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THE MEDIA lies, insolence and total freedom from conscience

Martin Bashir

Diane Dimond

Victor Gutierrez

This is a headline for the section listing media crimes against Michael Jackson. Let us carve it in stone and turn it  into a monument to their lies, insolence and total lack of conscience.

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NB: The journalists critical of the media lies are NOT to be confused with the real culprits!

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  1. August 17, 2012 9:52 am

    Earlier this week I spoke to a lady by the name of Mrs. Horton her son Goward is a MJ Tribute artist. The conversation turned to Michael generous nature and spoke of a time when she, her son and then later 70 members of her church would be invited by J. Cochran to Neverland. B. Jone would add to the numbers by inviting the Boys & Girls club. They would inform Michael and he would agree.

    Last night I wrote this similar post on a MJ777 topic: “Another Reason Michael Jackson Was So Easily Presumed Guilty”

    During my conversation with Mrs. Horton and in my MJ777 post I spoke of an article in which Mrs. Horton visit to Neverland Ranch would figure. I also spoke of a response to a MJ Fan’s comment about Michael generosity. All came from DD.

    An hour ago I found not that article, but one so very similar written in the well known Dimond “I know it all” style.

    In the 90’s she claimed it was a PR stunt sometimes aimed to deflect suspicion Michael did not like his own race. In 2011 again it was a PR stunt which she tried to reduce the amount Michael donated during his life and in 2004 she showed just how sloppy, inaccurate and false her reporting was. If she would not report this right then she surely would not tell anything else correctly.

    “Because I say so …
    By Diane Dimond and Joe Hamill
    Court TV

    Jan. 4, 2005 — On Dec. 17, 2004, Michael Jackson hosted 200 children at his Neverland Ranch. His public relations spokesperson, Raymone Bain, said the kids were brought by six different civic, charitable, and church organizations — and that the event had nothing to do with Jackson’s upcoming child-molestation trial.

    We wanted to know more about the groups and why they made the decision to send children to Neverland at this sensitive time, six weeks before the start of Jackson’s criminal trial.

    Ms. Bain was less than helpful.

    Our investigation of this special Dec. 17 event uncovered the following disturbing facts:

    More than half the groups cited by Ms. Bain do not exist as named.
    Two of the groups indignantly denied any involvement in the Neverland event. One of them was a state-sponsored group helping kids with “special needs.”
    Ms. Bain said each group paid their own transportation to Neverland. However, the ONE group we found that actually attended the party told us they did NOT pay for transportation to the ranch.

    This same group also contradicted Ms. Bain’s contention that these children’s parties stem from groups’ requesting their children visit. This group told Court TV they had been solicited to come to the December party.

    This article can only be found now on MJEOL.

    The only thing “disturbing” is people then and now call her a credible journalist.


  2. November 21, 2013 11:59 pm

    Today a FBF shared some information which I thought belonged here under this topic of “lies, insolence and total freedom from conscience”.


    “Ginger has posted about Captain EO at Walt Disney World:

    Just sharing….
    I heard that Walt Disney World was closing Captain EO starring MJ, so I sent a letter to WDW President and email on line. I got two responses…. they say that they are NOT closing Captain EO!! YEAH!
    … see email below and attached copy of response from WDW – 1st paragraph.
    Keep the Faith,

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: WDW Guest Services
    Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2013
    Subject: Email from the Walt Disney World Resort

    Dear Ms.

    Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World Resort.

    I have sufficiently researched your request, and found that Captain EO
    starring Michael Jackson will not be closing in January, nor is there
    any date set for the Attraction to be closing in the future. I hope you
    find this news comforting, as you seem to be a very big fan!

    I hope your next visit is filled with many magical memories!

    Alexandra Garland
    Guest Experience Services
    Walt Disney World Resort

    Thank you, Ginger!”


    Over the years there have been blogs about photo-shopping Michael by the Tabloid to present a negative image. We are now becoming aware of how Charles Thomson just completed another blog about Michael. This one concerns false reports of the reception Michael got during the 2006 World Music Awards at London’s Earls Court Arena.

    In the tens of millions of News reports about Michael there is not one where you read he advocated or tried to influence his Fans and the world to take up sedition, genocide, patricide, destruction of our financial or eco systems or any type of philia.

    He did ask that we look into ourselves see that part of us that could be used to help others and do so. Michael did by word, deed and image expression said honor God, protect our children, be good to our animals and planet and try to learn to live in peace with our fellow person. To look beyond their outward appearance and get to know the person within. So what is it about this Man that could be so threatening? Why, with all the horrors Hu-Mans have unleashed in the past, now and will tomorrow is there such a need, are there such attempts to portray this Man far worse? Why go through all this for a Man you say is nothing of consequence? Why strive to undermine the joy he brought to others and try to kill the very essence and inspiration of Michael Jackson?

    The attacks these days are usually small and “seemly” inconsequential, but when you add them it shows a continued effort to erase any sign of any good Michael had done or that came about just because of him.


  3. November 22, 2013 4:29 pm

    Dialdancer, Charles Thomson’s article is great. And the scope of media lies about that ceremony is simply incredible. The difference between the way the ceremony really took place and the media reported it is the best proof that Michael’s harassment was absolutely intentional and orchestrated by someone.

    Here is an excerpt from Charles Thomson’s article about Michael Jackson performing ‘We are the World’ at the World Music Awards, Earl’s Court, 15th November 2006 (his last live performance):

    “When Michael Jackson eventually appeared, to collect a Diamond Award for album sales over 100million, the place exploded. I have seen Paul McCartney. I have seen Madonna. I have seen Prince. I have seen George Michael. I have never in my life, before or since, witnessed any artist provoke the response that Michael Jackson provoked that night. He received the most sustained, thunderous reception I’ve ever seen.

    He remained on stage for several minutes to deliver two short acceptance speeches – one for his Diamond Award and one for a Guinness World Record presentation. For the duration of his speeches, I hardly heard a word he said, despite the booming sound system. Most artists receive a big cheer as they walk onstage, then the audience settles down. Michael Jackson provoked hysteria. Shrieking and crying. It didn’t lull once from the moment he appeared on that balcony until the moment he disappeared backstage again. It was an unforgettable sight.

    He emerged again later for a brief performance of sorts. He walked onstage to another cacophonous reception as his record-breaking humanitarian single We Are The World played over the speaker system. He sang a few lines and seemed to look pleadingly towards the mixing desk. My suspicion is that the fans were making such a din he couldn’t hear himself. It was like one of his concerts from the 80s. I saw bodies pulled from the crowd and rushed away in wheelchairs.

    A few minutes later the sound people bizarrely turned the track off just as he started singing again. No matter. The place just went even crazier. It was an emotional moment, watching him receive such a rapturous welcome after the previous summer’s events. After standing for a while on the runway that jutted out from the stage into the crowd, he began to exit, but as the cheering swelled – the audience not wanting to lose sight of him so quickly – he stopped and turned around. Playfully, he lifted a finger to his lips as if to ask the question, ‘Shall I stay or shall I go?’ The shrieking intensified.

    He stood for a while, smiling, and just soaking in the adulation, then raised his fist into a triumphant black power salute. With that, he turned and coolly strolled off-stage, the applause continuing fiercely as he disappeared from view. I have never seen a human being cause such chaos. It was deafening.”

    And the media reported the next day:

    “Michael Jackson walked offstage to a chorus of boos last night,” the Mirror’s Tom Bryant wrote. “The crowd, expecting a proper version of his song, booed the star who then scuttled offstage.”

    The Evening Standard also got in on the action. Reporters Chris Elwell-Sutton and Valentine Low wrote: “His much-vaunted reappearance turned into an embarrassing disaster. His entire performance consisted of one mangled line, several missed high notes and an exit to a chorus of boos from the audience. ‘I love you’, he told them – although whether the feeling was reciprocated is open to question.”

    I was in complete disbelief. Had one rogue reporter claimed Michael Jackson was booed offstage, I wouldn’t have been so angry. Every profession has its bad apples. But for multiple reporters to have attended an event at which Michael Jackson demonstrably and categorically was not booed offstage, yet to all then write articles claiming he was, demonstrated a clear conspiracy between multiple parties to fabricate and perpetuate a bogus story.”

    The full article is here:

    But in addition to that the sound engineers for the ceremony meddled with the sound and all official tapes show Michael singing in a tiny voice. On occasions you can’t hear him at all. The idea was evidently to show that he was unable to sing any more.

    First of all something was decidedly wrong with that microphone from the very beginning of it, second, as Charles Thomson says the sound engineers suddenly turned the track off, and third, when recording Michael they dropped the sound to almost a zero.

    However there are still some tapes, made by fans from their mobile telephones and though the videos are awful, the sound of his voice – when he started singing – was perfectly okay! Then the sound began to be tampered with and Michael put the microphone down.

    Then he started singing again, but after several seconds of his singing they turned off the track!

    This video shows the beginning of it:

    And this video shows the second part of it:

    Well, this is not exactly the video I wanted to post. The right one is part of a big playlist and will have to be taken out of it (will try to do it).

    P.S. Here is the video I wanted to show you (had to copy it, I’m sorry!):



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