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Michael Jackson’s 1993 and 2003 REAL STORY

December 27, 2010

by vindicatemj (Helena)

Below you will find the first five parts of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED with Michael Jackson in 1993 and 2003. The story will be told against the background  of Larry Feldman’s speech at the Frozen in Time seminar in the fall of 2010.

From Part 1 (click on the number) you will learn:

  • that a former police sergeant was with Michael Jackson 24/7 for two years running and would never hesitate to trust him with his own children
  • how Larry Feldman fought the Memorandum of the Department for Children and Family services which held the Arvizos’ statements that no abuse had ever taken place
  • the true worth of the so-called J.Chandler’s declaration made in Larry Feldman’s office
  • what happened on the very same day when Bashir’s documentary aired and why it is a complete outrage

Part 2 will show:

  • why Gloria Allred, who was the first to represent Jordan Chandler, was fired and who did it
  • that total lack of evidence haunted the Chandler case from beginning to end
  • Michael Jackson’s driver was lying
  • Larry Feldman knew very well that Michael Jackson’s photos of genitalia didn’t match Jordan Chandler’s description
  • Larry Feldman and Jordan worked on the description for several hours to make it a no-loser for them
  • the Chandlers never wanted a court hearing and were terribly fearful of it

Part 3 will prove:

  • that the Chandlers were horrified by the threat of a criminal trial in 1993/94
  • it was defendant Michael Jackson who fought for criminal proceedings to go first in the 1993 case
  • the main aim of Larry Feldman was never to allow criminal proceedings to go forward
  • Larry Feldman employed every trick to push the civil case first, one of which turned to be the crucial one
  • the civil lawsuit was a trap for Michael Jackson
  • the version of Michael Jackson ‘silencing’ somebody is completely crazy
  • which lawyers tried to defend Michael and which lawyers easily surrendered him to Larry Feldman

Part 4 will tell you:

  • why the police hindered the DCFS in their investigation of the Arvizo case
  • how Gavin Arvizo was characterized by those who knew him
  • what the DCFS experts said about the family in their 2005 testimony
  • how the Arvizos miraculously recollected their “abuse” story only after seeing Larry Feldman and his psychologist
  • they approached Larry Feldman with a civil lawsuit
  • Larry King was ready to testify that Larry Feldman was sure they were in for money only
  • though Larry Feldman never believed the Arvizos he took special care to personally report their case to Tom Sneddon
  • we are actually lucky that Tom Sneddon changed the legislation

Part 5 will surprise you:

  • that psychologist Dr. Katz worked for two sides in the 2005 case simultaneously, without MJ’s side knowing about it
  • this psychologist was involved in both the 1993 and 2003 cases
  • allegations against Michael Jackson appeared each time Larry Feldman and psychologist Dr. Katz entered the scene
  • Tom Sneddon breached law to overview Michael Jackson’s defense evidence
  • Gavin Arvizo knew details of Jordan Chandler’s case though he was a baby when the case took place
  • the first psychiatrist whose transcript of Jordan Chandler’s interview is provided in Ray Chandler’s book most probably didn’t believe the boy
  • the second psychologist said point blank Michael Jackson didn’t fit the profile of a ped-le
  • the testimony of Dr. Katz is crucial for establishing Michael Jackson’s innocence

The above is the short of the first five parts. For full story follow the direct link to each part or read it in the drop-down menu. I hope to continue with the research.

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  1. June 12, 2019 1:31 pm

    Thank you so much for this wonderfully written blog!!!


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