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Michael Jackson, the FIRST CHRISTIAN in the pagan world

April 7, 2012

“The early Christians used to stretch out their hands as a symbol of triumph, imitating the arms extended on the cross,” Eberhard Arnold

1. An Early Christian

When making my little study about Jehovah’s Witnesses whose beliefs Michael Jackson shared until the end of his life (despite being no longer their formal member) I encountered the following definition of JW  from the Office of Public Information of Jehovah’s Witnesses which attracted my attention by one detail:

  • “Jehovah’s Witnesses base their beliefs solely on the principles found in the Holy Bible and view first-century Christianity as their model.”

Wow, no one ever told us that they are keeping to the first-century Christianity as their model!

This was quite a revelation to me and rang a very personal note – I myself am totally intrigued by the first Christians, their life and beliefs, especially after watching at a close distance the present-day practices of some Christian churches which left me a little confused to say the very least.

Who can tell us better than the first Christians what Jesus’s teaching is all about? Studies show that even the ancient written word is not that flawless – the four present-day Gospels were compiled only in the 4th century after a long tradition of oral passing of Jesus’s words from one generation to another and in the process of it what-not could have happened to His word! It’s people who were retelling it to one another, not gods.

Why argue who is “saved” and who is not by shuffling and reshuffling all those modern interpretations of the Scripture if we can get direct instructions from the first Christians from 2000 years ago on how to live our life in accordance with Jesus’s words?  They knew of it from His immediate disciples who saw their teacher with their own eyes, listened and talked to him and passed it on to the people around them. Reading about their life and faith is like looking at the very heart of the truth shaved of all the layers of further interpretations which could have been added there by mistake or for various national, social or political reasons.

You cannot imagine what an incredible treat it is for me to find that the man I am trying to clean of all the dirt thrown at him was also interested in early Christianity as his Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs show it!  Now I can bet whatever you like that besides all those photography books which were such a hit with the prosecution at the 2005 trial, Michael Jackson must have kept a huge selection of books on religious matters and early Christianity which – as I’ve learned – is the foundation of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs.

If someone asks me why we should discuss early Christianity in a blog devoted to vindicating Michael Jackson I will refer them to Dr. Patrick Treacy who treated Michael’s skin condition in Ireland and summed up Michael Jackson’s life and faith very simply – he said that Michael was unique and that HE LIVED HIS FAITH.

Michael Jackson:Love is love and it breaks all boundaries and you just see it right away. I see it in children’s eyes. When I see children, I see helpless little puppies. They are so sweet. How could anybody hurt them? They are so wonderful.  ….. I think, children worship fun, love, they worship attention. They want a fun-filled day. things that, when you experience it with them you have a special place in their heart forever. It changes who they become and what our world becomes, the totality of what happens in this universe becomes. It is the future.

Dr. Patrick Treacy :

  • Nelson Mandela stood against the injustice of apartheid, Mother Theresa and Bono against the injustice of poverty, John Lennon against the injustice of war but Michael Jackson went further. His body of artistic work carried a spiritual message for these and all of the other injustices of the human race…those of racism, inequality, disease, hunger and corruption. ..“I’m starting with the man in the mirror; I’m asking him to change his ways; no message could have been any clearer; if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.
  • Few people remember that he donated all of the money from the song we just mentioned above to charity. Following the 1984 Victory Tour, he donated his $5 million share from the tour’s profits to charity.  In 1985, he co-wrote the single “We Are the World” with Lionel Richie and donated all of the proceeds to help the needy in Africa. Almost 20 million copies of “We Are the World” were sold, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. The project raised millions for famine relief. 
  • And his humanitarianism did not stop on the African continent. $1.5 million settlement to the Brotman Medical Centre in Culver City, California. This facility was later renamed the “Michael Jackson Burn Center” in honour of his donation. Using this money the facility was able to get the best available technology for treating burn victims, especially children.  In 1993, he gave all the profits from 67 concerts over eighteen months on the Dangerous World Tour to the Heal the World Foundation. In 1999, he organised a series of benefit concerts with Mariah Carey, Slash, Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti in Germany and Korea. He donated the total proceeds to the “Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund”, the Red Cross and UNESCO.  After 911, he helped organise the ‘United We Stand: What More Can I Give’ benefit concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. He also was given a special award from President Ronald Regan for his support of American drug and alcohol charities.
  • You can change the world
    (I can’t do it by myself)
    You can touch the sky
    (Gonna take somebody’s help)
    You’re the chosen one
    (I’m gonna need some kind of sign)
    If we all cry at the same time tonight                     MICHAEL JACKSON

    His last album, Invincible has a song called Cry.It is a song about the collective humanity of the earth. It carries a mission to change the world and create a better version of the human. It is a cry from another world. 

Michael had a never-ending ability to surprise you with his honesty and his unique approach to life. 


(Dr. Patrick Treacy)

We need to know about early Christianity because even if we agree that Michael lived his faith, how do we know what exactly he tried to live up to if we are unaware of his ideals? And vice versa, won’t early Christianity help us to understand Michael’s way of thinking and his approach to life?

It is through this comparison that we will be able to decide on our own, without any outside help from any minister, preacher or self-appointed “Biblical Christians” whether Michael Jackson was a true Christian or not, and our decision will be all the more correct as his life will be measured not by today’s extremely low standard of salvation by formal “accepting Jesus” only, but by the extremely high standards set for themselves by early Christians.

The English-language source to help us will be a Godsend of a book which I came across only a few days ago (when making a short study of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs).

2. The Book of Miracles

The fact that we have such a book is a miracle in itself. It was written by a German researcher Eberhard Arnold and is a collection of the original texts of the early Christians memoirs published in 1926.

The book is called “The Early Christians In Their Own Words”  (to download the book please click on the title).

Its subtitle says that it is a “Source book of original writings including texts by TERTULLIAN * HERMAS * IGNATIUS * JUSTIN * POLYCARP * IRENAEUS * ORIGEN * CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA * EXTRA-BIBLICAL SAYINGS OF JESUS”.

Here are some reviews about the book:

  • A Clear and vibrant faith lives in these writings. Now, almost two thousand years later, they remind us of the stark simplicity and revolutionary fervor that is at the heart of our faith. — Spiritual Book News 
  • Arnold’s selection of texts suggests the richness and diversity of early Christian faith, and stands as a yardstick with which to measure the poverty of our own spiritual life. Arnold finds his norm for the Christian life in the transitional century ending in A.D. 180. A Christianity as yet unspoiled by ecclesiastical or philosophical structures … this is the golden age from which Arnold takes inspiration. — Ford Lewis Battles, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • If you hold, like Arnold does, that Christianity is no longer Christianity if it departs too radically from its beginnings, then you must read this book. — Roland H. Bainton, Yale University 
  • The Early Christians is not merely a volume of historical sayings and recorded events; it reflects a faith and way of life aflame with uninhibited zeal and unwavering devotion. To anyone who has experienced the “first love” born of answering Jesus’s call to follow him, this will be no surprise. For nowhere else, and at no time since, has the world seen a more vibrant, unyielding (and even reckless, when one thinks of the thousands who paid for it with martyrdom) surge of enthusiasm than that shown by the early believers.  …The early Christians challenge us to see discipleship as a path away from “self” toward a wholly transformed social order. To them, it demanded a solidarity in which men and women of all backgrounds, creeds, and cultures would join hands in rejecting the spirit of the age and giving their lives instead to a new, diametrically opposed cause: the rulership of Christ on earth. In stark contrast to their pagan contemporaries  (the Latin pagani means “civilian” and implied indulgence in creature  comforts) they saw themselves as soldiers under oath; as fighters in a  deadly battle against the Prince of this world. To read the early Christians in their own words is to be confronted with a primal boldness and clarity that sweeps the horizon clean and forces us to take a new look at our own situation. –  The Editors, November 1997

Eberhard Arnold addresses his readers with the words the title and content of which startled me by the exact wording of what Michael Jackson talked about throughout his whole life – the necessity for grown up people to retain the childlike spirit in their souls.

Could Michael be reading Eberhard Arnold or did they come to one and the same idea independent of each other based on reading the Bible?  Whatever it is, Eberhard Arnold explains the idea in a way which makes it much easier to understand Michel Jackson too:

The Childlike Spirit

Eberhard Arnold: spoken August 10, 1933; printed in Writings (Orbis 2000).

The kingdom of God belongs to children. For this reason we can be led to the divine truth only if we have the childlike spirit. Certainly that does not mean that we should not be real men and women; the childlike spirit is not childish but rather unites itself with real manhood and real womanhood.

It is the spirit of confident trust, of humility and endurance – the spirit that rejoices and loses itself in the object of its love and is released from self-contemplation. It gives itself completely, unaware of strain and sacrifice, and spends itself as though absorbed in play. It is the spirit of courage, for the true child – like the true man or woman – is never afraid or fearful.

It is the answer to all our needs, for the childlike spirit comes from the Holy Spirit. And we must believe that this Spirit really exists and that we can receive it.

Michael Jackson: I love them so much. They’re my children, too. I remember we were In Australia and we were in this children-with-cancer ward and I started giving out toys. And I’ll never forget this one boy who was like eleven and when I got to his bed he said. “It’s amazing how just seeing you I feel so much better. I really do. That’s what he said and I have never forgotten it. It’s amazing and that’s what we are supposed to do.” “I spoke to Gavin last night and he said, “Michael, you don’t know how It hurts me. It hurts.” He started to cry on the phone and he said, I know you understand how It feels. It hurts so bad.” I said, “Well, how many more do you have?” He said, “Maybe four. But the doctor said maybe more after that.” It took his eyelashes away and his eyebrows and his hair….”

Long as this post is, it still includes only the minimum of the original texts from early Christians quoted by Eberhard Arnold and a couple of the author’s notes (to learn more about both I urge you to read the book).

But the minimum I’m posting here will surely help you to not only answer your questions about Michael Jackson’s Christianity but decide for yourself which present-day believer suits the name of a true Christian best of all.

In my opinion comparing our today’s beliefs and practices with what the immediate followers of Christ thought and did is the only way to learn who stands up to the name of a true Christian and who does not, independent of the branch of Christianity we belong to.

At the same time it will also be a perfect way to learn if Michael Jackson fits true Christianity and how well this 20th century entertainer and King of Pop compares with the first Christians.

And you will be astonished by the fact that the enemies of early Christians employed exactly the same methods as Michael Jackson’s harassers did 2000 years later – lies, slander and accusations of unspeakable crimes which they themselves were guilty of.

The incompatibility of the first Christians’ “misdeeds” and the punishment the ancient crowd fiercely demanded for them will also be quite a revelation to you. It really does look like the ways of evil are still the same and have not changed that much for the past 2 millenia.

The Early Christians In Their Own Words, by Eberhard Arnold


3. What they accused Christians of

  • Let no one have gods of his own, neither new ones nor strange ones, but only those instituted by the State.  No one may hold meetings at night in the city.  

Law from the Twelve Tables, 450 B.C. Cicero, On the Laws II.19.

  •  Of those who introduce new religions with unknown customs or methods by which the minds of the people could be disturbed, those of the upper classes shall be deported, and those of the lower  classes shall be put to death.  

 Legal decree according to the second-century pagan jurist Julius Paulus.  Collected Sentences V.21.

  • On the sixteenth day before the Calends of August [July 17,  180] … the Proconsul Saturninus said, “You can win the leniency of our lord  the Emperor if you return to reason.” Speratus answered, “We have never done wrong. We have not taken  part in any crime at all. We have never cursed. Even if we were ill-treated, we only gave thanks. Therefore we honor our Emperor.”

The Proconsul Saturninus said, “We too are religious people, and our  religion is simple. We swear by the genius of our lord the Emperor and offer sacrifices for his well-being. You must do that too.” 

Speratus answered, “If you lend me a quiet ear I will tell you the secret of simplicity.” 

Saturninus said, “As soon as you begin to say evil things about our rites, I will not lend my ear to you. Swear by the genius of our lord the Caesar!”

Speratus answered, “I do not recognize any empire of this present age. I serve that God whom no person has seen, or can ever see with these eyes. I have not stolen. On the contrary, when I buy anything I pay my taxes, for I know only one Lord, the king of kings, the ruler of all nations.” 

The Proconsul Saturninus said to the others, “Give up this persuasion.” 

Speratus replied, “It is an evil persuasion to commit murder and bear false witness.”

The Proconsul Saturninus said, “Do you want some time to consider?”

Speratus replied, “In such a just cause there is nothing to consider.”

The Proconsul Saturninus ordered it to be proclaimed by the herald: “I have commanded that Speratus, Nartzalus, Cittinus, Veturius, Felix,Aquilinus, Laetantius, Januaria, Generosa, Vestia, Donata, and Secunda be led forth to execution.” They all said, “Thanks be to God,” and were immediately executed with the sword.

Acts of Martyrs, official court minutes fromCarthage, July 17, 180.

  • Shmuley Boteach: Has God always answered your prayers?
    Michael Jackson: Usually. Absolutely. That’s why I believe in it.
    Shmuley B: Do you feel that he has been with you through some of the difficult things in life?
    Michael Jackson: There hasn’t been one thing that I have asked for that I didn’t get. It is not materialistic. I am going to say something I have never said before and this is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you and God knows I am telling the truth. I think all my success and fame, and I have wanted it, I have wanted it because I wanted to be loved. That’s all. That’s the real truth. I wanted people to love me, truly love me, because I never really felt loved. I said I know I have the ability. Maybe if I sharpened my craft, maybe people will love me more. I just wanted to be loved because I think it is very important to be loved and to tell people that you love them and to look in their eyes and say it.

    We are charged with being irreligious people and, what is more, irreligious in respect to the emperors since we refuse to pay religious  homage to their imperial majesties and to their genius and refuse to  swear by them.  High treason is a crime of offense against the Roman religion. Christians are considered to be enemies of the State, enemies of the public well-being…

Guards and informers bring up accusations against the Christians as sexual deviants and  murderers, blasphemers and traitors, enemies of public life, desecrators of temples, and criminals against the religion of Rome. Look, you do not deal with us in accordance with the formalities of criminal cases even though you consider the Christian guilty of every crime and an enemy of  the gods, emperors, laws, morals; yes, of the whole of nature. …We are publicly accused of being atheists and criminals who are guilty  of high treason.

Tertullian, To the Heathen (Nations) 1.17;  Apology 24, 27, 35, 50, 2,10; Justin, Second Apology

  • …Those who openly confessed were arrested, and then a vast multitude was convicted on the basis of their disclosures, not so much on the charge of arson as for their hatred of the human race. Their execution was made into a game: they were covered with the skins of wild animals and torn to pieces by dogs. They were hung on crosses. They were burned, wrapped in flammable material and set on fire as darkness fell, to illuminate the night. [Emperor] Nero had opened his gardens for this spectacle and put on circus games. He himself mingled with the crowd dressed as a charioteer or stood up high on a chariot. Although these people were guilty and deserved the severest penalty, all this gave rise to compassion for them, for it was felt that they were being victimized, not for the public good, but to satiate the cruelty of one man.

 (In the year 64) Tacitus, Annals XV.44.

  • The King [Herod Agrippa II] took the office of high priest [in Jerusalem] and gave it to the son of Ananos. The younger Ananos was an  extremely violent and bold character. He belonged to the group of the  Sadducees, who are more cruel in trials than the rest of the Jews. …Being this kind of man, he convened the high council of judges and brought before  them James, the brother of Jesus (called the “Messiah”), and several others.  He accused them of transgressing the laws and had them stoned.

 (In the year 62 or 63) Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews XX.9.1.

  • In the same year [A.D. 95] Domitian had executed, among many others, the Consul Flavius Clemens even though he was a cousin of his, and his wife, Flavia Domitilla, who was also related to Domitian. The accusation against both was that of atheism.

Dio Cassius, Roman History 67, ch. 14 (after A.D. 200).

  • Such is our report about the blessed Polycarp who, counting those from Philadelphia, was the twelfth to suffer martyrdom at Smyrna:

The whole mob, horrified at the heroism of the God- loving and God-fearing Christian sect, shouted, “Away with the atheists!  Get moving! Look for Polycarp!”

The proconsul replied, “Try to persuade the people.”

Polycarp answered him, “You I consider worthy that I should give an explanation, for we have been taught to pay respect to governments  and authorities appointed by God as long as it does us no harm. But as to that crowd, I do not consider them worthy of my defense.…We can never worship anyone else. We worship him because he is the son of God. “

The proconsul was astounded. Three times he sent his herald to announce in the midst of the arena, “Polycarp has confessed that he is a Christian!” No sooner was this announced by the herald, than the whole multitude, both pagans and Jews, the entire population of Smyrna, yelled  with uncontrolled anger at the top of their voices, “He is the teacher of  Asia! The father of the Christians! The destroyer of our gods! He has persuaded many not to sacrifice and not to worship.”

This they shouted, and they demanded of Philip, the high priest of public worship, that he let loose a lion upon Polycarp. He explained that he was not allowed to do this since the wild-beast combats had been closed. Then there arose a unanimous shout that Polycarp should be burned alive. Now everything happened much faster than it can be told. The mob rushed to collect logs and brushwood from the workshops and the public baths …When he had spoken the Amen and finished his prayer, the executioners  lit the fire.

The Martyrdom of the Holy Polycarp, recorded February22, A.D. 156.

Stories told by modern-day Pagans:“Jordie wanted to see the lion that Jackson called “Kimba.” Upon arriving at the lion’s cage, Jordie saw the poor condition he was in, not to mention the filth in which he lived. The security guards were watching the host and his guests from nearby, and saw the lion frighten
the children when he roared at them. “Michael saw that Brett, who was very timid, was scared,” recalled Abdul and other security guards who were present. “Michael then shouted at the lion, ‘You’re going to pay for scaring my boy.’ At Michael’s request, the children went to get buckets which were used for the animals’ food, and filled them with stones. All of them, especially Michael, began to stone Kimba, who began bleeding. Brett asked Michael not to do it anymore, saying that he was fine, but Michael continued throwing stones with Jordie. The poor lion didn’t know where to hide.”  (Victor Gutierrez’s lies about MJ in his MJWML book)

  • In the presence of all the people, the governor had given the order that all of us with our households should be investigated. Prompted by Satan, fearful of the tortures which they saw God’s people suffer, and  under pressure from the soldiers who talked them directly into it, pagan slaves in our service brought forth lies against us. These lies were the  usual accusations of cannibalism, unnatural sexual unions, and similar ghastly things which we should never speak or think about or even believe that they have ever happened among human beings. When this  became known among the pagans, they all flew into a truly bestial rage against us.

…Most of those who had denied their faith were received back into the bosom of the church. The fire of their lives was rekindled and burned brightly. They learned to confess and stood before the tribunal again, full of life and vigor, once more to be plagued by the governor. In the meantime the command of the Emperor had arrived: those who denied  their faith should be set free; the others should be executed.

The great festival had just begun. Large numbers of people had flocked together from many faraway places. Before the eyes of the crowd the governor had all the blessed ones conducted to the tribunal  in a ceremonial procession. Again he started to examine them. All those who clearly possessed Roman citizenship were beheaded. The rest were  sent to the wild beasts. Christ was glorified magnificently by those who  had formerly denied him. The pagans could not grasp it. They gave witness.  Attalus sat in the iron chair. His body burned. The fumes rose up. On being asked, “What is God’s name?” he answered, “God does not have a  name as a man has.”

Letter from Vienne and Lyons (Southern France) to Phrygia:  Eusebius V.1 ff. In the year 177. 

  • There was a certain woman who lived with a dissolute husband. She herself had formerly lived licentiously. After having learned the teachings of Christ she changed and then tried to persuade her husband to live a purer life too…She forced herself to stay with him, for her friends had persuaded her to continue the marriage in the hope that her husband might change his ways at some future time. However when he traveled to Egypt and news reached her that his conduct was worse than ever, she separated herself from him in order not to participate in his vices and impieties by remaining married to him and sharing his table and bed. She gave him a bill of divorce according to Roman custom. Her noble husband should have been delighted that she, after her former reckless behavior with servants and employees and her indulgence in drink and every vice, had now given up all this and even wanted to dissuade him from these things. Instead he brought a charge against her. Since she had separated herself from him against his will, he charged her with being a Christian.

Justin, Second Apology 1,2, inA.D. 150.

  • We too were the same as you. We were blind and callous, sharing your ideas in supposing that the Christians worshipped monsters, devoured children, and joined in lascivious feasts. At that time we undertook the legal defense and protection of individual cases of sacrilege or incest or even parricide, but we regarded them [the Christians] as not entitled even to a hearing. 

Stories told by modern-day Pagans: “I want to go get you a big, juicy story” [A Canadian boy about Jackson to Diane Dimond, later found to be a lie]

  • What is done in public by you and recognized by the State, you hold against us as if we practiced it in darkness after overturning the light.

Justin, First Apology 27.

  •  Because we do not make any distinctions in rank and outward appearance, or wealth and education, or age and sex, they devise an accusation against us that we practice cannibalism and sexual perversions.  

Tatian, Address to the Greeks 31.7–35.

  • [a Pagan testimony about Christian rituals]:  They form a rabble of profane conspiracy. Their alliance consists in meetings at night with solemn rituals and inhuman revelries. They replace holy rites with inexpiable crimes. They despise temples as if they were tombs. They disparage the gods and ridicule our sacred rites. They look down on our priests although they are pitiable themselves. They despise titles of honor and the purple robe of high government office though hardly able themselves to cover their nakedness.

Just like a rank growth of weeds, the abominable haunts where this impious confederacy meet are multiplying all over the world, due to the daily increase of immorality. Root and branch, it should at all costs be  exterminated and accursed. They recognize each other by secret signs  and symbols. They love one another before being acquainted, so to speak. Everywhere they practice a kind of religious cult of lust, calling  one another “brother” and “sister” indiscriminately. Thus, under the  cover of these hallowed names, ordinary fornication becomes incest.

Stories told by modern-day Pagans: Philippe Lamarque, who worked in Neverland for half a year,later created a “Virtual Sin” porn site. Recorded tapes in possession of Paul Baressi prove that for $100,000 Lamarque said he had seen Jackson touch Macaulay Culkin outside his shorts, but for $500,000 the hand would go inside the shorts. Journalist Matt Taibbi said about this “most compromised collection of prosecution witnesses”: “The chief drama of the trial quickly turned into a race to see if the DA could manage to put all of his witnesses on the stand without getting any of them removed from the courthouse in manacles.”  The demand for $500,000 was not a chance one – Lemarque was in debt for about that sum.

They consecrate and worship the head of a donkey, the meanest of all animals. They even reverence the genitals of their president and priest, adoring in this the creative power of their father. This suspicion may be false, but at any rate it fits the character of their secret nocturnal rites. To venerate an executed criminal and the gallows, the wooden cross on which he was executed, is to erect altars which befit lost and depraved wretches. The blood of the infant – oh, how abominable – they lap up greedily, they distribute its limbs with passionate eagerness.

Their feastings are notorious. …After a surfeit of feasting, when the blood is heated and drinking has inflamed impure  passions, a dog which has been tied to the lamp stand upsets and extinguishes the tale-telling light. Darkness covers their shamelessness, and  lustful embraces are indiscriminately exchanged. All single acts correspond to the will of all…Otherwise why do they have no altars, no temples, no images? Why do they not speak in public? Why do they never meet in the open? Is it not simply because what they worship and conceal is criminal and shameful?

Minucius Felix, Octavius 8.4; 9.1–6; 10.2.

  • They say I am incestuous…I murder babies…I am a malefactor against the gods, against the emperors…Yet they do not give me a hearing. 

Tertullian, Apology 4.

  • It is for our singular  innocence, our great honesty, our justice, purity, and love of truth, yes, it is for the living God that we are burned to death. Thus you inflict a punishment  on us which usually you do not inflict on actual temple robbers or enemies of the State or on the great number guilty of high treason. 

Tullian, To the Heathen I.3.

  • I am concerned to demonstrate from those things which are  considered honorable among you that our morals are pure, but yours are mad in many respects. How is it that you are not ashamed to slander the good name of our women – you who have such a large number of vile and useless poetesses, wanton women, and worthless men? Who can endure it any longer that even fratricide [the act of a person killing his or her brother] is honored among you? 
  • If only somebody would climb up on to a high platform and cry out at the top of his voice, “Be ashamed, oh, be ashamed, you who accuse innocent people of the very crimes you yourselves openly commit,  you who attach to those who do not have the slightest part in them the  things of which you and your gods are guilty! Change your lives, and come to your senses!”

 Justin, Second Apology 12.

Really, if these words had not been said 2000 years ago we could have easily attributed them to those who relentlessly persecuted Michael Jackson in our age. In fact we ourselves have asked the same question “Why are they doing it to him?” on innumerable occasions.

Eberhard Arnold explains why the Roman nobility and crowd told wild stories about the first Christians. They could not find any real fault with these innocent people but suspected that under the cover of the night, when Christians gathered together, they committed abominable crimes. The harassers of Christians accused them of the worst things their own dirty imagination suggested them or even the crimes they themselves were guilty of.  Ridiculous as it might look at first sight but it is not really very much different from the situation a pure soul like Michael found himself in:

The Christians’ sharp condemnation of the dishonesty, impurity, violence, and mammonism [the greedy pursuit of riches] in public life far outweighed what they accepted of the existing law and order, and it brought them all the more hatred.

The early Christians knew only one form of disobedience to government authority: passive resistance which endures everything, even death. There was no other way to demonstrate their certainty that the powers of the State can and will be abolished by a new order – by God alone. They took their stand firmly on the side of this new order of God.

However much they protested or proved their loyalty, though, the Christians were misfits in society. The Jews were already an affront to society with their separatism and imageless worship of God, which made them a “second race.” The Christian faith in God went a decisive step further.  For the pagans, this explained the repulsively novel life the Christians led: it was godless. Christians were looked upon as a downright monstrous “third race” and accused of intolerable atheism. This explains why at that time the Roman state fought against the Christians as “criminals,” “desperate and forsaken people,” “public enemies,” “dregs of the nations,” and “monstrous phenomena.”

…. Non-Christians were called “civilians” or pagani, from which the word “pagan” stems. (Eberhard Arnold, 1926)

4. What the first Christians believed in

Reading the original texts makes you realize that Jesus opened the door for his followers to believe in God, the Creator.

He showed them a way how to  ‘imitate God’ and they lived by these principles focusing on their deeds. And it was primarily their way of life, and not their faith in God who was not seen to a human eye, which the people around them – tired of their own filth and indulgence – found so inspiring and irresistible:

  • Now through Jesus they have come to believe in the almighty God.

 Justin, Dialogue with Trypho 83.4.

  • We who worship the creator of this world are not atheists. What sensible person will not admit this? Moreover, we want to make it known that we recognize Jesus Christ, who is our teacher in these things, who was born for this purpose and was crucified under Pontius Pilate, Procurator of Judea at the time of the Emperor Tiberius, as the true son of God. To him therefore we give the second place, and with good reason we honor the prophetic Spirit in the third place.

 Justin, First Apology 13.

  • We constantly plead with God through Jesus Christ to be liberated from them in order that through him we may turn to God and be without reproach. For we do call him Savior and Redeemer! From what happens today it is clear to all that his father gave him so great a power that even the demons surrender to his name and to the saving power of his suffering.

Justin, Dialogue with Trypho 30.3.

  •  Among us you can find uneducated people, artisans, and dear old mothers who would not be able to put into words the usefulness of their teaching, but by their deeds they demonstrate the usefulness of their principles. They do not repeat words learned by heart, but they show good deeds: when hit they do not hit back, when robbed they do not go  to court, they give to those who ask, and they love their fellowmen as themselves. 

Athenagoras, A Plea Regarding Christians 11. 

  • From ancient times wicked demons in human form defiled women, corrupted boys, and showed men such terrifying sights that whoever did not have the insight to discern what was happening became confused. Obsessed by fear, they failed to recognize them as evil demons. They called them “gods” and gave to each the name which each demon had given to himself.

 Justin, First Apology 5.

  • So, then, we are called atheists. We confess that we are atheists as far as such false gods are concerned but not with respect to the true God, the father of justice, self-control, and of all other good qualities, the God who is free from all taint of evil. No. We worship and adore him and the Son who came from him and taught us these things, the host of other good angels who follow him and are very much like him, and the prophetic Spirit. To these we give honor in reason and in truth.

Justin, First Apology 6.

When I was young, my whole family attended church together in Indiana. As we grew older, this became difficult, and my remarkable and truly saintly mother would sometimes end up there on her own. When circumstances made it increasingly complex for me to attend, I was comforted by the belief that God exists in my heart, and in music and in beauty, not only in a building. But I still miss the sense of community that I felt there–I miss the friends and the people who treated me like I was simply one of them. Simply human. Sharing a day with God.
When I became a father, my whole sense of God and the Sabbath was redefined. When I look into the eyes of my son, Prince, and daughter, Paris, I see miracles and I see beauty. Every single day becomes the Sabbath. Having children allows me to enter this magical and holy world every moment of every day. I see God through my children. I speak to God through my children. I am humbled for the blessings He has given me.
There have been times in my life when I, like everyone, has had to wonder about God’s existence. When Prince smiles, when Paris giggles, I have no doubts. Children are God’s gift to us. No–they are more than that–they are the very form of God’s energy and creativity and love. He is to be found in their innocence, experienced in their playfulness.
My most precious days as a child were those Sundays when I was able to be free. That is what the Sabbath has always been for me. A day of freedom. Now I find this freedom and magic every day in my role as a father. The amazing thing is, we all have the ability to make every day the precious day that is the Sabbath. And we do this by rededicating ourselves to the wonders of childhood. We do this by giving over our entire heart and mind to the little people we call son and daughter. The time we spend with them is the Sabbath. The place we spend it is called Paradise.

  • There will never be another God, nor has there ever been another God from eternity, except the one, who created and ordered this universe. Furthermore, we believe that our God is none other than yours. According to our faith he is one and the same God as he who with a strong hand and an outstretched arm led your fathers out of Egypt. We have placed our trust in no other God (for there is no other) but only in him whom you also have trusted, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

 The law proclaimed on Horeb is of course obsolete and belongs to you alone, whereas ours is for all men everywhere and at all times. Now whenever a law is laid down in opposition to another law, it supersedes the former one. In the same way, a later compact annuls the former one. Christ has been given to us as the eternal and final law. We can rely on the covenant, after which there will be no further law, no precept, no command.

Justin, Dialogue with Trypho the Jew 11.1, 2.

  • Do you think we conceal the object of our worship because we have no temples and altars? What image of God can I invent since in reality man himself is God’s image? What temple shall I build him when the whole world, the work of his hands, cannot contain him? And I, a man who lives comparatively spaciously, should I shut up the greatness of such majesty in a single small cell?
  • Should we not rather make a sanctuary for him in our souls? Should we not consecrate a holy place to him in our inmost hearts? Shall I sacrifice little and big animals to him? After all, he created them for my use, and so I could only return to him his own gift. 

Minucius Felix, Octavius 32.1, 2, 4, 7–9.

  • Chosen king of the world to come, he took up battle against the one who received the rulership for the present time, as it was ordained beforehand. What grieved him most sorely was this, that he was attacked in ignorance by the very people for whom he waged the fight as for his own children. And yet he loved those who hated him, mourned  over those who did not believe in him, blessed those who abused him,  and prayed for his enemies. He not only acted like a father himself, but he also taught his disciples to do the same in their attitude [toward others],  to act toward them as toward their own brothers.

Clementine Homelies III.19.

  • You can see that the crucified Christ possesses the hidden power  of God: every demon, in fact all and every power and authority on earth,  trembles before him. The Word revealed that the nations shall believe in him. You can see it  with your own eyes, for we who are men of all nationalities have become God-fearing and righteous through our faith in Christ, and we wait for his future coming.

Justin, Dialogue with Trypho the Jew 49.8; 52.4.

  • “If everyone were to act the same as you [Christians], the national  government would soon be left utterly deserted and without any help,  and affairs on earth would soon pass into the hands of the most savage  and wretched barbarians.” Celsus next exhorts us to help the Emperor and be his fellow soldiers. To this we reply, You cannot demand military service of Christians any more than you can of priests. We do not go forth as soldiers with the  Emperor even if he demands this, but we do fight for him by forming our own army, an army of faith through our prayers to God.

I dreamed a dream – Heal the world:
This world is heavenly
Be god’s glow
We could fly so high
Let our spirits never die
In my heart
I feel you are all
My brothers
Create a world with
No fear
Together we’ll cry
Happy tears
See the nations turn
Their swords
Into plowshares                                                            [MICHAEL JACKSON]

Origen, Against Celsus, Celsus against the Christians, VIII. 68, 73.

  • We ourselves were well conversant with war, murder, and everything  evil, but all of us throughout the whole wide earth have traded in  our weapons of war. We have exchanged our swords for plowshares, our spears for farm tools. Now we cultivate the fear of God, justice, kindness to men, faith, and the expectation of the future given to us by the Father  himself through the crucified one…We do not give up our confession  though we be executed by the sword, though we be crucified, thrown to  wild beasts, put in chains, and exposed to fire and every other kind of  torture. Everyone knows this. On the contrary, the more we are persecuted  and martyred, the more do others in ever-increasing numbers  become believers and God-fearing people through the name of Jesus.

  Justin, Dialogue with Trypho 110.3, 4.

  • I do not wish to be a ruler. I do not strive for wealth. I refuse offices connected with military command. Fornication I detest. No insatiable hunger for gold drives me to go to sea. I do not fight for a victor’s laurels. I am free from the mad thirst for fame. I despise death. I stand above every illness. No grief consumes my soul.

Tatian, Address to the Greeks 11.2.

  • We must then offer no resistance. He never wanted us to imitate  the wicked. Rather, he challenged us to lead everyone away from shamefulness and pleasure in evil by patience and kindness. We can in fact show that many who were once among you have been transformed  in this way. They gave up their violent and domineering ways. Either they were conquered by the sight of their neighbors’ patient life, or they were convinced by noticing the extraordinary kindness and patience of  some defrauded traveling companions, or they were overcome by encountering and testing this attitude in people with whom they had business  dealings. Anyone who is not found living in accordance with his  teachings should not be regarded as a Christian even if he confesses to Christ’s teaching with his lips. For he said that only those shall be saved  who do not just talk, but who also do the corresponding works.

 Justin, First Apology 16.

When early Christians talked of false phophets they were speaking of those who confess Jesus but pay to him lip service only as they do not live according to his teachings. Even if these people confess to Christ’s teaching they are not to be regarded as Christians at all – they only talk  but do not do the corresponding works. They style themselves as Christians while in fact they are godless, slanderous and engage in wickedness.

  • Even to this day, spiritual gifts of prophecy are to be found  among us. And just as there were false prophets among you [the Jews] alongside your holy  prophets, so there are many false teachers in our midst now. Our Lord  himself in his day warned us against such men.

 Justin, Dialogue with Trypho 82.1–3.

  • With none of them have we fellowship, for we know that in their impiousness and godlessness, in their sinfulness  and slanderousness, they confess Jesus in name only without really worshipping him. They style themselves Christians as those pagans do who write God’s name on the work of their hands and then indulge in wicked and godless rites…

Justin, Dialogue with Trypho 35.5–8.

  • We, on the other hand, have been taught – and we believe it  firmly – that God accepts in mercy only those who live in accordance with the good that dwells in God, namely, self-control, justice, love of our fellowmen, and whatever else is characteristic of God, of him to whom no name can be allotted by which to call him.

 Justin, First Apology 10.

  • We who ourselves used to have pleasure in impure things now cling to chastity alone. We who dabbled in the arts of magic now consecrate ourselves to the good and unbegotten God. We who formerly treasured money and possessions more than anything else now hand over everything we have to a treasury for all and share it with everyone  who needs it. We who formerly hated and murdered one another and did not even share our hearth with those of a different tribe because of  their customs, now, after Christ’s appearance, live together and share the same table. Now we pray for our enemies and try to win those who hate us unjustly so that they too may live in accordance with Christ’s wonderful  teachings, that they too may enter into the expectation, that they too may receive the same good things that we will receive from God, the ruler of the universe.

The first Christians used the word children for some people among their ranks. This was how they called those who did not marry and chose to live their life in chastity and innocence. It was not at all rare for people to live as children until a very old age, though this path was not followed by the majority of Christians who respected them very much but wondered why God created them at all if not to continue life?

  • Many men and women who were Christ’s disciples from their youth remain chaste even though they live to the age of sixty or seventy. I believe I am able to prove that there are such people in every class of  men – not to mention the countless throng of those who, after leading a  licentious life, have repented and accepted these teachings. Christ did not call the righteous and abstemious to a change of heart but the godless, the dissolute, and the unjust.

 Justin, First Apology 15.

  • Those who lived in innocence, following God’s command, were  called “children” in the earliest times as Papias tells in the first book of his Sayings of the Lord Explained.

Clement of Alexandria in The Tutor; Maximus Confessor, Comments on Dionysius the Areopagite’s Ecclesiastical Hierarchy 2.

  • Either we marry for the sole purpose of bringing up children, or else we renounce marriage altogether and remain continent.

 Justin, First Apology 29.

  • Must it not be entirely wrong to accept as good one part of what God has created for men’s use, but to reject another part as useless and superfluous?

 Letter to Diognetus 4.

Michael with Tatum O’Neal

Poor boy, with his nature and upbringing he was absolutely not ready for the surprise visit she arranged for him. Michael speaks of that embarrassing experience with Martin Bashir:
BASHIR: “And was it a typically romantic adolescent love affair?”
MICHAEL: “Yeah it was, but I don’t think I was ready for some of the things she was talking about.”
“I was pretty naïve, I’m not joking! I hope she forgives me for telling this story. Okay, Tatum, please forgive me. Uh…I remember her telling me to come over to the house…to her house…a Beverly Hills too…and…what she’s going to do to me when I come…you know, all the…” (Michael makes a motion as if to say you know what I mean)
BASHIR: “Well, what did she say?”
MICHAEL (grimaces reluctantly but then answers): “All the sexual stuff. So I am scared to death.”
BASHIR : “So she rings you and says: ‘Michael, come to my house. I’m going to make love to you’?”
MICHAEL: “Yeah.”
BASHIR (off camera): “And you…you’re really scared?”
MICHAEL: “I’m scared…scared… Cause I’ve never done anything like that. I came over there trying to be Mr. Big Shot and brave. I remember she cut out all the lights in her bedroom, opened the curtains, you could see the whole skyline of the city, over the cliff – it was beautiful…and she told me to go over and lie on the bed, and I did, I laid on the bed…and she slowly walked over… and… she…(Michael moves his hand to the top button his shirt) touched the button of my shirt to open it and I took my hands like this (Michael covers his face with both hands) and I wouldn’t let them down… and she… just walked away. She knew I was too shy for it. That’s what happened.
BASHIR (off camera): “Did you not feel tempted at all? (Michael shakes his head no.) You just felt frightened.”
MICHAEL: “I was frightened. I was afraid. I don’t think I was ready for that.”

  • Women who wear gold ornaments are evidently afraid that without their ornaments or stripped of their jewelry they might be taken for slaves. True nobility, however, is found in the beauty and substance of the soul. It does not recognize the slave by the price he fetches at a sale but by his unfree spirit. For us, what corresponds to freedom is not a mere semblance, but a being free because God, who even accepted us to be his children, is our educator. Therefore we must attain the highest degree of freedom in the way we bear ourselves at rest or in motion, in the way we walk and dress: in a word, in every part of life.

Clement of Alexandria, The Tutor III.11.59.

  • That we for the most part must be considered poor is no disgrace to us but an honor. A life of luxury weakens the spirit. Frugality makes it strong. And yet, how can anyone be considered poor who does not feel any want, who does not covet what belongs to others, who is rich in God’s eyes? Much more should he be considered poor who always craves for more while he already has much.

Just as a man traveling on the road is the better off the lighter his bundle, so too, he who makes himself light by poverty, who does not need to pant under the burden of wealth, is happiest on his journey through life. If we regarded wealth as useful we would ask God for it. He surely could give us a share of it, for everything belongs to him, but we would rather despise wealth than have it in our hands.

 Minucius Felix, Octavius 36.3–7.

  • Happiness does not consist in ruling over one’s neighbors or in longing to have more than one’s weaker fellowmen. Nor does it consist in being rich and in oppressing those lowlier than oneself. No one can imitate God by doing such things. They are alien to his sublimity. On the contrary, anyone who takes his neighbor’s burden upon himself, who tries to help the weaker one in points where he has an advantage, who gives what he has received from God to those who need it, takes God’s place, as it were, in the eyes of those who receive. He is an imitator of God. In this way, though living on earth, you will know with awe that there is a God who reigns in heaven, and you will begin to proclaim the mysteries of God. Then you will learn to love and admire those who are punished by death because they refuse to deny God. In this way you will despise the deception and error of the world.

 Letter to Diognetus 10.

  • It is the Christians, O emperor, who have sought and found the truth. We have realized it from their writings; they are closer to the truth and to a right understanding than all the other peoples, for they acknowledge God. They believe in him, the creator and builder of the universe, in whom all things are and from whom everything comes. They worship no other God. They have his commandments imprinted on their hearts. They observe them because they live in the hope and expectation of the coming age of the world. They do not commit adultery. They do not live in fornication. They speak no untruth. They do not keep for themselves the goods entrusted to them. They do not covet what belongs  to others. They honor father and mother. They show love to their neighbors. They pronounce judgments which are just. They do not worship idols in human form. They do not do to another what they would not wish to have done to themselves. They do not eat the food sacrificed to idols, for they are pure. They speak gently to those who oppress them, and in this way they make them their friends. It has become their passion to do good to their enemies. Their women, O emperor, are pure like virgins. Their daughters are chaste, kind, and gentle. Their men refrain  from all unlawful intimate relationships. They keep free from all impurity, for they live in the expectation of the recompense to come in the other world. Any male or female slaves or dependents whom individuals among them may have, they persuade to become Christians because of the love they feel towards them. If they do become Christians, they are brothers to them without discrimination.
  • They worship no alien gods. They live in the awareness of their smallness. Kindliness is their nature. There is no falsehood among them. They love one another. They do not neglect widows. Orphans they rescue from those who are cruel to them. Every one of them who has anything gives ungrudgingly to the one who has nothing. If they see a traveling stranger they bring him under their roof. They rejoice over him as over a real brother, for they do not call one another brothers after the flesh, but they know they are brothers in the Spirit and in God. If one of them sees that one of their poor must leave this world, he provides for his burial as well as he can. And if they hear that one of them is imprisoned or oppressed by their opponents for the sake of their Christ’s name, all of them take care of all his needs. If possible they set him free. If anyone among them is poor or comes into want while they themselves have nothing to spare, they fast two or three days for him. In this way they can supply any poor man with the food he needs.


  • Truly it is they who have sought and have found the truth, and from what we have understood here we must conclude that they alone are close to the knowledge of truth. Yet they do not cry out in the ears of the masses the good deeds they do. Rather, they take care that no one should notice them. They hide their giving like someone who conceals a treasure he has found. They strive for righteousness because they live in the expectation of seeing Christ in his radiance and receiving from him the fulfillment of the promises he made to them.
  • Heal the world

    A note for those who do not know yet why Michael Jackson gave away money to the left and to the right


MICHAEL JACKSON: Old people and children are very much alike. They are carefree and play-free and simple and sweet. It is just a spiritual feeling. I don’t visit old people’s homes as much as I have the orphanages. A lot of them get Alzheimer’s and they don’t recognize. But I have a great relationship with older people. I love talking to older people and they can tell you stories about when they were kids and how the world was in those days and I love that. There was an old Jewish man in New York a long time ago who said to me, “Always be thankful for your talent and always give to the poor people. Help other people. When I was a little boy my father said to me, ‘We are going to take these clothes and these pieces of bread and we are going to wrap them up and you run down the street and up the stairs and knock on the people’s door and place it in font of the door and run!’ I said, ‘Why did you tell us to run?’ He said ,”Because when they open the door I don’t want them to feel the shame. They have pride. That is real charity.” I have never forgotten that (story of the old man). That’s sweet, isn’t it? And he did that as a little boy all the time.

SCHMULEY BOTEACH: So have you tried to do charitable acts that no one knows about?

MICHAEL JACKSON: Yes, without waving the flag. He is saying real charity is giving from the heart without taking credit, and when he ran they didn’t know who had left it. It was like God had dropped it there, you know? It was so beautiful. I never forgot that story. I was around eleven when I was told that.

  • Take their writings and read in them, and you will see that I have not invented anything here and that I have not spoken as their partisan. Rather, through reading their writings I came to these firm convictions, also regarding the future things to which they bear witness. It is for this reason that I felt urged to declare the truth to those who are ready for the truth and ready to seek the world of the future.

 Aristides, Apology 15,16; ca. A.D. 137. 

  • Christians cannot be distinguished from the rest of humankind  by country, speech, or customs. They do not live in cities of their own; they do not speak a special language; they do not follow a peculiar manner of life. Their teaching was not invented by the ingenuity or  speculation of men, nor do they advocate mere book learning, as other  groups do. They live in Greek cities and they live in non-Greek cities according  to the lot of each one. They conform to the customs of their country in dress, food, and the general mode of life, and yet they show a remarkable, an admittedly extraordinary structure of their own life together.  They live in their own countries, but only as guests and aliens.  They take part in everything as citizens and endure everything as aliens.  Every foreign country is their homeland, and every homeland is a foreign country to them. They marry like everyone else. They beget children,  but they do not expose them after they are born. ...They love all people and are persecuted by all.  Nobody knows them, and yet they are condemned. …They are as poor as  beggars, and yet they make many rich. They lack everything, and yet they have everything in abundance. They are dishonored, and yet have their glory in this very dishonor. They are insulted, and just in this they are vindicated. They are abused, and yet they bless. They are assaulted,  and yet it is they who show respect. Doing good, they are sentenced like evildoers. When punished with death, they rejoice in the certainty of being awakened to life. Jews attack them as people of another race, and Greeks persecute them, yet those who hate them cannot give any reason to justify their hostility.

In a word: what the soul is in the body, the Christians are in the world.  Invisible, the soul is enclosed by the visible body: in the same way the Christians are known to be in the world, but their religion  remains invisible.

… When the body is poorly provided with food and drink, the soul gains strength. In the same way the number of Christians  increases day by day when they are punished with death. Such is the important task God has entrusted to the Christians and they must not shirk it.

 Letter to Diognetus 5, 6 (end of second century). 

  • “Investigations are made only into the Christian banquets. Legally they are not allowed because they are regarded as unlawful meetings. According to the law such banquets are to be condemned as soon as anyone files a complaint on the basis of the paragraphs of the law enacted against secret societies. But have we ever met to hurt anyone? In our meetings we are the same as when we are scattered; jointly we are the same as individually. This we are without damaging or hurting anyone. When upright, good, believing and pure people join together, that should not be called a secret society, but a senate. On the contrary, those gatherings should be called secret societies which conspire to hate good and honest men, which call out for blood of innocent people.To justify their hate they use as a pretext their mad and groundless belief that the Christians are the principal cause of every public disaster and every misfortune of the people. If the Tiber rises over the city walls, or the other way around, if the Nile does not flood the fields, if the weather is not favorable, if there is an earthquake, or if there is a plague, then the cry is immediately raised, “The Christians to the lions!”

Tertullian, Apology 39, 40, A.D. 198.

What some regard now as fairy tales about the first Christians was actually true to life – they did work miracles! Eberhard Arnold says that they were driven by the mystery of the Spirit and saw him at work. Many of them remained chaste because all their energy was consumed by work, and the power of Spirit of these people was so huge that it was not uncommon to see the apostles working miracles on people. However as the power of Spirit in later generations diminished so the power of healing and prophecy ebbed away too.

Eberhard Arnold: “It is probably impossible to visualize how seriously the early Christians took the heroic service of the Spirit. … The Spirit, since he reveals God, invariably engenders strict moral responsibility. The inner voice, heard in every conscience awakened by the Spirit, is consistent with the goal of God’s way.

Whenever God reveals himself, bringing boundless forgiveness and renewal, it first means sharp chastisement and purification. There was a woman whose hypocritical and impure life was unmasked by the spirit working in Paul; she was thrown to the ground, paralyzed. The hands of a young man withered when he shared in the meal because he tried to hide a murderous act from the all-seeing Spirit. The apostles were equipped with both the power to reveal the true state of a person and the authority to forgive; both gifts were inseparable; both revealed the truth. To be filled with the Spirit meant purity, truth, and love in daily life, and sure guidance in all they did. Only then could the Spirit say what was in people’s hearts…

God did call out other, new apostles, even after he had sent out the twelve and Paul. Tertullian and Origen confirmed this and gave the name of “apostles” to the seventy disciples in the Gospels. The apostles’ task was to reveal God’s truth directly through the Spirit. … Because it was a mandate given by God, apostolic power was revealed in miraculous deeds like those of Christ: the lame walked, the blind saw, the deaf heard, the sick became well, the dead rose, evil spirits were driven out. All this proved that Jesus was there personally in the apostles, through the immediacy of his spirit working in them.  The apostles did not heal with herbs or drugs, or magic, but only through faith in God.

Everywhere, the “Lord’s Sayings” and stories about events of Jesus’ life (Papias owned an outstanding collection) were passed on from one to another. Called “memoirs of the Apostles” by Justin, they were the original form of the Gospels as we know them.

The intensity of the early Christian struggle and mission needed this example of the apostles. Fasting and lifelong celibacy were often the result of self-control in hearts that were moved to live up to the greatness of that task. The four prophetic daughters of Philip, who were virgins, and later the Montanist prophetesses, likewise virgins, exemplify the life of many apostles and prophets at that time.

But this self-discipline of the Christians for the purpose of the Kingdom is not to be confused with the asceticism of later times, which was valued for its own sake. They did not look for redemption through ascetic, religious exercises, but concentrated all their powers on tempering all their energies for the arduous battle of the spirits to which they were called. All their energies were focused on the one goal, the task at hand.The prophets wanted one thing: that God be heard, that he himself speak and act.

The initial spiritual flood of Christian prophecy slowly ebbed away until by the end of the second century its force was spent. 

What is totally amazing is that despite their innocent ways the first Christians instilled grave suspicion in the minds of those who didn’t believe that such purity was possible. The dirty minds of the accusers prompted them that if the Christians did hold secret meetings (and they were simply not allowed to meet in the open)  they should have of course been engaged in something like “eating human flesh” or “drinking the innocent blood of little children”  for example.

Doesn’t it remind us of our Michael who didn’t commit a single misdeed but was also continuously suspected of abominable crimes because he had the misfortune to take some ill children into his care (like Gavin Arvizo, for example)?  No, some people are simply unable to believe in the goodness of another people’s hearts. Indeed there is nothing new under this Sun.

These ancient 2000-year old texts look like being written by Michael Jackson’s harassers about the man who was unable to hurt a fly, but was suspected of spilling blood and taking ritual blood baths to get rid of his enemies. See Maureen Orth’s articles for that. And though no one provided any evidence it is astonishing that the general public believed this craziness.

Stories told by modern-day pagans:  “David Geffen, be gone! Steven Spielberg, be gone!” The witch doctor cursing Michael Jackson’s enemies and blessing the tarnished King of Pop himself in a voodoo ritual in Switzerland in the summer of 2000 had promised that the 25 people on Jackson’s enemies list, some of whom had worked with him for years, would soon expire. The voodoo man later assured one close observer of the scene that David Geffen, who headed the list, would die within the week. But Geffen’s demise did not come cheap. Jackson had ordered his then business adviser, Myung-Ho Lee, a U.S.-educated Korean lawyer based in Seoul, to wire $150,000 to a bank in Mali for a voodoo chief named Baba, who then had 42 cows ritually sacrificed for the ceremony. Jackson sent Lee to Geneva to check out yet another voodoo doctor, whose specialty was pulling money out of thin air. At the Hôtel d’Angleterre, the voodoo man produced a show of sound, lights, and pigeons before leading his visitors one at a time into the bathroom, where the tub was full of cash amounting, he claimed, to $50 million. When they asked where it had come from, he said, “The U.S. Federal Reserve.” There was just one catch: all this money would disappear unless Michael Jackson paid thousands of dollars for the blood of a number of fowl and small animals for yet another ritual. The sacrificial animals were already assembled at a location on the French-Swiss border, waiting to die to make Jackson’s wishes come true. Lee was horrified and left in disgust” (From the medieval fantasies of Maureen Orth in her “Losing His Grip” article)

It is also interesting that the ancient texts point to “corrupters of boys” as demons in human form who nevertheless were accusers of the first Christians. These must have included the Roman and Greek nobility who practised love for boys on a wide scale – we know it from those professors who call it one of the “foundation principles of Greek democracy” and recommend their teachings for “family reading”  (in their preface to a book written by a convicted child-abuser O’Carroll).

  • From ancient times wicked demons in human form defiled women, corrupted boys, and showed men such terrifying sights that whoever did not have the insight to discern what was happening became confused. Obsessed by fear, they failed to recognize them as evil demons. 

 Justin, First Apology 5.

And now I want to turn to the person who asserts or believes that we are initiated by the murder and the blood of a little child. Nobody can believe such a thing unless he is capable of doing it himself. But I do see people among you at times expose newly born children to wild beasts and birds and at other times put them to death by strangling or by other horrible means. 

For us it is not permissible even to see or to hear of murder. Yes, we shrink so much from human blood that we do not even use the blood of animals in the food we eat.  The banquets that we organize are as chaste as they are sober. We do not like sumptuous eating, nor do we prolong our meals with drinking bouts. We know how to temper our gaiety with seriousness.

Minucius Felix, Octavius 30.1, 2, 6; 31.1, 5.

If Michael Jackson was raised in the same strict manner as the first Christians were, it is no surprise that he tried to avoid any promiscuous affairs with girls before his marriage. We don’t know whether he managed to keep to those principles, but know for a fact that he at least tried to.

“We are not accountable to human laws, which a wicked person may evade. We have quite a different law. We have a task  which has led us to see that the full measure of justice is to be found in rightly loving ourselves and our neighbors. With this in mind we look  upon some, according to age, as sons and daughters; some we treat as  brothers and sisters; and those who are older we honor as fathers and  mothers. It is of the utmost importance to us that their bodies remain undefiled and uncorrupted. …Thus one must give the kiss and exchange greetings with great  care, for if it should be defiled by any wrong thought it would rob us of eternal life.”

Well, surely Michael could not keep the oath of chastity for long. He even had a liking for adult magazines which does not exactly make him a saint –  but it even appeals to us that he was so interested in women…

But why should I speak about things which are mysteries? In spite of  such sublime principles we hear the most serious accusations against us,  proving the saying, “The harlot reproves the chaste.”  The very people who organize a regular white-slave traffic; who avoiding the law offer young people every type of vile debauchery; who do not even abstain from males but perform shocking acts, males with males; who defile in every way just the most graceful and beautiful bodies; who drag the glorious handiwork of God’s creation in the dust.

Adulterers and corrupters of boys want to defame us who live in virginity or in strictly monogamous marriages! They, who actually live like fish of prey, gulp down everyone who comes their way, the stronger hunting down the weaker. 

How could anyone in his right mind accuse us of murder when we hold to such principles!  If anyone were to ask them whether they have actually seen what they assert, not one of them would be brazen enough to say “yes.” We cannot bear to see a man or woman put to death, even justly! How then can anyone accuse us of murder and cannibalism?

We are convinced that with God nothing goes unexamined, and that the body, after serving the irrational urges and lusts of the soul, will have its share in punishment. We have, therefore, every reason to detest even the slightest sin.

Athenagoras, A Plea Regarding Christians 32–35.

  • Consider, then, whether those who have received such teaching  can possibly practice promiscuous and unlawful intercourse, or, most  godless of all, eat human flesh! We are forbidden so much as to look at  gladiator fights lest we become privy to and participants in murder!  As for speaking about cannibalism: there the children  of Thyestes and Tereus are devoured. As for speaking about  adultery: with them it is the theme of their tragedies, not just as a misdeed  of men, but even more so of gods, celebrated as a heroic act in elegant  language during their contests!
May the very thought of doing such things be far from the Christians!  They exercise wise self-control. They practice continence, observe monogamy,  guard chastity, and wipe out injustice, destroying sin with its  root. With them justice is lived out, laws are kept, and faith is witnessed to by deeds. They confess God. They consider truth supreme. Grace protects  them. Peace shields them. The holy Word leads them. Wisdom  teaches them. Life is decisive. God is their king.

Theophilus of Antioch, To Autolycus Book III.15.

  •  How unconquerable they are! Do you not see that the more of them that are executed, the more do the others grow in number? That is clearly not the work of men. That is the power of God. That is proof of his presence.

Letter to Diognetus 7.

5. What happened to Christians at the end of the 2nd century

This part is only for those who are interested in how the organized church that followed started losing its Christlike (and childlike) spirit.

Eberhard Arnold:

“For this book, the reign of the great Emperor Marcus Aurelius (who died A.D. 180) is considered the closing period of the early Christian time. It came directly after the primitive church and the first apostles, so this collection of sources covers one century. The basic change of direction which led to the institutional church showed itself in numerous acute symptoms, the most important of which we must describe here to mark the boundary of our period.

From now on large masses of people were involved. The same demands could no longer be made on them as on the first Spirit-filled band. The question now arose how to preserve and promote Christianity in this world, since the renewal expected from God was so long in coming.

At this turn of events, the curse hanging over the history of the organized church erupted: the curse of mutual, loveless misrepresentation. It changed Christ’s purpose to unite people in love into fanatical injustice, hate, and division. The emerging institutional church was unable to bear the spirit of decisive truth, which brought about a sect. The sect, on the other hand, was unable to bear the spirit of diffusive love which leads to the formation of a large church institution. This marked the beginning of heresy-hunting, so characteristically “Christian,” yet so completely un-Christlike.

The New Testament was given its primary form between the years A.D. 140 and A.D. 200. At the same time the apostolic creed became established, for now the rule of faith which was gradually expanded was set down in writing.

Once there was a child and he was free
Deep inside he felt the laughter
The mirth and play of nature’s glee
He was not troubled by thoughts of hereafter
Beauty, love was all he’d see
He knew his power was the power of God
He was so sure, they considered him odd
This power of innocence, of compassion, of light
Threatened the priests and created a fright
In endless ways they sought to dismantle
This mysterious force which they could not handle
In endless ways they tried to destroy
His simple trust, his boundless joy
His invincible armor was a shield of bliss
Nothing could touch it, no venom, no hiss
The child remained in a state of grace
He wasn’t confined in time or place
In Technicolor dreams, he frolicked and played
While acting his part, in Eternity he stayed..
(Magical Child, Dancing the dream poems by Michael Jackson)

… The bishops declared themselves the legitimate successors to the apostolate and prophetic Spirit; and the Spirit was restricted to their office. Without this myth, their office could never have gained supremacy.

The free-working Spirit and the church of God as the body of the invisible one were replaced by a different reality: the visible church of the bishops. 

Theodore of Mopsuestia described the gradual dying out of apostles and prophets and the growing power of the bishops to govern the church: after the death of the first apostles, the weakness of the second-generation apostles was obvious through the weakening of their power to work miracles. As a result, they voluntarily renounced their leadership, transferring part of their authority to church overseers, who became provincial bishops.

However external it seemed at first, the growing power of the bishops gained a firm foothold. At the close of our period an unbelievable proliferation of church ceremonies and an utterly different and new kind of piety took over.

Infant baptism, too, can be traced to the time immediately following. It supplanted the baptism of immersion, which had been so significant until then. It was a totally different concept of the “sacrament” of baptism and its mystery. Now baptism per se became a value, signifying acceptance into God’s church and all her instruments of grace.

The expectation of the future kingdom of God was now extinct. 

Together with Oriental mystery cults, it was Greek philosophy – especially Plato’s – that exercised increasing influence in this direction. Again in the years between A.D. 180 and A.D. 250, the Christianity of the churches became a great power in the field of learning and literature, extensively absorbing contemporary culture and philosophy. To the same degree that it found favor with the educated, it departed from the central message of the kingdom of God.

As late as the third century, men like Irenaeus, Hippolytus, and Tertullian tried in vain to reestablish the purity of the original Christian truth. Other believers, disdainfully called “ignorant,” “uneducated,” and “simple-minded” continued to protest the invasion of learning, but in vain. Eventually even these simple people lost heart. They no longer had strength for the religious exertion which in early times had sprung from the expectation of God’s future kingdom.

The church contented herself with developing a tolerable middle-class morality for the masses. Since the third century, the holy sacrament of penance provided comforting forgiveness again and again. The institutional church achieved great success – her growing identification with the whole of contemporary society meant that by and large one had Christianity without being Christian, and that one did not have Christianity although one was called Christian. Finally, by the end of the time-span covered in this book, the church had “ceased to be the virgin of Christ.”

Michael Jackson adressed all those with a childlike spirit – kids and adults alike – as CHILDREN  OF THE WORLD:                         

Children of the world, we’ll do it
We’ll meet on endless shores
Making sandcastles and floating our boats
While people fight and defend their point of view
Forever putting on masks that are new
We’ll swing the tide of time and do it.
Children of the world, we’ll do it
With song and dance and innocent bliss
And the soft caress of a loving kiss
We’ll do it.
While traders trade and haggle their price
And politicians try so hard to be nice
We’ll meet on endless shores and floating our boats
We’ll do it.
While lawyers argue and doctors treat
Stockbrokers quote the price on meat
While preachers preach and ring the bell
Carpetbaggers with something to sell
We’ll sing and dance in innocent bliss
With the soft caress of a loving kiss
We’ll do it
Meeting on endless shores
Making sandcastles and floating our boats
We’ll do it.
We’ll ride a rainbow, a cloud, a storm
Flying in the wind, we’ll change our form
We’ll touch the stars, embrace the moon
We’ll break the barrier and be there soon
While architects plan their buildings high
And trade unions raise their hue and cry
While boardroom squabbles generate heat
And in secret places dealers meet
We’ll sing and dance in innocent bliss
With the soft caress of a loving kiss
We’ll do it.
While philosophers grapple and continue to tackle
Endless dilemmas of body and mind
Physicists wander, continue to ponder
Perennial questions of space and time
Archaeologists survey, continue to dig
Bygone treasures small and big
Psychologists probe, analyze the tears
Of hysterical notions, phobias, fears
While priests take confession
In a serious session
And people struggle
In the hustle and bustle
In the noise and din
On the meaning of sin
We’ll touch the stars, embrace the moon
Break the barrier, arrive there soon
Ride the rainbow, the cloud, the storm
Flying in the wind, changing our form
Children of the world, we’ll do it
With song and dance and innocent bliss
The soft caress of a loving kiss
We’ll do it.

[Children of the World, from Dancing the Dream poems]

From now on, Christians exerted increasing power and influence in politics and public affairs; they were no longer criminals in the eyes of the State like the first Christians.

As part of “The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles” used in baptismal instruction, the Sermon on the Mount stressed the unbridgeable gulf that divides the ways of death and life. But now the Sermon on the Mount faded more and more into the background.

…True, the theory of total love and surrender of all goods continued to be upheld, but it could not prevent Christian’s attitude to property from becoming indistinguishable from that of non-Christians. Wealth and luxury spread.

Economic differences and class distinctions were now questioned so little that soon the episcopal church herself owned slaves and became richer and richer. Only nominally did the church property belong to the poor.

Tertullian and Origen were still influenced by the early years. They represented that the professions of judge (which is topunish) and soldier (which is to kill) were out of the question, but events gradually led (in A.D. 314) to the punishment of deserters by excommunication. No questions were asked about their consciences.

By recasting Christianity, the institutional church became a recognized world power with a dominant role in world history”.

As a postword to those developments Eberhard Arnold said in 1926:

“In this book the original testimonies of the transition period between earliest Christianity and the organized church speak to our times. In the fire of first love, in the many signs of God at work, the rich, primitive force of the early Christian spirit speaks to us once again. All the moments of power and truth characteristic of New Testament Christianity can be sensed here, including the beginnings of developments that later led to the organized churches. In spite of rigidity in later centuries and the changes which affected Christianity then, this way continues to be a living force today. It comes from the wellspring of living truth and can never become a mere imitation of outward traditions.


Though they are no longer part of the official Scripture Eberhard Arnold says about these sayings of Jesus and the apostles:

“Though extra-biblical, their credibility is attested to by the number of sources in which they are found, and by the authority they commanded in early Christian congregations. Even the reader who cautiously adheres to the biblical canon will not deny that the same truth is evident in these texts, too.” 

Here are only a few of those sayings.

  • I am the door of life. He who enters through me enters into life.

Clementine Homilies III. 52 quoting the Jewish-Christian Gospel of the Ebionites.

  •  Unless you make what is right left, and what is left right, what is above into what is below, and what is behind into what is in front, you will not learn to know the Kingdom.

Acts of Peter 38; Acts of Philip 34.

  •  If you lean on my breast but do not do the will of my Father in heaven, I will push you from my breast.

Jewish gospel; Second Letter of Clement 4.5.

  • How can you say, “I have fulfilled the law and prophets,” since it is written in the law: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself ? Look, many of your brothers, sons of Abraham, are covered with filth and dying of hunger while your house is filled with many goods and not a thing goes out of it to them.

Origen, Comm. XV.14 on Matthew (Latin) quoting the Gospel of the Hebrews.

  •  Woe to those who have and like hypocrites take more, or who can help themselves and yet receive. For everyone who receives something shall render an account to God the Lord on the day of judgment why he received…He who simply gives to everybody gives well and is blameless. He who accepts when destitute…accepts well and shall be exalted by God in eternal life.

Didascalia XVII (see also Connolly, pp. 154–157); cf. Apostolic Constitutions IV.3.

  •  I took my stand in the midst of the world and appeared to them in the flesh, and I found them all glutted, and not one among them did I find thirsting, and my soul labors for the sons of men because they are blind in their hearts.

Oxyr. Papyr. I, 1897. (See also Gospel according to Thomas 28.)

  • The seeker shall not rest until he has found, and he who has found shall marvel. He who has marveled shall rule like a king, and he who rules shall find rest.

Clem. Alex., Misc. V.14.96; cf. II.9.45; Oxyr. Papyr. 654, 1904; from the Gospel of the Hebrews.

  • Whoever seeks me shall find me in children, for there will I be made manifest.

 Hippolytus, Philosophumena V.7.20 quoting Jewish Christian Gospel of the Nassenes. 

  • Seek and find, and realize that the truth does not lie openly on the surface.
Clem. Hom. III.52.
  • My Mother, the Holy Spirit, seized me. 

Sources: Origen, Jerome. 

“The early Christians used to stretch out their hands as a symbol of triumph, imitating the arms extended on the cross.” Eberhard Arnold

The last saying amazes most as Jesus called the Holy Spirit She, His mother!  

This reminded me of Michael Jackson’s courage to challenge the concepts of present-day church by also calling the Holy Spirit she.

He positively read these extra-biblical sayings!

Michael said she in one of his poems in Dancing the Dream book, which may be regarded a confession of his faith. After reading it you can finally answer the question whether Michael Jackson was a true Christian or not, and whether his beliefs stood the 2000 year-long test set for all of us by the first century Christians.



It’s strange that God doesn’t mind expressing Himself/Herself in all the religions of the world, while people still cling to the notion that their way is the only right way. Whatever you try to say about God, someone will take offense, even if you say everyone’s love of God is right for them.

For me the form God takes is not the most important thing. What’s most important is the essence. My songs and dances are outlines for Him to come in and fill. I hold out the form. She puts in the sweetness.

I’ve looked up at the night sky and beheld the stars so intimately close, it was as if my grandmother had made them for me. “How rich, how sumptuous,” I thought. In that moment I saw God in His creation. I could as easily have seen Her in the beauty of a rainbow, the grace of a deer bounding through a meadow, the truth of a father’s kiss. But for me the sweetest contact with God has no form. I close my eyes, look within, and enter a deep soft silence. The infinity of God’s creation embraces me. We are one.

Embracing the world

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  1. TatumMarie permalink
    April 7, 2012 12:36 pm

    Have you ever thought of writing a book?


  2. April 7, 2012 4:32 pm

    “Have you ever thought of writing a book?”

    No, Tatum, at least not at the moment. For some reason I am in very much hurry to do whatever I can for Michael now. And a book is a long process. Also writing it in English is naturally a problem, while writing it in my native language will need to first explain to my countrymen everything Michael was accused of. Since they do not know all the details I am afraid it will be equivalent to first spreading lies about him (and then refuting them). Let them remain in the ignorant bliss instead.

    We still need to do a lot of research as regards what has been done to Michael and who was interested in slandering him. At the moment I prefer joint cooperation in the form of a blog as this way the information will be exchanged and hopefully spread much quicker. This is the most important thing for us at the moment.


  3. Mona permalink
    April 8, 2012 12:39 am

    VMJ, I’m so glad to be back here and read your posts, I’ve missed you all. This was a beautiful post, one of the best, because this one truly focuses on who Michael was, his beliefs and not so much on the words of his detractors and trying to prove that they lie. This is the most important part of him – what shaped the special man he was. Thank you, it was a pleasure to read it! And the title is so right.

    I remember reading Michael’s poems from ‘Dancing the Dream’. I was in awe of his kindness, his intelligence, his love. I knew it from the start he couldn’t have done anything that he was accused of after reading those poems and thoughts. Well, I knew it even before, but every word I read made me happy to be alive in the same era with this miraculous man. And when he called God ‘she’ I was truly impressed beyond words.



  4. April 8, 2012 2:12 am

    “This is the most important part of him – what shaped the special man he was”.

    Mona, exactly! How can we understand why Michael so easily gave away money to others if we do not know that his deep faith in God urged him to do so? And if we do not know that Michael modeled his behavior after the first Christians?

    Michael’s detractors claim that he gave away money because he was “buying” parents of those children or “making up for his guilt” – and this again immediately reminds you of the way Pagans spoke of early Christians. After reading what they accused them of – drinking blood of innocent babies and cannibalism – you will no longer be surprised to hear of the blood-baths invended by Maureen Orth for MJ.

    Michael’s detractors are absolutely blind to some things in life because they cannot even imagine that the good and virtuous might be real. They think that these features are found only in fairy tales.

    P.S. And thank you for your words of encouragement! I regard the first Christians as an unattainable ideal and when I learned that their beliefs shaped Michael the man he was, there was simply no stopping me from writing about it.


  5. nannorris permalink
    April 8, 2012 6:08 am


    This is such an amazing piece of research you have done
    And it really explains a lot about how MJ lived his life.
    Thank you for doing this..
    To have a man of such depth and commitment to God and carrying out what he believed God wanted him to do ..
    And to be vilified for trying to live up to these if it parallels what happened in the past…
    It really is something.
    ..I just have so much respect for him…He really did live his faith..


  6. Mona permalink
    April 8, 2012 12:25 pm

    This was the first time i read about the blood baths, or the story with the stoned lion… I am 100% sure Michael would have never done anything like that… Michael loved animals, he often mentioned them in his poems, songs, he has tons of pictures with animals, not to mention the money given to charity and the time when Bubbles was around all the time. I’m a huge animal lover myself and I can tell you who’s one and who isn’t at a first glance. When I look at a pic that was unofficial, not meant for the public, I can tell you for a fact that the love and happiness in his eyes shines through.
    My heart sank just reading those stories, it is unimaginable to me that someone would make up something like that, especially when they knew it was not true! And they dare claim themselves Christians. A shame.


  7. TatumMarie permalink
    April 8, 2012 1:16 pm

    Okay, that makes sense about the book. The article on Michael’s life and persecution was similar to ancient Christians. All his good deeds were turned into perversion or abuse, it was really sad.


  8. Susanne permalink
    April 8, 2012 1:40 pm

    What an incredible work, Helena. A great comparing juxtaposition of the treatment of early Christians and MJ. I just want to add that Eberhard Arnold also became a target of the Nazis in 1933. He founded the Bruderhof Community which was raided by the Gestapo in 1933. They had to bring their children to Switzerland to save them.


  9. kaarin22 permalink
    April 8, 2012 4:32 pm

    Thank you VMJ for this great article.There iso much diversion among christians and the different dominations(as it is in other religions too) that turning to the olrigins is the way to go His words;I am the way,the thruth,and the life,no man commenth unto the Fahter,
    but by me.(John 14.6). Compassion and forgivness were important in his meassage.Let us all pray for piece and justice during these turbulent times.
    Michael lived his faith as shown in his last words.


  10. April 8, 2012 6:47 pm

    “Let us all pray for piece and justice during these turbulent times. Michael lived his faith as shown in his last words.”

    Kaarin, yes, let us pray for the light to take the upper hand at last. As to Michael I think we were very lucky to have him during our time. Just imagine how much the world would have lost if he hadn’t come into it. This is probably the best test of any human being – some people, like Michael, are totally indispensable to it.

    Taking this opportunity let me wish a happy and blessed Easter to all those who are celebrating it today!


  11. April 9, 2012 11:50 pm

    Guys, I need to say that I am being criticized (in private) for several things. One of them is the title of this post which I named “Michael Jackson, the First Christian in a pagan world”.

    I agree that a better title would probably be “Michael Jackson, an Early Christian in a pagan world” – which is actually what I had in mind when I was writing it, but now I cannot change it for some technical reasons. The same text will be published in my second blog (which is still in the making) under a corrected title.

    Why do I intend to change it? Because it would be wrong to understand it in the meaning that Michael Jackson was the only true Christian for the past 2000 years. Such an interpretation would be incorrect even from the point of view of those thousands of true Christians in the first century A.C. whom I describe in this post. And during the later centuries there were also millions and millions of ordinary but truly saintly people who were guided in their lives by God’s spirit.

    However what happened to Michael reminded me very much of the fate of the first Christians – they were also surrounded by pagans who thought themselves to be “true believers” and considered they had the right to torture and kill. They told incredible lies about humble, non-agressive and incredibly good people who never did anyone any harm. They accused them of the dirtiest things their own imagination could suggest and of which they were often guilty themselves, and in the end they killed them…

    If you draw some parallels you will see that absolutely the same was done to Michael in the 21st century and done on a scale which is quite comparable with the persecution of the first Christians in the first century A.C.. This is what I meant by naming Michael the first Christian – he actually belongs to those people living in the first century A.C. and not to our age.

    Why did it have to happen 2000 years later on a worldwide scale I don’t know – probably to make all of us wake up and bring to our senses at last?


  12. April 10, 2012 1:37 am

    David, when I said that I preferred you to discuss this matter in the open I didn’t mean you should post my answer to you even without asking for my consent to it. I thought you would just comment on the post and say what you think of the subject and I answer you in the open because I generally prefer to discuss everything this way.

    Now after you posted my angry answer to you I’m probably expected to post your emails to me where you demanded that I erase my religious posts altogether as you had already rebutted everything and nothing else was required of me?

    I won’t.


  13. sanemjfan permalink
    April 10, 2012 1:49 am

    Helena, I apologize again for posting your email here. I thought you wouldn’t mind, since you suggested that we bring our discussion into the public. I have deleted it and won’t bring it back because I shouldn’t have published it.

    Here is the problem that I have with these last 2 posts:

    I feel that it is not the purpose of the blog to explain the history of certain religious denominations, or to either advocate or oppose them. It’s not up to us which theology or interpretation of the Bible is correct or incorrect.

    The reason I made those 7 posts is because I wanted to rebut the lies that were being told by some members of the religious community, the same way that I have rebutted lies from the legal community. It was never my intent to defend or oppose any of their other views regarding theology or politics. There are people from all religions or denominations that have said bad things about MJ, and while I would gladly rebut their lies, I would never ever judge their other views.

    Helena, this is your blog, and you decide what gets posted or not. I never told you that you can’t write about religion; I suggested that you not write about it because I feel it’s beyond the scope of this blog. The first post you did in response to Surphside’s comments was great, because you rebutted her nonsense. But the last 2 posts are, I feel, out of place on this blog. But since you choose to keep them, it’s your decision, and I have to accept it and move on. I’m not upset with you about this; I just disagree with you, but I’m not going to let this stop us from achieving our goal of vindicating MJ.

    I’m not afraid of rebutting nonsense, but I absolutely oppose giving readers the impression that we are being “fair” or “open minded” towards one denomination or another, as it is not our place to do so. Judging by some of the comments, it’s obvious that some readers think that we are giving our “approval” of the JW’s and their doctrines. Sooner or later, someone is going to leave a comment voicing their disagreement with the JW’s, and with us for giving them a platform. And I did show throughout the series why they were wrong about MJ! I showed how he didn’t convert to Islam, didn’t “channel” demon spirits, wasn’t a devil worshipper, and wasn’t guilty of the allegations!

    There’s one important point that I want to reiterate: when I said that Dimond, Orth, Bashir, and their ilk were “so-called” Christians, it wasn’t because of their denominations, or whatever doctrines they followed. It is because of their obvious lies against MJ! It’s because of their ACTIONS! I’m not going to use this blog as a forum to “judge” someone’s religion or denomination as being true or false.

    I’ve thought it over, and I don’t agree with the notion that we should talk about religion any more than we already have. I don’t see what the point is, considering all that we have already covered. If readers wanted to talk about religion, they would go to a religion website or blog.

    But, as I said before, it’s your blog and if you choose to continue this subject, then it is your decision, and I will have to live with it. In the meantime, I will move and continue to work on my next few posts, and continue to work on the goal of eradicating all of the lies.


  14. April 10, 2012 2:16 am

    “Helena, this is your blog, and you decide what gets posted or not.”

    This is true only for the posts I myself make. Let us tell our readers how things are actually done in this blog – I never decide for others what to post and have never said a word of criticism except just one case when I did it in the open. No author is required to tell me or anyone in advance what he or she is going to write and there is no censorship or “editing” here whatsoever. Everyone is writing what he thinks best.

    “I never told you that you can’t write about religion”

    You did. You asked me to erase my religious posts from this blog and transfer them to my second blog (which is far from ready).

    “if you choose to continue this subject, then it is your decision, and I will have to live with it”

    You won’t have to live with what the terrible administrator of this blog is doing here, because I will probably move those posts to my second blog and things will be as sweet as they were before.

    Good night, everybody. It is 2.30 am here again.


  15. sanemjfan permalink
    April 10, 2012 3:05 am


    I wasn’t trying to imply that you censor posts; what I meant was that since you choose to talk about the topic of religion, you’re entitled to do so, as this is your blog.

    In my email to you, I told you that I think you should consider deleting those last 2 posts, but I didn’t order you to do so! I made that suggestion because religion is too controversial of a topic to be discussed like this on the blog, and I didn’t want people commenting on religion instead of on MJ!

    If you have more posts on this subject that you want to publish on this blog, then it is your decision to do so. Personally, I would prefer if they were published on your new personal blog, but it’s your decisioin. And no, you’re not a terrible admin! I just don’t agree with this recent decision of yours, but I accept it.


  16. TatumMarie permalink
    April 10, 2012 6:35 am

    Hello all,
    I am not trying to fuel anything and for those who don’t know about our query with the prior article where I called it a “solemn attack” we have all resolved this issue and everything is fine. In a respectful manner, there was a certain issue that was raised in that article that had to be addressed. There was a lot of input from other religious denominations about witnesses but there wasn’t anything on witnesses. I understand that this is not a religious blog and it’s not the purpose to vilify or demean any organizations – but I believe that when the topic is breached it must be thoroughly discussed only because :
    1. It’s about Michael
    2. showing where Michael dissociated himself is not really the root of the bloggers attacks; it was more about the teachings.

    It would be the same thing in a legal counteraction- there are two sides to every story.

    Michael was a witness for the majority of his life and we even have reason to believe based on interviews he did in 2001 that he was never past it so we can’t really just dust over it. This was a huge part of Michael’s life that he had ties with, those are his beliefs and relevant to the blog.

    Michael, himself, is a controversial topic and if we can discuss him we shouldn’t be scared to discuss anything else. lol.


  17. Carm permalink
    April 10, 2012 7:24 am

    “If readers wanted to talk about religion, they would go to a religion website or blog.” (sanemjfan)
    Amen. I’ve been feeling exactly the same way. Some of us have no interest in religion and don’t want to read about it. It’s OK to discuss how Michael’s religious beliefs shaped him but it’s not OK to express one’s personal religious beliefs. Also, having religious beliefs should not be considered superior to not having religious beliefs. Being
    religious has nothing to do with vindicating Michael.


  18. TatumMarie permalink
    April 10, 2012 9:16 am

    This article is about Michaels beliefs and a comparison illustrating a modern day lynching of the man as it were.


  19. April 10, 2012 11:27 am

    “you choose to talk about the topic of religion, you’re entitled to do so, as this is your blog.”

    David, the funny thing is that it wasn’t I who chose to talk about religion – you chose the subject and thought you had exhausted it, while I thought you did not. A good deal of questions were left out and I tried to fill in the gaps. Your first 5 parts were devoted to those who trashed Michael and the last two finally contained several links (not all) to some Christian ministers who supported him. Even the ratio itself shows that Michael’s haters among modern preachers are the majority, so much more should be said in support of Michael’s faith in God to even it out.

    But your posts are not the point – what I wanted to show to readers is that if we take early Christians as a model (and they are an indisputable model for all Christians the world over, and even to atheists, due to these people’s impeccable behavior) we see that Michael was more like the early Christians than those corrupt ministers of today who can only talk about their faith.

    Michael both belonged and didn’t belong to this world. He was of course very successful and wanted to be wealthy, but he wasn’t attached to his wealth in a manner other people are – he easily gave money away when he saw someone in need. This is a direct answer to haters who ask nasty questions like “And why did he give expensive gifts to other people? He must have been buying them and their children! Why did he pay this family a certain sum? He must have molested someone there if he was doing it!”

    And what gifts was Michael Jackson supposed to give? Cheap ones so that everyone thought him to be thrifty? And was Michael buying medical equipment for children’s hospitals in every city he visited during his tours without telling anyone about it in order to “buy anyone”? What a crazy thought!
    Or was he just a lavish spender who did not know the value of money and simply liked wasting it?

    NOTHING CAN BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Michael was not after money as such. He tried to earn as much as he could because he wanted to spend as much as he could on charity and on help to needy children. We even have proof of it – when he was taped by Murray in a half-unconscious state he was dreaming of giving away his money, though theoretically he should have been talking of other problems on his mind (how to pay the debts, apprehension he would lose his catalog if the concerts were cancelled, fears he would not be able to do 50 concerts, etc.). But instead of all that he was dreaming of building a hospital for children! He hadn’t yet earned it but he was already thinking of giving the money away!

    Isn’t this example a perfect answer why Michael was so easily spending money on other people? Giving them gifts which the present public with totally corrupt minds understands only in terms of “buying someone’s silence”? Michael was behaving in the way his faith in God prompted him to, and he said so on innumerable occasions, however modern-day Gentiles are totally unable to understand it. This is one of the huge reasons why we should explain that Michael’s faith in God was ruling him in each of his decisions, in every of his moves.

    And not speaking of Michael’s faith in God is simply ridiculous – he sings of God in half of his songs. To be more exact, he didn’t sing of God in his early songs where the lyrics were written by other people, but he sang of God in almost every song in the later period of his life.

    His appeal to us is to BE GOD’S GLOW. How can we be God’s glow if we do not know what God wants of us and we do not want to discuss Michael’s views of Him simply because some people are not religious?

    I’m not judging anyone here – I myself was an atheist for the major part of my life (due to the religion being forbidden in this country for some 70 years) but later everything changed. My faith may be very exotic for some old-time believers, and I am absolutely not imposing it on anyone – but what I am absolutely sure of is that talking about Michael without talking about God is complete nonsense.

    His faith in God – which transgressed the boundaries of the JWs’ religion like mine transgressed our present official church – was the ESSENCE of Michael Jackson, so speaking of him without talking about what was the core point of his nature is simply ridiculous. It is an artificial constraint, a sort of an unexplicable taboo which is suddenly placed on the discussion when it comes to the very essence of it.

    How are we supposed to understand Michael’s songs if we never talk about his deep faith in God? Or are we supposed to only dance to his music? I wonder if Michael’s compatriots ever listen to his lyrics at all…

    “If you have more posts on this subject that you want to publish on this blog, then it is your decision to do so.”

    I didn’t want to post anything else, and even said in the comments that now that I’d got my views on Michael’s faith in God off my chest I could handle other issues. But generally speaking I find it strange that you advised me to write no more about religion as you “had rebutted it all”. I never put any constraints on anyone here and was amazed to see that I myself am told to keep to some.

    This is something not novel for me. I cannot speak of the simple and sincere faith in God in my own country because the official church here has become unbearably hypocritical, I cannot speak of Michael Jackson as a true believer in God in this blog because the early Christians he shaped himself after are no authority in the US either – so where can I mention the simple values of the poor early Christians, especially since Michael Jackson happened to adhere to them? Or are early Christians being persecuted until today?


  20. sanemjfan permalink
    April 10, 2012 12:40 pm

    @ Helena
    I didn’t talk about religion in and of itself in my posts; I rebutted the lies that were told about MJ from various religious leaders! I explictly said in part 1 that I would not comment for or against anyone’s personal beliefs. I didn’t go into the history of anyone’s doctrines, or whose interpretation of the Bible is correct, or anything like that. Also, the only reason I spoke about MJ’s own faith is because there were so many people who slandered MJ by making him out to be a Muslim, a JW, a Devil Worshipper, an athiest, a Scientologist, a Warlock, and a worshipper of himself! I proved that MJ was truly a Christian WITHOUT posthumously canonizing or beatifying him, as some fans and bloggers do!

    It’s bad when those pastors trash MJ as being an unbeliever (when in fact he was a Believer), but it’s ALSO just as bad when fans put him on a moral pedastal! MJ did NOT want to be worshipped, and he never claimed to be a “Messiah”, never claimed that he was “better” than anyone else, and never claimed to be a moral compass! (For example, some fans like to portray him as morally superior to other artists who use profanity, vulgar language, and sexually explicit content in their lyrics, yet they turn a blind eye to MJ’s porn collection!)

    Helena, I’m not saying that you’ve ever done any of those things, but there are a lot of fans that DO think of MJ like that, and I was very cautious that I did not do that with MJ when I talked about his faith to debunk that blogger and that racist rabbi.

    I’m glad that you don’t have any other posts planned in this series, and I’m ready to put this disagreement behind us so that we can move on, just as we’ve put other disagreements behind us. I know there are many readers who are also ready to move on, and I know that because they aren’t commenting like they usually do, and their silence is deafeningly loud!

    Lynette should have her next post up in the next day or two, and I’ll have one later this week. My post will be about the parallels between MJ and Arthur Wright; I bougt his book, which was released in 1980, and found a LOT of similarities between the two, so I will showcase them in a new post.


  21. April 10, 2012 1:20 pm

    – “If readers wanted to talk about religion, they would go to a religion website or blog.” (sanemjfan)
    – Amen. I’ve been feeling exactly the same way. Some of us have no interest in religion and don’t want to read about it. (carm)

    Even if Michael Jackson sang about God in almost each of his later songs?

    “It’s OK to discuss how Michael’s religious beliefs shaped him but it’s not OK to express one’s personal religious beliefs.” (carm)

    Carm, am I expressing my personal religious beliefs?

    “Also, having religious beliefs should not be considered superior to not having religious beliefs.”

    This point is more complex because many of those who say they have religious beliefs in reality do not have them (Diane Dimond and Tom Sneddon are “Christians” but it does not prevent them from lying and harassing innocent people which real followers of Jesus do not do). And vice virsa, some of those who are not within any official religion are very decent people who try to live by what their conscience tells them. If it is not a voice of God inside them I do not know what it is.

    The fact that human beings are sometimes guided by conscience alone and behave against their own interests (material, survival, etc.) is what makes humans different from animals who are guided by instinct only. One German philosopher said that this alone proves that humans are not just animals, but have another, heavenly side to them. Animals never go against their instict while human beings do, and there is nothing else to explain this phenomenon but a heavenly spark in their nature.

    “Being religious has nothing to do with vindicating Michael.”

    No, it doesn’t. But Michael’s deep belief in God is his own best vindication. From his poems and lyrics of songs we see that he was in a constant inner dialog with God – he talked to Him through marvelling at the nature’s beauty and its creations like trees, animals and children. He was constantly checking himself and his deeds against God’s expectations of him. You could leave a child in the custody of such a person and nothing bad would ever happen there because Michael felt that he was answerable directly to God for everything he did – and this is a much greater responsibility than answering to people.

    If we do not understand this point about Michael we will never be able to understand why Michael said he didn’t care what people thought about his settlement with Jordan Chandler. All he knew was that he was clean in the eyes of God and one day He would cross the “t”s and dot the “i”s for him. It isn’t arrogance or ignoring other people’s opinions as haters think. No, it is just the opposite – total humility and subjection of one’s will to God. Human beings are human beings and can easily make mistakes, so it is staying clean before God which really matters – this way you entrust the problem to Him and He will eventually find a way to explain the truth to others.

    This is what R.Taraborrelli wrote about Michael’s attitude towards the settlement:

    “My telephone conversation with Michael at the time affected me deeply.
    Michael said that he was calling to set the record straight. ‘I’m innocent of these accusations,’ he told me. His voice sounded shaky. He was obviously not well. It seemed as if the pressure was more than he could bear.
    In the weeks and months to come, Michael would be strip-searched by the cops and would pay more than $25 million to Jordie. {$15,3 be exact].
    I was the first reporter to interview Michael after he made that very controversial settlement. To be candid, I was angry that he settled.
    Frankly, I didn’t know if he had molested Jordie, or not — all I knew was that he had insisted to me that he was innocent and I had published it.
    ‘So, why did you pay that kid off if you were so innocent?’ I asked him.
    ‘Because I needed to get on with my life,’ he told me, very matter-of-factly. ‘It was killing me, the whole thing. I didn’t do it. I swear to you, I did not do it. But I needed to just put it behind me.’
    I argued that, since he’d settled, people would always assume he had been guilty. Had he considered as much? ‘You know what? I don’t care what people think,’ he said, raising his voice.
    ‘For the first time in my life, I don’t give a f***.’
    His use of an expletive shocked me. I’d never heard him swear in the past, it was so out of character.
    ‘I’m a man of honour,’ he told me. ‘If you believe anything about me, believe that.’
    Michael had always cared about his public image. However, the settlement with Jordie Chandler redefined him in many ways, not the least of which was that from that time onward he wasn’t concerned with what people thought of him.”


  22. April 10, 2012 2:47 pm

    “MJ did NOT want to be worshipped, and he never claimed to be a “Messiah”, never claimed that he was “better” than anyone else, and never claimed to be a moral compass! (For example, some fans like to portray him as morally superior to other artists who use profanity, vulgar language, and sexually explicit content in their lyrics, yet they turn a blind eye to MJ’s porn collection!)”

    David, we are not talking of worshipping Michael – we are talking of his true faith in God (which was different in character from everything we hear from official churches). Faith in God was the essence of his whole being and Michael was inspired and supported by Him until his last day. Without his faith he would not have been able to stand up even to a fraction of the tortures they subjected him to.

    Faith explains Michael’s extraodrinary resilience as well as a lot in his behavior – from spending around half a billion on charity to his reverence of children whose innocent looks were probably the only visible representation of God which could sustain him in his life.

    As to the porn collection I am not a man who did not have a woman by his side for a long time, so I cannot speak for him on this subject, but I am enormously taken by Michael’s honesty – he knew that he could not observe all the requirements of his JW religious teachers and he preferred to leave instead of lying. This is an admirable position in life and I hugely respect him for it.

    As to JWs’ restrictions of birthdays and other celebrations they seem to me some man-made constructions made on top of a true religion, not to mention the fact that celebrating Jesus’s death instead of his resurrection is a bit confusing. But I am not going to pass judgment on other people’s religions – it is up to them to discuss all these matters within their denominations.

    All I am saying about the Jehovah’s Witnesses is that their views are very close to those of early Christians which means that Michael’s own views were close to early Christians too . Incidentally early Christians happen to be the people I also look up to, especially since my teacher, a very old priest, a Ph.D. in history, was an expert on early Christianity and told me details of their way of life (for example, when they married they simply came to their community and announced that they would be living together – no rituals, no nothing). He was a truly holy man whom I cannot recall without tears brought to my eyes. He also gave away to charity everything he earned during his 20 years of representing Russian Orthodox Church in the World Council of Churches (an ecumenical body) and was another of Early Christians to me. However despite his high official status his activity was frowned upon by other church officials – which seems to be the destiny of everyone who adheres to the principles of early Christianity.

    And Michael was no different. Another martyr of theirs who happened to live 2000 years too late to be among the majority of them.

    “I’m glad that you don’t have any other posts planned in this series, and I’m ready to put this disagreement behind us so that we can move on, just as we’ve put other disagreements behind us.”

    I didn’t plan them before but now I cannot guarantee that I will not make any more. This is my blog, as you rightfully said, isn’t it? And we are individual people who stand up for Michael from different positions. You are interpreting Michael as more of a secular person, while I am different. My beliefs are as peculiar as Michael’s and I am not going to discuss them here unless I am asked to, but my views will still be there as I cannot be different from what I am.

    “I know there are many readers who are also ready to move on, and I know that because they aren’t commenting like they usually do, and their silence is deafeningly loud!”

    People’s silence has never been a stumbling block for me – when I began writing for Michael on a MJ forum three years ago practically no one answered, so I spoke to myself for several months there. The same silence happened when this blog started but it didn’t stop me from writing what I thought was necessary to write. I even felt very much resistance to my method of looking into haters’ sources (like the transcript of Evan Chandler’s telephone talk with David Scwartz, for example). The situation was an impasse then – haters had a free hand to say whatever they liked about Michael and Michael’s fans felt so disgusted by those lies that no one wanted to look inside. This way Michael’s haters were doing what they pleased and no one even tried to stop them, though all the facts of Michael’s innocence were lying on the surface – fans just didn’t want to deal with all this dirt.

    So what of it if MJ fans didn’t like what I said then? I still had to do and say what I thought was a must. The same situation has arisen now – if no one else is ready to say what needs to be said about Michael’s faith in God then it will have to be me.

    “Lynette should have her next post up in the next day or two, and I’ll have one later this week. My post will be about the parallels between MJ and Arthur Wright; I bougt his book, which was released in 1980, and found a LOT of similarities between the two, so I will showcase them in a new post.”



  23. Maria permalink
    April 10, 2012 3:07 pm

    We do not understand Michael, without understanding his deep faith in God. He served God. He served the people. Christ was his guide. In life, guided by the teachings of Jesus. He loved and helped people. Michael worshiped the whole planet, all creatures, plants, animals, people, especially children. From this source he drew. From the source of truth. Therefore, a model Christian.


  24. April 10, 2012 5:25 pm

    Wow! What a duel between you and Sanemjfan! Yes there are disagreements between the admins even here in this blog. And for the first time people hear how this blog works.

    As you wrote VMJ, you let all the co-admins publish their posts and their opinions without any censure. You let all readers not only to read and to comment (except for the haters of course) but you also allow them to use your researches. You do not protect them from being copied. And you hope people who would publish your material or part of it mention the source. That’s very generous of you.

    I remember when you began your work at this MJ forum when NO ONE was there. No one knew how and where to begin with the mess, almost 20 years of lies and deceit. You were one of the few people who knew what to do. I also remember when you began with this blog and how you build something unique with your blood and sweat.

    I suppose the reason you’re building another blog is to be able to write freely what you think you have to say; in a way to feel “home”, isn’t that so?
    Then I have to ask you: Aren’t you home here at VMJ? Isn’t this the home you build from nothing?

    You wrote: “I never put any constraints on anyone here and was amazed to see that I myself am told to keep to some.” If you think so dear VMJ, then it’s time to change your ways.

    I told you that I won’t comment your posts about MJ and his faith but I have changed my mind. I will do it as soon as I have a little time.


  25. nannorris permalink
    April 10, 2012 7:11 pm

    I was just thinking that if MJ truly followed the teachings about keeping a child like spirit as part of his religious experience, I can see all the more why his childhood or lack there of bothered him so much..
    It would seem to be more then just what HE missed out on…..,having to act like an adult so much …it had to do with the teachings of his faith… he was not allowed to follow his faith to the extent he felt he should have…..Perhaps that is what really bothered him.
    And why he felt it so important to let children from all over share in that wonder ….
    That being said …I think any of the people who got up in a church and criticized Michael
    Jackson are the worst of hypocrites..
    They love to point the finger at someone else so you dont notice their own shortcomings..
    I ..


  26. April 10, 2012 8:48 pm

    “you let all the co-admins publish their posts and their opinions without any censure.”

    Yes, absolutely. Everyone is his own master here and everyone writes about the subject he likes best. Each expresses his point of view which may be totally different from the views of others. If someone does not agree I think we should express our disagreement openly – like all other readers. That is why I ask all the admins to read each other’s posts and comments to be in the know of the latest news, ideas and developments. I try to read everything (though have little time to answer everything, sorry!)

    “You let all readers not only to read and to comment (except for the haters of course) but you also allow them to use your researches. You do not protect them from being copied. And you hope people who would publish your material or part of it mention the source. That’s very generous of you.”

    MOA, thank you for your kind words. We need to make the facts of Michael’s innocence known to everyone, so protecting the information from copying would be similar to blocking it from spreading – and this is why it is free. My only request is to accompany the facts taken from here by a link to this blog – for reasons of justice and honesty, and I hope that this is being done as the majority of Michael’s supporters are very decent people. The status of a Michael Jackson’s supporter obliges all of us to behave in a decent way and to be different from the world’s corrupt practices. By the way the great MJEOL and Veritas Project sites also adhere to the same policy and I am sure that Michael Jackson was very proud to have supporters like them.

    “I suppose the reason you’re building another blog is to be able to write freely what you think you have to say; in a way to feel “home”, isn’t that so?”

    Yes, something of the kind. It was started as a sort of a shelter at a moment of another crisis but then the crisis was over and the new blog remained. I have lots of ideas about it but no time to implement them. However there will definitely be some things there which will not be here.

    “I have to ask you: Aren’t you home here at VMJ? Isn’t this the home you build from nothing?”

    MOA, what a difficult question! You feel that I am not at home here? Well, yes and no. Though it was me who started the blog later I invited everyone willing to do the job to be my co-admins. Not everyone stayed or did the writing, but it nevertheless has become a collective effort. And whenever several people are involved it is inevitable to have differences of opinion about lots of things. Each new dispute exasperates me and takes a lot of time and effort, but on the other hand a crisis often helps to make a huge leap forward.

    For example, I wouldn’t have raised the religious theme myself, at least not until the vindication was over. But God had different plans for us and through David’s posts about religion and a dispute with a reader the whole discussion took a different turn. I would have raised Michael’s faith in God all the same in a couple of years’ time – to try and look into the message Michael left to us, but it turned out that this conversation was needed much earlier, otherwise it wouldn’t have started in such an unexpected way. In this respect this blog lives a life of its own and is a kind of a tree which suddenly shoots a new branch in an unexpected direction. This is the most exasperating thing of all because it means constant postponement of my plans and rushing into something I initially didn’t want to do.

    “You wrote: “I never put any constraints on anyone here and was amazed to see that I myself am told to keep to some.” If you think so dear VMJ, then it’s time to change your ways.”

    MOA, thank you very much for understanding my problems, but first of all it is very difficult for me to change my ways, and second, I truly believe that Michael Jackson’s supporters should be a self-regulatory body – like early Christians, for example. No one told them what to do, but they managed to work together in one direction as if in unison. Self-discipline, self-censorship, respect for others and constant reminding oneself of the beautiful nature of the man we are supporting should be able to do the job eventually. Otherwise we are not worthy of the man we are standing up for.


  27. Truth Prevail permalink
    April 10, 2012 10:10 pm

    ““MJ did NOT want to be worshipped, and he never claimed to be a “Messiah”, never claimed that he was “better” than anyone else, and never claimed to be a moral compass! (For example, some fans like to portray him as morally superior to other artists who use profanity, vulgar language, and sexually explicit content in their lyrics, yet they turn a blind eye to MJ’s porn collection!)”

    David i think what those fans mean is that Michael didn’t use SEX TO SELL because lets be honest especially today! Sex Sells in a big way female artists today showing a lot of bare flesh to get attention Lady Gaga for example but just cause Michael makes songs like earth song, Heal The World, etc. doesn’t mean he was a “Messiah” or any other God like Figure.

    And as for the porn collection that was his private business not in the public view he was a man after all who I think was single at the time and I’m personally happy he had porn because it just helped his case! why would a P******* have heterosexual porn in his home proved he was not into “Young Boys”


  28. Maria permalink
    April 10, 2012 11:12 pm

    Michael wanted to follow Jesus. He was guided by his teaching. He preached love, not only in songs, in poems, but he gave an example in his own life. But he never compared himself to Christ. Never! He was humble, he was full of humility. Proof of his morality, his high ethical standards is His life. This is proof.
    That is why He is so admired, so many people say about Him : an angel on earth, a gift from God. Michael Jackson was a special man. He was not only a great artist, he was a great man. The fact that he loved women and had magazines with women is a evidence of his normality as a man. It does not cast a shadow on his morality. You can have a pure heart, and have normal relationships with women. But he was very close to God. He was closer to God than many member of the clergy. Michael was a wonderful character. Michael was kind, gentle, patient, kind, brave, humble, funny (very important, his sense of humor), intelligent, sensitive. For many fans, he is a moral compass.


  29. sanemjfan permalink
    April 11, 2012 1:27 am

    @Truth Prevail
    What I was trying to say is this: there are some fans who think of MJ as being some divine angel, and they like to deify him by pointing out to the faults and failings of others! They speak of MJ as if he was morally “superior” to other artists, but the fact of the matter is that although he didn’t use sex and profanity and vulgarity to sell records (due to his sheer talent), it wasn’t 100% due to moral convictions, and the fact that he had 10 years worth of porn proves that he was just a normal, fallible human being, which is all he ever claimed to be! Those fans who like to deify him would have said, prior to the trial, that MJ would never, ever look at porn because he was such a sweet angel, but once it came out in the trial they looked like idiots!

    And that’s why I don’t put MJ or any other celebrity on a moral pedestal.


  30. April 11, 2012 1:51 am

    “They speak of MJ as if he was morally “superior” to other artists, but the fact of the matter is that although he didn’t use sex and profanity and vulgarity to sell records (due to his sheer talent), it wasn’t 100% due to moral convictions”

    David, and due to what, in your opinion, didn’t Michael use sex and profanity and vulgarity to sell records if it wasn’t due to his moral convictions?


  31. Truth Prevail permalink
    April 11, 2012 2:13 am

    “I’ll answer that with two words: Crotch grab. The reason he did that when he was dancing was because it sold tickets. Now to some that might have seemed innocent but that was what started the whole thing to begin with. Just like Elvis who the nicknamed Elvis the Pelvis because he swiveled his hips when he danced, the morality of the crotch grab was questioned. If you don’t believe me go to you tube and look for one of his concerts.”

    I personally think the way the crotch grab came about was while MJ was dancing and you know while the music is playing you do all sorts of moves you wouldn’t really do while the music was off and i think even MJ said that he doesn’t have control over it it was just a dance move like all the rest but as usual the MEDIA twist it to be something sinister they are people who do a a lot worse on stage yet they don’t be asked for an explanation.


  32. Truth Prevail permalink
    April 11, 2012 2:34 am

    “I’m not exactly sure that I agree with the fact that Michael didn’t use a form of sex to sell tickets and records you guys. There was a move he made when he danced that made quite a stir when it first started. It was called the crotch grab and if that doesn’t border on using sex to sell something then I don’t know what did? I talked about this before when I was commenting on another post that David wrote and I told him about how when he was first popular they did the same thing to Elvis that they did to Michael. There were churches that said that Rock and Roll was the work of Satan and so forth and so on. As a matter of fact they nicknamed Elvis “Elvis the Pelvis” because of the way that he swiveled his hips. His first appearance on Ed Sullivan they would only show him from the waist up because of his dancing but in concert it sure sold tickets. To me when Michael made that move he just upped the ante so to speak to one up “The King” and it sure worked. LOL”

    I disagree because i have not met anyone who says they went and bought a certain song of MJ’S because he was crotch grabbing and also i wouldn’t put the crotch grabbing in the same category as sex sells because i don’t see the crotch grab as anything sexual i just see it as a move.

    And to add what i said before about the sex selling i will use Lady Gaga as an example again when lady Gaga came on the music scene she wasn’t recognized for her songs or recognized at all until she started doing really dirty music videos eg. The video she did with Beyonce she is wearing no clothes just covering her assets with police tape lol. Another example would be Katy Perry i have heard guys saying that the only reason their into Katy Perry is because she has nice “Racks” thats what you call sex selling.

    Thriller became the world best selling album all without profanity obscene music videos just with Michael’s pure talent see my point 🙂


  33. TatumMarie permalink
    April 11, 2012 2:40 am

    Michael was not a saint any more than any of us but I would also like to say something about the “porn-collection”. You had under a hundred magazines out of thousands and thousands of eloquent reading material along with science and history books. It wasn’t like the only thing found were these girly magazines in his reading area and if we proportioned his questionable reading material it wouldn’t even be 5% of his literature. In most cases of men this usually makes up at least half of what they’re reading so in Michael’s case it adds to his normality.

    I do feel it is important to ask questions in order to get answers based on the following comment: As to JWs’ restrictions of birthdays and other celebrations they seem to me some man-made constructions made on top of a true religion, not to mention the fact that celebrating Jesus’s death instead of his resurrection is a bit confusing.

    I love your articles and I appreciate that you didn’t include this in them and let the reader figure things out for themselves, but at the same time I would employ you to check out the background of these holidays and celebrations along with the origins. This way you may understand why witnesses along with early Christians refrained from them. The same would be necessary for the direct commandment from Jesus about the celebration of death.

    One would have to be influenced by their moral convictions to not sell sex in their music because that’s mainly what the industry is about, talented or not. I’m sure there were some artist who obviously didn’t like Michael because he was too clean.


  34. sanemjfan permalink
    April 11, 2012 3:49 am

    @Tatum and Truth Prevail
    I’ll say this about the porn issue, and then close out this conversation, because I’m mentally exhausted at this point, and there are readers who are just waiting for all of us to move on from this very controversial and devisive subject.

    It really doesn’t matter how much porn MJ had, or what % of books his porn accounted for. The point is this: those fans who say that MJ is “morally superior” to other artists because he didn’t use explicit sex and vulgarity in his music are wrong because, if MJ’s morals were the reason that he didn’t use explicit sex and vulgarity in his music, then he would have upheld those same standards in his private life. Would he ever record a song called “Pimps Up, Hoes Down”? Hell no! But would he watch a DVD of that nature? Yes! That was one of the porn DVDs they found at Neverland. So contrary to what those fans think, MJ was a normal man, and never presented himself as a perfect angel, despite his clean image otherwise. We all have our faults, and nobody should be put on a moral pedestal, especially if they didn’t ask to be put there! It’s very disturbing to me to see MJ put up there against his will!

    Having said that, I will follow Lynette’s example and cease to comment further on any topic of religion. We’ve all stated our opinions, and at this point I have said all that I think needs to be said. The more we talk about this, the more tensions rise between us, and the more likely it is that arguments and disagreements start, and they get heated, and soon they blow up in all of our faces, and we begin to lose focus, and readers stop coming to the blog. I want peace on this blog so that we can move on and get back to business.


  35. nannorris permalink
    April 11, 2012 3:54 am

    As far as the adult magazines, I think I heard Mesereau say he had like 90 magazines..of all different types of women.
    My own personal thought is that he sent his bodyguards to the store and asked them to pick up some magazines and they tended to grab what ever was on the shelf.Once bought , I doubt MJ was going to return them if they didnt suit his fancy or even throw them out since people go through celebrities trash.
    I dont believe he had subscriptions for that reason too..
    I also think one of the differences in MJ shows, and others, is it was for the most part family oriented, Even the pole dancers in This Is It were not graphic…
    I think he liked to include everybody from what he told the Rabbi…
    I have seen pictures of Slash degrading his female fans and articles written about Rod Stewart and others treating fans like disposable trash and I dont think MJ would ever do that..
    I just think he had the normal urges, but never could bring himself , for the most part to either use one of his fans or kinda wreck the image he had from being a little kid..
    Lets face it , everybody wanted something from him , so who could he trust not to record him in an intimate situation, sell a story etc….
    Frank D. said he had many well known celebrity girlfriends but kept it under wraps so his fans would still think he they had a chance..That would make sense because he said in Moonwalker that Jermaine had dedicated a song to his wife Hazel and the fans didnt like it at all….it made an impression on him ..

    I dont think he was a saint of course but he could have been a real jerk and, he wasnt , he always tried to do the right thing , the charitable thing and take the high road..
    Just made people in the industry more jealous of him I think..
    The other thing about the magazines, and his bedroom, is, I also think when he was gone he would open his home to friends, so they could entertain , have parties..
    I know Frank Cascio used to bring his friends there and he said they were always very respectful of MJ place but I believe some people who testified in 2005 had a different impression..
    Arnie Klien had his own parties also when mj was not around according to some clip I saw of a florist that said he was invited ..
    When you think of the bottles the sherrifs found with caps off and half drank in MJ bedroom when they raided Neverland and MJ was in Vegas for weeks , it just makes me wonder who is hanging in his bedroom when he is gone, who is showing off his big pop star bed to someone else etc..
    For some people , like a Gavin Arviso, , it is like getting to sleep in the white house or Lincolns bedroom….I wonder how many people slept in his room when he was gone and partied it up in there..


  36. lynande51 permalink
    April 11, 2012 4:22 am

    @ nan It was Omer Bhatti and 2 friends from Norway along with Michael’s cousins Elijah and Levon along with the girls and friends of girls that they had up there the night before the raid on Neverland. One of the police said that Omer got really nervous when he was questioned and that seemed to mean something to him. Omer was in a foreign country, there was open wine, whiskey and vodka bottles in that bedroom. He had also been arrested in Norway a month before coming over for possesion of marijuana. I think I would have been nervous too considering I was not the legal age to drink in the United States even if I was at home in Norway. I honestly think that was where the prosecution got the phrase ‘he lets underage children drink”. Really? Omer and nearly everyone there was at least 19 so let’s put some perspective on that.I have the article that says that the parents of the friends of Omer said they were much more afraid of the American Police than they were Michael Jackson considering they knew he wasn’t there for 3-4 weeks before the raid. I read somewhere that one of the girls that were there that day said that the cops took DNA from all the boys but not from any of the girls. Now I say is that a thorough investigation?


  37. nannorris permalink
    April 11, 2012 5:10 am


    That is my point about the DNA..
    They were not looking for female DNA, only male.. Supposedly there were 2 unidentified male hits on the bed that were not Gavin of course, or Star, cause that was bs..

    I just wonder if people were not impressing dates at times when MJ was not at home with getting to check out MJ bedroom..
    and using his bedroom for romantic encounters at times..
    Not necessarily Bhatti but others.
    Frank said he was worried that they would find a stash of pot that he had hidden and blame MJ..
    He had parties there and people stayed all over the place.
    I just think that MJ was very lax when it came to giving people he considered close,… the keys to the kingdom..
    I wondered if perhaps that is where that DNA came from…just a thought…


  38. lynande51 permalink
    April 11, 2012 5:56 am

    I don’t think he actually approved of the parties that they had there either if you read the testimony of Joe Marcus. The Britto party that was out there was actually planned by Schaffel and Michael wanted nothing to do with it because he charged people $10,000 a plate for that party in September. They were using MJ.And as a matter of fact Tom Mesereau asked someone if Frank kind of used Michael’s name to pick up girls so your guess would be right.


  39. TatumMarie permalink
    April 11, 2012 7:21 am

    I think it was firmly established that Michael felt he wasn’t fully living up to the Jehovah’s witnesses (bible) obligations which is why he ended up disassociating himself. My point in bringing out the amount of pornography was so we can look at the big picture and also realize that the majority were pictures of women.

    There are always going to be a section of delusional fans who worship icons so I’m not going to base Michael’s perception on how these feel. There is a difference between doing something privately and pushing something out to the public and glorifying it. Many of the old school and new artist glorify sex publicly because they feel there’s nothing wrong with it. If you do something in private and Tom Mesereau said Michael was embarrassed about the material, at least he has a conscience; apparently he felt it was wrong.

    This portion of his life was the past, legal, normal and not supposed to be known to us so its not fair to use this against him. For his lifestyle and everything that was going on around him, he was still – in my opinion, clean. We don’t even know the last time he looked at those dvds. Lol

    I can definitely see some groupies saying to them – ooh let’s go in Michael’s room, is this where he sleeps, oh lets go on his bed? They were probably using them to get close to Michael anyway so that makes perfect sense.


  40. nannorris permalink
    April 11, 2012 7:55 am

    lynande51 and Tatum Marie..this is my point .I think he welcomed friends being able to entertain other friends that he didnt know first hand while he was not there….keep in mind it seemed like MJ traveled constantly..imo
    But people had weddings , birthdays there when MJ wasnt there ,,
    Frank said he invited his friends over and said they visited the wine cellar using his own personal key several times , them went to see the animals as I recall..
    As much as I appreciate his book…he was a young man playing wine pong? with people involved in MJ million dollar deals…..and missed his flight to something important according to his book??
    Who oversleeps when you have a responsibility to return a million dollar piece of jewelry because you were drinking the night before??
    and yes I am glad he was not at the trade towers of course ..but it was due to being irresponsible..
    According to some testimony he exaggerated his importance in MJ business affairs ..
    That doesnt surprise or concern me due to his age..
    But I Wouldn’t put it past someone to use the cache of MJ own bed ….to improve their popularity so to say..
    That is what I question..
    It is to me like the police coming in and checking every room in a bed and breakfast and blaming a sole party


  41. lynande51 permalink
    April 11, 2012 9:38 am

    Like a bed and breakfast is right. What people don’t know is that Michael did want to open up Neverland, build it bigger, add hotels and start charging people to go there just like Disney. He also wanted kids to be able to be free and the groups of them could still come. That was the direction that he wanted to go with it and why he was always staying in hotels is because it wasn’t a home for him and his children but an amusment park and he knew it.
    He did have plans for one drawn up that Dr. VanValin saw but he told him he didn’t know where he was going to put it.
    One of the funny parts about that is he was looking at a few houses. two of them were in Florida and one was in Beverly Hills. This was planned for awhile and one of the reasons that he had Schaffel start that company was so he could get some of the cash to do this and put a down payment on a house. I have a link to the house he liked in Beverly Hills and he originally planned on buying it in 2003 but of course Bashir happened and the rest is history until late 2008 early 2009 when he went with Tohme to look at it again.
    A really interesting part af the story is that E entertainment news caught him in Florida looking at Mansions there from a news helicopter. What makes that interesting is that it was Feb 23rd of 2003, right in the middle of when Gavin says he was being held hostage, fed alcohol and molested. Michael was not at the ranch with those kids in February of 2003 for more than 3 days and Mark Geragos, Mark Lester and family, Miko Brando and family and Ed Bradley were all there on those days. They left in the middle of the night after Janet had a fight with Dieter and they went home. They stayed at Jay Jacksons house until the 20th when they went back after the taped interview that was supposed to go into The Footage You Were Never Meant To See and the DCFS interview. Azja Pryor was the one that took them back, Michael wasn’t there and she stayed the night. Michael had gone to Florida for Blanket’s 1st birthday party at the Malnik’s and stayed until March 2nd. March 2nd was when Rijo Jackson, Michael’s 10 year old cousin, caught the Arvizo boys watching a porn movie and masturbating in the guest cottage. He was shocked and went and stayed in Michael’s room not the Arvizo’s. Then Michael knew he had to get out of there and went to the Beverly Hills Hilton and stayed until he thought they were gone. He came back on march 9th and that was when everyone including Joanna T and Almed were asked to go with to Toys R Us. the Arvizo’s left the next day after Janet called and told them to come home.
    The reason that they extended the timeline was a phone call that was made from Janet asking Vinnie for another ride someplace. I think it was to court for an increase in her child support if I’m not mistaken. When Mark Geragos called him factually innocent of the charges and said he had an ironclad alibi he wasn’t joking. His ironclad alibi was that he wasn’t there for it to have happened. Here is a link to the house that Schaffels greed cost him. It was used in the Lady Gaga video Paparrazi.


  42. lynande51 permalink
    April 11, 2012 9:56 am

    Oh there was one other thing that I saw in Gavin’s testimony the other day. It was always their story that the first night they were there in 2000 when he had cancer they were shown porn on his (Gavins) new laptop. That was there story for 2 years then go read his March 14th testimony where he testifys that “oops” he didn’t have an internet account yet. So he then catches himself and says it was on Frank’s laptop. For 2 years and several police interviews, Grand Jury testimony and everyone else it was on his new laptop. Suddenly he is in court being cross examined and because he suddenly realises that he made a mistake when he was telling about his password it changes. That kid was never even shown porn by Michael Jackson but just look at how detailed his description of that event was when he remembers the names of the sites and what Michael supposedly said about the naked ladies to a sleeping Prince. Read that stuff and then tell me these people aren’t some of the craftiest liars on earth. In my opinion when Zonen goes to interviews and says that Michael was guilty he needs his head examined because even he knows better than that because he was the one that tried to get that testimony stricken.


  43. Truth Prevail permalink
    April 11, 2012 2:52 pm

    One has to wonder if the porn collection was even Michael’s I mean i think they might have belonged to him but considering the amount of people that came to Neverland while MJ wasn’t their including the Arvizos don’t know what came and went.

    BTW David looking forward to your Article about the Vitiligo patient.


  44. April 11, 2012 8:14 pm

    Wow, I have been reading all of this back and forth, and it’s been quite the drama! I have to say that I think both of you, Helena and David, raise very valid points. Personally, I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from reading BOTH series from you guys, and I think they compliment each other wonderfully. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the whole idea of having multiple writers on this blog so that there can be many different voices, and perhaps even different perceptions and points of view to the same topics? For me, that has been part of this blog’s unique appeal (as opposed to most, where it is always just the view of one writer). I have personally enjoyed both David’s and Helena’s approach to this topic, which again, I don’t see as being contradictory to the purpose but rather as very great complimentary pieces-and as both of you doing what you do best; each contributing to the topic from your own unique perspectives and contributing your own special talents and areas of expertise. I looked at it something like this-first we had David’s series, which effectively tore down and rebutted the lies of “Christians” who have attacked MJ as a “non Christian” and now Helena is presenting us with a great series that is exploring in-depth Michael’s beliefs AS a Christian, which to me only serves to further enhance David’s series. I greatly admire all the hard work and dedication you have both brought to this series. And frankly, I don’t see the harm in continuing to write on the subject until either:A: You’ve completely exhausted it until you’re tired of it, or B: You’ve completely exhausted it until the readers have stopped coming. Readers will always skip over what they don’t want to read anyway. Perhaps a compromise would be to continue the series but allow breaks where other writers can post on other topics of their choice. I don’t know, but that would seem to me a fair solution. That is why whenever I find myself doing a very long and detailed series in several parts, I sometimes like to break it up with other stories, just to break the monotony, both for myself and my readers. But again, that’s because I am only one writer and one voice, whereas here we have several voices contributing-and again, I will stress, that is one of the major appeals of this blog. I think even if things sometimes get heated, that’s just part of having a diverse team with many contributing players. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I hope you guys won’t allow these differences to undermine the great work you’re doing here, and especially, the great work you are doing as a TEAM EFFORT. I appreciate you both, Helena and David, and everything you do.


  45. kaarin22 permalink
    April 12, 2012 1:26 am

    Have you not seen Spike Lee´s movie “Do the right Thing”,about a hot summerday in Brooklyn NY ?1989,has been listed as being the greatest film of all time and culturally significant.I am mentioning this because it really is a graet movie and will give you a perpective on the “crotch grabbing”, it being a black thing and not meant to be sexually provocative.-Michaels musical production was spiritual and poetic.He was also sexy in good taste in songs where it was apprpriate.God created us male and female.He was never vulgar or or condescending or demeaning to females.


  46. nannorris permalink
    April 12, 2012 4:09 am

    That house is stunning !!..WOW..
    It is incredible that Sneddon got away with this scott free..
    Changing time lines when MJ is out of town……accusations change …..
    just a disgusting abuse of power….
    He should have been brought up on civil rights violation charges..
    That Arvizo Kid was just completely full of it..
    I cant believe the prosecutors could have believed this family at all by the time they went to trial, or for that matter any of the 93 stuff either..
    If Zonen was with the F.B.I. when they interviewed Jordan Chandler and he said “I did my part”….and Zonen was standing right there…you might think it would have given him a clue and he might have asked his part in what …
    What a nightmare for Michael…


  47. lynande51 permalink
    April 12, 2012 6:11 am

    Yes it was beautiful wasn’t it.I’m going to leave a link to the first photos of it that were on TMZ. It was built in 1936 which makes it a classic and when it was originally shown on TMZ the comments were very negative because the moldings that you can see were at that time covered with Gold Leaf which would have been in keeping with the era in which it was built. Of course the comments were all about how “tacky and gawdy” the house was because of the gold. I posted a comment on there about the era that it was built in and the fact that it was not “gold paint” but real gold leaf that was on the moldings. No one seemed interested in my architecture lesson and continued on about how ugly it was. I think that it might have actually made the owners change it and that was a shame.
    It is funny because I later watched the Martin Bashir interview and I saw the part where he is going shopping in Las Vegas at the Regis Galerie and on the way there Michael pointed out the ceilings of The Venetian that they were in. They were painted and had gold leaf molding too. Bashir’s remark to Michael pointing out their beauty was “don’t you think they are a little tacky a bit gawdy”. Michael said what are you silly. Then Michael went in to purchase things “for another house”. and we know how Bashir made it seem like an outrageous shopping trip but if you watch that part of the video and see the pictures of that house everything falls into place. As for Bashirs taste all I can say is hasn’t he ever heard of or seen the Sistine Chapel because that has a ceiling like that.
    That style of architecture and design is called French Rococo (spelling) or French Regency modeled after the great palaces of Europe like Versailles and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, once a palace built by Catherine The Great and is now a museum, you should see the artistic wood parquet floors.They are both breathtaking.
    But the conversation about the house and the things that Michael bought that day leads me to again recommend the book Conversations At Neverland or In Neverland. Dr. VanValin writes some very interesting thought about Bashirs work that I think we overlook when we critique just the words that he uses. He looks at the show as a whole, not just in segments and he talks about how you can tell where Bashir is going and you can see his intent to make Michael appear weird and troubling and paints himself as someone that is just concerned.When you go back and watch it you can see that Bashir intended to be the star of the show and Michael was just his supporting actor. It is especially clear what his agenda was when you know that Gavin was one the first things taped and one of the last ones shown. That helped build the Hollywood drama of the whole show.


  48. nannorris permalink
    April 12, 2012 6:55 am

    this is a link that David Walgran will be taking questions from the fan community..just wanted to make people aware

    Bashir is a piece of Cr@p..this was his intention all along.
    Frankly I didnt think mj shopping spree was a big deal..What did he think mj would show himself clipping coupons?
    He was in show business and that is the kind of stuff people would expect from mj..
    i am going to try and get that book on my kindle ..thanks


  49. Linda permalink
    April 12, 2012 9:54 am

    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the whole idea of having multiple writers on this blog so that there can be many different voices, and perhaps even different perceptions and points of view to the same topics? For me, that has been part of this blog’s unique appeal

    Well put Raven. That’s been my appeal to this site also. I go on a lot of fan site’s, but this is the only one that I check out each and every day . I love all the articles and all the writers, and I’ve learned more here than anywhere. I love reading the comments, and I also learn a lot there. It pains me to see disagreement’s, and hurt. These guys are all doing a great job and it’s ok to agree to disagree, but we all have the same goal, and we can’t lose that focus. It’s the enemy that works in our midst to try to confuse and divide. We all need to recognize that’s what’s going on, and we cannot allow division, for then the enemy wins.


    He should have been brought up on civil rights violation charges..
    That Arvizo Kid was just completely full of it..
    I cant believe the prosecutors could have believed this family at all by the time they went to trial, or for that matter any of the 93 stuff either..

    Sneddon should have been brought up on a lot of charges, and so should the Arvizo’s, and the Chandlers. Sad thing is the prosecutors DID know the Arvizo’s were lying and didn’t care. Sneddon used these people, that only wanted money. Janet was obviously deranged, and mentally ill. The prosecution used her, but they knew they had no case from the beginning, So the only purpose they had was to ruin Michael with bad publicity.

    The public bought it, so in that sense Sneddon won his case temporarily
    , and still gets to walk around free. I always thought lying in court was a prison offence, and

    they got away with it, but to be a prosecutor, USING a mentally disturbed person, plus tampering with evidence was so wrong. How did he get away with all that, and why, in the world doesn’t the public see it? Why isn’t he sitting in prison right now, instead of being all comfortable in retirement? He, and his friend Diamond are the most responsible for Michael’s tribulations. They both know the truth, along with the Arvizo’s and the Chandlers, I wonder how all these people sleep at night.


  50. sanemjfan permalink
    April 12, 2012 10:36 am

    Guys, I want to address some things, because, behind the scenes, things are getting heated.

    Let me be clear about what I said earlier about MJ: I believe that he was an excellent role model as far as his unparalleled philanthropy and his gentle disposition and personality. He is morally superior to the scum of the earth, such as the people who lied to and betrayed him in life. There should be more celebrities, and people in general, who follow his example.

    But some fans attach almost a divine quality to him, and that’s what I disagreed with. It’s almost as if he was being deified or beatified. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about this in the fan community (about other blogs and sites, not this one), and I felt that that type of language and mentality was slowly creeping its way into this blog, and that’s why I said what I said.

    Another thing I want to point out is that I’ve talked to several people personally, and they have all said that they didn’t like the fact that the topic of religion, in and of itself, was being discussed on the blog, as they don’t come here to engage in such controversial discussions. They said they were happy with my posts because I merely rebutted religious haters of MJ, but I didn’t take sides with different faiths or denominations, or say who was right or wrong. They have asked me when the next post is coming so that we can all move on and have something new to talk about. It’s just too controversial and divisive, and it can easily start an argument if someone is offended or misinterprets what some else says. Religion and politics have that effect on people!

    The blog is growing bigger and bigger, and is getting a lot of exposure. I told you guys a few weeks ago how I met with Prof. Gallien and gave her ideas on how to incorporate MJ into her classes, and gave her a bunch of posts from this blog and others to read and assign to her classes. There are other professors from the world of academia who read and assign posts from this blog to their classes. More and more people are being exposed to this blog, with the impression that this is about vindicating MJ of the allegations in a professional manner (which we do!). I was worried about how the blog would be perceived by those new readers if we were constantly posting about and commenting and arguing about religion (as opposed to merely rebutting religious haters), it may turn them off, and make the blog lose credibility.

    But Helena, this is your blog, and you’re fully entitled to post whichever post you want on whichever subject you want. But I’ll also say this: you’re giving people something that they did not ask for and did not expect on this blog.

    Having said that, I apologize a million times over to Helena and everyone else who felt my comments were over the top. I will no longer make any comments regarding religion, faith, denominations, etc. Everyone else is free to comment on those subjects if they choose to.

    I’m moving on, and will post my next post in the next few days. I will also add some brand new, bombshell information that I will add to the post on the whereabouts of the Arvizo family.


  51. Maria permalink
    April 12, 2012 1:25 pm

    Fans think rationally in contrast to the media and journalists. Media for years showed false picture of Michael. Only fans had common sense in the whole media frenzy. Only the fans and his friends understand him. But they were not admitted to the media. Only after the death of Michael some people who knew him could tell what was a wonderful man.
    It’s true: the subject of religion stirs emotions. Michael, however, he has made no secret of his deep faith.
    He stresses this in several interviews. Why hide it?. Michael respected all people, races and religions. Therefore, it is a universal figure. His main message was love.
    I think that the task of fans not only show his innocence. It is not enough. We have to show that media destroyed a man who was a pattern. His humanity can serve as a model. It is about many things, mainly about children. He was a wonderful father. Michael Jackson understood the children, more than others.
    He understood because he had a heart child. It was a brotherhood of souls: the children and Michael Jackson. Michael lived for the children. Many fans believe that he was a gift from God. I believe with all my heart. I’m not afraid to compare MJ to Pope John Paul II. There are special people in the world. Michael was one of them. Am I exaggerating?. No. Michael is still undervalued. Michael had a special task on earth. We need to start listening to what he was saying. Michael was misunderstood. Only the fans listened to him, saw his commitment to charity, they saw what the majority did not want or could not see.


  52. Susanne permalink
    April 12, 2012 2:55 pm

    Guys, I absolutely agree with Raven. I think there is no need to have a disagreement, because there is no contradiction.
    I understand David as well as Helena, they both have valid points of view, and both wrote wonderful posts. I understand David that he doesn’t want to take sides with certain religions – and he doesn’t have to, and I understand Helena who wants to expose Michael’s true Christian faith because it’s essential for understanding him.
    But why are not both ways possible? Those who don’t want to read religious discussions don’t have to read it. And those to whom these discussions are important shouldn’t criticize the others who don’t want to get involved in them. It bothers me that things get heated when it’s not necessary. No one should be criticized for his/her approach to a topic when it helps in the end to vindicate Michael. This is the common purpose and it’s possible in both ways. I think we all generally agree that arguing about religion is what Michael didn’t want because he accepted – like Maria said – all people, races and religions.
    So PLEASE don’t. Both of you said in the past that disagreements among fans don’t help and that we should be united in our efforts.
    I say it with love – L.O.V.E.


  53. Linda permalink
    April 13, 2012 9:30 am

    It’s so easy to be led astray and lose our focus, which would also cause us to lose our credibility, and that, we can’t afford. I’m not so sure about airing our differences in public. That’s kind of like a husband and wife having an argument behind closed doors quietly, “my preference” or screaming at each other in the front yard for all the neighbors to hear.

    I’m sure this site has a lot of visits from haters, and they would love to see us fighting each other, and probably throw in some comments to keep it going. Many of us have different backgrounds and beliefs, but you can’t really talk about Michael without bringing up his faith in God, so religion has to come out on this site. We can’t avoid that, and probably some of our own beliefs might show through our posts. Doesn’t mean we are right or wrong, just our beliefs. We need to respect others for their beliefs . In the end we will probably all be right in some areas and wrong in some other areas.

    The main thing is to support each other and not give haters fuel for their fire. We have to stand together united, or else we all fall and the last few years of VMJ would become a total waste of valuable time. Please don’t let that happen.


  54. Maria permalink
    April 13, 2012 12:07 pm

    Media over the years condemned Michael. He was their main goal. They have made a caricature of him. Those were the years of lies, which completely distorted picture of Michael. Media hide the truth about his disease of the skin. It’s everything to ridicule him, discredit.
    Michael was sick. He had vitiligo. Something that was simple and most logical was dressed in the media frenzy in which many people believed. After the death of Michael, we have evidence of skin disease. This is an official report. Media not apologized. Their goal was to destroy Michael at all costs. Michael helped the children. He saved many lives. What did the media?.
    Who was really crazy?. Journalists organized a circus at his expense. They destroyed an innocent man. What was really Michael?. Totally different from what was shown in the media. Completely different. We can see the truth about Him in his songs, poems, his children, in everything he did and said.
    Michael has fans around the world. We come from different countries and cultures. I compared Michael to John Paul II. John Paul II is my fellow countryman. The comparison begs the automatically. Both preached love traveling around the world. They believed in young people. When you look at pictures of Michael and John Paul II with children –
    easy to understand my words
    Here’s an unusual comparison:

    Each has own cultural code. But all of us share the same confidence in the innocence and goodness of this man.


  55. Mona permalink
    April 13, 2012 5:06 pm

    You are so right, as usual. Different opinions are just that, they shouldn’t be a reason to fight, there are enough haters out there. It’s a pity. I also think understanding Michael really has to do a lot with his religious beliefs, as he was a man deeply concerned with God, the forces of good and love. He said that multiple times in his songs and I do believe he is in a better place right now, as he deserves.

    About Michael being better than other people… I actually think he was better than others… otherwise what are we all here for? He was not a god, obviously just a man with his own faults, but better than others, definitely. A man who believes ‘love is the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation’ and proves it by his huge charitable actions is better than most of us, I’d say.

    The 10 years of porn found in his home don’t shatter at all my belief in what i said above, I see nothing wrong with it. He was a good man, not a saint living in a monastery, so we expect him to have sex or at least want to have sex. Also, I’d say some of his dance moves were pretty sexual and some fans were buying tickets also because of those… maybe you haven’t seen all the ‘mikegasm producing gold pants’ videos on You Tube… They’re quite something 🙂 Again, I find nothing wrong with that, his message was amazing and continuous throughout the years, he wasn’t doing it just for the show, but because he believed in it.

    That’s the bottom line and although opinions may differ slightly, in the end we are all here to support Michael, right?



  56. TatumMarie permalink
    April 13, 2012 11:42 pm

    I agree with you all. This article as a whole is about Michael’s Christianity and if I’m not mistaken that has been the theme for the last 8 articles but this one is a bit more detailed on his beliefs.


  57. Linda permalink
    April 14, 2012 9:53 am


    The 10 years of porn found in his home don’t shatter at all my belief in what i said above, I see nothing wrong with it. He was a good man, not a saint living in a monastery, so we expect him to have sex or at least want to have sex.

    maybe you haven’t seen all the ‘mikegasm producing gold pants’ videos on You Tube… They’re quite something

    Mona, I swear, if you were a man you would be my soul mate. Well, I guess girls can also be soul mates of a different type, lol. I also have no problem with the porn. We don’t even know if it was his porn, but it doesn’t matter to me either. How many men doesn’t look at porn? Fact is, it was female porn, not men, and not little boys. He was into females. He was shy and very wealthy, so he had a hard time dating normally, but he had normal desires.

    Mona, I HAVE seen the ‘mikegasm producing gold pants’ videos, in fact I have it downloaded and watch it frequently, all the while Mikegasming. I’m joking, ok? Well half joking to be honest with you. But you’re right, he wasn’t a saint, just a healthy, sexual male, and some fans try to make him into an angel, or super human. He said through his music, “I’m only human”. He knew his place, and the fans need to realize that also.

    It’s sad that the media portrays our celebs as whores, so we’re suppose to look down on them. Then Michael come’s along and that won’t work for them, so he must be gay. Even if he would have been gay, he could have still been a whore, using and abusing his fans. He didn’t do that either, so the media HAS to find a negative, so let’s just make him look weird. His skin color, nose falling off, lol. The media was a total failure in their goal to destroy Michael in light of all the evidence. Isn’t it just weird that so much of the public still believes in the media?

    All anyone has to do to understand Michael, is listen to his music, his lyrics and you will know the man, not an angel or a saint, but a man with a few flaws. A better man, or person than most of us, but still, only human.


  58. Mona permalink
    April 16, 2012 4:42 pm

    Linda, i was literally laughing out loud when I read your comment about your downloaded mikegasmic collection. Thank God you were just half kidding, cause I kind of watch them too, they make my day every time, they are either extremely sexy or hilarious. Poor Michael, if only he would have seen those while alive, I bet he wouldn’t have been sure whether to be flattered or blush 🙂
    I also believe in soul mates, the gender is not important. It’s a pity you’re on the other side of the globe, though.
    I also wonder how come people still believe in the media: I remember at some point Michael said he behaves this way (helping children) because it’s what Jesus would have done but quickly added that he didn’t want the media saying that he was comparing himself to Jesus, because he knew that every word would be twisted around and taken out of context. The sad thing is that only Michael thought of behaving like Jesus and because of that he was considered weird.
    I owe a lot of the things I believe in today to Michael and the things he talked about in Moonwalk, which I read when I was 12 or 13. I also owe him my belief in God, his music inspired me and helped me see God in everything, so… I guess i kind of owe him a lot. He shaped who I am today and I thank him for that.
    It’s great to see other people feel the same way.



  59. April 16, 2012 5:28 pm

    “Linda, i was literally laughing out loud when I read your comment about your downloaded mikegasmic collection. Thank God you were just half kidding, cause I kind of watch them too, they make my day every time, they are either extremely sexy or hilarious. Poor Michael, if only he would have seen those while alive, I bet he wouldn’t have been sure whether to be flattered or blush :)… I also owe him my belief in God, his music inspired me and helped me see God in everything… It’s great to see other people feel the same way.”

    Mona, it is great for me too to see you and others feel the same way. I haven’t got that collection but have seen some photos over which women generally faint, and find the whole thing interesting and hilarious too. To me Michael’s Blood on the dance floor is the embodiment of him as a man – mature, confident of himself and totally irresistible.

    However our belief in God does not prevent us from looking at this aspect of Michael, does it? Only the “pious” will tell you that such thoughts are “not proper” and you should think of the Scripture instead. God has created life and smiles when he sees life in all its boisterousness and normalcy. Let us be normal and not hypocritical, living human beings and not stuffed Tartuffe dolls.


  60. Mona permalink
    April 16, 2012 11:02 pm

    Helena, excellent point! I despise hypocrisy as well and we should all know that belief in God and sexuality are not conflictual. God created us a certain way, we are supposed to be attracted to each other and those who pretend that is ‚not proper’ have a problem with the way God intended life to be created here on earth.
    As we had Orthodox Easter here in Romania on Sunday and today, there was a lot of talking on TV about Christ and His teachings and at some point I saw something about ‚formal Christians’, so people who pretend to be Christians and they probably believe it themselves, but they do nothing according to these teachings, they rather just go to church and socialize. I believe these are the hypocrites that have no problem pointing fingers at someone just because s/he is different, no matter how much good s/he actually does. They are usually also the first to be offended by sexual references just so that they can look good and clean.
    That’s why I respect Michael’s belief so much: he put it into practice to the best of his ability, didn’t just pretend to.

    Btw: Thumbs up for ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’, I like it too, but I think my favorite from the ‘manliness’ point of view would have to be ‘In the Closet’. Steaming! 🙂


  61. April 16, 2012 11:59 pm

    “He was a good man, not a saint living in a monastery, so we expect him to have sex or at least want to have sex. ..he wasn’t a saint, just a healthy, sexual male, and some fans try to make him into an angel, or super human. He said through his music, “I’m only human”. He knew his place, and the fans need to realize that also.”

    Linda, fans should also realise that in order to be a saint one does not have to live in a monastery! Let me disclose to you one secret which I learned while studying some very old sources – those who live away from the attractions of this world are in a much easier position than those who live in the midst of it (especially when they get older), because in a monastery people are not subjected to the many temptations people “on the outside” are.

    It is living a normal life “in this world” and still retaining one’s purity, honesty, love for people and appreciation for the truth which is a much more difficult path than the one taken by those who go to a monastery. How will a monk living outside this world observe all those commandments given to him by God – honor his father and mother, never steal or covet anyone’s possessions, never bear false witness, never kill, etc. if he even does not even have a chance to break all that? As he lives away from this world and does not even take care of his parents and has no property?

    What I mean to say that it is much more difficult to observe the rules of clean living (and especially the rule of loving your brother as yourself) when you live in the midst of this world, go to your workplace every day and face lies, greed, betrayal and all other human dirt on a regular basis the whole of your life. And when the amount of dirt is like the one Michael Jackson faced you really need to be a saint to go through all this and still retain trust in human beings and love for them, and keep your faith in God! In this respect Michael WAS a saint…

    And a “saintly” state does not mean living without sex. Sex is a normal part of human life without which all life on this planet will cease to exist. It was absolutely not meant that way. What really matters is how people regard sex and what they turn it into. Michael wrote about it a great song called Superfly sister. Look at its lyrics – not only does he know the subject well, but he also tells us that sex per se is not love. Without love it is dirty. The person who posted this song rightfully says:

    “I can’t believe how many here miss the message of this song! This song is not about SEX, it is about what real LOVE used to be and how now its all about sex. I feel this song has something to this with Latoya and her abusive husband Jack Gordan.”

    Love ain’t what it used to be
    That is what they’re tellin’ me
    Push it in stick it out
    That ai’t what it’s all about

    He wanna do something keen to you
    He wanna wrap his arms all around you girl
    He wanna shake it up shake it down
    Doing it right
    He wanna jump back half flap doing it right
    He wanna lay you down
    Turn it up
    Kicking it loose

    He wanna fly high night high
    Baby for you’se
    He wanna motormouth
    Float around
    Baby the back
    He wanna shake it up shake it down
    Moving round ha ha

    Love ain’t what it used to be (Hee!)
    That is what they’re tellin’ me
    Push it in stick it out
    That ain’t what it’s all about (Oh!)

    Susie like to agitate
    Get boy make me him wait
    Mother’s preaching Abraham
    Brothers they don’t give a damn (Oh)

    He wanna do something keen to you
    He wanna wrap his arms all around you girl
    He wanna do it up keep it high

    Deep in the night

    He wanna eye ball
    Get hard Playing it right
    He wanna turn the key
    Hurt the sheets
    Move to the left

    He wanna hot scrub
    Hot love making it wet
    He wanna give hot jump shot move to the left
    He wanna time bar
    Slam dunk ha ha ha

    Hoo! Hee! Keep it goin’ Party now Hee! Hee!

    Love ain’t what it used to be (Hoo)
    That is what they’re tellin’ me (Oooh)
    Push it in stick it out
    That ain’t what it’s all about

    Sister say she love him some
    (She’s doin’ it, she’s doin’ it)
    God is jammin’ on the run
    Mother´s preaching Abraham (Hee!)
    Brothers They don’t gibe a damn (Oh)

    Johnny’s begging pretty please
    (Keep the brother o his knees)
    Keep the brother on his knees (hee hee!)

    Susie likes to agitate
    (Keep doin’ it keep doin’ it
    Get the boy and make him wait
    Sister’s marries to a hood
    Sayin’ that she got it good

    Holy Mary mercy me (Hee!)
    I can´t believe the things I see
    Thinkin` that They got it made (Hoo!)
    They doin’ what They used to hate (Ooooh!)

    Push it in and stick it out
    (Keep doin’ it) (Keep doin’it)
    That ain’t what it’s all about
    That ain’t what it’s all about

    Holy Mary mercy me
    (She´s holy Mary moly Mary)
    I can’t believe the things I see
    (Goin’ on now) (Hee Hee!)

    Sister say she loves him some
    (She´s goin’ down) (hooo)
    God is jammin’ all around
    (God is jammin’) (Hee hee)

    Holy Mary mercy me
    (She’s holy Mary moly Mary)
    I can’t believe the things I see
    (Keep on goin’) (Hee!) (hee!)

    You’re doin’ it
    You’re dirty
    Keep doin’ it
    You’re dirty

    That ain’t what it’s all about!


  62. April 17, 2012 12:37 am

    I despise hypocrisy as well and we should all know that belief in God and sexuality are not conflictual. God created us a certain way, we are supposed to be attracted to each other and those who pretend that is ‚not proper’ have a problem with the way God intended life to be created here on earth. ..we had Orthodox Easter here in Romania on Sunday and today, I saw something about ‚formal Christians’, people who pretend to be Christians and they probably believe it themselves, but they do nothing according to these teachings, they rather just go to church and socialize. That’s why I respect Michael’s belief so much: he put it into practice to the best of his ability, didn’t just pretend to.

    I also greatly respect Michael for it – he really lived his faith and never pretended anything. A true believer in God as he spoke to Him and sought His guidance every day of his life.

    And we also had Easter last Sunday – Happy Easter to you and everyone who celebrated it!

    Btw: Thumbs up for ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’, I like it too, but I think my favorite from the ‘manliness’ point of view would have to be ‘In the Closet’. Steaming!

    Mona, here are our favorites as a present to you then – from one Orthodox Christian to another Orthodox Christian so to say, LOL! 🙂



  63. nannorris permalink
    April 17, 2012 2:30 am

    that “love aint what it used to be “”.song …..interesting point..i hadnt thought of Latoya..I thought it was the brothers and Janet being married to the debarge guy going into the hood to find him when he was looking for drugs and stuff..
    Could very well be Latoya..
    I always had spent so much time dancing to mj songs and singing along , i really didnt spend a lot of time listening the lyrics. and realizing they were autobiographical..
    Until after he died:((
    I wish I did..I might have hada clearer picture of him when he was alive..


  64. kaarin22 permalink
    April 17, 2012 2:51 am

    Blood on the dance floor and Superfly Sister are great.For a bit of passion:”Give in to me”
    music video.


  65. Tahlia permalink
    April 17, 2012 7:00 am

    I have some of those videos too. I also have plenty of gold pants pictures as well. 😀 😀 😀


  66. Linda permalink
    April 17, 2012 8:50 am

    April 16, 2012 4:42 pm
    Linda, i was literally laughing out loud when I read your comment about your downloaded mikegasmic collection.

    I’m glad you found it humorous Mona. I can’t count the times that I say things in jest and people think I’m serious, so I’ve learned to put an lol after, or explain that I am kidding. It is amazing though how much more sexual his moves were when you see them in slow motion. Just wow! Gets me thinking..uh.. never mind, it’s been a long time, lol.

    I joke and play a lot but really, I am harmless. I think Michael knew he turned the girls on, but I don’t think he realized just HOW sexy he was on that stage. That was all wonderful, but how he managed to stay so kind and so humble with people practically worshiping him all over the world is what impresses me. As Christians, we’re suppose to strive to be Christlike. Jesus is our example to follow, and people should see him in us. I see more Jesus in Michael than I do in most Christians. I know he struggled, just like the rest of us, but he had a bigger battle than most people, because of his fame, tabloid bs, vitiligo…and he still showed more love and forgiveness than people with half his problems.

    I don’t understand how anyone could question his faith in God, or why they feel the need for proof. I wonder how they would feel if people had to prove them a Christian. What’s their point, anyway? Personally, I don’t think there is a point, except, anything to get an argument going, or to stir up strife with the fans.

    I will usually go a few rounds with negative people, but when I realize they are just hateful people attacking, and just parroting the tabloids, they’re on my ignore list. I don’t have time for senseless arguments, because I know their game, and I don’t play games with them.

    Well, I may have gotten off track here, lol. I’m on my third stiff drink after work. Probably not Christlike at all, lol, so I’ll stop and go to bed. Love you guys.


  67. Linda permalink
    April 17, 2012 9:08 am

    @ Mona and VMJ
    Btw: Thumbs up for ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’, I like it too, but I think my favorite from the ‘manliness’ point of view would have to be ‘In the Closet’. Steaming!

    My opinion, for what it’s worth, both songs and videos were steaming. I love both. Also Dirty Diana and Give in to me.


  68. Mona permalink
    April 17, 2012 4:19 pm

    VMJ, thank you very much, I believe this might have just been the best Easter present ever. One day late, but Happy Easter to you too and I’d be glad to return the video favor

    Enjoy 🙂


  69. Mona permalink
    April 17, 2012 4:40 pm

    gold pants and stiff drinks, sounds very familiar to me 🙂 And that part about just joking a lot but being harmless… that’s so true, it’s the same for me. It’s amazing how people manage to find soul mates across the globe!
    You know, I often try to put myself in his shoes and wonder how he managed to stay sane for such a long time, let alone keep his faith in God and follow His word all the while. I know for sure I couldn’t have done it, it would have been too much for me to handle. What a pity that the best of us are the ones people choose to hit the hardest.
    As far as how aware he was about women worshipping him in such a sexual manner, I always wondered how much of it he knew and what he thought of it. He seemed really shy, so he probably only allowed himself to think about it when alone, I don’t see him discussing it with other guys. But you never know.
    And about slow motion… I posted a link for VMJ that you might be interested in, lol. Worth watching!


  70. April 17, 2012 6:35 pm

    OMG, Mona, the “righteous” will stone us for posting it here!

    But since it is already done I might as well say what I think of it. I’ve seen some of those videos in the usual tempo, but in the slow motion it is indeed something… It’s good that I am past the age when it is dangerous to watch things like that. Well, thank you for a bit of schooling – now I also know what ladies from the gold pants society are mad about.

    However I think they are overdoing it a bit as they turn Michael’s dance into something it was not supposed to be – Michael was quick like lightning and one of the attractions of his dance was his incredible tempo coupled with the fantastic grace and beauty of his dance moves. His dance was such a marvel that I think we need to take it as it is and not divide it into slower motion movements thinking of them things he didn’t want them to be.

    I mean if Michael had wanted his dance to look that sexual he would have done it in a slow-motion style himself – but he didn’t (in fact occasionally he did). Instead he showed to us his incredible tempo and energy as well as unrivalled control over the slightest moves of his body. I for one was very impressed when in “This is it” (I think it was in “The way you make me feel” song) he managed to reproduce the titillating effect a woman had on him by micro-shaking his legs (remember that episode?). Frankly the way he could control his body and what he wanted to say by it produced on me a much bigger impression than the artificial slowing down of his movements here.

    Strange as it might seem I myself do not look at Michael’s dance as “sexy” – I just like his moves for their incredible grace, ease and beauty. If his dance were sexy only I would’t like it the way I do. It must be my cold northern blood which makes me react to other things than just some plain ‘moves’. Frankly, I was always attracted by men’s nature and not muscles or strip-tease routines. To me Michael is extremely attractive as a human being and when he was younger he was also very handsome. And that smile …. who could resist it?

    As to the Blood on the dance floor video I cannot stay indifferent to it even as a researcher – I think that no sane person will be able to say that Michael wasn’t interested in women after seeing this video. All the right signs of a confident and experienced man are there – from every look to every move of his.

    If someone starts telling stories about Michael being “asexual”, “a virgin until his last day”, gay or disinterested in women I suggest we send them this video and that will be the best answer to them. In his youth Michael was shy with women (due to his religion, upbringing, vitiligo problems, whatever) but it seems that he very well compensated for it when he grew older. And Blood on the dance floor is the best proof of it.

    Well, I am happy that he did. This way we may be sure that there were at least some moments of happiness in his life too.


  71. Mona permalink
    April 17, 2012 7:24 pm

    You are right, just after I hit the ‚Post’ button I thought that might not have been a very smart move, considering some people might be offended by it, especially after such a serious topic, but to tell you the truth, I think there’s no reason for ‘stoning’ here. I mean… they’re just images from a concert in slow motion. It’s true they look totally different than what Michael intended them to be, but someone thought of it and there we are. You know, I am 31. I also thought I was past the dangerous age, but I guess when it comes to Michael I’ve never really grown out of it  And I’m not sorry…
    The gold pants society is definitely overdoing it, but whatever gives them the thrills is fine, I guess, they’re not hurting anyone. I am also way more impressed by Michael’s actual dancing. His control is amazing; I love dancing in general and am impressed by dancers even at a much lower level than Michael’s. So you can imagine that the way he dances, the way he intended it to be is quite a kick for me, there’s no need to break it down into slow tempo and make it into something it’s not. I remember that ‘This Is It’ part, I was avidly watching to see his every move and how he managed to make his concerts into such masterpieces, from every move to every note he sang, because there’s just one thing that is more impressing to me than dancing and that’s music. And he had both of them.
    It’s true that I wasn’t looking at him from a very sexual point of view either, before seeing the gold pants videos. Don’t get me wrong, I noticed he was extremely sexy, but it wasn’t the thrusting moves that made me think so, as much as his aura of incredible human being. I remember that I thought to myself he was unbelievably hot when I saw one particular smile in ‘Give In to Me’. That smile… spoke 1000 words…
    For a while I was quite surprised to find out that a lot of people think Michael might be gay – to me it was so obvious he was heterosexual, but I guess some people just keep their eyes closed. As far as shyness is concerned, I really hope he grew out of it, I know it can be quite a burden, although I saw some later videos and he still seemed pretty shy in front of fans, covering his face with his hands, for example. In ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’ he does look very confident and I can only hope he took that into his life too.



  72. Linda permalink
    April 17, 2012 9:01 pm

    Music and dance are my favorite anything in life. That’s why my computer is full of it, Mostly Michael Jackson and Michael Flatley. Those two are the greatest dancers I’e ever seen. So if I’m home there is usually music or video going all the time.

    I’m 62 and soo not past the age of at least thinking. I even have a vague memory that seeps in from time to time. Anyway The good thing about slo mo is you catch a lot of moves that you miss otherwise, so I like that mode sometimes for that reason, but yes, it probably does make it more sexual than he meant, and i think he might have been embarrassed if he’d seen it.

    In Flatley’s videos, they intentional slow it down every so often, to show how high he leaps and how far up he can kick his leg. He’s amazing, but you can’t see all that in regular mode.

    For anyone else on here reading all this, we’re not sex crazy women. Just people who admire beauty and talent,but it’s ok to joke around a little.

    Long live the dance.


  73. Mona permalink
    April 17, 2012 9:46 pm

    Wow, Linda, that Michael Flatley is quite something! And I see he’s got the same kind of body going for him, just like Michael’s. Well, a dancer’s body. That’s it, I’m joining dance classes tomorrow, lol! It’s true I am also a sucker for beauty in any form, I don’t discriminate.

    No, everybody, we’re not perving around here, just having fun, joking around is really the only shield we have, let’s make the best of it.



  74. Linda permalink
    April 18, 2012 8:51 am

    April 17, 2012 9:46 pm
    Wow, Linda, that Michael Flatley is quite something! And I see he’s got the same kind of body going for him, just like Michael’s. Well, a dancer’s body. That’s it, I’m joining dance classes tomorrow, lol! It’s true I am also a sucker for beauty in any form, I don’t discriminate.

    You know, Mona, the bible says the eyes are the window to the soul. Sometimes you can just look someone in the eyes and see danger, or see something sweet. Some eyes you just don’t know what is there. To me, every time i see MJ’s eyes there is something so beautiful, kind and loving. I do watch him dance, but any close up I can’t get away from his eyes.

    Look at Michael Flatley. Wow, he’s beautiful, like MJ, only his eyes are brilliant blue. They stand out too, and maybe it’s just me, and saying nothing bad about him, but I just see raw sex. He might be a great guy, I haven’t studied his life like I have MJ’s. I probably will some day.

    You want to have a body like them? LOL, Can you imagine how many hours they practiced to perfect those moves, which is what made those bodies so beautiful? I forget how many shoes Flatley and his dancers went through but I’m thinking a pair every six months.

    Anyway, back to our subject, we can all appreciate MJ’S sexy moves, through his awesome dance, but his message is of course our main interest. I joke around a lot, but I’m more impressed with his desire to heal the world and to help everyone he could than anything else. Sadly, it was his love for humanity, especially kids that got him in so much trouble, and I will never figure out why it’s so wrong to sleep with a kid that is non-related. If you’re a child molester, you’re more likely to molest a family member than a non-related child.

    And that’s all I got to say about that, lol.


  75. Mona permalink
    April 18, 2012 11:03 am

    As much as I love blue eyes, I’ve never seen eyes more beautiful than MJ’s. And that’s because he was such a great person. You can see a lot of the beauty in his soul in those eyes, but also a lot of sadness. However, when he laughs they light up and he lights up the whole room, even if it’s an entire stadium. Maybe that’s where his incredible charisma came from, and some, his fans, so a lot of people, could see what a wonderful man he was through his eyes. I mean his eyes were his greeting card even before you knew of all his good deeds, charity, love for children and animals, etc. Even in videos like ‘Bad’ or others that were meant to be a bit tougher those eyes gave him away, he wasn’t fooling anyone with being bad. I don’t understand how these haters cannot see what we see, but it’s just a matter of not caring, I guess. They don’t understand that someone can be genuinely good and try to see the wrong behind everything, because they think everybody is like them. They get their kick out of hurting people and they will just do that regardless of all proof. When I saw the Bashir documentary I honestly saw nothing wrong with what MJ was saying and was surprised at Bashir’s comments. I thought maybe there was some cultural difference I didn’t get, but actually it was something Bashir didn’t get or didn’t care to get, because he had a different agenda. Michael was not interested in sleeping in the same bed with kids, he was interested in offering all the love he could and helping as much as he could. And things like this are what make him so beautiful, way more than his dance moves or gold pants. Those are just a bonus 

    And about the dancing classes, no, I don’t want to have a body like that, but find someone with a body like that. I figure that would be the right place, lol.


  76. April 18, 2012 10:33 pm

    “I think Michael knew he turned the girls on, but I don’t think he realized just HOW sexy he was on that stage. That was all wonderful, but how he managed to stay so kind and so humble with people practically worshiping him all over the world is what impresses me. As Christians, we’re suppose to strive to be Christlike. Jesus is our example to follow, and people should see him in us. I see more Jesus in Michael than I do in most Christians. I know he struggled, just like the rest of us, but he had a bigger battle than most people, because of his fame, tabloid bs, vitiligo… and he still showed more love and forgiveness than people with half his problems. I don’t understand how anyone could question his faith in God, or why they feel the need for proof.”

    Linda, I agree with every word of it. What is also very impressive of Michael is that all that worshipping him never went into his head and he remained the humble man he was. This is indeed RARE!

    I guess we all have to have pretty tough skin if we’re going to persevere, right? We all have different views and different ways of getting our points across, but we all stand together for one purpose, and it’s working.

    Michael is a marvellous teacher for us – both in terms of perseverance and setting the example of behavior with each other. So hopefully with time a little bit of his inner shine will rub off on all of us if we try to learn from his example.

    As to his toughness and what he had to go through it is even indecent to compare our problems with his. In comparison with him all of us should automatically become the happiest people on earth, no matter what trouble we are going through – simply because nothing can be worse than what Michael endured.


  77. Mona permalink
    April 19, 2012 12:10 am

    VMJ, you’re right, I often feel guilty complaining about my measly problems when I think what he had to go through; there’s just no comparison. Indeed we should learn from him, there’s a lot that he kept telling us through his songs, books, poems… His poems also get to me every time, they are just so pure and beautiful. He was an example to us all, unfortunately gone too soon… At least now we should understand and change ourselves and the world around us, that was his wonderful message of love.


  78. April 19, 2012 1:58 am

    “You are right, just after I hit the ‚Post’ button I thought that might not have been a very smart move, considering some people might be offended by it, especially after such a serious topic, but to tell you the truth, I think there’s no reason for ‘stoning’ here. I mean… they’re just images from a concert in slow motion. It’s true they look totally different than what Michael intended them to be, but someone thought of it and there we are.”

    Mona, I was half-joking, half-serious about it. Those who want to stone us will always find a pretext to do so, so don’t worry about them. To these we will quote “Let those without sin throw the first stone”. I was a little concerned about those who won’t stone anyone and whose opinion does matter to me. Hopefully these people also have a sense of humor, or enjoyed the video not paying attention to which post it came. Let us not be hypocrites in the first place as hypocrisy is another form of lies – only the most sophisticated one.

    You wondered how Michael would have reacted if he had known how women were looking at him on stage? Schmuley Boteach has a piece about it in his tapes:

    SB: Do you feel that we should be more respectful fo the sexual side of our lives? Has it all become too overt? I mean you’re naturally shy about this.
    MJ: Yeah, I’m just naturally, um, ‘cause I think that’s..
    SB: Private?
    MJ: Yeah, that’s my personal opinion. Other people who are exhibitionist, you know naturist, who go out nude and they feel different about it. Um, I’m just different in that way.
    SB: We don’t have to misuse our sexuality to increase ticket sales and record sales?
    MJ: No, that’s crazy, like some of these singers who put bulges in their pants, that’s crazy. I don’t understand that. That’s like disgusting to me when they do stuff like that. That’s embarrassing. I don’t want nobody to even look at me down… like looking for that. That would just embarrass me so bad, oh God.
    SB: Isn’t that just a sign of insecurity though? They think that maybe their dancing isn’t good enough and they need to highlight that other stuff.
    MJ: Yeah.

    SB: You always understood the importance of that responsibility , when you became famous? You knew you had a huge responsibility as an icon and as a trend-setter?
    MJ: Yeah, ‘cause I don’t think, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything offensive on stage… ever. Like some of these acts, you talk about how Bobby Brown would get a girl up there and he starts griding her, you know, right on in front of everybody and police arrested him several times. Like having sex right on stage and all these kids in the audience. My show, it’s just totally different.

    As far as shyness is concerned, I really hope he grew out of it, I know it can be quite a burden, although I saw some later videos and he still seemed pretty shy in front of fans, covering his face with his hands, for example. In ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’ he does look very confident and I can only hope he took that into his life too.

    I think Michael’s shyness in his final days was connected with the way he looked. When he was rehearsing for This is it, he met his fans at some point and said he looked “awful” and if I remember it right, closed his face with his hands. This is the reason why he went to Klein regularly – he wanted his face and nose to look as good as it was only possible. It was very important to him.

    As to the Blood on the dance floor stage his looks were great at the time (it was before the 2005 trial) and he had nothing to be shy about. The type of confidence he displayed in that video cannot be faked, it is absolutely natural, so he did feel that way. This is what Michael would have been like if it hadn’t been that crazy trial.

    I remember that I thought to myself he was unbelievably hot when I saw one particular smile in ‘Give In to Me’. That smile… spoke 1000 words…

    I think we need some cheering up again no matter which headline of the post it is. I will try to find the “Give in to me” video now and post it here. Other readers also wanted it and it is one of my favourites too.

    After all being a Christian does not mean not to be alive.


  79. Mona permalink
    April 19, 2012 2:16 am

    The conversation with the rabbi is priceless!!! He didn’t want anybody to look at him down looking for that, funny! I am going to be embarassed to even look that way now, lol! Well, I guess he didn’t get his wish, it was not his fault and it was not the fans’ fault either, nobody to blame for his sex-appeal! 🙂
    But again I have to take my hat off in front of Michael for respecting his fans so much, especially his female fans. The guys who put bulges in their pants surely don’t consider it for a second and being the feminist that I am I respect Michael for being the way he was. I don’t get how these disrespectful artists still have female fans, honestly.
    Thank you for the Schmuley Boteach transcript, those tapes are so valuable despite the rabbi trying to make them into something they were not.
    ‘Naturally shy about it’ and looking like a sex god, life surely knows how to play tricks on people 🙂


  80. Linda permalink
    April 19, 2012 9:19 am

    When I saw the Bashir documentary I honestly saw nothing wrong with what MJ was saying and was surprised at Bashir’s comments. I thought maybe there was some cultural difference I didn’t get, but actually it was something Bashir didn’t get or didn’t care to get, because he had a different agenda.

    Exactly correct! There WAS nothing wrong with what Michael said. I may be weird, but I actually like that documentary, because it really shows Michael’s heart, and it also shows bashir’s heart, and I’m not too sure about Uri Geller either. Ped’s would never advertise their love for children like Michael did, and certainly not say publicly that they sleep with kids. That’s a first clue that he was innocent.

    My ex-husband that molested our daughter seemed pretty cold to our kids, so I didn’t suspect anything like that was going on. Another father I know that molested one of his daughters was pretty much the same. Neither one of them showed a great interest in kids. If Michael was molesting kids, he would try to hide any interest in kids. Everything he did involving kids was the total opposite of a child molester.

    Bashir did have an agenda. That was to make a name for himself, and like too many of Michael’s associates, were looking for an easy payoff. Marten B would do anything for money. Sadly, so would most of Michael’s so called friends. We really do need to choose our friends carefully, and trust very few. Michael trusted too many, and that was his downfall. You can love everybody, but you can’t trust everybody.


  81. Linda permalink
    April 19, 2012 9:46 am

    You know, that might be an interesting article for one of the admins on this site. The profile, or personality of a real ped. Sometimes, personality doesn’t fit and sometimes there are no signs , but a ripe situation does exist. Neither one fits Michael, but that would be an interesting article, and might actually help a few kids by making parents more aware of the signs.


  82. Mona permalink
    April 19, 2012 1:17 pm

    I also liked the Bashir documentary, just as I liked the tapes from Rabbi Shmuley. Sure they were marketed by people who were just out for profit, but they are a great testimony of who Michael really was and they are also vindicating him. Bashir’s voice or the rabbi’s voice and the bad things they said… honestly I don’t even remember much of that, as it is Michael’s words, honesty, courage and love that I was left with from this material. The same goes for the recording on Murray’s phone. Just watching stuff about Michael just being himself really has a healing effect on me. His words and his aura surpass everything and make whatever negative comments just inaudible to me.
    At first I only read some of the transcript to the tapes, without Shumley’s notes and was so impressed by what Michael said and then when I saw the notes I was appalled that a man of God and a spiritual adviser would have such a distorted look on these. Like when Michael said that he thought everybody had good in them and he could even ‘cure’ Hitler if he had some time with him – I thought how wonderful that he had such tremendous faith and it would be so wonderful if there were more like him, more people who believed the words of ‘Heal the World’ – ‘There’s a place in your heart and I know that it is love’. For sure the world would be a better place. And what did Shmuley get from it? That Michael was an arrogant bastard with a personality cult! Shocking!
    About the ped profile I wouldn’t know what to say, but I heard my neighbor m-ested his daughters and indeed he wasn’t a very child friendly individual, at least not openly, so… there might some truth here. Its only logic that they would try to hide it.


  83. Linda permalink
    April 20, 2012 8:33 am


    I also liked the Bashir documentary, just as I liked the tapes from Rabbi Shmuley. Sure they were marketed by people who were just out for profit, but they are a great testimony of who Michael really was and they are also vindicating him.

    There were so many wicked, evil people around Michael trying get money or fame at his expense. So many people trying to bring him down, but for the most part it back fired every time. I love seeing that happen. Evil begets evil, or what goes around comes around. Michael’s love and kindness always comes out, no matter what these people try to do to him. I’m sure Conrad”s tape had an evil purpose.

    Pretty stupid of him to save that on his cell, since that’s what helped to convict him. The media played that to the hilt, I think trying to prove what a drug addict Michael was, and I felt pain every time i heard it, but, it showed where his heart was. Even in that state, all he could think about was how to help sick kids. When evil people dig a pit for the righteous, they will fall into it themselves. Even God’s people will make mistakes, they’re not perfect, but their still God’s anointed. God will take care of his own and I would be scared to be in the shoes of a lot of these people that trash Michael.


  84. Linda permalink
    April 20, 2012 9:22 am

    @vindicatemj PERMALINK*
    April 18, 2012 10:33 pm
    As to his toughness and what he had to go through it is even indecent to compare our problems with his. In comparison with him all of us should automatically become the happiest people on earth, no matter what trouble we are going through – simply because nothing can be worse than what Michael endured.

    Amen to that !! No matter how bad things look in my life, i always think about people that have it so much worse. Michael went through a lot, but I know he always thought about people worse off than him, and wanted to help everybody. I have people at work , refugee’s , from different parts of the world that tell me their stories. Some get too close to me for my comfort, and I think I should pull back, but then I have to remember where they’ve come from.

    The USA is a freedom and a safe haven that they’ve never known, so I have to reach back out to them, as I represent the USA. Michael represented the USA also, but he reached out to everybody all over the world. Most of us would have crumbled carrying his weight. Thank God, he stayed strong and kept the faith. If only we could all realize that we are all one nation under God…Well I guess everyone doesn’t believe in God, and that’s probably what’s wrong with the world.


  85. Ioana permalink
    August 29, 2012 11:17 pm

    but i heard that michael converted to he could be still christian before his death then ?


  86. August 30, 2012 12:07 am

    “but i heard that michael converted to he could be still christian before his death then?” – Ioana

    And I’ve heard that some people are abducted by aliens.

    What I mean is that people like talking and say a lot of nonsense at that. Michael never converted to islam or to any other religion. He was curious about different religions and asked a lot of questions about them (for example, about judaism when talking to Rabbi Shmuley), but it doesn’t mean he converted into another faith.

    My personal opinion is that he left Bahrain and gave up his promises to record some songs there because he could have been asked to make them more “Bahraini-like” both in lyrics and tunes. Prince of Bahrain was an ameteur song-writer and the reasons why their project was not fulfilled could be purely professional and partially religious (a supposition only). Since the songs were to be a joint project I doubt that the prince would have agreed to have songs without any “national colouring” to it. And Michael would never have agreed to adjust his songs to anyone’s demands.

    The Prince is so wealthy that he could have let Michael go with the $7 mln. he said he had given him. Grace Rwaramba, by the way, testified in court that the Prince never said that that money was to be returned (she also thought it was a gift). I think the Prince simply got angry when Michael left Bahrain never to return and sued him as a result. To me this doesn’t sound like the people adhering to one religion.

    By the way the Prince of Bahrain lawsuit came the next year after the Prescient 2007 lawsuit. There wasn’t a single moment in Michael’s life when he was not sued. And some people wonder what Michael’s money went for.

    Today, a trial started in the High Court of London (UK). Sheikh Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, son of the King of Bahrain, is suing Michael Jackson for £4.7million (about US$ 6.9 million) for allegedly breaching a contract between the pair.

    The Sheikh had housed Michael Jackson in Bahrain after he was acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005. In return for his hospitality, the Sheik claims, Michael Jackson agreed to record new material and write an autobiography. Lawyers for the Sheikh said the money was given to Michael Jackson as an advance on the book and joint recording project with the sheikh, who is an amateur songwriter.

    The court heard today how the pair developed a “close personal relationship” during Michael Jackson’s stay. The Sheik’s lawyer Bankim Thanki said a track Michael Jackson recorded would be played to the court during the 12-day trial.

    Grace Rwaramba Testifies

    (21-11-2008) Today, Michael Jackson’s former personal assistant and nanny to his children Grace Rwaramba testified in London (UK) as a defense witness. She said that Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who is currently suing Michael Jackson, was a generous friend, eager to give Jackson money and other gifts. She also said that the sheik referred to Michael Jackson as his brother and frequently offered the singer gifts and money.

    “He would say, ‘What can I do for my brother?’ ‘What can I give the children?’ Mr. Jackson had a back pain and he told me to get Tiger Balm for him.” Rwaramba said she considered the sheik’s behavior “sweet.”

    The money at issue includes sums of $35,000 and $1 million paid into Rwaramba’s bank account by the sheik. Rwaramba said the money was intended for Michael Jackson, who did not have a bank account of his own. Rwaramba said she was “flabbergasted” when she received the first payment of $35,000, which she considered a large sum. She said the sheik “apologized that it was a little. He said next time it would be more.” The court also heard that Al Khalifa paid for hotel rooms for Michael Jackson and his entourage and trips to Toys R Us to buy Christmas presents for the singer’s guests.

    Rwaramba said the sheik never suggested any of money would have to be paid back.
    Source: MJFC / AP


  87. Ioana permalink
    August 30, 2012 12:49 pm

    Maybe he was christian but someone from Jackson’s family said that Prince Jr likes to listen to arabic prayer which reminds him about the time he spends with his father and siblings in Bahrain.


  88. August 30, 2012 11:12 pm

    “Prince Jr likes to listen to arabic prayer which reminds him about the time he spends with his father and siblings in Bahrain”.

    Ioana, this is called nostalgia. It has nothing to do with converting into another faith.


  89. Rodrigo permalink
    August 31, 2012 12:06 am

    You hear praying going on 24/7 in those countries.


  90. August 31, 2012 10:48 am

    And I’ve heard that some people are abducted by aliens. Lol. Isn’t that the truth?

    He was curious about different religions and asked a lot of questions about them (for example, about Judaism when talking to Rabbi Shmuley), but it doesn’t mean he converted into another faith.

    The fact that Michael studied other faiths is what witnesses tend to do. In my studies I was exposed to the witness publications and they have books about the views and theories of other religions. In the beginning, I was shocked by this – but they are curious about what others believe. Their interest in other religions where also based on establishing a common ground and connection to speak to everyone.

    I also agree with your opinion on why he left Bahrain. The culture there is very incorporated in their religious beliefs. Not to mention, we know Michael didn’t convert to Muslim because Jermaine (a known Muslim) would have been the first to say it, but he confirmed that Michael never joined.


  91. Ioana permalink
    August 31, 2012 11:46 am

    I’m from Romania so i’m orthodox christian and I can say I’m curious about other religion.My grandma was jewish but dad was raised as chirstian.i heard also that a woman that lived in Bahrain at the time Michael was there said on a forum that he saw Michael prayed into a mosque on a friday day


  92. Ioana permalink
    August 31, 2012 11:48 am

    He was also manipulated and controlled by Nation of Islam according to Halperin’s book.


  93. Ioana permalink
    August 31, 2012 11:55 am

    And according to MJ’s bodyguard he read Bible everyday but when a fan asked them if michael was whether a christian or not,the bodyguard said he can’t get into it….but he said he was aware of MJ’s faith.Why they coulnd’t say and admit if ”Yes,WTF.Of course MJ was chirstian,he read Bible and so on and on.”But they didn’t.


  94. August 31, 2012 12:56 pm

    Michael talked about reading the bible and believing in God and Jesus, I think those statments are pretty self-explanatory.


  95. Ioana permalink
    August 31, 2012 3:38 pm

    @TatumMarie Before 2008 I was pretty sure he was christian but not after.And about Andrae &Sandra Crouch’s statments ? They denied he received Christ before his death.He even built a mosque in one of arabic countries he lived after the trial.


  96. Rodrigo permalink
    August 31, 2012 5:33 pm

    I wouldn’t believe a word Halperin says about Michael.


  97. August 31, 2012 7:19 pm

    “And about Andrae &Sandra Crouch’s statments ?”

    Ioana, and what about their statements? Excuse my question, but who are these people? And can we believe what they are saying? And how much do they know about Michael?

    “He even built a mosque in one of arabic countries he lived after the trial”.

    I doubt it because Michael was in a big need of cash at the time. He really didn’t have much to spare.

    Another thing is that giving some money to a mosque could be a way to repay the people of Bahrain for their hospitality and showing his respect for them. I am afraid that people attach too much attention to formal signs of the faith. If you go to a mosque in a Muslim country and put some money into a box collecting money for its restoration it does not mean anything except that you are a normal human being.


  98. August 31, 2012 7:45 pm

    “Why they coulnd’t say and admit if ”Yes,WTF.Of course MJ was chirstian,he read Bible and so on and on.”But they didn’t.”

    Ioana, I think that there are Christians and “Christians”. “Christians” will beat themselves in their chests assuring everyone that they are the best followers of Christ, but at the same time live a life that has nothing to do with Christ.

    And Christians, on the contrary, will not even speak about it but will quitely try to live according to Christ’s words.

    Question: What will those who look at these people from the outside say about them? That the first ones are devout Christians while the latter ones are total non-believers?

    I think that real believers are not even concerned about the way they look to others and that is why do not even try to display these formal signs of their beliefs. By the way it is very much in line with what Christ said. Remember his words about fasting? That you should put our best dress and behave in a way so that no one even guesses that you are fasting?

    But if you do as Christ said what will the bodyguards say???


  99. Ioana permalink
    August 31, 2012 9:24 pm

    So,MJ did have a relationship with Jesus ?


  100. lynande51 permalink
    August 31, 2012 9:31 pm

    Here is a link to the Andre Crouch comment.It was made shortly after his death and in response to a particular story that was circulating in the media of course. Here is the article that explains it all. From this article all the said that “Michael did not “receive” Jesus Christ in a meeting that they had with him in the weeks before his death. It think when you read the entire comment you will see that Michael did pray with them, and that he had Christ in his heart. He did not need to receive the Holy Spirit because he already had God in his heart.And the whole thing was started to suggest the Michael “needed” salvation from his sins and we all know where they were goin with that story don’t we.


  101. August 31, 2012 10:05 pm

    “So,MJ did have a relationship with Jesus?”

    Ioana, I think that having a “relationship” with Jesus is to live by what he preached. Michael did live by his commandments, so you decide yourself whether he had a “relationship” or not.


  102. September 1, 2012 12:33 am

    I wouldn’t believe a word Halperin says about Michael.
    He even wrote in his book that Michael was gay and we know for fact that he was not.

    What about what Michael’s brother Jermaine said about Michael converting to Islam?


  103. September 1, 2012 12:38 am

    What about what Michael’s brother Jermaine said about Michael converting to Islam?

    Or, to be more exact, about Michael not converting to Islam?


  104. September 1, 2012 1:01 am

    The “NOT” part was omitted some how in my previous comment. 😦


  105. Rodrigo permalink
    September 1, 2012 1:21 am


    It’s like what Lynette said, Halperin’s personal views clearly get mixed up in his writing. Guti errez is the same.

    He said Michael was gay, but not interested in young boys. But if that were true…then why did Michael have adult magazines and stuff? By now, we should all know it wasn’t for grooming kids, as the prosecution said. So I can only imagine Michael would have so much hetrosexual magazines, because he was, I don’t know, straight?

    And Halperin says Michael dressed up as women to go and meet men in hotels. Clearly what he’s doing, is using the fact that Michael DID use disguises in his life to slip around unnoticed. He’s uses the photo that was taken of Michael in Bahrain, disguised as a woman. IMO, that was a genius disguise to use, it covered his entire face.

    But does Halperin think we’re idiots to believe that Michael would do that, and not get caught? If that were true, there would be solid proof. Halperin can pay all the gay fans of Michael all he wants to back up his views. But nobody will fall for it…expect Desiree and her little pathetic Topix army lol


  106. September 1, 2012 1:46 am

    Speaking on the topic of Michael’s disguises, there were two photos. The first one was the photo of Michael in Bahrain wearing the covering over his face, which by American standards is not dressing like a woman but the media dubbed it as such.

    Then the 2nd photograph was supposed to be Michael in heels and a purse which was not him. I’m not sure which image Halperin used, but Michael’s never dressed as a woman.


  107. Rodrigo permalink
    September 1, 2012 1:59 am

    On the Daily Mail website, it was just the Bahrain image he referenced.

    If I were to write a book, could I use Michael’s Werewolf mask as backup to claim he was a serial killer, and that’s what he wore? lol


  108. September 1, 2012 3:43 am

    Lol. The sad part is that people just eat this crap up.


  109. Rodrigo permalink
    September 1, 2012 4:43 am

    It’s true. Michael’s life was not as crazy as it was made out to be, it’s only like that because they wrote it that way. And no editor or publisher in the world would say no to it, because it’s what makes them the most money. People would buy it because it offers them scandal, and some will call it BS, while idiots like Desiree would believe. Because people like her only see the worst in Michael. I get money, given the publisher what they wanted, offered people a few pages of entertainment or absurdity to gossip about, and will say no more about it. Just like Ian Halperin.

    I’ll call it, “Michael Jackson – The Thriller Killer” 😀


  110. September 1, 2012 6:14 pm

    “And no editor or publisher in the world would say no to it, because it’s what makes them the most money.”

    Rodrigo, this true comment of yours could be made to any post in this blog, however it happened to come after the “First Christian in the pagan world” article. That is why I would like to ask people a question which baffles me.

    Most of these editors, publishers, journalists call themselves Christians. Some will adhere to other religions, but this is not the point as they still go to their temples to offer prayers to God. How come all these people are able to defy all God’s laws, and slander, ridicule, insult and wound an innocent man just for money?

    Or are all the journalists who harassed Michael one hundred per cent atheists who do not think that there is a higher authority over them? Atheists who nevertheless go to church to keep up appearances?


  111. Rodrigo permalink
    September 1, 2012 7:48 pm

    Helena. Unfortunately, God and morals, have no place in that line of business. It’s all run by people who say they are truthful, but in reality, that’s far from the truth.

    As I said about my cousin, they were going to pay her to speak filthy lies about the footballer she dated. Because that’s what will sell the most papers, making them more profit. Sign your name on the dotted line, and your soul is sold.


  112. September 1, 2012 8:09 pm

    “Sign your name on the dotted line, and your soul is sold.”

    Rodrigo, this I know, but I simply do not understand. I firmly believe that the life we live on earth is not all there is to it and that souls do not die. How can anyone trade eternity for money?


  113. Rodrigo permalink
    September 1, 2012 9:15 pm

    Because people like Evan Chandler have no values on their souls. He sold his the day he decided to bleed Michael with terrible accusations for over fifteen million dollars. He didn’t value it when he stuck that gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

    God means very little to people nowadays. Morals and values mean nothing when your’re faced with the idea of so much money.

    I could never be like that, and I dont fully understand it myself. But some out there will do anything for money. Good, Evil, Heaven, Hell, never crosses the mind of those people.


  114. Truth Prevail permalink
    September 1, 2012 9:19 pm

    “Maybe he was christian but someone from Jackson’s family said that Prince Jr likes to listen to arabic prayer which reminds him about the time he spends with his father and siblings in Bahrain.”

    This is true i remember like 2 years ago Prince posting a link on his twitter which was linked to the Arabic call of prayer Jermaine also said Michael liked it too


  115. Truth Prevail permalink
    September 1, 2012 9:31 pm


    “Speaking on the topic of Michael’s disguises, there were two photos. The first one was the photo of Michael in Bahrain wearing the covering over his face, which by American standards is not dressing like a woman but the media dubbed it as such.”

    Which one are you talking about? the one that is black and is covering his whole body?

    That is called a Bhurka and is women style of dress in Arabic Countries. I guess Michael wanted to push the boundaries not only did it hide him but also protected his skin from the sunlight.

    I am a Muslim so you can ask me anything about Islam if you want.


  116. September 1, 2012 10:09 pm

    @Truth Prevail

    Thanks, but when Halperin wrote that Michael dresses like a woman he meant in drag – like full accessories, makeup everything. I’ve seen Michael in womens jackets, and pants sometimes, he was wearing his mother’s jacket when he performed Billie jean, however this is not dressing in drag. I was trying to clarify the a photo that was taken of a lookalike in full drag, that it was not a photo of Michael.


  117. September 1, 2012 10:12 pm

    “God means very little to people nowadays. Morals and values mean nothing when your’re faced with the idea of so much money. I dont fully understand it myself.”

    Rodrigo, and I don’t understand it at all. Ruining one’s immortal soul for some bits of paper? The money will quickly slip away while the hard road to ascending one’s soul will have to be started all over again. And blood money has never done anyone any good. How it works we don’t know, but it does work – Evan Chandler’s example alone shows it. Even his brother Ray Chandler complained that the money taken from Michael was “curse” money.

    God means very little to people these days? And what would they do without Him? If he doesn’t want it they won’t be able to simply get up from bed tomorrow morning, not to mention everything else.


  118. Truth Prevail permalink
    September 1, 2012 10:28 pm


    I agree i too have NOT seen Michael dressed full like a women with the handbag and stuff.

    And please will fans stop talking about Ian Halperin as if his word is the mighty truth the guy is a fraud!

    I’m really interested in why this guy is so interested in making Michael a gay person


  119. Truth Prevail permalink
    September 1, 2012 10:31 pm

    obsessed is the right word

    The most important question is WHY?

    Why does he need Michael painted as being gay who does it benefit perhaps his own fantasies.


  120. September 1, 2012 10:38 pm

    “Why does he need Michael painted as being gay” – Truth Prevail

    Because Michael is special. He is an authority, an icon, a leader. Everyone wants him in their ranks. As soon as one group of people gets him among themselves, this alone will make their group prevail over everyone else.


  121. Truth Prevail permalink
    September 1, 2012 10:46 pm


    Is Ian Halperin Gay?


  122. September 1, 2012 11:05 pm

    “Is Ian Halperin Gay?”

    I cannot provide a source at the moment, but I’ve read that he is.

    P.S. Whatever Ian Halperin says Michael was not gay. He was interrogated about the matter under sedation – Evan Chandler gave him an injection and asked if he was gay. Michael said NO and this is recorded in Ray Chandler’s book.

    The second interrogation we know of took place when Uri Geller hypnotized him. Uri asked him about a different matter – if he was abusing children – and Michael said that he never did anything like that. I am sure that Uri Geller used the opportunity to ask him questions about homosexuality too. If anything like that had ever been revealed they would have never missed a chance to report it.

    Hypnotized Michael Jackson denied abuse, psychic says

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Psychic Uri Geller defended his friend Michael Jackson on Sunday, saying the pop singer denied under hypnosis three years ago that he had sexually abused children.
    Geller, best known for his claimed telekinetic ability to bend spoons, told Israel’s Army Radio that he hypnotized Jackson when the two were alone in a recording studio at an undisclosed location.

    The hypnosis would have taken place before Jackson is alleged to have molested a cancer-stricken boy invited to his Neverland Ranch.

    “I told him that that if he would let me, I would hypnotize him,” Geller told the radio. “He said, ‘Okay, let’s give it a try.'”

    He said he asked Jackson about persistent rumors that he had abused children.

    “He answered me under deep hypnosis that he had never touched a child in a sexual way,” Geller said. “He said — and here I’m using his exact words — ‘My relations with children are very beautiful.'”

    Geller said he was convinced Jackson was telling him the truth.

    “I’m a good hypnotist, and I know who is trying to mislead me … ” he said. “I can see s into the subject’s eyes … (Jackson) didn’t fool me, I’m absolutely sure of it.”

    Geller said he did not seek Jackson’s permission to ask about the abuse allegations during the hypnosis, but that he posed the question because he was about to introduce Jackson to his family and wanted to be sure the singer was innocent.


  123. Rodrigo permalink
    September 1, 2012 11:27 pm

    Halperin is gay.


  124. September 2, 2012 12:17 am

    I still cannot provide the source where I read about Halperin being gay (did not store it in my computer), but a fresh search brings a whole lot of nonsense said about MJ by Halperin and by his fellow journalist liars.

    For example, in addition to that gay nonsense the article below also says that the toxicology report showed in Michael’s system “lethal levels of the painkillers Demerol and heroin substitute Methadone, high levels of anti-anxiety drug Xanax, “significant” amounts of painkiller Dilaudid, lower levels of Propofol plus “therapeutic” levels of strong painkillers Fentanyl and Vicodin, anti-anxiety tablet Valium and sleeping drug Ambien”.

    Out of these NINE drugs only Propofol was indeed found in Michael’s system, while the rest of them WERE NOT either in the toxicology report or in Michael’s system at all. So 90% of the above information is a complete LIE. But look how confident they are in stating which drug was in a “significant” amount and which had a “therapeutic” level only! Propofol is said to be in a “lower level” than Demerol and Methadone, and this is meant to convey th idea that he died mostly of narcotic drugs and not of the anesthetic which he used for sleep.

    After reading a detailed report like that it will never dawn on people that there were NO SUCH DRUGS in Michael’s system AT ALL.

    Incredible, sophisticated, professional lying! And they are also quoting a police officer! He probably spoke about Propofol but they applied it to the whole package of those fictional drugs which were NEVER there!

    As regards the gay issue, since Michael said that he was not gay even under Evan Chandler’s sedation, it means that Halperin is most probably describing himself and his own gay fantasies here. If he does not want to reveal himself any further we should tell Halperin to read his competitors first before he decides to write his nonsense again:

    According to Halperin – who makes the allegations in his book ‘Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson’ – “virtually everyone” around the singer knew he was gay and he used to meet lovers in a run-down motel dressed as a woman.
    One alleged lover said: “The very first time he had sex with me he said, ‘The King of Pop’s going to lick your lollipop.’ I still laugh thinking about that.”
    Jackson moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and barely left his home, except to meet one of his lovers for secret liaisons.
    A source told Halperin: “He met a construction worker and fell madly in love with him. Michael would leave the house in disguise, often dressed as a woman, and would go to meet his boyfriend at a motel that was one of Vegas’ grungiest dives. Michael was broke. He struggled to put food on the table for his children. It was all he could afford then.”
    Halperin added: “A close aide of Jackson who confirmed the affair to me said that he had no knowledge of what went on behind closed doors at the motel.
    “But the aide said Jackson would dress as a woman after midnight to meet a worker employed by the city of Las Vegas.”
    Meanwhile, toxicology tests carried out on the singer’s body reportedly showed lethal levels of the painkillers Demerol and heroin substitute Methadone in his system before he died.
    Preliminary toxicology reports submitted to the Los Angeles county coroner’s office also showed high levels of anti-anxiety drug Xanax, “significant” amounts of painkiller Dilaudid, lower levels of Propofol – allegedly used by the singer as a sleeping aid – plus “therapeutic” levels of strong painkillers Fentanyl and Vicodin, anti-anxiety tablet Valium and sleeping drug Ambien.
    A source said: “Michael Jackson was a walking drug store when he died – he never stood a chance.
    The body can build up extreme tolerances to huge doses of drugs but eventually it overloads and just shuts down. That is what happened to Michael.”
    The levels of drugs in his system were so high, police may turn the enquiry into his death into a manslaughter investigation.
    The source added: “This is sure to increase pressure on police to establish exactly how one man obtained so many prescription medications – and which doctors were responsible.
    “There is increasing talk of manslaughter charges if it can be shown he was given drugs without proper regard for his safety.”
    Police Chief William Bratton is waiting for the final toxicology reports before deciding whether to pursue an investigation.
    He said: “Based on those, we will have an idea what we are dealing with. Are we dealing with a homicide or are we dealing with accidental overdose?”


  125. Rodrigo permalink
    September 2, 2012 12:46 am

    Halperin says a construction worker, a waiter…names would be good lol

    It’s how they get away with it though. Like DD, they use the excuse that they can’t reveal their sources…It’s a very clever technique. All the gay lovers that Halperin’s talked to, or all the families Dimond’s talked to…most likely they don’t exist. And I’ve noticed whenever she gets asked questions regarding that, she gets a little nervous and jittery. She attempts to move the conversation along.


  126. September 2, 2012 1:13 am

    @Truth Prevail
    I know, right? This guy Halperin is a joke. It seems a lot of these journalists (I use that term loosely) paint Michael in a caricature image reflecting the things that they fantasize.

    Why does he need Michael painted as being gay?
    My opinion is because Michael expressed that he was not. If Michael would have come out and said he was gay then the claims would be – he’s trying to get more gay fans he’s actually straight. The goal is to make Michael look like an unstable liar no matter what he says.


  127. Truth Prevail permalink
    September 2, 2012 1:19 am

    “The very first time he had sex with me he said, ‘The King of Pop’s going to lick your lollipop”

    LMAO! i’m sorry perhaps i should not be laughing but that’s hilarious his imagination is nothing spectacular either Pathetic!


  128. September 2, 2012 1:38 am

    That’s funny; since Halperin believes the claims from the men about Michael why didn’t he follow the hundreds of women filing paternity suits and making claims? As far as Diane Dimond goes, her credibility is sunken automatically when she believed the Chandlers. She will believe anyone who says something negative about Michael.

    I remember emailing Dimond a real link to Michael’s autopsy. I did this because she did a segment on entertainment addressing a fake autopsy. Her exact words were: “This is not relevant to me”.

    Diane doesn’t want to see the truth about anything regarding Michael because it means that she has to come to the realization that the basis of her career is a joke. For years, she was considered a Jackson expert, but I think that people are starting to see through her lies because now Tom Mesereau speaks about Jackson issues on many shows instead of her.

    @Truth Prevail

    LOL. I doubt MJ would say something THAT WHACK!


  129. September 2, 2012 1:39 am

    Here is one more story from Halperin. This time he says that there is a will dated 2007 (the “sources” fortunately confirm that it does exist), but under this will Katherine does not get anything, and Janet and Rebbie are the hopeful custodians in Halperin’s opinion.

    I wonder who are these “multiple close and reliable sources” which he refers to? Who was interested in talking of the new will with Katherine out of it?

    As regards the molestation nonsense even Halperin says that the allegations were completely groundless:

    “The latest revelation by Halperin is that there is a 2007 will that jeopardizes the 2002 will currently circulating the news circuits. In the 2007 will Halperin, who says he has multiple close and reliable Jackson sources, Katherine receives nothing and Janet and Reebe are the hopeful custodians.

    The award-winning author, who has written books about Celine Dion, Kurt Cobain and James Taylor, has been making the talk show rounds since Michael’s death June 25.

    I’ll predict today, on your show, that we definitely — this is not the last we’ve heard (about Jackson’s will),” Halperin told CBS “The Early Show.” “I think there will be people challenging the authenticity of the 2002 will in the coming — in the near future.”

    And Halperin is adamant that the molestation charges were bogus.

    I first got involved in the case back in 2005, after he was acquitted of the child molestation charges,” Halperin told “The Early Show’s” Maggie Rodriguez. “I was furious. I thought we had another O.J. Simpson-type case on our hands, with high-profile lawyers getting a celebrity off the hook. So I wanted to really let the world know that Michael is a child molester. But four years later, thousands of interviews and documents later, I conclude 100 percent that Michael Jackson never molested children, and he was just a victim of extortion attempts and people trying to bring him down.”


  130. September 2, 2012 1:55 am

    In his book Halperin allegorically speaks of his homosexuality.

    On page 125 he will say that scientologists subjected him to a sort of a lie-detector test, and at a certain point the test registered a jump of the needle. To the reader he explains that he was thinking of his mother’s recent death, while to the scientologist he said that he was gay. You decide yourself which one is true:


  131. Rodrigo permalink
    September 2, 2012 8:08 am

    You can tell he’s gay just by his writing alone. He’s trying so hard to convince us that Michael was gay, but no p-le…is this done to suit his own agenda?
    And as we know p-le’s do a similar thing. All of it’s done just to make Michael a poster boy for their causes or something.

    If Halperin can convince us that Michael was this cross dressing homosexual, but wasn’t an evil child molester, then maybe the world will be more accepting to him and inevitability that kind of behaviour from people? It’s a stretch I’ll admit, but it’s been done so many different times regarding Michael’s life I’m betting it’s probably true lol

    Gutierrez is another. He’s a pedo IMO

    Their writing comes from THEM…THEIR fiction stemming from their thoughts, feelings and motives, which is then projected onto Michael.


  132. nannorris permalink
    September 2, 2012 8:58 am

    I think the reason Ian Halperin said MJ was gay was because he was trying to sell a book,He originally wrote it to prove he was a criminal that got away with something.
    When his own investigation came up with MJ was innocent ( we all know you dont have to work too hard to find the truth), I just think he had to have some kind of a hook.
    I saw him talking to Howard Stern about that and he looked extremely uncomfortable
    Didnt seem credible at all..
    I agree that , just like DD sources , this guys supposed sources never surface either.
    All the electronic equipment in the world never caught Michael in any kind of compromising position , even thought it would have brought a fortune to the bearer..
    As far as Dimond goes , it is almost ridiculous that she was the source for so much baloney and yet she never testified to anything in court ..She never even spoke to MJ ..


  133. Ioana permalink
    September 3, 2012 6:49 pm

    Hope Jesus received him with open arms in Heaven


  134. Ioana permalink
    September 3, 2012 7:06 pm

    Someone said that Halperin admitted publicly that he lied about Michael being gay.


  135. Ioana permalink
    September 3, 2012 7:19 pm

    plus mj was in las vegas at the begining of 2007 and he was accompanied by Shana most of time.


  136. Lola permalink
    September 3, 2012 8:41 pm

    and also in Hollywood,Halperin is known as a proven liar.He wrote books without knowing even that what he is writting is pure FICTION.For those who don’t know, Halperin is a celebrity blogger who has spent the last 8 months publicising an upcoming Jackson biography. He has done so by releasing a steady stream of fictitious stories about the popstar to any media outlet desperate or gullible enough to print them. In this era of cost-cutting, almost every media outlet in the Western world has swallowed and regurgitated his outlandish claims without hesitation.In November 2008 Halperin made headlines the world over when he claimed that Jackson had been struck down by a genetic lung condition known as Alpha 1, leaving him blind in one eye and unable to speak. In his blog entry he fabricated a confirmation from Jermaine Jackson and offered to provide proof of his findings the following week. That proof never materialised.Halperin is now making much of the fact that he accurately predicted Jackson’s untimely demise, carefully neglecting to mention that last month’s tragic events were no more than a convenient coincidence. Halperin claimed Jackson would die within 6 months of a genetic lung disease… He died 8 months later of a suspected overdose.Shortly after his lung disease story went global, Halperin claimed that Jackson had been booked to perform on the yacht of a Russian billionaire. This story also proved untrue.Halperin’s credibility was further diminished when, in the wake of the lung disease fallout, he was exposed as having lied about receiving a prestigious award. The blogger’s bio claimed that he had been awarded the 1985 Rolling Stone award for investigative journalism. But the magazine itself issued a statement saying that nobody of that name had been handed any such award, rather that the award had been given to an entire newspaper staff, in which Halperin had been a minor player.In spite of his track record, Halperin’s Jackson biography is sure to fly off of the shelves when it is released later this month. But why does the media continue to quote him as an authoritative source on Jackson when every story he has released about the star thus far has proven entirely false?Halperin’s ability to consistently sneak his fabricated Jackson stories past fact checkers and into newspapers the world over is churnalism in action. Too few reporters filling too many pages leaves too little time for fact checking. When a chancer like Halperin comes along and hands them a story on a plate, they thank their lucky stars, lay it on a page and move onto the next task. Everybody’s happy – Halperin gets his publicity and the newspaper fills vital space.Reporting on Michael Jackson has always been less than ethical. The man is a target for bogus stories. AEG head honcho Randy Phillips said in an interview earlier this year, “I was sitting opposite Michael Jackson in a meeting one morning and suddenly a news alert popped up that he’d been struck down with a flesh eating virus.”

    Halperin’s articles have been repeatedly proven false. His biography is certain to be littered with similar errors. Readers beware – in death Jackson will be an even bigger target for shoddy reporting than he was in life.


  137. Lola permalink
    September 4, 2012 11:25 am

    @Ioana Don’t worry.Michael did not convert to Islam.Here are some proofs.

    This is the proof for you he was NOT a muslim.He did show some interest as well as with other religions like Jewish and Buddhism.He even had a rabbi as spiritual advisor before June Gatlin.She said that she and Michael would have study Bible.


  138. Lola permalink
    September 4, 2012 4:24 pm

    @Ioana An example that he was interested in other religions is that on Youtube during Bad Wold Tour in Tokyo,he was spotted while praying at a shrine in a Buddhist temple.

    Many years later during Shmuley Boteach’s tapes Michael was curious about Judaism and asked Shmuley whether they believe in Jesus and so on like a comparison between Christianity and other religions.Jackson even went with Shmuley and his family to a synagogue to pray.

    In March 2001 he attended at Uri Geller’s wedding (who was a friend of him that time) and Michael wore a white-blue Kippah and prayed at their church.

    He could be seen in 1995 ”Scream” video that he was meditating like a Buddhist monk at a time.

    While spending time in Bahrain he attended several prayers sessions in a mosque(never built one because he was up to his neck in debt and most of time,King of Bahrain royal family paid for Jackson stay with kids and staff).on prayer was referring to Prince Jackson jr,reminded him of time spending there with his father and siblings because as one said here,there in Bahrain,like in many Muslim countries that almost have percentage 90% of religion as Islam there always you could hear voices from minaret domes that call people to come to pray because Muslims have 5 prayers which they must do in a day.

    And as many think,Islam is not a bad religion,violence became because evil’s people mind.And because some Muslims as Christians and Jewish misinterprets their books ,suffering from obsessive religiosity (its itself a mental illness).

    Believe me,neither Allah,Jehovah/Jesus or Elohim as whatever you want to call your God’s name (depends what religion you have) are happy to see that people are at war because of religious supremacy in the world. It’s a big stupidity.

    More so, God is angry for not listening to His words.Every religion with books and religious stuff have been interpreted over the centuries that we ordinary/sinners people we have no right, nor we can to say ”Oh,my religion is the truth ”, or ”God will punish you because you have religion different from mine ” or ”Your god is false”,this is some bullshit as a fight between two little kids who say ” I’m not playing with you anymore because I do not want to play what you want;or because I don’t want to respect your games rules” or ” I will go to my mother and tell her that you will not want to play with me and she will argue you for that ”.

    Even in my religion (I’m Christian) I have doubts towards pastors and those who pretend to know the truth or so-called ”messengers ” of God,I don’t need to go to chuch everday Sunday at a pastor and to tell him my confessions of listening to him because neither him is a pure human being but he is also a full sin man.

    I prefer to have God in my soul,my heart and mind and to trust Him. To pray to Him in my consciousness and respect Him. People should not be religion fanatical but to respect basic rules of life and of their religion such as :praying, thaking God for what gave you and celebrating ,your religious holy days, not to make wars for that whole world must be Christian, Muslim or Jewish because this is against God.

    Religions generally have common things such as :no lie,no steal,no adultery,belief in one God,make good things and help other.You should make a list with common things in the three monotheistic religions and another one with uncommon things and see which one is longer.I will certainly say that the first list.But you should make this as an experiment and see.You’ll give me my right.

    Religion was made like a book of essential rules of life;to know where we came from and where we go;what is the meaning of life and our role in life generally;what to do and not to do;how should we live life on this Earth; not to make wars and pains because of someone is Christian and Jewish are not Christians. We should respect ourself and between us that means to accept people from other countries. God said that all people in this world are equal, only Him is the Supreme Force to judge,not us. Who can we judge after their race or religion ??? Let’s say that if I’m buddhist and I want to kill a Jew because he/she is Jew.Is not that stupidity? I’m not allowed to do this because is AGAINST God and because He is the ONLY who can do it and judge him.

    God wants to make peace that means to make peace between us,understanding, help each other at bay like ”Ohh me [muslim,christian] I should help my Jewish bro because he needs help ”,not turning my back from him and say ”Ohh,I can’t help you because you don’t accept/believe Jesus or Allah ”.It’s insane.

    People should not invent things and say lies about the religion of others like ”Let’s write a book and say that this is the Gospel of X and to say to Y who is a christian;This is a proof that your God is false and mine is Right ”.

    Back when I was a kid and I was born in a Christian family [not fanatical],as time went on and I grew up and being a teenager in school I began to be interested in others people’s religions;to find more about Muslims,Jewish,Buddhist,Hindu because I wanted to know what they believe and what’s they’re teachings (back then wasn’t internet when I was kid), so I have classmates who were Muslim and Jewish and I asked them different things of their religion.I read things in Qu’ran and Talmud that they have lent me.I read alot and in the end I concluded that almost everything written in the Christian Bible is almost the same that is written in Talmud or Qu’ran.

    It was all so alike that I thought ”Are we the same religion ? ”.But as I raised up becoming an adult,I had/have friends muslim and jewish and thinking ”Although things are the same,same purpose,however there are religious wars and were in time crusades,but WHY ??? ”
    I had to find later that because of people and not because God and the prophets who were over time and centuries. Why we can’t live together and make things easier,to share religious experiences with other.To say ”Let’s study Bible or Quran together and to enjoy it because God is in both of them ”.

    I had friends muslim who accompanied me several times in a Christian church and had nothing against it.They were curious,so do I,so I was many times to visit/see a synagogue,mosque and i prayed and God has nothing bad to say about it.To punish me ??? FOR WHAT ??? For visiting a holy place to other ??? Why this is not to me holy too ??? If I’m in Israelian city to visit and there’s no chuch why can’t I go to pray in my mind in a synagogue.Is this a bad thing,a sin ? I don’t think so.

    I’m proud Christian (not fanatical) and I respect very much Islam and Jewish because I feel God is in every of three monotheist religion. Pope John Paul II who is a Catholic Christian prayed on day during a visit in a mosque ??? God was angry? Not,contrary,he was happy to see his ”kids” gathered together at least for a few seconds to pray to Him.

    Regarding sexuality [homosexuality in fact ],Not God is that Someone Up that gives male/female on world like this, NO.God give them all born normal and equal people. Everyone is straight until they grow up and got to commit sodomy because ”he feels he had to be born a woman ”.Here is the Devil hand. Why would God give to a man homosexuality if He’s against it. Why does God created Man and Woman then ???

    I read a report recently where some scientists stated that every man and female (no matter what ),even insist that no same-sex attractions he/she has,is not true because everyone is bisexual.To some persons, bisexuality is lower presence and it turns in more look like heterosexuality but to some,bisexuality is higher level so it turns into homosexuality,To say that no one on this world is full straight or gay but Bi.

    As Michael Jackson’s sexuality is more delicate in fact because if he was indeed full gay he would admit it then,I don’t think he would have liked to live his life as a lie,(as myself If i was a star and I was most gay i’ll free admitted it because i want to live my life as i am,not living it in a full lie)


  139. September 4, 2012 11:24 pm

    More so, God is angry for not listening to His words.
    Sunday at a pastor and to tell him my confessions of listening to him because neither him is a pure human being but he is also a full sin man. I prefer to have God in my soul, my heart and mind and to trust Him.

    I completely agree, with these comments. Some are even criticized because they do listen to God’s word which is probably another reason I gravitated towards studying with witnesses. Before this, I came from a religiously divided home and no matter what religion I was studying at the moment they all had the same thing in common – despite teaching some of the very same profound rules, men were too prominent. Like yourself, I didnt feel it was right to confess, or pay a preist to give me something God gave us for free.

    Im not sure that it is appropriate to fully embrace all religions because the bible does speak about false gods, false religion and putting your faith in the wrong things, but this doesn’t give us an excuse to disrespect one another. I think that Michael was being respectful and taking the portions that he could apply. Do I believe he was putting faith in the God’s he did not believe in? No.


  140. Lola permalink
    September 4, 2012 11:43 pm

    @TatumMarie Well I wanted to point out that all religions have the same essence and I don’t like those people who are saying ”wow,you should be a christian or a mulsim because this is the only truth”.Every people is free to have his own faith and others have to respect him whether they want it or not.we are not able to jugde,but only god.


  141. September 4, 2012 11:55 pm

    “Believe me,neither Allah,Jehovah/Jesus or Elohim as whatever you want to call your God’s name (depends what religion you have) are happy to see that people are at war because of religious supremacy in the world.”

    Lola, your post is wonderful and I am very grateful to you for what you said about our Father and about Michael who evidently came to believe God in the same way. If he could pray to God in every kind of temple it means that he also realized that GOD IS ONE FOR ALL OF US.

    Only half an hour ago when I was on my way home I was thinking that in a terrible situation we found ourselves in all those people who really want justice for Michael, need to pray to our Father – each in his own religion, in his own language, in his own words – and do it all over the world, in every home and every spot on the planet. Probably then we will be able to overcome lies, clean Michael of all dirt and reach for the truth at last.

    We are facing too big an evil for ordinary human beings to overcome it.

    We need our Father’s help.

    Let us ask Him to intervene and help those who are fighting lies, greed and injustice. Let Him help the weak but the truthful. Let him bring to repentance the greedy, arrogant and false.

    Let the light prevail at last.



  142. September 5, 2012 1:40 am

    True, but not taking in certain things from what other people believe is not disrespecting their religion. I agree that the only person that can judge is God. You are free to pick your religion just like you are free to live your life a certain way.

    However, with life choices there are still good and bad paths. Therefore, it is up to the individual to compare their beliefs or religion to the standards and rules that God regulates. I would never flat out tell a Muslim or a Buddhist “you should be Christian”, but in the end, it should be encouraged to follow God’s laws and commandments.


  143. October 27, 2012 12:49 am

    Hi Helena! I just wanted to let you know that I am a Jehovah’s Witness, and have noticed that the link to our website is outdated. Here is the link here: Thank you for representing Michael when he can’t. Just…thank you. ^^


  144. October 27, 2012 1:22 am

    “Thank you for representing Michael when he can’t” -Ettelra

    Oh, if you think I am it is a big honor to me!

    You know, the link you provided isn’t working either, same as the old one, so I had to change it for the only one I’ve found – at least it provides some information:

    By the way, those who wonder if Michael did or did not adhere to Jehovah’s Witnesses’ views in the later years of his life should know what Michael said in a radio interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson on March 29, 2005 . And he said that he believes in Jehovah God very much and this is where he gains strength. He prays a lot….

    He also says how terribly painful the unjust accusations are and how it hurts:

    Rev. Jackson: And so, you-you-you-you had these hits, ahem, and people that you have embraced are now facing you in court on a daily basis. How does your spirit handle that?

    Michael Jackson: Ah, I gained strength from God. I believe in Jehovah God very much and ah, and I gain strength from the fact that I know I’m innocent ~~ none of these stories are true ~~ they are totally fabricated, and it’s very sad, it’s very, very painful. And I pray a lot and er, that’s how I deal with it and I’m a strong person, I’m a warrior. And I know what’s inside of me. I’m a fighter. But it’s very painful. At the end of the day, I’m human, you know, I’m still a human being. So it does hurt very, very, very much.


  145. October 27, 2012 2:28 am

    I hope to become an official witness one day- if I can just act like I have some sense and be good. lol


  146. October 27, 2012 2:33 am

    Hey VMJ,
    I’m scrolling down the older comments and I dont see where I congratulated you on this article. You did a really great job.


  147. October 29, 2012 3:00 am

    Aww lol Well I believe in you and if you believe in yourself and ask for understanding, I’m sure you’ll be an excellent Witness! ^^


  148. October 29, 2012 3:01 am

    Hmm, I wonder why it’s not working? It shows up fine on my PC…


  149. Rodrigo permalink
    February 17, 2013 8:28 am

    I’ve never been baptised. But I believe in and love God. I often read the Bible.

    But last night I was reading a book on Buddhists.

    You see, what I believe. I respect all forms of religion. People can pray however they like and worship whoever they like. As long as they good people because of it, I have no problem.

    Michael was a man of strong virtue, which you have to respect him for. If he converted, I don’t care. If he thought of and respected many religion’s, just so he could feel closer to God, then that’s fine. He broke away from the JW, but it doesn’t mean he lost his faith.

    I’m not bound under a particular religion, but in my heart, I’m a Christian. However, if I wanted to practice Buddhism in order to achieve virtue, then why not? Same as any other religion. You can achieve it from other religion’s laws of virtue.
    Worship God, while paying respect to other forms of religion, in order to achieve enlightenment and virtue.
    Maybe Michael saw it like that?


  150. February 18, 2013 12:05 am

    I agree that the religion or organization one takes part in should make them a better person and we would also be respectful towards the faith of others. However, regarding Christian religions, let’s say for example I learned from the bible that certain things are wrong and unacceptable during my time with the witnesses but I want to commit the badness anyway. Are my thoughts and actions fine because I change or discontinue the association? If so, is faith about what we desire to do as individuals, as opposed to God’s requirements?


  151. Rodrigo permalink
    February 18, 2013 1:30 am

    @ Tatum

    If I knew I was going against God’s requirements, then I would do my best to avoid it.

    No one is perfect however. God knows this. As long as you hold it true within your heart that you want to be a good and better person out of the mistake you make, then I feel God would accept it. As long as you’re honest and genuine.

    To be a good Christian, Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhist, Muslim even, requires real dedication. And it’s hard for a lot of us to stay true on that path.

    To stray from religion to another may already upset what God requires of us in that said religion.
    But I’m of know particular religion, but however as I said, I try to hold the Christian religion close to me. But then I look at the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion, and there’s things that I agree with and respect there. I look at the Buddhists and there’s things there that I want practice, while still holding on to Christianity.

    Maybe if you practice what you feel, show love and respect for those and other religions, then you cannot upset God. Because love and devotion to Him is what He simply requires? Why would God not love you for trying to gain more love for Him and others, which is what he wants?

    He asks for love and people to be of virtue. One could obtain that from the practice of other religions, while still holding your main view of religion close.


  152. TatumMarie permalink
    February 18, 2013 5:05 pm

    This is where it gets complicated because at a moment in my life I was dipping in other organizations and became confused. All religions and organizations have the same mesages about love, peace etc. Still, there are major conflicts about important things like the purpose of life and what happens at death for example. You have heaven and hell, limbo, reincarnation et but only one thing happens to you when you die. There is one God, where did all the theories and different teachings about him come from?


  153. February 19, 2013 1:27 am

    “There is one God, where did all the theories and different teachings about him come from?”

    Tatum, it seems that since there is one God indeed, different people are simply approaching Him from various directions – like mountaneers climbing the mountain and going via different routes. But all of them may still get to the top.


  154. TatumMarie permalink
    February 19, 2013 5:11 am

    Still, we must go up – what if ones faith or beliefs is holding them back from obtaining acurrate knowledge?


  155. Rodrigo permalink
    February 19, 2013 5:32 am

    That may be the case, I agree.

    But most out there who do hold faith close, are God fearing. They fear what would happen if they strayed from their beliefs, because it holds the statement that THIS is what God requires of you.

    But all God wants for you is to be good and love Him.

    I don’t believe He would strike us down for following and respecting the faith of others to extent. Not if we continue believing in Him and continuing to follow his requirements as best as we can.

    All your doing with that, at least in my eyes, is strengthening your love for Him and others, being a better person in the process.


  156. TatumMarie permalink
    February 19, 2013 5:00 pm

    Right, any belief should be supported by the bible instead of traditional man-made teachings If one researches the truth but their current beliefs conflict that should wholeheartedly try to practice what is right. There are obligations one must follow to display true love and devotion.


  157. February 19, 2013 6:02 pm

    “But all God wants for you is to be good and love Him. I don’t believe He would strike us down for following and respecting the faith of others to extent” –Rodrigo

    I agree.


  158. TatumMarie permalink
    February 20, 2013 6:22 pm

    Its not wrong to aquaint with people that have different beliefs or respect their beliefs. The problem comes in when mixing different teachings about God, something Jesus warned us about. This is more dangerous than many believe.


  159. February 21, 2013 1:18 am

    “Its not wrong to aquaint with people that have different beliefs or respect their beliefs. The problem comes in when mixing different teachings about God, something Jesus warned us about. This is more dangerous than many believe.” – Tatum

    As one good Christian priest used to say the barriers we erect between ourselves are not high enough to reach God. Most religions teach the same values with no dramatic differences between them, and those people who (really) abide by these laws are very much alike.

    They don’t place their precious selves on top of the universe and know that their desires are not the best guiding spirit to follow in life. They feel that there is some higher power which makes them restrain their worst instincts, and it forms in them a kind of a built-in law they cannot break.

    Even those who call themselves atheists but live an honest life, not allowing themselves to indulge in dirty thoughts and excessive pleasures, are still living by the laws of the Creator though they do not realize it.

    It is only those who place their own will and desires on top of everything else in life who are really breaking the laws of the universe. This is my whole-hearted belief.

    If you read what such creatures like ped-les are fighting most, it is religion and the concept of God (no matter how we understand it). Why so? Because they put their worst instincts and desires on top of everything else. They don’t want anything to restrict them – everything is regarded possible and everything is their “right”.


  160. TatumMarie permalink
    February 21, 2013 5:02 pm

    There are major teaching rifts in most religions and they lead people to harbor evil perceptions about God which invents atheist and agonistics. ALL ped-les would be the worst case scenario the bible refers to them as men keen to unnatural affections. Their religious teachings plays a huge part in that too because they’re being taught that they can do whatever they wish as long as they dedicated themselves to God through ceremony that they will be saved. The main purpose of life is to live Gods commands and love joy and peace will come along with it being an obligation too.

    Liked by 1 person

  161. Rodrigo permalink
    March 1, 2013 1:34 am

    Haters like to think that about Michael. That he did everything he did to make up for being a ped-le. But they say that because they simply don’t understand.

    Michael didn’t try to be this and that, for he was it in his own nature.

    One has to understand Michael was in dark places in his childhood. Joseph was a dark presence there constantly. Michael did not like and could not accept those things.
    It’s common for people to turn to the bible in dark times, which is what Michael did. He gained male influence from God and Jesus, than he ever did from Joseph. That kid was looking for heroes to save him.

    Michael was a great believer in fate and the higher powers. Perhaps he thought his life turned out the way it had because it was what God had planned out for him?

    And God had a lot to do with his love for children I believe. God and Jesus are considered the highest form of good, purity and salvation. Michael saw that in children, but why? Because they are the most innocent things on the planet. Children are not and should never be corrupted. So can they be considered the closest thing to God that we have?Perhaps he contributed missing out on his childhood as a reminder of this? Childhood is a time of innocence, everybody knows this. Michael never had that. So in the attempt of regaining his lost childhood, he was finding his place with God. That’s what I think anyway.

    I don’t believe ANY of it was for sexual matter. He didn’t do it out of guilt.

    Michael was simply trying to inspire with his beliefs. He believed God and Jesus saved him with their lessons of love and self betterment. His love and care for children stems from God and his lack of childhood. I believe that 100% It’s a sad, but beautiful thing when you think about it. Something he should have been respected for. Yes, he had his flaws. But it was his other convictions to his beliefs that we should pay attention to.

    Michael tried to be Godlike to make us do the same.


  162. Marsha permalink
    December 16, 2013 11:05 am

    Just a note. Most religions teach good things but there is only one that states God Loves you so much that he died for you, and that all you have to do if you do wrong and have accepted His sacrifices is to confess, and repent and the wrong would be forgiven. so though they may all have some good points they do not all lead to the same place. yes you can respect another beliefs but one should compare what is really is being taught. just as we should not accept the negative things said about MIchael, but should investigate them and see if there is any truth.


  163. January 13, 2018 1:35 am

    Question: what is the validity of the quote “My mother, the Holy Spirit, has seized Me”? I highly doubt that Christ would have referred to the Holy Spirit as “She”.

    I don’t think that calling God’s Spirit “She” is challenging the “commonly accepted Christian notions”. It is challenging God Himself, in a way. God has no gender, since He is not a physical entity like us. But God designates Himself by the masculine pronoun. If God likes to call Himself by the masculine, we as humans have no right to change that. Throughout the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is always referred to as “He”- never as “She”. Probably that quote which I mentioned here is an interpolation by those who tried to begin a goddess-cult in the Church(I guess, I don’t know). As far as I have learned, there is no way Christ would refer to His Spirit as “She”, for in the Bible, the Spirit is always called “He”.



  1. Michael Jackson as a Jehovah’s Witness « Vindicating Michael

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