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Wade Robson’s claim against the Estate. June 27, 2013


Wade Robson’s testimony. May 5, 2005

Joy Robson’s testimony. May 6, 2005

Blanca Francia’s testimony. April 5, 2005


1. The file concerning a man who threatened to commit mass murder at a MJ concert, was threatening MJ, Janet Jackson, President Bush:

July 1992 – June 1993 Threats to Jackson

2. Terry George is claiming that in 1979 when Michael was 21 he made an indecent call to Terry George in Britain. The FBI collected the newspaper cuts, no action was taken.

Background information on Terry George: when he got acquainted with Michael he was an amateur interviewer of celebrities who taped each of his interviews and played them on the local radio. His hobby was recording these people, so there is no chance that he would not have recorded “that” tape.  Currenly Terry George is the owner to sex-by-phone company. Here is the MJ file regarding Terry George:

September- October 1993 Terry George

3.  The full FBI file dated 1993-94 listing everything that could lead to facts corroborating Jordan Chandler’s story. However nothing was found and the file was closed.

August 1993- August 1994. LAPD asks the FBI to help with the investigation

For easier understanding the documents of this file will be listed in a chronological order (so will start with page 53):

  • August 24, 1993. This document states that there was a telephone call from someone who was informing (evidently LAPD) that 10 months prior to that date there was a restraining order for Jackson in New York (page 53)
  • August 24, 1993. Another call, this time from Toronto, Canada from a couple who work in children services. On March 7, 1992 they were going by train from Chicago to Grand Canyon. Jackson had four compartments on that train, was travelling with some adult staff and a boy 12/13 years old who was identified as his cousin. Jackson “was possessive” of the boy and at night the pair heard “questionable noises” through the wall. (Evidently out of the four compartments available MJ specially selected the one adjoining these citizens).  She was concerned enough to inform the conductor of her suspicions.
  • September 7, 1993.  LAPD requests assistance of the FBI in their investigation of child molestation allegations (p.1)
  • September 7, 1993.  LAPD asks FBI for possible prosecuting MJ for a violation of the Mann Act. The FBI declines it (p.20)
  • September 10, 1993.  LAPD organises a meeting. In attendance are Gil Garcetti, D.A., Lauren Weis, Acting Head Deputy, Sexual Crimes Child Abuse Division,  William Hodgman, Deputy D.A., investigators from LAPD and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff office. A decision is taken to go to Manila to see the Fillipino couple Quindoys. (p.20)
  • September 22-23, 1993. Two interviews with Quindoys are conducted and considered successful.
  • September 23, 1993. The agent is informing that they do not intend to take any action as regards Terry George’s claims about Jackson(p.33). The newspaper cuts are provided for information only (p.38- 43)
  • September 1993. More newspaper cuts, this time from Manila newspapers reporting about two LAPD detectives Deborah Linden and Federico Sicard visiting the Fillipino couple Quindoys (pp.35-36)
  • October 19, 1993.  The search of the New York City Supreme Court is conducted in an attempt to find the restraining order for Jackson mentioned above. Computerized and manual searches were made but produced a negative result (pp.44-51)
  • December 27, 1993 (p.52).
    • A Special Agent (SA) is writing a memorandum to a Special Agent in Charge (SPA) about the information he received from Officer X from LAPD and what action he has taken upon it.
    • Initially the information was received by Officer X of LAPD from a certain person. This person was writing a book about Michael Jackson and child molestation allegations, and claimed that he had learned from a certain SAC (who was an Hispanic agent known as “Mormon”) certain information about Jackson.
    • According to the person who called the LAPD, in 1985 or 1986 this Hispanic agent learned that Jackson allegedly molested two Mexican boys, but he didn’ t pursue the allegations as Jackson was to receive an award from the President. The person who called LAPD claimed that the case was covered up.
    • When the LAPD officer passed over this information to the FBI Special agent, the agent took action. He conducted a search of their files and searched all indices, both manually and automated for any reference to the above case, but found no reference to it.
    • So now the SA is writing a memorandum to the FBI SAC that the information of the person who called LAPD was not confirmed.

Has anyone guessed who the caller was? Of course it was Gutierrez. He had been making rounds of parents with children who knew Michael, spreading lies about him and writing a book about him for three years before the Chandler case broke out. Since the document is interesting I am reproducing it here together with my version of how the redacted portions should look like:

VERSION: I've tried to guess what the redacted words can stand for and came to the present version. "Reporter" can be replaced by any other word except "agent" because agents don't write books about the subject of their investigation and don't brag that they are "secret agents" like Gutierrez does

VERSION: I’ve tried to guess what the redacted words can stand for and came to the present version. “Reporter” can be replaced by any other word except “agent” because agents don’t write books about the subject of their investigation and don’t brag that they are “secret agents” like Gutierrez does.

  • January 1, 1994. A cover letter from the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) to the Special Agent (SA) about a copy of the search warrant with an affidavit (from Deborah Linden) for Michael Jackson’s strip search. Because of the sensitivity of this investigation, it is requested not to duplicate or disseminate those documents (p. 55). The documents proper are not provided.
  • August 8, 1994.  The final memorandum in the 1993/94 case.
    • The Special Agent (SA) is informing the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) that he contacted the LAPD to find out about the progress of the case. The officer in LAPD informed the FBI SA that there were still in process of deciding whether or not to file charges against Jackson.
    • The SA notes that there are no outstanding leads remaining for the Los Angeles Office in this matter.
    • The SA concludes that the present file will be placed in a closed status.
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  1. August 28, 2022 7:15 pm

    “Same with that couple that heard questionable noises in a train? But this was his cousin for christ sake, what was that couple implying?” – Pidgey

    I don’t know whether it was his cousin or anyone at all, but I do know that the story itself is even crazier than the one by Terry George.

    These people want us to believe that Michael Jackson – MICHAEL JACKSON! – who usually rented a whole floor, sometimes several floors, at hotels to accommodate his whole entourage and provide a certain level of privacy for himself, would travel on a train and have just one compartment to himself with some strangers next door to him, just behind the flimsy partition? And there would be no bodyguards around?

    These people are telling us that Michael Jackson had tickets for one compartment only, and didn’t have the whole car to himself???
    Who do they take us for? For complete idiots?

    If this couple thought that MJ was residing just next to their compartment, it can mean only two things. Either they are mad or they saw someone else, for example, a MJ impersonator. Right at that time, by the way, a Michael Jackson impersonator of approximately the same age was indeed abusing boys and created a whole teen-age gang of 50 boys by using his likeness to Michael.
    And there could be many people like that. Here is one:

    Michael Jackson Mimic Faces Still More Charges
    September 21, 1994
    A Michael Jackson impersonator charged last month with molesting three Orange County boys to initiate them into a gang was charged Tuesday with molesting four more.
    Michael Johnson, 29, is charged with 18 counts of a lewd act on a child and is being held on $485,000 bail in the Orange County Jail.
    Investigators contend Johnson is the leader of a teen-age gang with about 50 members and used sex to build trust and loyalty.

    Have you ever heard about it? Certainly not. It is so characteristic that the media scarcely reported it as it is in their interests to put the blame for the crimes committed by others onto Michael Jackson’s shoulders!

    Generally speaking, it’s high time people began using their brains with regard to all those crazy stories about Michael Jackson. If they have any, in the first place, of course.


  2. August 28, 2022 6:54 pm

    “this is the first time I’m reading about this Terry George. So did he accuse Michael when he was 13 or did he accuse him when he was much older?” – Pidgey

    Of course, Terry George had his five minutes of fame in 1993 after the Jordan Chandler allegations. Conveniently, he was running a phone sex company at the time and suddenly recalled that he had 1 (one) phone sex conversation with Michael in 1979 when Michael was 20.

    Terry George was obsessed with celebrities and even as a 13-year old made it his business to record interviews with them. Luckily he managed to interview MJ one day and made a name for himself by placing it on the local radio, as far as I remember. Then he stalked Michael wherever he could and repeatedly called the US until his parents put a stop to it after facing tremendous telephone bills. Naturally, it wasn’t Michael who called Terry George, but the other way round.

    And his second moment of fame came in 1993 when the media looked for anyone ready to say anything bad about Michael. Frankly, Terry George’s story is so obviously false and laughable in every way that I cannot even discuss it in full seriousness. But if you do want to have a good laugh here is a long excerpt from a site focusing on the allegations:

    “Terry George never filed a lawsuit against Jackson and in fact never reported his allegations to authorities but he was a frequent source for British tabloid stories in the wake of the 1993 Chandler scandal and has since been at their disposal whenever a tabloid story about Michael Jackson being inappropriate with children is required.

    George gained notoriety on August 29, 1993 when only six days after the Chandler case was first reported by the media, he appeared in British tabloids claiming that Jackson had been inappropriate with him in 1979, when Jackson was 20 and he was 13 years old.

    George was a celebrity-obsessed teenager who regularly sought out celebrities, sneaked into their hotels to meet them, asked for their autographs and hoarded photos and taped interviews of them. As an adult George, among other things, ran a gay adult phone chat service, which is noteworthy considering the type of allegations he makes. He still likes to present himself as someone associated with celebrities. According to George, he met Michael Jackson in a hotel in February of 1979 while the Jacksons were on tour in the UK. He actually taped an interview with Michael and his brother, Randy, which was later aired on local radio stations. After the interview, George claimed, Michael Jackson asked for his telephone number and Jackson then regularly called him for about three months. George alleged that during these phone calls Jackson was once inappropriate with him, speaking about masturbation and masturbating while he was on the phone with him.

    In the article it is claimed that the phone contact ended when George’s parents realized that he had run up a high telephone bill calling the US. (Please take note of the fact that it was George who was calling the US and also that even according to his own story it was George who was stalking the star, not the other way around.) George then tried to reach Jackson from a phone box but claimed that Jackson would not take his calls: according to one of the original 1993 tabloid articles “it became clear his superstar friend didn’t want to know” [2].

    George, however, kept stalking Jackson. According to the article, “the final rejection came four years later when Terry tried to rekindle their friendship when Jackson came to London again. Terry tracked him down and was even photographed alongside his idol, but now the management were on hand to issue the polite brush-off.” [2]

    In the article George concludes that Jackson rejected him because he was no longer a child, however this contradicts the earlier claim that Jackson actually refused to take his phone calls four years earlier, when George was still 13.

    In a 2003 documentary entitled Louis, Martin & Michael and made by British broadcaster, Louis Theroux, George spoke about his alleged “friendship” with Jackson. George proudly recalled his phone conversations with Jackson as a happy and joyful experience. It is Theroux who brings up his 1993 tabloid allegation that Jackson was inappropriate with him on the phone. George is reluctant to talk about that and claims what was printed “came out really without my authority” [3]. (Even though the tabloids in 1993 quoted him directly, not just some second hand source about his story.) When Theroux asks him if the story was true, George claims “parts of it are true” [3] but adds that papers twisted and sensationalized it. Then, after stating he did not want to talk about that because “it is well documented in the papers” [3], he tries to go back to discussing what a great “friendship” allegedly he had with Jackson. [3]

    Unfortunately the contradiction between the story being “well documented” in the papers and the claim that papers twisted and sensationalized it, is not resolved in the interview and George makes no attempt to make it clear what parts of the story, according to his current position, are true and what parts are not.

    In the Theroux interview, George also says that it is unfortunate that the focus of the media has been on this small detail of the story, when they had such a great “friendship” otherwise. We are to believe that when George went to the tabloid media with these claims, six days after the Chandler allegations became public, he did not know what impact this story would have and what people would focus on. In actuality, it is safe to say that this hook, the masturbation claim, is just what George needed to include in his story to be picked up and printed by the tabloid media at all and to lend George national and international notoriety…”

    More here:


  3. Pidgey permalink
    July 15, 2022 11:31 am

    I don’t know where else to ask this. But this is the first time I’m reading about this Terry George. So did he accuse Michael when he was 13 or did he accuse him when he was much older? Not that I believe any of it, but for non believers of his innocence it can help if I can tell them this story is 100% debunked.

    Same with that couple that heard questionable noises in a train? But this was his cousin for christ sake, what was that couple implying? And why?


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