one point, David Schwartz sued Michael
    3 Jackson, correct?
    4 A. I don’t recall.
    5 Q. Do you recall him suing Michael Jackson
    6 claiming that Michael had interfered with his
    7 business?
    8 MR. SNEDDON: Your Honor, I’m going to
    9 object as immaterial; irrelevant; calls for hearsay.
    10 THE WITNESS: I don’t recall.


  11. nannorris permalink
    December 26, 2016 11:07 pm

    I was just rereading some of Junes testimony and comparing it to this article ..
    She tells, her friend, she and her children showed up to visit Dave, and MJ was there because he frequently used rent a wreck, which wasnt true

    we know from 2005,, she grabbed only Jordan ( no mention of Lily in testimony)and ran down there , and put MJ on the spot to call her son
    Dave is also supposed to be fabulously wealthy , but that doesnt seem true either
    The article mentions him calling the Chandlers alot more often than she said in testimony, so she is either exaggerating that , or he could have called to speak specifically to her instead of Jordan, maybe because her considered her an attractive woman, and wanted a relationship between the two of them.
    The article mentions mj saying that he considered them family , and would take care of them , but that came up , when she was telling MJ , that she had 2 men in her life that had disappointed her , and she was afraid to trust him, …
    Seems to me , the conversation, they had in Vegas, stemmed from Jordan telling MJ his mom wouldn’t let him hang out with the rest of the kids in his bedroom at Neverland and she explained she had 2 men in her life let her down… My opinion, is she doesnt want Jordan to get too attached , to someone , who hadnt made a commitment to her ..
    THEN comes the LOVE bracelet and all the sleepovers at Junes house ,
    Hardly the dramatic way she was putting anything forth , in her testimony .No mention of any of that drama , to her best friend ?

    I find hard to believe , that someone like her ,running her mouth about knowing MJ , would not be bragging about getting a 12000 dollar , LOVE bracelet from MJ,, on that trip, which was true… …if she was in a purely platonic friendship with him, because that to me , is the biggest deal of the trip.
    If she kept that part , from her friends,( and I would assume , she did , or that would have been a really juicy story for the tabloid) i would think it was because it was too important to her , and showed what her future plans involved ,and didnt want anyone to know , she was lining him up to be her next husband
    So , to me, after reading this article again, it just reinforces , that there was a relationship between him and June, and he was showing up at her house , for her ,, leaving jewelry in her bedroom etc..jmo

    Liked by 1 person

  12. December 25, 2016 7:33 am

    “here it is him with Jordan in Vegas, at an arcade and in a tent seeing a show , which would correlate with the enquirer” -nannoris

    Nannoris, thank you very much for the helpful find. You cannot imagine how long I looked for the name of the show Cirque Du Soleil presented in Las Vegas in 1993 and whether it was in a tent or a special theater. The show Michael and the Chandlers saw was called Nouvelle Experience and it was indeed in a tent. It was so much success that Steve Wynn had a special theater built for Cirque Du Soleil and turned it into a residency. The theater was opened with a new show, called “Mystery” and it was a year later, in 1994. The seating plan in the theater is slightly different, so which show it was and where it took place was important.

    And this video puts the final touch to it – the show seen by them in March 1993 was indeed in a tent and Michael was so much taken by it that he even attended its rehearsal.

    Another point worthy of attention is that Michael did not have his own bodyguards and each time he came out he was protected by the police. This visit was an utterly private one.

    And interesting find, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Talia Gifty permalink
    December 25, 2016 6:32 am

    Great post. I know I made up in my mind not to believe a thing these people and the media have to say. All I can do is pray, try to speak the truth, and not lose hope. Thanks again for your hard work. It will all be taken care of soon. Merry Christmas and God bless you, mjcritic, and all the other amazing defenders of michael jackson. You guys are encouragement and the push to not give up in this rough time.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. nannorris permalink
    December 24, 2016 9:23 pm

    Just thought i wouldleave this youtube clip called Michael Jackson A day in Las Vegas , here is him with Jordan in Vegas, at an arcade and in a tent seeing a show , which would correlate with the enquirer

    I think it is interesting , that Lily , in the article is referred to as Lily Schwartz, not Chandler, becasue I didnt think June gave her , her fathers last name.I think she said in testimony , her last name was chandler
    I also think it is interesting, that her husband is described as rich and successful, when according to Tom Mesereau , he had asked to borrow money from MJ, and we know from testimony, she had been crying on MJ shoulder , about her situation ,, while she was trying to line him up, as her next meal ticket
    Seems like June Chandler lies to everybody…

    Liked by 1 person


  1. Michael Jackson Anschuldigungen Jackson Anschuldigung 1993. Chandler, June: „Hey, vielleicht heiratest du Michael?“

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