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Presenting AEG & Dr. Thome Thome – Masters of Deceit

May 1, 2012

After carefully reading the documentation presented in court as the agreement between Michael Jackson and AEG, I have come to a few inferences of my own. What I can say as a general conclusion to the whole ‘agreement’ is this: eventually, it boils down to two things: 1. Is that really Michael’s signature? That’s the main issue that should be checked by the family. If it isn’t, the agreement is null and void. But maybe they have done that already, since the matter has been taken to court. They must have thought about it just like we did. If the signature is truly his, is the contract valid under American legislation? I can tell you for a fact that it wouldn’t be valid in my country, but that’s for the American judge and jurors to decide. The fact that it was total enslavement for MJ I’m afraid is not at all important for the law, ugly as it might be.

I am afraid a more sinister truth is lurking around this contract and a huge corporation as AEG doesn’t usually lose such cases. Let’s say it was Michael’s signature. Why did he sign it? He knew better than that, he’s been doing this job for 40 years. What we see is a signature on a piece of paper, nothing more. Do we know that indeed he signed the agreement, that he even saw any part of it? Would he have really signed it, considering it was so murky and binding? If photocopies of the signatures were indeed counting as originals, how can we be sure that he really signed or seen anything?

I thought it best to just take some of the pages that seemed troublesome and tell you what I’ve noticed in each of them. I will let out those that spell injustice for Michael and just deal with the legal problems and detective work, as I guess we can all agree on the injustice part and there’s just no use for me to repeat what others have already said.

Page 1


There are 3 points on the very first page that tell us directly that it is not a contract and it is not addressed to Michael Jackson:

  1. The title is not the official title of an agreement (‘’Michael Jackson’’)
  2. It is in the attention of Dr. Thome (‘’Attn: Dr. Thome Thome”)
  3. It is directly addressed to Dr. Thome  (‘’Dear Dr. Thome’)

The strangest thing that struck me from the very beginning was the title of this document, which usually is just ‘AGREEMENT’ or something more elaborate, but nevertheless including the same word. Here, it’s called ‘Michael Jackson’, as you can very well see above. Why would the title be the name of the artist, one of the signatory parties? Because it wasn’t addressed to the artist! The title is just a reinforcement that the document was not meant as an agreement at all, otherwise it would have had the official title, and it wasn’t meant for Michael’s eyes either. Michael knew his own name, there was no point in putting it in the title of a letter that was addressed to him or on top of an agreement, as the object of the agreement was not Michael Jackson himself, but his services. However, the author of the document meant it for Dr. Thome Thome, as he very well addressed it ‘Dear Dr. Thome’ and meant the title as informative about the contents of the letter for the same Dr. TT . It’s like saying: ‘Dear Dr. Thome, I am writing to you concerning Michael Jackson.’

So my conclusion is that it was a draft, addressed to Dr. T, the link between Michael and AEG, a draft that was supposed to be discussed with MJ, maybe they were supposed to go through it together, if Michael still trusted him at that point in time, maybe they were supposed to have Michael’s lawyers look at it and adjust it towards a final version. This is just speculation, but facts are facts: why would Michael sign something not addressed to him? If Thome had ever given him these exact documents meant as a contract to sign, wouldn’t he have removed his own name first? It’s supposed to be an official paper, not a letter. My guess is MJ never saw all the papers of the contract, if indeed he signed. Or – he saw everything but didn’t sign and Thome came up with a fake signature.

However, questions do remain: Why would Michael sign it even without it being an agreement? He was a very smart man, surely he must have signed a lot of contracts in his time and pretty much knew what it was supposed to look like, with or without his advisers. Could he have been pressured into something? Or did he simply not see what he signed? As there is a signature only on the very last page of the document, that could have been de-attached or stapled to anything… I really think it wasn’t the paper we read today that he willingly signed.

As far as the fact that AEG is using a branch called Concerts West for this agreement, I wouldn’t necessarily hold it against them. The company that I used to work for has several branches that don’t even have its main name in their name, but they are still legal and are nor used as cover-ups for anything, it’s just the way these huge corporations work, they have to divide a lot of their activity among other legal entities.

However, the data that you normally use to describe each of the signing parties and bind them to their deal is completely missing for AEG, and is not complete for The Michael Jackson Company either. A contract should include in the description of the party who is going to sign the agreement, otherwise any member of the staff could sign.

Also, I understand this is not necessarily done in American agreements, but it should be a point worth investigating, a contract of this importance should be signed and stamped (either hard stamp or electronic) on each page.

But I digress… quite strangely, this first page is tell-tale of the entire contract and its lack of validity.

Also on this page we have section no. 2, ‘Promoter’s Rights’, not followed by ‘Promoter’s Responsibilities’, which comes only at no. 5! This is quite uncommon, as in an official contract these 2 come together, one after the other. In a draft, however, it doesn’t really matter.

I do not want to start an entire conversation in my comment as to how unjust this contract was to the artist, although it was totally abusive and as I said before, there is no way a seasoned veteran of the music industry, as Michael Jackson, would have ever signed such mockery not even intended for younger take-advantage-of artists who try to find their way in the bizz. However, this is not about how correct it was, but about how legal it was and whether it really was an agreement or not, so I’ll try to prevent myself from being too biased.

So, to continue with the legal, and not the humanitarian facts:

Putting something as unimportant as the ‘Artist Merchandise’ on spot b) of the ‘Promoter’s Rights’ tells us that they have not agreed on much else and they are naturally writing the things that they agreed on first, so that they have a starting point, take it from there and come to a mutual agreement on the rest. Also, the last 6 lines of ‘Promoter’s Rights’ (‘Artist shall not engage in […] other mutually agreed upon shows’) are actually ‘Artist Obligations’ and that’s where they should be placed.

What follows is the ‘Itinerary of Shows’, on page 1 and 2, which is clear proof that the two parties have not yet agreed on anything concerning the itinerary and number of shows and the documentation that we are reading is meant to do exactly that: help parties reach a mutual agreement in order to sign a contract. I would like to add that the language is extremely complicated, even for such material. I wouldn’t want to be very subjective, but nowadays contracts are a lot easier to understand than they used to be. Legal language is of course used, but for the benefit of both parties and others whom it may concern, a lot of work is put into the simplification of legal documentation whenever possible. Unless there is a hidden agenda, of course. It really would have been possible to make this a lot easier to read and understand and make its meaning clear. After all, that’s what it is all supposed to be about. However, I’m afraid there were other interests at play here.

Let’s just suppose for the sake of demonstration, that they had no evil intentions and it was just a regular contract, but we have two different parties here interpreting it differently. Well, that’s just the problem! Contracts are not supposed to leave room for interpretation. There is simple and clear legal language that means one thing and there is complicated mumbo-jumbo that can be interpreted several ways so that later on it can be used against the one who signed it without really realizing what it actually said between the lines. The AEG contract is an example of a contract that we should all be afraid of, because it could get us into trouble. After reading this agreement, I believe neither one of us would have signed it.

Page 2


On page 2, please see below phrases that clearly state there was no agreement yet settled between the parties:

Artistco and Promoter shall reasonably cooperate with each other in an effort to arrive at mutually approved itineraries for each leg of shows during the Term’ (so they haven’t yet arrived at any common approvals)

Artistco hereby pre-approves up to thirty one (31) shows, or such other greater number as agreed by Artistco and Promoter’ (it’s a pre-approval, not an agreement and there is no specific no. of shows, as 31 is then superseded by ‘or such other greater number as agreed by […]’)

The parties shall attempt in good faith to agree upon the number of shows that need to be scheduled […]

What do I understand from this entire ‘Itinerary of Shows’ paragraph? What is the message? We have not yet agreed on anything, we still have to negotiate it, but if I, AEG want to add any more shows, it is unreasonable for you, ARTIST, to not agree… Apparently the Promoter has the right to ask for more shows or even legs to the tour (how many? it doesn’t say, so any number) and it is unreasonable for the Artist to  disagree AND he then has the obligation to comply with quality performances although the shows could have been scheduled 3 days in a row, for example. Because… 3.5 shows in a 7 day period but not more than 1 a day can mean 1 a day for 3 or 4 consecutive days. I’m pointing this out not just for the sheer injustice towards the artist, not just to highlight the humiliating contents of the letter and the threatening tone of it, but because as it is clear to me and others that the conditions were biased it would have been a lot clearer to Michael Jackson. He would have never signed this, that’s what I’m trying to prove.

Page 3


Page 3 is a very tricky one, that apparently clearly tells us what AEG’s interest was really about. They are very careful to write in the contract – in clear language, this time, not like the rest of the agreement: ‘’[…] promissory note shall not be secured by any property belonging to Artist, but shall be secured by property owned by Artistco’. Why? Why should this be so clearly specified? Even if Michael had nothing owned by himself as a person, what is the problem that they had to specify he could not guarantee for the money himself? Isn’t this an obvious statement that they were so focused on getting the catalogue from him that they had to prevent anything else from stopping them? Because, say, if Michael failed to provide his end of the bargain, maybe someone else could have helped him with money or collateral so AEG would recoup their investment. But that’s not what they were looking for, right? They didn’t want to recoup… they wanted everything. And that meant all he had. The catalogue… and eventually his life… I guess they weren’t going for it, it was just incidental, but not too big a price to pay. Not for them.

That’s what I thought of first but… Later on I find out that the catalogue was not on Artistco as I initially thought, but on another MJ legal entity shielded by one trust, which in its turn was shielded by another trust. If this is indeed so, then the catalogue seemed to be well secured and unreachable for AEG as it didn’t belong to Artistco. So, then, why are they making sure the collateral would not be paid by the artist? Well, because the artist wouldn’t be stupid enough to sign something that would deprive him of his most prized possession, would he? So he had to be tricked into signing somehow. At least he had to have seen some pages to a future contract and those pages had to be secure enough for Michael Jackson to sign, they had to make sure he would sign something. Why didn’t it matter what he signed? Because they had their inside man on the job, Mr. TT and with his help they could change anything. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t MJ, but TT running that company, he had power of attorney to act on Michael’s behalf, so he could have worked his magic to make sure the catalogue would somehow make it on to the Michael Jackson LLC and therefore into AEG’s hands. Think that’s a little far-fetched? Then just know that he didn’t have to go that far, either.

Again, for the sake of demonstration, consider this: say Michael wasn’t able to pay back his debts and he put as collateral everything Artistco owned (so nothing) and everything he owned. Of course, in case of a trial, with the proof of a valid contract he would have to pay back his debt through whatever he had, in this case the prized catalogue. The court/ bank/ whatever it is’, doesn’t care where you pay from, you have to do it. That’s why in some cases the collateral is someone else that you have to enter as warranty that you are solvable. If you don’t have enough money/ a car/ a house to give, they will take it from the person who signed for you. So yes, it would turn out bad for Michael either way. My guess is, as I said, that they were just trying to trick him into signing, put it in big letters that the collateral was from Artistco only, while he signed for both himself and the company and when the time comes and he is unable to pay his debt, the money has to come from somewhere if it couldn’t come from Artistco.

I skip pages that go on on the same tone, about how the artist is supposed to comply with anything that the promoter comes up with and how the artist is responsible for absolutely all payments involving the concerts and tours and just about anything. Really, Michael could have very well taken a bank loan and then pay it back from the earnings on the shows and be better off than with this ‘agreement’. At least the bank wouldn’t have watched his every move about how many shows, how often, etc.

However, we arrive at page 6, which I want to link to page 1, where we have ‘Promoter’s Rights’ at paragraph 2, followed by ’Promoter’s Responsibilities’ only at paragraph 5, here on page 6. Also, here we have ‘Artist’s Responsibilities’, not followed by ‘Artist’s Rights’. Anywhere in the contract. Again, I’d say it is quite apparent that in this agreement the Promoter has mostly rights and some responsibilities and the artist only has responsibilities and no rights… Michael would have never signed a contract where his rights were not even stipulated! They are supposed to come in first, in any contract and there’s no such agreement where one of the parties has no rights, only obligations! This goes against the very validity of a contract of law.

Page 7


But that’s not even by far the strangest thing. I think the strangest is the mentioning of Dr. Thome, Michael’s staff and advisor, in a contract designed not by Michael, but by the other signing party! That is truly bewildering and a huge conflict of interest. They say: ‘With the exception of the monthly fee owing under the terms of a separate agreement with TT International, LLC for the services of Dr. Thome Thome (not to exceed $100,000 per month) which shall be included in Production Costs, Atistco shall be solely responsible for and shall pay all costs associated with management and agency commissions or fees and legal fees of Artist and/ or Artistco, if any;’

The conflict of interests is obvious. An adviser is meant to be the right hand of the person whom he is supposed to give advice to. An adviser, just like a lawyer, cannot work for both parties of the same time. Why not? That’s the very thing with a conflict of interest. Though the law might be the same and the rules apply to us all and all advice cannot fall outside the limit of the law, there can be no honest advice by the same person to both parties. One cannot help both equally, because the adviser would have to help A get more money/ services/ interest from B and would have to help B do the same to A. One person cannot do both at the same time, so that one person is biased towards one of the 2 parties. No one person can have two opposing interests at the same time. That’s the very essence of a conflict of interest. And corporations know very well what that is, they build their entire business strategy trying to keep as far as possible from conflicts of interest.

So, obviously, although TT was posing as Michael’s staff, friend and adviser, as long as AEG mentioned him in the contract makes it clear he was working for AEG, so against Michael Jackson! That’s how business works, it’s one against the other, it’s not a world of love and peace, on the contrary. What is weird to me is that they would go to such lengths as to even mention Dr. TT in the agreement. He was working for them anyway, why would they want to draw attention to that? Michael’s attention, that is. Unless… Michael never saw the ‘agreement’ that he supposedly signed.

To continue on page 7: Point 6.10 is again not ok. Maybe it’s common use, but then again ‘positive public perception’ can honestly mean anything and therefore it should be in the definitions, because this way they can pick at anything, and as Michael’s public image was so controversial, they were probably counting on it. Reading that, I tried to put myself in the Artist’s shoes and honestly wondered what they meant by it and what could I or couldn’t I do so as to keep to my part of the agreement? Anything can be damaging to the public image, especially when you are a bit on the odd side of the public perception, like Michael was.

Page 8 – ‘Artistco shall have the right to have a representative participate in all show settlements’. Correct, nothing wrong with that, but in order for this to happen, a separate document legalized by a notary public should make this possible. I have seen nothing of the sort, empowering Dr. T, the kind of documentation that should come together with such an agreement.

Page 9 – paragraph 11 – Approvals – ‘Notwithstanding Artistco’s approval rights, in the event Artistco unreasonably withholds, delays or qualifies Artisco’s approval over any such matter, Artistco shall be deemed to have given its approval over such matter’. Amazing! Should I understand from this that they wanted to presume any delay in answering or giving consent as a legal approval? How about the promoter’s delays? What if AEG delays or withholds their approval? What could the other party do about it? Could he also have considered their lack of immediate answer as consent?! No, because he had no rights, he only had obligations.

Page 12 – paragraph 16.8 – ‘All notices, approvals and consents required or permitted to be given hereunder, or which are given with respect to this Agreement, shall be in writing and shall be deemed dully given or made […] (III) upon delivery by fax machine capable of confirming receipt […] and in each case addressed as follows’… continued with page 13 where again we see that even notices and approvals or requirement of approvals were not meant for Michael! Again, all papers were meant for Dr. Thome Thome and this was even supposedly included in their fake agreement. They are clearly stating here that whatever deal they had with MJ and his company can also be handled through a fax machine (which is unusual for such complex and important agreements, where everything has to be an original paper). Not only that, but whatever the documentation, it wasn’t even directly addressed to Michael Jackson and that went into the ‘agreement’. As if this was not enough, paragraph 16.9 – Counterpart/ Fax Signatures makes it all even stranger: ‘This agreement in any number of counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, and facsimile copies or photocopies or signatures shall be as valid as originals.’ THAT NEVER HAPPENS! Nothing else but the original signature is ever considered an original, unless you have mass production of an item, like banknotes, which don’t all have to be originally signed. But such an agreement can never ever fall under such specifications. That would even make this paper that I’m reading an original! Once again, how much proof is necessary? Michael never signed this.

Page 15 – paragraph 4 – Force Majeure Event – we see the same situation where only one of the parties has rights. Apparently the Artist is not at liberty to claim Force Majeure unless some conditions are met. Nothing seems to impede the promoter’s right to claim Force Majeure.

Page 18 – paragraph 14 of the Definitions – The Term – again we have very intricate formulation, it’s all very blurry as if meant to be difficult to read and understand. Basically I understand that the promoter can prolong or cut short the expiration date with nothing more than a written notice, while the artist had to pay if he wanted to end it sooner. Dec 31st 2011 might have not even been the end of the tours, as it was unreasonable for the artist not to agree to more shows or even tour legs. They could have gone on forever, and the ‘’territory’’ meant ‘the world’. See what I’m saying? He was theirs for life, there was no place to hide.

The Security Agreement – Miscellaneous paragraph: ‘Each person signing this note on behalf of Maker represents and warrants that he has full authority to do so and that this Note and Security Agreement binds Maker (i.e. both Artistco and Artist). This note may not be modified or amended except by a writing signed by each Maker and Holder’. Again, outrageous! How could this be tested for authenticity? Absolutely anyone could have signed this on behalf of Michael Jackson and it would be valid? Where is the legalized paper where they say who this signatory could be? Without it how can it be valid?

What I haven’t mentioned has already been talked about in previous posts. I didn’t want to talk so much about how they were being unfair to him, although they were outrageously obvious about it, but about how the contract is not a contract at all. At large, the agreement is one huge abuse against any artist and it has a very clear agenda. That’s what strikes me as so odd. If you want to trick someone into signing something that doesn’t do him any good, you try to hide it. They didn’t, it all seems like a draft of how to trick Michael Jackson, a draft that needed severe improvement, otherwise he would know what’s going on. I’ve already stated this several times: a savvy business man like Michael Jackson was would have never signed such an agreement. My opinion is that both AEG and Dr. Thome underestimated Michael Jackson, his intellect and the power they had over him. I often see this situation, where men loaded with a lot of testosterone (like Thome), with big jobs (like Randy Phillips) look down on someone like Michael Jackson, with his soft voice and seemingly frail persona. Dr. Thome Thome never expected Michael to figure out his game and get rid of him. They never expected their deceitfulness to turn against them, they thought Michael was fragile enough to be easily defeated. They were wrong! Michael Jackson might be dead, but he was never defeated. He is invincible and time and further proof will vindicate him.


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  1. May 1, 2012 1:23 am

    Oh Mona, you have made a great post! I highly recommend it to everyone!


  2. May 1, 2012 2:38 am

    The family should show the signature to at least 2-3 grafologists.-As you say AEG is so big that it almost guaranties a win.Still most of the makings of that contract was between TT and Randy Phillips.And can they say they did not know of Murrays doings?They ordered Michael to use only what he gave them.Having propofol anestesia every night + all else did
    have side effects during the day.His mind could not be clear.Propofol causes amnesia as a side effect,Was Michael´s mind clear enough to deal with the legalities in the contract.?
    One could argue that they had Michael drugged with propofol on purpose.And the way he was ordered to attend all the rehearsals+ the date was forwarded., and stress increased.
    Murray followed AEG´s order and that led to MJ´s death.AEG did sign for paying Murray, ofcourse Michael was to return the moneys paid to his killer. TT had fired all of Michaels staff,Murray said “It was only me and the children”in the house,and an uncoscious Michael.
    He had fired the childrens nanny, She would have been a dangerous witness.
    Would they have shown the same indifference had it been a family member of theirs?
    When exactly did Michael supposedly sign? I vividly recall the clip where Randy Phillips was
    laughing and mocking Michael:” no more shows,no more shows.”.As T.Mesereau had stated Michael had an untreated anxiety disorder,I think he never recovered from the 2004
    allegations.A severe post traumatic disorder and at some point also depression.
    TT all along assuring Michael that he,tt, will take care of all the legal suff and that Michael need only worry about the artisic side.I would call that gross malpractice,


  3. May 1, 2012 3:38 am

    How come page 1 is written on Concert West and AEG stationary, by Michael to his then(supposedly)manager.Same with page 2 and 7.The first page sounds indeeed as if he was writing almost to himself or at least his legal representative.Is the date stricken over and by whom?He did fire TT and there is a copy of that letter.Will that have any impact on this matter?


  4. May 1, 2012 9:07 am

    This posting gives me a chill. I had the same feeling when Randy Philips testified during Murray’s trial. There was a sense of evil in the air when he spoke. This so-called contract stinks to high heaven. I hope AEG is caught out. Big corporations don’t necessarily always win. Thanks for making everything so clear, Mona.


  5. Linda permalink
    May 1, 2012 9:28 am

    Wow, Mona, great post with a lot of good points. I’m not much into legalities, but when I first read this I knew it couldn’t be a contract, but a letter of intent. A letter of intent to me still spells out their intentions, right?

    They intended to take MJ for everything he had plus everything he ever could have in the future. TT plus Phillips= Thieves = AEG!! Funny, we hear nothing about AEG through MJ’s death, and Murray’s trial. I kept waiting for something to come up, and I’m still waiting. It’s almost like they don’t even exist.

    I swear, if I would ask anybody I know who, or what is AEG, or Phillips, or tt, they wouldn’t have a clue. Hell, many people that bash MJ doesn’t even know who Sneddon is. Sad, people are stuck on MJ the molester, weirdo, poor nose falling off. The fricking press has gotten the whole world so confused, they don’t even know why they believe what they believe anymore, but they think they have a reason for their beliefs. A little seed planted grows into a great tree, and sadly negatives are usually more accepted than positives.

    This contract (letter of intent) , I don’t believe for a minute either, that Michael signed. No amount of prescription drugs, whatever could have made him that stupid. I studied graphology years ago, and I retained enough to know that this isn’t his signature.

    Anyway, it’s odd to me that in the media, you hear nothing about AEG, tt, and very little about Frank Delio, whose death is still a little suspicious to me. Seems like anything to do with Michael is mysterious, and it all just gets deeper with his death. Conspiracies everywhere!!!

    What an entangled web. So many people were responsible for his death. Murray was a small fraction, maybe a fall guy. It took someone or something much bigger than him to kill Michael Jackson. I’m still waiting for the truth to come out.


  6. Mona permalink
    May 1, 2012 12:39 pm

    Thank you all for your kind words, they mean a lot to me.

    ”The family should show the signature to at least 2-3 grafologists.-As you say AEG is so big that it almost guaranties a win”

    I totally agree. Honestly, I think they must have done it already, because just as that signature looks fake to us, for sure it must have looked fake to them. So either it is kept a big secret or it is indeed Michael’s signature and then the only explanation is that he did not see what he signed. I’m kind of leaning towards the second option, as it would be more plausible for AEG and TT to trick Michael into signing something rather than fake his signature, which is a bit old school. However, it still looks fake and it should be examined at least to get that option out of the way.

    ”He did fire TT and there is a copy of that letter.Will that have any impact on this matter?”

    Although he fired TT that wouldn’t have an impact on whatever papers signed beforehand. They could use that in court to show TT’s character and what actually happened there, but it would not make the agreement null and void.

    ”Sad, people are stuck on MJ the molester, weirdo, poor nose falling off. The fricking press has gotten the whole world so confused, they don’t even know why they believe what they believe anymore, but they think they have a reason for their beliefs.”

    Of course people are stuck on that! If that’s what they are fed day after day, they don’t know any better and that’s just the way that AEG wants us: submissive, stupid, laughing at some guy’s falling nose, while they do their dirty business behind the scenes. The press is just a tool to keep the public in its place, concerned with unimportant freak-show details about MJ’s life, while the real issues, like this agreement, for example, happen and nobody knows and pays attention to them. AEG keeps a low profile or if necessary, they pose as those who were trying to help poor misguided Michael.

    ”This contract (letter of intent) , I don’t believe for a minute either, that Michael signed. No amount of prescription drugs, whatever could have made him that stupid.”

    Correct. Maybe they were hoping they would dumb Michael into signing, but when that didn’t work they had to resort to other means.

    “Murray was a small fraction, maybe a fall guy. It took someone or something much bigger than him to kill Michael Jackson. I’m still waiting for the truth to come out.”

    Exactly! Just one more tool, concerned with the money and the ladies and doing AEG’s dirty business.


  7. May 1, 2012 3:07 pm

    Guys, I think that this whole thread together with questions and Mona’s answers to them should be passed over to the Jacksons’ family to provide them some help in their suit against AEG.
    The Jacksons will need all the help they can get from Michael’s supporters in this respect. Frankly, I am not sure of the lawyers who were the first to file a suit on behalf of Katherine. They need someone more savvy and more dedicated and less fearful of doing the job. Winning a case against AEG in a place which is almost AEG’s kingdom will need a lot of skill and stamina.
    Can anyone take it upon themselves to inform the Jacksons of this post, please? I am absolutely not overestimating our contribution to this case, but who knows – what if this information turns out helpful in some way?

    P.S. Mona, I’ve added several tags to your post, linked it to some earlier posts and put it into the “AEG the horrible” category.


  8. May 1, 2012 4:38 pm

    The drugs,to use it for all that Murray gave,doesn´t make you dumb.They do however cause a person to be obtunded,say for ex someone driving DWUI,and you don´t need to have high alcohol promille for some mistakes or slowed reactions .Michael was under heavy sedation nightly.He knew his dance moves pretty well,but if you have seen his regular handwriting it is not that elegant.On one of the parts of the “agreement “he started to write on the wrong place.I have stated on a comment long ago that a London judge told the prince of Bahrain:You have exploited a vulnerable man.
    As a true anectdote: An anestetist that had used propofol for a brief rest during the day,woke up refreshed. On the way home he drove into a tree and died. So now AEG will contend that Michael was not vulnerable and no attention needed to be paid to his problems with sleep and dehnydration.They, and TT for sure knew they were not acting
    in good will.There is no way they did not know what they were doing.Their lawyers have some ironing to do,


  9. May 2, 2012 2:15 am

    TT and AEG were taking advantage of a vulnerable man.


  10. Chris permalink
    May 3, 2012 9:27 pm

    MJ may not of read the “contract”. Dileo said he had it READ TO HIM by 4 people Tohme Joel Katz Tohme lawyer who i forgot and another. Who knows what they read to him or didn’t why MJ would need anyone to read to him let alone 4 is strange to me. I wonder if he ever saw it before the 26th of January? It would of been hard for him to get out of that room without signing it as he would of been under Immense pressure to sign as everyone and I mean everyone else was at that meeting Anshutzs Phillips Barrack.

    Most interesting to me in the last 2 months was the announcement of Tohme getting his from the estate. Now Tohme definitely deserves what’s coming to him but how can the estate have motions against Tohme for not getting MJ the best possible deal when Katz was working for AEG and was put into MJ’s camp cos he had no lawyer (which we know is a lie). Even Philips was worried that the contract maybe void because of Katz representing both or maybe he was worried because if someone saw this contract and saw aeg and co putting there guys in MJ camp it would look extremely questionable at the least. If Tohme is being sued for screwing MJ then so should Katz. It was his job as the lawyer to get an impartial agreement and he didn’t or else Tohme wouldn’t be getting sued.

    Lunajo also showed recently that Katz worked on the Bahrain agreement for the Prince. It’s all very questionable to me.


  11. Mona permalink
    May 3, 2012 11:05 pm

    Chris, that’s what I’m saying, that MJ never read the ”contract”. Whether it was read to him or he read it himself, it wasn’t the pages that we see today that he signed. Why would he? Neither one of us would have signed them, let alone a music industry veteran like Michael. We have a signature page that could have been attached to anything, there’s no signature on each page so how can they prove that he indeed signed this contract and not something else?.
    And having the same lawyer for both parties is a huge conflict of interests that spells trouble for AEG.


  12. May 3, 2012 11:13 pm

    Chris,what you say is very important.I don´t know who the 4;th person was and did not even know that it was read to him.Seems a rather unusual way of closing a contract.Could it have
    been Randy Phillips? He was very active in constructing the contract with Thome-Thome.
    And apparently they used or accepted faxed signatures, also strange for a contract of this


  13. May 3, 2012 11:17 pm

    And then Dileo died.Who is to say now that it was read to him,?And who the 4 persons were.


  14. Mona permalink
    May 3, 2012 11:23 pm

    Whoever those 4 people were, neither one was on his side…


  15. May 3, 2012 11:54 pm

    If it was read to him in toto it must have taken a long time.Only the letter of intent and exibit C has the date Jan 26 2009.As VMJ has stated every page should have been signed and with date too.+ and stamped.The shows and the territory was incresaed after Jan 26.2009.
    So Michael had no say in this matter re nr of shows?If so they sure went for the kill.


  16. Chris permalink
    May 4, 2012 1:10 am

    I believe it was supposed to be 3 lawyers and Tohme although Tohme was named as an attorney in the contract so maybe that messed up Dileo. I wonder if it was the woman who negotiated with Murray on behalf of AEG? Can’t be sure low. I don’t think it was any of MJ’s lawyers from MJJ company or Peter Lopez because why would MJ of needed a lawyer katz if his people were there? ( Which we have on tape MJ saying Tohme was keeping his people out in September 08 was he distancing everyone from MJ specifically for this reason? Did he purposely “forget” to invite MJ’s lawyers AEG and Capitol say they don’t want contract signing delayed here have our lawyer. If MJ refuses they walk away and MJ would have no home or any future projects quick enough on the horizon.)
    Also we have seen a cease and desist letter for Tohme…we never saw one for Peter Lopez or the others did we? I wonder who would fire people without consent or decency. I know who my moneys on. Not saying it doesn’t exist but If MJ would do the honourable thing and write Tohme a letter something tells me Peter Lopez or others would of got one.

    Mona that is why I’m dissappointed in the estate for not pressing charges against Katz. He is as much to blame as Tohme in regards to this contract and should be held accountable…but this is the guy who asked Branca and McClain if they had a will. Maybe thats why there letting him get a free pass IDK.
    I also read somewhere the rehearsal footage was Michaels yet AEG sold it??? Shouldn’t it of been the estates to sell then. Maybe AEG took the 30 million they were owed from the sales of This Is It but they profitted way more than 30 million. They made 26 million just from the movie not including DVD Blu Ray and CD sales or money paid by Sony pictures. Hello estate I know your busy but wake up and smell the coffee it’s been 3 years!


  17. May 4, 2012 1:31 am

    Peter Lopez also died..Was seen as a suicide. Family saw no reason for suicide.
    Do you or somebody remember the date when Michael called his psychic advisor and told he was deadly afraid of Thome-Thome?That telephone call was taped by the receiver.
    When fired TT swore death and desrtuction on Michael and the whole Jackson family.


  18. lynande51 permalink
    May 4, 2012 8:38 am

    As far as this contract goes I don’t see that Thome had any business with it. I had a copy of the letter firing Thome and I will look for it. I believe that it was in early May of 2009. My question is and always will be why was Thome even in LA on the day that Michael died? His home is Las Vegas. What was he doing at the hospital with Jermaine saying that he was Michael’s business advisor for three days until Rev. June Gatlin, Michael’s spiritual advisor informed the public that Thome had been fired in May.There was no reason for him to be there when he was ordered out of Michael’s life more than a month before that. What was he even doing in LA and who called him about Michael that he would be at the hospital with the family? Then he let the family and the public think that Michael was broke and out of the goodness of his heart he returns $5million that he was “holding” for Michael that was to be used as a down payment on a house. That man is as crooked as you can get.
    I have another problem with Thome and that is that he had always represented himself as Dr. Thome Thome. After Michael died he finally said thathe was not a practicing doctor. Then we have Michael’s words to Cherilyn Lee where he said to her ” my doctor’s say it is safe”. That is plural more than one doctor and yet during Murray’s trial all of the other Doctors told Michael it was not safe touse propofol in the home. I think Thome was behind the whole propofol idea too, no matter what Dr. Klein said about Michael ( or at least his other Doctors). It just simply is not true. Michael could not have been doing what Murray was doing to him for years.You just don’t get that lucky for that long with that drug in those circumstances. It is as simple as that.I have used that drug on people too many times to think that it is possible. Arnie Klein was just slinging mud in someone elses direction so he wouldn’t get in trouble for the Demerol.
    I think Thome had more than a slight degree of separation from Michael’s death. I actually believe that he was largely instrumental in it just because he was where he was when he was. He was the other Doctor that Michael was talking about when he said that he was told it was safe and I believe that he was the one that suggested it to Michael. For all we know he may have even been in Michael’s house that night because the way that propofol was hung like that. It looks like something that you do in the field, like a battlefield, a covert interrogation room, or third world country field hospital sticking it that bag like that. I’ve been in the field in the Congo and other places and that is what that looked like to me.


  19. Tamarafearless permalink
    May 4, 2012 11:52 am

    Another well researched piece.Well done Mona!!!.I will continue to state like i had done in the past, that i do not believe MJ’s death was an accident.The fraudulent agreement MJ was made to agree to with AEG with the conivance of Thome, proves the fact.MJ’s sacking of Thome for what he saw as Thome’s deceit, turned everything down hill for MJ. Thome stood to lose a lot when he was fired by MJ. Maybe he wanted revenge.The survellance tape the police took from MJ’s house that led to his bedroom according to them was accidentally erased.
    Do not under estimate the owners of AEG.To hide the evidence of their culpability in what happened to MJ, what stops them from talking to someone at the police department or DA’s office to destroy the one evidence that would have explained what really happened?
    It is imperative now with the way this are going as regards the lawsuit Katherine filed against AEG, that she gets a genuine lawyer to prosecute the case to WIN and not lose.The judge’s recent rulings against Katherine, convinces me that the lawyers handling the case don’t seem to know how to counter what the AEG lawyers throw at them. I will not be surprised if there is some kind of collusion from lawyers from both sides to delibrately lose the case in AEG’s favour.
    We should seriously pass it on to Katherine to hire someone like Thomas Measreau . With him in charge, they will not be able to manipulate him.We all deserve justice against AEG and Thome and whoever played any role in what happened to MJ. Murray should not only take the fall.Thome should be investigated and those people he hired as security guards.There must be somebody who is willing to reveal what Thome did while he worked for MJ that were illegal and criminal in nature.The media/police/DA, all want us to beleive MJ ‘s death was drug related. I do not beleive it was.


  20. May 4, 2012 3:54 pm

    Thome-Thome was the fist one on the microphones officially announcing the death. He then went to Jermaine and they embraced.I recall reading that 2 of the charachters around Michael were having brunch together on a.m.on the morning of 25/6 2009. Can any one recall who they were?This was in some hotel near to Michaels residence,
    Thome also gave a speach of how he loooved Michael.There is no need to believe Murrays timetable of events-.The paramedics states his body was cool despite having a high room temperature.The official time of death is not correct as result of Murray´s fenigans.He could have died earlier
    and Murray put on a show.-T.Mesereau is a defence lawyer,but he knows how to find a competent prosecutor.
    Even after Michael death Thome Thome has remained active on the case .Murray deserves all he got.He may know somethings, but be afraid to tell.They had that abusive reading of the Riot-act to Michael on eiter 18 or 20 of June.Not only were shows increased. They also put forward the first show.
    Michael only had what Murray had given him acc. to toxicology. There was
    no demerol, nor Demerol metabolites that do stay in the body longer.
    He Died OF 2063.xx mgs of propofol,with benzidiazepine effect.And more if yoy add the propofol found in the bottle on the table.Michael bladder was full at death, he died without rgaining conscousness.


  21. Mona permalink
    May 4, 2012 6:25 pm


    ”Mona that is why I’m dissappointed in the estate …Hello estate I know your busy but wake up and smell the coffee it’s been 3 years!”

    I know what you’re saying and I agree with you, but I have a guess the estate know what they are up against and they are either gathering data/ forces or they are taking it one step at a time. Maybe they are conscious they cannot win every battle so they are just saving themselves for the most important ones, just like the Jacksons.

    Isn’t it so strange that so many people somewhat connected to Michael and his death also died?


    ”What was he even doing in LA and who called him about Michael that he would be at the hospital with the family? Then he let the family and the public think that Michael was broke and out of the goodness of his heart he returns $5million that he was “holding” for Michael that was to be used as a down payment on a house. That man is as crooked as you can get.
    I have another problem with Thome and that is that he had always represented himself as Dr. Thome Thome.”

    Of course the guy is a crook. You can tell it from just his face and if that’s not enough, all his actions scream ”crook”. Who needs to pose as a Dr. when he isn’t one and WHY? Who pretends to just ‘hold’ 5 mil for someone else? Who still hangs around when he is no longer wanted and is officially let go? Of course Michael was terrified of him, unfortunately he figured it out a bit too late…


    Do not under estimate the owners of AEG.

    Exactly! Huge corporations like AEG have the power. They are not used to losing and they usually don’t because they would do what it takes to win. And I mean ANYTHING to get their way. Everything you mentioned, Tamara is not just a possibility but a high probability. Unfortunately, it’s just speculation on our part, as long as we have no evidence.
    As far as Katherine’s lawyers are concerned, I personally have big doubts about them for the very reasons that you mentioned… I was also thinking of someone like Thomas Mesereau, not necessarily because he cannot be manipulated, but in this case the Jacksons need someone seriously aggressive and well-connected to win this one. I don’t want to sound negative, but experience tells me they are going to need more than facts to win something like this.

    ”There must be somebody who is willing to reveal what Thome did while he worked for MJ that were illegal and criminal in nature.The media/police/DA, all want us to beleive MJ ‘s death was drug related. I do not beleive it was.”

    I don’t believe it either, but who is willing to take such a risk to come forward?


    ”Murray deserves all he got.He may know somethings, but be afraid to tell.”

    Kaarin, I’m sure he knows something more than we do, but less than the whole truth, anyway. I’d say Murray was the smallest pawn in this death game. The actual hand of death, yes, but too little to be told much more than mere instructions. I see him as the idiot who got the blame for it. He deserved it, yes, actually he got less than he deserved, but others deserved so much more.


  22. nannorris permalink
    May 4, 2012 7:13 pm

    it was randy phillips that said he was having a meeting with an associate on the stand and lunajo had a video of him and thomme arriving together at the hospital..
    there is definately something fishy going on..
    how many people like delio and phillips said they got a call around late morning an hour off the supposed time line..
    I will try and look for that video I think i saw it in


  23. nannorris permalink
    May 4, 2012 7:23 pm


    He could have met tjhome in the parking lot but i doubt it and also he just refers to who he was with as an associate..not by name ..why not?
    becasue Thome is so shady and was still shadowing mj for aeg in my opinion
    this is from what happened on june 25 video series


  24. Chris permalink
    May 4, 2012 7:46 pm

    @Kaarin the date of phone call with June Gatlin was 23rd of September 2008 the person having brunch was Dileo with a friend at the Hilton.

    @Lynette Well I’ll get the thing you won’t agree with first out the way. I believe from what I found MJ did take propofol before. Ppl said in 1999 history tour which as we know is wrong. I think he used it for the Korean concerts and 2001 30th anniversary. Reason Why I believe this is because they are short stints. He wouldn’t of used it daily for a couple of months so his passed experiences he would of had nothing to fear cos they were short stints and effect hadn’t hit him. So why would he doubt those doctors? It was what 2 months of it on almost a daily basis when he and I stress HE noticed there was something wrong and had his bodyguard phone cherylyn Lee. Not Murray who had “concerns” Yet never mentioned them until he was in court.

    I think MJ realised he was in trouble and it was him who changed the drug protocol at night as after Murray returned from fathers day it changed. I think MJ said something like I’m going to the hospital and Murray knowing he would get in trouble told Michael he would deal with at home and prob made up an excuse this way people won’t speculate about your health. So he gave Murray the chance and well who knows what happened I still struggle to understand how you can walk out of a room with your patient in a vulnerable condition “BY ACCIDENT”.
    Anyway the point about why Tohme was there is very interesting to me. The sky interview with Randy Phillips “I was at the dry cleaners with an assoicate in the morning”.
    Well Lunajo sent me the picture of Randy and Tohme arriving together at UCLA. So Tohme and Randy wash there silk underwear together regularly huh?
    In the story from the sky interview Randy never drops off or picks up anyone on the way to the hospital so the associate must be Tohme. Which then brings us to why in the blue hell was Randy Phillips talking to him?
    It is completely unethical to be speaking to a former employee about current affairs regarding that employer. The reason I believe the meet up was about MJ was 1 Tohme had been working soley on MJ for the last year and 2 according to Ortega Randy was going to have a meeting with MJ at his house before rehearsal on June 25th (Ortegas testimony pre trial). I believe Tohme was placed by Barrack to keep MJ “focused” on things he wanted him to be foused on e.g. don’t let him know your getting rid of a $900 million art collection. Tohme in court papers said he had no authority to sign anything on behalf of MJ. It means 1 of 2 things:
    1)Tohme committed perjury and lied to the court and he actually could sign for MJ. Or…
    2)Tohme was getting rid of an estimated $926 million worth of assets behind MJ’s back. He signed the letter and the Julien’s Auction contract not to mention that Dileo also said he was signing checks also…It’s frightening. Charles thomson said I don’t believe Murray murdered MJ cos what did he have to gain? I don’t want to throw around murder accusations i rather say “questionable and suspious activity” but I think Charles was asking the wrong question. What did Murray have to LOSE if he didn’t maybe the more on point question. If they could do that to MJ what would they do to him? Not sympathising with Murray by the way just a possability.


  25. May 5, 2012 3:20 am

    I don´t believe in Murray´s story of the 2 min he was absent in the loo.
    Michael was deeply uncoscoius and he just did not pay attention with all the phone calls ,texting etc.The initial stories of heart attack and coma were totally misleading.The paramedics knew upon arrival that Michael was dead and cold.Murray refused to ever sign the death sertificate or make the call as they say.A bit of superstition here- not to have his name on that paper.Also a vain hope that resciscutation maybe could flush out some propofol with the artificial heart activity and ballonpump he forced the ER physicians to perform.Maybe at that stage they migh have felt sorry for him,having a pt drop dead out of the blue.
    And thank you Nannoris for the videos.You really presented a lot of what goes on with realestate tycoons and how deep or high this whole matter goes.I knew Tom Barrack was dealing with ditressed celebrity-
    real estate and other forms of wealth,and also that he knew Thome Thome from before.Still Thome Thome charged Michae between 2-3 mlj for bringing them together.I did not know that Barrack and Anscuzt also were addicted to immense wealth.No goodwill here.-It was so much interesting material re these matters,but difficult to follow on the tiny screen.Could you get it in as a post?-The cancer-well there is a very easily treated skincancer,esp.fair skinned people get,it is totally curable.


  26. May 6, 2012 5:07 pm

    Check on Wikileaks.:Heavens task force:Tamoil.
    Tom Barrack owns Colony Capital as well as Sunrise Colony,( murray´s now foreclosed Red Rock home?)Colony Capital is linked to everything MJJ,Thome Thome worked for Colony Capital.Tom Barrack also enlisted Randy Phillips and Phillip Anschutz of AEG to work with the O2 concerts,Colony Capital is everywhere in regard to MJJ´s business partners,


  27. May 7, 2012 9:49 pm

    More re Thome-Thome. When Michaels death was officially announced in the mid -afternoon on 6/25 2009; First a brief statement by hospital official,who then introduces “a very good friend(of Michael!) “, Dr. Thome Thome who speaks and then introduces Jermaine Jackson,who does appear somewhat emotional.Following Jermaines talk Thome Thome comes back to to add that Jermaine is the only spokeperson for the family ?!?.Someone added a comment:Like he,TT owns the family.Well he sort of does.


  28. Linda permalink
    May 8, 2012 8:31 am


    Isn’t it so strange that so many people somewhat connected to Michael and his death also died?

    Now this is an article that I want someone to write about. You guys always come out with more info than I get and shock my socks off. I don’t know how many connected people died, but Dileo’s death to me, was suspicious, and I would like more input.


  29. Mona permalink
    May 8, 2012 11:10 am


    I noticed that in a relatively short period of time since Michael passed, we had 4 more deaths of people who knew Michael: Frank Dileo, Peter Lopez, Evan Chandler, Bruce Ayers. Maybe not all these guys are connected to his death, at least not to what we know today, but isn’t it odd just by sheer numbers? Plus, 2 of these deaths were suicides and 1 drug overdose. It’s suspicious and I bet it is not going to stop here. Murray got a 4 year sentence, probably the minimum amount he could get away with, so he would be taken out of the way. And then, there’s also Michael’s fear that someone was trying to harm him, fear that several people talked about. Maybe some believed him and some just thought he was paranoid. I guess he knew better and unfortunately time proved it 😦


  30. May 8, 2012 3:00 pm

    “I noticed that in a relatively short period of time since Michael passed, we had 4 more deaths of people who knew Michael: Frank Dileo, Peter Lopez, Evan Chandler, Bruce Ayers. Maybe not all these guys are connected to his death, at least not to what we know today, but isn’t it odd just by sheer numbers? Plus, 2 of these deaths were suicides and 1 drug overdose. It’s suspicious and I bet it is not going to stop here.”

    It is suspicious and to the list of strange factors we must add that Frank Dileo fell into a coma after he was given an extra doze of some anesthetic, right? They gave it to him by mistake, right? And he never really went out of that coma, right?

    Peter Lopez was said to have shot himself – only no weapon was found beside his body for some reason. However the media and the police said that it was a suicide because he left a note.

    Bruce Ayers was Dr. Arnold Klein research assistant. He was fired by Klein in 2009 after he found out that some 100 Percocet pills disappeared from his office. Klein thought it extremely strange that Bruce Ayers was found dead of a drug overdose on a bench in a park, close to the place where Klein lives. He didn’t think it to be a coincidence and I think that it was a way to implicate Klein in something criminal.

    Though everyone is extremely unhappy with what Klein said and did, if you have a closer look at the facts you will see that 90% of it was the media’s doing again. I specifically did a research about it which has not been posted here yet.

    The fact that Klein’s two employees suddenly turned on Klein, embezzled (?) his money and were recently made heroes of a highly biased Vanity Fair article makes me think that the campaign against Klein is intentional. He is no angel but “they” are clearly overdoing it – same as with Michael, and this is what makes the situation with Klein suspicious.

    As to Evan Chandler, I hope that at least this was a more or less clear case of a suicide.


  31. May 8, 2012 9:20 pm

    Mona, you have been the only one saying it is soon 3 years ago ! And still no news from the Estate. Are others not wondering about this fact?


  32. Linda permalink
    May 9, 2012 9:07 am

    What a web of intrigue. Interesting that someone can shoot himself and leave no gun behind. You would expect a big ongoing investigation. Dileo’s is just as suspicious. How something like that can even happen. And wasn’t he slated to be a witness in Conrads trial?

    Funny how the news just keeps repeating old boring news, but things like these get little attention. Where’s our investigative reporters? Oh right, they’re leaving that job to us, probably living in fear that the fans will uncover the truth and the whole world will find out how manipulative and deceitful they are.

    I remember reading where Michael told someone the FBI was tailing him. I think it was dismissed as his paranoia. Then he said THEY are going to kill me. Again paranoia? He was right on both counts. He seemed to know what was going on behind his back. I often wonder if he knew who, or more like who-all. Weird, isn’t it, how someone so sweet and kind could have so many evil enemies?

    I also wonder just how savvy Conrad was. If he was just some pawn that was placed there, or if he willingly went along with the plot to commit murder. His taping Michael in a drugged state and saving that conversation on his phone for so long, apparently he had a plan to use it at some point for gain, but did he think he was working alone? Did he know he wasn’t working alone?

    Was the plan to actually kill Michael, or just make sure he couldn’t fulfill his contract with AEG, so they got everything he had and ever hoped to have in his future? I don’t see where he was killed for the catalog since it is still safe in the hands of the estate. Nobody got it by his death. The first question is always, who stands to gain?

    So many questions and no answers.


  33. May 10, 2012 2:05 am

    Here is a murder and other dead bodies, an agreement with serious faults. Why no invesigation? Thome Thome is well known to be a crook, several cases of fraud, Ambassador at Large for Senegal where they never heard of him. He still insists on getting his 100.000$ per month after Michaels death. And who is he to say that only Jermaine is to be the spokeperson for the family when Michael died,
    They harassed Michael, combed through Neverland, took photos and more, so much that he had to leave his beloved Neverland, his home..
    I think Randy Phillips of AEG and Thome-Thome for Michael(!??) constructed that agreement, he told Michael not to bother as “I will take care of that, you just concentrate on the artistic side.” Still he stated that he didn´t believe Michael could do even 1 show.
    How did he guess? He was working for Tom Barrack of Colony Capital. I don´t know if C.C. still employed him when he became Michaels advisor.


  34. May 10, 2012 2:13 am

    Thome´s task was to bring in money to Colony Capital,ie his friend Tom Barrack, and use AEG to achieve that,The money was for Neverland and was not a mindblowing amount.
    Nothing to compared to the value of his catalogue.


  35. May 10, 2012 2:40 am

    Following the second allegations 2003-2005 Michael was worn out and suffered from a severe post traumatic stress disorder.This condition is no joke.The best he could have done was to seek professional treatment for it. He could have found an exellent threrapist from the professional staff at UCLA or some other University staff. Of course brother Jermaine is so ignorant,he does not believe in such.
    -These days in US you must have heard about the post traumatic stress disorder of Afgan vets, the many suicides and high rate of alcoholism.
    There are some good articles on the stress of being accused of molestation when innocent. I read them long ago and cannot give any addresses, sorry.
    As my teacher in US said: The rich get the worst treatment.


  36. lynande51 permalink
    May 10, 2012 2:51 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more about that. Michael should have found a counselor to help him but as for staying stateside that was out of the question because besides Sneddon Allred was continuously trying to get his kids taken away from him. He had to leave the jurisdiction to avoid her too. That was what he feared more than anything else. He could have taken jail but who knows what that woman would have done with his kids! She even tried to intervene after his death and countless investigations by Child services. That woman just would not take no for an answer. He had to leave until Blanket was old enough to legally speak for himself in that situation if it ever came to that and that would have been after the concerts in London. Can anyone imagine what would have happened to him or Prince after her firend Carol Lieberman got them. Remember she “helped” Daniel Kapon remember his abuse under hypnosis.


  37. May 10, 2012 4:24 am

    A good place to find this help would have been NYC.There are several university hospitals and personally I think The columbia Univ, Pshchiatric institute is one of the best. Well all this is afterthought unfortunately. Would he have been out of reach from Sneddon and Allred there?


  38. lynande51 permalink
    May 10, 2012 4:36 am

    Not Allred she goes where ever she thinks there might be publicity unfortunately. She calls herself a victims advocate but doesn’t seem to realize that she is the laughing stock of the legal world and the real world. That doesn’t seem to matter to her though because she would have made trouble for Michael wherever he went.


  39. Linda permalink
    May 10, 2012 9:06 am

    Following the second allegations 2003-2005 Michael was worn out and suffered from a severe post traumatic stress disorder.This condition is no joke.The best he could have done was to seek professional treatment for it.He could have found an exellent therapist…

    I cannot even imagine what it was like for Michael going through that with the whole world hearing it. The poor guy had no privacy. I’m actually surprised someone didn’t find a way to snap a pic with him on the toilet.

    I think I mentioned this here before, but my daughter was molested by my husband, her own father. I felt like I was literally raped by the system through that fiasco. I lost my daughter for many months to CFS while they tried to prove in court that I knew it was going on the whole time. I honestly didn’t have a clue. I felt like a piece of crap while fighting to get my daughter back. Seems like I was in court on a monthly basis, feeling guilty when I knew I wasn’t, but all those people in the court didn’t know me. I was only connected to the molester by marriage.

    I can honestly say, that was “my darkest hour”. My husband, “ex” was guilty. Michael was not. As sleezy as I felt through my ordeal was nothing compared to what he must have gone through being the one actually accused and with the whole world reading blaring twisted headlines daily.

    Maybe there is some good professional counseling out there, but I was court ordered into it, and it did more damage to both me and my daughter and really messed up our relationship for several years. Thankfully, after I got her back home, and we got done with all the counseling we re-bonded even stronger than before.

    Michael was very strong, but I watched him walk out of that court room after a great victory. He was so totally drained of energy. When I walked out of my court room, finally getting my daughter back, I was happy and excited. What he went through was so much worse than mine, I can’t even imagine what his pain was like.


  40. Mona permalink
    May 10, 2012 10:53 am

    Linda, I’m so sorry you and your daughter had to go through something like that. can imagine it must have been hell, as it usually is with the legal system, which often seems and behaves (and is) like the enemy of the not guilty party.

    I also noticed how Michael walked out of that courtroom like a dead man. Actually, he seemed that way throughout the entire trial, like a deeply humiliated man who had to go through an ordeal holding his head up high. I felt so sorry for him and still he managed to look so dignified and above his accusers. However, the results of the trial on his psyche were for sure very serious and I always wondered why he did not seek counselling. He was associated with some ‘spiritual/ religious healers’ (Rabbi Schmuley, June Gatlin, Deepak Chopra) at some point or another in his life, but i never heard of any psychiatrist. Maybe he just didn’t believe in them? A pity, because I think no one is so strong as to get out of something like this like nothing ever happened.


    for sure others also noticed it’s been 3 years, but usually legal proceedings take a long time, even when it’s not so complicated. I guess others are wondering as well, but maybe just people like us, who are taking the side of the good. Hopefully the media will join this side and redeem their past deeds.
    I think if there is some investigation they would keep it a big secret, otherwise the media would be all over it, twisting facts and doing whatever necessary for money and publicity. But we do know that people are just people and whether they might be leading an investigation of this nature or taking care of MJ’s estate, they are corruptible, and AEG has just the right tools to influence them. We just don’t know enough of what’s actually going on but the more we find out, the more mysterious it gets…

    Michael probably didn’t know who was out to get him, but just felt there was someone. Or maybe he had a better guess at it once he started to understand what Thome was all about. It’s no surprise to me that even such a good person like Michael would stir up so much hatred, because he was very rich and looked very vulnerable. It must have seemed to AEG/ Thome it would be as easy as taking candy from a baby to get the catalog from him. Guys like Thome have no respect for nice frail-looking guys like Michael. He probably thought it was just sheer luck that Michael was so rich and had such a valuable catalog. He was sure Michael didn’t stand a chance. It’s a male thing and I see it all the time: sensible guys get picked at by macho men all the time in social situations. Well, Thome was wrong. Michael might be dead, but TT still didn’t get his hands on the catalog.


  41. May 10, 2012 3:09 pm

    “I’m actually surprised someone didn’t find a way to snap a pic with him on the toilet.”

    Linda, in fact Michael was photographed in the toilet.

    He spoke about it with Barbara Walters in this interview of 1997. At ~ 4:30 he says that he cannot go out anywhere and feels like he is imprisoned. She asks him what was the most intrusive thing for him he faced, and he says, “They’ll slide a machine up under the toilet”.

    He even reproduced the sound of the camera clicking at him from all around the toilet and the way he exclaimed in horror “Oh my God!”:


  42. Mona permalink
    May 10, 2012 5:54 pm

    VMJ, this interview is so sad… Michael was very empathetic but he could also transmit it further… He looks so hurt when he talks about Lady Diana and about the press calling him Jacko… You can feel his pain, see it in his eyes, in his face… But also his joy at the end of the interview, when he talks about his son. You can tell that he loved being a dad. He makes you cry with him and laugh with him in a 10 minutes interval. An amazing artist and human being! So sad that he is no longer with us…


  43. May 10, 2012 8:33 pm

    Jermaine was disdainful re psychiatry,thought that would have led to huge outcries in the media., It shows he knows nothing about psychiatry ot therepists, particularly those with a connection to a University.Doesn´t have enough brains- he also connected Michael to Thome Thome,and just look at his “family life”.Is Michael´s money still providing for some of his children?
    Not a word would have come out from a professional.The confidentiality is extremely tight.
    And no tell all or or other revealing books would have been written,.The confidetiality rule is such that even if your patient is contemplating murder you cannot inform on him/her, the victim has to be warned though usually..It is a bit different with someone is acting on his/her psychosis.,that is having command hallucinations or pathological paranoia of a bizarre kind.
    It was often said Michael was paranoid.but” just because I am paranoid does not mean I am wrong”, Michaels paranoia may have been on target, some non-psychotic paranoia also occurs in ordinary depression and severe stress.A professional knows how to distingwish between these.
    Then Scientologist LMP is of course totally anti psychiatry, They are nuts in many was and claim other medical healing capacities as well.
    And discretion arround appointments can always be arraigned.Michael had a serious post traumatic stress disorder.He was not psychotic ever,
    The rules are different if the patient is referred from court,usually it is a judges order and for
    a specific reason.Even so some confidentiality rules apply.It is a different thing if a judge is asking for assessment after a crime has been proven and committed.You know that mass murderer in Norweigh,he himself want jail badly.


  44. Linda permalink
    May 11, 2012 9:26 am

    – “I’m actually surprised someone didn’t find a way to snap a pic with him on the toilet.” Linda
    – “Linda, in fact Michael was photographed in the toilet.” VMJ

    Wow, thanks for this video. He really couldn’t have a private moment, could he? Can any of us imagine that kind of invasion into our private lives? I’ve never seen this interview, but it’s great. What a difference between her questions and comments, and Oprah’s. And what a difference in him between the 2 interviews. He seemed so relaxed and comfortable in this interview with Barbara, but tense and nervous with Oprah, who asked really stupid questions.

    Barbara knows how to do an interview without judging and not making the interviewee feel like he’s weird or like he is on trial. I’ll never forget when Oprah asked him if he was a virgin. He was so embarrassed by that question. You get a rare interview with Michael Jackson and dare ask such a stupid question. Really makes me wonder why she is at all popular.


  45. May 11, 2012 11:52 am

    “VMJ, this interview is so sad… Michael was very empathetic but he could also transmit it further… He looks so hurt when he talks about Lady Diana and about the press calling him Jacko… You can feel his pain, see it in his eyes, in his face… But also his joy at the end of the interview, when he talks about his son. You can tell that he loved being a dad. He makes you cry with him and laugh with him in a 10 minutes interval. An amazing artist and human being! So sad that he is no longer with us…”

    Mona, yes, this interview is great. It tells us much more about Michael’s tribulations and media harassment (and his genuine joy at finally becoming a father) than all other interviews taken together. Everyone can see it with a naked eye how happy Michael is to have a child at last! Before that he sounded frustrated and tired, but the moment he speaks about his son he comes to life and starts radiating light again! This genuine feeling of love cannot be faked and any normal person will be able to understand it.

    This is probably why this interview was never really promoted by the media and this is why we need to transcribe it and turn into a post (with a comment to stress a couple of things). It is on my waiting list, but is anyone willing?


  46. Mona permalink
    May 11, 2012 3:14 pm

    VMJ, I can do that post, the interview was great, one more proof of who Michael really was. No wonder it wasn’t more popular, there were no weird questions about him being a virgin to embarrass him out of his mind!! Poor Michael, I can just remember his face in the Oprah interview. However, I still like it because he looks so beautiful in it. Subjective, I know, but… I’m grateful for every moment of footage we have of him, they all show how amazing he was.


  47. May 11, 2012 9:16 pm

    Jermaine admits bringing Thome Thome to help with the Neveraland threat of foreclosure. He denies having done anything to make Thome Thome the advisor or spokeperson.TT is a
    known crook, did Jermaine not have any idea?Also he has incredibly poor understanding of things psychological.


  48. May 11, 2012 10:33 pm

    Still at the announcement of Michael’s death at the UCLA press-conference :First a hospital official makes a brief statement and continues; a uh,I like to introduce a personal friend of Michael Jackson, Dr, Thome-Thome- who then speaks and goes on: I will introduce you to Mr.Jermaine Jackson who ends with”May Allah be with you Micheal always. Then Thome-Thome reappears and states that only Jermaine Jackson is to be the spokesperson for the family. This was all on video.


  49. May 12, 2012 1:11 am

    “VMJ, I can do that post, the interview was great, one more proof of who Michael really was. No wonder it wasn’t more popular, there were no weird questions about him being a virgin to embarrass him out of his mind!”

    Mona, I’m very happy to hear that you will make a post about it! This will shorten my waiting list a bit and the interview is indeed so good that it must be put into a gold frame. Barbara Walters impressed me very much as a true professional – if all journalists were like her the world would be a much better place to live in. She is said to have a “complicated” relationship with Oprah by the way ( and she would have never thought of asking a question if MJ was a virgin. It was not only embarrassing, it was also insulting – imagine asking the same question of your boss or neighbor as part of some small talk?

    I think that if you also mention Oprah’s standards and highly intrusive questions in your post it would not be a bad idea either (but it is wholly up to you!).

    Incidentally I have found the script of the interview with Barbara Walters and this will make things easier I hope. Here it is

    Michael Jackson Interviews

    Barbara: Up until last week the most photographed people in the world were Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. Now only one remains to talk about what it means to live under that kind of scrutiny. Since the allegations of child abuse made against Michael Jackson four years ago, he has been, if possible, even more pursued. By the way, we checked with the district attourney’s office in Los Angeles and Sanat Barbara and learned that there is no active case against Mr. Jackson today.
    Michael Jackson himself is notoriously shy about giveing interviews, but on my way home from covering Princess Diana’s funeral, I met with him in Paris to discuss the paparazzi and his personal recollections of the Princess.
    When it comes to the paparazzi, Michael Jackson says he feels a bond with Princess Diana. The paparazzi have been a part of his life since he was a small child, the youngest of the Jackson 5. He has been a superstar for 3 decades. At 39, he continues to sing and dance all over the world and the paparazzi follow him all over the world. He has been on a European Tour for the last five months playing for over 2 million people. The night Princess Diana died, Michael Jackson cancelled his concert, but his last two concerts were dedicated to her. He does not pretend that she was a close friend. She was a fan.
    Michael: I met her first at a…um (clearing his throat) …concert…in London. She was very kind, very loving, very sweet.
    Barbara: What did you two talk about?
    Michael: I wrote a song called “Dirty Diana”. It was not about Lady Diana. It was about a certain kind of girls that hang around concerts or clubs, you know, they call them groupies.
    Barbara: Groupies.
    Michael: I’ve lived with that all my life. These girls…they do everything with the band, you know, everything you could imagine. So I wrote a song called “Dirty Diana”. But I took it out of the show in honour of her royal highness. She took me away and she said, “Are you going to do ‘Dirty Diana’?” So, I said, “No I took it out of the show because of you.” She said, “No! I want you to do it…do it…do the song.”
    Barbara: So she had a sense of humor with you?
    Michael: Yeah, of course. And she told me it was an honour to meet me. And I said, “It’s an honour to meet you.”
    Barbara: How did you hear of her death?
    Michael: Um…I woke up (in a quiet and reflective voice) and my doctor gave me the news. And I fell back down in grief, and I started to cry. The pain…I felt inner pain, in my stomach, and in my chest. (his voice starts to break slightly) So, I said, “I can’t handle this…it’s too much.” Just the message and the fact that I knew her personally. Then on top of that one I said, “There’s another one…real soon…I feel it coming…there’s another one….it’s another one coming and I pray it’s not me…please don’t let it be me.” And then Mother Theresa came…
    Barbara: Are you psychic…is that what you’re saying?
    Michael: I don’t want to say that, but I’ve done it before.
    Barbara: And you thought it might be you?
    Michael: Yes. (looks down at his folded hands) I’ve been living that kind of life all my life. The tabloid press…that kind of press…not the press…the tabloids, the paparazzi, that type. I’ve been running for my life like that, hiding, getting away. You can’t go that way ’cause they’re over there…well lets go this way and pretend we’re going that way…and we’ll go that way. Someone should say, “Hold on! Stop! This person deserves their privacy. You’re not allowed to go in there!” I go around the world dealing with running and hiding. You can’t…I can’t take a walk in the park…I can’t go in the store…you can’t…I have to hide in the room. You feel like you’re in prison.
    Barbara: What’s been the most intrusive thing? What’s the worst?
    Michael: They have always been…they go as far as to hide things in places. They’ll slide a machine up under the toilet…Tch, tch, tch, tch…(Michael makes the sound of a camera) and you go, “Oh my God!” They’ve done that.
    Barbara: When you came into this hotel you had to come in, or you felt you had to come in, through the kitchen.
    Michael: I’ve been doing it for years. In many lobbies, I’ve never seen the front door. Never.
    Barbara: Did you ever try to outrace the paparazzi?
    Michael: To outrace them?
    Barbara: Yes.
    Michael: They follow you. They chase us on thier scooters, “Vruuum, vrumm.”
    Barbara: Cutting infront of you?
    Michael: Yes. And I have to say to the driver…I say, “Slow down.” I jump in and I say, “You’re going to kill us.” I say, “Slow down.” I’ve done that many times, “You’re gonna kill us.” So he jumps out of the car and yells at these people.
    Barbara: You know, there is an argument that you rely on publicity to sell your albums…for your concerts, that you want it.

    Michael: When I approve of something, yes.
    Barbara: But you can’t always control the press. You can’t approve everything. You can’t invite them in again and again, and then at a certain point, close them out.
    Michael: Yes, you can.
    Barbara: Well how do you do that? What’s that line?
    Michael: By doing that. This is their time for this…and this you should not do. You should not say, “He’s an animal…he’s a…” You should not say, “He’s Jacko.” I’m not a ‘Jacko’. I’m Jackson.
    Barbara: How do you feel when they call you…
    Michael: Yeah, Wacko Jacko, where did that come from? Some English tabloid. I have a heart and I have feelings. I feel that when you do that to me. It’s not nice. Don’t do it. I’m not a “wacko”.
    Barbara: There are those that would say that you add to the attention.
    Michael: No, I don’t.
    Barbara: Well, the masks…the mysterious behavior.
    Michael: There’s…no, there’s no mysterious behavior. There’s a time, when I give a concert…I like to have as many people who would like to come can come and enjoy the show. And there’s a time, when you like to be in private…when you put on your pyjammas and go to sleep, cut the light (makes a sound of a light going out) and you lay down, that’s your private space. You go to the park. I can’t go in the park, so I create my own park at Neverland…my own water space…my movie theatre…my theme park…that’s all for me to enjoy.
    Barbara: I don’t wnat this to sound insulting. I’m just gonna be straight with you. But you are somewhat eccentric to say the least. The way you dress, the way you look, it invites attention. The whole appearance as you grew up was…larger than life…more extreme. Don’t you think that draws the paparazzi to you?
    Michael: No. (shaking his head) No, maybe I like to live that way…I like to dress that way. I don’t want the paparazzi, really. But if they come, be kind, write the right…kind of thing to write.
    Barbara: Michael, is it the journalist’s role…or the press’ role to be kind?
    Michael: To be kind?
    Barbara: Because the press also has to look into things, be tough. It can’t always be kind.
    Michael: (laughs) What you saw…what happened to Lady Diana…you tell me. There should be some boundaries, some kind of way. The star needs some space. Some time to relax. He has a heart…he’s human.
    Barbara: You cancelled the concert you were about to do when you heard of Diana’s death.
    Michael: Yes.
    Barbara: And when you finally did a concert, you dedicated it to her. What did you say?
    Michael: In my heart I was saying, “I love you Diana. Shine. And shine on forever, because you are the true Princess of the people.” And in words I did not say it, but I said it for three minutes in showing a big picture on the jumbotron screens…Sony, big huge screens…and her picture was there shining…and the crowd went bananas (makes sound effects of the crowd’s noises) And I played the song “Smile” and “Gone Too Soon”.
    Barbara: Give us some of the lyrics, if you can.
    Michael: “Shiny and sparkly, and splendedly bright, here one day, gone one night…Gone too soon.”
    Commercial Break
    Barbara: You have said, “I grew up in a fishbowl. I will not allow that to happen to my son.” Yet, when your son was born, you sold pictures to the National Enquirer and to other European papers, tabloids. Why did you do that?
    Michael: Why?
    Barbara: Why?
    Michael: Because there was a race. There were some illegal pictures out. Illegally, somebody had taken pictures of a baby…millions of dollars…said, “Here’s Michael’s son.”
    Barbara: And it wasn’t, as I recall.
    Michael: And it wasn’t. So, I took pictures of the baby. I said, “They’re forcing me to get his pictures.” There’s helocopters flying above us…flying over my house…flying over the hospital, um, machines and satellites all over. Even the hospital said, “Michael, we’ve had every kind of celebrity here…but we’ve never had it like this. This is unbelievable.” And so I said, “Here, take it.” And I gave the money to charity
    Barbara: So, rather than…what you’re saying is…what you did was to get them off your back.
    Michael: Yeah…and now they want to do it again…and I don’t want..maybe I don’t want to show him to the world like that. I want him to have some space…where he can go to school. I don’t want him to be called “Wacko Jacko” that’s not nice. They call the father that. That isn’t nice…right?
    Barbara: You said you don’t want your child to be called “wacko jacko’s son”. How are you going to prevent it, so they don’t do it to him?
    Michael: That’s the thing…that’s the idea. Maybe you should come up with a plan to help me.
    Barbara: You’re his daddy.
    Michael: There you go. They created that. Did they ever think I would have a child one day…that I have a heart? It’s hurting my heart. Why pass it on to him?
    Barbara: Do you like being a father?
    Michael: I love it!!
    Barbara: Are you very involved with him?
    Michael: (laughs) Yes!
    Barbara: Do you want more children?
    Michael: Yes. (an embarrassed laugh)
    Barbara: You have been in the spotlight since you were a baby yourself.
    Michael: Yes.
    Barbara: If your son shows any talent – by the way does he show any talent at nine months?
    Michael: Well, I’ll tell you this much…when he’s crying, to keep him from crying, I have to do one thing.
    Barbara: What?
    Michael: I have to stand in front of him…and dance.
    Barbara: Really?
    Michael: Yes. And he stops crying. His tears turn to laughter, and he’s happy. (claps his hands) He smiles.
    Barbara: And do you do your moonwalk with him?
    Michael: Yeah. I do all kind of movements (imitates his dancing) (laughs)
    Barbara: And then he stops crying?
    Michael: And then he stops crying!
    Barbara: You must do a lot of dancing.
    Michael: (laughs) I do a lot of dancing, yes.
    Barbara: Michael, if this little boy says, “Daddy, I want to go on stage.”
    Michael: (laughs and slaps his leg)
    Barbara: After what you’ve been through?
    Michael: I’d say, “Hold on, now. Hold on. If you do go that way, expect this…expect this…expext that.” (counts on his fingers)
    Barbara: You’d lay it all out?
    Michael: I’d lay it all out. I’d say, “See you’re gonna get all this, (points to one of the cameras) and all this (points to another camera) and all this (points to a third camera) You ready to do that?” “Yeah, I can’t wait.” Then I would say, “Go…and do it better than I did.”
    Barbara: But know what you’re in for…
    Michael: Know what you’re in for.
    Barbara: Our interview was over. We had told no one it was happening, nor had the Paris hotel. But when Jackson tried to sneak out through a back door, there was a huge crowd…already waiting.
    Hugh Downs: Babara, we know now that Diana did not have adequate protection on that last day. What kind of protection did Michael Jackson have?
    Barbara: Well, we saw at least four bodyguards…and he needed them. And by the way, I talked with a female superstar and she told me that when she goes out she has four bodygaurds, at least…and a car infront of her, and a car behind.
    Hugh: That’s what they really need isn’t it?
    Barbara: Unfortunately, it is.
    Hugh: Now you told me that he told you why he wears only one glove.
    Barbara: Yes.
    Hugh: What’s behind that?
    Barbara: Well, he has a sense of humour, as I think you could see. He said, “Why one glove? Cooler than two!”


  50. May 30, 2012 3:46 pm

    I find it very distressing that many facts and events all suggest Michael Jackson was murdered, but no effect was made to even investigate that possibility, which in itself is suspicious. Foul play was just overlooked,simply ignored, yet it is obvious that something was not right.
    1. CTV tapes erased. Were there any back up copies?
    2. Conrad Murray’s outrageous negligent behaviour.
    3. That dodgy AEG contract.
    4. In Conrad Murray’s trial, serious issues were not explored fully. He was not prosecuted and sentenced for such a serious crime.
    5. A smoke screen has been put up
    6. However, Michael’s sudden shock death seems to have had far-reaching ramifications, particularly the Arab Spring, and a Press ethics inquiry,to name but a few, so eventually, one day, the truth will come home to roost.
    7. I think Katherine Jackson would appreciate all that help and advice in her fight against AEG.


  51. May 30, 2012 3:49 pm

    I meant ‘effort’!


  52. kaarin22 permalink
    May 30, 2012 7:15 pm

    Nina Hamilton, I could not agree with you more. I recently came upon an article or part of blog by KZ , a CNRA,that took a different look at the evidence found at Michaels home.
    The bag with the whitish liquid in it was not wented and may have been put there as a red herring. Instead he may have gotten a massive dose through the Y tubing,the short arm. In this case the sc ( cardiac arrest) would have been witnessed. Now I can not find that post..
    there was something about the giving tree in the headline.sorry for not noting it down properly.-Murray is a psychopath ,a liar and and an actor.There is no need to believe a word he said.Just watch the ridiculous documentary.
    Why would Thome Thome state that he believed MJ would not do even 1 concert. And he is still hanging on to his 100.000$ per month from AEG.And why is he the first to speak at the news conference ,before any family member?


  53. Truth Prevail permalink
    May 30, 2012 7:36 pm

    Was Michael ever under a new record label in Bahrain?

    Did he ever release any material while he was in Bahrain? as far as i know the last thing he released before his passing was Thriller 25.

    The reason i am asking this is because a DJ (DJ Whoo Kid) talked in an interview that he was going to get 50 Cent and Mike on a collaboration but then said 50 Cent side deaded it because Michael released a record but “know one gave a f***” according to Whoo Kid i don’t take this guys words as the absolute truth and as for someone who was a die hard fan even before MJ’s passing i cant see something like a new MJ record just pass by me without me knowing about it.


  54. kaarin22 permalink
    May 30, 2012 8:11 pm

    Nina, itis right there under blogroll:From atop the branches of of the giving tree, and it is by
    Gatotgirl.Murray tidied up before the security came and was the last person to leave the room when the ambulance was ready to leave. He seems to have had syringes and whatever available in his pockets.Also after the proceedures at UCLA were over he asked security to take him back to the house!Was denied and then dis appeared.At death Michael had a bladder full to capacicity,this points to him having been uncocoscious as otherwise he would have relieved himself.This fact did not get special attention although it was the Propofol split from the fatty part in his bladder that was used to determine the total dose of about half the night, there was more in the bottle on the table which makes the total dose to 2063..xx mgrs + almost as much if you add the conent in the bottle.


  55. May 31, 2012 9:05 am

    Something else I meant to add. I too have this feeling that Conrad Murray was the patsy, the fall guy paid to eliminate Michael, to be paid handsomely for his services, no doubt, although CM says he was never paid the $150,000 a month. Maybe, now, they (AEG) are saying, ‘Just do the four years and keep your mouth shut, and we’ll reward you later.’ The insurance company in London, Lloyds, refused to pay the claim as they ‘smelt a rat.’ None of them expected CM to be convicted and jailed. But it is all speculation on my part. I don’t really know. It’s just a gut feeling, a hunch. How can it be proved? Heartbreaking. Still, as I said, hopefully, one day the truth will out.


  56. kaarin22 permalink
    May 31, 2012 9:29 am

    Nina, I am sure the truth is not out.What is disconcerting is that there seems to be too little attention paid to this.


  57. June 9, 2012 6:38 am

    Well I guess it is his signature. But I don’t think that he really signed this “contract” or “agreement” or however you want to call it. Michael must have read something otherwise he wouldn’t have signed anything. He could not have signed anything without it being there. So my guess is that they showed him a completely diffrent version of the agreement. One that wasn’t as unfair as that bullshit above. He signed it and never saw it again. As far as I know Michael never got a copy of the contract himself. So they could have easily replaced some pages except the last one where he signed it. And Michael would have had no chance to proof that they have cheated on him.

    By the way I don’t think that Murray was just the fall guy. Yes, maybe he was paid to kill Michael. Who knows. But that doesn’t make him the fall guy because he did kill Michael and so it is absolutely right for him to be in jail. Of course if he was paid then he is not the only murderer out there who should be in jail. But he is as guilty as one can be too. Not matter if he was paid to kill or not.


  58. May 28, 2013 4:15 am

    It was clear that they would run into difficulties with the insurance. Lloyds of London are no fools they could outsmart. Then they gave Murray the task at a very late moment to say the least.And he took it on knowing very well that everyting ,or nothing was what it shoud be. He worked in tandem with AEG.
    There are so many sending in post with criticism of what we are doing. Michael was not the only person in the world to suffer serious injustce.He was well known the world over and a good example of big business going for money at the cost of human life. This is one aspect of the case. Nina Hamilton thinks,and I agree with her, that there is something deeper to this.
    How to get at it I don´t know. Hopefully the K.J. civil suit against AEG will help and give futher indications.
    Michaels last weeks or days often come to my mind,those are painful to contemplate. And they had given him no help even packing his own things or the childrens.


  59. May 28, 2013 4:24 am

    “There are so many sending in post with criticism of what we are doing.” – kaarin

    And what are we doing?


  60. newrodrigo permalink
    May 28, 2013 5:50 am

    Exposing lies and liars, scumbags, clearing Michael’s good name of every speck of dirt that was thrown at him through ignorance and evil.

    Basically put, the right thing.

    And here we have little twerps who don’t have a leg to stand on when trying to say that we’re wrong.


  61. May 28, 2013 8:07 am

    “Exposing lies and liars, scumbags, clearing Michael’s good name of every speck of dirt that was thrown at him through ignorance and evil.” – Rodrigo

    Yes, right, this blog is about clearing Michael’s good name and telling the truth of his innocence in the first place. And looking into the last moments of Michael’s life to find the truth why he died and who deprived him of the chance to live.

    Everything we’ve learned from this terrible AEG case by now is showing what a monster Michael had to deal with in his last months of his life. Reading about it even makes me physically ill.

    I don’t know how Katherine is able to cope with it. Poor mother. Hearing of all that harassment of her son and imagining his suffering from day one until his last breath. Any mother would choose to suffer herself but spare her child…



  1. The AEG contract with Michael Jackson | Vindicating Michael

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