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Summer 2017 events in the Michael Jackson history – a brief insight

August 9, 2017

The time between June and August this year was not without excitement in the MJ world, and the fact that we didn’t address here everything that happened doesn’t mean we are not interested or don’t regard it as significant. However, since we are not in the position to write extensively about all developments in our current lives, we decided to make a summary post on a few interesting developments and otherwise refer you to our fellow MJ bloggers who addressed the latest events in more detail.


Searching for NeverlandIn early summer a TV movie titled “Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland”, based on the book “Remember the Time” of two of Jackson’s bodyguards, aired in the US.

I would like to refer you to Raven’s review on Allforlove blog, which expresses largely my opinion: “It is a satisfying recount of one particular chapter in his life”. It’s important to emphasize that the book as well as the film is focused on the last 1½ years in MJ’s life and does not reflect his whole life and career. But altogether the film is respectful and shows understanding for the situation Michael was in during that time.

The full movie can be watched here (in minor quality).


In a recent US TV series called “The Jury Speaks” one episode was about the 2005 Michael Jackson trial. It can be watched on YouTube meanwhile.

Paulina Coccoz

Paulina Coccoz

I personally doubt that this episode helped a lot to vindicate Michael, and I don’t like at all how the Jackson episode was promoted by the Oxygen channel, though it provided a few important details the public may not have known before. The good thing that came from it was the interview Paulina Coccoz, one of the jurors, gave to Fox News in this context, where she pointed out why she would again vote “not guilty”:

“It was pretty obvious that there was no molestation done,” she said. “It was pretty obvious that there were ulterior motives on behalf of the family. And the mother, she orchestrated the whole thing…that’s my opinion. But there wasn’t a shred of evidence that was able to show us or give us any doubt in voting guilty. It was pretty obvious there was no other way to vote other than not guilty.”

Thanks to sanemjfan for the information! More information can also be found on AFLB.


However, the most important and also anticipated development for us is the dismissal of the Safechuck case which nurtures the hope that the Robson case will be dismissed as well. The Jane Doe case had already been dismissed in May this year. And indeed, it’s about time that the judge makes an end to this farce. The information together with court documents for both cases became available from the dailymichael website, and we are glad that they provided the documents for all of us, although some of them (especially Joy Robson’s deposition) are not complete and we have only excerpts.

Among the excerpts is also part of the deposition of Jolie Levine who was Michael Jackson’s assistant between 1987 and 1988 and who was included in Jimmy Safechuck’s claim as somebody he wanted to hold responsible for his alleged abuse. Helena wrote a post on her some time ago and how she was used by Michael’s haters for their agenda. If you read the post again you will see that Helena already had assumed she was misinterpreted by MJ haters, by the media and by an author who wrote a book full of lies in 1994.

Now her deposition of January 11, 2017, confirmed Helena’s assumptions. She clearly says:

“I never believed that he was a pedophile and I still do not believe that Michael was – is a – was a pedophile.”

From the Jolie Levine deposition:

Jolie Levine deposition

Jolie Levine clearly defended Michael Jackson against the accusations and was of no help to Safechuck’s lawyers. She also told in the deposition that she always packed and unpacked Michael’s hotel rooms during the BAD Tour and never saw any pornography or nude photos of children.


The excerpts of Joy Robson’s deposition of September 30, 2016, are quite interesting and raise several questions. Some have already made the rounds on MJ forums, so I think meanwhile we are not telling you anything new when we present her assessment of her own son as being so convincing in his denial of abuse that he deserves an Oscar for it. In her deposition she repeated 4 times that Wade was so convincing in 1993 as well as in 2005 that she never had any reason to doubt what he said.

Joy Robson deposition 1

Many pages of her deposition are missing, but I wonder if she was asked whether these very convincing lies aren’t more likely to happen now in this current case, when Wade is an angry adult man and not a boy anymore, whose alleged coaching would have been a huge element of uncertainty for Michael. Now that Michael Jackson is dead, lying is much easier than at the time when Wade had to withstand the tough questioning of prosecutors in a much publicized, high profile criminal trial. In any case, his mother admitted that he can be a very convincing Oscar-worthy liar.

It also becomes strikingly clear from the excerpts how disappointed the Robsons often had been with Michael “not fulfilling his promises”, after they moved to the US. It becomes obvious that there is a motivation for jealousy and anger, perhaps even revenge, because according to Joy Robson Michael not only didn’t keep promises regarding Wade’s career, but also was working or spending time with other boys he included in his short films, and didn’t prefer Wade as they had wished.

Joy Robson’s statements:

Joy Robson deposition 2

Joy Robson told that they came to the Unites States in the first place because Michael Jackson “made promises”.

Then they realized Michael didn’t fulfill his promises as they expected. It was not enough for them that they were employed by Michael and that he worked a lot with Wade, paid for dance classes and helped him buy recording equipment. No, they wanted to receive a meal ticket for life and they wanted to be the only ones – and found out that there were other families Michael cared about, too.

Well, how does this statement of Joy Robson fit in Robson’s accusations: “And when we came here, he [MJ] was more interested in Macaulay Culkin from the get-go.”?  – So he wasn’t very interested in Wade Robson even from the start, when they moved to the US?

How does this explain the alleged abuse? And how does Michael not keeping his promises and not returning their calls explain the grooming allegation and the claim of the accusers that he flattered, supported and sponsored the boys and their families in return for abuse? According to Joy Robson this “compensation” obviously didn’t happen!

She even told that Michael “forgot to call Wade”! So how does this explain the alleged regular coaching and grooming on the phone when Michael constantly forgot to call Wade? And when should the alleged regular abuse have occurred at all when the access to Michael was so difficult? From Joy’s deposition we have to assume that there was a huge lack of interest and time on Michael’s side towards Wade, which is not in accordance with Wade’s allegations.

Joy Robson deposition 3

Joy Robson tells that she had to call again and again until she finally received an answer from Norma Staikos in the last minute that they could come to Chicago to participate in the “Jam” video. – And to their disappointment “once again Brett Barnes was there”! So it seems Brett Barnes repeatedly was there first and was preferred, too? What does this tell us? This sounds like it created a huge amount of jealousy and frustration.

Could it be that Wade Robson wouldn’t even appear in the “Jam” video, if Joy hadn’t kept calling to remind Michael of him?

To me it now looks like the Robsons also expected a life-long subsistance from a cooperation of Michael and Wade in the entertainment industry – like the Chandlers and the Arvizos did -, which didn’t come true. And now Wade also wanted his share of the cake, after he didn’t get the job at Cirque du Soleil. This must have been a huge humiliation for him after supporting Michael so many years and in the 2005 trial. I believe we even can’t imagine how disappointed he must have been and what this caused him to come up with. Wade felt immensely neglected by Michael through all these years and now by his Estate, and the rejection in the CdS show must have come as a surprise for him and was the last straw to break the camel’s back.


John Branca says in his June 15 declaration for the court that he understands the nature of Wade Robson’s allegations in this case. His statement makes clear what he thinks Wade is driven by, and I think he is perfectly right:

“I understand the nature of Wade Robson’s allegations in this case. I knew Michael Jackson for roughly thirty years. I am not interested in dignifying Robson’s allegations by discussing them, except to say that I am fully convinced that they are absolutely false. Before Robson came forward with his current allegations against Michael Jackson, I met personally with Robson in 2011 in my office in Century City. Robson met with me in order to discuss the interest in being hired to help choreograph a Michael Jackson themed Cirque du Soleil show. At no time in our meeting did Robson ever intimate that he had any negative feelings towards Michael Jackson whatsoever. On the contrary: he was very excited about the possibility of being hired to help choreograph a Michael Jackson themed show. Ultimately, he was not hired to work on the show.

John Branca declaration

For further information on the Robson and Safechuck cases please check the dailymichael website.


There is certainly much more to say regarding these documents, and we hope to be able to set things straight on a lot of the allegations included in the Robson and Safechuck claims, at least when the Robson case is also dismissed, but for the moment we leave it at that.


Hopefully to be continued…


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  1. Nan permalink
    August 9, 2017 1:32 pm

    Thank you for all this new information


  2. Nan permalink
    August 9, 2017 2:26 pm

    IT might be worth mentioning, that since WR has seen his lawsuit going south, he has been trying very hard to get back into the dance business..touring, directing videos also..seems to want to get back to LA and make some money..He really can’t even stir up much interest from fans, about his amazing recovery. His career,is a footnote..,same as before he made accusations, of little interest
    funny Joy would be so annoyed /jealous that he wanted to spend time with Brett and Mac, but not mention the Chandler kid.,that we know of, given what WR lawsuit is about…Two people who have never made accusations , and who weren’t looking to latch onto MJ , to help their careers..Neither one of them needed him for anything. , and both still speak highly of him…Both WR family and the Chandlers both wanted help ,in the entertainment business.dancing and screenplays.They needed him to help with their dreams, and were upset, when he wasn’t available any longer..
    she even chimed in , on Brett’s page when he paid tribute, to Mj a short while ago, basically questioning, if Mj was such a good friend to him, ( I’m assuming, because, like the Robsons, he wasn’t mentioned in Mj will, just MJ kids and mom, naturally ) wasn’t left a golden parachute, for being his friend.
    I gather she was very upset, when he didn’t use Wade, in the Super Bowl too, which would have been a major stepping stone form Wade, to be seen with Mj , on stage world wide.
    I think that is when she actually stopped speaking to Mj for a short time, but overlooked it, in hopes , he would remember to use him next time.
    she is basically saying the same things she said in 2005, but now with a bitterness, because his estate has left them out.
    just my guess, they also feel left out , by the Jackson family, after all, they helped Jermaine with his book after MJ dies, they testified in 2005 , and no one is helping them get back on their feet.
    I’m sure they weren’t too happy thinking of the possibility of the estate making money and the Jackson too with AEG, and being left out in the cold..

    No wonder Wade couldn’t get a book deal, after Mj died,he didn’t have enough interaction with him, and people aren’t really interested in his life story..Once he was humiliated by Branca giving the job to Jamie King, all these past slights , came to the surface .
    seems Mj did what most adults do , he encouraged Wade to follow his dreams ,
    ‘You can be the biggest star in the world ”
    “Follow your dreams , we can both conquer the world ”
    I have no doubt that , if he was born in America, he would have told him, he could be President one day, if he put his mind to it..Quite common for adults to encourage children like that .
    I think this family had hoped , that encouragement , meant Mj was making a personal commitment to them, to see these dreams , through , for them.., for life.
    wade is just tired and bitter, and using Mj as an excuse , for his career failing.jmo..very sad ending

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amber permalink
    August 9, 2017 2:54 pm

    And Wade have talked wonderful about Michael even after death and even helped Jermaine Jackson with a book on Michael. Michael was never an abuser on kids. Even through all of this, Michael has NEVER tried to hide, Mike always cooperated with authorizes, NEVER changed his story, ALWAYS denied it even giving interviews and putting how he was treated on his History cd, guilty men do NOT behave like that only innocent men like Michael and his accusers change stories, never keep the same story go after money, etc. THat is WHAT LIARS do.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. August 10, 2017 12:50 am

    Great compilation of recent events – all in one place, and with sensible observations. Terrific, thanks!


  5. susannerb permalink
    August 10, 2017 1:58 am

    “IT might be worth mentioning, that since WR has seen his lawsuit going south, he has been trying very hard to get back into the dance business..touring, directing videos”

    That’s true, Nan. We can see several efforts of Robson to get back into entertainment industry. Suddenly he seems to be healed from his “depression”.

    “Once he was humiliated by Branca giving the job to Jamie King, all these past slights , came to the surface .”

    Exactly! I think everything Wade, his mother and sister did in in support of Michael in all these years was to be in his limelight and to benefit from it for Wade’s career, always waiting for the next opportunity and expecting a new chance. Michael’s death would have given him the last chance to benefit from him by participating in a long-lasting tribute show – and it didn’t work. He finally had enough of being overlooked, so he changed sides.


  6. susannerb permalink
    August 10, 2017 2:13 am

    “And Wade have talked wonderful about Michael even after death and even helped Jermaine Jackson with a book on Michael.” Amber

    Right – until the point when he was rejected by the Estate for the Cirque du Soleil show. After that his hatred was not only directed against Michael Jackson, but also against those who worked for Michael. With the civil claim against MJ’s companies he hoped to have the opportunity to take action against all of them at once.


  7. Des permalink
    August 10, 2017 7:00 am

    It’s so nice to hear from you again,we miss you guys.For me almost everyday I read something from this blog and it doesn’t matter how many times I read it before it just feels good and it opens my eyes in so many ways.Thank you again.


  8. Des permalink
    August 10, 2017 4:47 pm

    I just want to add something here,how sad for Michael realising that most of the time people were around him because they wanted something from him because he was famous and rich and still do,people used their children to get close to him you can see it in so many videos when he was going around the world mothers holding children up in the air to get the attention.When the children are little and young their are fun to be with their get your mind off things, you can get away by buying them just a small toy,but as they growing up they asking for bigger and better things and better brands and they parents are the worse,I know from my own experience.And then she says Michael promise,he she serious?am sure she promised her husband they will be together forever and am sure when she took her children to America she promised them lots of things that she could not fulfill.And am sure Michael promised his children that he will always be there for them ,but were he’s he know?Maybe just maybe if he wasn’t helping all these selfish people around and being the humanitarian he was he wouldn’t have put himself into the situation he was,but been the man that he was he kept his promise helping people in real need. And then people say ones the children grew up he was pushing them away,who wouldn’t? I’ll do the same thing when every time you remember me you remember me because you want something. And then we wander why Michael had trust issues how can you not,the story of his life and the story death.


  9. Rabs permalink
    August 12, 2017 4:37 pm

    Wow Joy sounds like such a barracuda! The fact that she brought up Culkin and Barnes as being preferred over Robson, should show these haters that MJ was not obsessed with Wade att all, he forgot about him for gods sake!

    Another great post!


  10. vulcan permalink
    August 13, 2017 1:04 am

    All five families who ended up accusing Michael show this same exact behavior. They all wanted to use him , they all approach him not the other way around, they have high hopes they will get this and that because of their connection to him , they praise him they tell him they love him then when they see an opportunity to make millions by accusing him they do just that. Chandlers, Francias, Arvizos, Robsons, Safechucks all have this pattern. Bunch of frustrated losers.
    When I think about how many decent people would have liked to be Michael’s friend, how many wouldn’t have done this to him and these scumbags had the chance and destroyed him and are trying to destroy his legacy too it just boils my blood.
    I wish Michael had had the ability to see people’s true colors and avoid these cockroaches. But even after the Arvizos accused him he refused to believe that Gavin Arvizo himself would do something that evil. He just didn’t want to believe that a 13 year old can be evil. But Gavin and Start Arvizo were evil. They were not better than their mother. And Jordan Chandler was not better than his father and mother either.


  11. August 15, 2017 4:43 pm

    Thank you susannerb for taking over from Helena. Tell her my regads.I presume you are in contact with her.


  12. August 20, 2017 5:47 am

    Kaarin222, I am also very happy that Susannerb has made several posts lately and am very grateful to her for that. The recent one is indeed terrific as one of the readers said – so compact and so informative (for me too).

    And of course we are in contact with each other, though recently I’ve mostly written to her about my views on my country and its impact on the world. It took me actually three years to analyze and really understand what’s what. If there is a chance, one day I will share it. Thank you for waiting for me for so long.

    And Susannerb, thank you very much for keeping the blog going in the meantime. You are a real friend and the toughest of us all!


  13. susannerb permalink
    August 22, 2017 9:42 am

    Thank you, Helena, for your comment and support. It’s great we can help each other when one needs time for other things or to relax. I hope to be able to continue with the research, or perhaps we can do it together.
    And thanks to you guys for the also terrific comments. You all hit the nail on the head. It would especially be interesting to look deeper into the “Michael not fulfilling promises” claim of Joy Robson because this is a pattern worth to be dissected. There are already some good comments on it.


  14. August 27, 2017 11:21 am

    Thank you both, Helena and susannerb.I am very interested in your new pursuit Helena


  15. August 27, 2017 12:01 pm

    Thomas Barrack, who was Michaels neighbour, and who bought Neverland cheaply,.
    is a staunch supporter of Trump and a player in this unfortunate political tragicomedy



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