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Michael Jackson and Jack Wishna in 2007

March 18, 2013

Now that I’ve reestablished my connection with the blog I have to be quick as I can lose touch with it any minute, so will post shorter pieces just as they come. My notes will not be connected with Katherine’s suit – at least not at the moment. The lawsuit was narrowed down to so little that now its future is a purely technical matter limited by highly artificial boundaries. The same thing happened at Conrad Murray’s trial where not a single question was asked about AEG Live and no one was allowed to see the fuller picture.

In my opinion the truth of what happened with Michael Jackson is much more complex and goes far beyond the boundaries of Katherine’s suit. That is why I am now trying to recreate a broader picture of Michael’s life, at least for the last couple of years prior to this death.  And while doing it I am trying to find answers to questions which really baffle me.

The first baffling question is the discrepancy between what the AEG people said and thought about Michael’s health. The fact that they presented to the world a glorious picture of Michael’s physical state does not surprise me a bit – they wanted to sell him and would have said anything to anyone.

But what amazed me was that despite own their doubts in his health, voiced in those leaked emails, they still booked him for 50 concerts. If they thought him to be so poor a case why did they set those 50 concerts then? Why bother with all this mess if you have to return the tickets anyway?

Let me also note that the autopsy report showed Michael to be an exceptionally healthy man for an average 50-year old, so whatever AEG said in their emails will remain a burden to their conscience, if they have it of course.

Another question is why their production process was so slow. The dancers were enrolled very late – less than two months before the premiere (one of the sources says May 19th was when the cast was finally selected) and this was inexcusably late for what was supposed to be the show of the century.

Another worrisome point is why they shortened the rehearsal period by three whole weeks if they started so late and were so terribly pressed for time. I am talking of the difference between July 26th set in the contract as the planned date of the tour start and a much earlier date – July 8th they actually shifted it to and announced to the public.

These questions may look unimportant to you but are not fitting into the picture and require an answer. And this series of posts will be an attempt to answer these questions.

But first we need to make a sort of a summary of some events prior to that and must go back to the time of Michael’s arrival in the US. I still need to tell you about one man in Michael’s surrounding, and the name of the man is Jack Wisha.



Michael was brought back to the US by a Las Vegas dealmaker Jack Wishna. He wanted to create and run a permanent Las Vegas show for Michael Jackson as well as a Rock City Club project where Michael was supposed to perform only three times a month – the rest of the time was to be given to new artists whom Michael was going to present:

Jul. 10, 2009

The idea that they danced around from mid-2006 to mid-2007, and again earlier this year [2009], was to have Jackson in residence at a Las Vegas hotel, where he’d star in a concert spectacular called Michael Jackson Presents that would also feature guest appearances by the latest R&B hitmakers.

So Wishna raised that idea with Michael at the beginning of 2009 again, but Michael evidently did not agree as he was already getting ready for the AEG project. However in December 2006 when Michael was returning to the US from Ireland he was very much excited about this and other projects Wishna had for him.

Michael, the children and nanny arrived from Ireland by a private plane on December 23rd, 2006. At the airport they were met by Wishna and his wife Donna who took them to the house Jack rented for Michael for a year at the price of $1mln. The Wishnas had a great Christmas tree set up in Michael’s house with presents for him and the children.

The price of the annual rent for the Vegas house is probably the only thing I don’t like about Wishna – it looks to me too speculative. It also created for Michael a certain idea of the level of prices for renting houses in the US, and this is probably why Tohme’s offer of $100,000 a month ($1,2mln a year) for a house in Los Angeles did not surprise Michael very much though I hear that it is also unreasonably high.

When Michael arrived he was full of energy and produced on Wishna the impression of stepping direct from the Bad era. He was in great spirits, however gradually his old anxiety came back. The media and public kept painting Michael a criminal despite his full acquittal in 2005, and greeted him with the usual hate and mockery which he surely didn’t expect after the comfort he enjoyed in Ireland.

In Wishna’s view it was also Jackson’s father Joe and some other members of the family who greatly contributed to his stress at the time. They were evidently dogging him with money problems which Michael could not help anyway as he was in the financial straits himself. The family would later say that they were going to stage some “interventions” though why they would intend to stage them is unclear – the people who met Michael at the time did not say anything about any drugs. Jack Wishna did not see any of them either:

And although Jackson’s use of prescription drugs became big news after his death, Wishna said he never saw any of that kind of stuff around.

“Never saw any drugs,” Wishna said. “Never saw any intravenous, or needles or anything like that. Never met any doctors around Michael.”

It could be only due to the pressure from the outside that Michael sought utter seclusion for himself. He and his children rarely left the mansion. Tohme who for the first time met Michael in Las Vegas in 2008 said that Michael was retreating from everybody, but was still practising and writing music (if you remember he was working on the Irish album at the time):

‘When I first met him in Las Vegas, he was out of touch. Michael was secluded and retreating from everybody. It was just him and his kids. He used to use the wheelchair. I said, let’s get rid of this. You have to realise that you had to baby Michael Jackson. I wanted people to see him as a healthy human being.

‘But he was working. We put a stage in his house in Vegas because before he was practising in the local hotels. He was writing music, working with choreographers.

The reason why Michael retreated from everybody was that he could be simply afraid of people.

What he saw and heard around himself did not encourage him to think that he would get a welcome response if he went on stage. An artist must know that he is loved and appreciated by his audience, and when everyone around you calls you a ‘freak’ and a ‘child molester’ despite your full acquittal it won’t help you to build up your confidence – and confidence is what Michael needed most for the resumption of his career after a long and hard break.

Let me tell you of the feeling prevailing in the US on the eve of Michael’s arrival from Ireland – here are some typical comments taken from an article about his stay in Ireland. From his high spirits upon arrival in Las Vegas we can imagine that he had not read any of this before starting on his journey:

“He’s way too creepy for the States…….So no he’s targeting drunken Irish children, I guess he figures he’ll get lucky…….No way can he ruin that beautiful country-kick his ass out Ireland…… Leave Ireland alone, you freak!!………To the people of Ireland: Tell your young male children to hide their “Blarney stones”…….I can’t wait till he dies.”

This was how his homeland was welcoming Michael Jackson despite his full acquittal in 2005 and though unaware of it upon his return sooner or later Michael must have learned about it.

At some point of his time in Las Vegas Michael was seen in a wheelchair which could easily be a case of a lupus flair that erupted due to his stressful condition. Though people mocked at his behavior as ‘antics’ I doubt very much that a wheelchair was actually Michael’s voluntary choice. What it surely created was much negative publicity and it was due to this publicity and Michael’s quickly worsening state that Jack Wishna dropped his initial plans and suggested to Michael other projects which would not involve the necessity for him to perform.

One of them was the Cirque du Soleil project. Yes, now we find out that this project was Jack Wishna’s idea and at that time it was supposed to be an ode to the Beatles. Preliminary meetings with the Cirque du Soleil management did take place, but the plans were not realized with Michael’s participation as at that point Wishna said that Michael was “wooed” by AEG Live.

“Woo” means “to seek the affection of someone with the intent to romance, to tempt or invite, entreat, solicit, or importune” – and after seeing this type of courtship Wishna had to step aside.

Later Wishna went on with the other projects he had for Michael – the site RockCityClub which he regarded as a new way to discover talent and create rock stars:

…But the tide quickly turned. When Jackson was wooed by entertainment giant AEG Live, Wishna moved to his next big plan: develop a global social media website,, for musicians and their fans.

A Rolling stone article presenting only the AEG side of the story claims that Jack Wishna saw Michael ‘drugged up’. However Wishna never said anything of the kind. In fact he said exactly the opposite – he never saw Michael take any drugs and he never met any doctors around Michael. A quick reminder about it:

 “Never saw any drugs,” Wishna said. “Never saw any intravenous, or needles or anything like that. Never met any doctors around Michael.

When asked about a virtual possibility of obtaining them Wishna said that it could be possible, however suppositions what someone ‘could have done but didn’t do’ are irresponsible talk and it is only the fact that he never saw anything that really matters:

“Wishna said he never saw Jackson using drugs, but that he wouldn’t have had any trouble obtaining whatever he wanted—oftentimes from people who didn’t have his best interests at heart.”

This is what Jack Wishna speaks about among many other things in this video:

Jessie Jackson also saw Michael in the summer of 2007 but noticed no signs of any drugs, and as to Frank Cascio’s family where Michael stayed for about two months (since August 19th until October 2007) none of them saw any sign of medicine taken either though Frank was specially on the look out for it:

“He was alive and excited, getting back into being creative and free. He and Eddie were working in the studio during the day, and he was playing with an idea for an animated cartoon he hoped to produce. He was happy to be around my family, with whom he could be himself. There was no sign that he was on any sort of medicine. He was back to being Michael.”

Well, even Tohme who met Michael in Las Vegas in 2008 said that Michael was on a very healthy diet:

“He said the star kept himself and his children on a healthy diet, never ate red meat, didn’t drink and, as far as he knew, never took drugs”

AEG will surely argue in court that Michael’s poor health was the result of ‘drugs’ (though his system had only the medicines given to him by their own doctor Murray), so in addition to the autopsy report the evidence of all these people should not be forgotten by us.

I am more than sure that considering all Michael’s stresses the worsening of his condition was due to his anxiety and nervousness which in their turn can trigger almost every disease including lupus.


Besides insisting that Michael was free from any drugs another important Jack Wishna’s difference was that given Michael’s condition he said that he would have never booked Michael for 50 concerts and at so terrible a schedule too.

In Wishna’s opinion the regimen set for him by AEG Live was unrealistic even for a fit and young man not top mention a 50-year old like Michael.

The media did not elaborate on his idea but from the little Wishna said we can conclude that he was amazed by how Michael was treated by his new AEG partners. He was a businessman too, but valued Michael still more than his own profit or success, and even took care of his partner’s well-being by adjusting his plans according to Michael’s state:

Jul. 10, 2009

But though concert promoter AEG Live said that Jackson passed a physical with flying colors earlier this year, Wishna maintains that the 50-year-old artist had been in a “weakened state” and wasn’t able to do three shows a month in 2007, much less maintain a more rigorous schedule now.

“He would get hurt if he had to do a regimen of performances,” Wishna said. “You really have to be fit to go up on stage to do that.”

So, earlier this year, he and Jackson instead discussed creating a show in the guise of LOVE, Cirque du Soleil’s ode to the Beatles, that the King of Pop would not actually be in.

But then, Wishna said, he found out Jackson had hooked up with AEG for his London engagement.

“He said it should be fine,” Wishna recalled. “In my heart I knew he didn’t get better from the time I was with him. He was thin and weak. It’s going to be a disaster. I would never put him into a show that way. I don’t know who the doctor is that certified him for it. I didn’t think [Jackson] was capable of doing it.”

The next point from the same article habitually speaks of some ‘enablers catering to every Michael’s need’, though it is absolutely clear from the context of it that Wishna is talking here about Michael’s business and the fact that Michael does not know his deals, and it is most probably Tohme who he is referring to:

“There were so many people around him that were enablers,” the exec said. “It was one thing after another that just made it very bizarre.”

“Michael has a lot of people around him that cut deals and sometimes Michael doesn’t even know what those deals are,” he added.

The same article clarifies one more thing for us and it is Michael’s attitude to Neverland and total impossibility for him to live there.  Jack Wishna says that Michael never wanted to set foot on Neverland again:

..”In Ireland, when I spoke to Michael, I said, ‘Come back and go back to Neverland.'” And Jackson said, “I never, never, never want to go back to Neverland. Never.”

“My thought is if someone buries him in Neverland he will come up out of the ground like in Thriller and strangle them,” Wishna said, referring to rumors that Jackson’s family is still considering a bid to inter Jackson on the grounds of his once-beloved ranch.

“I tried to get rid of Neverland for him. He would never set foot back on Neverland. He never wanted to go there, never wanted to sleep there— never, never.”

The above is very much different from what Tohme wanted for Neverland:

“He said he is disappointed that Jackson won’t be buried at Neverland but hopes that may change: “He deserves to be buried in the wonderful world he created.” In Jackson’s final months, Tohme said they talked about his wish to create “a special place 10 times bigger than Graceland” where fans could come to see Jackson’s memorabilia and awards. Jackson even talked about creating a veritable city for children.

By arguing that Michael should be buried in Neverland Tohme was simply arranging for his friend Tom Barrack another of those profitable deals. Apparently he and Colony Capital wanted to turn Neverland into a goldmine and circus that would draw millions of fans from the whole world to Michael’s grave which was to be put somewhere in between the Ferris Wheel and other Neverland attractions. It was a totally correct decision on Katherine Jackson’s part not to allow this circus to take place.

Jack Wishna regretted very much that he had convinced Michael to come back to the US and said that if he had not brought him from Ireland Michael would still be alive:

“In the interview broadcast on ABC News last evening, Jack Wishna stated: “I will forever feel haunted by the thought that if I did not help convince Jackson to leave Ireland and return to America, would Jackson be alive today.

“Over the years I always thought that maybe if I didn’t move Michael from Ireland back to America, back to Las Vegas, that maybe Michael would be alive today,” says entertainment power broker Jack Wishna, president of Rockrena, Inc.

That is absolutely true. If Michael had stayed in Ireland he would be alive today.

And we can also add to it that if Michael had stayed in his business with Wishna his health would be perfectly okay too and of this I have not a single doubt. Wishna was a businessman of a different kind than AEG Live – he was thinking of his partner’s interests no less than of his own.

Wishna’s died in November last year. He was 54 when he was found sitting in his Bentley in a garage dead from ‘carbon monoxide intoxication. The police ruled it to be a suicide. For his friends his death became a big surprise though some said he looked somewhat depressed prior to that.

*  *  *

The above will hopefully fill in the gap between Michael’s stay in Ireland and his meeting Tohme and eventual move to Los Angeles.


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  1. March 22, 2013 7:45 pm

    Hi everyone,
    I haven’t been here in a minute, I’ve been really busy with work. Does anyone know when the the AEG trial will start?


  2. nannorris permalink
    March 22, 2013 3:55 am

    That is incredible, and you cant even defend yourself against it because you cant disparage the dirty prosecutor..They must have been thinking this crap up for years…poor Michael…


  3. lynande51 permalink
    March 21, 2013 8:41 am

    Oops forgot the link to the appeal.


  4. lynande51 permalink
    March 21, 2013 8:40 am

    Thambia Sundaram was on the defense witness list but of course he didn’t get to testify because the defense was ordered not to say disparaging things about the prosecution or mention a motive for prosecutorial prejudice.


  5. lynande51 permalink
    March 21, 2013 8:38 am

    Oh I was just thinking that there was something to that story about the dentist that was going to testify to Sneddon’s and the prosecution motive behind trying the case. His name is thambia Sundaram and I found the appeal of the case that he testified about Sneddon, mag Nicola and Timothy Rooney. Here is what he overheard at a fundraiser:

    >blockquote< Appellant argues that the trial erred in excluding portions of Thambia Sundaram's testimony on hearsay and relevancy grounds. Sundaram, a dentist and businessman, claimed that he attended a political fundraiser in 1994 at which Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon, Deputy District Attorney Mag Nicola, and District Attorney Investigator Timothy Rooney were present. Sundaram stated that some of the people at the meeting wanted to purchase properties owned by appellant. Sundaram allegedly heard Deputy District Attorney Mag Nicola say, " We'll run this nigger out of town just like we're going to run the nigger out of Santa Ynez." Sundaram heard someone speak to Timothy Rooney about a real estate investigation and that Rooney " was supposed to contact a state agent by the name of Tankersley."

    Now the n****that Nicola is referring to in Santa Ynez is Michael. Brooks Firestone was there as well.


  6. lynande51 permalink
    March 21, 2013 8:04 am

    Right if he ever got out of prison he couldn’t live there because of the school (sex offender registry), actually 2 schools boarder his property. One is across Figuroa Mountain Road and the other one is on the south boarder I think.Then they could have had fines imposed as well where if he didn’t pay them they could capture his property for non payment.


  7. nannorris permalink
    March 21, 2013 12:07 am

    I didnt know they could impose fines. I thought they could make him move because there was a school across the street .
    So they could have imposed fines , taken his property and Feldman and the scumball Arvizos would have taken his money too,
    And he could have gotten years in jail , all over this BS
    I dont know why people would wonder why MJ was paranoid,,Thats not paranoid, that was just his reality..
    Sneddon is so dirty ..I bet they were all salivating about his property..


  8. kaarin22 permalink
    March 20, 2013 5:27 am

    Thome was a business associate of Tom Barrack,he did not need to search to find.It cost Michael 2.4 or 2.7 mln though.


  9. lynande51 permalink
    March 20, 2013 2:26 am

    Unfortunately Neverland was dream that became a nightmare for Michael. Tom Sneddon and the Santa Barbara Sheriffs’ Department made sure of that. Even after his aquittal they wanted to keep goin after him mostly because they are such sore losers. By the way did anyone know that Tom Barrack of Colony Capital that Thome ” found” to refinance Neverland has a ranch not far from Neverland. It seems like they really wanted him out of there and they wanted to keep him out of there for their own selfish reasons. Land aquisition for one.Another thing that most people don’t realize is that if he had been found guilty there were fines that could have been imposed and his property could have been seized by the county for recovery if he did not pay them.


  10. Truth Prevail permalink
    March 20, 2013 2:12 am


    Thanks for answering 🙂

    I did not believe he was behind any payments considering his children the only reason I asked was because some idiotic Jermaine Jackson fan on Youtube was boasting that Michael was behind child support and basically putting Jermaine’s situation on to Michael.

    I always find it funny that we always here about a celebrity going to jail because of Tax evasion or something likewise, But even though Michael was not in the best financial situation I never heard anything about MJ evading Tax or anything like that.


  11. March 19, 2013 6:00 am

    Part of me is looking forward to the AEG trial but frankly, it won’t reveal the full story. I believe Jack Wishna but I also feel that Michael was more interested in developing his career in film and production than in creating a Las Vegas show. It was too soon. I realize that money was an issue but 50 concerts was not the best way for him to generate income. Of course, had he been able to perform all 50 concerts, he’d have made millions. But, as we’ve since learned, he was surrounded by so many seedy, questionable characters who had ingratiated themselves into his life that the possibility clearly existed for him to be on the short end of the stick when it came to actual profit. As for his health, we know that the autopsy proved he was in good health for a man his age and there was no evidence in his organs of any drug abuse. As for his mental health, that’s another story. I cannot imagine what that trial did to him. Even though he was found not guilty of all charges it is heartbreaking that to this day, so many people STILL believe he was guilty. When a person is accused of child abuse, it is like being branded with a scarlet letter on your forehead. Even if it’s a lie, it’s your death sentence. Your life is never the same. He was such a gentle, sensitive soul. His childlike innocence and love for children were so misunderstood. No wonder he was so distrustful of people. Those he felt he could trust completely he could count on one hand. We’ve learned that he hated confrontation and because he was used to getting just about anything he wanted, those who did have his best interests at heart stood on shaky ground when they saw through others and felt the things he was doing were not good for him. After listening to he bodyguards who testified at Murray’s trial, I was left questioning if they were only concerned about their jobs. I know there’s evidence to prove that Michael knew Murray before the planned concerts, but again I wonder if he had any say in who the doctor would be for the tour. Like many celebrity deaths, I think we’ll be talking about, and speculating about Michael’s death well into the future. I miss him more than I ever imagined I could miss anyone, but I don’t wish he was back here at all. Wherever he is, he is free of fear and anxiety. He only knows beauty, joy and peace. He deserves it. He personified all three.

    And in spite of the fact that Wishna reported that he never wanted to return to Neverland, I believe that had Michael been able to continue receiving spiritual guidance from Reverent June Gatlin, he would have realized that the ugly memories could be erased. From the little snippets of dialog from Reverent Gatlin, I believe she could have put him on the spiritual path he had been seeking for so long. Her beliefs were truly spiritual, not judgmental, and I think she helped him believe that true spirituality comes directly from God, not man’s perception of religion. Neverland is part of the natural world and it was there that he received strength, inspiration and creativity. Just as the forest rejuvenates itself after being blackened by a raging wildfire, Michael’s love for Neverland could have been restored. Why does every fan wish to visit Neverland? Because Michael’s spirit visits there. I pray that one day his children acquire it and make it Michael’s final resting place.

    Thanks Helena. I aways look forward to your posts.


  12. lynande51 permalink
    March 19, 2013 3:10 am

    Michael didn’t pay child support because he had soel custody and Debbie had visitation. He had to pay spousal support and provide her with a home after the divorce. Considering Michael’s holdings and what she could have gotten in a community propoerty state $7 million was not bad nor could it be considered a pay off. I think people underestimate how Michael once felt about Debbie because he once loved her too. What made him angry was when he found out that she was cooperating with police and giving them information in 2004 about him during the trial. After that he wouldn’t even look at her again. He felt veyr betrayed. Sneddon has alot to answer for when he did that.


  13. Tina permalink
    March 19, 2013 1:48 am

    I absolutely agree with your whole post, juney07. And thats also exactly my thoughts.

    …I just believe the reality of this upcoming monster tour hit Michael like a ton of bricks causing him to begin losing sleep and seeking a “cure”…

    The whole story does not end… it so sad, so sad…


  14. Truth Prevail permalink
    March 18, 2013 11:07 pm

    Did MJ ever have any deep issues involving child support like his brother Jermaine?


  15. March 18, 2013 10:11 pm

    “We are holding all the risk,” Gongaware wrote to music promoter Randy Phillips. “We let Mikey know just what this will cost him in terms of him making money. … We cannot be forced into stopping this, which MJ will try to do because he is lazy and constantly changes his mind to fit his immediate wants.”- I can’t believe that they wrote it about the same Michael Jackson


  16. newrodrigo permalink
    March 18, 2013 9:18 pm


    More like unwell and sleep deprived. AEG knew it full well.


  17. March 18, 2013 8:38 pm

    I have thought, maybe the reason of this leaked emails at the beginning was to make AEG look better, when Michael will lose money to them, when he is not able to do all 50 concerts. As they want to say, that MJ himself is guilty of loosing it, because he is too lazy. I don’t see any other reason, why they call him that way in the email, because “lazy” is the word what is so far away from Michaels true character, that they should have known, that it is a lie when they wrote this. It fits more tabloids caricature and would be enough to public to stop asking questions.


  18. juney07 permalink
    March 18, 2013 4:44 pm

    Thanks for filling in the pieces here between Ireland and This Is It. I had read about Wishna’s involvement with Michael after Wishna’s death. On the allegations of Michael’s use of drugs, as you have stated, Wishna and many others saw no evidence of such use. Michael lived at the Beverly Hills Hotel with his children for three months at the end of 2008. Kathy Hilton, who lived there temporarily as well during that time and was friends with Michael, said several times she never saw anything amiss, off, or drug related with him during this period. She personally witnessed that he was in good spirits and was always attending to his children. So what occurred January through March 2009? I just believe the reality of this upcoming monster tour hit Michael like a ton of bricks causing him to begin losing sleep and seeking a “cure”. Wasn’t it during this period, February-March 2009, that the nurse was asked about (not “for”) propofol? She gave him the benefit of some research into the medication, couldn’t help him, and suddenly up pops Conrad Murray, his “long standing” physician. It’s been my belief that Murray’s nightly infusion of propofol into Michael for close to two months caused the physical downward spiral through May and June 2009. I’ve heard it referred to as “toxic brain poisoning”, the confusion, disorientation, missed rehearsals; all of it. There were no drugs in Michael’s system at autopsy other than those pushed into him by Conrad Murray. I’m sure Wishna was depressed and sincerely regretted his “wooing” of Michael to come to Vegas; don’t we all wish he had stayed in Ireland.


  19. helena1247 permalink
    March 18, 2013 1:43 pm

    Guys, it is me, vindicatemj again. In haven’t got a moment of quiet. This time my home internet line crashed. They say some technical device was damaged and promise to mend by tomorrow. I feel like I am Alice in Wonderland.

    Just a short word about secondary tickets sold by AEG. Secondary tickets seem to be the main source of income for AEG in this case as they were sold at least ten times as much as the face value tickets. This generated a huge income which was to be divided between Jackson and AEG.

    But this is only in case the shows DID take place.

    However if they did NOT take place Jackson had nothing to receive (he was to pay only). Tickets were to be refunded by AEG but at face value only, thus leaving a gross surplus in their hands. In fact even face value tickets were refunded only by half as Randy Phillips said some 40-50% ticket holders kept their tickets as memorabilia.

    Therefore AEF received huge amounts from those 50 concerts sold out. How much is impossible to know as only the official secondary price of tickets was 500 pounds minimum and that was the basic level only.


  20. March 18, 2013 2:09 am

    Guys, I apologize for the incredible font in my post, but the way my computer behaves is simply INDESCRIBABLE.


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