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Autopsy report

Posting Michael’s autopsy report was the least of my desires, but since readers are asking for it here it is:

Please press the link to see the pdf version of it:


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I don’t mean to be cruel but by this video want to remind everyone what a  kid we’ve lost:

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I know that it happened but still don’t want to believe it.

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  1. flowerspebbles permalink
    February 4, 2022 9:25 pm

    I always thought identification by driver’s license only was pretty strange. Also, we know he had skin graft surgery on his head, but wouldn’t that leave more than just two rather small scars behind each ear? I studied the whole document thoroughly, but this was what confused me most, especially considering the extent of the burn wounds, and he had several procedures because of it. Also the ”Trauma Gershwin” blood sample struck me as an odd choice especially for a random fake name chosen to protect the privacy of the deceased. I can’t put my finger on it, but some of the details in the report seem a bit weird to me, and I’m probably not the only one. ”Experts” also analyzed the various plastic surgeries they presumed he had, but half of those I also doubt he had, because some facial feature changes really are due to age, so I always take ”expert opinions” with a grain of salt. Not that it matters to me at all what surgeries he had, he was always fine to me, and I couldn’t care less about outward appearance, I always look for the soul within. I’m just sometimes a bit doubtful of the ”expertise” is all. Thank you for all that you do, Helena, I’m so grateful to everyone who put in time and effort to thoroughly research everything and put the facts together, so they’re available to everyone trying to educate others about the truth. I’d never have been able to find all of this myself. 🙏


  2. May 26, 2018 7:18 pm

    Michael is now the go-to example by doctors, teachers and mattress salesmen alike on the need for REM sleep. Perhaps, they cite him as a convenient scapegoat.

    I am not sure to what literature my former coworker was citing in training our people. A video on youtube estimates that MJ may have gone 60 days without REM sleep. We would need to see receipts that he was on sedatives for 60 straight days and that he never entered REM sleep even once during that time. I don’t see anyone with such evidence at that time. We know there was long term use of sedatives of some sort, at least at the hands of C.M.; and that MJ was having trouble sleeping on his own. He would have had possibly some of the side effects of long term sleep deprivation this much we can guess, but to speculate he would have been dead in a few days anyway due to a lack of sleep is a bit heartless.

    Long term sleep deprivation is harmful. The prevailing belief is that we need 8 does of REM, one each hour, or 8 hours of sleep each night for optimum health. New beliefs are coming out that the human body was not designed for 8 hours of sleep all at once, and that the 8 hours are only a consequence of modern life. Perhaps during hunting and gathering days, we may have had more nomadic lifestyles. Some feel there are 4 types of sleepers: early birds, night owls, lethargic, and energetic at dawn and dusk. We know of the circadian rhythm and how MJ’s lifestyle would have disrupted that rhythm. And there is also emerging data that the lymphatic system also runs through the head, and that we must sleep in order for the lymph from the head to drain.

    Bottom line: sedation is not sleep. The sleeping pill industry is lying to Americans. In a normal person, a short term dose of a sedative might quiet the mind and body just long enough for the person to get some rest. Maybe they might even enter REM sleep as the drug wears off, and before they have to go to work. What are seeing, is that early morning car accidents are related to prescription sleeping pill use. The person is basically hung over and did not have enough time for the drug to wear off before they got into the car. These pills can be habit forming and addictive very quickly. Long term, the patient needs to address the root cause as to why they can’t sleep.

    I have seen this in my own life. I have a contact with over a dozen early morning car accidents, a history of chronic insomnia and sedative use. I have another friend, who if he had not told me he was taking sedatives, I would not have known. They text me and are very coherent, witty, flirty, and they do not make any spelling errors. The next day, this person does not remember speaking to me unless I remind them, and then they are ashamed of the incidents. It’s very much like an intoxication. This person has a family situation they are not dealing with and the prescription was new. I had to warn them of the dangers, because their doctor did not. We see this across America as the rate of prescriptions increase.

    Why any doctor would prescribe long term ER quality anesthetic drugs other than to make a profit, is unfathomable. MJ needed a doctor who could say no. MJ needed a doctor who could prescribe a prolonged period of rest and possible hospitalization away from AEG. Anyone with even an ounce of medical training should know this. I can state that for fact, because I have just a few hours of medical training.

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  3. Christy permalink
    January 5, 2017 10:43 pm

    Always wondered about the scar on his shoulder if it was from when the cops dislocated it during his arrest..and I remember reading in Remember the Time how he had a mishap and he was afraid he had a broken wrist.


  4. t (@wkatriina22) permalink
    July 8, 2015 3:21 am

    Autopsy is mandatory when an un natural death is in question.What is disgusting are the tv prrograms making this for entertainment


  5. nicole permalink
    July 7, 2015 7:31 pm

    o my god its so hard to know that they cut michael jackson completly open with a y section they removed all his organs and his brain even removed stuff from inside his neck:( i feel so depressed right now i remember michael jackson saying in a interview ( i dont wanna tell you my medicall history because its private ) now its all over the internet when i look at his pictures on my Phone i feel sad knowing they cut him open its almost like it happends today but its already 6 years ago i really wish i did not read his autopsy report i feel afwull!!!!
    i miss him i feel so sad for how people did with him


  6. July 13, 2014 12:28 pm

    “how come that there were all kinds of little marks on his wrist and behind his ear ed? And there is 1 person who know if MJ had a facelift or tattoo lips and eye brows his 20 years styliste/makeup lady.” – thinkandwatch

    Lots of people know it – Michael’s doctors who treated him for the burn, his dermatologist, his plastic surgeon, Karen Faye, only they won’t talk like the despicable Conrad Murray does. Shouldn’t Michael be given some privacy at least after his death?

    However if you still want to know, Dr. Thomas Romo, a plastic surgeon made a detailed analysis of all marks on Michael’s body:

    Here are the infographics for Michael’s wrists and marks behind his ears:

    As to the scars on the back of Michael’s head Dr. Romo says “there are three different procedures that could cause scarring like that. Jackson could have had his ears pinned back or it could be from a limited facelift. The scars could also be the result of a skin graft due to burns.”

    Considering that Michael had several skin-stitching operations to conceal the bald spot on his burned head the last version seems to be the most likely one.

    Romo said Jackson put demands on his body like any other athlete, and he had the scars to prove it. The pop star had several marks indicating surgeries on his right shoulder and knee. He also had one-eighth-inch scarring on both of his wrists, which Romo attributes to carpel tunnel surgery and repair of traumatic ligament damage.

    I am very well familiar with the carpel tunnel syndrome after a bone fraction on my left hand. Here is an animation explaining what it is:

    And we know that Michael did have a problem with his wrists. It is even recorded in Conrad Murray’s medical records.


  7. thinkandwatch permalink
    July 12, 2014 12:35 pm

    There are still somethings i think is not correct how can you identify from only a passport. much the not take from him and familie blood for DNA? or finger prints, and how come that there were all kinds of little marks on his wrist and behind his ear ed? And there is 1 person who know if MJ had a facelift or tattoo lips and eye brows his 20 years styliste/makeup lady.


  8. Marsha permalink
    June 16, 2014 12:28 am

    I had hoped that the foolish and inaccurate T.V show from England had run i’ts course. but no, just in time for the anniversary of his death I find it is to pop up on the American shore on Reelz T.V.(the week of June 15-21) Which is why I feel that it is important that the real data from the real autopsy is posted here and everywhere else that it is possible to be posted. You know I find it so distasteful for this supposed Autopsy Show to even exist, especially since there was a trial that has already established the cause of his death and how Michael died. So why was there even a need for this show to exist except to reinterpret what the true report said and to spread gossip rumors and lies. And you know that they are being real sneaky and underhanded about also. The did not start with Michael this time but with Whitney . I only saw a small portion but what I saw of her segment was equally reprehensible. And the so called Dr. still has the look of glee on his face. The producers of this show claim they want to educate people and that they could do so even with (celebs), if that is so why did they not do John Lennon’s, or Princess Dianah’s . Few people know the damage that is done to the body by a bullet or car crash. and that would have truly been educational. But the information that is erroneously given in the show about Michael is widely known.(Even the medical info is erroneous at tines such as saying that Tylenol/Paracetamol is a gateway drug ) Which proves the true reason for the shows existence, To perpetuate lies, rumor, and disinformation about Michael. or as Michael said himself (to cast him in a bad light), and not only him but Whitney Houston and Anna NIcole. Why could they not have shown the program about the last photo shoot with Ebony or Spike Lees program or even the concert on Bucharest? Well I will answer my own question, because they are positive. The people behind this program show that they have little regard for the families of their targets as evidenced by the timing of the show. I wonder if they will in the future do Casy Kasam’s . or any Brit.s Autopsies.


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