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GAYLE GOFORTH: What the Maid Really Saw in Michael Jackson’s Bedroom

December 31, 2021

The woman named Gayle Goforth is a Godsend to those who want to know what Michael Jackson was really like.

She worked as a housekeeper at Neverland for 12 and a half years, from August 1989 to February 2002, and was the head housekeeper there after replacing Mark Quindoy in that capacity.

But it is much more significant for us that for the last 6 years of her tenure at Neverland she was also the one who cleaned Michael’s room.  She was the third in the succession of those maids who took care of Michael’s personal quarters – the first was Blanca Francia, then Adrian McManus, and then Gayle Goforth, so she was in the same proximity to Michael Jackson as the other two.

However, we know nearly nothing about her as the media prefers to keep mum about her existence.

This is all the more surprising since Gayle Goforth was one of the Neverland old-timers – she was the first to join the housekeeping staff there (only Blanca Francia was prior to her) and also one of the last to leave it, so she was a direct witness to many more events than even Francia and McManus taken together.

You wonder why Gayle Goforth left in February 2002?

The thing is that Michael’s lawyer Zia Modabber suspended her from work for several weeks during the inquiry into the unauthorized sale of some surplus Neverland furniture in which she participated on instructions from her then boss Nikki Wimsatt, the ranch manager. Gayle Goforth was so offended by the suspicion of any misconduct on her part that she didn’t wait for the end of the inquiry and left on her own. Nikki was reinstated in her job after the matter was clarified but the proud Gayle never returned.

She didn’t hear of Modabber again, didn’t receive any thank-you notes from anyone at Neverland after her 12.5 years of impeccable work there and the only sign of gratitude she got was Michael waving his hand to her during the 2005 trial.

Technically you may consider her another of those disgruntled employees and also the most knowledgeable of them all however the media decidedly ignores her and never wonders what she has to say about Michael Jackson.

Why so?

The reason for that is obvious – Gayle Goforth consistently refuses to repeat hideous lies about Michael Jackson, and tells about him nothing but the truth which certainly doesn’t fit the fake media narrative about MJ. She has proven herself one of those stoic people who are able to go against the stream no matter what and this quality is certainly not to the media liking.  

And not that she wasn’t asked about what she saw at Neverland – she was asked but, surprise-surprise, her answers were never reported by the press.

Here are some of the dates when Gayle Goforth testified about Michael Jackson:

  • Her first deposition was on December 16, 1993 during the Jordan Chandler civil case. No information about it was made available to the public and none of her statements were leaked to the press.
  • On January 14, 2004 she made a lengthy written declaration prior to the grand jury hearings in the Arvizo case, but it was again ignored by the media. 
  • She also testified at the 2005 trial but her testimony was short and, by her own admission, was reduced to the prosecutor tearing her apart “about being a thief and questioning [her] integrity and everything.” “It was awful, and the media had a field day with it,” she said. So this was the only time when the media did report 🙂
  • And it was only during her deposition on October 10, 2016 to which she was subpoenaed by Wade Robson’s lawyer Vince Finaldi that Gayle Goforth finally had a chance to really speak out.

This was quite an experience for Finaldi and to say that her deposition was a surprise to him is to say nothing at all. Even the transcript conveys Finaldi’s occasional amazement at some of her answers.

I was amazed too – mostly by this woman’s personality, the truthfulness and spontaneity of her answers, and by the shocking fact that no one was ever interested in what she had to say about Michael Jackson until Finaldi came along and intended to trash this woman for the sake of his clients – Robson and Safechuck.


So who is Gayle Goforth and what does she know about MJ?

Gale Goforth is a mother of four children (three sons and a step-daughter), who despite taking care of so big a family also worked throughout her life. Now she is busy babysitting her grandchildren and caring for her old mother.

One of the astonishing facts about Gayle Goforth is that her own son was sexually abused when he was 14 years old.

This was revealed in the middle of her deposition when Finaldi persistently questioned her if she had received any “training on child sexual abuse” to which she finally snapped that she did know what it was like because her own son Doug was sexually abused when he was a teenager.

And, as any good mother would, she immediately noticed that something was wrong with her child, only she could not place it at the time.

See her examination by Finaldi which gradually escalated to a point when she was forced to make that confession:

Q. Have you ever had any kind of training, any training at all on child sexual abuse?

A. My son was sexually abused. Okay? So I do know about it.

Q. When did you become aware of this?

A. When my son — he was like 14. This was my middle son, Doug, and it was a baseball coach.

Q. I’m sorry that happened to him.

A. So am I.

Q.  Did you find out when it happened or later?

A.  No, I found out later, but then I could recall when it happened because of the way he was acting and stuff. [ ] I drove him there and I picked him up. And I could tell by his demeanor that something had happened, but he wouldn’t tell me that.

Q. By your son’s demeanor?

A. Yes. [ ] It was like ’91-’92, area. He was 14 or 15. I’m not sure exactly. He was playing Babe Ruth baseball.

Q. That’s when the abuse happened?

A. Yes.

Q. And how did you find out about it?

A. I found out because there was an investigator. There were other boys that had come forward.

Q. And what was the outcome of that?

A. He was found guilty.

Q. And put in prison?

A. Yes.

The important conclusion from the above is that Gayle Goforth not only went through the personal trauma of having her son sexually abused, but was also observant enough to immediately notice the changes in her son’s demeanor and see that something was wrong with him just by the way he was acting.

This change in the abused child’s demeanor is actually a very telling sign, so when Safechuck and Robson alleged the abuse but their parents had seen absolutely no change in their children’s behavior it means that there was nothing to notice.

If there had been at least a trace of any misfortune with the seven-year old Wade a watchful mother like Joy Robson would have surely noticed it. But she didn’t and this is because the kid had nothing to hide and no negative or confusing emotions to suppress.

Gayle’s son was abused in early 1990s, right at the time when the ranch was attended by the families of Safechuck, Robson, Culkin, Chandler and others, so the traumatic experience Gayle went through surely made her especially sensitive to anything pertaining to child sexual abuse, but even her vigilant eye didn’t register any misconduct towards children on the part of Michael Jackson.

Gayle Goforth was always adamant that in her almost 13 years at Neverland she didn’t see a single instance of anything inappropriate in Michael’s relations with children or otherwise she would have immediately left. Reported him and then left.

She said it again and again – in 1993, 2004 and then in 2016.

Attorney Liskin who spoke for the MJ Estate in 2016 in Wade Robson’s case against MJJ Productions quoted Gayle Goforth’s 2004 declaration:

Q. And the next line is,

“At no occasions did I observe Michael Jackson touch any child inappropriately.”

Is that true?

A. Yes.

Q. And did you ever see any child behave in any manner at the ranch that made you concerned that they were being abused by Mr. Jackson?

A. No.

Q. And everything that you are saying today is truthful, even though you were not completely happy with the way things ended with you at the ranch, correct?

A. Yes. Yeah. I didn’t have any reason to defend or deny anything. I was doing my best to say what I thought was true.

Q. And you were never asked to lie under oath, correct?

A. Of course not.

Vince Finaldi was much more unceremonious and approached Gayle Goforth with a monstrous provocation:

Q. What if you came around the corner and you saw Mr. Jackson raping a child?

A. Raping a child?

Q. Yes.

A. Oh, my God.

Q. Would you report that?

A. Yes, I believe I would.

Q. Who would you report it to? [ ] Security?

A. Yes, and the office.

Q. Would you call the police?

A. I don’t know if I would or not. I probably would. I don’t know. No I don’t think I would because of being an employee and stuff. I would go through the proper channels, I believe. And like I said, I would try and stop him.

Q. Okay. But why wouldn’t you want to call the police in that instance?

MR. LISKIN: Objection; misstates the prior testimony.

THE WITNESS: I was never faced with that. I don’t know how I would react to it. I am trying to tell you honestly.

Q. Did the policies or procedures at the ranch at the time give you any instruction on whether you are supposed to call the police or not?

A. No, no.

Q. So it’s not true that Michael Jackson could just do whatever he wanted on the property, right, without you reporting something?

A. If I felt myself that it was something like raping a child or beating a child, pardon me, I would  probably quit on the spot. Okay.

Q. Before you report or after?

A. Pardon?

Q. Before you report or after?

A. I would report it first, and then I would leave.

The maid’s obvious shock (“Oh, my God”) at hearing so brutal a theory about Michael Jackson is an absolutely natural reaction of anyone whose memory of the real person is incompatible with the suggestion, even if it is a totally hypothetical one. Think of someone asking you to imagine Princess Diana beating a child and you will understand what I mean.

Similarly, Gale Goforth was taken aback by Finaldi’s suggestion and was lost for words as Michael had never given her any reason to even imagine anything like that. Hence her perplexity (“Honestly I don’t know what I would do”; “I would quit on the spot,” “no, I would report it first, and then I would leave”) and this confusion of hers is another of those sure signs that Gayle Goforth is telling the absolute truth about Michael Jackson.

And the absolute truth is that in her almost 13 years at Neverland she didn’t see a single trace of what Finaldi was talking about.

Clear as her answers are, another big thrill of Gayle Goforth’s deposition is the spontaneity of her reactions as well as a ton of new information about Michael’s lifestyle, revealed by her in so natural a way that you feel like you are opening the real Michael Jackson for yourself only now…


Time and again she drops these revelations as if all of it is known to us, though it absolutely isn’t, so to really enjoy her deposition you need to read it in full. But at the moment and just as an example look at the following lengthy exchange between Finaldi and Goforth and see how one revelation evolves into another and then into one more, and on and on it goes.

This particular piece has to do with the police search of Neverland in 1993 when Gayle Goforth met the sheriffs at the ranch gate. As usual, Finaldi was provocative in his questions:

Q. Did you go and talk to the police to assist them with their investigation?

A. I don’t believe so.

Q. Why not?

A. I wasn’t asked to.

Q. Okay. But you could have done that on your own, though, right?

A: Why would I do that?

Q. Well, didn’t you want to help the police?

A. I wasn’t called to do anything like that. If they needed my help, they would have called for me.

Q. But how would they know?

A. I don’t know. How would I know?

Q. Well, you saw the police going around the area. You knew they were investigating child molestation. Did you feel that it would be important for you to go and tell the police about the things that you knew about Mr. Jackson sleeping in his bedroom with kids, about there being kids underwear on the floor in his bedroom, kids underwear by the Jacuzzi, by the shower, pictures of kids in his closet? Did you feel that it would be important to tell the police about that kind of stuff?

MR. LISKIN: Objection; argumentative and leading. Lacks foundation.

THE WITNESS: When I was finding underwear and clothing on the floor and stuff, I did not think anything of it —


Q. Yeah.

A. — honestly because, to me, it was innocent. There was nothing going on. I would not ever have believed anything was going on. I stated the fact to my husband that if I believed anything like that was going on, I wouldn’t have allowed my children to have been there. I would not have been there. I wouldn’t have worked there. And I still was working there after my son was molested, so I did not see anything wrong with what was happening. And so I had no reason whatsoever to go and contact the police and say, “Oh, I know he has been sleeping with children and there is underwear on the floor and stuff,” because everybody was going in there. They were staying there. They were normal kids. They throw their clothes around.

Q. And you don’t know exactly what was going on in that bedroom —

A. No, I did not. I was not there.

Q. And you never asked any of the kids?

A.No, I did not ask them. I didn’t have any reason to ask them.

Q. And you never even asked them what bed they were sleeping in?

No. I had no reason to ask them.

Q. Well, didn’t you feel — didn’t you feel any kind of duty to these kids to help make sure they are safe or protected?  

THE WITNESS: Like I said, I did not believe anything was happening. I did not believe that I had to protect them. Their parents were on the property. Their parents allowed them to stay in his room. It was an honor to get to stay in Mr. Jackson’s room. All the kids wanted to stay in his room.

Q. Who told you it was an honor?

A. Nobody had to tell me that. It was just kind of a given, you know.

Q. Do you know why he let kids stay in his room?

A: Because he didn’t know how to say no.

Q. Who told you that?

A. I know that for a fact because he never — if he had to tell a child no, he would ask me to tell them that or something. I could use for an instance when they put in the new code, there was some children he didn’t want in his room, and he told me he did not want them in his room but he gave them the code anyway because they asked for it and he couldn’t tell them no.

So Gayle Goforth states it as a given that it was an honor to stay in Michael Jackson’s room and when every child sought that opportunity he simply didn’t know how to say no.

A lot of people who up till now haven’t realized the true nature of Michael Jackson should read the above again and again, until they also see what we realized long ago – Michael was so keen on every child’s happiness and well-being that he could not refuse any of them and was physically unable to say no. And if a child implored him (and all of them did) he could not bring himself to refuse them.

For Gayle Goforth this wasn’t just a supposition – it was the established fact of life as she had to take upon herself the job of driving away children from Michael Jackson’s personal quarters when their insistence on staying with him was too much even for him.  And since she personally had to handle those situations she knew it for a fact that Michael was unable to say no as he was too afraid that his refusal would traumatize a child.

This was the case with Gavin Arvizo who implored Michael to let him stay in his room but Michael was hesitant as if sensing the danger, and Frank Cascio was also arguing against it. However, Janet Arvizo urged him to and how could Michael refuse? How could he refuse a cancer survivor like Gavin? This was totally impossible for Michael, so in the end he agreed but only on condition that both he and Frank would stay on the floor and Gavin would sleep in the bed. And see what trouble it resulted in!

Frank Cascio recalled this ill-fated episode in his book “My friend Michael”:

“Gavin and Star kept begging, I kept saying no, and then Janet said to Michael, “They really want to stay with you. It’s okay with me.” Michael relented. He didn’t want to let the kids down. His heart got in the way, but he was fully aware of the risk. He said to me, “Frank, if they’re staying in my room, you’re staying with me. I don’t trust this mother. She’s fucked up.”

I was totally against it, but I said, “All right. We do what we have to do.” Having me there as a witness would safeguard Michael against any shady ideas that the Arvizos might have been harboring. Or so we were both naive enough to think.”

Or take Amy Agajanian, for example. The little girl considered herself Michael’s best friend and was deeply hurt that she was not so welcome in Michael’s room as her brothers were. She thought it unfair until Michael had to take her aside and explain that slumber parties were not suitable for young girls who should not be left unchaperoned at night.

Here are some of Amy’s memories about Michael Jackson retold by a journalist:

“Her older brothers were allowed to sleep over at the house, but even though she was MJ’s closest pal and spent far more time with him than the boys, she was relegated to a guesthouse with her mother. She was pissed! Michael explained to her it wasn’t proper for little girls to be in his house overnight unchaperoned. Michael’s feelings about this explain completely why it was always boys overnight. But you hear nothing about his little girl pals.”

Michael kept to the same approach with other girls with the exception of those who were his relatives, so all those questions about “small girls in Michael’s bedroom” are completely irrelevant when you learn how mindful he was of the girls’ safety, proper upbringing and ultimately reputation.

Old school, you know.

Vince Finaldi was certainly especially inquisitive about the girls issue:  

Q. So as you sit here today, you don’t think he ever abused any child?

A. I don’t believe so, no. I don’t know that for a fact.

Q. But you never saw a girl, a young girl sleeping in his room, correct?

A. I never saw anybody actually sleeping in his room, other than his son.

Q. But you never knew that a girl, a young girl slept in his room?

THE WITNESS: Like I said, they had slumber parties. I don’t know who slept in his room.

Q. Getting back to your deposition here [of Dec.16, 1993]. Page 79, line 3:

“Did you ever see any children sit in his lap?  

“Answer: Little girls.”

Do you remember little girls sitting in his lap?

A. I remember Amy Agajanian sitting in his lap and I remember — I don’t remember — what’s her name – Marie Nicole Cascio sitting in his lap.

Q. It says:

“Were there any little girls who would spend the night with Mr. Jackson’s bedroom?”

Do you recall that?

A. I remember being asked that question.

Q. Do you recall any little girls ever spending the night with him?

A. Not usually, no.

Q. Do you remember sometimes?

A. I know Simone stayed the night in his room, and I believe Amy Agajanian did also.

Q. Okay. What is Simone’s last name?

A. Jackson.

There is much more that follows that dialog, but let us fast forward to another notable episode where Finaldi, same as us, will make a new astonishing discovery.

This happens when Finaldi reads from Gayle’s earlier deposition of December 1993 and Gayle Goforth comments on it:

Q. Okay. The next page here, page 33. There you go.

“Did you ever have an occasion when you went into the room after Mr. Jackson had spent the night and a child had spent the night in the room?”

Answer: Yes . “

So do you remember that occurring, you going into his room to clean up after a child had slept there with him?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. Down at the bottom of 33, line 25:

Question: “Did you ever have an occasion to go into the bedroom after Brett Barnes had spent the night with Mr. Jackson?”

Answer: “Not that I recall. “

Question: “What about Wade Robson?”

Answer: “I think it was after Wade had been in there. I said I thought that it was after Wade had been there at one time.”

Question: “Okay. And on how many occasions did this occur after Wade Robson had spent the night and you came in to clean?”

Answer: “It depended. Adrian McManus is primarily responsible for his room, and she was on vacation so I cleaned his room while she was gone on vacation .”

Do you remember giving that testimony?

A. Yes.

Let me make a short note here. The brainwashed public may think that Wade Robson stayed at Neverland so often that he practically resided there. But the truth is that in the whole period of the Robson/MJ friendship Wade stayed at Neverland together with Michael Jackson on four occasions only.

Joy Robson testified to that at the 2005 trial and even sounded slightly annoyed by the fact her son Wade was so much neglected by Michael Jackson.

For those who forgot it here is an excerpt from the 2005 Joy Robson’s testimony

21       Q.  You were not at the ranch on a number of

22   occasions during 1991?

23       A.  My memory is in the entire time we’ve lived

24   here since 1991, we’ve only been at the ranch with

25   Michael on four occasions in 14 years.

26       Q.  Four occasions?

27       A.  Every other time we’ve been here without

28   him.

Let me clarify in case you are still confused – Robson visited Neverland regularly, at least several times a year, with friends and his family, and for 14 years too, but Michael Jackson was there with him on four occasions only.

So when Gayle Goforth describes cleaning Michael’s room during Robson’s stay there, please keep in mind that it was just one of those four occasions.

Q. Page 35, on line 11, lower left-hand corner, it says:

“On this one occasion at least one occasion when you went into the room after Wade Robson had spent the night, what did you do in order to clean up the room?”

Answer: “I made the beds, cleaned the bathrooms, picked up clothing, wet towels, cleaned showers, you know, the sinks, and the normal housecleaning.”

Q. Is that generally what you did?

A. Yes. [ ] When any guest stayed any room, that’s generally what we did.

Q. Question on line 17.

“And you found clothing around  Mr. Jackson’s bed just sort of thrown on the floor; is that correct?”

And then your answer below on line 23:  

“There was clothing, yes.”

Question: “Yes. And it was Mr. Jackson’s clothing, some of it?”

You answered:

“Some of it, yes.

“And some of it was Wade Robson’s clothing? “

Answer: “Yes.”

Question: And did you find dirty underwear lying on the floor around the bed?

Answer: “That’s part of clothing. “

Finaldi is trying to hammer in that Wade’s clothing was always around Michael’s bed, but Gayle says that it was usually near his suitcase. Finaldi does not give up and makes it a point that the suitcase must have been on the ground floor, so was not that far from the bed after all, however Gayle Goforth doesn’t remember the suitcase to be anywhere around Michael’s bed:

Question: Did you ever find any dirty clothes of Wade Robson around the bed in the upstairs area?”

Answer: “Generally around his suitcase. “

Q. Do you remember Wade Robson’s suitcase being on the ground level of Mr. Jackson’s bedroom by his bed?

A. No, I don’t recall his suitcase being there.

Q. So page 37, line No. 5, it says:

…did you on occasion find dirty clothing from children other than Wade in Mr. Jackson’s bedroom?

Answer: “Do you mean when Wade was there or do you mean when other children were there?”

Question: “When other children were there.”

Answer: “Yes”

So do you recall finding other kid’s clothes in the bedroom other than Wade’s?

A. I don’t recall exactly but when anybody stayed in the room, there was always clothing thrown around, and it didn’t necessarily mean it was around the bed. It was in the bathroom. it was near the shower or the bathtub or whatever. [ ] I saw everybody’s clothing around.

Q. But you saw kid’s clothing by Mr. Jackson’s shower in this bedroom?

A. I believe so. [ ]Usually, I would pick up towels, and clothes, and everything all in one and just take it into the laundry room and wash it.

Q. Did you ever wonder why there’s kid’s underwear on the floor in Mr. Jackson’s bedroom when he was an adult?

THE WITNESS: Well, I assume it was because they were changing clothes. You have to change clothes into clean clothes every day, and after they had taken a shower. I don’t know anything for a fact that, you know, who took showers where, when or how or what bed they slept in because generally both beds would be unmade so I don’t know who slept where.

Q. What do you mean by that? Say it again. So Wade said that he would always sleep in Mr. Jackson’s bed downstairs. He never slept upstairs.

A. Okay.

Q. And the bed upstairs was always made, so —

A. It was always made?

Q. ….do you remember whether the bed upstairs was ever unmade when Wade slept with Mr. Jackson?

THE WITNESS: Okay. I do recall many times going into Mr. Jackson’s bathroom, and a chase lounge there, and there would be blankets there and stacks of books that I had put away the previous day or whatever. And so it was very obvious he had slept there.

Q. Mr. Jackson would sleep in the bathroom?

A. On the chase lounge. It was a large bathroom.

Q. What years was this?

A. I don’t recall what years, but it was more often than not.

Q. You didn’t talk about that in your deposition anywhere.

A. Nobody asked me about anything like that. They didn’t ask me where he slept. I don’t know for a fact. I wasn’t there when they went to sleep.

Q. Did you ever see a sleeping bag on his floor?

A. Yes.

Q. How often?

A. I would take sleeping bags — when there were groups of kids there, I would take sleeping bags and blankets for them, and they would sprawl out wherever.

Q. Did you ever ask Mr. Jackson if he had the kids sleeping in his bed with him?

A. No. I had no reason to ask him that. It was none of my business.

Q. Well, were you ever concerned about the kids?

A. No, I wasn’t.

Q. Why not?

A Because I believed in Mr. Jackson. I didn’t believe anything was going on. I believed that when the children were there, he was the same age as them, and he could act like a kid and be a kid like them. They could stay up all night.

Q. Did you ever wonder why he was always hanging around with little boys?

A. Well, like I stated before []  I believed that it was so he could act like a kid too because he didn’t have a childhood.

Q. Who told you that? Did he tell you that?

A. No, he did not tell me that. That was just my feeling.

Wow, all of it came over us in a sort of an avalanche, so let us stop and take a breath and sort it out a bit.

So Gayle Goforth perfectly realizes that when Michael was with children he also behaved like a child, but seeing and feeling him for what he really was – a kid in a man’s body – she saw nothing extraordinary about it and knew that when he was with kids he was the same age as them.

His lost childhood finally caught up with him and he enjoyed it while he still could.

Gayle Goforth also describes the way she cleaned Michael’s personal quarters and what she saw there after some slumber parties. Personal quarters would be a better word for that bedroom as it was a very spacious family room with another bedroom over it that had a separate entrance to it from the corridor as well as three bathrooms (if we include the Jacuzzi) and two walk-in closets on both sides of the main room.

When some children stayed in those quarters they would sprawl the sleeping bags and blankets she would bring for them, and in the morning would use the bathrooms and take showers throwing their clothing and underwear everywhere around.

Wade Robson would leave his dirty clothes near his suitcase which was on the ground floor, but not anywhere around Michael’s bed, so leaving his underwear near his suitcase was just part of the routine of changing his clothes.

When Gayle said that she gathered the kids’ clothing scattered all over the place in order to wash them in a washing machine, she also accidentally mentioned that she didn’t know who slept where because in the morning both beds – downstairs and upstairs – would be unmade.

And she sounded very much surprised to hear Wade Robson’s claims that this was not the case. Finaldi tells her that according to Robson “the bed upstairs was always made” and Gayle Goforth is so amazed to hear it that she repeats in some disbelief: “It was always made?”

Well, this is what Robson says and Finaldi asks for a confirmation.

Apparently, Gayle can’t recall anything specifically, but what she does recall is that when she would go into Michael Jackson’s bathroom she would often find that he had slept on a chaise lounge there as there would be blankets in the bathroom and stacks of books that she had put away the day before.

It was obvious to her that he had slept on that bathroom chaise lounge and it wasn’t anything unique as it happened many times.

Now it is Finaldi’s turn to be amazed as he asks her in disbelief: “Mr. Jackson would sleep in the bathroom?”

But Gayle Goforth sees nothing strange about it as it was a large bathroom with a chaise lounge there, and adds that it was a regular occurrence as it took place “more often than not.”

The beauty of this hilarious scene is that Gayle Goforth doesn’t even seem to realize that she has just dropped a bomb. And a bomb it really is as we learn that when Michael’s quarters were taken by his child visitors, more often than not he would sleep in the bathroom and it was actually Michael himself, and not someone else, who stayed on that chaise lounge as there were stacks of books near it which Michael apparently read during his frequently sleepless nights.

Finaldi is still incredulous and wryly comments that she never said it in her deposition, to which Gayle Goforth replies that no one ever asked.

Now at this point – if this were a theatrical play – the scenario would require a mute scene with actors frozen in their motionless amazement and the curtain finally dropping while the audience still sits there trying to recover from the spectacular closing scene.

The audience has just discovered that not only did Michael often sleep in the bathroom but also the fact that his visitors routinely occupied both of his beds as well as the floor, and no one ever asked and ever learned any of it because for 30+ years the audience was fed only what the media wanted them to eat.

The audience also recalls that this was what Michael called “sharing his bed with others” which was actually not sharing but giving it away to another person while he himself would sleep on the floor or even in his bathroom.

Macauley Culkin once said to the late Larry King that “Michael was not very good at explaining himself and conveying what he was trying to say, so he didn’t quite understand why people reacted to his words the way they did. He was not a very social person”.

Thus, when Michael said that he was ready to share his bed with children people assumed that he was “inviting” them there, while the situation was exactly the opposite – the kids implored him to let them stay in his room, and when he relented it meant that he would have to sleep on the floor or even in the bathroom.

Well, leaving Michael Jackson there  – I mean sleeping on the chaise lounge – let me wish a very happy New Year to all those who are sick and tired of the media lies about Michael Jackson and want to know the genuine, innocent truth about him.

As Jesus Christ said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

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  1. December 4, 2022 7:55 am

    Helena, thanks for explaning. It’s tragedy that in our country there many bad professionals. I have no doubts that Robson, Seifchack and Dou are liers, with their many versions of awareness. God Bless you, as Michael said.


  2. December 3, 2022 8:32 am

    “I know from psychologists that the man could not perceive abuse as trauma, so it is possible that Robson and other can not remember events exactly. I am interested in to know what do you think about it…” -Tatiana

    It is non-professional of (some) psychologists to make a statement that covers only one tenth of the problem and ignore all the rest. To be able to really understand you need to see the full picture. And firstly, you should take into account the age of the abused child.

    An infant or a toddler, for example, cannot realize the abuse in principle. Imagine a mother or father washing the baby’s genitals after urination. Firstly, this action has nothing to do with abuse, and secondly, the baby does not realize what it is and feels it to be a normal part of his life. And it remains that way for a couple of years after that.

    In other words, the small and innocent kid regards as a norm everything that is done to him by an adult (and pedo monsters take advantage of it!) and that is why it is so important for parents to explain to him\her that no stranger should be allowed to touch their genitals.

    But even without any explainations preschoolers, for example, feel uncomfortable if something like that happens to them. I myself am an example of it. It happened to me when I was about 5 or 6, and I almost immediately knew that something was wrong. It somehow divided my life into ‘before’ and ‘after’.

    I was in a stupor and couldn’t go away. It wasn’t as bad as rape, but nevertheless things were never the same after that. I felt confused, terrified, and separated from other children – as if by a transparent wall. Being afraid that I would be punished I kept it a secret from my grandmother and mother. From that moment on I tried to never come in touch with that neighbor of ours again – he lived on the first floor and we lived on the fourth, so when I came to the stairs I jumped two steps at a time to run to our flat as fast as possible to never see him again.

    I am telling you this to explain that at the age of 5 or 6 kids already know that being touched there is not right – even if their parents don’t warn them in advance. When Dylan described the same thing done to her by Woody Allen I immediately recognized the bundle of emotions I went through myself and even had the same flush of nausea as before (and that’s 60+ years later!)

    So saying that children of that age don’t perceive things like that as a trauma is a lie or at least stretching the truth very much. They don’t know the word trauma but they do realize that something is wrong.

    A different situation arises if an incident like that happens after a long grooming of a child. Even in this case it will be a shock because the child has never experienced it before, but after the respective brainwashing (like saying that “everyone does it”) there is a chance that the child may accept it as a kind of a “norm”. This happens because with time the pervert earns the child’s trust in a way his own parents did. The kid will still be terrified and shocked, but may believe – until he or she grows up – that what happened to them was strange but still a “norm”.

    But if we take Robson as an example he does not fit any of these cases.

    At 30 he claims in his complaint that the abuse happened the very first time he saw Jackson on their family’s first visit to the USA. After neither seeing nor communicating with him for 2 years. But despite so sudden a turn of the events and total lack of grooming there is no trauma, no emotions, no nothing. All is great fun and normal for this 7-year old.

    Then someone explained to him that without grooming “feeling good” after a thing like that was impossible, so he changed the timing and moved the alleged abuse to the third day as per “Leaving Neverland” movie – as if a day or two could change anything in terms of grooming (it couldn’t).

    The third day had to be explained by another lie, so now he had to claim that his parents left him all alone at Neverland. However his mother testified that the family went to the Grand Canyon and ALL of them returned to Neverland a week later. And there isn’t a single witness to corroborate this new Robson’s lie.

    Not a single witness saw any 7-year old boy left all alone by his parents then and for a week too. Even Michael’s worst detractors like Quindoy, Blanca or anyone else never said it though when they left their job at the ranch they made up all sort of stories about MJ – except this one.

    Actually this omission is a vivid illustration that silence can tell much more than any loud lie could lie.

    And this guy is now claiming that even at the age of 22 when he testified in court to defend Jackson he didn’t realize that he had a trauma? But there he testified under oath that not only hadn’t he been abused but he hadn’t been even touched except probably on his hand or head!

    And now he is describing his alleged trauma in most graphic terms and asking for hundreds of thousand dollars (initially a billion) for his revelations? But really abused children are reluctant to describe their abuse in detail, even when they grow up!

    Speaking about psychologists, Dr. Richard Gardner (who evaluated Jordan Chandler and was an expert on false accusations) said about it:

    “Children who have been genuinely abused are often quite hesitant to reveal the abuse. . . . In contrast, those who are falsely accusing are likely to unashamedly and unhesitatingly describe their sexual experiences.”

    Robson and Safechuck are vivid examples of the latter.


  3. Tatiana permalink
    December 3, 2022 4:41 am

    Helena, thank you again for your work. It’s really impressed me and helps in my work. Thanks for you we can understand how Robson/Seifchac lie. I only would like to say that I know from psychologists that the man could not perceive abuse as trauma, so it is possible that Robson and other can not remember events exactly. I am interested in to know what do you think about it…


  4. November 30, 2022 6:53 pm

    Tatiana, I think that the list of witnesses is in the documents that were once on the website of the Santa Barbara court, but it is no longer there and the documents are no longer available to us. As far as I know, Safechuck was never on that list.


  5. Khurumova Tatiana permalink
    November 28, 2022 3:56 pm

    Helena, I need your help. Where can I find list of witnesses in court 2005? I want to use it in my book about MJ. I understand Seifchak was removed from this list, is it true?


  6. September 3, 2022 8:39 pm

    What’s also interesting about her testimony is that it occurred before Leaving Neverland (and Wade’s deposition in December of that year), so no one can possibly accuse her of trying to cover for Michael and deliberately contradict Wade’s claims about the upstairs room, or either of the accusers’ claims about bedroom arrangements. It makes her testimony that much more potent against the lies.


  7. January 11, 2022 4:43 pm

    “Much has happened, I am kaarin from long ago.”

    Kaarin, I am very happy to hear from you and hope that you are well!
    And yes, a lot has happened since those times.
    But we are still here…


  8. January 11, 2022 4:41 pm

    “I feel like you overlooked the most revealing part of Gayle’s testimony. I think you should do an article about that.” – janedi1

    Yes, there is still a lot more to say about Gayle’s deposition. So no, I haven’t overlooked it – I just need to focus on a new post. Hope it will not take too long 🙂


  9. January 11, 2022 1:58 pm

    Hi Helena ! I was on this blog for years in the past. Much has happened I am kaarin from long ago. Great that your posts are still on and rek´levant even more


  10. January 8, 2022 12:48 am

    I feel like you overlooked the most revealing part of Gayle’s testimony which is that she says she saw JUNE chandler as well as Lily Chandler lying on Michael’s bed with Michael and Jordan.

    This is something that has been hidden from the public. The Chandler have always pretended like June and Lily were banished to the guest quarters. I have found several sources including Gayle who have revealed that June and Lily often shared a bed with Michael as well.

    I think you should do an article about that.


  11. Dee permalink
    January 7, 2022 7:35 am

    Absolutely astounding work, research and analysis, dear Helena. Thank you for your incredible dedication and tireless efforts to clear Michael’s name.


  12. MoJo permalink
    January 3, 2022 12:53 pm

    Thank you so much, Helena. Another wonderful piece of work. Your love, loyalty and commitment to Michael is heart-warming.


  13. January 1, 2022 5:17 pm

    “I have stayed away from the manipulative mass media for decades – no newspapers or magazines, no tv or radio… It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life” – Bree

    Oh, I know that feeling. I stopped watching our national TV more than a decade ago, and never regretted it, and in the last several years lost all respect for the English-language media too. To my great disappointment, the majority of them turned out to be no better than ours.

    I don’t know who learned from whom in their manipulative techniques, but now they are quite similar and worthy of each other. The content may be different but the method is the same. Incidentally, when it comes to MJ our media parrots everything that is alleged about him in the West, so over here they are at one.

    The mainstream media’s never-ending campaign against Michael Jackson demonstrated to me their overall hypocrisy, bias and agenda better than anything else. No one could undermine their credibility better than they did it themselves.

    It is even surprising that they are so intent on vilifying Michael that for the sake of it are putting at stake even their own reputation. They must be extremely confident of themselves and their fakes, and must be equally scornful of their audience – otherwise, I don’t understand why they don’t even care.

    It is true that at the moment their method works as many have really lost their ability of individual thinking, but it seems to me that this cannot last forever. When the blind are guided by the blind all of them will fall into a pit one day.


  14. January 1, 2022 5:14 pm

    Thank you, dear truth-lovers, and may the New Year bring you much health and happiness too! And lots of good news!


  15. mlly21 permalink
    January 1, 2022 11:50 am

    Wow. Thank you for the work you continue to do. I am a new fan and I have learnt so much from your blog. Boy, after reading this I agree with Macaulay, he was really bad at explaining himself. This is good information. Happy New Year.


  16. Alessannie permalink
    January 1, 2022 6:19 am

    Thank you♥️


  17. Des permalink
    December 31, 2021 10:52 pm

    Happy new year to you too Helena, I too want you to know that your work is very important to everyone and here we are the first day of 2022 we are here on your blog trying to connect somehow with you with Michael, you are in our minds.Thank you.


  18. December 31, 2021 9:20 pm

    Excellent post! Thank you Helena for your great work vindicating Michael. A Happy New Year to you and yours!


  19. Jolanta Czajerek permalink
    December 31, 2021 8:21 pm

    Thank you Helena; Happy New Year!


  20. Bree permalink
    December 31, 2021 6:13 pm

    Thank you, Helena. I never believed any of the lies, and I have stayed away from the manipulative mass media for decades – no newspapers or magazines, no tv or radio, no using a mobile phone for anything other than calling someone and answering calls. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Every day I witness how people spend most of their spare time glued to a computer, cellphone, or tv screen. And I’ve found that most of these people have lost their ability to think for themselves and do their own research instead of just swallowing everything they’re being fed without questioning. Your work is so valuable, and I am grateful that you’re doing it, trying to uncover the truth and sharing it online. The facts you post are so helpful whenever I try to educate someone about the real MJ. Thank you for your commitment and dedication!

    Blessings to you and yours for the upcoming year.


  21. Marie Plasse permalink
    December 31, 2021 6:03 pm

    Thank you, Helena, for this post and all your hard work in the name of the truth! May the New Year bring you much health and happiness.


  22. Petra Schröder-Kaiser permalink
    December 31, 2021 5:28 pm

    Great work,…..thank you, Petra.


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