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Jacksons-AEG trial and its exhibits. IT’S FOUR YEARS SINCE MICHAEL DIED

June 25, 2013


Today is four years since Michael died. The best way to mark this day would be to see a miracle happen and have him return, but this is impossible alas, and those fans who still live in the illusion that he is somewhere in recluse should stop deceiving themselves – unfortunately Michael is dead and cannot be returned.

But he is returning to us in a different way. He is coming back to us through the media which is forced to talk about Michael though they would surely prefer to forget and not to disturb their conscience by having to talk about him every day and report his pain.  He is returning to us as a hologram in a Cirque du Soleil show and people lining up to catch at least a glimpse of what Michael was like and relive his magic again. I hear that the line is so long that they are now selling tickets for the December shows.

Michael has returned and is already here among those who are working day and night to report the trial and are so terribly busy that don’t notice the miracle they are taking part in. Some attend the courtroom, some type the transcripts, some send money to buy them, some analyze, some translate, some take the truth further to the public and all of it is done without any form of coordination, in a totally self-regulatory way, with no one telling anyone what to do, on a completely selfless and voluntary basis and by the people living in different parts of the world too – oh, if Michael could only see it he wouldn’t believe his eyes. 

No matter where each of us goes tomorrow we will never forget the miracle we happened to create with our own hands and the mighty, irresistible, mind-boggling appeal of it.

We’ve learned that this type of interaction between people is possible and wherever we go from now on we will surely seek it and recreate it again as the changes Michael did to us are irreversible – those who have learned to fly will no longer crawl. And it was Michael who changed us so much…  These are the changes he hoped to see in people when he was writing his songs and screaming about the need to start with ourselves and heal the world this way, and the only bad thing about it is that it began happening to us only after he died.

It seems to me that some ripples of confusion have gone over the masses too. The majority of them have fallen into silence which is the first sign that they have probably started thinking at last and this may be the first step to their recovery. The haters’ comments are still there of course but they are somewhat half-hearted as if done out of obligation and sounding unsure and unconvincing as everything that is trying to fight the wind.

And the climax of it all is the AEG trial which is in full swing now,  exactly in the same days of June, when four years ago Michael was silently suffering from the humiliation and merciless exploitation AEG was subjecting him to.

There is some heavenly retribution in the fact that all of it is happening exactly in the same days of June, only four years later. Just as Michael was dying in front of everyone and AEG did not give a damn, AEG is similarly falling apart now too, and no one gives a damn whether AEG exists on this planet in the future or it does not. They are reaping what they have sown and there won’t be a single person feeling sorry if they are gone. And no matter what the outcome of the trial is AEG will forever carry the stigma of a concert promoter which is exploiting people to their death.

The AEG bigwigs are sweating and puffing on the stand and this alone is a rewarding experience. It is a rare treat to see those who considered themselves untouchable to be seen ripped apart and into complete shreds too. If they have to pay back their billions it will be even a better way of handling them than putting them in jail. Money is what they value most, so let their punishment be where it hurts most.

I’ve read Brian Panish’s opening statements and found that the actual sum of the lost tour income calculated by the plaintiff’s experts is $1,5 billion and not $40 billion as the media screamed. The sum of $1,5 billion may grow indefinitely if the jurors consider that the loss sustained by the family (and the world) is greater than this amount. However there can be no price tag put on a human being and artist like Michael Jackson, and no money on earth can compensate for this loss.

So let the heavens decide on the price AEG has to pay for what they did to Michael.


At this intermediate stage of the trial it is worth looking at the trial exhibits. They were recently posted by the heroic (no exaggeration) TeamMichaelJackson site, and you can find the full list on their site here:

My selection will be limited only to those exhibits which are able to clarify the picture further. There is a big difference between what you hear and what you see, and it is sometimes only after you see things that you realize their full meaning.

Look at this photo for example:

Costume for MJ not ready on June 19th

The picture was taken on June 19th, five days before Michael’s death. Michael’s state of health is horrendous – he is not only skeletal, but it is also obvious to anyone looking that he is terribly ill. It was after that costume trying that Michael’s skin felt icy cold and he was trembling, shaking and asking Kenny Ortega “You don’t want to kill the artist, do you?”. It was also the same day when he said that God was talking to him and both Ortega and Alif Sankey cried like babies seeing that Michael was indeed dying in front of their eyes.

But the detail I did not realize when reading those horrible accounts was that those shoulders were probably the only element of the costume which was ready by that time. Michael seems to be even wearing a T-shirt which carries a sketch similar to the final costume. So the costume was not ready? It is June 19th guys, and the show is starting in three weeks and the artist still needs to wear the costume before the show to see whether it is not too heavy and functional at all!

Of course they could not make it – Michael was getting thinner and thinner and everything they were doing had to be redone the next day. But even this did not make AEG bosses pay attention to what was going on with Michael and his health.


Look at the rehearsal schedules they prepared for Michael for May – July 2009.May rehearsals

In my naivety I thought that the schedule for Michael Jackson was somewhat different from the one for the general company.

The young dancers were only learning their dance routines and the rehearsal schedule for Michael (if any at all) was surely not to be the same as for them.

He knew his dance steps inside out as he was the one who created the choreography, and the need to save his energy for the show was to be the principal issue for all those who were involved in the preparation of the show and were setting the schedule of his rehearsals.

So it was natural for us to expect an hour here, an hour there, but absolutely not what we see in these papers made for Michael by AEG:

June rehearsals

So Michael had only one day off?

When you look at  it you begin to realize that AEG were making him perform for two and a half months even before the tour started. It was something like 60 shows before the tour and then another 50 shows after it.

And Michael had to do it even though he was going without sleep as we know it now?

And even if he had been able to sleep who could have coped with such a crazy schedule? And what was the need for it at all? And how did they dare?

Now the AEG bosses say it themselves that it is even insulting for an artist to be told to attend rehearsals – whether he wants to rehearse or he doesn’t is solely up to the artist and to him only – so what were they thinking of at that time then?

The July schedule is no better than the rest of them. Over here I calculated the overall number of production rehearsals, dress rehearsals and concerts, and came to the number of 15.

Given that dress-rehearsals are no better than full-time shows in terms of the effort the artist puts into them this schedule means that in July 2009 Michael was supposed to work every other day.

If I only could, I would strangle those slave-masters with my own hands. Or better make Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware dance on stage throughout the night in some God-forsaken club for three months running with only one day off. July 2009 rehearsals


Now comes the series of emails concerning Tohme.

Do you remember the hard time we had proving that Tohme was working for the Colony Capital and that he could not fulfill his duties of a personal manager due to a huge conflict of interest?  And now we have a simple and easy answer – an email from Colony Capital which says that Tohme was working for them as a consultant, was a broker (evidently the one who brings them ‘distressed assets’), and they openly acknowledge that Tohme brought Michael to them and not them to Michael as he should have.

A personal manager should work for his employer and offer him several opportunities to choose from, and should not be taking him to the place where he receives a commission for every new client he brings in. There might be a dozen places which will offer much better terms but where he will not receive a commission from the other side. If he does and in return brings these people to his employer as the only choice, it is called bribery which is actually a criminal deed. So what Tohme was doing is not just a conflict of interest – it was a downright crime.

At the very least it was a huge conflict of interest. If you work for two opposing parties you are supposed to offer each of them the best terms. One wants to sell at the highest price, and the other wants to buy at the lowest – so working in the best interest of each of them is impossible even in theory and nothing will convince me that out of these two parties Tohme chose Michael and worked solely in his favor.

Here is an email from Richard Nanula of Colony Capital saying that Tohme is their longtime consultant:

Tohme is Colony's consultant

This is followed by another interesting email. It is dated January 14th 2009 and is sent to AEG by Dennis Hawk who was actually Tohme’s lawyer. The email informs Kathy Jorrie and the AEG General Counsel Shawn Trell that Michael Jackson is the sole officer of the Michael Jackson Company and can be the only signatory to the contract on behalf of his company:

MJ is the sole officer of the MJ company

So if Michael is the only signatory it means that Tohme cannot sign for it. However this did not prevent Tohme from signing off for the Michael Jackson company and approve the production expenses on its behalf after Michael’s death. He is a nobody to that company but says that he is, and AEG knows that he is not authorized but doesn’t mind it:

Production costs summary

Tohme authorizing the budget

The maneuver with signing off the costs by Tohme enabled AEG to write in their first report submitted to the Estate that “this summary of expenses is consistent with the approved budget”.

Approved by whom? By Tohme Tohme who was signing on behalf of the company which he had no right to represent.

The report is preceded by a cover letter which makes it clear that AEG is informing Branca and Kane of those expenses not just for the fun of it,  but because they expect them to pay those expenses.

At the trial all AEG bosses will say that the report was “for review only”. Okay, but what was the purpose of all that reviewing then? Was it just for having a look and then throwing it away?

No, of course they wanted the Estate to cover those expenses and this was the main idea of that “review”.

The correct date of the report submitted to the Estate is July 17th (and not July 7th as we previously thought):

report of costs sent on July 17

The reason why AEG insists that the report was not final is because they included Murray’s salary into the budget, and this is no small matter as it might seem at first sight. Since they wanted money to be paid to Murray (no matter by whom) it means that they acknowledged that their contract with him was final and executed, and if it was executed it means that it was no different from their other contracts – with Karen Faye, Travis Payne or Kenny Ortega. And this means that AEG employed Murray like everyone else and that Murray was in AEG’s employment in the same way as for example, Travis Payne was.

Now AEG say they made a mistake in including Murray into the budget and are fighting the Jacksons’ lawyers over this point tooth and nail.

Since Tohme was mentioned in connection with signing off the production expenses it’s worth recalling what he said to Sullivan about the salary to Murray. And to Sullivan he said that Michael insisted that the expenses on the doctor should be covered by AEG and they actually agreed to it, and this is probably why they included the salary into their budget.

It will be interesting to see what song Tohme will sing at the trial. Here is an excerpt from Sullivan’s book:

Of all the demands that Michael Jackson made during the negotiation of the contract for the O2 shows, his requirement that AEG pay for the services of a “ personal physician” had been the one that Randy Phillips and the company attorneys resisted most vigorously. Jackson’s refusal to compromise on this point suggested that his sense of self-importance had made a comeback every bit as extraordinary as the one Randy Phillips hoped to see onstage at the O2.

“ Look,” Michael told Phillips, “ my body is the mechanism that fuels this entire business.  Just like President Obama, I need my own doctor attending to me twentyfour/seven.” Paul Gongaware remembered Jackson pointing to himself and saying, “ This is the machine. You have to take care of the machine.”

Frank Dileo pointed out to Phillips and Gongaware that hiring a personal physician might be a good way to separate Michael from Arnold Klein, whom all three men believed to be Jackson’s primary drug supplier. AEG agreed to pay for a private physician, even yielding to Michael’s demand that he alone be permitted to pick the MD who would live with him.


As regards the budget, expenses, profit and the way money was to be split another exhibit caught my attention. The exhibit looks to me like an absolutely damning document. It is a paper showing who was to receive what amount of money after making those shows and paying all the expenses:

Budget - breakdown of expenses

This tables explains to us that the “premium tickets” did not make up a tiny fraction of the whole sum of the tickets as AEG earlier claimed, but were one fifth of the sum collected from the tickets sold via usual sources. Premium tickets were sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars through secondary agencies like Viagogo.

The sum collected for the premium tickets was around $17 mln. as per May 2009. The date is important as a certain quantity of premium tickets was offered for sale right on the eve of Michael’s death –  naturally at exorbitant prices and at the time when they already knew that Michael would most probably not be able to make those concerts at all. Yes, dear reader, these are the things we learn about this beautiful AEG company in the course of this beautiful AEG trial.

BBC News said about it:

Page last updated at 17:35 GMT, Tuesday, 23 June 2009 18:35 UK

More Jackson tickets up for sale

Michael Jackson

Jackson announced his comeback shows in March this year.

More tickets for Michael Jackson’s This Is It concerts at London’s O2 arena are to go on sale on Wednesday.

The “limited” number of extra seats – thought to be hundreds per show – had been held back as production logistics were worked out.

Fans who have registered on his website will be entered into a lottery system in order to buy the tickets.

The first 750,000 tickets for the 50-show run were snapped up when they went on sale in March.

The pop superstar will take to the stage for his first show on 13 July – five days later than planned.

Four initial shows were rescheduled last month when promoters AEG Live said the singer needed more time for dress rehearsals.

The second thing we learn from the breakdown of expenses is that out $133,5 mln collected only $52mln was to be paid to Michael Jackson. These are the real numbers standing behind all that soothing talk about a 90/10 split between AEG and Michael Jackson which was meant for imbeciles only.

The VAT and payment for the insurance (covered by MJ) were not be recouped by the parties, but all the rest of it was to go into AEG’s pocket. And the longer the tour lasted the more costs Michael was to incur – in 2009 the costs on running the tour were to be $12mln and the next year another $11 mln was to be added to that. In fact, even the three months break between the two legs of the tour was to cost Michael around $1,5 million!

Out of the whole $133mln collected Michael was to receive $52 mln and AEG was to receive all the rest (with VAT and insurance excluded). Even by my rough estimation it is $68 mln.

Does it look like a 90/10 split to you? To me it doesn’t.


Another exhibit is the chain of emails starting on June 13th about Michael’s health which resulted in a big uproar from AEG and a riot meeting on June 16th.

It began with an innocent message from Travis Payne saying that the doctor ordered Michael a sick leave:

Travis Payne - Dr. ordered sick leave

This was followed by an email sent by Kenny Ortega on June 14th. From the short fragments read out at the trial the intentions of Ortega were not quite clear, however the full text of the email convinces us that he was very worried about Michael’s health and that the middle of June was the time when another of those big red flags was raised,  only no one reacted:

Ortega's email on June 14th

This brings us to the famous reply from Gongaware where he says that they want to remind Murray that it is AEG who is paying his salary and not Michael Jackson, and that they want him to understand what is expected of him.  Now Gongaware has complete amnesia as to who, when and why wrote this email:

Gongaware's reply- who is paying Murray 1

Kenny Ortega answers him in the early hours of June 15h with another worried email which is balancing between deep sympathy for Michael, need to explain why he is missing rehearsals, the necessity to pacify Gongaware, and concern for the future of the show:

Ortega on June 15th

As you know the above chain of emails ended in a meeting on June 16th which Randy Phillips called an “intervention” . Over there instead of giving Michael medical help they threatened him with pulling the plug, read to him some riot act and “played the tough love, now or never card”.  This we will learn from the next package of emails called ‘Trouble at the front’.


The Trouble at the front emails were exchanged on June 19-20. They consist of at least five big blocks of emails exchanged between various people.

The correspondence starts with John Houghahl (Bugzee) who writes to Randy Phillips that he isn’t being a drama queen but Michael was sent home without setting foot on stage. “He was a basket case and Kenny was concerned he would embarrass himself on stage or worse yet – get hurt”. “Doubt is pervasive, time to circle the wagons”.

Upon hearing from Bugzee Phillips informs his boss Tim Leiweke that they have a real problem here:

Trouble at the front" started with an email from Bugzee (John Hougdahl). Start reading from the bottom please.

Trouble at the front” started with an email from Bugzee (John Hougdahl).  Read from the bottom  and up please.

Three hours later at 2 am in the morning, when Randy Phillips is long asleep (he says he goes to bed early), Ortega sends him an extremely worried email urging him to take immediate action. This is Ortega’s well-known email saying that after bringing the doctor into the fold and playing the tough love, now or never card the artist might not be able to rise to the occasion due to the emotional stuff. A strong Therapist is required. Michael was fatigued, had a terrible case of chills, was trembling, rambling and obsessing. No one was caring for him and there was no one around to even bring him a cup of hot tea…

At around 7 o’clock in the morning after having a good eight-hour sleep Randy Phillips gives Ortega a non-committal reply. He knows about the problem since the previous night but has nothing to say to Ortega except that Brigitte Segal (a lawyer who is taking care of housing in London) will be brought back as soon as possible – as if it is able to settle the problem with Michael’s health:

Trouble at the front 2

Trouble at the front 2

After noon Murray called Randy Phillips and they talked for 25 minutes. Now Phillis says it was about setting up a meeting for that day –  as to what else was discussed he does not remember. However after his conversation with Murray Phillips sent to Ortega a soothing email – everything is fine, enough alarms have sounded, it is critical not to become amateur physicians for Michael, he has immense respect for the doctor, the doctor is excellent, they check everyone out, and so on and so forth with the rest of his lies.

The email was sent in reply to Ortega’s second extremely worried email Phillips received after noon. Over there Ortega again spoke about Michael’s continued physical and emotional weakening and mentioned a psychiatrist.

Oh, now I understand who was the one to talk about no need “to become an amateur psychiatrist”! Of course it was Randy Phillips.  He was answering Ortega’s suggestion of bringing in a psychiatrist and at their later meeting the same day Murray simply repeated Phillips’s words to Ortega!  And now they are telling us that AEG did not control Murray?

Trouble at the front 3

Trouble at the front 3

The email Randy Phillips simultaneously sends to his boss Tim Leiweke (never mind the time printed on the email, it is wrong) makes it clear to us that the only thing Randy Phillips is really worried about is not Michael Jackson’s health but Kenny Ortega and his “hysteria”.

He says that this guy (Ortega) “is really starting to concern” him:

Trouble at the front 4. Phillips to Tim Leiweke about Kenny Ortega: "This guy is beginning to concern me"

Trouble at the front 4. Phillips to Tim Leiweke about Kenny Ortega: “This guy is starting to concern me”

On June 20th Branca who was rehired two days earlier replied too and offered a doctor he knew of. He wonders if there is any substance issue involved :

Trouble at the front 5. Branca's reply

Trouble at the front 5. Branca’s reply

But Randy Phillips still thinks that the main problem is not with Michael Jackson but is with Ortega.

In the evening on June 20th he informs Gongaware and the whole party representing Michael Jackson (Kane, Branca and Frank Dileo) about the meeting he eventually had in MJ’s house with Michael, Murray and Ortega.

He says that Ortega’s “hysteria will be checked”, the doctor was “fantastic” and they “agreed on the schedule” which was naturally the main point of concern of this AEG monster.

Not a word is said about Michael’s state of health. And this is happening on June 20th, four days before Michael’s death, after the meeting where Murray, of whom Phillips knows nothing, was downright rude to the worried Ortega, basically told him to mind his own business and leave Michael’s health to him.

It was then that Murray told Ortega: “No one should become amateur psychiatrists or physicians for Michael”, most probably repeating Phillips’s earlier words this way. No wonder that the doctor was “fantastic” according to the AEG Live boss. The rest of the email is about what really worried Randy Phillips at that time – it was Joe Jackson, Leonard Rowe and AllGoodEntertainment.

Randy Phillips’s email is on the bottom, while Branca’s answer to the evening news about the meeting is on the top of the page:

Trouble at the front 6

Trouble at the front 6

Branca gives two interesting answers to Phillips’s information. In the first he says that the situation with Michael is encouraging news and thinking that some drugs are involved asks them not to let him sign anything before he reviews it (June 20th) and in the second he expresses his opinion about Joe Jackson (morning of June 21st).

I did not quite get the meaning of it, but his statement that Michael should first think of his interests and only then of his family sounds to me as a correct one. No wonder that the family is not of too high an opinion of Branca:

Trouble at the front 7. Branca about Joe Jackson

Trouble at the front 7. Branca about Joe Jackson

The light-hearted attitude displayed by Kane, Michael’s accountant, looks extremely unpleasant in a dramatic situation like this one. On the other hand his emails betray his full dependence on AEG – exactly at that very time he was asking for a $1mln advance for Michael in addition to the first $5mln he had received half a year before ($5 million  is actually a minimal advance given to the artist – other artists receive from AEG $25mln and more).

However Randy Phillips refused Kane even that little.

Moreover he answered him that Michael “might be in breach of the contract” which he was absolutely not.

Phillips dismissed even the chance of more advance money for Michael and his reply impresses you by its arrogance and finality. It clearly conveys the idea who is the boss here.

In reply to Phillips’s refusal to provide money and the “breach of contract” news Kane says that “he thought it couldn’t get worse”:

Trouble at the front 8  Kane asked for a $1mln advance to pay the bills but Phillips refused saying that Michael was in breach of the contract.

Trouble at the front 8 Kane asked for a $1mln advance to pay the bills but Phillips refused saying that Michael was in breach of the contract (a lie)

In closing my short list of exhibits let me mention only one more email – the one about the “freak”. Nothing can testify to the ugliness of AEG people better than the words written by themselves:


This was actually the essence of AEG’s attitude to Michael which they displayed towards him from beginning to end. They never respected him and were just using him – in the same way others use their Xerox to make as many copies as possible while its cartridge is still alive.

From the way AEG behaves it seems that AEG has long ceased to treat human beings as human beings at all – the gigantic sums they make from their concert business corrupted them, and corrupted them in a really big and fundamental way.


One more exhibit attracted my attention. I’ve never seen it before and it is the episode of Michael in a concert in Korea in 1996 where some fan climbed into the cherry picker where Michael was singing the Earth song. It is a rare sight and the way Michael dealt with this incredible situation is absolutely incredible too.

What also amazes me is that all major incidents on stage took place with Michael when he was singing the Earth song. In Munich a bridge under him collapsed when he was singing the Earth song, in South Korea he saved a fan from falling from a cherry picker when he was singing the Earth song,  and in This Is It tour it was the last song he ever sang in his life.

It seems that the Earth song was Michael’s last hope and last appeal to the people of the planet, and it was the response to it that was constantly letting him down.

Michael held that fan so tight that there was no way he could fall. He really cared. I think this episode should be shown on every TV channel instead of that “dangling episode” they so terribly like talking about. What nonsense they are saying! If Michael didn’t allow this fan to fall he would have never allowed a small baby to fall either.

An incident at a show in Korea

An incident at a show in Korea. EARTH SONG

Let me accompany this trial exhibit with a few comments from people who knew Michael.

This may remind AEG what man and artist they were so mercilessly degrading and abusing. Hopefully at least now they will learn who they have ground down and eventually killed:

Miko Brando:

“He was perfect,” he said. “He was someone you wanted to be with. He was the one who pushed me to keep going. It’s unbelievable. His presence was so comforting, I’ll never get over it,” he said, beginning to cry.

Rob Hoffman (Sounds Engineer):

“I was fortunate enough to work with MJ early in my career. He was an incredible artist. TALENTED BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAM. Extremely generous, and a hard worker…. A completely incredible human being.

Korean episode2

Look at the way he holds him! EARTH SONG,  Korea

In 2003, Björk did an In Camera interview at showstudio. One of the questions came from the King of pop himself:

Michael Jackson: I have always loved and admired your creativity. Nature’s struggle to survive alongside mankind has been an inspiration for me: given the natural beauty of your Icelandic homeland, how does nature inspire your work?

Björk : I hope this doesn’t sound too naff, but being alone in nature, especially after walking for hours, just puts you in your place and you realise how small you are and how plenty of everything is all around you. Then you just let go and surrender, become part of it.

I’m so chuffed you asked me a question! I have to say you’re the best, keep fighting and it angers me how cruel everybody is to you. It’s like in the US right now, it’s illegal to be an eccentric. Maybe people would have been more understood if you were a contemporary of Ludwig II of Bavaria, who commissioned Wagner and lived with the swans. I listen to Butterflies off your last album all the time. You are a true artist! Thanks for fighting and believing in magic even though the rest of the world have forgotten about it.

With both of his hands!

H e holds him with both of his hands! EARTH SONG, Korea

Howard Reich, Arts critic:

Was Michael Jackson a genius?

No doubt about it, according to experts who convened over the weekend at the Harold Washington Library Center to explore the topic.

“He IS a genius,” proclaimed reissues producer Harry Weinger, refusing to revert to past tense.

And he is also singing!

And he never stops  singing at that! EARTH SONG, Korea

“You may wonder, ‘How could he be so shy?'” asked Phillinganes, pointing to a performer who appeared fearless on stage.

“If you were chased (by fans), and you had to run for your life, if that’s what you experience from 11, you would be a little different, too.”

The real Michael Jackson, explained Phillinganes, was the man who stood before the microphone – particularly in the recording studio – and let all that glorious music flow out of him, without qualm or inhibition.

Korean episode7

At this moment the cherry picker is going down and Michael holds him extra tight.  EARTH SONG, Korea

Toward the end of the evening, 79-year-old Oscar Walden Jr., a Chicago TV and radio producer, got up from his seat in the crowd and, leaning on his cane, prepared to read a poem he had written for Jackson.

“I love Michael,” he told the crowd, which fell to a hush.

“He was a genius.”

Safe and sound again. Earth song, Korea

Safe and sound  on the ground again. EARTH SONG, Korea

Maximilian Schell, German actor, in a handritten letter retyped here:

NOV. 19, 1993

TO: Michael Jackson
(somewhere on this planet)

Dear Michael,

I AM DEEPLY ASHAMED — FOR THE PRESS, FOR THE MEDIA, FOR THE WORLD – I don’t know you – we met only ONCE on one of those Award-Dinners (“Entertainer of the decade”) – We shook hands – you were kind and polite – I don’t think you knew who I was – How should you? Our worlds are too far apart – (I am more, “classical” – minded ) but I looked into your eyes — They were KIND —

A human life was saved. EARTH SONG, Korea

A human life was saved. EARTH SONG, Korea

You are a great artist and I admire you – my little daughter (she is 4½) loves you! Deeply – she even wants to marry you! (“But he never calls me!”) She imitates you all the time – and quite well –

We all love you.

I would like her more to listen to Mozart – but she loves YOU! And I respect her taste! —

That you survive this avalanche of dirt thrown at you – I admire tremendously –



Maximilian Schell

P.S. “One can only see good with the heart – the essential is invisible for the eyes” – (“The Little Prince”)

Thank you for what you are, Michael!

Thank you for what you are, Michael. God Bless you


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  1. June 25, 2013 12:01 pm

    Yes, dear Helena : Thank you for what you are, Michael


  2. June 25, 2013 2:19 pm

    “There is some heavenly retribution in the fact that all of it is happening exactly in the same days of June, only four years later.” Helena

    Yes, there is so much symbolism and “coincidences” happening around Michael that cannot be overlooked. It also reminded me of Michael’s speech in TII when he talked about us only having 4 years to get it right before it’s too late. We all know he was talking about our planet and the environment – but who knows what else was included in the meaning of his words.
    And tomorrow even Prince is supposed to be on the witness stand, exactly 4 years after his father’s death.

    Great post, Helena. To see all these emails is really mind-boggling. They expose AEG Live’s business ways totally, and I agree that if their company ever survives they will never lose this stigma again.


  3. Nicoletta permalink
    June 25, 2013 2:29 pm

    Helena, you have done a wonderful, heartwarming work.

    I believe that this post was created by true, unconditional and healinglove, the same love that Michael wanted and contemplated.


  4. elaine permalink
    June 25, 2013 3:01 pm

    A wonderful post and a fitting tribute, Helena. Thanks so much.


  5. Mado permalink
    June 25, 2013 3:59 pm

    Thank you so much..This is a wonderful post and a beautifull tribute for our Michael. God Bless his sweet soul. Love. Mado


  6. June 25, 2013 5:08 pm

    Thank you Helena. Your work is a labor of the heart. And I don’t believe in coincidences. All this is happening for a reason and has been put in motion by the hand of the Creator. God makes “all things work together for good to those who love him, and are called to His purpose”. Michael Jackson loved God and I believe that he is only departed from our midst in physical form. His spirit is everwhere and he is with God performing his new mission. Hopefully, one day we may all be part of it again.


  7. Elvira Del Biondo permalink
    June 25, 2013 6:46 pm

    Thank you so much. I loved reading this.


  8. Angie permalink
    June 25, 2013 6:51 pm

    RIP Michael Jackson. It’s been 4 years sense his death. It seems just like yesterday when MJ passed, boy time sure flies. We miss you Michael.


  9. Linda permalink
    June 26, 2013 1:03 am

    All I can say is, great work, Helena. These e-mails tell it all, and like I said before, AEG has been losing from the start. I agree, no matter how this turns out AEG will be stigmatized forever. They lose either way, either money or reputation. As bad as Murray was, AEG was worse, and they are going down one way or the other.

    It feels good to see their crimes coming to light, but at the same time we’re seeing more every day of the horror that Michael was going through. I can’t conceive the stress that he was under, and so few people that even cared and knew the situation. AEG knew exactly what they were doing, but sadly it was all about the money. Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is. When you’re willing to sacrifice a man’s life for money, you’ve crossed God’s line, and he is a God of vengeance. Michael always believed that justice and truth would prevail, and I do too.


  10. June 26, 2013 1:23 am

    Thank you so much for this incredible post. I don’t know what we would have done without you and your tireless work. The details of the AEG so called “powers that be” are staggering. Michael endured all of this disrespect and abuse and not once do we hear of any negative behavior from him. May his spirit continue to rest in peace.
    Let’s also continue to pray for Paris’ well being.


  11. June 26, 2013 2:16 am

    Thanks so much Helena for this wonderful post. I feel that perhaps God wanted the whole world to know what Michael went through and feel his pain. Which is why the AEG trial is so important. Michael was so full of love and cared so much for his fans all around the world, that it is only befitting that he has millions of people feel for him and love him back. I am so happy to see your write up about Michael holding on to the young fan lest he fell. I have written about just that to a friend pfmine and it is indeed a mark of the caring loving man that he was.


  12. Helen-Marie permalink
    June 26, 2013 4:59 am

    Dear Helena, I’ve been reading your trial updates and wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for all you do in the name of Michael. I don’t know if it’s the timing, but for me this post seems to be the most upsetting one to date.

    I have been following Michael’s messages of LOVE and his life for over 40 years and his death is still as raw as ever, yesterday was hard. Some people may think that’s a tad crazy and that I should pull myself together, but the only way I can explain my on going sense of loss is the fact that he was not just an artist, but a guiding light in a troubled and lost world and when that light went out it affected us all on a global scale.

    I truly believe his mission on this earth was to equip the masses with the tools of pure love so that we could collectively start to heal the world, and he started that mission by healing our individual souls with divine messages of love, hope and charity within his music.

    I believe his legacy will be in his music and it will teach those divine lessons to many generations to come.

    He changed human consciousness on levels never reached and those of us who took notice on a higher level still feel the acute pain of his loss.

    I am sure he would be humbled by the words within this blog Helena and also by the love and compassion that is written within the lines from all who come here. I cannot thank you enough for being all that you are for Michael and to those of us that seek the truth. It must take hours of dedication.

    The trial itself has been an eye opener to say the least and I cannot believe the timing of Prince being put on the stand one day after the anniversary of his fathers death. If this is true then I feel it shows no compassion from all involved, for he is only a child and one that is still deep in his grief. We know how raw we are all feeling today let alone his own Son. I know that the show must go on but this doesn’t seem compassionate to me.

    thanks again.

    With love.


  13. Daniela permalink
    June 26, 2013 5:10 am

    4 years have already passed but what about justice for Michael Jackson? 😦


  14. Jovana permalink
    June 26, 2013 6:14 am

    Helena, What you mentioned about the Earth song sent chills down my spine,,, all those accidents on the set or after which eventually claimed his life made me really not wanting to listen to it again. 😦


  15. June 26, 2013 6:19 am

    I was unable to send a post from this computer. Sorry.If this one works:Thank you Helena for this blog.

    P.S. It seems to work now. Thank you again Helena. My time is up.I just got a message.


  16. June 26, 2013 6:23 am

    It looks brighter as far as the trial is concerned.The AEG bosses have bitten their own tail.


  17. June 26, 2013 7:03 am

    “What you mentioned about the Earth song sent chills down my spine,,, all those accidents on the set or after which eventually claimed his life made me really not wanting to listen to it again.” – Jovana

    Oh no, no – the Earth song is not responsible for it. It was only a symbol, the essence of Michael’s hopes and an appeal to the people populating the planet that they should change and start caring.

    And it was only the response to this appeal that was constantly letting Michael down. He appealed to the world but all he got in response was another crash, and the very last one ended in his death.

    This is why there is so much symbolism in all those accidents, and this is what I meant. The Earth song is not to blame and Michael’s hopes connected with it are still there.


  18. June 26, 2013 7:13 am

    “4 years have already passed but what about justice for Michael Jackson?” – Daniela

    And what are we for? Justice will not come all by itself.


  19. June 26, 2013 7:26 am

    “the only way I can explain my on going sense of loss is the fact that he was not just an artist, but a guiding light in a troubled and lost world and when that light went out it affected us all on a global scale. I truly believe his mission on this earth was to equip the masses with the tools of pure love so that we could collectively start to heal the world, and he started that mission by healing our individual souls with divine messages of love, hope and charity within his music. He changed human consciousness on levels never reached and those of us who took notice on a higher level still feel the acute pain of his loss.” -Helen-Marie

    You said it so well, thank you very much for expressing things I could not express. Michael’s life and death are extremely sad considering how much he gave to the world and how little he received back. I think it is the contrast between what he gave us and what he received back which makes it so sad. To be frank, this makes me sad not only on the anniversary of his death, but at all times, especially when I read some media reports and see that some people’s recovery is beyond hope.


  20. June 26, 2013 8:06 am

    “I feel that perhaps God wanted the whole world to know what Michael went through and feel his pain. Which is why the AEG trial is so important.” – Suparna

    Oh, God definitely wants us to learn our lessons from Michael’s life and death. To reassess our values, to learn what’s right and what’s wrong, to stop putting money above everything else including a human life. God wants us to return to what humans were meant to be – not machines like AEG, not animals living by instincts only and having no concept of conscience, and not imbecile vegetables who happily buy every lie they are fed.

    He wants us to be co-workers of God like Michael was. He wants us to be human beings in the first place. In the world made up of machines like AEG their behavior is nothing wrong (“it’s business, you know”) and it is only for the world of humans that this kind of behavior is abhorrent. Michael’s death was meant to stop us from losing our human essence.


  21. June 26, 2013 8:42 am

    “Thank you so much for this incredible post. I don’t know what we would have done without you and your tireless work.” – prov31wmn

    Guys, I am so humbled by your words of approval that don’t even know how to react. Michael deserves the very best from each of us, and all of us are indeed putting everything they can into this common pool. This is indeed the miracle Michael was hoping for, and it is happening due to all of us. I am doing only what I think is my duty to Michael.

    “May his spirit continue to rest in peace. Let’s also continue to pray for Paris’ well being.”

    Oh, YES. If all of it is so painful for us, how much more painful should it be for Michael’s children? These years Paris only seemed to be okay – it is a normal reaction of all those who went through enormous grief. They sheild themselves from the pain by artificial optimism and superhuman activity, but one day it no longer works and rebounds with a double force. Paris and her brothers need all the prayers we are only capable of.


  22. June 26, 2013 9:05 am

    “I agree, no matter how this turns out AEG will be stigmatized forever. They lose either way, either money or reputation. As bad as Murray was, AEG was worse, and they are going down one way or the other.” -Linda

    Now that I look back at Murray’s trial it seems like a cannonade aimed at a sparrow. No one doubts Murray’s guilt, but it was only one link in a horrible chain of events where the main driving force was surely AEG.

    Actually I never doubted it because I saw their contract . It is the worst monument possible AEG erected to themselves. But over there their nastiness was so cleverly packed into “business” language that it was difficult to translate the horror of it into ordinary words. I am happy that now everyone can see it with their own eyes.

    It feels good to see their crimes coming to light, but at the same time we’re seeing more every day of the horror that Michael was going through. I can’t conceive the stress that he was under, and so few people that even cared and knew the situation. AEG knew exactly what they were doing, but sadly it was all about the money. Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is. When you’re willing to sacrifice a man’s life for money, you’ve crossed God’s line, and he is a God of vengeance. Michael always believed that justice and truth would prevail, and I do too.

    Great words of wisdom.


  23. June 26, 2013 12:21 pm

    Guys, here is the ABC7 Court News coverage of days 36 and 37 at the trial.

    The first impression is that Dr. Earley testifying for AEG is saying a lot of nonsense about propofol “addiction” (no physical addiction is formed there in principle and he simply confuses craving for sleep with an addiction. All of us also want to sleep though we are not addicts).

    And Dr. Matheson, a doctor in sports medicine, testifying for the Jacksons is just not in the right position to testify in this case.

    He compares the three party conflict of interest between sportsman – coach – doctor with the one MJ – AEG – Murray had. The conflict of interest was indeed there – the coach wants the sportsman to train, the doctors gives him a sick leave as his duty calls him to, the coach insists due to some urgency and the doctor relents forgetting his duty. The same was the case with AEG.

    But there is one fundamental mistake here. Any analogies between the sportsman/coach and artist/producer relations are completely wrong!

    A coach has the right to demand training of a sportsman (because it is his job) while a producer does not have this right (he provides the artist with opportunities for him to perform). AEG simply assumed the role of a coach to which they had absolutely no right. Therefore considering these situations similar is impossible.

    Today Prince is testifying. He is already in the courtroom.

    Here are the tweets for the past two days:

    Monday June 24 DAY 36
    1 There was no morning session today. Afternoon began with resumption of video deposition of Dr. Paul Earley played last week.
    2 Kevin Boyle: Do you think Demerol addiction caused MJ’s death?
    3 Dr. Earley: I do not
    4 Dr. Earley opined that benzodiazepines alone were not the cause of MJ’s death, but the synergy with propofol was fatal.
    5 After reviewing MJ’s medical record, Dr. Earley opined: “There’s evidence of addiction to opioids dating back to early 1990s.”
    6 However, Dr. Earley said he didn’t think there was sufficient data to reach a conclusive opinion about MJ being addicted to Propofol.
    7 Opioids dependency start when they’re used, Dr. Earley explained. He said the single largest contributor is genetic.
    8 It matters whether your parents had substance abuse or dependency disorder, but not true in 100 percent of the cases, Dr. Earley said
    9 Other contributing factors for opioid dependency: psychological issues, early life trauma, access to drug, alcohol abuse.
    10 Dr. Earley said Michael was a man whose reputation, skills, wonder exceeded 99% of the people in the planet, so it was hard to say no to him
    11 I’d like to say I wouldn’t have done what other doctors did Dr. Earley testified.”Prescribing MJ’s Propofol ultimately caused his death”
    12 Dr. Earley conducted a case study with 22 Propofol dependent individuals. The study was funded by AEG Live.
    13 Dr. Earley said the withdrawal of Propofol can cause depression, insomnia and irritability.
    14 Dr. Earley: MJ most likely had some baseline insomnia, which was worsen by the use of benzodiazepine and Propofol use
    15 When you take away the Propofol, you have insomnia, Dr. Earley explained. People can be irritable, don’t have chills, some had seizures.
    16 Dr. Earley: Chills is very generic symptom and could mean anything: flu, cold, low blood sugar, lots of different reasons people have chills
    17 Dr. Earley: Discontinuing opioids cold turkey is not life threatening, it can be done. Before we had detox drug, that’s what I would do.
    18 Dr. Earley explained the current practice to treat opioid dependency is to use a drug called buprenorphine (suboxone).
    19 I saw evidence MJ was treated with buprenorphine, I think by doctor Saunders, Dr. Earley said, but couldn’t remember the dates.
    20 Dr. Earley said he did not see any record that Dr. Murray treated MJ with suboxone.
    21 When people are addicted to Propofol, you just stop it, Dr. Earley said. “Discontinuing it is not life threatening.”
    22 Occasionally, Dr. Earley had to give sedative drugs because patients are agitated and irritable.
    23 Benzodiazepine requires cautious, careful taper, Dr. Earley said. Some individuals are very sensitive, it’s very difficult to get off.”
    24 I don’t make my medical decisions based on corporate decision, Dr. Earley testified.
    25 Detox is difficult, slow but safe and preferred.
    26 MJ was taking opioids for a prolonged period of time, Dr. Earley said, which decreased his prognosis.
    27 Dr. Earley: His legendary status caused people to, unfortunately, set aside boundaries
    28 Also, the fact MJ was providing financial resources to family made it harder for an intervention, Dr. Earley opined.
    29 MJ was extremely secretive regarding his style, would not talk about drug use to all physicians treating him, Dr. Earley testified.
    30 Dr. Earley said if he were to treat MJ, he would have tried to understand if family could stand behind him not obtaining drugs.
    31 He would also explain the need for prolonged period of rehab, more than 3 months and less than year treatment.
    32 Dr Earley would prescribe naltrexone, alternative ways to manage pain. He would close down access to opioid, contact every doctor, pharmacy
    33 Dr. Earley said he would’ve given MJ skills called drug refusal, unearth tragic secrecy surrounding his life, which contributed to his death
    34 Dr. Earley testified he saw no evidence the family gave MJ drugs.”I’m completely clear his family wanted nothing but to help him.”
    35 One intervention failed because Michael Jackson appeared quite healthy, Dr. Earley said.
    36 The problem comes from the issue of power, the expert testified. “It’s much more difficult to treat a patriarch than the patriarch’s son.”
    37 Dr Earley: I’m not inferring the family was getting/giving him drugs. There’s zero evidence of that, they wanted nothing but the best for him
    38 Addiction is a biological disease, once it gets going overrides a lot of decision making, Dr. Earley explained.
    39 Dr. Earley: I dedicated my career to take care of addicted people in this planet.
    40 Boyle: Was MJ’s death all his own fault?
    41 Dr. Earley: I will stand strongly against someone saying it was the addict’s fault.
    42 Dr. Earley: However, it doesn’t mean addict doesn’t have to take charge of recovery at some point
    43 No, I don’t believe it’s proper to blame the addict, Dr. Earley expressed.
    44 There was secrecy, hiding, one doctor not talking to another, that’s the kind of stuff we saw, Dr. Earley said.
    45 Dr. Earley testified some people can overcome addiction with very little initial motivation.
    46 Dr Earley: Everyone gets motivation from different source. Some by professional reasons, other by family, getting their pride/name back
    47 Dr Earley: Universally was stated in the record MJ’s dedication/compassion to his children, wanting the best for them, desire to be good dad
    48 Dr. Earley said he remembered some statements in the record that MJ wanted his children to see him perform, wanted to be a good parent.
    49 Addiction memory is a expression I coined, Dr. Earley said. “The brain learns automatically how to maintain the addiction.”
    50 Unfortunately, doctors became a source of drugs for him, Dr. Earley opined. “Having doctor with him, prescription pad, was dangerous.”
    51 Dr. Earley: I saw nothing on the record showing that in the last two months of his life any doctor, but Dr. Murray, gave him Propofol
    52 Dr Earley: Being around physicians triggered drug craving inadvertently and power was inverted. MJ was in the power seat cause of his status
    53 That concluded Dr. Earley’s video deposition. Next plaintiff called Dr. Gordon Matheson, a conflict of interest specialist.
    54 Dr. Matheson is a physician, works at Stanford University, Professor in the School of Medicine, sports medicine.
    55 Dr. Matheson work splits between teaching, research and medical care. He has written about 150 articles for professional publications.
    56 Sports medicine is the care of athlete involved in competitive endeavors and physical activity, nutrition and health, Dr. Matheson explained
    57 Dr. Matheson was recruited to Stanford to take care of their sports medicine program and their athletes.
    58 He has worked with Canadian hockey team, Olympic games as medical officer and looked after university teams prior to Stanford.
    59 In clinical practice it’s you and patient, Dr. Matheson said. “But in team practice you have 3 way parties: patients, coach, agent, etc”
    60 The minute you have a three way party there may be conflict of interest, Dr. Matheson opined.
    61 Dr. Matheson said conflict of interest is circumstances that create risks that decisions may be unduly influenced for secondary interest.
    62 When someone stands to gain, it stands to affect their decision-making, Dr. Matheson explained.
    63 Dr. Matheson worked with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at Stanford in the conflict of interest area.
    64 Dr. Matheson said Dr. Rice loved football, and her quote was that if she were a man, she would play football.
    65 Dr. Matheson never testified as a witness before. He’s been paid $500/hour, got information with colleagues on what to charge.
    66 Dr Matheson never worked in music industry but said one of the most obvious relations between sports/musicians is the 3 way party scenario
    67 I think Mr. Jackson’s performance was highly physical, similar to what an athlete does, Dr. Matheson expressed.
    68 Bloss: Do you believe there was conflict of interest between MJ and AEG?
    69 Dr Matheson: Yes, I do. I believe they created conflict of interest
    70 Dr. Matheson said he believes Dr. Murray was in a conflicting position, promised payment he was to receive to get MJ ready.
    71 Contract made him answerable to AEG, Dr. Matheson said. “It could be canceled if the tour were canceled or terminated.”
    72 When MJ was deteriorating, I think that conflict of interest played out, Dr. Matheson said.
    73 Dr. Matheson: “I think in this case the conflict of interest led to poor medical decisions.”
    74 The contract was negotiated, Dr. Matheson opined. “I think Dr. Murray was operating under the assumption the contract was enforced.”
    75 It’s a lot of money to be paid to a physician, particularly a physician who was deeply indebted, Dr. Matheson testified.
    76 I think Dr. Murray needed to be paid certain amount of money, because he owed a lot of money, Dr. Matheson said.
    77 When doctors take on roles, you want them to make independent medical decisions not tied to secondary interests, Dr. Matheson explained.
    78 Dr. Matheson said the contract was subject to immediate termination if show was canceled or postponed.
    79 Dr. Matheson: “It can produce bias in thinking, the doctor wants to retain that payment and please the producer paying him.”
    80 That conflicts which priority is primary: MJ or producer of shows, Dr. Matheson explained.
    81 Bloss talked about emails exchanged. On 6/14/09 Ortega asked who was responsible for MJ’s nourishment, advised doctor didn’t allow rehearsal
    82 Dr. Matheson said the email pointed some health concerns that needed attentoion, questioned if physician was making independent decisions.
    83 That very directly relates to the intent to control the doctors’ decision.
    84 As to Phillips’ email saying AEG was paying doc salary email:
    85 The email shows lack of independent decision, Dr. Matheson said about Phillips’ email.
    86 The result of a conflict of interest could be a bad medical decision, Dr. Matheson explained.
    87 The pressure increases as you get close to the end of the game, for example, Dr. Matheson said.
    88 If MJ was unable to rehearse or perform, the show would stop completely, Dr. Matheson said.
    89 Bloss: What impact would that have on Dr. Murray?
    90 Dr. Matheson: He wouldn’t have a job and he wouldn’t have an income
    91 Doctors should be able to make independent medical decision on what the best care is for the patient, Dr. Matheson expressed.
    92 Regarding chain email “Trouble at the Front”: Dr Matheson said he was intrigued Hougdahl needed to qualify he wasn’t being ‘a drama queen’
    93 Basket case is a strong word, doubt is pervasive is fairly strong statement, Dr. Matheson said.
    94 Phillips responded “we have a real problem here,” which Dr. Matheson said showed Phillips recognized there was a problem with MJ.
    95 Ortega’s reference that ‘we brought Dr. Murray into the fold’ shows Dr. Matheson that there’s a full alignment with the way they thought.
    96 But it also showed it wasn’t working, MJ was still weak and showing psychological problems, Dr. Matheson explained.
    97 Phillips’ response ‘I will call you when I figure this out’ showed that Phillips was in charge, Dr. Matheson said.
    98 We wouldn’t normally put an athlete back in the game while their health was declining, Dr. Matheson explained.
    99 As to Phillips writing Dr. Murray is extremely successful and doesn’t need this gig, Dr. Matheson reacted:
    100 The fact that Mr. Phillips realizes that’s important, to me he realizes there’s a potential for conflict in this scenario.
    101 Judge adjourned session until 9:45 am PT tomorrow when Dr. Matheson will resume testimony. Attorneys to argue motion before that.
    102 That concludes Day 36 of testimony. What are your thoughts so far? Hope to see you all tomorrow!

    Tuesday June 25 DAY 37
    103 Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 37 of testimony in Jackson family vs AEG trial underway.
    104 Katherine present in bright coral tapestry jacket over black floor length shift. Today is the 4th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.
    105 Doctor Gordon Matheson resumed testimony. Jacksons’ counsel William Bloss doing direct examination.
    106 Bloss asked about email from Phillips to Ortega on June 20. Phillips was recognizing the decline of Jackson’s health, Dr. Matheson opined.
    107 It’s also evident that there are conflict of interest issues, Dr. Matheson expressed.
    108 About Phillips saying ‘The doctor is successful, completely unbiased.’ Dr. Matheson said that tells exec was aware of conflict of interest
    109 Matheson opined the email demonstrates “pushback” – Not good for a producer or team owner to be involved directly with the player or artist.
    110 As to email “he was shaking, couldn’t cut food, no shape to go on stage” Dr Matheson reacted: “It’s indication health concern is serious”
    111 Testimony just ended for the day. Michael Jackson’s son, Prince, will take the stand tomorrow!
    112 T.J. Jackson, the co-conservator of MJ’s children, will testify after Prince. Taj, T.J.’s brother, will come on Thursday.
    113 Watch @ABC7 and for interview with Jackson’s attorney about Prince’s testimony tomorrow.
    114 Attorney also gave us insight on how Katherine Jackson is coping on the 4th anniversary of MJ’s death.
    115 We just wanted to bring you latest on breaking news. Now back to Dr. Matheson’s testimony. 😉
    116 Dr. Matheson – “First and foremost we want an understanding of what the problem is. That is what leads us to the proper treatment.”
    117 Dr. Matheson said Phillips was trying to diagnose the problem, yet Jackson was being put back in rehearsal; that is a concern.
    118 As to Phillips saying “Take the doctor with you”, Dr. Matheson said it means AEG wanted to have some input, influence in the meeting.
    119 It would have been inappropriate, shows AEG still wanted to manage the doctors decision, Dr. Matheson testified.
    120 As to ‘Trouble at the Front’ email where Phillips says Dr. Murray ‘is not a psychiatrist so I am not sure how effective he can be…”
    121 Dr. Matheson: It says Phillips is not sure, first says it’s covered, then he questions doctors effectiveness.
    122 Dr. Matheson said emails showed it was business as usual, continued pushback. Kenny’s hysteria is in check.
    123 Dr. Matheson said Phillips put forth information regarding a health problem with MJ, qualified by Ortega hysteria.
    124 Dr. Matheson: When you get information, you need to act on that information rather than label it as hysteria.
    125 Bloss asked if an athlete doesn’t want to get out of the game, what should a doctor do.
    126 The role of the physician is to make the right decision for the short term and the long term, Dr. Matheson said.
    127 May have to do it over the objection of the player, Dr. Matheson explained.
    128 Bloss: Does the fact that AEG hired Dr. Murray at the behest of MJ make a difference?
    129 Dr. Matheson: AEG chose to set up that structure and they didn’t have to do that
    130 Bloss: How about the fact AEG would be repaid through the proceeds of the tour?
    131 Dr Matheson: The conflict of the interest is still present
    132 Dr. Matheson: Although we expect all professionals to act in the best interests of the patient, their judgement is often affected.
    133 AEG’s attorney Jessica Stebbins Bina did re-cross of Dr Matheson. Bina asked if Stanford reviewed his credit prior to his hire. He said no.
    134 Bina: In general a 50 year old man is competent to chose his personal physician?
    135 Dr. Matheson: Yes
    136 Bina: Dr. Murray was just going to treat MJ and family, not Kenny Ortega or others on tour?
    137 Dr. Matheson: Yes
    138 Bina: It was everyone’s interest to play the entire show?
    139 Dr. Matheson: Yes
    140 Bina asked if Dr. Matheson is an expert in general medical ethics. He answered no.
    141 Dr. Matheson explained plaintiffs chose him because there was a 3 way relationship analogous to the sports industry.
    142 Dr. Matheson reviewed Det. Martinez’ testimony, half of Mr. Phillips’ testimony (3 days), Kai Chaise and Travis Payne’s testimony.
    143 B: Never worked in entertainment industry?
    144 Dr. M: No
    145 Bina: You are not an expert in the concert industry?
    146 Dr. Matheson: No.
    147 Bina: You said it’s the system’s responsibility, but it’s physician’s responsibility to place the patients welfare first?
    148 Dr Matheson: Yes
    149 If conflict of interest develops, it must be resolved to the patient’s interest, Dr. Matheson opined; doctors have duty to patient.
    150 Bina: If MJ demanded propofol, begged, Dr. Murray violated his duties? Assuming he did that, did he violate his duties?
    151 Dr. Matheson: Yes
    152 Bina: Average Medical school grad has $200,000 in debt
    153 Dr. Matheson: Yes. Just to become a doctor is expensive
    154 No injuries are expected in performance as in typical team sports, Dr. Matheson said.
    155 The physician’s concerns are not going to be the same as treating a football player, Dr. Matheson explained.
    156 Bina: Was MJ able to consent to that relationship?
    157 Dr. Matheson: Yes, but signature line put him in contract as a participant
    158 Bina: The only way to structure a deal would be to give $1.5 million up front?
    159 Dr. Matheson: Should structure deal so termination and cancellation are not incorporated in deal
    160 Bina: Do you know how the deal for Celine Dion’s doctor is structured? Or Rolling Stones?
    161 Dr. Matheson: No
    162 Bina: If you were setting up a tour in Europe, what would you set up for ethical arrangement?
    163 Dr. Matheson: I would set up a staff, conduct a comprehensive medical assessment
    164 Ethically you’d want an assessment of the artist, Dr. Matheson said. “It would require a team of people because there are various aspects”
    165 That is for assessment initially, Dr. Matheson explained. “Then for the tour I would hire a team of people to provide care during the tour.”
    166 Dr. Matheson: I would get people who have expertise in a particular area, develop a particular group in London.
    167 Bina: A group only?
    168 Dr. Matheson: It is hard to imagine only one person.
    169 Bina asked if MJ told AEG he’d want to bring his personal doctor on tour, what should AEG have done.
    170 Dr. Matheson: AEG should have said we are not experts in medical care so we want to get experts in medical care to make an assessment.
    171 Bina: Would that eliminate the conflict of interest?
    172 Dr. Matheson: It would minimize conflict of interest
    173 I found the lawyers to be very supportive of evaluating records and making my own decisions, Dr. Matheson said.
    174 Bina: Is it fair to say that you are making more money because you agree with the plaintiffs?
    175 Dr. Matheson: I don’t need this job
    176 Bina: What if AEG just fronts $34 million?
    177 Dr. Matheson: Dr. Conrad Murray would be still conflicted
    178 Dr. Murray would still be beholden to AEG, Dr. Matheson opined.
    179 Dr. Matheson: My understanding is that Murray’s treatment was episodic not regular.
    180 Bina talked about May 2009 and asked if people were concerned about MJ’s health.
    181 Dr. Matheson: “I don’t know if people had concerns about his health. I think people had concerns about the show.”
    182 Bina: If MJ said I want to bring my long term doctor on board, your opinion is that AEG should have said No you cannot?
    183 Dr. Matheson: Yes
    184 Bina: Are you aware of Gongaware’s testimony oneffort to get MJ to agree to London doctor but MJ saying no. AEG should not have done that?
    185 Dr. Matheson: No. I wouldn’t. The conflict of interest is too high
    186 Bina: Even when you believe the artist is healthy?
    187 Dr. Matheson: It creates a risk
    188 After lunch break, Bina resumed cross examination of Dr. Matheson. Katherine Jackson was also present for the afternoon session.
    189 Bina: Is it possible to have doctor ethically go on tour with artist?
    190 Dr. Matheson: It’s possible if the conditions are right
    191 I don’t think it’s possible under the terms of this case, Dr. Matheson said.
    192 The greater the conflict, the increased likelihood of bad decisions will be made, Dr. Matheson opined.
    193 He had a choice,Dr. Matheson said. “That choice may have been to forfeit his job.”
    194 Bina: If I pay for my health care by credit care, does the credit card has the right of dictating my health care?
    195 Dr. Matheson: No
    196 Dr. Matheson said he’s spent 100 hours on this case. He’s making $500/hour, which adds up to $50k so far.
    197 Dr. Murray’s contract said ‘Perform the Services reasonably requested by Producer.’ Bina said the contract was supposed to read “by Artist”.
    198 Dr. Matheson said if there was no reference to service requested by AEG, that sentence wouldn’t be part of his opinion.
    199 To me, this is a document that indicates what the intention was, Dr. Matheson said.
    200 Dr. Matheson said he had to fill out a lot of forms and take a test to obtain his license in the US. Dr. Matheson is originally from Canada.
    201 Agreement required Dr. Murray to have malpractice insurance.
    202 Bina: Isn’t the real problem in this case not Dr. Murray’s feelings towards AEG, but that he gave in to Michael Jackson?
    203 Dr. Matheson: That’s part of the conflict, yes
    204 Bina: There’s nothing wrong with concert promoter to ask if there was anything they can do to help?
    205 Dr. Matheson: Not if used those terms
    206 Conflict of interest happened if there was influence on decision making, Dr. Matheson explained.
    207 Bina: So you think it’s appropriate for producer to dictate MJ’s care?
    208 Dr. Matheson: Phillips was the one receiving the information
    209 Bina: But, presumably, MJ went home his doctor, right?
    210 Dr. Matheson: There’s no record of that
    211 Bina: Do you think Mr. Phillips has the right to question MJ’s health?
    212 Dr. Matheson: Phillips has the right to say I’m concerned with your health, you can’t come back to rehearsal until you’re checked out
    213 We want you to see a doctor before you come back, Dr. Matheson said Phillips could have told.
    214 If Jackson denied it, they should have had a discussion about it, Dr. Matheson opined.
    215 Dr. Matheson said he wasn’t suggesting Phillips forced MJ to go to their doctor, but they could’ve taken him to ER for another set of eyes.
    216 If MJ was severely stressed about the tour, Dr. Matheson said the producers have to listen to artist. “The artist knows their body better.”
    217 Murray said he had the situation under control. The issue was that he wasn’t reliable, Dr Matheson explained; he was very heavily conflicted
    218 Conflict of interest contributed in a very significant way in Dr. Murray’s standard of care, Dr. Matheson opined.
    219 Conflict of interest was set up, physical symptoms appeared and there was an attempt to control those, Dr. Matheson explained.
    220 Likely that was not a friendly meeting, that was a confrontational meeting, Dr. Matheson said about meeting where Dr. Murray left angry.
    221 Dr. Matheson: The concern should be for the artist’s health.
    222 Dr. Matheson: Any time symptoms are brought forward, there’s a need to be paid attention to. In this case they weren’t.
    223 Dr. Matheson said he reviewed other depositions with exhibits attached prior to his own deposition.
    224 As to Dr. Finkelstein, Dr. Matheson said he recalls Gongaware discussed possibility of doctor going on the tour with a couple of conditions.
    225 Dr. Matheson said he doesn’t believe the analogy Bina offered regarding credit card paying for your health care is related to this case.
    226 It’s hard to leave a practice, Dr. Matheson said. He said it takes a long time to build the practice, normally doctors sells the practice.
    227 Dr. Matheson said it takes much more than 10 days to wind down a busy practice.
    228 A conflict of interest isn’t a single event, Dr. Matheson testified. “It’s a set of circumstances that develop over a period of time.”
    229 Dr. Matheson said he was not aware of any efforts to send Dr. Murray’s contract drafts to MJ’s people.
    230 It says to me the agreement was being constructed and negotiated without Mr. Jackson’s input, Dr. Matheson opined.
    231 It was effectively put in place and the doctor was engaged whether Mr. Jackson signed it or not, Dr. Matheson explained.
    232 I believe AEG indicated, the record indicates AEG acted in way they felt they employed Dr. Murray, Dr. Matheson said.
    233 The conflict of interest environment in this case was severe, Dr. Matheson opined. He’s been in this field for 35 years.
    234 Bloss: How many as severe as the one here?
    235 Dr. Matheson: None
    236 Dr. Matheson said the record shows Dr. Finkelstein didn’t get the job because MJ wanted to bring his own physician.
    237 Bina: It wasn’t in Dr. Murray’s interest to keep MJ unhealthy
    238 Dr. Matheson: No
    239 As to Dr. Murray buying Propofol, Dr. Matheson said “I think AEG Live enabled it, yes.”
    240 Conflict of interest erodes judgement unconsciously in a way you’re not even aware of it, Dr. Matheson explained.
    241 Attorneys had no more questions to Dr. Matheson. He was then excused. Session is adjourned until tomorrow morning at 9:45 am PT.
    242 Taj Jackson (TJ’s brother) will testify on Thursday
    243 Live witness testimony tomorrow:
    244 TJ Jackson (children’s co-guardian)
    245 Prince (MJ’s son)
    246 That wraps Day 37 of trial. We hope to see you all tomorrow for complete coverage of Prince’s testimony.
    247 Here’s the link with Jackson’s interview:


  24. June 26, 2013 12:41 pm

    Today June 26th in the courtroom:

    1 Good Morning from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 38 of Jackson family vs AEG trial to begin shortly.
    2 Prince Jackson is already in the courthouse. He’s wearing a suit and tie.

    Follow the tweets:


  25. Sina permalink
    June 26, 2013 12:44 pm

    As he will take the stand today to speak up for his father, I wish Prince strength, courage and guidance to do the best he can.
    I support this cause wholeheartedly, not only because I love Michael Jackson but for justice ,for him, his family and for every single artist to be spared the ordeal Michael went through with AEG as many artists before him . Michael didn’t work just for his own glory, but for the benefit of all. He had been in the business long enough to know the dark side of it:

    “the tradition of great performers from Sammy Davis Junior to James Brown, Jacky Wilson,Fred Astaire to Jean Kelly, the story is usually the same though. These guys work really hard at their craft. But the story ends the same. They usually are broken torn,they usually are just sad. The story is very sad in the end because the companies take advantage of them. They really do (…….…). We cant let them get away with it.”

    Thank you again Helena for your dedication and relentless efforts to search for the truth and for justice. A true work of love and again many eye openers .To quote yesterdays witness Dr Matheson:

    “The conflict of interest environment in this case was severe,”
    “It says to me the agreement was being constructed and negotiated without Mr. Jackson’s input,”

    Every word he said is confirmed by the emails. A disturbing story of unscrupulous people, looking after their own interest, talking ABOUT Michael, BEHIND him but never WITH him or in his interest. All about power and control. But what imo stood out most is this.

    Tohme, not a board member, yet signing on behalf of Michael Jacksons company, while he was already stripped of his POA and whatever representative rights he still had became extinct the moment Michael died. The same goes for Dileo.

    The misleading figures AEG presented to Michael about his share of the deal(I have to look closer to your calculation.)Not even mentioning the way they tricked him into the deal.

    New to me and very shocking is RPs report to Branca of how great the meeting with Michael was and Branca’s response : an ‘encouraging report’. In itself a big NO GO as far as lawyer – client relationship is concerned and worse if you consider what Michael was going through with AEG.

    Since when does a concert promotor or anyone for that matter reports to a lawyer about personal issues of an artist who happens to be the client of said lawyer. What happened to lawyer-client confidentiality? Was not Dileo the manager supposed to handle these matters and Branca the legal ones.

    Why was Branca relying on a report by Michaels business partner who was more like an adversary to him, who had yet to come with a decent contract for the client? A meeting that was violating their agreement that Michael had no obligation to attend rehearsals.

    If anyone should have reported to Branca shouldn’t it have been Michael? Are there any such reports that Michael sent to his lawyer about RP? ‘the doctor was fantastic’??? Really?

    “Nothing good can come from Michael having any business relationship ‘not approved’ by THIS TEAM with Joe Jackson.”

    WHAT TEAM was this supposed to be? who were part of it? The ones in the email?: Gongaware, Leiweike, Philips , Katz , Dileo, Kane,Branca? Why is everyone cc-ed, except Michael who was the very reason for the existence of THIS TEAM ? Was he not part of THIS TEAM?

    Did Michael approve of anything that AEG did or didn’t do , did he approve of 50 concerts? Did he approve of a concert promoter forcing him to go to rehearsals. Did he approve of his promoter reporting to his lawyer behind his back, sugarcoating what had actually happened.
    Of course “stupid”Joe Jackson should be kept out of his sons business . God forbid he stood in the way of AEG and Murray. That was not in THE TEAMS interest. THE TEAM minus Michael.

    And what good exactly came of the APPROVED business relationship of Michael with AEG??
    That he is dead now and AEG is desperately trying to safe their behind and lying under oath?
    The approved agreement that AEG wrote 3 days after Michael died, that was signed off by Tohme and Dileo and readily paid off by the executors? Or the money RP boasted AEG was making because ‘life goes on’
    What PROOF is there that Michael really owed AEG all the money they claimed?

    This convinced me even more that the executors or at least Branca as Michaels lawyer at the time was deep in bed with AEG. That was a huge conflict of interest and they know it. Imo that is the reason why they do not support KJ vs AEG and went as far as to make a public statement about it. Which will be interesting should KJ win the case.

    I was thinking about Michaels last two rehearsals on june 23 and 24. Imo he was or SEEMED on top of it because he was every inch a professional and still loved to perform. Just like he did in This is it announcement in march, looking cheerful and enthusiastic, shortly after being manhandled by RP & co. The last rehearsals were also right after RP personally went to threaten him and found the doctor on his side.That was the straw that broke the camels back.


  26. June 26, 2013 1:38 pm

    Oh my God, look what TeamMichaelJackson is reporting from the courtroom.

    Prince Jackson is testifying:


    2 Called his Dad, was last time he spoke to his father

    3 “Saw Dad next morning half off the bed Conrad Murray doing CPR, dads eyes rolled to back off his head”

    4 PJ very strong, gentle holding his own, no tears..

    5 (Prince) Michael Jacksons testimony June 26th #Jackson V AEG (sorry for spelling mistakes, no time to check, (cont)

    6 Prince Jackson said AEG people were allowed into the house BUT NOT MY GRANDPA


  27. June 26, 2013 2:01 pm

    Prince says his father had several tense phone conversations with promoters and would sometimes cry after those conversations. After one of them he said: “They are going to kill me”. Prince saw Randy Phillips at their house – he was involved in a heated conversation with Murray. He was grabbing his elbow and looked aggressive. Michael wasn’t at home at the time.

    — Jun. 26 2:48 PM EDT

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson’s eldest son testified Wednesday that his father was excited about going back on tour before his death but wasn’t happy about the terms of the ill-fated shows.

    Prince Jackson told jurors his father wanted more time to rehearse and had several tense phone conversations with promoters of his “This Is It” shows that sometimes ended with his father in tears.

    The 16-year-old said his father remarked after one of the conversations, “‘They’re going to kill me.'” He did not elaborate.

    The testimony came in a lawsuit claiming AEG negligently hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.

    AEG denies it hired the physician or bears any responsibility for the entertainer’s death.

    Prince testified that he saw AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips at the family’s rented mansion in a heated conversation with Murray in the days before his father died. The teenager said he saw Phillips grabbing Murray’s elbow.

    Phillips “looked aggressive to me,” Prince testified.

    Michael Jackson wasn’t at home at the time and was probably at rehearsals, Prince said.

    For the first time, the teenage publicly provided details about the day his father died. Prince testified that he saw Murray performing CPR on his father, who was hanging halfway off a bed. It appeared his dad’s eyes were rolled up in the back of his head, Prince told jurors.

    Prince’s eyes appeared red as he recalled being told by Murray at a hospital that his father was dead.

    The testimony began with the teenager showing jurors roughly 15 minutes of private family photos and home videos.

    He described growing up on Neverland Ranch and showed the panel videos of the property’s petting zoos and other amenities. After his father’s acquittal of child molestation charges, Prince described living in the Middle East, Ireland and Las Vegas.

    He told the jury that his father was always working, but his children had no idea he was a global superstar.

    “We always listened to his music, but we never knew how famous he was,” Prince said.

    He said he and his sister Paris watched a video of one of their father’s performances and got a sense of his fame when overwhelmed fans were carried from his shows on stretchers.

    Prince is the first Jackson family member to testify during the trial, now in its ninth week. Attorneys have said TJ Jackson, who serves a co-guardian to Prince and his siblings, and Taj Jackson, are also expected to take the witness stand. They are the sons of Tito Jackson.

    Prince Jackson, his sister Paris and brother Blanket are plaintiffs in the case against AEG, which their grandmother and primary caretaker filed in August 2010.

    In court, Prince wore a black suit with a dark grey tie with his long brown hair tucked behind his ears. He spoke softly as he began testifying, and the first exhibit shown to jurors was a photo taken with their grandmother on his and Paris’ first day of school.

    He described his school life, including taking a summer course in U.S. history, participating on the school’s robotics team and volunteer work.

    Another image shown to jurors was Michael Jackson playing piano with his son while Prince was still an infant or toddler.

    Plaintiffs’ attorney Brian Panish asked Prince whether he was interested in pursuing a career in music.

    “I can never play an instrument and I definitely cannot sing,” Prince said to laughter from the jury.

    He said he wanted to study film or business when he goes to college.

    Prince said he helped attorneys pick out the videos and photos shown in court.

    Michael Jackson sheltered his children from the public eye while he was alive, often obscuring their faces while out in public. The children have been more public in recent years, appearing at a star-studded memorial service and other events honoring their father.

    Paris, 15, had also been expected to testify during the case but was hospitalized last month and her status as a witness remained unclear. Attorneys for AEG played a snippet of her videotaped deposition last week, and more of her testimony may be played for the jury later in the trial.

    Blanket, 11, is not expected to testify.

    The jury of six men and six women has learned numerous details about Jackson’s role as a father during the case. They’ve heard about a secret trip to a movie weeks before Michael Jackson’s death, a private circus he hired for Paris’ 11th birthday, and Blanket’s interest in his father’s dance rehearsals.

    The trial is expected to last several more weeks.


  28. June 26, 2013 3:55 pm

    Message from TeamMichaelJackson:

    (Prince) Michael Jacksons testimony June 26th #Jackson V AEG (sorry for spelling mistakes, no time to check)


  29. monicaluvmjsmile permalink
    June 26, 2013 6:36 pm

    It seems your words in this post struck us all the same way. Which leads me to something I was pondering yesterday; that is that Michael has such an enormous sphere of influence. He has us thinking many of the same thoughts simultaneously. I can’t count how many times I have come here or to David or Raven’s sites and read something that was reminiscent of what I had been lolling over in my mind. I think there is a reason for this and Helen-Marie said it so well.

    It is an understatement to say that Michael was/is extraordinary. I really cannot imagine what this loss feels to his children and mother (Joseph too). I know I am “preaching to the choir”. Funny how expressing our thoughts/feelings about Michael helps us feel better.

    You helped so many people with this post to synthesize complicated emotions on such a difficult day.

    Many thanks to you Helena.


  30. jolie permalink
    June 26, 2013 10:32 pm

    Sina, your comment is fantastic! There is so much to say, and you said what is most important. Everyone, please read Sina’s comment below. You summarize the conclusions we have all come to after carefully scrutinizing the trial testimony.

    e.g. 1) This trial is more than about Jackson, but ALL artists, as Jackson himself stated. What other artists have been enslaved by contracts by the music industry??? 2) All of Jackson’s representatives in bed with Randy Phillips and AEG’s representatives, and the emails are proof. 3) Thome (Power of Attorney) and Phillips, two peas in a pod. Think about it. Michael fired Thome as his manager. What is he doing with RP? … etc, etc, etc…


  31. June 27, 2013 7:16 am

    “a report that all landlines disconnected to CW days leading uo to 7/25.” Ominous. Can this be proven?


  32. June 27, 2013 7:20 am

    Thank you helena for this informative blog searching for the thruth. I have problems getting comments sent from this library computer. My own is out of order at present. It is most unfortunate at such a dramatic turn inthe trial.


  33. Sina permalink
    June 28, 2013 11:33 am

    Yes Jolie, only the blind will not see what was going on.

    A few things from Prince’s testimony yesterday.
    RP and Tohme invited themselves in Michaels home when he was not there. Since when do business associates visit without an appointment or just pass by while the man is not home? Or did they feel “at home”because they advanced the rent for Michael?
    I believe Prince 100% about RP s confrontation with CM.
    “Philipps looked aggressive to me”
    Poor boy, had to deal with so much drama and stress. I know from my own experience how hard it is for children to see their parents sad and cry. They try to take on the parent role and want to protect and console the parents.Which is a too heavy burden for a child.

    After Princes testimony Murray’s attorney Valerie Wass and AEG defense attorney Marvin S. Putnam denied outside court that the meeting Prince described ever happened. Then why did Putnam not asked him on cross? Are they accusing Prince of lying or can they say it because the evidence to corroborate Princes statements is not allowed?

    Interesting that AEG and Wass/Murray are a TEAM now? How convenient, but shameless.
    Will she also deny what her client said in his ‘documentary’ about what RP told him about Michaels financial situation after one of their meetings(intervention??). And I don’t think he meant it as a compliment to RP : “He does not have a fucking cent, what is this bullshit all about.This guy will be on skid row, hes gonna be homeless. The popsicles his children suck on. Im paying for the toiletpaper he wipes his ass with. And if he dont get this show done, hes over.”

    I dont know how much of what Murray says is true, but this corroborates perfectly with RPs abusive attitude, his choice of words and how he treated Michael.
    And if this particular meeting that Murray talks about happened, why not another meeting where not Michael was bullied but Murray. Prince said’; Philipp looked aggressive to me ‘
    Murray sounds quite pissed when he is talking about RP and that is exactly how a man like him will feel after being pushed and shoved by a jerk half his size.

    This is also interesting. Prince:
    “My dad didn’t fight, he was like my grandma, too kind to fight, that’s why he called my grandpa,”

    So there was some fighting to do or going on (maybe literally) and Michael called his father.
    But then he was kept away by the ‘body guards’ while AEG staff and anyone else was allowed freely in and out whether Michael was home or not?
    Who gave orders that Michael couldn’t get in contact with his father or that his father was not allowed inside?. Were it the same people who shielded him from the follower fans?
    Could it be that the same orders that did not approve of any business relationship between Michael and his father were extended to any relationship or contact at all?

    The power and control they had over Michael is mindboggling.

    Here is an intersting article that many maybe forgot, about RPs statement that the insurance policy covered overdose.

    I think AEG should have been more than just a witness in the criminal case.


  34. June 28, 2013 5:41 pm

    “But then he was kept away by the ‘body guards’ while AEG staff and anyone else was allowed freely in and out whether Michael was home or not?
    Who gave orders that Michael couldn’t get in contact with his father or that his father was not allowed inside?. Were it the same people who shielded him from the follower fans?”
    – Sina

    It’s very late here and I need to go, but just want to say a word about the bodyguards. It surprised me that they also seemed to follow the orders from AEG. At the same time Alberto Alvarez looks to me very much like a decent person who wouldn’t let Michael down and would always stand up for his interests.

    How can we explain this discrepancy? Was it a spell AEG put on all these people or what? Why were all of them looking up to AEG as if they were their bosses?

    I think the reason for it was most probably the daily reminders from AEG that “it is we who are paying here for everything” and it did indeed create the impression it was intended for.

    It is very characteristic that all the people in This Is It tour thought that their salaries were paid by AEG. Alif Sankey, Karen Faye, Travis Payne – everybody was sure that they were paid by AEG.

    And this type of thinking automatically puts people in a position of respect and loyalty to their bosses.

    It also instills in them the feeling of gratitude – AEG is investing so much money in the project and they simply cannot let the poor company down. And Michael cannot let them down and should do as he is told. AEG is doing so big a favor to him…

    But the problem was that AEG was NOT doing a favour to Michael. They were only lending money to Michael via their production costs (at least they presented their case this way) and it was Michael who was to pay for everything and everyone.

    And I am sure that if AEG bosses had said that it was Michael who was paying their salaries the attitude towards Michael would have been different.

    It would have restored respect towards him and AEG would have lost the aura of a benefactor who is “selflessly” helping Michael and he – the ungrateful child – is not behaving the way he is told. It would have immediately shifted the focus from AEG to Michael as their boss, and would have put everything in its place. I think that AEG deliberatetely never mentioned it and were always presenting the case in the opposite way.

    Well, after Michael died ALL of us were under the impression that AEG was sustaining big, big losses. And the same type of attittude was typical for all people around Michael at the time when he was still alive. “Poor, poor AEG – they are investing in it so much…”


  35. Lopsided man permalink
    June 28, 2013 6:31 pm

    I think Alberto Alvarez asking Kai Chase to sign a non disclosure agreement on the day Michael died is highly suspicious.


  36. June 29, 2013 2:58 am

    “I think Alberto Alvarez asking Kai Chase to sign a non disclosure agreement on the day Michael died is highly suspicious.” – lopsided man

    Yes, it is very strange and surprised me too. Previously I was of a very good opinion of Alvarez. Let us not pass judgment on him too soon, and just keep a mental note of it.

    The only explanation I can find for it is that he was doing what AEG told him to – just like all the rest of them. It now seems to me that they fired Grace because they could not dictate her their terms.


  37. July 11, 2013 2:25 pm



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